Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Susan Swedell

Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Susan Swedell

Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Susan Swedell

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This congested the right word could be and we're live what's going on everyone it's a friday i feel like i've been bringing the case every single time you have have i did i do the case last week like the i think the dynamics guys come in and chat i think the dynamics a lot better when you're doing the case.

Well matt just doesn't want to do any of the work you have more of a clinical mindset and i'm more of like a crime solver so i should probably be trying to solve things how do you guys feel about that and we got some treats tonight we got some snacks quest chips pork rinds and these are like cauliflower cheddar.

Crisps they're defy foods i don't know if they're out yet there's a kickstarter going it's a keto karma and we got some drinks i got some whiskey that i'm gonna crack into my scotch and whiskey reserve has really been depleted and it's not very good so this is woodford reserve i don't think i.

Like it that much though my bun is lopsided and it's really annoying to me and uh yeah so i've already been pre-gaming a little bit so things could get dicey here because i have trouble following these cases when i'm sober oh they know.

They know um and if you guys are new this is murder she ate so it has nothing to do with keto most of the other things we do is about diet keto diets this is just where we eat dinner but we're just doing snacks tonight and we tell a crime story and we try to solve it we just had dinner we had a.

Um coconut canned coconut milk curry chicken with bell peppers and onion sometimes we do broccoli and i just popped that in the instant pot and let it set to like cook while we were out at the o's second swim lesson and he's a tadpole at the moment but he's trying to make his way up to like dolphin level three or something.

What's the next level it's swimmery and then next is seahorse so swimmery that doesn't make sense because that's not an animal yeah but i think that's just like the actual class you're not like learning you can actually like swim on your own in swimmery.

Okay um anyone having a dinner or anything what are you guys having we know we know it what to make it what it's what makes it funny you know where we're going where are you guys from i'm from well we're in atlanta right now but i'm from detroit she's from philadelphia yes it sounds like.

Sort of rough so you would think theo would be like a rough baby coming from detroit in philadelphia but he's just like a softy i think his siblings will be rough because they'll have theo who eventually become maybe but uh someone's having steak and steamed.

Broccoli just ate bacon chili nothing yet but wanna go get some white claws oh yeah so i have one of these truly things too which these are pretty good you guys how many of you guys drink these like carbonated waters yeah hard seltzers they have a name.

I'm not really from philly but live in the nashville area i am not a downgrade yeah i'm not a big fan of nashville me neither his sister lived there and we visited um i guess we're just having a country sing like song people it makes no sense to live in nashville if you don't like country music.

Because you go down the main street and everyone's singing country songs i'm just like i hate this a lot of people like it though it makes sense i guess if you like country how do you guys feel about nashville i think it's like a pretty growing city right hi from portland oregon.

Have you guys ever seen the show portlandia yeah i don't like it i like it mega hates it i know i asked you but did theo drink his bottle yeah you asked me like three times i know i always forget though and it's so important for me to know for some reason you know moms we just keep tabs on.

Everything like what was this book like how many times intensity poop uh the jazz scene is horrible lacroix is pretty good someone says of course it's gross coleman outdoors you're always here okay we usually kick it off with a mini mystery or relationship advice and i've been lazy lately so i haven't really.

Brought many mysteries but last time i did bring one and you thought it sucked because it was an update on the glitter mystery oh yeah yeah so this two dollar donation from mary barakat thank you it's almost like my last name it's almost like baccarat but yeah or.

Baccarat confused yeah hey guys looking forward to pronouncing t silent baccarat yeah that's how you pronounce it yeah i think so i pronounce it wrong then hello from michigan love you guys okay let's get into a little bit of relationship advice to start this is mega's favorite she's really great at.

Giving relationship advice and starting off with an intense one my 19 year old male so he is the younger one in the situation his girlfriend called him the n-word while in bed are they white people are they black oh where okay it gets into it me and my gf two years moved in together in march after my dorm closed and i had nowhere.

Else to go we're interracial couple i'm black she is white and japanese since we're moving together been sucking quarantine we've been having more sex she has been wanting to try out new things blah blah blah harder n-word was said i got uncomfortable had to stop she.

Asked what was wrong and he said he wasn't sure about her calling him that thoughts she's older she's five years older he said i thought that would be the end of the issue because she apologized but now whenever we have sex i can't help but remember that and i get.

Rendered unable to perform okay that's an issue that i see so like right off the bat i'm like all right you need like therapy if you can't keep an erection therapy no they as a couple right that's something they have to work through if he can't even perform or it's not gonna last and they're gonna.

Have to break up so if you wanna make it last you gotta work through that issue and when you're 19 and 24 you're not really sitting down and working through it together right yeah you're not so i'm losing attraction to her it's probably also you being like stuck with her.

Non-stop for quarantine and stuff yeah you just had to move in with her because your dorm clothes i really don't know how to navigate or fix the issue it's hard for me to really relate to this issue because i don't know like it's like is there anything i could say that would really.

Put you off like this no not right i mean yeah you could just say something like really mean to me in a hurtful way but this was when we're being intimate no probably not well not saying like see i think for me obviously not really having a lot to speak on like it's about the intent a lot of the times like if.

They're in like a loving thing and maybe it's fine i don't know i don't really know but uh yeah it seems to obviously be a big issue so it's very big for him um but yeah she might have just done it in passing without realizing like that it could be derogatory.

I'm sure she realized that of course after the fact but like when you're intimate and you say things in like a passionate in the heat of passion yeah um i don't understand the thing with night like 19 year old men probably should not be dating 24 year old women like that seems.

