Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer

Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer

Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer

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ladies and gentlemen in this corner we have paleo and in this corner we have two toasters and today we are determining which one is better so let’s have a clean fight okay make sure there’s no pause no claws alright let’s get it on you guys are way too amicable so what is the difference between keto and paleo because they really parallel each other quite a bit I wanted to do this video to truly help you understand what’s for you which one might be better and I know a lot of you know that I do a lot of keto videos but that doesn’t mean that I’m totally hard set in ketosis I want to make sure that you understand the key differences two of the most popular diets in the world right now keto and paleo so what are the key differences first and foremost well let’s take a look at what each of the diet is so when we look at paleo we’re looking at what our ancestors would have even okay what we would have eaten a thousand two thousand years ago so we’re talking about limited grains limited processed foods no sugars no artificial ingredients things like that it sounds pretty wholesome and then we look at ketosis ketosis is a complete metabolic shift totally different ballgame you’re getting your body from utilizing glucose over to utilizing fats as a source of fuel so ketosis you’re shifting your metabolism a whole different way paleo is a little bit more of just an eating style more of a preference more than anything but there’s some commonalities between the two we really need to understand how this process works as far as similarities go there have been collective studies from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition the Journal of internal medicine the Journal of endocrinology metabolism and the New England Journal of Medicine that have all found that both keto and paleo result in lower triglyceride levels lower blood pressure lower blood sugar and lower levels of insulin so as far as health is concerned they’re both great they both really have a big benefit there but where do they really start to differ and where should we really be paying attention so the big difference that we have to look at between paleo and keto is that paleo is still utilizing carbohydrates as its primary source of fuel it doesn’t matter if it’s 50 grams 100 grams or 200 grams paleo is still using carbs you’re still using glucose uptake to actually feel your mouth and fuel your mind whereas Quito you’re utilizing beta-hydroxybutyrate a whole different ballgame like I said even though some of the foods cross over big difference in how the body is metabolizing fuel there’s a couple other differences that we want to pay attention to the big one is dairy okay when you look at paleo paleo doesn’t consume dairy why because dairy massively disruptive gut health and there’s a fair level of processing that goes into most dairy so when you look at a paleo person they’re usually avoiding the dairy like the plague they don’t want to consume it but then unfortunately when you look at keto there’s a massive consumption of dairy now personally I don’t condone the heavy use of dairy I’m not a fan of it but that doesn’t change the fact that Western civilization and predominantly the American culture is really heavy on dairy especially in keto because it’s easy to lean on you can go and you can have some heavy cream you can have some half-and-half even though again I don’t recommend it most people are going to do that because it’s an easy crutch it’s an easy way to get through ketosis ok the other thing we want to look at is artificial and processed sweeteners ok paleo doesn’t consume those again paleo is living close to the earth paleo is living thousands of years ago where we didn’t have that stuff it just flat-out doesn’t exist in a paleo mind although I’ll be honest I’ve seen some paleo people that are still putting Splenda in their coffee and they still call themselves paleo but a true devotee a legal person is not going to consume that whereas keto once again suffice it to say they still lean on that stuff I see keto people all the time just loading up with stevia loading up with Splenda and when it comes to stevia I include myself in that bunch it’s just easy and even though it’s natural it’s still processed to an extent and makes it not paleo now it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad but those are some key differences there especially when it comes down to the processed meats as well so now the big question is who is paleo for and who is keto for if you’re looking to lose weight keto is good there’s no denying that keto is going to be the winner in there now again it may not be the healthiest approach if you’re not doing it right again all my videos that I do on keto I’m talking about doing right and doing it in a sustainable way but regardless you’re going to lose weight even if you’re doing the dairy thing you’re doing the artificial sweetener thing may not be the healthiest way but you’re going to lose weight fast you wouldn’t paleo because paleo you are still utilizing those carbohydrates then what about cravings if you’re someone that has to fight cravings also keto is going to be the winner there if you’re someone that needs to get off the sugar habit keto is going to be for you and it has to do with the fact that your body’s going to start utilizing beta-hydroxybutyrate acetoacetate and other ketone bodies that dramatically curb your cravings and lower your insulin response so therefore you’re just not going to crave them okay but what if you’re looking for a flexible diet but if you’re not really focused on your body composition so much and you’re more so focused on just having a well-rounded wholesome life well then paleo might be for you simply because it’s going to allow you to have a little bit more flexibility can allow you to get a wider spectrum of nutrients and again I’ll say this again on keto you should be getting a wide spectrum of nutrients but I know that most people on keto because I talking them day in and day out are not because they’re not making the extra effort paleo it’s a lot easier just through your natural diet to get a wholesome well-rounded approach okay then we have to look at the athlete okay this is a big one if you’re an athlete you either want to be on one end of the spectrum or the other the problem with paleo and here’s the big problem is that the cards that you are consuming are either the wrong kind of carb meaning they’re fructose or you’re sitting in that constant gray area of being so low in carbs that you’re really not getting the full benefit of carbs and you’re just running at the bottom of your tank whereas keto you’re at least eliminating the carbs altogether and shifting your metabolism to another energy source so I’ve talked about in other videos how fructose like coming from fruit is metabolized totally different and it goes to the body in a different way it actually stores as body fat it goes through de novo lipid Jinna so it’s very very easily in fact 5% of all the fructose that you consume immediately a stored as fat believe it or not just sometimes you burn it off really fast so that’s the problem and it has to be honest here when you look at the CrossFit community for the most part which was big on paleo up until about a year ago and I’m not opposing cross right here but I’m stating the obvious a lot of times in a CrossFit box you find that people just don’t look very fit even if they’re extremely athletic they just don’t always look the part it’s kind of dumbfounding well a lot of it has to do with the fact that they’re consuming high amounts of fat as if they’re trying to get their bodies to utilize fats as a source of fuel but then they’re still having just enough car hydrates to keep their body utilizing glucose so all the extra fats they’re consuming are just getting stored they’re also consuming a lot of fruit which is not restoring glycogen so it’s not helping them recover from their work out at all I’ve seen CrossFitters that are drinking massive smoothies after their workout thinking that those carbs are going to go right to their muscles no it’s going to go right to your waistline so it’s just a common just misunderstanding among that crowd but that really proves my point that if you’re someone that’s very very active paleo is not really for you you actually have a better effect by just cutting the carbs out entirely and shifting your metabolic state and most people don’t understand that but the other thing we really want to make sure that we’re always paying attention to is the fact that if you’re running an endurance race or you’re doing any kind of long more sustainable activity is the body utilizes ketone bodies much better than it does carbohydrates so at the end of the day is paleo good for anybody well yeah it definitely is again it’s about being aware of what you’re consuming in paleo and for someone that maybe isn’t super super active but what about the combination because those of you that are watching might be wondering well can you do paleo and keto the answer is yes you can in fact paleo is so close to keto all you have to do is eliminate the carbs out of the equation you’ve got a really clean form of keto ketosis without the dairy ketosis without the artificial sweeteners ketosis without the processed meats you keep ptosis in a good sustainable way where you’re still getting the healthy stats from the coconut oil you’re still getting the healthy fats from the other kinds of seeds and nuts you’re still getting the right kind of proteins in a sustainable way you’re not eating low-quality junk so all I encourage you to do in this case is think keto but think keto a thousand years ago so there it is that’s the difference is there a winner honestly not really it’s more about just educating yourself and knowing why you might look a certain way if you do one diet why you might feel a certain way if you do another diet and how it can all come together so there’s never a big dogfight at the end of the day alright so keep it locked in here on my channel and let me know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas for future videos because I’m always open to hearing what you’ve got to make sure that I put out the best content possible I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer.
Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer

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Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet: Which Diet is Healthiest for You- Thomas DeLauer… The idea behind the Paleolithic diet is to replicate the ways that our ancestors ate; ancestors could only hunt and gather – had little access to grains and no access to processed foods. The ketogenic diet is designed to completely alter your internal state, a state in which your body burns fat. The Keto diet was originally developed for disease management and to this day is being used for conditions such as epilepsy.
So, a paleo diet, just like a keto diet, focuses on getting fat and protein as a primary source of energy. However, the big difference is paleo doesn’t avoid carbs. While both diets came about for different reasons, they are both used (mainstream-ly) as effective tools for weight loss.

Similarities – Health Benefits

In addition to noticeable weight loss effects, collective studies from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Internal Medicine, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, and the New England Journal of Medicine have found that both Paleo and Keto diets are effective at reducing triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels (1,2,3,4)
Despite providing similar health benefits, they do have some key differences.

Key Differences:
Carbs, Fats and Glucose- The main difference is that a Keto diet is truly low carb, whereas a Paleo diet is not necessarily low carb – paleo relies on glucose and keto relies on ketones
A keto diet requires you to adhere to a strict macronutrient ratio (75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carb) The paleo diet still utilizes glucose for much of its energy so carbs are still a big part of the diet. In order to be in ketosis and utilize ketones, your body needs to be starved of glucose, which results in the body burning fatty acids that produce ketones; an alternative source of energy to glucose. Ketosis is a state that you have to achieve, paleo is about avoiding certain food groups. So a paleo diet is a little more forgiving as having too much of one macro or another won’t kick you out of a metabolic state, unlike keto.

The Paleo diet removes foods that are hard for the body to break down and can wreak havoc on gut health — dairy products are one of them. Keto dieters often eat dairy products because they’re high in fats while also being low in carbohydrates.

Artificial Sweeteners/Food Quality:
The Paleo diet cuts out most processed food, especially ones with artificial sweeteners and additives – focuses strongly on choosing whole foods that are nutrient-dense, high-quality, and free from toxins. However, on the Keto diet the only requirements are that your food is low-carb/high fat. This means diet soda is technically Keto approved and so are other artificially sweetened low-carb junk foods – Although a healthy Keto diet should also include high quality food, it isn’t the emphasis. Summed as short as possible – No processed foods vs no carbs (5)

Paleo and CrossFit:
Carbs are staples for CrossFit and athletes, but they are somewhat restricted in the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet also eliminates grains and legumes (both key carb sources for athletes), as well as dairy, salt, and vegetable oils. Carbs that are allowed on the paleo diet (no grains, for example) are too low on the glycemic index to replace glycogen mid- and post-run as quickly as endurance athletes typically need. You’re not low enough on carbs to be producing ketones so you’re not using fat as a main source of energy, and not high enough on carbs to be receiving enough energy from them (6)

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