Video Footage Mysteries!

Video Footage Mysteries!

Video Footage Mysteries!

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And we're live how is it going guys it's Wednesday once again and we have a bit of a production intensive livestream here so hopefully my computer can handle it because today we are doing mysteries that have a video or some kind of like picture of some kind of footage mm-hmm and I was kind of scrambling to get these together so is it hard to find.

Footage it is kind of hard yeah there is not that like ELISA Lam is a big one and we already did that one yeah so what's going on guys freeing people that are new we dinner and we don't talk too much of Okita we mostly talk about mysteries crimes crime but we do eat yeah we eat RTO dinner Matt smoked up a bunch of wings as you can see most wings oh we.

Got this is Jamaican Jerk and this is lemon pepper and then I have a side salad with some guacamole in there some tomatoes onion and guys just so you know talking about crimes is one thing but when there's like footage involved it intensifies it a little bit yeah so just be aware of that like and stuffed into footage maybe this isn't the best.

Wednesday for you to chime in and then I have some of these cultured vegetables here it's like cabbage and maybe there's like some beets the others cabbage daikon root broccoli carrots beets wheatgrass cilantro sea vegetables what is that like a little like seaweed or kelp or something meat so I'm gonna have a.

Little of that what's new with y'all my sound is off one version said but that doesn't seem for dinner mavin rice cauliflower with spicy ground chicken that I bought at sprouts yeah that sounds good yeah we're the rest of y'all have him for dinner it was like a big leaf on the top of this love how Miley was cleaning Julius right.

Now they rarely do that but it was the best high post edition the stories that posted of them lovin on each other so cute why are fermented vegetables better just do this like more probiotics is predigested a little bit it's easier yeah definitely easier to digest fajita broccoli you're eating stay out of the.

Jar yeah guys like this are food so we can eat the sour cream out of the container we can eat and drink right out of the container all that stuff directly off of Julius is fer all so yeah no discrimination are you showing footage that might be copyright I don't think so but it's possible never get like taken down yeah the video could get taken out.

I mean it's like a video that's I don't think is being monetized and stuff it's like anything's possible though I think we could potentially like protest it under the fair use laws I don't know though I haven't like dug into that very much thoughts on snake diet I don't know it's tough for modern human beings to fast.

For three days but if your that's something that suits you then go for it fasting is probably a good thing in general but like you know we have social lives we've been raised on three meals a day it's kind of tough well you guys announced the winner so from the lies we did on Sunday like two weeks ago we did I give away we did we didn't like.

Announce it but we reach out the person who won and if everyone suggested so many good cases so we really appreciate that because now we have a hub for cases and guys if you commit a murder in the United States comment in chat what do you think the odds of being convicted of it are assuming you're like trying to get away from away with it and it's not.

Just like you know what kind of America any kind of murder I mean what kind of a crime 20 min just murdered yeah murder what do you think the odds of you getting away with a murder in the United States are as a percentage now definitely not lower than it used to be then there's a lot easier to get away with stuff in Ted Bundy's time or like.

Earlier that wasn't even that long ago where did you find the Pamela smart documentary it's on Hulu yeah sound is delayed dang it why does that always happen I have to figure this out because when we start the video it's it's good right and then it somehow gets delayed okay so we got a lot of ranges people seem to think it's over 50% in general.

That you get caught then you get away with it someone says 2% you have a lot of crap yeah you have a lot of faith in the justice system and the cops the actual percentage based on a reddit post which links to an actual FBI thing is 40% chance of getting away with it or high pretty high yeah but you have to think.

Like most murders aren't they just like gun crimes maybe like what percentage of the vid is just gang violence is that like over 50% of them are it's not really known about or investigated well it's probably investigated just like you know drive-by shooting it's kind of tough to figure those out or like murders that happen that aren't.

Even known of people who disappear like that are just we don't know like people run away and then they're just never found but we don't know what's happened to them I mean most things are investigated a little bit any time a person goes missing Wow are you telling us only also yeah can you fix the audio it's really difficult once you start.

Unless you start the stream over but it usually does end up matching up all right at some point yeah sometimes it jumps back and then also everyone asks about it I got it what is that it's that it's like a the last rubber Oh why'd you get that it's a nice material just so I could always wear something to represent without.

Having to like wear an actual ring so at the gym those look nice won't scratch up at the gym yeah you said you didn't want them which is it it was 39 saying the profit margins had those but like it's nice I got it from yo s oh yes PS s oh but wouldn't that be nice you all know I don't like you just wear whatever what I'm eating is just.

Called cultured vegetables so it's like similar to sauerkraut but instead of just being cabbage it's a few other vegetables what's in the sound what's he eating in the jar my salad had lettuce onion cherry tomatoes that cut up some carrot and then guacamole and I smoked these wings guys 225 for about 90 minutes and then 350 for like 30 there.

Pretty perfect now we got lemon pepper and Jamaican Jerk how is this seasoning not really seasoned I put so much seasoning on which one did you try pepper I think this smoked flavor comes through so strong an ENSO ring sorry thank you my husband and I have match yeah Enzo guys so where's that where do.

You buy the stuff in the jar Whole Foods or online from the farm delivery place we use hopefully there's a lot of good variety but you can get sauerkraut at almost all grocery stores what is the least healthy thing you guys eat occasionally hmm that's a good question yeah that is a really good question the least healthy thing we eat occasionally.

We don't even need like fast food it's probably like just something it might be like wings from wing stop we haven't really eaten those in a while though but like stuff like that oh we went to a wing fest recently yeah and we didn't like if something like had slightly sweet sauce on it we kind of just we didn't care because we were trying a.

Bunch of different wings from different places probably just what we eat out yeah put some butter on those wings I love the Chuck the episodes where you two go shopping and show us exactly what we bought we need to do another one of those yeah where should we go Target a good one yeah people have requested the dollar store but if you like targets.

More realistic and like we can also show you like what we would buy in like the mud section because I'm obsessed with their mugs I always come back with a new mug when I go to Target you know target has good like home decor stuff yeah for cheap do you eat blue cheese with wings no I'm just a wing purist but you could I mean.

