Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Alissa Turney

Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Alissa Turney

Murder She Ate – The Disappearance of Alissa Turney

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And we're live what's going on guys funny not for a while now I should have done that before we started yeah he used to go look at home well maybe in a minute what's going on guys this is murder she ate your new this is unlike all the other videos we're doing the channel we talk crime story as it gets gruesome.

So if you don't like that you probably won't like this and usually we eat but we have to do these so late because the oh you can't really do with him so I just got a drink today it's a Z BIA soda Julian and I have a topo Chico lime I really like these think of carbonated soda but it's just water flavor what's going on guys so a lot of people like to.

Eat dinner with us usually we're not eating dinner today we used to do it at 5:30 on Wednesday so that's kind of the fun it's like eating dinner with you know your friends on YouTube kind of listen to crime stories seeing if you can solve them but I think this season so this is season – we're gonna alternate telling stories because it's.

Just easier for one person to do all the research but I have a really good mini mystery I I'm like world-renowned for my mini mysteries I feel like where do only one of the world so so I got a good one today I had no idea anything like this was going on it involves a famous pop star no no I know about that there's more to it okay go start it's 7:30.

Tonight it's yeah we gotta wait till 8:00 till people are going in there they're waiting till I you're always in a rush these days yeah that's what motherhood is just rushing around that's all night there's a one-hour show well I'd like to go to sleep what's going on guys no disrespect but your wife I don't know what that means.

I did not know this is a thing until I got the notification welcome world renowned oh and I was mega sent me some links and stuff for her story oh I gotta get one of those still I forgot so her story looks really good while you're telling your story I'll get some of the stuff gosh you can just pull it up from slack can't you get those read messages.

Yeah is this new no this is season two we did season one we probably had like almost 20 episodes in season one yeah but we took a break since we had the baby and now we're back you just want to take them potty you shouldn't do that the entire hour what should we do yes not take a potty okay I take my mini mysteries seriously man when I'm.

Researching for that I'm just like getting so excited about it I'm like this is really gonna stump them and then this storytelling is what I lack I need to improve on that there's really an art to it where you like set up certain things and then you really like hold the big stuff till the end and you deliver all that there was like whoa where is.

The O he is sleeping is this live now yeah I mean YouTube makes it pretty obvious when it's live this is live right now doing Weight Watchers but take your tips Weight Watchers is killing it oh you're liking Weight Watchers does Weight Watchers have more of like a keto tract that you can go down now or or this really is just like the thing I.

Think about Weight Watchers is they essentially think you're stupid and they turn calories into points for you instead of just having you figure out how to do points or how to do calories that's really the biggest complaint I have with Weight Watchers and it's just like dieting it's like you know restrict calories your wife looks beautiful thank.

You I don't know how I missed season 1 we improved our set up big time since season 1 so in season one we had a webcam now we have our good camera how to get it to stream with that and I have the capability to do a two camera setup which I don't really like it's not that necessary but I couldn't do it I was thinking like maybe we would have a.

Julia scam or something just in the corner the good thing about Weight Watchers though is they have the meetings right for accountability so that is something people need a lot of the time your channel is very informative thank you why don't I see the comments are responding to a little confusing they.

Should be there that's all in YouTube I'm pretty sure so if you guys didn't read the title mega is doing the disappearance of Elissa tourney which I did a little just a preliminary research on it seems like it's a good one I think it just happened recently yeah so it'll be fun not dieting Weight Watchers guide is awesome maybe I don't know enough.

About it I know they really changed their whole thing right they rebranded from Weight Watchers too isn't it just like ww or something now I don't know eating some hundred percent cacao Montezuma absolute black dark chocolate for my Marie she ate snack oh that's dr. glow what's going on dr. glow yeah we got a.

Few some people hate murder Shay but a lot of people there's a select few I guess I would say the loved it dr. glows in there ketone mints she actually made us the murder she ate shirts can I post the link to Sara attorneys podcast yeah I didn't know she had a podcast did you know Sara attorney had a podcast okay they twelve on my cut down four.

Pounds good job how do you like the dad life was it everything you thought it would be it's about what I thought it would be I guess I was thinking it more about the work aspect of it like how much of work it would be but I guess I'm not realizing or I'm just now realizing like having a kids cool because you like changes every.

Day it's really cute you do stuff with them you like make them laugh it's fun okay should I start with my mini mystery yeah how behind are you what's the lag like it's like 10 seconds yeah something like that yeah go for it okay guys strap in for the first mini mystery of season 2 a lot of you are probably familiar with Britney Spears which I think we.

Have to have a little discussion on her before we even get started so when she had her hit song hit me baby one more time she was 16 years old did you guys know that yeah except guys maybe yeah so she started on a Mickey Mouse Club same with like Chris why don't you let her see what Justin Timberlake but she was like a sexy icon at age 16 and I guess I.

Was pop stars because I wasn't at the appropriate age where it was like fine I was like oh my gosh she's so sexy but I was like 14 you know so it was fine but I feel like most like 30 year olds also thought that they weren't are we watching like yeah I guess you're right okay but she was like super famous yeah to us I think just globally Larry my dad.

Isn't like thanks Britney Spears famous he thinks like Michael Jackson's famous in Jackson 5 and Donna summers and the Beatles and Eagles oh it deleted the link it must do that automatically so the podcast $2 donation the podcast is voices for justice okay so that's the first thing she was 16 and when I guess when you're 16 and you're like world.

Famous it's really easy to go crazy right she'd go crazy at 16 she went crazy a little bit later I was in the limelight and that's a lot of pressure on stress I mean we know we just what about what's his name but we watched the overdose accidentally hello peep yeah I mean it was only in the limelight for a couple years so mad.

You didn't go crazy though who's just Wilin out on drugs that's different yeah he was depressed was it yeah I guess it was a depressed okay so in about eight years after her like big hit song hit me baby one more time you've probably seen the downfall the shaved head picture which is the midlife crisis the midlife crisis are.

