“The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden” and “The Mysterious Death of Jonathan Luna” + Bonus Conspiracy

“The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden” and “The Mysterious Death of Jonathan Luna” + Bonus Conspiracy

“The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden” and “The Mysterious Death of Jonathan Luna” + Bonus Conspiracy

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Hello oh is that your picture from yours there's a random picture yeah I always try putting like a really spooky picture but that's just like um fireman but it's a crime Stan and I always watch back sometimes well I don't really wash back but when I'm looking for cases and it is pretty laggy so sorry about that guys yeah like our voices aren't up to speed.

With our mouths yeah I can't because it's not throughout the whole way like a consistent lag it's like builds up throughout it so what's going on guys we dinner still in the oven we started cooking a little late so that will be presented shortly but we can chat I can start yeah okay then it was delayed how are we we are doing fantastic it is.

Pouring outside right now though so I hope we don't like lose power or anything because it's been like thunder and lightning well that's the lightning so if it cuts out that's what happened we're at our new kitchen table hmm so this is kind of like more just roomy feels like we're kind of hanging out at home and we're not like in a high chair.

Basically yeah and I um I got this beautiful table set up so everything I've gotten has been like pretty quality like actual quality work from I got it from Wayfair how much was this I feel like it's it was like six something that's reasonable yeah it's very reasonable it's beautiful it's super easy setup we got our big jack chair.

From there so if you're in the market I need to make this bigger I can barely see you near me – I know okay there we go what's for dinner dinner is coming soon you're actually having turkey breasts with the skin on and it's all being roasted right now with some carrots and some butter super yummy I'm so excited.

Man I tried your recommendation yesterday for the liver I can't believe that I actually liked it thank you so much the key with lots of seasoning that's amazing good what kind of Mayo do I buy a Walmart they all have soybean oil uh isn't there one that doesn't there or no chosen food yeah I think they have.

Chosen foods but if they don't I mean you have to if you want to not eat to him you know then you can't get your mail at Walmart sorry those other grocery stores though right yeah and you can also just eat the soybean oil I mean it's really up to you turkey is gross I tend to agree I've almost always had it be if I wanted.

Chicken thighs what we couldn't find like organic chicken thighs so we went with the best quality like non beef non-red meat and that was turkey not the red meats bad we just for you crazy stuff I was looking for a changeup we eat it every single day twice a day so it's like he'd be fun to do something new for you guys you always see red meat.

Had the cook with bagels so good YUM those are really good should we get started because we got to make sure we finished by 5:30 oh I'll bring the the food and Julia says that daycare right now because she's just like super antsy this morning he hasn't been in quite a while so he needed a day so we got to pick him up.

Right at 6:30 so we have to be on time you just found out I need to go dairy-free ugh any ideas not a big deal Joe well I was dairy-free I did think it out I'm in protocol I don't know why our dairy-free but it's totally doable so like I did coconut oil instead of heavy cream or butter and in my bulletproof coffees you could do coconut like canned.

Coconut cream in place of heavy cream in like desserts in recipes you'll get used to it you don't like you don't need to eat cheese on everything like I don't we don't eat cheese that often sometimes I eat it really often but sometimes I don't at all yeah like when we're not even choosing when we don't have any it's like really easy to not eat it so.

You'll be used to it okay so that stool is gonna take a little longer should I start with my crazy weird conspiracy I found today that's just like a little five-minute story do we had time where that really is okay so this is a conspiracy that I found while I was researching cases so when I research cases I go to the unresolved mysteries.

Subreddit and they have a lot of good stuff there so that's kind of I look through your comments first but then if I can't find anything I go there so funny off-topic one today you can't brush me this is Julius oh don't worry about it so about a month ago this is a post top post in the unresolved subreddit about a.

Month ago an article was posted from the New York Times talking about glitter you know like glitter that you put on little kids toys in the article the companies are very secretive about who they sell to and there's an odd exchange about the largest buyer of glitter so this is a direct excerpt from the article when I asked miss Dyer if she.

Could tell me which industry served as glitter X's biggest market glitter X is the biggest producer of glitter apparently who is our biggest market her answer was instant no I absolutely know that I cannot I was taken aback but you know what it is like who they're selling to and she's like oh god yes and she laughed and she would never and.

Then she says and you would never guess it let's just leave it at that I asked if she could tell me why she couldn't tell me and she said because they don't want anyone to know that it's glitter are you guys following this you couldn't even get what's going on and then I then the guy asked if I looked at it I wouldn't know it was glitter and she.

Said no not really wouldn't would I be able to see the glitter oh you'd be able to see something but it's yeah I can't so my first thought was like oh it's like like the porn industry or something like sexual they don't they don't want to share but like now I don't know like what could be used as glitter that so.

The thing is it's their their biggest market yeah that's the thing that's why it's like a big mystery so this guy then he throws around there I don't think he's right but it's an interesting funny theory so quick to sum up the nose he has some other notes in the description of this thing we know the buying industry.

Doesn't want any public connection to glitter ok important glitter racks and Meadowbrook the other large glitter producer they don't list food and beverages as an application of glitter on their site despite that being a publicly known application for food great glitter not edible what foods are like glitter assuming let's make you.

Like cakes and stuff yeah maybe stuff like that or like like Twinkies just like packaged things just add like a little sparkle to it yeah thanks biodegradable glitter is the only type of glitter that offers the buyer a direct contact implying either a need for discretion or that biodegradable glitter sales are such high volume that.

