Murder She Ate – Casey Anthony

Murder She Ate – Casey Anthony

Murder She Ate – Casey Anthony

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Hello we're live what's going on guys murder [__] we haven't done it in about two weeks I think yeah you didn't want to do it last week yeah I was like we should drink no let's not do it it's a big case today and mega has all the info I was supposed to help I didn't we all we chose a big case maybe they thought.

We're gonna do it together Here I am having done it all I know a decent amount about this so I think a lot of us know a lot about this case because Casey Anthony this was like one of the first pretty big ones at least like Nancy Grace era this was like I think her prime pretty much this case yeah I don't know much about her but um.

Nancy Grace you know she has the like Nancy Grace seriously [__] I don't know if she's very good just like a lot of the time she just assumes they're guilty sometimes they're not guilty 131 minutes later no we're eight minutes late that wouldn't even make sense when we have started 31 minutes ago 7:40 there's like 7:40 -.

Yeah we got two drinks I got a lemon sparkling water it's just working right yeah and I got a tea I'm not big on teas but they help with my vocals a little bit and we do have Theo here but the power's out on this thing what do you get the power's out oh there was a super church when I gave it to you know there was a two bars and it died that quickly.

Yeah go run to get the charger okay geez tabs on our baby there is a child um Ashley said this is an interesting case to me I've always been fascinated I can't wait to talk about it interesting is not the word that I came away with after doing it I did a a lot of research and I feel like I'm not even gonna cover it that well I'm sorry guys I feel like.

There's so much to it and I wanted to get a lot of different like perspectives Fila there's only really just one and it's like I guess I'm kind of giving away what I feel about moms guilty you know I think that's the consensus across the nation to be honest Oh Casey didn't report her daughter for 31 days I see what you're saying that's when you said.

31 minutes late but yeah interesting is not the word I was very I'm struggling to get through this case just because I'm a mom and I just it didn't sit with me I didn't I don't understand I'll just never really understand Oh 22 can you see Anthony in Jody areas to the best cases Oh Jodi arias they're the.

Best cases ever I like hate yeah like I don't know best is the word I know interesting no no that like best and just those those kind of words just don't make sense for me anymore like now that I'm a mom true crime has just gone down the toilet what was Jay Aguilera the guy that was killing it in the chat the other week I mean you always ask me.

She just said it's murder ja rule voice so yeah if you guys are new this is not about kita we just tell crime stories we usually eat but we do it late now because it's Theo so we don't really eat this late I got some drinks though she told Minton maybe schedule and Matt's more into it yeah yeah did anyone listen to the Lulu is.

Everted album today I didn't listen to it yet but it's like a big deal everyone's talking about it yeah she had her baby when she was 19 though but I mean yeah she's 22 when she died I do make sense okay well I got the mini mystery oh we're doing mini mystery where are you sure this is long it's really short okay you guys can't tell.

I'm not I'm not pumped on this first the mini mystery okay so this is just a quick one it is a video on the Internet I'm just gonna play it it's one minute long we'll talk about it here that's it what was that third clip I don't know just something like high class Lent yeah what do you guys think.

Of that no it's not real not a real million that's kind of what I thought it's like pretty I think I'm a famous like tape though it's pretty cool remembering every alien oh yeah what was the purpose of it no real purpose I think someone like leaked it and everyone I think I've seen it before like 10 years ago.

It was like kind of a big deal like just people thinking that it was like leaked footage from area 51 or something the way the aliens burnt the individual or whatever is blinking it looks cool looks like it's not faked looks real but it kind of seems like it's a fake old looking video I think it was made more recently you got a ghost a nice thing.

Someone says it's good if you like Uzi okay I like him yeah and they are one of the new songs today when I was listening to music in the car I don't like it well we did the Delphi murders I think already yeah you can go back and watch that one we've done quite a few for dollar donation from Susan Zaragoza.

Thank you sweet College film project yeah that's kind of what it seems like what is the alien wearing baby gasps uh-huh okay you want to jump into it okay so I am doing the death of Caylee Anthony everyone calls it the Casey Anthony case and now I'm just like why do we call it the Casey Anthony case because she's a.

Murderer I think usually you go by the death or the disappearance of the person victim you know this is a Caylee Anthony case at the time Casey Anthony was 22 and Caylee Anthony was born on 8 9 2005 so she was about two and a half when no she was three yeah when she went missing or found dead so Casey had her when she was 19 mm-hmm did Casey go to college.

Not that I no no no that's not just definitely not something I looked at so Casey grew up in Orlando Florida with her parents and her brother Lee her parents Cindy and George are very big parts of this case from start to finish as you'll see as I continue to talk about it and she was always described as a partier and you know people described.

Like something like that and yeah yeah we're all partiers but you kind of get that idea when Kaylie goes missing because she continues to party and like drink and like she's seen out in clubs even when her daughter is quote-unquote missing yeah so another extreme per year on August 9 2005 when Casey Anthony was 19 she had.

Her daughter Caylee we got a huge donation okay $3 van Luke 7 oh my goodness family I think that might be the biggest yeah my favorite cater recipe of yours is the cinnamon buns thank you for what you do and keep the great recipes coming oh thank you that's a sweet van Luke that is a really good recipe yeah pull him up yeah so the.

Biological father has never been confirmed so we don't know who Caylee his father is her fiance at the time was tested and he was not to be the father so Casey Anthony has been Constantia Casey Anthony at the time wanted at the time of birth wanted to put Caylee up for adoption and she was pretty adamant about it about this and she even tells.

Her friend and her friend like testifies to this but her mom was very much against this and her mom said you live with me you're gonna keep the child and the mom said she will offer to help raise Caylee Casey wanted to give her up for adoption yeah from from the beginning okay so they so as I mentioned she lives with her parents okay Lee then.

Lives with her grandparents at her mom in mid June of 2008 Casey Anthony got into a pretty big fight with her parents and they thought she wasn't because they thought she wasn't being responsible now if she was you know going out and she wasn't really taking good care of Caylee and so due to this fight Casey Anthony leaves the house on June 16th with.

Caylee and as far as anyone knows this is the last time Caylee is seen aside from Casey Anthony right because Casey Anthony had seen her daughter she was with her so the parents hadn't seen her grandparents who were very active in Kelly's legs had not seen her past June 16 the parents would call often and ask to speak to Kelly because Casey had left.

