‘The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau’ and ‘Who Killed Dorothy Jane Scott’

‘The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau’ and ‘Who Killed Dorothy Jane Scott’

‘The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau’ and ‘Who Killed Dorothy Jane Scott’

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Welcome to murder CA guys we're back we missed last week we don't really have a great way of alerting you to the fact that we're not gonna be doing it we just tell you at 9:00 at 9:00 if you follow us on Instagram you know that's really the only way maybe I could make like a youtube story next time but we do have some big news today we have a new.

Cookbook you can pre-order it doesn't come out till when September 17th but you can pre-order on Amazon and the price is like 23 bucks already so that's good you can also pre-order on like Target kampar the nobles all the glorious places so we're really excited about that it's basically baby number two.

Right we're gonna get a baby in August then we're gonna add a baby in September and if you guys are new to this this is not really keto related it's just murder mysteries and we're a little early so if you're rewatching this let me start at 5:30 pieces maybe four words are like the 12-minute mark that's when the cases begin and the camera looks crooked but.

That's the best I could do but I do have a really good mini mystery today and we got dinner we went to a Whole Foods hot bar so I got asparagus BBQ chicken breast this has a little bit of sugar in the barbecue sauce but it looked good so I just went with it there's probably a couple grams they're delicious and then I got these chicken wings and.

I'm gonna no Mikado and then I got a whole chicken and I'm gonna put some duck fat on my asparagus and so I have half the chicken on my plate the other half is gonna be for tomorrow we're gonna eat all that that's the play on I just had a bunch of usually I can't do it I got a ton of work rinds those starving and then I have a side of mayo.

And barbecue sauce mixed so this is protein and fat but this is like just basically fat special sauce sex sauce fancy sauce fancy sauce that's apparently what it's called and I am looking at questions on Facebook but again when we're doing our cases we're really just talking about the cases so.

If we can't hit your question sorry about that but between cases we will answer some questions and let us know what you guys are having for dinner tonight give people ideas yeah everyone's always looking for a nice change up gonna order the cookbook for sure your first one was the bomb thank you so much that means a lot and if you.

Guys could leave Amazon reviews that's really what helps with the sales of the cookbook yeah you got time it's free you could do it that'd be nice and I guess I could show the bump off um what are we 34 weeks and a couple days someone says ever try legendary foods peanut butter we have it's good it's just like.

I mean peanut butter is already good enough it's like too good I don't need peanut butter that's I shop wood chips or pecan pie or like blueberries but we saw the baby today and he is like doing phenomenal and apparently he has a lot of hair from what we could see which is definitely oh I was very hairy as a baby we should tell you a little about the.

Book I guess so yeah our first book was just a cookbook 100 was 150 recipes no it was like a hundred and for a little over 100 recipes this one is equally as many recipes but I also wrote I don't know how many words but probably like 50 pages or so yeah a frontmatter just like an actual book on nutrition and not like from the point of view of.

As a nutritionist but just like my understanding of things here's some recommendations for people starting and there's a 50 day meal plan step by step so that's the whole thing it's a 50 day guide book mm-hmm and I think it's pretty comprehensive hopefully it'll help people just starting or if you've been doing it for a while I want to.

Rededicate yourself people loved meal plans I think this is a good one and then there's also over a hundred recipes so if you're not going it for the guidebook you're still getting a whole book of recipes and if you're not in it for the recipes you're getting back fifty day meal plan yep and just our thoughts so you guys ready for.

The mini mystery this was a great one I always look on the unresolved mysteries subreddit when I'm looking for cases and this one is just for I like it okay so here's the story mini mystery so it's the secret room number 322 so there's this hotel room it's in or there's his hotel it's in Houston right it's called the Zaza hotel.

And this guy he posted this to Reddit so this guy goes to the hotel with it's a business trip him and a few friends everyone gets rooms normal rooms he gets room 322 so he goes in he's like okay this is like one person away know if he didn't know was special but they're like yeah your room 322 go to room 322 so he goes up there.

And he opens door and it's like one-third the size of his friends that got rooms and it's like a dungeon and it has weird paintings like skulls on the wall and stuff and the most out of place thing in the room is this portrait of a man named Jay Camus and he apparently was the head of a the Stanford Financial Group and in 2009 it was shut down by.

The government for being a massive Ponzi scheme apparently and he actually usually on reddit you're skeptical of things right but he actually posted pictures of the room so have those so this is the room that he was assigned there's this weird creepy weird and this is just like a hotel things like yeah give me a room he goes in and he gets.

This room skull clock skull painting just like a bunch of weird paintings and stuff there's a good shot there's no carpeting on the floor it's just unfinished cement weird and that's the the portrait of the man wait what was that man again J comb you okay he apparently headed some financial group that was allegedly.

Found to be a Ponzi scheme in 2009 hmm so that's the room and it's really small but you can see there's like the beds kind of made there's it looks like it is an actual hotel room right kind of that is so it looks like someone's bedroom in New York yeah like thanks but suppose brick wall there's supposed to be cool so they this became a big thing on.

Reddit and apparently other people had been falsely assigned the room like they went up to the room and then they got changed so people were kicking around theories on what could have caused this why would this room exist right and the first thought is maybe this is just like the weirdest publicity stunt where they like accidentally accidentally assign.

Someone to the room and then the Lego no you got the wrong room we got to change it to a real room and then people are like what is that room and then it becomes a thing like it did yeah so that was the first theory and the hotels doing this like intentional yeah the second theory is a hotel employee is possibly living there yeah that makes.

More sense and then everyone was talking about the J comeyou pote picture a lot and like that makes no sense and the best theory anyone came up with for why that would be there was just out of complete randomness like maybe for the sake of being super random they did that and that's probably maybe why and with the last theory which seems kind of.

