The Disappearance of Misty Copsey and The Murder of Tair Rada

The Disappearance of Misty Copsey and The Murder of Tair Rada

The Disappearance of Misty Copsey and The Murder of Tair Rada

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How's it going guys we are here we're a little early so if you are watching this on a replay fast forward about 15 minutes that's one murder true it's gonna actually start there's more of just like a hang out sesh because not much else to do right now so I thought why not Negus cooking I should probably be doing.

The cooking since she's pregnant but oh there's my early cat sighting so if you guys are new and you've never seen this before Miley come on this is not really keto related at all this is we tell stories about murder crimes mysteries and everyone in the chat kind of gives their theories and it's fun it's like serious.

Topic but we try to make it a little fun yeah not really keyed up so a lot of people think all our videos are Keo and like 90% of them are is the only one that's not so we're not gonna start the stories until 5:30 about 13 minutes from now but my story tonight guys Louie it's a good one a lot of twists a lot of turns and actually this story that I.

Have tonight new evidence was just found in December 2018 it's really interesting twist and Magus telling me that she just has like a really big complicated winding story so that'll be fun yeah and we have waffles protein waffles and then mega is making bacon on the waffle maker is that possible I think it is have you guys ever made bacon on a.

Waffle we made protein waffles one for each of us that has pork rinds yeah so I actually had an early dinner at like 3 p.m. because I was hungry after the gin so I ate a bunch so I'm not gonna be my usual volume here tonight just gonna have more of a snack dinner the biggest mystery is how you get your shirt on.

Over that nose it is quite a mystery funny I used to be more self-conscious about my nose but good not really much you can do about it it's gotta live with it doing my best over here good to excel in other areas of life you know I'm not getting not getting by my nose I'm addicted to this Kido murder mysteries now love the shirt.

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And he inspired by your long weekend semana has so much cool murder stuff we actually didn't check out the murder stuff we just kind of had a relaxing vacation that's kind of more my style sometimes we go on vacations and there's like a bunch of plan stuff to do and I don't really like that as much I like to just kind of hang out guys you have to.

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A flight attendant I always wonder about that for me I'm so much of like a routine oriented person that would be tough for me yeah there should be a good one today I've heard of mega this case before mega is doing the disappearance of misty Copsey misty cop see I've definitely heard this case before but I'd off the.

Top of my head I don't know what it is did you get home we got home on Sunday usually our videos are slightly delayed to take me some time to edit them I don't edit things on the road show it to my beautiful wife her birthday is in a few days happy birthday Chris wife Christine or Christine now I always have a Kido filed lunchbox and remote that.

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Amount of potassium I can't figure this out right now okay yeah that's good muga you inspire me to work out can undo it can you do a video on basic muscle building workout please yeah I guess I'll just pregnant when I do it yeah I mean it would be like there's people that are better at that than us that's the thing yeah that is true like that I.

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Okay let me start here we go miss peacock see age of 14 okay down sixty pounds in 60 ish months love you know that's amazing our watermelons friendly with Quito yeah pancakes waffles are too thick thick I mean you can be too thick no like Kim Kardashian this is too thick it doesn't even look proportionate like it's a.

Human being at play she's a human being yeah I think I would like to see her in person naked to really have an understanding of what's going the proportions are this out-of-control Nicki Minaj – it's like what's happening your science experiments we're doing now but it's what we see on TV and LinkedIn pictures yeah I think Nicki Minaj and.

Kim Kardashian are the two that I'm just taking like so far over the top yeah so I'm doing the disappearance of misty Copsey so misty was born on October 3rd you stole my knife oh I just was sorry misty Copsey brain scholar misty was born on October 3rd 1978 and disappeared on September 19th 1992 at the age of 14 she was 5-8 blond hair green eyes like.

Really tall for a 14 year old and she was raised by her mom so a single mother in p up over just fits re in p all up Washington I I think that's how you pronounce it looks right right P Allah P op is a small town about 25,000 people and it's 10 miles outside of Tacoma which is a bigger city and misty and her mother had a normal loving relationship.

To the extent of we know but they but they also thought like so most parents and kids do and a month before she went missing they had a huge argument so her mom thought she had just ran away because of the argument so she went out to the police to file a missing person a month prior though yeah he was holding.

On to it so she went down to the police station to file a missing-persons report but when she returned misty was sitting in her bedroom so unfortunately the mom never returns back to the police station to retract the report and the police but the police never follow up on it so it's not really that big of a deal at the end of the day on the act on the.

Actual day of her disappearance Missy had gone to the Washington State Fair with a friend and originally her mom had said no to her going because she was going to be working late through the night and couldn't pick misty up and she you know she prefers obviously to pick her up but after begging a while her mom said yes as long as she had found her.

Ride and she told her mom who this ride was from misty told her that misty told her mom she denied she actually disappeared yeah so she disappeared her mom went to reporter for truth came back and she was sitting on the bed yeah now we're talking about a separate occasion yeah on the actual day what is Berger so misty told her mom that she and her.

Friend would take the last bus home and although her mom was a bit nervous about this she knew misty had taken the bus on her own before and she agreed so that was fine Oh what year 92 Misty's friend Trina couldn't go unless she was getting a ride home so Misty's mom lied to trina's Guardians saying she was going to give them a ride home that's pretty.

Standard again I don't know actually a parent wouldn't know that's that's totally unethical of a parent to lie to another parent to like get on the good side of the kids yeah that's terrible parenting so the girls ended up missing the last bus so misty calls her mom and tells her and her mom obviously very angry tells her like she has to figure.

It out she has to find a ride home because she couldn't leave work she was working overnight and she worked with like elderly patients she couldn't leave misty said she would call an 18 year old friend named Ruben even though she knew her mom hated Ruben and hated that they were friends so he had creep they showed interest in misty remember.

Misty moving 14 very young even though she was just 14 but since he drove he since he drove misty would like play into it and like take advantage basically her mom said I don't think 14 year olds are really taking advantage of 18 year olds I feel like she's just maybe in a small town when you have to get around for driving for purposes I.

Don't know I think she was probably actually interested yeah sure either way she was definitely like they were talking they were talking on the phone and stuff her mom had said no to Ruben call it – Ruben picking her up and told her to find another ride and then call her immediately back to let her know who she was getting a breakfast and.

