Sunday Brunchalong And All Your Questions Answered

Sunday Brunchalong And All Your Questions Answered

Sunday Brunchalong And All Your Questions Answered

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Hello we're live on Facebook and YouTube today is going to be an omelet cook-off so we're doing my brunch then we're gonna eat and then we're gonna be making so we can get flour yeah because also the Michigan game was a blowout which was super-fun and Matt's birthday was just very relaxing and chill right what's the joke yeah which is you know.

Always a great way to start a day you know your barbecue ribs actually smoked ribs with me we're gonna go to Buffalo put it aside against this new kitchen and place for like six months kind of new you're definitely not a good channel for first-time ketone Ian's yeah we have we had you have our intro series though there's four videos and they intro you.

Into ketosis for good for beginners better than Vegas almost no shampoo guys yeah what are you thinking about Keo for kids they're not overweight it's not necessary also how old are they yeah I guess it depends how well they're we just focus more let sound like having them be in ketosis at all but I don't really give advice kids how do you feel.

About the new slim fast keto products the meal meal bars all the rest of the stuff so for me so math omelette it's gonna be broccoli bacon and it is four whole eggs for yolks right yeah and then I'm doing mushrooms bacon and scallion and then I get started so Matt's doing this is head of broccoli I'm just gonna chop it up what is IMO it stands for.

Isomalt oligosaccharides it's like some kind of soluble fiber that is marvelous fiber on nutrition labels but it really has like a pretty decent impact on it's like blood glucose levels yeah and it doesn't you can't just subtract it like most companies tell you to yeah I know quest bars were the best but our actress bars okay some of them are.

Good I just always you're buying like prepackaged foods from a GSE or grocery store so the new action bars don't use maltitol so those are but the old ones like the adults like snacks and the old bars all I'm doing is chopping up Matt's broth right now and we're gonna be using a nonstick skillet we don't normally like to but you can't.

Really make an omelet in a cast-iron skillet it's nearly impossible cause bob has titanium dioxide it not good let me check the label on them we haven't yeah you're the label the box now box I've been yawning a lot I need to be probably tired right do you weigh your portions or measure typically way yeah we're tracking a.

Strictly way but we don't always like measuring weigh everything okay I'm gonna chop up the broccoli that's doing three slices I'm doing to soak it all together but then pull mine out before I make his omelet yeah these don't have titanium dioxide and we got and we always get this kind now it's nature ranchers the no sugar added we get ours.

At all it's a little pricey but we like it right uncured I'm sure yeah so I've been doing no histamines lately which I'm gonna make a video on this because it's really changed my life with my sinuses what do you think about keto fridge would you ever try that on a video we did yeah yeah that's right there they have some.

Good stuff have some decent stuff we didn't really try any of their meals but I tried there what was it they're like yeah they're cookie dough is that good but the mint ice cream thing was delicious yeah like peanut butter cups that permit say you should try to make foolish interests.

To egos which is very cute friendly okay look I don't know anything about that do you drink you all drink any wine or cure for the alcohol so yeah we'll drink wine depending on how we're feeling method we actually applying on try it and we'll just go for anything that's dry so like whites we usually go Pinot Grigio so Mia Blanc but you can ask like what they're.

Dry swine is and then read like a pinot noir will be good but we normally do stick to like liquor which is probably your best bet so like just whiskey on the rocks or like you can do a vodka Diet Coke we used to do vodka and energy drinks a lot which is probably like very dangerous elixir delicious as though you call it yeah some people asking about.

Aikido when you're gonna be think I don't know much about that so I don't really have much advice on that I mean it's loot iron iron so like I made red meat right now and then I'm gonna get my actually right now to medium high knees ukyo nazis are so funny so concerned about packaged foods and GMOs are we that concern about packaged food from.

GMOs well you just said this is like I'm sure I mean where there's some I'm not that concerned about packaged food to the GMOs yeah you drink alcohol a very well known carcinogen well I mean yeah so like there are certain things that enhance your life in moderation like alcohol yes and caffeine and things like that that I think can be very mean it's.

