‘The Disappearance of Lauren Rahn’ and ‘The Curious Case of Stacey Castor’

‘The Disappearance of Lauren Rahn’ and ‘The Curious Case of Stacey Castor’

‘The Disappearance of Lauren Rahn’ and ‘The Curious Case of Stacey Castor’

Check out the video on ‘The Disappearance of Lauren Rahn’ and ‘The Curious Case of Stacey Castor’.
How's it going everyone we're running late today meg is actually still cooking so we'll have that here shortly but it is the I hope okay so it's the eleventh episode of Murder She 8 which is exciting there's a lot of you guys that seem like your diehard loving this there's also some people that seem like they don't really like this much at all.

And let me know if the audio is good and everything and basically what we do is we eat a keto dinner but that's pretty much all there is to be said for keto well I have to some keto questions if possible but it's mostly about telling stories crime stories murders disappearances maybe conspiracies and like cult stuff.

But we've never really done that yet but we might get to that at some point too and we each tell a case so I tell one mega tells one and I'm pulling up the chat here so we filmed some recipe videos today we got some good ones we actually did a chicken pot pie recipe which is just like a classic Midwestern dish and it's really good so I think you.

Guys are like that so I had to run to pick up Julius and pick up ingredients for dinner and I just got back at like 526 so meg is trying to somehow throw it all together right now so what's new guys YouTube finally sent me a notification when you all want live so I put up the schedule the scheduled live stream like and I try doing that in the.

Morning on Wednesdays but usually it's like between noon and 2 p.m. and then you can click set reminder and you'll get reminded as soon as the live stream starts also I think there's a bell you can click on our YouTube channel so what's going on guys my favorite night of the week is murder she ate oh we appreciate it.

Hello from Minnesota hello from Arizona grocery shopping right now sounds fun your eyes look so heavy are you okay yeah okay doing fine little tired how do you have tips for us weed smokers for munchies hmm so here's one tip you cook yourself up a nice little meal and then as you sit down with your meal in front of you you smoke.

A little weed and then you eat then maybe you have a few snacks on the side like some pork rinds string cheese things like that have like a plan going into going into things that can help where's mega she's coming soon I hear the bowl is being dished up right now I didn't have time so he just picked up Julius he was a daycare today having.

My last Q a cheat meal before I start this summer shred challenge quest chip nachos yes uh there is a summer shred thing if you guys there's a series of videos we did at the start of last year where we did a 90 day cut so we actually have a coach now that's running another 90 day cut so if you guys want to sign up it starts March 1st deeper state.

Quito calm and you have to use the code it's summer shred to get entered into the whole thing and you actually get like a messaging apps with the college so you're gonna kind of help you along the way did you get a prenup can i disclose that we didn't get one but we're 5050 in our business so i didn't really see a recent one why we need one.

I know people say you always need one yeah so I don't feel like we need one but I don't know I didn't honestly look into it too much I guess you just make the common mistake everyone makes it I think you're super in love and then ten years later you're getting divorced you're.

Like I wish I had a prenup fork and I want a little a little ghee or coconut oil to the website for the summer shred is deeper state Kido calm I'll type it in chat right now use the coupon code summer shred and I know a lot of you said you like the ambiance better in the kitchen is a big bowl now big meals so we for dinner we have egg.

Roll and a bowl wonderful presentation too and we've already eaten this once on a murder she ate but that just goes to show we really love this meal yeah like the Asian flavor and then it's just like some cabbage and meat so it's like we have a recipe on our food block yeah like easy on the digestion super delicious differ from mistake we love it.

Oh please what are you guys having for dinner tonight I'm gonna link this recipe in chat to if you guys want to try make it one of our faves for sure it's like the best Asian recipe we have no my guess is cashew chicken is do you like the quest ranch chips good macro so yeah the macros are pretty good they're not my favorite though I like the nacho.

Cheese ones better love a girl and a bull fam loves it carrot pad thai that's what you're having for dinner so that's like pad thai using carrots as noodles that sounds good stuffed salmon day you guys are cooking it up out there red wine and string cheese hahaha I know what kind of night you're having actually like a fun night.

I'm assuming you're watching TV of some kind you're like just kicking it on the porch you know what is underrated and it seems like it's kind of fading in our modern society here is like just hanging out on the porch drinking maybe like a neighbor walks by you chat with them for a little bit like we used to play out in the front yard and my parents would sit.

On the porch it seems fun we don't do it much anymore can you eat too much protein of course you can eat too much of anything you can drink too much water but like most for most people I would say it's not that big of a concern too much protein it's kind of hard to overdo it the only case that it really comes into play is maybe when you're first.

Starting and you're just focusing on removing all the carbs and if you're not making any effort to add fat then it could be kind of tough to to eat fat because fat is pretty hard to find in our food supply these days someone just said the cure for keto rashes milk thistle and tumeric interesting I haven't heard that I know milk thistle.

Supposedly helps with like liver liver stuff liver support my childhood home has a porch my husband and I are looking for a house at the moment and a front porch is a must have so one interesting thing that I didn't know was it must have until we started looking for houses and then I realized it was is a basement because not a lot of homes in Georgia.

Have basements does everyone get the keto rash no it's a pretty small percentage of people and I don't really know why I honestly haven't looked into it all that much how's it going guys Megas here finally well I picked up Julius yeah do you need why do you need a.

Basement well it's cooler in the summer it's I guess maybe it's like a man thing and I didn't think I was someone who had just kind of fall into all these stereotypes but I like just going down they're escaping having my dungeon yeah we put the basement and all my homes am the kids always play down there it's easy to.

Just like seclude the kids down there usually have like a theater room and like your bar if you have a bar or like a pool table like it's just a good hangout spot I feel like how much meat did you give me oh how much total meat did you do 1/2 pounds okay it's like 12 ounces at least yeah ok what else did you add to this garbage I just loaded up.