At this time Trina decides to leave and just walk home since she lived pretty close by and and so she left and misty was alone and her mom continued to wait for the phone call but that call never arrived but she's not worried at first because she's like well you know it's late I assumed misty made it home somehow so she tries calling the house.

But no one picks up but that's normal because Misty's sleeping so misty and her friend are aware when they they they split up they like going to town to call the mom from a pay phone into the small town there guy from the fair so when the mom gets home the next morning she calls up for misty and no one is home so the mom starts calling around to all her.

Friends relatives that live nearby and after hearing from no one she calls Ruben who says she did call him who choose so Ruben says misty did call her but he couldn't pick her up because he didn't have enough gas that he said no so that's that okay so the mom Diana will call her Diana I'm moving forward she's mentioned a lot so Diana goes to.

The police and they tell her they can't do anything until 30 days have passed and this is the pea olive police station and then and that until then she's just a runaway she knows misty hasn't run away so she goes down to the local sheriff office in charge of the town where they live so they don't live in pile up they.

Live in like Piana tomorrow I don't remember the evac name so she goes to that sheriff office office that our hometown 1 and they tell her that the police is totally wrong and she can file a missing report so she does that with her hometown sheriff office but can't with the police in Peola where misty actually went missing and this is the.

Good morning when she gets home after she realizes yeah he's gone pretty much immediately when she gets home she gets a call from Trina and Trina tells her that she had he had walked home leaving misty so the mom calls Ruben again but this time the roommate answers Tim and the mom asked him if Ruben had been home all night and the roommate says no and.

That Ruben and his uncle had actually gone that night to pick up misty that's good information getting by the mom there yeah so a little while a little while later she calls back to and she actually speaks to Ruben and he says the roommate got it wrong and they had just gone out to a party not to pick up miss everybody didn't get it wrong he would.

Never give that specific of info yeah so at this point there's three versions right so the first time Ruben said he stayed in the roommate said Ruben went to pick up misty and then Ruben again says he went to a party and didn't stay in so to me he wants to pick up missed you for sure that's where I think I know I'm suspecting him because he.

Preemptively was telling the mom that he didn't pick her up he knew that yeah he's changing his story that's usually an issue so Tammy we're a woman working at the sheriff's office so the sheriff is in the home town and the police station is in P all up remember this gets a little confusing so Tammy working at the sheriff's office.

Had spoken to the mom that morning and she felt like off about this case she was like this in her mind it wasn't a typical runaway case so she speaks to her superior who agrees with her so they put a young deputy Bryden Coburn on the case he goes around to her friends asked if they've seen her and they all say no so he leaves it at that.

He's like doesn't take interest at all really really bad police Judy all around in this case yeah so the mom realizing no one's really doing anything she prints up flyers she hangs up everywhere and starts talking to people and she eventually tracks down and talks to the bus driver that drove the route the night misty went missing.

And he says he saw misty around 9:20 p.m. in Peola and told her about an alternate alternative route she could take to get home but before he even finished talking she started walking away like she didn't even care she was like you know he can't take me home I'm gonna I'm just gonna like look weird I think that's normal for a 14 year old.

You're like how do I get home now you're just like stressed or panicked or like trying to figure it out don't let the person end a sentence you just walk away that's yeah I do remember being a teenager how many times are gonna walk away from their parents oh yeah my dad's in some situations but like a nice bus driver who's just trying to help you but.

Let him finish the sentence okay thanks yeah maybe so friends and family would often stop by checking on things including Reuben who would ask if anyone had heard from her and the mom would always just say like no and we haven't heard anything from her or the police so he would just like walk away he would just come ask and then like leave so.

It's just weird I guess because he's not like close to the family anyway no so after the 30 days passed the mom goes down to the P alla police where misty went missing to file the missing-persons report because she could no and for the most part police don't take this case seriously just assuming she had run away but they do send a couple officers out.

To check out things including the affair the grounds of the fair and they talked to some workers there but no one really knows anything or says anything no I'm realizing she made the missing person call a month earlier yeah that does much worse when a person disappears and they were just reported missing false report a month ago but they don't realize this.

At first they didn't check in on that but that's a good callback yeah so the man in charge at the police station officer Carver remember that name he doesn't do much for the case either the and the sheriff office the sheriff in her hometown the superior at that office even faxes over some papers to Carver with the note saying that he.

Didn't think this was the standard run away case but Carver does nothing he doesn't really care she's just like this is a run away point-blank end of case so instead of digging into the Misty case Carver digs into her mom's background and finds that the mom had some serious alcohol issues and even some welfare fraudulent on her record so obviously.

Now he's biased he's like this is not a good woman to begin with and they found like Matt mention they found the original missing missing person report that the mom had filed which led them to believe furthermore she was a runaway because she had done this before and so they're like well the mom is obviously lying because she did it once she didn't.

Retract her statement she's lying again I mean we're looking at it from obviously this is like a missing person now we know but I think when you're in it and the police they see all the stuff welfare fraud missing person reported a month earlier it's illogical to kind of go the way that they went so like yeah not me I don't know I think you would.

Dig deep but like or you know you can't dig deep on everything there's other priorities too yeah yeah it's tough so two weeks into her disappearance Carver goes so two weeks after this after like the the missing report is filed Carver a goes to her high school and starts to question some kids and at the time a lot like misty was very.

Popular in high school so a lot of girls liked her wanted to be in her friend group so they also wanted to just be associated with the case so they were making a false statement saying they had seen her here they had seen her there and while like later on years later it comes out that they were all false and they they admit that they were just.

Lying at the time the police believed all these statements and that led them to believe like okay she's definitely a missing she's definitely a runaway because of all these sightings so we're just gonna take her off the missing persons list so that's what they did and the police don't interview anyone else that they.

Come in contract with that she had come in contact with like Trina Rubin they don't ever interview them which is like come on like that's the basic right you should interview Rubin yeah Trina – she was literally with her that night so the next day Carver goes on to the Seattle radio station and tells everyone that misty isn't missing she's just a runaway.

