Murder She Ate – Murdered, Abducted, or Faked Death?

Murder She Ate – Murdered, Abducted, or Faked Death?

Murder She Ate – Murdered, Abducted, or Faked Death?

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Hello everyone we are back just got married had a week off we've been married we'll just had our wedding ceremony yeah doesn't let you put it up for shoot now yeah I kind of condensed down so if you guys are new around these parts every Wednesday we do something that is not really keyed overlaid we talk about.

Murders true crimes other mysteries and that's what we're doing tonight yeah serious stuff but we eat Kito foods so we have we did it a whole Instagram story of making this bad boy we're doing that chicken this crust pizza cuz that's what Mama's craving so we got chicken crust pizza I'll link the recipe in the chat in a minute and then we just got.

Some basil pesto and prosciutto for the topping super simple well we went heavy on the fatty pesto which is really good how does it look not the pizza how does our guys here it is it off okay fine yeah god I hate pesto someone said I mean I feel like I used to hate it too but give it another try yeah maybe find good pesto maybe make your own so you.

Can like control the Parmesan cheese or the walnuts or whatever you decide to use and if you guys are new at all um we've been doing this for almost like three years now keto connect yeah and it's easy to just like get into routines and focus on negative comments and we were recording a podcast earlier today and we're talking about like the haters.

You know that's slightly slightly it always comes up like slightly and most of the time it's easier to focus on them it's easier to focus on those but most of the time the commenters are extremely nice and just the best people ever and the people are yeah one that caught my eye is Mandy Beddoes well this live with being cute.

Oh she's so nice she's a fab couple I've now followed them for a full two years and I love this murder she ate Wednesday's I'm hooked soon to be a family of five Wow yeah I mean but all you guys say things like that and it doesn't go unread but when we do like notice the bad ones and we joke about them usually it's just cuz.

Like it's way easier to hone in on that and like we're all human so we're working on that right yeah cuz on the positive or just not at all yeah we'll post wedding photos when we get them yeah we'll definitely get post when we got them what is murder she ate are you gonna cut it sure kind of like in the cool R to the.

Article square so my friend sent me this from Italy you probably got to stand up to do it yeah get some leverage we could also just use our pizza cutter but oh it's not it's soggy from the pesto oh that's a shame now this cuts way better look at that beautiful hello my daughter and I just love you ah it's cool that yeah it's cool that you have that.

Together I hope I do that with my son we like if me and my mom loves something together it'd be like Deal or No Deal which I can't love yeah I'm trying to think would be Arriba okay Reba that show Reba yeah or like Golden Girls we like shows like that yeah is this good – yeah I really like touching down it's too big.

Oh I got a link the recipe for you guys did we make the pesto no we did not I thought about it but then there is good quality pesto's in store yeah we have a pasta recipe though on our website don't we yeah that's really good it goes with along with our pesto chicken I'm a true-crime junkie this is perfect.

You know and true crime there you go love that pizza cutter thank you hi what ethnicity are you East Indian Southeast Asian East Indian does that mean eastern India resistant and to me is like what I think of like shoot a Trinidad for some reason I used to Vindhya though that no but it's like East Indian people I don't know Sri.

Lanka maybe I don't know what East Indian is now that I think about it but I'm salad South Southeast Asia okay guys into the chat I am linking the pizza crust recipe if you want to try that I'm strictly pie wedges yeah you gotta do the squares guys it really changes things up makes more pieces it's more fun to eat she murder in that pizza.

LMAO good what that sounds like an insult though yeah it was I did a pretty good job what was that mild kimchi mega eats some just branches is my favorite last time we made chicken crust pizza for a livestream I like 95% of it cuz I thought we were splitting it but apparently we.

You see a lot of that happens those things going with you guys what do you have for dinner tonight oh and one other thing guys we actually right now we have a job opening I'm going to post the link in chat for the job if you want to check that out if you guys are looking full time possibly remote actually definitely remote unless.

You happen to live near us if you live near us that's a bonus obviously making pork chops tonight someone made t-bone and Quito strawberry pecan salad that sounds delicious I don't how intense see ty is I freeze pedo meals ahead and save them for murder sheet so I'm not distracted whoa guys like yeah that's like a ride-or-die.

Murder she ate oh yeah I wish we could get some kind of like community going around murder sheet where we could like somehow see pictures of you guys watching and like what you're eating yeah that's everything it could be cool you know how do we do that Instagram is probably the best way Facebook your Facebook like filtering.

For oh you gotta pull up the facebook comments oh right yeah thanks by Friday asada and broccoli slaw mm-hmm do you have an opening for taster no we got that covered yeah Julius it's only 7 a.m. here so breakfast time I fast until lunchtime however looks like you just haven't murder she ate for you and you can leave.

Though and we watch when you're en Adrian Flores $5 donation thank you love you guys I've made so much progress not in just my weight but in terms of my overall health also you guys are totally relationshipgoals thank you thank you that means a lot can you like pop chat out from Facebook.

Because like once you lose them you lose them I can't like scroll you probably kind of I don't know how though you just we don't use Facebook yeah and it posed Mexican omelette and Mexican coffee that's interesting so Mexican coffee isn't that typically alcohol like tequila what is Mexican coffee.

Yeah tequila with with it's coffee I remember in San Francisco we would do beta breakers did you remember that right I would always have Mexican coffee I do to Irish coffees I don't like tequila so much are we going to quito con it's really up in the air right now we're going to baby con we're in baby con guys I I like counted.