Reasonable is that it's a room where they test out designs for future rooms because it's designed to make sense apparently there are a few rooms in the hotel where it's themed okay yes as I hotel that kind of sounds like something what do you guys think of that I want to eat Paula green donated $5 I.

Said thanks for all you do thank you are you done with the garage gym yet yeah we got to finish the video on it mm-hmm we've been using over the past a couple weeks it's great apparently social media is like glitchy cuz a lot of people on Facebook are saying it's not working oh really and then Instagram wasn't working.

Facebook owns Instagram maybe there's that going on on YouTube yeah it looks like someone's personal room yeah it is someone didn't get notified when we go live I think you hit the bell right that's what notifies you yeah usually it doesn't always work though magic spoon cereal is great you all would love it Spencer Walker says $2 donation oh yeah.

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Well it was really hot and we didn't have a good place to do it like if we were on a boat and I was like drinking like vodka diet and like listening to music like I can see that being really enjoyable it wouldn't be about the fishing though be about like the snacks and the drinks and be on the water for me well if you catch one every once in a.

While it's fun yeah that would be so exciting always be ready my son was born at 35 weeks yeah that's what we're realizing um cuz I'm how many weeks are you I'm over 34 yeah before baby inside you yeah 3:22 is Skull and Bones address what does that mean I don't know what's going bones it has an address mega can you do.

A what's in a hot in my hospital bag video yeah oh that could actually be a really good idea I have to uh I want to pack it this week okay so once I get it together yeah I can share that it's not Quito at all take on Virgil's soda Matt really likes it but the cams use it like a ton of erythritol yeah the canned ones have I think about.

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Saw her case is kind of weak today but she usually under promises over delivers god this one's so weak I'm so sorry but my case is super good so someone a bunch of people recommended it mm-hmm and he came with the good murder mystery um my first son was super weary weary with weary weary I don't know oh born at 25 weeks Wow.

And my youngest was born five weeks early okay Oh super curly probably yeah what's for dinner I have half the rotisserie chicken that I we got from Whole Foods we like to do Whole Foods hotbar and versus your chicken when we're like in a crunch Wednesdays we're usually really busy cuz that's been wouldn't been with my.

Like doctor's appointments are we're doing cases videos let's see if Facebook's up and we do have a baby name picked up we just haven't shared it yet yeah we will Dow it'll be a nice reveal Valerie Nia Oh Bettina thank you for the 150 you rube rube Ella's Rubio's I don't know I don't know are you be high from the other side.

Of the word world love to tell about your channel to my Russian friends thank you what's Russian currency is it like rubles or something rubles yeah there's rubles what's the weirdest ingredient needed for your new cookbook honestly guys like when we come with recipes we we try to stay away from like weird ingredients obviously because you.

Don't really have to buy something and then not use a lot of it what is the weirdest though you know what's one you might have to go out and buy maybe xanthan gum and then comes the only thing I can think of but we use that regularly as a thickening agent and sauces or in like baked goods or something boy or girl we're having a boy.

when the new cookbook is coming out September 17th it's on pre-order right now so you can get that locked in yeah I'll link it in chat it's right there I think that should take you to it yeah and it's a really good price my baby name guess is Roman or Caesar Wow you're actually very close you're not well for.

The middle name I guess oh but uh Roman is wine we're thinking what we're tossing around and we're like oh maybe for the second Roman is a really good name I love it and not because of Rome though but because of succession yeah we love all their names watching with my kids they say hi and congrats on the baby boy Obama hashtag mom's boys hi.

Kids Gigi ever thank you for the $2 donation thoughts on bill to Mars I love you guys we've never tried those seen other people trying them I've heard the consistency is like it looked like a mashed banana honestly the consistency yeah but I've never even heard of a mercy no I've heard they're decent but.

Like we haven't had the chance to try them Matt is your mom coming for the baby arrival no she's not gonna come and help out are you starting your case ever yeah started don't mean isn't how he talks to me well I want to solve the mystery it's not a business the most fun I have oh it's not a mystery there's death already.

Who killed Dorothy sound let's see I'll figure out who killed her who killed Dorothy Jane Scott so just as a reference point this took place in 1980 you like the old ones I do because then like no phones are involved I mean it just like it took more up in the air it's like crazy right how could this happen.

Okay so Dorothy Scott was a 32 year old single mother and she lived with her son Sean who was four years old and her aunt in a town just outside of Anaheim California she was very religious and she took great care of herself son according to everyone and her social circle was just friends from her church group so you would think like okay.

That's just like a good person right yeah it seems like she's my paper keeps a tight circle yeah and she worked as a secretary for a shop for for a shop and then did the accounting the shop next door and both of these shops were like hippie type shops so they sold bombs tie-dye gear lava lamp jobs yeah but like more she's.

Like hangout spots for people and that's the so she worked at one of them and then dude accounting for the other while Dorothy worked she would drop off her son at her parents house that's a weird place to work if she's very religious and only has friends from church right place oh but so the note is that her dad apparently owned one of the.

Shop she was a secretary at but then he sold it and it's like you would imagine that's how she got the job there because he's still like does handyman weren't there installs out so that's how he's connected to that shop couple donations $5 from Morgan Butler you guys are awesome you should do a holiday keto cookbook do you know if the macros from.

Zamboanga are available they're available in in the store maybe you can probably ask I think just the net carbs they're available and then teen teen $15 donation thanks for all you do you've helped my Aikido progression immensely thank you that means a lot get up okay back to Dorothy so like I said so when she would work she would drop her.

Son off at her parents house and they would just watch him make sense they live nearby and when she was working only when she was working several months before she disappeared she started receiving phone calls while at work you love these type of cases it's a stalking case I do love stops it's like the one it is like the.

One Wow and it was always the same man on the other end and he would go one up one of two ways he would be like it's he would express his love for her and say how he admires her and you know great things or he would be very violent and he would say how he's gonna hurt her hurt her and hurt her family and so like his mood was very volatile going back.

