‘The Disappearance of Asha Degree’ and ‘The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth’

‘The Disappearance of Asha Degree’ and ‘The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth’

‘The Disappearance of Asha Degree’ and ‘The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth’

Check out the video on ‘The Disappearance of Asha Degree’ and ‘The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth’.
Hey how's it going guys we got murder she ate so Wednesday tradition hears do you want a fork no ok so what's new guys got some faces the one I'm doing today was recommended by longtime viewer a ketone mint also can you hear us cuz last time the audio was muted for like two minutes maybe a minute and a half and I'm hoping the like lag issues and.

Stuff is fixed but I don't know I have all my windows closed basically what happened ok and for those of you that are new to this this is nothing really about keto except that we keto foods for dinner and maybe we'll answer a few keto questions but it's mostly just about nonsense we talked about crime mysteries.

Last time I did a heist story and it's just kind of more like a hangout maybe you eat dinner maybe get some dinner inspiration yeah and we tell stories you know the real stories yeah first time in here well welcome we're gonna answer some keto questions but again mostly crime hope you like crime what are you guys having for dinner working perfectly.

This time that's good to know so we got dinner here I was in a little bit of a rush I made these shrimp skewers cuz Megan wasn't that hungry today but I guess it's she ate it so yeah I'll have a skewer and then I have this steak it looks pretty rare but I actually did it on the smoker yes it looks red it looks weird but I should be good I've never.

Done it like that before so yeah I have a shrimp skewer and then I have some pesto on the side and I'm gonna dip it in some fat I got a chocolate for after dinner and maybe I'll snack on some other stuff too who knows so I'm having a broccoli salad chicken rabe so it's prepping dinner salad and sardines that sounds great too.

Mad not to me Quito sesame broccoli chicken that sounds delicious I want that can't wait for your reveal I also have some ghee here because my dinner that does not have much fat in it this is a powder with some butter and avocado and bat-bomb yeah exactly is Mississippi pot roast it's like what's different about.

That I think if they put like and like ranch seasoning yeah did you guys ever smoke ribs yeah we do I've been wanting to do that again actually it's really good revised Caesar salad that sounds like the perfect dinner curry butter chicken that's also perfect yeah for murder she ate I really feel like I need to cook something fancy.

Like the shrimp skewers to impress you guys meatloaf balls that sounds really good I made keto buns hamburgers for Darrin hmm shrimps are so tiny what snacks to bring to a parenting class what is a parenting class yeah so did it um like nuts I like these epic bars is what I've been.

Having a lot for snacks jerky yeah $5 from Sophia daily you guys have no idea how many lies I think giving lives you change thank you thank you we appreciate it hi guys throughout some the baby so exciting side question what rod died do feed your fur babies it's only been like three days we're not experts in like five days we've been.

Using the Blue Ridge beef but we got an article from someone said it's but it was recalled back in 2016 I did some digging and it seems like maybe they're not the most trustworthy companies so we're gonna actually go to another local pet store that has a different brand or we're gonna check that brand out so you might.

Switch yeah but they are loving it both of them I have a few cookbooks of yours I love them no awesome thank you yeah out of those eBook ones if you have any of those which one do you like the best I should just take them all off the school yeah you should.

Let's do that dee skewer you know what I miss doing my family used to always do uh shish kebabs we should do those no no I don't know we had these skewers oh this is hard things like shish kebabs they do really stuck on here we kind of stuck that one thanks to down your checkbook for Valentine's Day your home is beautiful I.

Think that in every video thank you we picked this um not up to much house searching no it was like the second time we went out we're just like yep I don't think we put enough thought into it yeah but the one thing is I didn't realize what actual hazard our backyard is we're like our trees could just fall on people's houses and then I don't know.

What happens I assume you have to pay money for that like yeah it's kind of I'm worried about it a little well you just have to get all the trees checked out I'm trying to listen well trail running cool that sounds exciting yeah our table is a little too high I'm ace not a table it's an island yeah it's.

Supposed to be high hmm how are they reading comments because they are paying attention to their food you're gonna do both kind of there's two people one focus on food once we set Commons daddy warbucks thank you dang I really is Daddy Warbucks yeah I love it another ten spot because you deserve it we appreciate it.

You deserve it what kind of sauce you eating I'm just using pesto it's store-bought pesto and it has actually use extra virgin olive oil as the base so if you're buying pesto that's what I would make sure I look for I don't really do too much sauce honestly I do mostly just like be like that all right what time is it should we get started.

It's 534 yeah you could start any info on butter Bob what's not does any of a youtube channel I don't know too much about it people have said he does YouTube mm-hmm what is deep it's just clarified butter so it's um yeah dairy-free no yeah butter has like some milk solids in it I believe so then those get cooked off and then you have D.

I made your southern baked chicken it was bomb this is a really good recipe from Quito Magazine cycle Walt $2 donation thank you thank you okay is there any like ongoing cases we could dig into to do you guys know of any like what's big on Nancy Grace these days you ready yeah so I'm doing the murder of faith.

Hedgepeth and again just adds up we try to post both of the cases we're doing ahead of time at least a couple hours so if you do want to look into them and have some background maybe give out your what you think like are good with what like what is then what word I'm looking for what like when you give out your scenario look what happened there is.

Your theory that could also be really fun but you can also just listen and think of a theory okay $2 donation from Kaylie Jepsen are you related to Carly Rae case suggestions the Jessica chambers case actually I think I've heard of it too but I can't remember yeah thank you okay so the murder of phage face Hedgepeth ingenue.

His face so faith was found murdered at the age of 19 on September 7th 2012 in her apartment in Chapel Hill North Carolina so at the time she was a junior at the University of North Carolina and she lived in an off-campus apartment with her roommate Corinna Rosario and I'm going to refer to her just moving forward as Rosario okay said in her.

Apartment dead in her apartment yes who found her did we get to that no I didn't get to that so for a short time there Rosaria I had a boyfriend named Eric and he lived with them but he became really abusive towards Rosario so they actually ended up breaking up and he moved out totally normal not know so Eric continued to harass.

Them by threatening them breaking them into the apartment which led faith to push Rosario into getting a protective order from the court and she actually was like the one who drove Rosario to the court and helped her get this protective order against the ex-boyfriend Eric so we have a prime sauce.