With Caylee and didn't come back she was like upset she went and stayed with her boyfriend Tony actually and every time the parents would call Casey would you know make up and ice here she'd be like she's with the nanny she hired a nanny we'll get into the nanny or you know she's just busy she can't talk so there's always a reason as to why Caylee.

Couldn't get on the phone so there's the nanny Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez and come to find out this is just like a made-up person that Casey never exists no she exists but she's never met the family she knows nothing about them and she was just kind of pulled into this because Casey used her name she wasn't actually.

Like a nanny or a cleaner no they had never met before up on the internet it was like no I mean maybe she just made up the name and just so happens someone has the name okay so Zenaida I wouldn't make up the names a night Oh though would you unless you live in Florida you know other knows the night us okay right I don't think there's a lot of like.

Hispanics and there's not a commons Hispanic name Zenaida I don't know I mean Megha probably isn't common to you but it's very common in India yeah I would just go like with like Gabrielle Gonzales like that would be like something like that you know very generic yeah but if you're also making up a name aren't you gonna go a little.

Non-generic so that that person's not actually discovered but sanaya yeah maybe you're right okay yeah what's a good strategy um okay so on July 13th okay sorry so on July 13 2008 Cindy and George Casey's parents get a call that the family car that Casey Anthony was using it's a 1998 white Pontiac was abandoned.

And totsuzen a lot and they had to go pick it up so the father went to pick it up and he noticed that Casey Anthony's purse along with Kaylee's car seat and some of Kaylee toys were left in the car which is weird this is still a perfectly good car that like she should be driving around yeah yeah and you also notice that that the.

Car had a smell of a decomposing body in it which is not a common smell and I feel like you would know right like it's it's not something that can be easily mixed up with another type of smell Oh have you heard this theory they think zani the nanny was code-named yeah why are we talking about this just started okay okay so um and what's interesting.

To note because I was like oh we does he know the smell of a decomposing body but he actually he was involved with a police department he worked in a sheriff's office for a real long time not at the time of finding the car but so he I would have said an officer though no but he worked at the sheriff's office and some other kind of roles.

These law enforcement this is like a you know solid family yeah so he said the car smelled the car truck in particular smelled like a decomposing body and I wouldn't put it past him to know what that is because he's has you know maybe some run-ins with it were County Sheriff's Office and then it's also important to note that the trunk has.

Several trash bags in it like really old gross trash Pizza maggots just like really really gross stuff so then you might be thinking like maybe that's just a smell that I'm smelling yeah so at this time the parents realized that Casey Anthony was lying because she had said that she was going on a mini to Jacksonville when in fact she was.

Still there in Orlando at her boyfriend Tony Lazzara house so Cindy went over to Tony's I remember how they find out that she's at Tony's but she's at Tony's the entire 31 days that Kaylee's missing that she left all right these guys a solid couple now or is this like a new relationship her and Tony they were dating for I don't know how long but her.

Parents just didn't know about the boyfriend but they were they were dating then is this his apartment or her partner and he lives with two a roommate is he older no okay same age him and is remainder like DJ's so they would always go out they would be DJing all the time and Casey would go with them to whatever gigs they had so you'd.

Have to think so maybe the boyfriend just thought like the mom and dad were watching Caylee this whole time too like he might not have known anything was weird yeah and he's also like a 22 year old boyfriend does he care about the child I don't know well I mean but whenever whenever she came up Casey would say she's either with a night out.

Or she's with the parents so that's that was actually what she said so sick you went over to Tony's house right after they she got in a fight with her parents no no sorry so Cindy went over to Tony's house and brought back Casey and she continuously was asking where's Kaylee I haven't seen Caylee I want to see her and Casey's stuck with the response that.

She was with the nanny is an item well you know we just got an actual break in the case if the boyfriend took Casey's last name his name would be Anthony Anthony his name's Tony yeah Anthony we could just be Tony that's not it's Anthony what about CEO well that's different please but most people whose name is.

Tony it's Anthony's a real name what that's a wide assumption Oh what percent of people that's named are Tony is a real name Anthony in chat let's go I'd say 90 oh you got an Amber Alert when this happened oh yeah we get Amber Alert it's like once every couple of weeks probably yeah pretty often yeah how is she paying the nanny that's.

A good question too well there is no nanny guys I know but if there was one also the first time our nanny took Theo out on a walk in the neighborhood we got an Amber Alert remember that yeah it was not the first time but yeah it was like that was the first was like around the first time and he's luckily it's a like Toyota Camry cuz we would.

Have been like stroller walking but I was thinking like who would have notified her about the police about the Theo no obviously wasn't deal for anthem I had though it was just scary for a moment okay um so like I said the mom was harassing Casey like I want to see Caylee where is she so Casey told her mom as she would tell everyone that.

She's with the nannies in either so um she told Casey issues like okay well I want to see her anyway take me to her so they get him to the car and Casey basically takes her mom on a wild goose chase and she does this a couple times and I want to just point out that like when I first started researching you know there's so much like oh she's so.

Manipulative she's a liar she's this Matt and I was like is she though like you know it's easy to say like she's a murderer so she's probably a liar but just all the lies she's just like there's there's something off about her people have this chemistry where it's just like I'll deal with it later like when let's just get in the car and I'll.

Take you to her when you don't know where you're going and you just start like making stuff up on the way and you just like keep on bashing down this wall of Lies so you got this far though it is pretty insane that's not like a smart person who like who's like I'll deal with it later and just keep him building while alive right yeah you get caught.

Usually yeah and she didn't she's still not caught oh so they get into the car wild-goose chase and actually Cindy's mom I didn't know that Sydney's mom is the one who calls the cops Cindy Casey's mom is one who calls the cops on Casey and she calls 911 three times the first time Oh turn on his monitor I didn't turn it on.

Hopefully it's not crying big money no whammy no whammy yes passed out so Cindy calls 911 three times so let me first three times yeah was Casey a stripper is someone in chat said that no she's just like partied a lot she Pothier okay so let me first give you a couple little notes and then we can listen to Julius Julius then we.

Listen to snippets okay so the first call was just to have someone come out and her arrest her daughter for grand theft so there's no speed like no issue of like Kaley missing nothing of that is in my call second call is about the fact that now Kaylee's missing we can't find her grand theft of what the car the family car the.

