20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – Answered Live

20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – Answered Live

Rather than make everyone sit through a bunch of long videos, I thought I would summarize some of the common questions that have been coming through as of lately.

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[01:36] – Is there a difference between fasting and time restricted feeding?

[02:44] – Do the benefits of fasting come from just simply eating less?

[04:14] – What are the different types/lengths of fasting, and what would be the ideal length for someone just starting out, or for someone advanced?

[07:25] – Based on how long I like to fast, how often should I fast per month?

[09:10] – What if I’m getting hungry during my fast/best way to manage hunger?

[10:35) – How is fasting going to affect my blood sugar (both during and after practicing fasting for a while)?

[12:42] – Will fasting affect my mood in any way?

[15:09] – Is there anything, food or drink, that you would recommend I consume during my fast?

[18:47] – Could fasting slow my metabolism?

[20:27] – Should I have any concern about losing muscle when fasting?

[24:05] How should I break my fast?

[26:40] – Should I fast on my off days, or workout when I fast?

[29:38] – If I’m looking to build muscle, should I fast more or less than if I was trying to lose some fat?

[30:54] – I’m ready to start fasting, what’s the best way to prepare?

[33:19] – I want to try doing a longer fast, what should I change?

[36:17] – Should I fast from a certain time (evening to evening or morning to morning), or should I just focus on the length (for people who really enjoy eating breakfast)? What about people who work night shifts?

[38:14] – I know that I’m about to have a very stressful work/life period, should I fast during this, or would it be too stressful?

[40:23] – I normally take my supplements in the morning, should I wait until I’ve finished my fast?

[40:45] – Are there certain people who shouldn’t fast?

[41:19] – I enjoy fasting, but how do I get my friends and/or family on board who I think would benefit from it?

[43:23 – 50:03] – Live Chat Questions