Yes right yeah the day before she was killed she had a full day of classes and then she went to rush for a sword as she was hoping to join me the sorority was historically Native American and that was her background for Native American yeah so it was very close for her and you know it was.

Something she wanted to deeply be a part of so she left the rush at about 7:15 p.m. and she went to the library with her roommate Rosario faith actually left earlier than Rosario but she eventually went back to the library to pick her up so faith is Rosario's prime ride throughout like I feel like their friendship or Rosario.

Always was hitching rides from people I don't think over was around in 2012 and this is college right yeah I know when I was in college we had like one kid that drove us most places yeah that's probably her scenario I would hate to be that kid I mean we paid him for gas and stuff okay so after she picked up Rosario from the library they went back.

To their apartment and it was around 12:30 a.m. that they decided to go out for the night so they went out to a nightclub and it was a nightclub that let people under 21 enter to just dance and you know hang out and that's like a popular thing but I never understood it like it's you know I don't like that yeah the under 121 clubs suck yeah like.

If you're like 27 and you're going to under-21 club like I don't know that's not cool right I think there was one in my university people would just get really drunk and then go there okay but they're pretty dumb yeah so they were on the club and they spent a significant amount of time there the club security when are we assuming they were drinking.

Beforehand or no no okay the club security cameras caught them at about 206 a.m. so an hour and a half afterwards leaving and Rosario had later told the police that they left because she had an upset stomach yeah that's possible right mhm I love places that so much and then at 3:40 a.m. faith was exchanging text with a guy named Brandon.

Edwards and it's yet to be known whether he was like an ex or just an acquaintance or like a friend and the text convo one sec though upset stomach to me that means maybe they were drinking it's like sometimes if you're throwing up and you're super drunk you're just like I got an upset stomach that's possible.

We just don't know like in there alcohol blood alcohol content level is attractively so the text conversation faiths first text Brandon hey B can you come over here please Corinna that's the roommate Rosario yeah needs you more uh-huh you know please let her know that you care mm-hmm three minutes later faiths sends another text.

With just the word van and it has been suggested which makes a lot of sense that it was just auto correction of the text so it would read Korea needs you more than you know as opposed to karena needs you more aha you know yeah and that's happened to like me before that's definitely what that was why that's a common exchanged.

Or autocorrect for half call or phones or anything and then BB Brandon replied thirty-six minutes later asking who the text was from that was that good so do they know they're probably not like ex-boyfriend girlfriend unless you like got a new number or something all of a sudden this is faith texting the boy right yeah the one good so the neighbor.

Downstairs this and this is the neighbors recollection the neighbor downstairs heard three loud bangs like a heavy bag being dropped or furniture being overturned and that's just like an account that I wanted to share um but at the same time at faith was texting Brandon Rosario was also trying to contact Brandon but with no response for.

Him she called another mutual friend Jordan and at 4:25 a.m. so this is getting late into the night Jordan went to their apartment to pick up Rosario and she leaves the apartment assuming faith is sleeping with the door unlocked which to me is weird it's your where are we now like what is North Carolina yeah she's in her.

Apartment they're at their apartment off-campus okay but like they've had issues with Eric the ex-boyfriend okay up and I am it's for 25 in the morning if you think your roommates sleeping like I locked the door right I don't keep it unlock like that doesn't make sense to me maybe there are like a safe building but it's.

Just it's weird to me let me just get the whole flow of things right here yeah so Rosario and the roommate the faith Hedgepeth go through the stories about they go home yeah a boy that Rosario likes faith is texting and then a second boy ends up getting Missouri to leave with him she picks him up he picks her up yeah and.

Who is the second boy what's his he was just a friend of Rosario he played soccer at Chapel Hill so for 25 were assuming sex some kind of sexual thing going on right yeah maybe where Dario is wanting to continue to party so she just she's trying to get out of there she's calling yeah I'm gonna get that okay oh five dollar donation from me see please.

Keep this serious murder she ate has become one of my favorite shows hashtag SS DGM I don't know what that means the hashtag I really want to figure it out though and that's like a puzzle now please let us know but thank you that means so much Julius Chell enjoys always he always gets you guys as dogs barking at home I.

Know there he goes continue okay so Jordan picked up Rosario for 25 and he tries Rosario to an acquaintance's house nearby like five minutes and they stayed there until 11 a.m. the following morning so at 3:30 I don't know I don't so at 10:30 a.m. Rosario and these are like time stamps for her phone she first calls faith for.

A ride but faith doesn't answer the call so she called another friend Marisol who picks her up and takes her back to her apartment okay stay sexy don't get murder for my favorite murder pop so Marisol and faith Marisol and Rosario get back to the apartment and whose are is calling for faith like.

Saying if she's home but there's no answer from her so they go into her room to check if she's there and they find her on the floor leaning against her bed with her shirt pulled over her face and she was covered with a blanket also and had no clothes on from the waist down okay there was all she's dead I said murder yeah there was also a big pool of.

Blood by her body and a splatter on the wall and the closet door so Rosario panics calls 9-1-1 and the operator on the other end stays on the line says to stay for sorry to stay on the line because she doesn't want her to be alone so Rosario says okay and maybe she's panicked but like she wasn't alone she was with Marisol so I don't know I guess.

I would have stayed in the light but have also been like I'm not alone I'm with my friend Marisol but I'm gonna stay on the line yeah you got to stay on the line but also I mean yeah you shouldn't lie but wouldn't you say tell the operator like I'm not alone I'm with someone else yeah but maybe you're just really flustered like who knows but yeah.

She said it was okay the idea is that there could be someone still in the house right so if you're alone yes you don't want to be alone okay so that's really all that there is I mean prime suspect has to be the ex-boyfriend right Eric yeah that was my like it's totally his style just be like stalking her at 4:30 a.m. I would.

Imagine and then you see roommates leave or stalking just the apartment itself yeah yeah so the investigation the details of the invention and investigation are actually never disclosed publicly at first which is weird and the town of oh and the town of Chapel Hill so Chapel Hill and the college itself they obtained a court.

Order sealing on all the records that were collected so they didn't want any of the information about faith being provided to the public which to me I don't know two years is a very long time because like don't don't you think like there's probably people who might be not only suspects but like they've seen what has happened or like.

They saw her at the club more than the security camera I think it's a balancing act of like you want to hold some info so then if you get a suspect you can ask or someone confesses or something you have to have info the years yeah you have to have any fear that the public doesn't know maybe like six months to it you know know every case has certain.