It out though like where I would be and it's just like it could be really really hectic for me mm-hmm I don't know like could I fly I could fly I probably hide it well too under a hoodie hide what my belly we need to hide the belly because some airlines they might like you need a doctor's approval or say you can't allow you're too big it's a risk.

Should we get going yeah I don't really have a mini mystery to start the show tonight that's fine because we were kind of late to the game but I do kind of have a mini mystery to start the show tonight got my hopes up and that mystery is you can maybe read into it a little bit more I don't know this I don't know much about the actual.

Album but it's this album it's Jarrah flies the third studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains which I think it was a pretty big popular album and you can read it so four million copies so yeah that's a big album for sure and this picture right here the album cover no one has ever been able to identify that child that's.

In the album cover and there's a whole story you can read up on behind like the photographer who took it how it took place but yeah no one ever figured out who that kid is and he's like on an album cover that's that that's a mini mystery is it actually a mystery though we got people like who is this kid yeah I mean there's.

Like hundreds of people that probably are concerned with with it you make 101 I'm not that concerned with that alright so I'm gonna be doing the death of balerdi are you do you still post the names before time sometimes sometimes I just put I think it's better if I put a more captivating title instead of the names cuz names don't.

Really mean much okay so like for this one I put murdered abducted or faked death mmm cuz that's mine my story so just it's all what you're doing well cuz I don't know what you're doing until I told you last night but I didn't remember okay we got two donations though under 1983 $2 donation love your channel thank you and then guess who.

Daddy Warbucks sorry I'm late good to see you guys I mean I wish you were my dad growing up lunch would have been poppin Daddy Warbucks yeah yeah every day yeah okay there was those kids in your school or I think God just like 20 bucks every day I was when I can oh you were yeah.

Peasants so I'm doing the death of Blair Addams Blair Addams is what he went by but his full name was like Jonathan something Blair Adams I probably shoulda looked that up I apologize so we referred him is Blair in July 1996 Blair's body was found in a parking lot in Knoxville Tennessee we all quick before you get into it yeah I want to.

Take my pizza claim out here so can i how much should I have like that much right there so you're giving me like most of it one more that's a big one take both of those no so that I mean I don't like this as much as you like this mm-hmm like prosciutto is not my jam pesto's not my jam then why would make a prosciutto and pesto.

I like pesto but you love prosciutto but like cooked prosciutto is very different than like not cooked teen teen $5 donation love you guys Mecca is glowing thank you I feel glowy today okay back to the case so Blair was actually from Surrey in British Columbia Canada and described by his friends as a cheery friendly.

Friendly guy it's but in the weeks before his death his mood had drastically changed so he was very moody he was paranoid slightly aggressive even and he hadn't been sleeping so just very different from who his friends and family knew him to be and he thought someone was following him and trying to kill him so that's where the paranoia.

Comes in his mother could tell something was wrong and she she act she had asked him about it several times but he would always say he didn't think he should tell her what was going on so it's as if something like weather was paranoia or something actually going on he was like obviously keeping something and this was for a week a couple of weeks so Blair.

Had suffered with drugs and alcohol use in the past but he had been sober for two years at the point of like all of this and he worked for a construction company as a foreman and he even worked over in Germany and in Germany he apparently made a girlfriend and she said he was kind and caring so like nothing.

So all this new stuff was very out of character for him but people who he worked with would say he was slightly aggressive and he loved to pick fights so you know we don't really always get the right right picture from family I would say you always say that you don't but slightly aggressive and loved to pick fights I know people like that yeah.

Yeah yeah they're like messing around with the boys I mean yeah like I know kids in from high school there are 30 now and they're still just like ready to go at any minute it's funny on July 5th 1996 things took a turn when he walked into his boss's know he walked into the bank and he withdrew all of the money from his bank account and all the things.

From his safe deposit box so everything is safe deposit box and the money amounted to six thousand dollars in cash and thousands of dollars worth of gold and jewelry so just on a whim takes everything out basically like 10 grand platz were thinking yeah I would say that's all the money to his name at this time yeah and so he took all of it out.

And then two days later he attempt to cross the border into America so he drove down to Victoria and attempted to board a ferry that headed into Seattle but the Board of Control stopped him after you know realizing all the money he had all the jewelry he had and he had no explanation for it and they also had found out that he lied about previous.

Drug and assault conviction so he said he was clean but then when they checked he I had a lot of conviction felonies I don't know how like I don't know if there are felonies are just like misdemeanors but drug and assault so is also felony I mean yeah so you're framing this in kind of a friendly way but based on what I know he's like a.

Criminal that is trying to get across the border illegal well we know he's like paranoid and I I'm treating this like you know maybe there's some mental stuff going on sure maybe it's a very serious situation but like the cop at the border that sees this guy's like trying to get through drug not drugs right Juliet they turned.

Him away as they should they didn't like a restaurant even they just said hey you can't go over Linda Merkel donates $5 thank you so much for your info and recipes great weight loss results and feeling wonderful oh that's so great yeah let's do both um so two days later no okay so I mentioned that so he's turned away.

After the border control find out about his convictions and then he was also found by other border guards trying to walk across the border so he tried to change her off so this is twice in one day he's trying to get across the border and they said he seemed dazed and covered in scratches as if he didn't know what he was doing so I don't I.

Think I was like some kind of manic episode to me yeah like some sort of a mental break for sure um so close to where he was found they also the patrol had also found a blue car that had been reported stolen multiple days beforehand and a few weeks later a friend said that he had to in fact seen Blair driving that car and it.

