Murder She Ate – Did Carole Baskin Feed Her Husband to the Tigers?

Murder She Ate – Did Carole Baskin Feed Her Husband to the Tigers?

Murder She Ate – Did Carole Baskin Feed Her Husband to the Tigers?

Check out the video on Murder She Ate – Did Carole Baskin Feed Her Husband to the Tigers?.
And we're live what's going on guys hey finally I know yo is not quite asleep yet okay now he's going through a leap right now for sure and the past two nights have been tough for him and we are talking about it's tiger Cain Carroll Baskin she's all over the Internet it's weird these things the internet.

Grabs on to this is definitely one of them yeah no one likes Carroll basket here we are join it up yeah and we got some drinks tonight got something new to try so if you guys have seen like the truely's or what are they called white cloth white Claus is basically the same thing it's Vista Bay.

I found it on Aldi a while ago though and I forgot we had them so it's one sugar one card per can 74 calories they're not sweet and they're just hard Seltzer's that's what they're called and I'm gonna have I haven't had scotch just on its own and like probably like six months yeah so this 10-year age Laphroaig which is a.

Eyeli Scotch which is very teeny PD is the how they describe is kind of like taste like moss yeah P is describe moss it's just like the way to say it but this is a glass of stopping it Blanc so Matt was like just bring one of everything I'm gonna taste test of awesome wouldn't okay I guess we'll do it all so yeah this is good I.

Didn't do the most amount of research here it's and there's so much like hearsay and just rumors and stuff on this case so if you guys want to join a law and Link stuff in chat that would be good we will open and discuss and since we always wait I have the will we have for dinner here right yeah that's audio.

And since we never eat dinner I thought I would just share with you that I think you guys can hear this mega made mozzarella cheese homemade today yeah using raw whole milk raw cow milk and then we had a girl in a bowl for dinner we've been having this a lot oh yeah and Theo's asleep baby hopefully that will serve their yes in place of us eating.

Dinner cuz this is supposed to be murder she ate but I would have rather done like the mug cakes and the drinks remember you were like we'll make four mug cakes one time let's not do that oops I'm wearing a mug guard drink mood tonight I'm just feeling down all this like say now I'm all day I decided tomorrow I'm gonna drive around Atlanta.

And just get a lay of the land see what's going on in the city because we live outside of Atlanta now yeah and even when we lived in Atlanta we weren't like we're taking advantage of well we were working a lot more than yeah I guess we were in mostly in grind mode we should get started though well I don't have too much info on the case I'm gonna.

Try the white cloth thing how is it I've had these before I really like them um this one this is I'm a poor natural lime so there's five flavors Ruby great food Brett brought down but lime is good I think oh yeah there's a big glare on my forehead and it's really good I really like those refreshing yeah right and a super light just like good I do like.

That what's new with you guys you guys have anything for dinner so Tiger King if you guys don't know it's a Netflix documentary it's been the longest running number one show on Netflix actually if you haven't seen it you should stop watching us and go watch it yeah there's gonna be spoilers and stuff in here so just be warned to summarize.

It's about like these backcountry big cat zoos like these highway exits you drive a mile and you're at like the zoo you pay like 10 bucks 20 bucks and they just show you a bunch of tiger is that they're like breeding on the site well animals not a cat chips yeah and so that is actually like the the way the.

Documentary worked was pretty cool because at first you were like oh these are the bad guys you know they're you know taking advantage of animals but then this savior comes in who is Carroll Baskin and she is running the same thing except she's calling it a wildlife reserve or like a sanctuary she doesn't breed the cat so she's just.

Like gives him a good life now we'll get into that a little bit someone said I baked my quest bar today you've changed my life welcome so what Carol does she just lets the cats live there and takes advantage of them until they die she doesn't breed them and she comes on the scene you're like oh that's the good person but then the whole script flips.

Mid-show and you're like oh Carol is the she's weaponizing charity and like being a good person against these other people that are also they're not good people that's the thing the whole dynamics which and then everyone's like Joe Mercer and good right that's the ones at all of one thing right but a lot of people I feel like they took that Joe is.

Like a real good guy now I don't think he's a good guy either I feel bad I think he had to take the phone no Jeff did yeah yeah I'm firmly believing that Joe did not have anything to do with that Joe's not that dumb she claims she runs a rescue chicken fajitas for dinner Oh yummy couple people actually making the baked crust virus oh dang what did.

That video come out or maybe Tuesday yeah so let's get into the case so the big mystery is did Carol Baskins kill her first husband and potentially feed him to the cats I'm gonna try the Scotch payday it's good let's think about scotches that makes me feel nice and warm in this area okay so there is really just like some big bullet points.

Because this isn't the type of case we usually do where there is like a mystery and there's a lot of evidence yeah there's not a lot of info the police didn't really investigate much if she did actually do it it seems to be a pretty good cover-up so we have Don Luis he is a self-made millionaire and oh we're back okay we're back so we have.

Don Luis he is a self-made millionaire and no one really knows how he made his millions there's also I read a little bit about this there's some speculation that like he didn't actually have million this is what Carole will say he didn't actually have Millions just from where he came from you know he's kind of like a redneck type of guy.

