Zero Carb Week Kickoff Party

Zero Carb Week Kickoff Party

Zero Carb Week Kickoff Party

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What's up guys we laugh it is the first Sunday of football Sunday Funday Eagles won I don't think you even checked I did not the Eagles won because do the Eagles check on me when I'm out I'll win in life no they don't that's what my dad always says he's like they don't care about you so why do you care so much about them I kind of I'm.

Starting to think that way a little bit too why do we care so much about sports how you so my life used to be sports yeah my issue is still why we pay them not much cuz they're worth it free market you get you your work what's up y'all hi Ethan so yesterday we oh yeah if you guys didn't check out the podcast.

There's a new one live it's all about keto supplements and we actually met with the guy that we interviewed in that podcast yesterday I hung out with him had a good lunch chatted with him really good knowledge of supplements it's cool and he's just getting into keto so he's like applying all his knowledge towards keto hello from hurricane her mom Oh.

Be safe everyone yeah please do the keto acid brushes that's that might be my best acting role yet that is it's better than the meat man – you better still be a Lions fan yeah that's never aligns I've always been a Vikings fan Randy Moss was my childhood he converted to Eagles though cuz I converted to Michigan so how is everything going with.

Hurricane Irma is that is that okay you guys doing okay yeah no landfall yeah I just I was at the dog park and I met someone who's had who has ten people from Florida staying with her and two of them are just people she saw on Facebook needed somewhere to stay did she let him stay yeah she like invited them she's like I don't know you.

Look like you guys are welcome to stay survival situation yeah which is incredible we are starting no car boys we just thought of that we're doing a one-week zero carb challenge you know there's a lot of people that do zero carb keto yeah we're not big proponents of that because we are you go to edge tables we think.

You should also be healthy and avocados so yeah but we're gonna try it for a week I feel like I might notice a little bit more like energy and mental clarity and stuff doing the zero carb yeah I think um I will feel as like like healthy though just because we have vegetables every day yeah so I think that'll be the only negative but yeah I.

Think less carbs will just be Julie she's got a sock you just ran into math closet but yeah I'm excited to see what the week has in store for us it's basically meat fat and like maybe some cheese maybe basically just like meat and fat I guess we have to figure this out yeah do a little research cuz a lot of people do.

Have you whipping cream and like cheese and stuff which has like trace carbs so like it adds up with the zero carb diet so we still have two out of the bags the parameters that we're gonna stay in so I think in a total it will be like under ten total carbs like eight to ten twenty not even that much I feel like for me like maybe three to five yeah no.

Avocados no broccoli and it's like zucchini so and just so you guys know when we do these live things like our YouTube actual videos they're like a little bit trailing our current life so like this video we're gonna film it for a week so it might not come out for like three weeks from that yeah just so you guys know we loved it pre-workout that's.

Awesome Chris pom-pom is it fine to snack on peanuts every now and then absolutely count any of your macros yeah yeah um what else do we got are you going to do a meal plan prep to share for the zero carb thing no we'll probably just do a blog to share and you can kind of deduce what we're doing from there maybe no veggies what about fatty.

Liver concerned we're only you for a week there's no veggies cause fatty liver and even if this look we're not doing it for an extended period it's just a week to because we don't do zero carb so this is something new for us to experiment with and see the result yeah we might make a few recipes about this I've been eating under 10 grams of carbs.

For like 11 months now how are you liking that dr. berg says keto without veggies causes fatty liver interesting following into that do you use a recommend any natural toothpaste or natural deodorant no I just know I don't I have before it's gross yeah I've actually made my own toothpaste before I'm like a pretty.

Serious hippie I might not give that impression off you'd be for like three days like that that say that toothpaste you made was just sitting in the I use one whole batch that was coconut oil is a little peppermint extract and baking soda that was the toothpaste I'm the only reason you make it is did Julia say told.

Us not at all just kidding went right through the bag coconut oil pulling that's another thing I'm done I think it helps I know there is literally no science behind it but I do think coconut oil pulling helps yeah not such a conspiracy theorist how does Quito affect you a good and bad cholesterol I'm afraid of raising it hmm.

I think just any drastic diet change can have some short-term effects on cholesterol do you think he don't hurts the heart why would I be doing it if I thought it'd hurt art I mean do you mean cuz like I can't eat the cookies and I'm saddened no hurts the heart yeah the one thing in her it's just like I want to be be like trying delicious foods more.

Often I wanted to play your games that's your number one that's my number one thing we know we I was totally making a xylitol joke so all of you guys who might be worried we would never let him get to the xylitol polly coconut oil is when you take coconut oil in your mouth and you just like you're splitting it so.

It's like pulling through it like your gums and like just looking good with water wash like shake yeah not gargle you just like slosh it around a little cough just bought Prime 30 days for ketones in the body what is that I don't know about this we don't know that we don't do all these crazy like prime 30-day blueprint ketone things we just.

Do keto and weeks is your card we actually I guess we do a lot of grain we do we do a lot of experimentation but we haven't heard of the 30 days thing if you care to elaborate we can help Joe the shots of zero carbs good tip do you ever a cheat refeed see why do you say cheat slash refeed I hate when people do that well people combine those two.

Though I wouldn't be combining those two we've done keep carb ups four of them we're gonna have a video on that soon yeah and we've done it strategically that's why it's not a cheat to us Oh AGG like the micro Berto vodka yeah energetic as balls yeah so like talking to him was so inspiring because he's just so like off the walls and you want.

To be too um low carb foods yea or nay I've had their products I like them yeah if you want if you can fit them into your macros go for it have you read the keto Bible is it worth purchasing we have not no heaven we haven't read many of like the new keto books I don't like the name keto Bible so like I don't Bible I don't I just.

Don't works following it doesn't work you know you're like dear Bible I need that right it's the Bible I know it needs the Bible more uses for sardines than just on salad Matt just eats them out of the can yeah I've never eaten sardines any other way than straight out of the can I'm.

Very eager to lose weight and bought keto what is this utopia 30-day challenge this stuff is just getting crazy but not sure how I can use it scary to have wasted money I don't know what the key topia 30-day challenges is it like some kind of supplement meal plan elaborate a little bit I'll try to apply you know what I think is up but.

Yeah I mean I would tell me that I would say take a look see what it's like and request a refund and then also next time moving forward before you buy something just figure out if you're like gonna utilize it and then you know you won't be worried about wasting money any recommendations for sleep aid or getting to sleep Quito gives me so much energy.

Yeah I've had this problem when I first started and when we were doing the fast you can try taking magnesium before but that's the number one thing that you should see help from yeah that's really the best bet but it's kind of tough to fall asleep at first and you don't want to get in the habit of like sleep aids in my opinion they're very addictive.

Addictive but yeah little magnesium it's a good way to go see like I wouldn't recommend taking melatonin personally but yeah you can maybe try that I just think it's a slippery slope megha you gonna put on a ring on it put a ring on it if he takes too long I literally actually thought about it then I brought it up from those like.

Where I suppose it usually don't propose you drink okay so this is elaborating on the system here at the keto PA system you drink a drink produce ketones in the body I think I think it's actually just the ketone drink is what they're selling you there which you can give it a try if you like see what you think Julius no longer really hot he's inside.