And her mom actually knows where she's hiding and just wants attention so really shitty on the part of the show just and why in some of these cases yeah the police feel like they need to be activists and like vocal about it like the Steven Avery case cuz they're just bad they're bad at their job the district attorney or whatever he like.

Immediately as soon as evidence came in he's like saying you know this guy's for sure guilty you shouldn't be doing that right not at all but like they think they've seen it all so they just a hundred percent no and there's ultimately bad at their job I think so everyone the stops looking people take down flyers media outlets stop writing.

Stories and everyone basically turns on Diana the mom it's like she tries to get help but no one wants to help so here comes Corey boba he's a private investigator and he's obsessed with another like serial killing that has happened in a nearby area like Kingston it's called the green rivers killing this is a very famous killer oh you know.

About it okay I don't it's not pretty famous so this detective probably just has like a big wall in his house like yeah arrows pointing to different people he was obsessed he wanted to find the killer and he even thought it was his friend Randy at some point but in 2001 Randy's actually proven not to be there bring River Killer and that's just a.

Side note what do you think about people like that they live there I've just focused on one case they're they're a home is like completely I think it's it's a sad obsession I think that and one is this but then it's also kind of admirable that like they're so focused on this one but like what are they what are they avoiding you know.

Yeah I don't know yeah it could go either way so Cory was constantly badgering the police and like they were pretty sick of him he was always trying to get info trying to give info and they had written him off it's just like a madman like this gut madman this guy's crazy the detective Cory yeah so he was like a.

Private investigator but to the police he's really just no one you know so Cory thought he had identified a pattern in the Green River killings so there were two other girls that went missing in the previous years in P all up and both bodies were found in the same exact area and he thought so one went missing I don't remember the years but they were.

They both went missing two years and one month apart and to him for some reason this meant a pattern was was existed so he believed that in September of 92 a third girl would go missing one missing okay so he has three data points and he's just assuming these two data points so it confirmed his pattern yeah I don't know coincidence or bad could be.

Coincidence yeah but I'm sure even if I even make a batter no III so that's the thing like I bet you have some other girl went missing like you know 120 miles away he would make that fit his pattern – yeah but this this was all in the same exact area coincidentally so Cory finds out about misty – his happiness of course and calls Diana.

Saying I knew this would happen and the police won't listen to me and he tells Diana he says your daughter is dead but I know where she is so he's the only person on her side so she obviously goes along with him because like who no one else is supporting her in this instant oh my leg move so Corinne tells Carver you guys.

Are following right so Cory is Miss RPI and Carver is the pile up police investigator yeah support guys so Cory finds out about owner Gloria tells Carver that he knew about this killing all along and knows exactly what happened but again Carver just dismisses it obviously naturally he's a crazy man to death it turns out that the case is.

Now on the hands of Coburn so Coburn was that deputy that was put on the case from the home town and that's because it's now a runaway case so once it stopped being a missing-persons case because deputy Carver took her off the missing list it goes back to the jurisdiction of where she lives so change jurisdictions and now Coburn's.

On the case does that make sense yeah like bigger details no I love jurisdictional stuff like it was one of my favorite things in law school even so far Brown also thinks she's just to run away and says if they do ever fight like he's he's like they're all just like terrible people in my mind and he tells glory he's like but if we do ever find.

Her we're not gonna tell you or the mother and he just says these like terrible things Cory Coburn okay the deputy so poorly threatens to get the media involved so the Coburn that Sheriff Department they actually they set up a small-time drug bust to an it essentially arrest him and he's charged with several drug accounts.

Facing four years in prison so Coburn the deputy tells Dianna the mom that she needs to detach herself from Cory and she is eventually convinced to get a restraining order against him but two weeks after filing she decides she would rather have him on side and get rid of the order which should make sense like she's alone she.

Has no one to help her out so why not have at least Cory there so after 30 days she misty Besh officially becomes a missing person in his place back on the missing persons list just as a formality two months after she wet she goes missing the oh so two months after she went missing the Green River killings case is reopened and the two girls that.

Were killed prior to misty select those pattern killings they go on the list for killings in association with the Green River killings so they become associated with that serial killer so Cory finds out where the other two girls were found and decides to search the same area with a group of people but they ultimately find nothing so on December 2nd so this.

Is months later her case is upgraded to a missing person under suspicious circumstances and up soap – police believe there was foul play at hand what is the mum's thinking during this time is she like on board with the Green River Killer theory is that what she's going with cuz to me I call the man that was last in contact with her and he says.

I didn't leave home that night and then we find out oh he went and picked up my daughter she like I don't think she could do anything about that I just report that to the police and you would at least think he's the prime suspect she's doing what she thinks is best because she doesn't know who else to fall if she has no one but Cory the.

Police completely have written her off they think she's a drunk a wealth of a fraudulent woman like a lion a lion will seize those things I mean no it turned out like the welfare Florek fraudulence wasn't actual like she didn't realize she was doing it she went down and she told the welfare office what was happening and she paid all the welfare.

Like stamps off okay so she was cleared of that so the case is upgrade like I mentioned and then the case is transferred back to where she went missing in PLL so we're back in Kayla that same month diana is at the supermarket and she sees Ruben but oddly he bolts into a van and he drives off.

With another man on January 10th 1993 so this is several months later that following year a girl is abducted five minutes away from where misty went missing a guy is like you know he's uh what's it called he's cat calling and saying like he's screaming at her twenty dollars for above the waist forty dollars below the.

Waist but she ignores him and eventually like she's so scared she starts to run so he chases her down drags her into his car and then drives a bit raped her and drops her down a 20-foot ravine Ruben did this err a person didn't know a person okay she manages to crawl out she goes to the neighbor's house and explains what happened and then five.

Days later Robert Hickey is arrested according to the exact car and her gum wrapper being found in that card Robert hickeys the new person right new suspect baby mmm so towards the end of January Dianna goes on a show with Trina the friend to talk about misty and she's also on that show with the homicide detective named Jim doyon in a nearby.

County Jim Dorian's another person you want to remember this detective gets interested and feels like something's off so the next week he goes to highway 10 where the other girls were found and spends six hours searching but comes up with nothing okay shortly after this Cory realizes his mistake and that he'd been searching the wrong.