On cabbage – I'm gonna try making homemade sauerkraut this week coconut aminos rice wine vinegar fresh garlic fresh ginger oh your chopped up fresh yeah some sesame oil a very little at the end I don't usually cook with it like I don't put it down first I don't like to heat it through too much so I just drizzle it on at the end and then I.

Mix it in and salt and pepper nice not a lot but a lot of ingredients were we drinking tonight you know water do you worry I'm gonna get you nothing I think we should start cases though it's 543 already mm-hm what baby yeah we haven't maybe on the way guys yeah do car buffs break a stall there's some.

Thinking that maybe it could I don't know what would really be at play to where a car buffs break your saw but maybe even you could just try like one high-calorie day like one point five extra calories because when you're doing like you know yeah you can try that first that's maybe what I would try first but when you're doing just a.

Calorie deficit for such a long period of time your metabolism starts dropping and it does get tough to continue losing weight okay one byte math your new bullets here and then my case got our meeting tomorrow I'm ready for you hmm it's hot okay the baby will be beautiful do you guys think Megan is beautiful I don't necessarily know that I'm.

Beautiful though yeah we talked about that like I mean do two good-looking people always make looking babies and like is Matt it considered objectively very good-looking no but I have certain good-looking attributes like I'm six-three you're smart you're funny your blue eyes you have nice lips really just.

The nose the nose it's just like the one standout feature that like me your eyes are big my eyes are like definitely a weak point my eyes are really small just not not noticeable kind of boring bland okay I'm gonna serve a case so okay let's do it so as I was doing my case I kind of like I didn't do a ton of research cuz.

We were like pressed for time sorry Josh we were pressed for time so I went with the first one that I came across and I was just like I'm not even gonna like really do diggin down down boy so this reminded me of a case like Matt would present and so I was like ah I'm not that satisfied with it but I'm gonna go with it cuz I've done all the reasons.

You leave with that you guys saw it highly hype it up yeah but like it just whoa Laurene she's nursing this is the disappearance of Loreen Ram and yeah we'll just we'll go ahead and start so Loreen was fortunate ears old when she went missing on the 26th of April in 1980 in Manchester New Hampshire.

So 14 year old in 1980 the Year really tells you a lot jack is back then whenever you hear cases from this time period it's like we used to leave our doors unlocked at night literally like yeah how all those cases go homebodies Adventures just donated $5 says Julia sent his sweater smiley I mean heart eyes heart eyes.

Yeah he's the cutest yeah you a lot of people say they're confused this is crime stories we're telling crime stories not Kido stuff guys Wednesday nights 5:30 p.m. Eastern we do only crime and we answer some Kido questions if you're willing to stick around so Loreen was five foot four she had blue eyes brown hair and she was 90 pounds so.

She was she was small smaller person she also and she lived in an apartment on the third floor with her mom and her mom's boyfriend at the time was a professional tennis player so he would travel he would go to his games and Judith the mom and Loreen and they would usually travel with him so there was one tournament that was only a day long so.

The mom would be back later in the night like around midnight and Loreen asked her mom she was like hey can I just stay at home just hang out with some friends you know call some friends over and the mom was like hey it's you know it's one day sure totally fine so Florian spent the evening with two friends in the drinkin beer just like hanging out.

Others 14 yeah in 1982 that was normal that seems like not great parenting I know well she was a single parent she traveled with her boyfriend a lot like I bet you know 40 is definitely borderline like 16 yeah I'm doing that all day but like 14 is what is that like night that's like maybe ninth grade eighth or ninth grade.

If you grew up in a city though it's horrible I could see that okay fourteen five what do you guys think it's fourteen okay to spend the night home alone oh no water drink beer I was talking spend the night home alone oh I spent at home alone fourteen okay well drinking beer no of course but.

You have to know that you know what you're doing we have to know this there's the chance that they're gonna drink beer no I'm 14 slowly find a snail like our child could stay home one at 14 okay I would think some people saying no 14 still young and really old 14 year old babysit like little kids yeah okay going back to the story so.

Lauren spent the night like I said just that home with two friends and one was a male one was a female but their identities were never disclosed since they're underage makes total sense so when Judith arrived home that night around midnight from the tennis tournament she found all the light bulbs in the hallway like that's how she.

Returned home so I don't know son no they were unscrewed slightly so they couldn't be here done yeah so that's good it was a it was a dark hallway right off the bat and the front door of her apartment was unlocked so the male friend actually had heard Judith's coming down the hallway so he escaped like UB ran out of the back door.

Escaped down the fire escape and then this is a mom Judith is a mom okay and then the male friend when he was questioned after Lorraine had went missing he said that he heard Loreen locked the back door after he left so she locked the back door didn't lock the front door but either way like that's his account.

Okay way so when the mom gets home who's home no one we're about to get to that okay so this so that was the boys account he left so when Judith comes into the house she peeks inside of Lauren's room to make sure she's there sleeping and someone's in the bed so she's like alright.

Laureen's home she's sleeping that's fine but it wasn't until the next more that the female friend was the one that actually came out of the bedroom and she had mentioned that Loreen fell asleep on the couch so she was in the bedroom and that's who the mom actually saw okay the French so are we thinking she's pretty drunk he'll the friend who's just.

Sleeping in a bed and her friends bad yeah why would she be pretty drunk weren't they drinking beers yeah but what do you mean like her like if your friend tarik falls asleep on the couch you go sleep crash in his bed right you know I was asleep so it makes total sense yeah I've definitely done that so the this thing that was weird was that.

Lauren's brand-new shoes as well as her clothes and her bag were all in the living room but no she wasn't anywhere to be found that morning when the mob like realizes that you know her friend was in a room and not actually Loreen Mary Baptiste thank you for the donation $10 so the police off the bat pinned Loreen as just the classic runaway case.

She's 14 and they believe that she just left intentionally it doesn't make sense to leave in this scenario though right nothing fun with friends and she had like she added good like there was no claimed issues with her mom or like any of her school or anything someone just said hey thought you guys should know this channel changed my life I'm down 65.

