Murder She Ate – What Happened to Katelyn Markham?

Murder She Ate – What Happened to Katelyn Markham?

Murder She Ate – What Happened to Katelyn Markham?

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Hello what's going on guys good evening happy Friday it is what 801 yep sleeping baby got another episode of Murder She 8 yeah so if you guys are new this is not about Kido it's about crimes and typically it's called murder shape because we need dinner yeah but we have to do it so late now Castillo has to go to bed so we haven't been eating dinner.

I just got my water here my water as well what was the both the other name option was that also food involved crime and nourishment hmm so see that could have been fitting no dinner I was thinking one of these nights where you just have a big mud cake fest like four of them Oh make like fun ones and talk about the flavor oh my god you guys.

Would love that I would love that how is everything going guys and okay so last week what was the case we did you remember yeah attorney Elissa tourney and her sister is the first time this show has actually gotten real in any way shape or form mm-hmm so her sister Jessica attorney she like shared our livestream on Twitter and tweeted an.

Essence and thanks for sharing the story and I watched it back it made me kind of second-guess how I talk about these because I was watching it back I was like I got a fun case today and that was like this girl's sister went missing that's not really fun yeah well we try to make it fun I guess right no I don't know if we try to make it fun I wonder.

Omega-3 it says I can't connect to chat what's going on here continue eating program gone oh well okay we got child working yeah we got chat okay um yeah I mean we try to make this show fun but we don't talk about fun things I would say we talk about very serious things but I think the fun part is talking about is.

Trying to solve the miss you don't like getting your guys input the suspects and like who used ink did it and like what do you think happened and theories theories that's what I was looking for that word what are you guys having for dinner that's kind of good idea behind this you guys need dinner are you hang with us we dinner except.

We're not eating dinner so now we're like the weird friend that you go out to dinner with her like I'll stop water and I'm wearing my murder she hates her from ketone man I haven't heard from Quito moment this season I murder she a what's she up to no maybe Friday nights is like her jam sesh night with her muds maybe and I.

Don't like we I saw okay so someone said that this shirt is being sold on Amazon yes I know and I saw and I looked it up it's not sold by us yes I miss old blanket own men yeah so much just like took took the logo and made sure that should we do for dicier shirts though or would we do this one would make their own I don't know no I don't think we.

Need murder she Asians and Megan was supposed to do the mini mystery today you did yeah I got a mini mystery too but go ahead do do yours what can you play video I didn't like prep you yeah so it's it's a fun mystery okay was the imma let you finish Kanye that whole event an inside job I don't know if we can play that without.

Kidding oh you guys know what that is though yeah so who's the VMAs 2009 that was the how long ago it's 11 years ago really it was oh my gosh it was ten years ago yes whoa so Taylor first had like come out and she won video of the year I think her best video of the year yeah so it was the first award or Swift.

Taylor Swift sorry it was the first award that was announced and as Taylor was up it's like a shock because she's up against Beyonce who was doing like single ladies at the time okay Thomas on here fire so Taylor shift was up on stage accepting the award and about to give.

Her speech but Kanye javis on stage so he's front row at the VMAs yeah and he says Taylor he grabs the mic from her he's I tell her I will let you finish but and then points to Beyonce he was also in the firm ride he's like beyond yet one of the best videos of the year of all time of all time and then he just like said like the same thing over.

Again and then just handed handed the microphone back to Taylor and jumped off stage and when he said that it pants to Beyonce and Beyonce's like oh that is cute own men's shirt on Amazon I'm sorry we thought it wasn't your you should have let us know did you hit us up okay but back to the mini mystery so it goes on it goes on and so like a lot of stuff.

Goes on backstage with Beyonce and like her rapper and whatever and she feels so bad for Taylor Swift because like it's her first award it like Kanye so also supposedly Kanye I think this is true it's not supposed Kanye was like swigging Hennessy as he was like walking down the red carpet at the start through it from a bottle and then when you got.

And sat down he was like handing it he was like passing the ball around so he was like drunk at this point so he got on stage drunk which makes a little more sense than you would do something like that but at the end when Beyonce wins like a ton of awards she calls up Taylor Swift to like do her speech properly and I both were in like these red dresses.

And it's just like a really nice moment and like the VMA like they're I mean so the VMA have been doing really poorly this several several years prior to that okay I don't think it was a stunt for the VMAs they had these right away they had Kanye and Taylor at the same agent at the time yeah I'm gonna tell you I have a strong theory on this already.

Wow so Kanye interests with they don't care about the VMAs like the VMAs are nothing but they use this on going to propel exactly has a history of doing this back when Kanye dropped his second album 50 cent dropped his second album they had a loser leaves town bet whoever sold the most records the other guy could never.

Make a record again that was the bet they had I think I ended up winning but it's just like it was a publicity thing to get more people to buy records obviously because if you like your artist you're gonna buy his record so he went so they both sold like over a million records so I would say it's definitely in Kanye's wheelhouse to do.

That so you think he did intentional yeah killer no was this a get inside for both of them oh you know I could see it both ways I could see Taylor not knowing and benefiting or also knowing she seems to me like she's very at this point I guess that was ten years ago but at this point she's very business minded yeah she yeah I just I wasn't about to start.

Her it's called Americana she has a documentary on called Americana yeah okay I actually I don't like her songs at all anymore but I used to there's one song I really like it's called mean that's my all-time favorite like Mary yeah she's a kid playing a banjo in it the video she's good she's young that's a good one.

I got a quick one since that was a good well what's your theory oh I don't think who's in a side job at all so I also but you since you have a theory we're not gonna go down the rabbit hole Kayne I want to talk about him in general well since even if it wasn't that with you is now who he has been all his interviews like is he an inside job is he real is.

That real life like is he just like a robot your thinking is an industry plant that's a term we we use oh my goodness he's not an industry plant just because he's been he's an amazing musician for 10 plus years so you can't there's there's certain things that can be manufactured I think he's manufacture like for.

Example Iggy Azalea is a perfect example of someone that could be manufactured like just go like some blonde girl because Kenya is one of the most like talented producers ever yeah so you can't just fake that yeah you could how could you fake it I mean fake it sounds like people have lyrics written.