Info that the public doesn't know about but nothing we didn't know anything about her body about just about anything like about her whereabouts they should probably release some stuff I would imagine her yeah like her parents didn't know anything about her what happened the autopsy they have no clue about the autopsy yeah I think you get to know.

About that no they did know everything was sealed according to court order I'm not sure what the reasoning was that they gave the court to like say okay to this but it was so two years later the information is finally released the details and the autopsy revealed that faith suffered extensive skull.

Fractures cuts all over her face and her arms and legs had severely been be in that's pretty intense so was there a knife was she like attacked with a knife no some say like Wikipedia said it was a rum bottle but like I feel like in looking at this case there wasn't much exposure of this case like I don't think anyone here might have heard of it and.

The the police were obviously and like the town was trying to keep it under wraps it was just it's very weird that there was no like exposure to something like this because it's on a school campus you would think like know if there's a murderer out there or a rapist or whatever I'm sure everyone on the campus knows about.

And they're like talking details of it yeah so police also found semen of her semen inside of her but couldn't determine if she was sexually assaulted but I'm gonna go with she was Mark I don't know it just it's her clothes from her waist down we're off her face was covered I feel like that's just like yeah can it be from like sex within 24.

Hours prior it could have been throughout that day she's the college girl she really did she lasted all day she went to rush then she went to library yeah so we know like what she did that day and she was very busy someone said you know when you've been watching too much Kido Connect when you find yourself saying bowl with an owl.

And also there is DNA that matched the DNA of the semen throughout the room they can other places so I don't know what to me that says at this point not too much oh I guess to me that says no cause she could have just had sex in a room with that same person right yes so there are a couple pieces of evidence that like are interesting to note like.

Really think about the verse one is bait or know a voicemail that faith left on the night of her death to a friend but it sounds like a buck dial and you can actually go and listen to it I listen to the entire thing but it sounds like it was from the club since like in the middle of like all this ruckus you like here rapping and it's found out to me.

That the song that was playing was booty work by t-pain and the alt also the timestamp of when the call was made was 1:23 a.m. so according to the timeline she is at the nightclub so I don't put much weight in that it's know sounds like it is about though you can't make out any dialogue no there's a there's a lot oh my grunting because if you're.

Actually talking into the phone and you're in a club you can hear easily that it's like a person talking into a phone it doesn't sound like a butt dial yeah no it's nothing a butt dial but you can kind of tell like names of people yeah so it sounded like a fight between face another female and then there was also two males it sounded.

Like a fight yeah okay one was potentially the bouncer like you need to get out of here or whatever so drunk for sure drunk I would imagine yeah and like the one female seemed like jealous and so this is just one guy who like encrypt not encrypted but like he listened to it and he could hear it and he like typed everything out and so like that's the.

Account this wasn't like dug deep into like maybe true-crime garage does you know like that would be good if they did this um so it sounds like it could be a lead though there's some kind of fighting maybe I'm super drunk and kicked out of the nightclub and you can apparently here in the name's Eric and Rosie in the audio so when I'm listening.

To it in the only ways you can listen to it is by seeing the the subtitles so like even if you don't hear it like you read it so kind of like biases you don't know but if they did get kicked out of the nightclub I feel like there'd be memory and a record of that or maybe I mean so a bouncer would remember so the one thing.

About the audio is that in the beginning like the first it's a pretty long but I'll but in the beginning there's no music at all and then in the middle of the call the music comes in so it's as if maybe they were outside when the bouncer is and then she went inside to try and get away because you see her set you hear her saying like get off of me.

Ow and this other girl is like verbally abusing her and maybe like hitting her because she's saying ow but like also I was reading all the dialogue that was written prior in the audio okay but she's definitely hmm so one second so she's for sure alive at 3 whatever texting someone it's at least her phone right yeah.

Hex named Brandon yeah so she doesn't necessarily have to be alive at like 3:45 a.m. texting there could be rosario yeah it could be but and it should be dead in her room at that point yeah Rosario could have done this I'm leaning maybe Rosario as a suspect now she's a suspect and we got a $1 donation from Thailand Yard us thank.

You I'm actually gonna say so Eric is the abusive no Eric's not the abusive yes Eric's the abusive ex-boyfriend Rosario is the roommate yes I'd say those are definitely top two and at this point I might even say Rosario is my top just based on the vibe I'm kind of getting from her is like I don't know jealousy fighting maybe like assuming.

That Eric and Rosie were actually the name spoken in the audio not just that even the text sent from the main site the girl who faiths phone they were like asking basically trying to get Rosario to hook up with some guy right yeah well it said like Rosario needs you show her you care I feel like Rosario Texas sent that text.

That's my just gut feeling baby so the second piece of evidence was that there was a note found near her body you can also look this note up and it says like in chicken scratch not true there's a note next to her body yeah it's you can read it but it says I'm not stupid Jeff [__] and then jealous and that's a.

Note next your body so I mean are we sure this is associated with the murder or this comma there it's not it could just be something also to like throw them off the case right to me yeah police did put a lot of effort into this note assume he was a part of the case okay I would assume the same yeah and that strikes me as something more.

Rosario like or just like another female for sure sounds like female cuz like why would she say jealous why would she yeah there was no blood in the note either just to note and then it could it was thought that it was used to distract the police more than actually the purse killed faith wrote it and left it there because like if you yeah I don't know it.

Just doesn't make sense that you would leave that no after you kill someone right it doesn't make a ton of sense yeah Tai Wynyard has donated $2 again crimes on campus lower college ratings that's why um so there's some isn't North Carolina yeah I think it's decent it's a good possible is it yeah okay so 2020 did a DNA profile a year later and.

Or maybe it was the two years later and they released a generated image of the male um pretty generic except you know he was like dark-skinned and candy na profiles tell you what they look like though you can tell you like probably their skin he was either very strongly Native American and European mixed or Latino I don't really know how they.

Determined that but there were any percent confidence that he had olive skin dark hair and very few freckles I also don't know how they determine that but there's a sketch you can also see online of the person they thought it was but it's not even a sketch based on like eyewitness testimony a person it was like they drew your face that's weird.

So Chapel Hill named no suspects after interviewing 2000 people and doing 750 DNA tests they thought it was someone who knew her well and they had actually narrowed it down to 10 people and supposedly they do know who it is but they don't have enough evidence to pin it on that person I mean I don't know why I mean why don't you believe that I.

