‘The Case of Chris Porco’, ‘The Mouse Utopia Experiment’ and More!

‘The Case of Chris Porco’, ‘The Mouse Utopia Experiment’ and More!

‘The Case of Chris Porco’, ‘The Mouse Utopia Experiment’ and More!

Check out the video on ‘The Case of Chris Porco’, ‘The Mouse Utopia Experiment’ and More!.
Oh happy to murder she ate Wednesday guys welcome back for another episode was that nice and trap yes it was sorry we missed last week but we are here with some fresh this week okay and yeah miss last week we're back at it been busy real busy lately yeah so it's pretty hectic guy what's going on guys so we got dinner delicious plate of.

Chicken wings we got some chicken legs I smoked up at 225 for about like 75 minutes and then at 450 for about 20 minutes and they came out looking great I think we need wings last time too sorry and I also have this one piece of bone marrow it actually just arrived I ordered it from us wellness meats and then I have some kimchi that I'm going.

To have some in this moment and I have a CVS soda and I'm gonna have a little bit of that bone marrow just for Yama sake nutritions and if you guys are new to this what we do every Wednesday or at least most Wednesday is how we can't fit every as we eat keto foods and hang out maybe you guys could eat dinner with us and we just talk about crimes and.

Mysteries and I've been getting more into mysteries lessen the crimes lately yeah so like today it's not even though we have one crime and then we have I have one that is not a mystery it's like a psychological experiment it's just interesting to me I think it's very thought-provoking and like conversation starting so get ready to converse guys I.

Was just thinking error ASMR you remember him talking about EMS you would probably have a fit if you saw like the setup it takes to do this a lot of EMFs popping off in here you set up my someone else with kimchi this isn't just brand I've only ever seen it at Whole Foods but it's my personal favorite.

This one's spicy though you guys eaten anything what's going on with you we're not gonna start right away since we're a little early I think Kim she's better cold someone asked kimchi hmm as opposed to like eat it up yeah yeah I'd only ever had it cold I mean hot have you guys ever had bone marrow is it fully cooked through.

It's kind of raw stuff oh what'd I get oh you wanted something yeah I'll try it first before I give it to you no I don't like it wrong still at work not eating I am on a one meal a day train it's great the words for you and cally eating question settle this bar sounds dim Callie awesome pizza planet shirt beef stew for dinner here nice beef stew.

Sounds great we're going to stay house to celebrate my meatball i for retirement today that's exciting what are you to do most people over like a play what are you – most people apply for retirement app yeah that 65 seems reasonable like 60 65 65 I think what makes the most sense to me hey Joyce no.

Stop arrogance bad boy bad boy you're a treat country that's probably what he's doing he wants our attention for a treat here it's cooked through good we are not eating fried chicken we're eating smoker wings and smoked drumsticks how many more carbs do you add when working out I don't think you need to.

Add any cars but it's something you could potentially do you can play around with it see if you like it this is delicious but there is no like requirement to add carbs just because you're working out this is the best bone marrow I've ever had yes other than the one that we got at the Buchan l.joe am or no what do you think the bacchanal.

Was better it was like all nice and and there's like pork on top oh yeah he's turning into an Indian you say no you don't want more and then you they just serve you up anyway I think that's all mothers most mothers do it I know Asian cultures do it especially like I guess this plays right into what I'm saying but one of the things I grew up saying.

Or like learned from my mom was like if you talk about a food before you're gonna leave you got to eat some of it a little bit ah Julius is very distracting what do you mean if you talk about a food yeah it's bad luck if my mom's like oh do you want some goldfish and you're just like nah she's like okay we'll take like three or four so then she would.

Make me take some and then I would eat ate them in leaf what type of smoker do you have we have a Trager one I like it at first I didn't like it that much because it turned brown do the job of a grill but now I think I like it even more yeah I think so too as long as you have the time and the patience to put something on like six hours in advance.

Those are the best kinds of foods the one you like are waiting all day for Miley Cyrus's are fantastic her sign assistant yes I've been asked about it if Miley was a pop singer that would be her name Miley sinus well you guys bake the wings no we smoke them on our smoker dang Matt your shirt all you love in your shirt oh thank you maybe you guys.

Know this I watched a video on which water additives meal Crystal Light etc would break a fast which could you have not fasting I think you meant the question the other way around which you could have fasting I don't know I hate questions like this it just water enhancers to minut of details for me to really care about like it doesn't matter.

In the grand scheme its yeah that's it chicken wings when you guys get chicken wings full like this you usually cut them before you cook them yeah just cook home I don't all at once he's done yeah they actually think so what seasoning lemon pepper making a curry for the first time using chicken thighs yeah I just put dairy back in my.

Diet cuz I'm not getting calcium anywhere else besides sardines and I think I became deficient from eating so much chocolate and overdosing on magnesium woot yeah sometimes if you're doing like a limited vegetable no dairy diet the only real place you get calcium is from bones so like sardines I always try.

To eat like the end like this I'll eat a little bit of the bone and I actually got that from Chris Master John he says to do that he knows what he's talking about so I listened and it also tastes good just the tip hello should we start well yeah what should we start yeah okay.

Oh man I usually eat first though well you go now I have to go first I can we can talk about my stuff first okay please we can both be while we talk I really want to lead with the mouse utopia experiment though how many of you guys have heard of the mouse utopia experiment how did murder she ate get started we.

