The Disappearance of Tara Calico and Timothy Pitzen

The Disappearance of Tara Calico and Timothy Pitzen

The Disappearance of Tara Calico and Timothy Pitzen

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Hello we are live hopefully you can hear us and I don't know if our like the way it looks is gonna ever get better because we remaining with this setup so sorry about that what do you mean just a delay and stuff yeah like it looks out like high quality it's like slightly like just know it doesn't like high quality.

When I watch it playback now if you watch it right away it takes some time but I think eventually that you're like the following week to look for murders what's going on guys this is murder she ate this is where we don't really talk much about Kido we talk about mysteries deaths disappearance is and we eat we eat keto foods I have a steak with a.

Bone in so this might be kind of hard to eat and we got some of these sent to us in the mail which we're gonna do in a review video but they're really good we keep eating them before so this is a broccoli pizza crust but I'm just gonna eat it like a flatbread with some butter maybe yeah that's really good and then I have like chicken chili my bowl so I.

Have been meal prepping since my pregnancy actually because I like to have something on hand no prepping chili and this time I did chicken chicken carrot onion celery and then like broth taco seasoning I did taco seasoning so it's like a chicken taco soup and tomato sauce what else did I do I think and not a lot it's pretty simple and then I like.

To top it with some sour cream don't you cook it for and I chopped up some onions here so I put the chicken sided chicken breasts and I put them in whole raw and I did manual pressure for 20 minutes and it came out so tender then you can like pull out the chicken or just leave it in there and shred it and it shreds like super tender.

Yeah it's like butter with cheese so it's really quick so you could just throw in meat raw which is nice so yeah I did that and I do they're like two years ago have you watched quick sander the imposter on Netflix that quicksand but I did watch the imposter and it's really good I think you did it so one more the.

Kit I don't want to spoil it but yeah it's good mady's of salt I got a little pre mystery for us tonight guys so a few years ago in 2013 MIT data lab did a study on the relative global Fame of various celebrities and historical figures using data from Wikipedia and who do you think was the number one.

Global fame person in 2013 global Fame based on Wikipedia 2013 I wouldn't even save Kim Kardashian at that point it could be a historical figure killed my mom I'm digging like Gandhi Martin Luther King JFK but yeah I'm thinking someone may be like Kim Kardashian or something first was Barack Obama okay and then there was Confucius who what is.

He he's like some kind of scholar or something it was Confucius he's like a Roman yeah other person no no no he's Chinese he's a Chinese teacher editor politician and philosopher but right after those two guess who number three was Jimmy No Corbin Bleu who I don't even know that is do you know Corbin bluest yeah this is Corbin Bleu what.

Okay I do know who that is cordon bleu he's from what is he from Oh a Disney show right yeah High School Musical yeah high school music from high school musical is the third most translated Wikipedia page so there's a big mystery surrounding why that would be the case because he's clearly not in the right.

Company next to Barack and Confucius so so this is a mystery that people on reddit have been trying to solve and there's I don't understand they just figured out how many searches went to that page no like apparently it's the metric they were using which this is what you get into in the theories is how heavily.

Translated the page was so how many country is basically have like access or they know about the person they're willing to translate it this is a third most translated High School Musical was like a really a really really big deal for the world yeah that makes no sense I feel like it should it be at least be the exact Efron or Vanessa Hudgens.

Mm-hmm wow that's quite the mystery so the theories are essentially is just one rogue superfan that that's the primary theory and they did some more like analytics on the language translations and it appeared that the person didn't have or like all the different language translations weren't really high caliber language it was more like elementary.

Like you could you do it in google translator maybe hmm so the primary theory is that it's just one superfan that's really funny I mean that's actually like the only real theory so how many different languages it was 193 translating to okay but apparently they did like a lot of.

Analytics on this and the superfans primary language is Arabic and then everything else is just not that detail languages so what are you guys eating for dinner tonight you've never seen High School Musical um first one was really good second oh yeah I don't know joy stop there's there's a little like a I guess.

Nowadays there really isn't gonna be anything like that anymore like a cable TV event you know cuz now it's all gonna be streaming so there is no high school musical there's no like Spice Girls World Tour there's none of that anymore there's no Rugrats go to Las Vegas Rugrats grown up you know yeah it's gonna be a missing link and that I guess.

There's movies still though but there's no like TV like you guys remember what's going to meet the Jetsons yeah dang just like all those channels like ABC Family and Nickelodeon Disney yeah you loved ABC Family didn't you yeah so did my sisters there was like a three year period where ABC Family just ran the game I know I'm having steak with.

Peppers and onions and rice cauliflower yeah meatloaf and Brussels sprouts buffalo wings traditional with Buffalo dry rub a buffalo wild wings chicken thighs marinated with lemon and thyme on vacation in New Zealand so splurging a bit with turkish and you're watching us on vacation zero carb non-dairy chocolate chips that you're having for.

Dinner that's a sad dinner why is it called Murder She eight cuz we're really bad at coming up with names mostly yeah I think when we were coming up with the name we were trying to come up with a lot of alliteration or rhymes and then we realized like what was everything I can't remember what was it crime nourishment nourishment yeah venison.

Burger and broccoli salad you want to start some people love the name some people hate it hunts tomato sauce no sugar – net carbs under two dollars I thought you were describing your dinner okay I'm gonna start so I'm doing the disappearance of Tara calico um what would be able to show the pawn right or shouldn't you want me to pull it up yeah.

Yeah you can do that right now to start I know not yet I'll tell you what so I guess having a picture of her would be good though parity Polaroid don't do that okay sorry okay Tara disappeared on September 19 1988 at the age of 20 she and she had a couple like distinguishing scars so there is a large scar on the back of her right corner and then one.