Guess that whole paragraph you read it's weird to me like they narrowed it down to 10 people they supposedly know who it is yeah like knowing who it is and not have enough evidence to pin on them that's just the ultimate like out for the cops to where it's like oh we can't really do much now no I'll think that is it most.

Crime that 90% of crimes made by someone you know yeah so like if they know who was closest to her like if they know it was Rosario but Rosario has an alibi for everything she laughed them so I guess how do you know it's someone if you don't have enough evidence dependent on them isn't that kind of the definition of doing.

Someone did it there's only a couple possible suspects see to me that sentence means like men the cops really think it's this guy but they don't have enough evidence to pin it on them yeah which it could not be that guy since you don't have enough evidence opinion on that who knows I don't know I would I guess I need to.

Know more like how did they fit how do they narrow it down to ten people from two thousand interviews you know I don't know so the suspects Eric as you mentioned rosaria's ex-boyfriend so being that faith is the one that persuaded Rosario to get the productive Eric is Rosario his ex boyfriend yeah I thought it was faiths ex-boyfriend.

Okay and Rosario left with Erik that night George a different guy okay she's gonna go with her abusive boyfriend she has a protective order against him so irritated faith be probably there based on the fact that they push he's the girlfriend to get a protective order his ex-girlfriend and then the day before.

Faith was murdered Erik posted on Twitter and texted to a friend asking them to forgive him for what he was about to do I don't know I read the exact thing I didn't find it no what's that quote you up there this is something else okay you're just getting ahead of me he texted a friend asking them to forgive what he was about to do.

And post on Twitter that's pretty incriminating and then three days later after her death he changes his facebook pic to a quote that says dear Lord forgive me for all of my sins I may commit today protect me from all the girls who don't deserve me and the ones who wish me dead that's pretty on topic with a murderer I mean like but.

If you're gonna murder someone don't change your facebook picture to something like that three days after when you're obviously the prime suspect is you broken into the house and you've harassed and threatened to kill faith before yeah that seems really weird that he might do that Erik's.

And I didn't match anything in the room or in her soul okay but that doesn't mean I was the only one there I still think he's a strong suspect yeah cuz it's almost the vibe I get from that messages like hey guys I just murdered someone and I kind of want you to know I did it but cuz I don't want to just get no credit for this that's kind of the.

The impression I get from that no I you probably there's some guilt really I don't think so I guess could be that and then another suspect is Rosario naturally so she left the door unlocked was that intentional I don't know could be accident she might have knew Eric was going to teach her so another theory is that Eric and Rosario had met at that.

Nightclub that night and they talked things over maybe they were fine and like Eric convinced Rosario that like she needs to be taught a lesson so she left the door unlocked balanced and maybe Eric so like they were in on it together essentially Eric came back Rosario what what even could have happened I could see is like Erika.

Missouri are kind of getting back into into it yeah and then faith steps in and tries like defend Rosario and then Eric hates her for that takes it out on her later that night yeah and also Rosario like wants to be with Eric more than she'll cares about her roommate Brizard doesn't go to any vigils or funeral which some be it could be interpreted.

Both ways to me that's weird that's very weird but to some people it could be like wall I understand she was very shook up like I may be open forever vigils but I at least go to the funeral yeah and then she also left North Carolina back to Jersey to spend time with some family but nothing none of this was really exposed at the time or.

Discussed or like publicized so nothing was taken on that like they'd they weren't like why did she leave you know it wasn't that big of a deal I could see that just being a reaction to your friend dying too but it's yeah I'm getting a suspicious vibe from Rosario and that if Erick and Rosario were in on it together there could have been a.

Third like I said because the semen has to match someone right they can't imagine with anyone it could just be random guys she had sex with that day that was like the previous night maybe but if I don't know I'm assuming she was sexually assaulted given the circumstances in which she was found that would make sense yeah I feel like.

So then it's just like a random person no I feel like so a random act but that doesn't match with the note if that note was actually related to the case yeah I could be just a random guy that did that too but and then your theory is like faith rejected at the club and you follow her home no just yeah so my thinking has to be it's.

Either Erik or Rosario 99% chance I would say yeah it's not just gonna be some random guy like checking door knobs on apartments in a college campus it could be that but it's very rare what do you guys got what do you think on this one it's definitely less likely I like this rule this is actually a good rule I try not to eat things that I.

Can't feed my dog I like chocolate but other than that and coffee late to the party what crime scene are we talking about this is the murder of faith' head Hedgepeth yeah that's a hard last name to say what do you think yeah I would say I don't know if I'm putting any weight on the call the butt dial then I'm assuming very commuters are in it.

Together that seems weird to me like a premeditated murder from them – not premeditated it might have not been intended to tended to be murder maybe Eric went too far and what would their motive for murdering her be because like she drove a wedge between them protective order she was probably like hey you're an abusive relationship like.

Get rid of this guy so he moves out I don't know I mean jealous [__] like maybe Bernard was like well she's jealous that I have a boyfriend she does it like I know at 19 like females at 19 I feel like they over think things like they're like my friends are jealous of me which is like not ever really – oh yeah five dollar donation from paramedic.

Nine three one zero I love you guys you helped me stay on track thank you I sort of like the idea that maybe she was murdered early on earlier on in the night than we're thinking not like between 4 and 11 a.m. and then the texts were sent from Rosario using her phone well they're left leaving the clock they're left seen leaving the club at.

206 just the two of them yeah and Eric may or may not have been at the club we don't know right no security footage or anything no so we don't know what Eric was really doing at all that night then mm-hmm well nothing was nothing was released by the cops regarding that so you know what kind of makes sense to me is like a real psycho type scenario like.

That Loulou Lemmon murder I did where the girl just like lose her mind the Rosario they get home from the club and they're just like some kind of dispute she feels like the other girl or she's really jealous of the other girl something like that murders her uses her phone dead body sitting on the room uses.

Her phone texting Eric you don't know how much Rosario needs you because that's like such a text that you would send about yourself to someone else right like you don't know how much does I need you kind of a thing maybe we're normal people but that seems like that's my thought that's my thing yeah I mean the best the best thing in relation.