Rare or like maybe once a day at most but he's good he's learning he's getting a lot better yeah he's getting bigger but he's still just like when he is playing with this toys he's like on he has rabies like you just don't want to be near her you're like oh my god I'm gonna catch it you're one month in lost 24 pounds in Reverse high cholesterol in.

Career job keep it up keep up the momentum life's a momentum game what do you think about limes there we use them a lot in like cooking and we use them occasionally I like them in like Asian dishes if you don't have if you don't use rice wine vinegar well got our dog is Julia is he's a Yorkie mixed with vicious animal we are named hopefully.

Older in with the rabies man what do I do if I cheat just get back on the horse yeah more Indian recipes yeah we need to go down the Indian path a little bit we have sag paneer is going to be in our cookbook what's another good I need one we could come up with we did curry lamb shanks which was really Indian so we do keto samosa that would be really hard I.

Think you just have to use fat head no problem which I'm not a big fan of doing that can you be a dick today he'll attack you you can be doing anything tandoori chicken we could do it that's thumb the chicken has a yogurt marinade I just stayed away from all the yogurts now that I have a homemade yogurt recipe though whoa I didn't even think about.

That but then see that's where it gets like you make the younger and then you make the Chinese yeah so but there are some store-bought yogurt you can find that can be fed into cute I'll do it guys I'll look for one I'll find it my carts are under 15 net a day and I having a horrible time staying in ketosis blood ketones 0.3 or 0.4.

Cut out nuts and dairy any suggestions how long have you been at it for it can take a little bit of time for your keys wants to really climb up to like higher levels and what's your fat intake like do you guys have any plans of collaborating with other youtubers yeah we're over collabs in the past but we wanted really just focus like if we're.

Gonna do more in-person ones because that's what you really get like the real value from a video so if we have that opportunity he just keeps pulling out socks from Matt's closet yeah we like we're gonna try doing in-person ones the digital ones aren't fun and we have to like put everything together.

Matt puts everything together I can't take credit for that hello you've been on ketover the last two months and your ketones are still like not quite in ketosis that is odd to me you're under 15 net carbs what are your fat sources so like I personally found after testing for some time that when I have more coconut oil.

In my diet I'm higher when I'm just higher fat then I'm higher that can help on levels so maybe try like a spoon of coconut oil at once a day there'll also be like just a good fat source and keep you full yeah we need more real food recipes we make a lot of dessert recipes we all try doing more though this is just that our cookbook is gonna be.

Jam-packed with real food wrestle with real food recipes and then I think from that point maybe we can like start bringing some out but that's a while for now but we won't work on more yeah it's just when people look for recipes like if they look for a keto recipes usually something that's not normally keto made keto so that's what we do mostly if you.

Look for just like recipes that are already keto like eggs benedict or whatever it's like Jamie Oliver has the top it's like a bit of a search engine game too but yeah we can do more more whole food recipes yeah and so like I guess the next question is do you guys we have a keto lasagna on our site by the way but.

Do you guys want us to be making just like show you how to make a steak and show you how to make chicken thighs with like a non Akito sauce I mean a keto sauce that's like normal anyway do you watch this normal food like maybe you just enjoy having someone cook it for you that's not Jamie Oliver Lambie have you heard of.

Dr. Westman from Duke yes I have yes I think he has a YouTube channel here's a lot of good info go to Ecuador and collab with primal health so it'd be great I have to do ayahuasca while I'm there though do you do intermittent fasting occasionally we're not really strict about it Madi men do for a real long time don't.

Like act like you you know yeah I did it for like five years straight but I I really never got into it personally but now we don't do you guys watch 90 day fiancé it is so good 90-day fiance what is it yeah you like is that what you liked Luke do remember that we used to watch it David Cisco it's basically the exact.

Concept do you get married on the spot you live 200 it's that type of show I love those shows how we start that tonight shadow to the quito connect crew thank you as ayahuasca Quito probably probably I don't know what are your thoughts on one meal a day something to experiment with we've experimenting with it not our thing yeah oh my god cuz for.

Me like what if you want to gain weight on one meal a day for me that's like 3200 calories and have one meal of Quito foods you're not gonna feel that great after that I'm personally when I was doing one meal a day I was like really forcing it first of all and then second of all I felt extremely bloated and uncomfortable because it was such a.

Large meal and I was like gorging kind of it felt like so it just wasn't like a healthy practice for me no me neither um and you're still focused on like what am I going to eat in the meal I gotta eat this and I eat that and so it's like I don't I don't want it to be like such a stress or a thought I want to be productive all day and food fuels me.

Essentially what's up CL sapphire a long time no chat I'm doing one meal a day for months but I'm trying to lose a ton of weight works for me yes it's better in a weight loss scenario I would say but there's a lot of guys that do it for games to make the traffic eat up Semien a Sahil from head makers kitchen I don't think our music really don't.

Laugh he's really like head banger I guess that's the name so you know right yeah you're a very heavy metal what did you guys do for your first ketover sorry I don't think we even celebrated that good way no I mean we probably just ate normal keto food what's a good keto chip for dips for watching football you can go pork rinds or Oh.

Dipper a keto chip we I I personally love zucchini oh we also just makes that head chef Phan had chips zucchini vegetables any vegetable you really want you can dip broccoli you can dip cold water what's the best cheeses for keto basically the ones that don't have like blueberries in them but pretty much every cheese is fine and American cheese.

Is like highest carbs yeah don't get like the crepe the Kraft singles yeah or American cheese I just do it from American personally you love the white American cheese though right yeah but not after I found out how many carbs is in it you like you cheese like you like your men vanilla white American Oh American I couldn't even think of an.

Insult fast enough his humble hummus load with carbs is it keto friends if you could fit it into your macros I I've eaten hummus I'll eat like two three tablespoons at a time and that's that's great with for me like dipping broccoli in it yeah you can put it on like a sandwich you can put it on a salad you can do it anything with it it's pretty.

High in carbs though yeah you got to limit it a little bit is marscapone cheese sweet yeah it was a little bit of sweetness to it kind of similar to cream cheese I'd say a little sweeter than cream cheese Alexander are you hitting on my boyfriend I'm looking fine lately thank you I feel like what I don't ever had.

Here's this long and I parted I just look like I'm like 45 and also I was out walking the dog because he had to poop and Matt decided to pretty up for the YouTube lie so I'm still in gym clothes and gym hair and Matt's a beautiful thank you well that was not a compliment do you still stay away from milk products we've reintroduced them.

Slightly lately yeah I'm not sure how I feel about it yet I think I feel a little better when I limit them I we're definitely still limiting them I like a tablespoon in my coffee I'm not eating like cream cheese heavily or sour cream heavily we got some raw milk cheese lately which is really good but then we also got a big thing of.

Kerrygold cheese at Costco that's a grass-fed cheese at least so we're trying to just like get better quality quality you know the big block of it was a pound I think yeah and it was ten dollars ten eleven dollars a Costco getting ready for the gym I really don't feel like going but I'm trying to get motivated we didn't feel like going.

Today either but we did amazing so good pump go Lakers favorite grocery store to go shopping at it has to be Trader Joe's for me Whole Foods Whole Foods I guess you're just dropping a check every time you go in there though megha faking jealousy I was jealous do you find older women might have a harder time getting into.