For them all the time wasn't Drake like called out for having lyrics room for him yeah but I'm no stranger no one says Kanye's the best lyricist he's the best producer yeah but a ghost producer I don't but if you're the ghost producer you would just become super famous not is he okay fine your dear you're going extreme with the industry planned I'm.

Saying is like his interviews like is that actually him is he just like off the deep end all the time because like when I see him on the Kardashians and this last season he was on it pretty frequently like he doesn't come on as much I love when he's on though because he is so just like out there he's like do you remember I showed you the.

Interview of them to like side by side yeah he's just crazy he was like well he said it reminded him of that I don't know oh you guys should we should like show the clip maybe next we can show Kardashian clothes okay it just so I just I can't get past the fact that he is who he is and it doesn't seem like he goes to sleep with these thoughts and.

Like lose them this happens with everyone who's like super famous for so long like he is somewhere you can't be humble with your face on a Jumbotron like things like that like it's kind of true when some people are constantly telling you you're the greatest I don't think I should believe it so yeah okay I can't I don't.

Really get like the I'm a god or I am God type of AI for him I know he's like said things like that like he feels like he is but he is pretty like down-to-earth he used to be known earth oh he's just a little kooky yeah that's just from so many years being so famous I think because you yeah in the club with him and Kim he was like this just.

Reminds me of The Incredibles like we're on a set and I'm like a superhero and like all right you know she was just like going alive I get from him honestly is like he's he's a famous artist and he's trying really hard to be like our Thursday now yeah I just think he needs to be on like some sort of moods like stabilized yes I think thoughts do what.

Is on here is on medication okay anyway my mental health issue says someone's oh really have you listened to it album Jesus's King yeah I did didn't love it they really liked it I think I listened to like one song in passing but no how about Bieber Kanye's not doing the one I haven't like seen Bieber interviews like I've watched Kanye interviews to know.

How deep he is it's not gonna end well with him with Bieber he was famous when he was like 12 right yeah it's just a pretty much a wrap I would say he's married to Haley Bieber I don't know her last name now cuz it's Beamer I don't know he's you just fame is a curse I agree someone said it's a curse Fame yeah me and Matt talked about this and I.

And it's always something like I really never thought about until Matt like told me would you rather have like Fame like would you have notoriety or money like would you rather be rich or famous cuz you can have like both they go hand in hand several loves right a lot of time but like would you rather just be behind the scenes and have like money and do.

Things without like being known I think no it seems like there's definitely a percentage of people that would rather be famous like the instant thought type oh yeah they're they prefer the fame to the money I think yeah no but I think in there I think in most people's minds if you're famous you can just make a ton of money generally you can monetize fame.

Pretty easily yeah I just yeah oh if you guys want another like Kanye West spin-off but just not talented Aaron Carter he's been fastly devolving lately he has some interesting and relating to radical I went in an Aaron Carter rabbit hole he is he has a face to have huge faced at now I used to watch their show Aaron Carter had a show yeah he's.

Actually like I crept up there makes me laugh when he was so young you know all these kids like a lot of kids where Britney was yeah we were just shown that Britney lies gosh maybe every mystery should just be like on like celebrities like famous celebrities that's fun should I do my mini mystery or should we skip it we should probably just skip it.

Everyone wants to do it but how long is your case can we get through the we get directly I'll just go through this one quick we talked about this already you remember yeah so I'm sharing this infographic it's cool why haven't we found aliens and give up give me what you guys think about these there's a bunch of different theories on why we.

Haven't it was kind of long okay so there's the rare earth theory we're unique the rare earth hypothesis hypothesis argues that planets with complex life like Earth are extremely rare thoughts so we're going through this again we just I remember doing this okay so that's too much we shouldn't do it it's a lot the great filter okay well.

I'll just link this in Chad this is it cool infographic you can look yes yeah definitely look at it and talk about it with someone's butt like that with us pretty deep right now quick I was with Aaron Carter on drugs at all yeah so that's actually part of the debate he was on drugs for an extended period of time the debate is whether.

He's still on drugs a lot of people think he is he was also on I think dr. Phil recently yeah his doctor dr. Phil even real I would rather not be famous and just sit at home and eat beef jerky would be fun but they're like the most gourmet beef jerky does doctor feel like really get through to people is he just like just like a fun like Marv Amar'e.

Mouth Lamarr Mauri Mauri Mauri Mauri to Michelle I think like when he first was right he's under Oprah now I think he's kind of like dr. eyes like they're both at first were good and now they've just like devolved into like jokes goji berries you know like that kind of thing well not dr. Feldman yeah that's martyr and we're gonna dr. dr. Phil I don't.

Even know yeah I mean if anything he he's famous because of cash me outside right no cuz of Oprah was if Cashman Knoxville yeah I know because of Oprah but like cash me outside bad baby is more famous than dr. Phil in my mind and she was on dr. Phil I think dr. Phil's more famous yeah dr. Phil is really high on himself I've noticed that lately oh.

He's a toy yeah I agree I'm a jerk that's why that's why people like that like are you real people because you're like really in the public public eye you think you would like watch yourself back and maybe be like alright I gotta like cut myself down a bit mm-hmm maybe it's tough I don't know cuz yeah I have to imagine like even doing.

This I constantly have the thought of like am I just a phony you know I imagine our madness so I imagine people that really break through to become world famous dr. Phil types of people they like powered through all that to the point where they're just like so overly confident that it's like yeah are they real even they're not like normal.

People anymore yeah okay should we get on to the case okay what we got today is the what happened to get Caitlyn Markham Markham Markham so Caitlyn was last seen she's 21 years old in 2011 in Fairfield Ohio and I want to get the chat up so you can kind of see it well can you swap I could but yeah okay sorry okay there we go.

Okay so Caitlyn Markham so here's how it goes she's in art school she's about to graduate in a couple weeks three weeks and in two days she turns 22 years old she has these big grand plans of when she graduates college she's going to move to Colorado with her then fiance they just got engaged JOHN CARTER and yeah so they're planning.