Vanity to think is like why would she need to leave the house at 4:25 a.m. other than like maybe an alibi yeah that's exactly and door unlocked yeah and then the 9-1-1 call a little bit suspect I know like Oh Matthew new bullet says I agree with this they are not in it together one of them would have rolled on the other already I think.

So but we don't know if like I don't even know if Rosario was heavily questioned and if we're thinking Rosario did it then are we just saying Erik's like Facebook profile and everything is random just random chance or like maybe even because he knows one of his acquaintances died right and then he's changing his facebook profile to that.

Maybe it's just some kind of like weird dude like what was he thinking I don't know yeah she could have hired someone to kill her and then left a note when she got back I think hiring hitman and killers is like very that doesn't happen in college does it no no no hides it happens sometimes don't happen it's like if you only I've seen like when they get.

Caught yeah we should do one like that that's funny but yeah again you've all changed my life thanks you thank you but that's awesome I'm glad we can you know be of any help are you getting tax breaks on these donations Daddy Warbucks you probably are Yeah right.

Charity I'm sharing nickels thank you for the ten dollar donation just go cookbook I love it starting with Quito on Monday you both inspired me that's exciting that's so close one thing I would suggest is like and this is what I would have done and you know might still do but I highly recommend against it these don't go ham.

On Sunday don't feel like this is my last day tomorrow I'm kicking into the gear because I like no she's about to start kiddo on Monday yeah so like don't like just go super hard and get like dominoes and Krispy Kreme like just to have a normal day because I think that would make it harder to start on Monday and stay motivated maybe you have like.

Your favorite food that's high carb yeah we get people gorzan but like don't you don't need to get like an extra large pie unless that's you normally do yeah just less extremes in everything I think is the way to go makes life a lot easier and then when you start on Monday you're not gonna feel so much pressure to be like right extremely on point right yeah.

All right should I jump in yeah you guys seen any good movies lately we haven't gone to one in like three or four weeks probably oh yeah I went to hit men don't mutilate they just get the job done that's true it's like two in the back of the head right but I'm sure you can hire a hit man to to stage a crime scene – yeah I.

Don't know oh the no-bake cheesecake yeah we haven't made those in a long time those are really good did you ever say what your final theory was I think they both run on it you're funny all right here we go my story today is a sha degree and this is a pretty famous case I don't know if it's are you sure Asha I'm just gonna go with Asha Asha.

Degree she's 9 years old and this case takes place in the year 2000 and we are in Shelby which is a town on the outskirts of Charlotte relatively rural area Asha lives at home with her 10 year old brother her mom and dad how old is she she's 9 so they were now practicing proper child spacing Sunday February 13.

Mm they went to church they ate lunch at their aunt's house and they seemed to have a good family in the area went home the two kids went home with mom dad had two jobs have he had to go into work right after that whole the the lunch I keep I kill uh a Killa I don't know how to pronounce her name I Killa the mom she had a routine she would bathe the.

Kids before bed but on this night in particular seems like a totally unrelated event a car crashed into a power line and the power in her house was out so they couldn't do a bath they couldn't heat the water I guess so the kids went to bed early and they're planning on doing baths in the morning do use hot water when you electors you.

Know if you have an electric water heater I think so right yeah I don't know is that how it works guys and then there's a somewhat debated timeline on what happens with the father so he returns home around 12:30 a.m. a little after midnight powers on when he gets home powers back on now either the mom is named aquila okay she did so he.

Watches TV and then goes to bed around 2:30 a.m. that's one timeline so two hours of TV then bed another timeline is he comes home maybe he went back out to like the corner store to buy candy because the next day or like 2:00 in two days it was gonna be Valentine's Day candy for the kids but no matter what.

It's pretty agreed-upon and went to bed at 2:30 a.m. how is that agreed upon just that's the established timeline I mean it's it's his testimony basically yeah that's the only real way to verify it dad now we're back to like the agreed-upon timeline dad checks on both kids at around 2:30 a.m. they they sleep in the same room he opens the door.

They're both there okay the dad wakes up in the middle of the night this is a bit shaky and he says she sees Asha standing in their room or maybe like in the doorway like kind of in the hallway that's more of the way I interpreted you know what time no middle of the night she may the theory is if she was using the restroom before going back to bed.

That's what he's thinking he's like oh she's up go the bathroom back to bed he then hears movement in the room and believes Asha is moving in the rap moving around in her bed it's just like the bed creaking noises and when you live in a house for long enough with people you can't you just like pick up on all the sounds you're like oh that's.

Mom she she just you know got out of the shower Miley and Julius yeah yeah so I take his testimony to be pretty credible if he heard a creaking bed at 5:45 a.m. the mom wakes up and typically she wakes up a little bit before the kids gets the bath ready and then wakes them up so she turns on the bathwater she goes into the kids room she peeks in she calls out her.

Son immediately gets up he's already back yeah it was back when the father got yeah and she calls for ahsha and there's no one in bed no response nothing's going on so she's a little concerned she starts searching around the house doesn't find her she wakes up the husband they both check all around the house one last time like I think.

That's what you would normally do right you just check everywhere where is this kit they go they check their cars I don't know why they would do that but they check their cars and then they eventually check at nearby families like their grandmother their aunt I think they even had one relative across the street so they check although that when.

They check those and they realize she's nowhere that's when they're like whoa okay something's seriously wrong and then the father calls 911 it's pretty quickly after they discover the kids missing maybe like 45 minutes or so they do all the checking and then they call and so there is a 911 call there's a.

Transcript you can see online but I just picked out the the key points you couldn't there's no voicemail or anything it's just a written transcript so you can't get a feel for like how how the dad is is reacting but the next-door neighbor said that they saw a kid on the road last night just walking on the road like down the neighborhood rope her bag.

Was missing and her pocketbook from her room like her school book bag oh and maybe she was in their room to like just look at them one last time before she left I would do that you would yeah you think if you really love them but you feel like you have to leave she's only nine remember yeah showing an inner city kid no like.

It's different when you live in like she's not in an inner city kid at all she's like rural mm-hmm but like that would add up kind of yeah but so I guess I don't fully know what nine-year-old children I like are you still giving your kids a bath at age nine and ten I don't think so I don't think so either but I maybe you do and her brother did.

Not hear her get up these are all points from the 911 call that we learned so police were on the scene at 6:40 a.m. and they immediately begin searching nearby areas and search dogs were used to that as far as responses go to me a plus right six she's discovered missing at like a little after 5:45 6:40 police are searching that's great a lot of.