They warrant a human touch so like you can't just go on the website inquire about the food great glitter you have to actually contact someone send an email the two top producers of glitter are located in New Jersey which is a hub for food production and specifically for flavor fragrance and ingredient manufacturing that's pretty much it.

Funny conspiracy but I was reading through the comments I'm like man this is this is pretty crazy do I think there could be glitter in our food I'm sure there definitely could be it's all about appealing to the market right appealing to kids yeah for sure but then someone put a comment that has a lot of upvotes I'm like I think this guy's right.

He said money printing of money like the end like ID cards like drivers like shimmery yeah not a big deal though that's not a big deal at all he's saying that's probably what it is and you could see why they would want to be discreet about it – no no the US government like counterfeits you know oh but like I did I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Yeah counterfeit IDs you mean fake IDs so they're putting it on real IDs the glitter yeah to make it more counterfeit proof oh ok that seems like it makes sense to me yeah I think it's okay I think our foods done it's popping let's go grab it you guys got any theories on this what do you think we're just asking about keto rash.

A lot okay go grab the food and then we'll get started okay I am doing a fun case I really liked researching this one and reading about it literate is a murder I carry movie and that is true cosmetics industry shimmery I showed and highlighter oh that makes a ton of sense I don't know if you would be like you.

Couldn't it's like disclose that though does it look good move the mouse oh that looks great they see showing up close to that no it looks phenomenal it's beautiful can I take it Instagram picture guys is that weird to do why that's very weird should I not do it I just got judged by someone who's always on Instagram himself it's a business.

Okay I'm cheating now what are you guys eating yeah I'm heating up some homemade meatballs with rao's pasta sauce that sounds good so here we have Turkey that may or may not be done we'll find out this is a bigger one smaller one cast iron yes if you love cast iron you can eat carrots on keto you can eat carrots on keto um you could limit them.

Though they're pretty high carb I would definitely limit them but like I'm pregnant and my focus isn't so much like being I guess I should serve you super strict keto but like you know eating really good quality whole foods and carrots are delicious I love carrots my daughter cannot go into ketosis we are eating all meat for two weeks the only.

Thing she does is different it's one tablespoon of honey in the morning what can she do different well the tablespoon of honey has about 17 grams of carbs in it so that is like obviously a potential variable in the equation so what you could do different is not have the honey and maybe she's receiving like too much protein not.

Enough fat with the addition of the honey that could be kind of what's going on there some is there a Facebook group for the course yes there is I'm sorry that you haven't been accepted it's been six days you should have been accepted I will absolutely check on that as soon as we're done here mmm carrots are perfect good and we cooked it in butter mm-hmm a.

Lot of butter VARs marry salt pepper oh my god they're so good how much chicken is that it's turkey and do you know did you cut off the bone I cut out the bone I think it was maybe one and a half pounds total with the bones for both of them yeah for both I think it's cut I don't know yeah looks pretty cooked what are.

You guys having you're pregnant yes I am pregnant 15 weeks I also got this in case I needed it but the turkey is actually moist which is exciting oh it is yeah good this breast what do you think of desiccated liver capsules it's just like really expensive and you don't get a high enough dose without small beginning like the whole.

Bottle yeah so I wouldn't personal it's not really cost-effective you're better off just buying liver and if you want to be like taking liver pills you're better off cutting up liver into little pills and freezing it mm-hmm definitely make sure it's frozen can you use coconut cream Ranger Coffee yeah absolutely I don't really do they're delicious um.

No noodle chicken soup your recipe yeah that one's really good okay let me get started guys where's the oven mitt didn't you you bro it's over there can you reach it Jonathan Luna Lunas a cool name it's a hero in dota very Medina I'm just keeping it here I could move it move that over oh my god dang it my wrist we.

Just stayed the new table now I have to get it I have I'd have to point it out major avocado cookies so good what medication do you take for a cold with no sugar the last time I was like what did I have oh I had like a sinus infection I took just pills like some kind of pill mucinex mucinex pills but.

That's probably not for a cold I don't know just don't take it's not coming off just don't take liquid my cat's name is Luna not great guys might be a dumb question but are the carbs and veggies the same as grains yeah carbs are carbs but you know there's things that come along with them like veggies are gonna have more nutrients.

Greens are gonna have more anti nutrients and just like gluten bad things that could have a bad effect okay I'm gonna start okay I'm really upset about this guys it's really weighing down I'll fix it this'll robot we gotta get like one of those table covers if anyone knows the name let us know okay I'm doing the case of Jonathan.

Luna so Jonathan Luna grow up grow up grew up in Bronx New York amongst gangs drugs violence Oh like not a great area but he was always very determined to make his way out become extremely successful get his education and he did he went to college he got his degree and then he was actually accepted into the University of North Carolina School of.

Law and graduated in 1992 and immediately afterwards won a fellowship or a clerkship with a judge nearby fantastic like that's not easy to do so clearly a very bright student good school he was then hired as an associate at Arnold & Porter in Washington DC and he got married in 1993 and he worked for a.

Couple years in with the Federal Trade Commission but what he really enjoyed and was called to was prosecution so he took a job as an assistant district attorney in New Jersey and after working there for a couple years he got a position to be the assistant US attorney in Baltimore so ultimately starts working in Baltimore Maryland.