Area originally thinking was the north side but it was actually the south side of highway 10 so he sets out on another search telling the media gathering people to help and on February 7th the search team goes out to the South Side South Side and they actually they find a pair of blue jeans a girl's underwear and a blue sock and Diana immediately.

Recognized the jeans as her own that she had lent to Missy that night and she knew misty was wearing them what you went missing that's big that okay every color so even the detective Jim who was searching there a week prior had not found anything so it seemed almost too perfect not her clothes were suddenly found people missed up on.

Searching us all the time yeah so everyone started I think Cory planted it there but they did forensics of the dirt surrounding the clothes and it was found that was unlikely that the clothes were ever planted they had been there for months so Cory's off the hook the clothes definitely belonged to misty wearing.

Good okay yeah so so and this is like right in the same area the bodies were found from the Green River Killer yeah from the other it was there were there were some what near in the same area of the other two girls that went missing but to me I'm thinking Green River Killer now so in the meantime Cory remember the private investigator he.

Pleads guilty to all the drug charges thinking like the police would be lenient because he helped out so much but they are not and he gets 14 months of bridge I mean you don't just assume things don't you negotiate for this maybe take it easy on me but funny enough the police realized they don't know how to move forward without his.

Help so they go to court in jail ask for his help and Cory says no because ultimately he wants the glory he wants to find misty on his own so meanwhile Jim doyon is pursuing new leads and Misty's cave and he starts to interview people finally interviewing people I was so excited including Trina so Trina Trina confirmed.

Misty's jeans and the navy socks great Trina confirms everything about misty being a virgin not drinking or smoking like just a really good girl and doyin doyon the homicide detective also finds out that they never planned to catch the bus home but in fact they had actually planned to be picked up by Ruben so they called why would Trina hold that.

Information this whole time because she's scared she's 14 I don't know that's insane yeah it's terrible people do it all the time though they hold it okay so they called Ruben five times and after reaching him he said no because he had no gas so this is Trina's account she doesn't trust Ruben but he doesn't think okay.

We've been talking to Trina during this whole time I thought maybe let's see so she doesn't think Ruben would ever hurt you though that's her just her opinion so nothing strange happened at the fair misty called her mom and and nothing else had happened that was strange at the fair and Misty had called her mom after walking into town from a payphone.

Because by the time they realized Ruben couldn't pick them up they'd missed the bus and then another thing that comes up is Trina actually didn't walk home on her own she calls her gross-looking so I've seen pictures of all these men very gross looking no offense or offense because they're terrible men so Trina didn't walk home she calls her 23 year.

Old boyfriend Mike to pick her up how old's Trina 14 okay and misty actually according to Trina refused to take a ride from Mike would offered to take her home because he made her really uncomfortable if you see a picture of the sky you'd be like yeah he makes me uncomfortable so a lot of things going on here I knew girls when I.

Was 14 that were dating twenty three old guys you did yeah I mean it was like it was super weird Miley's just going nuts over here but these girls weren't the way you're describing misty they're not like not smoking not drinking alcohol like they're doing all that stuff they're not the most like reserved girls yeah well Trina's we're not saying that.

So maybe Trina's just trying to cover this gigantic tree yeah because Trina is one of them she's like you know she is that to she's dating a 23 year old man yeah I don't know it's possible that they weren't like that it's possible and she's not holding all this information this doesn't make any sense yeah.

I Robin and a Ruben and her boyfriend friends no okay oh my god Miley when so when Mike was 16 Mike Trina's boyfriend now 23 he was arrested for juvenile rape but he was never charged and he also has personal ties to the two girls that went missing prior to misty hmm what is the ties I don't know no dice so according to Trina's account.

He drops her off and leaves after 10 minutes so did he go back for misty that's possible he dropped Trina off at home stays for 10 minutes and bounces that's just my thinking and then in April so two months later he sells his car but the police actually sneakily buy it and they do a forensic testing but nothing comes back.

Positive or like connecting him and even after being questioned about everything including the past alleged rape and the two girls and Misty there was no connection to him so they really couldn't pin anything on him nothing came of it okay so Carver the officer at p.m. station remember he dismisses the idea that misty has been a victim of a.

Serial killer but they eventually decide to talk to Ruben that police station talks Ruben you got three solid leads right you got serial killer Ruben and the other guy twenty-three year old guy Robert Nikki – I think Ruben still my man though yeah so Rubens boss Frank is the one that actually calls the police because Ruben is like saying super weird.

Things like he knows where Misty's body is found six miles from where her clothes were and just like basically come admitting to this crime for no reason and well you look cool yeah that's one thing so when the police would show up at his work he would both but he's eventually he would like run away but he's eventually cornered by the.

Police and questioned and he said so this gets good he says that misty called twice but he said no to giving her a ride and she and she was really mad about this that's what he says and then regarding the comments to his boss he said them to just like get him off his back which is odd because if you're being like harassed by someone who's.

Like do you know what happened you don't say yeah I know what happened you say I don't know what happened right that makes no sense yeah maybe in like an extreme case where the boss was really every single day like what happened to misty and then you know like I'd killed her and she's six miles from the clothes no that's not I would do it like.

Satirically if the guy was just every single day non-stop yeah but then you'd be in trouble I don't think so so we also find out that Ruben suffers since he was a child from blackouts and he claims he blacked out the entire night misty went missing but he remembers coming around the next morning like coming to his consciousness.

And he drives 60 miles round-trip to his grandmas so he had enough gas to drive 60 miles round trip to Grandma's in the morning but not enough to pick up misty well he might fill it up we're not like he did it he didn't make any stops you he said he went straight he woke up went straight to Grandma's okay so he was asked outright if he could have just.

Blacked out picked up misty and heard her and he said he has no idea because he doesn't reporting anything so now there's four accounts right of what happened that night yeah because he told Diana he went to a party and unfortunately the police don't do great work so Rubens car or grandma's house is never checked and the grandma lived in a.

Hundred miles of land so they just obviously didn't take the time to check out the land like he could have done something with misty dropped her off there buried her right come back who knows and then polygraphs come back inconclusive but apparently he was trying to put himself to sleep during.