To him he had a few hundred thousand and that's what everyone's saying his Millions hmm I think there's more evidence to say that he might have had actual Millions and well his whole family in the documentary right they said he had Millions yeah his daughters who had we're gonna get a lot of the estate yeah.

Another thing you have to understand is the okay we'll get into that a little later so he at a young age he got married and he had three kids with his first wife and this was before he made his money he after 30 years of marriage he got divorced and by this time we don't know the full timeline when he really made his money Carole will tell.

You that he didn't make his money until after they met I think it's more agreed upon that he had money prior to meeting Carole because he was older and she was like hot and young so why would she be with him unless it refers money right isn't that like what yeah yeah you would think yeah also the fact that he owned multiple planes and stuff makes me think.

He had a fair bit of money so he got okay he got divorced and he so as him and carol their relationship grew they eventually got married and they started a big cat rescue although it wasn't initially a big cat rescue it was a big cat breed it was some sort of big cat operation and as their relationship built this.

Business together there was apparently a lot of fighting in the relationship and Dawn was she seems like he was a money-making kind of man he's like let's take advantage of these cats let's make money let's breed them you know let's let's do it Carol was more of an animal lover and she wanted to not breed the cats okay this is all rumored also like.

No no none of this stuff is confirmed that's what a lot of people said they thought about them Carol wanted it to be more sanctuary Don wanted to make money off the cats okay this also ties in with his trips frequently to Costa Rica mm-hmm so there's a lot of rumors about this too so Don would go to Costa Rica about once a month and there's so.

There's rumors that he was maybe breeding cats in Costa Rica because there's no big cat laws whatsoever it's just wild west out there and maybe he was doing that without Carol knowing or maybe she knew and his shoes didn't want him doing it at their sanctuary or there's also rumors that he was like in the drug trade cuz he had his planes and.

He had you know millions of dollars no one really knew how he made them maybe he was in the drug trade and whenever I guess her flying to Latin America that's what people think I see my shooting it's not Latin America is it I don't think so Costa Rica its Central America but I think is it what's Latin America so like South America.

What is Latin America South America yeah that's Latin America no look at me learning a fun thing this is all Latin America not know that guys though just South America yeah so I think okay so yeah Costa Rica's it's like right in there somewhere yeah is that where it is I think so your panel okay where is Costa.

Rica now I want to know Costa Rica people are like you idiot is it yeah Panama yes right that's where Costa Rica's okay so he would routinely take flights to Costa Rica and in June of 1977 a little bit before he disappeared he would file a restraining order against Carole hmm he would also know in this petition for a restraining order he.

Told authorities that she threatened to shoot him if he didn't leave the house the petition was denied he did not get the restraining order but he gave a copy to his attorney in case anything whatever happened okay which what do you make of that daddy's fear for is fearful for his life and you as a man you wouldn't actually.

Be scared of someone threatening you threatening you unless you felt like it was legitimate right or he could just be setting up for divorce like I want this on the record no cuz I want all the money type of a thing right well that's smart either way he's a smart man cuz if he made his money before her then like community property sucks right then.

She just gets half of it in the show it made it seem like she started out as a money-making cap reader and then had a change of heart that is possibly one yeah the documentary definitely made it seem like she was about breeding accounts yeah okay so couple things with all of these documentaries they usually have a.

Narrative that they have in mind this narrative was clear whether it's 100% real a little bit embellished who knows that they wanted Carole to be the bad person same with if you watch making a murderer you know he didn't do it if you watch what the hell meat is a class 2 carcinogen you know.

There's like all these agendas they're pushing so to me there's definitely some stuff left out of the documentary I would say that at least so and the other thing is though a lot of it is Don's gone he can't really tell his side of the story we're just getting most of us from Carol yeah Carol askin yeah so didn't get the restraining order.

Left it with the attorney a few weeks later Don vanished and he also declared divorce or he presented Carol with divorce papers and he served her potentially that night he vanished that's disputed to them so if he I just wanted to get divorced and they didn't have like a prenup or any sort of agreement in place and she would get.

Half so why kill him if just divorce the guy right and take half of the money well I don't we don't know what they had in place yeah we don't know like what he had against her we do know he had a will sure and she was able to change it later changed okay so he vanished he was never to be seen again and this is the big like line that we're told a lot in the.

Documentary and it seems to maybe or maybe not be true he told a friend if I pull this off it'll be the slickest thing I ever done so that means like cheat his wife out of half the money this is right before he disappeared that's what it sounds like to me then to me I just never like I don't think people say that those words if I pull.

This off it'll be the slickest thing I ever done we don't think so whatever say that no I don't think anyone has ever said that no people in like that town to say that because I guess the implication is that you're already one slick son of a gun and this is just gonna be the slickest thing ever right yeah but like what about I've been like oh this would.

Be the dopest thing I ever knew yeah I don't know I guess people might say it yeah my crown raw reserve cheers mates what drink is better this one surprised me it's good the hearts I'm all about the hard sell I feel like a nice college kid on spring break in my bikini okay so she changed his will and some people say she broke.