And the assistant US attorney so I'm sure a lot of you know or many some of you may know like Baltimore is a very like drug ridden it's not the greatest area and even at the time it had a lot of drugs and violence so Lunas prosecution career was dealing with a lot of drug dealers had a file murderers gang members so like serious serious.

Stuff but all of this really boils down to this one case where it starts and it's it's a case about two drug traffickers Deon and Walter and young OH his death might be related to a case he was part of maybe okay and Deon is an upcoming rap producer hmm I mean I just yeah Matt would probably love that so I said that and the star witness is also.

Involved his name is Warren grace so the star witness is you know before he becomes the witness is involved with the drug trafficking but is against them in the court trial so Lorne worked for so just a little background on the drug traffickers so Warren worked for Deon and Walter and he had been caught before and like he went to jail for a couple of.

Years and every time he would come back out like Walter would look good good Walter would take good care of him when he was in jail so they were pretty close and then Warren would just get right back into selling drugs and eventually he is warrants caught and his house is rated and they find drugs they find lots of drugs and guns and he's charged with.

Aiding and abetting also so he could face up to 40 years in prison so he made a deal to give up Walter his supposedly good friend his caretaker who had committed a drug-related murder earlier and he also said he would talk a lot about like the drug ring he was involved with if the FBI like would lower his charges.

Okay I'm not fully following give me the there's two people were talking about now there's three total okay Deon and Walter are the big drug dealers Dion goes in and jail know what Warren Warren's below them he's like the pond that they used to like sell drugs he's their biggest.

Seller so Warrenton out of jail and now Warren has turned on them essentially because he doesn't want to go to jail for forty years and he decides to become an informant so look the FBI are all over this like they want to stop this ring they want to turn in upcoming rap producer who's also like in charge of.

Heroin trafficking okay so Warren so the first thing that happens with Warren's case is that Luna the main guy that we're talking about here said he would drop the aiding and abetting charge as part of the conviction which would drop Warren's sentence from 40 to 30 years so that's a big drop already for cooperating yeah.

For cooperating and I didn't do much for me in 10 years well he's continuously promised things and Warren eventually please guilty she's just the gun and drug charges and he's released to a halfway house so he can continue to live in this halfway house as long as he works as an informant for the FBI so he pretends to.

Be a drug dealer and he goes he talks to Walter and Deon you know and get some information yeah I do Walter and I know he's been picked up though obviously not obviously not the informants are never known to the public well he must have been out of contact for a few days when he got arrested right so people find out it was being arrested in a nun jail but.

No he's not find out okay okay so Warren also has to like agree to not use drugs not use guns ain't even wearing a monitoring device as long as he's in the halfway house but he ends up breaking all these rules he like shoots up the neighborhood he's selling drugs and he even removes his monitoring device but the FBI agents they don't care they gern.

A total blind eye all they care about is getting Deon and Walter so they allow him to just stay on the street even though it's very unsafe obviously just want like he doesn't know we had for human life exactly okay so as the FBI agents are building this case against dion luna is prosecuting other cases so Lunas not.

Entirely involved in this case just yet it's the FBI's FBI's like case at this point so Luna you know prosecutes a well-known bank robber and for that particular case he has to wheel in 63 he decides to wheel in 63 thousand dollars into the courtroom sealed in three separate bags and show it to the jury and the judge so.

I just like as evidence right this is this is the money this is the amount of money that was taken no it's like a tactic to get the jury to be like whoa that's a lot the thing is when you see 63 thousand dollars it's like this it's not like a crazy amount of well you could like distribute it evenly we'd like to make it bring it all one's then.

You're like whoa yeah exactly sure it's a tactic um so it's then supposed to be entered into evidence so Luna was in charge of the money in getting it back to the evidence room at the end of the trial and at the end of the ten days its realized that one of the bags of money is missing so it was actually a bag of 38,000 dollars but the media starts to.

Report it as $36,000 and it just becomes known that like this thirty six thousand dollar bag of money those in evidence went missing so Dion back to Dion and Walter they're eventually arrested and charged with trafficking heroin and Walter with the drug-related murder that war and remember had promised to talk about.

Mm-hmm so Luna ends up having to prosecute this case this is a big case both the facts that Walter violated his terms when he was in the halfway now Warren violated his terms when he was in the halfway house on release and that he was a paid informant are not provided to the defense in discovery and that's supposed to be something that the.

Defense should have knowledge of I mean you have to know he's a paid informant they're totally in it's the case well it doesn't invalidate the case but it's something that the defense should know so they could question where we don't know that they weren't told it like that the judge make a ruling or something no the the.

Prosecution just didn't give it into discovery which are not allowed to do you're supposed to turn every that void the trial well that's the yeah we're getting into that that could lead to a mistrial sure okay to moving on but at the end of the first day of trial someone tips off the defense and they brought it to the judges intention.

Attention that Warren had been violating all his rules so the defense on the first two days so the defense like tries to say like hey this should be a mistrial dismiss the case completely one of those two the judge doesn't go first he just wants to move along with the case so coming to the case on the first two days of trial when Warren takes the.

Stand the informant he really struggles to give a lot of detail about the drug ring he's definitely not like has hasn't been prepped properly it seems he's probably not even that high up he's just like some rinky-dink guy and Luna even decided to have so with the information revealed that Warren was just like violating all the rules.