I don't understand that really what do you guys think i'm not ageist but it doesn't make a ton of sense for her uh a lot of people saying why would you say that just dump the gf oh yeah like if you said someone else's name or something see people always say.

That and they act like they would get so offended i just feel like you misspoke who cares like it's not a big deal no if you called me your ex-girlfriend's name you would get really upset well i would definitely be unable to perform finish like we wouldn't it wouldn't be a good thing right.

Yeah it wouldn't be good but and i would definitely think about it yeah i think i'd have an issue with it i don't know it wouldn't end our relationship though um yeah that age there are huge developmental differences so tech said it's the other way around she shouldn't be dating an infant so i'm.

With text on this but matt's the opposite because in matt's mind he's like well she's older so she can't she doesn't have as many eggs right what do you mean you're like she won't be childbearing age when he's ready to be a father oh yeah yeah but it's the opposite i mean.

There's a reason i'm just like he's immature why would an older mature woman be dating a baby there is like some order to nature like people just think these days like just do whatever any anything that makes you happy which is fine but like there's reasons younger women date older men older men are established.

In their career the younger women are better like child bearing age that that's a good match like that's why that happens it's not just random so yeah this doesn't make a lot of sense to me but if you're in love like yeah go for it i mean they're not going to be together forever.

Clearly he's coming to reddit for some advice okay let's move on should you start oh okay yeah yeah you can start we got more of these for later okay so i'm doing the disappearance of susan swettle sweetel i don't know it's so hot down here are you not i'm not too hot should i try.

Turning the air out no it's fine okay thank you but i'll start okay so susan was 19 when she went missing from lake elmo minnesota what's the abbreviation for minnesota guys isn't it mn oh okay because i kept putting mi i did go to law school i apologize but.

Okay so she went missing at the age of 19 from lake elmo minnesota on january 19 1988. she was very active in her local church she sang in the choir and she played the hand bells and she graduated from stillwater area high school.

And was described by um her classmates as shy and the type who kept to herself she wasn't like bullied or anything just more on the shy side she was 19. she went to the university of wisconsin riverford you want to open that yeah university of wisconsin weatherford it doesn't matter.

Interesting thing about wisconsin they're the i think they're the only state that does this thing with their colleges where they say like uw wisconsin or uw green bay uw that's like how they say their universities oh uw i don't know other ones there but why is it you don't i don't get it.

That's just how they say it like you say what do you call penn state penn state what do you call other places in pennsylvania university of pennsylvania yeah so they say uw for everything so you pen that's what you call it yeah i say u of m for michigan yeah okay but they say uw.

So she graduated from wisconsin oh no she went to the university of wisconsin uw riverford that's not wisconsin that's not the university of wisconsin is it yeah riverford the branch campus see i don't think that's what it is what are you talking about how do you spell it uw.

What riverford so she riverford yeah forrd yeah i don't even see that are you sure that's the university yeah uw riverfront is not even a real place maybe you don't worship me i don't know i don't know why i wrote wisconsin maybe i accidentally mentored minnesota yeah just continue this isn't the crime.

Matt okay okay you're digging way too deep um okay so she majored in psychology and foreign languages but she dropped out after two semesters because she didn't like living far away from home so she's very close with her mom and her sister her sister is actually her best friend.

And when she was young her parents divorced and she didn't have a great relationship with her father uh though he did like live in the surrounding area of where she grew up in lake elmo i think it's river falls maybe and california does it too you guys are right everyone says.

You sit you see san diego uc berkeley um her sister christine described her described susan as shy at first but very bubbly and outgoing once you got to know her and she also said that suzanne was naive and like the very trusting country girl type by the time she was 19 she but by the.

Time she was 19 she didn't have a close-up group friends but still since she dropped out of college and she was struggling to find a job she dealt with a little bit of depression at the time and she was also having boyfriend troubles so at the time of her disappearance she was.

Working two part-time jobs one was at a clothing store called body and soul and the other was at kmart and on the night she went missing she was working at kmart and there was also a massive blizzard so i looked into blizzards a little bit in um minnesota because i we grew up in like detroit in.

Philly but no i went to college in the upper peninsula okay but we a lot of blizzards yeah so i i guess i've just never experienced like a yeah i experienced one in philadelphia there's like four feet of snow sometimes yeah um wait what year is this 88 okay you were not all.

You were just born so towards the end of her shift at k-mart the night she disappeared she talks to the she talks on the phone to her mom kathy who tells her that how bad the blizzard is and that she doesn't want her driving in the state that that it is so she tells susan to go to her father's.

After work but susan's very insistent on coming home because she's not close to the father she just wants to be at home um with her sister and her mom like to watch movies and just hang out but she said that she would just be home a little bit later than usual because it don't really take about 15.

Minutes to get home from work but with the storm it would just take a little bit longer and she has a car she's driving right and something to know is that susan was very scared of snow storms um just as a side note so i guess it is weird that she would want to like drive home when she could just go to her.

Father's no i get it because like having a blizzard going on you want to be nice and cozy like hot chocolate tv with the family yeah again i can see it so the storm conditions were very bad and i wanted to look up the storm that happened on january 19th 1988 so i looked.

And there it was actually there was actually one of the biggest storms i'm telling you the information i want to look it up anyway uh january 19th yeah what year 88 um what go ahead no no tell us what it is now you tell us what it is i just want to look up this is what you.

