NFL Pregame Keto Cook Along – Crispy Wings in the Oven

NFL Pregame Keto Cook Along – Crispy Wings in the Oven

NFL Pregame Keto Cook Along – Crispy Wings in the Oven

Check out the video on NFL Pregame Keto Cook Along – Crispy Wings in the Oven.
The party or making wings happy Sunday football we are pretty punks today so thanks for joining us if you are are you making weight so we have our wings right here this is about maybe like two and a half pounds I would say is that how much is yeah and it's like what fifteen wings or something.

Yeah fourteen wings and we got we got them at Publix and we they came whole so we already just cut them in half so you can see like this is one piece this is what the flat and this is the drum it yeah so we've cut them in half but we have a special secret way to make them crispy in the oven and it's with baking powder it sounds weird.

Have you guys never tried this before you coat the wings in baking powder and then you start by baking a really low temperature for about 15 to 20 at 50 yeah so they get really crispy for the first flake a flower just draws out all the moisture from the skin and we're gonna be doing two different rods we we got they sent to us they're called the.

Salt sister seasonings that's pretty good lemon rosemary garlic salt and the ones called dragon breath and eyes applewood smoked peppercorns Cayenne paprika dill and basil so like just a different drop so you can do whatever seasonings you want the main ingredients though you need are the chicken wings and the baking powder and you can even.

Do no seasoning if you just do the baking powder and cook them and then you can like toss them in like Frank's redhot or like any barbecue sauce you have at home that's a good rabbit yeah pretty easy to make right yeah.

Do you think airfryer is okay hello from Tulsa hello from Washington love you guys from Vidalia Georgia so again so right now you guys sure if you're making wings along with us awesome let us know 250 yes Tito freckles is watching with her 3.

Crazy monkeys and the cynics means for children yeah you seem to be a football guru what do you think about my Browns I'm far from a football guru in my younger days I was much more fun but I've been a little max with the Cleveland Browns yeah I really honestly have you guys watched I did not like he was like such a just a stereotypical bad.

Leader of a football team like he knows everyone but then when the times get tough he snaps on the coaches like Oh contagious hereditary I did not like it at all what's the other searching we want to see searching in theatres the entire movie is not like actually cameras it's all filmed from like screen captures okay so now I'm on my wing.

Split up so do you want to do a tablespoon for every leg pound and a half you just want a pretty nicely coated but you can just shake up the baking powder and wings right now if you're adding along with the baking powder we only watch college they have to follow the rules I would do a little less no like yeah yeah okay so the.

Seasoning as much as you want or as little as you want half we're making wings guys pretty simple and so all of it gets crispy but if you don't have the rag that's fine line it with parchment paper and then you still.

Get crispy wings what's your routine and really just for my fantasy team I'll root for the Eagles mega like a lot but my only real University of Michigan they're pretty close Michigan yeah I haven't seen in a while yeah yeah she's definitely okay so I sprayed the baking sheet now I'm just.

Taking out by a seasoned wings so they have baking powder and it's like you can see it's lightly coated but I've done it before where it's like completely coated they are pretty white but like yeah you know what it to dry and baking powder because then that'll be like a bitter taste when you bake it I can't find black soybeans anywhere you're gonna.

Find them in the ethnic food section of the grocery store we find out that Kroger is a pretty big State for sure I'm 12 years old so you're my favorite channel hurry so I guess that's a good dish because people always ask us how young can someone be ketone I guess it's well we're in Michigan so I was boring and Dearborn sits outside of Detroit I.

Went to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Tech it's an O Michigan it's like a good school but I would recommend because we're not visiting kids if they're going like a winter school I think I really think at least for me some people love their cold but my environment impacts my mental well-being way too much for me to spend.

Like years with winter basically yeah so I'm just not I'm twelve-year-old 12 years old in my mind but actually 66 that's something my dad would say coupons for silicon imagine we don't have coupons all we have for Amazon is if you click our links we get like 5% of the purchase we don't have any discounts that I don't.

Think they give discounts on Amazon yeah the brand for the soybeans that's eaten something here Eddie yeah I'm from Rochester Hills Michigan Oakland University I almost went to Oakland University that was like the best school that almost took me to play basketball in Division one yeah so these wings are alive they're ready to go into.