Luna decides to pull like a move and say have Warren testified like hey I did violate these rules while I was out so he shows so this is like showing the jury that like I'm not trying to hide anything we're not trying to sweep it under the rug we just you know didn't disclose it but here we are Warren's testifying that he was violating his.

Rules so before this trial Luna was always described as a very skilled and experienced attorney but for some reason in this case like he seemed to be the opposite so he was fumbling a lot Warren wasn't prepped for trial and Luna was like reprimanded several times for forgetting files for just like forgetting the discovery of course my.

Vagina Lunas take now okay I don't know that's what we're thinking sure uh to the to higher-ups are like paying him no we're not thinking that so the defense argues for a federal court inquiry into the mishandling of Warren Grace and the judge degrees so this link brings that on a lot of heat to the FBI and also the.

District attorney's office like the you know there's going to be an inquiry of like how they actually handle their informants so Luna like all of a sudden just out of fear I guess of everything he comes up with a plea deal and he said he would drop charges so Dion would get ten years and Walter would only get fifteen years so he'd be dropping the.

Murder charge completely can you just do that the attorney has the power to so the plea was taken by both the defendants Walter and Dion but Luna couldn't actually drop the drug related charge because for drug related charges they have to be prosecuted and it was against the law to do that so Luna made this promise that he couldn't ultimately.

Keep so the judge said the plea had to be signed off and in writing before the trial could conclude so he I'd either had to bring in that plea that day or the next day the trial would continue so after the third day of trial Luna attempts to figure out how to make this murder committed by Walter go away so and and the the reason it's a struggle.

Is because when he entered the first filing papers for the prosecution he wrote about the murder like the drug-related murder because that was a big part of Walter's case right so to me you can't really make that go away so it's hard yes so he couldn't actually figure out how to make the make it go away and make the plea.

Deal actually legal and he's like if he does do that then and it's found out that could like just ruin his career so obviously like a big deal so shortly before midnight Luna left his office with the plea of Dion complete but Walters only half completed because he couldn't figure out how to get the murder charge to go away.

And the security at the building something to note there's no cameras inside and the only camera that exists on the property is in the parking lot and it doesn't show exact people or faces it just shows like cars coming in and out there's an FBI building it's a government building okay.

Yeah well your win I don't like 1990 no 2003 I think 2003 so again no cameras inside or outside really except the one and Luna usually needs a glasses to drive okay but he leaves his glasses on his desk up in the office okay so he was somehow intercepted before he got to his car that's possible.

We don't know if he left with someone or left alone that's like totally unknown so he gets in his car and the camera doesn't show like who's driving or how many people are in the car and he we're just gonna say he so he headed out of state immediately and went to Delaware and at 12:57 a.m. $200 is withdrawn at a West at a rest stop.

So he's EZ Pass recorded his entrance into Delaware from Maryland but the remaining tolls were paid with cash so he's and doesn't live in Delaware again okay so he's just in Delaware for some reason so 237 a.m. when you do the EZ Pass don't they have the camera that a lot of times they can get a picture of the driver I don't know if they do why I.

Don't know if they would do that for everyone in 2003 I don't know if they did that um and usually just at red lights cuz I remember yeah I got a red light ticket before yeah that's super new and at 2:30 so at 2:37 a.m. he crosses new jersey lines so he's on the Turnpike and he heads into New Jersey and again the tolls are paid with cash.

And then shortly after entering New Jersey the car heads west towards Pennsylvania so he's just like all over the map and were not sure why and then at 4:04 a.m. his car leaves the turnpike on the total ticket was later found to have a spot of blood on it so at this point we're assuming at least he was injured right during his travels.

If not before he got in the car we're not really sure so what do you make of the journey thus far well they need a carrot so why we didn't go in like a straight path they went like Solomon yeah so it seems like if he didn't bring his glasses to thoughts one is like I would probably do this if I move down to the car if I go man I forgot my glasses.

I'll just risk it this time I don't want to go all the way back up assuming it's like upstairs and like all that type of stuff so maybe that happened I could see that being the case so I wouldn't necessarily say just giving them in classes he was for sure like forced into a car so why drag me all over the place he's probably at this point since I.

Don't know what happens next like if he's ever seen again there's fall play obviously but yeah to me that seems like foul play I don't think why wouldn't you just go home I don't think he was met with fall play in the office though that doesn't really make sense okay right maybe because the government building we don't.

Really know there's no cameras anywhere to really say anything okay okay so now we're getting to like him and his body and everything so that's the journey 404 a.m. is the last thing to off the Turnpike because you get the toll ticket then that's all we know and then tire tracks are eventually found by a warehouse used for drilling.

We're behind the building so this is where he was thought to be left for Jed the car had a large pool of blood in the backseat of the car as well as on the driver's side of the drawer so it was thought that maybe he got from the back seat to the front and drove away like trying to escape it makes more sense that he was in the driver's seat he got.

Attacked and then put in the back to me right but then like how did his car go oh you think he got attacked at the warehouse no no what are you thinking he was already attacked yeah but like he was in the driver's seat at some point in his cars taxi yeah he was in the backseat of a house yeah that's what I'm thinking okay.

So he was back there someone else was driving and that's why there's a big pool of blood so he was like even being what's it called abuse not abused um what is the word when you're being held hostage you're like being mutilated and stuff torture torture he was being tortured what's what I'm thinking so he so the car is eventually found a short.