Pounds yeah so the police don't take it seriously at first but the mom obviously believes that she would never leave without her bag so like she definitely didn't leave intentionally she would take her back if she was gonna leave for a while or even forever right like you don't leave your bag behind and then after many months have passed so that.

Was in April and now it's October Judith discovered that three phone calls had been charged to her home home line and from California so in 1980 the call you could like call so I could call from your house somewhere else but charged it to my home line via operator so call operated okay can you charge it to my home phone give the number and then call.

Somewhere else if you can't afford it so there's a phone that you're charging that you have to confirm this though they have to give it the okay right no I guess you know yeah you can do weird phone stuff back in the day you didn't even yeah I remember it was great I remember there was all these like psychic hotlines you.

Could call I've never lived in the 1980 but I'm sure it was even weirder then so there were three calls that had been charged to the home from California and the calls were from motels in Santa Monica and Santa Ana and then the third call was to a teen sexual assistance hotline so like right at this point we're thinking sex trafficking right or.

Something like is going on maybe Laurine if the calls are legitimately from her something sexually is going on okay that's a problem first off they're in what state they know they're in New Hampshire okay so my first thought is not necessarily sex trafficking are we assuming someone came into the house and took her I don't know.

What we're assuming but I'm just going based off of these calls at this point okay good based off the calls because so there's a few things like the unscrewed lightbulbs that's really weird mm-hmm but then there's also the fact that there's like another girl in the bed that is right for the taking which is untouched so while there's also the boy.

Who like I don't know what his account is I'm not jumping right to sex trafficking right away I think there might be foul play within the house but if we're believing the accounts at this point just the sexual teen sexual assistance hotline all three calls are charged to the home line and it's right after laureen's gone missing so my I.

Think the general assumption is is that it was Lorene calling looking for help in some way right okay sure so they're coming from hotels and one of them goes to a sexual assistance hotline okay that's just you know general thinking we can break this down later so one of the three calls happen and the police started a queue starts.

The case more seriously and they look into the calls themselves so the call to the teen sexual assistance hotline was accepted by a physician but one question he had no recollection of Laureen or any call of the nature where it could be connected to luring but then five years later in 1985 he changed his story saying you know sometimes his wife took.

In runaway girls and one of them may have been from New Hampshire so I don't that's weird no yeah but like I'm putting no weight in that why why are some of the five years would you be like I want to be invested in this case I don't know yeah okay I didn't really think my buddies fielding calls like that all day right I.

Would imagine like this part of his job yeah I think maybe five years of like maybe guilt or something or like he's not as with this wife anymore but like when a woman when they're taking in like Runaways that doesn't seem very like safe and what are they taking the Runaways in for you know why wouldn't they just like report it or call the.

Police and be like this is a person who's run away do you know I'm saying yeah let's do it so he claimed okay and then he also claimed that his wife with a woman named his wife was doing it with a woman named Annie sprinkle who was involved who's found to be involved in the porn industry but there was never any true.

Connection found which you and Annie the porn industry person and the case itself so that was just like a wash like nothing really came of that so in 1986 a year later Judith the mother hired a private investigator to go to California and check out the motels and it was found that one of the motels was set to be a location where some child.

Pornography videos were made by a man called dr. Z but again no connection like really made to the case nothing really came of it but it's just like kind of like interesting if you're thinking you know like the sexual trafficking from the get-go and then it's like the pornography is comes up kind of twice I feel like we're putting.

A lot of eggs in the back get of the phone calls at this point when is strongly possible the leg you can just those have nothing to do with it yeah but it's just a very strong coincidence right yeah so for a long time after Lori's disappearance Judith would even like she received phone calls around 3:45 a.m. but no one would ever.

Be on the other end she couldn't hear like voices anyone you know breathing um and she would even receive a lot of these calls around the holiday period so Judith you know when she would get these calls she was assuming that they were alluring and so she would just talk to the phone as if it were Lorene know and like I was.

Trying to think is there an instance in which Lorraine could call and she couldn't say anything or like she couldn't speak and her mom wouldn't hear and then she wished wanted like hear her mom's voice and get comfort if she's like actually somewhere like captured see no I don't think it makes sense that she's captured I think it makes sense if.

She ran away on her own volition and then she's like man I kind of miss my family but I like my new life but I still want to hear my mom's voice maybe that whatever so one of laureen's friends childhood friends named Roger receives a call to his home and it's actually his mom who picks up the phone and the woman on the other end says.

She's either Lori or Laureen it's not really like able to be pulled like you can't really hear exactly what she's saying and she says that she we used to be one of Rogers girlfriends but no link really found this woman's never actually identified so at this point like I don't know like what's what is it even to make of these calls you know we have no real.

Hard evidence at all I know her that's the thing about this case Daddy Warbucks donates time dollars thank you for this channel it has truly changed my life for the better Wow thank you we appreciate it daddy warbucks that's from Mercer from Annie so you know at the end you know Judith's really really just was always believing that Laureen.

Was alive he's alive and that the original three calls that were charged to the home were from Laureen okay classic parent thinking and the calls she received stopped only after Judith obviously remarried she moved to Southern California I believe and there's a changed her number so like you know once I remembers changed the call.

Stops so that I don't know like that's I don't know I guess it because that feeling this case wasn't really publicized so it's not like someone knew that Lauren was missing and then they got that phone number and they want to just be a prankster is that all the info we have yeah oh my god that's why it's like your case so your your case yeah I.

See what you mean so I mean the hardest pieces of evidence but the mom just a couple things the mantra the one thing she did believe was that the two friends with Lauren that night knew more about what happened and just aren't saying anything but the male friend are they older or are they her same age I think they're we don't know we I mean they're.

Underage is the most we know abut the male friend in 1985 he actually commits suicide and is never really considered a suspect but like on reddit there was lots of talk of you know he committed suicide because if the guilt he felt with what happened to Loreen but like yeah I mean there's a lot of reasons you would commit suicide and like it's just.