50 30 minutes 30 minutes but with these wings be in the smoker I think if you do it in the smoker you're not going to want to do the baking powder smokers more like just do it we have a smoker now but we haven't tried wings yet winter can be rough here in Michigan yeah.

Do you like unsweetened on the shelf chocolate almond milk I like it it's pretty good have you tried the fat bomb oh hey YouTube try this up on hostel s they didn't have sausage to use bay scallops and bacon turned out great how do you feel about eating berries every day will it mess with my ketosis it all depends on the amount it could.

Potentially is it raining yeah but like a little bit moderation if you're trying especially I don't think it's that big of a deal if I was tracking like I am right now and I want to do include certain carbs like I've done some potatoes I've done popcorn and technically supper and like some people would be that's not keto.

But I'm staying under my car little bit I'm checking your ketones at all no but I felt really great and I haven't had issues like you should I can feel it out because they've been for so long but next time I'll bust my test but sweet potatoes I didn't have any shoes at all well yesterday you did like three cups of popcorn or something.

Right yeah it's 15 cars yeah post gym I mean it's totally fine I think you know eight weeks down 23 pounds thanks for the recipes in advice that is impressive good job keep it up good morning from North Carolina coast do you guys have a video I can look at for the first time making a roast tonight not really.

There's better videos than our videos for making like look up like there's one there's actually two good cookbooks I would highly recommend cook science is a really good one and the food love by Kenji Kenji is like the best I you can follow him on Instagram he has a website I think – he really goes in-depth on like the science and why you do certain.

Things when you cook so he's like a really good guy to follow for anything like that just weed more specialized in making nan cute oh thanks keto friendly we're not like legitimate yeah I'm having a hard time eating all my calories I'm always full what do I do so it's gonna really depend on what like what your goals are in my opinion so for.

Me like if I'm really full but I'm also trying to hit my calories because I'm trying to put on muscle and I'm trying to eat a surplus then I'm gonna make sure I think my calories even when I'm full but if you're trying to eat more intuitively and like you know eating your macros every single day isn't a big part of like the journey for you right.

Now I don't think it's that big of a deal if you're not heating your macros like eat until you're full if you feel good I think that's the best way to approach it if it's more intuitive lifestyle for you yeah you have the best few recipes on YouTube thank you I have my wings thought-out ready your accident Terry you are joined at.

The right party we have the wings in the oven so you may have missed memory wide so all you're going to do is once they're thawed so if they are wet though we didn't do this have to dry them as dry as possible and then you're just gonna toss them in the baking powder and seasoning and like a little over half a tablespoon so like 1 tablespoon per.

Pound right about yeah per pound pound and a half a baking powder and then you just you know mix it all together right now they're in the oven at 250 for 30 minutes without having to worry about the carb load no because I mean obviously they're like a really nutritious between dense form so like yeah you can probably get away with.

Eating as much like spinach as possible and you likely will be fine as far as cute even stuff like I don't know like what's a like Brussels sprout so you just go to town on a pull up Brussels sprouts that's gonna add up pretty quick I think just not trying to get away with stuff we just count everything it's the best approach and then you have all this.

Data that you can go back to how are you feeling big guy hurt my G you may have adults a little last night it was like three probably did some strong core but yeah we don't drink that often though like once a month but I'm like I never cried myself we're going to babysit two weeks we're gonna be gay drinking for like two days straight.

Well we also didn't eat good either yeah it's like snacking oh but we did try the real good mini pizzas yesterday yes those are my favorite I'm like craving them right now they're super good are the wings fresher frozen the wings were fresh what we've done every throws in waiting to you so I saw them out because they're gonna be very what do.

You think there will ever be a time you stop keto maybe for a period of time to try things yeah like maybe when I'm pregnant or we have a kid who's like daddy I just made my babies geez you know so it's not like Ryder died kedo I think you gotta be open to new information and try new things.

Sew them up in the oven and then we just did to pre make these things we had one was like a garlic lemon pepper and then was a spicy one so whatever seasonings you want or you baking powder a hundred eighteen there are you West Indian that's right you know like from India yeah yeah I've never heard someone asked like that but.

Yeah North West are you doing keto in Vegas most likely yeah we're stuffing in a sticky dough because we're gonna go to our favorite buffet which is basically just meat galore last time we had dinner with Megan's dad he wanted me to try and be a dessert so I tried a few mom I could see a situation.

