‘The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse’ and ‘The Gardner Art Heist’

‘The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse’ and ‘The Gardner Art Heist’

‘The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse’ and ‘The Gardner Art Heist’

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You hello hello it's I think that worked can you hear us can you hear us now hello hello still no sound can you hear us now it was muted okay okay okay what's going on guys it's Wednesday murder she ate so what what did we just say it's been a while only we missed you guys yeah miss to me.

But it feels like a lot longer because prepping a case is like Oh day thing like I'm like three hours of thinking about it mentally even if it's like an hour prep like I'm just like this is the day of murder she ate so it's like a lot don't like last Wednesday we didn't have it what are you guys having for dinner yes are you guys up to tonight tell us.

What's going on so oh and if you guys are new this is the one thing we do per week it's not really Kido all we do is we eat Kido today I want to talk about one thing that's a little Akita related though sure but uh we just talked about crime murder mayhem rapes crazy stuff okay bad words we don't really say bad words but a lot of gross stuff yeah a.

Lot of things maybe not children appropriate if you usually like watch us with your kids a lot of people haven't found a pizza called flour mac and cheese someone made it yeah ride Wagyu beef that sounds amazing baller over there chicken are you so that Peter pocket pizza oh and someone requested ketone men actually the person who made.

The assurance requested a case we're gonna get to it next week I got we got two good ones wrong yeah we already have them picked out so we will do that next week so talk about what you're eating cuz I got some intense stuff over here um so Julius is sad um so I made this chili actually on Instagram stories this morning so if you saw this is meal I.

Made this morning at like 8:00 a.m. it's I'm just quick and simple actually you can make chili in like 10 minutes so it's a bunch of veggies it's care alright it's celery it's onions it's tomato and then I used ground turkey because that's what I was feeling this week and it's 85 percent fat ground turkey.

And then like some broth and I like to top mine with some sour cream so that's what I'm having for dinner – pretty big bowl – like it's a lot of chili and I've belly grumbling is that all you can have like any snacks or desserts yeah probably but like this is like really really filling usually because it's like also liquid but that's what I'm eating I.

Have salmon it's like basically raw coz I was kind of we got back from the gym legs I was balling out I got a good run in at the gym today yeah and so this is – maybe it's like 12 ounces of salmon smoked I smoked it on the grill outside but only for like maybe 45 minutes at 180 degrees so it's pretty raw and then the bone marrow I did the same so this.

Is – like stocks of bone marrow and you're gonna pull the marrow out with the knife it's probably pretty raw in there yeah so all this stuff's kind of rare and then here I have coconut milk kefir and this is something we used to always did you lick it no I got close we used to always order this from like a local farm place but.

Whole Foods recently started carrying it yeah it might just be regional though that's true and then this this looks very in homemade kombucha I haven't tried it yet I'm gonna try it now for the first time after he bottled it yesterday he added some frozen blueberries because that big piece of the mother just hanging just hanging on.

The blueberry can you guys see it I don't they could see it show them they probably can't see the hanging mother so I don't know like I'm nervous because I don't know if it's good or like just like it'll kill me who knows no okay so that's what we're eating and we have to I am I have a disappearance and Matt has a heist there's paint on this knife yeah.

So not really murder she ate but like more like crimes whoa always murder sometimes it's crimes mysteries you know stuff like that Daddy Warbucks thank you so much for the four five dollar donation and where I get this bone marrow that is whole foods they have a little freezer someone said yeah mine was bro.

Ha my what come pooch I'm assuming homemade yeah so what I wanted to talk about just briefly is I don't know if you guys heard about this but there is all the New York City public schools next year like I don't know if it's next year I think it's next year they're heavier meatless Mondays now which I think it's good and bad I think it's.

More bad than it is good well it could be good depending on the options they're giving so at least there's some thought being put into the foods right because I know we went to school lunch it was just like bread it fry it feed it to the kids yeah so fish sticks yeah and you know a lot of parents just give their kids money and they're like buy your lunch at.

School and there's not a lot of good option in school so some thought is being put into it at least which is cool but it's very misplaced and it's you know Nicholas Monday so I don't know I feel like it's more bad than good because when I was listening to the like the news conferences the mayor and stuff it was like just talking about all the.

Health benefits of meat meat lessness you know like no cancer etc and I don't know it seems like we're just going down kind of a bad path well also we were talking about the options right so like yeah is it grilled cheese grilled cheese it's not like veggies because they're probably going cheap right they don't want they say they say it's cost neutral.

So they're not saving money but I think it's also a lie it has to be a lie but yeah if you're doing grilled cheese that's not a better alternative like I don't really know what you're doing at that point it seems more just like um someone's personal want being like put on other people without like their consent you know think I don't know if.

Who's in implementing this but it's like that's in maybe has like vegan it's an environmental initiative so that is also like not to get really political but at some point your your dietary decisions are going to be politicise so like a lot of rights in the next like five to ten years it seems like we're going to be taken away in the.

Name of environmentalism like you know obviously like you can't buy raw milk in the US anymore that was taken away not necessarily named environmentally right anyone in some state California that's in the name of like health and safety um but in the name of environmentalism a lot is gonna be taken away it's gonna be a battle for.

The next few years here is a picture glory I don't know we're using a webcam so it may be a little more blurry than is typical Boulder Colorado tried this at school if makes adults feel better but kids can't stand it so the good thing though is I'm pretty sure you can still have your pack your kid's lunch and have them have meat in it but oh.

Okay that's fantastic then yeah I mean that'll just I mean but if parents are loving it and the kids hate it then the parents will probably just like pack them meatless entrees to on like Mondays maybe yeah that wouldn't make sense Kim grab them the baby thank you I'm doing the seven-day bacon diet I would love to hear from you about it the seven-day.

Bacon diet what's that what does the seven-day bacon I'm assuming just bacon for seven days straight I mean there's definitely other foods I would say like that are better choices if you're gonna do just like one food first seven days straight than bacon um but I don't know personal opinions on that I didn't hear about that until you just told if you're.

Doing it have you guys ever had bone marrow it's kind of gross looking it tastes really good when it's like cooked and like fully cooked and at a restaurant it's like delicious we've gotten bone marrow butter which is really good you didn't like it I thought I didn't love it but like it was really good considering like that to me is not.

Appetizing this vegetable oil count on keto I don't know what a countess not good for you first ow try to avoid it if at all possible there's some places like when you're eating out you can't really avoid it because it's in everything people are like I can't watch you eat that what is that I just bone man it's bone marrow.

But it's oh this pretty gross it's not really raw I don't think I might warm it up a little I do like the theory that a lot of our evolution was through scavenging for like the heart to get things that the other predators would leave behind like bone marrow and brains should you start you know start cases oh yeah waiting someone's having steak and.

Steamed broccoli what's the kombucha recipe I don't really have one like I you buy the mother which is the like the culture the bacterial culture online I got it on Amazon it was like ten dollars and then you brew tea you add what I did you have to add some kind of sugar so I added raw honey and you let it ferment for like five to seven days while the.

The culture eats the sugar and ferments and then you hopefully you don't die when you eat it I guess basically okay yeah this is really gross look are you sorry yeah I'm gonna get it started do you me to wait for you someone's having portes days yuck it's hard to watch Matt do that yeah but I think when it's warmed up it'll look like more.

Brown and cooked through do vegetable carbs count on keto I think that's such a mess it boils I mean why wouldn't you like we track everything so yes it's a food that we eat that our body has to digest so it counts I think the alternative or like the reason why people say you know don't track your veggies is so because eating more.

Veggies can be a good thing and yeah they're just trying to get you to eat more veggies to change from the standard American diet where a lot of people aren't eating veggies but they count everything really counts in life right no it doesn't look better kind of looks worse it tastes really good though it's one of like the.