A theory out there so the the theories that are actually possible is that she did leave on her own accord to meet a mean female like to meet a male friend and she was abducted on her way or you know at some point or someone enter the apartment and kidnapped her but why did the other friend get taken which is what you said and then the third was that she.

Was talking to someone she was involved with maybe the reason why she wanted to stay home alone that and that person was involved in sex trafficking and like when she went to meet that person you know something happened so nothing really speaks to the her leaving alone though like her leaving on her own accord like why would.

She leave intentional you know yeah so I think just on the hardest evidence we actually have to me the unscrewed lightbulbs yeah my only always knock stuff off of the counters and then Julius eat some yeah so he's just like it depends all day not really but so yeah the three lightbulbs that makes me think foul play right it has to mean.

Foul play so and then that would mean someone entered the home unless it was the kid let's get some theories going here what do you guys thank do anything to drink oh I'll get something a minute so the weirdest thing to me is the light bulbs yeah they're unscrewed and why has this been confirmed by the mom but that's just not how she left it for some.

Reason she wouldn't unscrew all the light bulbs in the hallway leading up to her apartment oh I would say oh it's outside the lights are outside okay that changes things so that makes me think someone doesn't want to be seen that's leaving the house with a woman with the girl basically yeah I don't know there's not a say not.

Enough data on this case to really make a solid guess of what could have happened yeah so either she was kidnapped from the home yeah or she just left doesn't really make sense that she would leave because she's having a fun party night well she'd either I'm pretty sure she didn't leave on her own either she was kidnapped and now she's.

Dead or she was kidnapped and now she's in sex trafficking I think these are the most realistic things yeah because there was really no reason for her to leave on her own so I'm pretty don't jump that part yeah what do you guys think if she ran away she could have unscrewed the light bulbs herself just to make it suspicious it would be pretty adolescent.

Move it just do you need a ladder though like I'm one ear so you could even reach them aren't like how many kids are you runaway a decent amount but how many you know I don't know what the number is but it seems like it's really high because it's always an option in these cases well most people that run away it's more of like a cry for help like they're of.

Course coming back and it's just that type of thing it's very rare that they actually run away successfully start a new life for themselves at age 14 that almost never happens so we're just assuming he or she did run away in her own she's dead right now I don't know I don't really have a solid guess Matthew new bullet says or a neighbor in the.

Apartment unscrewed lightbulbs cuz they were shining in their apartment yeah like they were bothering under the door of people's houses yeah this one basically just vanishing there's not a lot of evidence how was your meal mmm yeah I kept thinking back to her friends like maybe they did something yeah and like that's why the boys supposedly left.

And he had his she locked the door on the way out just to make it so that it's felt like Loreen was actually at the house yeah but would that when the sister and then the female friend pretending to be her sleeping in her bed in case the mom checked that makes the most sense because I mean the simplest answer is usually the right one right so.

She's doing something really abnormal having friends over staying at home alone till midnight something bad happens to me it's a lot less likely so yeah crazy person enters a home puts her into sex trafficking the other girl just sleeping in bed it's more likely something bad happen that night that someone's just trying to cover up yeah.

Thank you so I guess that's what I would go with probably the guy yeah where's your ring my wedding ring yeah oh it's well my engagement ring is upstairs uh Sylvia says don't think she'd run away especially if her mom lets her have sleepovers and drink usually Runaways are rebelling due to strict parents yeah I do agree it's true too okay I'm gonna.

Grab something to drink that was my story let's see raped and killed her after her friend passed out for the booze that he gave that she locked the door story yeah it's it's crazy how a common things like that seemed to be so I think with like all the people saying things like did they have us to.

Get the neighbors or fingerprints on the lightbulbs I mean the cops didn't take it seriously at first it wasn't until after a very long time months that they took it seriously like six months so at that point you know a lot of what maybe the neighbors recall or what evidence they could have had is now disrupted you know HM doc 261 five dollars thank you.

For everything because of you guys have lost over 75 pounds wow it's amazing congratulations keep killing it oh we got Perry AIDS yeah lemon no I just got lemon and I got I've been having these for a dessert these nut butter brackets it's rx nut butter did you get this donation yeah so it's rx nut butter they it's they add.

A half of a date to it so there's a little bit more added sugar than typical and there's more protein yeah there's an egg-white too but it's also more volume and just kind of more satisfying to me so I do like these it's so it's seven total carbs two fiber three sugars so it's five net carbs and it's a little over two tablespoons worth okay you guys.

Ready for my story was it her water under wasn't just a random guy that we don't know two friends okay okay guys this is the story of Stacy castor and it is a twisting a winding story a lot of twists and turns along the way this could be made into a Hollywood movie okay so Stacy met her husband in 1985 and they got married shortly after her.

Husband's name is Michael and Michael had drinking problems some drug use it seemed like recreational like nothing to ha going on and he didn't become a good husband until after the birth of their daughter this is kind of what she said like he was still living a single like partying kind of lifestyle until their.

Daughter was born okay Ashley is the first daughter and then he settled down and he eventually became a good father I feel like that's a lot of people two daughters one is born in 1987 and one in 1991 Ashley and Bri actually is more important for this story she's the one we got to know about but they're both equally important children yeah so.

Problems started rising in the marriage a few years after the children are born in 1999 Michael starts getting sick this is the husband he seems like he's drunk he's built he seems like he's drunk all the time even though he claims he is not and he's always nauseated and you know I can see this being the case because he has a drinking problem so maybe you.

Would think he's just concealing his drinking problem saying he's not a drunk but he really is yeah I mean that's denial so yeah the family thinks he's actually just drunk they suggest that he goes to see a doctor if there is actually something wrong with him but he never gets around to doing that and a few.

Weeks later Michael has found dead at home he was at home with a condom yeah Michael is found dead so he's complaining about being drunk or like feeling drunk mm-hmm and he dies a few weeks later he is at home at the time of his death with one of his daughters Ashley how will this shape the attack she is 11 okay and she doesn't think.