Into his office stole his will made an addendum to it that specifically says disappearance which to me that's a little bit odd right yeah that's saying disappearance and I think disappearance was even like before death it was like disappearance or death which was pretty odd because this appearance isn't really something you.

Planned for Carol alerted authorities to his disappearance only three days after he was not seen right and she said he told her he was going to Costa Rica so I guess I don't know I guess if you're traveling a lot maybe you're fighting you can go three days without talking to your husband or wife yeah it seems odd yeah okay his van was found in the.

Airport parking lot and one of his planes was gone okay so it seems like drove his van to the airport took the plane and then maybe crashed I would have probably done that right he's only going a short trip and repeatedly it said like there is no evidence of him taking off that night but also I think he flew without alerting the like.

Whoever you're supposed to alert about are lying yeah he did that a lot so I think the fact that there's no sign that he ever left in the plane that night that is explainable yeah okay and if shortly after he disappeared it became an open rumor that Carol killed him and fed him to her Tigers pretty immediately like right after it.

Was like okay Carol did it she's the young hot wife she took all his money fed him to the Tigers so I guess how did she seem did you see like any interviews of her I guess they didn't really make any big deal out of it right there's some interviews she seemed distraught she seems weird in the interview she's not what I would.

Expect someone to be in interviews in her younger days like she was so there's a lot of I hate reading into the way people react tragedies because people can react in weird ways like I always think of Amanda Knox she was just like standing outside of the crime scene and like making out with her boyfriend for hours like it's really weird but people.

Just do random weird stuff what something crazy happens so even with the case I just did Casey Anthony her grieving going to the club and stuff yeah but she killed her kid that wasn't no Casey Anthony we assume she killed her kid I think she did yeah and you don't think I'm Anna Knox had anything to do with the murder of her roommate.

I'm not sure maybe I don't think so I don't know no bye Casey Anthony um see my whole thought was like she killed the baby so she could do these clubbing stuff yeah but also she might have not killed her and she was grieving by just doing things outlandish like out of her mouth do we know what year he disappeared I think it was was it was it.

90 92 mid-90s wait so is this case reopened yes so she's not be like kicking herself for him no he disappeared in 1997 for having done this docu-series right because now she's like under the so we were gonna get a little bit into this big article she wrote that was really weird yeah she says she was basically tricked into doing it because.

They thought that this documentary was gonna be like you know that documentary blackfish yeah and how much it did for like SeaWorld and it like crushed all those businesses that's what she thought this was gonna be for the big cat world as soon as possible yeah I definitely think like so I don't know because to me it was the purpose of this donkey series.

To me the the the documentary people they probably just go in and film a bunch of stuff and then they decide yeah they pick up the pieces and they're like okay we got something here and they probably went in knowing like there's rumor is that she killed her husband or that gonna be really entertaining because.

These people aren't crazy yeah I mean the base [__] line was very entertaining because it's you know redneck wild cat breeders okay so what is this you're showing me we're not getting to that guy a couple more pieces to the case Dawn's future wife and three daughters they all think Carol fed him to the Tigers they're kind of like the ones that.

Started that rumor they also have a really long legal history with Carol and that's one thing about Carol she always comes out on top of her legal cases because she has that money yeah so for me who do you feel bad for the most in this like whole scenario I don't feel bad for Carol at all I feel bad for the kids.

It's like it the kids always get screwed out of like they're they're entitled money you mean Don's first wife and the kids not not the first wife just the kids yeah so to me they're already like super old and stuff I wasn't too well in that way like whatever my dad owns rightfully.

Comes to me and my brother if some woman takes that away from me and my brother I'm pissed off like and I I'm entitled to it next kid I don't feel like that I don't I don't like the whole young second wife coming in and taking everything I would agree with you if you were like working as a dental assistant for your dad and like really helping.

With the business but I don't need my parents like hand me their Ford like what's it called there's a different feeding a Ford and like you know like a lotus you know what's the retirement thing you get like what does that action to pension yeah I don't need my dad's pension like I don't deserve that.

Yeah but your pay his matches not even a lot of money compared to what these kids would have gotten yeah okay technologies in from Antonio shout out to my wife Janelle what up Janelle Janelle is a sexy name is it that's Margaret's mom's name to me Janelle is like a sexy name that is trying to be sexy so it's a little less.

Sectional to me is a black woman's name no but Margaret's mom she knows not a white person's name I could be like 10 Ratan Antonin if it's rich white but everyone's saying mega no just this one person repeatedly hi Jam J the meat grinder had been cleaned with bleach before any investigation that seems pretty abnormal to clean your meat.

Grinder with bleach I raw is it let's just get through all these facts and start speculating so I'm already getting a little saucy from this drink you I've had like one third of this and it's it's the water basis scotch this guy's really like warms you up I can see why people drink this and like the old history novels and stuff with like by the.

Campfire when you have like a missing a leg yeah son was officially declared dead in 2002 and Carroll would inherit his million-dollar fortune as well as Big Cat Rescue so breakout rescues making a lot of money but what's his million-dollar fortune you know his duck his estate and it's just everything basically okay but.