Just both really liked and then we took yeah we like crime and we're like let's do something non keto so we picked a day time and then we took a poll on names and I think the top one was crime and nourishment but I like murder she ate so I kind of just like pushed for it a lot of people saying they've never heard of the most Utopia experiment yeah.

That's the one you like showed me yeah I figured okay so I don't know much about this either I just learned about it the other well about two weeks ago so okay I'll go first it's hard to eat these wings it is kind of hard yeah I'm sure you'll figure it out though lost my job no insurance put back on wait I lost with keto I'm just trying to eat nothing.

To get back into keto but hard to eat keto food when you finally break weeklong fast you just gonna ease back into eating food yeah you're gonna feel really full at first maybe you won't digest things well depending on how you digest things I think you just need a more moderate approach to things not such an extreme fasting unless unless.

You're doing it in a healthy manner but or because like she just lost her job right oh you know you can't buy food and stuff well I guess if budgets an issue um yeah just buy meats and bulk will be good too okay should I start with the crime case or the mouse experiment everyone quickly see a crime your mouse crime or mouse.

The first person they say we'll just go with that crime a mouse guys is our crime okay we're doing crack Thank You Martinez life bites a lot of people saying Mouse though Mouse definitely got more votes for crime with first we got a stick to our butt Martina okay this is the story of Christopher Porco dating November 15th 2004 I'll skim through.

This a little quicker than usual because I want to get to other stuff but this is a very interesting case too so November 15th 2004 an intruder breaks into the home of Peter and Joan Porco using a spare key and possibly disabling the alarm system it's unknown you know what happened with the alarm we'll get to that.

Okay intruder grabs an axe from the garage goes to the upstairs bedroom where the couple is sleeping and attacks the father is killed the mother the father of the attack first and killed the mother has multiple blows to the face oh my god with an axe yeah with an axe so first thing I'm always thinking is when the murder weapon is from inside.

The house to me that's like setting off some kind of alarm bell it's not an intruder breaking in with the intent to murder yeah cuz usually you come with a weapon right so are you thinking the mom at this point but how you ax yourself in the face the wife I mean I don't think no that's not what I'm thinking okay you don't have enough info yeah um.

Christopher Porco their son is notified of the attack on his parents by a reporter of a local paper so that's his first hearing of it the Sun and the Sun is gonna become a focal does he live nearby we'll get to that okay he's asked for a comment about his parents being killed and that's his first time ever hearing about.

So it's like obviously very startling if someone calls you and they're like what do you have to say about your mom and dad getting chopped up with an ax you're like what are you talking about I'd be like is this a joke yeah so Chris calls the police to inquire about the attack police drive out to the college campus that Chris is at so he's in I believe.

Grad school and they start questioning him so the family had two sons the other son is serving in the Navy and Chris the one in question is attending the University of Rochester which is 200 miles away from his parents house okay the other son alibi is like easily checked out because he's you know there's all the timings and stuff I.

Assume when you're when you're in the Navy I assume you're just like punching in at the clocks constantly so they always know we don't like a ship or a submarine yeah I think you're probably on base a lot of the time but I have no idea submarines are scary one time for Boy Scouts we slept in a submarine and it.

Wasn't even underwater it was just at the dock and it's so like claustrophobic and you just have a really small bed he's told me the story several times that I love it because he talks about how horrifying it is it's like the scariest thing that ever happened to him in the world I think after we watched hunter-killer I told you they told me.

This horrific story and I'm like oh it sounds cool okay so yeah it actually turns out that Joan Porco the wife did not die in the attack and it's fighting to survive when police arrive at the scene and they don't know or they know they don't know they know she's alive no she like you know it's like basically this is how I understand it movie style.

Where she's like like breeze and they're like oh she's alive now type of a thing yeah you would think when investigators go through the house they discover tons of blood all over the place nothing seemed to have been stolen and no drawers were open it wasn't even like a staged burglary it was purely murder the father's body is at the.

Bottom of the stairs and there's blood throughout most of the house whoa I guess the axle dragged around blood the mother is found in bed okay when police realized that the mother was alive they begin asking her questions about the crime like she's just like struggling for life barely conscious essentially and they do like a bunch of.

Tests they're like move your right hand to just to gauge her responses and she complied she like moves her legs she like nods she does this but what does that shakes her head yeah and then they ask her did a family member do this she nods yes that now by now the police know that children's names did Jonathan do this too you know did Christopher do.

This to you if she nods yes oh my so right away they're thinking okay we got our guy wait did you not have much echt on alibi'd that he was at school for two boys we're gonna get to his alibi detectives and paramedics are both there at this time and she fully responds to the commands but she says so there this is basically their reports.

And their it's not just like investigators there there's also paramedics that corroborated this mm-hmm spare key is still in the front door the home alarm was set for the night at 10:00 p.m. and it was disabled at 2:14 a.m. so it's someone that knows everything this walkie and alarm once in a while the father would get up to let.

The dog out middle of the night and he would turn the alarm off and not turn it back on when you leave the spare key in the front door there's theories around that but no probably not yeah not likely the phone line was cut and security system had damage on the control panel okay Oh what control panel like the house.

They didn't really specify I think it's probably when you come in you know at the front door there's usually like the keypad thing there was some damage to it okay so it looks like maybe someone just like smashed it yeah I don't know to what extent the damage was but yeah going in for a drop stick drama sticks on my faith and whenever we cook dinner.

