‘The Yoga Store Murder’ and ‘The Murder of Cindy James’

‘The Yoga Store Murder’ and ‘The Murder of Cindy James’

‘The Yoga Store Murder’ and ‘The Murder of Cindy James’

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Hello good morning I mean good evening good evening murder c8 episode 4 coming at you today and I have a disaster meal that's what I'm calling it at least so if you guys are watching this for the first time this is not really keto related the only thing keto is the food the dialogue is going to be greater crime bad things nothing likes hearing.

About that so if that's you probably tune out so we each tell a crime story I don't know hers and she doesn't know anything about mine and the idea is maybe you can like see what we're eating pick up on that a little bit but mostly like hanging out eating dinner together mm-hmm having friends it's our best shot at.

Having friends still heartbroken from the Yuba City boys yeah that was pretty tough to read and really just memorize everything because now I know all the details yeah looks like a healthy half I can't I can't resist you got to give the new 6 9 album uh listen I did give it a listen there's a few good tracks on there I.

Don't love it from start to finish just too much scream oh yeah I came out like almost as she was going to jail mm-hmm and if you guys like this suggest cases or mysteries that you like cuz I always pick from what you guys suggest this is a suggestion yeah awesome last mine is naughty was too but this is one of my favorite ones at least the first time I.

Heard about it it was like really shocking and awesome to me how's the lighting now matter oh well we got for dinner burgers boogies so we have eye bacon I'm just gonna get my bacon separately though but I'll be if we got from the farm that we've been getting deliveries from on Friday so we got our.

Raw milk raw cream eggs and then we also got some ground beef so we're trying that out did you try it yet no not yet and then I have onions red cheese put the onions down i melted it's raw aged Gruyere on top which I got at Whole Foods today I was very excited to pick it out and then Matt has bacon cheese how many ounces is this of mine I have.

Seven I think it's pretty rare still like super rare I have nine then this is bleeding which is perfect for to the crime and I have a little cheese this is the first time I've eaten she is since you guys maybe I've seen the histamine video so see I'm giving it a try how he does in the morning Matt's hair is missing yeah oh and then.

Here we just had a steak that was in the fridge for a while so I decided to cook it really poorly it's probably like well done like a pork chop but it's a steak yeah so I got that right now here I have this homemade raw milk yogurt so delicious it's so sweet you don't even add anything to it it's perfect and then maybe like some nut butter for dessert.

Yeah maybe y'all got one of those I'm just it's one of those days guys you know right after the holidays we've got a lot to do my daughter Alyssa doesn't like to hear Kido talk but loves murder she Ava she's eight years old she should do her own called murder she ate but it let the number eight instead when will you start.

Aikido Atlanta get together um we got a lot going on right now maybe like when it's maybe like in the summer maybe we'll do one that'll be a good time it'll be really warm out we'll have things mostly settled on that point with our cookbook and stuff beyond the way are you doing the carnivore diet no we are not.

To kind of know matters I do it like 95% I'd say whatever I'm feeling the only thing I do that really isn't like carnivore diet and stuff like this like some kinds of nuts yeah like two weeks ago the entire week all I ate was like steaks and not butter asleep that's all I was feeling.

Sometimes a coconut stuff maybe like an avocado occasionally I love you guys I have your buck man I'm working on the second one now and I always thought it was gonna be just kind of easy because we talked about it all the time like all we do is talk about keto basically but writing a book about it it's hard to like sit down and write mm-hmm video.

Opportunity week of carnivore we've done that before we did that like a year ago what about steak diet for you guys no I would think that's good for anyone who's at a healthy weight because people out our way that are trying to build muscle eating once every three days it makes no sense if you're trying to lose weight though it could make some sense however.

You tried a little oh it works with your schedule yeah we work from home and we're food bloggers so definitely not within our means yeah that's another thing like creating recipes you can't really do that right you got to taste tell me what happened your looks at whatever happened was hilarious what I don't know what that means.

Hi from Jersey hello we never get like any East Coasters like that it's always like I feel like the Midwest and foreign or in California my hamburger is too raw you're gonna cook it I gotta cook it more as yours raw no it's medium let me go to know and see it's gonna be raw in the middle I know this is what always happens um.

Hello from Georgia yeah super rod I'm from the bay love murder she met very overweight and so far lost 10 pounds any advice one sec I'm putting this in the oven do you want me to do it while you answer hello from New Mexico hello from New York oh no everyone's chiming in with Riddler from I love it.

What does the green bottle you're drinking its topo Chico so it's carbonated water with a little lime flavor we like to get it we've only ever found it at Whole Foods and maybe some like fancy coffee shops I always think I want my hamburger really rare and then when I cut into it I'm like nah dog I can't do it yeah I never do it love you.

Shaved head I put butter in my coffee and I got a upset stomachs I miss you Oh better I'm gonna say empty no oils gonna be way worse it's gonna be worth for your stomach maybe just do like half a tablespoon of butter if you were like doing a full tablespoon where you don't do it at all yeah you don't even have to do bulletproof coffee hello from new you.

Have lost 17 pounds since summer how are you guys doing over the holidays yeah it seems like most people are just like sticking taketo and they're loving it and they're feeling good maybe like it's their second year and they've got Guardi had one year last year were they've yeah went off quito my 17 year old son is.

Quito guy oh wait the Quito guy the guy who has a YouTube channel right that's great try powdered butter or coconut oil so someone coconut I was gonna give you the same brother just the fat Pennsylvania in the house whoo I'm trying this terribly cooked steak let's go how's it cooked not good like.

Well done but it's not seared don't worry little piece yeah um we did our first keto Christmas is all a little better for you than MCT oil they're completely different what is better being yeah exactly so it depends on what you're using it for in terms of like cooking I'm gonna sell boils better right I'm CT oils better for like quick.

Energy olive oil actually has like some nutrition to it it's not just pure energy so different context I'd say different things are better your sake looks terrible Matt it was it was in the fridge for a while though so I felt like today or never basically I'm on a crap car but pig-out um dinner was brisket and homemade Caesar dressing on salad.

Simple but delicious sounds really filling is raw a carnivore a thing yeah raw it is it is a thing yeah I mean so what I'll say about it is like we're way over paranoid about eating raw meat in America we think you like immediately die of mad cow disease but like most people historically have eaten some kind of raw meats like we eat almost none.

