Vlog Week! Plus Bagel

Vlog Week! Plus Bagel

Vlog Week! Plus Bagel

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There's the bagel we're just working on some recipes today and this is one of that we came up with tell me it's an everything bagel I did some with the cream cheese on it earlier it is pretty yummy whipped cream cheese tendresse mark it's a little on the dry side but that's kind of a lot of keto baked goods we also made jalapeno cheddar ones those.

Are in the cookbook I like that everything better hey Amanda what's up guys hi what's everyone up to this Sunday I'm barely hanging on to my fantasy football matchup Eagle 1 Eagles 1 done that I mean not dying Matt was like who's the coach of the Eagles today and did now and I was like Debbie Peterson and I was.

Like on my computer it means that Matt was like what are what do you think about dogs do what he's doing right now and I was like and I started to say what I thought and I look up and Matt just like mocking me because he thinks I girls don't know sports and we can't play anything and we're stupid and we belong in the kitchen did you guys.

Notice we're matching that's not what I think that he disregarded it because that's what he thinks so what you're gonna do is our shirts we got these cornhole Atlanta shirts on we're a team so Matt seems to be the best poem hole art in the world but last week he couldn't even carry us that's.

True we lost because of him so what's up with you guys today okay yeah so we have a podcast that just went live today it's the one episode eighth or ninth ninth episode for the keto for normies podcast this one's just me and Megha talking about keto macros and just kind of our approach and what's worked for us yeah today is the last day.

For the butcher box promotion so if you wanna get it on that check that out and then we also released a Cinnabon doughnut hole video you can check out oh oh yeah so the thing is this week we're we have vlogs all week it's the zero carb cowboy I'm gonna let you guys in on a secret we were trying to go for seven days we ended up only making a five days.

But that's good because you only have five lost you want seven there's a lot yeah so we have five vlogs for you I still have to make the fifth one every one someone's always it's you know this day like it's five o'clock somewhere yeah Sam goes first someone's making butter chicken somewhere mostly in India they're always making butter chicken.

Well a lot of India doesn't eat meat Oh mutter paneer is butter prettier even a dish yeah how do I listen to the podcast on Android you can use google play music that's what I use to listen to podcasts or I think you can use like stitcher or there's a bunch of Android podcast apps it should work for all of them just finish this week's podcast awesome I.

Lasted four days trying to eat Kido to be honest but I found the off channel during those four days and continued to walk to your content you all are the goat I didn't even go with a thing until Matt said young thug is the go and I was like ah greatest of all time for the vault I don't know we are not on soundcloud we've debated going on.

Soundcloud we just lazy as that laziness no I mainly just have a rap career in some fun I'm a SoundCloud rapper you made a coconut flatbread today that sounds interesting that does I just made breakfast cookies and did mister man but I had pumpkin pie spice that sounds great I've been promoting y'all channel to my.

New keto friends thank you I just watched the keto nester video and couldn't stop laughing we after watching the video I was like dag we did seem like we were on something but it was it was the rush of the yeah about like 45 minute mark when we were doing the pushup tests and stuff it seems like.

Definitely consciousness and like changing yeah the keto Savitch podcast will be out in like a month the Cuba Savage podcast is really bad because he likes to go deep on just like hustle and motivation and so do we so we did a little bit of that I'm loving your graham cracker cracker.

Recipe oh yeah Matt came up with it whether you put an egg in it or no because I think it tastes better without an egg but uh it's stays together brother better with an egg when is your cookbook coming out cost cookbooks spring 2018 we're not sure about the cost I don't think we talked about that with a publisher until later on in the.

Game right I think a lot of it depends like how long the book is that's like the biggest indicator of how much it's gonna cost so I think it's gonna be a hundred recipes I know the way Matt said cost was weird he always like emphasized oh it's like cost not 52.99 no matter it's gonna be like around maybe 20 to 30 range somewhere in there.

Yeah paperback no I'm not Jewish I'm Italian but the nose would say otherwise see that's racist is it no I think Italians also have big noses how do I get my hands on that Kido shot you guys took they are having a Kickstarter we don't know the exact details but when we do know we'll let you know and then that is your entryway so a little bit about.

The ketone ester guys when we posted this video I guess it was mostly positive feedback but obviously like most people I always like focus on the negative which is not a good mentality to have but it's nothing like so it is a form of exogenous ketones but as far as the BHB salts like the ones you can buy from prove it and all these.

Other companies that are sold as weight-loss miracle pills it's a totally different thing like I've taken those before maybe feel a little bit maybe don't feel anything but this was like an overwhelming immediate like change in mental state it was it was very extreme like it's not bow there's this thing does something is just very costly.

Obviously and it's not meant or marketed as a weight-loss supplement that's where people are getting it mixed up with Examiners ketones like the people who created the keto investors aren't going that route at all because they aren't fans of it either like that's not how it works it's more from performance like sports.

Drink based type of rock did you say that ester stuff was I don't think there's actually a price tag on it yet but they sold like a hundred bottles of the 60 milliliter for $120 a while ago yeah it's not currently available though but you know it's really expensive now so that's the whole thing like my thinking was the same as you guys is.

Before trying this I was like exactly as ketones they're a total farce like they don't do anything are a farce yeah it's just like it's just it's marketing to get your money and pretend like it does something but this totally shifted my mind and now I think there's a lot of promise for the future if they keep on developing these maybe getting.

The cost down a little bit yeah and hopefully they do I'm interested in taking it again too and use them differently like for a gym based purpose okay what else you guys got I saw pre-made cauliflower crust in the grocery store this morning you know ton of carbs there's one in Trader Joe's that is really high in carbs do you know.

The approximate carb count of your crust attend our blog post I think like I'd maybe like for half the crust it might be like for enough carbs or something pretty low in the store there's definitely like preservatives and carbee things that they're filling it with hey guys fat guy here starting keto tomorrow.

Thanks to you guys here's to not being fat anymore in six to nine months it could be even less time than that and also I like that you said fat guy here I thought that was like your name your student ever like your Instagram channel fat guy oh you bought the book mastery based on my recommendation I have that down yeah yeah yeah I know everyone has.