You guys familiar with this yeah so the thing about this picture is that during her downfall when this was going on she was out of control and you know she got married and divorced like immediately after all that type of stuff here we're blowing this whip she takes a bunch of security guards into the barbershop here or like into some little private area.

She had they closed all the blinds right and she's like take me in here I just wanna you know like what I'm just making up words now but she was like take me in here I want to be in here all on myself you guys guard the doors there's tons of paparazzi's I'm super famous close the windows okay so that was what she had planned.

Come to find out one of the security guards kept opening the window and we have pictures like this yeah from that now there's a couple ways that this could go maybe he was paid off by paparazzi's maybe something works to make sure everything was safe the bodyguards were inside oh he was opening the window yeah like you guys look in.

Here maybe a paparazzi paid him off maybe something more sinister so oh no you guys are seeing my notes okay yes you reminded pause and read oh yeah so yes so the security guard opened the blinds blah blah so when that happens Britney's like okay I got a fire all you now because I thought I could trust you so once I start getting paid off by.

Paparazzi gotta let him go immediately fires them all so and Wow all of this is happening there's a big backlash from the shaved head from the wedding that was like 30 minutes long and she's on the verge of like people are questioning her sanity at this point and her dad ends up getting what is called so she she ends up having conservators are you.

Guys familiar with this term no what's that Oh like the game Clue yeah no so a conservator is usually it's with like mentally disabled people or people later on in life that can't take care of themselves so they have a conservator someone who makes decisions on their behalf and has full control like they have more control over your life than.

You do so what they say you do basically you you completely control yeah so they can override you so her dad becomes that her dad and her lawyer who's like I don't know why the lawyer would get chosen for this but he did so those two are made conservators and upon that happening her dad hires back the whole staff that was in the barber shop with.

Her that day and so that happens and then she goes on kind of like doing some stuff like she had a big you know like fall from grace she kind of recovered she started doing Vegas shows she was making she hasn't been doing him lately yeah we're gonna get to that so she does make a show she was the highest-paid Vegas act for over the course of one.

Summer making 500 grand per show and so she's like at her height she's kind of having a resurgence of sorts and then early 2019 the lawyer quits as a conservator for her so that is after 10 years of service and he's making 500k a year just to be the conservator which is almost no work for my understanding and he quits and he.

Puts out this note that is like it's a little ominous he's like I'm kind of fearing for what's happening in this whole situation I just want to be out of it okay so like a little bit of a warning shot is out there and then January 2019 this is when things start crazy this time last year tour is canceled her big demo loop it's called.

Like is it demolition it's some kind of tour she was going to do a tour than she was gonna do another Vegas what does it call when you stay in Vegas and you like what about one of those business yeah Vegas act but there's like a word for it and then the tour gets canceled and the reason is because her father had some life-threatening ruptured colon type of.

Thing that happened that was what was said she's like it was posted to her Instagram and it was like my dad almost died I got a cancel tour and just like take care of this okay yeah so Brittany's Instagram there's actually a podcast that follows her Instagram just like a fun podcast cuz she sounds.

Like a really witty and like funny like that's Brittany being Britney type of Instagram and so people follow her on there and there's two people that have a podcast based on her Instagram and it went like dormant for three months or so and then it went dormant from January when her tour was cancelled until March when she posted did she have any count.

Stuff this yeah when she posted this fall in love with taking care of yourself mind body spirit now we look at her no wait oh so we look at her like whatever caption here and it says we all need to take time for a little me time and then she does this emoticon the typed version and these people that run the podcast they say Brittany loves.

Emojis she doesn't mode you she ever do emoticons like this mm-hmm so this is like red flag what's going on here Britney would not post that and then right as that post goes up she checks into a mental mental institution there's a press release it's her profile actually hers right now yeah it is a little weird yeah so then.

That same podcast the one that's all about it Britney's Instagram receives a call from an unnamed source they play the call on the podcast and the guys like I used to work clothes and they verified all this that he used to actually have this job like through follow-up verification and he's like I think you guys are onto something crazy.

Stuffs happening Britney was practicing for her demolition tour and she was not taking her medicine and her dad said if you don't start taking your medicine we are not doing this tour she didn't listen apparently she's this guy's whole theory and their theory is like she's been trying to rebel against her conservators.

For a while now and she's basically just like trapped hmm and she's helpless like anytime they're like you got to go to a mess oh into mental institution she just has to go yes so then she has like no recourse so she why did you because she because she initially went somewhat crazy like anyone she shaved her head okay and she.

Named them you have to name them or a digit court court appointed I'm sure the court appointed if you're actually declared I'm not sure about that yeah it might have been court appointed but so she cancels that or her dad cancels the tour and then she's seen like driving around town with her boyfriend which he's not allowed to drive so that was.

Like another thing potentially you know active rebellion but also like to alert the media like something's going on here all of her interviews that have been on TV since since she's had conserva doors have been pre-recorded and edited she's never like actually spoken to a camera and if you watch some of her Instagram stories I want to watch her right now.

It's like her makeup is like but she does like work out things bunch of weird stuff but it's never like I feel like she doesn't have access to her Instagram maybe because people like record her but then I don't think they'll post it if she's like helping me you know like those one post I know there's a video she's actually like.

Holding the phone like this in a bikini and doing this there is that I wanted to watch but see I don't even know if that we can pull it up on here which one is that well people need to see it what's it look like how far down is it it's just the third row on the right on the right yes okay this one right there yes today.

I'm outside and I'm about to do a little bit of yoga to open up my back and my chest and I'm out here with my dogs and we're gonna have a beautiful day my babies well that was that was enough okay so like go to the picture right above it we're up here yeah like look at her can they hear it yeah look at her makeup and.

Like just she pulled her became this is just not very I don't know hoiy like just like professional right business look like an amateur picture yeah I mean no but she has some pictures I was looking through she has some that are like legit like that but that might be an older one now yeah it's old I think her body looks similar it's just.

Like better makeup and stuff better probably photos Obama does a video guys this is what my Christmas tree looks like this year I don't know what you're saying what's YouTube saying here we got a nine dollar donation from LM no thank you thank you yeah what do you guys think about this so far you got to read that.