Not healthy I'm not gonna lie she'd say sure you should be drinking alcohol it's obviously a negative on your health but it's a positive in social situations for me and I would say that Nazis a very strong word to use and I wouldn't use that how do you keep from getting massive muscles when working out I don't know if that's a sneak.

like chopping bacon yep and I have the pan heated I'm gonna get the bacon cooking down first and then I'm gonna add in the broccoli and then all that like bacon grease will be used to cook the eggs and the broccoli and everything so this is five slices of bacon right here I'm going to add to the pan I'll.

Show you guys right there the broth I'm going to add it after the bacon spring cooked and then also this morning she made some cookies these are walnuts place if you search aikidoka neck wallet spice cookies these are my favorite ones to try everything myself or maybe you don't like the amount of salt specified in the recipe yeah reduce that egg nog.

Cute overly no but we have a recipe it's very high in sugar it's so delicious and my background coffee after my birthday now this is the one day thing still hot if you plan on a cheat meal what is the fastest way to get that up in ketosis well it's plan then you shouldn't be focused on getting back to ketosis fast rate if it's a plan you decide to make.

The you know how to cheat meal and you're going to understand them the next day maybe you'll have some inflation some water retention weight gain not a big deal just you know getting back on the diet is the most important part there's no like trick to cheat your body into ketosis and then for you yeah and then the egg whites we separate.

Put them up for Julius and you get some so yeah what I'm doing for flex and for yolks and then about the last question I'm getting back and maybe fences faster so if you actually do and it's like in a healthy mindset you can just do like a fast in the morning and do some high-intensity workout is the quickest way to just like burn through all the.

Glycogen that's that's basically what gets you back into ketosis but about it like Dora don't use that as a excuse every time because that can become an unhealthy habit how bad is so Geronimo venti donate five dollars how bad is the impact on our health from glice glyphosate in non-organic food etc honestly I don't really know what is it.

It it's a it's a herbicide it's applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses yeah so you're saying like giving non-organic vegetables and stuff I mean if you can't afford it probably get organic it's gonna be a little bit better but even organic foods it doesn't mean there's no there's still like they can use organic.

Pesticides and stuff it's not pesticide free and then I can't get this thing away but do we typically use organic vegetables not always maybe like 50 percent of the time and it's not a huge increase in price but like for kale and spinach and stuff I think it's more important to get organic Lesko for other.

Stuff you can look up like there's a usually there release every year the ten most pesticide heavy foods and it's always like if you drink vegetables basically okay it's cooking I'm just there's a know what do you always say that starts with the P pili nuts pío I and UTF similar to macadamia nuts hey I have a recipe challenge for you.

You don't cover jelly that sounds good I gotta try it one time but yeah that would be like keto me with Bobby's with chef Bobby Z donated $15 keto me with chef Bobby Z I'm starting to think so but I watched Alabama last me and they look really good the thing is our offense is bad but I'm really good and I feel like we'll just you know they'll be.

Able to put up some points on us and we won't be able to score at all if we play them so the bacon oh you're gonna keep your child to gender ambiguous I don't have a child not near pregnant even a lot of work but uh know what to I know I wouldn't mind not knowing until birth but I'm the doubt for either way Tilford preparation.

Right names yeah okay go back eggs are mixed actually what Mariana cross we're affiliated by dollar set out to I appreciate you guys a lot have a great day thank you hi could I drink no sugar and soda water so yeah no sugar so there's no car cleaner right yeah I mean it's best instead of this asking each.

Individual food if you can or cannot have it it just kind of learn the concepts of what is kid-friendly and what's not any alternative to rights other than cauliflower miracle rice which is made of cognac fiber not shared memory but nothing really else the best back so bacon butter and lard is good for you yeah I would say bacon is.

Probably like the most suspect of those three items but in general and yeah I mean if you get the lard at the grocery store that's like some really little quality cake and they're just like you know like like really high heat to kill all the bacteria probably not that nutritious but did you get like some after and lard.

Then yeah that's probably pretty good for you what backers would you start with for Aikido beginner online to the weight loss it's gonna be very person dependent moving using online or you can just start if you can have an idea of your macro fire or calories change the ratio up so like I think just start with cuz I.