Big one on her leg like towards her knee and she was a brown hair hair green eyes yeah that's one of those – yeah well you're gonna show the Polaroid – isn't this the Polaroid yeah you didn't show it side-by-side then later on that's right here let me show this no I thought you just show a picture of her right now.

Yeah okay not the Polaroid okay and then we'll show the actual Polaroid when it comes to her perfect you want me to show this yes um this is her and that's what she looked like just to give you guys an idea cuz you will see a Polaroid later so memory capture that in your memory okay so she was a very scheduled and regimented person about her day she kind.

Of did the same exact thing she always do like you know she was going out like similar times the route she would go when she was like working out and mostly she would go on a bike ride on the same route at the same for the same amount of time so the day she went missing she also of course went on her usual bike ride with her mom's.

Bike instead of hers since hers had had a flat tire she walked around 9 a.m. and left a note for her mom Patty's saying that if she was not home by 12:00 p.m. to come and find her what year is this 1988 so that makes sense right so like at first it was like that's weird and then I was like oh no phone no watch pot pot potentially so she had to be home by.

12:00 because she had a tennis match scheduled with her boyfriend at 12:30 so she doesn't arrive home at noon so paddy her mom leaves around 12:05 to go look at look for her and she goes along her normal route because she knows Patty's route but she can't find her so patty starts to panic because this isn't you know it's not normal of her daughter to.

Be off schedule so to speak how long after she didn't come back did she go looking five minutes five minutes afternoon oh so immediately yeah okay so patty immediately after not finding her on any of the route she goes to the police but since patty since Tara Tara Tara is 19 the police don't really make much of.

It because she's an adult she could really do whatever she want what classic situation yes what comes up every single time every single time I do a case for sure I don't know about you same thing yeah I mean any time an adult goes yeah so witnesses said they had wait okay so the next day patty still drives her out she's still looking for Tara and she.

Finds a cassette tape that belongs to Tara about three miles away from her home on the side of the road and she knew this belong to Tara and it was on the route she was direct riding her bike so that kind of makes sense the police then it started to hate the case seriously and they had found parts of her Walkman she'd have Sony Walkman.

About nineteen miles away from her home along with a lot of bike marks night girls yeah so that was not on her out there right no it was out of her way so Patty's mom actually she passed away in 2006 and Tara is still missing but at the time she was like the only reason you find the Walkman parts and the cassette tape like off of the router.

Away from there out is she was trying to leave hints like hey you know I'm trying and I'm abducted or something like that I don't think that's the only way but that's one puzzle but that's what her mom thought GZA just to put that out there um so yeah the I guess it's curious like how do you think they got there I don't have a real.

Strong theory on like there was a struggle at a different location maybe like unloading her out of the car or something yeah I'm assuming someone abducted her like in a van you just I feel like you just literally read my words well whenever you think of someone getting abducted they're just being like thrown.

In a big white van right yeah I guess so we got two donations nisi five dollars I just gave my husband your cookbook for his birthday was the perfect gift he loves it oh that's sweet but I think Matt would be like mad I wouldn't be mad I was like here's a cookbook with two random people on it one looks like a car maybe he.

Watches us though okay now people Loki's girl in da house donates ten New Zealand Dollars showing love for my hometown folks three one three whoa wait are you from it says Newseum NZ but it says three one three that's to try it so you move and you really like are standing strong to like being someone else's soul of keys girl yeah there's that some yeah.

Sorry so let's I guess so that that's really kind of all there is at that point during the whole investigation during her missing so not a lot took place so let's talk about the two possibilities that come up as what could have happened terms 19 you said yeah.

So there's abduction of course and then there's the accidental death and someone accidentally killed her and then they tried to cover it up so let's first walk through the objection so this is where the Porat picture comes in so in 1989 in Florida a Polaroid picture so Florida and she lives in New Mexico sorry to mention.

That but in Florida in a parking lot a Pollard picture is found and there's two people in a van and they look bound you can't see the ropes or anything but they look bound and there's duct tape over their mouths so apparently the girl really looks like Tara and the mom even believed it was terror like Patty believed this was definitely her.

Daughter so she can show so that's what Oh can they see this I'm gonna show it it's a little it's not really graphic but it's two people tied up so if you don't want to look it's okay to look away don't let the kids look at yes here it comes five four three two one so this is the picture that was found yeah.

So that and and so there's apparently a scar you can kind of see it on her leg that her patty was like this has to be her because of the scar and then also the book next to Tara or the supposed Tara is one of the terrorist favorite authors the book was written by her but at the time that author was also really popular so it you know it could be.

Anything so like you can scroll up so are we 100% buying it this is actually two kidnapped children it's not just like a staged photo so that's one of that that's one of the thinking's – is this a prank is this a hoax you know like did someone just take this picture and drop it in the pool looks to me like it could be a staged photo but.

Scroll up to the picture that you were showing before or down yeah there's this here yeah sort of a compare it looks like her to me I looked in a really long and hard back and forth it looks like her but I've seen so many pictures of someone who was identified as being a missing person and they look identical but it's not the same person.

Yeah and a big part of her is missing like the mouth yeah so it's a hard to look her nose doesn't look the same it looks exactly the same to me it's crazy how similar they look I guess the eyebrows clear the eyebrows look different her eyebrows are rounded the hair is kind of similar and she has the scar so mom Patty's convinced her mom's.

Convinced I mean I I figured like a mom would be convinced and the Polaroids about a year after her yeah so about the Polaroid the the police confirmed that the Polaroid picture make the police actually confirmed with Polaroid the company that the picture was taken with the type of Polaroid that was made after May 1989 so it had to have been after.

May 1989 so she's supposedly 20 given a coracle courting with this picture she's 20 right mm-hmm and alive so this this forward picture goes around to several different police detectives and countries even and Scotland police detected there confirmed its Tara while like the Valencia police Tek dis have detectives confirm it's not.