Ketosis maybe just you know like activity level could be a factor yeah I'm like good dropping so low on your carbs it can be harder on women yeah just women overall so maybe you work more efficiently at a slighter higher carb or if you do drop your carbs make me slightly more calories there's a lot of experimentation you can do especially.

As a woman I know when I have a little more carbs than Matt I still work I'm just as productive and I feel just as good list off a few school keto lunch ideas someone said you can make like a lunch meat sandwich there's like a Leningrad access to yeah that's really you could just do left open well literally do anything but.

Yeah like chicken salad egg salad that's really easy to make in the morning hard-boiled eggs with cheese sticks and nuts that's easy a salad so you can do yeah deli meat roll-ups sardines I can feel I used to be like the weird kid you can do a protein shake with like added fat in it like you can blend in Cobra I'm sitio oil heavy whipping cream you.

Can do a keto meal replacement what else can you do all those there's so many things what's your guy's opinion on dr. Rhonda Patrick and William Hoffs approach to cold thermogenesis for weight loss I don't fully know what you're talking about here at cold thermogenesis basically like your body warming things like if.

You drink cold water you've already have to warm that up you're burning a little bit more calories yeah and all I feel like dr. you dr. Rhonda Patrick knows what's up I trust her opinion on things I don't know Willie are you talking about wim HOF like the cold guy yeah I mean I think there's a lot of validity to like if you're in really cold.

Climates you just go outside you're burning more calories everybody's trying to stay warm that's true I'm a fan I'm like I believe in thermogenesis yes I believe in calories in calories out all that type of stuff yeah we're gonna do a recipe we have so many on the list for the quest baked all-purpose protein better or seems like.

A lot of people have that and they like bought it without thinking and then they just have it so what the quest ball purpose bone yeah we have to do something with them what's the whole point of mcg oh why not eat good tasting fatty foods is MCT good for me or something mcg is converted into ketones really.

Quickly easiest food that is converted into ketones instant energy yeah so yeah it has like it's different from just normal fats in a lot of ways I mean it's also if you take it it's gonna be the first source of fat that your body taps into the MCTS so if you like I've taken a spoon of MCT.

Before going to the gym and it really just fuels me for like you know should energy or something if I'm feeling down so it's not mandatory by any means coconut oil you're still getting the good properties ow ah hip-hop artist no one has heard of but everyone should do you got one no wait oh that's great I would say cousin is so needs make men.

Super attractive to women I hope that's ironic or it's satirical nuts are dangerous a definite trigger food I agree I try to limit them what do you think of pure protein powder I think it's fine I mean it's just protein powder just check the carbs killer Mike yeah killer Mike's another good one I think more people are starting to hear.

Of him though know that he's then run the jewels do you have to buy specific heat Oh blood test strips or does the normal blood sugar ones carry ketone levels no you have to buy specific ones and they're super expensive so do your research before diving in and buying a ketone tester we got a hundred test strips for $200 if you buy a less bulk.

They're more each like you pay three to five dollars each it's so hard to do keto in Europe there are any cute old low carb foods but my entire family does it now so we're very happy with that and we ever I have you then yeah I mean it's when things are tough it's always awesome to have like accountability.

Partners and like you know having Matt helps me on days it's hard so it's awesome I give your family do you guys eat turkey sausage if so which is your favorite brand um we don't really get turkey sausage that much we do get these turkey hotdogs though it's by Applegate naturals organics those are really good look for those read the ingredients list.

Is like the very solid ingredients the zero carb no sugar nothing how does the new bread keto recipe coming along max hasn't perfected it ready no I haven't Oh Jay Cole has an artist ji d sounds like Hendrik and Anderson PAC okay I'm into that how is the key tonics for his blood ketone test go and pull the trigger on key tonics or not I would say.

No I would say not to it's very far how do I know if I'm in ketosis without spending a ton and P strips aren't that reliable you can kind of just age it based on your body like day to day you can feel it out like you know what it's like how you know how you feel on a standard American diet so like if you're feeling more energized if you're not.

Getting like the minute crash if you have focus if you know if you're not as hungry there's a lot of signs that you can just especially if you're just starting there's very telltale signs you'll feel terrible you go through the keto flu yeah and if you keep your car below like that's your goal right yeah you can feel it.

And it's not necessary to like no all the time either do you have any fat bottomed recipes yes we have like three or four I think and they're all on keto connect knowledge or food blog which is our main home guys we love YouTube though you're gonna keto Connect dotnet no what do you guys generally do for dinner.

Mainly like meat vegetables a little bit of added fat we've been prepping lately so we're not like cooking we just pull our food out of the container microwave it butter and eat and talk yep we've done chicken breasts we've done chicken thighs we did ground beef check on a turkey and then you should usually.

Broccoli asparagus those are the big two vegetables we do occasionally cauliflower sometimes a salad okay I figured it out I'll watch the package okay I don't need to read that but I hey maybe a silly question but I am in ketosis so what now Congrats that's great you keep you keep at it and it depends on your goals are.

Your goals weight loss and keeping it you know diet and you know I don't right look what do you mean yeah what now the weights not magically falling off the day is now magic unless your goal isn't weight loss like you're just you we so we don't do keto for the weight loss a lot of people ask us this we haven't even lost weight.

But we like the benefits of size in the weight loss like I like feeling energized throughout the day I like being more productive I like you know what else just think yeah all the other questions making good decisions for my body and that's that's what I feel like I'm doing I'm fueling my body as opposed to just like constantly.

Indulging feeling bad about eating what I'm eating what's your number one tip when you are feeling mentally weak too tempting 90 no foods I was cute over five months had a cheat day and it's been so hard to jump back on hmm I would just say sit down think about where you want to be in the next whatever year and try committing to like making these.

Steps every day that are gonna get you there and just like a lot of people write down their goals and just revisit them every morning which is something I wish I would do more visualization but that helps a lot and then also you had a cheat day so maybe you're looking at it like a big mistake but you have like everyone should.

Understand and mistakes are a necessary thing to improve on your thoughts on your actions on your life like if you don't have mistakes there's no improvement right you look at it as being part of the process yeah and it's it's a positive thing like you can look at it bad or you can I got a good like you've made you have the cheat day you.

Move forward and you won't have one again so just get back on it and focus on you know your goals do you miss going to work and living a normal life I think our life is still pretty normal hey guys I just saw a YouTube channel Oh keto related thanks for all the videos you do love your videos thank you know what impresses me.

Most about that comment is she wasn't asking us to like subscribe to her or shout her out so check out Brie's keto Haven on YouTube did she haven't you – yeah she said she just started one I think yeah do you guys have cheat days and how often no never.

Sometimes we just cheat with calories we access like wings and stuff we're thinking of starting at the beginning of December any advice for eating at family gatherings well on keto why are you thinking of starting at the beginning of December I mean that's their decision that's fine I'm just curious have thought behind that maybe they have a.

Big vacation in November okay I'm just thinking I mean there's always things on the horizon that like there's I don't see no reason why you wouldn't start now like what's between now and December that's making you not want to start yeah when you get to December there's going to be a note there's Christmas like there's always something and if you.