$1,000,000 no there's milli millions of dollars big cat rescues got to be worth like a lot of money time ten plus million I would think and if you like yeah cuz all those cats are assets right one of those big cats could be like 20k but you're not – you're just selling tickets though I know yeah maybe I just feel like it the.

Business model we'll talk about this a little bit later the business model of big cat rescue just really taking advantage of the workers in my opinion no one knew how much money Don had because he would very cash and gold on his property I think I already told you guys that it's very speculative how much money Don had he says he buried a lot.

His friend said he buried a lot in his property which I used to think was crazy but man since all this has been going around like the thought has crossed my mind why not just bury a little bit of money for a rainy day because if you got to hide money somewhere burying it's better than like hiding in your house and.

People come here and rob you yeah how far do you have to bury it before it's like not touched by like the water that seeped into the ground when you put it in some kind of waterproof okay just putting it Spade the grout okay it is rumored that he was a mentor to other big cat trainers in Costa Rica and may have been involved in the drug trade.

Okay and yeah we already got to this but Costa Rica does not have any big cat laws so he may have been doing stuff down there there's also some speculation that he was like into being like a loan shark matters so there's just like his the way he made his millions may have been more of a high risk high risk Enterprise she declared him five years.

Bad five years and one day after he died oh yeah that was weird she was like she marked the calendar she's like this is the day he dies next day I'm declaring him dead so no one cuz anything I mean wouldn't you do the same thing if it was me why would you just have all this money sitting in in like some purgatory place.

Where you can't access it oh is that what happens yeah no yeah I'll give you passed away then all your money would come to me well we would have that arranged but in this situation no why not cuz because he wasn't declared dead oh good oh so what that makes total sense for sure so if you guys have any other.

Information you want to get out there because I know a lot of you are into this case let me know in the chat because maybe I miss a few things comon outdoors how's it going Big Cat Rescue is profiting from the big cat breeders not only that it's profiting from these like 21 year old people that love animals and want to help big cats.

Working for free did you hear you're like the pyramid scheme she has going after work for five years before you get like a blue shirt and there's people that have been working there for like ten here is free and she's profitable yes baby yeah you have to wait five years already why would you wait the day long.

So good not as good coz that is cold so okay Carol Baskins to me one of the more suspicious things Carol does is she attacks these rumors head-on and gets like very detailed about it so she's like she's defensive that's a sign of guilt I think so too because they're like hey did you cry him in the meat grinder and she like she like talks you.

Through the anatomy of the meat grinder she's like no we I couldn't have cubed up his body and then ground because my meat grinder was small wasn't like a big industrial meat grinder so I couldn't have like cubed up his toes and like his his biceps and his calves I wouldn't know worked well you know you'd have to use a knife and like grind it like.

That's the detail she goes into yeah I was like but that's not how you act when you are innocent or I opinion yeah when you're being accused of something so hideous yeah so this is so this is after the what's it called Tiger King came out she wrote this huge long post on her website Big Cat Rescue and it's basically just her thoughts on.

Each section that she disagreed with so basically she has an intro she pumps out videos like 5 a day – so the whole thing about Tigers and cages basically one critique is like you're mad about Tigers being in cages but you keep Tigers in cages which I think that's fine because she doesn't breed them she's just letting them live out there well now.

What she explains like she's not bringing them yeah you can't release them to the wild is the thing if they're if they're bred in captivity yeah you can't release him yeah so yeah that's I'm fine with that and then she gets into what I found interesting down more so she goes into the disappearance mostly this is what we're interested in.

So she talks about how he was or was now a millionaire was he a millionaire when I met him no he had a business cutting the Axel's off of trailers pulled by trackers and selling the boxes as storage and the axles back that doesn't sound like a good business to me and she basically just details how he initially got into.

Real estate like he was at the bank and he overheard she tells a lot of stories yeah that don't seem true like this doesn't seem like a thing that happens right like I was at the bank and he Don was at the bank and he overheard a bank officers say he had a $20,000 loan in default he'd be glad to sell it for 2000 and he got the information and he like.

Asked me about it and I said yeah let's do it like have you ever been to the bank and someone just runs a little deal by you like I don't know I mean like the area they live in I'm not familiar with like I've never lived around people and Joe and Jeff and Carol I don't they're in aren't they in Florida or something.

Where are they and we get is Florida but I think it's like a town like a small really small town right I think it's okay it's in Tampa yeah it's in Tampa yeah but not like the heart of Tampa um so I'm like um Bank your mom goes to like sound ready Union yeah that like no one knows I'm on the corner of some not known on like non known street mm-hmm so.

Like that I imagine they can have a conversation like that there do you think that I don't think that's I don't think bank tellers have the ability to just sell loans like that I don't know maybe I'm wrong is this happened before I feel like I feel like things like that do happen for sure this is a witch hunt people want to believe the worst of.

Their fellows without proof I think we're gonna get to that Carol our fella we're gonna get to that Dan I do think like if you don't have evidence she's she's innocent she might not be innocent but she's not guilty I mean yeah I don't think we're I'm not trying to add to the witch hunt I think this is very entertaining right I it is.

