Pancakes + Giveaway | Keto Cookalong

Pancakes + Giveaway | Keto Cookalong

Pancakes + Giveaway | Keto Cookalong

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Figure it out yeah simple hi we're doing brunch today we're doing macro pancakes and bacon and then we're doing the giveaway it's all about the giveaway so if you are here with us and you're cooking anything at all you could even be just like cooking a protein bar and put it on a plate cut it up tag us hashtag dsk brunch on Instagram on.

Instagram and you'll be entered to win a free and deeper state keto course which is going live night at midnight and if you guys are interested in that it's linked in the description below I look like a ghost on YouTube oh my gosh it's just bright and I think it's because of my screen so today is the last day to preorder price goes up tomorrow so get.

In on that if you guys are interested it's 90 days it's what we documented on our YouTube channel over the last 90 days it takes a lot more effort it's not just you know you're gonna get results at the end of 90 days you gotta be tracking and pushing yourself and it was really rewarding at the end to be like wow I did all that and I'm proud of.

Myself so I think it's worthwhile for anyone if you don't think you're ready you might just be where you might not be yeah and if you're not then you know be honest with yourself and you can always purchase later no rush Westworld season 2 today yeah you know I just rewatched a lot of season one actually recently so we don't have anything to donate to.

Today we've just been working so hard on this deeper sticky dough to get it ready to go today so this not super chapter it's Super Saturday I guess you guys have been asked for us to just keep one maybe we'll just keep the donations from this one or we'll come up with something to commit words yeah you know yeah and then we can.

Just roll it over to next week would we get a refund if we wanted already registered yeah yeah for sure dudes it's the playoffs I know I've actually been watching the 10 minute game highlights of the NBA Playoffs and it's the best cuz you don't need to like commit two hours to the game what's your plans for the pancakes tell them what.

We're making today so we're making macro pancakes this is a classic recipe from our food blog perfect keto macros so we're going to be using this protein powder it's it's new we've never really used it it's Vega protein powder but you can use whatever protein powder you have at home and then we're going to be doing cream.

Cheese eggs and butter and that's really all the ingredients okay so we're doing a brunch style because we're leaving for Hawaii tomorrow suros meal prepping wouldn't make sense because then we have to eat it all today that wouldn't be good I've been increasing my calories before deeper state keto and I hit a new low.

Weight this morning yeah so that's a lot of people have been having that that result they've been doing the 14 day meal plan at a higher floor intake are just increasing their calories and actually breaking through a stall or losing some weight so you know sometimes your body just wants that and I think this is a great program to do that and.

Then you show on this your Facebook but we got our book missing seed this is the book it's in our hands it just arrived in the mail it's our actual cookbook we made this it's really exciting so May 15th it'll be out for pre-order now and its really like the price is 22 bucks which is really a lot lower than.

It was and then June 5th it'll be out in Costco so it's over a hundred recipes huh got a lot of good ones sesame chicken sounds really good on what's like my favorite oh we got mozzarella sticks those actually took me like 15 tries to get right it's surprisingly hard to get keto breading.

To not let the mozzarella sticks leak out I couldn't wait for you guys to go live so I made some pancakes because me and my kids were hungry and they were delicious yes don't forget to tag us if you already need them all cartoon truffles your 14 day meal plan stabilize my ketones love it whoa that's amazing I'm.

And I would agree that to the 80% of fat yeah guys so if you don't want to get the course you can actually just try out what it's a little bit light out there's a 314 day meal plan which is set for 1700 calories a day but you can do you can change that up don't feel like you're tied to that will it be the same rice and pasta well it'll be more in.

Costco yeah it's gonna be the actual book price which is 34 95 maybe maybe they'll get a discount I don't really know I assume not it says it on the back of the book they wouldn't just print that if it wasn't like the book price I just made Kino pancakes this morning from another site hell yeah just kidding there's so many good pancakes out.

Recipes out there I just signed up for a kilo salvage and Kino Connect 90-day course hey what can I use if there is no erythritol in my country monk fruit or you do liquid stevia yeah they're not really a bulking sweetener monk monk fruit is you can do granular monk fruit well that's a record haul yeah but I mean if they don't have a rhythm at all.

It's not gonna be granular monk fruit and I guess if they don't have a whisper tall guys are there's just they're not gonna have value though I would imagine you're probably just what country do you live in yeah always tell us the country cuz I'm curious are you gonna do cure recipes for the instant pot so we have our crock.

Pot recipe book coming to we have like 10 good recipes not soon and we want to get like 20 I mean a 10 recipe one would be good too yeah I think we need more we need some we have some really good ones and Omega made oxtail soup are the recipe in the book different from what's on your website yes so there's only like 10 from our website in.

The actual book so like at least 90 are new the 10 from the cookbook are from the food bloggers just the ones that we felt like the cookbook would be incomplete without like you know breath yeah question I do not have a ketone meter I do have a glucose meter what range should I be in 80 or lower a lot of that's gonna depend on you as a.