Write like 70 percent 25 percent okay yeah right so just the ratios um okay so I'll just keep in your car clubs and I think yeah starting there until you feel comfortable with the diet we are cooking omelets we're gonna do a little what do you put in yours and they've just cooled completely the walnut spiced so the the basis walnuts.

And it Avena processors to check that out too much cheese bad cookie dough yeah I think in excess anything's bad right so actually I'll go into it a little so for the past month I've had to play a really bad sinus issue going out and I've never really had sinus issues before or like any kind of allergies environmental.

Element allergies so I thought maybe it was like moving to Jordan that we have these woods in their backyard to make its that but also I was eating for lunch every day we're out to the peas and a can of sardines so that's a lot of cheap organs it's like you know that about that much and the can of sardines and I cut all that out and I was also doing.

Kombucha and kimchi every day so those are all really high histamine foods so I cut out all the histamine foods for like the past week I can breathe like exceptionally again completely one away so I'm pretty confident with that with my issue I have a minor so you know a lot of stuff like that they can be very related that people are just like small.

Lactose intolerance is and stuff and when you're really eating just a lot of the same foods you set yourself up to have like more issues like that I would say how much do you incorporate lamb since they have a great omega-3 ratios well do you think I'm create a magnet three ratios but we incorporate I don't know I guess I can look up the ratio of.

Lamb omega-3s but I assume it's similar to beat right yes we don't allow though I always get these big lamb legs and I smoke them on the smoker and those are delicious logos and then the issues for me is like I react to like just stored meat after a long time so like it mat meal prep separate daily and we do lamb shanks sometimes -.

That's a good oh we almost got lamb on Friday tip suggested readings not really but we which friend did we get you remember pretty good the one we got I would say you can probably do research and find better but I can't remember which one it was now coconut oil avocado oil olive oil all healthy fats see I think that's kind of a myth thinking.

That only plant sources of fats are healthy I would prefer to eat like this beef tallow we have butter things like that my pain healthier than bacon to be big know I'm adding the broth to the bacon I pulled out two slices of bacon for myself smithy 987 the pink $5 UK fan here we bought and love your book in digital and physical but when love a.

Fully vegetarian version one day you're my favorite YouTube couple thank you honestly a vegetarian vegetarian diet has something we believe it's good for health so I don't think we would ever make book but we have a lot of vegetarian recipes on our site I think well you know we'll probably never do a vegetarian cookbooks.

Librarian and what's going on thirty dollar donations dang beach towel we render ourself how do you get forty seven hundred milligrams of potassium daily sometimes I'll show you I'll bring it in a little we'll be back Facebook this isn't really an omelet this is more of a frittata yeah taking everything out.

It's fine I don't like it like this and she's just gonna cook that for like a minute or two right over the course of 14 days it's about having like a sustained diet that promotes a healthy lifestyle healthy weight for the rest of your life so yeah you can lose weight doing too big wait for two weeks doesn't really do much for you realize there's.

Still many more benefits you want to stick to it so in case you go says who want a mukbang with y'all I think we're gonna do one today we're gonna eat here yeah let me show Facebook what we should do one together yeah what references do you use when you have questions about keto health or what websites do you reference for information so the best.

Website in my opinion is the western half priced our Western a priced at work they have a lot of good info there and I just like read books a lot of times like if it's a specific topic I'll just do a google search and like try looking up studies play with yourself and see what helps you stick to your diet what helps the diet be.

Sustainable for you and as long as you're eating within your macros the foods that make up the macros don't really matter that much as far as weight loss goes the matter as far as health goes but so like if you find fat bombs after dinner being good a good alternative then stick with those and especially if you're doing it.

For weeks and weeks and you're getting consistent results then yeah stick with it if you're not going to result you might have to change I am taking vitamin b12 vitamin D magnesium and potassium along with a daily vitamin do you think that is okay seems okay I don't take any of that stuff I take vitamin B that's it magnesium plus all those external.