Looked at look at this like big brief of news uh i don't know why that came up why would you put weather you should put blizzard january 19 1988 minnesota yeah you put weather january 1990 1988 weather minnesota there you go okay so anyway.

So there was a big blizzard actually january 12th through the 13th 1988 so this was six days prior to um six days after prior the blizzard was six days prior yeah yeah prior to her disappearance um and that blizzard was one of their worst actually.

And it resulted in 200 deaths so i didn't know like whoa deaths yeah so that is a serious blizzard so on the 19th it could have been really really bad probably not as bad but um it was actually there was only seven and a half inches of snow which isn't a lot but probably a lot of.

Wind and gust and there was already maybe snow on the ground there's probably yeah there's seven inches of snow fall but it was a blizzard earlier that's a lot of snow still so susan asked her mom what the safest route to come home was and her mom told her.

So it definitely seemed like she was intending on heading home after work her colleagues at kmart noticed that before she ended her shift she changed out of her red pantsuit she was wearing and put on a little denim mini skirt and sweater weird okay so her mom and investigators speculate that she was actually.

Intending on meeting someone after work why would you wear a skirt though ever in a blizzard so yeah so it was said that she wasn't the type to go out looking sloppy and she always dressed to impress and this is something i could never relate to i mean skirts just don't make sense.

Though like if you're looking sexy in a skirt like mariah carey shows up in a skirt in a blizzard i'm just like why are you wearing a skirt you're the internet oh just froze for a second um well you're not a typical guy then i mean it definitely runs through your mind why would you be wearing a skirt.

And a blizzard you're just you're just a different type of guy no i think that stands out you're not just like whoa she's hot you're like there's a blizzard outside what is happening here why is her skirt so short i mean you're like investigating the situation on the screen it would.

Definitely be a point of discussion when she shows up wearing a skirt yeah i'd be like why are you wearing a skirt okay see that you should not do um but you know like if she's gonna meet a guy for the first time she wants to impress him i think that's a good i mean i i think that's a cute.

Gesture and she's 19 like it'd matter but yeah i was never the type i guess maybe once upon a time i was a type not really though oh she could have been working another job someone said too that's true oh that's an interesting um interesting theory i never thought about okay well anyway going back.

So on on a regular day as i mentioned it would take about 15 minutes to drive home but it would be longer in the snow so that's why she said she would be a little later but as time passed kathy and christine began to worry and at 11 pm they end up contacting.

The washington county sheriff's department and officers go out looking along the route from kmart to her home and they actually quickly find her car she's driving she drove a 1975 maroon old mobile cutlass and it was parked up at a gas station just a mile down the road from her house.

So the thought was at the time that she couldn't handle driving any further so she parked at the gas station and decided to walk the rest of the way home but um after looking at all the dishes and the sidewalks along the path to home they couldn't find her so don't shoot a screw down yeah but they don't know that so the gas.

Station was closed at the time the police officers arrived so they had to wait until the following day to speak to an attendant so the next day susan is officially reported as missing around 3 p.m and the gas station attendant actually has a lot to say says that she saw susan pull up around 9.

30 but wasn't alone she was followed by another car that pulled up next to her and susan got out of her car and went over to the other car and was talking to talks just like started speaking with the guy um the station attendant was looking out of a snow covered window though.

So like she kept she said she or she was insistent that they didn't seem like strangers they kind of it seemed like they knew each other but she was also looking at like a foggy window maybe a little hard to tell um so i guess at this point well so susan and the man speak for about 15 minutes and don't seem like.

Strangers so are you thinking this is planned at this point what's planned the abduction or whatever whatever happened the meet-up of susan in the sky she's talking to someone yeah it seems like it would have to be planned because it's pretty hard to get someone's attention when it's a blizzard.

Like everyone's just in their own zone not really chatting with people so i feel like it seems planned the man was five eleven to six two somewhere in there he had long wavy hair down to his shoulders and was properly dressed for the weather with lots of layers so he filled up his gas as they continue.

To spoke and then they both entered to the station to pay and the attendant noted that they seemed like they knew each other and said that susan asked if she could park her car there overnight so the attendant said that she could but she just had to move it to.

Another spot so she did do that susan then gets into the car with the other guy and they head westbound in the direction of her home it seems weird yeah so since she was 19 and um like her car was found with some of her stuff in it the police chalked this up to a runaway.

Because there was also seem to be no signs of force or distress considering what the station attendant said right like that they seem to know each other so um there's also no cctv at the kmart or the gas station it was 1988 but there was a sketch of the man drawn.

So you can show the sketch oh so she's basic she's like kind of depressed you're saying wait where did you send me the sketch up here so she's kind of depressed meets up with a guy yes okay so.

In susan's car the officers find her license her purse and her glasses and something to note about her glasses is that she was extremely nearsighted and she always needed her glasses to see like she could not see without them there's just like a police sketch or something.

Yeah so this tells her mom that she definitely intended on coming back because she wouldn't really go anywhere for too long without her glasses where were her glasses in the car so police don't take the car in for evidence so kathy the mom asked for the car to be towed to their house and it sits outside in the front.

For five days before kathy decides to go to the grocery store and she drives a susan's car so not long into driving the car breaks down so she takes it to lake elmo repair and the mechanic quickly realizes that the small that there was a small valve on the.

Bottom of the radiator that was loose so liquid was leaking out into the engine and this is not like a valve that comes loose on its own it's something that has to be like you know maybe in an accident or like manually done by someone so now we're thinking someone tampered.