Guys we always cook a bunch and then I'll have this for like breakfast tomorrow where my first meal tomorrow yeah it's really convenient so really you just have to cook one meal a day if you are always eating leftovers for lunch the next day some people don't like that though Jonathan's alibi the son confirmed as we said Chris the other.

Son is 21 years old he's in medical school he was known for balling out and buying everyone drinks and paying for dinners that's the type of guy he was okay self-identified as a baller he told everyone his family was very wealthy he strongly identified as like my parents run in the game rich kid yeah he told that to everyone who would listen.

Basically in 2003 crit Ennis's so the murder was 2004 in 2003 Chris was told he was being kicked out of school for bad grades he also forged transcripts to get into college in the first place and they're finding this out retro actively after the crime is committed he then started attending a community college he continued getting terrible grades while.

At Community College and do his parents know about this t-there kind of kept in the dark but I would keep my parents in the dark yeah at a certain point his parents do confront him about the grades and he told them they were incorrect he had a hiss and yeah he just told them they were incorrect like just some.

Excuses like my teacher is gonna change the grades that type of thing my readers would believe that my parents would do and come to find out he has a history of lying about a lot of important things so he's been taking out a number of loans totaling at this point forty five thousand dollars his father discovered that Chris forged his signature on a.

Loan application well good dad yeah so the son's name is Chris and the dad is now discovering he's forging his signature and Chris the son buys a yellow Jeep Wrangler with custom tires so a terrible purchase first of all I would never buy a Jeep Wrangler but yellow is just what does that say about a person like what kind of person are.

You when you're buying a Jeep Wrangler with custom rims our car can't say a lot about you for sure oh yeah which i think is why so many people spend just crazy amounts of money on cars yeah cuz you can drive it oh yeah it's like the most outward facing action yeah his father confronts him about the force.

Signatures now I and he says have you used my credit again without my permission I'll be forced to report you to for forgery to the police so he threatens Emmy says come on stop good there was also a reported altercation at school where Chris nearly strangled someone in a fight before people pulled him off and the way I subscribe is like.

He essentially if no one was around he would had killed the guy yeah he was like are you strangle women yeah okay I think any time you're strangling someone that's well you're not like I'm gonna do this for 10 seconds that's where it's just like okay that guy's not in a fight he's just a serial killer yeah he's just good when you're fighting you're.

Punching if you actually choke someone that's like serial killer levels not serial killer killer or whatever I think like yeah your family's being gonna get killed if you don't kill this person that's what I'm thinking yeah in 2005 as part of the investigation police traveled to San Diego to seize a stolen laptop that Chris sold on eBay so he.

Stole the laptop sold it on eBay someone in San Diego they find it this was before after the murder after 2005 I was gonna say that's a lot of work before yeah so now they're investigating and the laptop turns out to be their parents let his parents laptop that was stolen at a previous break-in but not the murder night break-in but a break-in.

A few months prior okay a lot of people are asking about the Sasa meeting and a lot of people are right it is just G Hughes barbecue sauce thank you for the clarification and now we're putting together some patterns here there was also a break-in at the veterinary clinic that Chris worked at and things were stolen hmm.

My god Ken I mean and stuff like actually yeah I think giveaway yeah stuff like that so Chris is alibi she claims he was on campus all night never left campus police go to the surveillance footage of the campus since there's always a lot of surveillance at campuses and they find surveillance footage of his yellow Jeep leaving.

Campus that night what time we'll get to times in a second he says he fell asleep in a lounge area all night and people at the lounge would confirm surveillance shows him leaving campus at 10:30 6:00 p.m. remember the alarm was cut off at 2:14 am at 200 miles away it's about a three-hour drive okay that make sense.

He says he was moving his Jeep because you can't park overnight on campus and that makes sense because a lot of people I read something that all the time at 10:45 p.m. a toll collector remember seeing the yellow Jeep so this is pretty crucial no pilot spotting maile sinus so this is crucial pretty crucial to the case because come on.

Miley apparently the reason the toll person remembers this is because one there's not a ton of people going on that toll road to he's driving a yellow Jeep which stands out too he also thought it was a terrible purchase tomorrow yeah would you prank ler he was about to sneak off and take a smoke break and.

Apparently the toll booth like owner person would drive through a lot at certain times to just make sure the toll people were on duty she was like aw man that's boss it could be the boss so he remembers being worried oh no it's just yellow crazy Jeep it's not the boss and then oh and the last reason is because the car was driving so fast it was.

Actually like scared like faster than people normally drive to the Tollbooth okay so with all those reasons it makes me believe the eye witness more so than just a normal eye witness without you don't often see it yellow Jeep Wrangler with the rim it's like if someone sees that I don't think I've ever seen one right me neither I haven't seen like a.

Yellow car in God knows how long but yeah if someone call if if that person baby they weren't like ass did you see the G yellow Jeep Wrangler he like said he saw you I don't know we don't have that okay at 4:30 a.m. the phone line is cut at the house at 8:30 a.m. so we definitely have activity at the house around 2:15 to 4:30 we have like alarm.