So like as far as these self-help books go a lot of it isn't the content of the book it's like your current state when you read it and like I was just really ready for this when I when the time came for me to read it but this book right here has been like my favorite book of all time totally changed my life I want to say that's maybe like a little.

Overdramatic but this is my number one recommended book of all time and yeah he was not ready either for me when I came into his mouth but I just took the bull by the horn baby and now he is a true minion of mine mastery changed your life yeah yeah yeah this book yes I mean this book is the reason I stuck with and started keto kinetic it's the reason I.

Decided to try to achieve more than just like punch the clock for 40 hours a week for the rest of my life yeah mix adderall in Quito Nestor what do you think will happen a lot of heart palpitations yeah also some superpowers probably the anxiety is where I'm projecting I'm waiting for someone to be come back and getting mastery was the.

Worst book of my life some people could have that opinion on it too and for me it's like all about if you're ready for it like there's certain not the book in particular but at certain points in your life ready for something to hit you you know and that's where I was when I read this.

Book where's book yeah are you ready for him I tried a few recipes than good to tell him house powder and my food turn a purplish and tasted funny um so so the house powder does have it depends on the brand but yeah sometimes it turns purple that's totally normal and the taste might just be the way you taste so they.

Must powder yeah we got the one from Anthony's brand for a long time and that turned things kind of great but now we got the brand now now Foods on Amazon and that one is better tasting and it doesn't turn in any color at all were you guys ever fat I feel like I can't picture it um not we weren't fat pre keto we've.

Done keto for other benefits aside from weight loss but I was I was overweight as a child like very overweight no no not mastery by Robert Greene mastery by George Leonard there's also a book called mastery by Robert Greene the author of like the 50th law the 48 laws of power or whatever different but so put the matching t-shirts so well when.

I'm like we didn't match intentionally we just like woke up and put on the same shirts when you live with someone and you work out with them like we match at the gym a lot and it's not until after we're like home were like we were just matching at the gym and we work out together we look so stupid so it kind of just happens.

Oh funny story though and actually it's not that funny but we went to the gym this morning and it's one of those like 24 hours swipin gym 24 hours not 24 hours because the swipe in thing didn't open the door this time so no one could could get into the gym and we just had to like go home and do cardio yeah not fun I drew it on the cheap can you do.

More cheap food meal preps I guess we could try like a dollar for one no other stores gonna be thing yeah we've been requested to do that or the almond bliss bar is okay to eat Aikido I don't know what an almond bliss bar is but you've asked that question a few times so have have you and do you recommend the book art and.

Science of low-carb living by dr. Finney and bollock I've not read it a lot of people recommend it seem to be like a lot of people will say those are the two guys you should listen to about Kido and I think they generally preach like more traditional keto diet I haven't read a lot by them so this could be wrong but I think they're very much in like count.

Total carbs keep overall carbs super low fat very high someone said she's a dietician she just made our donut holes and she shares purple our blog with clients for recipe inspiration so – yeah wait the donut hole the Cinnabon ones we just made those oh my god are they really good did you like them guys need help I started taking prebiotic three.

Billion live cultures per capsule so that's a probiotic is it not okay to consume same day as apple cider vinegar I've never heard that I would maybe like space it out a little bit but I don't think there should be much problem I'm not really sure how the two interact how do you get MyFitnessPal to deduct fiber so if you create a free My Fitness Pal.

Account it doesn't show you the fiber by default but it shows you sodium and sugar and you can just exchange one of those in the settings you can like take out I usually take out sodium because the MyFitnessPal entries never have accurate sodium counts anyway and then you just start tracking fiber and then you just have to do the mental math why.

Do you recommend quest / dr. Adkins bars well doctor Adkins bars use maltitol we want stuff but they're most of the ones out right now are the old ones that have I almost melt all melted I'm sorry do BCAAs kicked me out of ketosis uh in excess maybe they could but the BCAA is the three amino acids are not that glucose anak most of them are ketogenic.

But I have like a sigh bation extend which is the number one selling version of BCAAs and they put a lot of glutamine in there which is gluco genic so I would try getting a BCA a mix that's just the three branch chain amino acids or what we've been doing lately is just leucine by itself did you just like point like yeah like it's over there in.

The kitchen I've been using your pre-workout recipe from your video like that and it's giving me such a better workout that's awesome yeah what do you think it is MCT oil the salts the protein I think for most people it's the salt honestly I'm very proud of that recipe actually the apple cider vinegar pork bacon reduction yeah I don't think.

I've ever seen anything like that you thought it didn't come out really well and then I tried and I was like this is incredible I've seen people say don't count don't count carbs from non starchy vegetables and they don't cause a spike any thoughts on that we just like to count everything we eat no matter what so we count our vegetables.

Honestly since I've been tracking my ketones and blood glucose a lot more I've actually cut back on the vegetables cuz they do impact your blood glucose and your blood ketones quite a bit I haven't had any issue with that though so I think it's definitely a person dependent my blood glucose has never have been like too high mad at me very.

Differently although we eat similarly which is interesting because our bodies are so different have you heard that cream of tartar is a good source of potassium now I haven't heard that but and anytime it's used it's like use a little tea drop of cream of tartar I'm trying to gain what are those BCAA salts they're talking about HB v HB salts I.

Don't know which one you're talking about here using terms there do you know of any protein powders specified for a ketogenic diet we just like to look at the nutrition and the carb count so we always recommend eye soup here we always have ice if your cookies and cream your favorite good at zero carb.

Yeah just look for like whey isolate whey isolate is 90 percent plus protein so it just by default it will be low carb yea MCT oil ease and fantastic we're going to do that all the time but it can lead to digestive issues so yes so I wouldn't say chug-chug is not the verb to use a child is it necessary to do intermittent fasting when following a.

Keto way of you know it's absolutely not at this point in my life I'm not doing intermittent actually really implemented it for a longer of a period than two weeks and I found that I'm better off of interment fasting because if I eat a large portion of food in a smaller side windows I'm bloated I'm uncomfortable so I think it's very personal specific.