There's there's no blue cheese that I found that doesn't use like sort of you know lure sunflower oil and if I did then I've used that you guys ready to get into it I feel like I'm watching a dubbed film that's funny I love your jarred red pepper chicken thighs of goat cheese that is a really recipe the audio is way out of why it's.

Like that should I see it our video looks like yeah I don't know why it would be like that maybe if I have this out I'm telling you I just told you you're like dang it well you can't hear the audio now how would you know because it's gonna be the lay down there oh is it any better now so like a way to reach working it fix yourself jumped.

Fixed oh maybe if I just have this open that's why okay that would be that's weird but that might be it okay so I guess I just have to have the streaming thing open it's when I clicked wow that's so weird but I guess okay so the little lineup we got for today is we're gonna do one case with video footage and then I have a plethora of other little.

Mysteries major red velvet cupcakes yesterday fire thank you they are pretty fire the cream cheese frosting is really good okay last question then we'll get into it biggest fear about being a parent mmm-hmm like dropping the child headfirst oh really yeah I don't know what mine really is I.

Guess it's just thinking back is like it's really a thankless job like the kids don't appreciate because I know I didn't appreciate no kids really do I don't know it's probably gonna be hard to deal with that but I guess that's what you're signing up for right yeah and I guess I think about how it's going to this is really spicy good.

I think it's not about how it's going to really cut like put put a knife into our relationship there's a little spicy yeah that too I think about it but I'm not so worried you can always bounce back but how many couples actually just like go through a really bad law when they have a baby at first I wonder.

Yeah I don't think I can eat these sorry I la most of those like being pregnant has made spice just like amplified like I can't just by see at all you could never really do spicy there someone's like you will drop the child he will survive I know but like I think the first time I do but like bang is like against something when I'm running with.

Him yeah I will just like my heart will shatter okay it's kind of good like they're supposed to like you know learn for themselves right they're supposed to fall down and stuff yeah but at what age and like I'm very protective I could talk about parenting all day and I haven't even been one so all you parents out there I mean I guess it'll be fun to.

Talk about it too with your partner spouse guys the story and the unsolved murder of Terry nicknamed Missy Bevers Bevers Terry Missy Bevers so this is gonna be the longer a case we do today and then we do so we'll do some other stuff too is the audio out of sync now cuz I minimize the problem let me know okay on.

April 18th 2016 45 year-old fitness instructor Terry Bevers who often went by the name Missy was brutally murdered inside Creekside Church located in Midlothian Texas in the early hours of the morning at the time she was getting prepared for a fitness class she taught you know weekly she was a fitness instructor it was.

Called camp gladiator and her students were gonna arrive at 5 a.m. so she was there at 4:15 a.m. getting ready and the students arriving at 5 a.m. that is when they discovered her body her death was caused by puncture to the head and chest okay she was made she was killed in the church sure okay charge that's where she did her fitness.

Class oh I think I know this game you probably do this is a pretty famous one it's like the most famous footage case there is as the investigation got underway the police discovered surveillance footage inside the church and the suspect was dressed in tactical gear SWAT gear this person was dressed all the way at vest.

Pants boots even a helmet along with a hammer that is believed to have been used for the murder I have a scary tool a hammer yeah being bloodied by a hammer yeah okay here's the footage and here we have footage he's exciting so this is the footage inside the church a church that's the perpetrator now this person has never been identified so they say.

It's between the person is between five two and five seven and it's heavily debated whether it's kind of lagging it's heavily debated whether it's a man or a woman so let us know what you think so he's just like walking around trying to get into the door trying to get into things it's believed maybe he's trying to stage.

It as if it's a robbery they're like just vandalism when the real intent was always going to be the murder so that's the best shot you get of the person walking to me it seems like a man me too the way he's gait yeah see how wide his gait is and it's like a very distinct well it's like a very very husky woman but I don't think it's a very good some.

People have said potentially a pregnant woman I was gonna say I look like a pregnant woman the way like he's kind of wobbly I could see it being a woman it's tough to say but they're really comfortable walking around just kind of like they're running the place just like looking through every door is this like you're we're assuming this person is.

Looking for people right to kill maybe some theories are like he was trying he or she was trying to make it seem like just a burglary or vandalism and then the true intent was always murder and he kind this person knew like where the class is gonna be held he's hammering that's that big hammering the woman that's just him like hammering so I know.

I'm just looking at it the murder is not actually caught on tape so at this point has he already done the crime versus before I think this is before looks like a frumpy woman he looks like he has an issue with the right leg based on how he walked yeah maybe you could just have a injury it could be an injury that's what a lot of people speculate a lot of us a.

Woman and another thing to look at is one sec here is is it real Swat gear or is it no costume so when do you get the good shot of it it's like right here it looks pretty official to me I feel like that could also just be a Halloween costume you think yeah I don't know and if it was a SWAT person you think they'd wear.

Their actual gear or do you think I don't think it is a SWAT person under any circumstance I'm wondering if it's a person that somehow got a whole no it looks more like a costume yeah it looks like a costume right go back all right I guess I can we watch it later but yeah people are pointing out like the way the person's swinging their arms looks like.

A woman it does look like a woman the arms are like short and like they seemed thinner it looks like a pregnant woman that's how I walk right now yeah it does look like a woman I think now wow you guys are changing my mind okay I can see that okay so and whoever this person of interest is obviously how to really it's mega better.

Really like distinctive that's why it's so weird that it hasn't been solved yet because of how distinct the persons walk is yeah and so some people speculate is it is the person walking like that intentionally to throw off the scent of the investigators yeah it's possible but I feel like it's maybe a little hard to maintain that so consistently throughout.

Yeah like if it was a woman she could be intentionally walking it's easier to walk like a man then walk like a woman if you're a man right yeah and I'm thinking like the good thing about wearing that type outfit would be like if you don't end up murdering anyone then it's just like no one really looks into it much like yeah there's some guy.