With her car yeah so either maybe it just happened on its own and then she's at the gas station trying to find someone to help her or this guy did it and then followed her yeah so the mechanic of the investigator theorized that this was done on purpose and either.

It was uh yeah that it was done on purpose so the two thoughts are that it was coincidental that it just happened or that um it was done while she was at work but if it's a mechanic saying it's on purpose seems like that's more likely yeah but it could happen accidentally.

It's not common but it could happen yeah okay so police look more into her personal life for clues but they find nothing odd as i've told you like the boyfriend problems she's you know sings in the choir like just basic stuff nothing really crazy um so susan and her boyfriend had been.

Dating a dating on and off for nine months at the time when she disappeared and they had actually planned to meet the night of the 19th but he called it off due to weather um there's also lots there's also some reports um noting that she was unhappy with him he was 16.

Apparently um and she often went to a club called bumpers with her friends and it was a non-drinking club they have like those clubs that are 21 under like but i guess fun if you want to like grind with boys while you're sober yeah there was one that opened up at my college in michigan like in the upper peninsula and everyone.

Would go there but yeah it seemed like terrible yeah so um she was really really boy crazy and she would like take advantage of any attention she would get and she would often get a lot wasn't she really shy yeah so attention before crazy and be shy yeah i guess.

Yeah of course um and yeah most of us are very crazy at that age don't i guess you were never 19. and you're you were never girl crazy you mean i was never nice what were you crazy i was 19. no you were never like this at 19. that wasn't a girl you weren't like oh i want to bang her i went back to her she's hot she's hot.

All guys are like no you are not what do you mean you're pretty like i mean i keep it cool and collected but obviously thoughts are going on we'll then collect yeah i would say you're like straight edge when it comes to like i don't know like girls and stuff no i mean everyone just has their path.

That they're trying to to pursue like where are you on like the meter of like some like an attractive girl walks into the room sorry hopefully no kids are watching yeah attractive girl walks into the room and you in your mind you're just like uh okay and you but.

You're you're in a deep conversation with your friends talking about like dota or something the thing is on the other side is like you stop talking about donut you're like dang she's hot i would hit that well i would be thinking that i would never say that just because i don't say that to my.

Friends because i'm not like a savage frat bro but look i can't say that i would say that about guys yeah i just don't do that but some people do that and if they do that to me like a new person i met they say that to me i'm like yeah it's fine i'm not going to be like yeah but there's also a blizzard outside so.

We're not really sure why she's wearing a skirt but the thing is you got to know yourself so like if that were to happen i know i'm not capable like looks wise and just like hey talk talking wise i'm not just going to be able to go over and like walk up to her and be like let's.

Like take that back strike up a conversation so like my path to women early on in life is basketball obviously yeah so everyone has their path but he was a one-woman man yeah all the years he could have been single and hustling he was with one person his prime time.

You no you weren't playing basketball when you met me luckily i was into engineers you were yeah of course i wanted someone who made a lot of money okay where are you on the spectrum i stopped the conversation i'm like oh my god he's so hot.

Do you yeah i can appreciate it in a very attractive man because you don't come across a lot of very attractive men i feel like right six billion people in this world how many are like very very attractive it seems to me like women are more objective in their beauty and men is.

More like some people can see there's some men that are just really attractive but there's more people that could look at the same man and be like ah i'm not really into that but with women if you see like scarlett johansson pretty much everyone's like yeah she's super hot.

Yeah but it's still subjective i think me and you are subjectively very attractive subject well everyone is subjectively very attractive i know but we're not objectively very attractive okay you know what i'm saying i'm saying okay anyway so this is what i thought was.

Interesting what's coming up it actually has nothing to do with the case but i didn't know this was the thing so susan even used to use chat lines and when i read that i was like oh okay chat room's cool i did that too but no 1988 yeah you actually call a number and you could talk to up to nine teenagers.

Anywhere in the country who used this please tell me in chat people probably use it i think you used to rack up the phone bills doing that yeah that's literally what she did susan oh someone's saying bunkers is a normal bar drinking age was 19 back then whoa cool sharon that's cool to know thank you for the.

Information but um yeah anyone did anyone use these chat lines no i didn't use them but that was before my time that's insane i didn't know that it happened anyway okay so co-workers at work reported that she would get a lot of calls.

Um on her shifts and it got so bad like all the calls from like guys i guess and like then her family as well where the managers had to say something about like they sat her down they're getting too many calls she would get about like five phone calls per shift a six to eight hour shift and that's a lot right at her work.

Yeah like kmart or body and soul why would she be calling from work she's like giving her the number to boys and they're calling her yeah that's just unprofessional i would fire her if i ran the place she it's kmart yeah i mean i don't know it's not like a you know a tech job a lot of people are saying they did this or they knew people.

Who did this dang i wish i think it was slightly before our time but people were still doing it in the 90s i'm sure but we were still like very very young so um so susan had actually mentioned oh so the majority of these calls are actually from someone either named dave.

Or dale and susan had actually mentioned this to her mom saying she was dating him and that he was a stripper um so there were a lot of reports of her being harassed by someone at her other job by phone so you guys feel about male strippers come in and chat.

Really weird to me um so no phone records were actually pulled from kmart but if they were this probably could have changed things because they could have like seen what number kept calling and then trace that number if it wasn't like a pay phone or anything someone also said.

Jokingly maybe she did have a third job but maybe she was working for this service that's possible right i don't know you could work for this service maybe no she's just like religious so i would think like nah but maybe those are the ones she was very religious yeah she really.