Pontiac 1998 that was towed stolen money and grand theft and then the third call is when this is when Casey finally they're back at home out I like not driving in the car anymore she finally reveals to her mother and her brother early that the nanny stole Caylee and she says there's something wrong I found my daughter's car today.

And it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car so her mom yeah he's the one that says the dead body smell and she also yeah reports that the nanny stole Kaylee so we can write I did some time stamps so I'm thinking just kind of the progress of this family dynamic 31 days ago there she's living at home with her parents seems to be.

There's probably like some back and forth like arguments like teenage girls whatever early 20th women are like that right there you'll get an argument same with men but um and then the relationship rapidly devolved cuz she runs out of the house lives with her boyfriend and then I get in a fight and she leaves with her daughter and then.

Her mom calls the cops for a grand theft auto yeah well this just paints a picture of the kind of family they are right like my parents who call the cops on their children but alright yeah I mean at some point you have to though right yeah so ever yeah I don't know would you ever call the cops on Theo yeah if I.

Thought he did something to my grandchild his son or daughter right yeah you have to report that anyway okay let's play the 911 call so start go to 210 210 and it's only a couple seconds I want you guys to listen to the conversation during the Rings because that's what was interesting to me let me know how the audio is also I think if I.

Turn this off so what are you making back she was asking her mom for one more day yeah like two to produce her granddaughter yeah to not tell the cops isn't that wild for someone who has quota has been searching for their daughter for 31 days and wants one more day like that's like.

Saying like don't Brown to me one more day one more day of games one more hour of TV before bed yeah I guess weird right yeah bad sound really low bad audio though that was too low it is okay I'll play it one more time sorry guys you can read the words oh I didn't even have that I'm sure okay I'll play it one more time.

Our bad yeah right that's it so it doesn't seem like someone who is mourning the disappearance of her child obviously cuz she wants one more day to not have to deal with the cops yeah I think her mother knew something that her daughter did but it was hard to admit to herself yeah I would agree yeah.

I mean we'll definitely talk about that Dan the parents continue to play a big role okay so let's go to the next call mark 6:12 so what's really tough for grandmas India is that she wants to protect her daughter but torn because her grand baby was missing poor woman yeah that's true but I mean wait what time.

6:12 but your daughter's already had a chance at like being a grown-up right that baby hasn't really had a chance yeah you feel you feel an innocent child okay okay okay okay what is the three-year-olds name Hayley CA why le E Anthony Caylee Anthony yes okay is she why Parker Hispanic his wife how long has she been missing four.

Aries I really just wanted you guys to hear the mom making that statement because it does come back up when we hit court but that sounded genuine right yeah what's david though that she smelled a dead body or that she hasn't seen her in a month no let's just no just the dead body part we let it wait let it go on a little too long um.

And then mark 8:42 oh hey pretty – yeah and so I guess I'll preface this so this is when the night um one person asked to talks to Casey so this is the third call and Casey says that she's gone through other resources to find her which was stupid so like so and I on one person's like the responders like why did why are you waiting 30 days to call bro it was.

Like I went through other resources okay yes female 3 years old 8 9 2005 her date of birth yes and you last saw her a month ago 31 days 31 days to have her give a name her name is Fernando Gonzalez who is that babysitter she's been my nanny for about a year and a half almost two years why are you calling now why didn't you call 31 days.

Ago I've been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her which was stupid okay can you can you give me the name of the banany again like spelling out for me so she's given middle name of the nanny that makes me think she somehow knows this person but maybe that's kind of part of her tactic – yeah I don't think.

She has a tactic I think she's just she got very lucky but uh she's gone through other resources to find her daughter what does that even mean to you I don't know like you're looking for her on your own maybe like private investigator but if it's if it's not your fault you would just immediately call the police yeah regardless yeah yeah yeah anyway.

Okay so these calls happen police arrive sometimes passed by but like that day or the next day when the police get there Casey Anthony informs them that informs them that she she searched all the places that Caylee could have gone or would have been was often at with the nanny so like the park in the grocery store and then she was too embarrassed.

To go home to face her parents because Caylee was stolen so she went to her boyfriend so this is what her she said and I mean like I don't buy it but like it is embarrassing right it would be embarrassing but wouldn't your concern for the child override that money you're a child yourself yeah I guess that's the thing there's 22 is.

Young I'll say that you're still thinking like I to prove my parents wrong all this right can take care of a kid yeah so Casey Anthony even takes the police to the nanny's house interestingly because that police truck all right let's let's take me to zan I this house and no one is in the house and there's not even any furniture in.

The apartment so they have no connection to the night I've Gonzalez so this is a red house that she took the police to yeah it's a random apartment complex and the police even go back the following day because it was night at that time and they find out that like the manager says that there's no record of as an eye that ever living here and that apartment.

Had been vacant she just went to a random house for a while yeah and picked the right place cuz what if someone lived there and she knocked you know I'm saying yeah um so I guess just quickly before we jump in further like what does this say to you now you're a parent like why is Casey lying right like why is she lying about.

Where's the knight of lives why does she like she hi like watches you for mom on a goose chase you know I think about um well I assume the cops were like hey look we gotta meet Zenaida now so take us to her right but why not just say there is no nanny listen what she does she always lies she always like just easiest path of least resistance like.

I'll tell them there is a night I'll figure it out on the car ride how do I get out of this one that's just it seems like she repeatedly does is this is her tactic for everything okay yeah so and then I feel like I just I had to keep reminding myself but during the time that Caylee was supposedly missing the 31 days Casey Anthony was out partying.

She took part in a hot body competition which is talked about at length and she even got a tattoo during this period that said bellavita sorry bellavita which means beautiful life she had a tattoo well the child was missing then the 31-day period and she didn't tell any before what if that's so crazy she didn't even tell anyone that Caylee was.

Missing she just went on with her life like she didn't tell a single person not her boyfriend and her parents not her friends so like if your daughter's missing and you're at all concerned you tell someone right like I don't think she's at all concerned that's a thing right I think the child was purely a negative in her.

Life she didn't want it that whole thing just no responsibility for her actions someone says a full-time nanny makes maybe like eight hundred a month you have not been pricing nannies lately no 800 months no one makes a hundred dollars a month full-time yes I'm Danny you're making way more than a 32,000 probably over yeah Mauro not 800 anyway.