To move together to Colorado that's always important when you're questioning what happened to someone they got plans for the future usually people that something bad happens to they don't have future plans really yeah I would think it's the obviously because you're trying to cover your tracks like we wanted to do this thing then she.

Disappeared you know yeah well usually that's like a big case of why they wouldn't have disappeared if they have like saw like a puppy or something at home they wouldn't leave yeah just little things like that you sorry I mean if you put plants under microscopes okay so she was scheduled to work a full shift at David's Bridal that's where she.

Worked the on Sunday the 14th and that morning she was a no call no show which was very unlike her this is on Sunday she was responsible she was working two jobs while attending school she's never done this before so JOHN CARTER her fiancee having been unable to reach Cailin on her cell phone since the prior night Saturday night he.

Wakes up actually he goes to bed really late he texts her he calls her he leaves her a like good morning message because you know she's gonna wake up soon he's going to bed she'll see it and reply like always she doesn't reply so um he then gets permission to leave during his evening shift at Papa John's Pizza to check on her oh and another guy who's.

Really just evolving lately as the Papa John's guy have you heard about him he got like somehow dethroned from the Papa John's the guy who is in all the commercials on Papa John's yeah he's a football player that's Peyton Manning I'm talking about John like Papa John the main guy oh I've never seen.

Or maybe when I see the other guy you know the other guy whatever ingredients better pizza Papa John's yeah pains of that yeah but the other guy does too what's happening to him he's got kicked out of Papa John's and everyone else took over now why did the hostile takeover it was either like racism or something sexual one of those.

I guess it was accused maybe there's even recording of it I don't know it was one of those two the two big dogs Oh like Paula Deen yeah okay then so sorry guys he so he interestingly when he went he didn't call or check at David's Bridal he just immediately went home which was she should have been working okay but since he wasn't hopefully got a.

Nine dollar donate $10 donation from Theresa Vance thank you thank you Mikado it looks like so he didn't drive to her work day was Bridal he drove straight home to see if she was there and her cars in the driveway and right when he sees a car that alarms him because he's like she would never just like sleep in and miss.

Work he goes in and with his key he has a key no Caitlyn nothing was out of place but her dog her keys and her purse were on her bed in her bedroom yeah her dog her keys in her purse okay so that stuff you would typically take if you're going somewhere and she always locked her dog in her first floor bathroom when she went out she had like a bed in there.

And food and stuff and just all this stuff oh so it was a racist thing that Papa John's did mm-hmm he moved on Trump on the football kneeling listen is that racist though where Donald Trump down the football kneeling I think Donald Trump said like it's bad to Neil I don't know though okay so Kaelin wasn't there the dog.

Thing is a big they were like the boyfriend right away is like that's usually not how she leaves it so John Carter left to check with some friends and see what's going on here he's like right away though he's thinking she something bad might have happened he calls her father so his soon-to-be father-in-law he's like I can't find.

Caitlin I think something's wrong what do we do so then he calls 9 1 there is recordings of the 9-1-1 call i just couldn't find it anywhere so i have the transcript every time I leave a room I say dkp outlaw dog keys purse you do know someone said that so I do have the transcript I don't think it's that useful to like read through it.

Though but um so he calls this is the dad no this is the fiance's like hi my name is John Carter I'm calling a report a missing persons I know you're not supposed to do that before 24 hours my fiancé is missing I can't find her anywhere and then there's also oh I had it pulled up wait here don't look there's also this which is someone.

Analyzing the 9-1-1 call and it's pretty cool to read through this so the number one thing is like emergency calls that are flat are flagged if they if there's an introduction so like hello hi this is my name you know like kind of what he did but I think that's a little misleading because he's calling not in like a panic situation where someone is.

Actively getting stabbed he's not holding like no like when I yeah I never I'm like hi my name's Megan Barrett unless I'm calling like in the bank for like services but like even when I'm calling for Julie's mom I am calling regarding my dog Julius I want to get him checked like if I was calling 9-1-1 you had been missing for eight hours.

Every week say hey I'm calling to report a missing person I wouldn't say hi smacking I would take my my husband's missing his name is Matt gaggy yeah I started that so it's a little weird and it's weird and then he goes on to say I saw her like 12 o'clock last night she stays in a house by herself so I'm just really nervous her car's still there her.

Purse is still okay where's the addressing of address Beauvoir anything more from the analysis of the call that is like interesting to point out that you read through he goes into it all but I just like looking at this part here so like expression of emotions is a red flag because your emotion is kind of implied you're calling 9-1-1 so.

Something Bad's happening so you have to be like I'm really scared I'm you know I'm fearing for my life it just like they know by the tone he said I'm nervous anything else did he say that was like weird he said I'm like scared for my life no he just said I'm nervous oops I keep showing you my notes ask for.

Oh say that like I'm concerned something happened to her like I'm worried you know she got killed yeah I'm worried something might have happened to her I would say I'm nervous would you maybe I would say like it makes me nervous I just figured nervous unless I literally just couldn't get the words out at all I wouldn't say I'm.

Nervous yeah cuz he stumbled out a few words but I mean I called 911 before and yeah and in like a non panic situation probably some did not like this obviously but likes non panic and yeah I'm not like polite it is it's always serious when you're calling 9-1-1 right it's not just like a casual item because it feels casual you go to the.

Police station right I feel like that's more truthful yeah you go up there so the words I'm sorry statistically are found in cars with guilty knowledge for whatever reason and you know just a bunch of cool things you could read about I guess I'll link this in check – it's kind of cool to read there's also down below it's the analysis of the.

Actual call but I've also seen a lot of people kind of deep but don't look at this I've also seen a lot of people kind of debunking that – and saying like this is just some guy kind of saying this I like it as a previous nine one one dispatcher for three years it is not uncommon for an introduction with their name more usual than not Oh see that.

Might be true that's better than the person that wrote that thing yeah okay your wife's wisdom is on another level Thank You Jay white okay go back guys back to the case so JOHN CARTER her fiance was the last person to see her the previous night between 11:00 p.m. and midnight he left around that time to join a group of friends and in nearby.

