Murder She Ate – Valentines Day Special

Murder She Ate – Valentines Day Special

Murder She Ate – Valentines Day Special

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You know you can see us to label it wasn't it yeah hello what's going on guys we made it so this is murder she ate which is not about keto usually keto food though but now it's just murderer talk and I have one of these as took when she go lime I really like these yeah my water can I have your water I guess where's yours and she's upstairs.

Okay this is my valentine gift and it's a special don't have another gift for you it's a special Valentine's Day edition of murder [__] so usually you guys know I come with the mini mystery gift a mini mystery kind of yeah I think you'll appreciate like actually a fun gift so Megha has the case today do you indeed and your there is some CCTV.

Footage which is always great love those and we got you guys here in chat so I think the many mysteries I got here which aren't really mysteries today this will be fun to chat about so what are you guys eating a lot of people like to eat dinner with us okay the channel this side well no because I have the this is the frame the little screen share is oh.

So what are you guys doing for dinner were you losers doing all alone watching us on Valentine's Day well what what are us losers doing all alone talking to a camera we got our only Valentine we ever need though right here yeah this little guy and he's been doing so good yeah he's sleeping through the night pretty well now he puts himself back to sleep.

Such a proud mom this is paying parent is so rewarding isn't it like the best thing ever yeah does it it'd be like our own college championship yeah does it I thought you would say no no it does I don't think there's anything that trumps it cold shrimp and lobster meat that's like the.

Weirdest way I've heard some one phrase that dinner you just say shrimp and lobster you gotta say cold shrimp and lobster meat how do we celebrate Valentine's Day we went out on Wednesday night but today we chillaxed we went shopping I got my eyebrows done played with Co watched the rat game on Netflix it's a rap show yeah it's not very good.

Show okay should we jump into it mm-hmm many mystery so since it is Valentine's Day I love reading this forum it's the relationship advice form on reddit and in my opinion the advice they give is usually sometimes it's good because the best advice gets uploaded to the top okay but usually reddit is bad with.

Advice because it's only kids that's what I realized like very few people aren't 30 40 50 most of them are like 22 years old on reddit so 22 year olds giving relationship advice not the best all the 22 year olds are like ah but mega is exceptional and giving relationship advice that makes no sense I'm exceptionally giving it really.

Exceptional Pat okay so I thought we could run through some of the top relationship advice posts of the year I'm on board of that that's like the best so you ready jumpin jiminy the comment I'll switch it over when you doing the case when you're at a screen sharing okay so I'll share a screen so you guys.

Can read along relationship advice so basically what this is is people post on a forum they have questions about their relationship and the if it's like a really compelling question it gets a lot of upvotes so these are the best uploaded ones and people respond are just we're reading the story and then people respond we can see when they.

Responded with are you reading this whole thing no I'm just gonna pretty much read the top thing and then if we need more details we'll dig in a little bit okay first question okay.i 31 year old male found torn up remnants of a plan-b box in the kitchen garbage my wife 27 female should have no reason.

To use emergency contraceptive because I had a vasectomy years ago I talked to her what do you think about that so like I've had friends take pregnancy tests at my apartment you know so okay she could just have like a friend who came over panicked with the plan B and wanted to take it with someone like support I couldn't be the case yeah.

You're right I wouldn't I mean I guess as a woman I wouldn't jump to that conclusion but as a man I guess I would worry yeah I wouldn't have ever really thought about that but maybe not a lot of people come over so this is an update so the first question he asked what should I do I found the box he then talked to her and basically he said.

That's hey I'm not accusing you of anything but could you tell me why there was a torn-up Plan B box and then she as soon as he said the words Plan B she immediately looked like she'd been punched in the stomach and was lost for words okay and you could kind of like I've had that reaction before we were just like oh my gosh like one of them.

Calls me in a lot yeah so you repeat the question she looks horrified started crying and are you crying because you did something you regret she shook her head violently I was concerned because I thought something horrendous might have happened she abruptly shriek I'm crying because my effing husband doesn't even trust me.

That's how you always gotta flip it so I prompted her again just tell me why is it there you don't have to hide anything from me I'm getting like goose bumps where's this going she yelled if you don't trust me this marriage is hopeless f you are not trusting me f you for not trusting me yeah so that's pretty much how it ended and then she ends up giving.

Him an ultimatum at some point the following night apologize promise to never bring it up again and learn to trust her completely and then he would be allowed back home and what happened he says at the time of this update he has now returned home and that's it there's no more contact for over two weeks that's game over right.

Well so to me I mean you have to have better communication skills than that like I don't know I guess I need to know how long they've been married that is called gas lighting yeah that is called gas lighting guys don't be doing that to your partners so gas lighting is also like the most overused term there is no but do you know what it means.

Yeah I think that's why it's so easy though everyone thinks are really clever when they use exhaust probably as it no it just means but that's the epitome I would say of it sure I've never used the word gas lighting in my life but that's appropriate it's very common on reddit so yeah my thought is she probably did something yeah of course she did.

Something other that's why she's not admitting or she won't give a response there's the ultimatum she cheated innocent people don't act like that yeah that's a very sucky marriage that's pretty much the answer to every relationship advice is just like the wrong person yeah exactly like this is all symptoms of the root cause of you.

Being one a terrible decision maker settling for a horrible spouse this is just the symptoms like you're probably not innocent in all this hmm oh you're a P I Coleman outdoors going out there's always in these two i hearing a p i it sounds so fun i would love to be a P I I always say this I would never hire P I would just be done.

With the marriage yeah okay a lot of people saying we'll go through these quick there's a few at the end there just quick ones my boyfriend 19 year old male has been bullying me online I feel sick to my stomach so basically she post pictures on a few makeup subreddits she gets nice found.