Anything serious is wrong he apparently started making strange faces and then just kind of like passed out and the fact that she doesn't think anything's wrong with that to me is like this is standard operating procedure like he's drinking on the couch every night probably just don't really pay him too much mind like he just does.

You know oh that's smart I was like maybe she just really dumb she's not educated yeah um Stacy and her mother eventually arrived at the house and noticed something is wrong so this is Stacy the wife of Michael and her mother grandmother like you know her mom yeah the grandmother they immediately say whoa something's wrong here they notify.

Police she's taken to the hospital they attempt to revive Michael the husband but he is pronounced dead of a heart attack at 38 years old so 38 year-old heart attacks that's pretty rare yeah it's not unheard of but it is quite rare stacy is asked if she would like an autopsy since it was such a young age to die of a heart attack she declines and I.

Don't really see too much of a problem with that uh-huh I'm getting everything you are and like I mean does it cost money to get the autopsy I think no it just state would do it for you yeah we get it for sure okay you would see I don't know that I people are already ruining it for me if it's true they found out what he did and they poisoned.

Him slowly everyone was in agreeance that no autopsy was needed except for Michael sister the the husband who died sister she said she noticed like his upper body was all purple looking and it looked weird to her so she wanted an autopsy but everyone else didn't want one so they didn't do it yeah even Michael's.

Mom was like now it's fine so he wasn't like well liked I don't know if that's the case I think they just didn't see any need for it what do you mean because he died of a heart attack the medical people said it was a heart attack yeah but if you if you supposedly think he's a drunk would you want the autopsy they've confirmed that like there was.

Alcohol in his system or something I think what if there was alcohol what would that confirm though that like it contributed to it he drank all the time just cuz the thing your system doesn't mean it could really to it yeah but he was denying he was drinking yeah okay I guess you could you can go either way yeah I guess you.

Could get the autopsy so Stacy the wife collects fifty thousand life insurance policy which she uses for a funeral and to help start a new life with her two daughters 50k to me is not it's not killworthy right look at that killing someone for 50 but like what was their life like did they have money they were doing fine they.

Didn't have a ton of money now okay so maybe 50k is a lot for them middle-class family me I don't know what his job was they have blown their debt no nothing to outstanding about their finances okay Stacy gets a tattoo on her shoulder of a teddy bear with angel wings sitting on a cloud to commemorate her husband Michael that's weird is it.

Would you get a tattoo if I died well I guess I want to know what the teddy bear signifies but yeah that's not weird that she got a tattoo but well would you get a tattoo of if I died um young thumb why would you get that for me I don't know it's like one of the first musician who bought me over it okay so at this time the kids are 11 and 8 and then.

Three years later what would you think of the autopsy report no there's no autopsy sure wanted it whether Jordan and the wife bolsa oh so three years later States he begins dating one of her bosses David castor three years seems appropriate to me how long do you start dating someone after your husband dies I think I mean you.

Would have to know there are love relationship yeah that's true I mean I think here's fine I think a year a year is fine yeah three years later if they began dating David castor is this guy's name this is her boss heating and cooling company boss yeah heating and cooling they shared a love for cars ATVs and jet skis apparently.

They were just like all the time fixing up cars buying ATVs riding jet skis together that's what they bond Stacy and David okay so was he making money he was making a good living compared to Stacy's last husband okay so at Stacy's daughters were not too happy about David cuz the thing with David was he had a wife he had a kid.

He's kind of like done with all that he wants to just do his thing with Stacy now he doesn't want children really so the two added kids to him that's a big negative how old are they they're 11 and 8 or no no at this time they're 14 and 11 she's still really young yeah but he apparently like face to face he's like I'm not your dad guys don't think of me.

As a dad I'm just here like the Hank I get it I get it but it's like really bad judgment from the mother like yeah like she shouldn't be with someone yeah exactly and then David did have one child from a previous marriage also so David spends a lot of money on his hobby some would say an obscene amount.

Of money like outside of his means just always buying jet skis ATVs that type of stuff he's really into it David and Stacy eventually get married I'm like with all marriages small fights start to happen but the the topic of fighting is always the same it's about Stacy wanting to bring her kids along and David won and to just have Stacy there how is.

Stacy's obviously just a terrible person mm-hmm I would agree so it culminates one night when it's their anniversary and Stacy they want to go to an amusement park Stacy wants to bring the youngest daughter Bria long David's not happening and they can't bring the kids apparently so David's just not having it they get in a really long fight.

Apparently it ends when David says get away from me and I say he just leaves the room that's the the fight right there doesn't sound like that's probably how it happened so let's get away from usually okay but the next day Stacey shows up to work and David's not there so this is odd because they live together and they work together I'd.

Imagine they drive to work together but apparently they do but you're fighting you take separate cars yeah sure so she's not that or he's not at work so Stacey calls the house to check on him there's no answer hmm at 2:00 p.m. she calls in a welfare check on him so that's when you'll I call the police to go check and like knock on door.

Collecting his welfare check from the government what no she calls the cops to basically go check and make sure everything's okay at okay so a sergeant goes into her house enters the house approaches the bedroom door where David is apparently can hear a TV on but no one responds he continues to knock eventually he breaks.

Through the locked door he finds David unresponsive facedown naked on the bed with vomit everywhere some notable items that are in the room there's cranberry juice about a little bit a bottle of brandy and a bottle of antifreeze so at this point are you assuming that this was all done before she left her after she left.

I think we're assuming that previous night okay it's like when all this charades went down and he just has been locked in his room since and he was in like their room and she slept on the couch hey we don't never get clarification on that really but yeah something like that and there is also a glass of antifreeze.

So there's the bottle what do you do with that antifreeze it's like for a car you put it in a windshield wiper fluid or what does that like kill you it's yeah it comes you pretty quickly and some antifreeze is apparently like the really old-school ones you could drink them and it actually tasted good like like Gatorade it's not a painful death.