Yeah Swat outfit in are like it's weird but we're probably not gonna pursue it that much so I guess it makes sense she's kind of weird okay so the footage allowed for the police to construct a timeline of events surveillance shows the suspect inside walking around casually in opening doors this incident took place at approximately 4:15 in the.

Morning 45 minutes before the class was to start so he was there a little early and basically she got there 45 minutes before the class attack officers are unsure of the gender and because of this the investigator started looking into the personal life of Missy of course that's where you go mm-hmm and they got search warrants and they found a.

Potential motive so Missy and a lot of this is like the whole arc of the relationship you kind of have to understand they're married for I think like a while like a pretty long while and it seems like Missy with really making this like in the past five years or so like huge lifestyle changes like Fitness lost a bunch of weight becoming.

Super active and maybe also being unfaithful whereas the husband was kind of just like stuck in his ways didn't really come along was he overweight he was overweight a little bit so someone said chubby man Watt and women walked the same and I think you're right they do now that I'm thinking of the Chairman I know yeah we'll get to some.

Comparisons soon but essentially like he wasn't really it seemed like they were just going different ways there was financial distress there was text messages found on Missy's phone it didn't confirm like a true affair but it basically it seemed like there was an affair going on between Missy and another guy okay that guy also became a.

Person of interest but didn't really go anywhere three kids lots of financial trouble okay there's always a lot of financial trouble in these situations Missy's husband Brandon told bullet police that he believes the murderer is a female and that knew her on a personal basis maybe taking fitness classes but this doesn't really mean much is just.

The husband ya know throwing out theories yeah and then something cracks in the case when a few days later Missy's father-in-law so come on so the husband's father went to the dry cleaners bringing in a woman's double XL long-sleeve shirt covered in blood he just took that to the dry cleaners yeah he told the employees it was Chihuahua.

Dog blood that was injured and the dry cleaners thought it was weird enough to call the police so they did Wow the police go in they get DNA testing and everything we will so there is you can look up a video interview of the father-in-law I just can't play it because I can't figure out how to get the audio to work from videos but he.

Seems kind of weird response wise to the police what's his mannerisms he's like a little confrontational they're like asking him about the blow the shirt and he's not just like trying to help out he's more like you know defensive a little bit like what are some of his responses he's like they're.

Like can you send well the the interviewers are the press they're like really interrogating him strictly they're like what's the name of the Chihuahua yeah she quickly is just like you know he says the name he's like it would swallow up blood and then he's like there was blood on my shirt and my wife shirt we took them.

Both into the dry cleaner so they're like oh so now there's two bloody shirts well can't they just test the blood and semen DNA they did test the blood and it's not human DNA okay so it's the chore it's something not her but for whatever reason the father-in-law still seems to be a focal point in the case and let me just see here okay and here.

Which was the father we have footage number two comparison between the actual suspects and the father-in-law oh my god twins so that's the father-in-law my team literally walks that way oh and that slow gait it's so slow so you can see his like neck posture is very forward like his neck comes out of just like the middle of his.

Sternum basically yeah and yes he swings his arms like a little bit to see the inside yeah I got that someone with the belly would do like that man I can't quite see the feet though they seem a little wide no they're like there what is that pigeon chose yeah yeah yeah so I definitely think there's he's walking a little faster there are some.

Comparisons there to be made right % but maybe we're just looking for it oh it all is he he matches the height he's pretty short he's like I think he's on the higher end of the range like around five seven check the feet oh my god yes his feet are all ducky pointing outward yeah oh that's the guy yeah daddy warbucks.

Thank you for the donation I cooked the hell out of the chicken popper casserole to my favorite that's a really a lot of people like that we had that for uh what's it called just this past football did we yeah tornado chicken pepper oh yeah they made it too yeah Super Bowl yeah we had it for the Super Bowl and I like relived it.

It's so good yeah yeah that's in the cookbook thank you yes the pregnancy looked down a hundred percent I'm gonna look like him one day the blood on his shirt was a decoy to like make it seem like maybe that's impossible I don't know why I see if you really murder someone I wouldn't inject myself into the case in any way so Randy the husband.

Has a good earner no Randy's the father-in-law Randy the father-in-law has a good alibi allegedly he was in California and the police apparently the pink shirt yeah please apparently followed up with where he was supposed to be in California and it seemingly checked out okay so he is I think he's still kind of on the radar.

But he's not really a suspect and then an owner of a nearby sporting goods store says someone suspicious was driving around the parking lot at 2:00 a.m. and I actually watched this footage too it is a little weird but like people do weird stuff at 2:00 a.m. in parking lots right yeah like high school kids and stuff yeah so to me it didn't really.

Stand out as anything crazy but then like right down the street someone's getting murdered two hours later so you I would follow up on it mm-hmm but I don't think it's like for sure linked but they they asked the driver of the car that was seen in the footage at the Sports store to come forward and no one ever did which also to me means like it.

Could just be like some high school kid yeah wait high school kid who did what just driving in the park yeah and then Brandon the husband was in Mississippi on a fishing trip when she was murdered and this allegedly was a a planned in advance fishing trip like this has been a big trip they've been playing years nine years believe months so we do.

What do we then get anyway he hired someone that's definitely a theory so that's basically the whole timeline of everything okay so a couple questions the guy the killer was he there seeking out to murder this particular woman or was he just there to murder someone and he just came upon this woman yeah I would say probably.

There to murder her in particular yeah I guess I feel the same thing and another thing is cuz he knew she'd be there before her class yeah and he probably knew she went early or he he yeah so the class is usually outside and maybe at a different location and the day or two before she made a Facebook posting like with the location change because it was.

Supposed to rain that morning so it would be indoors damn you Facebook so you have to keep up like they must have been keeping up with her social media and stuff yeah that make sense Matt new bolts that made a good point most hired killers aren't going to use a hammer seems passion exactly most hire killers are just like a gun.

Silencer nice whatever but like not a hammer you're not sleeping with the fishes yeah yeah hammer does seem like vindictive thank you we're seeking out this person and then people also said like why would you wear a SWAT outfit it's probably just some crazy person living out there like fantasy of being a SWAT person or maybe that's the only.