Her so there's really no confirmation it's just like up in the air is this her is this not so someone said I think a mother would be able to know if it's her child do you think that's true no because remember that missing boy case I did a long time ago where the boy came back and the mom was convinced it was her son but then you find out like what.

40 years later with DNA testing that wasn't the boy it was just some imposter kid so you would assume a mother would know but that wasn't just a picture that was the actual child in your arms the body it was a five year old child so like very features at least you would know what about the boy in the photo I think he's actually been tied to like.

Some other cases he hasn't been tied to some other cases but this one particular case but the case that he was tied to and thought exactly the same kid according to the parents that kids remains were actually found where he was camping originally with his parents so it no longer tied to that case and there hasn't been anything.

Else tied to him so then as Matt mentioned the photo could be thought to just be like some sort of hoax or prank not really anyone who's kidnapped at all whatsoever so that's the abduct that's like the thoughts as far as abduction goes I mean it almost seems like like a funny picture a dad like some dad with a weird sense of humor yeah yeah you know.

Please don't tell me you're that kind of a dad no I'm not that kind of dad but I could see a scenario where a dad would do that is he like telling them like duct tape your mouths like will scare your mom something like that well show it to your mom okay yeah can you ransom actually there are some dad like a division doing.

That that's funny that you say that men think of some things that I feel like a mom just wouldn't think of yeah dads I mean um okay so the other possibility is an accidental death can I try a little piece yeah just non does to make perfect an accidental death mm-hmm so like hit-and-run style yeah but they hide her body yeah so I.

Don't know these are always kind of far-fetched to me because unless you're drunk or like high at the time is that you're better off just going to the cops right like that's what I would do I think most people would yeah you me didn't call 9-1-1 yeah at the very least yeah um okay so the accidental death is something that the police definitely.

Believe is much more likely the case but some things to note actually about this accidental death is that a man named Henry Brown had requested an interview with the deputy sheriff of the police department some work 10 to 20 years after her disappearance it's not known exactly one but way after she disappeared and brown states that.

Around the time of her disappearance disappearance he had been hanging out with some troublemaking teens from the area one of them being Lawrence Romano jr. and Lawrence Romano Romano juniors father was actually the sheriff at the time so cover-up I think parents I mean look at the celebrities that paid for their kids to be athletes and go to.

College that's not enough info for me to say cover-up yet but like I I totally get it Lee yeah you want to protect your child what if I was a cop in my child committing a crime I'd cover up 20 percent yeah I feel like I would do if I had the power Sheriff use the power so he wasn't so el Lawrence Romano jr. and the son was.

Involved with a lot of drugs and he had actually liked Terra previously supposedly and he had asked her out but she wasn't into it at all so you know some connection there for sure so Brown said that he was partying with some friends in Lawrence or in Romano juniors trailer in a makeshift basement under the trailer I don't know what that looks.

Like with their partying at 9:00 a.m. in the morning no what do you mean where did my name come from that's when she went missing she went missing between 9:00 and 12:00 yeah noon no no he's just they were partying together and then he tells him something yeah okay so Brown said that they were all partying – Lawrence.

Ramanujan you were there and some other friends in Lawrence Romano juniors trailer if you're a sheriff though now that I think about it do you make more money to like live outside not in the trailer sheriff's make a lot of money they make enough not to live in a trailer well maybe in Laura's like had his own.

Trailer or something yeah it wasn't related to the family okay sorry um and he said that the talk of the party that night was how Lawrence Romano jr. and his friends an accident we killed Tara by hitting her with their truck raping her then they killed her and hid her body in some bushes later hiding it in the basement under a tarp.

And then actually disposing of her body in a pond nearby and one thing I did forget to mention I am so sorry so it doesn't sound like the accidentally hit her that if they proceeded to rape her that's more of a yeah that's a crime maybe an intentional yeah so um or like opportunity arises yours like I know what the hell.

Okay so suddenly I forget to mention sorry guys um witnesses said that they had saw her that day around 11:45 a.m. on her usual route heading and she was about two miles away from home so at 11:45 two miles away you're assuming she's heading home and they also saw a Ford van very closely following her but she had her headphones on blasting her.

Ears so she doesn't know about her surroundings so that begs the question like is this story true and then why is her walkman 19 miles away it was a couple questions that come up so that's something I should have said um and so they they like I said they actually burying her body later on in a pond and then in 2013 a man named Donald D comes.

Forward saying the same exact story and that one of the boys so one of the friends that helped out in this confessed to him that he was one of the kids that did this seems to be some truth to this then well there's a couple stories yet confirming the same exact story by separate people so the problem at the time was that Lawrence Romano.

Juniors father as I said was the sheriff so if it was Romano jr. there could have easily been heavy cover-up for his son like we talked about and the suspects that are now would-be suspects are dead so can't be brought forward you know for anything and then it would just be a lot of manpower and money to search at this point every.

Pond all the water areas 20 years after her death you know yeah and then something else just something small Rene Rivera the new sheriff after Lawrence Romano senior made a statement that they know who did it and what happened to her the accidental death story kind of is what he said but without her body they couldn't bring a case against anyone.

Well if you know what happened can you bring a case but they don't have her body you need a body I mean how would you prove it if they know what happened that means they can prove it right I know I think he's just going off of like what he like really believes to be the case given you don't know what happened that's just your belief I know but he.

I'm just saying he made a public statement so he's not very saying yeah but if you know what happened for a fact you prosecute them well they're all dead anyway so maybe it's just a son even dead the one who might have done it yeah how they all died Romano jr. apparently killed himself and then I don't know anything about the others maybe from.

Guilt that's one of the theories but I don't know that always comes up and I'm just like unsure if that's actually makes you know something to point out yeah so is that everything mm-hmm so what are you thinking I mean it makes a lot of sense like if the kid did it and his dad's the sheriff you would cover it up I think there's a lot to support that.