Short bit away a short distance at a creek and his body is found facedown in the creek right next to the car car's still running and this is at 5:30 a.m. when like workers come to the creek area and everything and he had 36 stab wounds all over his chest back and neck $36,000 were missing mm-hmm he had slashes all over his hands like.

Like defensive wounds right well who would be really stabbing him based on the missing money though that would mean it was yeah because actually 38,000 was missing up here so we're saying it was like I don't know just an interesting note to point out I thought I was it is so the slash all over the hands like defensive wounds and.

Then there was some genital mutilation so that's just to know and the actual death though of Jonathan Luna was drowning so he was wearing everything he wore to court that day so you know he never went home he just do you just went from his office to wherever and ended up in the creek yeah so he was found 5:30 a.m. that morning and that was also the.

Fourth day of Deon and Walters trial and the assistant US attorney appears in court on behalf of of Jonathan Luna and he has some knowledge of the case so he's able to like to go forward with the trial and he ends up going back to the office to find the plea deals and he finds that Luna was halfway through Walters so within an hour he just.

Finishes up the plea deal he gets them signed off and he gives them to the judge it was that easy this guy okay and the ultimately the judge accepts the plea deals the defense assigns them and then Deanna and Walter get their deals so like something Luna couldn't do at all and it took him all night long this other US District.

Attorney was so easily able to do which is just interesting right so what Luna was found the coroner immediately revealed that it was a homicide the stab wounds were shallow as it feels just like a knife being held against him you know like he was being held hostage or they were trying to get info out of him or he was just being.

Threatened also days later stories were leaked to the media from unnamed federal law sources reminding everyone about this 36 K that was missing also stories about Luna having affairs being online websites trying to get women also he had lots of debt and he had issues at work so these are all the sounds where you're implicating the police a lot it sounds.

Like that they were trying the FBI well the FBI agents were under a lot of heat and they didn't want to take the downfall of the 36 K missing right so it sounds like oh how murdering a guy would fix that though you didn't it's just his fault probably that the 33rd well there was also a lot of corruption in Baltimore at the time like it was.

Something that the FBI and even like the police department they were gonna they were on their way of being like dealt with in terms of like money being used for sexual favors and a lot of corruption going on just just something to know so six weeks later a penknife is found in the creek right near where Lunas body was found and more stories.

Are also leaked that it should be strongly considered that Luna committed suicide because he because he supposedly was gonna face a polygraph test regarding the 36 k so like the stress of it you know that and it was the FBI that tried to get the coroner to rule 8 a suicide but all three coroner's they went to were like no this is not as soon.

As this is obviously a homicide so that to me seems like foul play like the FBI is trying to push it in one direction when it's clear that it's not an FPS have done with this stuff yeah it's also probably just easier for them if it's a suicide yeah because it also covers up their ass.

No and they just have to do less work also but it covers up a lot of their tracks the 36 K was missing whatever they just swipe it I was like you had your mind made up ideal okay so the theories are homicide suicide and like then there's just some talk of like all the corruption going on at the time so yeah what do you think then what do you.

Think I don't really so like when these people were on trial I assume they like go to the court then they go are they're in jail right they're not roaming the streets right so guys we're thinking it would be they would hire someone or he'd be like an associate why would they kill someone who's about to give them a good plea so ultimately Deon gets nine years.

Walter gets 14 years and then war in the informant gets seven so what do you make of him not being able to get the deal done how does that fit into the police narrative I mean that he was a he was a good guy and he really couldn't you know lie about something that was so serious and drug-related murder like he wasn't able to actually put pen to paper and be.

Like you know this didn't happen wouldn't had happened he was just a good attorney well that's not a good attorney because your job as an attorney is to defend your clients isn't it no he's a prosecution oh he wants to put them in jail for a long time oh he's trying to get the most time yeah it's a prosecutor there's no real so the only real theory.

You presented was the cops I guess then right just because money went missing thirty six thousand dollars went missing when he brought into a court so also like the mishandling of the informant they were already being looked at by federal security the uniform of the FBI agency and the District Attorney's Office were under a lot of scrutiny okay.

So if they can pin it on one guy they do that all the time so movie has the case been resolved no it's still oh this is the $36,000 pinned on him because of this it's just everything's open it doesn't sound to me like you even need to pin the $36,000 I'm not even one it's just like oh man we lost the money.

It doesn't like there could just be an unresolved case you have to murder a guy yeah but that's a big deal missing from evidence that means someone who had access to the evidence chamber which is all the agents only took the money someone in someone corrupted took the money from there right it couldn't have been you or me or someone who's.

Capable of killing or taking thirty six thousand dollars is potentially capable of killing a man or hiring in it man did was there suspects in the taking of the money FBI agent Skinner who was highly involved in taking care of the informant that was mishandled and Luna those were the two people okay and I.

Imagine Luna probably had his ideas about who took the money I would have to say yeah cuz if he knew he didn't take it it was like it doesn't make sense that Luna would've taken the money because why would he be killed then right okay why they think it's a suicide so they're trying to make yeah the fact that his glasses are left at the office.

That aligns a lot with the an inside job it doesn't align as much with someone outside yeah with an Asian walking him out and being like follow me or I'll kill your wife or whatever you know you guys got theories on this I actually you persuaded me I do think it could have been an inside job definitely just cuz the glasses that's the main piece of.