It is painful death well what they do now is they put stuff in the antifreeze to make it taste bad so that animal don't just drink it up and like or you and your humans in the eye so in the call to the welfare check Stacy told the police that David had been very depressed the last few weeks obviously so please do a brief search of.

The house and they find one item of note and this is just like a routine quick survey of the house they find a new a brand-new turkey baster in the trash so they're like huh why would someone throw away a brand-new turkey baster the baster has small green droplets on it and the droplets appear to be an hour later confirmed to be antifreeze.

You know Easter is yeah down his throat when he was like drunk passed out that could make sense that would be money into his rectum that could make sense to right yeah I know women like use it to get pregnant when they're like do that I've seen shows where like they take the semen out of the condom and then they injected like when they're trying to get.

Pregnant by a man to trap them like football players or something oh yeah yeah apparently anti-freeze is for your radiator is not for the windshield yeah I don't know about cars guys you know nothing my dad would laugh at me after hearing me say that I think it would just be disappointed actually that is like antifreeze isn't.

For the windshield okay so so homicide is now suspected and the police begin collecting evidence now it's a crime scene they find Stacie's fingerprints on all of the items and David's DNA on the tip of the turkey baster and remember the door was locked so it's questionable as to how her fingerprints could have gotten on all of that you can lock it.

From the inside yeah I mean it's not that questionable to me cuz you could just have bought and the stuff and like you know you drink it on gloves brow medical examiners conclude that David died from ethylene glycol poisoning antifreeze okay make sense wait where did they find the baster in the trash she's idiot boy.

Just throw it out I don't like what is happening there I guess she's a terrible mom so she's just not yeah that's just terrible all around okay investigators get a judge to sign off on wiretaps for Stacy's house I love wiretaps and just surveillance in general I was not legal oh they got they got approval but I love it when they do.

It illegally there again would you say the cameras in the house yeah do they it's only shows I guess we never really hear about people are I did a case in the other day oh you did oh yeah so they also set up surveillance at home and the cemetery and both of our husbands are buried next to each other which I found that to be kind of weird but they set up.

Surveillance on the burial site there there's a deep anti-freeze conversation in the chat is that one of this asked anti-freeze can be you can buy windshield wiper washer and with antifreeze in it it works great in the winter that's it that was the deep conversation antifreeze is for your vehicle you're.

Cracking me up saying anti-freeze am i sayin anti-freeze rock and it's antifreeze yeah yeah okay so Stacy this is I found to be funny it gets another teddy bear tattoo with angel wings sitting on a cloud on her other shoulder so she's just trying to collect tattoos that is it's not even about the husband's it's about the tats.

And freeze someone says this antifreeze I don't like that maybe that's just like a location you know that people say antifreeze in their antifreeze someone said a Michigan thing it could be antifreeze I think my dad says anta Oh auntie freeze I've heard that before okay antifreeze no I think it's anti guys.

Me too okay so David David's will gives everything to Stacey with almost nothing going to his son and apparently him I know some were pretty close that's suspicious someone said aunty freeze well you said aunty wrong aunty not on do you know if you're like auntie's like us other thing.

Aunty yeah aunty is this other thing that's my aunty or on Dee Indian yeah what we're getting too distracted yeah okay why your tabs do not reveal very much call records though this is I think pretty interesting for the case it shows that she only called the house one time before calling for.

The welfare check which to me if you don't have any knowledge of what actually happened at the house your call in multiple times right you don't just call once and then call welfare check and you didn't have a cellphone or anything um he probably had a cell phone I don't know exactly yeah I'm not I'm calling you're making a.

Bunch of calls once and then I'm waiting like 10 minutes call him again I called me again and then waiting I wouldn't like worry until I got home and he's the door was still locked I'm like I obviously just wouldn't worry I feel like as much I would not call a welfare check unless I called a 15-2 true I would never call a welfare check if I.

Didn't suspect anything wrong well you just went to Whole Foods and I thought you were going to Publix so I panicked you did yeah and then I had to call you we picked up this murder she ate is really starting to stress you out I feel like yeah of course but another interesting thing that was noted from the surveillance she did not visit the.

Grave sites at all which I don't know what does that mean to you far from our house I don't know like I don't know like am i visiting grave sites or am I just like thinking about the person a lot we have pictures that's my whole thing I don't see a lot of like I get if some people are into the grave sites they're like walked you it was like warm.

Outside I'm gonna go that's nice I'll go do that for some reason my brain just doesn't understand that the standing at a gravesite I wouldn't do that even if it was like you it feels like my dad and I was really young I would do it yeah I think like because you're traumatized you know you want to spend time with your dad I guess or.

Something I don't know yeah what is the percentage of people who go to their great the grave sites Wow so she's now the prime suspect they bring her in they asked her to finalize some paperwork with a wink and a nudge I mean it means that they really want to interrogate her but the hey come on in let's just wrap this case up sign these documents you.

Know okay but then as she's in there they slowly started asking her more and more intense questions of course and she they okay you guys think I'm the suspect you think I did it she asked to speak with an attorney okay of course you got to do that you do it off the bat exactly like it's it's so I hate when they can't do stuff like this.

Cuz the honest truth is you should just never speak to cops without a lawyer because they do stuff like this even well they're supposed to say you have a right to an attorney if they're probably dead if they're interrogating him okay but if they're not interrogating you they're just questioning you they don't have to say jack you know they would.

Have to read you your Miranda rights first if you're like actually in their custody so Stacy's oldest daughter is taken out of class to be interviewed this is her first day of college and she's told that both her father and stepfather were murdered so that's kind of jarring to Ashley the oldest daughter she.

Immediately goes home and tells her mom Stacey which tips Stacey off to the fact that she is indeed the prime suspect and the police know that the two men were poisoned so this is new information to Stacey she's like okay cops know poisoning why are the cops calling the daughter to tell her that going that's weird right it seems like a tactical.