Best and actually tasting foods everyone just like look away while he's eating it but keep listening mm-hmm okay I'm gonna get started okay so I'm doing the disappearance of Jennifer Casey have you heard of it no I've probably heard of it I don't know it seems like a pretty popular one right yeah I think it is really popular.

I didn't heard of it though no kombucha is not a mushroom it's a fermented tea okay sorry how's your chili it's really good okay okay the disappearance of Jennifer Cassie so Jennifer Cassie was 24 years old when she went missing from Orlando Florida on January 24 2006 the weekend before she went missing she was on vacation with.

Her boyfriend in st. Croix in the Virgin Islands her boyfriend Rob he lived in Fort Lauderdale which is like 200 miles away from Orlando so they were in a long-distance relationship long-distance relationship for their entire relationship but they didn't have any issues not too far though right and he's in Florida too yeah okay so they.

Probably saw each other all the time they saw each other like when they could get away on weekends and stuff yeah but it wasn't as much as they would like right but like no real issues that they had ongoing at the time are like really in the past and interestingly enough he still keeps in contact with her family today a lot of killers would do that.

Though so I assume he's one of the suspects right or maybe he like really loved her knees struggling to move on so the parents have like expressed concern like hey you gotta move on things like that but um you know that's just something to note so Jennifer worked in finance and at the time had recently bought a.

New condo she was doing well for herself no real reason to like go disappearing on her own it's things in with her family were really good she was really close to them and then while on vacation she left her little brother Logan and his friend but his friend stay in her condo over the weekend so yeah so they stayed there they were really close so.

Not not a big deal at all and then on the morning of the 23rd one day before she went missing she drove straight from Rob's place in Fort Lauderdale to work that morning so they got back from the trip but they were at Rob's and then she drove to work so she had to have left around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. to get to work by 8:00 a.m. and the first place she.

Went to that day was work so she didn't return home at all until later in that evening 6:00 p.m. she drove straight through the night and showed up at work no 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. oh she woke up at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. yes okay and she was able to get to work by 8:00 so then the next time she was actually going home.

And went homeless after work at 6:00 p.m. and that was the last time she was physically seen alive so her colleagues so was she seen by so she was seen at work okay yeah so that night when she got home on the 23rd normal night she called her family they were very close they spoke spoke like every day and she even spoke to Logan.

Her brother and he had mentioned that he left his phone at her place and asked if she could overnight it and she was like sure I'll overnight it tomorrow but not tonight because I'm in in for the night so she was come making calls that night at home yeah she was totally fine and she also spoke to rob her boyfriend that night and it's supposed that they had a.

Little fight over the phone about their long-distance aspect of the relationship but like nothing really to know it was just a call that they had they spoke every night and this was around 10 p.m. then the same night 10:40 p.m. her phone was apparently turned off which was weird because she along with most people use their phones.

For their alarm and sure it was also known to be very cautious like so for example she didn't leave that night to overnight the phone because you know she was in for the night she didn't like go out on her own when she was just like she's pretty safe about things and then some sources have even like mentioned that her brother's friend's phone that.

Was left at her house was also turned off at the same time and both of the batteries were moved from the phones but then another source says that it could have just been that her brother's friend's phone died over the weekend because he left it there so nothing really tells us exactly what happened but we can be pretty sure that at 10:40.

P.m. her phone was indeed off so something happened there yeah we're thinking that yeah so the next morning at work she had a really big meeting but when she didn't turn off her colleagues were very very worried because she was always really invested in her work she cared a lot this was a big for her so once it hit like a certain time I think.

It was like 11 a.m. and she didn't she hadn't shown up and they hadn't heard from her they contact her emergency contacts which were her parents and they hadn't heard from her either except that phone called the night prior so the parents contact the building manager and ask him to go check in on her but when he lets himself into her.

Apartment he sees no signs of Jennifer and he also does mention that her car was gone car's gone is there any bags packed or leaks tingling she packed so we will get to that in a second so both the parents and Logan so her parents and her younger brother head down to the condo and when Logan arrives he notices some.

Construction workers sitting outside in their van so he approaches them to see ask if the they'd hadn't seen her and they just refused to speak to they don't even roll down the window make eye contact they just completely all right this is her brother yeah so that's weird right about the construction workers yeah why would they.

Do that yeah why wouldn't they just a Corolla don't know and like see what this guy wants and then when maybe they're like foreign though and they don't speak the language yeah so they were for good um and we'll rule also gets that so when the parents arrived at the condo they noticed that the shower was wet along with their towel as if she.

Had just gotten she had showered she'd gotten ready for work and she even had like some clothes laid out in her bed as if she was like picking and choosing from two pairs to wear so I missus this was the 24th afternoon and her towels what yeah so she took a shower that morning no towel is when they're hanging they don't like dry completely not.

Overnight though no it was the same day so at 11:00 a.m. the colleagues realized she wasn't coming into work so they called her parents yeah so that morning she could have taken a shower that morning she did take a shower yeah so she didn't disappear at 10:40 the previous night she was home in the morning right now that's what we're.

Okay so got to put together a timeline so um I'm gonna try this kind bucho so the shower was wet the towel was at and the clothes were laid out like I said and her phone car keys briefcase and the brothers front phone were all missing from the house so it actually did indeed look like a normal day she shower she got.

Ready she went to work she took the brother's phone cuz she was gonna drop that off right totally normal day are you here with me yeah I'm just nervous about the part in the kombucha did it go in yeah just drink around it okay yeah so the phone's gone right yeah it's pretty good it's not really.

Carbonated though he's come bushing on my crack oh that is really good the blueberries really make it good it's okay I like that good but yeah the carbonation would be better anyway start back to the story sorry guys um so it indeed looked like a normal day the normal work things were missing she showered we're assuming this so the.

Parents contacted the police at this point but they didn't do anything because she's an adult she was 24 like I mentioned and if she wanted to go missing like she had she can like she can just up and leave right so the family started handing out flyers that same meeting evening it's still the 24th around a 5:00 p.m. and this and then the.

Police actually were like starting to take action they're realizing like okay maybe something's going on and all that time like they hadn't stepped in it was crucial time like when someone goes missing isn't like the first 48 hours or something is the most crucial time but this is a classic scenario when it's someone who isn't missing because.

They're an adult and there's no signs of foul play so you can't really do much so there's something interesting at the end that I really liked about this but so a lot of time was lost unfortunately and that's like that yeah the worst part about adult missing cases and then when he came to investigators they just theorized which seems pretty accurate.

That it was in the time period of walking out the front door unlocking it to go to work and then going to her car is when she actually disappeared or something happened cuz if her car is gone found the car yet right right I assume it was like she's opening her door and someone shoves her in or someone's.

Waiting in her car this is always a crazy I've heard stories where like I don't know if it a true story but I've heard a story where like someone keeps climbing up from the back seat and then someone trailing the car is like flashing the lights and everything back down and then he goes up again and the guy keeps like flashing lights like.

A person trailing you and in the backseat of your car there's a guy that you don't know about and the person trailing you sees the guy it probably didn't really happen but I've heard stories like that yeah that is scary and then like in my area if your lights were off like there would be gang members driving around but their.

Lights off and if you flash them they would follow you and kill you you said that before I don't think that's true well it happened like it's a gang initiation and they kill the first person that crashes the lights I lived in like a crime-ridden area um sorry I live in a crime-ridden area he lived in a nice area I live near one Trenton okay.

We were in that area it was like it was like ten minutes away from me um sorry you stop interrupting me okay okay so two days later on January 26 her car was found one mile away in another condo complex and the police also noticed that this complex had several cameras in it and several cameras three in fact where the car was and so obviously this is a.

Huge break they're stoked they're like alright we're gonna figure this out I know this part and it's only been two days later so the camera footage actually wasn't video footage it was pictures taken every three seconds and that's very common I'm sure it's like cheaper to do and it saves like recording time yeah so um it's if you.

