Caffeine Alternatives: Theacrine | Buzz Without the Crash- Thomas DeLauer

Caffeine Alternatives: Theacrine | Buzz Without the Crash- Thomas DeLauer

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hey I’m not real proud of it but I like caffeine and I’d drink a fair bit of coffee and tea I’ve done videos talking about the fact that caffeine really isn’t all that bad but you don’t want to have a lot of it and personally as a health oriented person I wasn’t exactly proud of the fact that I’d have a couple cups of coffee a day and then have some tea it wasn’t because I needed it but I kind of liked the effect well interestingly enough I have to give a big shout out to my intern Matt you see Matt came into my office one day and he’s like Thomas have you heard of Thea cream before and I was kind of like you know I’ve heard little bits and pieces of it never dove into any research on it he’s like you’ve got to start checking this stuff out so big shout out to you Matt we started looking at Thea cream and how it works in the body interestingly enough Thea queen could very well be a very good alternative to caffeine that you don’t have the issues with building up a tolerance you don’t have the negative crash that you would end up getting you also don’t get the jitters but what exactly is Thea cream you may know it as tea cream okay because tea cream is the trademarked name that’s really capitalized on Thea queen in general and that tea cream all it is is an alkaloid molecule what an alkaloid molecule is means it’s really derived from like a plant source in a natural form see the Chinese have been using Thea cream for a long time they have a particular tea that’s called Kucha and the funny thing is I drank Kucha before I just had no idea this is what it had in it and it’s proving to be pretty darn amazing but let’s talk about the actual physical differences between caffeine and Fiat cream so you can decide which route you want to go so first and foremost researchers have found that Thea cream works in the body very similar to caffeine which means it acts on what are called adenosine ik receptors but also a did a cynic neurotransmission and dopaminergic neurotransmission which basically means affecting the signaling of dopamine and affecting the signaling of adenosine similar to how caffeine would work here are the main differences between caffeine and Fiat cream caffeine you develop a tolerance relatively fast most studies have found you develop a tolerance to caffeine within 3 to 4 days meaning you need to start increasing the amount of caffeine you have after three to four days in order to get more of an effect whereas research has shown that with BIA cream even after seven or more days there is no sign of building up a tolerance pretty powerful especially if you’re a chronic user the cool thing is they’re found to have about the same level of potency in terms of overall physical energy output and of course to make things better you’re really not having a crash afterwards you see real quick science for you the way the caffeine works is caffeine molecules occupy something called an adenosine receptor I’ve done videos on this before adenosine receptor looks kind of like this okay caffeine molecule looks like this it occupies the adenosine receptor when it occupies the adenosine receptor it prevents basically adenosine or fatigue molecules from coming in and making us tired then as that caffeine wears off all the build-up of the fatigue molecules floods in and makes you really tired that causes the crash being a crane is proving to not act in the same way probably because of the balance on the adenosine receptors but also that’s sort of the counterbalance on the dopaminergic effect basically meaning it’s helping you feel good even when you’re starting to get a little bit tired couple that with the fact that there’s no crash couple that with the fact that you end up having less tolerance you’ve got a pretty good little compound there but there’s some other effects that are really really cool that even make it better and why I have now started to find Kucha in the natural form but I’ve even started looking into Fiat Crean as a supplement just to get me through the day in lieu of caffeine the big one is the effect on the mood studies have now shown that just a single dose of Thea cream can increase your dopamine levels in the body quite dramatically – this isn’t just some anecdotal stuff this is a peer-reviewed study that is showing that via Cree boosts up your dopamine levels dopamine helps you feel good it’s sort of the positive reward system in your body for example if you were to feel good because you’ve got complimented you would have a surge of dopamine if you were to feel good because something was really soft maybe you pet a really fluffy puppy okay that is going to cause a surge of dopamine helps you feel good for a little bit via crane making it so you’re always petting a puppy at least in your mind then to make it even better another study found that seven days of Thea creme supplementation had a huge effect on the physical effects of stress on the body meaning a reduction in cortisol levels but also a reduction in the stress impact on the body causing inflammation things like that brain fog all of that sort of thing okay now let’s jump over to liver detoxing as if it couldn’t get any better it’s starting to sound like kind of a miracle supplement or a miracle alkaloid the way it works with the liver you see the liver has to produce something called glutathione glutathione is what helps the cells recover it’s a powerful antioxidant that’s produced by the body predominantly in the liver well studies have found that via cream supplementation increases the amount of glutathione that is inside our cells meaning while adding energy to our bodies it is potentially helping our cells detox and recover that’s pretty darn powerful I think the Chinese had it right with their Kucha tea then last but not least studies are showing a reduction in inflammation if you workout or even if you don’t workout and you’re starting to workout you are dealing with a level of inflammation working out by its very nature is triggering inflammation so if we have via cream that can show a reduction in inflammatory cytokines show a reduction in inflammation we can have reduced levels of cortisol and more ability to recover so at the end of the day everyone I’m here to help you I’m here to kind of find these new things experiment on myself I started taking Thea cream at the interns started taking theory and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have junior who’s behind the camera right now start taking Thea cream so we can all perform at our best so check it out anyway if you have any questions or comments regarding this topic or videos that you want to see make sure you comment below and let me know even though I can’t always reply to those comments either myself or member of my team at least reviews them so I can determine what the best videos to do to help you reach your goals are I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Caffeine Alternatives: Theacrine | Buzz Without the Crash- Thomas DeLauer.
Caffeine Alternatives: Theacrine | Buzz Without the Crash- Thomas DeLauer