Maybe we sushi now maybe we like steak tartare occasionally but it's pretty extreme too like it's so far away from what we do as societies now but yeah it is a thing some people do it wears like a bad bad dog oh you want to see the bad boy here he is in his new sweater show it up Julius he already got so many treats lately I know he hasn't even been.

Eating his real food and today I was worried and then I was like oh we're just giving him way too many treats well the day I get you a hot Indian woman no but OkCupid might Cherie star is 33 yeah we should okay who's starting me okay use full time starting yeah starter you were a bed-warmer College right yeah I wouldn't say that but.

Messing around okay so mine is the case of Cindy James Cindy James I don't think I've heard of this one it happened on June 8th well the yeah June 8th 1989 is when her body was actually found but there's a lot of years of incidents leading up to this point okay Cindy James body was found in the.

Backyard of an abandoned house in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada she was found hogtied with her hands and feet behind her back and a nylon stocking tied tightly around her neck and the discovery of her body ended six and a half years of harassment stalking and suffering on the part of Cindy James poor Cindy James the autopsy revealed.

Her death was caused by a drug overdose of morphine and from the scene and how she was bound you would think it was a murder as most people good and still do but the police actually believed it was a suicide wait so she had something around her neck so I loved a nylon stocking you know like Stocki yeah tied tightly around her neck in her feet and.

Hands we're hot tied behind her back you can't do that by yourself you can okay it's been tested and it can be done okay pretty quickly um so the police believe not only that it was a suicide but the six and a half years of her Aspen was her own doing so here's do we have a guy like that mental illness versus the fearful homicide right that's.

Where we're at this is a lot like my case from last week which I which I like okay there's a lot to income you never really know so you just have a lot to talk about okay so I'll give you some background and we'll go into like the details of everything the six and a half years so she was an administrator at a preschool.

For children with behavioral and emotional issues and she had recently been separated from her husband in 1982 when the harassment begins they separated in July I believe and then in October is when the harassment began at first it was just a few anonymous calls a day some were silent some were just creepy whispers some slight threats but.

You know nothing too over the top and there were sometimes witnesses who were there like when she received the calls like cops and friends but they never heard any of the whispers or the threats she claimed they only heard silence so you know they never heard like who would the suspect could have been so someone's at least calling.

Yeah okay so she but she only experienced like the creepy whispers and things no one else knew of those as time went on she started to receive threatening notes and her phone lines would get cut once in a while and in the month to follow she found three dead cats on her front porch and they all had threatening and notes attached to them.

And then with dead cats circa strewed along her porch and did notes she eventually involved the cops and obviously at first they took it very seriously as any you know as any cops would and after some time passed and she continued to report the incidents were getting worse after she informed the police they.

Started to find it hard to believe her because there was all these like crazy incidents there was over a hundred reported incidents on her behalf but they couldn't find any suspects big like there was nothing on there and found that like oh maybe some suspicious activity is going on right so they just started to like maybe she's just making.

This up you know how old is she at this time she's 44 okay yeah I can see if it's like a 7 year old you you're like oh it's this crazy old lady or like a 25 year old maybe no like trying to get it I got 44 like I don't know you're you're I'm a believability yeah yeah exactly you're logical I would think and she's a.

Good job and nothing you know in her real really in her history I would think so at this point the cops are involved and at night she would hear people outside on her property her porch lights would get smashed and even her friend was attesting to the fact that the nose Piron so her friend Agnes is very much involved in this and she can say yes the.

Notes do appear on the doorstep and the continued infrequent harassment really just scared Cindy enough till this is weird to me become reluctant to share details with the cops and her friends and her family so like they might be in on it no she so we never really know why she became reluctant but her family believes.

That she became reluctant because the attacker threatened her family and so she was like if I tell anyone anything the attacker will go after my family so I have to be very like conscious about what I say and this is shortly after it was it a divorce a separation they never actually were divorced okay so obviously the the guy is a suspect then right.

First suspect yes in fact it's okay okay so in January of 1983 so this is about three months later after the first attack October 1982 – Jay okay the first attack after the first harassment so the first call so first call and in October three months later she has her first physical attack so Agnes the friend goes goes.

Over to visit Cindy just drops by and she knocks on the door and there's no answer so she's like oh maybe soon he's taking a bath maybe this is the usual time to take the bath and she still just decides to investigate the area so she actually walks around and she finds Cindy outside crouched down with a nylon stocking wrapped around her neck really.

Really tightly with it just a drop but just a friend like it was arranged or no it was just like random drop in so we don't know okay cuz if it's random then that's big and if it's a ray it ranged us big as well but we don't really know I thought about that though so Cindy had apparently gone out to the garage and all she recalls as she was grabbed from.

Behind and all she saw was white sneakers she she doesn't really remember anything about the incident except the white sneakers and this actual attack led Cindy to just want to like move so she moved she got her car repainted and she even changed her last name and she also in a hired a private.

Investigator will go he goes by the name Aussie so we'll call mozzies which is something I feel like I would do too right yeah I would definitely hire a private investigator to be like on call all the time at this point it's how far away she move we don't know okay so the police really they even though they didn't believe her.

Fully they never stopped investigating and they even continued to question Cindy asking her things about what's going on but they did state that she didn't act like a normal victim would they never like I don't like when they say this because there is no normal victim right exactly and like who's to say what the cop thinks is normal.

Exactly it's arbitrary but there is something to be said for like kind of just a sixth sense type of thing that you have when you've come across someone who's lying and cobson come across a lot of victims but a lot of the times they're wrong probably too right but I will say you can get like some feelings and stuff like this guy is up to no good.

Type of thing for sure so that's just something notable but I mean I don't put a ton of weight on it like I don't put a ton of weight on the families what they think either but it's just something to know so and then also to back up that you know Cindy felt like she couldn't really share much and she was withholding which is what the police.

Claimed Ozzy said the same thing the private investigator so he reported that he always felt like Cindy was holding back and wouldn't tell him the entire story which is also really weird you hire a private investigator wouldn't you want them to know 100% of the truth so they can like help figure things out and when the police polygraph her the.

Examiner also claimed the same thing that she was withholding information and you couldn't get a really good read on her and then as I mentioned something to notice that her mom and her family believed that the reason she wasn't divulging a lot of information was because she thought the attacker would.

Just go after her family and her sister in particular you know they would be killed so another possibility then is maybe the stalker was like provoked by some incident that she's not disclosing with everyone I don't know what that would be the stalker was provoked by some incident yeah like maybe something big happened at the start right when she.