There are a lot of benefits granted but if it's not for you you know you don't have to implement it I'm losing weight without counting calories should I count them anyway depends on your goals it eventually maybe you'll stop losing as much weight or you'll hit a point where you want to you know just know what you're eating and have some knowledge of.

Where your macros my day today I think it's interesting to know when you're not tracking what you are eating and what you are in taking right yeah if you don't know much about like what's in your foods I think it helps the track to see you start learning that kind of stuff it'll come in handy down the road yeah guys my one-a-day vitamin contains.

Cornstarch and maltodextrin as fillers could it contain enough carbs to cause me problems is this brand that doesn't is there a brand that doesn't use these kind of fillers yeah there's tons of brands that don't use those kind of fillers oh now foods we yeah it's a specific one it's called Adam and Eve vitamins by now foods those are gel caps.

Those are again Adam those times is I don't think it's gonna be a huge deal it's probably like one gram of cars max in there well yeah it's easy to get pills that don't have those fillers can hidden sugars kick you out of ketosis well if they're so what is a hidden sugar in your mind like for me when people say.

Hidden sugars I'm assuming they're talking about something that's marked zero sugar and it actually contains a very small amount of it like less than a half a gram of maltodextrin or something cuz like vegetables don't have hidden sugars they just have sugars yeah no sugars are hidden really nothing is hidden it's all there but yeah like Matt.

Was saying something I would say no because you literally have to eat like six packs of bacon that are listed as zero would actually contain like a slight amount of sugars for it to really add up yeah have you ever guys tried have you tried carp quick yes we've tried pop quick we have a munchkin recipe on our site using.

It we only use it once or twice not fans because you know we like to just use the flowers yeah yeah like heavy whipping cream exactly it says zero grams but a cup has like 17 it doesn't have 17 it has like six or something per cup I've been feeling sick when I eat heavy cream heavy whipping cream and cream cheese am i becoming sensitive to them I wouldn't.

Say you're becoming sensitive to them I would say this is heaven for us with different foods too it's like you're just becoming more in tune with your body and you're really picking up on the things that are affecting you adversely so you know heavy cream and cream cheese a lot of the time just like are not the best thing for you and then you start.

Noticing the detrimental effects why do people think Kito's expensive I have a $25 Greek grocery budget I need 2000 calories a day all these for the win I absolutely agree it is interesting when people say that quino's expensive that's why they can't do it and maybe a lot of some people do it on the expensive route like only organic only grass-fed.

Grass-finished meat but you don't have to do it that way like we say do your best if you can't get grass-fed butter that's totally fine and there are a little hat right lamellas oh great hack if you can't get grant what do you laughing at no my hat okay Oh what if you yeah if you can't buy like all the best quality.

Like rib eyes or whatever you can get chicken breasts which is usually cheap conventional chicken breasts you're probably gonna want to eat that over conventional chicken thighs because all of like these harmful compounds that they feed the conventional meats are in the fat they're sort of in the fat so like if you want to just get chicken.

Breast in my carry gold butter that's probably better than eating the conventional chicken thigh or you can get like pastured chicken thighs those are relatively cheap – or like drumsticks just good the cheaper cuts like most of the cuts of meat that are good for keto the high fat ones they're cheaper already the lean cuts are what.

Really costs a lot of money as consuming erythritol three times a day with tea bad it depends how much like if you have a little tea spoon in it shouldn't be a huge deal unblock me from the Facebook group I agree also I can do so yeah a lot of people find it's very easy to do keto on a budget and we like to make that.

Possible for you guys we'll have to do a dollar store that'll be really interesting and fun to do because they do have like steaks and stuff there yeah I want to try I've never had a steak from the dollar store we do pure stevia we do liquid stevia and our tea as well which we prefer over doing like erythritol so if you're.

Worried about consuming the abyss or tall someone asked mmm you can you liquid stevia we you know I usually use liquid stevia in my coffee so you're looking like three or four drops yeah and you're good to go can consuming larger amounts of heavy cream butter other dairy products were allowed on keto stall weight loss so to.

My knowledge there is no food that like magically stalls weight loss outside of just its calorie content so assuming you're eating the right amount of calories your macros are on point no food should have like magical wait stalling powers like the thing with heavy cream is it tastes delicious and it's very calorie.

Dense so like if you go from your half and half or you like your fat-free creamer then you start just like pouring a quarter cup of heavy cream in every coffee that's really gonna stack up that's 200 calories per coffee John no no any info any info about Al you loose the only info about le Louis is basically from the quest company who's.

The main people using it it seems to be pretty good as far as a sugar-free sweetener we have we have gotten butcher boxer free when we've done like the promotions and stuff and when we tried it but we don't get it like monthly for free and would we pay for it absolutely we've we've noticed because we go to the grocery store a lot and we're like.

Always looking for deals time and like the butcher box for what you get is cheaper than you're gonna find it at the grocery store and it's gradually good quality it's grass-fed grass-finished which the grocery store I think a lot of the time is just grass fed grain finished and when you go in there you're paying like same prices maybe even more.

Than you do have for butcher box and you're gonna really good variety with butcher box which I like and the meat so good um you're eating our butter chicken right now told you it's like the final black rule what is cellulose cellulose I think that's just something they add to like gel capsules or no no just like vitamin capsules it's like a fiber it's.

A plant fiber any advice on resisting the creamers Guinness on the weekend seem to be knocking me out of ketosis regularly the creamer is Guinness what does that mean like dog do you call Guinness beer is cream rinses that's like some that's awesome I don't know about I wish I'd drinkin it's just so I can't say creamers um but yeah Guinness.

Is probably knocking you out regularly because I mean there's not to be something else you enjoy drinking not as great as Kramer's but yeah you could try to just try something drinking something else replacing it Guinness is basically a loaf of bread in liquid form Oh have you ever done a memo what's it called they drop a shot into McGinnis.

And Irish Car Bomb – yeah we did those hon when was it last night Patrick yeah in San Francisco last time I did one I just threw up in it we did like 16 of them on the grossest thing ever this is pre keto pre keto was the thing either until Matt told me what's maca powder like matcha powder no macha oh macha is maca is like a root I.