That would just be covered up probably mm-hmm so that's likely to happen and there's multiple reports of the party where they were talking about it yeah at least two reports mm-hmm so I'm kind of buying that but it could also just be two random guys that got together they're like hey let's make reports about them telling us they kill there.

Yeah so I think they're it's not an accidental death though it's probably just a abduction I don't I felt like I was leaning towards accidental like maybe Laden they didn't make me like when they here with the car they meant to just like bumper because they liked her they thought she was cute but they actually.

Like ran her over I don't know and then it's like oh [__] well let's take her body into the van and then it was like opportunity meets what is the I mean you're these are like 18 19 year old kids is that we're thinking mm-hmm no there's no what do you mean opportunity opportunities just rape someone randomly after not already a.

Rapist maybe I'm using the wrong word but they were just trying to like I don't know like accidentally hurt her bad another where they have to hide her body in the interim they're like we like her she denied us we're gonna take what we want I don't think there's any you know I think they're either planning a criminal act or that's the only real.

Scenario they planned it all out so the premeditated reduction in your mind with the purpose to rape her and kill her that would be what I'm leaning towards the app I guess yeah but both could easily make sense both are definitely very wrong what do you guys think they must have panicked that's like the only real suspect then.

Right the sheriff's son yeah there is a lot of cases actually where like high up police officers kids are involved Robbie just I imagine like they go through a lot of their life just feeling of superiority complex the only like they're invincible worse I think this otter out alone and wanting to take advantage of her being alone.

Then things went really bad they had not thought much not much forethought because there were kids yeah cuz do 19 I don't know if 19 year olds are definitely like we're gonna you know go on her bike route and do this but like they definitely just got ahead of themselves in a really bad way yeah I don't know that's a tough one and then.

So we're thinking the picture is just not her that's most likely well if you're thinking obtain then I'm tying the picture to it I'm nothing I'm done something dies she died that day I think I buy the story pond so accidental no I'm intentional but no abduction no they just like she's probably buried somewhere around there in the pod you.

Wouldn't searched the ponds probably not that big of an area it's still an abduction though like they abducted her harmed her killed her yeah yeah but it doesn't seem like the police did very much in terms of searching because they didn't find anything Ted Bundy could be a suspect that sounds like his MO I don't think he was.

Operating in 1988 was he wasn't he was never in New Mexico that we know yeah he was done by a DA he was he was done it's just chillin in my town two sixteen-year-old boys plan to kill a girl and tape themselves planning out really that's crazy like videotaped I would someone asked what we're eating I.

Was eating some chicken chili that I've meal prepped and Matt had a steak I'm like a rap rap there's a broccoli crust pizza we're gonna review it in a product review the next not the next one but one after that it's pretty good I like it um but one time Megha showed me I think I've talked about this before it was a I watched the entire movie and I thought.

It was a documentary but it wasn't it was actually a dramatic reenactment of like a school shooter type scenario what was it called zero day zero day the entire time I thought it was a document how intense it was so intense when I go into it thinking it's a documentary but still even if you know it's a it's a recreation it's still really an x yeah.

it really is nothing more intense than like a school shooting or like the movie theater shooting well I did find intense it was like when you hear about it it's like birthing a baby is very intense yeah it is but like when you first hear about something like oh my god yeah yeah like it'll shocks you like to the poor.

And you just panic and you're just like that's that's like me or you know like it's just human does happen to anyone I guess yeah I just happened it's it's it's crazy um do you guys think there's a killer inside all of us I mean you know to what extent like to kill to survive yeah I think we all have that what do we kill Julius if we were.

Trapped in this house and had no food yeah I guess we'd cook them up I mean I self-defense you're capable of more than you think probably but we all have like the cell defense passion in us crime of passion I think I think homicide that takes that takes a lot of there's probably some people that are just genetically like.

Ted Bundy is seems like he was always kind of gonna be a crazy killer person no matter what kind of environment he grew up in but then there's a lot of people that I think is more of like nurture that causes them to be killers like gang members things like that they're not that's not like is that nature is it nurture not bringing yeah.

Oh I guess I never thought about that as nurture I was just thinking about immediate family yeah just like what's around you all right guys so then what's nature nature is just genetics yeah okay like the way you're born ready confused okay you guys ready for mine mine's pretty quick and straightforward actually but.

Here we go today we are going to be talking about the disappearance of Timothy Pitts n Pitts in May 11 2011 less than 20 minutes after Tommy was dropped off at his elementary school by his father his mother Amy called the school how old is he he was six he's six years old dad dropped out this 45 year old yeah so 20.

Minutes after his dad drops him off his mother Amy calls a school saying there's been a family emergency and she was gonna come in and pick Timmy up suspect already at around 8:15 she arrived at the school and left with Timmy at 10 a.m. Amy drops her car off at an auto repair shop a shop employee gave Amy and Tommy.

A ride to the Brookfield Zoo that's probably like a service they did they just drive you somewhere and they spent the day at the zoo while their car was getting repaired so this is the mom and the son what a fun day I'm gonna do that yeah that would actually be really fun if you like drop the kid off one day and.

Then I surprise attack me and Julia's because go yeah that's more your style at 3:00 p.m. a me and Timmy arrived back at the shop and they get they pick up the car okay they drive to Key Lime Cove Resort in Gurnee Illinois and they're from somewhere in Illinois okay where she and Tommy spent the night Timmy Timmy I keep saying today is she.

Talking to the husband at all do we know like informing him that we're spending the night meanwhile James went to picked any up from school well he had no idea that his wife had picked Timmy up and he had no knowledge of a family emergency or anything like that and they're not like divorced Ronnie know they're together but their relationship is in.