Broke up with her husband yeah yeah she won't tell anyone about so there's a ton of things like we don't know about her house and we won't ever know at this point did you try this burger uh yeah I tried some but that looks way better I'm gonna put mine in the oven afterwards you're good the cheese the way it smells turn it off come here turn that no I'll.

Just boil it okay so as the private investigator ozzie he gave her a two-way radio because sometimes her phone line would get cut so at least they would have some communication if they had this two-way radio and one night he hears some scuffling on the other end so he immediately goes to her house the front.

Door's locked and she's not answering so he peers in the front window and he sees Sydney lying on the ground with a paring knife all the way stuck through her hand so he thinks she's dead no way she's alive there's also a note apparently width of the knife but he goes inside gets inside and she's not dead but she doesn't have any recollection of the.

Attack also to me that sounds a little staged it does who knows all she recalled was being attacked from behind and a needle going into her arm but what's weird is that no one at the hospital found any insertion of a needle so no needle really and then in regards to that incident the police never found any suspect fingerprints or footprints.

And Cindy claimed that sometimes it was one person and some he was joined by two or three so this just sounds like fanatical sometimes like how many time did was she attacked this so this is the second time but good yeah so I'm I'm like she also hears people outside our lawn so maybe she's looking outside and she sees multiple.

People that's what I'm assuming so throughout all of this she's still continuing to receive the weird phone calls but they're always just a little short to be traceable by the phone company so never traced and police would even frequently even though they didn't believe her they were still helping out they would put surveillance on her house.

Like 14 cops at the time two to three weeks and nothing would happen in those two to three weeks but as soon as the surveillance was gone something would happen of course something suspicious so maybe the guy has like ties with the police station so that's that's a good point something to note since you brought that.

Up yourself is that a couple of months a month or a couple months into the investigation she gets into a pretty serious relationship with the lead investigator whoa which is super weird yeah conflict of interest something wrong there but yeah they are together they're dating so I don't know where that falls in a place it definitely.

Falls into the theories but we don't know much about that are they dating yeah or is it just like no they're dating okay so the the cops even like set up cameras without her knowing in the garage which you can't do what you can't do because they also kind of thought she was crazy so it's like you know they they need to know I feel like.

Well no you can't break the law yeah but they did but they never saw anything anyway so the parents again something to know if they just believe that the attacker would stay away of during the surveillance so if the attacker is very smart then he knows there's surveillance obvious so I'm not going to do anything during these times and then in December.

1985 so this is three two years later Cindy disappears and is found shortly after six miles away from her house in a ditch again with the nylon stocking around her neck tied very tightly she's cuts and bruises all over her body she's wearing a man's work boot and glove and suffering from hypothermia and.

She has no recollection of what happened to her she's like in and out of consciousness at this point when they when she's found so some multiple attacks never any recollection not really sure what's going on April of 1986 Cindy no longer must live alone so Agnes and Agnes his husband Tom move into her house I had to stay with her.

And one night there awoken by a fire in the basement and since the phone lines are cut tom the husband runs out to the street runs out the door into the street to find someone to like call the police and there's a man standing on the curb he goes up to the man and he's like hey call the police and then the man just books it he just runs away he doesn't do.

Any drugs away so they know this is Tom saying this yeah but there's a suspicious man on the street apparently on the curb who just watched and then left okay so this is kind of starting to add up then right but 1989 people don't want to get involved right Oh everyone's helping everyone out in those times oh yeah I guess yeah okay um so he runs out.

And he sees the man okay so the police suspect of this incident actually had been staged by Cindy there's a couple things to note so at the time of the fire are three a.m. she's out walking her dog why are you walking your dog when you have a stalker and you're scared to death at 3:00 a.m. in the morning right I'm not leaving my house.

Okay I'm not buying it and the window wasn't touched the only window that led you into the basement wasn't touched so the fire it seems like had to have been started from inside the house so I mean there's not much there except that but like that's all we really need right I feel like yeah so she was eventually committed to a psych.

Ward by her doctor because he believed she was becoming suicidal she's actually in the psych ward for ten weeks so this is a scary thing to me like if someone checks you into the psych ward you're just like you can't really get out right right that's like a big fear of mine but like ten weeks me too but ten weeks is a really.

Long time so like when you when you attempt to commit suicide from what I know you um you're admitted to a psych ward for a week said I think seven days is a minimum five to seven days because of your mental health and like you're a danger to yourself so ten weeks in a psych ward is a long time to be there so they're doing like some tests and she's.

Not passing I so the doctor that was taking care of her in the psych ward said that she really genuinely felt scared for her life that there was nothing really wrong we don't know a ton about obviously it's confidential but what we do know is that much so ten weeks passed she's out and she eventually decides to confess to her.

Family that she knows who it is and she's gonna go after this person she said she suspected her ex-husband of all of this but he's a psychiatrist himself and he believes she had multiple personality like disassociative disorder which used to be called multiple Brazil you can't really take him his word for it though yeah that's true but can you.

Take her word for no but he's probably doesn't like her anymore they broke up he's gonna say mean stuff probably and there was like a weird that you can listen to online a weird voicemail she left someone left him but it sounds like a woman trying to be a man probably and it said like Cindy dead soon.

Cindy dead meat soon that's what it is like like so like grasping so is this whole thing her trying to get attention from her potential theory just statue in general so on May 25th 1989 she disappears from a park mall parking lot her car is found with blood on the driver's side.

Groceries inside so she was out just doing errands and her wallet scattered underneath the car and then two weeks later her body is found at the abandoned house as I stated in the beginning she was hogtied the coroner report reported she was died from an overdose not like these just ex fixation morphine overdose morphine overdosed and we should have.

Access to morphine she was a nurse okay she was a registered nurse but she wasn't working as a nurse that being said we don't know if it was like they don't know if it was in injected or it was tablet form because her Latin yeah because if you're if you took the morphine via injection it's ten times the amount then immediately it impacts.

You right you've been on morphine in the hospital it affects you if you take it by tablets or pills it'll take like 15 20 minutes to kick in so she could have had enough time to like on tires off okay so it's very dependent on that and her body wasn't two weeks worth of decomposed so that's one thing to note as well so she was missing for a while.

But she wasn't necessarily dead the entire time okay so that's really it so theories are there's actually a stalker but the stalkers super smart because there's no evidence nothing's ever found he's never captured what about letters like handwriting analysis no any of the notes there were just pictures they weren't like actual written notes there.