Like that arise drinking I'm not drinking and it's like an immediate challenge and so then we got a dress meet up with your dad because he always wants to go out to eat and we rarely go out people we do it I realize it's a chicken use your recipe with baking powder and smoke the last week bomb delicious do.

You guys make your own ketchup if you don't would be considered we don't there's a bunch of sugar-free ketchup seemed good at the grocery store most stores have enough Heinz 1/3 reduce sugar ketchup – Las Vegas my cookbook came in today I was dancing around with it your dog is adorable he is very cute he's getting better.

Yeah definitely getting better any waffle maker keto recipes we got a few we got a couple of like cauliflower cheese bacon waffles are really good and we make protein walls pretty regularly it's the same recipe as a mug cake would be you just make it as a waffle it's one of the mug cakes we have a recipe for it yeah I think it's most closely to the.

Nutritious mug cake from our two mug cake video we have I didn't think so someone said the popcorn someone said you saved my life I've been craving it and then someone thought I thought it wasn't good for us to eat so yeah it depends of how you want to approach it for me I'm playing around with my carb sources because I am in a bulking phase.

Of my journey so I'm working out really hard and on days like I do lower body body super hard workouts I'm increasing my carbs if there's any weight loss yeah this is not weight loss yeah so I wouldn't do it if I was just trying to if I was trying to lose weight personally my carb sources wouldn't be things like popcorn but I'm just saying.

It's doable if it's like if it's something you know you can include into your journey like I am right now not the best source of carbs though by any means I would say get your cartridges from vegetables and then like trace carbs from like eggs and heavy cream and cheese those are also great sources but that's just this is just my.

Personal journey I'm sharing with you guys you know fill you in is there a free meal plan you can recommend haven't noticed much weight loss we have a couple I think a really good one if you search for like you know connect Mexican shredded chicken search side and Google there it's really nice because.

All you have and then the meal plan uses that for a couple meals throughout the day and it has adjustments for whatever your macros are it's all is that 250 yes temperature in about 30 minutes to 450 get ready what do you think about it and after a cheat day I think it's good to take out their cheat day just because it'll minimize your fog yeah like your.

Card symptoms but it's not like it doesn't erase the cheat day in a sense of weight loss or like staying on track really basically just like a therapeutic superficial it's not a good excuse for cheating do you have a video how to cook brisket oh my god no crock-pot recipe humming but we're also gonna put a british must be in our next cookbook.

Because our next book is gonna have a bunch of meal prep like bulk recipes so you can make for the week so i think we're gonna do brisket my friend at keto during her pregnancy number three it is the first pregnancy she do not forget just a tional diabetes and didn't have normal fluctuations that cause depression that's amazing that's great.

That's great that's the kind of stuff like the more people do things like that like keto in pregnancy or you know just have like issues resolved through keto they should share because a lot of people are also looking for that like right now we get questions of pregnancy and keto but like I don't personally know firsthand.

For me to share a willow brisket in the oven blasphemy yeah it's definitely not the best way to make brisket but I think you can do a pretty tasty stuff is tracking protein fat as important as tracking cars I guess no I would say at first especially if you choose trying to like do the fewest variables as possible just like.

Cutting carbs if you're a foreign to nutrition tracking of any kind but obviously the more info the better except tracking proteins fats is going to help you just further fine-tune your diet when will you guys complete the next book if the big bettor just for making them regular deep fryer folks you don't have one yeah that's for baking.

Yeah it's for big yes you wouldn't want to do it in the deep fryer do you guys eat quinoa now pretty devoid of nutrients and it's also really high in carbs like the worst like if I ate carbs I would not eat quinoa so let's go living in it was a vegan wedding and I was there was really nothing keto friendly at all it X is the second or.

One was vegetarian this one like a salad making the jackfruit I really love watching you guys and I've lost a lot of times just by watching probably not just by watching you're doing a lot of work over there but congratulations you guys should give yourselves all the credit honestly we enjoy what we do we do it to help you guys but like we also just love.

Them what percentage of people successful is this way about their weight their health choices it's like 3% something crazy small what are the main meats you consume realize chicken breasts are basically pure protein but is it better to get meat for the mixture of protein and fat started lifting so I would say yeah step.

One is definitely get meat sources that are a good mixture of fat and protein like I only fatty that's like occasionally otherwise mainly I eat red meats like rib eye steaks that are or 80/20 ground beef they're just pretty high percentage or like salmon I eat pretty regularly I try eating organ meats like twice a week at.