But she always gets like really mean comments – and apparently his when her boyfriend was sleeping one night she saw him he had his reddit app open so she went on to it and found that all the mean comments were from him just on like different accounts that he creates so what does that say to you this is like a real psychological yeah so the.

Boyfriends threatened in some way he's trying to hold her down yeah cuz he might think like oh thank you one of the comments telling me that they vomited after seeing my photos so yeah it's like basically trying to make sure she doesn't get like too full of herself and like leaves like he's insecure and threatened yeah so I would immediately.

Knowing what I know now about life you can't stay with this guy he's a deadbeat he's scared I don't know post on reddit walk walk your ass out Jesus all modern relationships end at some point that's a very New Age beliefs you have they're all modern relationships end it up I mean if we're talking death then yeah what does that even mean don't all.

Relationships end at some point yeah the word modern is what makes me think you're not talking about death there because like my grandparents been together for 60 years but that might not be a modern really are you saying well looks like but if there was cheating in their relationship they would just stick it out because their that's the.

Old-fashioned thing to do they won't you I know but what I'm saying is like that's what the modern the use of modern basically infers that older generations just stick it out no matter what they're just not you oh no I'm thinking I was it that was one sick puppy yeah Craig Craig this is why I'm single so much happier yeah he's super insecure yeah I agree I.

Would immediately dump that person i 28-year old male I believe think my girlfriend 26 has been using my gym gym socks to wipe after going to the bathroom and it's a long post but like poop the TLDR too long didn't read found my gym socks and the garbage comfort in poop asked girlfriend about it she started yelling at me and crying and.

Left are they still together she just stormed out of the house and I'm sitting it'd been asking myself a lot of questions yeah so my whole thing is like the response to it because like if you did that you were like what thing like yeah I did that it was like an emergency hahaha or and his joys his poop that our dogs poop or something but the reaction.

To this the crying just like not being able to deal with your your actions that to me leads me to believe it's like a fetish like she likes using gym socks for poop wiping butt and now she's caught and she feels ashamed yeah maybe but like if you're gonna do [__] like that hide it better right like I'm like like if I eat a snack and I don't want.

You to know I'm not putting it on top of the trashcan and burying it underneath there like you gotta be smart about these things guys I threw away a sock she texted me and she's clearly embarrassed she would be an explanation to do fetish no it's not though cause do you think the socks after going to the bathroom.

Okay so just like weird an accident toilet paper there my girlfriend is a fear of getting poops our hamster she wipes his socks and has done so for a long time oh okay that's not terrible but this is still weirded out I mean what kind of socks are you using my socks when you stretch them there's you can get hold there's like holes right.

Look if you stretch them yeah why is she stretching and then wiping her fun she's just using thick socks I guess you can reuse them too it might be better for the environment but are you just putting all the poop socks in the dish and the washing machine no dude washing machine machines like get rid of poop.

There's the coop residue right if she couldn't like a really high-powered one okay next one my so 18 year old female my best friend 18 year old female also cheated on her boyfriend 21 year old male got pregnant and is lying that he's a dad should I tell him no like if my best friend Kelsey did that or Cathleen Oh Lissie.

I'm not telling are you talking about all right I think you got a reconsider obviously the character traits of your best friend but no I'm not telling my best friend your best friend let some random guy or boyfriend why would I tell them even if you're closer to him like ride-or-die like best friend what is the best friend to you you just.

You would tell the one of their secrets to someone who's not your best friend does it make sense that's not how best friends work yeah so what do you guys how do you guys feel about this one I mean it obviously sucks for the guy but but the guys the guys none the wiser right forever he'll always think he has a child and it could be like a great.

Thing for him I don't think it's your responsibility to step in there tell him a lot of people saying tell him be a good person tell him tell him hemorrhoids talent on your friends is a terrible person yeah that's the thing first off these are all symptoms like I always say don't make friends with terrible people and if.

You do like accept it and don't tell on your best friend yeah maybe encourage them to tell her yeah I think that would be good yeah that's probably what I would do I wouldn't like to force it but I'd be like you should I would probably tell you know my boyfriend you should tell yours to more I can do these all night I know these.

Are fun I'm gonna do this pastime I was thinking this would be a good YouTube channel my okay so my wife slapped our daughter who's 16 after she came out as gay I need help dealing with my wife my daughter like this it's not really a question but okay so this gives him this gift some.

Black background he's an immigrant from Mexico so this is a foreign family right so it's not love his wife is okay yesterday daughter said she wanted to sit down and talk sat down and told me that she wanted to bring her girlfriend over for her birthday took some time to sink in she said okay so that went over fine then after that I asked her if she.

Wanted to go out for dinner bla bla that one and then at this point my wife returned from her sister's house and my wife started screaming at my daughter slapped her twice and that's pretty much the story my wife refuses to talk to me she told me she will only be back if I agree to help my daughter become straight so to me again these are.

Values that you have to talk about prior to marriage right if we have a daughter that is gay that's obviously a discussion you should have but what do you do as the husband at that point so I would never be in that situation but at that point you are on the street I don't really know a lot you can do yeah I mean in the sense like there's not I don't.

Think there's a way we could continue our marriage if that's how you reacted to our child being gay yeah it would be tough really couldn't ever be on the same page again with our child that's gay yeah so I don't think we could be married seems like quite the deal-breaker yeah that's what I'm gonna stay here.

Till she's 16 yeah I don't know what does some of the is there any good advice I find this one hard to believe someone says not only immigrants are not accepting well he prefaced it by saying he's an immigrant we didn't say they're not accepting support your child um it's just a face someone said each.

Yeah I support your kid I guess that's what we're talking about Aaron yeah you chew like I would choose at this point CEO over Matt yeah okay so guys would you choose to be over me right what context just all across the board I don't know yeah I guess yeah it's you're pretty sure child I don't know Oh God.