Start in December like it's gonna be very a lot easier to you know fall off the wagon during Christmas cuz it's only a month off do buffalo chicken dip everyone loves it thank you oh I have it we have it are you telling us you like on the rap and hip hop in our videos a lot of people hate it too but I'm just sticking with it so true I mean you know.

You're gonna get a mix of reviews do you guys ever fall out of ketosis also what do you do at events like what kind of like family events family gatherings we do fall out I keep to assist mainly when we were doing the car buffs and we since you've been testing our blood ketones more recently yeah we do like occasionally like I get point.

Four in the morning sometimes on the blood meter it's not a huge deal let's talk about zero carbs and what will your daily menu look like okay so let me think I think it's gonna definitely start with like bulletproof coffee eggs butter cheese bacon bacon like a big breakfast probably like a pretty big breakfast then maybe like some kind of.

Wait I got I guess I haven't thought enough into this I should do research what am I gonna have for lunch like some meats and fat like fatty meats yeah mainly just like fatty meats the entire time I guess yeah I could like you do like egg salad can we talk it's gonna be tough I got a rehang yeah I gotta read up on how to do this just like meat and.

Cheese yeah and if you guys haven't checked out our podcast yet be sure to check out it should be linked in the description below here we have a really good one today with Mike from price while he talks about keto and supplements that's pretty awesome we also have one with Liam oh go on with Jason where I've won.

With antigravity games you bought the ketone or me shirt yeah thank you Carmela hope you enjoy it I'm going on my fourth month Aikido you are you tell thank you Congrats on your progress when a sugar burner eats a steak does he call it a cheat day I like that you're calling up sugar burners blood or urine which do.

You prefer to measure ketones well only one of those is measuring ketones and is not hearing so blood what do you guys think of Mike Munsell I don't know that is Mike Munsell where is it I don't know Mike Munsell oh yeah so when we're doing this testing thing we're also peeing on the P strips and I feel like we're just not even gonna do.

It anymore because we've peed on it five or six times now it's always zero a straight-up zero is Worchester Shire sauce allowed how do you say that word worse to Shire yeah we're sure yes aloud in moderation I think it has some sugar in it yeah I knew if you're making meatballs I'm also not the authority on what's allowed and what's not I'm just.

Telling you what I would eat I will do I would eat we're sure yeah do you choose sugar-free gum my brother he chose is not good yeah we do we do occasionally you have to take the sticks out of the packaging first before you Fiona oh that's what it is I was just peeing right on the bottle you know that's more like in the bottle all of the murders so.

Can you tell us um wait I want to grab the tester thing why don't I see Matt Drinkwater it's always Powerade no he drinks a ton of water but we just got back from the gym and cut an evening time we turn into like beasts who love to eat food so sometimes we'll like just drink Azizi our memory the real reason is I drank the leucine before well if.

You guys have heard we started taking leucine instead of all the BCA's and it just like tastes so bad so I need something I got no one with the power I don't I do water but look guys look at this chart here you see the the millimoles per liter I guess it's not focusing but this over here is 16:16 millimoles per liter that's ketoacidosis.

And people are super pumped when they're peeing in it's purple dark purple you're also that means you're just peeing them all out you're not utilized and it means you're dehydrated and the main thing agains is these things suck but if you're first starting keto maybe they have some use to just be like okay my body's making ketones something's.

Happening these Fantas euro Cubs are going to kick you out of ketosis that that's very personal specific but I usually test you yourself yeah I've seen very limited cases of that happening will you do a bloopers video anytime soon Megan is Larry she is hilarious she cracks me up like five times a day I don't know if your grants are Catholic.

Right no no I'm not what did you do yesterday was so funny yeah reinforcement for noobs is a good way I would use the P strips like because your body normally is always going to like if you're a car burner a sugar burner you're never gonna be showing colors on these but then when you start keto you'll start showing.

Colors so it's a good thing to just like be like I'm headed in the right direction Pepsi what's the sweetener for smaller things like tea I use Truvia also has aspartame bad I would say stevia is probably your best bet for TV yeah aspartame is like about as bad as a sweetener gets I like aspartame the.

Worst sweetener the most side effects and stuff was stir ship have you heard that Walmart brand stevia cousins on spikes because of melted dextran are you Jenna in the powder stevia cuz yeah that couldn't make sense I mean I do you think that has maltodextrin in it can potentially cause insulin spikes cuz maltodextrin is super high on the.

Insulin index aspartamay we should actually that'd be great do you guys also combine Kyodai to determine fasting Matt we did we no longer do yep but there are a lot of great benefits to it it's definitely something to look into an experiment with there's too much fat in the lchf diet counterproductive well too much calories in life is.

Counterproductive because it makes you put on weight same thing with in keto too much like fat can add up really quick because it's very calorie dense yeah but it's also very filling and it doesn't raise your blood sugar much so there's a little pros and cons but yeah just overeating it bad.

There's maltitol of sugar alcohol yes it is it's a bad one though it has an insulin response and has calories 2.4 calories per gram so it's not super keto friendly in my opinion being a student drinking is pretty much necessary so wine or vodka dynamic sir both are totally fine wine if you can find carved out online for the brand you're.

Drinking good you can track it here's the thing if you're drinking like a college student wine will swill add up quick also if you're drinking like a costume just be a costume and enjoy at the same time Sam yeah I agree yeah but I would go about a good diet just more less zero carb but then if.

You're drinking a college student that's not say that's not a good mix right getting the last I that's the point when you're going to the water be done drink mixing some water that's what I suggest and definitely have like some electrolytes ready the next and before you go to bed maybe even just like eat you know like have some ground beef and.

Broccoli weed we need a keto hangover cure that's a good idea I should work on that actually it's just like an electrolyte bomb basically is what you need to make yeah I would say liquid stevia instead of powder because it's usually powdered with some kind of like carb you can't find some that are powdered with a like a fiber source but.

Usually it's melted dextran or dextrose elbow pauses fat-burning right so yeah the glucose derived from the alcohol is gonna be utilized first and so ya know what alcohol is metabolized first rain do you take iodine I actually just recently started taking iodine and I feel like I don't know don't know what's what's happening with it yet but Peter.

Diets can be deficient in iodine I've been doing some research on is starch keto friendly I know that a paleo people use it in their recipes I've never looked at the nutrition but probably in small amounts if it's a starch just a very small amount I think it is used in small amounts usually right yeah got myself and my girlfriend on the keto.

Train thanks a lot you guys she cooked the keto pizza and apparently it's great apparently you didn't try it Matt always eat all of it how can I get a lecture like naturally food so sodium you can just easily add that to food or you can buy like chicken apparently chicken is the number one source of sodium I learned this from the.

What the health documentary chicken is the number one source of sodium in the American diet potassium you know greens spinach avocado magnesium nuts mushrooms cheese I didn't use him as a tissue I had an itch on my nose and I didn't want to move my hands so he is just you do that a lot yeah someone just called me out which is.

Fine but I admit what what good use is your partner your life soul man what you can't wipe your itch ease on them if you want to lose weight what percentage should you put in your keto calculator I say 20% I think you want slow sustained steady weight loss you guys make cauliflower mash often we've made a firm that we have made it often we don't make.

It as much but is there a question behind that I think that was the question okay does meditation keep you out of ketosis no actually I've been testing on and I think I've my highest levels during my period have you tried bulletproof coffee with pumpkin spice instead of just cinnamon I think I might have tried that.