I mean nannies make like 15 to 20 dollars an hour now I got a the numbers what is that for 2400 four weeks in a month yeah but at times 40 how are the hours times 4 yeah 24 so probably 2600 a month for a nanny full-time um so you can show those pictures if you want just give me I mean I feel like I've seen all these pictures.

I feel like before but pictures of okay show you show pictures of feel no not right now terrible case cute pictures of Theo here okay so we got some pictures so this this is part of the hot body competition she's like grinding he's in a hot body competition while her child's missing yeah she's out with her DJ boyfriend so.

That has to be boyfriend doesn't even know Kaylee's missing this has to be a personality disorder of some kind right like you know on the spectrum of narcissism psychopathy you know one of those denial go on that's just another picture you look so happy yeah she's happier than I've ever looked.

In my life is that all that's the tattoo bellavita position for tattoo I'm not getting it of my upper lower my upper left back are you no but that means beautiful life in Spanish or something anything in an Italian oh so so that happens during the time she goes missing so I guess take a take a quick little intermission and.

Something that I watched a video and I thought this was interesting so it just and this always comes up right like how did the person react what do they look sad do they cry what did they do right so grief right so grief can manifest in very different ways strange ways right so this is who's that a minute knocks yeah her form of grief.

Apparently was just to like make out with her boyfriend and flower in front of police yeah so like people do crazy things I don't means you're necessarily guilty just because you react in a crazy way so there's two interpretations that could be put out there about Casey Anthony's behavior the first was that she wasn't.

Concerned that her daughter was missing for 30 days she went out partying showing how callous she is a human being mm-hmm the second and this is what the defense used was that it was a coping mechanism and that she was in shock she was compartmentalizing the fact that her daughter was missing and this clubbing wasn't normal behavior but an.

Extreme because she was in denial so I like I get that you know to a degree I could see yeah a little bit of that like she probably partied regularly she was you know a partier but yeah if you if you um kill your daughter I think there should be some kind of psychological study done on her because she seems like a perfect test case but yeah she.

Probably tell our daughter then she's not a test case yeah she probably compartmentalized it and it probably did make her like just go clubbing and stuff more to take her mind off of it I would think and just maybe even the tattoo is like I got to live it up while I'm still free or I yeah I just have to remind myself that life is beautiful aside from.

My daughter being dead or whatever the case is my daughter's missing I bet you she probably got really drunk one night and just like was telling everyone she killed her daughter too I wouldn't think that I don't think so I mean no one came forward saying that I'm sure someone would you don't hide like something that's a three-year-old um okay so on.

July 16 2008 Casey Anthony is arrested on charges for child neglect and she told the authorities and so when she's questioned she tells the authorities that she works at Universal Studios currently so they end up taking her there because they want to they want proof that's my favorite part that she works there um and she just walks them.

Around for a while and then eventually she reaches the dead end at which point she turns to the cops and she's like okay I don't work here anymore but supposedly they already knew this and they were just wanting to like see what she does because they had already gone Universal Studios and checked with the.

Supervisor who told them she hadn't worked there for two years probably said they could match this behavior pattern up to other things well to see if she would come forward and say something aside from these lies so like that so that was like like one of the one of the big lies right so she walks them around Universal Studios super super weird yeah.

So she was probably looking for an in like you know maybe there's a way I can actually make this work and pull this off yeah she probably walked around for a while like looking at you know someone working the t-shirts then maybe he could pretend to be a manager so this is like all probably going through her head and this was only 1993 it was 2011 guys like.

Get your [__] together how does she get off anyway Linna virtue so as more research was done on Zenaida the nanny that supposedly stole Kaylie and disappeared it was revealed that the nanny never existed and it was just a made-up name by Casey Anthony and did she have a nanny no so that is how proficient of a liar.

She is she has first middle last name picked out for the nanny we've been having her come regularly for about the last year and a half now just like like it's no big deal she has this all planned out and then this woman is a needs an Ida Gonzalez that came forward ends up suing Casey for defamation because she dealt with a lot of stuff.

Afterwards after her name she was out there I didn't look I didn't look into it yeah but that's crazy right yeah like what if someone was like my nanny was mega Bera and then I'm just like what yeah my life superhero Kinect yeah my life's ruined well that's why you don't like jump the gun on this stuff like if you're Nancy.

Grace which she always jumps a gun like if you just start like pointing out this is an ayah is responsible for this thing and I know it's a night up and then she's not did that one Nancy Grace did I don't think she did that I've never seen Nancy Grace so an in addition to these lies there was no sense of urgency when I was listening to.

Interviews or concern to give like true information to the police right so like if you if your daughter or your child and missing and you want the truth to be found you're not lying they're not walking them around Universal Studios wasting everyone's time so obviously this is very odd and they even like had approached it from an angle where they.

Were like okay you know Casey are you scared to bring Kaylee around your grandmother for some reason so you're hiding her whereabouts I'm Casey like tonight this she's like no no there's no problem and it's like I feel like that would have been a perfect storm right there she was like yeah you know what like my mom is abusive I don't know if.

You're gonna lie you need to throw someone under the bus but they were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and she just continued to lie and she even lied like I said to her boyfriend Tony about Kaylie's whereabouts saying that she was with the nanny or she was with her grandparents um so did you watch that clip I sent you.

Of her in prison no cuz yeah it was like you want to do it right now well did you watch it it's like kind of you didn't watch it no cuz I didn't know what I was comparing it against oh the Hulu one did you watch it a little I didn't watch the Hulu on ok well did you watch this one a little bit of it okay so we'll just play it and.

I guess see what Jillian did preview it let me have you sweetie what right from the beginning no it was maybe seven seconds did I say yes that's a chance so basically just the beginning okay here we go got a video for you hey mom none of us she's been sick.

That's dad's blowing up with the media yeah I heard someone just said that Caylee was dead this morning that she drowned at the pool that's the newest story out there he's prior surprised so when I first saw that clip I saw it in a part of the Hulu Series on JC Anthony and they cut it to make it seem.

More shitty than it actually is so it went from the mom say you know terrible news they found Casey the Casey's remains were found this morning or whatever it's a part of what's rise and she the moms just like surprise surprise and then they're like how dare she say surprise surprise when she finds out that her daughter's dead and I was like.

Oh my god who reacts like that but then you hear this and it was just like the media throwing stories out there but still right is it odd for her to react like that I don't know their current like knowledge of the case at the point of this this talk but it seems like the daughter is not acting appropriately for her daughter like her daughter's yeah.