Town kayla was tired she wanted to go to bed last known sighting he said he and Caitlin he said he and Caitlin texted each other a few times after he arrived at the next house so that would have been around 12:45 in the morning a little after midnight police reported there was no activity on her phone after that 12:45 time period so John.

States he leaves his friend's house that night around 4:00 a.m. goes home texts Caitlin like I said the good morning message and hopefully for her to wake up to a text him back this seems to be a typical occurrence Shh he goes to sleep he sleeps until 4:30 p.m. the next day so literally at 12 and a half hours sleep I guess yeah 4 a.m.

To 4:30 p.m. I kind of life is this he does not have to work until 5:00 p.m. that day and he's delivery driver at Papa John's so that's what's going on in with John's whereabouts on the night okay and that's pretty much all we know about the night she the last known sighting was between 11:00 and 12:00 with John he leaves she's home alone.

Presumably when he leaves and then who knows from there and they don't live together but they're engaged she's never seen again okay over the next several weeks Caitlin's disappearance was featured on the local media and it even made it national and the big dog Nancy Grace at one point when John was interviewed by.

Local radio this is always this is like a common slip up of people that are guilty and they're trying to play that they're not the hosts noted that he'd spoken about her in past tense and then he corrected himself hmm I think that through so I don't know I would say maybe he was just so convinced because it was so outside of the norm of her.

That she What did he say I don't know the exact quote we don't have the clothes because it'd be weird if I was like Matt says versus like Matt used to say yeah or like she was a great person like what if you said she was a great person then you think she's dead then she's dead oh yeah yeah would you ever say that about me if I'm just like I.

Would say you are not here yeah yeah okay so it's a little weird but it could lure us through shopping is like she was great it could just be like a slip-up though – I don't think so that's a weird slip-up right guys look at the comments yeah fame has gotten to Julius they're joined the curve yesterday oh yeah I think I.

Saw your post in the forums there hey you Janice thanks for joining okay so then he was interviewed on local TV and his response when asked what his last hour with Caitlyn was was a little weird he avoids the question I don't know I wouldn't say he avoids a question but he ends up not really answering it and he talks about how he would always.

Go do things for her like vacuuming her apartment because she was always so busy just like kind of a weird place to end when the question is what happened like the last hour you saw her mm-hmm so he that sounds like avoiding why would you say he didn't avoid it he kind of avoided but I don't think I don't know I saw him speak a few times he's kind of a.

Nervous guy overall but it's so easy when you're looking at someone who like you think may have done something terrible to just kind of see what you want to see right and be like oh my gosh she's saying that like you shouldn't be saying that's not what we're doing we're trying to now analyze it based on like how we would act in the situation if you.

Were missing knock on wood and someone was like what was your last hour like with Matt and this was the last hour I'd be like well we were together he was happy we were doing where did she a we had some great banter Bolla like it was a beaut I used to pick up his socks a lot because he just left them everywhere you'd be trying to give like some good.

Details to help the investigate right like your mood like were you depressed were you happy yeah so in early September 2011 the equi search which i think is like some kind of national organization that works on searches for missing people just like foot searches and stuff they search a specific area called Oak iana Ohio and a local.

Resident asks like one of the law enforcement why are you searching in this area and that's the guys like because the phone pinged in this area and that was like not supposed to be leaked to the press or to anyone and the police later denied that but everyone was kind of like that was probably really the truth yeah it turns out too.

Later on that was the truth the phone pinged in that area so that was like 25 minutes away from the from Fairfield from where they lived no hi oh yeah who's that do you know that area no I don't know where Fairfield is oh so a few peculiar facts about Caitlyn's last evening would eventually surface $10 donation from.

Doc's widow thank you Oh his nuts a pear no it's a pear Oh what kind of done I believe her phone was not on her bed someone says I thought her phone was out of her bed no phone was missing both was the only thing God DKA right Hertz dog Odie PK yeah what was their relationship like yeah intimate so we'll get into some stuff.

About the types of people they kind of work but I mean one of them the Caitlyn was like you know working two jobs not really high quality jobs that's kind of what a lot of people do when they're working their way through college she was getting an art degree twenty-two twenty-two how old was he he was twenty-two also maybe 23 yeah okay this.

Is he was working at Papa John's sleeping twelve and a half hours a day so like that was his whole life they were both like not what I would call go-getters for sure they were just kind of like living in their small town having a comfortable life they're gonna try moving to Colorado fresh start yeah Julius.

Okay so few peculiar things about that last evening would eventually surface John Carter said that he had been instructed by Kaitlyn to burned as a direct quote a big old bag big old bag of her paperwork in the fire pit of the friend's house he visited just after she was last seen so unlikely she told him to do it and he did it to hide something.

So we were going to read into this paperwork quite a bit because there different interpretations of this but yeah the idea was John does a lot of stuff for Aires I always doing errands for her so she had to burn her bag of paperwork okay in different interviews Carter gives multiple answers for what time he left her home that night varying.

Between 11:00 p.m. and midnight depending on which interview and what's kind of odd about that is you could go back and look at the text messages usually and kind of like place yourself where you were when you were sending these different messages it's usually pretty easy to do that right if you go back through your history like oh when I.

Sent that when I was driving I sent that one I was eating pizza and then that was like right after I left her house 11:45 yeah but he's unable to do that and then the big thing that goes unnoticed in all of these interviews John is giving is there was like a storm of the decade type a storm that night in Ohio and what year.

Is this 2011 and he never mentions it there was a big storm that year was that in Philadelphia – oh there was holiday remember apparently like seven people died in Indiana and like something fell from the storm yeah so it was a big storm Mike's naked arm I think I don't think it's a snowstorm I think it's a rainstorm whatever it's a rainstorm it.

Yeah I'm thinking it's not strong yeah it's a sudden summer thunderstorm oh it was this summer yeah August so it goes completely unmentioned out and all of John's accounts for the night so like you think if you're telling the story you'd be like yeah I was driving that the rain was really coming down that would come up somewhere so you start.