Like scene you had that covered you up entirely I mean it worked perfectly yeah the helmet and stuff it's better than a mask it worked out really well but it seems like weird too like there wasn't that well thought out yeah I think he was just out stealing [__] and then he came across her and killed her cuz she was she saw their face I don't.

Know if you do that though I'm just killing someone is the next level you just run off if someone sees you yeah yeah or like threatened maybe I don't know but you don't yeah I don't think you killed them and you yeah I don't think you kill him and then there's this uh case I was trying to find good video surveillance cases.

There's this one that is just insane it was like too too depressing to even I think share really but maybe it's new I forget his name it's something Sims I think it's like this teenage kid he's in high school and he followed his teacher into the bathroom 24-year old teacher murdered her during school hours I believe it's.

During school hours he brought in a like large wheel out garbage can mm-hmm into the woman's bathroom and then like wheeled her out her body out and threw it into the woods near the school with no reason and you see you'd the video footage is so scary you see her walking into the bathroom and then like right behind her you see him and he's like he.

Goes like back a few times he's like you know second-guessing himself and then he turns around he like puts his foot up and he puts gloves on and he follows her into the bathroom so that sounds to me is just like someone who has the urge sound away okay hopefully that fixed it sound is off again sorry guys how many of you guys heard of that case never let.

Your location should not be known on Facebook yeah I'm I'm a fan of that so oh yeah what time was it again it was 5:00 a.m. yeah okay the murder happened before 5:00 a.m. she was found at 5:00 a.m. not a robbery at 5:00 a.m. in a church it was woman it was a woman because she was being nosy looking around until the victim got there you're.

Really profiler that's funny totally 100% the father-in-law sound is not lining up damn it I have it up here that's what fixed it last time I can't tell yeah I'll try finding the name of that that other kid I was talking about is such a crazy okay so that see there's some people like that that are just I.

Think evil to look for yeah they're just like born innate with some kind of imbalance that is like you're gonna just you're killing people regardless from birth like that's what your destiny yeah didn't wasn't you that said like no matter what way Ted Bundy would have gone he would have ended up being a killer yeah he seems like that type of.

Guy right yeah I mean he escaped from jail just to kill more people I know no I fixed it Wow so there is no real theory as I think maybe someone with randomly jealous yeah the fact that there was like some relationship issues and cheating going on that's always like a primary motive so I would look into that more but but there's always like.

Issues going on when it comes to a murder right like it's never like a perfect happy couple that's the thing like if you got murdered they would find something to be like some text message or something you know yeah you always do that so that that's kind of it there's no real leads I now meal prep each week and learned it.

From you guys you can teach an old dog new tricks tell my dad these might add is very much for the same that you can't teach an old dog new tricks here's yeah Simmons is that his name yeah I think his last name might have been Simmons happened like two or three years ago and he was just convicted and.

That's it I don't know I haven't followed up with it but it's very obvious what happened yeah reasons for murder crime of passion or money well yeah I mean in this instance money would she have that much money on her at 5:00 a.m. so she writes out like her phone and like maybe your wallet yeah I'm like I don't know it doesn't.

Make sense cuz if the father has a really good alibi or the husband mm-hmm it could only be a hitman so unless he likes somehow found a hitman but usually that's when you get caught is even trying to find the Hitman right if you don't have any like mob ties or like underground connections is that true yeah finding a hitman really hard like.

We would not be able to find a hitman you know it would be like the police would know about it before we actually found a guy anything about that yeah Kito and crime stories are my two favorite things ever favorite things yeah if the husband was in on it that life insurance is the money motive yeah but nothing really came up about our.

Insurance like she probably should have a big one or anything they're usually always comes up to yeah like the Pamela smart I guess I'm just now trying other cases did you how many episodes did you finish just two yeah you fell asleep yeah right yeah that's a crazy one we should do that one one day yeah it'll be a good one you can find it find a bit if.

You mix in the right circles yeah but who's the right circle I mean the wrong circles someone wanted her dead why would you go to church at 4:00 a.m. just to kill someone yeah it doesn't really line up with some random guy in the ER girl in the area just out there with a hammer in a SWAT suit yeah but then you would think they would.

Uncover some kind of motive if he was just there to kill her right and there hasn't really been one well they don't know who it is so how can they have cover the motive really you can uncover the motive and then connect the person to it though choice is literally just whining so hard in my face.

You need this dinner you can purchase that kind of gear online yeah yeah I'm sure like or is it look like it could be a good Halloween costume no that's the thing if you have money I feel like you could probably get a bootleg like real SWAT outfit yeah but you probably don't need that to commit the murder you could just use the Halloween costume yeah I.

Don't know do Halloween costumes actually like Halloween costumes are careful about not looking official to where you can actually impersonate an officer then right there's some there's rules about that I bet well you can really impersonate a sexy nurse yeah you got Daniel Murray thank you for the donation congrats on the baby Ben Ben.

Ben binge watching you guys all day I fell off the wagon three weeks ago and felt terrible you motivate me to get back on track that's great I mean whatever motivates you and I'm happy to hear that it's us that makes me feel good but yeah you can always get back on track and remind yourself of why it feels good to be doing my keto diet.

Eating polar foods cutting out sugar and carbs error ASMR he brings this up a lot so I want to talk about it is the do you you all use Wi-Fi and not even think of the health impact oh we think about the health impacts we don't but the the health impact outweighs the rewards are you on Wi-Fi right now though are you thinking about your health I'm back you.

Know there we're done I bet oh you think yeah Marsh Edgar grabby thank you for the donation hello from Wisconsin hi we try to do Wi-Fi free in the bedroom but sometimes I break that rule and I listen to podcast every night you break that rule and he like hovers the phone over my belly while he's sleeping yeah there's a big online market for.

Authentic police SWAT gear yeah oh yeah hardwired for life ASM terror ASMR see I know there's people that really have like problems with it like I watched that one documentary we're like there's some people if they're even near Wi-Fi they notice it we don't really have that but yeah it's definitely having some kind of subtle impact for.