Entertaining I don't think anything is gonna come of it good I don't know that's the thing things come of these stories what just and where you were headed like what's his name the making a murderer guy Steven Avery like he's been like I'm 99.9% sure Steven Avery's guilty but there's like all this like.

Freedom people behind him like the wrongfully accused he's still in jail right yeah prison but it definitely reignites things when stuff like this happens yeah so yeah so her basic point is that he had a lot of assets when he died now a lot of liquid cash so maybe like five million dollars in properties and stuff that was held in a trust at.

The time of his death mm-hmm during the roughly 10 years we were partners before his divorce in our marriage there were properties we bought together in some that Don bought with his on his own with another woman Pam so there's there was definitely like weird stuff going on in the relationship Don has multiple partners she goes into the.

Interviews in the the documentary and their lies and she pretty much like just gives her story on everything it's hard to say who's truthful and who's not but um there's one part in here yeah so this I found weird no no where is it that she goes into the meat grinder but there's basically a part in here where she says Don would fly to Costa Rica when she was.

On her period every month just because he had to have sex every day what do you think of that I mean that could be true that could be false but like she's just it doesn't really even matter she's just putting that out there to make people feel bad for her right he's a sexaholic he's a sexaholic she says.

Hugh jackman period yeah here we go to when I was on my metro cycle yeah right here I don't think that is another thing to do with the case though she's just saying that to like play the victim mm-hmm okay yeah so that's her whole oh the meat grinder she goes into like she it was just a small meat grinder she had you can crank she can't hand.

Crank the whole body yeah and then the other theory is the septic tank theory which I don't know as much about I guess the thought is she just put him in a septic tank they're not gonna dig it up do you find it weird that she had like that she decided this was a video she should make Carol bass converse Tiger king grinder a.

Septic tank like she's typing this into the title of her videos like Carol bass converse tiger King septic tank meat grinder Theory don't you find that weird he's just typing what she thinks before him I wanna read and click right I don't know I mean people do that on YouTube all the time they just put their worst title as ever and yeah yeah I guess ten.

Dollar donation from Antonio Slovo check the third my wife is white I'm check shout-out to our kids Antonin the for this is Janelle husband it is my bridge to shout out to my wife Janelle and now my wife is white I'm check so it's funny that you say she's way in your check because to me check is we talked about this is my friend.

Russian actually like a week ago check so Mike you can sit in America do you consider Eastern European people white I say yeah I would say I guess it depends if you're first generation where's Eastern European like all the like Czechoslovakia Kazakhstan Ukraine yeah I guess I don't know if cuz if you just see the person you say their way.

Right I don't know I don't know cuz like technically you're not just white but with first generation and currents that are European oh they're not why you're not white you know like no it's weird how we like we use the word white in America yeah what do you guys think Chuck is that a white person people saying yes so that is really the.

Case and you guys have any other info let me know and then one other thing I just want to go into body language guy this looks like Steve Carell yeah kind of does um what do you guys think about body language people this is a big trend now on the Internet oh you lose body language yeah what I think of him or no what do you think of like people on the.

Internet or YouTube reading telling you like interpreting body language of interviews and stuff like is he like do it for a living I think it's his profession okay yeah I'm sure I haven't looked into him enough I think that's fascinating I think there's so much more than just like what a person's saying body language is a lot of it I think.

It's a little fake there's definitely something to it but I think we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves believing everything this guy doesn't look legit though he doesn't look that legit but okay I just got a few segments here we can go through and let me know if the audio works when I do this oh there she is.

See that seems like genuine to me does it how is that audio guys let me know if that worked do you think that was genuine yeah you believe that story yeah so a guy drives up to you in a pickup truck and he's like hey we're in like Tampa hood.

We're not like our suburb or yeah I guess I guess when you say that I could see someone doing that and the girl you know like we monster they're nursing that you haven't seen the movie monster with Charlize Theron oh it's very low I've seen like parts of it are you monsters ball no audio people say no audio okay pulls around and gasps if I.

Would get in the car and I told him no pulls around again I think it was on the third time he pulled around and he had a gun sitting on the front seat of his car and he said you can hold this gun on me I just need somebody to talk to so I picked up the gun held a daughter we drove her tons now that he talks and I ended up spending the night with.

Him so I'm just getting this right she was walking down the street this guy would leave her alone she then got into the car he said he is a good and shoot me if I try anything she had the gun on them and then they went back to the hotel and spent the night together because he thinks is absurd did the audio work there yeah so I mean that's.

An insane story I don't is that insane I mean there's prostitute maybe there's prostitutes commonly in their area right and that's how you pick up a prostitute okay yeah it's not that insane how do you pick up a girl off the street I mean I don't pick up girls drive in a pickup truck no you the general you how do men do it.

Right they drive up they'd bro know one another I can't get in the car this actually maybe plays into his sex addiction theory right cuz he was married at the time so how is he gonna go become a little sex addiction a real thing yes now you're just getting a little too floozy I am okay though there's one other.

Section we can play 12:30 and I block and again it's a form if I'm getting rid of those images out of my head remember the context the t-junction what has been after what has been said in that particular moment was she doing it again that there's no looking down you know when we search for emotion when we feel inside when we feel in that we.