The polygraph which is like a known tactic to get away with a polygraph test which is fascinating I didn't know that you could do that um and he eventually sold his car to a wrecking yard after the police interview okay so they also talked to Tim Rubens roommate remember yeah and the roommate said that Ruben had a short temper and he wouldn't put.

It past him to harm someone he also remembered misty calling because Ruben had his 13 year old girlfriend over at the house and then when misty called the 13 year old girlfriend got very jealous and she stormed out and then after she served out Ruben left 10 minutes after misty called and returned home around 12:00 a.m. that's a great window for.

Killing someone there's no real motive here though just like Emily being a murderer serial killer and he didn't have an alibi for the time misty went missing but he passed his second polygraph test so he was marked off the suspect polygraph test me nothing though I know I'm you didn't have an alibi so it's.

Like the police obviously just talk you shouldn't be marked off I know okay so we're getting towards the end so the case went quiet for a couple years but towards the late 90s forensics tests done on her underwear it came out and testing was read done again and there were hairs found on her underwear but they didn't match Diana misty or anyone.

She knew so the hair could have been from a killer it could have been random hair because it had been there for months like it does it might not be anything and then there was also fibers and three paint chips found on the underwear but the paint chips could have also been from cars passing by because her clothes were like right on the side.

Of highway 10 so nothing really adds up and then there's no other big leads and then in 2000 Diana the mom sadly declared misty dead so the big suspects are well there's Ruben Ruben I would say he's probably the prime suspect because the most incriminating thing to me is the initial call when the mom calls and.

He says he was home all night and just immediately tried severing ties with any interaction with misty because it seems like here he knows something went wrong so to me that's yeah that's big so he could multiple accounts of the night he convenient any blacks out he drives to Grandma's house unexplained he doesn't say why he just drives wrong.

Trip and he brags about knowing where she's where her body is yeah like that to me he's like he just doesn't really have a motive for why he would do it I guess he really liked her he would like on the phone they were talking you'd be like the mob would overhear her to him saying like just looking at you makes me very horny but uh I mean obsession would.

You just kill someone though or maybe she was resisting and he accidentally raped her and then killed I didn't know what to do with their body like I don't know accidents happen yeah and then there's Mike the 23 year old boyfriend of Trina give us your theories guys and Robert Hickey those are the three wait who's Robert Hickey remember.

He abducted the fifteen year old girl yeah okay in a similar fashion now misty was affected by the cat calling her I don't think you can really just correlate the two there's no evidence of him being associated just did a similar crime in a similar area yeah if you did a bunch of them then maybe but just one I don't think so well when he comes out.

Of jail he does it again no he does yeah yeah and then what about the Green River guy that's solved eventually but it wasn't I don't know yeah Green River was solved but it was for sure not related to this knot they didn't pursue that police literally pursued nothing in this case which is so frustrating because there's so many like potential leads.

Like this one or was it too much like should i dial it back a lot of people saying it's Ruben for sure I think that's gotta be the most likely suspect I guess it just is kind of odd so I guess in the scenario where Ruben did it what happened was Mike goes and picks up Trina and then Ruben separately goes and picks up misty and then something just.

Happens in the car kind of a thing yeah I think he tries to force himself on her and if she is in fact like a good girl she's not like yeah let's do it she's not a good girl she's dating an age you can't assume that she ran away from home she's dating an eighteen year old man she's so yeah I guess I'm going with Reuben.

And we're been just off the hook never no charges or anything what happened to baby Lisa we still don't know people saying they like this one okay I thought it would be too confusing where's the knife jealous girlfriend someone says Oh Trina the girlfriend that was over at oh the 13 year old 13 year olds don't really I guess well how would she know.

Misty was I guess maybe though that's a good are you ready yeah I'm ready for my yeah okay you guys ready for this let's switch topics here I'm just adding more butter to my walkies here tonight I'm gonna take you on the ride the story so excited the murder of tere Radha 13 years old in Israel this is a foreign crime Israel there is a documentary on.

Netflix about this it's really good if you guys like this you know the documentary is great oh now I remember oh my god this is a phenomenal but like really sad terrible case and the name of the documentary I said earlier where is it I remember watching this this was so sad like I couldn't even watch it at times.

Oh shadow of truth shadow of truth on Netflix it's not in English no but it's worth it anyway yeah okay so December 2006 thirteen year old Tara Rada of cats R in Israel decided to skip the last period of that day she hung out with friends in the schoolyard before going back into the building to get a drink of water she was last seen by students.

Going up a staircase leading to a middle floor where tenth grade classes work we're taught so that's the last sighting of her going up a staircase leading to a middle floor of the school there's like four or five floors on school so later that afternoon she failed to return home she returned home before her parents usually so her mom came home.

Later that night realized that Tara Tara had never arrived and a search began immediately the mom was like oh yeah she's not home something's wrong what's going on here this has never happened before so very quick work the whole neighborhood bands together they start searching and at 7:00 p.m. her body is found that night so the.

Whole search took only a few hours they find her body in a locked stall in the girls bathroom at school her throat was slit twice and then there's multiple cuts on her face torso hands maybe defensive wounds we don't really know yet initial reaction by the police is of course jealous classmates that type of thing because you know it's hard to get.

In a school and murder someone if you're not someone working there or a classmate yet so that night police detain a homeless person who was lingering around the school that day apparently and then three days later they detained the school gardener both have their alibis checked out and they're released nothing there a week later police detained a man.

Names a Durov that's his last name Romans at her off I'm just gonna call him set her off police stated that he was the prime suspect on television news shortly after arresting him detain who was detaining and arresting different yeah okay they detained him is that her of he's a maintenance man okay and he would go on to confess and even reenact.

The murder shortly after being detained a day later his attorney informed the police and media that he recanted his confession and I don't know he's a foreigner to Israel he didn't speak the language that well so that's a lot of why maybe he confessed her like he didn't fully understand what was a lot of the time there was no.

Translator I don't think and all of this is documented in the documentary so the motive for the murder according the police initially was the fact that tere insulted zetrov after he denied her request for a cigarette hmm her family and friends stated that she did not smoke so this made no sense also rude behavior and not a.

Characteristic of hers and a lot of this is like always it's like you know candy-coated I'm sure she's maybe smoked without the knowledge of her parents like things like this she wasn't that great of a hope I mean she's she's 13 years old right so she's probably great but she's like has some flaws also but the mother is like a big actor in this.