Cut 215 phone cut 4:30 at 8:30 a.m. Chris's Jeep is seen returning to school hmm so like that fits the window yeah that fits the window perfectly like 100% perfect Chris is indicted for the murder of his father and attempted murder of mother no blood is found in the Jeep whatsoever but a neighbor also reports seeing the Jeep parked in the driveway.

The morning of the murder when leaving to go to work wait sorry that someone just said they ate sucralose once and didn't poop for a week it seems like a weird that was definitely not the sucralose there's definitely the 17 crossbars you had yeah what was the sucralose in I guess that seems next race yeah but so there was the neighbor.

Said that he saw Chris's are in the driveway that morning when he left for work yeah that's it case open closed yeah seems to be family and friends are fully in support of Chris they post 250,000 bail and they get him out of jail and his mother is on Chrissa side he says she doesn't know there's no way he has anything to do with this post.

Murder yeah but she nodded that it was him but she no longer believes that she doesn't remember that she now believes he has nothing to do with he would never do that I would think whatever like testimony or whatever you say closest to the time of the attack is the truest yeah but she like wasn't fully conscious he said.

Don't say yes but your child to do this unless you're sure your child did this yeah it's just questionable what kind of state she was in but yeah I would I think there is a lot to be said for someone like right after the crime happens a window had been open and a screen was cut at the home why wouldn't you just walk it out you wanted to make.

It seem like it seems like that maybe it was just like a cover-up type of thing because no one had gone through the screen clearly because it was just like a little side of it cut yeah that's the mistakes people always make doing I'm gonna pretend I came in here but I'm not actually gonna go and just go with the window there's a lot of cases like that.

Yeah let's do it and also the spare key was found in the door so it doesn't make sense that a window would be cut really yeah exactly Oh Chris's mother begins defending him and then a fingerprint is found so the defense makes a big deal about this a fingerprint found where the telephone wire was cut and it does not match Chris.

Maybe he had an accomplice yeah or it could have just been like any other random person previous homeowner telephone repair guy you know anything like that yeah that's the counter-argument the mother wrote a letter to the local paper complaining that the cops were only focusing on her son and not trying to find the real.

Killer and then shortly after that letter the paper received a number letters from a mysterious person that bragged about the murder hmm okay what do you think about that someone's writing into the paper I don't know why oh oh I think it would Chris would do that he's very bragging he talked about how.

Rich's parents was like he was the baller who bought like he wants he wants the notoriety he wants the fame well it's probably just trying to cover up the crime more like oh like the mom later written the law I thought like if he saw it he'd be like yeah that's me I feel good you know yeah crazy people are crazy Joe yeah okay so in June 2006 the.

Trial gets underway and we find some alarming details about what happened during the attack okay so the dad apparently was attacked in bed his body was moved mother was also attacked in bed and now I don't know what Chris is doing while all this is happening but apparently the attack like disabled a certain area of the father's brain.

To where he was still he didn't perceive himself as being injured whatsoever so he got up brushed his teeth went downstairs like packed his lunch dripping blood so there's blood all over the place it's too much for me put the dishes away and then he opened the front door didn't go outside and then like went to his final.

Resting place which was at the bottom of the stairs and the mother didn't move it all after the attack she was just remained in bed now the defense's case against her no like that Chris didn't do it is basically that the dad disabled the alarm to let the dog out got locked outside had to resort to the spare key and at that time was then attacked by.

Like an opportunistic intruder type of person okay and they do give a person who it could be who is a relative I think an uncle who's a firefighter so the firefighter acts and who is also associated with organized crime and has done previous time in jail but there's no real like ties or anything other than just that this guy seems to be a bad guy.

That has used axes in the back yeah can you just buy an axe but they know the axe was the family's axe you know what can you just buy that ya know it seems dangerous well people like chop what's up okay that make sense yeah that's what hexes are for and then there becomes a big issue where they're arguing obviously the validity of the.

Mother's immediate testimony when she's laying on the floor like saying her son did it yeah and it's easy to refute that because she's actually in court saying no I don't think he did it ah that's tough and we come to find out chris's parents had an insurance policy worth 1.1 million well that's a reason to kill someone.

That's motivating enough especially for Chris being in debt and being so money driven yeah that's true okay eventually Chris is convicted and sentenced to consecutive 50-year sentences one for each count okay attempted an actual murder second-degree both I believe and the judge at the sentencing says his biggest fear is that.

What happened that night is likely to happen again if Chris has ever freed yeah if you can't kill his parents he can you can you can kill anyone and there's not really too much mystery to it it's just like Chris probably did it but there are some people who think it could be a potential wrongful conviction but now I think just the car time lining.

Up so perfectly to me is like that's it's also a house act no one intruded there was just a cotton in it there's there's so many other things I mean the Botev is reason enough I feel like not reason enough but kind of scary anyone not to think someone can buy an axe it is actually I was thinking back to what youth you think that we wouldn't.

Be able to buy access like your look – that's a funny thought to me well it's scary because of your limited freedoms you just think think we wouldn't be able to buy access I just never seen an axe in the store where do you get them they're in stores what stores like a hardware store will have it Home Depot probably has like on the shelves yep.

I've literally never seen one of my life you have never been in the countryside like the countryside of Michigan every single family has an axe my dad has an axe at home yeah it just seems to me cuz you can buy chopped wood which is terrible yeah but you actually have trees on your property and stuff that you have to like do this – yeah so that.