See what they're saying I can't no okay so that is kind of the whole story Oh the other theory though is that she was [__] she looks strung out by great jokes absent I very much agree the one theory never existed she's a do you think so when her story came out about her dad.

Almost dying that's when people think she actually went to rehab and it was someone else probably her dad or like one of her dad's associates making these posts because they used the smiley emoticon yeah and she's been in rehab since she's probably out now but like she was in for that whole duration and they made it seem like she went in in.

March which was probably not true so like the overarching theory here is that the whole like her going crazy was somehow orchestrated by her dad just so could have control of everything hmm and he's basically gotten that that's kind of the theory yeah I don't know where she stands right now I haven't yeah she just sounds different like I've seen.

Actual interviews and stuff and she sounds just something all the interviews are pre-recorded though but maybe she's just on meds now you know meds can change someone well she is like antipsychotic man I think yeah a lot of stuff like that she's up that's another thing I think she's on stuff like her dad's probably if her dad's like really.

As malicious as we're thinking he could have like a doctor he's paying off like give her these drugs and just like totally make her like obedient numb yeah you know like that could be the situation and like who's to say she's even actually performing in Vegas that was another thing I was like it'd be so easy to just have a fake like a body.

Double I don't think so I guess I don't think so that would be terrible it could you imagine if that got out did the amount of money people are paying for tickets like front row tickets fell over a thousand dollars yeah someone asked if I found this on the unresolved mysteries subreddit yes I did that's where I always look for my mini mysteries I'm.

Getting here a lot of people are asking why retire memory nice beer so this is a crime episodes or a crime lives we explain it every time but there's always gonna be people asking I think okay so I just want to explain it we're not we're not really talking Quito today for an hour once a week once every two weeks we'd like to talk just crime and.

Mysteries that's it how much does her dad make I don't know because she made a bunch of money before she was an adult so I would imagine if he's really malicious he would have had a lot of that right yeah okay we gotta get to yours I'm excited for yours okay so this is the disappearance of Elissa tourney a lot of.

You guys may know about this and I'm gonna solve this one today I think he's feeling lucky you know on Google you're feeling lucky do they do that anymore I'm feeling lucky let me see probably right there yeah that's look I'm feeling lucky but just take you to it it takes you to a random site you've.

Never tried it no no try do it keto diet I'm feeling lucky oh I've been you click I'm feeling lucky health line is where it took me to him mmm what do you think this is paid no so it could be like you know connect yeah it's probably from the first page it's just the first result it's a click oh ok we gotta get to your story ok the.

Disappearance of illicit Ernie so I guess just a quick note hurry I'm her sister Sarah attorney has like a YouTube channel and Matt saw men immediately and had like a petition going back in September of 2019 so this past year and it needed a hundred thousand signatures to get a petition made by the White House to like open up the case and.

Prosecute the person that we're gonna discuss in detail here these petitions ever work I mean I guess if we got a so got fifty thousand I think that 100,000 signatures is there a number oh you need a hundred thousand yeah they've to hit and it took like the goal and it showed like 48 K and the petitions close now because it didn't hit its goal but her.

Sister essentially is has a website and everything is just always trying to bring justice for her sister and she was the podcast as someone mentioned so the disappearance of Elissa turning Elissa went missing on May 17th 2001 at the age of 17 from Phoenix Arizona it was her final year as earth it was her final day of her junior year in high.

School and that was the last day she was ever seen so last day of junior year and when you when she was like looked up passed that points look after she disappeared nothing's ever been registered to her name so no driver license no voting no records or sightings of her after that day in 2001 okay so a little background on the.

Family is that she was born to Steven and Barbara her biological parents and Barbara eventually tuned after Alyssa's born leaves her father Steven and Mary's Michael turning so Barbara has two children at the time Alyssa and then an older brother so this is her stepdad she has a stepdad at home yeah so now her mom Barbara married Michael journey.

Michael is the main person you're gonna want to keep track of all 20 cool attorney has her stuff done yeah she took his last life that's right that's what was confusing to me okay so Barbara has the two children and then Michael has three children three older sons so after Michael and Barbara get married Michael adopts Alyssa and her.

Brother so that's why Alyssa and her brother take the last name terney they just take I don't know why but you know I guess they were young enough at the time where they just took on turning as her last name is their biological dad what's his story it was just not there and then Barbra and Michael journey have a child.

Together and this is Sarah Sarah's the youngest child and she is the one trying to find justice for her sister okay so Barbara the mom dies of lung cancer in 1993 so the so both the girls Sarah and ELISA are raised by Michael and the brothers had moved out by the time ELISA was 8 so they're significantly older so.

They don't really ever play a role role in their lives or in the picture so Sarah had always so a lot of a lot of the accounts and a lot of the stories are from Sarah and really honestly I don't she has no motive to lie she's trying to find justice for her sister she loves her sister so Sarah had always said that their childhood is a good one.

And she Sarah got whatever she wanted but it was ELISA who couldn't do anything or really go anywhere without getting permission for Michael so Michael from Sarah's accounts was very controlling and a lot of the family was very controlling or Elissa why it's not really known so Sarah I have lots of freedom Elissa that.

Doesn't make sense had no freedom and various family members confirmed that he treated her differently and had somewhat of an obsession with her and like it's not just family members and sisters and friends it's like you'll see these videos you could it's like very obvious and apparent are we thinking of you.

Sleep you took were walking down the history you tell me and where are we in the country we're at Phoenix Arizona okay so Michael said he and Michael even admits to treating her differently and so Michael said he had the father stepfather said he had to treat her differently because she had learning disabilities and a DD but when you.

Actually look into Alyssa's history there's no official diagnosis of any disability or a DD so this is a little just like Michaels accounts and he would regularly call her stupid to her face and behind her back and Sarah terribly was like witnessing all of this at all times and she disagreed with the fact that Michael said ELISA had a bad memory.