Evidence which could just be he forgot them and there's also someone in chat names standard American diet Kinect which which is funny okay let me pull up is that like a play on Kino connector to do this you've always had that was an interesting case I loved it all the crime I like do you like yeah you like.

Court stuff and you like police corruption a lot yeah we don't I hate when it goes into police corruption cuz I feel like people are either like any time its potential police grips and they're all about it or they're very anti any kind of police truck well I feel like if you're related to someone in like a law enforcement.

Officer you're very like upset about it one time I said something and my roommate Margaret her dad was like a shirt Sheriff she was not happy have you seen the wire yeah I love the wire it's in Baltimore I'm pretty straight he's great isn't that it's pretty good okay gotta move on to my case since we are running I'm two.

People running behind oh man I gotta sign into my account you the lair is a fantastic show and it's pretty fantastic I tried getting my gonna watch it it's a little dated but it's obviously timeless but for her it was a little dated it has to be a homicide because who can stab themselves.

36 times yeah it's a good question she said they were kind of superficial wounds but I agree and the cause of death was drowning uh-huh you said it in a past video and my wife when I was looking for a good name to call our channel that's funny oh the sound went off hello sound back it's back okay I don't understand why that would.

Immediately throne genitals oh you can't say that happened I said general mutilation you just like block out anything that's like gross to you no sorry guys I gotta go sign in to my deaf man here my daughter's name is Luna that's a great name wagging now sound is delayed sound is good it's lagging it's back a lot of.

Discrepancies sorry guys give me one sec yeah what is everyone else having for dinner and I'm just talking about food we're in ok today we're gonna be talking about the disappearance of Andrew Gadsden there's a pretty interesting one and this happened September 14 2007 London England Andrew is 14 years old at.

The time okay so he lived with his family in South Yorkshire about 14 miles from London and he had mother and father and an older sister and he was gifted and talented he actually was like a part of the gifted program at school so he was really smart kind of not socially smart though he was just kind of he was into heavy metal a lot kind of like.

Gothic right yeah so he was 14 in 2007 so in 2007 we were like just a little older than that we were like about twenty something like that I was 17 17 yeah 17 18 so not too different I remember in my high school there was definitely a fair gothic contingent oh yeah and there was always like the one cool one the king of the Goths we called.

Him yeah one you had one too thinking of the guy yeah we shot himself don't you oh really with a shotgun twice oh my gosh they're lovely dampen the mood sorry so the one note his family said is that he was not at all streetwise and I think this pertains to me when I was 14 lightning cents if you put me in the.

Middle of Detroit like I don't know what to do like how do I get on a bus how do I buy things I don't know how to do any of that like my mom did all that yeah I mean you don't live he didn't live in the city right York sure sure okay so I think it's a relatively populated suburb okay some notes about his family middle-class Christians worth noting may.

Be important later on so the day of the disappearance it took his mother a few days to get him out of the his bed which she reported as being slightly unusual okay and typical daily routine Andrew leaves the house for school to get on the bus totally normal so you're just like more tired or something yeah just like I know.

Like slightly more tired took me a few time to get him out of bed it doesn't usually take that long instead though of going to the bus stop what Andrew actually does unbeknownst to his family as he waits at a nearby park for the rest of the family to leave the house go to their jobs go to school etc kids do that yeah I don't think he's done it but.

That's actually a point of contention maybe he has done this before yeah he then returns to the house when it's empty and this is confirmed by CCTV footage of the neighbor has I don't know like how he might just have security cameras like one of those guys but he has footage of Andrew doing this who the neighbor Oh weird.

Yeah also someone said it's three hours from London so it doesn't seem very populated oh that's three hours from London it's not a big city thank you I thought someone said it was 14 miles than what I was reading I must have got bad info there that okay okay so it's three miles oh yeah that actually makes more sense.

Because the train trip takes like over two hours I'm a dummy so when he goes back home he takes off his school uniform cuz he goes to like a uniform eSchool how many of you guys would say uniform schools you didn't right and he puts on his comfortable clothes which is a slipknot t-shirt and black jeans what No well kids wore the Slipknot.

T-shirt and they listened to it I'm assuming yeah he loved it oh my gosh so he packs a bag and he takes a wallet his PSP important note he forgets his PSP charger or he doesn't bring his PSP charger maybe just going to hang out we don't know if it's a forget or if it's a doesn't bring conscious decision leaves.

House and goes to a cash machine withdraws 200 pounds of the 214 pounds in his account hmm so he just says you know like his little checking account we all had that we're kids takes it all out yeah so if he's hiding something yeah if he's not street smart this seems out of lying to me like I'm street smart cuz.

When I was 14 I would I'd have no idea like can I get my money like I don't know how to withdraw money from a bank and I would think my mom would absolutely sign off on it yeah I'd be like they're gonna notify my mom somehow I don't did I have a card at 4:10 des with drama yes that sounds odd to someone who's not street smart to me.

Goes to a train station and purchases a one-way ticket to London one-way ticket when you buy a one-way ticket to Lou ain't coming back that but you're also offered a very cheap return ticket it's like 10 percent the cost of the one-way ticket you know that yeah in London well I don't know that but I've been looking into the case.