Turmoil James is a father he repeatedly calls a me each time reaching her voicemail okay no answer yeah no answer next day May 12th still having no idea of their whereabouts James reported his wife and son missing Amy and Timmy then drove a hundred and sixty miles northwest to the Wisconsin Dells.

Checking in to the Kalahari resort it's like a water resort where security footage showed them checking is she's kidnapping him essentially or she's just going on some kind of weird trip with him have you ever been to the Wisconsin Dells how are you yeah multiple times what is it Dell it's just like a city Wisconsin Dells it's a like.

A touristy city there's nothing Dells is the name of the city yeah so it's Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin no I think it let me see was it's kind of weird as Wisconsin Dells city of whisk it e in Wisconsin Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin that's so weird yeah it's called the Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin for nature trails and camping there's a bunch of amusement parks and stuff it's really touristy but it's kind of fun – let's do it have you ever been to Wisconsin I went on one of those boat rides like the turbo boat rides yeah it was pretty fun later that day having not packed.

Anything for Timmy Amy went out and bought clothes and toys for him and got cast for the car so she's long gone she bought toys yeah but maybe that's what you do with kids you just buy the matauri when you see it and it seems like an impulse decision because she didn't even pack ahead yes they must have she must have liked fine now maybe.

The husband's having an affair sure he just found out he left May 13th the following day at 10 a.m. the next morning security footage shows a me and Timmy leaving the Kalahari resort and this is the last security footage of Timothy ever 10:00 a.m. the following morning this is so two full days after being picked up from school.

They drive 120 miles south back towards home to Rockford Illinois around 1:30 p.m. Amy called her mother among other people and she told her she and Timmy were fine and that they would have they would come home in a couple days she also called her brother-in-law which was strange not her husband her husband's brother her brother-in-law and.

She said Timothy is fine Timothy belongs to me Timothy and I will be fine Timothy is safe direct quote essentially probably wanting him to pass it on to the father thing so James is confused by this whole situation the father he couldn't figure out why Amy would call his brother and not return his calls.

Mental is that we don't know he does have some mental issues okay the lengths of which are unknown but she suffered with mental issues in the past his brother reported so the brother-in-law reports to James the father that he could hear Timmy in the background on the phone call sounding.

Normal saying he was hungry okay this is that 1:30 p.m. and that is the last time anyone has ever heard Timothy speak 1:30 p.m. that day how many days later two days later two days the next sighting was not until 7:25 p.m. in Winnebago Illinois Amy is seen at a Family Dollar Store buying paper and at 8 p.m. security footage showed Amy entering a.

Grocery store buying food and leaving 6 minutes later no sign of Timothy at that point Amy's alone in both stores on TV on security footage around 11:15 p.m. Amy checked into the Rockford in in Rockford Illinois now we're on May 14th this would be the third day after leaving the school housekeeping enters Amy's room at.

The Rockford in at 12:30 p.m. where they find Amy's lifeless body she had to slit her own throat and wrists and taken a lethal overdose of antihistamine can you overdose on antihistamines UO lethal apparently it's much more like a bottle oh yeah woods or take to anything probably because it doesn't put you to sleep you need I feel like anti heat.

Around not really the way to know what's like a lethal dose of benadryl it's got to be like a hundred pills or something yeah for sure the lowest lethal dose was 62 point five milligrams in an infant and how much is one pill 25 milligrams I think so that's two and a C so then when you're talking about Madeleine McCann case maybe they gave.

Her three benadryl so you know four benadryl don't know that case it's fascinating we'll do that one day for sure well yeah I a lot of pills okay red-flag Google search yeah that's true okay where was that so yeah Timmy is nowhere to be seen in the hotel room there is no sign that he was actually ever with Amy the clothes.

And the toys she bought for him his backpack they're all gone but we heard him speak yeah he was definitely with her at some point but there was no sign of him and the clothes that Amy wore when she left the Kalahari resort are also nowhere to be seen and her cell phone is gone that's not a big deal though like she changed clothes at.

Another resort and she was gonna just leave clothes though if you if you're having a mental break and you don't care yeah you do yeah okay in the note found in the room Amy expressed the Timothy was safe but that he would never be found direct quote in the notes or her mother so she wrote two notes Amy wrote I've.

Taken Timothy somewhere safe and he loves you please know that there is nothing you could have said or done that would have changed my mind so that is that second one tells us she killed him too like she's taken because she killed herself so she's like I've taken him somewhere safe I would be like did you take him.

With you somewhere safe yeah somewhere safe could be definitely code language for I killed him that's what I would think yeah but the first one what did it say he came the same thing oh he would never be found Timothy was safe but he would never be found so that to me wouldn't mean like she I don't know what that would mean that I.

Don't know how you can say he'd never be found if he's alive and not buried somewhere yeah yeah cuz if he's alive walking the earth I feel like never be found is pretty strong language for that eventually someone find the kid and they're like who do you belong to yeah let's get you home and f-value six.

He knows his name right yeah yeah he knows who he is yeah for sure at six years old can people say their last names yeah okay yeah you learn that like when you're I think like four probably three or four he's learning your last name when you're four that's funny I don't know three or four I feel like you know I know but like you don't know it.

From birth you're just like nothing until you learn words yeah you're just a thing okay so here's some more evidence Amy had that's the whole timeline here's evidence now Amy had an I pass device in her car which is like an automatic teller that's easy pass yet and her car passed the through okay so the bill that was sent okay okay and it showed earlier.

In the year Amy had made two trips February and March and we're in May during this case to the hotel where she died so she's been there before and some of the other more rural locations she visited on the final trip she took so she's done this trip before how far is she from her home do we I think like max five to six hours all.

Right let's do a boy in a day if your husband's at work yeah but she stopped along the way like every two or three hours round-trip yeah maybe she's like visiting her sister or something I don't think she had relatives along the way she said hotels no but she could just be like oh I'm going oh that's the thing so her husband was getting mad and part of.