Look at if you actually cook the case you can see the picture even understand a Wikipedia page that the whenever they tried to like figure out who was the suspect walking when he left the car Jennifer's car that was parked his face was blocked by effect so you couldn't see who it was you could only see like figure out his height and what he was.

Wearing it was multiple pictures reply by the fence yeah yeah I was like three different ones and every time you couldn't see his face because of the fence yeah so the video footage shows this identified person unidentified person dropping the car off correcting the position several times like backing out backing Hanley that's weird.

But maybe to make it like less you know like suspicious so this person is 100% tied to the case in some way he knows what happened probably right that necessarily knows what happened but tied to it almost woody a forgotten thing guys someone's just like get rid of this car for me yeah I'll pay you 100 bucks and he's like just a construction worker.

Yeah um so they actually sat in the car for 32 seconds according to the footage and then they walked away so that's plenty of time to like quickly clean up there could be fingerprints just like cleaning out the steering wheel clean off to see if whatever the case is so the police in that area got the FBI and the nasa involved and have them analyze.

The photos but all they could tell was the person was around five to five so they did wonder if it was a woman but it doesn't seem like it as a woman from what I could tell and the person was also wearing all white like a painter or like a construction person was would be today a painter painting outfit yeah so that's something to note for sure and.

Then when's the forensics arrived to check out the car they couldn't find any DNA in the car so if one small fiber and the partial fingerprint so they couldn't really match anything to and unfortunately and then a search dog was brought in and tracked a scent from the car parked a mile away in the other condo complex back to the car back to.

Jennifer's car parking lot in her condo complex so that's what I mean so to me that means it was someone in her complex that did it dropped off the car and then just went back to work at the complex it could also mean like the dog picked up the scent from her no that far away like a mile away can't do that right no it picked up the center.

In the car of the person who dropped off the car did it go to her specific condo or like a different one in the complex he went to her parking spot so you're thinking like it's a person who lives right next to her I'm thinking it's one of the construction workers that also wouldn't talk to the younger brother okay so but like that also made.

It clear like so nothing was stolen so the motive isn't robbery none of her credit cards even showed activity after she went missing so that's that that's really nobody found no she's missing so what was the motive then I guess really you got an ex-boyfriend what is her job finance maybe like a.

Jealous co-worker so yeah so let's quickly heat on these suspects so the investigators first questioned her ex-boyfriend and then her current boyfriend Rob but they both had credible alibis Rob's phone was pinging from Fort Lauderdale all that day so obviously he wasn't in Orlando where she was who they.

Were suspects not the boyfriends the condo complex she lived in was undergoing construction it was fairly new and a lot of workers even lived in the unleased condos at the time okay Jenna and Jennifer spoke Spanish and majority majority if not all of the workers were Hispanic so whenever they would like cat call her or talk behind.

Her back she could understand what they were saying she never like confronted them but she was uncomfortable she would tell her family about this uncomfortableness so the police started questioning the workers but since there was like 200 of them and a lot of them could have been undocumented it was it could have been.

Like easy for them to just never be tracked yes and then like you're not on the payroll nothing really you know happens nothing doing okay um and then her brother's friend who was staying there was also considered a potential suspect because they had dated in the past but we don't know how serious the dating was and he.

Was eventually ruled out and then the last suspect as you mentioned was a co-worker who was a married man at her work who continuously asked her out berated her no I don't have grades were sorry he was just like almost harassing her and so they questioned him but he was eventually ruled out after being questioned so that's that's really the.

Case I'm strongly believing it was one of the construction workers that's really the only reasonable suspect wouldn't okay wouldn't talk to the brother so they obviously keep to themselves she was beautiful you can look up a picture of her and they were always like catcalling her they they knew her when.

She left they knew when she came home they knew she lived alone I mean it's the easiest and there's so many of them and if you're an illegal alien also you're just like nothing can happen to me not a lot of people just commit crimes without a motive though unless it was like recently sexually driven yeah that's what I'm imagining I guess.

So that's but that's like the only real suspect there's no one but like 99% of crimes are committed by someone you know yeah this could just be in that one person I mean the reason we do these cases is because we're trying to bring light to ones that like don't fit in that 99% rule right yeah so current time.

There's a 5k reward out for any information on her which is you know great by her family there's still hope they're still looking and then in May 5,000 bucks for like oh maybe the felony murder like oh yeah is this not really gonna move the needle much you can't judge that in May of 2008 the Senate in Florida passed a new bill which I.

Thought was great the Jennifer Kate Cassie and Tiffany sessions missing persons Act which states that when a person when an adult person goes missing the these can jump to action right away as if it were a missing child I don't love that I think that's fantastic why it's just a waste of resources every time an.

Adult goes missing the police are see I hate these rules and like these laws that are passed it just because of one like you know negative thing that happens we just give away our rights when one bad thing happens it's so out of the ordinary I mean I want I have I have a really good point to like kind of refute what you're saying but I don't.

Want to say it well is because it has to do with something like just we wouldn't share talking about probably like the deaf boy yeah well I'm just like I don't I don't think what you're saying is actually what you believe well I giving up rights based on one outlandish case I'm giving up right what is the waste of resources I don't know.

About that because it seems that enough people are going missing that are adult that the police just sit back on cuz I'd imagine like you know 9 out of 10 or like ninety-nine out of a hundred missing persons is just like not a real missing person they're just not available for a day or something it's still one person though I mean and if it.

Seems like I don't know I guess we just differ on this but I I thought the actors great I mean whether or not it's utilized I mean at least it's there for future reference for police officers if it's needed so I guess it's the construction workers just some random construction worker that's what I'm thinking hmm.

Okay what do you guys think it's not NSYNC sorry this happens every time I wish wish you should work on the setup I've tried but it starts on a synced up what do you guys think I'm potato juice when the starch is removed what why would you drink potato juice I think it's a waste of time definitely construction workers yeah I.

Guess that's the only really reasonable theory right yeah there could be like a random serial killer I'm sure they checked the area for serial killers though right I don't know they always do that they're like is there any active serial killers in the area it's a do do do do do you mean potato vodka potato vodka what type of construction work.

Were they doing I think they were doing construction work on their own heard the condo she lived in yeah if it was your daughter I mean when it's your daughter you always get irrational if it's your daughter of course you want you know you want the FBI the CIA everyone to be involved but is that realistic you can't really base things on if it's your.

Daughter her family still puts up billboards in Central Florida someone says so I have one of these almond butter packets rx nut butter they're kind of like them can you have too many quote unquote correct veggies maybe too much meat causes of calories to add up quicker you're gonna have too much of anything I don't really see a ton of.

Value in like having tons of veggies every day because mostly about the cow the nutrient density of your foods but yeah the meat can add up the calories a little bit more so like fat really adds a lot of calories daily there could be just about anyone yeah that's true I guess the only I mean the leading suspect would have to be some kind of.

Worker that was maybe just you know a criminal that does stuff like this all the time I don't know it says the number of women that disappear every year without explanation how many is there actually how many women do you think disappear every year wake up read human trafficking yeah that was that was also suggested oh yeah as a.

Theory but um I don't know like I guess I haven't read enough about human trafficking honestly and how like rampant it is or it isn't in states it seems to be pretty rampant from what you guys say yeah for sure I mean like it's always an option as to why we should look up some human trafficking statistics maybe we.

Shouldn't do a case where someone has actual human traffic didn't found does that happened I mean like these threads happen I've seen taken there's like one movie I've seen actually – that was really good about human trafficking like a documentary oh no I saw a sex on like a sex worker one it was just really good okay here's the facts according to.

Polaris Project org human trafficking forty point three million victims of human trafficking globally so that seems to be substantial but globally I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of really like terrible areas globally yeah eighty-one percent of them are trapped in forced labor 25% of them are children seventy-five percent are women and girls.