Was part of her church saying choir played the pan bells a week later kathy and christine christina's younger sister was 16 at the time go back to work and school they resumed their lives and one day when kathy returns home from school and she goes to get the spare key that they.

Just kept outside of the house on like this big shelf she finds that it's not there and uh she like searches for a while but she eventually does find it it's just like pushed back into the corner of the shelf where it would normally be kept she doesn't really think much of it.

So as soon as she enters the house though she notices like a super sweet smell but couldn't confirm what it was but years later she says that she believed to be marijuana where was this in her house in her room in her house whose house christine's house.

Who's christine christine's her friend all right we're done for the night guys who's christine again her sister her sister her older sister younger sister younger sister i just said she's 16. she's three years younger than susan christine has her own house why did you say their house that's what.

I'm saying her room her house she enters her house it's like if you went home and you took the key and you entered your house okay christine enters her house what when a week later yeah and she thinks she smells marijuana she comes home from school she smells something very very sweet.

And years later because she doesn't know what it is at the time years later she thinks back and she's like it could have been marijuana yeah the first time you smell marijuana it's like pretty crazy i don't even remember this it's not like a smell you've ever encountered before yeah but i would never describe it as.

Sweet that's weird i know so i looked that up and there was like a type of cigar or something that people smoked oh like a swisher sweet yeah in that time okay um so um as soon as she enters the house she knows the smell and then she enters the kitchen and she.

Notices that there are a lot of dirty dishes in the sink but she was the last one to leave the house and she was the only one that left dirty dishes so she was very confused when she saw this so we're thinking a week later this could have been the missing girl her sister susan her sister susan so she feels very scared she calls her.

Mom to come home immediately and she just sits and waits at the kitchen table for her mom that doesn't seem like susan though because do you know susan that was if you're if you're not known for smoking weed you wouldn't do it at home yeah yeah that seems weird um so later that night christine goes into.

Susan's room and notices the red pantsuit that susan was wearing the day no the day she went missing balled up under the bed okay so that so she somehow got home so it seems like susan came home but nothing was missing and the only thing that i could think of was.

Like a money stash she just came home to get money but why would she like do a bunch of dirty dishes and you can't say nothing nothing's missing you don't go on like you don't know everything in your 19 year old daughter's room people always say this but why is she balling up her uniform and throwing it.

Under the bed and leaving a bunch of dirty dishes like if you wanted to just go grab some things and not be known you were there why would you do make any mess at all why would you smoke swisher sweet whatever it's called to me it's pretty obvious that she was home because who else would.

Ball up the outfit and put it in her room like that i don't know that seems very much like that that would be her super weird okay so this is reports to police but no one comes out to scope the scene so 1988 police are a few years later kathy and christine entered their dna in.

Dna into the first dna database in minnesota so that anything found on suzanne would flag a match and then in 198 1990 there were three tips of susan being seen two times in minnesota and once in nashville at hardee's but these are just tips um so we don't really know and then in.

2006 activity was detected under susan's social security but it turned out to be identity theft by a woman in california just trying to get into the military have you ever been to hardy's no i used to ride my bike in college to hardee's to get breakfast sandwiches.

Uphill both ways the best breakfast sandwich is hardy's they're so good and they're really cheap it's like 10 miles or something it was like two miles three two or three miles for a sandwich did you eat the sandwich before you got home yeah we did it at the restaurant by myself that makes me this is just the.

Status two it was like two for 250. and to me that was like like i'm spending an hour and i'm saving a lot of money i had no like the time value of money wasn't a real thing to me i was just like oh i can do this and it's only like 250. exactly you ate it alone yeah that's kind of sad.

But i was probably like that's the thing back then i wasn't even like looking at my phone on youtube and stuff i was probably really just sitting there eating sandwiches like maybe i had um headphones in or like listening to music but mind you he's at in the prime of his.

Life he's a basketball athlete and he's doing these things alone he's not getting driven by his girlfriend he's not going with his baller buddies sometimes i would go with my baller buddies okay so 10 years later police look at the case again and they start taking formal interviews of people.

Including the attendant at that gas station that night but a lot of the details change because it's been 10 years like the color of the car and even the time it took place she 10 years later she said that it was around 6 p.m when in actuality it was around 9 30 p.m.

I'm leaning towards she was trying to disappear that's yeah so still until today this case is open and it's a missing person's case and the general consensus though is that something more happened to her like um so i guess we'll go into series real quick so run away is the one theory so she couldn't find a.

Job she had troubles with her boyfriend she was depressed from dropping out of school she was not close with her father and she was super young and could be easily influenced so even if a guy the guy she got in the car with was like hey babe like you don't have to be here forever take care yeah like let's just run away.

Nothing great is going for you so that could have been the case and then the other theory is that somebody tampered with the car followed her or like offered her a ride because of the blizzard maybe even someone at her work i don't know and she said no but then they were like i'll follow you.

And make sure you get home safe but they tamper to the car so she knew she'd have to pull over no how did her outfit get under the bed i don't know so she's for sure still alive and in the city a week later at least unless there's some way that she could have like snuck in that night or like.

Maybe she because the family was home all night right yeah it's a weird one it is a weird one what do you guys think in chat someone says drug addiction it doesn't she's only 19. yeah and people get into drugs like 13. they could but.

Did um she went to college for a year or something two semesters so yeah but she didn't like being away from family so she dropped out my home the killer planted her uniform to make it look like she came back that's it i could think because the key was moved the smell the dirty dishes like that's.

