Murder She Ate – Mysterious Cop Killing + YNW Melly Mini-Story

Murder She Ate – Mysterious Cop Killing + YNW Melly Mini-Story

Murder She Ate – Mysterious Cop Killing + YNW Melly Mini-Story

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Good evening everyone hello how's it going little early we won't start until 5:30 but got a mini-series well yeah but we can't start that until 5:30 either do you guys like the mini mystery at the start so yeah this is murder she ate let me just see are we live Chad if we're live guys I think we're live hello.

Yeah we are okay people like the mini mystery got some cases today like always if you guys are new this is not about Kido it's about murders crimes bad stuff so we don't really talk too much about Keita with more entertainment we have a keto meal together oh yeah sometimes and if you guys are eating dinner like always let us know.

Let us know what you're eating Teddy Warbucks coming in hot $10 off the bat saying that we're live I'm also on Facebook so if you guys have questions or comments on Facebook I'll be looking at those and I made these waffles for dinner tonight I had a little bit of a snack fest today so I decided to just you know roll that over into dinner and.

Now we're doing I mean junk food dinner oh I would be like all about the waffles like I can't have waffles every night but I was out and about and I wanted to egg salad and I was like once my minds on something when I do it so this is my bowl of egg salad oh do you want to say what else you have well I have these two eggs with some cheese on shown them mega.

Convinced me I've melted some cheese two eggs close in there it looks good with some cheese on top right so that's like our favorite cheese right now we've been getting it a whole food it 60h draw at a Swiss cheese Emmentaler so if you're interested in trying something new so I'm gonna make breakfast sandwiches I think and then my meal is 4.

Eggs 2 tablespoons of mayo onion bacon bits and a bunch of seasonings and I have I like to use cucumber as my cucumber chips breakfast sandwich what are you actually live on we're live on what are we live on twitch TV which not that many people watch on YouTube which is where most people watch and then Facebook what a lot of people watch too.

But we just use like a streaming thing that streams to alter all we're not actually live on one of those particular venues if that makes sense my egg salad doesn't look appetizing but if this is one of my favorite things I feel like I have egg salad almost every day if not any other no I'm gonna have some kimchi peels this is a Taco Bell Baja blast.

Zero Kido oh I saw that recently and Baja blast it was my favorite what is Baja blast it's like Mountain Dew yeah it's the flavor but you've never had bought you know like Code Red Code Red but how blessed traveling I remember one halo 2 came out I got all the new Mountain Dew flavors that night and I drank them all though is a shot if.

You're up on that and I played halo all night and I didn't go to classes the next day well yeah talking about halo but I I saw like a couple of reviews where people were like it's still worse I can't imagine it being that bad though so I feel like I have to try it cuz it sold in 20 ounces or where do you get it from oh yes it's a surf.

Love murder shave do you guys look close to family are you trying to murder us no we we do not live close to family they wouldn't find our bodies for at least two weeks probably the neighbors we have one neighbor my he's 13 he's kind of my friend he might be watching this so you're definitely my friend well well people would know something's.

Up because we're live every day oh yeah actually that's you guys to find out or anyone I missed it what did you make that sandwich with he made protein waffles ice and cheese protein waffle recipes on our website right just google keto Connect protein waffles oh my gosh have you found that staying low carb has helped prevent excess pregnancy wait.

Game um I don't really have anything to compare it to so I don't know for sure but whose protein waffles are really dry too so I might struggle with this a lot of people that's always saying like something to dip it in but a lot of people we've talked to you or you know I've seen that do keto during a pregnancy and compared to a non keto.

Pregnancy have said like it's helped a lot with inflammation with weight gain so it's probably the better of the two these breakfast sandwiches are a winner for sure it tastes like I'm a grill because the protein waffles kind of sweet to do now what do you think about organic versus not I think if you can afford organic it's definitely a little.

Better but especially for certain things it's it makes a big difference like I don't know things with big surface area that are just getting sprayed with pesticides obviously you want to avoid though it's like leafy greens and stuff coffee I think is a pretty big one that maybe you want to get organic but I don't know if it's it's all about what.

You can afford like certain things like avocados Cokin things like that I don't really think matter if it's organic too much we like to get at least grown in the US yeah country of origin matters a lot too I would look at that for specific things like I don't know certain things make sense to get in different places like.

Avocado that grown in Mexico that's pretty common welcome like China for like produce and stuff you probably don't want that yeah especially the garlic get a nail I mean I'm a dumb how would I love no just um I love that story but someone said welcome to ATL where you never put winter clothes away so you can stay warm when the AC is on.

Blast literally my life right now well it's not that warm today though but I wouldn't wear a hoodie outside I would only wear a hoodie inside because I was eligible really nice yeah and I like to be comfy now that I'm I'm in you guys ready for the pre-show yeah okay pre-show mystery any of you guys know ynw Mele he's a famous rapper he's only.

Become famous in the last year or two do you know him yeah do you know his songs yeah yeah he has a song with Kanye West also so he's like big he's only 19 and he's really exploded onto the scene in like the last six to eight months and I like him a lot he's actually really talented but something happened so here's what happened so his biggest song.

Is murder on my mind blue Balenciaga is also hit probably a second biggest song and then mixed personalities with Kanye West he has three billboard top hundred songs he's 19 years old and at age 15 he was caught firing gun shots into a crowd so you know just Wilin out of the youngin basically.

He wrote most of his hit song in jail after that incident which is kind of cool you know gives him some credibility I don't know that's kind of the love-hate thing with rap is like you want it to be authentic but you also don't want people out there just committing crimes right that's a constant struggle yeah we'll talk about.

That at the end yeah so then in 2018 he was arrested for drugs and guns posted bail immediately and then on October 26 2018 a little over six months ago ynw sack chaser and ynw juvie were murdered in a drive-by shooting so these are people in his crew two of his homies like it's pretty tight – there's only like four to six guys in the crew Julius.