Vitamins I would like check to see is there multi vitamin also have a lot of b12 does the blue to me breaker fast yeah I would say so glutamine is it a glycogen or amino acid so it's um without cheese are not as good as almonds with cheese so it's kind of sad that I can't have cheese right now oh baby yeah it's really big this is.

A big plate thank you I'll wait for you you prefer I so he requests protein powder what do you prefer taste request if I just want like a protein shake looking good smoothie or something and probably use ice appear from UK have any thoughts on oxalic oxalic toxicity is there like a lot of oxalates I mean you don't get a ton of oxalates I.

Think you a diet unless you just like eating spinach all day long I think it's more of a concern for like a vegan diet I assume our toxicity is just a lot of oxidized I'm not sure though so all right now just cut some mushrooms for mine back to the where the south but we go back to end the bot so I I'm good dropping that's how I view myself Vega.

Hydrator and then spill what is the beef Chalabi fellow is just rendered beef fat so it's similar to lara lara sparks tallow it's beef we just use it to cook stuff I bought some online I bought a bunch of like to con bags of beef suet raw beef suet and then I rendered it into tallow maybe we'll make a video is the first.

Time I've ever done it so I don't think I did the best job still learning she's definitely American no one calls it Bombay anymore Mumbai as that was this it's currently stay it's the original I want to attend Aikido conference one day what kind of you with that so we've been to Vicki no the doctor burrito health summit initial and.

The car Breckenridge here in January next year I guess we're going to the metabolic health summit in ten no it's in Long Beach yeah maybe we'll make Snoop Dog so those are going to be the 14th in two out of those I would recommend for like camaraderie meeting people trying samples and a little bit of speeches ki.

Doha kyudo Condit probably the best one if you're just gonna for learning like you want to sit there and take notes that's more like low carb Breckenridge or probably what the metabolic health summit would be like and then the dr. Burton I would say I just feel like beginners like like hardcore beginners the doctor Burdwan is good for that $5.

Donation from like one two three a teen can you lose weight on a 100 grams total net worth per day versus a keto based diet I find the 20 grand limit unsustainable of the channel yeah so weight loss is gonna be dictated on your caloric intake so you can lose if 100 grams is more sustainable than 20 grams of carbs to you I would say that's just.

A better diet for you that what sustainable matter is a lot more than just Diane $5 donation thank you what should I order when dining out there's there's always like a ton of options at basically every place unless you go to like a Mexican restaurant or a Chinese restaurant this is a tuber my kicked i seat but typically I order like a meat.

And a vegetable sometimes they'll get an omelet sometimes they'll get a Cobb salad those are the sometimes like a bunless burger what else that's pretty much it like and 102 guys to go swings yeah and you can only ask for sauce on the side or vegetables to substitute something have you ever tried duck eggs high in fat and nutrients much better.

For baking yes I have tried duck eggs I actually like them a lot it tastes a little seafoody though yeah that's why I Stephanie person is I'm dr. oz yeah yeah I would say that's totally off topic but the chicken pressed pizza was amazing and we loved it yeah that's great – like entice your kids pizza on a.

And you can make fun make make it fun with like topping list of what if your own mad and not getting all your macros too much to eat at one meal but not hungry to try to eat two meals I don't I mean if I don't think that's a big deal that's working for you you're still feeling good on the one meal I mean your body's pretty good at.

Regulating I think it's not just gonna you know waste away what happened push comes to shove you're gonna get hungry because you need food Matt for magnesium we are doing a Baptist magnesium glycinate pills go to Amazon and they've been helping him with sleep Julie donates $5 I've been.

Binge-watching you guys for two weeks I listen on my HR drive what is HR from Detroit to Ohio for work and on my breaks and relax at night I do list thank you well a lot of donations here Julis Judy Lee have you guys thought about making videos using non dairy products I love the keto diet watching your channel but.

Can theory we're gonna be doing a lot more because I am NOT going to be for a while no matter well I le butter it's mostly just the highest means to like cheese I guess yeah butter butter I can eat but there's no substitutions for a lot of stuff like heavy cream he's coconut milk for the baby you can use coconut oil stuff like that.