So Michael was always like making up things like unless that needs help ELISA needs special classes at least it needs extra attention but Sarah never like saw that was necessary because she's there so it gets to a point where Michael the foster father sues the school so ELISA can join the learning disability classes in the school.

Sentence the school says if she does that she joins these classes she also has to start taking the disability bus and just be with that set of students at all times so might and she's just totally no no she's a total child and Michael actually makes her switch he's like determined to prove that she needs extra help and she's an idiot so.

This sounds like it's one of those cases where he just wants her to have to rely on him like for life yeah he's asserting there's a term for that I think right so play the cliff and I'm wrong yeah clip one you gotta give me some head so he's proving he's trying to make sure that everyone believes him and that.

Thinks thinks was an idiot yeah okay I'm gonna meet our mics while we play this you don't have to play this Barbie you can the red button right hit the red button now I know our new record hit the red button on a cookie and you're still recording and Lissa is stupid [__] and this is a stupid [__].

You what do you make of that seems like a weird guy definitely so so the little girl is the one where disappeared yeah that was Sarah the one man he was calling you stupid [__] was across the way she said dad's a pervert that was Alyssa Alyssa missing the one across the way okay.

Can they see us now yeah okay so she's a dad's a pervert and the dad calls her a stupid [__] she calls him an f it f ggot and that's what that's a good way and that's what like that's that you wouldn't get an idea of what their relationships like right like really weird Fryman and she she's 17 in that or like.

16 17 no she's 13 she's 13 they're those four years before she went missing at you whiten okay yeah I mean that's just like a really bad dad it seems like yeah for sure yeah but she doesn't seem I guess it's hard to tell with just that one clip but she seems like a fully functioning person yeah yeah yeah I did not feel comfortable him just like.

Wandering in the woods with those two girls um the pervert part didn't sound like it was real audio it sounded like he was edited that just me I don't think I don't think people do things you think that people like Sarah's malicious the sister hey I mean I don't that's not my initial thought but like let's explore let's go.

Down this path let me just replace one time real quick give me the camera now and you're still recording and Lissa is stupid [__] and this is a stupid [__] I don't know I'm here because he said and Alyssa's a stupid [__] so he's rebutting right yeah she called him a pervert I think I believe that that was.

Probably the audio it did sound like really clear audio was the one thing that kind of stood out to me but now it's probably I'm gonna take a face value I think that's probably what happened to dollar donation from Susan Zaragoza thank you what people in the woods are a bad mix huh okay should I go on yeah okay so Sarah even said that.

Michael put a poster board up in their room with a set of rules in like big block writing that ELISA had to live by because she was too stupid to remember the rules and needed them written out which I don't imagine he was she would lie about so only ELISA had to follow these rules and he also conducted surveillance of her using binoculars to.

Watch her from a distance and recorded her at work and he had like hidden cameras in vents in the house and he even would show up to her work like she's just straight up working jack-in-the-box mobile job and he would record her show video clip – um so yeah recording your kid is it that's not against the law right now watch the club.

No it's not nothing none of this is against the law we're just building a case character witness here at character testimony I mean there's a long one is it the whole thing yeah but you don't you.

You got me in trouble dad huh cuz that freaking [__] bike he comes he looks and he goes that's illegal you can't he can't do that and I was like that's my dad still there signs posted all in the office I was like like my dad's gonna do anything I was like it's my first job my dad's video camera he's like so that's.

Illegal tell not to do that I was like it's a prick which one's Mike someone of osakan do you know the one I don't know the one that drives that nice house Mustang let me drive which one's mine okay I mean she seems she's a normal intelligence person for sure yes in that conversation yeah no learning disabilities that I can tell from that.

Also seem like they're really pretty friendly they were like friends yeah that's when they're like cussing at each other like you're an exit you're a pervert you're a [__] like that's like a friendly vibe and I guess her having to significantly older brothers I can kind of see like three brothers that were already out in the house when she.

Was eight though yeah but you like learn from them and your dad's probably talking to them like that already so she was like treated like the boys but none of the boys were treated like that they didn't have rules they weren't like put forced into disability I'm not talking about the rules I'm just talking about like the way she talks to her dad at age.

What about Sarah Sarah was were they treated like that at all and Sarah says that um I was the dead like throwing rocks at her and stuff in that one cuz she called him a pervert so he throws rocks at her he's not a great parent we know that right the way she talks with him is weird I got that vibe too it's just like she liked the way like let me.

Drive like I would say that to Matt or like my friend yeah my dad as a parent I never interacted with kids like this yeah it stands out as being weird for sure but there's weird people that don't end up killing people – yeah but like dude why is he at work for like 20 minutes just filming her so you're gonna pick her up that's one thing but like.

Why is he recording her and why is he keeping all these tapes my one thought is like it's her first job maybe it's one of your first days like let's capture the moment but the footage let's capture the moment that's when it was more like yeah like like I get that too but more like you get her coming out like how was it you know that was like.

Pure stalker footage that's what it looks like pull him out yeah okay so those two clips we got some background so the day she disappeared she was supposed to be picked up by her dad Natalie if he's very controlling as we can see at this point after school after spending the day at a water crime so it's the last day of junior here you go.

To waterpark like you remember that we would go to like Six Flags or something when we were middle school but he was late so she ends up walking to a nearby friend's house and Michael supposedly picks her up from there later on but when Sarah gets into the car so then he picks up Sarah the younger sister when.

Sarah gets him in the car Michael tells her that a isn't answering her phone and asks Sarah to try calling her cell so Michael Alissa is at the water park or Sarah was at the water park ooh Alissa it was her last name sugar Sarah's very much younger so my initial vibe I'm already getting is like the dad didn't want her to go to the water park.

She won anyway that's where I'm thinking that's possible so and so Michael tell Sarah to check Alice's room because so Sarah calls ELISA from the car no answer so when they get home Michael tells Sarah the other sister to check Alyssa's room and Sarah finds Alyssa's backpack thrown out all over the room with a note that reads you can show there no no.