So then basically he tweeted a bunch of stuff saying how much he liked misses misses his partners and in the meantime this is when he records his song with Kanye West so he's like at the height of his fame he then gets arrested for murder in association with this quote-unquote drive-by shooting where his two friends were killed so he's now.

Charged with the murder of that so people are like whoa what's going on and apparently police after investigating the crime scene the bullets were shot from inside of the car not drive by and then he there was also bullets shot from outside of them hi Juliette there were also bullet shot from outside the car so he liked one.

Outside the current shot at the car to stage things afterwards apparently yeah and then there is like snapchat messages there cell phones there is just a lot of incriminating evidence against him and he is now facing the death penalty why would he kills friends I don't know I don't think a motive has ever really been proposed not really a.

Mystery yeah it's not a mystery but it's just like a crazy story do you feel bad for I mean if he killed his two friends I don't really feel bad no I mean he should be sober today yeah he should be found guilty of murder at least if I mean how else would had a packet it was just him and his two friends in the car right one other.

Friend too is that person being they're both charged I think that's fair yeah I mean I wish he was still out making music that's the main thing yeah I mean isn't I built into it feels like it's not life changing to me he's just getting started though but yeah and this just goes to like I guess there's like a lot of people now like Bobby shmurda six.

Nine yeah these people that are rapping and they're really about it cuz when you hear people rap like that's the whole point of it it's like really being about what you're talking about right but then when they actually are about it it's like not really that cool right no I'd rather you not be about it cuz I don't want I don't want crimes and murders to.

Happen yeah I you know like you can also just be like a young fun rapper or 2 Chainz someone who doesn't talk about murders and still have success and be amazing you know yeah you have options and you picking the violent route isn't isn't justifiable for a rap career alright you ready for your story yeah what's going on on Facebook people.

Asking just what I'm eating I'm sitting on a low chair I am I'm eating egg salad and cucumbers did it help his career not really but he did he obviously raps about murdering people no it's ruined his career he's literally in jail facing the death penalty like is that ever beneficial for anyone no okay but yeah I'm ready I'm doing the.

Disappearance of Cory McCain McKeague Julius you were being a bad boy tinertia monitors tether he keeps it up I will he's been really good I think his bonus out there that's why he wants to go out but he wasn't playing he was just in the grass before he's enjoying being out on this tether he's getting used to it okay so Cory was 23 years old when he went.

Missing on September 24th 2016 in Suffolk England he had joined the Royal Air Force in 2013 and he was posted down in Suffolk and he had actually grown up in Scotland with his family so I'm the knight who went missing he had the weekend off from work so he went out drinking with his friends naturally I mean England is also like a really big.

Party scene like that like different parts of England and my friend like when I study your brother Kelsey and sort of party scene they just drinking pubs all the time yeah but like it's like I don't know I feel like it's a lot more the good pubs it's equally as party ashore as it is here right you're 23 okay I don't know I've never been there you.

Know so he was supposed to get a ride there but it felt that the RAI felt there so he decided you know like I definitely want to go it's my weekend off so he decided to drive I just leave this car there overnight and then he would pick it up in the morning not something abnormal where's he going Jill it's going after you in the front so how.

Did he get there he drove okay this happened last time you just said he left his car somewhere he decided to drive because he wasn't getting a ride and he was just gonna leave his car there and pick it up in the morning okay so he has no plan of where he's gonna go after drinking how is he gonna get home.

And stuff right you don't probably get a ride I guess or something okay last time this happened everyone was counting their like Matt's just making it way more confusing that mega exclude me yeah so he first went so when he when he drove there dropped his car off he first went to a bar where he met his friends and then they went to a.

Second bar and then eventually they found themselves at a club called flex so he's in the club for about thirty minutes before the bouncer comes up to him taps him on his shoulder and asked him asks him to leave because he's very drunk I mean that happens a lot I've been with friends it's happen to have you know I feel like it's kind of unsafe.

Especially if it's like girls and stuff because it's like you're just telling this absurdly drunk person to go out into the city alone because none of the friends have to leave just cheetahs right and so like normally you'll be like alright see you later yeah you'll stay out it's not really on the place though because they don't want some.

Drunken hooligan yeah no I know but you have to be really drunk to get kicked out it's not just like you're a little drunk you're drunk and you're probably like making trouble to the bouncers call but yeah they might just have like a less more restrictive policy even and if he's just like you know wobbling a little they could kick him out I don't.

Think so I think you got to be making trouble well that wasn't said it all by the friends or the bow like nothing was ever said about that so we don't know for sure how drunk he was he's very drunk in my opinion so after leaving after being kicked out of the bar he walks to his favorite takeout Mama.

Mia's pizza and he gets some takeout and is wandering the streets for a bit and there's actually CCTV footage of him stumbling around a bit but he doesn't like I don't know I guess it's hard to tell when someone's blacked out or not like yeah you can't tell you can't tell so he was wobbling around like stumbling like.

A normal drunk person would yeah but he could have been anywhere from like just really drunk to severely blacked out my assumption is borderline black out yeah um but he's a really big guy to music he needs to go on his Heather you gonna buy time man cuz I need to hear the story okay I will answer questions protein waffle Pete oh yeah it's actually our.

Protein waffle recipe so if you go to keto connect and just look for protein waffles or type that into Google you'll find the recipe see that's why I got with people who actually care about me because my friends would have left yeah I think women more so or girls at least they're likely to leave together they're not gonna like just let their friend.

Leave but I think guys it's different not that I know but I would assume it's very different right you want out you do that so quick yeah um like guys it's different right like if someone if your friend gets kicked out you're just saying like peace Adam but like girls always travel together so we wouldn't I mean if my friends very drunk enough to.

Get kicked out I'm 90% of the time yeah someone's leaving with him yeah that's true but also this wasn't comment this was an admirable like this happened routinely with Cory in particular just like wandering off doing his own thing you know the Irish likes it like my friends would say that about me always do that.