To me is fascinating that your dad like chops down your chops would ya like he'll cut down a branch that's like interfering with something but you can use a like an electric saw but your dad just like chopped no no a chainsaw well then once it's on the ground you chop okay I say I'm picturing your dad just like Bear Grylls chopping away at a.

Big tree know who take forever um I have many axes around my house but I live on a farm that's more insight into err err err a SMRs life we're learning a lot about error ASMR yeah on the show one day you're just gonna give away your location one day I'm sure of it yeah my dad does a bunch of crazy stuff.

Like he was up on a really high ladder probably like 50 feet high with a chainsaw cutting down stuff yeah I guess I've just never seen an accent store I've only seen them like in schools behind the glass so you live a sheltered life no I don't live a sheltered life I've actually visited a lots of parts of the world you live a sheltered life.

You've only been to Canada and Italy now I saw a machete at a home goods store I definitely been sheltered like I think we've both been sheltered yeah also my parents aren't like outdoorsy and your parents are so I think that's a big part of it yeah for sure apps Cologne yeah okay.

Should we get to the mouse thing it's already six oh I thought you want to do your you don't really have a case or anything right it's just like a talking point yeah okay we're doing talking points now talking point because I didn't have time today it's a busy day for me but I thought I would bring something nice to the table because this.

Fascinates me so I was gonna do like missing four on theories cuz I love that stuff but I know like Matt really doesn't I don't know if you would like enjoy the copper hydrogen I just AM unwilling to believe that it's paranormal like he's yeah I feel like uh you know I feel a responsibility to convince you of it so I just like didn't.

Want to have to do that tonight you know Joyce is crying he's hungry maybe he just wants our chicken okay so we actually had a little conversation about this the other night superstitions and then misconceptions beliefs so I thought like I would look up a bunch of really popular ones in someone's home that are interesting so just like.

There's random ones that I could think of off the top my head there's a language one and there's a bunch of food ones okay that'd be it we're just like googled popular what misconception is that but I don't feel like yeah some are misconceptions and then some are superstitions so I guess I'm interested to know like how many people are.

Superstitious because I grew up in a household that is very superstitious like everyone in my family is very superstitious so I'm just AM right like if you grow up you know religious household or like you know you have generous things in general or Indian women superstitious would you say that I would say Indian cultures.

Yeah so like some things that I grew up with my parents actually following is like if a black cat passes you're like crosses past your car when you're driving home then it's bad luck and we didn't we wouldn't go home right away we would like drive around the block and then come back and go home so I I do that till still today like if that.

Happened to me no I would I would fall through and Matt would just have to deal with it looking into a black mirror for seven is bad luck for seven years looking into a black no I'm sorry looking into a broken mirror so I don't like to look into broken mirrors walk it under a ladder that's like everyone right yeah.

Opening an umbrella in a house like what are these like what what what about the Chinese a fan of death oh that's what I that's Korean it's called fan of death it's in the Korean culture so running an electric fan in a closed room with unopened or no windows will prove fatal so it's like it's crazy that we have all these things I mean that one you can.

Just literally do and not die so well do you avoid walking under ladders if you can yeah I'm not gonna walk in online just because it's lower risk than walking yeah the five-second rule dropping food look what is that about I think the idea so common the idea behind it is probably like it takes five seconds for like a.

Lot of bacteria to climb onto it or something that would be my thinking yeah but like you're picturing the bacteria like climbing so we are saying also read some people's misconceptions yeah do you guys got any and then the last thing I could think of that's just like really commonplace American is like wearing certain clothing or like growing up when.

We watch the Eagles game if they were doing well my dad would be like all right no one go to the bathroom or change strokes it doesn't I could get behind that because it's fun it makes it fun and you feel like you're part of the game but deep down I know I'm not doing anything but what are you are maybe but when the pistons were in the.

NBA Finals against the Lakers did this thing whenever the Lakers are shooting a free throw would all go like this and we like point it right at Shaq's eyes are like Kobe's eyes and it's fun cuz it was like 10 of us and we're just all doing this that's like insane whatever you would miss though we all felt like pretended that it was us and we like.

Celebrate new pretend you actually believed it was your fault so that to me is more crazy than like walking under a ladder you know yeah but I deep down I know I'm not really doing anything Julius you take a chill pill you take a chill pill you know chapo 200 milligram what do you guys have anything else and then I'll go through the food.

Ones food superstitions not superstitions but misconceptions many people have seen shadow people when they stay up too long it has been reported by many people to all see the same thing states apart okay is that just like a delusion yeah it's not like a yeah it's just like anecdotes a better common place knocking on wood if you talk about.

Something bad big person here you always do this – really yeah I have my weird things you gotta love me you gotta hate me so then there's that language misconception and I felt I think I believe this I tell people this so it's often assumed that young children learn languages more easily than adolescents or a dog yeah.

However the reverse is true older people learn faster apparently the only exception to this rule is that pronunciation so if you learn a language at a young age you sound like you speak it a lot better as you age oh really yeah but older people that is a misconception yeah that seems from what I know in my life so true.

Is there anything is there anything like if you know if you're a multilingual it's easier to learn more languages I was looking for that I believe that too and I say that cuz I'm just like a lifer English only basically Bonjour and like a little bit of French but I think maybe it's just the pronunciation because I can.