Are you know we've been wounded we look down yeah and we'll look at memories and we search and it's generally rowned here OPA was searching for answers or something that we don't know or trying to recollect or trying to make something up but down here down here is yeah I would feel that emotion that empathy I'm looking for I can look down and she.

Looked straight ahead she looked straight ahead at the interviewer it was her ever formal memorial and then she gives a rather interest and comment about yeah so when I got the meal in the morning or whatever it may be I've got the letter and I just stared at the letter I stared outside and then when I come to you or when I come around when I.

Realized where it was it was nighttime what so what have you passed out have you what just just tell us a little bit more what's going on here Carol oh so yeah I'm good empathy the first thing that cooked your head was you know I'm pleased I can see it's not me but when you got the death letter and the very next dear the very next day you started.

Transferring all the assets what was it they what just tell me the emotion that was going on there because what you're seeing is that you're blind up for hours you can't remember why but there's no emotion there so what else were you thinking about so no one I remember the day his death certificate came I opened the letter and I just remember.

Looking out the window and then the next time I remembered anything it was pitch black outside it was just like I had just completely so I don't know where I went but that was the closest thing that 2 + 2 is not equal to 4 here color and also she does this laugh throughout the video as well and I believe this laughs I don't know.

Is it fake love all the signs are there to say that it's a fake laugh she uses it it's become a habit that's what it's become it's become an habit where she okay I like this guy yeah I mean he's interesting so that story about looking out the window in it being dark that doesn't happen that's not maybe she doesn't like remember the day itself cuz.

It was years ago right like a long time I mean she's definitely a manipulator to some degree like she's saying what she thinks will get her where she needs to go in life like she said she's trying to get reactions out of people make them feel certain ways with what she's saying but the one thing is I don't think it's that weird to immediately transfer the.

Assets around like you've been waiting five years you kind of have a plan of what's going on she knew what she was gonna do I don't have any problem with that I don't think that's too crazy yeah but that's some of the stories she tells there's just like so weird absurd to me do you guys got any other info on the case I could listen to this guy all day.

Though yeah he's interesting believing Bruce looks make the tiger came to look stable loving the bowtie yeah buddy how you gonna feel about bowtie people they're definitely a certain breed of people yeah trying a little hard I think reality can sound insane yeah interesting take I remember the day my.

Mom and dad died like it was yesterday I haven't really had any like agitates or anything to remember I read a book by the woman that picked the jury for OJ the book is called reading the law amazing bucko that's all you guys ever see that movie with John Cusack the runaway jury where he wants to get picked so he's like I got the Madden.

Challenge coming next week oh maybe I happened to my dad always tells me about how good it is he has like this big plan on how he wants to get in the jury and then like swing them a certain way cuz of like some tragedy that happened way back he's like when they interview he's like he tries to protest he's like I have the man challenge.

Next week it's like this big tournament when everyone plays Madden oh he gets picked Zaza there court documents that prove how she met him is a lie hmm why would there be court docket Oh like testimony or something yeah like she testified I know why she would've though looking out the window then it's pitch.

Black outside hashtag worked from home the big cat people are all crazy you know who's really running the game that was doc aunt anta and Ann tell Ann tell doc and tell that guy has some things figured out there's a picture on Instagram the other day um and it was like an old Britney Spears concert when she was like really big like in 2001 and.

He's in the back like reining in a tiger they're like don't go tell livin it up at a Britney Spears concert on stage okay so doc and tell obviously running some sort of a cults like some degree of a cult right a hundred percent but I I really like I I don't like what he's doing over there but some part of me admires that he just like is really a.

Go-getter he's like I want my cult I'm gonna do a cults here yeah I'm gonna make women climb the chain yeah I don't know your wife is whipping up our quick cheesecake in a bowl no that's great wonderful when is the movie coming out that's all I want to know yeah right they're probably gonna do it tell your.

King to would you say they have to they want to make them the sequel is usually our I'll let down the see in Don's van was set for a very tall person and Don was short Don Intel no oh the husband babe off topic John Cusack favorite movie identity um that is a very good movie you have great taste John Cusack yeah nothing comes to me.

That's like my favorite he's not great say everything or you say everything the movie um but no a lot of this what is it called so runaway jury identity is that with whose thank you know it's an in like a a motel it's never through is that with Ray Liotta yeah okay that was I love Ray.

Liotta man I was really good no one's peeked harder than Ray Liotta ain't Goodfellas that was just like such a performance so we're done with the case we can still talk no I just that's a lot of the case those guys I don't hate identity as one of his better movies yeah I wouldn't know who's in Conair must love dogs not great but he.

Was in love for sure Hot Tub Time Machine that was funny yeah that was surprisingly decent I would say John Cusack's not really one of my favorite actors is that Being John Malkovich is decent I don't think he was that great in it though I hate when movies get so meta like Being John Malkovich I haven't seen that.

Doc like sister wives wives with Tigers yeah he could have a really good reality TV show you can Grosse Pointe blank a lot of people are saying it's really good haven't seen that have you know hey all you cats and kittens just watch for three episodes of tiger king whacked it is pretty whacked that's funny Sixteen Candles offshore yeah I haven't seen.

