Live Keto Cookalong – Homemade Yogurt & Kefir | Is It Keto???

Live Keto Cookalong – Homemade Yogurt & Kefir | Is It Keto???

Live Keto Cookalong – Homemade Yogurt & Kefir | Is It Keto???

Check out the video on Live Keto Cookalong – Homemade Yogurt & Kefir | Is It Keto???.
Hello hi world happy Sunday we are live ten minutes before noon so we're a little early there we go okay we're excited this one might be a little quicker than typical cuz we don't got much to do let us know what you cooking Tigers on IG and we're not expert at the video is it centered well it looks good okay right.

We don't really we're not experts at this there's a lot of you that have probably been doing this for years but we've just started and it's been very exciting for Matt probably one of the most exciting things he's done in quite a long time I can't find our live stream one sec I'm trying to get to the chat here but yeah this is Kiefer I don't.

Know how to pronounce it let us know how to pronounce it kefir I think is how you pronounce it in what country in America just around the world around the keeper okay Erica fear Julius is up here you probably like this oh you would eat all of it and if you guys if you guys don't know what this is I'm trying our Internet's really slow lately this is a.

Fermented milk oh we get raw milk from so we get a shipment of like cheese milk meats on a weekly basis and we get raw milk and we turn the raw milk either into yogurt which mostly yogurt but this is our first time doing kefir and I've tried to type so if you forget this point the first one I got it was in like.

A fancy package from like a brand name type of company it sucked it didn't do anything this one I got from like a mom-and-pop shop and this one I actually in the description of this video because it's really good it worked amazingly lots of grains so we actually have not tried this yet so we're gonna try it and then make a second batch for you guys.

The correct pronunciation is kefir kefir okay so why is Matt's hair all gone and just cut it off and got bored with it I don't know looks good how are you fitting milk into your macros we're gonna talk about that here in a little so first and it's not always about all about macros but Alex at least for us at this point we're not like focused on.

Losing weight we're not just starting out so it's like macros aren't everything nutrients for us is huge nutrient dense foods making sure we're getting all our vitamins you know so it's not always about macros so we got milk here this is raw whole milk and I think milk carbs per cup is it I think it might even be a little more than that.

I think it's like 10 10 grams of carbs per cup one percent fat breast whole milk three point two five percent fat I think you can even get up to four percent that's wise twelve carbs twelve sugars twelve carbs per cup cup in milk but when you make when you ferment it it turns lactose into lactic acid the sugars eaten right the sugar is eaten by.

The bacteria or by the like probiotics or whatever but so I was trying to do some research on how much is actually eaten so someone said yes all the lactose gets fermented so I don't think all the lactose gets fermented except if you do a really long fermentation process I think a good portion of it could be mm-hmm but my estimate for this.

Is gonna probably be like half of it or so gets eaten okay so still not a lot six per cup and all the other benefits from yeah so but you're kind of playing a guessing game for sure someone asked where we got the grain so we linked it below but do you remember offhand it's like some mom-and-pop on Amazon shop.

They sent us a letter and everything with it so it's linked to below the video so check that out but so this has been sitting for 24 hours out oh it smells kefir II does it I put it by really good smells like yogurt it smells yeasty doesn't it cuz kefir the difference between I feel it smells like fermenting beer yeah yeah.

Difference between kefir and yogurt is there's yeast it's not just probiotics very easy Wow have you get close enough and I started with the amount of kefir grit kefir grains was like maybe that much like probably not too much like this like on the size of a quarter that's the size of a quarter yeah I'm grains and now we can see how much there.

Is after this is like the fourth fermentation I've done so we're gonna strain it and comment if you guys make this at home and like if you have any tips splash zone we got like a Shamu thing here do you guys ever go to Sea World and get the get in the splash zone oh my god that smells smells like cheese it's almost well it's kind of bad it.

Smells kind of good to me hi from Michigan kefir is very very healthy yes looks like there's working with something here and it should be I think like drinking consistency it shouldn't be yogurt consistency oh and a few of you guys recommended new video games for us to play so and we've tried a few of them and I just downloaded overwatch.

What a great game I really like it I'm gonna download it from mega today when she goes to the movies mark sweat thank you for the $5 donation can you share the website for the raw milk and dairy so it we get ours from a local farm that we found using what is the site called real milk no milk calm and you can look for a local farm near.

You that all have like raw milk raw dairy eggs we get a lot of great meat and we're actually cooking let me put let me get my grab the ribeye this whole bow this doesn't smell good I'm a little nervous for this so so these are the rib eyes we pulled them out we got them from the farm shipped yesterday and they look incredible the.

If you look at so we got some fillets we got some rib eyes and York strips and the fat is just like very very yellow compared to like what you would get in store and there's $9 a pound and so we're really excited and so the yellowness is indicates a better like nutrient density of the fat content like I'm the fat itself so that's the amount.

Of Keeffe kefir grains that's a lot okay five quarters it's it's multiplied by five so just just make sure it's legal in your state ROM those illegal in many states yeah Georgia oh yeah it's definitely illegal here but that's why it says if you can see that on the cup front it says raw milk for pets not like so humans can't consume it but you know.