People saying no to the bath thing right yeah not giving bath to the age nine I don't know yeah families are different when the neighborhood starts waking up around like seven ish they all are like whoa what's going on there's all these cop cars they start helping search and police immediately as you should do they.

Start treating the house as a crime scene so they're like caution taping off the house they start searching through it and they do not find any indication of a crime being committed what they do find is indication that she left on her own that's what they seem to their initial was missing and like the neighbor I'm saying something yeah based.

On the sighting of her leaving the backpack the backpack missing is the big thing yeah because if someone took her why would they take her backpack yeah and I know you still have to get after them to get in the bath do they do showers at nine years old like what age do you start taking showers someone said their six-year-old takes a shower on.

Their own sick seems young I do remember the first time I took a shower it was like I was scared were you did you take a shower I remember washing my hair backwards because I was so scared I'm just like putting my head in in water okay yeah so police start to wonder if this is something she'd been planning for a.

While so their initial take on the crime scene is like she was fake sleeping in bed after the dad checked on her this was all premeditated plan bag was already packed grabbed it and gone in questioning the mom we learned some things we learned that Asha was deathly afraid of the dark dogs and storms and two of those three things were at play.

That night it was a winter storm and it was dark obviously no it was actually though if you've ever been driving on a rural road at like 2:00 a.m. that's what she was basically walking on it's as dark as it gets yeah and she was extremely shy and timid and like overly sheltered is the impression you get from the mom.

So some said was their chance of abuse I don't know like if she was being abused there's a chance of anything right I would imagine her brother was and she would like want to take her brother with her I feel like that's how it usually is in like movies or like yeah and imagine so the the bath at age 9 that and even the brother is age 10 that goes in.

Accordance with being really sheltered I would say right yeah but if it's also like a rural area they just do that by they do more baths well like how out there are we thinking like that not that out there no no it's not like the super-crazy countryside oh is this mm there there in driving distance of Charlotte North Carolina not that far.

Yeah no dream like 1930s no all doors were locked in the home when the parents woke up and Asha had a house key so if she left she must have then turned around locked the door which at age 9 I don't know if I would do that maybe you would who knows I also find it weird if she's really sheltered to have a house key okay I.

Wouldn't never have a house Kim I would say I was relatively sheltered well if they get home earlier than the parents from school yeah but see that doesn't go in line with being sheltered if you're actually like getting home and you're had the house to yourself I don't know FBI says it appears her bag had been packed well in advance of that night.

Which I don't know how you really can determine that yeah I feel like I feel like what we've been seeing like TV wise as well as like reading case wise he's like the FBI just want someone to blame they want a reason for it to just be like all right we got it we're done sometimes like rushing it and one thing I'm always thinking when I hear stuff.

Like this it's like the parents what's going on with the parents is anyway this could just be a parent cover-up type of thing yeah like what's she dead before I wish did she die like a previous person yeah so that's the thing there is actually a lot of sightings of her which I don't think it is the parents but I'm always suspicious.

Of the parents so the first night of her missing we get a lot of sightings and this is she went missing that night so the next evening like they're searching for her all day that evening a lot of sighting calls come in what's a latchkey kids latchkey kids have keys and come home alone at 9:00 with their key yeah but would you call latchkey kids.

Sheltered kids someone who just has a key and they like their parents are working they come home they open the door yeah okay I guess they could be both both both the the first night of her missing there's a lot of sightings so two people saw her walking down a two-lane highway like the big highway in the area between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. and.

To me that's gonna be pretty an accurate sighting because you don't really see nine-year-old girls walking on the highway by themselves much right yeah at 3:30 a.m. yeah wait who and two people saw her two people saw me yeah okay and then she was described perfectly by the witnesses exactly what the police believed she was.

Wearing the sighting was one mile from her home and she was walking towards town and she was familiar with that road because that's the route her school bus took to school hmm two full outfits were found to be missing from the house and the sighting matches one of them would you stop if you saw a kid like that I don't know I think you should I would.

Probably be like that's a ghost keep driving I'm kind of creeped out no I think I would I don't know I can't honestly I kiss like people are stopped on the side of the highway all the time and I don't stop for them I think yeah yeah you should stop or like wouldn't you call the cops right away and be like just saw a child walking down this.

Highway but you at least inform someone yeah another man who'd saw her he did stop he did a u-turn and as he like approached her she ran into the tree line like to hide hmm and you didn't run after her no well you call that in right he didn't he called it in the next day why don't you call him right away.

And that's everything from the day of the disappearance then four days later police questioned a lady who owns a property off of the highway Asha was last seen at and she says she found something on her property she found a Mickey Mouse hair bow a green marker and a pencil in her woodshed and she gives permission to.

Search the shed they find candy wrappers and they say these are the exact candy wrappers from like her Valentine's Day bag that she got the other day so it seems like Asha was for sure in this [__] it's so confused she's 9 like what's going on in her brain geez poor thing yeah you have to wonder right yeah like what is yeah sometimes up so it's.

Like I'm thinking do the is there something going on that the parents aren't really telling everything yeah I feel like that's probably the the most likely of the case it seems like it could be then 18 months later a contractor is clearing land off of the high off that same highway but it's 26 miles in the opposite direction and he.

Finds a buried black trash bag double bagged buried under the ground but like a little bit of it he could see so he pulled it out opens it and it's her backpack okay so that leads me to believe someone has her foul play at that point right yeah it's been 18 months and she's yeah and police get the get permission to search the land they.

Don't really find anything they found Malone's and men's khakis and testing has been done on these items but it was never released to the public which leads some people to think that cops found something but they're not releasing it but who knows like faiths story yeah and then years later 2014 Donald Ferguson is arrested.

And he begins to get linked to this case because he was convicted of a similar seven-year-old like like kidnap murder and he was in the area where I shall lift at the time but nothing conclusive has been drawn from that and then in 2016 there's another new tip the night Asha went missing she was seen getting into a car and this was an FBI release.

So they seem to believe it a dark green 1975 Ford Thunderbird which is a pretty distinct car why would she get into that car near the point of her last sighting and that's all there is of the case and I have some notes she was reading a book about a runaway at the time which I don't who know who knows maybe that could influence you that well yeah I.

Mean it was around a book like a positive one like the person ended up getting to like the big city and like living her dream out she either played yeah she was not a new basketball team and apparently basketball was her favorite thing and in her first game they lost so one thing I think could be happening is her dad was like maybe a.