I'm missing yeah I would be like what of course she didn't drown I was home that day I would be yelling excited it gonna feel like what's the latest with Caylee like what's going on where she had today yeah any find her like yeah and like there's other calls of her you know talking to a family friend and in the call she's just very adamant about.

Getting Tony's number she has no concern of like what's happening with Caylee and she keeps like asking like connect jail yeah because she was in jail for child neglect when she was arrested for a while so at this point she's talking to her mom it's been a month she's been in jail and she just keeps asking for Tony's number and everything she says is.

Just very like standoffish and like just it makes me uncomfortable because she clearly doesn't care she said no one believes me no one's letting me speak and it's like why is that your concern you want your daughter right back alive anything okay so on July 17th the office officers searched Cal Casey Anthony's 1998 Pontiac and a cadaver dog named.

Jairus and I just I liked his name yes geru as that Jerris yeah yeah so Jerrod's is used in the search and the handler takes the dog around the car and he's instantly attracted to it and once they have lured or Jerris tries to get into the back of the truck so he goes into the backseat and tries to get into the truck and so Jerris and the handler.

Then also go out to the anthony residence and the dog gives a trained final alert to the play area by the playhouse and the sandbox wait that's in the backyard of the Anthony household okay play house so this have a bunch of kid toys in the backyard yeah and like a sandbox and stuff um we're not getting any of that.

Stuff are we a bunch of stuff down so I we always talk about this but like our cadaver dogs reliable and should they be admissible in court I think yeah I think they're pretty reliable but yeah I think any time you use it we need like some data like 97% success rate like how accurate are they yeah cuz whenever we've done it took another thing is like.

With all the DNA evidence like that's like for awhile I think they don't really it's not like this anymore but like in the middle early two-thousands like any one time there was DNA the jury just like went for it like crazy and it was like not that sound science at the time yeah but you could just be like we have DNA evidence and the jury was like.

Haha because I got DNA it must be truth what is that always right but in court a during cross-examination of the handler he did the handler testified that after technicians have examined the area and scraped the surface of the land Jerris the Jerris did not alert in the backyard the following day when he returned scrape the surface of what the.

Area of the land in the backyard scraped it what does that mean well just like took like when they like go I don't all like scrape it just scrape yeah maybe like to test oh they scraped it and then had him test on that yeah maybe they tested it and so then know when Jerris went back after the land had been scraped he didn't.

Smell anything oh okay so that to me discredit the dog but what about the car he's still yeah just the backyard he didn't write you didn't alert to the back what the car were pretty clear like the dog said there was body in there yeah I heard maybe not right so the defense speak to the car smell that you know there's dried out trash and spilled.

Cleaning products in the car that could have also caused a foul smell so that's the defense says because there's we'll get to the pieces of evidence that the really defense has to disprove but that is one thing they say and then along with the smell in the car there's also found a human hair and a stained area that could have been the size of a child.

So these are like the big pieces of that where was this in the trunk okay so on August 27 2008 air samples are taken from the car and indicated that human remains were in fact in the trunk and this is due to the chloroform levels found in the air sample and other gases that are consistent with the decomposing body and it was actually discussed.

Whether the jury would be allowed to smell the samples and I couldn't find if the judge admit it I like allowed this but I don't think he did because because there was like I don't think there was anything about like I couldn't find anything when the jury got to smell it but there was a lot of discussion about it so the prosecution and the defense.

Each brought their own experts and they talked about how this makes sense or how it doesn't make sense and I can touch on that briefly but even though talking about the smell again even though Cindy originally said it smelled like a dead body and she's a nurse so I feel like she would know when speaking to the cops during questioning and there was video.

Footage of it and on the stand when she's questioned she actually retracts that she says that it smelled like rotting pizza that was in the trash okay so that to me is like you don't say something that severe and then take it back unless you're just trying to protect well yeah so like maybe when she first.

Smelled it he said she wanted to just she said she said that on the phone because she wanted a reason for the cops to come out in a hurry that's not good yeah I think it's more likely that she's like come to terms like okay I'm not getting my granddaughter back I can still try getting my daughter back sort of like JonBenet Ramsey style yeah yeah.

And then on October 14th 2008 Casey Anthony is indicted by a grand jury on the charge of the first-degree murder aggravated child abuse wait do we have a body yet yeah oh did I not tell you guys no where's that waiting for the body no the mom is lying yeah that's probably the most likely I miss real pizzeria pizza is pretty great it's pretty much.

Perfection can't really top it Oh looks like P Webb just had a funny joke here everyone saying P Webb had a funny one where's P Webb in here no so she was indicted on all these charges before the body was found Oh for murder usually you need a body for murder I think just the evidence about like be okay with the stuff so.

Yeah she's indicted for first-degree aggravated child abuse aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of providing false information for the police so she's arrested later that day held without bond held without bond and during her arraignment she pleads not guilty to all counts on December 11 2008 a meter reader by the name of Kronk is.

Given the route that's on the way back to the aunt that's on the way to the Anthony's home so like he passes by the home and as he's like passing through the woods he notices a bag and he knows it's like a big trash bag and he knows some stuff in it and he actually uses like a stick to like pick some of the stuff up and it turns out that it's.

Candies remains that was just in the woods not too far from the Anthony house how far do we know I think I heard something like 20 feet or add something like that close probably not that low but you I'm sure you look it up I mean that's a smoking gun continue it wasn't that close but on December 19th a medical examiner confirms that the.

Remains were actually those of Kaylee's and the death is ruled a homicide but the cause of death is listed as undetermined see that says near the family home it doesn't say how close though but probably pretty close so we don't know the cause of death we just know that it was ruled a homicide so um there's not a lot I guess to the.

Timeline here but the well the murder is kind of open-ended of when it could have taken place because she's missing for 31 days we're thinking probably towards the early end of the 31 days that would be my guess right y-yeah I guess so if she's out party if her if her boyfriend had never seen her well wait didn't on the 911 call case she is the one that.

Says 31 days right yeah so it seems like it might have been that same day that she got in a fight with her mom yeah that's it that's what the prosecution argues and that's what I would think because Tony never sees her okay so then you got to think what was the fight about except the fight was really just between like mom and daughter or parents.