Person like you know if you were just diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or something then your your glucose is gonna be higher than someone without diabetes so it's I think a lot of it is just figuring out what's normal for you and trying to improve that and getting getting down into a normal range over time we're not doctors it's here though.

Guys nothing we say is medical advice well what kind of oil should I use for making Mayo auto kind of oils probably your best bet or olive oil yeah those are the real of the two best options does anyone do anything else like bacon fat mayo or something is that it yeah um when should we start did someone ask that question.

What is the best sweetener that will not give you diarrhea yeah I mean none of them give you diarrhea in moderation we when we did that we Mir video we two high doses of them and we had severe diarrhea all the time bacon neighs it's called and delicious oh you're using the whipped cream cheese do you guys have this into the grocery.

Stores by you it's it's ten whipped cream cheese it's really good it's like double the volume of normal cream cheese so this we are we gonna use all of this I really like this so for us we're gonna make a half recipe of the macro cakes not in Montana so I think our plan at least is to we're gonna first cook our bacon down and then we are going to make.

Our pancakes in the bacon grease do you think that's a good idea yes okay and so then we'll be using the bacon grease and not having to be grease the pan so I guess I'm gonna start it right yeah so get your hand get your hand get your pan free and medium-high heat and if you're not doing bacon you can hold off now cook whatever.

Meat you have sausages or just wait until we get the pancakes going why do you guys say I should cook one week in mega should sit down and answer at the comments but I asked her and she said she likes they like to speak to our gender roles yeah back in the kitchen okay guys here from cincy back from the Boston Marathon as a fat adapted runner.

That's awesome we had a few people reach out to us actually Kahn's on keto one guy from Korea I don't know what do you do for nutrition during or before the marathon but he did like no intra marathon nutrition which is pretty impressive like no fueling at all just running up you know like stored energy y'all look.

Fabulous are you vlogging in Hawaii yeah yeah so is that light on the back um we can try it I guess that's okay is this P tag Navi doulas you're still learning guys any step that I did or him question can't stop repeat do you want to clean it yeah okay been watching your channel thinking of going keto give it a try it doesn't hurt Julius no we're.

Dropping Julius and Miley off at the dog boarding place today get cookie and we have a podcast with Keo Savage they came out today what else you guys got going on I signed up for the 90-day program it better work I mean you better work – yeah you work for it I think it's gonna work for you yeah you can't just.

Sit back and let it happen to you what do you recommend for someone who is sensitive to most dairy but who wants to go kita let's just go Quito if you want you don't need dairy with Quito I did it for two months mad has done it too it's not as hard as you think it's not hard at all yes I heard it all I mean I guess when I was doing dairy-free I was maybe.

Doing a little bit of nuts but mostly just meat vegetables add coconut oil to those instead of butter or you can even get something like CGI mcg powder I'm adding my bacon to the hot pan okay well I'll be more interactive with you when the when the pancakes are going down she's just adding bacon to a pen stop listening to the new Jay Cole to be.

Here love the cook aligns the new Jay Cole is fire by the way that video ATM that song is really good I love that some of these guys just disappear for a while and I'm like I think the game's kind of passed them by but then they pop back up and they're as good as ever we're going to oo ahoo or no yeah yeah Oh wahoo.

Hey guys just starting Tito this week and I just got done with my week prep awesome what do you think do you think you know is becoming mainstream now I think it's the number one recent like Google Search diet of 2017 which yeah the more mainstream the better I mean it has to eventually go this way over fifty percent I think of.

Americans are obese and you know I think just cutting out processed foods depending on sugar will kind of lead people towards keto maybe not like strict keel but at least a lower carb diet in general if you are looking at the carbs of products do you look at the whole carb count or just the sugars you you would look at the entire carb count.

And then subtract any fiber and it'll say sugars if it's added sugars yeah so the total carbs already include the sugars everything that's invented under total carbs is already factored into that value up there yeah I would have to agree they'd probably just spend more time in the studio and pump out higher quality album although I don't it.

Doesn't sound to me like that album took too much time I feel like that was a two-week session right there yeah no I like it I think it's good just reading out cards and processed foods to automatically put you in ketosis no I mean you can eat sweet potatoes I guess that's a car though so yeah it's about the carb quantity how many you're having.

I just got here what are you making we're making bacon some pancakes and we're going to try doing a brown butter sauce thing that will serve as a reply purser up and add fat to the meal what's gonna go get the bod pod measurements at the start of the 90 days do you recommend that I mean the more metrics and data you have the better you'll feel.

About everything and I'll motivate you so if you don't have the option to do a body fat test in any form we highly encourage a not a bad day yesterday went to a birthday party they had my favorite cupcake vanilla cupcakes with pineapple cream frosting that sounds good but yeah I mean over time I think you'll you'll maybe get better about it and because.