Didn't belong to him so also stole a car in the process whereas ooh like that's what we're concluding here how did he get to the border he drove there he he drove to Victoria and then wanted aboard the ferry but then tried to also walk okay across so Blair heads home later that day and he actually she just shows up for the for work normally the fall in.

The morning but quits on the spot and then he purchases Oh a round-trip ticket to Frankfurt Germany for $1,600 which he formerly worked in Germany and had apparently had a girlfriend that makes sense but later that night he goes over to his friends house and begs her to take him across the border because of someone following him but she.

Has kids so she can't leave so she's like hey bud just go home like so I don't remember what podcast it was I listened to but I think it was like the you made it weird or like a Joe Rogan episodes they just said someone on and they were describing they're like two month-long manic episode and it sounds a lot like this like you think someone's.

Chasing you like delivery men knock on your door and you think it's like a special agent type of a thing that sounds what like what's going on here yeah so the next day July 9th the day of his trip he heads to the airport parks his car and instead of going to his flight he walks up to the desk and asks for every fund saying that the person he.

Was going to visit is ill so he is no longer going to Frankfurt Germany mm-hmm he then walks to the rental car agency to get a refund I don't know we don't know I don't think you get a refund no I don't think you would either he then walks to the rental car agency mind you this blue car he had was stolen already and if he's paranoid he's trying to like.

Get off like lose a tail or something right so he walks to the rental cart would lose a towel he walks to the rental car agency and rents a Nissan Altima and drives down to the border making his third attempt to enter America and this time he succeeds wait how do you throw he just drove down in a different car and he succeeds just.

Passing the border okay like he wasn't yeah he's probably seemed pretty normal had his passport all that Daddy Warbucks is at it again ten dollar donation you should know I'm 91 pounds down using Kido made easy I love your cookbook thank you Wow we got a send us an email we'll send you our next cookbook like launch day typing.

Yeah right but you have just label your stuff Daddy Warbucks don't give us your real name tell us something only Daddy Warbucks would know because we'll probably get a couple other emails from Daddy Warbucks wanna be smart what would daddy warbucks only know that we also know I don't know it's a riddle he has to solve okay so after he crosses.

The border into Seattle he drives to the Tacoma Airport and buys the first plane ticket out of Seattle and it's heading to Washington DC he purchases a one-way ticket to DC even though a – like a roundtrip ticket would have been like 300 bucks cheaper so he's willing to spend like 700 something just to get out but he could have just spent.

A little more like so in my mind he's not like thinking straight like even if he's not planning on coming back it's significantly cheaper to buy round-trip right yeah so though the other thing I'm thinking is maybe he's since he has a history of doing illegal things maybe he's not having a manic episode maybe he really is like life-threatening.

Situation some kind of like drug dispute yeah something like that where he just has to get out of town doesn't care how yeah but also like someone in a drug dispute where the stakes are like you're gonna get killed would have more than ten grand to his name I think probably maybe not though yeah maybe you just feel like fronted.

Like you know a key fronted yeah and then you know the money to back it up so he rents a Toyota Camry when it starts so when he gets to Washington DC he rents a Toyota camera and starts driving south until he reaches in Knoxville Tennessee and if you remember the first thing I said was that he was found dead in a parking lot in Knoxville Tennessee.

So was this his final decision we're not sure but did it turn out to be the final destination absolutely so the first sighting of Blair is actually him just normally filling up his gas at a gas station an attendant sees him at 5:30 p.m. but he also noticed Blair is having some trouble with his key like either the keys not.

Like starting the ignition or it's not letting him in the car so the attendant goes out and attempts to assist Blair and then realizes that the key Blair is using isn't the right key it actually belonged to the Nissan Altima the other car he had rented and not the Camry so the car he rented when he drove over the border.

To Seattle where is that car he just parked it at the Seattle Airport so he didn't like return it he didn't return it he just like left it somewhere had the key so Blair and the attendant can't find a camera key anywhere so they call an interstate repair service man to help and Gerald the repairman he arrives and.

He reports later on that he had repeatedly been telling Blair hey check your pockets look for the key it must be somewhere like it's not in your hand obviously in the Nissan but Blair was convinced that the key he was holding was the camera key they couldn't tell him otherwise yeah he wasn't like trying to check anything.

Else so that to me is very much right there's something off right there so gerald gets the car towed and then drops off Blair and a nearby Inn and Gerald said he didn't appear to be messed up on drugs Julius no privileges of murder she is he upstairs he's such a goofball have like a lot of people have dogs that just like go wild.

When things will perch the door right it's not just ours I think because I've seen some just like really well-behaved dogs maybe they're like older and they just sit on the couch and they're like I don't care who's out the door they're like scared yeah who's nervous all the physicalness okay so Gerald is quoted saying he didn't appear to be messed up.

Or on drugs but his mind wasn't functioning correctly for some reason so Gerald to the driver do you repair matter I was like telling him to look for the key okay so I think that's pretty like convincing or like I take that for what it is because why would Gerald have a motive to lie and you would be able to.

Tell I seeing decently if someone's like high on something or drunk right yeah I mean if you're having a conversation with someone and the brand of the car is different than the one of the key they have in their hand and you can't get through to them like communication wise something's wrong it's pretty quick to identify but it's not necessarily drugs.

Or alcohol you're saying right there's something further because drugs and alcohol you can identify just look like the tone yeah I'm like you can smell the alcohol if anything okay so Blair is caught so again he's dropped off at the end and his cars towed by Gerald so Blair is caught on CCTV entering and exiting the hotel desk area five times.