Pronounce Spanish words like just other words a lot better I don't know if I'm better at learning them though per se I don't know it's out there though anything else shadow people our ancestors keeping watch over okay you don't gotta freak me out with this stuff ever had a dream come true.

Ah yeah and I mean I dream about like real life situations I feel like yeah sometimes you'll have a dream that like applies to life a little bit but never like a dream come true yeah um okay and then the food misconceptions searing meat seals in moisture I remember learning this from Kennedy's book but yeah it actually doesn't sear in.

Moisture when you're sure or doesn't seal and seal in moisture because when you're searing me you're cooking the muscle so it's tightening up and so moisture is coming out of it so like if you think like putting a ton of butter on on a whole roast chicken when you roast it it's gonna mean it's gonna be buttery and more moist inside that's not.

True at all because the butter just comes out everything comes out all the moisture seeps out according to the USDA so this is this is in regards to cooking alcohol laughs you believe like oh the alcohol is cooked off yeah but according to the USDA 75% of the alcohol remains after flambe whoa 25% after one hour of baking or simmering and ten percent.

After two hours of baking or simmering dang that's a lot more than I thought oh god me too the MSG triggers migraines I think I man she is largely a myth so although there have been reports of MSG exacerbating migraines a sensitive subset of people there has not been any demonstration of this action.

True in placebo controlled trials I've seen one thing on Food Network where they told they they told everyone they gave them msg food food with MSG in it always every time my msg they're like there's no MSG in there what are you talking about I would love to see that woman I'd be like what are you gonna say how but I think the downside of MSG is.

It it just makes things taste so good that you can't stop eating them that's one of my son sleeps after the vodka sauce pasta deja vu is weird I like deja vu like I love it almost it's like a love-hate relationship don't you have boom yeah and then Twinkies have a shelf life of approximately 45 days whoa yeah is there a cake yeah not.

Like they're yours yeah we always talk about it right it's that one example you're like you know how shelf-stable they are for years and years it's like now it's 45 days I've seen things that were what is it no maybe I haven't seen that nevermind and then the last thing fortune cookies are extremely rare in China where they are seen it's a symbol.

Of American cuisine no I feel like there's a lot of things like that yeah I can't think I mean just like American Way of cooking Chinese food and Indian food and Thai food it's not like traditional food back in those countries yeah I'm not one of those people that needs it to be traditional though I just want it to taste good.

I'm not like I need to be a purist for it to be authentic well like fortune cookies are just to us right there Chinese cookies but it's like they don't even exist in China yeah I guess that's kind of weird okay you're not reading any of the comments people I'm late to the show I look forward to this every week MSG makes me super tired and.

Lethargic someone says yeah anecdotal for sure chicken tikka was invented in Glasgow UK yeah actually an interesting fact is that chicken tikka is the what is it the national dish of England yeah which it's crazy how much the Indian influences there it's kind of like I don't know what do we get a lot of takeout in America like Chinese food I.

Guess yeah everyone UK gets Indian well yeah British colonize India yeah we don't get Indian takeout much at all in the US a lot of people do her notice not that much I didn't have any food till I was like 26 yeah I just Midwest but you get Chinese food yeah well you get Chinese food that's weird but I'm glad I can use it.

There just wasn't I don't even think there was an Indian restaurant where I'm trauma hmm ever been in sleep paralysis yeah yeah I have a couple time high school my dad would like come in to check on me and I do want to roll over but I can't and my eyes are look it's freaking it is Caesar salad is from Tijuana is that true now he's making I.

Think that might be a made-up thing but I believe it there's a place in San Francisco that has authentic Indian Pakistani food hmm hurry up now no that's not enough that take it off okay should I go on to the mass utopia experiment yeah Matt I wait no Matt Newbould said I have yet to find a study whereas per team is actually bad for you.

And I've done a bunch of research yeah the same yeah yeah okay all right guys you ready for my favorite topic the mouse utopia experiment you had two wings bro well I'm gonna need more yeah I'm probably gonna eat usually I eat on screen but I guess I'm just gonna eat afterwards these are also really hard to eat yeah they're super.

Hard okay so night and you guys can look into this in more detail – it's pretty interesting and I think the ways we interpret it will be different so get interactive guys let me know what you think in 1968 there was this person his name was John B Calhoun and a big thing in the 60s which I didn't know is.

Overpopulation became a huge subject of public interest and it had a large cultural influence I would proudly compare it to like global for me whoa oh my gosh I would compare it to kind of like the fears over global warming today like it it's a talking point in culture it's a big deal right that's how over pop over population was.

In the 1960s so that is the era when John Calhoun is coming up and he decides his first experiment this is when he's not too established so he just gets some land and he just like asked some guy like hey can I use your land to do some experiment and he didn't tell him the full details but he this is before the real mouse utopia experiment this is his.

Early days so he sets up a big large pen that's inescapable for rats and they have as much food as much water as they need so all their needs are met everything's taken care of he starts with two rats and he just lets them run wild right and he estimates the total capacity is 6,000 that's how many rats could be sustained in that area okay and.

To his surprise this is his first encounter with this the population stabilized at 200 and never rose above 230 but there was symptoms of overpopulation despite all of the room because the rats would cluster into small densely populated areas and no one would wander into like the outskirts they were all in these like a few major.

Grew clumps clumps and in those small groups overpopulation would set in into a concept that Calhoun would term a behavioral sync and this is the key concept that he like basically researched the entire time this is his what he concluded a behavioral sync is the collapse in behavior resulting from overcrowding and we'll go into more.