You don't do the Irish exit when you're blackout drunk though you do that because you're too sober and you're like I don't want to be here anymore that's boring no I think you do it all just always that's just because I don't want to say bye to people so I'm just like really drunk I want pizza I want to go home I leave yeah I'm a big fan of the.

Irish exit actually I like I just hate like the whole like you know we're gonna see each other Angele well according to as long as everyone's like having fun and they don't care that you're leaving on cares then it's cool but if you're leaving when it's like it's kind of partially on you for the night to be fun then it's.

Messed up I always just called the uber and then when it's here I'll just like walk out the front door and no one will ever know okay so I said like I said there's CCTV and you can't really tell like what his actual state of drunkenness is but he isn't wobbling around and then he did then disappears into a shop doorway and it's an.

Electrical store but again it's it's around 3 a.m. so you know none of the stores are open but you know how like places connect doorways you can sit inside yeah so like it's the the CCTV wasn't pointing into the doorway but it's likely that he sat down there to eat his pizza maybe even fell asleep for a bit because the CCTV showed him.

Walking out of the doorway an hour later so he was there for quite some time and again his friend said like it is not abnormal for him to fall asleep randomly at places like when he get a really good does he smoke not that it was known how it seems long unless you probably felt a dispute that you fell asleep but then are you waking up if you're drunk passed.

Out in an hour hour seems like a weird time frame yeah okay so he's glassine by CCTV at 3:25 a.m. he then disappears into what is known as the horseshoe and it's basically just like a horseshoe shaped parking lot ish area so there's a road and if that road faces a bunch of shop backs so like it's a dead end essentially so it's like a road but then.

A horseshoe-shaped where there's the backs of the store's cars are parked there's trash bins in that area it's just a back alleyway but you can't you gotta you can't get any you can get to the rooftops through ladders and you can go into the shops but you can't get to the front and so you walked into that area he walked into that area.

The last sighting and that horseshoe the horseshoe itself isn't covered by CCTV footage but that road is and there was never any footage shown of him leaving and there was two cameras that face the entrance of the road so he that that's where he was last seen that's where you know there's no housing is just shops there's no like second level all birds.

Just housing just shops I'm sorry just shops yeah so again his friends had pointed out that this wasn't uncommon of him to wander off fall asleep in random spots and they had had just assumed that he went back to the base it wasn't until that Monday morning when he didn't show up for work that people.

Were actually worried what night did they go out on Friday oh and he hadn't spoken to any of his friends or family over the weekend and when they went into his room at the base they found his nine months old puppy and it was clear he hadn't been back all weekend so like you wouldn't just I don't know like in my mind it's like well you just got a puppy.

You I have a girlfriend he also had a girlfriend he had friends at the Royal Air Force like you don't just leave and not return you know intention yeah you don't intentionally leave when you're drunk so now I'm thinking accidental death or foul play I'm leaning towards accidental death but then where is the body so it has to be I guess I'm leaning.

Towards foul play that okay so the first place the police search is the CCT obviously and they noticed that he walked into the horseshoe so that's where they begin their actual physical search there were all the shot backs stairs to the roof roofs of the shops some cars and those like a really really big green trash bins you know like.

Dumpsters dumpsters yeah really big dumpsters so he could have gotten on roofs right yeah and then if there is their chimneys like just thinking crazy like could you've tried going on it just something and saying like that I think that would be two a day I think once I say what I'm gonna say you'll probably be like you'll think that's.

More normal so he could not have gone anywhere unless someone had been in their shop at 3 a.m. to let him in so that's likely right but the bullies speculated that he likely got into one of the trash bins and fallen asleep and the next morning the trash people came and picked up the bin emptied into the truck and Cory has emptied the trash and.

Cory into the truck so what are your thoughts right now so he got crushed and died yeah but I don't know like do you go in a dumpster to sleep I would never do that blacked out drunken state I have no idea no I would lean up against like a wall or sit on steps I will never sit in a dumpster that makes no sense why would.

You go in a dumpster people get blacked out and like killed other people like people do really questionable out-of-the-box things when they're blacked out you sure going in the dumpster to fall asleep seems far-fetched to me but it's possible definitely that's that's like the real only conclusion that the police.

Are speculation that the boys came to so also when he's getting dumped wouldn't he yell and people would hear maybe be like ah no yeah won't hear that oh the garbage man maybe but like sometimes when our trash gets picked up or other I've seen trash get picked up where it's just a man in the front and that they have the electric arms that pick up the.

Trash unless we're thinking it could have been as extreme as like alcohol poisoning unconsciousness yeah maybe that could have been at yeah so the next morning the police was it cold or raining people are saying good questions no if it was raining maybe that makes sense yeah so the next thing the police did is.

Track his phone and they see that he was using it around 3:00 a.m. in that area ideas sent his last text at 308 a.m. I think his brother and then a couple hours later at 5 a.m. his phone is 12 miles away so this takes 28 minutes to drive my car the 12 miles from the horseshoe to wherever his phone was and so either he had gotten into a car and.

Driven somewhere else because the because if he had walked it would have taken more than two hours okay wait wait so the track is phone in the horseshoe area at 3:00 a.m. mm-hmm and then at 5 a.m. his phone is 12 miles away yeah okay which takes two hours at least to walk and 28 minutes to drive suffle that's like what is that.

Comparable to in the United States what kind of city just like I don't know okay I mean the royal air Bay the air air base is there so I'm assuming not as pumping I don't know so I would imagine this invalidates the garbage-can theory that dumpster theory a little bit it makes it less likely yeah that's true so the phone was showing up in Barton Hills.

We're at ping and that is very close to the landfill oh wait what time did the garbage truck come out five six yeah we don't know okay so garbage truck is still in play that for sure and then at 8:00 a.m. the mat morning it either died broke or was switched off so I don't know do they compact the trash.

Maybe later or did they contact immediately upon picking up trash well there is a compaction mechanism in the drug garbage trucks but I don't think it's like no it could probably crush a phone for sure yeah that's what I was thinking yeah but like at 8:00 a.m. I think it would be running the crusher so if his phone was.