Believe it has some health benefits I've looked into it a lot and I've kind of like gone back and forth like should I try taking this I've always kind of landed on no there's other things I'd rather experiment with before that and it does tend to be like high carb if you get your daily serving in of what they recommend what did you guys have for.

Lunch I had a chicken thigh from what we could yesterday it was crispy skin on it and I also had some guacamole and sour cream on the side I made like a dip we did recipe as testing today I had an incredible lunch I actually had three eggs and then I put some of this jalapeno sausage we got from a barbecue place last night in the omelet one piece.

Of bacon or no like two pieces of bacon a co piece of cheese made an omelet you eat all that hot sausage yeah he's a big boy you told me I could have it it was so much though I didn't think you would it was like six ounces it was a full pound it was what what do you recommend for liquid electrolytes what have you been taking lately zip is that oh yeah.

I've been taking zip is I'm obsessed with it start off dakedo savage she's definitely not here watching this bagels are not the electrolytes but um as if it is actually an energy drink also which is really cool I didn't know it had milligrams of caffeine you might just saw that today but has nine hundred and fifty milligrams of potassium an avocado.

Has a thousand so I'm not an evening on an avocado every day like Matt and I didn't realize that I was missing out on so much potassium so Zipf is is really supplementing that for me yeah she takes it like pre-workout it has to be taken in to work out intra workout she has to it has two grams of carbs in it the recipe testing days blow your macros.

They can't you sometimes we might put on weight at one point couple bones but now we're getting stricter and we're learning yeah we just started a food blog this year so like we've never had to deal with this or just like touching things all day and controlling our food intake at the same time we're getting better at that though what is your.

Opinion on aspartame a lot of people complain on the supposed side-effects I don't go out of I mean I I try to avoid it when possible but if I'm out a lunch special in you're gonna free soda you have to get the soda like we're going to Las Vegas in two weeks and I'm gonna be pounding about vodkas and Diet Coke so but I mean in my daily life I.

Avoid it peanut butter on low carb toast yeah your name I'm actually hoped and have it every day that's totally fine you just I'll give you my perspective on it peanut butter on low carb toast so assuming the low carb toast is like to net carbs per whatever per slice the peanut butter is like three or four net carbs for two tablespoons that's like.

Six net carbs right there and you're not getting a ton of nutrition out of that you're not getting a ton of micros so for me if I'm trying to optimize I'm probably not eating that but if it's something that helps you stick to your diet then yeah it's cool I'm not gonna optimize guys I thought you'd say you're trying to optimize I mean if I want.

Peanut butter on welcome I'm having it yeah of course I'm of course I'm optimizing Vegas buffet ah L am I saying it right I don't want to be embarrassed in there like the book Analia totally wrong what do you normally eat / take for post-workout I don't do anything special I wait about an hour then I have a coffee sometimes.

I'll have a few hard-boiled eggs in a bulletproof coffee and then I'll have a bigger meal like a few hours after that I've been doing the same thing every day about like 40 minutes post-workout I do a coffee with a scoop of protein powder in it and some heavy whipping cream and it's just the most delicious thing ever in the world can a yeast packet be added.

To your bread recipe to enhance the flavour yeah also I would say like if you've had six to eight drops of stevia it really makes the bread better I think I might have added a note in the recipe that it really like cuts through the egg flavor if you if you get the egg flavor any suggestions on app that I can use to track yeah we use MyFitnessPal the free.

Version and it works great just make sure you're looking at the foods you're entering into your daily macros there's a lot of them are wrong 7 cups of salad per day is too much for keto so I used to be a 7 cups of salad a day guy um it's kind of a lot of vegetable it's a lot of carbs and it's probably not too much but if you're really trying to get.

It to deep ketosis it could affect that a little bit I'd say but you know get your vegetable center I'm drinking a bulletproof everyday do you to bulletproof every morning I don't do bulletproof coffee I do a lot of the time I like it helps my productivity a lot I need snack ideas aside from pork rinds.

Or meat wrapped and cheese everyone needs snack ideas I struggle with feeling hungry late at night anyone um like maybe you have what have you been having for dinner like are you trying to like up your calorie during dinner or have something that really satisfy you like play around with it and maybe.

You'll find a meal that like really just satisfies you what was it did to peanut butter yeah what's bulletproof coffee it's just coffee with like some butter in it basically maybe some MCT oil it is a good way to get ahead of your fat macros on the day I was wondering is 75 fat 25 protein 5 cards good for a 225 pound man I think you're probably gonna.

Want to be less than 5% cards if you're 225 pounds but yeah that should be about good just stay under 20 net carbs instead of doing the percentages that's what I'd say cuz 5% carbs if you're eating what let's say you're eating like 2500 calories a day there's gonna be a hard math problem now that's gonna be over 20 net carbs probably have you guys.

Met any keto sushi yes we have it in our it's on our food blog you don't connect that mac frozen veggies I'm eating stir fried to get veggies in that's a good way to do it and they don't go bad do you plan to wear the same colors today did you know we did it but we just got these shirts cuz we started up motors from out first and I put this on first.

Today oh no I put this shirt on for us today I don't wear too many different things every day though my main goal for dinner is to feel full so my go-to at the moment is courgette to Alfredo that's corn again oh I think she meant Corgi alfredo accordion they're kids so longer Cordy Alfredo would be delicious so.

Adorable thoughts on sell our oil supplement Aikido I'm not familiar with sell our oil mega why don't you new bulletproof coffee I just I don't want to get my towel my fat calories through coffee I like to get it through food four kilograms to lose to hit target but I stalled what can I do to up my game where your calories at that's usually.

What's doing it sometimes our calories start creeping up sometimes even your carbs start creeping up if you're like snacking too much that could happen have you ever done a bulletproof coffee only fast and if so what was your longest oh yeah I've seen all these crazy concoctions the bulletproof company comes up with to get you to buy their.