There it is dad and Sarah when you drop me off at school today I decided that I really am going to California Sarah you said you didn't want me around look you gotta and I'm gone that's why I saved my money dad I took $300 from you ELISA okay so this is definitely Alyssa's handwriting and it's proven by analysis so like it's not.

Anyone elses and then so he finds two no and when they caught her phone again they hear the phone buzzing on her desk so she supposedly has also left her phone behind at 11 p.m. that night Michael files a missing-persons report and that he believes that she ran away to her aunt's house in California so he says there's another boy so it seems.

Like I'm just so based on those videos I'm already so framed and the mindset of the dad did it to where like I feel like the dad could like tire up and like to force her to write this pretty easily right yeah then you have the other daughter going to find the note what I would do if I did something like this I wouldn't find it myself it's way.

Easier if the other person finds it yeah a younger girl too yeah so so two things so he says that she's a runaway she ran away to her aunt's house and that there is a note that says she rent runs away so of course the police are gonna note this case as a runaway case and no investigation takes place and that's exactly what happened where's the mom.

And all this she died oh yes you're right in 93 and this is at the time 2001 and just a note about Michael turn that he was a former chief deputy for four years so he would have known that telling the police that there was a note and that she ran away would be father was run away and there would be no investigation you would think.

Right who knows the protocol that police would take I would thank you so it seemed it could be intentional who knows so Michael made flyers he called around he told everyone about the disappearance but he never followed up with the police which is weird says I would just be like at the police's doorstep excuse me at all hours of the.

Day right I'm like banging on doors but I'm also confident calling the police at least and Michael claims that he got a call from Alisa at 5:00 a.m. a week after she went to shoot after she went missing and he says that he said is this you Alyssa and her voice was a bit different but he could tell that it was her and.

Then he said that she pulled the phoon away from her mouth and she like cursed a bunch about him leaving her alone and then she just hangs up so the perfect story to just get the cops to stop looking right and he but like he gives several so he's like it seems like a big talker and he gives it several different accounts of this and claims to people.

Over the years saying like what actually happened whether what what happened during the call and he said he called he said he called the police to tell them about the call but he didn't try but he didn't try and call the number called him because the firt like the first time he said he thought it was a long distance so it wouldn't work and.

Then the second time he said he didn't call because he ran to the nearest payphone to see if she was there well it was on a landline probably back then right why because it was 2,000 something right yeah so how do you call someone back like not everyone knows how to do that when I had a landline phone yeah I.

Didn't know how to do that oh I knew it since a day one we would do it all the time cause it makes our 16x was it I don't think everyone knows how to do that no because you just are 67 to block your number to call people when you're doing prank calls you know that right I know there's yeah like I just I never did that [__] off yeah this it's not.

Like we had he had a cell phone and could have just like click the green button and called right back you know yeah when he was a former police officer it is 2001 you could do star-69 like I'm sure he's an adult he knew about this if I am in 2001 at 11 I knew about it you know so anyway um so those are two different accounts so either he didn't.

Call back because it was long distance or he ran to the nearest payphone we never really know so he eventually sues the phone company and gets the records and the call was apparently traced back to Riverside County in California wait the dad sued the phone company to get the records so that shows some kind of initiative then right or he did that or.

He had this all orchestrated he just like had somehow had someone call from California and we has been confirmed that the phone records actually showed that so the thing is is yeah it's been confirmed but I don't actually know if he handed over the records to the police because he keeps a lot from the police he like as I'll mention later he even.

Refuses to be interviewed when the police start to investigate so he's just keeping everything close to the vest but like also sharing some things you know he's sharing some things so something to note about ELISA is that she didn't have the job for quite a bit of time and she saved a bunch of money so she had she had a 1806 dollars in her bank account.

From her money from her job and none of this money was ever touched after she went missing withdraw no she didn't know she said that's why I saved my money no she said she took you know she said that's why I saved my money and I took $300 from you that's why I saved my money dad I took 300 from you why would she take 300 though she had 1860 that's.

What I'm saying she's she's insinuating that she has all this money saved up and she's running off with it yeah she never nothing ever was touched why would she did the dead have access to that bank account so yeah okay and he eventually transfers all the money out of her account okay but nothing's really thought of that so according to Sarah.

The younger daughter Michael and Alyssa fought a lot and Alyssa threatened to run away many times and she'd even like mentioned going to stay with her aunt in California so don is real and originally Michael had agreed to this like saying she could do that but then he changed his mind and she never ended up going to California so she didn't ran away she.

Didn't run away to California we know and Michael refused to let her go so that's just something Sarah didn't point out and Sarah also thinks this was a note that Alyssa had written before but never used and when Michael searched was searching her room and he probably was on all the time he found it any save for later use which makes sense or that or.

That Michael held a gun to her head and made her write it he's probably searching through a room all the time yeah my mom searched through my room all the time but I guess what's the motive if we're thinking he did kill her I need some kind of motive are we ever gonna do that we're at he's obsessed it seems like.

There's a decent chance I don't know you can't really say for sure just based on the interaction that there was some sort of like sexual abuse going on she's aging she's becoming more aware of it's really happening probably yeah yeah exactly and that's motive enough right yeah so in 2006 there's a lead in the case.

Yay so there's a convicted killer named Thomas Homer and he confesses to killing ELISA and how he met her and he killed her including another another 12 including 21 other young women so he was like people always do this though trying to eat their kill count up so he said they met in a Phoenix hotel and they had sex before he killed her and disposed of.

Her body in the desert and two things he said that were not true and that proved that he actually didn't do this was that he said she was a heroin addict which was know not to be true and that she had sexual traits but her boyfriend at the time with sexual traits I know it's gonna look that up like what does that mean I can look at our sexual traits Oh.

Like maybe something very significant about her body like her trait like just her features are sexual sexual traits isn't like a word something about like her yeah like down there something's unique about it okay I'm thinking it men like um this isn't a term like a birthmark or something okay.