Before he actually goes in to rent a room and he uses a $100 bill to rent and doesn't wait around for his change so the front desk calls up to his room repeatedly wanting to give him his change back but there's no answer and the reason there is no answer is because Blair never actually goes up to his room so another sign of paranoia right he's.

Like nervous why did I get this room yeah trying to like throw off the people following him that's what he's thinking that's what I would be thinking he actually just walked straight out of the hotel with his bag around 37 p.m. so he rents the room and then just bounces so there's no reason you would ever do that you never rent a room.

And don't go up to it yeah unless you're like super paranoid someone's in there or someone's gonna find you the next morning on July 10th Blaire Adams is found in the car parking lot lying on the ground with the shoe under his head his shirt ripped open no underwear on and his pants and socks were turned inside out lying next to him one sec.

Suzie booth donates $10 Canadian thank you no Council yeah okay go through this this how they found his body again a shoe underneath his hat one of his shoes so they're like watching one of his feet does not have a shoe on it but the feet don't have shoes on okay so but one of the shoes is underneath his head okay um his shirt is ripped open yes I'm down.

Shirt is ale I don't know we don't know what he's wearing no underwear on these pants and socks turned inside out lying next to him but if you take off your socks you always turn them inside out and your pants that's normal if you're doing it in a hurry yeah yeah a lot of people do that and he's also surrounded by all his money in multiple currencies.

So American money German currency and Canadian and then also his fanny pack is next to him filled with all the jewelry he had taken out of lock box oh my god then there's a black duffel bag with maps and receipts in it like take out receipts and whatever he was buying and then about ten feet away from his body was the toyota camry key what so he had.

The key on him weird right so the autopsy showed that the cause of his death was a ruptured stomach which led to let septic shock oh my gosh this is such a mystery he also had a deep cut on his forehead that would have been caused from something like a crowbar and he was covered in cuts and bruises with Tufts of hair pulled out the one thing.

Was that in his hand there was one long piece of hair which is the only like physical evidence in this case no alcohol or drugs were found in his system and his stomach in his stomach were the remnants of his last meal there were some lettuce meat and shrimp he was also never previously diagnosed.

With the mental illness I can't wait to get to the theories because I don't have any so the thing with the hair in his hand it matters less when they match no one unless it's like a freak accident you don't commonly just have like hair in your head like occasionally a piece of your hair will just be like on my hand randomly but that to me kind of.

Indicates like some kind of altercation maybe yeah but yeah I can't think of another reason unless it's just like a total freak occurrence that there was one piece of hair on his hand randomly yeah so during the investigation a security guard at a nearby business came forward and said he heard a high-pitched scream around 3:30.

A.m. but he thought it was from a woman so that's really all that there is because it happened at that time like that was the timing at which it happened so nothing else was around what do you guys got for theories yeah this is insane there should be a movie made about this so the theory I'm operating on I mean I guess both theories one is.

That he's legitimately scared for his life and the other is that he's not illegitimate he's illegitimately scared for his life just like some kind of manic episode yeah but then if you're thinking manic episode how does that result in death right right do something more cohesive if you're actually afraid for your life and then.

You end up being found dead right but I've also heard of some cases where it's like people so strongly want to be right about fearing for their lives that they'll kill themselves didn't you do a case like that before where the lady was just like how did you kill herself because you're like oh my god yeah sounds like drug stuff the baths all.

Stuff people vote crazy but there was nothing in his system I don't know how long that would last in your system even if you had taken it like a week weeks prior you said he had a ruptured stomach mm-hmm yeah a lot of people are hanging hung up on the ruptured stomach so that's like through a beating of some kind.

Yeah Clara hit him like a hit and run like there would be more more injuries from his injuries our crowbar to the forehead yeah a big gas ruptured stomach and cuts and bruises all over his body even on his hand so Blake potentially showing defense wounds that could be like a car car crashed now what I didn't like it would have been way worse than.

Just that right and then there just a placement of his body to me that means there had to be another person involved right how his body was found why would his body he found like that and then if it wasn't if it wasn't actually just someone he ran into then it I feel like they would have stolen everything right if it was just someone.

Was a stranger but if it's someone that who knew him they didn't want his stuff they just wanted him death maybe he wasn't maybe he was actually being followed yeah well that's another thing if the people are truly after him for some kind of drug thing they would take the money they would you know this one doesn't really make sense Daddy Warbucks.

Says I figured out the riddle I will email you a code then donate next week with the same code okay that's a great riddle excellent yeah so I think what I'm hinging on is they all like the paranoia and like the Carty situation and like I don't know I'm not really like the ticket right not buying like even though he's trying to get out of.

There like I feel like he would still make the decision to get the two-way ticket if he was like logically thinking not just the one way so I'm thinking like mentally ill like because he was 31 and a lot of men late 20s early 30s they showcase a lot of symptoms of like bipolar schizophrenia things like that make sure that's a statistic yeah it's.

Not like from a lot yeah a lot of like people that go in to the hospitals it's usually like around that age and that's when like breaks could happen so it's good to friend yeah maybe just some sort of a mental break a few people are saying that the ruptured stomach septic issues cause delirium a few nurses and stuff are saying that but so your thing.

You was always ruptured that's the thing like for weeks it could be ruptured Oh possibly that's up when you go into septic shock that's pretty quick I don't know yeah I guess we need the nurse to chime back in Celia hitching says well we clean quito mat kita question mark ah that's more like a gray area as far as the carbs go.