And daughter I don't think you would murder your child that same night it must have been there must be more to the story yeah of course there's more than so anywhere I guess okay so evidence okay um some I want to say something but I'll bring that up when he saw evidence again so there's the smell of the car trunk which the prosecutor which the.

Defense robots saying that the trash yeah that's not sound evidence yeah um and chloroform isn't a lot of cleaning products a lot of products that would be found in a trunk so just because that comes off of a decomposing body mean that there wasn't decomposing the chloroform seemed to be a big deal wasn't the the thought that she actually.

Chloroformed one of the theories yeah okay second piece of evidence against her the hair in the trunk had a decomposition decomposition band so like if you compare pieces of hair something indicated that this was hair from a dead body yeah see yeah whenever I hear that I'm like it sounds sciency and like it's probably true but I don't know like.

Maybe you can tell we have my hair falls off of a body an hour after it dies it to me it doesn't seem like you would be able to tell that but maybe you can I don't know what I'm talking about yeah no I agree to an extent but the defense attorney really was just undercutting them at every angle with the science he's like he's like when he did the the.

Final closing statement using oh now we just made up science to prove a case like he was just constantly like putting science down that is what they do though in courtrooms it's a lot of made-up science it's a lot of playing on the emotions of the jurors it really doesn't even come down to the evidence or the expert witnesses because a lot of people.

Can't even understand what the experts are saying right so it's up to the defense attorney in the prosecution to really put it in a lace layman's terms whoever does that the best really is the winner honestly like whichever lawyer is the most likeable is commonly the winner or even like I wasn't like a boy skeezy looking or even like the way the.

Defendant comes off or like courtroom demeanor plays into this pretty hugely yeah so a lot of stuff that probably shouldn't matter that actually really matters a lot there's also the duct tape that is found on sir the lower half of the job the skull and an expert witness for the prosecution says that where this duct tape was.

Placed on the skull would indicate that it was placed over a Kelly's mouth and nose causing her to suffocate so this could be totally intentional right to kill her because if her body if she's already dead why would you put duct tape on her face you wouldn't so you put it on before she was dead yeah so the defense robots that.

The using an expert witness that the remains were so skeletonized that it would have been impossible to tell where the duct tape was on Kelly's face when she wasn't just a skeleton so yeah I mean I'm probably more on board with that yeah so yeah looking at the defense's evidence or like how they were butted everything I mean they did a.

Really good job right because it's the burdens on the prosecution to prove that she without beyond a reasonable doubt committed a first-degree murder so the difference doesn't really have to do much I mean it's pretty obvious what happened but I'd say you don't have enough evidence to convince if it is obvious what happened though isn't that.

Enough to convince you I guess I don't really know it's what's the saying like you'd rather have one a hundred you rather have a hundred guilty men set free than one innocent man in jail which I that's probably the way you should go about these things yeah depends on you're not saying yes.

And then there's Google searches so they they checked the browser history on the Anthony's home computer because that's what they all used and several words were found in the browser history chloroform chest trauma internal bleeding how to make klore of chloroform and neck breaking and then foolproof suffocation.

Would chest trauma internal bleeding so the mom is a nurse so these are just all the words that came out that not in that order so these could have been read onesearch okay yeah they're in the browsers I don't think Casey would have been searching trust reform and how to make chloroform and foolproof suffocation right those are the three.

That stand out you don't commonly search foolproof suffocation and especially the fact that chloroform was fine at the scene yeah so to that point so to the Google searches chloroform and how to make chloroform in particular Sidney the mom testifies that she which is good for the defense she was searching the word chlorophyll and you don't know like.

Auto-populates chloroform came up why are you searching chlorophyll that right no oh because the dog we can eaten something in the backyard and got sick and she wanted to make sure that chlorophyll which is in like grass or flowers wouldn't kill him the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with these stories these ladies have so the.

Prosecution comes back and says well during the time at which these words were searched on the computer at home you were at work hmm but Sidney still you know with confidence says if those if those searches were made I made them I must have been at home and so she basically takes the fall for her daughter by.

Owning the searches why would Cayce have been at the house though like she went there snuck in when her parents were at home here is this before when she was still living there with them this was no this was the June this June the 16th she was still there she must have like got in a fight they went to work both the parents left and she left.

That day and as far as foolproof suffocation goes this phrase was actually missed in the search history and wasn't revealed until 2017 so it wasn't testified to in court so the jury never knew this was even searched because the police checked in the internet explorer browser history but not the firefox history it changes.

It I think it changes a [__] I'm sorry I think there's a lot why if the jury found like saw that she wrote like how do you how would the mom testified a full proof suffocation oh right because the mob took the fall for chloroform okay so yeah if you're assuming the jury's buying the mom's story that she was like I'm not assuming they bought.

That I'm assuming they think hey she was the one that searched all this stuff no I'm assuming that they bought the mom I don't think so but okay I mean my dog is sick i'm searching chlorophyll most people are doing no one searches chlorophyll when your dog's sick though you serious like dog eat grass why when she's a nurse so you would think like.

She wouldn't know maybe it makes that she was searching chlorophyll she knows a little more than we do but anyway I think that one thing would have made a big difference suffocation was also spelled wrong yeah I mean I don't like a lot of people don't know how to spell that especially nurse and like I like the.

Parents you think would know how to spell suffocation times people spell things wrong that's not a big deal like in a hurry full brew suffocation you spelled it wrong yeah but also like a 22 year old I don't actually is in a hurry doing this oh maybe she is I don't know okay so those are the big piece of evidence so the prosecution's theory is.

That Kaylee was rendered unconscious by Casey and using chloroform and then Casey duct tapes her mouth and nose so she could die in her sleep and then she so she puts in her bed and then when she dies she puts in her blankie put her in a blanket wraps her up in a trash bag puts her in the trunk and goes to her boyfriends and then the following night.

She goes out and she puts Kaylee into the woods that's the theory yeah simple what comes up when you get full proof suffocation I feel like her tactic here is not what you would commonly get well is now just case yes up okay that sounds elaborate to me for a Casey Anthony to like opt for that route making chloroform duct taping them.

Up like I better not made it though she made it they might have had at the house I remember yeah I don't know I seemed a little dubious to me for sure using SAT word prep words over here um so why kill Kaylee right that's the big question so on the day Kaylee went missing or she's last seen Casey Anthony and Tony are seen on camera footage in.