Details on what that looks like exactly but essentially he cuts this experiment off when the mouse population just plateaus at 2:30 okay and then his second experiment we're going screenshare his second experiment here is this do you see it mm-hmm it's another experiment using rats and.

He sets four quadrants and in two of the quadrants there's ground food which is really easy to eat and there's no like real effort you just walk up scoop it in your mouth this is such a weird thing this guy thought up yeah and then in to the other two feeding areas it was pellet food behind a wire fence so there's like a good amount of effort.

That goes into getting the food and what ended up and then this wall right here you can see there's there's ladders over these walls yeah so the mice can climb over those obviously but this wall right here you can't climb over so what begins happening it starts out with a few mice they reproduce everything's going fine then eventually.

The males start to square off in these bridges because yeah the males these bridges become like war zones and people are marking their territory the mice are marking their territory and what happens is a large amount eighty percent of the mice end up in these quadrants here pellet once I think I don't know exactly how different yeah I don't know exactly.

How the food is split up but all of the mice are jammed in this little area overcrowded and then there's a few males that have their selection of females in these less populated areas and then there's a bunch of weird behaviors that come out with the mice and like the the mothers the more things become overpopulated the less care the mothers.

Take of their children basically and they just like right when they're born they just basically don't really feed them and stuff and that's so weird at certain points there's up to a 96 percent infant mortality rate okay I have thoughts so now we're getting to okay so that is just setting the stage for the granddaddy of them all.

His magnum opus Calhoun constructs a 100 and 1 inch square cage and this time instead of using rats he's using mice and I know a nice like smarter know are they different do we know like they're breeding style or like their housing style do you know anything I think the one difference is mice nest they like take material and they make nests but I.

Don't know how different sandwich yeah but there is some differences so what he does here his 101 inch square cage for mice food water and it's continually replenished to suit any size population he called it universe 25 she started with four breeding pairs of mice so huge location eight total mice they start breeding day one of the experiment after.

One year the initial eight mice had grown to six hundred and twenty members living in relative harmony wow that's a lot yeah I was thinking I did mice breathe slower than rats no they breed faster but I was thinking per I was always thinking like you just have one kid at a time but you have like a myself multiple I think right yeah yeah so.

That's that's the reason okay so no around a 335 though Calhoun marked this as the beginning of the end society collapses gradually but there's one abrupt point where he basically says this is where society collapsed and at the beginning of the end this is on day three hundred and thirty five so initially before this the.

Population was doubling every fifty five days that's quick and day three thirty five onward it began doubling at a hundred and forty five days and it doesn't make sense why it would slow down because there's so much space you would think it would the increase in how fast and basically this is what he starts to identify males.

Male the male mice with no territory to defend or food to secure they begin forming gangs and fighting other Mouse gangs for no real reason that's probably not a game boys just like you know like a pack yeah I didn't know they travel I guess they travel in packs right not yeah they do it like female stop caring for their young and sometimes even.

Attack them eventually males and female stop breeding completely and there is one a certain subset of the male mice began mating with male and female mice attempting to these are the males that were not like the dominant ones there are more just like when they saw a lapse in like the dominant males coverage they would like swoop in you know like.

Sneakily yeah they're more sneaky mice so that is like a new subset of mice that began forming the sneaker sneaky mice and then certain pens were overcrowded they had 50-plus mice when they're designed to hold 20 and there were some pens that were completely emptied directly next door like and how could you get to them easily so there's.

A picture is this the one yet ok so if you see here this is the center and then you can walk up here and there's the Burrow or like the housing areas so essentially there'd be a ton overcrowded in one in the in another one so even though the societies were at nowhere near its max capacity there was still signs of.

Overcrowding in the breakdown of society and the most alarming group to Calhoun were the mice male and female that withdrew themselves from Mouse society completely they did nothing but sleep eat and groom themselves they were given the nickname the beautiful ones because they didn't meddle with the other mice some of them would go their entire lives.

With no interaction with another Mouse mm-hmm just sat but knew the upper areas of the cage eaten grooming etc and throughout their entire lives they would make no attempt to mate and Julius no okay where is it okay every month oh so what Calhoun did he identified the different phases phase a was the adjustment phase from day 0 to day 104.

Phase B was the exploitation phase 104 to 315 and that was where they were just like doing well they were massively expanding exploiting their environment C phase C was the stagnation phase day 315 to 560 where the population just kind of stagnated for a while and then phase D he called death from day 560 until the last mouse died and every mouse every.

Mouse at the time he defined as phase D every Mouse was born after the breakdown of society an entire generation of young had been rejected by their mothers early and were then unable to exhibit normal social behaviors and they never had kids they just didn't essentially know how to be a mouse and like you know yeah they just the the downfall of society.

Basically the last birth in universe 25 took place on day 600 and it's crazy that there's there's a left so that was like what was weird to me there's a last birth on day 600 and then all the way for the next couple hundred days like there would be times when there's like 50 mice now and they're still not breeding at all yeah.

Because it's just they don't even that doesn't interest them you know so even when the population returned to levels where it previously thrived the mice did not go back to their old ways the society remain damaged beyond repair well all the ones that were originally breeding I would imagine the first ones are dead at this point so it's just all.