They're pretty low but it's issues yeah so it's kind of like up to you more so maybe include it you can make bread out of it and stuff and see how you're feeling and a lot of breads you can buy online like frozen ones I use it use it mm-hmm is their official theories on this one yeah um then he was he wasn't paranoid someone was actually following.

Him maybe had like enemies in Germany the or drug contacts because from his past right but he owed the any of the money but they didn't take anything my thing is like for this to be some kind of international murder the guy has to have more than ten thousand dollars in his bank account like people aren't getting on planes to kill someone for.

Small amounts of money like that yeah and then he was actually just mentally ill I think that's probably what I'm leaning yeah someone says sounds like he was manic that he just wanted it to stop and perhaps did it to himself random piece of hair that's pretty.

Elaborate though someone said not what about a mule someone made him vomit for drugs inside his body that's a decent theory yeah there's a great theory Cynthia that is a very good theory cuz he was trying to cross the border but you wouldn't be crossing the border with drugs in your body with also like a bunch of money and jewelry that they're.

Gonna stop you for that doesn't make sense I guess and I don't think Canada maybe like the bag opened a little movie like broke in his belly that happens right I think yeah I'm gonna movie Lucy Lucy yeah it says scholar has a movie you would hate it No sorry physically I can't really scroll.

Oh you guys want the link for the job posting there I just posted it again can you pin it I don't know can you pin stuff no you can't pin stuff okay I feel like we're kind of unsettled on this but we're leaning towards manic episode mentally ill I mean what else could there be this is a tough one intermittent I do.

Want this last piece no okay I don't like the prosciutto unless he was a witness to something I feel like it's too much of a coincidence if he's acting strange flying all over the US and Canada he's really trying to get out and then he also witnesses something unless you wouldn't to something beforehand right okay.

Yeah that's not that bad of a theory like like you witness a murder and you're trying to flee like there's a video on YouTube of a guy playing Pokemon go I told you this before right and he witnesses a murder cuz he's just out of like 3:00 a.m. and some random place and he like see the guy like with his wife rolled up and up what is that.

Like a rug Oh think you said there was an autopsy right yeah no drugs no no drugs or alcohol no drugs okay so that kind of rules out the drug bursting inside of him think oh yeah wow really not was it anything from Facebook Cynthia said if they got the baggie from his body there wouldn't be drugs in his body how would.

You take the drugs out yeah punching him forcing him to vomit and then killing him anyway this would be a good one to read up on and see like because there's for every case we do there's people that dedicate a lot of time to it they just have it as like a hobby reading up on what they say about it could be kind of interesting.

Yeah we should get started though okay my case is Michael chambers March 10th 2010 okay so Michael chambers was a retired Dallas Fire and Rescue worker he retired in 2008 after more than 35 years on the force so you know pretty pretty prestigious type of guy yeah he settled down for retirement and he worked on classic cars that was his hobby that.

Sounds nice doesn't it settling down retiring working on classic cars the American dream he had grandchildren and he was 70 years old at the time of this incident pretty young yeah on the day of his disappearance he had spoken at 8:00 a.m. to his wife by phone stating that he would be working on his cars cutting firewood at the rear of their property.

So pretty typical day for him from what we understand and he's a pretty big family man so like him and his wife they got a bunch of kids grandkids later that day around 11:00 a.m. he went to buy makeup for his wife at a local Walmart he's seen on CCTV and doesn't appear to be injured distressed or followed during.

His time there he leaves in his pickup truck at 12 p.m. noon and is not seen again so spends about an hour going to Walmart he's seen there confirmed sighting a neighbor living nearby got home around 3:00 p.m. and didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary while working on their garden for the rest of the day this sounds like.

A great neighborhood they're just people working on cars working on gardens so the police immediately believe something happened between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. that day based on the report from the neighbor yeah because if he's working on his cars and chopping wood he'd be outside they would know yeah so at 7:00 p.m. his wife arrives home.

Couldn't find Michel anywhere it was weird that he bought the makeup for his wife someone says who does that yeah I guess of that would you know I guess if you knew what to buy me like I buy the same thing all the time you're right that is kind of weird I never even thought of that Oh was my first thought that's kind of.

Weird cuz I wouldn't know what to buy for you unless I told you exactly what to look for maybe unless maybe it was nail polish I feel like I could handle nail polish you had picked out nail polish it was like bright yellow yeah so that is kind of weird good point but at 7:00 p.m. his wife arrives home couldn't find Michel anywhere she found the house.

And his workshop were locked up and all the lights were off hmm so it's as if he left and just never came back we'll get to that she searches the 10 acre property with family friends and a retired Chief of Police from a neighboring County and they discovered blood on the floor of his workshop as well as Michaels wallet and keys inside.

This prompted the retired chief of police to call 9-1-1 hmm I would do that too guys missing there's blood if it's like fresh blood depending on the amount yeah a hundred percent and you also find I mean this guy's also like retired what police fire firefighter so big guy you probably fight off some people well I guess if you're not home your cars in.

The driveway you're not there your wallet and keys are there where else would you be unless you're somewhere it's like the woods right police investigation it was established early on that well his wallet keys and pickup truck were at the workshop Michaels driver's license was missing and has not been found no money.

Was in his wallet but it is unclear if he had any in it before his disappearance was there any makeup in the house like he'd actually gone out we'll get to that and this is 2010 so 2010 I can see you not having cash in your wallet but most people had cash in their wallet look I never liked my dad always has cash as well.