Um so we watched this show rap game and there's this girl who ended up winning it and she's just like you know pretty homely like nice woman right Emily she's 16 yeah her dad was very supportive she's only helping her in her rap career and we just looked up videos ever she's a really good rapper now but she's also like very sexual she's 25 bald are.

Overly sexual everywhere ABS it's just like sex talk the entire thing it's good raps but it's also like I don't know do you support your duck like are you happy I said I would be happy with that I said I don't know you said maybe not as happy yeah maybe not as happy yeah I don't yeah I struggle I'd have to be in the situation we love our children without.

Conditions always I agree now they have a mama I heard see I know your FBI again you can disagree with lifestyle but how do you not just love your child yeah well maybe that's for her like uninformed way of loving her child right she's like I want the best for you you shouldn't be gay life's easier not being gay.

Obviously you know I can see that perspective I would put my spouse before child I got I don't know Oh daddy warbucks is back long time no see no teach wife a lesson in pooping or socks he's already coming with the one-liners too I'm hoping the phase comments are a joke I do too secretly okay last question or last yeah last.

Relationship question quick one my 23 year old female she's a 23 year old female her boyfriend 29 male hates that I wear boxers to bed basically they've been together for three months shaaka she got in bed one day wearing boxers and he said do you have to wear those I don't think they're ugly they're.

Just not very cute he can go shove it yeah move on three months that's not even not even a blip of your time in life I would I would just not date someone who has that big of a preference and if you're comfortable in boxers why do you have that big of a preference what kind of weirdo are you like she's living her.

Life you have to make decisions based on that you can't just be constantly telling her what to do yeah but I get it if it's like kind of a joke like you're wearing though it's like I'll say stuff like that sometime and it he's not gay or bi otherwise experiencing internalized homophobia mm-hmm oh yeah we didn't look at all the.

Comments but that's always what these people in reddit are saying they think there's like psychologists and they're always just like this on everyone who's mean to you like never talk to your family again that's basically their advice they always get I would say this guy though the boxer issue does have some homophobia or use or it's like a.

Mechanism of sort we don't have enough to say that that's just my duction cuz I had a boyfriend who was the same who was wearing very weird about gay people and just like in general and then I found out like five years ago he's bisexual and he was in a relationship with a guy it sensed from I think correlate like that a lot of the time yeah someone says.

What would you do if your daughter became a stripper well I think that's a personal family as a parent now I'd have a conversation with her about it I'd see where she's coming from first before I'm like this is the worst choice you could have made there's you could have gone a lot like you aren't saying like your daughter doesn't just become a stripper.

You have a lot of input there to where the output is she's a stripper including the friend she hangs out with the group she is mostly your fault as a parent if you have an issue with it if you don't have an issue with it then it doesn't yeah there's no fault yeah okay murder yeah what's the murder for tonight so it.

Is a disappearance of adamian nettles so this is a really really big case actually in the UK there's a book out on it like uh I think the mom wrote the sister or mom wrote it I feel like it's on the Amazon yeah I've heard this name before Shay it's gone yeah okay uh the disappearance of Damien nettles at the age of 16 Damien disappeared on November.

2nd 1996 on the Isle of Wight UK so the Isle of Wight is a small island on the south coast of England the population of the Isle is 140 K and the population of the town he lives in is ten and a half K doesn't have thousand people so to drive from one side of the island to the other it only takes 50 minutes so it's a very small island and you can and the only.

Way to get to the island is to catch ferries from England to the Isle of Wight really ten thousand people live on an island and the only way to get 140 km and those are some busy ferries yeah and it takes about 30 minutes to get there so Damien was often mistaken for being a lot older because he's six four and we'll also use some CCTV footage you can.

See he's 16 yeah but a family said you his family always like said that he was very gentle and full of life and he's just a very happy kid he played the guitar the trombone and he was a strong swimmer and it's to note that at the time of the disappearance they did live on the coast he lived with his family around 7:00 p.m. on November 2nd Damien.

Left his family's home and he was wearing all black so black foods a black sweater and black jeans and then he was also carrying his black camera and he had his dad dropped him at his friend Chris's house and Damien and Chris and Chris's brother they ended up walking near our nearby house party but when they got there they found out that it.

Was like very low-key and it was a whole couples party type of thing so they decided they wanted to leave like Damien just was felt like bored or alone or we're not sure why but like they just wanted to leave is this still on the island yes everything is on the island once M do you leave his house seven yes on.

November 2nd and the speculation there's some speculation to know that he might have left the party to get weed or he might have left out of boredom cuz I said it was a couple sighs do we know he smokes weed he's only 16 yeah but that's so it's very common at that age to be drinking and smoking in the UK so it was known that Damien did drink and smoke.

Weed at that age and again like I said it was very it is very common maybe some of you can confirm so Damien Kris leave the house party around 9:30 and they hop on a ferry back to their home area so that party was a cross of rip across the river but it wasn't in it was like across another river but it wasn't in UK like the mainland it wasn't in England I.

Mean but before they get on the ferry they stopped at a corner store and they buy some beer and since he's so tall like he can get in and out of pubs easily and he's not like questioned does the ferries run all like do they stop at a smell they're like subways so it's 9:30 so subways are still running you know ferries are still running it's like.

That right in New York don't the subways go like really late though I mean I think till 1:00 I am okay so when they get back to cows which is um in like it's like right I think that's the area that they live in when they get back to cows Damien goes in and out of a bunch of different pubs while Chris is waiting outside so Chris can't get in cuz he.

Doesn't look like older than 16 and Damien is claiming that he's looking for his sister Sarah but it turns out the sisters and his sister's not even on the island at the time because she's actually on the mainland England attending college and this is something that Damien would have known so it's weird that this was the reason.