Well that's okay anyway but her board for another time said that she didn't have anything like you need for distinct that would be noted so after being given a polygraph tack a polygraph test he backtracks and says maybe it was a different girl and that he just wants a notoriety so it was decided that eventually he had nothing to do with her.

Case oh did we interview the boyfriend we are getting today I feel like that would be something good you finally the police start to pay attention to this missing case and they interview family and friends but Michael is the only person the stepfather who refuses to be interviewed and at this point the police find out about all the recording he had.

Done of ELISA and the hidden the vents in the house they ask about the footage from his camera at the time in 2001 but he tell them that he reviewed the footage and it showed nothing but he wouldn't he would not give them the footage whoa you didn't tell me cameras in the vents again I said that.

Earlier yeah you said she recorded I didn't know was in the vents like in her room like above her bed probably yeah just wherever you wanted okay dr. glow saying she was definitely forced to write that note yeah we're too old no and she wanted to run away I don't know like I'm pretty convinced by the note being authentic.

Because it's like short to the point tells you what's happening maybe she intended to do it I've never did it she may have been for us though yeah okay so um so police become aware there was a recording system on the house phone but there wasn't a recording of the five a.m. phone call of Alyssa and it was just so convenient that.

Michael the stepfather said that at that time the house phone recording system just malfunctioned because it was always on the dad had this recording yeah okay and then in 2009 there was a 20/20 episode aired and a 20/20 episode aired I didn't watch the interview but you guys will watch it interviewing Michael and I know it brought to light but the.

Above points about the recording and just like all the footage that he had taken and it also brought up supposed sexual abuse because there was talk about talk of sexual abuse and John the boyfriend is interviewed so friends the boyfriend friends and even the sister of the younger sister are interviewed and they mention sexual.

Abuse so John the boyfriend mentioned that Elissa once told him and he was sexually she was sexually abused by her father and friends and even said the same and ELISA even said to she she'd mentioned that once she woke up to her father gagging her the sock Melissa yeah this is beer and then it was also soon revealed that.

Elissa told one of her teachers when she was 9 that she had had sex with her dad but the father denied it when he was confronted and the teacher just never really pursued anything isn't that a shame you should probably like a nine-year-old what would this I don't know I don't yeah I'm pretty convinced he was abusing.

Her though based on three independent sources bringing it up so this is just a mother anecdote and this is in May 2000 so right here before she went missing Michael calls CPS so Child Protective Services to let them know that Elissa is threatening him and says that she says she's gonna call them and say that her stepfathers molesting her in order to.

Force her to buy him a truck but CPS never got a call from her or investigated this further so why is he calling CBS first to make this help like you know say that this is he's staking his claim for follow up like anything also what I'm realizing this is I probably what's happening so sexual this is just my theory I have so far the.

Sexual abuse started young she grows she realizes this isn't obviously supposed to be going on and it's just been like such a so commonplace for her then she starts like you know maturing and she's like I'm gonna start blackmailing him essentially or I have a boyfriend I don't wanna have sex with my father anymore and he gets jealous and upset.

But see the way that she was like calling him names like pervert and so I was 13 in front of her other sister like that is like a little bit of a cry for help I feel like right like your dad's a pervert yeah you don't just say that like if you're not one you don't let your daughter say that to you typically yeah I wouldn't if yes do said anything.

To us I want to say I'm back in them but that's a joke and you guys would be upset Michaels covering his tracks I'm missing your food I know so many people got mad about the pork rinds last time you guys that's the point of you're supposed to hear the crunches it's ASMR it's not supposed to be ASMR but it's supposed to be food it can be whatever.

We want to be okay so during the 20/20 special also it's revealed and this is excusing too much ego gives me the burps it's revealed that alyssa was actually picked up on the last day of school during lunch by Michael yeah so that's totally contrary to the entire story but this was only revealed in 2009 how was it revealed Michael says it on 20 hi so.

He gave different reasons for why at different times like all throughout just like I guess the 20/20 interview but just before she left and and this is true because just before she left she met her boyfriend in his class and told him she was gonna be picked up by her dad for lunch and that she would see him later for a party and there that they.

Were gonna go together okay I was gonna say why would he change a story if there's no reason to change it but it's because the boyfriend yeah firm that she was at school so Michael said he picked her up and they went to lunch not disclosing the location and they got into an argument because she said she wanted more freedom and he said no so.

They then went home and he said the last time he saw his daughter was walking down the hallway to her room and then he went to go over on parents he picked up Sarah at which point they realized that she is missing yeah so that's how it comes full circle but he never mentioned picking her up for lunch to anyone until 2009 so.

All this time we think she was at school the full day but in 2009 during the interview at John 2020 he's already in prison no yes what so students of Michael refused to speak to the police about all this appearance they knew they had to get a search warrant to detain him so they got the search warrant and the day they.

Detained him they they want to detain him to get DNA samples and handwriting samples but when they detained him outside of his house he had two guns on him with ammo so they went into the house they found 26 pipe bombs guns silencers and a 98 page manifesto titled The Diary of a mad man murder and it outlined a plan to commit a domestic.

Domestic terrorism and that ELISA had been kidnapped killed and buried in the desert also went by him or by someone who was a madman also found work was a contract written by Michael and signed by ELISA stating that he had never sexually assaulted her so there's not much mystery that really and there's there was large amounts of bondage porn.

With disturbing scenes so like yeah you can have porn it wasn't like child porn but it was like death porn like the woman's dead and stuff so six months after being released Sara outright asks the stepdad Michael if he did it so he gets sentence of 10 years but only served seven years he's released in 2017 and no charges were ever made against.

Him after the fact so Sara asked all right did you do it and he says if you want to find out the truth you should come visit you should come visit me on my deathbed and that he would confess to everything if the state agreed to give him the lethal injections within 10 days but then shortly after he laid back tracks and says he didn't do it but no.

One's gonna persecute without the body at this point so that's where Sara's fight for justice comes in yeah this isn't even that mysterious to me I'm pretty positive he did it like of all the cases we've done this is probably the most what is a closed book open shut case there is yeah and like he only did seven years and he got caught.