How do you feel today after eating it is it something you want to continue doing and the positions become easier to resist man the bacon is really loud we got here what does it mean when it says carbohydrate by difference like it does on the USDA site I don't know what that means.

Carbohydrate by difference curious we'll all the wings for deeper states be unlocked tomorrow or only a few at a time yeah all of them I'm gonna try to do it as if possible by like 8:00 p.m. tonight but for sure by midnight tonight thoughts on quest cookies well they taste horrendous we tasting yeah that.

Cookie is not worth it because you can make better cookies like from our site or any food blog Oh mine's better and they're tastier and they're actually cookies oh I'm so disappointed in quest for that do not waste your money the longer I've been doing keto for the more I realize like boy what am i eating when it's a quest part it's just like this.

Weird like consistency of I don't know do you count green vegetables as carbs I count everything that goes into my mouth as what it is would eating a big salad or a lot of broccoli threw you out of ketosis yeah like in extreme excess like if you just go to town on six pounds of broccoli yeah hello throw you got a ketosis or not because it's very high in.

Fiber what's the best substitute of almond flour coconut flour but it's not a good one for one substitute you have to you probably just want to look up coconut flour recipes because for every almond flour recipe there's a comparable of coconut flour recipe do you have a vanilla cake recipe no but we have an olive oil cake recipe which is delicious.

And could substitute as a cake or if you do our protein cakes with vanilla vanilla protein powder that could be like a vanilla cake right yeah that's probably that one in the ll okay commence your favorites okay class how was your 4/20 it was uneventful in the context key referring to well let's do we got here turn down.

The bacon volume favorite date night activities oh the hash tag for okay hash tag for ten to the giveaway is hash tag DSK brunch the hash tag if you're trying to follow people's progress and cheer your own on Instagram is hash tag deeper take keto and there's a lot of people sharing their progress which is it's gonna be.

Really cool to follow what else do we get price prodigious tribute Aikido far from 5% Mike was impressed oh I'll have to look at that 5% nutrition I have to imagine they're not really doing keto properly but I would maybe I'll look that up right now Oh favorite day/night activity what do you got um we like to go to movies but.

We'll go to like a midday movie with some movie snacks and then we've been going to the sphere that's near this like semi expensive steak house so it's like it's above like Outback Steakhouse but it's below roots Chris obviously and so we'll do a movie and then steak dinners there and that's one of my favorites sometimes we'll just like stay.

And do like we've done a whiskey tasting before while we're watching like a movie or streaming a show that I enjoy doing because we like to you know talk about the flavours with the alcohol which is fun anything where you're like comparing different things that you could do that with cheeses to or like different cuts of steak that would be fun.

Um various dates yeah once there I'm trying to find this this 5% new truth Kito barner alright guys so my bacon is done I am setting it aside on the paper towel fortunately what did I do that right thinking lose some of the fat just getting it on a plate I can't actually find the ingredients here and I'm for the Katie kale Co bar and I'm also.

Turning off the skillet here right now because it's too hot and I don't want to put pancakes in it and I have to make my pancake batter so now it's time just sort of taking out the Indian is this the kind of thing you want to take daily or is it not good for you I take it on a situational basis but you can take it daily there's no military effects of of.

Using it every day but it's not the type of thing that you have to take daily so it builds up in your system like creatine it's an acute effect so we're good so we're getting my cupcakes going guys so if you're ready I'm ready let's do it so Matt and I we're just doing a half batch so if you want to do.

A full batch just double everything I'm doing it also also saying out loud so to a pretty pretty big mixing bowl I'm going to add two tablespoons of butter and four ounces of cream cheese and we're gonna microwave that so make sure bowls microwave safe which I don't even know if this bowl is okay we like to just say this so people don't comments.

On it and then four ounces of cream cheese so if you're gonna pull back to my four tablespoons of butter and eight ounces of cream cheese what are y'all views on slim jims mega has strong views on slim jims well not anymore you used to love them I used to love them I would eat the inside or like I'm.

To peel the casing off the me and you eat them separately when I was like in fifth grade obviously there's this better options now like um just yeah mix thanks mix fix but slim jims are very distinct in their flavor and like their chewiness all right four ounces go one me to measure oh okay she has poured well how many two.

Tablespoons of butter yeah I'm doing a half badge again and I'm gonna add four ounces to the two tablespoons of butter I'm sure you've tried forcing mattock coffees are you a fan not the biggest fan I like normal coffee I take out Fanning twice daily for anxiety it works wonders yeah it really does have a nice subtle calming effect I do like it I.

Just have to say I'm very grateful for all the knowledgeable theb seriously glad for all the research you do yeah okay guys two tablespoons of butter four ounces of cream cheese double that if you're doing a full batch what a microwave this for like 20 to 30 seconds so a common problem we have a recipe for this where you instead of making them.