Chiquita $2 love you guys thank you CR mo $5 I've been on keto for a week I intend to make a lifestyle change but I feel super sick guys dying over here any help you're not backing up early so you feel sick like from starting the keto diet so those are key no clue symptoms so electrolyte supplementation.

Is gonna be your biggest you know contributor to your like feeling better but it's also something you're just gonna have to push through everyone most people experience the keto flu are those Roth's but no I just saw a blue Galatz not spinach and an omelet with mushroom and bacon $5 from genetic Rome day just curious.

The biggest known elevator to go away on its own or was it something else no I don't know what tree nut allergies or food on just you just go away on their own from what I talked to you the physician about I was just like I don't actually have a true peanut allergy it could have been a false.

Positive a lot of people apparently have false positives so thank God because it's been the best like past week just eating tree nuts Oh what did you say about the gorilla so she's having trouble to start are you some mining electrolytes yeah yeah because a lot of times when people first start they're just cut out.

The carbs would they keep eating the same food so just like chicken breast you know so you got to add that too when I first call for sixty met carbs but immunity under at the end of the day is that okay that's absolutely fine as long as you're feeling good did you ever figure out who stole your YouTube money no it was just like you know standard.

Like Nigerian scammers type of people but we got back actually yeah do you ever start to get aversions to food you eat a lot yeah I think I do like what I can't think of one off the top of my head maybe eggs every once in a while particularly egg whites like I don't crave them at all and I can feel kind of sick when I eat them if I'm just.

Eating like eight a day or something anything yeah I use fake butter no carbs and cheaper I know it's bad but I have to stand strict a budget well are you talking about margarine what is fake butter yeah butter is extremely cheap it's really cheap yeah so that's a bad decision regardless of budget in my opinion I mean it's not.

That much cheaper margarine over butter is it I don't know what you're shopping someone asks but bringing in miss having wine so much so typically what we drink we drink either scotch or wine or whiskey but if you just ask the sommelier or there's there wasn't a sommelier but it was like the waitress and we have to just what's the driest.

Wine you guys have to be a little lower and we go with that do you recommend s icky or coconut oil on you for beginners I'm sick you've absolutely not necessary in my opinion I think there's someone beginning coconut oil absolutely fine if you're just adding it to your copiers I mean if you're cooking with it then coconut oil is great but yeah I'm.

Teaching oil to me I don't ever use it it's more of a luxury thing yeah put it in like the something nice to try it better yeah it's not mandatory at all Julius is really becoming a beggar even Walmart grandmother's a pretty good deal so someone yeah it isn't like a pound of butter later two or three dollars am I wrong about that I mean that's like.

Those thirty two hundred calories for no yeah that's thirty two hundred calories for three dollars that's the super cheap in my opinion can you eat tomatoes I don't like answering questions about specific foods look at the carb count do we eat tomatoes occasionally it's not like a staple of our diets I love cherry tomatoes so I always have.

Something the fridge don't hop my salad with them if I'm having a salad you need to get higher chairs what no please keep making recipes with coconut flour I just gotta be tested and my outer still is there so oddly or funny enough ever since I said I was tree nut free or like theologies not there people have been saying like but keep making a coconut.

Recipes or lower calorie overall so I don't know better because I haven't had almond flour dessert in a really long time but it is yeah you need less of it so we'll definitely be doing both like coconut flour on the cloud or always I mean on the lower face better have you tried dry farm wine no sugar organic yeah we have the thing with those is.

They're really good and they completely alleviate any concerns about like how much parts could be in this line right but it's about $22 a bottle Gracie but it is definitely good we're putting new so if you're really into lying buggers $4.99 a pound at Michigan super cheap right one time to blend O'Lakes it's $2.99 yeah.

What is it must buy in Quito for beginners like good butter yeah butter and we get like 80/20 ground beef yeah I don't know you probably want to have some snacks on man so I would get some nuts maybe some pork right here be stuff like that because when you're transitioning from standard american guys it's not really about like becoming.