Minimum if I can they just don't taste that good well yeah I think having like a basis red meats and salmon that's a pretty good starting point definitely chicken breast can be problematic yeah it can make it hard to like hit your macros at the end of the day for tracking because then you're left with a lot of fat and it's like what do I.

Do now I've had that it's happened so many times to me because when you eat chicken breast you usually like you know six to eight ounce portion that's like 60 to 70 grams of protein which there are a lot of people like for mega that's not some days worth yeah I made egg roll in a bowl last night loved it that is one of the recipes I always forget that.

We have but like is definitely one of my favorites especially because I make like a spicy mayo I'll just make some frontal kitchen mayo you can make your own if you want as well and then sriracha and you can just top that to go egg roll you're also hitting higher fat and so again 3 to 6 ounces of protein per meal or per day so I think that is kind of it.

Simplifies it you don't need three to six ounce of protein per day you need a specific amount of grams of protein per day so like certain things like you eat cheese that has 7 7 grams per ounce basically there's all these like things that wouldn't classically be considered protein that are actually protein so I think just getting better at tracking.

Everything and not doing like this sized portion of chicken with dinner and it's not really a per meal thing as more of a daily caloric intake it like macrobiotic my fiance and I have been doing keto for nine days we feel amazing and want to thank you for all your videos and guidance will never go back that's great.

To hear nine days and you feel amazing that's it's it's amazing to me how quickly the transition happens isn't it from like feeling normal on a standard American diet and then go to Quito and being like oh this is how I could feel yeah when you don't know that you're not feeling out your hat that's.

Crazy ranging from small girl to large man protein should be between 75 to 150 grams there's obviously some pretty low but yeah definitely the protein sparing aspects of it which I actually have found to be true because when I was doing it cut I was able to gain muscle and drop my protein to 35 grams a day.

Which is very low but keto still has the produce very cute oh yeah peanut oil good for frying no it's not your best choice that's for sure I mean it's gonna be way better than like sleeping on stuff but I would try using beef tallow and Laura that's gonna be your best because the smoke points are pretty high if you do coconut oil we fry with.

Coconut oil sometimes but it's important to have a thermometer in here and make sure it doesn't get above like 340 because then it burns come on supposed to be left someone says Facebook quit working well a couple people have said it did no comment it's Facebook still working if you could message us on Facebook and say that it.

Is or it's not and Jun supplements without super yeah we take this nutrition there's two of them one has like 90 milligrams which is pretty well for a pre-workout and one of them has zero caffeine focal forks st. is nutrition okay are you guys going to do holiday recipes especially absolutely of course but in the past two.

Years we've still we've had the food blog and we've done a ton so like stuffing tons of desserts sweet potato sweet potato casserole like we have a lot of great recipes already so if you want to check those out if you have a good season in countable recipe for your beats I actually recently fell in love with this one seasoning but it's called.

The inflammation buster it's like to brick and it has cinnamon and cloves in it and then I think it has paprika something spicy like maybe cayenne pepper its salt but I like the cinnamon the clothes on and then use our keto bacon no kimochi with bacon recipe the seasoning for the chili is amazing you can literally put it on anything can't.

Wait to cook with you guys this holiday season yeah what holiday recipe they're planning we're gonna be like pecan bar we got some side dishes and we're thinking about doing like just roast turkey turkey breast or turkey turkey but like just the like breast or size or something smaller because you know we're just two people there's a lot of like.

Singles or couples out there that don't want an 18 pound turkey yeah or even like a 5 pound turkey if you guys incorporate an episode your vinegar diet for inflammation no or just using apple cider yeah it doesn't do anything for me personally zero I'm back on my my life so I just I've tried taking it probably five or six different times because.

Every time I see a video where I like read something thing ever then I take it and I'm just like and he saw everything he still to tell and vinegar and he liked to wrapped his mean and all night and he said the pain went away really and I don't believe him where can i buy your book Amazon online so brands.

And Noble as well and then in Costco I don't think any man should weigh more than two hundred pounds it going on keto will help you get there I mean Julio Jalen is like 240 is like a Greek guy like six nine yeah like do you want to be 180 sup Matt mega sub duel y'all can cook a whole turkey you can do leftover meals out of Turkey we did that.