Into pancakes you make them into muffins and someone commented that there who are Hollow and the reason that they come out Hollow is if you use milk protein or like a blended whey protein actually no a blended milk protein we use whey isolates but if you get like some case in in there that makes them turn out hollow so I think you probably use like.

Quest protein that has casein in it that makes them more Hollow just started my Kido on keto yesterday to help with her anxiety and PTSD she is living it one day and she loves it that's amazing l-theanine it's l – theanine love the podcast today thank you yeah that was that was full of knowledge did you listen to it a part of that so yeah.

Roberts did an amazing job explaining everything a lot of knowledge so even if you're not doing the course or anything it's just great to get all that information right I would listen to do it sups that he uses okay so I would don't really use a hand mixer but that's gonna be too loud so I'm just gonna mix this.

Together so we got butter and cream cheese so far yep someone's not cooking along but they're trying to put together a squat wrap they ordered off Amazon that makes sense how much does a squat rack are on you so once you gather that's why I put together hashtag dsk brunch squash no not squad.

Just brunch brunch dsk brunch see now you come up with a butter hashtag it cinnamon squad I said squat what what squad would be cool okay so cream cheese and butter is all melted together mix your wicks twist it weight whisked it what's still protein powder any broken part of your choosing we're using this vegan vanilla of time we've never used.

It I'm really excited so one scoop and if you guys are having trouble following along the link to the recipe is in the description of this live on youtube yeah this would be really difficult to poke along – yeah so I'm gonna add the scoop it's a scoop is usually 30 times in case you're wondering perfect and I'm gonna whisk.

That in since the cream cheese is really hot I don't want to add the eggs because then that can cook the eggs oh this protein might be a little bit more like that's Orban if it's too if you're well we'll talk about that don't get me hey so we're gonna add four eggs now yeah someone just said I want Vega powder but I found it makes my baking.

Way too dry this is our first time baking with us so we'll see what happens how many eggs forwards and if you're doing a double batch that was two scoops of whey powder and eight eggs how do you get potassium I can't stand avocados we have couple potassium supplements that we take pretty regularly this is my.

All-time favorite that one has 400 milligrams per scoop we also use zip this we use this zip fit one of these tubes has 1000 milligrams it also has caffeine though and you're going to do spinach avocado is not the only thing with potassium so now I'm whisking everything together what hat is on Manta what I got here.

Washington Wizards so it sounded like he was targeting me what you know how like so some people will ask Matt oh yeah yeah it's actually funny how often that happens and it's very rarely the other way around yeah well cuz I'm a woman you know cream of tartar is good for potassium see I know I know a lot of people say that but.

I look it up and for like a few hundred milligrams of potassium you're looking at like two cards or something now what did you rather just eat something delicious then eat cream of tartar okay let me look this up again real quick okay guys so my batter is done and it's really liquidy let me get a spoon so one teaspoon of cream of tartar is two cards.

That's a lot um but how much potassium on me like that so look at this batter guys it's really thin that's what you're looking for so if yours isn't I imagine it is but if it isn't you can add some water you can add a splash of like flax almond coconut milk but you definitely want to stay in the batter did you get anything pancakes are not like sick and.

Fluffy like diner pancakes we do have a recipe for six fluffy pancakes though in the cookbook what are you laughing at I know diner pancakes so yeah the the cream of tartar is two carbs for 500 milligrams of potassium and there's better options than that but yeah if you're like stuck.

With cream of tartar for some reason then go for it you say it's so funny but I guess that's how you say it cream of tartar yeah I use potassium citrate off Amazon that's a good that's probably the best option it just tastes horrendous so it's thick of my high-end cars pretty high so there's this crazy thing you can you can look up nutrition on the.

Internet just google jicama and it comes up with the nutrition I think it's like 400 grams it's it's five or six carbs all right guys just to get your skillet heating I'm missing medium heat and if you have bacon grease in there you can drink some off of this a lot which is what I'm gonna do are you oh you know one how many are you making you're.

Making eight whatever yeah okay I'll eat I'll eat 1/4 of this recipe that is a lot I guess yeah I'm draining some casein protein powders are okay um yeah they're okay just for that one particular recipe um they don't work but a lot of people have Morgan tolerances to casein than they do way so it's just.

Something maybe to monitor way is more slower digesting I prefer in casein is more slower digesting I prefer way as protein make it is sassy today but that's not a bad thing yeah oh yeah Martin white salt is another good option cookbook and 14-day meal prep where can I find it the cookbook is on Amazon kiddo made easy.

Yep and the 14 day meal prep is if you go to deeper sake keto Calm it's not a meal prep it's a meal plan cat-boy or PA Floyd thank you so much late getting online sign up for deeper sink keto when will all the information become available been watching for a new email for it so between 8:00 p.m. and midnight tonight it's all gonna go live you're.