The most optimal diet there is having replacements for your habits because if you're in a standard american diet you're happy just like I'm at my computer desk what can I pop in my mouth while we're watching to order you know so you need some stuff to kind of replace that at first until you don't need it anymore.

He is great I love you mega doesn't like this much with me I really like the taste of it I don't like it even like desserts the only time I'll cook with it because like that's how Indian food olives and cookies I'm used to that I think but yaki is just it overpowers everything like butter has no taste that.

It's just creamy you guys never lose here on keto with taking college with help ask Benedick measure it is something that the majority people have to deal with before it grows back I don't think the majority of people on the keto diet deal with hair loss but I don't think it's necessary to take preventative measures because you may.

Not ever have them so in that regard no colony would it be necessary just to be preventative so with the hair loss I think a lot of that much calorie or stress stress can create a lot of different reactions in your body and hair loss could be one of those and if that comes down to it then I would worry about it but until that happens I.

Wouldn't worry about it if I cheat on keto it seems sugar has the worst effect for energy and taking longer to get back on your ketosis is there any science behind that or unique to me you think yeah so the longer you do keto for the more your body is fat burning fat adapted the stronger your fat adaptation is the worst you handle.

Sugar so like for me and Megha and we have sugar we're not going to use it really well but if you're eating sugar every single day you're like a long-distance runner and you just pop those gel packets all day your body's really good at using sugar so it's that's what they turn metabolic flexibility so you're probably not that.

Metabolically flexible you're good at using so like we went to dinner with my dad and my brother and I was done first and then I really feel like an hour before everyone else was done so you know fully chew everything like when I watch those crazy cheese and there's three bikes they're cute two dykes two or three bikes for a donut.

And they just swallow you don't even seem slower is better I started keto by beginning with paleo with that transition on steroids for someone who's worried you know about falling off the wagon or just nervous to get started hey Leo you know a lot of people I feel like I've done that what are the benefits of apple cider your.

Shots before meals in my opinion almost nothing but there is some data seems to theorize that the apple cider vinegar increases your stomach acids so it helps with digestion a little bit what do you guys think of the carnivore diet I'm pretty Pro but I think it's probably good to have some veggies also because the more stuff removed the more.

Sensitive to adding it back in and I like having veggies it makes me fuller I like the taste in them so I don't know I think long-term onboard I I find it hard to I don't know like imagine those people that have been doing it for so long ever eating which is fine but I want to be a person that occasionally eats vegetables I think yeah are you.

Vegetables so finally what sustained for me wouldn't be sustainable we get bored I would be boring yeah we have a job a really tasty food so we should try everything yeah if you don't kita for three weeks I'm about to go on vacation and drink vodka and parties will my body be able to.

Handle it since I'm on this diet yeah three make seven minions long enough for it makes you super negatively but just be careful I would drink water between drinks because you could get drunker faster and for hangovers I would take some sort of a like for like supplement and make sure you drink or take your electrolytes before bed to prevent.

Hangovers your solo podcast from last week was lit fam thank you oh cool donates 25 bucks dang thanks for all the content your recipes are how I've stuck to this lifestyle yeah it's great to hear what dressing do you use for Cobb salad typically I just use olive oil and some kind of vinegar mega gets the primal kitchen dressings though.

She likes those yeah what flavor is the best near the sesame ginger one that I really like and then they see there and Green Goddess and all the usuals if you're taking a vitamin D supplement and not taking a vitamin k2 supplement this could be problematic love you guys you're the best yeah the one we took a vote even D and K.

Cumecs come on if that is 60 to 80% of your diet you want to go for quality you are what you eat health issues are potentially much more expensive than grocery bill yeah when the same page I mean you got to do what you can Saran evening high-quality we definitely have upped our game lately we probably spend each $20 a day on food I'd say maybe a.

Little less but it's pretty expensive like what we do now but like the first steps in the right direction is just removing all the processed bad foods the human shouldn't be eating and like yeah you want to focus on quality but not everyone can afford to focus on quality right and I understand like how health issues are more expensive than grocery.