Ping by the and Phil at 5:00 a.m. and it died or was broke at 8:00 a.m. that seems like a long time to be in the garbage truck and not be crushed because you run the crusher every so often I would imagine like every what 10 to 20 minutes I have no idea though but what do you guys think how often do they run the garbage.

Truck crusher I thought maybe like after every pickup no not every single pickup maybe I don't know but also maybe it could have made it through a couple times without getting crushed well would he be crushed is the crushing like a trash or like a car compact compactor what is the crushing like a car compactor or is it a slight crushing so.

He could have just been in there like still alive being crushed slowly no I think it's pretty intense crushing it it's not like a car compactor but close I just want to know he wasn't like slowly breaking all of his bones no I imagine he would be dead like pretty quick okay someone just got 15 kills in fortnight.

That's impressive so the police actually track down the trash truck that he could have been in and that day so I guess they weighed the trash that day the weight of the trash in the truck was only 33 pounds okay but wait oh yeah so Cory and Cory weighed over 200 pounds but due to and due to this they didn't start searching the.

Landfill site right away because they were like if the weight was 30 80 pounds there's no way Cory is in it so he's not in the landfill right okay I don't but soon thereafter and this was I think he was like months later it came to light that there was an error in the trash weight I don't know how that era arise and it actually weighed over 220 pounds.

I don't know how it happened I was laughing I was like this is ridiculous so Cory could have been in the truck would have and would have been crushed on impact when the trash truck compact in the trash right at this point the police were months behind on their search for Cory since they didn't first start searching the landfill and but.

Then the landfill up to the raft base was searched pretty immediately after they found this out by the police and a lot of volunteers but nothing was ever found they actually covered nine hundred and twenty square miles going 25 feet deep which is really deep how gross I don't even believe that there's 920 square miles no no that's not true why.

Can't I Lancel be that big 920 square miles no why not isn't like a landfill the size of Jersey no that seems insane to me but they might have also searched like and there's no way they could search that towering 700 acres and almost 500 feet high Los Angeles is the largest landfill so yeah that's it's.

Nowhere near so maybe just like the also the grounds surrounding the landfill because these car I mean his phone pinged not at the landfill but near the landfill I mean they didn't search 920 square miles that's just how the landfill of anything now we don't know that well I know that for a fact because they didn't search like the search went.

From February 2017 through July 2017 and then in October 2017 a couple months after the search stopped they announced a second search of the landfill that went on until December but again nothing was found and then in March 2018 so here ago the search for Cory was officially over and they just there so the theories are trash accident.

Corinne left on his own but he had a puppy a girlfriend a good job and he had just booked a flight to fly home so these are the army right in the Air Force Air Force so you can't just leave because that is a crime right man that's a lot of freedom you give up when you join the army you can't leave but there's there's a.

Payoff right there are some people so but so that is maybe a reason he would want to like go to an elaborate lengths like this to leave with everything left like he just had a puppy and a girlfriend like yeah but I also don't think you get drunk to do something like this maybe you would get fake drunk if you really had a plan like this but the.

CCTV footage shows him being yeah why would you sit in a drawer away for an hour yeah and then the last theory is the third party involved in third is third party involvement and this is what his family thinks so someone picked him up from the horseshoe and he got into it like the car of an unknown driver why.

Though this is the Paris wanna like they do believe he's dead but they don't want to believe like he just got crushed by a compactor like they want I'm sure it like maybe it's easier to believe that some that was foul play yeah but generally what the parents believe is wrong always they just want to make themselves feel good about it he was an.

Air force officer so like it wasn't just like some weak guy would like do anything like he would fight right yeah but then too like you know a little light on light note is that two weeks after Corey went missing his girlfriend found out she was pregnant and she had a little girl whoa yeah that's exciting you know Cory lives on.

So I guess most likely has to be the dumpster right yeah I just can't understand why you would get in the dumpster to fall asleep but some people have said that they slept in a dumpster when they were drunk oh really I don't know how to look at it like past facebook comments sorry guys I can't like squirrel you know how someone says.

It was nine hundred and twenty square meters yeah that sounds more likely does CCTV footage show cars leaving the horseshoe no or no did it it's interesting to me that they weigh all the trash loads like that I wouldn't do the Jenna than a us two but the fact they said it was 30 pounds that makes like no sense to me cuz that's like.

Three houses five houses worth of garbage isn't it I don't know yeah I guess you're right I mean garbage truck load should weigh more than 30 pounds I don't know how they make the mistake like that what is the average I would imagine they have like hundreds maybe thousands of pounds of garbage per drop off dumpster.

Trucks should have cameras I mean maybe in the u.s. they do I don't know should everything have cameras it's kind of exciting when you see like the CCTV footage of a murder and stuff and it like helps a crime but also should every single thing we do be videotaped like what's up there was that one movie like enemy of state I think it is yeah and I.

Remember watching that and it was like I was like really scared like it was crazy how much footage they have but that's like how much footage we have now cause everything is out in the video some cities are weighing trashed I eat stop and they charge you more if you go over and a lot in amount we definitely go over.

I'm out I don't think we'd we have like an average amount all our trash bins are always like the top is lifting up a little and no one else's that's usually the boxes yeah okay that's that case my case isn't as mysterious that was a good one mine's more just a story so I guess we're all settled on dumpster is that the most likely scenario yeah if the.

Dumpster patrasche weighed 220 pounds everything being recorded would be scary oh I'm making your white chocolate cheese kidding as I watch can't wait to try it yay I love the two parts of that sentence white chocolate cheesecake do we have that oh yeah it's like dessert every.

Night oh yeah yeah just join now I'm lost I think you can rewind though maybe start from the beginning you guys read any good books lately hmm someone asked us no I'm asking them mainly just because I wanted to tell you that I'm reading a good book it's called bad blood it's really good I'm like ready to just go upstairs and start.