Were like weird pictures of like women tied up in things what do you guys got for serious another theory was she liked all the attention she was recently divorced and once the police lost interest she started escalating like the incidence because they went from phone calls to minute that's what a lot of times.

Happened you just keep upping the ante yeah and then she did this to herself without knowing so disassociative identity disorder and when you have multiple personality disorder it's a reaction to a trauma as a way to help a person avoid something bad that happened in the past okay so I don't know what do you think.

There's not a lot of info here so everything you've presented there's no real alternative to the fact that maybe she just did it herself yeah so her car was found with blood in it so should we assume she walked away from the car yeah to the abandoned house or if it was a stalker she was taken and there was a she thought like there was.

That's why there's blood how long did the stalking go on for like from start to finish six and a half years oh my gosh man I mean so I went into this thinking she it was definitely a homicide how do they think she managed to tie herself up that way yeah that seems like it takes practice yeah so she just had to have been known and known.

How to do this maybe she did practice maybe she was that hard time we're talking like arms behind feed backwards yeah I guess that isn't that hard really right well if you know how to do it you just know how to do it I think what I read was some guy who did it in three minutes when they like tried it out and if the meds take 15 minutes and she.

Could have done it before the Medaille she did but she would have no training of that so and back in the 80s you have to learn from someone I assume right can't you just practice right she lived alone yeah yeah she was separated she had six years to practice yeah you're right okay so yeah one of her personality is did it.

Herself yeah I mean is that really the simplest answer ice maybe it is just cuz all the info we're really getting is just kind of people's opinion of her which seems like that matter is the most for this case so if of course but all cops and stuff seemed to think it was just her doing it right so the suspects here the husband the boyfriend the new.

Boyfriend the cop yeah I mean he makes a decent suspect cuz he would know all like the surveillance and stuff would know how to get away with all well what's his motive really yeah and then just that man on the street out of the outside at the firehouse that's no that's not just like a random person yeah I think it's her or someone who.

Could closely observe observe her yeah and I do have been someone not only I would think who did know her decently well but like who knew how to get away with a murderer like really smart right yeah like I mean ours now footprints like no prints or anything found at the crime scene cuz like no nothing and I also don't know like how long you can be.

On the phone before it's traceable I don't know either the MS it's always like like a minute do I just keep him talking yeah talk three minutes later still not traced so you never know yeah how far away was the abandoned house from like her general living area do we know no okay what about Agnes yeah that's what I was.

Thinking too like his Agnes in on it or was she just playing Agnes to I don't know how could we tag nests she fakes some of the stalking for attention some stalking was real the ex-husband do that yeah maybe this is a tough one I just these cases I really like but I just never gonna know what happened and it's sad when it is like a mental health.

Issue and it comes to this because she was in this labor for 10 weeks you think if she really had something like that they would not have let her out well okay so the fact that she died from morphine that strongly points towards the possibility of her doing it herself right I would say someone else doing it why would someone else kill her with.

Morphine why overdose her instead of like killed her actually yeah like you wouldn't use morphine to immobilize someone and you wouldn't kill them or maybe like killing someone with pills makes it seem like a suicide and it's easier to get away with than me stabbing that's maybe the only explanation yeah why would it take six hours to kill her.

Did it did we say it took six hours yeah no with multiple personalities disorders that's common for one of the alters to want to harm the host the other personalities have no idea of each other interesting yeah I saw that movie split I don't know how good of an interpretation of that movie is a split personality disorder of a representation.

Probably not they didn't get divorced but they split up they were never married yeah no they were they separated cup cop took pills from cops – that's a decent theory yeah I mean the cops were definitely acting unethical right there just like surveilling whatever they want at random times a day so I mean it's a serious case if someone is actually.

Stalking her yeah if you're using morphine to make it look like a suicide why tie the victim up that's true that doesn't really align I feel like you're either you have a plan when you're trying to make it seem like it's staged you have a plan you're like I wanted to make it seem like someone abducted her tied her up killed.

Her you wouldn't really do morphine in that yeah the crime scene he strongly makes me think she did it herself isn't that crazy that's really crazy when you look at it from afar you're like she definitely just happened to her but when you're so deep in it like I can only kind of imagine what it's like but.

You're just like man everyone thinks I'm lying I kind of prove to myself like I got to prove that I'm telling the truth type of thing but this is the ultimate way to do that but if she really had disassociated identity stores she's not thinking that well she just hasn't totally different reality mm-hmm but she could yeah Megha has onions on.

Your hamburger – did you talk yeah how do you like it I love it I love onions how was your burger good I needed more salt though you guys should discuss about the Shannon babies and Chris Watts case Oh a comment after this video goes live if you want to comment though as we look at all the comments for new cases I looked up the Chris Watts case it's.

Pretty open-and-shut he just done he killed his daughters and OH wife yeah it was pregnant and in 2018 I've seen this one – and he's just getting love letters now so I don't know what he's getting love letters in prison okay so someone keeps saying Munchausen's syndrome I want to look up what this is yeah this is that's.

What someone yeah a is a factitious I've never heard that word factitious enough fictitious factitious disorder in which a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick men chosen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it's associated.

With severe emotional difficulties oh so that's what that one case is well she thinks she's like being stalked and things when she's not yeah what what case the case where the mom makes the daughter like seem like she has illnesses yeah yeah this man it's crazy it's good that we have like a billion of us there's enough crazy ones.

To have stories about okay I'm gonna pull up the jack watts is not a mystery he confessed yeah not all these have two mysteries so mine is not really a mystery either it's it's solved but it unwinds so if you guys do know about this case don't ruin it until it starts unwinding a little bit but my case today is it's called the yoga story.

Or Lulu Mon murders there's a couple different names so the model Lululemon whatever I don't know these things so this happened in Bethesda Maryland in 2011 and so basically a worker is going in to open the Lululemon store in Bethesda Maris Maryland for the morning I do know this one and he goes in to put the key in and he notices that there's.

Been a break-in and he kind of like peeks around the corner and he sees everything strewn about so he was like whoa okay someone might be in there right now robbing this joint so he grabs like a helpful Samaritan Good Samaritan to go in with him and just like inspect the area the guy goes in and he sees one person dead all bloody like crazy amount.