With all that stuff I know it's crazy I feel like I've heard about like ti getting caught with like a sawed-off shotgun or like shrunken it was like potentially 30 years in jail we will not pay his taxes and any length 20 they go hard for taxes I think it's Wesley Snipes no Lauryn Hill will be nice you gonna pay their taxes oh wait.

Why do they go so hard for taxes but not for like terrorism and pipe bomb but when you're when you're getting paid like these actors and musicians and stuff you gotta like you gotta like put money away for taxes none of them do that you know because you just get it all up front end it you don't get paychecks you.

Just get like show checks so they have like 40 million dollar tax bills and they just have no money what do you guys think this one's not that mysterious I'm just wondering why he was only in jail for seven years it's just so unfortunate because plant bombs manifesto all that stuff it could have been stopped though you know like the teacher nine if the C.

Is C PS investigated further the threat there's always a shoulda coulda though yeah it's just so creepy till but I think so like if I'm in that teachers situation I don't know like I feel like you got a really get a read on the dad probably right it's like more of a gut thing to report him or not yeah so okay so your child report your child tells.

The teacher the teacher approaches you and says your son or daughter said you're having sex with them how are you responding because he shrugged it off apparently you're like what that is not true yeah I'm gonna like I don't know you do where did she learn that word like you know like yes that's what I don't know.

How did she think I would be very jarred yeah in shock upset Oh crying I don't know yeah no no because there is also this one case maybe we can do an episode on it was like this I forget exactly what it was but it was basically all of these kids were like telling this is I'm gonna like not know exactly what it was basically all these kids were telling.

People that the daycare was like raping them and it wasn't at all but it was reports like 15 different little kids were saying this and I forget how it all actually happened but it was like it wasn't actually happening that's that's the story yeah but there's more to it do that do that and now just kind of relates to like the nine-year-old.

Saying that yeah no I mean kids say things like I'm not gonna deny that but I freakin why they were to wait a little more right when it's a nine-year-old and a father involved like that well teacher in Illinois is actually doing time for failure to report an abuse of a student yeah I mean you're hiding it right you're like basically an accessory to it.

19 loaded assault rifles you can only shoot one at a time why 19th some people just like to like Doomsday Preppers and stop their stockpiling you know no no yeah it doesn't like you can't really get to all 19 it's just so unfortunate that this guy just got away with it too right how many so many people got away with terrible cuz like he he murdered.

Her right yeah you'd have to imagine yeah and he just got away with it how shitty always believe kids that doesn't seem like a good philosophy to live by but always look into it always believe kids some of these rules you guys come up with I know this isn't Kido but you actually need a different keto snack every time you do this to give it is we.

Just don't eat at 9:00 p.m. like I've been done for a while dinner yeah but eventually maybe we can start doing it a little earlier can we implement a mandatory class teaching pre-k kids what is sexual abuse and how to report it what do you think that's actually going to improve the problem or is it gonna make it worse that's three.

And four that's four year olds right pre-k pre-k they just like they just repeat what you say and stuff I don't think that's a good idea I think is really really do you think we need more data if that's a good idea I wonder if the Sara have relationship with her father I can't imagine so yeah I was more worried about the young child.

Right because how old is she now I don't know but she's his biological daughter so there's probably some disconnect there sex wise you know he wasn't want of sex with his actual daughter like oh it wasn't I didn't even think about that okay yeah that's that was the only daughter that wasn't his child yeah.

Someone always believed Jill wait there's always a speck of truth to what they're saying you can see that yeah yeah it's like every you know like every joke there's a little bit of truth behind even jokes yeah you're making fun of someone you're gonna get just a joke but no it's that's what I was kind of thinking about her calling I'm a pervert.

Like I loud like that yeah yeah you're right they're like when you say things like that out loud when you call someone out like that it's for attention it's to make it known are you gonna post this video I just tuned in yeah it good usually takes like a decent amount of time to upload those it's so long like 30 or 45 minutes after.

We end this it should be up I'm sorry I just like it to be more mysterious this one I know you were like so determined all days like I'm gonna solve yours I do when you sent me the name of it I like usually google it just so I know if it's like murder or disappearance so I can put it in the title and I saw these YouTube videos pop up about like the.

Sister so I thought they would be much of good there was good video footage and stuff yeah but yeah the next time I'll do better I'm sorry guys so we can find out is this gonna be a regular time I think maybe 8 p.m. Sundays Friday's Friday p.m. Fridays is that like a pedophile mentality raping your own is off-limits raping other.

I don't think so I think but I think I don't know I think it's I don't know it just because we wait so the for the three boys were his right yeah and then the wife had two kids yeah oh listen the brother I wonder how he treated the brother yeah interesting cyclist I'm Sara were the only because the brother was also older yeah so do you raise the.

Girls really yeah I like the cases with visuals too now that we have this setup where it's easier to do the visuals mhm someone says do you ever get paranoid the people in these cases are still around and will try to hunt you down for talking about them on the Internet no not really never for a second thought.

That I'm more just think of like so Britney Spears hopefully doesn't hunt us down I'm or just think of like someone walking in while we're doing this more so when we were up in the kitchen and just like being like a murder on YouTube like one of those mysteries you know but now that we're doing it random times.

You'll never get us we should never come tell kids that they have to hug someone even if it's family over physical affection should never be forced yeah I guess we do tell kids how you have to hug your grandma you got a hugger right your mom is definitely like you have to hug her today of tongue yes like that make baby make sense to me but with some.

Things I'm just like we think of way too much into things where it's just like this is your monogram a gift for a hug you know I'm more with that like when when Theo goes oh I'm gonna have him hug people I feel like right grandma hug goodbye now I can I can fight for it I mean nobody I'm not gonna force him but I'll like say go yeah he doesn't because.

You go to select your elders in my life yeah yeah and that's what I've been taught and so like physical affection I guess is a form of respect in some way like the hug I don't look as hug it had hugging like yeah something that can be abused but I guess yeah it could be I think you should eat later on on Fridays that.