Thinking like okay if you're dealing with a body or something trying to hide a body maybe you don't mention the conditions because you're trying to like totally disconnect from the crazy night you had right right that's that's unfortunate that 90 chooses to do something like that yeah the other thing is so he goes over.

To this hops that's his story at when he leaves Caitlyn's house with a couple of friends they do confirm that he's there but it's like a little shaky the alibis I would say and so he says they had a bonfire there he kind of alludes to this and that's where he burned the papers at but then there's the story like the whole storm right so you can't really.

Have a bonfire with a big huge storm yeah oh but the friends corroborate this the friends kind of corroborate it but when they're interviewed they know nothing about like a bonfire burning papers anything like that so a couple different theories there's one main theory and we'll get to this a little bit more but I think this could all just.

Be code words for smoking weed burning papers what do you say to that you just count no I read this theory somewhere I've read and I was like that makes a lot of sense because there's one text message where she's like I wish you would have waited for me to burn the big old bag or whatever yeah sounds like that cuz like why would you wish he.

Waited for you to burn some bills and receipts and stuff it's kind of fun to watch things burn but yeah so it could be weed yeah and then he never mentioned the storm bola okay then another detail emerges weeks after Kayla's disappearance there was a third person at her home that night oh we.

Don't know who it is he's unnamed the person has been called mr. Saturday night just like in the Facebook discussion groups and stuff because no one knows his actual identity he was interviewed and he was involved in searches for Caitlyn and he said he was there for a short period of time and sense tension in the room and that.

Caitlyn seemed to be in a very bad mood she was preoccupied and focused solely on her and John the fiancee explained her behavior by saying she had taken mushrooms so this is why also I'm thinking it could be weed they're talking about yeah because they're drug users and mr. Saturday night left.

Caitlin's place sometime around 9:30 that night Caitlin couldn't have gotten home she couldn't really have gotten home from work which she got off of she usually would get home at 8:40 and be like on a mushroom trip at 9:30 right that seems weird unless you took them right before she left work which you might do I guess.

But why you would go people would do that people would do that but like it seems I'm skeptical of it because that also you're just doing them at home by yourself like ferns or that they do yeah I guess I know I know it seems odd to me cuz she's also working the next day and she's like tired she has to go to bed then later on at like 11:30 when she.

Would probably still be like feeling the effects of the mushrooms yeah but when you enjoy and frequently do drugs like work doesn't get it away when it's like also shoot works are like bridles rental place okay so does his story vary or does that pretty much say that said it varies a little bit each time and he remembers new pieces of information so.

And then 18 months after the disappearance we're not getting much going on and then so nothing okay well so what did they investigate police investigated there was no sign of forced entry remember John had a key and they interviewed John and he just seemed weird so they couldn't like really huge his responses no real on suspicious yeah.

No real like takeaway from that I guess it seems like yeah the investigation wasn't that great because we never really like Doug my guests week one into his alibis he had some alibis at the party was apparently like seven people at the party a few of them said he was there but no one remember like a bonfire or.

Anything like that yeah I used to I feel like a lot of cases just like not swept under the rug but like they kind of just capped the investigation they're like yeah she's 22 she used drugs she's missing what you know maybe she overdosed and he had to hide her body so he wouldn't be blamed for her death well if we're going by the.

Mushroom theory you can't really overdose on yes but I mean if she's doing mushrooms like popping them at work driving home then you know who knows sky's the limit she would be popping all kinds of pills and stuff too did you all move no we just built this in our basement accidental overdose they panicked I got seized it's not a bad.

Theory I guess and that's when they vouched for him being at the party because they a lot of them knew that she had like overdosed I know why else would you vouch for someone if you might have actually went to the party and just like not been after yeah I don't think they ever really confirmed the time he arrived at the party so like what if he.

Arrived at 2:00 a.m. and he just like got rid of the body somehow how does the cell phone ping tie and everything no we're gonna get to that so okay 18 months later a couple looking for a scrap metal at an unofficial dump site ends up finding her skeletal remains she was identified by dental records and she had a plastic bag like.

Grocery bag covering her head oh my goodness and this is found in the location 25 miles from her home Jana yeah no that came off Oh Kiana I think it's called the coroner stated the death was by homicide but since it was the condition of the body they couldn't really determine the manner of death hey that's.

Yeah so the case kind of remains unsolved but we do have a few suspects obviously we got John the context he's the prime suspect yeah there's a little more of them no no I'm a disappointment it's just like so many unnecessary dumb like deaths like or like homicides were just like kills you know yeah it's just like what I don't understand like we now.

We don't know anything about how she died why she died who did it and it's just she was 22 and that's the end of her life yeah I mean knowing what we know closest person to her last seeing her it's like 99% of the time it's though he also seems I don't know like I go back and forth just by reading everything because you can't really read.

Into what he's saying but I would also say he's not very smart and like he could just be not used to being interviewed and stuff and like well you're being interviewed you've never been interviewed before it's really hard to like get your point across so I would excuse him from a lot of that stuff if you think your fiancé is missing and you.

Don't want her to be dead not talking about her as if she is dead what about the art trying to you're trying to articulate and get as much detail out there you're not talking about home vacuum to her house that's true what about the fact that he called her father before 9-1-1 or anything does that make you think towards innocence yeah me guys.

To her family mom dad or siblings make any statements I don't think so but it seems from what I read I don't think they're super suspicious of the boyfriend but I didn't read too much into that was their fault so mass did he start dating anyone else or getting married so was this my wife and I love to hunt for scrap metal and unofficial.

Dump sites that would be one of the best comments we've ever gotten but that's probably serious no he's kidding obviously oh I would assume Derrick's Derrick you're kidding right no I think that's a serious comment which would also still be really funny because he's just letting us know that it's a common thing that rules out over.

To us a bag over her head yeah I guess it would although that wasn't necessarily the cause of death like confirmed for sure seems like it could though yeah those are trying to stage the yeah oh this is terrible everyone's I assumed serious oh I don't think that was serious well Derek Derek we need to know can you lend us a.