The rift in their relationship was she would go on vacations with friends and she would just like do her own thing a lot of the time so she could have done this without that's what I'm saying like she probably told her husband like am yeah there were no obvious reasons why she would go to these places in particular the iPass was never found.

So she maybe she was trying to cover her trails a little bit what was her car found and stuff yeah we'll get to that next so the information this information on the iPass made investigators believe that this trip was planned for several months not if you're anything like a mental break yeah this was all intentional like she knew she was gonna.

Take her son and then kill herself but she's gonna go to this Wisconsin Dells and like that seems like impulsive it does seem kind of impulsive but I can also see her in her crazy mind being like this is the only thing in life I care about it's getting back at my husband I'm gonna take my kid on a nice last day kill him kill myself and then.

That's just like you know ultimate revenge in her mind checkmate yeah but like if she's only like meds like do we talk about her mental issues at all not really it's kind of I don't know a lot of weight on that yeah the car was dirty with mud and grass and the forensic data that they got from this is it seems like a lot of theoretical type.

Of stuff but they really went deep on it so they tested the lake gravel and all the dirt and all the types of plants that they could find in the car all traces of it and they were able to determine that the car had likely been parked on a gravelly area for some time the plants they figured would have been in the area where Queen Anne's lace and.

Black mustard plants and there would have been very few trees it was possible there was a small body of water such as a pond nearby it was likely a meadow which had not been interfered with by humans because there was no crop growing and no of like upkeep like lawn mowing going on so what does that indicate these plants.

And such investigators believe it was likely in Lee County or Whiteside County Northern Illinois areas and they did extensive searches there with no signs of a body found so they're thinking like you know somewhere in a field she was for an extended period of time before the fire could be some they're basically she killed her son and you know was.

Disposing on the body that's what they're thinking that's kind of what that leads me to believe yeah okay but they didn't find anything as far as where they searched no okay there was blood in the backseat of the car but Timmy routinely suffered from bloody noses and it seemed like it was dried from a long.

Time ago so no real blood in the car that's recent and the blade used to commit suicide had no blood from Timmy on it okay sometime in autumn of 2013 a me cell phone was found in the side of the road of a highway so this is two years later and they start searching that area for Timmy and they don't find anything and then a couple of things Amy.

Had a history of mental illness and it was likely that in the case of a divorce which it seemed like their marriage was heading towards the husband would have gotten custody of Timmy just because of her mental issues and stuff right so she was vengeful towards him for their marriage and for her mental issues to just like let her to believe one thing.

Build it up in her head and she knew what that father to be happy yeah I would imagine that's why she took Timmy a lot of the case seems to hinge on the parents relationship and most people think it was pretty bad so the theory is there was really only two of them Amy did it and killed her child and like left his body somewhere.

And it's been not found that yeah that seems to make sense that's probably the strongest theory theory too it has some traction is that Amy gave her child to someone possibly a religious organization or most people think like an Amish Amish aren't obligated like they can just withhold this information no we can just take a.

Child I'm like not I don't think so that's the thing so why would he go to a religious organization unless they have like the ability to hide this maybe she prearranged stuff with them so that's what people so two things some people are saying why would she go there before unless she was planning to meet someone maybe she prepped that person to.

Fake to me and then secondly I forgot yeah I mean that I think the fact that she's done it a few times before taking that same route makes you think maybe she was meeting up with someone it's possible yeah yeah I just don't understand why she would like why this group would oh my thought was maybe she like convinced.

The religious group that the husband's abusive and he's a terrible man and he was beating Timmy and raping Timmy and so he is it has identity had to be hidden and you believe a woman usually I feel but I feel like when you start hearing about all of this you would put two and two together and come forward probably but you know how much society.

They don't have TV or anything that's true they can't know and then a week ago from today from today a boy came forward claiming to be Timothy Pizza according to the FBI DNA testing was done and that's why this story popped up because this was like a big break in the case and DNA tests came back and it confirmed it was not Timothy it was who would now.

Be 14 it was actually a 24 year old man you mean 24 year old creep yeah wouldn't he like know like this can't be me I can't be Timmy because I'm 24 why would you do that I don't know did they like do anything to him I think I don't pretty brother was in trouble yeah I think he could get in trouble if it was malicious.

That's so weird of course you're gonna get caught of course they're gonna do DNA testing that's the story I think it's it's got to be overwhelmingly likely that I don't know the fact that she did the whole route to a couple times makes me think it's possible he's alive but my leading theory is probably that she killed those notes were just so.

Like that second one in particular just seemed him immediately I thought she killed him and the you're in the state of mind where you're capable of killing yourself I think you're also probably way more capable of killing someone else too if you think it's for the best interest of the child right like keep taking him.

Away from his father when he's a terrible father is the best interest for Timothy and if I can't have him no one can you can convince yourself with some crazy stuff like it's possible she killed him and then when she's writing the note she's fully believing like he's in a safe place you know that when parents are like possessive yeah.

And controlling and they feel like they they they can hinge themselves onto like a successful child we know or like you know if something goes wrong with the child they think it's their fault like I feel like parents put a lot of weight and like having control over a child right so does she think she knows what she's doing is right yeah the best I'm.

Sure I'm gonna be that kind of a parent yeah she could have also taken the route to find a place to hide the body yeah isn't that what the forensics was saying when they looked up the dirt stuff know that she had driven oh not to meet someone you're saying yeah the body why no evidence of killing him though yeah that's the thing so I guess the way.

That there would be no evidence of the killing is probably just like her driving out into a field taking him away from the car and just like strangling him using rubbish travel probably strangling well maybe she does do with benadryl oh definitely yeah or an antihistamine whatever she.