Reading it again it's about and I think when I'm done with it maybe for murder she I'll do the story that the book is about it's about Elizabeth Holmes she created the fake pharmaceutical like medical device company she was like 23 or 22 hotshot CEO that right now as it was called someone said a hacking Darwin who wrote bad blood no let me go check.

What are we eating Matt had breakfast sandwiches with protein waffles eggs and cheese I had egg salad with John Kerry rue wrote it she wanted to be like Steve Jobs yeah she started wearing the tank top and everything the turtleneck it's so funny in Silicon Valley when Erlich does that belly is just such a good show.

Yeah I saw someone at the gym with a holey shirt I got so confused I was like is holy a real company now cuz like he was like a 50 year old man yeah so I was like there's no like I'm confused now he watches Erlich and laughs he probably buy a yogurt my dad even like Silicon Valley or like or like is my one of my favorite characters in TV history it's.

Got to be like him and probably Dennis Reynolds so the top to you like Dennis the best out of all I love Dennis yeah he's a creep I like him a navy bio me too he's so fab oh and apparently I just I just got to this chapter she lowered her voice to speak in like a really manly tone to try being more like credible and stuff yeah.

Which I have heard like women with deeper voices get more respect with Marie because Marie has like a higher voice yeah I mean his sister sorry I'm addicted to your butter chicken thank you are you gonna take some time off after the baby's born we're trying to like prepare a little so we have some videos no I'm like I don't know who.

Knows ideally no like I don't like getting in the habit of breaking the rules we set out for ourselves which is three videos weekly right so I think once you start not doing it then you're just a lot to not do it yeah honestly it's like the cuckoo want something cook along will do every other Sunday and now it's like it's just a lot of added extra.

But I don't think we plan to we're just gonna try and prep and at least Matt will take the forefront more so yeah maybe I'll do some solo videos yeah when Matt said he was gonna wear a white shirt every day I've reminded me of Elizabeth Holmes the thing I realized with the white shirts every day is they shrink a lot in the water stopped.

Immediately he always says you know I really like the first day you try something he's like I'm doing this for the rest of my life Megha yeah you you couldn't bet your dollar on it or whatever this thing is but your last dollar no that's yes I'm doing that I do that a lot yeah I get a very endearing thank.

You all right you guys ready for my case today we are talking about Jennifer Sabina so this is a pretty quick one too Jen was a police officer and was loved around the station she had been working at for two years in Wauwatosa Wisconsin the locals just called it Tosa and.

Somebody just said Matt's hand doesn't even fit on the small mouse your hands just like eating the mouse this is a smaller Mouse it's travel but she was loved in the community she was active at her church she was a church leader and yeah just all-around good person essentially and she had a husband named Ben Ben was a marine and he had a Purple.

Heart he was a war hero he was injured in battle apparently some kind of explosive went off and like his arm was almost needed to be amputated it was like hanging off he got rushed out of the field had like a really long recovery month long recovery and yeah he won a Purple Heart for that incident so live action saw battle a decorated.

War hero and it was like a little early on in their relationship when he was in the hospital so coming out of the hospital it was like a really bonding experience and there's a youtube video that the church made because I think they were part of like one of those big churches you know where it's like thousands of people and very like cheery.

And everyone's like you know chanting together yeah there's a word for it it's like a mega church or something yeah yeah so they were part of one of those so the the the church like does a bunch of videos and he's featured in one where he's talking about his experiences in war and how there's direct quotes where it's like she saved my life she really.

Like helped me adapt to civilian life things like that so Christmas Eve there's a text from Ben to Jen Merry Christmas Jen responds Eve ha like that's a weird response but basically saying it's not Christmas it's Christmas Eve and then uh Ben says well call me if you get too bored I love you Merry Christmas.

She replies I love you too five hours later Ben tucks baby are you okay they just said an officer is down in Tosa no response then he texts again baby texter call me I'm scared he just called her no response it's 551 am now third taxes babe please and Ben proceeds to then call the police department in panic to.

Rely or to try like figuring out what happened here and the police cannot get in contact with her either so this is when it becomes questionable like how does Ben know that there's an officer down when he called the police and they didn't really even know that an officer was known I'm sure maybe some of them did but it seems like it wasn't spread.

To the whole force yet in a small town in Wisconsin yeah we'd be like well it's over the radio like a shooting or like something's up right wouldn't she call it in immediately if she was in danger yeah you would think so so police track her patrol car GPS to try finding where she is they find it cars arrive at the scene and they find.

Her shot multiple times in the head laying in a parking lot it's cold out it's winter in Wisconsin and upon further investigation they discovered that the murderer also grabbed her gun the like her service revolver and shot her multiple times in the face with it so this made police feel right away that it was someone close to her I was gonna.

Say so she had to have trusted this person to allow him to get allow that person to get so close to grab her gun well no there was another gunshot from the back first and then apparently like she was like down yeah she was down someone grabbed her service gun and then shot her more times why would you do that.

Even if you were like her husband or something I don't know – just to make sure if she's dead I guess well why would you use her gun yeah I don't know what would your thinking be why would you use her gun did you run out of bullets or something no I don't think so I don't really know why you would grab her gun like that.

It's like like just really resentment revenge yeah I know there was something about like stealing a police car taking a police officer's gun it's like okay take you because I could see it being like a gang type of thing where it's like you know shoot a police officer with your own with their gun yeah so I'm coming up with gang things yeah you.

Always tell me about the thing where what is the thing we're like if something happens driving next to someone or something what is it no like if someone's lights are off and you flash them yeah and that like it's a part it's a gang initiation it was happening in my area yeah they would turn around and follow you and kill you.

Yeah that's why you didn't do it there was like notices that went around so cops find footprints in the parking lot in the snow around her so they take photos of those been her husband is taken into the station just to be questioned no real suspicions there anything and he's visibly upset over the death and you can look online there's a.

Lot of interrogation footage of him and just like the whole thing is recorded basically you can get genuine reactions of his how are they not suspicious because when no one else not a lot of people knew about her being down but he did like how does he find that out it's not from like the news I don't know if yeah that is weird but um I guess when.