Wow I would have made it even more than 70 forced labor I didn't wow yeah I want to see us statistics though okay there was there was news info on news new tips on this case in April 2000 18 whoa there was you know what happened one sec trying to find these stats here 5,000 147 human trafficking cases reported this year in the u.s. 2018 I.

Mean not a huge number obviously calls mean that's a human trafficking hotline obviously any amount of human trafficking is terrible the numbers would ideally be zero but no it's 5,000 a lot so 14,000 calls and like 14,000 calls five thousand reports cases reported so like in Michigan there was 176 in Georgia it was 157 I don't.

Know is that a lot it doesn't sound like a lot but given what it is it's a lot that are the case those are the cases not the number of people and that's just the ones that are reported okay yeah that's true there's probably a lot of unreported so maybe the number is like three times as high maybe if it was your daughter you just keep saying if it was.

Your daughter of course if it was my daughter I'd be like Liam Neeson I hope so I hope here you go Andrew to action like that it's our just using like you know high-powered rifles with no idea how to actually use them he did not even know I know but I don't know how to use them okay but is this woman being counted I.

Don't think she would be counted because she is not yeah you're just missing start this part okay you guys ready for my case Julie we're getting a little deep today she's gonna get the last little bit out of here um CBD is okay for kitto right yeah it's good ah it's okay I'm Kido for sure you.

Got to look at what is in it also it's usually like I'm CT olive oil yeah we bought from Charlotte's Web let that suit on this place we've ever bought from one is a lot if it's a family member yeah of course Gus I mean they're giving they're putting they're not just making it a number they're putting some like.

Hugh meant like making it more human by saying that which I respect Oh what's up Matthew okay here we go we're diving in today oh man my document crashed one second okay here we go this is the Gardner art heist so this is not a missing person case this is the first time I've ever doing this this is a heist so this is the largest art heist.

In history it is valued at over 500 million dollars worth of art it's also the largest theft of private property in history and it's the largest dollar value heist never so no heist has ever top this weather it's like bank robberies nothing this is the top dog the number one and I haven't really heard much about it until I.

Started listening to a podcast which if this interests you there's a really good podcast it's called I think it's called insight let me get it here real quick it is called insight no no that's not what it's called it's called last seen last seen by the Boston Globe it's a good podcast Denis tom is thank you for the donation.

Do you guys think going Quito one day in Carnivora another can help correct my type-2 diabetes so you're saying look on and off like every other day your Carnivora Aikido I don't think alternating every other day but it's you can start by doing Aikido and then maybe do a carnivore a little bit and see how that treats you but yeah I think you can.

Help with your type 2 diabetes yeah okay so the Gardner Museum it's in Boston it was built in 1902 and has over 15,000 pieces of art and this is a private Museum so this is the art collected by a lady Isabel Stuart Gardner she opened the museum privately and just has all her art on display basically she owns at all so the night of the heist.

We're talking March 18 1990 there are two inexperienced guards on duty as you would kind of expect like security guards pretty easy job to get I think you think if she could like if she opened this and has all her expensive stuff on display we get like good ones you would think you get like Israeli Mossad.

Or just like good ones yeah good ones cuz it is obviously protecting your investment fine yeah yeah yeah but a lot of people they probably just like have some company they contract or whatever so there was too inexperienced guards they don't care at all about their job and the one guard that is going to be a point of contention here is Richard II.

Ameth so he will come up throughout this now he was a part-time musician and he would routinely would have concerts this is a nightshift so he would have concerts then he would show up and his shift at the Museum a lot of times he'd be drunk in high sometimes both and she just didn't really care that much you know I'm gonna sit you around here past.

The time smoke some weed etc so 1254 a.m. this is when things potentially kick off this is past midnight 12:54 a.m. 30 minutes before stuff starts to go down there's a fire alarm activated on the third floor of the museum abbath responded and did not notice anything out of the ordinary and this is heavily debated whether this was like the.

Initial part of the heist or if this was just total coincidence because 30 minutes later at 1:24 a.m. two men dressed as police officers show up and there's a door and there's like a camera system and there's two officers and they like they push the button they talk and they're like hey we're here responding.

To some kind of commotion some calls I was definitely a part of the high side so they're thinking you know maybe he's like oh there was that fire alarm maybe they're responding to that or it could have just been because it was around Saint Patrick's Day that you know there was like emotions outside the building they're responding to so it's.

Unknown whether it was related to the fire alarm but abbath buzzes the two policemen in and you're not supposed to do that it actually says explicitly in the museum protocol do not buzz police officers in you first have to call the office like the police station and be like are there police officers at the door or not but.

If you're like drunken hi wouldn't you be like nervous and you be like are you just gonna do it yeah pretty much so the two men are buzzed in one of the officers is like oh he's talking to abbath what's his first name Richard abbath he's talking to Abbott and he's like you look familiar and I think there's a warrant out for your.

Arrest so they asked him to provide identification and it's apparently like he fumbled around a little bit he couldn't do it right away so they pinned him to the wall handcuffed him and as he's being handcuffed he's like oh this could be a robbery because they didn't frisk me or anything so does he know this is just him recalling what's there.

So he's like oh man this might be a robbery and then the second security guard also shows up at the front desk shortly after he's like why do you guys arrest him and then they start arresting the second secured I got security guard he's like oh what's going on here and as they put the handcuffs on him he just kind of submits basically they put the.

Handcuffs on him he's like this is a robbery don't give us any problems and you won't get hurt so the Meli okay we're getting robbed but they also don't care that much because you know it's not their stuff there's cash and checks so the guards are tied up and they're duct-taped and the head leg duct taped.

Over their face they're just all duct tape up there they're handcuffed – it's like a boiler room like an exposed pipe basically okay and the intruders leave them there and they just got the whole run of the place they're really comfortable they're not stressed out at all like you would imagine if you're robbing a millions of dollars of art.

You'd be like very high stress but so they're in the museum for 81 minutes total and motion detector is it's it's 1990 so there's not a ton of sophisticated stuff going on but there's motion detectors that kind of signify like there's a person here now there's not a person here now right and that is all the data we have of their movements.

Through that night so in total 13 items were taken and they were valued at over 500 million and there's one particular piece the concert it's called is by Vermeer it's one of only 34 of his works in the world that's ever been recovered and it's valued at over 200 million and they take the art they also is this like a museum for people to go to yeah people.

Go to at 2:28 a.m. the robbers check back on the guards removed the security footage from that night they like to stomp on it basically and they take the art to their getaway vehicle two separate trips they're just kind of you know taking their time two trips worth of art to the getaway vehicle they're gone next morning between 6:45 and 8:15.

A.m. we're there for like 81 minutes total so between 6:45 and 8:15 a.m. the next morning the morning shift guards show up and they're not able to get in they're like okay this is weird we usually just you know get in buzz right in so they call the police please show up at 8:30 a.m. they get in somehow.

It's unclear how and they realize there's guards tied up the place has been robbed immediately they search for what's been robbed send out all the alerts I would think the guards are in on it that's will get too furious that's definitely one of the theories 90% of art heists are inside jobs yeah so the.

Robber is wore gloves to cover their fingerprints but they did not wear masks because they were posing as police officers so both guards got a good look at their faces abbath obviously much better than the other guard to the other guard was just kind of arrested pretty quickly abbath though he could not really give a.

Good description to the police on what they look like okay that's suspicious he's also probably like faded big-time so he might but he does claim that he was not on drugs or alcohol that night at all of course he's gonna say that yeah so interestingly it's been debated like how much art heist people the people who I stood this stuff actually.

Knew about art and they like had their layout planned out they must have gone to the museum you would think they've gone to the museum and they've like searched like what's in this museum what's valuable that's the minimum right must it's all online like what is there but it's 1990 so it wasn't really online oh yeah we.