And forth and he also made it very clear that he was watching her basically all the time so he would like tell her what she did before she got into work and exactly what she was wearing like with good detail so like you could yeah he was definitely watching her um and she said she told her mom and she said that she could recognize his voice.

But she couldn't place it so that's really scary yeah cuz it's like someone you might know but like you're yeah you're really like and you can't figure it out yeah Wow so due to these calls right and the threatening miss and her fear she took up karate lessons and considered even buying a handgun handgun but she ended.

Up not buying one because she didn't want her son to find it and injure himself good mom I guess right that's what you could say I mean you put it where your son can't get it also though yeah but I don't know some people but some parents have fear that so the cold went on for a while until it came to climax on May 20th 1980 and just like a.

Fun fact I was trying to think of a way to phrase that sentence and I like climax was the only word that I could think to use defend up crescendo peak but like all these words like don't really fit so it was just like I was like I'm gonna say climax on camera anyway so on May 20th 28 1980 it was the evening of an employee meeting so she.

Drops her son off Shawn at her parents and she heads to the shop for the employee meeting and during the meeting she could tell that wonderful coworkers Conrad was getting like more and more ill by like basically the minute and he even noticed a red mark or like rash that was growing on his arm it's poisoned or something something yeah so.

Dorothy and another co-worker Pam they offered and took him to the ER and Dorothy drove and she first stepped his Chuck she first stopped to check in on her son he was doing fine so they immediately went to the hospital after that and he didn't been determined that Conrad was bitten by a black widow spider whoa right those common I've seen.

One before you have yeah what did you do I think killed it how big are they it wasn't that big of one of those maybe like that you touch you went near when it can bite you I had someone else kill it that's scary what the hammer right looks like they have a red hourglass on their back whoa yeah that's badass so while.

They were waiting for Conrad to come out of the treatment room they were just chatting and they stayed together the entire time according to Pam while they were waiting but right when Conrad came out Dorothy ran to the bathroom real quickly and then she went she headed back they were gonna go over to the pharmacy to fill Conrad's.

Prescription and she thought like hey let me go grab my car I'll bring it around front so Conrad doesn't have to walk to what time what time of day is this so like that evening 11 mission piano go so they began to fill these prescription and Dorothy walked to get her car and they saw her walk out and and that was the last time she'd ever.

Been seen so it would only have taken Dorothy five minutes to pull her car around but Pam and Conrad waited 20 minutes until they saw her 1973 white station wagon speeding around the corner but they had like the headlights were on so Pam and Conrad couldn't see who was actually driving the car and the car drove past them out.

Of the parking lot and took a right turn so that's that like we just must have been the stalker yeah you would think so this happened around 11:00 p.m. as I mentioned and the co-workers thought maybe like she heard some bad news about her son or she realized she had like another engagement to attend to so they wait around for two hours for her to.

Come back because you know in 1980 no mobile phones they can't contact her and they don't want to leave and then she comes back and she's worried so after two hours they contact Dorothy's parents Vera and Jacob I believe how did they get ahold of hurt them I pay them but the parents said that she hadn't returned to the house or they hadn't.

Seen her so they start to panic at this point contact the police but the police didn't think much of it since she was a grown woman and in in and Conrad's mind she drove off right that's the logical thing to think yeah so they were like you know she's a grown woman she could drive off on her own but it wasn't until her burning car was.

Found abandoned in an alley about ten miles from the hospital I think it was like a week later how she wasn't reported missing for a week or a couple days later yeah because she's a grown woman I mean like she could do what she wants right and the police just didn't take it seriously I think it comes down to that as well so.

Once this was realized like her car was abandoned on fire but she was nowhere to be found her family co-workers and all local sex offenders were interviewed by the police but nothing came of it so it's a they did their due diligence in that regard and she had disappeared on a Wednesday and it was the following Wednesday that.

Dorothy's mom Vera received a phone call from a man who asked if she was related to Dorothy Scott the mom said yes and the man hangs up so the police told the parents the police had told the parents not to speak to the press regarding Dorothy missing but after that call the father went straight to the local newspaper and the next day a story was.

In the newspaper they ran it on Dorothy so that makes sense right why would you go to the newspaper so that everyone it was a small town so everyone in the town would know about its 1980 where would you go to the police where would you tell a newspaper yeah but the police did know yeah they said don't tell the newspaper right yeah.

So why would you tell the newspaper then because you want like you're getting a call from a random man who could potentially have Dorothy you want exposure to it no you want the police to know and investigate what is the random public person gonna do to do that they might have seen her oh it seemed Dorothy but wasn't it knowing that she was.

Missing no they don't boys didn't want anyone to know about it so it was all kept under wraps so the following day the owner of the paper Pat receives a phone call himself from a man who said I killed her I killed Dorothy Scott she was my love I caught her cheating with another man she denied she denied having another man I killed her.

This is just so much like hearsay you have to go on in this case bed okay the man continues to provide further detail to Pat about the night so like the man on the phone knew why she was at the hospital the black widow bite to Conrad and knew exactly what Dorothy was wearing that night she went missing so that corroborates like this guy.

Probably knows what happened to her or maybe was a part of it I mean I think it's pretty obvious the stalker guy killed her right I thought this is now that guy so the odd thing though you would think is going back to what Pam had said that they were together the entire time Conrad was getting treated so wasn't easy for her to like make a.

Phone call with it being 1980 because the man on the phone that called Pat the stalker said that it was Dorothy who called him that night to pick her up so he I in my mind he's lying he's just crazy yeah obviously right but he said that so if we're going off of that it doesn't add up like it doesn't make sense she would have had to gone to a.

Payphone and that would take longer than just you know oh it would take a long time and at the time you know tracing pay phones wasn't doable so nothing could really be confirmed if that was true and then regarding the cheating Dorothy hadn't been dating anyone at the time to the null acknowledgment of her parents or the co-workers and she seems.