Products though there's like this new one it's like you take a bulletproof coffee I think to bulletproof coffees a day and then you do 10 scoops of collagen throughout the day their collagen though because there's a source from the best animals the finest animals and then he do ten scoops a day so you're like going through like it's like.

A forty dollar a day diet corn Gandhi's British speak for zucchini oh that sounds good thought on dream bread I don't know anything about dream bread I've never heard of it cloud bread cloud bread do either one of y'all lift heavy weights and can deal with not having the energy in the gym we both lift heavy weights mine are heavier than hers.

Sometimes we have low water sometimes we have low energy at the gym lately it's been better okay zip Fez ever since we did the carb ups that really helped our energy in the gym but we've been doing strict keto now for like what a month baby yeah and the energy is still better in the gym now it's also a big mental game for me.

Personally err bread Arab read mostly egg guys coming to meet up in Mean Green London love to meet you too oh I only if Matt would get a passport then I would come what's your workout schedule look like push/pull days how many days a week so we were doing push-pull legs three-day split but six days a week six five is.

Assists a week but for me I don't like doing legs that often I just hate doing legs and I don't care that much about lifting my legs like they're already pretty big in relation to the rest of my body so I like doing a four-day split so we do shoulders chest and tries back and buys legs and abs yeah yeah I like the knives.

And we go at least five days a week yes bangle bangle what's up with the bagel seriously I really miss bagels well a person probably not thinking like that so this is the bagel we tested it today this one's really good we're gonna make this work for you guys it's an everything bagel this was just the test recipe though we pretty much nailed it.

The first time we just have to like film the video and take pictures and stuff today's my first day of a fast I'm aiming for three to four days after watching your fasting videos good luck you got it look it's a big mental game but also know your body and know when you know you feel discomfort and we need to stop.

Maybe your brows look amazing thank you April let me see him they do look really good he did say my mustache is growing I got a wax it who axes their mustache here you always say who like that I'm an owl this bagel I haven't calculated yeah it's around 2 net carbs I think though it uses protein powders unflavored what.

Happened to your wing rub recipe I was looking around someone messed it up but we can't even post the video which brand of keto glucose meters do you guys use I don't know what the glucose one is but the ketone right here the ketone one is a precision extra say cucumber the ketone ketone bear-bear that was just a cheap only got from Walmart okay you.

Wanted two two and one do you guys use raw dairy products like rod cheese and raw butter I don't know where do you find raw butter from we try getting raw cheese when we can but yummy there's like one option at the grocery store that has like 150 cheese options but yeah ideally we'd like to get some more raw dairy should I eat red meat.

Again to help with energy why are you not eating red meat doesn't prove doesn't precision extra I have both ketones and glucose yeah but yeah Coast strips are really expensive relative to the other ones on the market you save money by getting the cheap blood glucose tester now that you're Nietzsche oh you gotta make a lemon chicken wing recipe I.

Didn't know that was a thing but that sounds really good what's your take on flax seeds baking with them and oxidation and estrogen you know what I don't get super deep on like the V like baking with certain oils I know it can turn the them into like trans fats like harmful trans fats I don't stress over that too much but as far as like the.

Phytoestrogens and flax seeds I don't think there's any real can like conclusive evidence that the phytoestrogens actually lead to estrogen in your body like the same thing goes with tofu it'd be such a minimal impact like not even worth acknowledging but I'm just like a random guy who reads studies off the internet so you can do.

The same thing I can form your own conclusion on that but for me all these phytoestrogens it doesn't necessarily translate to estrogen in your body what's the best app for counting macros we use MyFitnessPal the free version favorite comedians – Tom Segura so good I really bill burr I have some nutritional deficiencies so.

I'm thinking of giving up in term and fasting and adding small amounts of carbs to my diet do you think it's a good idea or will it increase my weight well why will the carbs help correct the nutritional deficiencies and it won't increase your way unless you increase your calories which increasing carb generally has a habit of increase in.

Calories but you might just like gain a little bit of water weight from the increasing carbs or not it depends on how high you go it could be good for you people like I can be fine on more carbs than Mac could probably have you measured your glucose level after eating hempseed overnight oh thing no you sesame oil okay on keto yeah I don't.

Like the best I don't think it's ideal but a little bit unheated it should be fine will you ever have a day where you hang out on all the carbs not unless it's like strategically planned for a purpose or like we had a day where we if they got all the cards it was a playing card but it was a plan exactly.

Ah do you embarrass no we don't button you can what happened with the coffee flower turns out it's inedible so if there's nothing you can do with it we're gonna work on it what is your opinion on taking SARS to build muscle mass I think they're very controversial I don't know enough about them to say it's like a super controversial.

Supplement a bodybuilders take it oh I don't know much about it I don't have a recommendation on it do your own research major hair loss on this diet Megan have you experienced this or your account like I think the hair loss thing I don't I haven't seen people have a conclusive opinion on why this happens but I think it could just be with the.

Calorie restriction like a huge to keto and you're just dropping calories really low because you're not as hungry it could be that yeah I mean stress on your body from like dropping your calories really low or transitioning into a new diet your body's not used to Ken your body will react in the ways it knows how and some people lose hair some.

People get the keto rash some people just like have digestive issues I had more allergies cut pop up yeah it's possible I didn't have any personal issues with hair loss but it could just be from like the stress of the depletion of or the decrease in calories at a deficit of 800 to 1,200 calories a day wait that's too long to read I know in.

2nd week first week 8 pounds down this nun Shark Week is still two weeks away help I don't know I don't know about that I'm not for my first checkup at the doctor's say what blood work should I ask for I guess your cholesterol levels right and like a more of a breakdown of your like the LDL and HDL levels and having asked him to like walk you.

Through them and see what his response is I'm like I'd like to ask them to check my testosterone levels but I don't know if you're like trying to put on muscle you might want to know that what did you to experience with the keto flu we experienced it pretty heavily we went straight in minimal research we drank a lot of powder aids we laid around a lot.

We took it took a big big step back from the gym but we've fought through just like most people do someone asked about the egg fast would we do it again now that we've already done one ah probably not I probably do the zero carb diet again yeah so this next week where we have five vlogs on zero diet we did it for five days it's pretty.