Whole thing she's like very outspoken about how awesome her daughter was which everyone I guess kind of is so police later changed the motive to being sexual in nature because the first L are the first motive kind of falls through so that's pretty much most of the story but now we get into the trial and the potential alibi of Zadar ah so the time.

Of murder initially was determined to be between 120 p.m. that's the last sighting of her walking up the stairs 1:20 p.m. in school in school and 1:30 p.m. when a girl testified to being in the bathroom and not noticing anything out of the ordinary going on so apparently in that 10 minute span that's when something must have happened that's.

The initial reports so she was already dead when the girl was in there apparently at this time said rob was at the school of gate on the phone with his employer and this is corroborated by phone records so the call started on his phone at 1:23 p.m. right in the middle of that timeline two security guards also saw him and he was awaiting.

Delivery for some tiles and went back to school after 1:30 so that's like a pretty solid alibi tight alibi there students that last saw tear walking up the stairs they didn't see anything well anyone walking behind her or anything out of the ordinary whatsoever it's just her alone walking up to the bathroom which would be a lie.

Could be if there's some inside play yeah like a student yeah think of that the time line was later changed to be between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. because he came back in at 1:30 a little after 2:00 p.m. a dorama sighted in the cafeteria looking like nothing out of the ordinary had happened he continued to work as usual and then.

He went home at 5:30 p.m. so I mean it could have happened from 1:30 to 2:00 it could have really happened from any time from when she went into the bathroom until she was found I guess I guess it's more likely to happen close to when she's in there though are usually going in there and would it didn't notice anything like shouldn't hear someone.

Peeing or anything you know confession and reenactment so his alibi checks out pretty solidly in my opinion for that timeframe so now we go to the confession and reenactment and this is the most intense part of the documentary because you can actually see the entire uninterrupted recording of him walking through the school doing the reenactment.

And make up your mind for yourself is he react re-enacting something that he actually did or is he reenacting something that the police kind of told him he kind of knows a little bit about yeah so it's really interesting so his confession and reenactment contained false and incorrect information the location and the way the.

Murder was committed were not consistent with the crime scene that's good for him investigators told zakharov details of the crime that were later proven to be untrue but at the time they thought were true and that's what he said in his confession so like I don't know I think it was mostly with like the motion of the knife he was like the.

Detectives initially thought it was like right hand and then like later left hand something like that that's not exactly what it was but he then in his story was saying like yeah I did it like this and then later on you find out that's not how it actually went down so then he's already like confessed to something that the police thought was true but it.

Wasn't actually true in the long run the reenactment shows a number of signs in my opinion in a lot of people's opinion the sadder off has no idea what he's actually doing yeah so he tries to continue to the upper floor he doesn't well when you walk up the first set of stairs to the bathroom she was killed in he starts.

Like turning to go up the next set of stairs to the bathroom he thinks it's at like the next floor up and what happens which is crazy is the cops they know it's all being uninterruptedly recorded so the cops they go and they like adjust his handcuffs and then they kind of like lead him back to the the first door that she was actually murdered in to try.

Making it seem like there was nothing wrong with tanked up so just like you know kind of redirecting it and oh so when he's actually doing the reenactment of the murder the way that her throat was cut was like the wrong side of the body of the wrong motion and he never mentioned anything about blows to the head which there was seven of them on.

The autopsy and after she was dead there was a cut on her wrists just to like you know make sure I guess and he didn't mention anything about that which I mean you could maybe not leave some details out right I don't you're not supposed to when you're doing a reenactment like that or confessing to the crime also I would imagine killing someone's like a.

Rather intense experience to where maybe you don't remember everything yeah you like black it out yeah but like that that's a really like intense way killing someone like the damage whoever caused her you know you remember when you Steve you slit her wrists at the end to like make sure it seems like that's maybe a plan you have going in you're.

Like when I'm all done I'll slip the wrist yeah and so like it's premeditated yeah for sure then after reenacting the murder he initially opened the door of the stall to walk out which in the actual murder is not what happened because there was blood leaking out and there's a little.

Passage under the door you know how some bathrooms have like a big thing this just had it was like a real door so it was just like a little passage blood was gonna leak out of it if he opened it so he had like the killer put something against it I think and it climbed over the into the next stall but when he was reenacting it he just opened the door.

And left and then the cops are like no how'd you climb out we know you climbed out so then he climbs out any climbs it over the door when like over the door to get into the area where you'd wash your hands when really the killer it went into another stall and there's footprints that were not zat arras in blood on the toilet seats the way the.

Prints that's a good question what you mean they don't do anything about the print no not really I'm sure they're always like searching for or they know like do they even care they're obviously forcing someone to do a false confession and they know it it seems like that's the case yeah zadra was convicted in 2010 and is still in.

Jail to this day most people in israel believe he is innocent and he has appealed and been convicted or not convicted but like is it convicted can you get convicted more than once no you don't get convicted he's like yeah he's been appealed multiple times and always lost yeah this is one of the most famous cases in.

Israel and here's some other info on the case just some bullet points more than 60 fingerprints were recovered from the crime scene none matching Sattar off some in blood and not matching either hair was found gripped in tears hand a few strands of hair like a stroke test the hair they did test but they.

Didn't get a match how do you not get a match you test all the girls in the school right I don't know how many people they test it it did not match that or off though a total of 150 biological samples were tested from the crime scene and none matches at or off so this to me is just a corrupt justice system it seems to be the case.

Corruption because I don't know if it's as much corruption as sometimes people get an idea in their head well I mean if it was a case that went through with the judge if he was paid off then that's corruption right because he's not gonna like admit any of he's gonna be like well nothing points to zat arras as the murder yeah I don't know man once you.

Get to the trial I feel like anything's possible cuz like the jury who knows what kind of jury are gonna get and it's innocent until proven guilty but when someone's sitting on trial you just your initial reactions like that guys guilty for sure I mean I don't know it is Ria's but I know like in India like getting paid off juries.

And judges is more so common than you think and like being threatened like if you don't vote this way we're gonna kill your family so like if he serials anything like that it's really easy to buy over a jury and a judge okay the murder weapon according to the confession and reenactment was a smooth.