Before yeah goji berries um I don't know the stats on those off the top of my head I feel like they're relatively high carb and they're usually dried which when you get like fruit that's dried it's just concentrated sugar are you still enjoying your sprouted peanut butter I think we went through it all so quick.

One neighbor just like there's like ten tablespoons in each jar we had to throw let's just eat him best best nan diet book you've read mastery by George Leonard but basically the book that changed my life I'll say let me go grab it kind of thing any tips on stinky toe while traveling and you don't have.

Access to things like a kitchen or a fridge that can be tough but there's always like meal replacements you can take with you you can hold if there's like a whole food or the trigger tools you can always get pre-made stuff and salads and meats you can get other stuff jerky nuts you know this book right here guys.

Mastery by George Leonard this is all about trusting the process putting in the work debt just being consistent day in day out enjoying the work not like expecting it to lead somewhere like no payoff in the end just enjoying the day and the day out of the boring like monotonous life that was really boring a monotonous synopsis really it takes a.

Day to read – how do you feel about Kiwis I love them did you just see that Jeff Nippert video that came on today um it is pretty high they're high carb you can't really fit him into it okay well you can get the micronutrients you get in Kiwis in other foods too it's not like he weighs have some maybe they do have some particular nutrients that are.

Hard to find in other foods but like if you get like one of those green blends those green powders that does like everything you need he had a video on Kiwis today I didn't watch it I've only had like four Kiwis in my life and that was after mine introduced me to them you guys know the thing about Kiwis I don't know how many people know this you can.

Bite into them you can just eat them you don't need to peel them the furry part tastes pretty good it's just like Yui do you guys miss Phil coffee bills cause I've had it once don't know I had like four times it's not it's so overpriced so expensive that line out the door it's like who cares it's coffee get over yourselves it.

Is really good though it's so pretentious Oh got myself I'm having a really hard time getting back on keto what should I do it's like I get a few days in and my cravings give in I don't know what to do is it just my willpower so willpower doesn't really exist you just gotta like one thing that maybe can.

Help with you in this regard is like just under 20 net carbs just make that your goal don't stress too much about like how much calories you're eating eat high fat eat low carb you know and then the rest will just take care of itself and over time you won't be as hungry and it will be easier to stick to keto and when you say well like I don't know who.

Will power doesn't exist I think it doesn't exist when there's like signs in your butt like physiological signs like I'm hungry you're fasting like I need to eat but like when you're seeing a cookie and you're like I want to eat that that's it's not like you have it don't have any willpower and you're just physiologically need that cookie I think.

Willpower absolutely exists and it's just like I feel like that's an emotion like you have these emotions but you can't let them like you know derail you from what your goals are so like if you see stuff that you like you crave then you know maybe just like take a step back and assess like why do I crave that why do I need that like I feel really.

Good on keto why don't I keep going it like you gotta like mentally talk to yourself there's a lot of self-talk that goes on when you're transitioning well keto helped with psoriasis um I'm not sure not that I've seen because I've been on like a pretty strong medicine that's kept it at bay yeah Megahouse psoriasis was that are you disposing.

That I'm assuming that's what I asked was Al ever heard of pili nuts yeah yeah we like them yeah oh we do yeah the discount oh yeah I don't know it off the top of my head sorry I've been doing under 50 grams it seemed to be in ketosis based on P strips and feeling great.

Good yeah pretty do it it's persons but person a person that's different have you tried any of the protein 20 drinks Mel keto helps some people through skin diseases apparently not everyone though that's cool maybe maybe it is helping I've been struggling I've been struggling so bad getting back into low carb keto eating I let go in the.

Summer and I try to get back managed to struggle yeah it can be a struggle especially like if you if you're doing it on your own or like you live with people who aren't on a keto diet from games yeah and a lot of like I said self talk like it's it comes down to like how you want to feel a day-to-day and you know your goals down the line like Matt.

Said visualizing like focusing on what matters to you does it matter that like other people are eating non keto foods no because those pressures shouldn't come into your life right keep your head down do the work and before you know it you'll be just in Quito and loving it I've lost 60 kilos do I have to continue kita you don't want to continue that's.

Odd to me but uh no yes yeah yeah Congrats you can not continue if you want to but like it's I mean Kino is working for you for a reason so you gained all the weight eating standard diet you just want to go back to centre dieter you want to like added more cars maybe try adding in some carbs exactly.

Experimental little any good low carb pancake syrup not that I've seen they all have soup aspartame right and [__] fame K what does the sir yes most of them do I there's a monk fruit syrup you can get on Amazon though blanquito brand I think it's called have you ever done the bacon only keto no I don't love bacon that.

Much she's very anti bacon anteye bacon I just don't eat it what supplements do you use the most Thanks what supplements do I use the most I've been using collagen peptides every day for Vicky dough the chocolate flavor it just puts my coffee over the edge and it's like my favourite meal.

Today the coffee with the collagen peptides we want to try perfect Kido Kido Connect is the code 20% off I like salt like I just put salt on a lot of things Elfi amine is one I would recommend you look at I like that one a lot I take it with coffee helps me focus and Amazon is the cheapest and sometimes they even of.

Dale's deals to buy ice appear powder if you want to try it out you just listen to the podcast with Jason Witt rock while making the three-minute cheddar biscuit have a whole pack page of notes thanks guys that's awesome yeah he really knocked it out of the park with that he gave a lot of information and did a great job I've had some teeth.

Pulled can't chew will not eating much fat caused me to fall out of Kido no Cheetos not about eating fat it's about not eating carbs and also what fats are you chewing you can totally like drink empty just drink olive oil or coconut oil you can take spoonfuls of it what's the difference between collagen glue komen and whey proteins those things are.

Very different collagen is it is protein but it's not a complete protein it's like it's supposed to help you adjoint skin hair nails all that type of stuff I think the research onion actually helping those things is very shaky I have to like dig into it more but a lot of I listened to a podcast recently with this guy who knows a lot about protein.

He's like this whole collagen thing is like not correct glucomannan I believe that's a source of fiber I'm not very familiar with that and then whey protein is just like milk powder basically the protein portion of milk powder it's just pure protein so croats whey protein is what you want if you want to supplement protein.

I saw the sugar movie it was amazing can you recommend any other good food documentaries mmm what's the other one that's pretty good Food Matters Food Matters is that it no they all blend together for me now there's one that's like a school cafeteria if anyone knows type that in the comments it's like school cafeteria.

Eating not supersize me oh there's one called fat head that is actually fed up that's the one fed up do you juice kale no we're not we don't juice I don't find any point to juicing are you getting married is there a way to avoid getting the kiddo flu what was the electrolytes yeah exactly what is your current ketone level I didn't test I have to testify.

After this what did you did you do your test yeah I tested at like 12 after I had to keto had two coffees with collagen peptides and heavy whipping cream and I was one point one juicing makes you ripped juicing doesn't make you ripped is me Oh a good water enhancer you're using their terminology there it's okay we switched to using.

Stir because you use this stevia sweetener and I think some of the videos now use stevia – what's the best electrolytes it's tough to say like the best best electron in terms of like a drink or something because they don't ever give you enough to like feel good right my power doesn't have enough electrolytes to help you get through the.