Very strict basketball parent or mom and she played bad and they were like very mad about it abusive matter just angry like maybe just like emotionally abusive okay and then so since she was walking on that road that her bus takes to school one theory that someone posted on reddit that I was like that could make a little bit of sense was she was going.

Just at like midnight to shoot around at the gym to prove how much to her dad that she you know she was really trying hard well what what there's loads missing was anything basketball related or gym related I don't know no and she didn't have a basketball either so that I guess doesn't make that much sense nine years.

Old is extremely young for a child to run away – yeah it's a little too young nineteen is rare that children run away it's usually like fourteen like I think the the highest age bracket is like thirteen fourteen eleven and twelve sometimes her like nine and ten is very rare and my thinking with all of that since it is so young is was she coerced.

Into leaving who just like over time someone I don't know like oh I don't know who but it would just be someone it'd have to be someone in real life maybe a family member she didn't really have internet access at the time so she's not like running into a lot of older people did she enter the woodshed by herself or was she taken and then.

There am I thinking is she entered the woodshed by herself she was taken later on that night yeah I would think so as well um maybe she was like planning to meet up with a friend like they wanted to run away together I like a boy about like you know just like two friends who are like tired of basketball I don't know.

Like yeah tired of just but do you tired of things at age nine like I don't remember being nine I don't know what that's like maybe well that's fourth grade third grade yeah yeah so fourth grade I mean she's super little yeah so tiny yeah it's hard for me to imagine she had this plan of running away especially if you're scared.

Of the dark because when you're in fourth grade you're scared of the dark you're actually scared scared to where you can't even they like go out in it right yeah you can't even like walk around the house like I couldn't walk around I still can't even walk around the house sometimes it's so dark I had to run a.

Needle light switch so here's the theories the FBI theory is she left home on her own and was met with foul play that seems to be the strongest theory we just don't know why she would leave yeah it wouldn't make sense to for her to leave on her own like conviction the only two reason she would leave I think of something the parents aren't telling.

Us some kind of fight to look at maybe even abuse or she was groomed by someone to leave parents were abusing her she ran away that's my initial thought always just like some form of abuse but like I would imagine if her brother was being maybe she was the only one being abused it seems like the parents were actually kind of good people now from.

What I've read like dad's working two jobs going out late at night to buy Valentine's Day candy for his kids theory too is the parents did it or they know more than they're saying I don't think they did it because it does seem like she left she left with the sightings yeah and then cuz there's a lot of sightings but it might be.

Something like that was going on a mouse maybe the parents were fighting and she was like tired of them fight like fighting and she wouldn't believe because like I feel like divorce really affects kids at a young age like I can remember my parents fighting more than I can remember like they're not showering at 9:00 yeah cuz you were really.

Sleepwalking no I don't think you grab your backpack yeah number three a theory would be groomed into a meet-up possibly by a family member yeah maybe a family member was abusing her and then the fourth one a little bit off the wall is a hit and run I don't know though like if you hit someone at four I am a little girl don't.

You tell the cops I don't know I would imagine you tell the cops what are those me to me drive the child to the hospital right now what are the repercussions for a hit-and-run at 4:00 a.m. where you're like vision is impaired do you think you still go to jail for the manslaughter yeah but I mean that wouldn't be my first.

Thought my would be like she's definitely royal maybe she's not dead but you also don't want to lose a child because you've hit it you'd cost time I don't know but there's a lot of people out there like recently my friend when we were visiting at home Kathleen her the neighbor had a friend over and they were drinking and then like the drunken.

Friend was driving home and she hit Kathleen's mom's car and totaled it what and she like hit it so hard and moved and she just drove off and they didn't know who it was until like they got the kid to confess wait what happened then the kid the neighbor confessed Oh after denying it he felt bad but like what I'm saying is like I mean if.

Someone hit her it could have been also like a younger person who's scared and not like an older gentleman or older woman yeah I guess that's another thing like the person could be drunk at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. yeah people freak out sometimes even if they're not prom yeah oh that's true drunk drivers leave the scene but they don't bury backpacks I.

Don't know maybe she buried her backpack it's not like that far-fetched to imagine someone yeah that you're right they don't take the backpack of bury they would never do that there's leave the backpack yeah why was your backpack burn I guess that's the weirdest thing which she leads me to believe she was taken yeah the backpack being buried.

Means like a legit child predator type guy write to me yeah but it's like such a weird happenstance to be driving on the road at 4:00 a.m. just like the opportunity there a nine-year-old girl walking there it's it's the perfect opportunity it's kind of hard for me to believe there wasn't some contact before before like just.

Shantz driving by her that night is that what you're imagining guys his driving is like oh there's a nine year old girl well yeah and then he turns around he's like hey how's it going like you need help and maybe at that point she is actually scared she wants to go home and she's like yeah I'm scared I want to go home so he's a copy and I'll give you a.

Ride home and like that's it because it's easy to coerce nine year olds it's easy they're so vulnerable yeah in my opinion so my hater on the road and they got scared and hit everything I think the chances of them hiding everything is less likely the real mystery is why did she leave in the first place yeah one thing that really ties everything.

Together is she's coerced into leaving by some kind of child predator that maybe I don't know where she would have met them but like I'm sure she goes to I don't know Sunday school she goes to like you know basketball she was a lot of stuff she does probably yeah but if she was so sheltered I'm sure she didn't have like a lot of a long time shake her.

Mom was always waiting should get in the car around this is a real mystery but there is some hope this one will be solved by DNA at some point it's funny how like you can you imagine it like a hundred years all the cases we're gonna be able to solve with like super advanced DNA because DNA just keeps getting better and better when we end up.

Solving old cases yeah maybe well the answer to somebody's we've discussed already that's it that's the two cases guys yeah I haven't been wearing my ring I just haven't charged it I need to yeah but takes candy to eat in a shed yeah that is really really being coerced to leave yeah I guess if you're coerced.

To leave what does that look like wouldn't would there be a meeting pointer before she got to the show sat down to eat your candy l like color with her green marker I don't think she was coloring what I think she was it I don't know she's dropped maybe I think she went in the shed to get out of the rain because it was raining.