Last year and we ate a lot most of it but yeah I think we're just not like big turkey people like I love Turkey but you know man I can barely swallow it because they're not like I've read actually a kick ng in the show yes a postman I don't actually get a turkey to like cook it properly cause by the time the chicken breasts are doing it like by the.

Time the whole turkey is done the chicken breast is right I mean it's always gonna be dry but we prefer to say a chicken or like prime rib don't people do progress yeah I think your Christmas when we know kids maybe a sausage fat bread sandwich bread rolls to it music those are really good what is the cookbook called it's called.

Taquito made easy so dad I make new comers I guess we never really do this weird coconut Mady Becca and our fruit bloggers keno connect got an ad we have tons of recipes the holidays are coming up we have a lot of holiday recipes from the past two years that are low carb keto that are you can't really tell the difference we have a cornbread recipe.

Yeah keto connect net there's a recipes tab good search for stuff and a lot of the recipes on our fruit blog are videos on YouTube so if you don't know how to cook or you want to watch us do it watch youtube videos one thing guys when you go to the recipe section of the food blog every like if you click on main dishes they're sorted from the most.

Popular to the least popular so anything I'm like the first few rows those are going to be like heavily tested and pretty solid recipes once further down maybe people don't like it's not that they're more experimental do you only three times a day or do you snack yeah we used to do two meals and then our morning coffees.

Usually what sustains us like I heard at the gym my dinner usually is followed by a little bit of snacking generally but I kind of just considered that to be a me know like I don't have snacks in the middle of the day like I used to when I would work at an office but find what works for you exactly you can totally snack and it'd be fine especially if.

You're like intermittent fasting so you have an eating window and you just eat within like a 4 6 8 hour period anyway how much money do you make up this channel that's a great question how much money do you guys think we make up this channel oh just you to offer a YouTube channel it's probably less than you guys.

Thank honestly yeah some people ask us that but I want to start a PC channel like can I make a living and I want to just be like no you probably not gonna make a living for a long time but you should do it I didn't say to make a living off you need if you're one person maybe 200,000 subscribers something like that but I.

Think just too quickly a quick translation is for every 1 million views it makes you about $3,000 I think right yeah I just don't like to talk money too much so when you see like those like Gangnam style or whatever it has like 2 billion views so that your house is beautiful thank you you know what did you guys do before this I was a.

Computer engineer Mecca was going up she graduated law school she took the bar she worked as a pinkie toe for three weeks now I am in the fur life can't imagine when Mac lost 15 pounds I have 70 more to go and feel excited for the first time ever confession I'm slightly obsessed with watching you you've been so helpful and educating and me in this.

Way of eating providing delicious recipes thanks for sharing your passion what are your best recipes for non keto people that's a good question probably the ones that take so are they yeah so you can kind of see they're like super dry on the outside the skin is really dry all the moisture is kind of gone so now we're gonna crank up the oven to 450.

All right 15 to 20 minutes keep a recipe for nong khiaw people it's gonna be so we deserve to like a family get-together where no one's keto one thing you gotta be super aware of is erythritol you don't want to just be like dosing everyone with the river tacos people that don't do keto they're not used so like so that's indulging Thanksgiving.

Other recipes that are like yeah I'm trying to I was told that they were the best pumpkin cheesecakes they ever had that's amazing those are really good I bought your book on Amazon one of my favorite recipes is a Thai yellow chicken curry thank you know someone's asking yeah and so now I don't feel like probably eight.

Years he's not good he hasn't adjusted with the times at all he still has like the same flow that is not at all relevant anymore you know it almost makes me question but at the time I was like the biggest fan I would used to be the biggest time when I'm stand but no longer because he's.

From Michigan from Detroit Oh y'all doing your quito thanksgiving an inviting like ten of us no it is a cool idea but last night we went on a little date we played tactical laser tag so it's not like the way integrity like spraying right you actually have to look down the scope and there's like a red dot scope and it's.

Only been shots it was super fun I think doing that for a keto meetup could be cool just like he'll have a get-together priority and be really tactical I don't know it seems fun to me it wasn't I'm applying to 11 year old boys and their dad and the one boy was like cheating I'm not accurate so no she had five.

Percent accuracy I am 26 I want to hoop with you one day the van I think about starting would you recommend first starting out Jews and goats do be consistent with your videos do make videos that are gonna help you but you also like enjoy making don't just do it for the views and the money yeah I think the big one is obviously.