It's a cop the assumption is not always like it's definitely a relative it could just be you know there's more possibilities than it being just a normal person being shot but unless she told him I was shot in the face he said he'd somehow heard an officer was down yeah so like how maybe there's.

A way he didn't really go into that though so yeah he's taken into the station they begin checking surveillance from the area and they notice a black prius with black rims on many of the cameras around the time of the murder right away this is like you know murder happened between midnight and 5:00 a.m. on Christmas morning early in the.

Morning and they have the footage they're like oh it's the black Prius at like noon that day pretty quick and then they notice when Ben is in the interrogation room not really being interrogated or held yet just voluntarily they're like oh this guy has a black Prius with black rims interesting and they sees more and more.

Surveillance footage until they see basically a path from his house they're living together their house to the within a few blocks of the site of the murder so didn't be in a relationship with the cop and in like the army or whatever he was mm-hmm you think he'd be smarter about this you do think that yeah but there is there's it's cuts off.

At about like two blocks away from the murder so either way like you shouldn't he should have went to it like I know but it is like the middle of the night so it's pretty suspicious right yeah so Ben is called back down to the station late afternoon that day after they're like okay the black Prius is everywhere it's probably this guy and he rushes.

Down as soon as they call him hoping to answer questions about his wife they begin questioning him and at that point it becomes clear he is a suspect and it's pretty interesting to watch because we've all had that feeling like I when I was in like middle school or something where you like get caught for.

Something that you don't want to be caught for it's just like the worst feeling isn't it so like he goes in and they started interrogating him and it's like you know pretty obvious to him that he's a suspect and now he's in defensive mode you've never done something where and then someone found out and you just felt.

Like a terrible feeling like your parents or something oh yeah you just said school school school or like sometimes even when I would give my report card I'd be like oh boy mom is not gonna like this yeah our kids gonna show us their report cards yeah of course I didn't have to show mine I had to show mine.

It was just assuming I was getting A's and I wasn't yeah our kids are filling us their apartments it's torture yeah I don't want them to be scared but okay well don't write it later okay so yeah they begin questioning him and while he is in being interrogated the cops go to the home and begin investigating they find similar.

Footprints in the snow outside of his house so they take those pictures and the investigation at that point and we're only like in day two now so it's not a really long one it begins to stall due to a lack of hard evidence they basically can put him within like a few blocks of the murder they got the footprints and kind of matching and they.

Got the the Prius just all over the place got like fingerprints on a gun so they don't have the gun oh yeah there's no murder weapon so what do we know it's her gun then like do police have imprinted bullets or something no but I think based on the fact that her gun was missing and then maybe on like the.

Shells around the scene they could tell ya that two got different guns were used yeah so they do a final search and the entire time this is all in one day this is on Christmas Day Ben is being interrogated so they do a second search on the house and in the basement it's like an unfinished basement if like the pink insulation stuff you.

Know yeah I guess bestest it's yeah bestest it's like on the ceiling but it's not there's no like so they search through those and they find two guns in those and this is the jackpot they're looking for they find her service gun and a second gun is that a good hiding spot no I mean I can see how at the time you're like no one's ever gonna find.

This house and you could be a suspect I mean so like say we have a murder weapon I would the first things I would think is like maybe like go out in the woods back there and hide it but that would get found to like every single inch of our place it would eventually get found if it was on the premises yeah that's why I would like go to a dumpster yeah.

Ten miles away yeah that's what you got to do yeah so I'm gonna do something different now because you guys know yeah okay so okay so they got the guns the roll so the main thing under discussion on this case is the role in which PTSD played in the murder cuz remember he was injured in combat and he won a Purple Heart and there's been I listened to a.

Few interviews of experts in the field of psychology and PSD and they have PTSD and they have opinions on this so the experts in the field claim that he was extremely jealous and was afraid to lose Jen that's what prompted this and upon interrogation they realized that he had been stalking her live with her bro which is weird yeah so he lives with her.

But he also stalks her out of jealousy jealousy drives so many things in relationships guys I hope none of you are jealous and it's hard to be it's not be if you are jealous but like trust like if you can't trust your partner like if you're like thinking they're going out to a club with their friends or out to dinner.

They're gonna get hit on like big f and deal like you got to trust that they're not gonna like sleep with that person well yeah it's your own insecurities really right so jealousy shouldn't play a role in relationships it's hard to yeah do that but is there anything worse than like the frat guy who's just like super jealous and overprotective of his.

Girlfriend that's like the worst thing one of the woman who like thinks her husband's like always trying to bang women in the club yeah I mean you shouldn't be with her if that's what you think right you should be able to live your life without like having someone lurking over you right you don't want to answer to someone constantly the only.

Time jealousy is appropriate in our relationship is one job matt is jealous of Miley loving me more because that she loves you way more yeah she hates me she doesn't hate me but like I can say I can call her name and she won't show her challenge she might run and then we mega call she just comes running over that's the only time it's appropriate guys over.

Pets in the interrogation room when Ben first found out that Jen had been killed he flipped over the table in an act of rage so like what when he first found out she was killed he's in the interrogation room that's over the top right yeah when I first saw it I was like I guess that makes sense but then when I sat down and thought about it why.

Would you ever flip the table over when you found out I mean people cope differently yeah rage doesn't seem like a pro Roper yet I feel like I would just like put my head down and just be like you know like what like how could this has happened like yeah I don't know I bet who am I to judge right we have like flipping a table over his is very.

Weird the show is like some kind of weird underlying thing going on I think most the time like a lot of anger I don't know I don't why you'd be so angry okay so Ben finally finally confesses and maybe it's just the way they cut up the interrogation but it seems like they were mid-conversation.

And then Ben just said so I guess it's confession time right I was like I did it that's like how it started and it was like he cut the officer off the officer was like talking he's like I guess it's confession time guys I did it and then he confessed so there's almost like he was wanting to be found out no I don't think he was so why would he.