Sure yeah do you think he just wants to come up yeah maybe you want to move on to the next one sure no where are the napkins good question I never used napkins no I always ask him if he wants napkins he always says no and I always have mine okay this one is creepy guys I'm gonna warn you oh man I don't like creepy no.

This is a creepy one okay I'm gonna actually need my I'm gonna need my hands to do this don't look yet I want you to be surprised okay hello from Miami feed the damn dog Nick Nick is really worried about Julius I know well I think we missed one donation – where did you get that one no I got the girl yeah Lisa Poe thank you for the direction I.

Started Keitel almost a year ago to help treat my endometriosis and you guys have helped a ton thank you for all you do that's great I hope I hope it's helped do you think he used to pee maybe no maybe though it'll be fine okay guys we are moving on to the next one it's picture analysis and theorization Julius reddit post from.

11 months ago my friend this is in the subreddit slash our unexplained photos and the title is my friend bought a new camera and left it uncharged when he was at the pub with me it sets him this notification that motion was detected back at his home and this is the notification this person got oh do you see it yeah it's like a child.

It's kind of hard to see their weight I don't understand it was a camera yeah it's a camera that detects motion and apparently since this takes a picture yeah the schedule things in the way I don't know how to get rid of it but you can kind of see right there's a person outline there and it looks like a person.

To me it looks like he's shirtless I think I can zoom in even more you guys to you no one's responding about how gross it is yeah do you see it looks like he has a tank on maybe yeah maybe like overalls maybe shirtless no one's responding are you guys seeing this is no one creeped out are you guys seeing this what's happening you should be.

Seeing it okay people do see it no there's two schedules but one sec there's an enhanced image so this is the enhanced image you can clearly see it's really like a person standing in his bedroom someone said he has horse legs wow man that is creepy that's creepy as hell looks like a guy in a towel yeah it does.

Look like a guy in a towel so some people have theorized it's a homeless man but this person lived in like a pretty rural area so like they're not living in San Francisco where there's homeless people so it seems unlikely someone a lot of people just said it was like the thing is nothing was taken yeah he has really high pants that's.

That is weird you're right and like his shoulders are very broad so on the Internet of course this could be a hoax right that's one thing yeah ghost looks like overalls to me he's favoring the right leg I think I just love like butt oh you might be talking about the video earlier I'd move wouldn't even go back to the house I know no I wouldn't either.

I was like what is he gonna do now some guy took a shower in his house someone said yeah so it would I feel like it's ghost looking like maybe a little but I mean ghosts are real so but nothing was taken from the home which is weird if someone's in your house and you're not there no one's there you would think it's like to steal stuff right.

Well order take a shower in order to take a shower burn the house down start over fresh I'm on board so yeah very thin arms okay I'm gonna go back up because someone donate it sorry Jessica thank you is your carrot cake is good to Zambo Wang goes is baby MJ Matt and mekt Megan Matt juniors his name in my head.

Middle names Cesar congratulations Oh someone's trying to guess the middle name you're close on the middle name you are very close um is your carrot cake as good as Zambo Wang goes I would say no the one in the cookbook yeah I mean she's a professional pastry chef that's been doing it for 30 years so hers is sweeter and denser hers is better but I.

I'm biased to our desserts am I gonna lie is he in the bedroom yeah it looks like he's in the bedroom right yep what ghosts are real I agree Matt is that's where we differ probably the most in our relationship I'm like portals dimensions ghosts yes looks transparent not a solid person that's what I'm thinking house out in.

The country maybe just a hermit stopping by for a shower I mean whatever he's got a toe himself to make him be able to go back and sleep in that bedroom yeah I'd be so scared what yeah what happened next nothing happened next I went home they searched the house no one was there it's not a bedroom camera it was like just a.

New camera you got that senses motion have you guys seen all the creepy photos of those nest doorbell cameras that are motion sensors there's so many weird ones there's like too much you can't look him up his nest weird photos there's a lot of them some of them are so scary Jonathan carrion was paying a visit from the.

Looks of it don't creep me out guys JC been with us not from day one but he's been here for at least a year now right enough time to make an impact on people say said couple people said someone secretly living in their attic hmm they must oh that's another one did you guys hear about the people that put the camera in their attic and they saw.

Their neighbor crawling oh yeah duplex take crawled over and he would peek into their bedrooms why would they put a camera in their attic because they suspected it yeah people are just people rivers is what they are might remember that document were you off on the guy that ran the motel yeah was that a documentary I thought I just started.

That if that was a movie oh yeah it was like a peep motel and like famous people would go there pmf's are real ghosts I don't know um my cousin had a stalker for months they broke in even when he was home sleeping and took pictures of him and all sorts of weird wait what happened someone's cousin had a stalker and they the stalker broke in and took.

Pictures and my gosh I know how did we cook the wings we smoked them on our smoker my landlord did that I caught him it was so uncomfortable what that ad what thing Oh Mike above the shower room oh my gosh yeah that must be tough when you're just like your privacy is like vomit I guess yeah well you like live in uh apartments or combined homes I guess.

Even here air B&B x' make you wonder oh my gosh why are you ruining such a beautiful service for me no they do I always think about that I never think about that I mean I think about who tells doing that no hotel would never do that hotels have too much to lose but anything is easier to do hotels yeah.

There was a one thing where the guy was like had a people thing through the Erin Andrews is hotel room Erin Andrews like a ESPN reporter okay yeah we were so spicy I know you do want a pepper on do okay you guys ready for the next one yeah I want a wing stop near me we made these from home smoked yeah a smoker.

Okay next one I'm big on reddit I don't know if you guys use it much I really like it I've never used it so this one ones that what actually is this did you hear didn't you hear about the hotel that just got busted no no I blowed that up okay so this is a creepy reddit users account and this is the.

Person so a year ago the users name is flip and flop and I got this from a YouTube channel I can't remember the name of it but I'll try fine and mention it afterwards so they made only one post and it's in /our drugs and it's I finally got my hands on some datura how much should I take what's datura and you can see you can look at Wikipedia datura.