Barely just had computers so it seems like the consensus is the robbers did not really know a ton about art but they knew like some names and the names of the artists are on all the artwork and basically like most art heists throughout history all the big ones it's always targeted Rembrandt paintings and they took three Rembrandt's and then.

It's theorized that like maybe they just got lucky and they took the 200 million-dollar painting which was also in the Rembrandt room but they they also took some stuff that like was worth nothing at all and it was really heavy like there is Napoleon era gold eagle that goes like on top of a battle flag basically I think that's worth a lot you.

Might think it's worth a lot he was like looks gold but it's really not worth like anything compared to some other paintings and it took a lot of effort to get that off so an experienced person wouldn't have done that as they left behind Michelangelo paintings so April 1994 this is four years later Museum receives an anonymous letter which.

To know the location of the art the author has great intimate knowledge of the art world and the artwork that was taken the author asked for 2.6 million dollars for the safe return of the artwork they agreed of course but they never heard from the author again okay and throughout all this time ever since the art was taken there was always been.

A five million dollar reward for the art and at one point when they were getting close to reclaiming the art they upped it to ten million dollars and in 2017 that expired so it's back down to five and a lot of people think like once the ten million is down to five you're not really gonna get any more like people aren't gonna say anything about it oh.

Yeah because you're totally reducing the bounty and another interesting thing is that the statute of limitations on these crimes has passed okay so what does that mean exactly like you can just say you did it and not get in trouble well yeah they can't prosecute you for it so even if they know you didn't they had evidence against you it's like they.

Can't do anything hmm so now that's basically the whole thing we'll get to the theories now so there is like four or five decent theories and honestly no one really knows but there's some cool stuff happens here so the first one is Brian McDevitt so this guy is a screenwriter and he attempted a robbery in New York in the 80s where he drugged.

A FedEx truck driver took his suit had a package that was supposed to be delivered to a museum in New York but he got stuck in traffic on the way there and he eventually got arrested and he wasn't able to rob the place he served a few months in jail for that but at the time of the Gardner heist he lived ten minutes away he's been questioned.

Several times but never gave up any information so that's one potential suspect and then I think of the probably the strongest theory is the inside job theory so this is the only persecuting guard that's really questioned is Abbot the other guy seems totally innocent so they knew where the alarm switch was this is crucial because there's.

One switch that notifies police and it was at the desk the abbath was sitting at and he could just go like this and the police would come but they got him away from the desk immediately interested him so that was disabled they knew the art didn't have any anti-theft devices so a lot of expensive art apparently has anti-theft devices built.

Right into the picture somehow so you can't steal it or people are notified and apparently and of course you couldn't recall the faces of the robbers yeah and then this is the most damning evidence against them there's motion detectors like I said all over the museum on the first floor there is no motion detected from the criminals so.

Abbath he does around like a museum round you know just checking on everything before the before the intruders get there and he's caught on the motion detectors but then somehow they got disabled and the the criminals are not caught on the first floor motion detectors at all so that leads people to believe maybe abbath somehow turn them.

Off something happened there why would he only turn off the first floor ones that's a good question I don't know he probably wouldn't if he knew how to turn them all off I'm sure he would have yeah and then of course Abbott broke protocol by letting the police in and this is a big one just a year or two ago video was released that shows abbath the night.

Before the heist he allowed an unauthorized visitor into the building and he apparently does not remember doing this you think they would and this was recently you think the police would have looked at this footage years ago maybe they had it but they just released it okay and he was like – hi he doesn't remember is that what we're thinking.

That he's a baby or it could just be like he did this all the time so it wasn't a big thing he's just like always breaking protocol yeah I guess it's hard to recall things from know but like if it's the night before a big heist and you want the part of the heist you think you'd remember okay then this cool guy comes into the.

Picture his name is Arthur brand he cool because he's a famous art investigator he's basically like the top dog if you have art missing this guy finds it he's recovered like millions and millions of dollars he goes undercover as a criminal he goes undercover as like an art thief and art dealer at tons of stuff so one year after the heist he had pictures he.

Got pictures of some of the art from the highest in an undisclosed location in Holland in like a storage locker how do you get pictures because he's in the underworld just kind of like market so he has like photographs of it in 2010 he heard that the pieces were possessed by a member of the Irish Republican Army which I don't know much.

About that like Irish Republican Army but after working on the case for 12 years bran believes this is his whole theory on things the art was stolen by small-time thieves and this is like a recurring thing a lot of people are just like these people probably didn't even know they have the greatest heist ever until they heard it on the news the next.

Day yeah and then those thieves sold the pieces to us gang members who were probably like higher-ups and then they were just small-time crooks Woody Allen movie and then they shipped the pieces to Ireland in the mid 90s to a top-ranking Irish Republican Army officers which I don't know why the Irish Republic officers would want it.

But that's this whole theory and after finishing everything with this brand investigator guy the FBI released this statement that says we believe with high confidence that we have identified those responsible for the theft even though we still don't know where the art is currently looked like why isn't the art investigator telling them he saw them.

And picked why didn't we tell them he's working with the FBI yeah but why would he got the pictures he didn't the FBI do something I know I think they were just trying to like let him work his process cuz he got more info than the FBI ever could – they like maybe best shot of getting it back and also this seems way less plausible than like.

Jennifer Cassie getting into human trafficking less plausible what do you mean like this seems ridiculous theory just some dumb idiots who out lucky with this huge heist it's like he doesn't really what do you think Brian you think it's like expert heisters well I think they they definitely knew what they were doing granted was 1990 so it's easier.

And if it was an inside job but like nonetheless I feel like they knew what they were doing maybe especially if they were able to sell it to gang members who would ship it across to Ireland well that's the thing once you figure out once you steal a high-profile art there's not really a lot to do with it which is we'll get to this we'll get to.

This theory later so they had to have known like they're gonna acquire these pieces that need to be sold so they set this up even before they did the heist there's one other reason why you would acquire expensive art other than selling it why which we'll get to shortly this next theory is the Merlino crew and this is like straight out of a Martin.

Scorsese movie basically so there's there's a small auto shop I think it's in the Boston area and this was the Merlino crew headquarters you can just imagine it like people pull into the garage I like have some coffee they go in the back room and they meet with Carmelo Morley no they just talk crime you know just like Kappos things like.

That eaten cannolis Carmelo Merlino boasted to to informants police informants he didn't know he was talking to them that he plans to recover the artwork and collect the reward and then he was subsequently caught in an FBI sting in 1999 trying to rob an armored car Merlino never gave any information about the stolen artwork despite being.

Offered leniency on his crimes so that to me is like he probably doesn't know much or he's just you know true to the coat no he's not true to the coat you know think so no they're rarely people are to the code huh I don't know I feel like Italian mob mobsters are sometimes clear the girl yeah yeah I think Italian mobsters and I think Native America.

Members after seeing met most recent Liam Neeson movie oh yeah what was that my called I called pursue it very bad very I liked it and then we got William Young's worth and this is when people police FBI are like we made just made a break in the case so Young's worth is an antiques dealer who claimed he could return the.

Paintings if here's the stipulations he needs to get the five million dollar reward he needs immunity from all prosecution if he's like associated with the crime and he needs dismissal of the current charges against him now that's the big thing the current charges against him NASA just like they're pretty severe I.

Don't know exactly what they were he shows pictures of the paintings to authorities and and this makes like the headline news like on the Boston Globe it's like we got pictures we've seen the paintings again they're recoverable so at that point they demanded credible evidence that he actually has access to the paintings the US attorney required.

This and Young's worth provides a vial of paint fragments said to be from one of the stolen Rembrandt's the FBI said the paint was not from the Rembrandt's analysis done years later though showed that the paint was consistent with that used in the 17th century by Dutch artists such as Vermeer I think at this point the FBI is just like doesn't want.