Consistency even when people don't watch your videos yeah because like another thing is like like with so many people message oh something like go like my video like you don't get people to like your videos by telling them to like your video if you get them to like your videos by adding value your videos have to be benefiting yeah because everyone.

Their lives to be benefited by watching a video so you have to think of that in that context like it's less about you like I don't know self indulging in sharing about your personal life unless you that's your channel like Tricia Bay tops or whatever like that's her channel she just shares about her life and it's fun but most channels.

About providing value than someone I like if you're not doing that you know I can find your beach I'm your purpose and so he doesn't mumble enough in his raps not even mumbling but just like his flow his melodies are terrible like the new rapper is even if they don't mumble which I kind of like when they do I'm being honest they have like.

Really good melodic flows I heard a feature of who's in a strong side it's like shock shock shock you when are we gonna see a birthday cake white team so absolutely that went on today which is amazing its moist it's delicious so I would yeah and my team was just me I've never felt more excluded when I was at max family's house and everyone teamed.

Up and I no one wanted my team or no one was like I got your team it's funny because what there's there's so many situations because now it's like a thing like I've won every year but there's situations where like my aunt she has like which means one more point I'm he's like seven everyone teammates so if anyone wants to.

Cup the mats Christmas this winter with me mad I want to hear you Buster first he's so sorry you won't even rap for me I might get back into wrapping a little bit I'll see okay I'm more into like super thug music enough to me it's just kind of like pandering to suburban white kids that's.

How I interpret it but yes he's like pretty good he's talented that's that you all play Dungeons and Dragons no but that seems like it'd be really fun no I think it'd be fun I mean this stuff like that it probably would be fun but it also feel like a large waste of time not that I watch a lot of shows it would be fun to like have some drinks play well.

You can't handle drinks a mist IG live this morning because you get two whiskeys kinky Toby's dairy-free is it can be I don't think it's mandatory that it is it's pretty easy to do it dairy-free we've done it for extended periods of time ourselves not something we stick with but the only theory I've been.

Consuming lately is like raw milk cheese yeah I'm gonna stick to that for a while I don't see a lot of points in eating like conventional cheese other than taste please do a cinnamon roll recipe that is the one recipe I don't think we'll ever be able to do we've tried it a million times who's your favorite rapper – young thug.

He's my all-time favorite I think he's to go but lately and I really like a lot I think he's like super talented he's going to be huge and within the next year he's already pretty used maybe who's your favorite um I don't know I mean like it depends on the mood but like the first like Jay cool is just amazing we both like our.

Shared love whoo most together is one young thug but we also love black six last six lakh I think you pronounce it black he used really talented Toledo area here is to leave it it's an Ohio just across the board oh yeah I'm from Detroit so do you know the story they gave Ohio Toledo I think in.

Exchange for the courier Nikki Nikki all day cardi yeah we're really putting the cart before the horse with nurse it's gonna prove it a little bit more I love how the dog sits like a baby yeah he's so cute can you explain the reason you use almond flour first coconut flour is it taste texture what yeah I mean textures.

Would be the biggest reason we use one or the other they have different completely different results and you use different amounts of can be substituted for one another unfortunately my son said you're the homie because of two squirrels he was one of my favs actually like we when we first met we would sit out on her.

She lived in San Francisco she had like a fire escape ladder thing we would sit there and I would always play back from you like yeah give it destroyed to Canada its Detroit that close to Canada yeah very close writer like 10 minutes wins tons area yeah I used to come across the Ontario to play oh it's like it's down casino.

Buzzer yeah I agree six like is amazingly talented love them black six like now would you sit or stand for the flag if you were a football player you're just trying to get politics involved no no like political leanings at all is just like I'm gonna I mean like yeah I don't how much coconut slaughter illegal a cup of.

Almond flour so from our experimentation like 1/4 cup coconut flour to every cup of almond flour he's one of the top-selling artists of all rap artists of all time he actually is the top-selling artists have you watch so these are season 2 it's just it's pretty slow moving I think that's the issue and that's totally out on it how about the.

View book but keto when did you try to start sharing with all of us I started one month ago and you guys have been the most helpful thank you we started over three years ago and we decided to start sharing about four months into it right so the reason we didn't start earlier is because I studied from the bar but we had the idea.