Like a good person she had a close group of friends and she and she was dropping Shaun off at her parents wherever she went so like her parents always knew where she was going so I mean she's 32 years old though like I'm sure she's not telling her parents everything yeah it's possible for sure so the initial suspect is gonna be Shawn.

Right no he's gonna be Shawn's father not before you old son sorry but he was looked into and he lives in Missouri and had an airtight alibi so he's checked off the list and then eventually all the leads died off and the police have nothing to go off but every year or now every week on Wednesday for the next four years.

A man would call the parents house when the mom like during the day when the mom was alone and either say is Dorothy there or I killed the I killed Dorothy or that he has her did they trace the call so yeah so the police were placed recording devices in the house but the voice was never recognized by anyone and the call was never long enough to be.

Traced you know like has to be a certain month that's what we learn from the movies at least and then in April of 1984 one night the supposed killer called at AG night instead of during the day when the father was home and the father picks up but without say anything this supposed killer hangs up and doesn't call back like he doesn't call.

Back ever I believe or for a while so we're thinking this guy like has an alarm set he's like ones day it's noon yeah but like why did he hang up when the father picked up I don't know like do you think the father would have recognized his voice it was someone the phone maybe yeah no well I guess that's.

The only real deer we have to go off right yeah so three and a half months after the call stopped Dorothy's body remains are found by a construction worker digging on the side of a road and he found her she found two thighs one skull one pelvis and then a turquoise ring in a watch and the mom confirms those two things belonged to.

Dorothy and an autopsy could never never determined what was the cause of her death so that's really what it comes down to and just you know for your knowledge in 1990's if this happened in 1980 in 1990 California became the first state to criminalize stalking hmm so even if she like filed anything at the time that's weird that that wasn't.

Criminalized what would have been considered you know maybe stalking is like a newer thing like in the 1900s were there stalkers but like in 1980 in 1970 I feel like there were but it wasn't actually criminalized until it 1990 so yeah that's the case I mean there's not a time to go off to off of in terms of like who it could have been.

I couldn't imagine being like a young woman being stalked yeah just be the most terrifying thing yeah but it comes down to being either someone she knew or maybe the family knew or a stranger and like what is more likely in your mind now what was the question so much a new versus a stranger I mean she said she kind of like recognized the voice and.

The thing about calling the dad I probably Australian I don't know would you stalk a stranger though I think it seems more likely that you would sock someone you kind of know or you would even like come into contact with them randomly when you are stalking them and then you have to make something up you're like oh hey I'm John you know I.

Don't know you at all we saw that one show what's it called you remember the one with the stalker guy that ends up dating the girl and then like you know you remember it you think man oh I know you you yeah hey guy new Kido guy here welcome aboard hey what do you guys think of that one not really much of a mystery oh we got.

Two donations five dollars from Nikki bunny you guys are so real hope to meet you guys in person at Kido con next year oh yeah with us hopefully I mean what yeah I'll be having it we'll have a baby Oh bring the baby yeah you can bring babies that are like a year old right yeah I'm.

Just saying they might not bring him Jess I gotta go to 20 dollar donation please say hi to my mom Deborah we're both fans doing Kito with your help thank you PS she thinks you should name the baby Mateo Matthew in Spanish like that my Deborah hey Debbie she probably either loves or hates being called Debbie oh if you were my mom I'd.

Call her Debbie cakes you would ah I'd be cute and I'm someone said what am i doing might you're gonna do yeah that's a Mayo concoction its Mayo and barbecue sauce I would stalk someone I knew by sight only I love that you're giving us your perspective on it but yeah I feel the same way not that I would stalks that.

One I mean doesn't know don't you lose like the enjoyment of it when you actually pick them up and kill them and that's it yeah I think part of the pleasure is just knowing that they live in terror and being able to call them and tell them what they're wearing we got any sweets or anything no she hates being called Debbie oh this.

One this peanut butter oh we got these cookies shouts two fat snacks that your Center as a bunch of cookie and stops their cookies are my favorite and their mats too my favorite is the peanut butter flavor our Matt likes to double chocolate but they do have oh no they don't have these eyelets on them so they.

Have a little toilet also be careful around the pets only three grands oh there's no mystery in stalking someone you know that's kind of know there is because you learn about their intimate habits you like when they take showers you like look through the blinds yeah see when they pick their nose in the car that was the thing that was so.

Unrealistic about that show you on Netflix she's just like showering and then like taking off her towel on the front window of a New York City apartment I was like no one does that and he'd be like three feet from her yeah all the time she never knew hit my goal on Sunday forty pounds gone I'm now down 43 starting again 37 to go nice.

Killing it Matt looking around for sweets is me every night at 1:00 a.m. your op that one I am no one I didn't just go to bed and that'll that'll really just crush that no I look for sweets after dinner a lot of the time so I'm gonna tried the dang bars they're yummy they are sorry I'm eating this like a savage.

Should I get going with mine let me finish this cookie first I Boston fast facts cookies very dry did I get a bad back yes cuz they're actually very soft like the most moist and soft cookies you must have got a bad batch favorite zvo flavor I like this black cherry one oh yeah let's do it okay.

But Megan likes Cola I think whoa you're trying to get leverage on me how do you do it even you gotta have it even okay oh yeah oh oh that was actually closer than thought you bet did you make a wish no oh my god something about you didn't even deserve to get it baby being healthy I guess right no you can't tell.

Him oh it has no idea how to live his life Julius boo Tube says I think she knew the person because of the dad and because she recognized the voice yeah what do you think the percentage chances that you hear someone's voice me like I recognize that voice but you really don't.

Hi hi I think so child very high what about good to go bars I don't know I've never tried those either are they Kito good to go bars yeah they're coming out with so many of these things it's hard to really keep up they are keyed oh I don't know I'm looking at it right now as I protein bars um me too I love the cold line my hubby's loves black black.