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Caffeine Alternatives: Theacrine | Buzz Without the Crash- Thomas DeLauer… Get more bio hacks here:
What is Theacrine? Theacrine’s unique properties have some hailing it as the next breakout star of the supplement industry. Theacrine (trademarked Teacrine) is an alkaloid molecule that appears to work in a similar way to caffeine. It’s an alkaloid molecule – which simply means that it’s a naturally occurring substance derived from plant extracts. In its natural form, Theacrine is typically found in a traditional Chinese tea known as Camilla assamica, or as it’s more commonly known, Kucha.
How Does Theacrine Work? Researchers have determined that theacrine works in two primary ways: it facilitates adenosinergic neurotransmission and dopaminergic neurotransmission. That means that theacrine enhances physical energy by causing adenosine-signaling changes similar to caffeine (1)
Theacrine vs. Caffeine:
– Theacrine has shown early promise in recent studies
– It appears to offer effects similar to caffeine – but with less tolerance
– That means you can continue taking theacrine in small dosages to achieve the same effects over time
– Theacrine has energy boosting effects similar to caffeine without the jitters, crash, and habituation that often accompanies caffeine
While theacrine is very similar in molecular structure to caffeine, it is very different when it comes to actions: Tolerance to caffeine builds much more quickly than to theacrine. A caffeine tolerance can form in four to five days!
A recent study published in the journal Pharmalogical found that after seven days of Theacrine supplementation subjects showed no signs desensitization. Simply put, Theacrine users can expect the same level of high potency with nearly every dose, without experiencing a decrease in effectiveness over time.
– While people enjoy the energy boosting effects of caffeine, the substance is often associated with an unpleasant “crash” wherein energy fades and mood falls.
– Caffeine’s stimulating properties can also make it difficult to rest following a workout or to fall asleep.
– Theacrine’s unique mechanisms of action do not lead to the same energy and mood crash or cause the same difficulties falling asleep (1,2)
Additional Known Benefits: Mood Enhancing Effects-
– Dopamine is one of the primary neurotransmitters in the brain, and is responsible for controlling pleasure centers in the brain.
– Studies indicate that a single dose of Theacrine has the ability to elevate levels of dopamine in the brain.
– Additionally, further analysis showed that after seven days of Theacrine supplementation, the damaging effects of chronic stress and anxiety on the body are significantly reduced (3)
Improved Liver Function and Detoxification (Glutathione)
– Too much oxidative stress has been linked to a number of degenerative health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
– In order to combat the potential hazards of excessive oxidation, our bodies are equipped with a number of potent antioxidant defense mechanisms – glutathione.
– Studies indicate that following 7 days of Theacrine supplementation subjects showed elevated levels of glutathione inside cells, which suggest that the liver receives a secondary benefit from supplementation (4)
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