For him to go in and out he's doing something right so it was later speculated that Damien was actually looking for his drug dealer or was he using that it's just like an excuse to get into the clubs no this is what he was telling Chris that's why they he Tris had to wait outside I think that's why they were trying to hide his drug.

Use from Chris possibly yes and they were on like this Main Street like like I guess like 6th Street you know in Austin it's called high street in there in cows okay that has a ton of bars and pubs and like CCTV those are the activities of someone who's like somewhat of a like degenerate drug user like you're out with your.

Friend make you looking drugged yeah you like separate from your friend a good drug so then you could be on drugs with your friend and he doesn't know about it that's like degenerate behavior yeah I'm just like casual fun Jonny's yeah because you'd probably tell your friend so Chris was later asked about Damon's drug use in a BBC documentary and there.

Is one BBC dead and Chris avoided the question altogether but did admit that Damian smoked weed occasionally so Chris probably had an idea I'm assuming but like didn't know the full details of it so really didn't want to give much away right wouldn't you like I wouldn't want to tell him my friend I mean we're not thinking he was going to buy weed though.

We're thinking like more intense stuff I don't know anything at this point so later Chris did admit that they have taken speed together before but not on the night of the disappearance and Oh someone said that could be the cover story if the police catch him in the pubs yeah yeah yeah and Chris had always denied that he did not know if Damian.

Was on drugs the night of the disappearance so that clearly is something that is considered are they're really good friends mm-hmm uh and then there are other people who spoke to his drug use not much information but just to note an old girlfriend named Abby she said that towards the end of their relationship he was she started to act.

Very sketchy and now thinking back she can like attribute it drug use and then his girlfriend at the time Gemma she lived on the mainland but she said that the police never really asked her or questioned her about his drug use so she didn't really know of anything so she didn't so at 10:00 p.m. that night November 2nd Damien walks.

Into a fish and chip shop named called Yorkies at which point Chris is says that he's cold and he's wet and he just wants to go home so they start to walk home together and they end up they end up splitting at Northwood Park area so this is where Chris goes down Granville Road towards his house and he says that he sees Damien walk up the stairs in.

Northward Park which is the way that he would have to go home to get to his house but we know that Damien never made it after the fish and chips yes a good fish and chips no he was just walking in and out of a lot of places looking for his sister so just to sum up it seems like the drug use allegations are not that strong no there are no allegations.

At this point really yeah so it's potential it's impossible but yeah it doesn't seem like any no one really said like you for sure did drugs a lot right and then they split up after the fish and chips yeah around 10:00 p.m. and the last Chris all was Damien walking up the stairs in North or Park which is the way he would have to go to.

Get home anyway okay so it's six four mm-hmm sixteen year old not really in prime target 10 p.m. at night this is not like we're starting to kidnap abduct people yet and it's a really small island small island so this seems weird so at 10:45 p.m. some other people said that they saw Damien back on High Street which is where he originally was like I.

Said going in and out of pub I'm thinking more drugs now so he clearly goes up the stairs but ends up turning around going back to High Street and he tries to get into a pub called fat the fountain but he's turned away because he seems to and talks and then at about 11 p.m. he's seen in Harbor lights pub at 11:15 somebody sees.

Him trying to get into a blue Ford Fiesta outside the pub it was just like a parked car not on so could be is could not be his doesn't we people don't really know and then we don't know if that's his car we know it's not but at the time people who see him could just assume that it's his car right so erratic behavior he's trying to open.

Random cars but does he know who the car belongs to who knows and then at 11:30 p.m. he walks back into your keys that fish-and-chip shop and then we can show the CCTV I was there like 150 this is your keys here yeah okay we're at your keys guys is there audio I'm not oh yeah at the end so this guy on the left right here yes that's him so this guy's like.

Six six then this is him just normal-looking blue yeah just talking to people doesn't seem tense doesn't seem to be any issues right look talking chillin looks like he's looking at the food yeah okay pause it he's like pretty intensely like eyeing this guy more than I think you normally.

Would like it's like something he's on something and he's like trying to engage right it didn't seem like a hundred percent normal look it doesn't I mean you can't really tell much maybe I'm reading too much into it is there more Arizona yeah let me oh he's the last one there is audio oh okay so let me just say this so um I will.

Note that so there's no tension below all these men later are identified as military men hmm and then after a couple minutes you can see all the other men leave and he's the last one in the store and he's at the cashier and it can they hear the audio not fully okay I can just tell you what he says but.

All right sir he just kept saying can I one please and then the cashier is like one what he's like one please so he really he can't like get the words out he's just keeps he keeps saying can I have one please for you guys um okay so he's at the cashier repeating one please in the short code is saying one what but Damien can't get the words out and.

Eventually Damien are you I just wanna watch this behavior for a while but yeah okay eventually Damien points to what he wants and has given some of some chips so he was just wanted some fries but he wasn't able to say some fries and then the employees of the shop note that he didn't seem drunk but he did seem like.

He was on something and you can tell from looking at the footage as you're looking at her right now that like he doesn't seem drunk he seems fine like it seems like there maybe there's money in his hand that he's holding he's sifting he's talking to people so potentially on something but doesn't seem intoxicated from what we can tell right you know.

These people at all know okay so this right here is like a really weird interaction that this guy doesn't know they kind of talk look at em turn around like truck trying to hang with these guys there's nori comin yeah so he's truck so that I've done that when I'm drunk right like haven't you like tried to like hang with people and if they're.

Drunk too like it's not weird they're drunk okay yeah this is like this is 11 p.m. on a drunken Street he's hanging in the arena you read into them once I tell you drugs are involved you automatically like you become biased I found okay what do you guys think about his behavior there I mean I'm not I would say he's on something as opposed to alcohol right.