Blade utility knife however it was never found in the reported confession zat arras said he placed it under the tiles that he was laying that day the tiles were removed no knife was ever found and then two senior forensic medical experts testified that the murder weapon was committed or the murder was committed with a serrated blade not a smooth blade.

And that's like pretty easy to tell you can look at the outside her skin also paramedic 93 10 thank you for the donation hey guys came late what was for dinner we had bacon and protein waffles so the protein waffles are a recipe on our food blog keto connect done it that you can just look up easily it's a really simple.

Recipe all of romans a durov's belongings were tested and none showed positive results for blood that's important I think cuz yeah I don't know you could maybe not have blood on you leave you change but usually you have some like it's really hard to wash it all off I yeah but yeah even if you try washing off they're gonna expects and.

Everything one of the students later testified in court that she saw under the bathroom stall where the murder was committed tears Puma shoes and blood and there's like a lot of reports from the students that are hard to really corroborate and like who knows no I'll start you've got those shoes though second pair of shoes.

You decide oh I didn't even realize that when I wrote it yeah two pairs of shoes & Deluca and blood and a long list of students went through and this is not necessarily corroborated I think it's the same way you were talking in your case these are like 13 14 year old kids when they hear there's a high-profile murder you know yeah I was in the.

Bathroom at that time but a long list of students allegedly went through the bathroom around the murder time well Tara apparently struggled with the murder for some time probably not too long and some of them said they even noticed highly suspicious circumstances so now we have theories we don't like there was so much more info in the.

Documentary there's a little bit more info what do you guys think why do you think does that rob do it why are my super waffles so much drier than quest because quest views is like 40% casein protein makes a moister I soap here is 100% I so isolate someone's saying no that's who do you think did it guys the theory was that ah.

I'm pretty confident he didn't do it I'm a hundred percent confident you didn't do it yeah I'm pretty much 100% too theory two would be some mix maybe just a single student I would say a mix of students you think yeah I think it's possible but I also think it's if it's worth the world if it's more than one student I find it hard for for them not.

To have turned on each other they're protecting each other that's what that's what friends do right yeah because then everyone else would get caught up everyone else would get in trouble and God their lies you'd be ruined I guess I just think it's hard for when stuff really goes down I think it's hard for a thirteen-year-old to not.

Talk I don't think so not like another country where really I don't know it's different I think the culture is very different some people say the student well gang Z was framed desire FF have kids that went to that school well that's all the theories except for this crazy plot twist in 2012 six years after the murder a man reports to police that.

His then-girlfriend had confessed to him on the day of the murder she had showed him the knife soaked in blood her clothes soaked in blood and he didn't report it to police at the time that was his current girlfriend so you got a that has to run through your mind like this guy's dating a person who showed him bloody clothes in a murder.

Weapon didn't talk to police he's probably also a little crazy I would say his ex-girlfriend and she's always referred to as a Kay in the documentary and just in anywhere you read about this case she was a student at the school no not a student at the school like an adult twenty-something their early 30s adult hmm no no association with the.

School whatsoever so this was just like out of left field his girlfriend referred to as a K was arrested and brought in for questioning well she was on a house arrest in relation to this case she left her home and attempted to kill someone and was subsequently sent to a psychiatric hospital without being further.

Investigated for this case oh but it's hard to get into the school you said right I think it's pretty yeah difficult to get in to the school an investigator finds that the boyfriends account lines up with two students original statements taken on the day or the day after the murder they claimed to have seen a suspicious woman.

In the bathroom hmm and they don't mention this fitting the description of a Ches outfit and one hears her say occupied from the restroom or they hear a voice saying occupied in the rest this is just a random murder yeah which is saying or maybe we don't know this is so a Ches interviewed she admits to having murderous impulses she.

And she she's really like feels like she sometimes possessed by a she-wolf like a wolf and wanting to bathe in blood so she's pretty crazy these are all thoughts she has she was in a psych ward as well yeah so three years later IKS roommate the person the suspect at the institution commits suicide the roommates best friend comes forward and.

Says that a Kay confessed multiple times to her friend her roommate who just committed suicide that she did the murder hmm and the documentary so there's some with documentaries you always got to be like careful how much way you're putting into them so the information about this person this is like new to the.

Documentary this wasn't really that investigated or like out in the public at the time so this report that the person who committed suicides friend Gabe the documentary that was like the first time it ever aired forever was known and then shortly after may whose friend was the suspects roommate she also committed.

Suicide three days after giving this statement to the documentary filmmakers kind of do you think to follow that okay so how could this murder have potentially happened if this suspect did it a Kay and we have a story that's told by her boyfriend exactly how it might have happened which I'll read once I get more water happy yeah someone said how.

Would she get out of the school covered in blood that's a good question people are saying jealous classmate that's about to be answered right here so when she entered the school this is all quotes from the ex-boyfriend when she entered the school she wrapped fabric around her chest in an effort to flatten it she wore a pair of beige male beige.

Cargo pants and a black sweater she was wearing a wig that we got a few years earlier in a cap she had a large JanSport bag where she had plain silicon silicon cleaning gloves a hunting knife she bought in advance and a change of clothes he said his the bank's boyfriend said his girlfriend went into the bathroom at.

The school and waited for almost two hours for the right moment to strike when she heard someone coming to the bathroom alone she alleged she allegedly came out of the bathroom stall with the knife drawn grab Nerada by the shirt and forced her into the bathroom stall where she allegedly murdered her she said that when she started undressed when she said.

That when she started undressing terr girls came into the bathroom what did them knock on the stall door and a Kay told her it was occupied while blocking the crack under the door so blood wouldn't come out after hearing no one was in the bathroom she fled the scene aka then returned home she took a shower.

When she was done she called me while I was at work and told me she couldn't forget the smell of the blood he said a Kay showed him the bag she packed for the murder she showed me the clothes she wore the wig the knife that was there it was all bloodied the first thought that went through my head was to call the police to this day I don't know why I.

Didn't do that you shouldn't what do you guys think of that do you put a lot of stock in that I kind of do my boyfriend is still getting arrested – change of clothes in a backpack is that criminal what he did it must be right yeah it's like concealing evidence but you also get you get like aiding and abetting yeah it seems like.