That one I like talking about actors and what their best role is though yeah bring someone up who's one of your favorites Duane Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker did you get one isn't he what's a favor for us Whitaker movies um I really like what's it called escape room panic room that's the person I think of at the end if you haven't seen I don't.

Spoil it you know it's really good with Forest Whitaker is that pool movie with Tom is a Tom Cruise color of money Forest Whitaker color of money wait you didn't mean of it was the allergy biography and we don't have any like many mysteries or anything although we could do a relationship advice as.

Always oh so what was phenomen some angels but what do you all think to Gerald did Carol Baskins do it that's yeah okay we didn't wrap up you're right no I don't think she did I think I I think she's just an idiot to be honest part of it is do I think she's capable and yes I definitely think she's capable but maybe the person we see in the.

Documentary he's capable but when she killed him she was much younger was that person capable I think so you're not always capable of being a murderer you know I need to know I don't know I think she's definitely capable I'm leaning towards she might have done it I don't know it's hard to really say I don't think that she should be convicted she's.

Like you shouldn't be in jail no they have nothing against her yeah is that even a question no is she on trouble first so he shouldn't be in jail but um I definitely can't even be reopened it's weird too yeah I don't that's the thing I'm starting to realize is like there's like a bunch of tweets from the police department is like send us information.

We'll review everything and everyone gets excited about that like what about the normal crimes that are happening in Tampa Florida like why don't you guys do those like why are we just going like should the police really be flocking to what's popular on the internet and stuff I feel like that's a bad system I mean every case deserves its day in court or.

Whatever right but like at this point so much time has passed yeah there's a lot more serious things going on I think she should be basking in jail oh dude ha ha the question is who cares karma will give her in the end yeah how do you guys feel about karma I'm a big believer in karma you are not I'm not a believer in karma.

But I believe you get what you like you get back what you send out that's karma I guess manifest yeah no I'm not mr. bit they're quite different there's a couple levels because like the people whatever is around comes around that's not manifesting doesn't like the opposite yeah no I believe that too but.

Also like those people that are really cutthroat and are just like gonna it comes back to them by any means necessary I don't know a lot of the times they end up on top like who I don't know I can't think of examples okay well I think of like I don't know how this is this shitty say but like Steve Jobs stole from Xerox right did he.

I don't know yeah and then I don't know life and died sadly Steve Jobs yeah how do you live a terrible life I didn't read the biography that everyone run not a terrible life but like he passed away of cancer right that's not living a terrible life though but he's so young he still could be living and like thriving flourishing and creating so.

Much more of his company yeah who thinks exotic Joe is guilty I think Jeff is guilty I think Jeff manipulated him I think Jeff should be in jail not Joe the other thing though is Joe really took advantage of a lot of his workers like he paid them barely any money yeah like the lady got her arm cut off and she was.

Like back to work and two days it's like that's also on them I don't like that if you're if you're making millions and I assumed you always making millions make underwear if you're making millions of dollars you should share some of those profits with your employees you should at the bare minimum be paying them like enough money to live comfortably like.

Everyone interviewed was living in a trailer yeah but I feel like a lot of company a lot of people CEOs don't do that it's not just Joe but Judge happens to be in the show Jeff is the worst Steve Jobs daughter was on welfare is that true he refused to give child support until he was forced well that's.

More of like just not liking the woman probably right or is it child support child support no it has to do with your child alimony has to do with you know a lot of the time child support is about the wife too though isn't it no you have to pay child support you understand but the child support goes to.

The mother sure so in that sense yeah but I can't go to the child like welfare checks go to the parent not to the child yeah I yeah I don't know it's interesting to see what like all these billionaires do with their how much money they give to their kids yeah it is fascinating like Warren Buffett gives his kids barely any money that's what.

People like my dad would never become billionaires because my dad would just write me a billion-dollar Chuck yeah your daddy give you all the money yeah you would not you anything Vijay I would never be a billionaire because it'd just be good paying you uh yeah Steve Jobs is also a vegan that's true he was yeah I didn't know that he was drinking the.

Juice as he was doing it all my choices silent no just like the vegan juice you can juice at sunup riff-raff is also we found out recently oh yeah we guys we got a really cool video coming we did a bunch of cameo I don't know if you guys have heard you pay celebrities to give you advice we asked him for diet advice we did six.

People we didn't pay like a thousand bucks guys a 500 chill well not because Jadakiss didn't actually follow through yes you're a right map most men hate the ex so they don't want to give money to the kid yeah well then you're just a shitty ass husband or man or wife whoever has to pay warren buffett prepared his children no he didn't.

He's giving them like 10 million aged or is that Bill Gates Warren Buffett's giving his kids something I don't know everybody's doing it's like gonna trust something but yeah a lot of the times I don't know everyone hates that like these trust fund kids but they really have I feel like maybe the worst of it because what's what's rewarding as a.