Not her why would she do that yeah it was just like some like person who was like she they she he thought watched their house for a week and after they went back to work in school he was like he knew that they would be gone all day so he could go in and like.

Peruse around and smoke his weed right yeah that makes more sense than her going back it's possible like yeah it seems back then right like why if she knew she was gonna also run away like she would just take like she wouldn't leave her she left her personal license and her glasses.

That's true too why would she leave she's super nearsighted she needs her glasses like that's not something maybe i'm leaning more towards like it seems weird to me that the actual perpetrator of this would go in their house and like put her outfit in there but she also wouldn't.

Leave her glasses in her purse and stuff that doesn't really make sense unless you're really trying to disappear without a trace and the guy maybe like maybe there's a man in the picture who's like just come with me you know like i'll take care of you type of thing like they've been talking on the phone.

For a really long time and they plan it out where she's gonna disappear and she leaves everything behind that could maybe makes that might be my leading theory but then still why would in that situation why would the outfit be under the bed.

The outfit under the bed what does that make me because that's really to me the key piece that makes me think are we sure that the classes made me think that she was intending on coming back her purse her glasses and her license if you're running away you're taking that stuff add 19.

Like at 19 what do we put in our purse like makeup tampons i don't know hand sanitizer things that like you would want right if you're running away yeah but um also like are we 100 sure that is the outfit she were to work that night it could have been the previous night.

She wore that yeah i mean this is true that makes sense to me but like the dirty dishes in the weed smoke you said the sister came home and she called who'd she call when she like smelled in the dishes mom the police they called the police but the police didn't come out they didn't come out that's weird okay.

That seems pretty convincing then because like if you are suspicious enough when you walk in your own home to call your mom and like say something's up something's probably up you know something's off yeah yeah for sure um miranda said that's it mega close your laptop no there's no specs yeah.

I'm sorry guys i know the case wasn't like mind blowing but uh i was like halfway through it and i was like oh this isn't as good as i thought it was gonna be but yeah i mean i think something i think the guy she got in the car with did something and that was that if she was the type of girl.

Who sought the attention of men or who who were attracted to it and like if someone was like hey you're cute do you want to write okay you know what here's maybe what happened there's a man in the picture of course like i think in any theory you can put together the man there was a man that's.

Influencing her like probably over the phone right dale the stripper and then i thought about it or i was listening to something and they were like chippendales stripper so just okay back to my theory um i can see a 19 year old.

Like she knows the schedule when her mom and her sister are gone and she's like hey let's go back to my house we have the whole day to ourselves or something at my house where someone watching them closely knows too it's not just her but go on okay no that's that's my theory basically so that would be her leaving voluntarily.

If she puts her voluntarily i think something something happened i guess really the thing the only real item that makes me not think she left voluntarily is her leaving behind the purse and the phone and all that stuff not the phone but like the purse no way a near-sighted person would leave.

Glasses behind in the first place first thing on your face in the morning last thing to come off at night yeah thank you mary i that's what i was reading too like i don't know what a near-sighted person feels but like i've read that like that's glasses are everything yeah but like.

We're these are just words like nearsighted are we sure that it's like a real severe case of near-sightedness she's her mom and her sister said so she's 19. like 19 year olds pretty much have decent eyesight no babies i know but like you got to decide like which variable is your most comfortable shifting i feel.

Like she could have just for some reason left her purse and her glasses behind and that then the story is pretty co-coherent yeah i don't know i don't think so what's your theory that uh she got into the car maybe the guy said he was he would.

Offer her a ride because her car wasn't working and she trusted him because her sister even said she was like the very naive trusting type and then he just took off with her yeah maybe the the so you could also think that the red suit outfit she wore was just something she wore a previous day.

And then the sister walked in the door and she just like imagined everything and called her mom for nothing and then maybe it's like someone kidnapped her more likely what i don't think so no okay i don't know i'm pretty split on this one but if i had to make a final statement i would say she ran away.

She ran away with a man i would say she was she got into the car didn't know she was going to be killed someone says i do think she was influenced by someone probably sharing lots of personal information on those chat lines someone else or maybe she took her stuff.

With her and the guy put her stuff back in the car later since the gas station was closed oh kids that go off to college start trying to try trying all kind of new things even formerly naive ones maybe she got contacts and planned.

All this and kept it all to herself oh yeah that's a good point maybe she was pregnant maybe i don't know just there's the other love things could be consult theo he uh he's a daddy's boy so you'd probably say she ran away yeah that's it okay i dated a male stripper for a few months and it was.

Amazing i even went with him on some of his jobs that's nice to have that under your belt is it yeah dating a male stripper yeah clove sigs were popular then too a couple people have said that i don't think she left willingly i don't think so either.

Okay that's the case i don't think we're gonna solve that one it's been unsolved since 30 years later i guess you'd think if she was still alive you probably know right you mean like if she ran away and didn't want to be found she should be found by now.

Yeah yeah probably i don't feel like it's easy to just like start over with a new social security and live off the grid in the 80s it was probably possible like nowadays i don't even think it's possible yeah like if i were trying to just completely escape it would be 100.

Impossible i agree okay what do you want to do we got some uh relationship advice here i already did that one here's one sister 16 year old female wants to try out for k-pop auditions so that's like korean pop music yeah everyone knows where k-pop is mom.