The ones that are damaged yeah all of them were born to after the society broke that make sense yeah and Calhoun says he could easily pinpoint the moment the society broke down it was like a light switch their spirit has died the first death they're no longer capable of executing the more complex behaviors compatible with species.

Survival the species in such settings died from this point Calhoun so that was it that was like his big experiment that's what we still talked about today it's like made its way into psychology and just like a bunch of different things mental health all of that and from that point just a few things that didn't really matter that much but he.

Continued onward doing more experiments and what he found was a similar universe 25 type setup but he provided the mice with creative outlets and I didn't look at what actually the creative outlets were yeah maybe things like that and it increased their the species survival and the society breakdown although it did still occur eventually that's fantastic.

That's interesting okay so he just redid it over again with other stuff I don't know if it was as big of a scale okay where are the people saying nothing about this this is interesting yeah look into it guys Mouse utopia is the secret yeah so that I didn't look into that but there's a lot of ties cuz NIMH is a.

National Institute of Mental Health and Calhoun did this experiment under NIMH that's where he did it in that like one of their places yeah and then I don't remember the movie secrets of NIMH but I do like remember watching it as a child we should watch it that's a cartoon about what is how is that a cartoon movie if it's national medical or mental.

Health I don't know I don't they never say it they just say secret of NIMH I never like put it together what is that what what kind of creatures are in it I think mice I can't remember though weird that they made this into a cartoon let me look it up and yes in inbreeding read the collapse of complex society very interesting reading I haven't watched.

That movie since kindergarten yeah it's mice secret of Neverland and it's similar to the experiment or is it fun I remember it just being like a fun cartoon okay I'm just kidding it was a confusing like why are we watching that and a lot of people will try to apply this to human society obviously I think the only thing that I thought applied to.

Human society was introducing activity you thrive more so just like an act more active person they're fulfilled mentally and physically yeah you need some purpose that's obviously a big part of fulfillment yeah and thriving and living longer for sure what else you guys got are you picking out Indian name for your son I named my.

Daughter Priya we were originally thinking an Indian ashame but now we're going full-fledged American should we tell him what the name is I don't know what do you like reveal a name is it that big of a deal do we know if any if anyone has recreated this experiment not to my knowledge that all sounds like the world but most.

Specifically Japan said someone hmm it doesn't really sound like the world though like children aren't moms aren't attacking their children unless you're saying we haven't gotten to that point yet is that a spider in the light no right no but you can maybe say like parents are caring for their kids less I don't know if that's true or not but I'm.

Just tending to themselves I don't know sad for new recipes amazing thing hey that is a bad boy that's a that's a he's needing our attention yeah I want to tell you guys one other story that really for some reason stuck with me I think it's just it was never a real thing it was just like a hypothetical story I heard once and I loved it.

I think I told you this before too so basically there is five monkeys and there's a ladder and at the top of the ladder there's like some really good food like bananas mm-hmm and whenever the monkeys climb the ladder one whenever one of the monkeys climbs the ladder sprinklers will come down on all the monkeys get some wet and they hate.

It right so at the start a monkey would try to climb the ladder with the water would spray down they would kind of learn that their monkey would try to climb the ladder it would spray and you know this became obvious so then they stop trying to climb the ladder they took one of the existing monkeys out put a new one in.

That one obviously all bananas immediately starts climbing the ladder but as it goes to climb the ladder the other monkeys like beat it up they don't let them go no it's not that and they continue doing this they take one of the original monkeys out put a new one in and the same thing happens they just don't let it climb the ladder so it.

Doesn't even try and then so continue the process and there's five monkeys that were never there they've never actually seen the rain fall down but they don't try to climb the ladder up to the food Oh sad monkey story yeah and I mean it has like a lot of like ways you can apply it to life I guess and basically it's like this is just the way.

We've always done it that's kind of the takeaway you don't look into things for yourself you just this is the way we do it but what about that newest monkey what do you mean he doesn't even try the new monkey that's put in last some new monkey well the last new monkey he tries but the monkeys don't let him okay so there's an attempt every new monkey.

Initially tries but then it's just the other monkey's enforcing Italy we don't you don't go up there that's just the way it is come on said this is hungry feed him yeah whenever Julius barks it messes with people's ears unfortunately we're sorry and it gets other dogs barking China create ghost towns to help with.

Overpopulation they build a whole city with no occupants hoping people will move there creepy I've heard that two people have told me that before I've never really looked into it but maybe we could do that for a mr. one day I think next week we just got to go back to textbook mysteries like crimes yeah this is that.

Kind of apply to humans too especially religion a lot of people don't even think to consider other religions yeah religions kind of like a birth thing you get it when you're born yeah and same with superstitions yes our superstitions for me it was all right guys it's a sad world see I don't think it's a sad world is it if you say it's a sad.

World then you're gonna see a sad world yeah your perspectives off error ASMR it's a beautiful world and we're fortunate to be here even if it's not a beautiful world saying it's a sad world repeatedly doesn't really do much well you're you're reinforcing it to yourself you don't believe it you believe it's a sad world yeah it's like forcing.

Yourself to be happy by smiling yeah like that sitting smiling guy you remember from last week definitely eventually you kind of just force that right all right guys I think that's it we got a recipe for you tomorrow like always we love ya every night
'The Case of Chris Porco', 'The Mouse Utopia Experiment' and More!
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