Yeah that's sad she's so young so tiny they're both sad even faith was really young 19 super young someone said the 9 year old could leave hoping for an adventure she's a sheltered 9 year old girl and all of a sudden she's running away at midnight I think family did it and sightings are flukes I would discount sightings but I think it's.

Harder for the sightings to be flukes when it's a nine-year-old girl on the side of a highway I think that's pretty and the candy in the timing of it yeah she definitely left for some reason yeah I mean yeah Michael thank you for the donation great job thank you all right anything Quito related I guess we could answer we've been watching married at.

First sight season what season five five yeah yeah they do a pretty decent job matching these people he's like maybe they're not physically attractive but like I think in other ways they're very on par paper wise obviously at least I want to make a good run at it they're both committed they're in a position where they they just want the marriage.

Part it is interesting that the power was out but I do think that might just be coincidence was the body found no body has never been found how's the baby babies good happy and healthy that shows my guilty pleasure I don't tell people I'm watching it but I love it we share there's definitely a lot of.

People out there who enjoy it I can imagine couples especially this is my favorite DVF flavor black cherry mine's Bobby Cole our ginger ale Oh Matthew your daughter's 10 do you do baths with your children at that age I'm sure he doesn't are you bathing your daughter though like you wouldn't be that our daughter at 10 you start feeling weird.

About it at around like I mean like I told me bathe our son but would you be there another I think it's less weird for the mother yeah but at age 10 no no no I don't know what a 10 year old is like yeah Sally darling thank you for the $5 love you man mega Congrats on the Bambino question is the woosh effect real we haven't heard about that in a.

While I remember when that was like the only question people were asking the woosh effect I think it is real but it's not there's no real aside as like your fat cells get replaced with water maybe it is though I've never looked into it so like I've seen like like images or like you know little like videos where they show what's happening in the cell.

So it's like a fat cell this big and then somehow like as the fats going down it's still it's getting filled with water and then one day all the water whooshes out of the fat cell I don't know I meant like a doctor and nutritionist but I would imagine it's like you know your body you lose considerable weight then you have a.

Plateau then you lose just a considerable more I'm on a way that's kind of how it works and the general trajectory will be downwards but it's not like a linear downward progression there's gonna be points of plateau that's my interview absolutely so like I had a plateau for a while when I was the cut okay and it was like five six.

Weeks and then one day I was two pounds later so I don't know if that would be like the woosh effect I don't know the science behind that but there's definitely yeah some what Matt said was kind of on target okay it seems to be consensus that you do not but bay the ten-year-old but actually so maybe she could have just been turning the bath on.

And off for them like you guys were saying like scrubbing okay that was for some reason I thought that's what was going on but maybe yeah she just turned the bath on oh she's giving them a bath that's what it sounds like yeah all right guys is that it we got a recipe coming tomorrow I don't know which one it is yet that we're.

Still gonna decide maybe a dessert one if we have one I think we have one yes already we can ask them and they could choose right now what are they it's the chicken biryani which is really good and then what's the other one it's not there a dessert or no no I can't remember cinnamon roll someone said I wish we still have to perfect listen in.

In Rome pre pre workouts like c4 doesn't have sugar but is it keto friendly um it's not really the best for keto it doesn't have sugar but it has a lot of maltodextrin and with things like supplements they don't actually have to give you like the nutrition right so let me look up the c-4 ingredients here real quick my five-year-old made themselves.

That seemed so young but that's so cute five years old oh my gosh how cute actually the ingredients for so there is no filler used here what's the Cappy and amount I feel like we've looked at it and super high explosive energy blend 425 milligrams it's 150 mmm of caffeine and then a few other.

Stimulant type things but it does have like the red forty in it and stuff it's not the best but if you like it I would say it's not a big deal Sarah Soto thank you for the donation love watching you guys thank you we'd really appreciate you being here we know it's not like a quito dedicated night but you guys enjoying this and throwing.

Out your theories we love we love up love my front son refused to get naked in front of me at 7:00 oh my god I would be like get naked would you you know I don't know what I'd be like it's gonna be so weird to have full control over another child I'm hoping the power doesn't go to my head I feel like it does sometimes for people right for.

Parents yeah that's why we have very strict parents yeah your parents for sure my dad's gonna be interesting you should do spatchcock chicken tutorial that's actually a really good idea can you do a gender reveal I think we should find out wait a week when are we finding out Friday Friday but we already kind of know I think it was a gas by a.

Technician because they can I kind of tell based on like the how your how the frame or like the bone structure of the baby's laid but um how should we do a gender reveal yeah you guys good ideas yeah like a simple idea obviously we could just do it on murder she ate one week next week yeah so yeah you'll just wait yeah we.

Could do a gender reveal okay and then talk murders we should do like baby murders for that okay but maybe maybe you know we started out murdered babies and killed babies and I really I don't like it though I always do that and you're always like maybe you're like yeah because like that's not cool to talk about Megan you should try the Sims.

For it's more playable than Sims 3 Matt told me when he downloaded it for me that famous three was the highest I was gonna look into it well people have just been telling me left and right since four it's because Sims 4 isn't available on Steam oh but I can get it for you it's on like the EA game launcher or.

Something that's so funny yeah you could do baby Lisa the case you you would do that you've done I love saying baby Lisa to make a keto cake inside pink or blue yeah I feel like I'd want someone else to make it for me though so then I can just eat it instead of make it oh you should just do the gender-reveal with flavor and then I have to try tasting.

What gender it is how do we do that like one can be blueberry essential oil yeah and one can be like a different row is essential I've lost 40 pounds of foreign key know I started late January and love your channel your vice congratulations that's amazing isn't Julia's looking like a nice young man these days someone said don't gender-reveal okay.

Yeah if [__] wangle does custom cakes I feel like it's just very last-minute right yeah did I call them Thursday and have them do it for Friday I come today Oh Wednesday do you ever cover JonBenet no but we should soon have you guys been watching the Adnan documentary on HBO it's horrendous and there's also a Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix.

That's one of my I think the most interesting that was actually really good slowly like little walls but it was good overall anybody alright I guess that's it we'll see you next week time to wind down for the night I have a beautiful Wednesday and week and weekend juice is gonna get a haircut this week if you guys want to comment cases you.

Want us to do in the future or if anyone wants to comment video ideas like informational videos you want to ask to try do it yes we can do those we're gonna film some of those tomorrow alright see ya
'The Disappearance of Asha Degree' and 'The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth'
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