Confess so easily if he's trying to cover it up because it got to the point where it was they found guns at his house they found her gun they'd like a lawyer yeah I think just by listening to a lot of cases and stuff it seems like you get worn down despite its seeming crazy to just confess the stuff but like when you're there for 12 hours straight.

You're just like what do I do to get out of here you probably are gonna go to jail you mean yeah you just want it the interrogation to end yeah but yeah so the way that Ben recounts the murder oh well the first thing is is obviously he's confessing to a cold-blooded murder two officers that work with her every day so it's like a pretty tense.

Situation and I watched it I was like wow that's that's crazy does he see him like coherent yeah yeah he does does he have an arm yeah okay normal he's like pretty in shape and like you know normal talk did you like him in a wheelchair for some reason oh okay so is he handsome is he fit he's decently handsome yeah he's fit.

He's in the army and stuff so Ben says he was contemplating suicide that night before eventually going out and murdering Jen and the reason he gives for this is he knew that if he killed himself as soon as Jen got home and found him she would kill herself also he was sure of that yeah so what he thought would be.

A better option is to kill her to put her out of her misery and then she would go to heaven because you know the the religion believes that if you commit suicide you don't go to heaven so this was his version of saving her pie murder occur this is how he's thinking at the time and he explained this to the police yeah so then they cut to the PTSD.

Specialist and he's like no that's not at all what happened because it was clearly fueled by anger he would never shoot her three times in the face if it was a killing the way he described it like a to be merciful you would shoot her in the heart which is commonly done apparently statistically for like mercy type killings huh so that makes no sense.

To the PTSD expert I am getting like very from when you told me like he said oh conversion time guys like I'm getting a narcissistic vibe and then for him to think like she would definitely kill herself if he killed himself like that's also just like very like a narcissist would think that I didn't really get that vibe too much from him okay I.

Didn't see the recordings but look but it's possible he's like maybe the leaning towards that direction a little yeah because like who thinks that right like that's a weird thing that's right to assume so matter of fact he's probably just thinking that retro actively though that's my thinking yeah let's show so he gets charged with.

First-degree intentional homicide he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity at least he has not to fall back on and he is eventually convicted of 30 to life without parole until 30 years yeah 30 years without parole yeah that's that that's the case what do you think I guess the main talking point is just the PTSD aspect because he.

Definitely like there's something going on right with with PTSD I mean yeah it's hard to really quantify but like it's Syria almost lost an arm in battle not to excuse his actions but I don't know what do you do about that okay then Mike came feeling like he would lose her like that that can be a very natural part of PTSD you know like.

Not feeling good enough after something like that happens and she's like a police officer she's like I don't know doing really well was he still in the Army or whatever at the time what was he doing it was his job he couldn't really find a job that was something and then she tough – yeah so he was like sitting at home a lot I imagine playing call of.

Duty that's what I imagine every like ex-army person in between jobs does they play call of duty all day right now at 3:00 DST wouldn't that be like someone like triggering I don't know looks like he had a lot of issues yeah kind of feel bad for him yeah I mean I wonder if there was warning signs that she could have reported earlier – probably I feel.

Like if it got to that point was there must've been warnings a month and maybe like but maybe they were like do we know if they were going to therapy or like anything we didn't get into that so maybe he was like talking to him and it seemed like he was doing better I also imagine what happened like the days leading up to this cuz it like he got in.

His car I can understand it if it's like some Fiasco at home where you just get mad and shoot someone but he like drove in his car to stalk her why should her three times in the face yeah cuz you yeah 90% of elderly gamer streamers have served I feel like you're just making up that statistic but I believe it how much.

Time you really have to do in 30 to life it's 30 30 without parole so at least 30 right yeah then you get a possibility of parole after 30 so it depends on how what do you guys think about the movie industry do you think we're gonna start watching movies more and more at home or is there always gonna be a place for the theater experience theater experience.

I think I'm curious with you this is also a terrible segue but we're not talking about the case anymore right well we could still go back to that I'm just saying no this has nothing to do with the case I just Google Images his photo yeah he did it but Brian also said something I thought you would find interesting what he said a little.

Jealousy is healthy like if he's not jealous at all he's smashing someone else I said that to you when I used to be jealous in the beginning of our relationship which I now believe not to be the case because I'm no longer jealous but you've always been like that's not true like just because you're not jealous of me doesn't mean you're.

Sleeping with someone else yeah well first off Rotten is killing it in chat today he's chatter of the day there's a lot of good comments fine but I don't know there's probably some degree of healthy jealousy right because you want the other person to know you care but you don't you don't get jealous not even I like us sometimes I pretend.

To be a little jealous to make you feel better though what sometimes you feel like you chat with a guy or something like that you know no we mess around but like you're never actually jealous yeah but honestly like after having seen friends and family go through relationships where jealousy plays a role like I feel grateful that like.

It's just the opposite of a jealous person you're not really a jealous person either not anymore cuz I'm pregnant like I locked it down lot of people a lot of people saying uh they don't like the theater that much what do you mean you don't ya know I want to propose a few benefits of the theater over.

Watching at home this is vet taking a weird turn sure you're a Salesman right well I just think there's some underappreciated things about the theater one you go in phones are off two hours you're locked in it's a big screen shrimp you were probably reclined that's another thing I was thinking about in the gym today I'm.

Like nowadays I remember going to theaters and I was totally happy without reclining chairs I didn't even think about it like man if this recline that'd be way better and now when I go into a theater and there's not reclining chairs I refuse to watch the movie I look up we look up like if that theater has chairs yeah every time and it made me realize.

Like we're headed towards the wolly status where we're all just blobs drinking like different color smoothie if someone falls over into the water and like robots come and pick you up we're getting there sooner than we think yeah but so that's that's a benefit to the theater no that was just a side tangent but the benefit is you're in.