Tough but I would recommend maybe that over the egg fast but maybe egg fast is better for for weight loss I don't know if you'd want that slimmer pickins know what is something I can say how are you taking you Lu seen have you been trying different drinks to make it not too disgusting Matt's just tossing the powder in his mouth I have been putting.

A little I've been putting my leucine and a like this much water and then adding like a couple drops of stir and just like downing it with my clogging my nose like poking my nose he's telling me not to marry you he has bad experience of Indians that might be valid have you tried vegan protein powder yeah I have I prefer to use whey protein what is your.

Opinion on taking multivitamins ah safety net safety net right what brand leucine are you taking what's the name of that brand I forget poo bio class I can't remember we will get Vegas once yes yeah the biggest lumps if you have any ideas of like what you want us to do like I think it would be cool to have a challenge where we each start with the.

Same amount of money and see you can make the most over the course of a night is knocked gelatin a good source of collagen collagen and gelatin are different things what do you need a good source of collagen for them gelatin Oh common what's the motivation for not indulging in non keto foods for years at a time the motivation is.

General health and well-being I guess yeah I mean if you if you remove the 92 foods or the high-carb foods you have more of an understanding of how they impact you and then what you kind of know that you're like oh I want to continue to feel great and energized my day and non-kyoto foods don't promote that lifestyle for me I mean it's a.

Personal thing a lot of people probably have tried it and are like I need carbs and they just go so long you know I'm not acknowledging that carbs can be powerful have you heard anything about recovering faster from workouts well being on a ketogenic diet I thought I heard something but can't remember I haven't really heard that I think carbs.

Help you recover a bit from workouts and just like BCAAs like glutamine helps you recover I've heard basically every claim under the Sun that the ketogenic diet helps with basically everything I don't know that it helps with recovery not I haven't experienced that not everyone goes through the Keough flu so if you're not experiencing it that is not.

Something you know to panic over people are fortunate enough not to have that issue nutritional yeast doctor bird keeps raving about it we take it sometimes it's not necessary it's just a b12 B vitamin supplement basically it tastes kind of good too do you ever use reddit forms hi yeah yeah my life is ready speaking about.

Feeling great during the day what can I take to get energy I feel lethargic all the time um aside from like caffeine and like just I feel like upping when I up my fat I feel more energized like the more fat I eat yeah lower carbs or fat can you make a vegetarian cereal what were they gonna.

Be like broccoli animal do you advise to buy a ketone reader not necessarily has he told you with you read it no I'm gonna get the charges up do rock stars messed with ketosis um I dread I took a ketone reading after I drank half a monster different from rock star but.

There was no issue with my levels or my blood glucose your cinnamon cereal no pork rinds oh I see what you're saying yeah well we have like granola you can make and the Grinnell's all vegetarian it's just like nuts and seeds and coconut yeah if you guys have any holiday recipe ideas we have a couple of our slaves.

We're very excited about we are doing videos for them but if you have any ideas shoot them our way we'll do our best to make them happy happen stuffing yeah we're definitely gonna work on a stuffing we could we have Buckeyes right there Buckeyes yeah pull apart bread Matt's obsessive trying to pull apart bread or monkey bread are you.

Talking about a dessert pull apart bread or a savory pole bar French dessert bull bar or savory flow part I mean is that gonna question do both are you gonna do savory we're working on savory pull apart as a charging I don't know yes monkey bread I love monkey bread okay I'm back back in action we have eggnog diagnosed already in the books we're.

Gonna be posing that soon keto sticks are a waste don't seem to work agreed I would agree the one use for them is when you're just starting keto just to know that your body is producing some ketones but other than that there's no keep there no Quito event in Vegas we are going for fun but also we're gonna be vlogging and take you.

Along with us a version of corn bread worse that's really hard to get right and we've looked at a lot of like low carb corn bread recipes they're all fraudulent they're not good we are going to make a good one but it's just taking a long time it's gonna be in the cookbook yeah and we like made a few recipes lately and I totally see the.

Frustration of trying to like make a recipe on Pinterest and it's sucking because a lot of the time they do suck that was point two ketones on the ketone Esther bid ketosis starts at 5.0 right yeah most people say ketosis starts around 500 point 5 no one keeps asking about broccoli cheese soup and I'm just I don't know why but we have a brother.

Issues to honor keto connect on that food blog and it's really good people have made it that's your response can you make soup since fall and winter are coming yeah we're working on soups soups are just so boring to make but yeah I should we should make a pumpkin soup sure with pumpkins and I don't know what when you're Vegas go to I love when.

People send the parting shots like when they're leaving a the chat when you're Vegas go to Mandarin bar beautiful views and lovely cocktails and apps including pork belly and mr. secretory yes sohcahtoa I call this chocolate Oreo for the longest time in my head until I was like age 26 and a half and Matt told me it's a chef and Tori do you ever do fat.

Fast not really we've done one we have it on our youtube channel it was like an egg fast fat fast it's not something we do regularly sometimes I'll do like fat faster like the early part of day like I won't eat any kind of carbs approaching until maybe like 2 p.m. something like that but that's not that abnormal looks look lol like ass part of.

My freezer recipes ok danton gum is a good thickening agent don't go heavy on it otherwise it'll turn gelatinous yeah are you all wearing the same shirt yes we are how much do you guys sleep per night we try to go in eight hours I guess we got a good amount of sleep I I pride myself on sleep it's so vital for my functioning and like my.

Just my lake recovery cuz we work out so much and I'm trying to like build muscle and I feel like sleep plays a big role into my everyday life she never cuddles me at night in case you guys were wondering they're not wondering but cool cuddles sleeping is for the person it's a very personal.

Thing can you make a pumpkin bread recipe we have a pumpkin bread recipe it's from when we first started our food blog though uh we're gonna work on some stuff we got some stuff going on over here we do the zero carb week the videos are starting on Monday what's your cardio routine we do incline treadmill for about thirty minutes I do.