Keto flu so this whole bottle has 250 milligrams of sodium and 60 milligrams of potassium that's like no potassium and there's some babies in here but it doesn't list how much so like I sell with them individually on a need basis and it's mostly just sodium because your body has a mechanism that balances electrolyte levels so you just.

Give it a lot of sodium I think it like kind of balances the other ones out as needed so I mostly just add sodium how do you guys get enough fiber do you take a supplement no because we eat a ton of veggies and avocado avocado and broccoli like all the veggies have so much fiber eat a lot of fiber actually I don't think there's a whole lot of benefit.

Behind supplementing fiber fiber has like a lot of nutrient blocking like absorption blocking properties which is like I don't go out of my way to get crazy high fiber and I probably had like 30 grams a day just odd vegetables I used to Malayan pink salt how is it on the sodium level it's a little lower on the sodium level than normal salt but I.

Think one gram of salt like Himalayan salt is like 600 milligrams of sodium something like that I think it's like 60% sodium if you guys had any issues with hair loss oh no I first may have not any had any like serious issues I just had issues my whole life I feel like I'm certainly bald my whole foot my father and my mom's apparently your.

Mom's dad is like the indicator of hair loss that could be a wives tale though but if that's my mom yeah that's true that I'm gonna be bald hopefully she doesn't see this is it normal to lose slowly I'm starting week four tomorrow yeah it depends on your intake your deficit it depends on your body weight and how much what you actually have to.

Lose and yeah everyone is very different like some people drop the weight really quickly that doesn't mean you know you're going to do you recommend CrossFit training while staying in ketosis what is your training regiment we don't do CrossFit training I don't really recommend it it depends on your goals if your goal is like a fun.

Sporting lifting lifestyle thing CrossFit might be for you yeah we just go to the gym and pump iron like our mom Arnold style we do a little bit of steady-state cardio on the treadmill – have you ever tried Zipf is I have tried it before time ago I drink a lot of soy milk in.

Tea do you think it's preventing ketosis no I don't just count the carbs is both merfolk a while intermittent fasting it's a very much so a personal choice a lot of people do have it but when we are intermittent fasting I don't know I guess I can do that much did you take bulgur fluffy no okay if I do bullet proof Ralphie I don't count it as.

Intermittent fasting but you can count it like it's everything's a gray area like you don't have to be doing a super strict if eating the bulletproof coffee in the morning helps you limit your calories throughout the day butter go for it but I would say you're probably not really doing intermittent fasting have you tried cacao nibs yes we have.

And they are amazing well you put your arm around me now yeah what's your take on diet coke on the diet soda on the keto diet I'm fine with it when you guys argue who gets the couch sofa Matt sits on the couch me of course you sleep there naturally though like sometimes and I bring in my his blanket and pillow out to him that was nice of you.

Yesterday thank you I can't get me get in here because I'm just so Jack you can't fit around me you are you getting really good thanks I feel very beautifully able to you once a day how do I feel my energetic I have had a bariatric surgery at most my food is mal absorbed okay that's tough yeah like maybe like try breaking you up into.

Smaller meals is that a goods or a reason you're only eating what today is that because of the surgery I don't know much about the surgery and stuff yeah but if you can break it up into smaller meals me think I can fuel you more throughout the day water was like sodium right energy like coconut oil like eating like something just pure fat like.

On a spoon or something gives me energy usually have you heard anything about that Kyodai helping prevent answer growth yeah I've heard a lot about that I'm not sure I fully believe it based on the current research but you should do your own research on that there's a lot of data on it you can check out could you do a Trader Joe's.

All we haven't done the Trader Joe's all right yeah and a couple of them I think Zipf is has all your electrolytes there's only two grams of carbs what's the electrolyte count on that would keto mess with menstrual cycle I mean when you're transitioning to any new lifestyle like that it's drastic for your body so yeah there's gonna be some.

Shift in your Metro cycle like I my periods for a good while they were lighter I had less cramping what you would think is good but like I didn't love it like some some periods another big blood day for half a day and a little bit but lately I upped my calories and I've had more full forced periods and like I'm loving it I just.

Said Oh force I feel more robust like I'm gaining muscle like I feel more like a woman like that's just how I feel but yeah there will be shifts like some people bleed more some people bleed less those coming off keto and then getting back to keto mess up your metabolism not to my knowledge how much water do you guys.

Drink a day at least like a hundred ounces hundred ounces yeah there's a normal tab allowed digestive system I'm new to keto I think for a while I did have a little bit of a loud digestive system but lately I haven't had I don't know I I did some googling on and actually at one point and it seems like loud digestive system doesn't really.

Indicate much happening it's just like it doesn't really mean much from everything I've read but do some research on it use coconut water no can ekitoku Mars full of sugar you heard it lowers blood sugar that seems like the opposite of what coconut water would do also Kendrick said he feeds his dog coconut water he loves it.

Maybe Oh sugar Julie's cousin eating guys well I shouldn't say that that sounds bad he's very picky you like eats his eggs around the food and this yeah me is he looking yummy yeah he loves his VMI's we call me in 100 milligrams magnesium 950 milligrams potassium 75 milligrams of sodium so that's that is giving you some.

Good magnesium and potassium okay that's cool what can I give us in an egg so honestly you don't need to eat I used to be on Akira diet you can just not eat eggs and eat other things you don't have to like have a direct substitute yeah I notice you guys eat a lot of chicken breasts don't think that's too lean do you notice we had a lot of chicken.

Broth you don't eat a lot of rest we do eat it occasionally but no I don't think that's too late also pro tip if you're like on a budget you're trying to do keto you can get like so all of the benefits of grass-fed things are in the fat so like if you can't afford grass-fed meats get chicken breast add some grass-fed Kerrygold butter to.

It like that's better than getting conventional raised chicken thighs and you can also mix in some like grass-fed chicken thighs or like pastured chicken thighs because those are cheaper cuts so like if you're on a budget I think chicken breast with some added fat is better than just getting traditional raised chicken thighs and then also what.

We learned from Mike is the grass-fed whey protein is it useless yeah is not really the grass cut portion doesn't matter because like Matt said you get the benefits from the fat not the protein can you eat sunflower seeds and nuts on keto absolutely whoa where did you come from just battling over here she can't eat.

Grass see there's always that guy is there to like correct you as he as soon as you miss big even though I corrected myself right after I said that can you eat too much fat yes you can eat too much calories we can yeah probably dumb question no questions dumb but when doing the half day fast do you think it'll still work with coffee cream.

In the a.m. so it depends on the amount of cream I would say so what do you mean will it still work like what are you what are you thinking is gonna start working here will you have to then burn through those calories yes is it gonna like inhibit some crazy benefits from intermittent fasting.

Probably not like it's one thing I'm seeing a lot lately is like the supposed benefits of intermittent fasting they're just kind of extrapolating like the benefits of long fasts and then saying they apply to intermittent fasting one I don't necessarily think that's true so you guys can look up the benefits of intermittent fasting there's like some.

Good ones about like fasting blood glucose levels that helps with that obviously helps diabetes but as far as like auto Fiji and things like that that's not happening in 16 hours but people seem to think it applies to Airmen if fasting if I eat low carbs and moderate fat and protein will my diet well I've I start using my body fat for.