Blockbuster just rolling around casually getting movies checking out like this is the day yeah that Kayla goes my second so to me I think you're thinking of from a normal person perspective you just killed your daughter you must be like what's going on how can you just go to a blockbuster and rent DVDs but to her she's like she.

Just got out of school she just you know finished the exam that she's been studying for let's party yeah as I'm saying so this is the motive yeah so I'm describing things that would lead to the motive okay so and then Tony gets honest and um and he described Casey is happy not scared or sad at any point during those 31 days and says that you.

Know she never told him about Caylee be missing oh wait we actually do have a case update over here foolproof substitutions was what they were looking for it was a typo Cindy wanted to know if she can substitute oregano for time in a recipe just wanted to give you guys update on the actual facts of the case that's not the actual thing so then.

Again these photos that we showed earlier come out of her grinding so even the roommate spoke to the fact that him and Tony like the two of them are DJs so Casey would go to the clubs with them and party with them on the weekends during the time at which Caylee was missing so what I thought yeah so that that's a lot of it.

The defense their big thing at the start is they pin everything on the father George so they say are the defense attorney says the father found kaeleen dead in the pool so Kaley got into the backyard they were backyard in the pool not Funston she drowned in the pool and to help cover up for Casey he got rid of the body and then as to.

Why Casey lied so much the defense said that Casey was taught to lie from a child from from an age of 8 because starting at age 8 she was sexually assaulted by her father and she had to keep this very big secret all throughout her childhood is a wild story we have known about this know it's a very wild story and it's it I mean at.

Some point during the entire trial George the father tries to kill himself he look leaves a note everything he's not successful really yeah that's a father go along with it no say look he gets on the stand and he said he never sexually so Casey sexually assaulted Casey and then he wasn't even present in the house when Caleb died.

Mm-hmm so um just to give you an update right now the father strongly believes that Casey had something to do with the death and that he actually just she actually gave Caylee something and she died and then the mother still believes that Caylee drowned in the family pool so they don't have a relationship with Casey but their.

Relationship with one another which is beyond me because if I thought geo killed someone and you thought do didn't kill someone like how are we married stuff yeah yeah so the theories zanny the nanny was the one you said like two seconds into view that sounds a face not like I like going with theories like this because it's.

Cool but it doesn't seem so this was the father's thinking I'm really sick to me there's an X or something was given to Caylee and she never woke up Casey accidentally did it we're gonna dive into these theories a little agent so xanax with the nanny is a routine thing they would do I don't know just like make your pass out and then no.

Maybe it is a one-time thing it doesn't make sense because we're assuming the murder happened pretty early on in the 31 days like probably the first day yeah so no okay that's not it Caylee accidentally did drowned in the drown in the pool kids do drown in pools at like a pretty high rate but I don't.

Know three year-old kids do maybe they do I think good I'm sure she wasn't taking her daughter to swim lessons it's not out of the realm of possibilities but just knowing what I know about the reaction from KC it's hard for me to believe that that's what happened yeah another Z rumors that Casey's father.

Killed Caylee which I know I think it wise why would it not yeah Casey's Cup kisi covered Candy's face with duct tape to kill her I mean the duct tapes there yeah it was on the skull I don't know the whole means behind how it happened but yeah it seems like Casey killed there in case he used accidentally used too much chloroform.

And that killed her accidentally yeah Oh like but trying to kill her anyway with a different no maybe just trying to have her pass out because chloroform is used to pass people out not to just kill people yeah cuz like okay maybe it's her first side the way I think about it was like she's used to having the grandparents around help take care of.

Caylee I don't think you can buy chloroform I think you have to make it yeah maybe you can yeah can you believe like by Laura I think it's pretty easy to make though maybe can you legally buy chloroform no you have to make it it's been bad really easy to make at.

Home using bleach and acetone Mesa town yeah just mix things I guess yeah so that I mean if she did try to make it she could have just used too much bleach too much ice at home it's hard for me to imagine Casey Anthony making chlorophyll at home why I just don't see her doing that did you see her killing her daughter yeah yeah I just don't think.

It's like a chloroform duct tape theory I think it's probably yeah the duct tape audition just doesn't make sense if she drowned in the pool like someone said we didn't get a UH like a drug panel on Kaleigh did we you it was so she was so far removed from so I think she probably just like crushed up a bunch of pills or like something and just made her drink.

Something that would be probably the I think women like they poison a lot right that's a stat that the way number one way women kill their like loved ones I mean that's what happened in sick sense yeah that's probably more of what happened I would say because it's also the easiest way you don't have to like because also like in the movies.

Chloroform it's an instant thing but I think it takes some time to actually make someone pass out probably like five to ten seconds of breathing in and out okay not not like terribly long Casey retrieved Kaylee from the pool and begin mouth-to-mouth right now there's another pseudo fact by Alberta it was um the duct tape was to hold the plastic.

Wrap on her body maybe no but it was directly on the skull there wasn't a plastic wrap on the skull would even like wasn't right here there you can see the duct tape no the duct tape was found on the skull when those skull was found in the woods okay and just so I added something to this case I was doing a little digging.

And there's actually a follow-up interview of one of the jurors yeah have you seen that was it the old white man with balding no imagery number three it was a middle-aged woman and she isn't a likable person but I have to say her reasoning is quite sound with like just the way she was coming from every coming at the whole case it was like yeah I.

Think she probably did it but the prosecution didn't really give me a motive or a like means by how she did it so like we have no idea of what could have happened to Casey there's no real cohesive theory as to how Casey killed her so that's why we said not guilty yeah but that's not a good enough reason because if you genuinely believe that.

Casey did kill then it's beyond a reasonable doubt that she killed Caylee it doesn't matter how well that doesn't necessarily mean you're convicting her of first-degree murder you can convict her of second-degree murder right oh yeah so yeah if she said like it could have been an accident yeah so like yeah she was she she got off on.

Manslaughter no didn't she just get convicted of lying to a jury or something I know but she could have been convicted of manslaughter she could have but they didn't prosecute her for that you can't get double jeopardy no that's not double jeopardy that is you can't compress cue for the same crime twice yeah but first you murder and.

Manslaughter are different it's the same crime I don't know you're the lawyer I don't know that's just what I thought but if someone gets innocent if you have one shot at it if you go for first-degree murder you can't come back and try doing manslaughter so yeah well yeah Eric aggravated manslaughter of a child I think she probably I mean I'm.