45 female thinks it's a magnificent idea i like that mom i 25 female fear it will only make her mental health issues get worse you have some grammar issues yeah i'm worried about that hi my sister loves k-pop fanatically that's not bad on its own i guess but there are a few reasons why i think it's a very bad idea for her to try.

Out for it first and most important she's underweight and has dealt with eating disorders over the past year she's relatively stable now with their work period and she was fasting every morning and eating minimal amounts of food to lose weight she didn't even need to lose because she's been a twig all her life.

She also thrown up food second reason is a mix of all the reasons that make the k-pop industry just toxic and dangerous you don't need to look that far to find testimonies of artists who are fat shamed and harassed into suicide ridiculous working hours straight up evil trainers blah blah blah.

So this person just sounds like a terrible downer type of person she's trying to chase her dreams yeah but if it's leading her on down an unhealthy path yeah i mean show business there's some downsides to it but the pros outweigh the cons yeah but if you know like if we had a.

Daughter in this state we wouldn't want i wouldn't i mean she's just totally jumping the gun like she's going for a little try out yeah i think it's understandable and appropriate that she feels this way but um yeah i don't think you really know until you let her try so mostly just about her.

Eating disorders her mental health doesn't think it's a good idea i'm concerned she wants to enter an industry that preys on naive girls blah blah blah well she makes it really big i don't think you'll be that upset sister yeah i'm reading this as the don't say it.

What she's like jealous yeah that's how i'm reading this you're not reading it like that no i'm reading this as this person is completely jealous and just is like not capable of living in the real world like i guess she's 16 she's kind of young she's very young she already has a ton.

Of eating disorders she's bulimic and anorexic in some form it seems i don't know according to this girl though according to her sister those are pretty intense accusations i mean there's 99.99 chance she'll get rejected so why not let her i think that's the best response.

Yeah these people are just like we don't know anything about kpop is it as bad as these people are saying i don't think so i think the asian culture is very different than the american culture and you wouldn't understand that's just a fact you wouldn't understand right reddit is a very negative place these people are just.

But you don't get how negative asian culture the asian culture could be and parents can be and i understand the tiger mom type of thing it's more than just the tiger mom it's a tiger dad it's just it's not it's not yeah i think it could be damaging but i agree with sunflower 13 most people.

End up regretting the things they didn't do not what they did try and failed sounds like she's jelly see a lot of people agree with me over here and she also shouldn't call her sister who has an eating disorder a twix very good point that's a great point why because you don't call someone with.

An eating disorder a twig it's like a triggering type of word now sister's not gonna see this yeah that's true right but she's painting a picture for us when i hear the word twig i'm like she must be very very skinny you know yeah yeah twig twig paints a nice picture uh.

does she have her red jumpsuit in the guy's car and he had it put it in her house to get rid of evidence that seems really over the top to get rid of evidence though you could just like burn it oh yeah i don't know.

Maybe he just like was the kind of guy who lived on the edge i thought it'd be like fun dangerous you know i'm thinking more like he thinks he's a criminal mastermind but really he's just doing something dumb where he's like i'm gonna plant the red well it works here we are 30 years later.

So maybe he's been validated my 22 oh so i'm a 22 year old female boyfriend yeah she's a 22 year old female her boyfriend has left to become a monk um met my boyfriend over a year ago he's funny good looking kind and incredibly intelligent i love him very much we've never had any issues he.

Listens to me understand my problems and when he does when he doesn't he tries hard that we care for each other deeply he's been a very spiritual type of guy and interested in history and really interested in catholicism and monasticism um i thought it was just always a.

Curiosity monasticism is that what is that monastery oh um however a few months in i started to pick up on some things he would talk he would talk often about a dislike of the material world a belief i shared with him to an extent that we were both quite left-wing but.

Also he would say something sometimes say weird things like to suffer was noble and talk about how honorable and fulfilling he thought i'm monastic right i think to suffer is noble to some degree then about a month ago he told me he was going to join a monastery and become a franciscan okay that's a.

Very big change how old are the 24 i don't know i don't like making life-changing decisions like this before the age of like 20 years most of them do make the life-changing decisions at this age and it works out yeah i guess i should be happy for him i love him so much and i do just want the.

Best for him but that doesn't stop it from hurting so what is her question here fran franciscan friar uh i guess i should be happy for him yeah i don't know like they've been dating for a year i mean it's over right that's it move on go back to your trainer.

Yeah you can't really do much this is it's a big i don't know what do you guys think yeah yeah i mean what can you really do you don't have much say in the matter but i mean were there any no red flags prior to this i guess he kept saying things right like december's noble.

Monasticism or monk hood is a religious way of life in which one renounces worldly pursuits to devote oneself fully to spiritual work this wasn't a great one i mean there's nothing she can do she just has to break up with him and move on let him go pursue his calling.

Someone says oh yeah we're getting a quest chips add the same chips oh no not the same ones i was eating but yeah wait why are we getting that because you were eating probably because you ordered them on amazon and stuff i hope so or didn't know we shared on instagram about them.

Maybe okay is that it you don't have anything about monks no what would i say i don't know what do you think about that do you think that's a good decision to make at age 24 i don't know just knowing how different i thought at age 24 that i do at age 31 i'm like i feel like it's not a great.

Decision but when you do something like that you don't know what you're missing out on because you're a monk yeah then you never get my perspective at age 31 you're just forever trapped in that thing that you decided yeah so i don't think it's a bad decision because when you when you find like that.