To give William anything and they're just like let's just deny that it's the paint we don't believe him you know how it is the paint they just said no but the FBI said it wasn't okay so I'm just like they don't even care at this point they're just like it is possible since he is an antiques dealer that he had access to like some kind of.

17th century artwork yeah I could've just chipped paint off of the FBI still believes what they were shown is a was a replica because the painting was in like shipping too but one of those roll up shipping tubes and apparently museum paintings they're like went on the back there like laminated and thick stuff to where you can't just roll them up so.

They're like that doesn't make sense you can't roll up our painting and they don't believe him so that is all the suspects yeah what do you got as far as the suspects go what do you guys think as far as the suspects go we got William Young's worth he is the antiques dealer who shipped in shaved paint from a painting we got the Merlino.

Crew which is basically just a mobster that said he could he said he could recover the paintings two informants we got Arthur brand the famous art investigator who says you know he gave his timeline on the events we got the inside job and then we got Brian McDevitt who was 10 minutes away from the robbery location and he's has a.

History of robberies so John Andrew said Abbott and I'm 100% with Abbott I just think it was an inside job I think from the first time from the moment you told me that he couldn't recall the faces the next day or that evening or the next day that just to me was like that doesn't even like I mean if he was so high that he blacked out like I don't know I don't.

Think that if he was that high but the thing is even if it is Abbott it's likely abbath in combination with another one of these options cuz he's not the mastermind he's just some you know no he was the one that told the other two guys yeah everything about them is you know what's more likely as criminals got ahold of abbath and.

They're like hey can you we know you're a security guard we want to do a robbery and they gave him money to shut up yeah I don't think abbath masterminded it so you're saying it's an inside job in conjunction with like Brian McDevitt probably in conjunction with the mobsters yeah because the mobsters would have the most connection.

To gang members to the Irish yeah like I don't think anyone else has that kind of connection in my mind I'm leaning towards inside job they are all politicians inside job rigged no they're running for Congress running for Congress so here's some other interesting points on the case the FBI believes the thieves had no idea.

They committed the greatest heist of all time until they saw the news the next morning they thought you know they probably got a decent haul but nothing huge cuz there's like all rice actually happened pretty frequently and it's usually like you know like 2 million bucks 4 million bucks they probably thought they just did something like.

That a strong theory so this is an interesting thing on why you would steal art if you know you can't sell it because you got five hundred million dollars of art on the open market but on the black market it's like you know maybe like 10 million it's like really low value because you can't really do much with it did she have insurance I.

Don't know how would she get reimbursed for five million dollars but no I don't think you would I'm sure she had seven you can get insurance I don't know if she had it but a reason you would steal the art is for collateral for crimes you have yet to commit so if you have five hundred million dollars worth of painting in your back pocket you have.

Basically a free pass like you can you can be committing crimes non-stop and then you always have this that can get you off the hook but apparently they were shipped off yeah it's like a get-out-of-jail-free card what do you mean apparently they're shipped off so he didn't they didn't have the pieces if they did commit well you just don't have.

To have them on your person but you have to have access to them I don't know if they have access to them cuz like did they even know who they were going to if these are just random what do you mean like the criminals do they know they ended up with Irish people or did they just hand them off to the gang we don't know that they went to Irish people.

That's just the investigators theory you are an investigator but I think we're putting a lot of credit on him right because he's well-known for doing that yeah Mike McKee theists thank you for the donation just find your channel thanks for the knowledge I think thank you and then the last note is 80% of art isn't.

Side job of art crime and then as I was researching this case it just got me kind of interested in art and I don't know it's really lost on me and I feel like a lot of you are probably the same way like you can't appreciate art as much as maybe people are used to the extent of which it's valued I can't appreciate it yeah like I wouldn't.

Appreciate it 200 million-dollar painting no I wouldn't either I wouldn't understand why it's better than you know another opinion that's like 10 bucks I mean I'm sure we could see the difference in that sense but like 200 million dollars is a very high valuation so like your daughter's finger painting versus yeah well which could sell for 10.

Bucks the the best way that it made sense to me is if you compare it to like classic musical works of art like Beethoven's 7th Symphony or whatever if you're missing like if you can just never hear that again or I guess like the way it makes the most sense is when you hear Beethoven's 7th symphony you're like wow.

It's undeniable you know it's really good that guy knows what he's doing and to inform people when they see art it's kind of the same way apparently oh that's of course that's an amazing picture two million two hundred million dollars so I was looking at like how much is art actually worth these days and the most expensive painting ever.

Sold is this the Salvator Mundi it's sold in 2017 for four hundred and fifty million dollars to whom to a russian collector and today it's valued at four hundred and sixty million so that's the the largest art sale of all time it's by Leonardo da Vinci come here to me I used to go potty come here we need ten more.

Minutes I know I just going to come over but in in 1962 the Mona Lisa was appraised for an insurance policy at one hundred million dollars and adjusted that's 782 million dollars today but the actual sales price people estimate if it went to auction it'd be over a billion dollars possibly like over five billion.

Dollars for the Mona Lisa because it's essentially priceless which is interest thank ya and then I was looking into the billion dollars yeah five billion it would sell for over 1 billion for sure now right now it's in Duluth yeah which is like not a it's a public museum who owns it like the government I don't know why first the museum owns it the actual.

Painting yeah I don't know but it was interesting I was looking up a lot of the recent art purchases and a lot of them is like Abu Dhabi like Art Foundation and like it seems like they're compiling a lot of art Abu Dhabi so then I was looking into famous artists because it's just fascinating to me so there's two types of artists.

There's those that live the you know the poor artist life and then there's those that were actually famous when they were alive mm-hmm so Michelangelo was a famous guy when he was alive he was worth ten million dollars when he died Rembrandt who did the Sistine Chapel I think Michelangelo I don't know him that's right Rembrandt.

Made nearly five hundred thousand per year at his peak Picasso who I always thought was like a poor artist he was worth fifty million dollars when he died Wow and then there's those like Johannes Vermeer which was the painting that was stolen in this story he was unknown until two centuries after his death and now his paintings are valued at over a.

Billion dollars totally saddens me yeah Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire life out of the 2,100 that he produced died poor now we're just getting into art territory and then David Hockney just in 2018 became the world's most expensive living artist with the painting sold for ninety million dollars because I always thought.

A lot of what put value into art was how old it was and stuff yeah what what is the what are the qualities that make it worth that much then I don't know I looked at it and it's that nice painting but what is it on it's a guy work does he do he does a lot of different work but it's a guy standing by a pool so Akitas portraits or.

Landscapes a little bit of both he is known for like I guess doing landscapes in a modern time when it's like people thought they were dead art hmm and if you do adjust for the current value of the artwork the Mona Lisa was actually stolen in 1911 so that could technically be the biggest art heist ever and the guy who stole that he hid.

In the INA stores like a janitor closet overnight and then in the morning he just walked out with it and it was retrieved yeah it was retrieved and another interesting art heist story in 2003 4 million in paintings were stolen and they were found in a bathroom 200 meters away from the museum and there was a.

Note just saying like this is I didn't steal these for the value I just told them to point out the lack of security at the Museum and it was at the Whitworth Art Gallery there's Pierce acute poor security guards yeah embarrassed left and right what if it's a Banksy yeah kids these days love Banksy I mean does he do actual.

Paintings are only like pieces of work on buildings and walls I think mostly on buildings and walls he also did uh I always think of like what's it called the Silicon Valley signature Gavin Belson yeah yeah the Mona Lisa is only valuable because it became famous after it was stolen yeah that's true it's a shame it's not one of the best works.

Yeah I guess that's probably like the Mona Lisa to real art people it's probably like like you know like Britney Spears like a pop artist it's not like true really good art it's like the stuff that everyone knows about someone who appreciates that's what I would imagine these crime stories are so interesting I love this he does.