And he turned it down it was like you want to have a few if you throw a few pennies in here you're gonna return chicken he was like no oh okay yeah so maybe he was just like over it he's like religious life maybe and another thing is it wasn't that religious his parents identified as Christian but will come to find out it.

Wasn't that religious at 19:35 a.m. he boards the train to London witnesses see him getting on the train by himself sitting in a little train chair and playing his PSP the entire way a lot of witnesses corroborate this he arrives in London at 11:20 a.m. so it's about a two-hour trip and the last ever sighting of him is on CCTV footage at the station.

Leaving at 11:30 a.m. it's the King's Cross station in London that's it that's it that's the last we ever see them but there's a lot more information we're gonna get there's not a lot more but this is something you always do these cases there's some what so the as soon as the school realizes he's not there that day they call the parents which is.

You know standard protocol everywhere but they miss dial the number apparently or they didn't call it all which I that's more likely to me but they say they miss dialed so the parents were never notified it would leave a voicemail that's true if they leave voicemails family comes home and prepares dinner and you know this is.

Like a few hours like the family comes home settles in watches TV makes dinner and then they like hey sis go get your brother dinner's ready he was home in his room yeah so that's the kind of kid he was it's like I'm just in my room all day yeah he's a nerd yeah talk nerd yes and she goes up and he's not there so they start looking around.

The house calling his friends everything to try and see if they can find out where he is eventually nothing comes up police are notified okay they realize that he did not go to the school bus that day and the father and daughter drive the car around the neighborhood just beginning a standard.

Search I think that's what anyone would do that's just like that feeling must be so scary I know we got toys when Julie's were missing for a little yeah he didn't go missing he just ran and he was unresponsive to us yeah and I just couldn't I had to cry scary cuz like 99% of the time when I say something to him it's like it's obviously getting through.

To him but then this time he got outside no no leash on and he's just walking I'm like Julius ain't not listening at all he's like running he looks mad he's like playing games yeah but one time I was I opened the door and my pet guinea pig olive ran out and I immediately got out looked for her I like looked at the direction she ran did you see her.

Immediately disappeared yes I ran out of the house you can't chase down him olive I think I like had some of in my hand I set it down I got out looked the way she went couldn't find her I was like looking every way his hysterically and then she's under the bush right near oh my god Jesus in there under the bush okay sorry back to the story I am sorry.

I'm eating turkey someone else so okay another interesting note is they have this thing since they take the buses a lot apparently there's a community fare jar in the house and there was $100 in it 100 pounds which he didn't touch okay at all he did not take his passport they determine they search his room they're like okay he didn't.

Pack it's not like a runaway thing he didn't pack like I'm moving to the next town it was just spur of the moment have much on they didn't he didn't take his passport because you can get to different countries that's so crazy in Europe yeah okay police eventually learned that andrew has sold a one-way.

Train ticket to London which shifts the investigation away from the neighborhood so that's big obviously they're like so to me I don't know if you're the parents what are your thoughts then you're like you freak in my mind I'd be like did he do this on his own why would he do this like why like did someone take him from.

The bus stop to London I don't know yeah there's a couple of think like lines of thinking I have one is they knew that he's fully capable of this and they're like just waiting for it to happen type of situation yeah he's done things before who knows cuz a lot of the info we're getting on his personality stuff is from the parents or the second is.

Like whoa I had no idea he was capable of this she went to London now what is he capable of if he's capable of going to London yeah Andrew did not have a mobile phone or any access to the Internet no digital record of his potential intentions could be found so to me when I first heard this I'm like okay it's probably a long time ago makes.

Sense right yeah 2007 though in 2007 I was spending eight hours a day playing video games online and so was everyone or like chatting on instant messenger credit card on a PSP he had a debit card apparently mmm-hmm but yeah so now when I'm thinking back to this this is very odd that he has no access to the Internet at all didn't.

Have a computer no the family just got their first computer two months ago well maybe they didn't they weren't well-off they were middle class I don't know they had $100 sitting on their table for people to take yeah there were there were pretty well-off middle-class so that's interesting too so now I'm thinking like was the family really.

Restrictive and like overbearing yeah that was my first thought like if he does go to a relator school and he hates it and he wants like real friends he doesn't have friends at school because he's wearing Slipknot shirts November 2008 so this is about a month after the disappearance a man entered a police station after hours.

And he said he had info about Andrew God's des gadsden when the officers showed up because they got this call they're like okay someone's at the obvious they got info he's gone never hear from you again mm-hmm just an interesting note I don't know that that means much it could just be a random person inserting himself into a case so.

Some questions that's kind of all that really is what were his motivations for leaving that's it it's a very limited in this case is not a case I can even like write the bar well so like of course when he got to London like something happened he was either taken or I mean he's probably I'm assuming he's still not alive out there do you think he's.

Met with foul play yeah I think what are you doing with the $200 maybe if he's like going to buy drugs or like maybe he wanted to try drugs for the first time and you can only get them in a big city a lot of people have said that because the bag he brought was like bigger than it needed to be apparently it's like for hiding drugs potentially or some kind of.

Transaction but he wasn't even trying to get back home it's like he was using my drugs and then stay in London forever why wouldn't you buy the return ticket that really throws a wrench into a lot for me and it's weird that he didn't have access to online because I would have said like maybe he met someone online who's.

Yesterday with them in London oh you guys think so what were his motivations for leaving this is obviously something that to me it seems like I would imagine some kind of conflict with the parents that they're not really upfront about it's usually you feel that way yeah so that seems like a prime motivation to me and there was a metal concert going on.