Black cherry oh we're twins ball I don't know if I'm missing something but these are just really high carb protein bars yes did I have a keto version they must doesn't look like they do No so the good to go bars are a bad to go yeah my Pig all bars someone just bragged about how they're really good at recognizing voices no I feel like yeah.

Some people are really good at that like I don't have I haven't yeah I don't know I don't know if mine would be great it would be interesting to like do try like a test or something yeah these are just protein bars standard protein bars I wouldn't buy those personally seven pounds and seven months went from.

Size twenty four to sixteen thirty more to go thanks for your videos yeah someone got two cases of perfect Keadle almond butter bars for 10 bucks wow that's really good deal but they're disgusting people say they are good maybe I can make them into cookies I would maybe yeah you could try that but I would also wait a bit maybe make a.

Week or two and then give it another try because the first time I tried if I didn't love them either I didn't like them at all to be honest and now I do like them not my favorite bars but I do like them oh it's it's pellet I looked at the wrong one someone's saying it's felt good to go well they obviously didn't do market research to realize.

Someone has their exact name but with the numbers Julius no Julius do we have a link for fats no I'm not sure I don't think we have a link but if we have a code it's probably keto connect what oh here's a huge building oh those are good to go those are actually the bars I was talking about not the belt bars I've seen people try those on Instagram so.

These are 15 carbs seven fiber five sugar alcohols howdy so it seems like there are three net carbs almond flour in uhland yeah looks pretty good looks good to me well why would you name your company good to go when there's already a company called good to go that's terrible terrible business acumen there cuz you're not gonna you're gonna.

Find the other one first yeah all right you guys ready for Rebecca's ah how this case is mind-blowing and I just threw this case I thought one thing and I think now I think another thing that's a tongue twister and he has pictures we got some pictures here right Rebecca's aha so she's 32 years old she.

Was what we would call a socialites in the San Diego area do you know socialite is yeah just someone wining and dining with the bigwigs and she was living a glamorous life she was the an extremely wealthy pharmaceutical executive named Jonah how wealthy was Jonah well they often vacationed at his 15 million dollar.

Estate in San Diego and that's his vacation property so I was just like a pharmaceutical executive pharmaceutical executive oh yeah so you know you gotta think he's got a milot 100 million in the bank minimum in July of 2011 Rebecca is alone at the home the the the San Diego estate with Jonah's six-year-old son from a previous it was.

A marriage but just from another woman so it's her at home with the six-year-old son well Rebecca is taking a shower there's a loud thump and a crash Max had fallen off of the staircase how old is he 6 6 he'd fallen off of a staircase and landed at the floor below his injuries are very serious and it's it's a one-story I'll.

Show you a picture of it a little bit later and it's a one-story staircase and his injuries are very serious massive trauma to the brain so it's not that big of a staircase not too big but I'll show you pictures he is put into an induced coma the family is at his bedside around-the-clock sadly Max's condition does not improve and Rebecca feels very.

Guilty about this yeah since she was the one obviously responsible for watching him it is said by the doctors that if he regains consciousness he will never be able to walk or talk again oh my gosh Jonah's brother at this point Jonah's brother Jonah is the pharmaceutical executive his brother comes into town because.

Tragedy so Rebecca picks up his brother from the airport and everything seems to be normal and they go to dinner that night so at dinner it's Jonah Adam and Rebecca so the brothers and Rebecca two days after the incident with Max Jonah leaves Rebecca a voicemail so Jonah is her boyfriend leaves no voicemail saying like Jonah's condition is getting worse.

The actual contents of this voicemail are debated if it was like kind of threatening or if it was just like hey doctor has just said Jonah's taking a turn for the work max max not Jonah so Jonah is the father max as a son says like Max is taking a turn for the worse we don't know what's gonna happen things are looking bad so there was some kind.

Of voicemail sent it could never be retrieved but in court testimony Jonah says yeah I just like reported what the doctor told me to her at 6:30 a.m. the following morning so this is the third morning after Max's fall Jonah's brother Adam comes out of the guest house where he's staying this this is like a huge compound there's the main.

House there is the guest house there's like some other like maintenance buildings and stuff it's really big and he comes out of the guest house and finds Rebecca hanging from the balcony of the main house tied up and like naked dead he thinks she's dead Adam immediately runs to the kitchen grabs a knife cuts her open cuts the rope from.

Her feet or her neck like right here and it does she tries to perform CPR it doesn't work it's too late he called 911 recording of the call seems pretty standard to me nothing stands out really he's like I think she's dead she was hanging from the balcony I'm doing CPR come as best you can and they respond in like one to two.

Minutes and investigators arrive and they begin to take note of the scene the rope she was tied to was tied to a bed frame in room so there's a bed it's tied to the bed frame and then it goes out of the balcony and she's hanging okay a message is written on the door of that bedroom it says she saved him.

Can you save her here's the bed frame or here's the the door she saved him can you save her what does that mean yeah no one really has a good what that means it's from some book like they've ctrl-f just search through the Amazon database and it appears in a few books apparently but no real understanding of what that means after a seven-week investigation.

Investigators come to a conclusion Rebecca's death is ruled a suicide and she was naked yeah so we'll get into how exactly she was found in a minute here police note her love police note that her love for max her feeling of guilt and the lack of any physical evidence supporting foul play as the reason they're ruling it a suicide.

So immediately everyone's kind of like whoa what's going on here because the way she was tied is her hands are tied behind her back and her her feet are like kind of tied back to almost like hogtied kind of kind of not fully though and she has a noose around her neck and she has a t-shirt that's like tied around gagging her mouth so no way she.

Did this to herself well we'll see but yeah that's the initial hang yourself that's the headline of the story it's like woman is found bound and gagged hanging ruled suicide you know that's insane right that would that makes no sense the family is outraged and just because the fact of how she was found and she they think it.