Used yeah so that would be easy to have no evidence I think yeah I think he was alive and hiding with a family probably not hiding but probably just now he believes he at 14 he is who he is what if someone killed her and she didn't kill herself I think the police like probably checked into that a little bit at least yeah cuz you would probably.

Look at the blade and get any fingerprints from that or something yeah the fake Timmy did get charged with federal crime lying to FBI someone said well why would you do that well your life is no shot I know the fake Timmy itself weird um but she bought toys and clothes that seems more prepped for the future not death that's a good point.

Maybe she bought a bunch of clothes and toys to give them to someone else who would take him yeah I wonder what the toys were maybe it was just like he saw something he's like I need that mom and she's got one toys yeah how could she slit her throat and wrists yeah that's what I was wondering when I read that she slit her own throat I think you.

Should let your wrists first and then you slow throat and when you're on benadryl and stuff it's probably you don't feel it as much you're numb to the world anyway and in that deep of a depression hole mentally I mean you're capable of so many things unfortunately it's very sad when Timmy turns 18 this is all gonna get resolved I don't know.

About that at that point will he want to be Timothy Pitts in is he happy with himself he might also not know who he is at this point – yeah you might not know about this story yeah I don't know I just don't understand how they didn't know a 24 year old isn't a 14 year old they go I don't know either it was like all over.

The news and stuff I mean I've been told I look 15 yeah like some guy came to like fix something in our house and he's like oh I need to be with an adult who's over 18 or I have to call the company and I was like I'm 28 sure you could pass for being like a 16 year old or something yeah someone needs to pay a visit to Amish country but we don't even.

Know if he's alive yeah you know do you guys not do the Sunday cookies anymore we do um we just haven't done them lately we got we're working out a few big things right now that's taking a lot of time and we tried to do them every other week but you know this Sunday we'll be doing this Sunday I think we'll try doing one this Sunday yeah we don't.

Have anything going on this Sunday if you have good ideas doesn't watching and reading all these horrible things in the world makes you scared for your baby I used to love watching crime shows now that I have a baby I always fear for my daughter well we don't have the baby yet but I think I'm pretty good at separating like you know these are just.

Really isolated incidents maybe we're gonna have a baby doll feel completely different and I don't want it now what if I'm like I can't do Mercy eight anymore possible yeah Daddy Warbucks coming through like always what dollar says love you guys we love you too daddy can you cook ad Quito lasagna on Sunday after look I don't know what that recipe.

Is ad ketosis lasagna seems like a clever name it does yeah love to look it up that sounds yummy what has me curious is her missing outfit does it it does have me a little curious yeah why she dumped it in some random trash can why would she do that though because it had like blood on it or something that.

It had like Timmy prints on it something well it's funny bit Timmy prints cuz Timmy's her son no I know but I don't know maybe she just like felt like if I killed my dog Julius in this outfit I would probably get rid of the outfit because I'd feel guilt killing my dog yeah and then what about like his toy.

And his backpack and all that stuff like what would she just bury that with him yeah the fact that her clothes is missing really makes no sense cuz you could think if she hands him off to someone she gives the person like his backpack his toy but you wouldn't give that person your clothes you gotta have that catched up on all murder she in two.

Days I'm so excited to be alive you're the sweetest it's like for Game of Thrones you caught up for the finale season Oh doesn't it start this Sunday yeah the 14th man the end of an era I remember when Breaking Bad was on the last season everyone was like so into it I thought the finale of Breaking Bad was kind of a.

Letdown oh me too I was at the end I was like not even worth my time a lot of people loved the finale so bad I liked the finale of The Sopranos I think the most at the time I didn't like it but it's growing on us growing on me a lot I've been liking the finales of Handmaid's Tale so far that's so long.

I've never watched it maybe I'll start watching it I was thinking I need to have a look say that but it's so good and you never show I fall asleep too that would be a good one you'd probably fall asleep right away Matt Houston Jim coming on do you still use your sauna I haven't been using the sauna as much but I like that I have it.

I got to get more into the swing of things but once he delivers our child then he'll be back to his normal routine the basically we have to do the baby's room and then the home gym hopefully both of those before we have a baby hopefully the baby room out what kind of well we'll have the baby room but I think forcing myself to do the baby room.

Before the home gym will make me get them both them because I want the gym yeah and it'll be easier for me to like you know when the baby's here both of us to just like get in get out also do work plenty of places to hide or bury things off the beaten path yeah that's true I mean you would think that's true in theory but we're like really good at.

Finding bodies surprisingly good but I think if you have like holidays yeah if you have all day to really commit to hiding a body I think you could do pretty well yeah and it's a little body no struggle no stress yeah not heavy little hole oh man thinking back to that one who is a guy that killed his whole family and.

Like put him in the oil tankers and stuff the recent one it was all over the news I think about that one everyone so it's are you doing I didn't know that was a thing yeah I think someone mentioned it actually I'm hearing Chris something oh yeah the one you did yeah I'm gonna say go Chris Wyatt or what or something just watts.

give the kid to the gave the kid to the carnies I keep going over my daily protein is that gonna throw me off no shouldn't throw you off too much so if it's not like a ton every day but you can adjust that over time to get better where is Miley all these might this Miley talk makes me miss her she's I.

Don't think about her than officers guys she's just exist exist once you like we're cat people but then once you get a dog you're just like what do cats really bring to the table I like to take over your life yeah there's like Julius is like he's been down here the entire time half on me half on Matt it's like he just needs needs he's gonna be he's.

Gonna be very upset when the baby comes yeah no I think he might actually be really good once he farts too much she's too loud like I'm gonna need rest he's a baby himself I know you can't have two babies but a lot of people do so we can manage I think um there's a Breaking Bad movie coming that sounds.