In London that night but there's a metal concert going on every night Londyn everything but you also buy a train to get home right you're gonna go back that night yeah I lost the ticket only word for that night and maybe he was gonna stay over till the next day no took it worked for whatever and some other notes is no jacket and he took the.

PSP he didn't pack clothes so that's all like short-term so you just knew he was like I only need my PSP for the two-hour train ride there and then I can just toss it someone said so the police doesn't a station doesn't have a camera they can check when the guy came in it doesn't seem like it seemed like they're way behind the times in Newark Shire.

Yorkshire yeah Jim but I looked up the battery life of a PSP the original one which is TV like the one he had it's like 5 to 10 hours a lot of people also said you can use the PSP for accessing the Internet and a lot of people do that so maybe he was using yeah we just don't know it doesn't make sense to me that he has a PSP he has an Xbox but he doesn't.

Have the internet leader of a home computer even like wouldn't the dad or mom use it it's like I would even say maybe something happened and then the computer was disposed of by the parents if we're getting really crazy really like conspiracy minded yeah maybe he joined a gang maybe he was taken by a gang maybe he was getting a ride back.

Home hmm ok then a little weird note not much validity to it but someone reported speaking with someone online who is looking for help like a message board or something and they said their partner left them and they needed money for rent and this person went by the name Andy rue and when they asked for they asked.

For like a method of transfer or whatever he said I don't have a bank account I left home and I was 4 when I was 14 potential lead but nothing really materialized out of that I mean you might just then be out there and then we didn't late on time here so there's no reports of him being bullied at school but who know really knows.

That means what's his emotional state I remember when I was a kid 14 well 14 what girl is different than a 14 year old boy so you tell us well I can imagine listening to the music having just like very emotional music you're very emotionally like I don't know you can get driven by emotions easily yeah you're a lot in your head yeah.

And you think like people are against you at the world was against you I mean fourteen-year-old minds are like the worst minds right yeah I can imagine him just doing something crazy for sure do the parents know more than they're saying as a note I took so one thing I would say if he it didn't seem like a short-term thing to me it was a.

Permanent runaway but not very well thought out because he had no path belongings but you don't pull some kind of massive deception like wait at the park buy a train ticket go to London yeah and then just come back the next day and like hey guys I'm back you know there's gonna be well if your parents were gonna say no I did so many things.

When and you just came back and then you got pop I luckily came back yeah another thing is Andrew did not hang out with anyone outside of school his parents said they had a small group of friends at school but no real social life outside of school some theories now we'll go to theory just run through these foul play and I think to me the.

Thing that makes the most sense is there's a kid sitting alone on a train playing PSP that's to me very like signaling of an opportunity opportunity yeah right he's just sitting there all alone very clear that he's alone by himself 14 years old maybe you follow him as he's leaving yeah yeah I know that makes a lot of sense and even when.

He gets to London it's easy he's walking around with a backpack like I don't know like he's young I mean we don't know how he looked right he could have looked really young so if you look 12 or something she likes age-appropriate basically one very pretty strong theory actually a lot of people say this could be the case he.

Was gay and wouldn't be accepted by his family so he moved to London for a new life but learning more it seemed like this is maybe a lot from the parents but it seemed like his parents were rather accepting because they didn't baptize their kids they wanted them to like figure out religion for themselves hmm so it seems like they maybe not be.

Totally closed off to having a gay son Andrew was unhappy and left to commit suicide it doesn't make a ton of sense to me you don't have to go to London yeah we drive 200 ah unless you were gonna overdose on a drug to commit suicide I know people who've done that I also looked up the average age of suicides.

And like 14 is on the young side yeah like like it's it's pretty uncommon for 14-year olds to commit suicide it's more like yeah you have the thoughts I think but I don't know if going through with it in that sort of a way like going to London and having this elaborate plan yeah and there's one weird thing it's that called the Harry Potter connection.

Apparently he was like mildly in the Harry Potter the the two months before he went missing there was like a big drop like Harry Potter the final book one of the movies a video game and the station he went to in London was where platform 9 and 3/4 was I don't know how this really ties in to anything but it was like someone throwing that out there.

And then probably foul play and then this is my other top theory is he was lured to London by someone he either met in real life or on Xbox Live or PSP yeah you have internet connection if you have life yeah they didn't say if you had live or not they didn't say he had an Xbox though so just we'll just never know that's that's unfortunate I feel.

Like that happened so much just kids that age go missing can you be mildly into Potter that's a great question I don't think you can not at that agent of things well they just asked his parents and it was like was he in Harry Potter I was like yeah the books yeah um all right I guess that's it no one really had anything a.

Note so I didn't say anything yeah you guys got any theories who is Larry Potter yeah probably lured to London would you say yeah all right yeah it has to be some form of foul play or I guess he could just be but at 14 can you really go to London and establish a new life for yourself with zero possession I may give you like join.

A gang or something yeah gangs take on like 12 year olds and 10 year olds he didn't seem like the gang type you don't really know who seems like the gang type or the drug type or the Harry Potter type playing you don't seem like a Harry Potter type that's true all right guys this was fun that's it we got a runner gonna pick up next week have a beautiful.

Evening we'll see you soon oh and comment below with cases for next week if you guys have any cases you love let us know

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