Yeah baby it's hard to really say okay so after your kisi goes back up High Street and is seen talking to someone outside of another pub near that Ford Fiesta from earlier but like a not not much is made of this and not that as much of much is made of looking into who he was speaking to it's just like something that's noted and then as he.

Heads back down the street he passes Yorkie and waves at the employees so they mentioned that this is a fish shop yeah and then at 11:52 he attempts to get on a bus and two-seam getting on after chatting with the bus driver and he even attempts to take a picture with the bus driver before getting off and thanks the bus driver but the bus never.

Even goes anywhere he like gets on and then gets off before the bus even leaves which is funny and then a witness leader came forward saying that around twelve AM Damian had approached him saying they are watching us before walking away but this is just like something else that you know might have happened might not have happened there's just like a lot of.

Speculation in this case unfortunately and then 12:06 a.m. is the last time Damian is seen alive he's caught on CCTV footage on High Street eating his chips minding his own business so I ended up getting fish and chips at some point yeah around 12 Oh sex so there's two possible routes these points are they camera or are they looking at the menu.

Or something what do you guys look yeah menu yeah okay maybe he's like trying to figure out what to order and this guy's like trying to help them it doesn't seem like he's annoying this guy that if he's like can't even get words out this guy would start getting annoyed I feel like unless he thought he was drunk and he was drunk too okay and he was just gonna.

Walk away anyway okay so there's only two routes he could have taken to go home so the two routes are a walk down the coastline and remember this is it's November it's dark and wet and cold that night so like probably not the route most people are gonna take to go home the second route will be cutting through the park north.

As you mentioned before but this route would have taken him through a residential area so had something happened like you know a fight broke out or there was an altercation someone would have heard it because it was it was like very residential so one is that a coastline mm-hmm is it like is it like a shallow beach or are we talking like.

It's some kind of drop-off um both okay now you're walking on the coastline but it is also a beach so Damien's nine-year-old sister is the first to notice that he doesn't return home that night and his parents naturally start to panic and they first call chris chris says he hadn't seen them since the previous.

Night and no other friends had seen him either so at 3 p.m. the next day November 3rd he's reported missing by the mom and the police department this is always the case aren't helpful at first and it was actually the family that went door to door saying that he was miss getting asking for help and then it was the mom who accessed the.

CCTV footage from you or your keys she went to all the businesses and on hit on that Street High Street and then she found that this footage existed so she's the one that brought it to light for the police and then she went down the pool to the police department to look at the CCTV footage from the street because that could only be accessed by the.

Police and she noticed that the police had been tracking tracking sorry the police had been tracking the wrong guy the entire time so she was like you're tracking the wrong guy this is actually in fact my son okay so just putting a cap on the whole activities of the night so is the idea to go out and like have a good time with Chris at the start of the.

Night like go to a party you know if I'm if I'm in his head yeah and then they go back maybe Chris is like kind of a party-pooper type of guy what does maybe semen like cuz he's trying to like break off from Chris and then still get after it a little bit it seems like he's like chatting people up it seems like he's still trying to have.

A good time or maybe he's on something maybe okay and then so after he leaves this fish-and-chip shop he goes to a bus gets on mm-hmm but gets off before it goes anywhere so he's obviously intoxicated in some way yeah okay that's a fact that biochips people or the Yorkies shop people said he didn't seem drunk okay okay what else.

Do we got okay so the police end up losing that footage from the street so we don't have access to it so for months the police are determined that Damien went swimming and drowned or he fell into the harbor when walking along the coastline but the thing to note about the water is that anything that goes in always washes back up but Damien clearly.

Never washed back up and his father even goes and talks to the harbor master on the Harbormaster agreed that if Damien had drowned he would have washed up in the next two to three days so the possibility at this point is that he could have run away but it's probably unlikely because the island is small like we said and he would have been.

Spotted if he was on a ferry by someone right and he would have also had to wait till the next morning dia on a ferry because at 1206 when he was last seeing the fairies had already stopped yeah so since then the police have apologized to the nettles family saying that maybe something more sinister could have happened and they should have.

Been more investigative but they do claim that they talked to everyone of interest and did a lot of investigating but what's weird is that there's no proof of you know the investigation or any of the interviews they took of the so-called suspects they just don't have any proof of it but they say they did all this stuff so I'm not really sure.

And when I think a small island I think oh I think a small town I think of corruption right corruption angle always I am because I'm Indian an Indian India's very corrupt okay um so this is 1996 yeah so in early 2002 an anonymous informant calls for so funny wait is that the guy in the guy isn't really acknowledging him or.

Looking back at him would you normally wave goodbye like this when you leave in a fish and chip shop yeah most people are super nice they just I would yes seems like he's just hanging out like kind of strolling around having a good night okay so in early 2002 an anonymous informant comes forward saying a local dealer called Nicky Mac Mac Mara was.

Responsible forgave me ins death so Nicky himself died of her a heroin overdose in 2002 so it's possible that this informant came forward because Nicky was already dead so the police investigated this between 2002 and 2005 but nothing came of it and this informant wasn't associate a associate of Nicky and wasn't pleased with the way.

The police handled it so eight years later he actually went himself and he spoke to Damian's mother personally and apparently the story is that Damian wanted drugs that night which kind of fits what's happening here and he went looking for Nicky his drug dealer Nicky Mahara and since Damien owed him a debt of 1/8.

Of weed which is not a lot so I don't know a $40 right but Nicky maybe got mad maybe they had like some sort of discussion and Nicky punched him in the head and accidentally killed him said yeah I can see like just some tough guy drug dealer trying to just be Scarface and do that makes sense to me his body was hidden in a drug house for.

About three weeks until it was buried dang wait so he punched him and accidentally killed him yeah so that's what the informant this anonymous this in this informant is saying that's a pretty good story that makes sense so in 2010 the police finally started to take action and in 2011 eight people were arrested in connection to Damien's.