Humanist progress and like pursuit of something better but one like your dad when your dad's Warren Buffett like what are you really gonna achieve that's better than Warren Buffett just like very unlikely right so also you shouldn't have to be on the same pedestal as him I think with that situation it's a lot of just like being.

Happy with what you have and just finding the simpler things to be does just that yes yes 10 million is a lot but when you have like 75 billion 10 million isn't a lot you know what we're doing it no it's it's already late yeah but good a little buzz going if you like that stuff still feel like we should do a relationship advice couple one maybe.

My alcohol tolerance is so bad mm-hmm okay guys it's back relationship advice so this is I'm reddit where people submit relationship questions they have and redditors give their feedback so we skim through I 45 male cannot deal with my wife 39 female parents living with us anymore this is a lot of people yeah the week of our wedding her parents.

Approached her about staying with us for awhile I've never wanted to say no to anything as much as I did in that moment so to me right when you get married if your parents wanted to live with us I would say of course yeah but in my our culture my my dad would never do that to us yeah Indian culture not allowed to live.

With their daughter we're getting close to a decade of them being here and it was supposed to be short term but if we're just getting married your parents and my passion approaches like unless we go into the marriage being like okay my parents have to live with us or your parents off to live with us right yeah.

They get married and then out of the blue and he can't stand them at all and it's been ten years well then you got to get them out but you can't right I don't know you got to be more assertive you got to talk to your wife like if you had a good relationship your wife would know at least right and maybe try and do something I would think so I know this.

Is a terrible like this I feel bad yeah I don't know my parents are so proud they would never never asked me to live with me I would force my dad to live with us I think it's a Midwestern pride you would force her dad your dad would be fun yeah might not be great he like couldn't I can say no to any my alcohol is a secret ingredient to murder.

She ate yeah my Lee is always like I'm out Thank You next MSA or the father uses money for his needs not the child's extracurricular or academic needs it happens both ways how are you guys doing when are we gonna get to leave our houses I know this is pretty crazy hopefully everyone's doing really well and making the most of it I made cheese.

Today I don't know why I just shared back yeah it was good said someone's just in chat said I love garlic none oh are you talking about like our recipe or just normal garlic now girl that sounds really good carmine is delicious let's see here what else we got one more high 34 female feel like I do everything for my boyfriend's 30 32 male daughter.

But I don't get treated like I do I'm 34 he's 32 his daughter is six dating three years and living together 1.5 I have no children but I am divorced since we started dating stepped into the stepmom role pretty quickly he wanted me to meet his daughter about a month or so into us seeing each other I was hesitant but.

Loved her instantly blah blah blah the quarantine hit and now 50:50 has taken a toll on me I don't have any kids and never have since my boyfriend is essential I'm watching his daughter every Monday and Tuesday for almost 12 hours and we have every other weekend some weeks oh so her husband's working or the.

Boyfriends work and she's basically just taking the care of the daughter like it's her own daughter and I'm posting this because I made a big dinner and his daughter said my daddy is my real daddy mommy is my real mommy name her name is my stepdad but I don't have a stepmom and that makes me sad oh she's she's the step girlfriend not the stepmom so I've.

Acted as a stepmom for my boyfriend's kid who doesn't consider me a stepmom I feel bad and don't know what to do well she's a six year old girl you can't really like take that too personally she just doesn't understand that I she's right she doesn't have a stepmom because you and the guy aren't married and you can't have expectations of a.

Six-year-old and I'm right you can't have expectations like I mean you're an adult she's six would be my first thought but I understand feeling like a little helpless that you can't sway her opinion of you but what she's six just keep keep at it like what I don't like yeah you it's fine that you feel bad but you also are dating someone who you know.

Has a daughter so like you're gonna have to take care of this daughter at some point and until you guys are married you're just a girlfriend right that could in and out of the life mm-hmm needs to stop competing with her stepdaughter oh I guess that's kind of it – that's weird get a job somewhere else and move so it.

Forces them to move that was for the previous one that seems like a a worker thing so she that's a pretty extreme worker out do you think we will be here until we have a vaccine no I mean the yeah what was that that Miley just meowing orchids outside I think it's Miley I think that was Miley I mean we can't be.

In here until we have a matte vaccine in like a year or two years like that's not the economy just dies and every job doesn't exist and like people starve to death I don't think that's possible yeah okay should we call it I guess we should call it this was a fun one maybe I should just drink every Thursday for mercier yep we'll see you next time I.

Really drink anything what is this I'm drinking but I'm just I get saucy earth quicker than you do that's true so official ruling I would say there's probably an 80% chance Carole did it oh I'm just I don't think she did that you don't think she did it hmm I mean she changed the will though so should one of the money that's to.

Meet you out there terrific yeah I know that doesn't make someone a murderer right no but I mean that makes you think of she might be a bad person you think you just died in the plane crash for something oh I don't know yeah maybe you got killed in Costa Rica first drug-related right if he was in the drug trade and they use like shorting someone.

They killed them yeah I guess that would be like one of his slicker moves yeah that is Miley isn't it yeah what she doesn't sound good she sounds like she was birthing kittens all right maybe 5% so someone all right guys
Murder She Ate - Did Carole Baskin Feed Her Husband to the Tigers?
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