Clearly indicates foul play murder yeah so that's the big stuff evidence in the case first off though we have to read that I think Max's death well before that Jessica go thank you for the five dollar donation now my mom Debra wants to know if Megha has a birth plan she'd adopt you too she could L allow all the best to you and the baby I do have it we.

Have your birth plan birth plan um but I mean you know when something like that happens often [__] can hit the fan right that's what everyone says yeah we have a plan but it may alter but I'm definitely gonna like have it printed out like the baby's plan at least cuz mine I have more control over but like what I want done for the baby at the time of.

Delivery maybe we'll share it in a video right sure we'd have to like specifically describe why we want these certain things done yeah for the baby but yeah I'm gonna have my birth plan and then a baby plot birth plan on separate papers maybe laminated for the medical people okay so let's go back was Max's death an accident or I think.

That's an important thing to ask yeah because if it wasn't an accident then maybe you could say Rebekah is responsible for his death and no one's really saying that some people are like this is weird this kid fell off of a staircase and died that doesn't happen very often right so oh and yeah I didn't say that but he ended up dying about a.

Week after the accident No okay so that makes a big difference so here is the exact staircase so this is the main floor it goes up right there that's that's or that's a top floor so that's the floor he was on he fell this chandelier was damaged so he fell over the banister fell somehow yeah he fell right in here.

That's pretty high for death though that seems trauma it's probably 10 feet how do you break a leg or something and also the banister like pretties howdy get away that's the thing so how tall was a six-year-old probably like three five three and a half feet I don't know three and a half feet maybe but what was found was a.

Razor scooter was found on top of his one of his legs soccer balls were around his now leg around his feet but in the area and what else was there and the chandelier was broken okay and then here's the only real image I could see but someone made a reenactment of what this potentially could have looked like so like maybe he's on a scooter he falls.

Over like you know like some kind of crazy chandelier that banister I could see you yeah I guess I could see you dying if you just go headfirst like right into the edge or something there of the banister yeah because if you had to go into an induced coma like you've obviously I'm assuming you've hit your.

Head severely right yeah yeah if he's on a scooter too I don't know how tall they are though and how fast he was going but yeah yeah I don't know it's it's definitely suspicious but there's no real evidence of foul play so then more about rebecca's death so there's a blue shirt was used as a mouth gag and it was.

Wrapped around the noose three times and the sleeves of the shirt were tied in knots and then that was stuffed in her mouth as a gag that's it seems elaborate toxicology shows nothing in Rebecca's system a medical examiner ruled that the cause was likely suicide by hanging based on the way her neck bones were fractured like one side they said she.

Probably went over sideways because one side was like more heavily impacted Adam the brother of the rich guy okay and he's like the real other suspect here if you guys haven't figured that out so Adams in the guest house he says he took a sleeping pill that night and that makes us because he's traveling people do that when they travel a.

Convenient convenient to say yeah that's how it seems like what happened is max's condition changed between when they went to dinner and when she was found dead so like they went to dinner it seems to be quite cordial everyone at that point was like yeah max is gonna make a full recovery it's he's getting better and better and.

Then at some point around midnight or so it seems like diagnosis changed he's probably never gonna walk or talk again if he even survives and then 6:30 a.m. she's found there is no foul play with him outside of what had happened right the accident itself he was just in the hospital and yeah no one went in and like suffocated him so right yeah with.

The pillow but Rebecca's feet were dirty when her body was probably really dirty there's pictures of them and there was two footprints consistent with the way she was tied up found on the balcony close together-like waddling type footprints wait that doesn't matter though the guy could be like now walk yeah it could be you did this to him I'm.

Gonna do this to you sounds like you're for sure that she was murdered well that's yeah I mean I it seems unimaginable that she did all those things to herself before hanging do you remember the one case you did though right yeah that woman yeah yeah Rebecca showed some signs of depression four to three months prior to her death.

This is somewhat disputed by her family of course she stopped exercising and she had previously been a health nut and you can see pictures of her she had like a six-pack she probably was a health nut she looked really young yeah she's 32 she stopped eating and had trouble sleeping a journal on her phone was found which showed some depressed.

Entries like an interest in a depressed state Rebecca's body was then exhumed four months later and a new autopsy was performed by someone from the family side of things just like to take a second look which should have been done immediately like it's it's crazy to me that parents of the victim don't do their own.

Diligence yeah and then this to me is maybe the most important piece of evidence to me it really stood up so her long hair she has long hair it's tied inside of the noose right so the noose goes around her hair okay what a woman do that if she was tying her a noose around her no never she'd pull her hair out that would happen if someone hogtied.

Her hands and then put the noose around her neck and a man would never think like oh let me pull the hair out yeah that seems that's very uncomfortable when your hair is just like stuck yeah yeah the fact that she was naked also that seems like an odd thing to do if you were gonna commit suicide right why would you want to be found naked yeah.

Tape residue this is like the big thing people really harp on this detail tape residue was found on her legs like her thighs I believe and this is a big point of contention in the case no tape was found in the house I searched the entire house note a 0-0 rolls of tape some theorize that she was taped prior to being tied up so there was this whole.

Incident that happened beforehand and then this is all staging but what makes a lot of sense to me is that she was an avid runner and she commonly used athletic tape so where was it on her thighs like athletic tape on like your knees you use right some people put like weird strips on their thighs and stuff I don't know.

Where'd you an athlete yeah I never did any of that stuff though but yeah maybe she was tied up when Rebecca went over the balcony the bed frame she was tied to moved a total of seven and a half inches they measured that they did a reenactment with like a dummy that was her same weight put it over the balcony.

And the bed frame moved three feet so what does that indicate someone like slowly took put her down I don't yeah that's the thing I don't know what that really ended it's because I think it's pretty indisputable that she definitely went over the balcony and the force would probably be the same yeah I don't know.