Gonna get an email yeah and actually Kido Savage is doing the first 90 days with everyone who signs up too so it'll be very like keeping you guys accountable hopefully more accountability just more community aspect code because that's a big part that can sometimes be missing if you're just sitting at home alone you're like.

Tomorrow's a new day it's kind of tough you know like if you don't have a counter you don't have outside factors pushing you in the right direction can i sup well I can't tell golden for erythritol yeah we absolutely just tried that for the first taste like real brown sugar.

Really good alright guys I'm gonna be using a 1/4 cup measuring 1/4 measuring cup to pour out my pancakes my skills big enough for doing two at a time if they don't spread too much they might attach and become one it'll become like boots as it heated it's ready to eat it all right sorry Facebook again you guys can't see Facebook you guys are the.

Worst no you're not you're the best ok that's not very hot yeah I just noticed but I like I think it's better when it's not too hot you don't want it to like burn out the heat yeah there's gonna be room for two there we go and these are gonna be pretty flat guys.

They're not gonna fluff up much it's MCT oil / powder a must-have for deeper sake you know no not at all there is nothing that's must-have you can tailor everything to what you guys like John Oliviera just donated $4.99 and said loves thank you Julius oh okay so she is she is cooking the pancakes right now.

Look at Facebook Joe okay doing one final live tonight with all my meal prep this is going to be awesome lol – pancake boo what about keto vitals on Amazon I've heard a lot of people are using those capsules for electrolyte replacements have you looked into those and would that be enough no that would not be.

Enough they're actually very minimal on electrolytes but yeah if there's not a lot of potassium at all and I got a guys if you're making the pancakes a little tip most people know this but you know it's right ready to flip when it starts to bubble on top then you give it a flip and then it's like another 30 seconds so these keto vitals here are actually.

Really low in electrolytes they have 99 milligrams of potassium which is really the the one that you're looking for I wouldn't get these but there is these here that are not bad these are called sport salts and these have 900 900 milligrams of potassium bicarbonate 660 milligrams of magnesium carbonate and 444 milligrams of sodium.

And they're like capsules that are filled with powder so these are a decent option I think you can get these on Amazon they're called sport salts the messy stay the babe guys what kind of oil is the best sauce for omega-3 I don't know what that means but like fish oil is good Oh source maybe you meant to say sorts I take a tablespoon of cod.

Liver oil every day that's how I get my omega-3 a lot of people do fish oil pills though just pre-ordered your book on Amazon awesome you don't matey's you guys we just got this book after your like months and months of work this just arrived a few days ago it goes live on May 15 okay so not a pancake don't show that one there.

Is a pancake this is what cooking looks like when we can't like edit afterwards because that one we would just not we would just eat it while we're making more but those look pretty good yeah I wonder how they're gonna taste with this flavor combo the vegan protein powder it's funny that we're making it with vegan protein powder and cooking it.

In bacon drippings and then here's the bacon one day we will be able to show you to facebook sorry one day so big is continuing to make the pancakes flaxseed oil yeah I don't really like getting omega threes from flaxseed oil personally we do have some oh we do we gotta get some cinnamon flavored Blanco.

Zen so have you heard of soul water if so would that be a good source of electrolytes yeah I actually made some I think it's pronounced Soleil water right yeah I made some and I do like it but it's not electrolytes it's just sodium it's basically you put water in a mason jar with pink salts overnight and the water like just takes on the sodium I'm.

Scared to supplement potassium because I've heard it can cause heart attacks oh yeah we're not doctors so gonna take our advice I would look further into that though if I were you Yvonne thank you for the $5 donation have fun on your vacation so we do not have a plan for where the donations are going this week we maybe will formulate.

One afterwards why is it that alcohol companies are not required to report nutrition specifically sugar I have for s'mores flavored vodka and I want to know the carb count what's the best way I can test it blood glucose I don't really know it's tough because the alcohol kind of skews any kind of test you would do.

And it is so weird that they don't have to report stuff it's kind of like supplements like if you buy a pre-workout they can have a ton of sugar in it they don't even have to tell you how important are electrolytes and is make is taking 600 milligrams potassium enough they're more important on keto just because their body holds less water.

And and that means it holds less electrolytes but if you're not noticing that you feel lower energy or you're feeling which is great then it's probably not that important that you supplement electrolytes milligram of potassium bicarbonate does not equal milligram of potassium yeah I think it's about forty five percent of that is.

Actual potassium so it would be a little over 400 milligrams potassium have you heard a great bang pre-workout drinks what's your opinion on them I've heard of them I've never tried them energy they've created that which is weird yeah how do you feel about lemon water I don't really at the taste of it so I don't drink it yeah and it's I've tried.

Doing it for like a week at a time but it's such a process to just like buy lemons always have lemons on hand unless you're using and be like liquid lemons and stuff that's already a squeeze I really love it yeah guys and if you're just joining we have a giveaway going you use hashtag dsk brunch on instagram with any any future maybe it doesn't.