Sounder okay so obvious suspects Jean the big one who else could it be that third person mr. Saturday night I don't think he's really a serious suspect we do though have another suspect so 23 year old Ellen you got it are you looking for Derek's yeah waiting for Derek Derek sure everyone's waiting for Derek now my wife is next to me and.

She's making me say this okay so 23 year old Ellen Ellie is her nickname white wake what minute went missing from her house on July 29th 2018 so that is significantly answer yeah she lived in West Chester Ohio very close to Cincinnati Westchester and Fairfield where Katelyn lived are only about 10 miles apart so her body was eventually.

Found in a nearby field and it was determined that she had died by asphyxiation a local man named Michael Strauss was charged with her murder on August 26th and 25th so it seems as though Strauss was stalking her in the months before her murder she filed a police report for stalking telephone harassment.

On April 22nd with the Westchester police speculation arose about whether or not Michael Strauss may have had involvement in Kaitlyn Markham's disappearance and murder my photo is surfaced this I looked up the photo I could find one photo but it's like Facebook photos and people are saying it's them and it's not 100% verified but.

Photos surfaced of Strauss with John and a group of their friends photos surfaced of Strauss with John John John Carter yeah John was the fiancee so Strauss this person that murdered a 23 year old woman was in their circle of friends seemed like like kind of on the perimeter not like best friends sure but he was in the group a little bit yeah or.

At least an acquaintance that they met up with a few times these photos were taken after her disappearance reportedly but it seems as though Strauss was at least on the periphery of their friend group yeah and then also the fact that there was plastic wrap over Ellie's head that's named like it said plastic wrap so I took that as like more like is this.

Just something like write a thing you're reading that the sentence seems like no this is a real theory that that could be the same guy oh like the police yeah police think it could be huh yeah do you have a picture another Strauss yeah I could pull one up he's like dreadlocks one second I'm pulling up a picture we.

Got chats thank you motive yeah I don't know what would the motive be for John he's just yeah Strauss was not the Saturday night guy so this this is Strauss so yeah we're like saran wrap that's what I was thinking why wouldn't the Straus guy be in jail well he's in jail now I think he was convicted of the.

Murder oh I'm not dissing credit it just might use his friend it so frequently I just asked him if he found it there yeah it seems like it's totally possible that he could have somewhat stalked Caitlyn – yeah especially if he's just like I'm hitting it too deep into the Friendship Circle because he was just like.

Therefore so the I guess like what's more far-fetched that there's two murderers and like this little group of friends or that the one guy murdered two people I guess probably the one guy murdered two people right yeah and the fact that he's a stalker I guess would lead me to believe that he would be like just outside the house waiting for John.

To leave and like he might kind of know what John's up to yeah and then pounce yeah John's would have been sexual and emotive would it have been why would it have been sexual it's his fiancee I don't know maybe like he thought she was cheating that could be it he's creepy looking he did it looks like he'd go to the storm just by a plastic.

Wrap I'm making an egg loaf as I watch you – that sounds fun yeah I posted some stories yeah two days ago I made one make an egg loaf with protein powder for meal prep and it's not filling at all and it just like made me hungrier when I was eating it for lunch so I don't think I'm gonna do that for.

Meal prep anymore guys if you're interested got a picture of John yeah there's your John yeah isn't John Parker like a president John Carter I don't know John Carr no president shouldn't you know that John Carter is that a president no he does look weird you're right okay now that I see him I feel like he would say weird things and.

Interviews accidentally yeah there's John Adams there's John Quincy Adams look up John Carter one sec I'm trying to show them a photo of this guy there's no big big images will show you that right there John Carter a Jimmy Carter Thank You Herat hey watch it yeah we're but it's hurrah wait our.

Caitlin and Mark have the same person yeah it's Caitlin Marquez Derick Jimmy Carter is the president wait so Derek's wife is next to him though and so I think the real mystery is Derek like 32 or 52 what Derek how old you think Derek is oh I'd say late forties yeah so just coming with that one hit what a Derek saying you have another funny no just.

The mark him that was him again yeah oh my dirts killing who that shut up – no but like is he joking we haven't had a chat MVP like this in a while someone says I'm confused why would this Straus guy be in prison for a murder – wouldn't he be in prison for a murder ten years before Kalin's murder no no it was ten years.

After and so he killed Caitlin supposedly in 2011 2011 and then in 2018 he was convicted of a murder that he was definitely he definitely did mm-hmm and now they're tying the two guy looks really clean cut no he doesn't JOHN CARTER he say oh no he doesn't though he doesn't shower all the time I wanted to look into this Papa John's.

Story for you I love him he's so sweet looking he resigned as chairman he used a racial slur in a conference call what'd he say but he still owns a substantial stake in the company he owns 30% of Papa John's that's 622 million so do you think it was like an it was like just intentional but it was.

Supposed to be a joke and someone got offended and then called him out I read that it was like during a conference call about like racial sensitivity and he made a joke okay it's kind of like the Michael Scott episode isn't there wineries like doing something like that I don't know I feel like if that happens you know he's trying to be a cool boss.

Yeah but I don't know what he said and I don't know what the time yeah I don't know the full thing either but I could see that happening is what I'm saying yeah I don't know if anyone has actual I don't even know if it's like recorder I think it's just like he said she said type of stuff yeah so he used the n-word um my conference looks a lot different.

Than I thought I did he look commercials make him look better it's so funny I was watching he did this inner yeah he's so young okay yeah he's really you really killed it so he's doing he did an interview like you know really his first interview I think since he got let go of and he was really just like going in he's like I've been ordering two pizzas.

A day from Papa John's the quality we used to be all about quality it's very obvious I think they hired like someone from Arby's like the old Arby's CEO or something he's like this guy doesn't know quality he does he's never been in the pizza space before it was like the all he knew is is fast fast food they did just the quality decline I'm.

Ordering two pies a day from Papa John's and the quality just hasn't been up to par that's a Papa John's saying yeah so to me I'm like whoa he really is like he loves Papa John's wait what's his name I think John John Schneider Papa John that's funny he just put Papa in front of his name.