Is like a species of poisonous flowering plant I think people do use it recreationally but it's like only very advanced people it's super poisonous essentially so this guy's trying to like grind it up into the seeds and like take a dosage of it and people are giving him advice and they're like don't take it don't take exactly zero yeah like don't.

Take it are you sharing this yeah but sharing right yeah yeah and then he starts posting after that he makes up he makes a post way yeah so he follows he comments on his original post and this is this is the comment was you're like I don't know if it's trolling or if this is real anything on the internet could be trolling but he changed

How normal again stop now that's scary it is scary like maybe tripping off the datura and he thinks he's typing in Google but you could totally see happening and he's trying to like figure out how to be Noble yeah and that and then he comments on this new thread.

This is around the same time he comments on this thread which is just this picture it's like a video game which you know if you're under the influence you can see that being entertaining but he types please these big dog are fighting not okay oh my god can someone help this guy and that's his last post ever no one's like followed or.

Anything but hopefully he's okay or that could just feel like a joke it could just be a job to of course anything I think that would be like epic an epic joke oh there's been so many epic jokes on Joe eventually some people find him out that they are jokes did I make him too spicy for you whoa oh man tripping balls I.

Believe it happened in Rhode Island someone said about this guy peeing peeping on people using the bathroom at the beach whoa I guess nothing needs a way to do it if we were hunter hunting and gathering we would come across hallucinogens so much they would help us so much in our world it's just so lambeth ID I do feel like they could.

Help a little bit right I don't trust reddit people not to troll yeah this drill but I also just don't know reddit enough that it just like scares me because I believe it to be true reddit is all people that are like you know 24 year old men essentially that's like the main demographic it's 29 you're 30 or 29 30 and I guess actually.

It's probably older it's probably 20 year-old Matt is average yeah that's oh you okay I got one more for you this one when I heard about it I was like is this real like so there's this guy he has a YouTube channel his name his YouTube channel name is Benjamin Bennett that's him yep that's him are you.

Sharing this I am now sharing it so his YouTube channel is Benjamin Bennett and all he does he has tons of videos he sits and he smiles for hours an hour so you can see this video is four hours long he just sits here any smiles into the camera for four hours and these are all his videos and he has a lot of them too so that's his thing and then one day.

In one of his videos you can't hear this one unfortunately because I can't get the audio to work but right here watch the door someone comes in peeks in and they say like hello hello and then they like they look at him we assume you can't really see and they leave so unless he only know those guys here and that's the only action that has ever.

Like happened on one of his videos and people have like speculated what it is but it's probably someone that was coming in to try and rob him and that's it so is it supposed to be creepy yeah his thing so he doesn't do it for meditation I think he's not gonna trance he does it as like a form of like it's like a art.

Form to him he's like a method actor type of thing thinks it's art okay kind of that's the way it's interpretated interpreted I mean you got a lot of views well he only got a lot of views once this robbery thing happened and it became a big deal was he actually robbed no what they just peeked in it could have also been set up.

– we don't know huh did that say he had three million views yeah the other one did yeah do people watch it I'm sure they like just view it and then they like stop I think it only got a bunch of views because of this incident smiling therapy smiling therapy yeah maybe that's what it is maybe like you uh.

Force yourself to be happy by smiling do you have one couldn't it just be like someone who like the neighbor who is like hello wanted to like borrow sugar hmm and then they were like oh he's filming himself I'll leave this is weird but why wouldn't you knock I don't know what country is in in India people just walk.

In he's in America oh yeah maybe he's like good friends with his neighbor me you think like our neighbor the little kid would walk in right I could see him walking in yeah yeah you might be watching this right now – um so my's mine was just like something that my friend she was like oh this could be good for a murder she ate and but then I.

Read through it it's not really great for murder she ate but it was super like creepy to me um it's called and like I read through it but I don't know the exact facts but we can just go through it there's a bunch of videos on it so it's about it's called the silent twins June and Jennifer Gibbons they were born in the Caribbean and mm-hmm.

They moved they moved no no actually there in the Caribbean they were born in you men and then Yemen and then they moved to I referred West Wales so they moved to Europe somewhere in Europe and they were the only black kids in their community and they didn't speak any English at all who are they Arabic there.

Their parents are Caribbean okay but the father worked in the Air Force that they were just station probably Yemen and they didn't speak any English so like they and they refused to speak English ever they refused to like separate from one another and learn and like talk to other people so they kind of just ostracized themselves at the.

Very start like they talk to each other yeah they only talk to each other like whispering yeah but now when people were around so like they were just silent when other people were around not even for their parents um no I don't think to their parents they became pagers ostracized themselves and their language like that they they spoke was very.

Became like very not obsolete but like it's very particular so not a lot of people could speak it so like they're just the most outcasted kids essentially these they spoke a language that's not really spoken anymore anyway they didn't speak English they refused to learn and they went through like a lot of therapy and even with the therapies they refused.

To talk and but only but as they got older when they would they were sent to separate boarding schools in attempt to break their isolation but they became catatonic and so like so when they were separated they they would just withdraw completely okay so a very unhealthy like childhood growing up just because they they I don't know and like we don't know.

Why they were like this they just chose to be like this didn't the parents like the parents had to be were they like I don't know the good parents I don't know I'm sure they even if they were good parents they just can't really do anything yeah you spoke with them in their language you didn't speak English in the house.

Because they wouldn't speak English they refused to learn and like they they did a lot of like creative expression things like they wrote short novels and they like did yeah they both actually wrote short novels and they were just like about weird weird weird thing so for example June she wrote a story called the Pepsi Cola addict and it's a high.

School hero who's seduced by his teacher and then he sent to a reformatory school where a homosexual guard makes a play for him like that was the story it's just the coca-cola addict I don't know so like they just had these really weird stories that they would create as their creative expression throughout like their their growths and their schooling.