Have to do what we're making and you're enter to win what a free course deeper sticky dough it's a 90 day program for it's what we documented for the last 90 days on our YouTube channel make lemonade I guess we could make lemonade with like stevia or something that just probably wouldn't taste that good.

Apple cider vinegar tablets thoughts yeah I would rather probably just fine yeah polenta by yourself and drink it with mixed in with some water all these things that are the pills like apple cider vinegar in pill form is such a low dose you have to take like 15 pills same with the MCT pills if you're taking NZT pills it's it's really not a good cost.

Proposition because I think a pill is about a gram at most of MCT oil and when you take a like if you make a blood proof coffee with a tablespoon that's 14 grams of mcg on tips on the pancake flip chip yeah let it fully cook through on one side so you don't like spill the batter everywhere I'm not the best either but those look.

Great so good I put that big best one on top it's a secret Facebook can I give it a taste yeah so this is the best one let me show you the worst one they're too hot I'm at Costco ATM name one item I should buy Cosco Oh ATM at a moment one item yeah that's tough the the compte cheese Oh comté cheese.

Hands down or like a good meat cop to cheese get that singing a flying saucer pepper put peanut butter on pancakes then pour syrup over it yeah some man fires delicious can you guys do a review on the enlightened ice creams we just did it that's gonna be on our channel and the first week of May first week of May we recorded a little bit in advance.

Cuz we're gonna be gone for the next week maybe the chicken curry from mega was delicious hey yeah almond flour at Costco is a really good deal too I heard someone say that they were discontinuing carrying it though yeah but we're fully supplied maybe they haven't run out yet we're gonna taste it yeah – Maryland I cleared a deeper state Quito I'm going.

To on a trip to Japan in three weeks any suggestions on eating out that's gonna be tough because Japan there's like noodles and rice everywhere right I mean you're probably gonna want to try this food I imagine unless like go there a lot but I mean by I would like wherever you're staying buy a jar of coconut oil first thing and keep.

It in your hotel or your baby so you just have fat on hands gonna be tough to get your patent yeah I think that strong meat won't be that easy they're probably a lot of pork belly yeah get a good source of fat and you're gonna just have to really add a lot cuz I think they're gonna have a lot of lean meats there for you probably like some some good veggies.

But it's gonna be tough I feel like they don't do a lot of fat over there mmm good well those are really good lately sweet I didn't have any sweetener wait do you wanna do the brown butter itself yeah again oh your battery's low battery's low oh sorry 44 minute end let me plug it in um we don't do the brown.

Butter do you guys want the brown butter you let us know I'll also show you what you could top it with in terms of yeah do that instead Matt will you propose in Hawaii that's what I asked him I gotta get a ring first we made the chicken pizza crust and the Red Lobster biscuits in love oh yay Morpheus John thank you so much for the.

Donation maybe you guys have answered this question since you made the cookie dough but how could I modify the recipe to make actual cookies so we have three chocolate chip cookie recipes on our site so instead of just modifying the cookie dough recipe just make the cookie arrested make a chewy ones make the chewy ones almond flour and coconut.

Flour we have chewy for both oh so many people are saying yes to the brown butter guys thumbs up he'd say no you want to try it let's try it I mean I'm not worried about trying it I've browned butter before and then we're just gonna add maple extract to it yeah we could do maple extract or what else can we do what else can we do this crazy brown.

Butter what can we to it like peanuts no yeah yeah like crushed peanuts brown butter like a toffee type of thing that won't be talking that will just be peanuts better what's all right let's get the brown butter going so save the stuff skill it it's good yeah so for the brown butter you basically just put butter in a pan.

On low heat and let it brown let some of the milk solids cook and like burn a little bit that's what makes it brown we're gonna do it let's do four tablespoons yeah if I donate will you use it for a Manny please what don't you just get your nails done Oh manicure yeah that's really rude to I just got a gun.

Is this a Hawaii color this felt like Hawaii that's very away yeah I was thinking pecans that would be really good with my candied pecans I don't have to eat it bad toffee stevia to it that would be good that's what's 14 times four 2856 Michelle that's the healthiest cheese is feta from cheap and/or goat sure all right I'm gonna add my four.

Table so you can do as met much take butter as you want but it'll just take longer the more butter you do so I'm gonna add this to a small saucepan I'm gonna heat it on like low heat right now until it melts and then I'll work my way up with heat Julia all right when are we doing the filming protocol all right will we cut out come.

We do we have to come Julius hey don't worry in here the dry fiber young with maple extract ibrehem I don't think they don't write for keto I don't we don't need that yeah we don't use that this is our problem child here guys my fav Jesus chevre don't care if it's healthy yeah a lot of people are like that with food which I wish I get Michele Matt sister.

Is like that with peanut butter she's I got keto except I need a cup of just peanut butter no matter what every night yeah I mean there's a balance between your not caring because something tastes good and it being healthy like finding a good balance is key $5 from Patrick how do you calculate macros for ground meat since the label macros are for raw and a.