The covers girl took place in May between Papa John's execs and the marketing agency laundry service yeah so it was about gaining it was about the NFL kneeling people people kneel and I think he was like talking about it hurting pizza sales maybe yeah and he used the n-word that oh it says what he said.

Carnal sandals called black blacks and her Edward oh I guess he wasn't using it in a derogatory sunny you don't use it yes to err on the side of caution but it wasn't business exact call it wasn't in a derogatory sense like I don't that's why I'm Saul I think you get fired for that like that seems extremely didn't he resigned though he probably she's got a.

Lot of slack and was like the best thing to do is and you're gonna get slapped regardless right yeah what do you guys think should he have been fired for that are told to resign he said he ate like 40 pizzas kitchen Michael Scott no Papa John says I've never liked the pizza personally oh I like their garlic butter sauce that.

Comes with that yeah the pizza is just not there yeah the pizza average here's the offense you think you should get fired should matter I liked that last name shatter news reports that should be me used to been a programmer but language to me during media training raise your truth regardless of the.

Context I apologize simply stated racing that's no place to say okay so he fess up to it so sorry everyone gets fired for everything no yes yes equal split on no yes for getting fired you step down and then sued for a corner of stocks uh-oh what Renea Reni has a good theory on the case if she knew Strauss did we explain why.

She didn't take any of the stuff off her bed he probably said hey let's get high and she grabbed her phone and went out with him and then he just hauled her away I just added the whole part yeah it really leaves into question like what actually happened to her how did she go from being conscious I guess the last time we actually tell because if you.

Think the mr. Saturday night mr. Saturday night left at 9:30 ish so that's like the last time we're 100% sure she was alive I doubt the guy like walk out the door and the boy friend immediately murdered her but like what could have happened to her there's no evidence of anything bad happening to her in the house yeah it must have just.

Been someone who like one that came and should have stepped out for a moment and then that was that yeah someone said CeCe's is the best pizza I mean come on do you eat pizza how can it all-you-can-eat buffet have the best pizza Derek I need to witty remark on this Derek have any other good stuff in here.

I don't think so I think his wife has banned him for music thank you boy he's still rich so I think it's okay here the septum that's a terrible mindset to have what do you mean he's still rich he built this company with his bare hands and now he's let go and he's still incredibly passionate about Papa John's he's obviously meant to run a piece of.

That he was put on this earth to run a pizza business like a year ago and he's still ordering it's still rich so I think it's fine always rich it doesn't matter what's the best pizza in Atlanta we have an Evo in every in pizza today probably I'd like good pizza somewhere I don't know the line is known for its barbecue.

Yeah and like no I guess that's not what they're known for barbecue yeah they're not really known for like coca-cola I guess pecans peach JJ's pecans yeah I knew to your channel thanks for your help hey Chris thanks for being here monkey tonight I appreciate it if you guys have keno questions we're here so.

You guys can ask them I'm passionate about Papa John I can respect that bare hands I'll he'll be alright man he will be help you fine I'm leaning towards an accidental death explain yourself ketone meant because I'm not or we that means drug overdose then right accidental drug overdose these pizza dad locations in Atlanta.

Like God location do you see that one yeah are using dad is like gadem yeah I think yes that's funny if you guys have Papa Murphy's will you do the keto pizza taste us I don't know yeah yeah we don't have we not we did blaze pizza though that was actually good that's the best pizza we've a do that's the only one I don't like it I like that damn.

Johnny's but I hope that's the nationwide but we should we give you Johnny's pizzeria David keto crust so if we're thinking the only thing with all these theories it comes up a lot of cases accidental death and then like a cover-up that doesn't make the most sense to me because what is your liability if you were there for the.

Accidental death like let's say you took these pills she took the pills she dies don't you just I don't know I guess I could see you getting panicked and not telling the police right and trying to cover it up but I would probably just tell the police I don't know at 22 yeah when you have a great job at Papa John's ooze yeah make can you talk about why.

You left law school and undergrad think about applying I didn't leave Law School I finished law school I took the bar in Pennsylvania before right before we started keto connect I did not pass and so I fortunately was able to pursue you know good night otherwise I would have probably went the legal route for a while yeah so I.

Would just I went there and I wouldn't like trade it for the world because I went to California and met math and I had theabout so I wouldn't have any of that if I didn't go to law school if you love her you don't dump her body in a scrap yard that is very true Keough Lucy yeah it's Lucy let go oh my god I think it's spelled differently.

Though oh okay yeah Oh Little Caesars best cheap pizza Wow nice a cheat cheap I was like oh my favorite cheap pizza is going to have to be Hungry Howie's and then you're gonna go parmesan butter crust mine's gonna be oh it's tough probably the thin crust from yeah you're all one thing just sayin across from Domino's or Pizza Hut probably you died.

Even their thick crust it's just so buttery and good do you regret going to law school hmm see I said no I have to say no because I'm at math in San Francisco like I would have never gone to San Francisco but I think for Super Bowl Sunday will probably make wings or we don't really have a will see what our friends are.

Going I might have a drink couple drinks oh it's tomorrow Saturday the games on Sunday yeah dang that's ok I should text beep if you love her you don't kill her yeah I think it was probably strout's that's my prevailing theory here I don't want wings we should do something else okay what are you thinking hmm.

We're do you thinking just order like b-dubs I'm down for whatever we just do normal dinner – yeah probably I've been craving Tripoli lately you have yeah were you do that oh and we said it now for the mud cake Marashi Moshe mud cake somewhere inside that kicked Domino is is greater than Little Caesars Domino's is really good it's not really good but.

Nothing is good there they have the business model of Domino's is so good they got the Pizza Tracker you click I want the pizza they hit you with like the lava cakes you want to add that just click this one button they know what they're doing at Domino's burgers brisket I'm craving buff chick dip that's literally what I thought make.

Cauliflower legs why why would I make about a cauliflower when I can make about a chicken what you do both looks like their art went to bed thank you so I've just shut off the computer from her I love thinking of the old couples where they're like very codependent I'm like yeah the wife has her specific thing she does the man has well it.