Like we often see people like in movies and stuff hung from fans like how does a fan hold like a 200-pound man dropping that's one other thought I had like were the fact that she was tied up so extremely like that maybe if you're gonna commit suicide and you want to be 100 percent sure you don't want to be just like lingering in pain and then.

Being nursed back to health hospital you want to just like make sure right you want to tie your hands up and everything no no I don't think so if I'm like that depressed and upset and we're making it quick I'm not like trying to figure out this the best way to like not injure myself I'm like I hate life I'm done that's true too it'd probably be quicker.

Okay real quick you don't meet me for life thank you for your attention I'm familiar with this case the brother-in-law told the 911 one should I say this told the 911 operator that a woman had committed suicide no way you would think that this was suicide at first I think the brother-in-law did it so the brother-in-law said a woman.

Committed suicide not really know her that well but he knew it was at least the boy the brother's girlfriend right I got to look into that that it's weird that he would say woman yeah in his word that he would say woman okay I don't think he said woman maybe you did in quotation yeah cuz I read this really long right up by this person who is very.

Familiar with the case and I'll get to that at the end so back to court proceedings they file a wrongful death lawsuit because they don't press criminal charges because it was ruled suicide so they press civil charges wrongful death against Adam believing he was responsible for the death who does this.

The her family the family's lawyers call upon the lack of physical evidence as the most convincing evidence for foul play so this is a weird tactic there's no evidence that means foul play because like you know there's like a door handle to the poor that didn't have fingerprints on it you would think there'd be fingerprints on.

That and there was just like apparently like the side of the door there was like this amount of space where there wasn't any evidence and then the rest of the door there was evidence so it seemed like it could have been wiped down so they presented that as the the case for evidence because there's no evidence that Adam was in the room whatsoever and.

There's a lot of evidence that Rebecca basically did this on her own it's not like there's no evidence of anyone there's all this evidence of Rebecca no evidence of Adam so if you're gonna clean the physical evidence there should be like not as much evidence of Rebecca I would think yeah but you're saying there's parts cleaned that's what the.

Defense or the the prosecution says okay handwriting experts were brought in and they compared Rebecca's handwriting to the handwriting on the door and then Adams handwriting and it's pretty clear to me that it's closer to Adams handwriting just because Rebecca like slants her letters the wrong way of a normal person and Adams are more normal.

And so is the ring on the door okay but it wasn't conclusively Adam definitely wrote that it's just more likely that it was Adam than it was Rebecca someone said weren't her fingerprints on the doorknob I would imagine I don't know about that Rebecca's lawyers claimed that the knots were tied so this is big Rebecca's lawyers claim the knots.

Were tied by someone with nautical experience and Adam was a tugboat captain oh and if you look if you look at pictures of the knots they're pretty intense knots santé not something she would know and tying knots is not easy we just want to try going fishing you have to learn knots and it's hard so it doesn't seem.

Like something she would know but she could have also just like wrapped a bunch of times and got kind of lucky maybe you said there are several knots in the sleeve though you don't get just like several times lucky and like I know it was a bunch of wraps and then like one final that in on her hands and legs yeah.

Hands how do you do that on your hands though like how do you do a nautical knot someone in court reenacted how you could possibly do it and she put like her legs through here no they weren't tied together she probably tell her legs first okay and then somehow the guy showed it in court like you're back how do you do.

That behind your back were they behind your back I'm not sure if they were behind her back I did say – I said that but currently picking the perfect name thank you for the donation cops painted over the message so quickly why I don't know yeah they were behind your back they're behind her back she's a cutie yeah okay someone with a ton I.

Wonder if Adam could do that himself um why did they paint over the message on the door you're saying no they didn't paint over the message over that message so quickly oh did they I didn't read that you guys are getting crazy evidence I read through this whole five five page blog post things I've seen it like on TV though maybe.

Okay so Rebecca's lawyers claimed the knots were tied by Adam of course the defense had a knot tying expert testified that based on the knot used on the bindings it was possible for Rebecca to hide herself after less than one day of deliberating the jury found out him guilty for the wrongful death Adam is forced to pay five million but does not.

Face jail time and they're trying to get a criminal trial soon so that's all the evidence that's everything so Adams brother is he at all involved in this civil case no he was at the hospital all night on camera footage no no is he not not the case the civil case like is he in court supporting his brother or supporting the family I knew he was on.

Called as a witness Oh for the brother yeah okay so he thinks it was a suicide as well yeah okay but they could be in it together so here's what could have happened right you have this rich and powerful guy his girlfriend carelessly in his mind let's his son die probably one of you know his his most beloved people on.

Earth his son dies and he wants to exact revenge calls his brother in town his brother is a tugboat captain I'm sure like he's being helped financially by his rich brother I would imagine so it's like he'll probably it's the same thing with like a rapper like you got a bunch of shooters right so like you're not gonna go to a drive by yourself.

You're gonna call on the homies to do it so that's maybe what could've that means is like you have friends that like you paid for things yeah you pay you pay for them and they do what's necessary when the time comes yeah that is one theory the other theory is suicide and I read as I said like this guy's big write-up it's actually a girl I think her big.

Write-up she's actually she posted all this to read it and she's going to be on some TV show now because it's like such a in depth really good posts and yeah she posted all this her whole write-up oh no never Rebecca and she says at first she was certain that this was homicide and now if she had to decide one way or another she thinks it's.

Suicide and I think I kind of said that not swear upside down to and if someone did it themselves they did the other way pretty much proving that someone did it to her and she did not herself see I feel like you guys are reading one side of the story maybe because that's not what I read well it's like that's.

Something that would have been brought up in court right so here I'll show you guys a dummy picture that looks like a real human that's not a real human hey sure yeah oh maybe it is really I think it's a dummy but here's here's an image of how she was tied up that's a real human I mean yeah it seems like it would be.