It and then the last piece of evidence breaking news in 2018 a hair was found on Tara's body and it was tested and it matched a Kay's former boyfriend the one who's reported all this to police no he did it no what oh I didn't even think of it like that I just thought a Kay did it no I'm thinking a case still did it just hit her I somehow got there but now I.

Need to read about it more you're right we just saw a cover-up oh my gosh it's funny how differently we both took that how did you guys perceive it I perceived it as a Kay probably did it cuz the hair just like what's it called for it's it goes from someone yeah cross-pollination type thing where his hair fell off on her clothes from.

The wig no the we wasn't the boyfriends no it was the boyfriend people are saying boyfriend someone's a take a sometimes that he did it I'm blamed his case crazy girlfriend cuz yeah she's already like crazy known to me has gone to a psych ward and be easy yeah people are interpreting this as a case still did it no one really.

Thinks a the boyfriend did it I mean they're both in on it because he knew about it and still did nothing yeah and if you guys thought this case is interesting I guess I kind of spoil a lot of it for you but the documentary is so good yeah her asking for what to call shadow of truth it's not English but.

Worth it's worth it yeah you'll finish it tonight if you start it right now both of them were involved maybe did they ever recover the weapon now they didn't recover any the clothes over the weapon or anything like that it was a K he was just protecting his girlfriend wouldn't Matt protect you I don't think we'd protect each other in.

That instance if you murdered someone yeah I wouldn't would you pay me wouldn't protect me I don't think I would would you protect me I mean depending on the circuit you were rich if I was a she-wolf and I need you to bathe in someone's blood you protected me in that situation no yeah I don't think so but if it was something.

Different I might I'd be scared you'd want to kill me though so after like make sure you were definitely put away know if you report me yeah the boyfriend didn't say what happened to the backpack yeah I know I guess maybe that she had burned it or something that's what I can imagine what about the hair in her hand I think the.

Way that she killed herself a K no so can't they test the hair in her hand to fake a really good I think that's what they tested and one of the hairs in her hand the one that was found that matched the boyfriend a king is not in jail right now are she in the psych ward the psych ward I think she's in a psych ward.

Related to this case right no for two attempting to murder someone else so they never pursued her for this case so yeah I guess that makes it more believable the less you would have done this murder because shoes I mean how insane of a person is that where you're waiting in a school bathroom during school people do crazy.

Stuff with with a school you don't even aren't familiar with it all that's the best way to do it right I guess so the hair in her hand could have been wig hair yeah that's true too I think they're true there's been a few retrials in this case I think they're trying to get another one apparently most people on or in Israel think he's innocent is.

That or else why did the boyfriend set her off yeah I mean I think he's definitely innocent at this point because there's crazy people I want that on my white wedding vows their sickness and through help through she-wolf and baby that's funny funny watch and you're funny that was a.

Good one yeah picked a good one babe thank you all right remember guys if you comment on the Facebook post the one that says we are live now with your current favorite crime mystery anything like that related you'll be entered to win a cookbook package our cookbook physical and our ebooks there's no box yeah he's.

Still in jail I know planner I was a victim's family richer in politics no but a few of these students at the school that were like somewhat linked to things or they were like interrogated a little bit they had family that was in the police force mm-hm victim's family was not really rich at all.

I think there may be slightly underprivileged for the area yeah for oddmund K sweet ha I would have to definitely like we'd listen to the serial podcast because I would watch the HBO documentary but it's horrendous worst documentary I've ever seen so we might do that as a joint one one of these days we have the time to listen to.

It all that'll be good comment up a live video or we're goin live oh the one that says we're going live yeah on Facebook we're going live going to watch the documentary why don't you guys like the dad not documentary because it's people re reading her name hey men leaves and the culture and like the montages and.

Like just the the pictures it was just poorly done in my opinion especially for HBO Casey Anthony's another good case we could do now one has some crazy twist they're just like oh my gosh yeah that one was made for Nancy Grace what do you guys think about Nancy Grace in general Nancy Drew who's Nancy Drew remember we were having this conversation last time.

There's a Nancy Drew a book or something you don't remember this laughs yeah we were just confused but yeah that's a Nancy Grace where can we leave Murder She Wrote suggestions on the Facebook post that no suggestions Wow suggest them on the comments of this video once it goes live once it gets posted or no once it's done going loss.

No we're about to sign off here in a minute or two you can leave a suggestion do you guys watch the whole thing there's way more to it after that what are you talking about oh the the Adnan case maybe we should just start watching on like Episode two because the first episode was I was like Matt was like.

Trying to watch and I was like I can't do this like I just refused they were wasting our time it seemed like they were just trying to drag it out for money's sake yeah maybe we'll give it a go again and then I saw the Netflix one on Madeleine McCann and it was like wow Netflix is a million times better than HBO because I think it was like eight.

Episodes an hour each pretty entertaining yeah and they had in my opinion like less of an interest they're both pretty interesting cases but less facts and stuff and interviews and theories yeah I just want when people talk about the Adnan one I don't need to hear from like rob a Rabia Chaudhary every time I just want to hear the.

Actual evidence of the case she's like the Adnan's she's like yeah she's just in everything everything Adnan related she's there and I'm just like I don't want to hear your perspective must exist part of it yeah of the defense I just want to hear objective facts and decide for myself nothing's objective it's all hearsay and.

Testimonies from people what is objective well people that are involved in the case she has nothing to do with that and that's not objective what that's like testimonies it's hearsay it's so the facts of the case I mean yeah I think it's important to show though like that there's such a big.

Group of people behind his innocent I don't think there is I think it is it's good for like documentaries sake so it like plays that your chartstring one other documentary does that I don't know I haven't seen as many as you have you're getting upset about this like Rob Chowdhury for so long the documentary actually changed my mind a little I.

Always thought the parents did it yeah and they lead with the parents doing it they like trap you in and you're like embarrassed it in and it's all of a sudden like no they told you like they're trying to frame the parents oh my frozen alright guys we should probably probably end it that all right this is fun see you next week back next.

Week sorry for freezing
The Disappearance of Misty Copsey and The Murder of Tair Rada
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