Still yeah nothing had been taken despite several valuable items that would have been great to steal in his workshop all personal what so if an attack it's a personal one yeah not a robbery also a shotgun in the workshop had not been moved or fired so if you start thinking potentially suicide that's important all right every blood.

Inside though and Walt and his license missing yeah one of the few unusual pieces of evidence found in the initial search was a wad of cash in the center console of his pickup truck around $1000 that's interested in 2010 so in 2019 that's like a thousand and fifty it's a little more profiting did you where's that important no but that's weird right.

That's weird why especially with like a gangster roll type of thing with a rubber band around it which it probably wasn't it's really just like folded but still even like I know one I know carries that much around in their car maybe like a couple hundred yeah I mean unless you just went to the bank or something there's like occasions.

Where I have a thousand dollars are be assuming he left at the house what do you mean like he definitely went out I don't know we're not really assuming much we know that he went from Walmart to home and then the neighbor was there at three hours later next door and didn't know anything so we don't know it's kind of.

Mysterious right we don't know what happens so that money would have been there for a while could have been yeah the amount of blood on the scene was considered to be minimal a minimal amount by the investigating authorities and they decided that it would have been nearly enough to be it wouldn't have been nearly enough to be something fatal.

Okay so his life was not in danger from the amount of blood found also it doesn't seem like there was any kind of trail leading anywhere just think it was just like a little bit of blood somewhere and then no blood anywhere else the blood on this smiley move the blood on the stick in the workshop however appeared to suggest a violent.

Crime had taken place and the sheriff's deputies spread out to search the property but found nothing nothing despite using infrared cameras what stick the that's where the blood was found in the workshop oh okay it's kind of unclear how exactly the blood is found I think like in his workshop he works on wood and maybe there was some.

Kind of stick with blood on it yes he's working in the garage cuts himself he's on blood thinners he leaves to get help but he didn't leave by car yeah but he did take his license but it would it be that severe and there'd be drips everywhere yeah and it didn't seem like a massive cut early search has combed the property and also lake tahoe coney.

Which had been identified by cellphone pings as the last place Michaels phone had been before switching off around 5:15 Lake Tahoe Coney was searched thoroughly and police finally ruled it out as a possible location how far was that pot in his house I don't know that that would be good to know though right yeah maybe we'll get to that in a little.

I'm not sure that the mascara so he bought mascara which I don't think is that pretty generic like you just get blue is that black mascara for your eye yeah some and some women used the same brand so if he had the brand in color I think that could be fine okay the mascara he bought it for his.

Wife at Walmart was found inside the house so he definitely made it home okay that day it is not known if he made any other stops on the way home with several searches having been completed with nothing been found the authorities turned in no the authorities turned to the blood evidence which had been recovered from the floor of the workshop.

And a length of wood nearby this took the case in a new direction while the blood was proven to be Michael's it was revealed through forensics that the blood had been placed in an unnatural and deliberate way and that the blood samples contained a chemical used in medical blood test vials as an anticoagulant so the blood was like.

Drawn yeah sounds like something sketchy is going on right like maybe he's planning to leave yeah he planted this blood may be firemen know how to do that maybe but he'd be smarter I did leave like drips and stuff you would think I don't know though yeah you would think if I was trying to plant my own death I would like be like you know like doing.

This type of stuff on the walls you'd also take the thousand dollars in the truck right yeah to start a new life for sure yeah I always M a little suspicious with forensics with blood spatter and stuff cuz I've seen so many documentaries where it's just like the same exact thing two experts say different like what was the one we were.

Watching the stair case one yeah the stair case but it would be Al's a cell phone expert was later brought in to take a more detailed look at the data and this led to new information indicating that Michael had used his first no had used first his truck and then a bike that day to travel several miles away to a location he once.

That near two mile bridge over Lake Tahoe Coney he spent 10 to 15 minutes there in the morning and then at 2:30 p.m. returned there before his phone signal finally stopped so that's what a cell phone expert says so 2010 he probably had a smartphone so that's like the perfect sweet spot of where you have a smartphone but you don't yet know that.

They're like GPS tracking yeah so it makes sense to me that they could figure out like his speed of travel right yeah since then his family has disputed that any bike is missing from his workshop despite law enforcement claiming one is missing so we're assuming he was alive at 2:30 yeah at least so I mean that's the investigation so that's the police's.

Findings they basically say why would they lie about that yeah they don't really have any motive to lie but did he definitely have a bike they didn't find a bike I feel like so I don't know that police know he a bike is missing as much as they do I think the speed from the phone yeah what do you like jogging you can jog as fast as a.

Bike yeah you you could I guess but I we need more info on why they think a bike is missing but I think the family would know if a bike was missing yeah but sometimes families are like no this couldn't have happened he was definitely murdered by someone else you know like I would never commit suicide so the police seem to be thinking he's faking his own.

Death and running away I mean if the vileblood is true if the vileblood is true that's the big thing yeah I know like we don't know of any like cash withdrawals or like big money withdrawals no because if you're running away you take your license you take a thousand dollars yeah but you took his license so at least you can get like a.

Flight or something but like that would all be known yeah they'd be shown our bank unless he had other cash yeah okay so then there's a private investigation the family of Michael chambers hired a private investigator he gave an interview on some of his findings and people are usually skeptical of private.