Death but then they were all released and all eight people who were arrested were connected to Nikki macmorrow who was the guy who was the allstar of the chat last week I'm Derek with a Derek what with the wife was it Derek Mason no okay because this guy just had a gem of a coming he said that's how you wave when you leave your friend's house and.

Their mom gave you a popsicle for the road that's how you weigh when you're high yeah oh yeah with that yeah that's awesome popsicle hi same thing okay so cadaver bodies were even taken to the places that his body could have been buried but no Seth was ever picked up and I'm a big big believer in cadaver dogs.

Yeah I'm pretty big on those too so uh couple years later a man called the weatherman saw Nicky piss claims to have seen Nicky pin a skinny tall man up on the night of November 2nd and then he also later saw Nicky burning a load of stuff in a barrel and he could even point to the exact location at which this took place but I mean there's.

Nothing really more to that we don't know who the weatherman is and he claims to the have he claims that like his memory was just jogged for some reason so I don't know if there's much made of it I need these dumb like informant things yeah way after the fact I don't put much stock in those so does he just want to be involved in the case because.

It's a big case and it's known but it's also like thinking this Nicky guy I don't think he's the type to keep a secret really like Nicky yeah yeah yeah like what's that movie menace to society where they like kill someone at the start it's on VHS tape and they like steal the tape and they're just showing it to all their friends I feel like.

That's what Nicky would do how do you know that movie was that but that all being said the weatherman's tip makes the police dig a bit further into the case which is good and so Danny Spencer is one of Nicky's accomplices he was apparently there the night of the punch but he doesn't come forward and rumors are that Danny Spencer somehow.

Got hold of the police like the confidential files that are the witness statements any threatened all the witnesses so seems like terrible police work how did he get a hold of the files and like then this is also how my corruption theory is backed up yeah Nicky like a real hotshot guy already would have police connections like that.

Yeah or yeah yeah exactly or like the accomplices I've tried to it because these police connect connections and like the conspiracy theories it doesn't always have to be like a big like you know the whole station is in on it could just be some rogue cop who's like a dirty cop doin stuff yeah or like a parent of a bad kid which I.

Feel like often happens so the case that that's really where the case unfolds not much else comes of it and it's a small island so like he would have been spot he kind of just like disappears into thin air and so this remains a disappearance case police haven't ruled out like murder or foul play and the family eventually.

Moves to Texas it's hard for them to be on the island and they're still just looking for his remains not for him alive but him dead so the real two options are fell in the water but we would have washed up see I don't think you could say a hundred percent for sure the Harbormaster said so for a hundred percent sure I don't think it's off.

Anything's a hundred percent when you're like in the ocean but something like it's something a body would wash up right I think they usually do yeah but yeah probably would you're right so I guess Nikki then that's really all we have to go off yeah I guess the fact that he was going into all these places.

Multiple times per night like going into the bars throws on something yeah and it seems like he was buying drugs and if he owed the drug dealer I'd like and if you're on drugs it depends on the drugs I suppose that already like slows down your sister right like your breathing and your heart rate and then like if you get punched in.

The head and you're knocked unconscious like that's probably the likelihood of you dying is higher I think punches like street fighters randomly sometimes the way you fall and get knocked out like if you hit your head you can just die that's so scary yeah I guess I could see that happen but I don't understand why he would punch.

Him I guess who knows good I mean people will just get angry for no reason did any of the drug dealers have access to a boat probably I'm sure a lot of them a lot of people on that island had like boats and stuff right wouldn't you imagine probably have you all watched the pharmacists on Netflix no people have been saying it's pretty good though.

Yeah isn't it is he looking back I thought it was just about pharmacists I think it's like a mafia thing oh yeah that's a tough one the CCTV footage is interesting yeah he just seems like a nice goof ii guy yeah he does he just wants his fries but he can't say the word fries and he just keeps saying number one please yeah we're gonna lose.

Like Chad hanging I think there are a lot of cases where someone is drunk and they're walking home and they disappear yeah they might have fallen into the river remember I did another case like this yeah there's a couple cases like that so that seems to happen more often than we would think how do you just do our human being you.

Just disappear like that what do you guys got you got any theories good took him out to sea and dumped the body if Nikki killed him and if Nikki was smart he'd put Damian's body in a suitcase and throwing off the ferry when no one was looking with the suitcase floated and washed up to shore too though yeah oh he's on a mafia thing in fact this er.

Case would definitely fall unless you also put rocks enough yeah are you aware of um nothing do you protect your baby from it we are aware no we do not wait I mean we do a little bit believe we have Wi-Fi all through the house air fryer we have a microwave we have a baby monitor so we're doing like our absolute best no but are we living near Chernobyl no he.

Does a very innocent looking I attributed that to like even just like being on some drugs you know yeah I guess that's that that's the case have you guys comment below on this video once it gets uploaded will read those and see four other cases should we look at more relationship advice instead that's what I'm really interested in.

Here okay can I have some of your topo Chico Val oh my goodness it is draining me over here I have a thing with water wife 38 is convinced that she is pregnant even though every pregnancy tests store-bought and medical comes back negative it's taking a toll on our marriage because she thinks I'm going to.

Abandon her and what do you do there so that is just cognitive decline us okay hey need some help married for two years together for 15 forgot to add I've tried talking her into therapy but she chooses me of gaslighting see you guys living is all over reddit I know I've never been in the situation with a spouse where like I.

Can't I feel like there's some kind of mental thing going on where I can't just talk to them they understand what I'm saying we're like you're not pregnant all the tests are saying negative what are you talking about but really slammed this no I did it but like if that was us I wouldn't just abandon you if I was saying crazy stuff like you're pregnant.