Of blood totally like the store is destroyed another person tied up and he thinks she's dead also but then he starts to hear moaning so it's clear that she's still alive so one person will I've one dead in the store and morning immediately the cops are called they rope off the area it's a crime scene okay so the the one dead person's.

Hand they're both females the one person who is dead her hands are tied above her head and her legs are tied together and there's cuts just like all over her entire body and the person who's dead is Jana Marie she's 30 years old she's worked as a store for a number of years person who is alive her name is Brittany.

Norwood she's 28 and she was recently reassigned to this particular store from a different store same Lululemon okay okay so Brittany surviving the attack is taken to a hospital in question because usually like when how severe is her attack we'll get to that okay when an attack goes down the best time is to get the.

Knowledge asleep right away so she starts telling them what she knows she says her and a co-worker closed the store and they were walking to their car she's walking separate so she's walking to her car she realizes she forgets she forgot something a wallet mm-hm like her purse her wallet whatever she calls to get this particular girl's number who.

Has the key jayna their name yeah jayna so jayna is the one who ends up letting her in but she has to like call around a little bit first to get Jana's number so jayna comes back to the store lets her in and then on the way out of the store two men appear from behind the clothing racks and attack them and she said they were inside all right inside the store.

Oh man okay so she says they were both raped and she tried to help jayna the entire time what was just unsuccessful basically so that's her account who's the girl that's alive what's your name Brittany's alive so Brittany and her two friends did this right that's what your initial thought that my initial thought is Brittany I would.

Think like if – when I think one person survives them like they're so affecting my mind automatically yeah that's usually the case okay so police take that and they start working the case they start by pulling the security footage from the alley behind the store and as Brittany reported there's two men on tape dressed.

In all black so it's like boom we got her guys instantly police are very quickly able to locate these men and it turns out one of them shows up bloody to the hospital the same night hmm like he was attacked yeah he was injured in some way but they quickly clear the man because he just says he was like hit he got in a fight or something and his.

Story completely checks out so he's off the list so the two people seen on the security footage not suspects really yeah they have like alibis that's so weird yep police ask Brittany if she has been in Jana's car this is a key part of the case she says she's seen it once but she's never been in it okay so Janna is a girl that died Brittany is.

The one who survived is anything taken from the shore do we know anything about the store well we'll get to the crime scene evidence right here but nothing is like taken from the store okay so we got the crime scene evidence now you got bloody footprints and this is kind of curious there's some that belonged to Brittany they were her shoes and there's.

Some that belonged to a size 14 pair of men's Reeboks that's a big guy yeah and the thing about these footprints is that they weren't in like normal walking order yeah Julius they weren't in like the way no human would walk it was like really like scattered about like weirdly like they were hopping or something yeah maybe.

Like one hopscotch type of stuff Jonah and so they couldn't figure that out and the shoe were discovered to have been samples from the store like they keep a pair of men's shoes oh so oh so it could have been a smaller person using the shoes or some pretending to be a 14 foot person yeah so the shoes belonged to the store.

They were in the store to start the whole night and if you if you're a size like 9 in for teens it's hard for you to walk around you're not walking normally maybe maybe multiple attack weapons were used but they were all from inside the store this seems to always happen to like all of these cases where you're thinking of it intruders don't just use.

Yeah they bring their own weapons have been attack Britney did not have any really deep wounds she had like surface level cuts but nothing to the severity of Janna who had like very extreme wounds and the other weird thing about the shoes is they were washed off at the scene in the store yeah yeah yeah the bathroom so immediately after they kind.

Of inspect the crime scene stuff is not adding up so they start to become suspicious of Britney's lack of injuries and they're thinking maybe she knew the killers and let them in that's their initial thought that's my that maybe would make sense right yeah have you ever seen Fargo the movie no that's a good one it's basically that.

Cop it has found that neither woman was raped so right now we got inconsistencies in Britney's story okay so they did like the rape test oh yeah sure okay cops searched both cars now and they don't find anything inside of Britney's cars but blood is found inside of Jana's car and immediately the cops are thinking the blood came from Britney.

But they can't get around to getting it tested because just a lot of testings going on at this time of year or something so they can't get testing done that seems ridiculous it does assist you so we're the cop where the cars in the same spot or where that wasn't like potentially moved that's why Britney had to get in the car.

So Britney's car is in the same spot Jana's car has moved two blocks away moved we're gonna get to that but the attackers told her to move it basically Britney's family is like a good family this comes up a lot throughout the case like you know all the kids are good they play sports but this seems to really be the case they're good they play sports.

Why to get good grades that type of thing cuz it's really stressed in this story but um Britney his brother they're interviewing the family now so Britney's brother comes in for questioning and he seems to be a little skeptical like what's going on why is Britney barely injured and the other girl is.

Dead mmm good brother and he tells the story to the cops of a time when they ran out of gas and Britney was just like really mad about it and stuff and the dad walked up like a mile to get gas at the the next town and come back and in the meantime Britney had just like hitchhiked into town she was just like so managed to just left basically really.

Yeah how old is she thinking in high school so she's just like kind of impulsive how old is she now though 28 oh yeah I guess I high school reduce on my stoop just do me like that so at this point they're on to Britney a little bit or they're starting to suspect her and she gets nervous she calls the cops and she tells him she has more information.

She's like let's talk I got some more info for you here she goes in and meets with the cops okay so and what she's been thinking about cuz you know when stuff like this goes down you're just like thinking about everything she remembers being in the car and she's now telling the cops that she was in Jenna's car she moved it so this is new info.

Changing her story from the original and why does she why she said she remembers it so I don't know she just said she was withholding the information because she feels bad because she could have gotten away so basically the intruders tell her you have to move the car two blocks away come back we know where you live will kill you if you.

Don't come back and why I think she was thinking about this is because as she was driving she saw a police officer okay so maybe she's like that cop made me while I was moving the car type of thing but the real question then is like if you're you're getting attacked and murdered and you're out in the world and you see a cop wouldn't you just to talk.

To the cop and tell him what's happening yeah definitely right we saw the movie compliance yeah people act you can't really tell if someone's gonna act like she might have been even more scared she's bloody she like you know thinks they'll pin it on her yeah I don't know so detectives started asking for more details because.

She thinks she's just gonna come in like drop off this one little tidbit and then you know see you guys but the cops are asking for more details how did it come up that she had to move the car like why would she have to move the car what that doesn't really make sense yeah and she keeps asking to leave and they don't really let her but they.