Really bad yeah it does sound bad I think as a child he could easily be brainwashed and given a new identity I agree I think she gave him to an underground family are those a real thing underground family living in the sewers yeah I don't like the borrowers you remember the borrower's they just shrunk.

Him now he's remember that the little if you could figure it out from what I'm doing I would be like we're soul mates the cupboard Indian in the cupboard yeah how bad was that movie but like it was so fascinating for me because they're such little people and he would open it and they would come to life and I was like how can this really happen with my.

Toys like I loved the the fantasy of it Lisa Taylor a $2 donation Thank You Julius after Julius Caesar yep but ruined the weed wasted the good name on our first son yeah don't use your best names on your dogs guys they're children so next dog we get his name's gonna be Bronco I've been obsessed with the name Bronco for some reason every.

Pet in the sins I have his name – Bronco where does Mackinaw shirts from they're pretty dope I bind up quite a bit of fuels oh I think I got this one from Target but then yeah like Target Amazon very cheap places my dog was super upset after I had my daughter my dog peed in the middle of our bed ten minutes after we brought home our son from La Jolla's.

Is just gonna poop in his food ball he's gonna be just poop everywhere oh that makes me so sad cuz most most stories I hear are like cat dogs love the baby but yeah I feel like I think you're gonna be surprised by Julius I'm not I know exactly what's gonna happen my son Julius not my other son what's the problem if you decided name your boy.

Julius because we have a dog named Julius when W kind of weird yeah cuz then whatever we call Julius they both come runnin that would be perfect actually yeah this is so cute one of our cats fell in love with our baby the other went and moved in with a neighbor on her oh and she just ditched us that's hilarious they probably are feeding her.

Better over there that's why Lord does not have a crying baby Oh true love why are you massaging you don't even beside me cuz he loves it you know I love it though yeah cats have no allegiance they'll leave you at the drop of a hat um we are getting a puppy soon I wonder how my cat will handle it don't get a puppy oh my god I guess.

You're gonna love him I would get another puppy I do I would too now but like it would also be a huge mistake when it happened to what like now it's my turn to Robin Julie this is like a really bad retirement account he's just like it takes him so long to pay off I think he's just starting to pay off.

Is it yeah two years in well the thing is you work in the basement I'm with him all day just lays at your feet doesn't he know we runs around and barks out the window and mothers me well should we call it yeah this was really fun we like to talk just chat afterwards you on one glaze donated $5 Canadian I first watch and switch to Kia because of you guys.

Heart you just always like this morning or is just switching words around what did I say you should watch Brits discovered now I feel like I do have a little bit of a dyslexia thing we're just like selective words yeah but thank you first of all we really love that appreciate that I feeI it really humbles me or makes me feel just.

Like I don't know really grateful that people feel like we were the starting point yeah I don't know that's just a really cool feeling it is but it's all you you know that you make the change maybe named the baby Caesar they could call they could yell Julius Caesar and both of your sons would come running.

I feel like Caesar is more of the dog name and Julius is a human name well Caesars actually have dog food brand are you are you connecting it to cats and dogs I can't imagine our house without the constant roughhousing yeah I guess I couldn't imagine our life now without j-money I'm still up wait we love.

Watching you I'm still up a lot and unsure what to eat for breakfast Oh up a lot of weight on shorty for breakfast I mean you have the classic right eggs yeah you can just scrambled eggs you can do omelets casseroles with good stuff or you can do really anything you could do chili that you made for meal prep you could do.

Chicken thighs with some broccoli like whatever you want to eat for breakfast you can eat eat foods that you enjoy and eat filling foods like nutrient-dense food so don't just like try to get away with like small meals because you're worried about your weight I think the more nutrient dense meals you eat and the fuller you feel the more like your.

Mindset will change on what's actually good for your body you know yeah I just like say a lot you did what it was good Amy Polly no $10 donation thank you what is your favorite thing to make on keto favorite you're like most common thing usually I'll just make like a steak with maybe some veggies maybe not even some veggies maybe just like some I don't.

Know I just have steak mine's been like I've just been meal prepping chili a lot lately I don't know it's just like yeah lots of meat I like soupy things I like the veggies are like topping with sour cream I just like a lot of ingredients in a bowl but my favorite thing it's probably like some kind of dessert but I don't make them.

That often so once in a while Oh favorite keto thing to bat bombs yeah I like recipe days because we just get to try a bunch of stuff oh did we pick the cookbook winner from last week no we still got to pick a cookbook winner we're so sorry I was thinking if we didn't remember we just do two on Sunday let go full week.

But we could do it right now we'll do it we'll do it after this okay are you gonna take a YouTube Instagram attorney to leave probably not we're trying to get a little bit of head though yeah that's cute though I don't know if I'll be present and Nine's but mad we'll try to be like very regular with those if possible worst.

Case scenario I could just do a few videos solo yeah that's what we would do yeah yo like vlog solo I would do vlogs I'd do more like not a blog I could also do a blog where I do most of filming and just like come over to you every once in a while yeah we could figure it out yeah grass-fed butter frisky which is.

Your fave I like a both I like I think he just costs a lot more but I do like it better made the butter pecan I assume a lot of people made that it is so people liked it yeah somebody even said they're not buying halo top anymore I went boom that's great all right we love you we got some big.

Things coming for you hopefully before the end of the year yeah some life-changing stuff hopefully and it's not the baby it's other stuff so alright guys we'll be back hopefully Sunday with cook along well we got a recipe tomorrow it's a good one red velvet cupcakes and don't forget to leave comments below with crime stories yeah actually if you.

Want to leave a little comment below with something that's not a true crime story but it's a different mystery for me to do I want to do something not true crime I want to do like maybe ancient mystery alien Bigfoot things like that like different kinds of misny bigfoot is real why would it be a mystery yeah stuff like that alright see ya.

Love you back
The Disappearance of Tara Calico and Timothy Pitzen
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