Yeah don't believe us in our twins yeah or like you were you were just like me I was like gaining weight and you were like convinced I was pregnant right like would you leave me I mean you would try to get me help right well it's yeah you marry you like you know me yeah yeah so it's it's easy to say things when you're.

Reading this stuff but and the same token like if it were you it's called phantom pregnancy can y'all give me relationship advice my bf of almost two months hasn't mentioned Valentine's Day to me um does he like not I mean why are you waiting for him for him to mention to him I would you say happy Valentine's Day again I'm like chocolate see that's.

What you got to do like if he forgets you get something and then you make him feel bad about it I'm pretty into just saying what you want and not playing these I Asian Games right it's like if he's lying no you have expectations of me you do not make clear well have expectations of whoever I'm with yeah but I think.

With something like this I would just if you want to celebrate Valentine's Day you should do something for maybe it's not a big deal for him I mean just say happy Valentine's Day you want to do something get him chocolate I feel like I've made more of the effort on like holidays and stuff I'm not that big on holidays yeah but and you have to be.

Fine with that because maybe he's not either but um yeah if you're gonna like not say anything and then be mad at him for forgetting I don't know I don't think that's a good you should remember of course that too but I don't think it's good to like should you remember yeah because it's very hot like I don't really follow.

Holidays but it was oh he didn't want to celebrate together I got him a gift he didn't mention it oh are you guys exclusive is he potentially dating I got him a Valentine's Day gift two tickets to a comedy club which he received an email and he hasn't mentioned the air who knows yeah that's what I would I would just say something just be the kay.

Babe did you get the gift I said I'm super excited or like I would just bring it up and just yeah in a very casual way it could have gone a spell oh yeah that's a great gift yeah it wouldn't go to spam though if you send it directly to unless it was from Ticketmaster that's what I'm assuming it was from total here we go to stand out Oh Jay has.

Some advice many get pregnant by another guy tell your best friend posted on reddit and never tell them everybody's Manning you take the tickets and use it yourself with your friends I mean if yeah if you never like says anything if you really like the guy you got to go after what you want yeah I'm not really.

Too late wait and see oh wait see you go with your friends but there's also like there is some kind of game going on you got to play a little bit hard to get cuz that's what attracts men how old are you and what city do live in I think that's a lot too I'm not sure if we're exclusive we've been on five dates five dates isn't unfortunately yeah that's.

Not if you're not sure if you're exclusive then you're probably not yeah cuz I actually asked math yeah if we were like I was like are we exclusively dating I remember the moment I asked him yeah look he just passed me his topo Chico cuz he knows I want any more else this is great we got a live question on here Memphis my boyfriend 22 spiked my.

Drink the other night 21 female I'm going to spike it with so he comes back with flavored water or something taste it off if it tasted like gasoline you definitely got roofied girl it doesn't say what he spiked it with I don't think but she ended up not drinking it or maybe he didn't even spiked it it doesn't seem like she knows.

For sure if he spiked it but if you think if you think you're 22 year old boyfriend's bite your drink then he's probably spiked other women's drinks and I would get out of that for sure yeah um Maddie said I'm 21 he's 26 and wordage doesn't want to celebrate because he wants to break up is there another reason he would ignore me so if you've.

Been on five dates and you don't know if you're exclusive then I also wouldn't assume that he wants to break up because there's no breaking up to be done right because you're not in like a full-blown relationship we go to the same University I'm a senior and he's a PhD student I know for sure he's not married for four years I would if you've known.

Him for four years do you guys have been on five dates you really like the guy I would just talk to him I mean five dates is that enough dates to be exclusive with someone maybe right and now you're saying you know the apartment complex he lives in don't stop Maddie you just buy him today no I wouldn't I would just just call him.

Don't text him do not text guys like texting just leads to more complication and lots more miscommunication definitely just call him just vacated you get the comedy tickets I sent you right yeah i reveai you you just have to really own it and how much did the ice cost I'm sure you can get a cheap one see the thing with hiring RP is if.

You're hiring a P I make oh how much do kind of investigative Scott if you're hiring a P I the thing you're hiring the pi/4 is already like beyond salvaging right unless it's like your daughter was abducted or something like that yeah but if you're hiring for your wife like the spy on your wife you're better off just getting a divorce paying for the divorce.

Lawyer locating a person is only three hundred six hundred dollars that seems cheap that's really like just maybe not a great woman thanks mega that's good advice yeah I mean I remember being 21 it's so easy to get like hung up I mean at any age really right like on someone you really like and trying to decide if they.

Like you back and trying to read the cues but yeah I would just be upfront about it and there's so many guys out there and you're probably an incredible person so a couple more I guess a lot of them are just kind of basic yeah me too a 34 year old male in fiancee I'm in the process of calling a halt to our wedding as she.

Has asked for an open relationship that reminds me of succession does it yeah I remember don't spoil but no yeah I would definitely call a halt to the relationship because if she wants to be in an open relationship she doesn't want to be with you yeah I would say so especially like right before the wedding that doesn't make sense it doesn't make.

Sense it means she doesn't want to be with you yeah what are the tickets for though Maddie are you gonna miss it I assume they're not for tonight Jenny says you shouldn't have to chase someone like that if you carry he would have already responded dude Maddie I have chased so many guys I and I like I don't not regret it like I.

Definitely regret all that time that I wasted just worrying about someone who doesn't give a [__] about me but there's yeah there is the possibility of like he just doesn't want a serious relationship and once you start calling it's like I don't want this bye and ghost you that's a potential to but.

Then you're never gonna end up like with him so you'll know that you'll learn that sooner yeah it's unfortunate that like ghosting is a way to well they go to school together though no well he's a PhD student I don't think he would go stir that way why not haven't you ever been ghost in not by.