Bills but it's that's like a really long term mine status like when you're in a day to day basis like do I take vitamins and fish oil sounds good to me I'm kind of reward vegetables are achieved a mega rocks that hashtag mega rocks oh thank you but it's also spelled with an M a which no beans except green beans black soy beans are low and card.

We've never like tested with them I wonder how that would impact our glucose if at all but they do give me the same like gastric distress as any normal party a month bloated so that's just a warning with the black fluids I like this one my dad has recently gone vegan because of health issues surrounding a heart attack his.

Cholesterol has been cut in half what does eater done for your cholesterol so we're not doctors but I would say his bluff l mean kind of half as a bad thing you want you don't want to have very low cholesterol and most on a vegan guy have extremely low cholesterol don't link to lunch a strong look I'm not sure or like people on a.

Vegan diet have lower testosterone I think that's probably just a fact but I don't know I need to like looking good mark I recently started you go two weeks ago should I invest in a blood test you can check my key counts if you want to you know take note of where your Boggs acts and correlate that with how you're feeling it's not necessary to test I.

Personally enjoy and prefer testing my blood glucose after foods or in the morning to see you know how could impact me I think that's more important than knowing your exact ketones day today how often do you eat we do two two males typically we'll have like post dinner snacks post dinner snacks I got that as part of dinner it's like within a.

30-minute window are you doing anything to help with conceiving um not yet ii know i yeah well definitely keep you in the loop when we do start to do a bunch of stuff college hoops gets going tuesday so if you guys don't know i played college hoops division two and the night before no juicers is what's called Midnight.

Madness mm-hmm when you can first legally start the practice so a lot of teams crowd yeah so a lot of teams have like Kentucky or whatever they'll have like a big show at midnight we're just dunking and they'll do like playing games and stuff we did is we had practice at 4:30 in the morning like an actual legitimate perhaps we're doing.

Like lane slides and then we came back at like 10:00 a.m. for the second bag who's like started practicing it wasn't fun our avocado is not vegan don't weaken right what did you guys major in college computer engineering oh um I'm into law school and then what are you putting your omelette they're tasty they've.

Learnt it Steve I did mushrooms and bacon and scallions looks a bed of arugula and then Matt did a bacon and broccoli should my a1c be high we're not doctors but I think no I don't know what the exact normal ranges like they're excited when they see five that's good Oh someone subtract your temperature to get pregnant yeah.

I've also read that but yeah there's a lot of things so much told me they don't get it resuming lacks it was like okay now I feel like there's so many things that I'm gonna be doing but I don't know why that would thanks for the big wife and I watch every evening on YouTube in North Carolina owner forecast oh yeah also in November which it is right now.

Our our cookbooks supposed to roll out into target we just found out which is exciting so if you see it in target definitely tag us on Instagram and we're excited for that right yeah Union target I don't know how many Aikido cookbooks are in target yeah I'm gonna go look look we're also working on our second one.

Chips for sleep on one meal a day I wake up super early I am trying to work in my sleep I honestly don't get a lot lately like I went to bed last night yet I guess I got like seven hours but I wouldn't say it seemed best of quality sleep oh so one meal a day I don't sleep well because I'm just like so full and bloated and gassy so that's what.

Personally I don't know it like tip wise I help I would eat your meal earlier in the day that's yes then you have time to digest it don't like you get right before bed how many eggs do each of you omelette I had 3 eggs and mathematics 4 eggs and then 4 yolks if I'm allowed 30 to 80 grams of carbs a day can I have one and.

A half to 1 cups of oatmeal a day or two slices of Ezekiel bread a day I mean you can do whatever you want so yeah but like if you're looking for actual like optimal health I would use most of my cards to get good nutrition in like oatmeal isn't doing nothing for you you could have like berries linking your own vegetables that's a much better use of.

Your carbs in my experience is also more filling so like 80 grams of carbs from oatmeal it's not really going to fill you up as much of a grams apart from fruits and vegetables just purchase purchase from Akito exits you a powder and chocolate flavor how do you like to drink it in bulletproof coffee or you can add it to smoothies too what else do.