Just like do tactics where they're like oh we got to go talk to the boss type of thing and then they come back in and they just ask her a new question change topics so she's not really there against her will but they're not really letting her leave either classic classic classic capo so they are actually talking to the higher-ups at this point though because.

They want to try arresting her so they they bring the family in and they have everyone in the evidence room oh no before this they actually do get the arrest and they like handcuffed her to the table so now she's there against her will but like lawfully yeah they read her her rights so police bring in the family and they start.

Sharing the evidence and it's like you know we got this it's kind of weird Brittany doesn't have any cuts the other girl has hundreds of cuts a lot of stuffs not adding up so as this is going on the whole family's like crying and stuff except the brother so everyone leaves and the brother and.

Her are just in there okay and they're having a chat I mean he's like this is all on surveillance yeah this is own surveillance although she doesn't think it's on surveillance which I don't know why of course it's on surveillance um he says I have to know what happened if you want me to help you and then she says I'm going to ruin our whole family I.

Don't know how this happened but kind of alluding to the fact that like she did it but not actually saying that she did it so that's where that leaves off and then we start getting more backstory on Brittany so at this point she's like arrested she's awaiting trial she's charged okay with the murder and the other two guys the other two guys don't.

Exist so Brittany is charged with the murder so it's discovered that Brittany has a long history of shoplifting so now we're getting to motive here every year the employees get this like this one night where you can buy up to $1,000 worth of clothes for 70% off oh my god I want to work there yeah and if you guys don't.

Know this store is just like the most crazy prices ever hello lemon ah it's ridiculous don't wouldn't a shelter so she bought $2,000 worth way over the limit but she just did it anyway she's always like trig she's trying to get away with stuff kind of money was suspiciously disappearing from the register of the first Lululemon she.

Worked at so she switches stores she's like about to get fired from the first store and she kind of noticed what's going on so she switches stores before that happens but the old manager from her old store notifies a new manager so they're like you know suspicious now they start doing bag checks just because of her.

Basically so their chat which if you have an employee like this I don't understand fire them so they're checking bags and the nights in question Jen Jana is the one who checks her back and finds a pair of yoga pants unaccounted for no receipt she asks who sold you the yoga pants she says some girls named Jana calls the.

Girl and he's like no I didn't sell our yoga pants so clearly they got her she's stealing and at this point Britney had just gotten a better job at a fitness studio nearby so maybe she's thinking like if this gets out there I'm not gonna be able to be my fitness instructor at this new place so so yeah so Britney is charged with the murder.

And then that's kind of the motive for the whole thing so the real question of it's very obvious that Britney did it yeah so Britney kills her the question is is it premeditated this is what's up for debate I think in this case so because of the phone call at the start where she was like called around to make sure Jana was the one that came to open.

It it was like she was basically planning because yeah so it seems like maybe it's premeditated she knew when Jana come Jana came maybe she didn't know she's gonna kill her but I mean well what else would she have done right yeah like beat her up and then say don't say anything yeah it's just really I mean.

Don't we premeditated it's first degree in my opinion yeah so during the trial Britney gets a top defense attorney she decides the the attorney decides the best course of action is to admit to a violent encounter and claim insanity because the evidence is just too much to overcome yeah so the trial is like very emotional.

They unveil you know like the crime-scene photos they took there's like emotional heartfelt speeches by Britney's family just like character testimony yeah what a good person she is etc so man and it turns out this is just more into the murder some graphic stuff she was struck 300 times 150 times to.

The head over a hundred defensive wounds and between five and eight weapons were used so this is like a long ongoing attack do you know like have you seen pictures of them either of them like you've seen the case of their faces yeah and then so Britney was Britney just like periodically took the size 14 shoes and stomping them around yeah that's.

What it seems like maybe even just with our hands I mean a size 14 foot shoe like they're gonna find that guy if he exists because it's a big shoe right no there's a lot of guys with 14 is there yeah there's probably like I mean in the city of Atlanta there's probably 10,000 people Wow more maybe seems bigger.

The final injury all right now if she was alive through most of the attack and the final injury was like a deliberate stabbing to the back of her neck into her brain basically Jesus and we're the weapon so does she bring weapons with her know just like store stuff like you know those hooks that you hang like socks on just like yeah that's pretty.

Senseless people working next door heard talking screaming things breaking but they never like looked into it they never reported anything cuz they were there overnight to set up for an opening the next day don't you oh wait like you check things out yeah I don't know you probably check things out if they hear like screaming like deathly screaming.

Yeah or even like someone dropped a bunch of stuff you go and see if you can help them pick it up there was blood on the back emergency exit which means it seems like she almost got out of the door mm-hmm and then was grabbed back and the real only debate for the case was the premeditated murder yeah and that's what a lot of the case.

Revolved on and another thing that made us either charge her with first-degree though right yeah another thing that made it seem like premeditated was that she moved the car two blocks because the boss lived across the street okay to like cover her tracks that's not really premeditated I guess that was just like covering tracks there's after the fact.

So she should the Britney's dead so camp it doesn't help with the Bremen okay so that was that and the verdict was a quick decision one our guilty sentenced to life in jail okay just like it's so pointless yeah I know I see how things can escalate like I don't I would obviously have never happened to me but I can see when you're like really.

Wrapped up in something and you think like man I just got this job as a fitness instructor this is my big break up and waiting for this is gonna take me down like her sentence was life in prison no but like at 28 I I'm twenty eight right now if something I guess I don't take am anything seriously at this age but like even if something really.

Bad was could have potentially happened I'm not like I need to kill this person to them it's crazy well I guess I went along like that is there something in them that's just chemically I've seen aliens there has to be right I don't know or is it because I guess that's where it like comes into play is like a crime of passion or.

Premeditated but like are all premeditated murders like they have something wrong with them could it just be me and you and you know there's like well there's there's killing for purposes that are premeditated yeah this one was purpose was yeah there's a purpose but we wasn't like a gent like a purpose big enough.

Obviously what purpose is big enough like someone yeah rape to murder your family so you go after the kept erm in style sure I get it yeah there's that yeah she had to have some kind of mature fragile yeah you didn't like just not even like something totally off but like just like not fully like mature and you think your life is over.

Is anyone replacing a meal with a meal replacement shake I mean people do for convenience so like when you work or you're on the go that can be beneficial a lot of people if you bulletproof coffee like that yeah you can always like add protein and called into your beep bulletproof coffees the ball spun out of control and made her illogical.