There and because whenever you're watching at home your phone is always kind of like in the backyard somewhere like there's so many interactions so that's one benefit for sure and I just it's like the perfect level of activity for me where it's like hey we can drive to the theater and sit down just enjoy a movie be blobbs.

Yeah it's it's like a guaranteed like pay $20 for two people have a nice experience you can talk about it a lot afterwards there hasn't been a movie that mats liked lately though so I've been very disappointed in that because I like so many of the movies we've seen yeah I'm more of like an aristocrat movies oh except we saw what's it called.

That should be a part of the Academy no you should yes we've heard of the kind Music Festival no movie where they can cayenne can movie can can Film Festival what did we see that we both really liked recently recently with what's-her-name the Queen oh I didn't oh oh the favorite yeah the favorite yeah that.

Was the most recent see that one I think would not be as good streaming at home you got to see that one I do know I think we would lose interest there's sort of movies that you just have to like enjoying theater I like both it's nice to take the kids but I hate being around a lot of people that's another thing everyone hates being around people.

Now myself kind of with those people yeah I also like I'm the person who like laughs loud and like hits smack smack when it's funny and it's so nice to laugh with other people because Matt literally never laughs whatever lacks in his life but like I am like so screaming like it's so funny what we saw a recent movie I was dying.

The long shot and other people were laughing with me it was so nice yeah blockbuster is I missed the days of blockbuster I had the movie pass I went there like every day in the summer I actually had mammoth video I don't think that was really nationwide definitely not yeah we did keto snacks and we always pack snacks see that's and also.

An enjoyable part for us it's like bonding it's like let's pack our snacks and then I sneak them in and you know we get to snack together yeah watch a movie Toy Story 4 in June there's a lot coming out in June that I want to see Italy shoot I can't think of the one I want to see but June's right around the corner dag.

They're obnoxious people sometimes in theater around you it depends on the theater you go to like inner city you're more likely to get obnoxious people but when you live in a suburb it's just like I don't know down-home families right yeah there was definitely some exuberance in the end game theater and I was not really about it but that's.

Another thing in the theaters man when you're sitting there you just think to yourself and you're analyzing my emotions too like there's this guy next to me he was just so hype initially I was like who's a young teenager yeah initially I was like oh my gosh this is what the guy is gonna do the whole movie and then after a while I was like man.

He's really enjoying this movie he loves Marvel the actor knows everything going on I wish I cared that much about something same it's like that train guy YouTube video you know it's like I wish I could feel like that about this movie that was like the day of the best day of his life it was so nice to sit next to someone like that.

Um it also depends all the time you go yeah yeah I like to go to matinees we do that oh my god sidenote we were walking so we'll walk we walked Julius a lot more and we'll like listen to podcast together and we walked into a cert on that neighborhood nearby and there was another dog who his mom was like he's an alpha and she was.

Definitely an alpha I was like shooting P at Julius he was chasing Julius down Julius was not having it his name was Chucky mm-hmm what a good name at first I was like that's the dumbest name I've ever heard and now I just can't stop thinking about Chucky Chucky we should name our kid Chucky that's a it's a good dog name yeah we.

Shouldn't be easily annoyed at people yeah I agree all right movies movies that have good action in CGI then I prefer the theater but if it's just a boring dialogue movie then home yeah but you need to get into the dialogue movies at home I feel like it thank when I was watching the favorite I.

Was thinking I probably would have checked out of this if we were at home pretty early on like first 20 minutes but we were in the theater it built up slowly yeah because there's always it's so easy to just switch to the next thing at all oh my god no I'm Chucky baby name hint Chucky just kidding it's Jackie.

John week three looks action II but not really my cup of tea I haven't seen the first two I have left Walmart without buying my stuff if there is too many people interesting yeah I guess if there's just tons of people I could maybe do the same Costco gets like that sometimes the only reason I would leave is like if the lines are gonna take like.

Longer than five minutes because that's just a waste of time well not five it's 15 yeah I guess that's your 15 then it's like it's a waste of time but like I don't know I feel like maybe it's my pregnancy talking and I'm not always like this but the more the merrier right like don't you want human exposure as much as possible given how we are siloed.

Off now in our houses and we don't even like connect with our neighbors yeah like we live in silos this is just like a wheat barrel yeah I mean it's funny how close our neighbors sleep to us they're like you know two feet away at night and we barely ever talked I know it's only when we're like you know luckily we go outside for Sun and stuff.

But like yeah I guess that's pretty much it we got a recipe coming tomorrow it's the cheesecake bars a lot of people have been asking about that one yeah it's really good but yeah humans are not supposed to be antisocial like it's a problem like just the introversion like just you're ostracized and just reminding yourself like it did it.

Cause like I think like more mental health issues than need to exist right like isolation is a really bad thing yeah I mean we're pretty isolated yeah but I don't know I mean you enjoy it I don't enjoy it I would rather have it I don't know the girls that I go out with once a week yeah no I don't I think I enjoy it cuz.

It's comfortable but like it's good to go out once in a while obviously yeah like when we do much better I forced it or I tell you we're doing it if left to my own devices I would just play video games all day yeah let's sit inside yeah I don't know I would rather not my no my nephew just started his dream job at Riot Games his first day on the job he.

Had to play League of Legends all day man I applied to Riot Games when I was just getting out of college what do you do I don't know what he does but it's a video game that's a game company Levi use why do you play games all day probably just first-day getting to know the game and stuff I applied to a FanDuel draftkings.

Riot Games and I got like an interview at draftkings it's a fantasy daily fantasy sports company but it was like not paying a lot at all and it was in Boston aren't you good now isn't it like out of commission No yeah I hate how popular movies get no love when it comes to awards yeah I kind of feel that too there they're always.

Like the ones the Academy loves sometimes I really hate them like the artist won best picture is terrible we got a kitty the King's Speech I didn't really like that one there's Miley all right guys all right we'll see ya soon tomorrow night I am got a video and a recipe by
Murder She Ate - Mysterious Cop Killing + YNW Melly Mini-Story
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