Lot of the fat cooks out good use the back the best way is to use the fat so we like to cook eggs in it afterwards the same meal or you can do a vegetable like collard greens or spinach just soaked it up and you know you can also just pour it on if you're just using the ground beef and then make sure you eat it some guy on YouTube $10 donation hey.

I'm Adam thanks for the help you're welcome and it's so funny that's your name because I was like rising you just saying the person's name instead of something you do Julius going on doggie vacay at the doggie day yeah then he loves it Miley doesn't love it she's so traumatized right now she knows dr. Berg.

Uses fiber YUM hmm that is interesting he also uses that at all so we not use yeah dr. Berg is he talks a lot about Kino but he's promoting more of like general health I don't think he's promoting a diet that necessarily puts you in ketosis all the time because he met a channel for like nine years now right.

And oh a see that lot for a long time but it always hasn't been keyed oh yeah it's like only in the past couple of years it's been keto so I think his thing is just Oh general health not like let's get up so like here's what he's thinking he uses eyelet all because it's non-gmo whereas it has a higher impact on your blood.

Glucose compared to erythritol which is mostly gonna be GMO unless you'd really do some digging um we're erythritol has no impact on blood glucose so you know that just his approach to things alright your butter should have melted by now sorry I forgot about that and – fold over we can show you on.

YouTube if Matt can grab his phone but he can't move it again okay and so your butter will foam but it'll continue to do so it's okay so we'll show you when it's like actually brown but I'll walk you through everything so right now you want to keep stirring it so get us what is it spoon or spatula and stir it as it's heated and it's best if you use a.

Saucepan that is not like black on the bottom so you can see how the color of the book yeah this would be great yeah I'm not using it right now but but you splash a little butter in there I see you're getting foam over because of Tina so as you're stirring you can just you can see the color if it's changing and it'll slowly start to change from yellow.

Deep yellow to brown and then you'll start to see the what would you see the solids the brown milk solids yeah is that what it is when the black at the bottom great okay so now those are burn and that's what's happening so my still a low heat if your nation you have a lot of butter you can turn it out but that's you know you're just.

Being a little risky because then Burn Center Brown Amy Jones $5 have fun in Hawaii thank you I'm so excited I woke up just like high spirits I am excited to load up my Kindle downloaded some audible audio book that looks some podcast and just like get on the plane honestly well we're gonna be talking a lot and watching shows too and not to.

Show us okay my my butter is bubbling I computed the bubble of the sizzle you probably could too of yours what do you guys think of cooking keto with Christy dr. Christy Sullivan we actually met her for the first time at low carb breckenridge she's really nice been meaning to ask because she has a large scale following but you guys are.

My go-to yeah you don't have to pick like we're all trying to help I think overall we are all cool on like we communicate like before we even really had a big YouTube channel we had a phone call with her and be like just chatted about our background stuff so she's really nice I shall actually be in Atlanta that weekend we're off to a.

Wedding otherwise she wanted to meet up so we couldn't Oh Matthew you're going to Kyoto con that's awesome we'll see you there Matthew maules yeah oh my gosh we're gonna meet a ton of people there yeah so still bubbling be patient with the butter oh do you want to get something out like for chopping purposes I gotta.

Keep doing this peanuts or because enjoy it let me find something good entertain them while I try to find something good I'll give you a question okay let's see here oh let's do a Facebook one yeah peanut powder zero carbs and melted butter oh we could try that you want to do that peanut flour and peanut bb2 PB chill it's not zero carb though guys but.

Yes we will use that Brad Mike you always comment you're the nicest thank you for the donation of $10 maybe if this week's donations for a mo fee for phone or a GoPro head mount for mega Brad Mike do you want to come over here and help us with our live streaming setup okay so I guess we're going to try some of this we'll do like three.

Tablespoons of serving okay but after it's like okay my favorite thing man you can't grab anything to eat okay there won't be sneak pills into Jewesses mouth is just a lot of peanut butter I'm sure most people do that and I mean we just shove it down her throat and massage the throat that's our cat wait you're seriously going to Hawaiian.

Vacation when we start the deeper the 90 days deeper said cards we just went through the 90-day cards but we'll be will be available yeah we're going to still be working work doesn't end because vacation starts and then also Robert will be posting the video every day because he's doing the 90 days with you guys and you know forums will be.

Active alright guys so my butter is turning like slightly brown not just yet but I'm gonna try thank you this is take you very long okay I'm gonna put it to medium so that's I got no medium low number two yeah someone pointed out that jiff usually has sugar which is a good point in there peanut butter it does have added sugar but.

Surprisingly if you buy the PB 2 brand which i think is the number one brand of powdered peanut butter that has added sugar the Jeff does not have added this one you can see right there on the ingredients is that working just peanuts yeah we took the ingredients guys but yeah crazy Richards is our favorite brand to buy who is a better cut so.