They were eventually hospitalized and the weirdest part is like I watched an interview with one of them so what happens is they they actually want to be socialized is what they say they want to be separated so they they just talk about like if we were forced to be separated now now that we're older and forced to like be friends with other.

People we would do it but no one's forcing us to be separate so we're just gonna remain like in this ostracized state and it was just it's just like really creepy it seems weird to me there's a lot of footage and then eventually Jennifer one of the twins she dies and they like have a discussion about how one of them needs to die in.

Order for the other one to like survive and thrive in life who has a discussion doesn't two girls two twins yeah and then as soon as Jennifer dies Jun just becomes she speaks English she starts learning she just becomes totally normal at what age is this I think it was early 20 so they were hospitalized for a really long time.

Yeah so they had a long-standing agreement that if one of them died the other must begin to speak English and live a normal life and then during us their stay in their hospital they they began to believe it was necessary for one of them to die after they had discussed it and Jennifer just agreed to sacrifice her let her life what do you.

Mean so like she killed herself or how did you know so she actually in March of 93 the twins were transferred to another clinic and then on arrival Jennifer just like didn't wake up so she was taken to a hospital where she died from my cardi I did still like inflammation of the heart so it's like weird right they talked about it hurt yeah.

Or something but like they talked about it but she didn't do anything to kill herself she just happened to have an inflammation of the heart that killed her so yeah and then Jun became normal and now she's like does interviews and she lives with her family and she's happy she immediately became normal though or because she didn't have her.

Sister to rely on she slowly became normal was it likes net-like it was like there was a whole the veil was lifted and she was just speaking English so yeah no I mean she learned so after Jennifer's death Joon gave interview with Harper's Bazaar and the Guardian which are big magazines and by 2008 so her sister died 93 so 15 years later she.

Was living quietly and independently near her parents and she no longer was monitored by psychiatrists so she in 15 years she like became totally on her own independent legs are really weird there's a lot of weird twin stories yeah like that they in like I don't know they finished you should like the whole like we understand yeah like the psychic.

Ability sometimes when one twin dies at birth or something and the other twin didn't know or like there's a bunch of weird stories like that that were they like always feel some kind of force yeah but like I don't know if that's true I don't know believe it twins are twins are interesting to me I I get weirded not.

Weirded out but like when twins touch each other I'm just so like or like fascinated right it's two of the same identical twins yeah like if if you put your hand on me and you're twins it's like that's insane to me because there's two of them I don't know why something about twins Skyy story is studio five dollar donation thank for all thanks for.

All your videos do you have a list of hidden sugar chemicals best of luck with the baby we don't have a list but we do have a video where we test all the different sweeteners what's hidden sugar yeah so there isn't really a such thing as hidden sugars it's kind of like it'll be on the label all sugars that are actually sugars are on the label but.

There's a few things that I would say are kind of pinchers there's maltitol which you know advertisers will tell you you can subtract it's in net carbs but really it's just you can't subtract it so that's what like Russell Stover candies use a lot of Atkins stuff uses it all of the sugar-free candies what are those slim slim bars insulins.

Right thanks slim I think slim bars a lot of people I see eating those and then the other one is an IMO fiber people say to subtract that but it has some impact on your blood glucose and then I'll Smitty with a $10 donation look sending love from North Carolina keep on keepin on guys thanks for letting us be a part of your lives I.

Feel like you both are a good chunk in mind thank you all thanks I like the word chunk err ASMR wait what's your name error you know error ASMR I feel like we need to interview you I want to know more about your life your will anti Wi-Fi is it are you anti Wi-Fi because of actual conditions or is it just more.

Of like a measure yeah or maybe something happened to some family you know I like this style of murder Shh yeah I like doing it too I just need a little more prep time we were really busy today so I didn't start preparing until like 3:00 p.m. I forget it's Wednesday until it's Wednesday and then.

I'm like oh like if we prep to starting tomorrow for like a like the Casey Anthony case or Steven Avery or adnan then like we could have like a really good emergency 8:00 next week what's on the chicken wings we have lemon pepper and Jamaican Jamaican Jerk watch Wi-Fi microwaves and the consequences to our health by barri Trower.

Is that a documentary you can check that out anything that says sugar-free I avoid says error free or error ASMR healthy shoes made living make oh I got from living by smart meters health issues I got from living Wow by smart meter it made me rethink wireless tech no you know they have these this 5g is launching and I think it's in 10 cities.

Now right that is actually starting to scare me a little bit what is that of juice why would that be cuz I think it's like a thousand times stronger signal than 4G and people already have issues with 4G why do they need that just for like faster technology so what's the US cities were five to 2019 okay um one of them yeah cities that have 5g that.

Doesn't mean we have to use it or will it automatically that's just so yeah that's everywhere you can't get away from it what do you do then you have to move a lot of people move out to the countryside Wow yeah not to be like very conspiracy theory oriented but I am a little nervous because it's hard for me to really see a time where we're gonna.

Be you know we're good with the technology we got we don't need to keep going you're talking about self-driving us driving cars yeah cars that drive themselves yeah that would be pretty intense I don't want that yeah I'm wondering like how this 5g is gonna impact people's health.

We have 5g NYC in North Jersey yeah we can't hide it from the world yeah we just moved to Phoenix inside enough for for CenturyLink they installed both 5g and slower Network we only used a slower one no no you're you're talking about like the in your house what is it I think that's different yeah that's different than the 5g.

Wireless yeah that'll be like just everywhere right you can always have access to it yeah it's like on your phone when you right now you usually have 4G if you're off Wi-Fi it's gonna be five gee-gees subtract circa alcohols when calculating at carbs it depends most of the times well yes we always do because we use our birthers all mainly.

Or we'll use like liquid stevia liquid my fruit but maltitol is the one sugar alcohol that Matt mentioned that can't be subtracted entirely turn off your Wi-Fi and your fault in your home yeah we talked about turning it off at night but Matt just needs it to like listen to podcast you can get a timer that turns it off from from.