Would be that would be really tough I think yeah I'm really set my routine yeah cuz I'm just like you know habit and by 4:30 I'm just like can you ask some kiddo questions though yeah maybe we'll do like five we're gonna go pretty soon I think we don't really have to but my guys to get the Becca she sometimes that's a wake up with the against the.

Law for teachers not to report okay then I guess she should have reported it right maybe not then that was like mm that was like 90-something fist pump hugging spreads germs it doesn't do but that's good system what is the world gonna be like in a hundred years I'm already getting old when I have thoughts like that.

I can tell Texas mama you should consult for the next video with Quito connect oh the teacher dated Michael turny is that true well the teacher that didn't report I guess I would make more sense she should consult with us what do you guys do a lot are you on dairy I don't have a strong like Oh raw dairy like.

Roger you know I think it's just like should you eat dairy oh that's I don't think doesn't argue that people seem to be divided on it but how did the mom died lung cancer I believe yeah it's more like person specific I would say dairy what's the best way to start keto I think just learn smile slowly start implementing some of what you've learned.

Just really like meal to meal learning and proving seeing what you like that's probably the best way like do research we have a blog post I'll link it in here that's pretty forefront video if you don't want to read you can someone asked what time your shirt that's allen iverson we got it when we.

Lived in the feeling MVP MVP MVP most valuable player here is a good blog post on starting kita are we going to quito con it's still up in the air because we have a baby so Theo will be just turning one at that point so I guess we got to see I've never had a baby that age so I don't know how to be Texas Mama's bringing all these new pieces of.

Evidence you didn't find it she's mama I gotta beyond beyond he also traded his truck for the exact same truck right after her disappearance he's guilty for sure howdy is not white like I guess the police just can't prosecute without a body I feel like now they would sorry to the.

50 day guide ya all do you know carbs bread is a myth that's a good let's argue do needs a sister soon I think that's gonna be a brother yeah I see mega being the mother to three boys need to a principal at the high school I graduated from got fired for not reporting a sexual assault it also was I mean yes yeah you got a report of sexual.

Assault that's different it was also a son that was being accused I believe it was the guidance counselor who reported that yes he's a father reacting his son or what are you doing that situation guys comment I mean it kind of makes me think about last week's last times case the mom protecting this on yeah if he killed JonBenet your son commits an act.

Of sexual assault and you're the principal you report it right I don't think so I don't know what is the assault I mean that's because that's someone else's child too yeah yeah and you're like being paid to take care of other people's children so you as your trusted duty but that aside for now it's pretty.

Tough what would you guys do I'm curious now all do burn is terrible you are the first person to say that everyone's obsessed with that that I've seen has tried it names of the boys we can we give away a secondary name no I mean you good if you want we can give one of the names we were considering what's when we were considering I can't think of one.

Now can you I think we have the second one locked in yeah we do oh we want every to the first name we had planned for Theo was Jay Jay AI so Jaya like Indian native Indian but also easily pronounceable by white people I like short names ah like a beauty routine right now my hair is straight that's why it looks nice that's why I look nice I.

Think um but I don't have any makeup on you do eyeliner sometimes right yeah when I do put on makeup it's just eyeliner and for my lips I use Vaseline no one's commenting on the dilemma we had how do you make the pemmican I'm gonna film a recipe soon here but it's going to be on the curve join the curve calm yeah but you dry out the beef and.

How you render tallow you like blend up the beef into light kind of like if you ever gotten those tins of beef jerky at the gas station before it's like that consistency and then you mix it with tallow oh it's like chewing tobacco did you say that yeah good American update I didn't go to the audition so no update Kim K also like short names what are Kim.

K's kids names North blue right no blue is North st. and how many kids does she have three four now four dream is Khloe's true true let's Chloe that's Chloe's dream is is that Rob's and then Kylie is it yeah they all have just I can't remember all them what is it behind the celebrity type of person and.

The names being so extravagant like that and needing to be like really I like all of them I like true I like dream I like North Alex ain't some is their last job so how do you spell that like something like PSA LM like a song soul like PS yeah Connie is really into religion now Chicago I know yeah thank you guys what's yeah what's is your Vee I love.

That two stories kylie is so cute it's for some reason it seems like a self-important this type of a thing with names like that I don't know what it really is though it's like getting a tattoo it means something to you does Theo mean something to us or is it name we just like I like it yeah so some people put a lot of thought into their.

Names okay Matt relinquish your man card why why what are we gonna relinquish my back what did he do I want to know now though said that Coleman outdoors do tell you sound very manly though with your handle there did you just try coming up with the manliest and I need my daughter's priyamani and.

Olive oh I love olive that was one of his camps hamsters name getting all of ya the first guinea pig priya is a good name I like Priya I like a Bonnie Joe alright no Quito questions guys everyone's just trying to chat I'm waiting for a coleman mode oh we're not answering because that's too real maybe your next kid rainy Frank need is such a.

Funny name there is like a Bob Bobby Rainey he's a a football player I think I went to Florida Murch update yeah we're working on it yeah yeah we got we're working real hard over here lately Project X is also I had a call about that today move it guys project access coming soon so merch is coming soon I think we're.

Having a dilemma of whether we should get an actual warehouse like warehouse not like you know Sam's Club size or it's just gonna be like like a one or two thousand square foot thing so that's the big debate we're having now if we should do that or if she cuz right now we're just kind of like all digital no like physical things no because you know.

Kim Kardashian's kids names kind of that's why you should really lose your man card oh I forced him to watch the Kardashians with me and stab today because when I'm watching it like religiously I am like giving him detailed to detail Chris Rainey okay wait is it Chris Rainey I think it's Bobby Rainey I mean I think.

You're allowed to know one or two of the Kardashian kids names and still have a man card ironic oh my man has oh is he charged Bobby Rainey have you rainiest someone right who's Bobby Rainey Bobby Rena's afford oh no he's not Florida running back running back though for Ravens no this yeah no he was crying ok guys this weekend we'll see you on.

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