It at 3.0 speed for like maybe twice or three times a week I'd like to do it more I'd like to do it like five times a week but it's tough you cannot MCT all to coffee without blending but you will have the separation and your looks will just listen with mcq oil do you take it magnesium before but still yeah a lot of the time I do I don't do it every night.

But when I remember I like to try doing it every night some people are just hilarious question four dude scale of one to ten how much do you love being little spoon honestly what guy doesn't like being the little spoon the only guys that don't like being the little spoon once in a while are the ones who.

Like the masculinity complex where they just always have to be like asserting themselves as the man but it's also just fitting it is fitting but like I'm not gonna lie and say I don't like being the little spoon once in a while 90 viewers is this the highest we've ever had I'd never like let's see every tri-quest noodles no we really haven't tried any.

Of the quest products other than like the bars and the protein powders I would like to try some of that stuff mc2 empty oil is not just coconut oil it is derived from coconut oil coconut oil is like 50% MC G's right yeah I think so 50 or 60 % MCTS and it's it's a faster fuel source quest BBQ chips are life they are like a.

Pretty good chip replacement but they're far from like hard morning yeah they're a little cardboard the peanut butter cups I had those a long long time ago those were pretty good from quests oh yeah they sell them at every June see basically stevia insulin response I'm not sure I always just kind of assumed no I assume no foremost sweetener is my.

Blood glucose rarely goes above like 90 but I would like to do some personal testing on the responses to just the sweeteners isolated I'm gonna try doing that Thai green curry recipe no we don't but we have a yellow curry that's coming out of our cookbook and it's super super good favorite fat to trot fried meat in coconut butter bacon fat Oh like fry.

We're talking like pan I'm thinking pan-fried this with me okay I like ghee a lot he's probably my yeah ghee I also like bacon grease so if I have a really good kind of meat that I'll always just put a little ghee in the pan because it's usually a fatty kind of meat so you don't need a ton of oil like sear it on both sides and then I'll just.

Baste it in butter at the end I put like a lot of butter like three tablespoons at least October first is my turkey to ratio you congratz trying to get back into keto and I died for carbs every night advice it's a kind of a personal thing right it's like a mind or word yeah it's tough once you start giving that cycle it can be tough.

You got to like get rid of the carbs and just change up what you do every now you're probably just like watching Netflix or something right so it's easy to just repeat the same thing but yeah go on a walk is there a screen like Lauren just right now because I have my red light thing on but probably not for them just for us.

Okay hopefully it's just for us can you reuse coconut oil after the dough no holes yeah you can just like leave it on this on the stove I'm pretty sure not on turn it off but as long as it doesn't go over the smoke point it's pretty good to reuse okay no orange over there good oh we've been wanting this has been on our list for so long meal preps for college.

Students yeah we gotta do that we had like this whole skit plan we're really gonna be bros in a college dorm that's obsessed with skin I love doing this good they're funny this screen is very orange no but they're asking now they're curious oh oh I just have this like Twilight app it takes out the blue light when it's the.

Sun sets what you typically order for an entree at a restaurant a nice piece of meat and we sub out get veggies we also probably get a big Caesar salad with grilled chicken on it or salmon and we split that so we eat a good amount of food when we eat out yeah salad last time we got barbecue and it was delicious.

Oh stop talking about it the best brisket we've had one of the I think the best maybe I've ever had I haven't been to like Texas briskets though best little carb wing sauce I like buffalo sauce a lot or are we when we get buffalo wild wings we just get a dry rub holy BBQ dry rub and medium wings uh what what's your protein macros.

We try a lot of different things I think my like typical keto protein macro would be around 125 grams I will would go up to like 150 even 200 sometimes but you land around 150 did you guys get an air fryer yet no we really can't see the purpose of having it it's just we have so many appliances already yeah do you like pork rinds alone I do I like.

Cracklins we both like crack ones we don't really eat them though do you watch dr. Berg yeah I always watch dr. Berg tips for dairy-free keto coconut milk coconut kind yeah yeah that's a really good deer replacement we have a really good coconut curry chicken on our site food Akito connective net it's so delicious also you can make.

Overnight oatmeal oats we owe you we have a good coconut curry recipe on our website you can literally you said that oh you didn't order a cheeseburger with bacon and avocado and a lettuce wrap cook came out to verify my order lol we've experienced this before too we went to a Steak and Shake was it and.

Michigan and we're like can we should get a lettuce wrap and he's like so you mean you mean no bun just the lettuce and then they just like put a little piece of lettuce on top and bottom and it wasn't a bun at all and then one time in Philly a real long time ago we went to like a vodka bar and we were like oh what drinks you have that aren't just.

Filled with the ton of sugar and the bartender wasn't even like you know interested or like a little confused she was like offended she was like why would you do that why did you come to yeah like no sugar like oh I've tried that like that doesn't work sounds like a little you haven't tried it just that was me but that's also just Philly.

People yeah she was she was not happy but she made this drinks it was really good I'm trying if I'm trying to determine if something will spike my blood sugar how many points would be a spike after two hours after two hours I think a better testing metric is like an hour honestly weed you were just like kind of.

Starting with the whole testing thing but uh I don't like to go like any high protein meal we'll never knock you over a hundred and a lot of this depends on like your insulin sensitivity and stuff q we don't we're both pretty insulin sensitive so uh I don't ever like seeing over 100 and the only time I've ever seen over 100 is.

When we did carb ups and even then it wasn't like crazy high yeah but so like let's say your blood glucose starting is like 75 I think if you eat like a pretty big meal and you don't go above 90 I consider that to be fine um a pretty big keto meal mega I know you've mentioned your a lot for sour cream what do you eat it with I eat it with meats I eat it.

With pork rinds I eat it I just need it off the spoon you eat one sour cream oh so you do YouTube live every Sunday please say yes we're trying they do it yeah we're trying to do it every Sunday I was for traveling but we traveled during the weekdays guys because it's cheaper and we are able to with working from home yes and we have so we've done.