That's what I'm kind of leaning towards like one thing led to another and then the next thing you know you're torturing and killing a person right it makes me so sick she started with shoplifting and then she was basically like shoplifting every day I don't know and then you're just kind of a criminal at that point right you start identifying as a.

Criminal maybe yes they give it a little woman a really bad name for a while what's the work there now yeah I probably did will you be doing cute or during your future pregnancy I will indeed I'm sure I'll be changing it up and I'll keep you guys posted for sure that's the plan psychopath says she's led a life of.

Crime like shoplifting with no remorse murder seemed no biggie that's definitely a big part of it cuz to be a shoplifter you do have to have kind of a disconnect from like I don't know the remorse I guess is what it is right yeah but you have no reference why do we know she's felt no remorse just because she continues he did it and she.

Stole people's money too like from their purses oh yeah see what you're doing there you're just like taking money that it's ounces you have yeah I did for my ex-boyfriend yeah I mean and I felt like now looking back like shame on me like I should have been caught like that's not cool to do when you book you.

Know you're 16 you're 17 but yeah the way she's doing it definitely something off are you eating that this is homemade yogurt from raw milk I made it we made like two big things I'll grab one one narcissistic rage yeah I made this big this is one gallon of milk turned into.

Yogurt Matt was like we should make Goldberg do you strain it we do the best we can we don't have really good equipment for straining it though why is there so much rules what does that mean unlike the keto diet keto rules there's no rules I mean there's rules too are you talk about rules of life like no murder ELISA Lam case that's one we're.

Probably gonna cover in the future took a lot of people think it's super interesting I really don't I I was gonna do that what the second week and I went really deep into it and there was a bit nice yeah there's not much for the case but the video is just are you showing the video would be really creepy for some people and they would like to see.

That so maybe we can do that maybe we can do like a quick one ELISA Lam style I really quick ones yeah we can do that I really want to do Steven Avery soon people have been asking I think most people really strongly think he's innocent because the documentaries what was her sentence she got life in prison yes rules and life in general like don't.

Murder people I think that's a good one huh JonBenet Ramsey I heard I saw in a magazine did they find something about the case recently like the murder wasn't that case is really complex yeah is it yeah it is kind of complex a lot of theories I'm moving back to the farm soon we have 12 chickens they're cutthroat Birds will.

Clean your yard of any insect or rat that's great rats – yeah the everything is completely out of control I'd agree $1 secret dragon 816 thank you so much full name yeah JonBenet I think the brother did it I think that's probably the most common theory the brother did it and the parents helped cover up yeah yeah.

There's a lot of parents who kill like young children out there oh you know what I was reading today is a crazy case I love the cases that tie in to like Reddit or what's that other forum that people use it's like a weird one I can't remember the name I get PDA one yeah no not Wikipedia though but there's this one where like there's a post on Reddit.

It's like what is the what is it like what is something you regret or like what is something you got away with it was just something like that and a guy posted that he killed someone accidentally and buried his body like in this certain location and then people got to dig fortune that's what it is and then people got to digging and they.

Figured out like okay this guy's from this area in Missouri just based on his posting history and then they go looking for missing kids in that area at that time and they find one and then they were like putting things together so it's like this reddit guy is responsible for this missing kid and there's like a few stories like that but do they say.

Anything to the police it never really got fix could you imagine if you were the guy who died Walsh and then you're like [__] why did I tell everyone they're putting the pieces together and there's another one where this guy is like I was a hot heating and water cooling fixer mechanic guy and the day after I worked on a house the house.

Exploded and everyone in it died and I could have that I like you know did I don't know the mechanism because I could have put the cap on this thing but then the next day I check and it was like in my tool bag there's another one like that just but what I think wouldn't they like go to him and be like what do you how did.

The inspection go I don't know he's got a lot of them are also just spoofs to like maybe that never happened you know this is all just too much for my heart to handle they ran a documentary recently at the 20-year on Jon Benet Ramsey case there was yeah there was that one on Netflix I think over Xmas I'm officially finished watching every.

Episode of Forensic Files that's gonna show it's scary sometimes I think it might be pretty sure she had a basketball or soccer scholarship and got off the yeah I think she played soccer I don't know that she had a scholarship but she might have so maybe at that point she was like and nothing can go like I can let things get worse cold.

Justice show on Netflix ooh we could watch that have you heard of the Haley min case no yes I have that's that's a done that's cereal oh yeah amen isn't it hey min Lee or maybe it is Haley men yeah why would you call it that everyone just calls it but I guess it is I think that's better.

To address it by the so most people say right I mean yogurt yeah homemade yogurt so what's the true story of Jon Benet I don't know we'll get into it yeah one day I have to do my research I remember when I first heard about it when I was really young cuz it happened when we were really young or was it great so like my mom I remember.

Mom's like oh my god it was such a big deal yeah also for your case I can't believe that there were two guys just happened to be on the yeah I think there were dishwashers or something next door hmm broadchurch on Netflix yes that's one of our favorites I love that series that guy from Colorado who killed his wife.

And children was moved to the same facility where Stephen Avery is that's weird I guess oh so the Jon Benet Ramsey case wasn't solved I saw yeah you're saying it sells tabloids to this day I saw one today and it was like after 20 years this guy DNA finally found this guy but it probably wasn't even that yeah that's crazy all.

This stuff really spooks me out so today when I was driving back from the grocery I stopped to get gas and I was like this is the perfect time for someone to just like walk up to me like punch me in the face steal my car or like you know or take me into their van there was a creepy like mechanic man next to me parked getting.

Gas and I was like I'm just like now eyes are open like I'm not on my phone it just really keeps you away attention up and running you know I'm still freaked out about bird box and mass suicide me too as when I was watching that movie I paused it and I was like Matt do you think anything like this go you do you ever happen and because we.

Don't have any curtains in our windows and I was like we're just gonna die but you don't have any like doomsday stuff to get we're gonna be Doomsday Preppers I know it's funny when you think about those people but then it's like to them I don't know what they're just thinking it's gonna happen and when we're all just gonna die what happens in.

That movie I guess don't ruin it for people yeah it's really good I highly recommend it I liked it I really loved Sandra Bullock I do get worried about some kind of mass epidemic type thing again though right because aren't our immune systems all really compromised these days and we have like crazy powerful like I don't know like plagues.