Like in June and then in August August first we actually started yeah there's another thing about starting YouTube channel you can always look around and be like people are already doing that's you know like before we start our channel there's no room for me to bring something unique and you just stick with it I don't even know how many unique of.

Stuff program yeah someone asked about pointers on workouts that you guys use like what do you mean what are you thinking that means just incites him to work out so like one thing we're doing is we're doing actually a structured lifting program oh yes actually so the biggest tip is.

For sure track your lift get in there with a notepad get on your phone track your lips so that you go one day and then you know next week when you're doing the same body part what you did last week try doing a little bit more basically it also motivates you because you have a reason to you push more weight.

You're a reason to go back because you're trying to increase and get better at your list so having a program has really good luck shaking for me and then other tips are like I mean look like videos and look up what the queues are and and try to like concentrate on making that muscle mind connection so like you're driving your.

Elbows down or you're you know you're pushing off like something your quads instead of using your hamstrings too much so like look up what the workout queues are and like try to mimic those than your actual birthday are you gonna do anything else with your law degree oh no not the big novel how much water you suggest today I just suggest drink one.

Here Thursday maybe like be like aware of how much be aware of how much water you get throughout a day like really good I know a lot of people like me growing up I would never actually just drink water I would only drink flavored things you know I would drink what is it Arizona iced teas all the time I have a drink like mango sodas never really just.

Drinking water so that's you maybe try to get like a good rule that I use is I wake up and I think one piece first thing in the morning every day that kind of dude stuff me up for success I tried ringing one a couple hours before bed after my dinner too but those are the only really water rules I have everything else is just like drink when.

You're thirsty Matt do you still do any software engineering on the side I'm not good enough to do it on the side I was literally like just scraping by I'm not the type you can just design an app or anything like that I was a QA engineer so like I tested the software manual testing pretty like Megan could have done my job.

If I train here for a few months probably like a few weeks but the wings are out there feeling I also feel like people want different perspectives on they watch the most especially when starting a new lifestyle a lot of different people that do keto and fitness yeah Sam I follow a lot of fitness people it's good to get.

Different perspective for sure it's mega pregnant you can dropping hints can you do a silly ASMR keynote video yeah actually my favorite ASMR videos are the ones where they like feed a dog popcorn or they feed they just do a bunch with the dog this is one Shiba Inu oh my god I brought some over those are the spicy one these are the other ones but they.

They feel really crispy muchacho do they feel really crispy yeah they do what's the first game there's a bunch of them at one o'clock I read them he has his friend this he uses no I don't I just a streamer from West dream awake awake it's not good don't do that guys do you ever dream TV a pop yahoo drink see there pop like every day should we.

Try Oh sexy good pop outs yeah sure okay I want to try this one lemon pepper okay here we go guys so I guess I'm Instagram if you made hmm they are pretty tender so we did 30 minutes at 2:15 and then 15 minutes at 450 I think you cook them like this purpose I overcooked it off yeah so.

That's perfect for our oven you might want to go a little longer longer yeah so 20 minutes up for face deep or you can crank it down to do 400 for like 20 to 25 if you don't like you're worried about them getting burned but wings are a help you guys how do the Shiba Inu yeah that's it please do vegan keto recipes the ink is.

Not really something we believe in strongly so we don't do a lot of recipes for it these are beating just like by accident basically but I believe that eating animal foods is like important for human health so I would recommend but should we call it yeah pretty soon here a lot more question is it wise for my hubs to work.

Out lifting when starting keto for the first time he's got 75 pounds to lose yeah it's just gonna be really hard if he hasn't exercised a lot in a while and he's starting cute it's just like a lot of variables you're throwing all at once he's gonna feel really bad probably gonna burn down so I would say maybe just start Peter look at this is like a.

Long-term approach if he thinks he can do it all once go for it but honestly you want to just kind of slowly scale this up like start doing keto get adapted three to four weeks then maybe start doing exercise or just do light exercise like do some walking like 30 minutes a day stuff like that we found among fruit we didn't realize that Kate.

Woods original and I can't stand the axe case either at all or the month or so not at all either Richards all if you're not looking for that aftertaste though your best bets are going to be going like the liquid route to liquid stevia or liquid among concentrate which is a regular table yeah.

Hi guys Matt's digging in so should we call it now I got wings and NFL red zone we will see you guys
NFL Pregame Keto Cook Along - Crispy Wings in the Oven
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