I think four days in a row a video so far we try doing three videos a week if you guys don't know but we've done four straight and we have a video for the next seven days so that's gonna be what 11 in a row so all next week we're gonna have videos do I look like the flying guy the flying spaghetti monster I don't know that thing yeah there's a.

Blunder me hey mega Madison kid I remember you talking about it in Quito 400 list yeah it is really cute my lives oh if you guys haven't check out our podcast check it out Quito foreign armies you can just search Quito foreign armies on Google what about a chocolate cake using sour cream that's a really good idea I'm working on I don't want to.

Give away what I'm working on yeah people got their ear to the streets get a Quito recipe book public we're working on it yeah spring up 2018 is there a spider behind us well it's not when is your first viewer interview on keto for normies oh maybe in person I guess what do you consider a viewer we.

Have at least one vide at least one interview recorded with someone I would consider a viewer woo oh yeah you're right I listen to your podcast every time I get in the car thank you why are guys favorite episode so far alright cookbooks gonna be physical also was there a video of our mega went into.

How she knew she couldn't eat almonds and / nuts no not a full video cuz I had a really serious reaction it wasn't and then I just I think I talked about like right in the video no no you really went into a but explain what happened I just so I've always had like a slight adverse reaction like itchy tongue to almonds but I've just worked on it and it wasn't.

Until like a couple like early this year I ate almonds in like a normal Mouse just an ounce or two and I had just hives all over my body I had to get an epi injection so I think he was just over time and starting the keto diet I just I've had a lot more sensitivities going on then I can acknowledge so yeah I got tested and I've always been.

Alerted tree nuts well I think getting tested is important it also like I want to get tested it ain't you though yeah that's right word cuz then you're just like oh now I'm allergic to these things and I want to eat it so badly but you can't I'd rather just not know to be honest but I know coconut milk they vary in macros.

Brand to brand what do you recommend so some of these things that are like are you talking about the canned coconut melts some of them aren't even coconut milk it's like coconut flavoring guar gum and water it's just like thickened coconut flavor but if you get an actual coconut milk you can what I like to do is you put it in the fridge and then you.

Can skim off just the fat part and then the sugar water is like in the bottom yeah this is my shirt looks like this much coconut family at the Thai Kitchen brand yeah and if you do that way you're mostly just getting the fat you're not getting much of this sugar I think usually it's like an entire can will be like 8 grams of sugar or something but.

When you just come off the top you're probably getting a couple grams what's the difference between coconut cream and coconut milk I don't really know that it seems to be very minimal differences maybe the coconut cream has more of the fatty part but they seem to be almost identical to me when I've used them both yeah same protip add a keto friendly.

Soda to ribs in a crock-pot we do that with our jerky I enjoyed and save the one with Lee Anne BOGO Q&A and keto mines and running oh thank you we we need to keep doing more q and A's I feel like that's a really good use of our time and brings a lot of value to you guys okay Joyce go crazy go get them I love dr. Murray's dry sense of humor.

No one said this I'm just saying it now which sometimes they'll put in like a joke that's actually really funny he just acts like nothing ever but it's actually like a hilarious joke we were really good meatloaf recipe but it's gonna be in our cookbook our cookbooks gonna I'm really excited we're gonna have a ton of great stuff have you tried.

Coconut butter no we haven't gotten around to that yeah we're messing around with cocoa butter right now though we got some stuff coming with coke butter down the pipeline like maybe a month from now is you know coffee something you need to get used to dislike every time I've made it no you don't need to get used to it you don't.

Need to drink it it's not mandatory I think just listening to your body it's pretty cool like I was listening to this podcast the other day were the guys talking about salt depending on how much your body needs salt the salt will like taste really good or sometimes you know when you're eating salt and it has like the terrible like I can't even eat this.

Bitter salt taste that's when you're like maybe you don't need as much salt and it's just overly salty can you really eat all you want of Kito foods in the beginning you two are so cute thank you um so it depends what you mean by can you really eat all you want at the start just if you're looking at this thing as a long-term perspective you.

Want to get a depth at the keto you want to make a lasting lifestyle change you can't eat as much as you want keep your carbs little at the start and then your hunger hormones just kind of correct so you're not like fighting to restrict calories it just becomes natural so in that sense yeah but like if you're just going crazy with calories even if.

They're keto calories you can't expect to really lose a ton of weight I miss chocolate any recommendations for a small treat we like to do mug cakes a lot you can do cocoa powder egg protein powder or some coconut flour it's really simple to make we're having we're gonna be doing a bagel recipe for the cookbook and a bigger recipe for the blog so you.

Guys know that a YouTube video that's as well have you have any thoughts on grenade card killer bars they have maltitol in them they use I think we calculated them out to being like seven or eight net carbs when they actually say – yeah a lot of people like them but we stay away from them feta is great for salt yeah that is delicious.

Assad paneer or SOG chicken from an Indian restaurant okay for keto mm-hmm they could just throw some it's usually pretty good right yeah you see some sugars curries depending but yeah you just gotta loosen the reins a little I guess who wasn't the beer pong match the other night I want four oh we're gonna have a.

Video on it soon that beer pong yeah we're doing the beer pong game from like over a long time yeah could you make a standard tikka masala recipe sure I guess we should go mining all right guys um you guys ever gonna do a mukbang episode I would love to do a mukbang episode I am the Jordan of beer pong do not doubt me I am you know I was letting.

Him win because sometimes when you have a boyfriend yeah you let me stroke their ego little otherwise they feel like they're not you know then they're like oh I have to be the big spoon all the time I can't be a little spoon because I am losing at beer pong someone told me the Trader Joe's milk chocolate bar was not cuter this sugar used in it so it.

Uses maltitol in it so I would add a few net carbs on to what they're actually claiming on the back of that but you can fit it into keto it's not not keto but it's a little higher carb than they're claiming out there are other options yeah but yeah this has been fun I must be the Larry Bird of ping pong or beer pong now I'm the L and I resent of beer.

Pong all right guys we love you thanks for hanging out and we do I do live on Instagram on Tuesdays if you guys want to follow us there yes this Tuesday we'll see you then see ya bye I read you I do like for me
Vlog Week! Plus Bagel
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