Someone I might see again they don't go to they go to the same university but he's a PhD student so I assume you're not in the same building at all J yeah that's a good life advice out here J Aguilera Christina's brother yeah can we get Matty live on the arrow it is Christina's brother Maggie what's your number I made you up it's just for the.

Comedy club it's not for a specific show yeah I mean if you don't want to put pressure on it just just hold off just I guess call them tomorrow I don't know what's appropriate what your communications like because someone you're dating you text every day right yes if you're like newly dating someone you're tasting every day going maybe one.

Day once in a while though yeah my husband said something disgusting to me we're not only reading disgusting things up I just gave birth a couple months ago my husband has been so jealous of his own son what he was start to lose patience honey I have to take care of him before you you know that and what he said was.

Really stunning he looks me right in the eye says if you love him so much white oh my god 28 year-old man 25 year old woman I don't know that's seeing this is pretty insane yeah what do you do with that he just sounds like an immature child I guess I don't know the relationship I mean yeah that's not something I think.

You ever say even if you're joking but if you have like a really weird sense of humor I can see that being a joke but like yes I don't know Maddie it's a small oh sorry small campus very different schedules you mentioned on the phone that he feels like I don't have a positive outlook on our relationship so that to me sounds.

Like maybe you're just not like a positive person like you automatically assume the worst like right now you assume he's he saw the tickets and he's ignoring you and he doesn't want to celebrate with you right like you're thinking the worst when maybe he's just super super busy and hasn't seen the email yet right yeah I don't know I just.

Think you need more communication overall yeah like maybe that's not something he's really down for either like he could be being distant for a reason he doesn't want an actual girlfriend yeah maybe that's possible maybe you just yeah he's like comfortable with someone but he doesn't want the exclusive relationship like he.

Wants to keep you coming back but at orange lines arms maybe that and him saying like you don't have a positive outlook could be just him making an excuse so that he has a way out you know yeah I don't really like a listen to my relationship what I would do is trying to parse it out I would just be more forceful with what.

You want and he's either gonna go one way or the other he doesn't want to be with you or he does like you have to put him to some kind of decision but it's also only been five days it's like you can take your time like give it a couple months if you want something different if you want to if you want to wait that long though but like maybe you don't.

Have a couple months to just like wait around yes I'm a very serious person can be kind of cynical I'm not a hopeless romantic and he is hmm so that uh yeah I mean maybe he needs someone more of a hopeless romantic but maybe you need someone like that to maybe you need a hopeless romantic no one had any takes on that that one I.

Mean what do you what would you say if I said something like that about you two to you two about feet I would just assume you're joking yeah I would but there's also things you could say that would just be like you shouldn't say that that's weird messed up I think he wants a serious relationship but with someone.

Who is more playful and romantic I'm worried that he's ignoring me because he wants to break up so two things you're making a big assumption that he wants a serious relationship with someone who's more playful and romantic that's very specific second thing I would say is that you shouldn't be worried that he wants to.

Break up with you if he wants to break up with you it is what it is right you're – you're 21 you are extremely extremely young I didn't meet Matt until I was 25 I think people don't meet like the person they're with and until they're like 30 35 and like you just have to uh yeah I wouldn't be worried about something like that I would just.

Accept it for what it is I think you gotta come more from the perspective that he's lucky to have you you're coming from a scarcity mindset like he's the only guy out there for you everyone else wants and that type of thing you're the attractive that's you're the asset yeah is his loss nobody is using the term gaslighting correctly and it's.

Triggering me you should have said it it's gaslighting me alright he's sick saying that to his wife about his son yeah that is creepy but that happens cuz it's your son she's you know she's doing something for the family but a lot of men are taken care of by their wives you take care of me yeah I do but you also.

Understand that Theo comes first right now yeah Matt that is profound oh thank you but you shouldn't really take that advice and run with it Maddie my boyfriend flowers yeah why not that's a dumb question get yourself some takeout or do something nice for yourself tonight Maddie go with some friends the.

Way I met my boyfriend is a bit cringy how do I tell people when they ask I posted on my city subreddit that I was lonely I like video games he wanted to be somebody you tell the story with confidence exactly how it happened that's how you tell the story what do you mean you have to make up some story this is your life why would you lie.

About your life that you're embarrassed oh he told me he was lonely I mentioned that I wanted a cuddle badly he offered me a cuddle yes go that in depth but just say yeah I met him on reddit like I guess you could tell this you got into bed and cuddled for three hours that's very crunchy but I know it sounds a little crunchy but to me it wasn't.

Yeah I think if you tell that like if I read it in a book from an author who I know had been just like you know he's like let a struggle life I'd be like dang he was that's the position he was at one point that's that's awesome that's cool build character what do you think about this Jared said do a playful prank like gluing everything in his.

Apartment or throw away his dissertation last time he just like changed his picture and dumped his wife and he's like I'm on my own for mercier oh you're doing galentine's good you should I met my husband at 20 married at 22 frisket 23 baby number two just communicate clearly without games and communicate everything that's relevant no lies life.

Lessons Theresa how would you say you like 24 then I like 20 26 now maybe 25 26 Maddie you got a report back you're having lunch yeah how are you gonna report to us though you think he's gonna break up with you then you mean do you think he's gonna make the biggest mistake of his life just don't show up just break up with him you know that.

Might not be the case though I think you're just working yourself up if it is the case you'll find out tomorrow but I wouldn't stress it until you have to I think we as women do that a lot we get ahead of ourselves okay I think that's it it's been an hour and 15 so maybe we'll do one next week I think we're gonna be gone next week we'll be back.

Friday we'll be back Thursday yeah all right guys Maddie best of luck with everything yeah report back buddy he began somehow email us see you guys
Murder She Ate - Valentines Day Special
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