Error by the cops yeah yeah huge you don't break that news especially if you don't want the mom to know yeah that should the prime suspect so that very night that the the daughter went in for interviewing the mom says to her daughter they're sitting there maybe 7 8 p.m. at night we've been through a lot these past few years we need a night to.

Celebrate her inner daughter they're gonna celebrate so they start drink but actually the daughter thinks the alcohol tastes weird Stacy keeps insisting that it's fine this is just like a different kind of alcohol you just gotta keep drinking it eventually starts tasting good nothing really happens that night eventually.

Ashley goes to bed then the next morning Ashley finds this to be kind of weird Stacy wants to go right back to the drinking like we're in college basically and it was only Ashley drinking with her yeah because the other daughter is too young okay right so they want she wants to start drinking again Ashley kind of starting starting to get suspicious here.

But continues drinking with her mother because she thinks her mother is a great person and is genuinely looking out for and everything yeah it's your mom Ashley again complains that it does not taste good and that is the last thing Ashley remembers but that means she's not dead because she remembers things out what's up I'm still talking about.

Anti-freeze over there true some was it true but if you go to the hospital and you're on drugs guess what they they use it against you in court I mean if you go to the I'm pretty sure if you go to the hospital like you're getting your stomach pumped or like drug overdose or something they.

Don't call the cops well you have to be in your right mind to be questioned right but like that their main job at the hospital you should never be scared to go to the hospital cuz their main job is to just make you better it's not to rat you out help you out but yeah she was it was a first shift college so she's 18.

She's very young to be drinking but no it's not I mean yeah bowling with your parents like I'm not gonna be drinking with my kid when they're 18 or am i maybe I will I don't know I might have had like a sip or like half a beer or so no I don't think I drink okay so Stacy says so this is now talking to police Stacy says Ashley went.

To her room close the door and wouldn't come back the younger sister finally discovers Ashley this is brief she comes home she discovers Ashley her older sister and notices something is wrong with her she saw her sister was on the bed she had a bottle of prescription pills and an empty bottle of vodka she wouldn't wake.

Up the daughter immediately notifies Stacey the mother who notifies police okay yeah in her 9-1-1 call stacey to the cops says she suspected her daughter had taken dozens of pills and drink a bottle of vodka which you would suspect that based on the scene right yes there is a letter on the bed next to Ashley it's long it's rambling it says it.

Basically continually reiterates how much she loves her mother and how none of this is her fault is it hurted ready it's typed the letter also says how she is scared that her mother is going to end up in jail for something she didn't do it explains how she Ashley the daughter was actually the one that poisoned both her dad and stepdad with.

Antifreeze the letter is typed and it's actually quite odd for a suicide note to be typed unless it's des staged by someone else cuz that's the only time you see a suicide notes are quite intimate they're usually handwritten she is right she's rushed to the hospital heart rate is over 170 and she couldn't speak properly.

When Ashley wakes up in the hospital the investigators they're actually kind of convinced that this makes sense Ashley it could have been the one who did all this they began interrogating her they keep Stacy seperated Stacy's outside in the waiting room they have no contact with one another so they first write when she comes out of her like.

Coma-like State they started drilling her with questions they're trying to be like what happened with letter did you write the letter what tell us about the letter do you killed your wealthy parents like all this stuff right when she gets out of the coma and she's like no what are you talking about it any letters no letters and they.

Basically based on their questioning of Ashley they're like okay I buy what ashley is telling us here if they arrest Stacy they take Stacy in they charge her with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder yeah okay so well all of this is happening not like this same day but in the background as this case.

Is building they actually exhume Stacy's first husband Michael and she doesn't know anything about this and the autopsy was performed on Michael the first ever autopsy because of you remember the family didn't want one the sister and we found out that it was antifreeze poisoning again with the first guy when they thought it was a heart attack.

Stacy's take him to trial on January of 2009 she's charged with the forgery of a will that's a new one they added in there in the meantime well yeah obviously why would David not leave anything to his son David's original will left everything to his first wife and the surviving child so Ashley testifies against her mother.

But the defense's whole case is that Ashley did it obviously that's really the whole the only real route you could go and Ashley was suicidal in the past because of like all of the deaths like everyone around her is dying so obviously that puts you in a certain mind say she'd written letters to a boyfriend about thinking about suicide.

And she had a troubled relationship with both of the husbands right and she was like the first person to like last person to see them or at least the first husband yeah she was there when he died right so there's kind of a decent case against lemon no but in the end there was too much evidence to tie Stacy to the crimes Plus this is actually this.

May be crack up so she doesn't think antifreeze which is funny that we're talking about this is called anti-freeze she thinks it's called anti free anti free so threw out the suicide notes it does say anti-freeze that says anti-free like five or six times in the note and then she's interrogated by the police and in.

The courtroom cross-examining she keeps saying anti-free and everyone else is saying anti-freeze so it's like it's obvious that she wrote the note because it says anti-free so that was like a funny giveaway and then they also found practice suicide letters written under her profile on the home computer and in the end Stacie's family guilty of.

Second-degree murder of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder second-degree attempted murder and a forgery of a will and she's serving 51 years until she'll be eligible for parole at age 81 I wonder what her thoughts process was when she was doing the practice suicide notes and then like they were found on her.

Computer like she saved them I don't know like back in the day when xprm read all the profiles we I would just use whatever profile was up I didn't sign in to my profile yeah so so that doesn't necessarily mean she wrote them but they time-stamped oh man it was like always times women oh they were from under Ashley's profile no under the moms but.

It was always at times when Ashley was like doing things like practice school so it was clear that you could see it with Stacey yeah I always know I heard of my family longer than their own we're very private people I think most people log in together um she's dumb and here's some additional info on the actual axe that was able to.

Be found out during the trial and through the additional autopsies Michael the first husband was given rat poison in addition to the antifreeze so apparently he was not like he wasn't dying fast enough so she gave him rat poison the day before her like the day he died when he started making the weird faces and stuff and I actually learned.