Political graffiti yeah Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel the girl with the Pearl Earring oh isn't there a movie with about like Michelangelo is it oh yeah the paintings it looks good has anyone seen that movie it's take a Sundance Film it's supposed to be like kind of a documentary drama thing that's a good.

Britney Spears analogy thank you am i here live with you Cheryl yes you are here live with us hello what's new with you guys anything else make a trip to Boston guys so much history even without these missin pics I'm just not a history buff like with in terms of like art museums I'm not going to Savannah in a couple of.

Weeks and I'm excited to actually just fully immerse and like give it a try because it is very historical and like what happened there but there's like museums everywhere I have no idea but I just know like walking tours there's probably a battle there yeah we're gonna be doing yoga in the park on Saturday morning what why because we gotta start.

Doing these together like that though it'll be fun did the dark web exist in 1990 did the internet exist yeah I did what did the internet happen I know it's like in the 70s for the government but I think it was like 90 degrees late 80s when it was really popular well when it started to become popular in 1990 I know when I was born.

My tweet our parents had cell phones Oh a prison break could be an interesting tale to tell let's just all watch – awkward I'm sure together remember it was that it was at that Museum where we watched in my mom's house yeah I'd say come to Kansas City but it's boring our barbecue is the best though.

Yeah we'd come for food modern art is more along the lines of human canvas like tattoos yeah so I was actually looking at some modern art to kind of compare and see what I thought and it definitely does seem like modern art it's not as good an example like you know when you go to the modern art museums it's just kind of like a lot of.

Abstract and like oh yeah yeah that's not really people like [__] signs or like women's butt cheeks yeah or different color prints it's not as good I don't think yeah a lot of it is like a lot of the art that I know is actual just like photography it's not paintings Fatah there's some good photography photography makes more sense.

To me because it's like really capturing a moment in time but like painting is also a lot more impressive than right if you're still capturing the moment and died there were those guys that escaped Alcatraz yeah dude one of didn't a couple of them died and no one knows their bodies have never been found I think they're close.

Some of them died who knows there's women there's a first woman and it's freezing and it's really like but when your life's on the line if you can swim pretty good I feel like you could I don't know it's it's one and a half miles I think and like they do that night right that's gonna be pretty tough for like the.

Waters really just like how do you I got to know their their swimming skills they're probably weren't very good if they're criminals criminals generally I feel like can't swim that good if I had to say Michael Phelps will never be a criminal yeah criminals don't go to like swimming lessons and stuff when they're kids how.

Do you know did you go to so many lessons when you were kids of course hey 12 years the tomato soup can is the best artwork I actually hate that artwork where they just do like there's you can't remember I don't know much about Zipf is is very good waiting for more in the mail what is the best.

Flavor in the dang bars I like the almond vanilla I like that too I would say the blue one Warhol Andy Warhol correct can you do DB Cooper it's kind of boring to me he robbed a bank I think and then he he maybe jumped out of a plane or he like threw the money out of a plane no one really knows the money.

Has never been found he's never been found the greatest art can be found on the pages of Quito made easy says Daddy Warbucks what about Lori Loughlin seems so nice how about help your kids become educated from day one you know what does that mean what does who was caught in the scandal recently with the cheating on.

The exams oh yeah what do you guys think about that paying off admins I don't know I can't say I wouldn't do it I don't think I would but i mean if you can pull some strings you pull strings for your kids right i mean if if you want them to be something that they're not yeah I think it's not matter I thought about it I put myself in the.

Shoes would I do it no I'm not as mad at the parents I'm more mad at the faculty for accepting the money right that's who you should be mad at I'm not mad at it at all I'm not mad okay that's who's at fault I get both sides honestly can you what Amani was this it with you that was disgusting the rich get away with.

Everything well yeah I mean the people he didn't get away with it are they get I mean I guess I I I thought something was happening and she thought oh they were cheating on the SAT – yeah they're having other people take the exam I mean yeah NBA players do that like Derrick Rose cheated on the acte had someone take the test far out but nothing.

No retroactive Lee I think they lost a national championship but yeah he made two hundred million dollars so it didn't really matter but uh I don't know yeah of course you don't cheat I mean if that's crazy just go to the ecology that accepts you what if no college accepts your child and you're embarrassed and society is like watching you because.

You're famous I mean I think about it like from that perspective right it could be embarrassing for the parents i I do somewhat subscribe to the expression if you're not cheating you're not trying she does gonna cheat I was gonna say the same thing like I definitely cheated throughout school yeah I cheated a lot in school on tests.

And stuff yeah like we of course you cheat if you have the option and if you're like sitting next to the smart kid whose paper you gonna see they were paying for the curry I didn't read the story were they actually like getting the answers from the essay I think they had other people take the exam for them they paid one guy like 75 K or something.

Who was making this happen it was like one guy they paid that took the test know that like orchestrated everything and help them like get someone to sit at the exam for them but then I think there was also like athletic scholarships I thought maybe I'm wrong there but gonna read the story all these people in the comments hating on cheating with still.

Planning their next cheap meal Oh Jay it's only natural to take every possible advantage for any opportunity you can I agree so the incentives have to be aligned for you not to do that and obviously you need people in the positions that just like have morals and don't take money for stuff I used you just kind of go for perfect ego and that.

Was a great deal uh-huh thank you I don't know if it's correct in the last video I don't know did you put 25 percent or 20 25 okay I don't think you did young kids don't really understand cheating high school kids do I don't mean young kids what does kids mean like 18 year olds who are.

Taking the SATs yeah that's what that was like the prime of my cheating no probably not the prime one teacher changed the answers for 15k that's nothing I mean well for a teacher it's a lot I mean but she could have bargained for more these people make millions of dollars yeah she probably maybe she did.

Bargain today today when I was playing basketball at the gym this guy had on a shirt that said you don't get what you deserve you get what you negotiate for I kind of like that expression what the red shirt no smother again fake athletic scholarships they never even played their sport yeah that was the crazy crazier to me than someone sitting in.

For you for the SATs like dude in my hi Scott in my college the Asian kid would always sit in for each other unlike the organic chemistry tests really they would take tests for each other yeah because like I mean that's just bad tissue you can't notice the difference between two kids your students I mean people think it may look like people.

Saying Asians look alike but everyone like in high school everyone has a personality and you know all of them that's just just which okay like you have to go in and like I mean you just get the exam you don't feel like prove you are who you want like a take-home test no like you go and you sit for the exam but were you proving like I'm Matt.

GAD ki every time you took any what grade are we talking I'm talking like sophomore year of college no I guess you could maybe get away with it in college but you're risking a lot because when you get call you're just like thrown out of college so it's not worth the risk yeah this teacher was really nice I remember in my college like people had.

To stand up and just to like get accepted back into college I had to like tell how bad they're cheating story was and I will never do it again favorite stress food yeah I guess when I'm stressed I like to just you know watch mindless shows next time like I don't go does it have to be anything specific I kind of just don't like.

Like a keto bar type things yeah they Photoshop their kids faces onto sports teams wow I didn't know is this elaborate dang if you're not cheating you're not trying hard enough I kind of like those types of expressions within reason I guess right well depends on what you're cheating on like I don't think that a college exam.

Is that big of a deal granted if I like got an F on the test and the person who cheated messed up the curve because that's the Asian kids did in my class they would screw screw me with the curve because 20 of them would get a's and it's like well no 20 of them are getting a's that's just the true curve you should be getting a's no it's.

Not the true curve if you're having someone else it in for you who's smarter than you Oh knows the answers so like if it's really messing with me then yeah the mom upset what's your guy's opinion on dietary fiber from tapioca starch I've seen mixed comments about it I'm asking because I'm eating the Costco Kirkland protein bars yeah they're cute.