Fuel yeah if you can't use the carbs as a source of fuel it will then go to your fat well what you're basically asking is once you're in a calorie deficit your body at some point uses body fat for fuel that's what you're looking for so you're just saying can I do keto but lower calorie yes then you'll burn more fat for fuel have you tried mission low.

Carb tortillas no we haven't but like a lot of people use them if you like them do it mm-hmm how do you feel about the calming effect of keto do you avoid caffeine do you notice it having a calming effect no I noticed it having like an energized caffeine effect I'm always pretty relaxed do you all use exogenous ketone.

Drinks or products I forget my saying what do I say again you ready to change your life no we don't use exact Jansky time you wanna are you ready you won't change you want to change your life prove it keto OS everyone knows that is this safe to take supplements like CLA and l-carnitine.

While doing Kido yeah I take all carnitine in the morning before fasted cardio CLA I think that's totally fine yeah sorry joining light you may have talking about this already what do you recommend a steak you know during the hurricane if you lose power for days weeks that can be tough we were actually talking about this I mean we.

Personally so there's like canned right canned stuff yeah you have to eat spam all day no you can't meats canned meats yeah right yeah that's what I just said spam um I don't know it I guess thinking about it it can be kind of tough there's not that many keno things that are soft stable oh so is everyone is like are all the fast food joints and stuff probably.

Oh no we would probably simply live off quest bars because it's yeah no bars quest bars meal yeah if you have water you can do like meal replacements in water protein powder tried ashwagandha yes I have I don't personally like it that much I think it's because I'm already very relaxed by Nature just made me unmotivated but if you're like a very.

High-strung type of individual kinda could be your jam prove it you guys have a key food store if so can you do a haul oh I don't know how is your HTP and brain supplements effects lately improvements the 5-htp I don't know if I notice like crazy huge improvements from the 5-htp I would say do some research on l-theanine that is the one that I.

Noticed benefit from you take it too sometimes right and I do I noticed a focus in what I'm doing which just pushes me to keep doing it I think we might do a video on l-theanine um slim jims have the perfect keto profile I don't know if that's true I beg to differ they're kind of like two grams of carbs.

Per stick I think yeah I made like gross ingredients what are your thoughts on wheat or barley grass organic powder oh and also seek help for iodine yeah it takes you kelp right now I take a greens powder which has those two grasses you mentioned it I think that's a good way to go would you recommend any preferred regular food drinks that you have work.

For you guys or for focus or mental clarity what works for me forefoot like this is what I do every morning um if I'm gonna lock in for like four hours and just do like video editing or like writing blog post stuff like that I make a bulletproof coffee two tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon MCT oil maybe some collagen peptides in there I take an.

L-theanine pill 200 milligrams and that is like the most focused and locked in that I get during the entire day have you tried with a vanilla now I have not motive fennel um yeah I have charted yeah yeah motor fennel is what I used to so what I lived in India for a year and modafinil is like I don't know I'm gonna know it's knockoff you didn't feel it.

It's like adderall – OH motor fennel that's called modafinil is it yeah in India they call well in India they call everything like I think you know what's healthy eating about I think it's derived from green tea it's synergizes with caffeine and it's just like it has a calming effect so I've tried taking a couple of different ways.

I've tried taking high doses at night to help with just relaxation I didn't like it when I did that and then I tried just a low dose with caffeine and that really makes you focused when you take it with caffeine because caffeine makes you generally high energy and just like kind of like all over the place healthy eating focuses you more is it a.

Pill or powder I think you can get both I have a pill a lot of times they sell it in a pill with caffeine like a l-theanine caffeine pill combined I just buy it separately Coffee we haven't tried the salmon burgers from Costco but yeah they sound good what would you say is a good amount of peanut butter to have a day uh-huh.

I guess they try to limit to like two tablespoons if I can three maybe yeah if I'm having it every day the butter chicken has been a big hit recipe actually so many people have made it and shared it and it seems to be people are liking it and it's really easy so a lot of people have made Oh which is awesome yeah that was the goal because I know a.

New food can get really tricky cooking like I'm not gonna dense so I wanted to make it easy for me too one of the most important important ingredients to hey what is the most important ingredients to avoid I'm starting to study labels of course sugar maltodextrin may be a video explaining the high HDI ingredient that is a good.

Idea dr. Berg actually just did one that was really good um a lot of thing like I've just recently learned like natural flavoring like you can hide stuff in that natural flavoring could contain maltodextrin you will never know it there's a lot of things like that but yeah mainly like maltodextrin dextrose all the different names for sugar can.

You do pulled pork or beef instead of canned chicken yeah yeah for the pizza are you talking Oh probably what do you take on neck hard you – fiber and sugar alcohols yeah for sugar alcohols we only – erythritol every all the other ones kind of have a little bit of carbs exactly have you tried dr. Briggs ice cream no we have not we don't even know.

Where to get it I'm very confused about calculating net carbs on my label for broccoli for example it says point eight grams of carbs but fiber is four point one so how am I supposed to subtract that where do you live judging by your name and your question it looks like you don't live in the United States so in every country other than the.

United States they already show net carbs under carbs so point eight is the net carbs and if 4.1 was subtractive yeah subtractive yeah we don't believe in science over here can you substitute stevia yes a good substitute could be monk fruit extract or erythritol as what we use powdered how would other.

Wow time would have really fast 30 million hours seven minutes but I want to go somewhere your question what you guys got what do you think of Monster low-carb drink please answer I love it she drinks it pre-workout a lot of the time yeah I drink it like maybe three out of seven days and I've tested after drinking like half a can and I didn't I.

Think I didn't have any drop in my ketones I was actually went up but like probably not cuz I didn't go up because of it but like natural progression of my Kido State upwards have you ever seen a ketogenic restaurant a lot of people like say we should start one or restaurant like I'm gonna be mad why do you need to make a kilo restaurant just.

Have a keto menu with like five keto items you don't need a whole restaurant double yen it's way too freakin trendy lake yeah this is science this is a way of like we don't have to have like you're just limiting your market are there Atkins restaurants because that'd be weird is there's vegan restaurants but that makes sense because we get.

Vegans like a big population sect and because you're still small can you explain steady-state cardio what is the difference let me say Carly would be like walking on a treadmill so there's like low intensity studies day medium intensity high-intensity medium intensity stays day is like jogging high intensity would be like running on like.

Hills and stuff low intensity say says what we do which is like walking brisk pace on a treadmill can you make more Kido Connect clothing working on the guy's design it's hard to look at an image or a design or a logo that you want that represents you and you want to tell the people you guys defend keto diets when normies think.

It's BS I find myself having to explain I like 11 times a day when I turn down food I don't defend myself I explain the gist of it and if they want to have a war I just want yeah I don't want myself having to explain too much but I also don't interact with that many people other than mega that's true oh we have.

No friends we went out to lunch yesterday with Mike from price Paolo and if you guys haven't checked out our podcast check it out it's good shake it yeah gotta check um you should do sweatbands probably not gonna happen I'm sorry crystal sweatbands we should do headband swap and is like here right yeah yeah but check out my roly's check.