Investigators that are like hired by the family closely associated with the family it's just like I don't know it's less trusted than the police source but here's what he says he says there was more blood at the scene than stated by the police and that the blood evidence forensic ly suggested that he had sustained energy an injury which caused.

Internal injuries to lead to blood dripping from the nose or ears and was then carried by more than one individual onto a tarp or something else which interrupted the blood pattern on the floor so that's totally you know like viable or it's like plausible but at the same time the families are always going to point to someone else having caused.

This as opposed to like if he wanted to run away like the whites gonna be like no we were happy we don't have each other he would never do that so this finding like conveniently fits the tale of what was found at the scene yeah I mean the first thing I thought was like if he did spill blood and someone carried him then maybe like the.

Blood wasn't taken so like anyone would think that right I think it's also pretty tough to get internal injuries to the point where you're bleeding through your mouth and ears that doesn't have any kind of external blood going on no a lot of blunt force like a punch today okay despite police suggestions he rode a bike that day out to the lake and.

Threw it and threw it in before jumping himself the P I stated no one can recall Michael ever riding a bike and the only bike present at the house was in a state of disrepair I mean yeah if if that's an I don't trust the family but if they're saying he never wrote a bike then you probably never wrote a bike yeah unless they're like someone said Oh Cynthia.

Said the wife's in on it it was like an insurance boy hmm so that may was denied the bike yeah it was found that Michaels the okay the P I stated that the drop from two mile bridge into Lake Tahoe Coney is only nine feet and would not have been fatal or even cause serious injury ruling out the suicide theory I feel like unless.

You belly flop you did belly flop in nine feet severe injury you can't die from nine feet you wouldn't die it wouldn't be fail you're right but it would be like painful yeah someone said the sound is lagging sound is lagging oh you went out and now swagging Miley would you do what you do Miley is this better guys let me know.

Usually when I pull this up and sometimes it works hello hello hello you're just working hopefully this is working now and you two get it together motor idling wagon Godley sound a video good for me okay my audio cut out for a second and now what Matt is talking is Megas words sometimes that.

Happens for some reason but okay we gotta go with it unfortunately sorry um it was found that Michael's wife had multiple affairs and despite claiming the most recent was ended five months before he disappeared she had in fact called her boyfriend on the day of the disappearance and the morning after she called her boyfriend.

Yeah so she was cheating yes so this could see him like intentional on his end like he wants to pay her back yeah like most murders and stuff is just love triangles I don't know if it did most like crime of passion yeah whenever there is a love triangle and then someone mysteriously disappears that has to be the primary theory maybe let's go.

On okay why are the the P at way okay yeah the investigators say that Michael's wife cannot be accounted for after 2:00 p.m. on the day of the disappearance and that her phone was switched off for an hour and a half during the time the disappearance likely occurred hmm so maybe her and her boyfriend did something yeah that's.

Pretty suspicious for sure and then so also the idea that he went to get her makeup could be a Power Move so that she knows where he is and she can like plan things for when he gets back yeah or she just really needed that mascara for that you know no that makes sense and then would there be any motive for her to put the thousand dollars in his console what.

Would that do for the case really nothing maybe just like uh yeah I would say okay then in the wake of the disappearance it has emerged that a long-running disagreement had been going on between Michael and an adopted son named Justin Justin did not get along with the rest of the family and was initially considered a suspect by the.

Authorities but after two polygraph tests and a check of his alibi for the day he was cleared as a suspect hmm when questioned by police Michael's wife said she had been unfaithful in the months preceding the disappearance and Michael may have been aware of it this has caused some tension and distrust among the family members since then of course.

Right only four weeks after his disappearance his wife asked to have Michael temporarily declared dead so she could sell his pickup truck which she claimed she couldn't afford yeah that's it you think I mean that just leads me to believe she had and she had a part and her husband's disappearance do you think yeah she's religious money.

She's asking her stepson already to like fake death or fake something fake yeah death pretty intense what do you mean she's asking her stepson to fake death what are you talking about ask to have Michael temporarily declared dead yeah Michael is the missing man okay no Michael it's just a way well so yeah she wanted to have him declared.

Dead after four weeks because she couldn't pay for the pickup truck so to me that's a sign of like their relationship with probably not at all a relationship yeah it was just like they didn't care about each other and she wanted the money yeah that's weird to do that would make me feel suspicious I guess.

Together I can see why in her mind though like from the outside it's like these people have been married for 50 years or whatever but on the inside it's like I don't talk to this guy anymore he just works on his car as I do my thing with my boyfriend I want him to declare deaf tears yeah they've been together for 50 years right or something I don't.

Know just I don't know how long they've been begun it was later discovered that Michael's wife had managed to declare him dead in a permanent court court order without the rest of the family knowing law enforcement have said they do not see his wives wife's actions as suspicious and she isn't a suspect okay typical I feel like I didn't cover this.

Case that well there's probably we could get more info on this one oh it's done yeah well I mean they couldn't really pin anything on her so it makes sense like what could they hold against her aside from her having a boyfriend and wanting to declare him dead for weeks posthumous post posthumous how do you say posthumous pasta meant posthumous oh.

That would be a great name for a restaurant that serves pasta posthumous posthumous all pasta and hummus it could be called posthumous they buy what police say because I don't really trust private investigators that much especially when they're working with the family yeah so the case really hinges on the coagulated blood thing well let's go.

Into theories because there's some more stuff that comes out in the theories so you got all the basic theories of a missing person basically you got homicide it's been suggested that Michael may have been met with foul play after perhaps inviting someone into his workshop that day before being attacked this was backed up by the wooden stick.