Awakening you're happy right yeah you could say that another one no what if it's a good one they're not i feel like we've done all the good ones oh here's a good one girlfriend hurt over an honest answer to a question i'm 20 year old male my girlfriend is 21 saying how she was going to talk to my.

Parents in an indian accent and mock them she was just joking i knew she wouldn't do that but i told her if she did anything like that to disrespect my parents for no reason that i would dump her she then asked if she did do that if i would dump her.

And i said yes now she is hurt because i would not talk to her about to her first about it if she did do that since she's saying how if i disrespect her parents that she would talk with me about it i do not know what to do no i'm indian she's caucasian what that was this is very complicated.

Um yeah i think your girlfriend's an idiot um like on like what not ignorant but she's just like not aware of other cultures like that's not even funny to say yeah i don't understand how that would ever come up it's like hey i'm gonna like mock your parents and do like the head thing like this like why would you.

Ever do that i mean like that's just a typical like i don't know anything white person thing to do i don't like i don't get it i would i think i'm it doesn't make sense to really say like if it's not funny when you like if i said something like that to you and as.

A joke it wouldn't really be that funny so i wouldn't laugh i'd be that's weird and if you didn't knock my dad like that to his face i would dump you you would serious to his face yeah it's just disrespectful yeah respect your elders yeah but yeah i he should probably just.

Dump her right uh i mean she didn't actually do it she just like said she was gonna do it in a joking way but these things like if they roll over right like she's gonna be the wife of she's gonna be the mother of your kids one day and this is who she is now i don't know yeah i don't know.

I wonder how long they've been dating yeah i guess that would oh they're 20 and 21 i always forget yeah so they should just break up right no everyone always says there's a thing it's raining i don't think they should break up but.

I mean she's hurt that he said he would break up with her i love the hypothetical scenarios like this it's like i'm mad because you were mean in my dream yeah it is kind of weird oh we got another theory i think he knew her.

Messed up her car and then was there to rescue her after he followed her from work that's definitely a theory but then what oh he he knew her messed up her car and then was there to arrest her yeah because if she was talking to him and like the attendant made thought it seemed like they knew each.

Other then you know she wouldn't just be if she was the shy type she wouldn't just be comfortable with a stranger like that right she is dumb people do dumb things you learn from mistakes that's true sierra said he did talk to her about it he's telling her now before anything happens that he would dump her.

Exactly that's true it's a good point yeah um yeah it's just a weird thing to say it is but like she's she's 20 they're 20. you do dumb things i agree but like if you're trying to be funny be funny yeah because that's what i'm saying like it makes no sense like it's not funny.

Like she thought it would be a joke i mean it is sometimes fun to say things that are like edgy and out there and just to get a reaction but this seems weird yeah well it's not funny yeah that's the main thing i'm confused my g she was saying how she's going to talk to my parents in an indian accent.

And mock them like what it seems so weird like hey baby i'm so excited for you to me i'm just gonna mock them they're gonna love you oh i'm gonna mock them in an indian accent i don't know how it's coming up yeah i don't either because it would be different if she.

Like did an indian accent and said it oh maybe she did but if she was if she was really good at it you know you do indian accents sometimes i don't think so you do all the time what not all the time but you do it sometimes you do it to theo well i speak in gujarati and you do the accent too yeah because i'm speaking.

Another language yeah right yeah it'd be weird if i was like doing a white accent with an indian language racism isn't edgy see i don't even think it's the racism angle that i'm more upset about i'm more upset about just like the no respect for your boyfriend's parents or your like just elders in general.

I don't is this this is racism is it weird that i'm confirming that i don't know like what is racism we're not trying to get deep here like that's weird no but i don't i don't know if this is like it's the underlying intention behind it does she hate indian people she's dating a man she i think.

She's just like trying to make i don't think it's racist i don't think it's racist either i think she's dumb though but everything because it's not funny that's true these days someone's smoking a pork butt over applewood see we always get applewood and i think it's going to add like a.

Great appley flavor but i feel like it's not it doesn't do that mega can make fun of her own culture can we talk about food yeah what do you want to talk about food wise oh i got a pump guys yeah i guess we should wind down all right i guess that's it we'll try.

Doing murder shields more often you keep saying that and then you're like i don't want to do it tonight so we'll just keep you posted on we're going to do the next one we'll probably end the season here shortly and then start back up in the late fall yeah but we'll do a big case or.

Something soon yeah that's what we want to do so like i guess other or um it is othering though have you heard the term other ring see i've not heard this term it is othering though like her culture is somehow a joke like they're called like indeed like.

Indian is other it's othering though it's othering i don't know i've never really heard that the term makes sense i don't hate it but is it othering though what does othering mean like this is normal your other like this is you know like so what's othering the accent her whole.

Thing she did is othering i don't get it i don't know that it's othering i have no idea what this means i don't even know what other ink means yeah is that like a word i can look up just type it's othering othering probably urban dictionary yeah if you have to go to urban.

Dictionary your words aren't real it should be left out from a group another form of bullying harassment i guess it kind of is so is this does this make sense is it othering when she's doing his other ring maybe um you all listen to any unsolved mysteries podcast i really like generation y.

Uh crime junkie crime chunky's good too i love when you look at butthole cheese on google and the thumbnail video of mega comes up does it really is are people actually looking at butthole cheese though i hope not that would be funny oops i spelled it wrong no it doesn't it doesn't come up what are you talking.

About that's a joke maybe it was othering good one i don't know if that makes sense all right i guess that's it guys thanks for hanging with us see
Murder She Ate - The Disappearance of Susan Swedell
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