And stuff just in labs yeah like what if one of those gets out oh it gets into the wrong hands or like what if we get sick to the point where you know our antibiotics can't cure us anymore a lot of people are you know don't respond to antibiotics and we're not make continuously making them.

Antibiotics yeah there's only a certain like everyone doesn't need any bionics to live right yeah but that's what they prescribe unlike you get like really sick or something happens or like a virus like where if there's a virus no antibiotic can like help you with and it spreads then everyone dies that's like the Black Plague or whatever don't drink.

The kool-aid yeah the first time I heard about that Jonestown thing I was like how have I not heard about this before but it's so crazy I know that just freaked me out I remember the first and then I realized it existed and I made matlick watch remember in our plant apartment you made me watch what like a video on it and we were watching it a.

Little I thought I made you yeah because I discovered it and we wash it like okay yeah um watch the movie perfect sense for mass virus spreading worldwide perfect sense oh yeah antibiotics for infection I apologize but no medication that could help Miley and Julius are playing it's been sixty five hundred years we're.

Still here well we're getting sicker as a nation sixty-five hundred years it's been a couple hundred thousand we're still here have you seen the real pictures of the people dad from Jonestown yeah I have yeah I've heard the audio – yeah I have – it is some scary Shi T all right that it yeah hi from Connecticut got your cookbook for.

Christmas so happy elderberry for viruses I love that everyone always has like one of those for viruses elderberry just cures all viruses who was that Indian man who what was his name who save the Lord of Jonestown but not like just a cold the reason one yeah my country yeah is that what it's called the old country I.

Forget his name but that was a good one too on Netflix it was a series about that I have a relative that was involved with the Jonestown cult crazy stuff oh man yeah there's there's there are still some crazy cults actually okay back to another reddit story this was one I was thinking I was gonna do for an actual murder fee eight but there is a reddit.

Post and someone posted it's like I'm in a cult I need help and he's basically like saying like he knows nothing about himself he's like I think I'm Asian but I'm not sure just because it's like such a strict cult that you haven't know into it yeah you have no communication with the outside world it's like I want I think I want to escape my brothers and.

Sisters are in here still too so I don't want to leave them if anyone in the cult finds out that I'm on the internet they will like ban me and just all this crazy stuff and people have just like been getting clues about him and they're like actually held home apparently it could all be a spoof of course but apparently he's like in Canada and they think they.

Know what cult it is now what called I forget the name of it but that yeah just crazy yeah I mean the fact that like things like that exist and then it's also possible that is just some doofus in his garage like on the computer just scamming people is ridiculous like it's so frustrating Scientology the.

Cult of wild Canadians is that what it's called no it's like a pretty one cult Netflix documentary blackfish yeah I've seen that one about SeaWorld that's sad that's not a cult though right no it's just it is very sad so sad yeah you watch that one me yeah yeah I watched it at your apartment one day in San.

Francisco a while ago what's like the best documentary you've ever seen mmm I feel like I've seen a lot of good ones it's hard to recall what's your guys favorite documentary I like the mysteries that involve money like the show greed I don't think I've seen Creed yeah I get some oh you've never seen green no oh that is really really good.

Um I like Bernie Madoff type stories but then I also like obviously like the the girl with them the mom who kept the girl sick that one was really good yeah I remember that one it's called – I think my favorite is gyro Dreams of Sushi my brother loved that it's so good it's obsessed with that just the message there's some other good ones too though.

There's a really good one I can't remember the name fat sick and nearly dead yeah I mean it's kind of good but the info and it is like kind of bad also like juicing constantly just like a 60 day juice fast Gypsy Rose I've never heard of that have you know Gypsy Rose that's the name of the the one with the girl I was just gypsy well just cut the.

Packet open I was like he's that documentary did you watch the HBO show autopsy was it on in the 90s I watched a few of those yeah I never yeah religious documentaries like that are super great being fooled by leaders yeah so there's one there's a really good one where a guy is a fake guru and he develops a following.

Is it Kumar eh I think it's called Kumar eh no it's how are we doing with the same one no we're talking about different ones there's one where this guy he's like a 28 year old just like a smart guy he's Indian but he's just from New Jersey speaks English like exactly like mega but he like puts on an Indian accent and pretends to be a guru a.

Spiritual guru he do he gets a following over like 20 or 30 people and he eventually it's all just to like prove that you should be just 20 or 30 a lot and then he eventually tells them at the end he's like super nervous to tell them because they all die hard believe in him and it's like kind of a lesson to just you know like be skeptical about stuff.

That's hilarious supersize for a super skinny I've watched a few of those there's always pop up on YouTube yeah they do and I was like why is this popping up maybe because I watched it yeah but I've seen them before we watch them together a British show right yeah I love that they're in British they're.

Like British English as their legs yeah twelve packets of crisps a day what are those and they're always just having like sausage biscuits – that's like a big thing in brown meat pies sausage biscuits takeaway in stone yeah she's eating 12 stone of crisps I liked an innocent man but no you guys didn't like it – oh man.

Started it remember I didn't finish it it was decent I liked it but you didn't like it so he stopped watching it Lina remedies the aftermath of Scientology I watched most of that it is fascinating um go to shooter was really fast Leah Remini is no longer into Scientology she left the church and.

She's speaking out against it to help others like also come out of it but going clear was fascinating I don't know I was like this isn't like can make me think that this is it makes sense for the world have you seen the master no it's about Scientology it's with Joaquin Phoenix is he a Scientologist no but it's just like a drama oh he's an.

Actor Greenleaf is some kind of show I haven't seen that one Blue Bloods cheap buddies what's that anything Roger Moore Roger Moore is he's like the bullying for Columbine guy I don't like those documentaries Stiles he's like goes up two doors and knocks on them in there hey yeah he seems like very political.

And sort of like distorts things to me but the Bowling for Columbine one I think that one was pretty decent but I remember like the 9/11 one it seemed kind of kind of like conspiracy theory ish right Fahrenheit 9/11 I think it was oh that's Michael Moore Roger Moore who's Roger lol that's Michael we just got into a deep cut this was fun.

Yes a lot more I liked listening to your case I can't wait for won't you be my neighbor we serve God knows hello boring it was a mega got bored I would have finished it I would not approach it how do we didn't okay we're calling it we love you this was.

Fun we will see you before next Wednesday for keno stuff but next Wednesday for crime see you guys
'The Yoga Store Murder' and 'The Murder of Cindy James'
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