Out my roly's something I don't know they say it you know saving the podcast for the Dreamliner's war carmella if I eat sugar would it throw me out of ketosis since I've been doing Q o for 3 months and how long do you get back in ketosis so if you keep your net carbs under 20 you'll be in ketosis some vast majority of the time it shouldn't be a.

Huge deal you guys do you ever feel bloated on keto ah the only times I felt bloated was when I was doing one meal a day I don't hold it on my period guys I don't feel very bloated ever on keto I'm just never not bloated type though I don't get for ya that's just uh here's my ten pack abs type I'm not is there a way to be keto vegan or eat minimal.

Animal product heat oh I think honestly I would not really recommend vegan keto I would say minimal and all product would be good like you throw some eggs in there maybe every now and then just trying to live in it you can also mix in a lot of like tofu and the fake meat things they make a lot of those are low carb I wouldn't.

Go full vegan keto that seems like you're very limited it's tough yeah do you suggest intermittent fasting if I hit a plateau plateau it's definitely a technique you can experiment with and maybe it'll help there's a lot of different things you can adjust your macros you can incorporate just like have a higher calorie day one day and.

Then you know go back to normal yeah weight loss you can't expect it's just gonna go like this like your body's gonna need to collect itself every now and then you might need to adjust your macros downwards oh you'll live two days longer I don't know what does in reference to is tofu keto friendly a lot of people like to stay away from it just.

Because soy but if you get like some good organic fermented tofu I eat it I eat tofu occasionally why do people say not to eat dairy on keto I love eating dairy I don't think people say dairy is not keto really ever a lot of people have just found dairy to have negative effects on them and they feel better without it something worth trying in my.

Opinion but it's totally fine to eat dairy no one says there is not kita I love all fiber can you make more recipes using it we have a bunch we have like five five or so recipes whatever yeah yeah have you ever gone back to having a carb meal such as fries or a burger or are you never going back I mean special.

Circumstances we would probably try stuff like if we were vacation in Naples we would have pizza proudly but just for the purpose of having like a burger I was just having without the bun yeah I'm not eat the fries I never salad is original only bill online that we've seen I think people seen it at Whole.

Foods but yeah we get her as an Amazon in bulk so do you carb cycle no we've tried we tried it for a month we're gonna have a video on that not a huge fan of it's just the way we felt when we were back on keto us it's like it took this longer to get back into it we just we felt less productive you're basically not doing keto at that point I.

Feel like if you're really doing hard carb ups once a week but uh I did make some really good gains in the gym your deep-dish pizzas great thank you do you guys do I offer just keto on a regular basis now we do q on a regular basis we did it I have though Matt used to do asked religiously we throw an eiephant occasionally is that like if it's an.

Easy day to do it maybe I'll do it but it's not something I go to my way to do anymore new Taketa what recipe viewers shared drive um I personally recommend not doing any crazy recipes at first sticking to the basics until you get bored of the basics but we do have like crispy wings and crispy chicken thighs we have the French.

Omelette you could try that yeah so anything like butter and chicken that's a pretty good one better chicken um we have a breakfast casserole like eggs broccoli like you know something simple is running a food blog super expensive I feel like buying so many ingredients for test batches and constantly cooking must be on the more expensive side we do.

Spend a lot of money on groceries but we can justify it because the food blog makes us money too so like every money we put into groceries makes its 15% remaining on my phone we make the money back the recipe it's just like you working and then eating out every other night like your job pasted through your life our job is.

To blog me any piece for our life yes that's why your company has free pens that work basically which you should be stealing any chicken wing rub recipes no we need to so we had a great chicken wing don't y'all oh but Matt messed it up because he didn't do the slightest bit of research beforehand and knows the difference between pink peppercorn as.

Such more pepper okay so now we can't post the video because he's so scared of putting it up well that's wrong our nitrates and nitrites bad for you I don't know a lot about them I think there's a lot of science that says they lead to cancer and things like that but I would have to look into those I eat nitrates of bacon occasionally should I.

Listen to Mike Dolce a lot of people recommend him I need to give him a listen I need three to four slim jims a day they had the perfect what did someone say perfect you don't matter I think every slim jim has like two net carbs just go count the cow I mean they also just the gross they're delicious gross right what does Matt's phone.

Always dying it was like 85% when we started it's just a bad phone what are you eating for zero carb week we still have to research this yeah but we will be making video and we'll do another live session and then we'll tell you I'm making water I'm drinking um pardon around zero you guys in Jason would rock blow my mind.

Whoa you're lumping I say with Jason what rock thanks you've done three chicken cuter friendly um I love how you pronounce that why cuz how do you say tandoori so wrong just kidding the other chicken it did you marinate it in yogurt so it's not the friendliest but I have all my yogurt recipe cut we're gonna try to make it for you yeah.

We're doing Sunday live streams from now I think and guys if you hit the bell on our channel you get notified when we do live streams thoughts on drinking a protein powder shake full of meal replacement not a huge fan I would say get some fat in that meal – I don't like just go on pure whey protein as a meal is it time to carb up periodically on.

Keto like maybe 150 carbs yeah throw one in there see how you feel why do you think you need to though are you struggling a little bit um can you see yes we are making butter chicken a marinade the chicken in homemade whole milk yogurt and it was awesome that sounds great is it normal to be constipated and if so do you have any.

Tips so a lot of people have one or the other I've noticed that's not normal yeah so up your veggies up there water water lily magnesium can help MCT oil can help just like coconut oil some favorite bodybuilder Jerry Warren Gerry Ward shallots Gerry Ward pod caps coming soon do you guys know Gerry Ward I actually like I like Phil he's a little.

Bit he has a bad rap from that documentary everyone was like I'm Kai green side after that why I don't know alright P rich Piana and you fats such as MC gol with whey protein make it less insulin tre like dribbling triggering um I do believe so MCT oil maybe not as much but yeah having a high fat meal can dampen the insulin response of the other.

Foods in that meal I haven't tested it with whey protein and I looked online I couldn't find much data and this I actually did look this up I think I'm gonna test it myself though you guys should go on vacation and blogging out of Aikido we've done that yeah and we will do it we're going to Vegas Oh Jason went rock – as a bodybuilder.

Yeah do you all follow Michelle rock yeah I love her channel she did I just recently saw this like sous vide star recipe the sous vide egg bites things she made though yeah cool can you use almond flour instead of coconut flour dirty risk we know they're definitely not substitute a pool unfortunately it's a four to one ratio.

Almond coconut flour respectively but I don't know if you work I haven't tried I don't think it'll work have you ever used bone broth protein see I just use whey isolate protein I don't think there's any need for all these crazy cuz all you're getting is protein like if you use bone broth protein are you getting added benefits I don't really.

Think so I think you just want like machines weight obviously protein is just approaching like it's the most like it's the easiest absorb protein in your body bone broth is I don't see any need for like paying extra money for the bone broth protein sources of potassium we have an electronic video I'm spinach avocado cheese she's awesome not yet MTT.

Oil can have a taste summer seem tasteless some have taste we should go yeah it's been an hour in 20 minutes and I'm starved alright guys next Sunday and we have a bunch of good videos coming this week definitely check out our podcast guys leave us a review if you want to be entered to win an Amazon gift card and a.

Keto for normies t-shirt bye guys we love you see ya
Zero Carb Week Kickoff Party
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