99% sure she did it almost a hundred what I know yeah I don't hate the jury's decision as much as I thought I did though yeah I mean the defense did a really good job rebutting everything and making a making a mockery of the expert witnesses on the prosecution side basically because I'm one of the expert witnesses boss the.

Whole air sample thing that was the first time he had ever presented that in a court of law so there the defense attorney took oh so this is the first time you're ever presenting some evidence at this he's like yes and so like it's never been used before you're never saying like well I mean that you have to know that.

Because that is not really a sound science at this point right yeah I mean he despaired it's something that Voss had been spending like the last four years trying to really make I don't know something for the court there was no justice for Caylee you know calm in outdoors what are coming outdoors I read it I.

Think we need to go back to the hot body contest you gloss over too quickly I need more photo evidence call me I didn't even look at her in that way though knowing she killed her daughter I can't because it makes more sense yeah that that's the person she is that killed or not it's really just such a tale of like the depths of how did she.

Get business that blows my mind how did she weave this just like this terrible bed of lies and then come out triumphant see I would be more impressive it was actually some sort of master craft of like tricking everyone and getting away with a crime but it wasn't even that was just like the defense was decent the prosecution sucked I guess she got kind.

Of less efficient inside watch the evidence the way that it just like aligned maybe it's because she took 31-day I guess that is a big part of it that's a conscious decision she jurors were just straight-up wrong like if I was on that jury I don't think I would have done not guilty yeah and also the juror said when they wanted to.

Deliberate which only took ten hours first 33 day trial I think it was yeah I would like take a couple days have some respect but uh they went in and apparently was kind of divided and they came to their agreements and so like I hate to say this but these people were pulled from their home so like they did the jury selection outside of Orlando.

They like did it in another state and then pulled these people in yeah so I'm thinking these people are like 33 days I'm out of my job I'm away from my family let's get this over with that's what everyone in the jury is thinking that's that's terrible now you still want to make a good decision but yeah you want to go no but like ours isn't.

Good enough to me Hey is there anyone make though chopping I'm struggling to see oh that's no use there anyone who believes that Casey didn't do it I was trying to look up theories and there is she didn't do it yeah that really helps speak to her side yeah so Oh two of the misdemeanors Casey allegedly.

Lying to police were overturned January 2013 this is from Alberta though I don't know if I trust his stats most of his Benz is a girl yeah yeah if Theo goes missing the cops will have a blast with your browser history yeah I guess but they'll probably tie it together that we do this live stream they'll figure it out so the more I think about it and the.

More I read like child cases now that I have a Theo especially if CI went missing I would do what Madeline my Kansas family did you would mm-hm yeah the more I think about the McCanns my initial thought was always that they did it and yeah they covered it up accidental death cover-up but the way they acted seems to me the way you would.

Act if you you wanna bring as much attention to it as possible right and then it was like a lot of self sacrifice of their own everything basically like they went to church everyday she was holding the teddy bear yeah and this could be like all over the top but she probably did it but she's innocent until proven guilty yeah I would agree I guess.

The debate is whether or not she was proven guilty to me she was I don't know I guess I don't know what about her fake job at Disney chef that was just like the funniest thing I've heard in a true-crime that's why you would lie about things like that but yeah you could be a pathological liar and not a murderer I think she got some.

Sort of nerd narcissism his narcissism like steps below Psychopaths is that how it works yeah I'm sure psychopaths have narcissistic tendencies she might be a pure psychopath but I think more just narcissists probably yeah I don't think she's a psychopath psychopath is like you have no remorse or what is it you.

Don't really have like emotions yeah can we see the cute picture of the only one to show who is that music class today oh that's a cute one this is what I sent mega but you guys will probably just comment on all the EMFs were giving him hey listen to music I should this I'm Instagram he's come a long way he's gonna be a little musical genius.

You think yeah you should have seen him he's doing better than a lot of the other kids that music class yeah that's good Oh dr. glow said she'd help you look for Theo if you want missing oh thank you would you vlog your research did someone ask that no I asked that no obvious oh my god I do not think she was smart.

Enough to pull off what happened yeah I don't think it's really I should mean it to smarts I think it's more just like kind of lucky luck of the dice why sceeto Kinect ever talking about this even oh well if you're new this is a true cop crime Michelle we do on Fridays yeah so yeah we do a case sadly about children murders deaths.

Little Matt mega space psychopaths are boring that way narcissists sociopaths are made is that true I don't know if that's true I feel excited that does make sense to be born that way yeah but our nervous is not born that way yeah I wouldn't like feels like not a narcissist like his environment his friends his family his.

Experience probably attribute I think the way we live our lives now probably produces more narcissists right hey everyone doing selfies and just like I think narcissist is used pretty nonchalantly but it was a pretty extreme like narcissism yeah I saw I don't think it's producing more narcissism you don't think more people are like self well.

What is that I think you like more self-indulgence I got this definition of know like narcissism is in what w-whatever what is it called what that book that has all the psychology terms for mental conditions narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or you egotistic admiration of one's idealized self-image and attributes this.

Includes self flattery perfectionism and arrogance yeah that's the definition but look up like the ws9 what is it called the book it's in nitrus of narcissists you know I'm telling you after you know why would I know some psychology book because it's like well-known grandiose sense of self-importance preocupe preocupa k weight preoccupation with.

Fantasies of unlimited success power brilliance beauty or ideal love belief there is special and unique and can only be understood by or [__] associated with other special or high status people need for excessive admiration sense of entitlement interpersonally exploitative behavior so yeah I think that's like probably a big thing because that's not.

Something normal people do lack of empathy and we have others our belief that they're envious of them demonstration of arrogant and haughty it's hockey behavior is our attitude yeah I would say that's probably partially said you're probably the dsm-5 dsm-5 so narcissistic person personality.

Disorder a grandiose sense of self-importance the individual exaggerate the achievements and talents and expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements okay a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success power brilliance beauty or ideal love so I don't think that's what we all have but.

Yeah like more self-important self-indulgence that sounds like you're probably predisposed to that that's quite an extreme personality right yeah alright this has been a longer one well we start a little late but yeah yeah so we usually do these guys a few in my Friday's sometimes like every other week except to try to do it every week though.

And yeah cases you want to recommend on joining the curve comm we have like you can put it in the forum will you look at those cases alright bye have a beautiful week
Murder She Ate - Casey Anthony
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