Is it rat poison it's just like vitamin D like I doze of vitamin D I don't know and it thins out your blood basically I think I read that somewhere and David was poisoned her second husband over a four-day period Stacy fed David antifreeze with a tricky baster while he was unconscious and with.

Ashley this makes me think of the sixth sense the stepmom was poisoning the daughter and she dies yeah Ashley was drugged with sleeping pills first and then she was spoon-fed vodka and prescription pills over the course of 17 hours what's new with you guys yeah this one wasn't as much of a mystery honestly it's hard to find really good mystery.

Ones yeah hey come on rat poison has arsenic in it someone said can you do gypsy Blanchard pumped for the show to come out oh I don't even do I know about gypsy Blanchard I don't know if I do why didn't the mother the first wife want the first husband yeah Julius I guess they just assumed the basic heart attack and if they did cost money then.

Julius come on you guys apparently there's a wired her phone and while she was talking to a friend you could hear typing on the keyboard really yeah what's the best time of day to take collagen when you wake up or whatever I think just whatever someone just told me this was an awesome to our 2020 episode ours oh it wasn't two hours but yeah.

Thank you can you do sardine recipes I don't do recipes I just eat them out of a can usually like I've seen people make like sardine patties I want to actually try making homemade sardines one time and I just got a bunch of cabbage I don't know if I mentioned this before I'm gonna make sauerkraut maybe we'll have a recipe did.

Stacy ever admit to the murders I wish you just charlie think she ever admitted she pled not guilty okay that dog sucks so what's that his little sake at times yes sucky at times that's for sure do you we are trying to keto diet and having a challenge getting over the toxic hunger the toxic hunger what does that mean.

So is it actually I don't know I guess I've never heard the term toxic hunger but is that just I go on a hunger I think what it is is actually just your craving for the foods you typically eat so like you know crunchy stuff snacky food satisfying that really it's a lot of habits it's not necessarily like true hunger but yeah I mean just eat keto.

Foods until you're satisfied and stick with it and then in about like two weeks I'd say that subsides a lot sauerkraut water salt is so bright do you plan on finding the sex out of your baby we do you doubt for some weeks now though pretty soon right I think for yeah everyone please show your love by giving.

Them a thumbs up oh thank you you guys don't need to show us your love though this one's honestly this thing we do is just purely for the love and the fun you just said you don't just show us love this is for the love of the fun I mean it's for our love of doing yeah we are forcing this on you exactly yeah you know we're not like you're not.

Asking us to someone said you're not eating enough fat yeah that can be one one cause for hunger too well lovely do JonBenet Ramsay at some point just like that might just be a group big boy we do yeah I mean one of us probably could just do it but oh did you guys see they're doing a new Adnan thing is it is it on HBO or.

What is it on yeah maybe it should be yeah I think it's a four part serious yeah that is definitely an interesting one that's yeah cuz people are really diehard in their opinion on that one I don't know what do you guys think about Adnan guilty or innocent meetup any time soon not I don't know I've been wanting to do like a laser tag Meetup I thought.

That would be fun yes cuz there's this place by us it's like tactical warfare laser tag it's not just your standard one you have to do headshots and you have to look down the site for it to be accurate yeah it's pretty fun we got one innocent pollito just a super high dose of potassium so I get scared to take.

Supplements with it in there a lot of people say an innocent hello Edna oh I thought someone's that's how we're talking about Michael Jackson because someone said to Michael Jackson do it I don't know anything about that honestly you guys can do conspiracies and our unexplained and historical or scientific events yeah I'll probably mix.

One of those in at some point maybe like a cult type of thing – yeah that would be fine a laser tech meetup would be awesome please note I get so sweaty we melt off my new Steven Avery did I tell you guys about the worst laser tag experience of my life we went just as some rec center around here we played laser tag we all got tickets and the guy.

For some reason the person running the laser tag is like what do you guys want to do everyone for themselves or teams and some lady just scream she's like everyone for themselves which you know when you first hear the options that sounds kind of enticing but when you actually think about it you're just all running around and you're just.

Constantly shooting each other like this close that you like everyone's yeah it's so fun I listened to the serial podcast so long ago I can't remember yeah this HBO series is gonna be a good refresher back and change your hair apart oh my god nice middle it's always been like like four days but yeah I changed it to the middle just giving it a try bringing.

You trying to bring it back but it'll hate it so I might just stick to it thank you for noticing seems like most people think that nuns innocent we got one guilty I think you did a sin as well okay I think he's guilty but I don't think you should be I don't think there's enough evidence to put him in jail for sure no not for first-degree no.

What do you guys think about Steven Avery guilty or innocent guilty yeah you guys yes we have pretty fun okay yeah after doing like three under my belt I'm like kind of over them I'm kind of over him too that's another thing like 2025 it's just gonna be commercial real estate available from shut down escape rooms and vape shops if I could like I.

Don't know is there any way to invest in the the decline of escape rooms and vape shops yeah well the people say in Avery's guilty guilty everyone saying Avery's guilty okay I thought more people thought he was innocent did you ever think about doing bangs I had before and like ever my friend did it for me and I cry cuz it.

Was so bad I just I have such I like chubby cheeks and like it's really circular so bad just don't look at a big bangs look better on like a leader face all right we should call it guys fun I want to take care of Julius he's like stressed and stuff I hate doing escape room someone you know fine I think I think Steven.

Avery is guilty but definitely a shady cop stuff yeah I can see that too uh we love you guys we will see you next week same time same place different meal all right guys wait are you in you're gonna be gone next week oh yeah you may do it alone is there a thing in your stuff alone you can't fix it in like a computer that's.

Backwards um wargames Atlanta is cool is that where we went to war games a little we no no no no do you guys want vote now do you want Matt to do it alone next week well of course they're gonna vote for that over nothing we also got a video coming tomorrow yeah that's it guys and if you guys want to.

Like always if you comment after this video gets posted you can comment cases you want us to do for next week or you know just in the future yes yep all right say yes I know someone said the hell
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