Happens quickly like Matt just as soon as he wakes up he's like where's this where is that like you just asked me for everything does that mean quickly like I know my grandpa he can't cook it all the kids there's no idea if you put like eggs in a frying pan he would not know what to do at all poor guy nothing beats a wood oven pizza yeah where do they.

Make those like please Pizza does it I think don't they I've never had like or they do brick oven wood oven brick oven is that the same thing no I always he recalled brick oven yeah I think yeah we need a keto Pizza type of Domino's to deliver yeah I think you're better off with just like one of these big chains having a keto option but I don't know if.

They'll ever do that I live in Houston area and Domino's there's a lot of teams working there so there just slide off the crust too much what goodnight Derek everyone say goodnight to Derek just came in and left have y'all had any aggressive encounters with vegans online or in person no I've seen the videos of them like doing.

Disruptions where they just like lay on the floor at butcher shops and stuff and cheese Louise – crazy stuff Derek was killing it tonight all the pun intended Matthew and in you ice cream videos coming out I was thinking we everybody have a nice you remember we first started our channel we tried a lit up every flavor like four times.

Oh my god the dumbest videos ever oh you do you guys remember this yeah it was like our fifth video I found them what happened again I found all the new flavors flavor leaked yeah we made a YouTube video and lit up contacted us but all they said was take it down and we were sad we were like suckers and we're like okay we should have been like.

No give us a million dollars and we'll do it well I thought this would come back to pay dividends in the future like no he let up can you know they don't really run the game anymore yeah cuz there's so many other good ones out there Derek is back at the scrap yard night D Dalek use green beans in Chile it's.

Weird but it's good that does sound weird and good Michael I never waited we ever make chili with boiled peanuts no but we've talked about it a lot I want to try that I think that would be good rebels good it's in store so wait what is a pizza video I mean it sorry what's an ice-cream video I think just like taste test different ice cream lots of.

Ice creams because there's new started ketone blood meter for ice cream remember yeah and we did two ice creams then we were like no it's just a big because you have to do it every morning for like four weeks I don't like starting my day off with ice cream is just really disrupt my day I don't get as much work done here is.

Complaining about his job where you can see it ice good morning I wish Hale the top would make mega flavor mega would be butter pecan yeah and the other top does it make that I don't think the so delicious butter pecan is the best no what do you think of all the youtubers who keep trying to force clean keto when it tech.

Look technically never existed but it's forced clean keto like say like just carnivore or something I don't know it's a hard to really cuz like obviously the cleaner the better but it's not really the most realistic so like here's an example every mom if if you're like complaining about all the keto products that are available to me you're dumb.

Like why would you be complaining about companies trying to make products that are healthier options for people that need them like is your life better off with those not existing I don't understand just how would be better if they didn't exist or impacted yeah so to me I'm like yeah they're not great for you of course but they're better than.

Snickers bars yeah but like putting them on glass like what are you really accomplishing there you know dirty clean lazy I just ignore them they keep the like keto cups you talk about our stuff those are really good they're you know they're like forever of Shay's steak and mayo every day that's a great combo yeah I just hate mail I love.

My hell man maybe like let me do the mayo enough of a chance though I mean you gag every time you look at it when you math like I will do anything for you you're my princess Queen wife what can I get you I'm like can you make me eggs out and he just like gags yeah and I have to make it for myself I'm eating rebel butter pecan ice cream with the.

Sugar free chocolate sauce right now and it's good wow that sounds great Joe Rogan just posted on Instagram that you did carnivore all January was shocked on how good he felt and he says he lost both times it's just too hard to do with three kids and a wife Joe lost 12 pounds have you seen the.

Picture no how I saw the picture pull it off for you I can pull it up out here you gotta find a comment has Matt ever had chicken salad no I'm gonna say he's never had anything Mayo baste like if we got if we only knew we were gonna eat once and we can never get food for the rest of the day and we got like burgers and had a little mayo on it he just.

Would fast where is this really work where's the picture guys I don't see it maybe it's in his story click on a story who doesn't have a story where does PK go I don't see his Instagram more like his carnivore thing now we're gonna be seen I've been tearing up the keto bomb cookbook what's your favorite recipe in.

There yeah guys I don't know how many of you know we do have let me just show you our website do you guys know we have a website you just know us for our crime this is our website so it's been upgraded for sure and we do live every night every morning 9 a.m. every weekday Instagram also Facebook but we do have these here we.

Have two physical cookbooks these are available on Amazon and like Barnes & Noble and stuff and then we have these ebooks this is the most popular one Fat Bob Bibles probably this is the best one I said maybe it's the best one this one's really good to dinner in 30 this one's good if you like slow cooker stuff you guys can check those out just on the.

Homepage scroll down a little bit yeah did you find the Joe Rogan picture though I missed the man shuttle I remember that you did make the man show anymore we should get a new iteration of the man show hosted by Papa John that would be great him just trying Papa John's Pizza everything associated with him they would think we're ASIS.

No I wouldn't be in I just watch it Wow keep the start of every episode would be like a quality check on Papa Johnson's pieces it's a video they're saying oh is it this one then this one here here this is so I did the carnivore diet for all of January I lost 12 pounds gained a ton of energy my energy levels were completely flat the whole month.

No ups and downs from crashing after eating I had a belly walking made fun of me fat trans me I lost all my fat I lost all the belly I lost my love handles I don't know if I'm gonna keep eating like this but it was tremendously beneficial and I also have an autoimmune disorder it's called vitiligo and my vitiligo.

Improved I had a bunch of white spots fill in so I don't know I went into this thing thinking this carnivore diet was wack and I probably think it's nonsense but this is good as I felt a long time and it's just one month okay that's interesting joel ice looks pretty good it's like 50 right yeah 52 that's good for 52 that's great.

Alright guys though this has been fun yes it has checking back in nothing from Derrick okay all right guys we will see you Monday for Instagram live if you join us there and got a video on Sunday video coming on Sunday and hopefully emerged stays consistent for Friday's and you guys like it Friday's 8'o do is crying I know that's why we're tying it.

Off okay yeah all right guys
Murder She Ate - What Happened to Katelyn Markham?
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