Certain hours I bet my little be happier in Arizona they test the self-driving cars all the time but I think they ran over and killed someone is that true I think someone died from my self-driving car thing they sell shielding paints yeah I don't notice anything like bad about Wi-Fi but maybe it's just hard to notice I made.

You red velvet cupcakes yesterday Matt they turned up so good thanks for sharing well thank you good job baby mm-hmm Oh Julie says how we is it okay to use only stevia for the mason jar ice cream that'll work it just if you use it might have like aftertaste if you're wrong with the stevia after days where it won't be too sweet because you won't.

Use a lot of stevia not all technology is good technology yeah yeah yes that's true are you got like nuclear bombs and stuff that's technically technology yeah how's this all gonna end I don't think we're gonna be here to see the end of it but what's the future gonna be like you want to be here to see the end of it cuz I.

Don't I don't really either but like one thing I know for sure is we always think the future is going to be better way we think the future is gonna get here sooner than it actually does like if you see movies that are like old movies that are like 2020 2020 you know they're like you know we're driving spaceships Iraqis it's like the Jetsons but it gets here a.

Lot slower but then every once in a while there's like a huge thing that just comes out of nowhere like the internet and smartphones and I try thinking like what's the next thing like that gonna be but it really just it's hard to anticipate you know oh we're getting a new litter box for Miley tomorrow I mean it's not really related.

Okay what are you doing Miley so much Miley but the litter box has a hole on the top of it because we got new litter for her that we use it's more like natural right or something was good about it yeah she's like rolls around in it now but Julius is like trying to eat the litter.

Of constantly so two top ones she's gonna have to jump up get some action going and when she digs around it will just go everywhere I think we should get a horse and buggy again and live on the land that's the thing man it's like there's some kind of comfortable medium right where we like somewhat in touch with nature but we also have all the.

Benefits of Technology but it's hard to just kind of stop in a comfortable yam we just like push it to the extreme that's kind of what humans do yeah is this visible or in my block it's visible I don't think we don't block people the cat your cat jumps in the refrigerator every time you open it oh my god that's amazing.

I wish Miley did that me too prepping for end of times is not really exciting I don't want to come out of a bunker to the devastation so you'd rather just be in the devastation no that's the funny psychology thing with Preppers is the I think the main driving force with a lot of Preppers is wanting to like the I told you so type of thing.

Yeah like do you think I'm crazy prepping but there's gonna come a day where I have my shotgun and you know like everyone else was wrong that's what they're waiting for and I don't know it's hard to we're like pretty good at mitigating crazy disease but I guess you know anything's possible right I mean Zika virus just like that.

Oh that's all another scary thing that's like our immune systems are so weak these days and we have crazy now some blanks one just came in oh that's that's interesting yeah Black Swan Black Swan events like when's the next Black Swan event yeah like 9/11 I guess that would be considered a Black Swan event yeah but that was really the last virus it.

Was literally yeah it was a Black Swan yeah is there like a list of Black Swan events they just released classified documents saying the world flips check them out like the magnet magnetization of the poles that flips are you talking like Flat Earth stuff I don't what are you talking about the thing is when you're blocked YouTube mate makes it.

Like nothing happens so they make you talk to no one for hours like a crazy person you don't know you're blocked when you get blocked YouTube doesn't do that the channel creator does what the person whose channel you're hunting YouTube doesn't do that but what like we can block someone and say we don't want them to know we blocked them yeah like a.

Shadow Man oh that's shitty here's a list of Black Swan events the 1997 Asian financial crisis the dot-com crash 9/11 attacks 20 2008 global financial crisis but rarely financial black swans on right health health black swans Black Swan Theory Black Swan is just such a cool word and like yeah humans will end humans well before an.

Asteroid I would have to say that's likely right yeah yes I see what you're saying don't we have tracking on asteroids from for like X amount of years out like if what was gonna hit us in the next 15 years we'd know about it now wouldn't we you're like something like that yes it shows the poles flip that's how the.

World ends and then it starts over I think you're like dramatically simplifying but yeah the magnetization of the poles can switch it has switched before I don't think that's just been released in classified documents Oh II Bolla am I thinking about Ebola no I think you are maybe Rosie musica I wrote a paper about malaria and then I had to.

Like have a section on either I think it was Ebola as a Black Swan event that happened during all the deaths from malaria I was specifically and um North Africa what missing malaria yeah I doused this that was the area I rode on it was like a very specific paper I will take the risk of Wi-Fi first fighting off a wild.

Animal or a plague there's always stuff that sucks yeah that's the thing like life throughout history has just continually gotten better and better for more and more people right so like things always suck there's always something to complain about but it only gets better yeah now I've got to look into Black Swan.

Theory now what is this just the theory the disproportionate role of high-profile hard to predict and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations and Hinch history science finance and technology yeah just like hard to predict things like things that just come out of nowhere it's like a Black Swan.

So the Black Swan theory of history I guess because I know there's like the what's-his-name who's a guy always listen to the hardcore history guy he always talks about like the exceptional person theory of history where it's like you know there's a handful of exceptional people that really Drive history like Isaac Newton Alexander the.

Great stuff like that yeah we're really good not there tonight guys yeah and it's way past Julie's needs a dinner good god this is a bit fun though I feel like we're really getting somewhere tonight guys we're figuring out the world black swans were theorized and finally found in.

Nature Wow they're real I guess that's why I got the name because they're like really rare yeah they should have called it the giant squid theory if because you remember didn't we like just discover giant squids recently yeah I feel like I watched a video on it oh yeah I won't be dealing with the litter box I just.

Bought it and Matt's gonna have to do the transfer tomorrow yeah I'm excited all right maybe we'll do more of these in the future I think next week what should we do we should come with something maybe do one big case combined yeah we just have to actually prepare it yeah let's come Wednesday we're like oh yeah okay we'll try and do that is going.

Ham on our hands and we got to get error ASMR on here to give us his theories his or her theories on life feel like they've got some good theories over there and everyone everyone everywhere I look with their cell phones plastic to their face makes me cry inside alright I guess we can end it on.

That thanks for hanging tonight guys we'll be back next one bye see ya
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