I put it in my cakes one cakes okay best of luck you like drink to grab in store to it or just drink like 10 of them i watched dr. death you listen to me after i like you so much i watched dirty john to the reporter and dr. death mentioned it okay John you had Barco so the recipes make it easier to act on my daily vlog I guess yeah that's something.

We can do in the future but maybe for our next one we were thinking that could be cool or even like a code that you scan and it takes you to a video of us making it what is your cookbook it's called keto maybe D it's also the trademarks tagline is slimfast yeah they do you have keto sweets every day most days yeah I would say some form.

I do like maybe similarly chocolate chips or dark chocolate after Derek the the least I'll do is like one stick of unsweetened chocolate otherwise well I don't really consider that a sweet oh I do no okay so then yeah everyday that's good but no we don't we don't have a monkey everyday we don't have like.

Cookies we don't have desserts everyday we have dark chocolate for sure would you interview Tebow for keto for Norman 6007 years I mean you ask me I guess you can reach out to him but it would be on his end to like actually want to come on the podcast if you go yeah come on the fence with beginning keto what do I do to get more.

Electrolytes if I'm gonna do this I want to do it right I want to improve my health I love watching your videos so like a good package from beginning you probably want some kind of powdered potassium to supplement the task I'm so like dr. Birds on Amazon is a good one will you see as big a hydrator but apparently that is not port salt is.

Really good and then you want a magnesium supplement so magnesium glycinate and then for sodium just salt on your food extra salt on your food which chocolate you have every day I like what's that brandy both coconuts that's what I've been giving I don't like it it's super bitter I'll do 92 percent chocolate and above so alter eco.

They're like midnight walk out chocolate is really good well Chris doesn't think it was 92 David Thomas five dollar donation no relation to 1 DS 1 DS big Thomas no one knows that there's a founder of Wendy's no one knows that raise your hand if you know what I typically find it hard to get my protein higher isn't like that.

Breakfast and bacon dinner meat sour cream butter crackling avocado so do you need your protein higher than your fastest should be pretty similar in grams but if you want to add more protein I would just take you leaner meats and maybe like cut out a little bit of fat just got a tweaking what do you think of the no.

Products I personally never what am I trying to bear no buds yeah not much not much it's all on the flour so you thrive their products the company as a whole so the thing with them is is they originally lied to their customers right but they have made amends do it so I don't know in charge we got really trust them again but they have like different.

Ownership yeah so yeah but overall I could taste the cookies are really filling which is nice they're not the taste is but it's like also I don't know when you get all that soluble fiber in any little sand stuff I don't but you do like yeah that's like some crackers but yeah Oh Dave Thomas donated $2 in the scent he said he met fats higher oh.

That's all right yeah you need to get that tighter yeah yeah okay so you can try doing fat bombs you can try bulletproof coffee and just make sure you're buying expensive meat so like we typically mostly red meat so if you get 80/20 ground beef great that's not perching is almost the same on that so that's our 2014 19 yeah.

A little bit of butter you just talking yeah and revised with and just make sure you can see the fats like visible it's there so yeah when you're looking for your meat and then just add the fat you're like add some more avocado to your eggs in the morning or like more butter that what do you think of choc zero treats I recently just had a choc.

Fear of chocolate bar with almonds in it and honestly I didn't taste the chocolate at all it was just like that and I ate it all because I started it and I wasn't even not finish it but it's not good I feel it's so but the facts pretty low and so is the protein the carbs are the highest like the fiber so I was like oh I just eating like a fiber.

Bar and so there's so many better options out there for chocolate than charts here in my opinion lilies being one of them Lilly sells bars you can find everywhere and all grocery stores I've seen them cocoa polo you can't find the member if it goes with my favorite and then just like dark chocolate bars like lint dark.

Chocolate bars alright guys okay bye football we'll see ya tomorrow at 9 and 9 on Instagram I'm in desperation mode and fantasy if I lose this week that's it and then next week next time they cook alone we are doing chewy chocolate chip almond flour cookies so be prepared will be making cookies and David Thomas says you guys.

Are awesome swing by and get some junior Bacon's oh my god I love you thank you we love you guys
Sunday Brunchalong And All Your Questions Answered
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