But the later forensic discovery of the planted blood evidence suggests that if he was killed by someone it wasn't in the workshop fall play seems not that likely because no nothing really I feel like he's also like probably has like he is a guard up like he just knows more things than like maybe as an average person cuz he was a fireman.

Yeah like 70 year old former fireman's they're not yeah I guess they could just not that many people just randomly kill a 70 year old man now it's like the one-off rare serials usually the person closest to you yeah suicide it is theorized that Michael may have faked his own murder or abduction to cover up a suicide this seems kind of weird to me.

He's devoutly religious and may not have wanted to bring the pain and stigma of suicide on his family the cell data leading out to the two mile bridge is considered clear evidence of a suicide police stated that well they can't discuss specifics they have information that suggests he had a motive for taking his own life at the time that's really.

Nothing I can like hang my hat on no because I need to know what they're they have to make a make up you know a conclusion of my home yeah that's the thing with whatever we're doing these true crime mysteries and stuff the police have so much information that we don't know about like if you think about Maura Murray case or something like that.

The police probably have a lot of stuff that would have changed the public's mind if they're just like keeping close to the best abduction the small amount of blood and lack of any real evidence of murder has convinced some that Michael may have been abducted for reasons unknown and held somewhere though with no ransom or message from a.

Potential kidnapper it's unlikely yeah no one wants just people yeah no one wants a seven-year-old that's what I wanted to say but that's kind of mean but like yeah you want like a young thriving woman there's no one really wants men in general they're more hard to deal with because they're like stronger harder to.

Capture I feel like a seven-year-old fireman he's probably still like very husky and fit he's chopping wood he's face we're gonna hire ya like he's not easy to drag out theory number four insurance fraud some have suggested that Michael chambers arranged to fake his own death in order to allow his wife to claim life.

Insurance money for them nothing is currently known about any life-insurance payout the family may have received since his disappearance so that would be publicly now right if he was insurance belt yeah if they received the insurance I don't know what it it usually is so that's why yeah I feel like it usually.

Is as well and if they were maybe they maybe he did live his own separate life but it sounds like she had a boyfriend but he just had his cars so like is he nice enough to be like yeah you can take the money I'm comfortable and walk away from his life like what did she just leave with the boyfriend why did it have to figure death cuz she needs money yeah.

That one doesn't make a lot of sense to me walking away from life it has been suggested that due to the planted evidence and lack of any real evidence of foul play it is possible he fakes his own death or murder in order to run away and start a new life the fact he may have known of his wife's affair may have led him to want to leave his son-in-law.

Stated that while once watching a crime show on TV Michael had stated how easy it would be to fake a crime scene and disappear I've said that too though yeah we've talked about I always say how easy it would be to murder someone you sneak up in their bushes turn you leave your phone at home sneak up in their bushes with a knife.

Probably you could do a gun if it's like an illegal gun silencer I thought some Tudors were like widely available too you were the one who told me no girl do not why don't all these people in the movies just us Alistair's love their guns like obviously you would get a silencer for any murder but like you.

Have to like illegally make them or only police officers have them who has silencers yeah it's like a black-market thing usually that's crazy I thought they were like he was just buy one with a gun that'd be terrible I think you can ever want some guns maybe I'm not sure if someone knows probably in chat though but what I would.

Do is you wear all black but kind of like a jogging suit type of thing and you got to go on foot leave anything trackable at home take a knife probably take a gun of some kind well we're doing a stranger it's easier than you killing like yeah you're telling a stranger it's like a 99% chance you get away with it I would.

One murder things though I would just jog like probably like three-quarters of a mile over that way and kill someone and then come back on foot no chance I think it sounds are required and that you came for hunting that's what I thought like wouldn't you want a silencer if you're hunting because you don't want to like alarm all the animals.

Go on okay and the last theory is injury and amnesia if the blood evidence had not been deliberately planted and forensics were wrong which I think they could be then it could be that Michael had suffered a head injury of some kind and wandered off in a confused state and become lost the fact he was not found in searches.

Though makes this unlikely none of these are really great theories I think his wife had something to do with it but like that's all I can really conclude I think both of our cases are very inconclusive oh so that's actually the last theory is the wife and then a lot of this is unsubstantiated but the theory that makes the most.

His wife and then wife's boyfriend is a cop which there has been like it's unconfirmed but a lot of people on the internet say that and then that makes sense why the investigation went this way with like the planted blood maybe it wasn't planted blood or maybe it could have been like maybe the cop had access to like the anticoagulant thing and just.

Put it in the blood that would be actually a great tactic right why if you want to murder someone and then you have access to the anticoagulant thing so you can make it look like planted blood when it's actually just real later blood yeah yeah that's the case empty 2-liter soda bottle silencer what kind of theories.

You guys got have you guys been watching this series on HBO Stern Noble we're gonna watch an episode tonight probably good yeah I have to go to the bathroom really bad okay number one not number two guys should we wrap it up yeah yes there I mean it's really hard to like give a substantial conclusion on any of the cases we did tonight which I like.

Your case was great thank you really coming with the cases yeah you do to comment after this goes live which case you want to see you next week yeah one of us will do it if it's good actually I probably bought I will all right guys that's it thanks for watching we got a recipe coming tomorrow it is really good chicken nuggets oh.

Yeah not there like uppity chicken nuggets yeah some might say chicken fritters somebody you have to see the video for that joke all right guys this was fun
Murder She Ate - Murdered, Abducted, or Faked Death?
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