Right now it's starting to brown and the milk Sol's at the bottom are also growing and you can see that so you want to make sure you keep stirring and this is a really important point and it's definitely looking like it's browning a lot it should be done a really really student do you want to come show them or wait show them at the end.

So my hope cells are actually brown at this point you can stop I'm gonna go a little longer so pull them up the heat and I would say you could either strain it into another Bowl or you can just let it cool you can smell the Browning it's so delicious it's like a Thanksgiving Day fall day how good a label says your sugar but less sugar as an ingredient.

That is because peanuts have naturally occurring sugar so there's it's the same thing with spinach like if you buy spinach it doesn't have sugar added to it it just has the sugar naturally occurring in spinach leads I don't know let's take the risk though what's up slim land how many ketone or me says it take to.

Change a lightbulb five or six alright guys so my butter is brown I'm gonna pour it into this cup don't spill it on me so you can see you can see how it's brown you can see like the little burned parts that's what makes it brown that's pretty good you did a good job here thank you it's.

Really easy once you do it once you get a good feel for it so now you can let that cool and we're gonna add what are we adding you want to have this peanut butter butter you're adding PD powder and we're gonna have a delicious topping guys I hope some of you learn how to brown some butter hold this while I add in the peanut butter you want to let it.

Cool though okay Mike claw that's kind of what happens sometimes Oh does it yeah really hot stuff just gonna add one heaping tablespoon did you add vanilla extract you can you could also have added that to the pancakes Megas all Mme in the kitchen I like that thank you that's it oh this butter smells.

Incredible do you smell it mm-hmm you could probably add some damping to this thicken it up if you wanted you want to give this complete thing taste tester I'm gonna show you what serum I would use so we have a couple options and grab yourself a plate I'm getting the nicest looking pancake okay so these are the two options we got.

This recently we just tried it I don't personally like it but it's a good option because it uses a sweetener and then this is another one Walden Farms we use this during a cut I'm probably to use this chemical farms that's what they call it I like it okay so here's a nice little weight wouldn't eat with that who's Bush let us know if.

You're eating with us can i rewatch this yeah absolutely right when this is done it'll be published okay where's the brown butter give me some of that I don't know how the flavor is gonna go with the protein powder you can unplug my phone if you want to Bradley now it's all amazing well I'm really close sorry guys here we go.

Putting the peanut butter brown butter Oh looks pretty Johanna Livi era $4.99 love thank you so much that was a while ago oh okay another shout-out okay here we go you see Julie's in the background guys I guess Facebook can't thoughts.

Whoa really good yeah this butter sauce is phenomenal whoa you can put a little stevia in here but this is really good you could even put the maple syrup in there yeah you're like oh hmm rock butters really good answer though give away guys hashtag DSK brunch on Instagram you know butter is my.

Weakness I think that's everyone's weakness first sure I don't trust anyone who can comfortably eat one serving of peanut butter in them just like call it good okay no worries you know they're not entertaining this should be a new recipe that's okay we'll enjoy the light and then starve in another 90 days cut I mean we're not we're at all there's not.

Gonna be like any carbs situation the drinking and then now that we'd like a bunch of macadamia nuts yeah but aside from that there's gonna be so many good meat option I'm so excited yeah I'm gonna be drinking a lot probably this is what we call a look bang.

Yes I've always wanted to do one we would love to do mukbangs that's mega Street United States right she was like she loves Trish – Oh Trish hey toss you know watch hers they're really really good Hey – Liz please share your Quito travel or travel quito trips this week we never throw bodies white but we're also going to be doing a short video of.

All the things we're taking – boy cuz we're gonna be there for seven days which is a long time and I get like nervous about like hitting the fat and like just you know certain snacks I'm just hacker so I packed a bunch of food can you brown coconut oil no it's just the milk that's leftover hot water you can.

Brown that it's you can't do with any other Julie's one escapes if he does shut up to stuffing for his birthday in four days I'm Kido my hubby yes it's probably just Steven but yeah I have a friend named Stefan so whenever I see that word I always say Stefan mine is almond butter someone's weakness I never really got a taste for almond butter.

Because I didn't eat it before I was allergic yeah it's not as good as being or not no no that's interesting because almonds are addictive I mean peanut butter is the best thing there is not sure where to put dsk brunch just put it on the picture this hashtag is April and then hash to or then at keto connect alright guys we should call it yeah.

Julius come on buddy we love you this was really fun and that we get to eat some pancakes hope you have a beautiful day and we won't see you next Sunday cuz we'll be traveling but we're gonna have our cooking on calendar soon where you can actually look ahead and see what we're gonna make yeah that was mega design minutes hasn't been done yet.

So we'll have that since I like this dough keeps us on our toes yeah alright guys see you in two weeks for the next crack a lot bye guys
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