Quite hard to tie that on your banner but then you also got to think like hey if I'm trying to frame this as a suicide why like let me just hog-tie her that doesn't make a lot of sense right yeah what the theory on if it was a murder and then stage would be strangulation and then he hung her for just theatrics but I don't know it's hard to say like.

I'm gonna kill her and then try framing it as a suicide why would you do it like this right yeah I don't know and then if they're gonna commit suicide why would you do it like that are you trying to frame someone for a murder it's like a lot of mind games here I feel yeah I mean if you're committing suicide I don't think you're thinking yeah you're.

Not thinking straight well you're not thinking you're gonna pin this on someone right you're thinking just about ending your life my info was from an independent study on the case hmm is that the one the family did no way was that suicide was there other bruising and where her fingernails.

Tested I don't think there was other bruising it doesn't seem like they I mean it wasn't a criminal case so in that regard maybe like there wasn't a ton of evidence you know like that brought in like what her was her fingernails tested I don't know how they do it differently for civil cases someone's saying yeah so there's you can.

Look a lot into the the bones that were broken in her neck someone says her hyoid bone was broken which 99% of the time does not happen in a hanging but it does happen in strangulation I think that might be true although I I don't know if 99% is accurate I think it can sometimes be broken in hanging you'd have to tie someone up if they were.

Alive otherwise they would fight back and try to untie themselves and then there's another thing about the pooling of her blood this is interesting – so her pooling of her blood you know like wherever the body settles the blood pools to the bottom like gravity so the pooling is all on her back and she was laying down.

As if she was laying down but the blood starts pooling between four and six hours and then it settles permanently wherever the body is at that time so she was found at 6:30 so it seems like she died around 3:00 ish so it's like he probably cut her down before her blood started pooling but people use that as evidence.

To say like she was obviously laying down tied up well why did he call so much later she called right when he found her but you said he cut her down before she was pulling yeah because it's less than four hours after she died Wow $2 donation from Lori done love the Fisher dude what's that you mean the guy the guy we're talking.

About Adam yeah so rotten says she didn't think about leaving her child alone while showering oh okay you're reversing it I mean but she thought about hog-tying herself and getting naked yeah so she was definitely negligent you know what just what do you do as a secured kid if you need to take a shower I think you shower okay right I.

Don't know I've never had a six-year-old and I don't remember being six yeah I just understood why she would do any of this if it was just like suicide guilt yeah but you can say the same thing the opposite way right why would he tie her like this if he was gonna murder her because he was like effing pissed off like he was angry maybe he was like over.

The course of time right it wasn't like a quick hog-tied quick hang it was like at first maybe he thought he wasn't gonna kill her it could have been like over time he was like you know what like I'm just gonna kill her first maybe taped her down then he was like let me hogtied this be like I don't know the progression of and.

Her can culminate to like our own crime of passion type of situation yeah why do you cut her now and he tried saving her like she did CPR oh yeah that would be the reason maybe she was tied for a while alive that's what I'm thinking he like did that to her and then was like torturing her or not torture him per se but just like making.

Her later I wouldn't have touched the body I think I wouldn't have touched it either I would have called immediately and just left it because when someone's hanging dead I think it's usually pretty obvious right they're dead yeah but I've never liked to go to the lengths of cut her down and then so he ran to the kitchen grabbed a knife had.

To grab a little table to stand on to and if you didn't know her that well he's not like going you know why on a wild goose chase to cut her down and do CPR right you're saving a life yeah I think you would I don't know because like siblings you know like people find people home all the time I feel like they fight what like I don't know if my.

First instinct if I saw someone I barely knew Hey like huh yeah you'd be like in shock and like do I have to cut this person out I would immediately call 911 one and like tell them like what should I do yeah I would probably and they would say like try cutting the personnel I would call nah I would try cutting about.

Immediately I think I probably call 9-1-1 speakerphone at the same time I don't know that's a tough one what would you guys do the brothers killed her and staged it to look like a suicide then Adam paid off the police also he got publicity consulting company front he got a publicity consulting company right after this who does that unless they are.

Guilty see I don't like that line of thinking because you you have to prove you're innocent a lot of innocent people are in jail you even if you aren't guilty you can still hire a publicity company well you got to fight for your life if you're accused of a crime yes sirree yeah I don't think I don't believe any of this like who.

Does this if they're guilty you can do whatever you want can't had PR the parents the thing I hate the most is when people are like why would you not cooperate police if you're why would you not cooperate with police if you're innocent because people go to jail so you just don't talk to police generally right they can definitely.

Screw you because if they want to pin it on someone they could make that happen it happens I think that's it guys yeah this was a sad one what recipe do we have tomorrow we didn't decide now boo Mary poundcake its fourth of July though maybe a lot okay should we not do a recipe guys blueberry pancakes a good one it's a really good one I wish I.

Saved all of the pound cake I would have eaten it by now though Matt coming at me hard tonight sorry sometimes I just have strong takes on things yeah you guys should investigate the murder of Hayley done yeah if you guys can comment once the video is published that's what I check for when I look for the next week oh also guys sad thing is we're gonna do.

Two more weeks so Wednesday the 17th of July is gonna be the last murder she ate of season one so we're doing seasons and we I mean we'll probably start back the season before the end of the year yeah just take like maybe two months off for the baby and then it will be bad like a month off you know maybe just because we'll see how it goes how things.

Culminate is that better than climax yeah I like crescendo but I don't know if that's the sandwich climate wait what if I was like in all crescendoed on May 28th yeah all right all right guys love ya this was fun we'll see you next week and don't forget our cookbook kedo made easy fat adapted 50 day guide isn't.

Order I'll link it in chat one more time temper 17th baby number two Oh Miley didn't do a video bomb tonight oh I know where is she upstairs she's been loving upstairs and just sleeping enjoys his crepe yeah I think that's a sign of she really loves him or she's like feeling neglected so she's just creating herself away all.

Right my
'The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau' and 'Who Killed Dorothy Jane Scott'
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