Oh friendly it's fine I mean it's not like in my opinion great to be getting a lot of extra dietary fiber from non nutritious things but it is definitely a good snack like a healthy alternative snack what happened you can't pass a test at Harvard I mean I don't care about these people know this but like if you're at an Ivy League school or you're.

At a really top school and even law schools like oh I had friends at top law schools once you prove you can get in it's a lot easier like yeah teachers are more lenient because they're like you've earned your place here like they hand out bees always much more frequently than you think so that's for my experience and my brother went to an Ivy.

League school I have a lot of friends who did and it's just like once you're in you're in for the most part I guess I don't understand like so this was some kind of mass conspiracy that had many actors across multiple states it was like some some big thing it wasn't just isolated incidents that were uncovered together right it.

Was all a lot of people doing it a Harvard guy was on the news saying they don't fail anyone that exactly if you're if you get into an Ivy school you like proving yourself at that point they're not gonna fail you once you're there do we really need fiber question marks very good question it's definitely I say debatable I just had a recent podcast.

With dr. Rochelle yeah you can listen to that we talked about that uh the thing is like we've always eaten a pretty good amount of fiber but whether that's out of necessity or out of optimal health is debatable I'd say mm-hmm who has 400k to drop on an exam I mean something like this Bill Gates does right yeah Lori Loughlin might've who's Laura.

Laughlin she was the mom Rebecca in full house she was Jesse's wife no CI yeah she probably know she probably makes tons of money just off the reruns of the shows right once you have a hit TV show it's just like plays forever and you make tons of money aspect yeah and she's been enough a lot of other things I've seen.

Her cheating is never right I love you guys but I do not understand how you were supporting it okay so it's that serious at a certain point in life no I don't think cheating is never right is correct cuz like when you're when you're in a basketball game and the ball goes out off of you and you point the other way.

And you trick the ref is that cheating I guess that's not cheating though right that's cheating is that cheating well that's lying yeah you're cheating you know what about flopping in a basketball game that could be considered cheating no see I don't think those are cheating I guess but you played it and you did it that's why you.

Don't think it's cheating because if you're not doing it you would you have called him out been like hey that he's he's lying no you just let it happen yeah you gotta let it happen you can't like argue with her I just don't think cheating like I don't think high school in college like they matter a lot at them at the time.

But like in the grand scheme of things I don't think it's that big of a deal and you and your friend are in an exam together and you're sharing answers like that's a bonding experience I do that with my friends and then we loved it we talked about it till this day and we both did well on the exam I don't know we're not supporting like you know crime.

Thinking back it'd probably be better if I dedicated myself to school and just didn't cheat of course that's the writing back we did what like we were lazy we didn't do that well and it worked out because now we're doing murders yay yeah I guess if I actually like had to pursue my legal career I would have.

Probably wished like I I really learned all the cases and invested my time yeah I think most kids do cheat in high school I'd say I do have to estimating 85% at least yeah and if you didn't good for you like I have been listening to this one psychology or no philosophy podcast is called philosophize this and I think one.

Thing on philosophy someone says like never lie if you lie about anything you're just cheapening your self trust and a lot of people I get to the plumber they like lying to themselves about how much food they eat like a sandwich they weigh about how hard they work and you can just really definitely get into a cycle where you lie a lot to yourself.

Yeah and if you're thinking like maybe cheating on a high school exam complete – like cheating cheating on your girlfriend or your boyfriend or husband or wife then like yeah that's also something to take into account who in their right mind would want their doctor to have cheated their way through medical school is a good question but.

Like honestly if you think about it like is your doctor writing a good exam really an indicator of how good of a doctor they are No do they have a good bedside manner do they actually do research continuously throughout their career there's so much more like an exam shouldn't dictate because I failed the bar but like I would have been a damn.

Better lawyer than I know a lot of people I went to law school with why because of my my advocating skills because I can present a lot of people couldn't even present in front of a group of people like they were scared to talk so so there is the exam at all at all professions that are like you know life and death type things.

Like doctors lawyers there's like a final exam right so I guess that's the failsafe of if you're cheating all the time you wouldn't pass the exam but yeah the people this is when I knew I couldn't really be a good computer engineer and I feel like a lot of doctors probably experienced this too there's a certain sect of people that.

Like their fun thing is just like come home and write code to like do new things that I mean that would never was never me so I'm like those guys always have the upper hand because they're doing what they love now I guess we're doing what we love and make youtube videos mega how was the baby I think the baby's strong going great and we get to.

See the baby next week I love going to the baby appointments we're like getting too deep into the cheating thing no the baby how many weeks pregnant are you you're looking big now your belly's looking big 18 we got to do a belly update belly update who actually remembers what they learned in college yeah you don't.

Remember most a lot of people do I would say if you're in the career of your MIT major would you find it funny if your baby told you if she cheats all the time I would find the hell areas of my little baby yes you are so that's an area I crack up but if you're saying like my 18 year old kid said I cheat all the time I would be like why don't you just work.

Harder and study more you know then you wouldn't need to cheat what do you make it a game to be better than all the other kids I would say what are you cheating on like is it a class that really doesn't matter long term he's like art class and you're writing you know like that to me I'd be like ah who cares there's a lot of anti cheaters in.

The building I hope Miley's in front of the camera my liege is trying to cut the tension with herself how do you find a cure doctor actually no I think Ryan like what is a SPI comm Ryan Larry say yes yeah I think they have you have a directory or something yeah I think you have a directory you can find and keep this afternoo you I.

Think it's maybe a spi comm I can look it up hang a lot of anti cheaters I mean it's easy to be say anti you're an anti cheater when you're not really like in a position to cheat anymore right I feel like you don't cheat on things unless you're in high school in college what else is there yeah what have I cheated on since high school in college I guess.

Nothing we haven't like cheating on each other taxes taxes so yeah don't Joe cheat on your taxes be a proper citizen don't cheat on your relation I mean see that's just a tactical cheat though what I'm saying like is yeah I think it's circumstantial if it's like that big of a deal or not whatever you only cheating.

Yourself you're condoning condoning bad behavior mega yeah we are I guess we're also sharing our opinions and were with Tiffany's question someone said she likes Tiffany's question Oh Tiffany right down there did you go down wait Tiffany right there did you see my question on electric you know this is just a question search Oh No.

Tiffany types a lot of questions here I can't find the one you guys are talking about yeah it's not working all the way that might be it no I can't even look it up I'm in college and I don't cheat someone says it's good for you you're gonna be a better smarter person at the end of it or you have a really easy major I'm in high school I don't cheat.

Are you you have good grades do you have sure I'm just kidding guys like relax it's a Wednesday night I just need a big bowl of chili you are relaxing watching us like life is so good we're not here to fight thank you welcome to the real world people that's kind of my thought too actually what is your position on electrolytes.

Yeah I think at the start you definitely need to supplement them but over time the need to supplement them diminishes and you wait a bit you have a better gauge on if you need them that day or not okay Julius really has to go potty okay getting nervous for him hopefully your OBGYN didn't cheat on their exams I don't really think it would have.

Mattered I don't think I care that much if she cheesed her knife she told me she's good I'd be like good for you you're here now and you're delivering babies and you're doing a great job she hasn't really like added a ton of value yeah where her cheating or not cheating would have really mattered much I'm also doing a lot of my own research and Matt.

Is doing research so also don't put all of your don't invest everything that you care about in doctors hands do some research on your own I guess that's it guys we really talked a lot today it was a long line but we had fun and did you like the heist like should we change it up and not just you like disappearances and murders if so leave a comment below.

With other ones you think we should check out or what you think we should do aside from murders and disappearances see cheating at words with friends in my opinion that's messed up cuz I'm just it's not even fun anymore okay he's really crying alright back next Wednesday with and we'll also have a recipe tomorrow we'll be back next.

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