It has to say that and like technically legally it has to say for pets so I'm putting the grains in another jar and another jar and we're gonna add it smells pretty bad yeah I don't think I'm gonna like this well see what does it suppose this tastes like kind of like yogurt and that one it's going for like I'm not sure if I've had keeper.

I've never tried to fear in my life so I think we should refrigerate it probably yet sitting out a long time days 24 hours okay we're gonna add the milk to that and the other thing is like sour milk if you don't want to do dairy you can do this same stuff I've never done kefir but we do yogurt with coconut milk you can do that too yeah if you don't.

Want to use milk or raw milk and we had a video today about keto supplements I know a lot of you guys have questions I think it's a it's an updated new one we have one from really a long time ago and the cool thing with this is you just get a continual batch you keep making it you have like a culture here like I used to make kombucha when I lived in San.

Francisco it's such a hippie but it just like kept growing bigger and bigger mother it was really gross I had it in my room too for a while like a more fermented yogurt it is sour I let mine sit bridge and strain for six hours so that I'm just pouring the rest of this in the new one so that's a half gallon worth right there oh well can give the.

Rest to like Julius and Miley I don't know there's milk good for pets you should do water kefir yeah what is that exactly I didn't know that would be possible cuz what is the what is what is it eating right how is it fermenting I miss kombucha I think if you do homebrew kombucha it'd be kind of.

Similar you can even do store-bought kombucha there's some like ones you can fit into your I've done it before yeah especially after like Matt will do it after like a really intense leg workout cuz there's some if you do half a bottle it's like 4 grams of sugar or something Matt kefir increases histamine for some people by the way it does for me some.

Yes that's true it's a different grain for water kefir okay and then I was doing a little research on the benefits and stuff and just trying to figure out so the main thing is the vitamin k2 of fermented foods you don't get that very much in the American diet these days you can get it from cheese cheese is probably like the highest source we get.

It in are you gonna try this like this would you want to refrigerate it I think I'll try it like that nervous me too it smells like cheez-its but also like like a preview and it's like milk but she's it smelling it's small it's very intense okay talk more about the research you were doing I thought it would be kind of.

Like yogurt probiotics oh yeah do you guys make any other kind of probiotic stuff I want to try making kimchi mmm that would be good the real benefit to it is it reduces the lactose in the milk has healthy probiotics and just like overall because sometimes if you don't do cheese you don't get a lot of calcium and the k2 helps it helps with calcium.

Something like absorption but should we try it go for it okay I'm just gonna do a little spoonful do you think I can make your butter cake in silicone molds I can't find my muffin tin yeah cuz we ordered Oh we ordered coconut milk kefir from a place which makes really good amazing it wasn't liquidy though no it was solid.

It was so good okay oh boy you could add some flavor to the kefir yeah I think we'll just try it raw and we can always like you can add things I need like a little shot glass I think I'm currently trying to make your no-bake keto 5-piece powder stevia instead of liquid yeah that should work oh and for the yogurt we just use a.

Probiotic capsule and we need in the instant pot okay I'm trying to tastes okay it doesn't taste great it tastes kinda like it smells you want to try it not really but I guess I should I think it'll be better when it's refrigerated oh that's very intense it almost tastes like cheez-its – but like a bad version.

Of cheez-its where did I get my shirt I actually got this from Hawaii yeah finding out like a boutique Aldi haul so all of you does not have anything really great for Keita we'll try it thank Andrew Frank thank you for the four five dollar donation this is to go toward upgrade here internet connection thank you we have the best we have Google.

Fiber visitors out in our area right now so it's not Google Fiber it's like AT&T fiber still fiber internet Crowley is laggy sorry guys sometimes that happens I don't know what it is what probiotic capsule do you use just I think any will do pretty much yeah I think you need like the lactobacilli that's the one that does most of the action it's.

Lagging a lot lagging video where do we get our dairy we get it from a local farm we order it online and they deliver it to our house real milk org right I think I can always say Oregon's him real milk DOM is where we found the local farm so you can check that out for farms in your area so I think maybe what's happy it's buffering oh that's not good.

Why would that be happening hey my god man do you continue to use iodine supplements we ran out of iodine the drops no the pills so I just stopped using it because we ran out of it but I was using it for like three months I didn't notice it time I think if you have a really are you really deficient in iodine it'll make a big difference.

But um I think if you eat seafood once in a while maybe like seaweed you should be getting enough and I'm the benefits of like really high doses unless you are iodine deficient but we have a podcast on it yeah how we levy thank you for the $5 donation happy new year happy here to you Howie everyone's saying that video is really.

Bad sorry guys what do we do we should do a magnifier wire it do we have a long a thern it cord we need to get some yeah thanks for all the great information so that was basically the recipe for today some homemade kefir should it be a little chunky or should it be smooth you can continue to strain it I'm sure put it in the fridge okay I want to put it.

In a different bottle though I was thinking so just put it in like this no I can put it a little bit better thanks for the great information please review all the Aldi sausages and cheeses I mean all stores all these stores are gonna have different ones cuz we've been to a couple and they all have different ones but.

Reviewing them like I mean the cheese is there there's nothing great about their cheese selection almost everyone is iodine deficient yeah I think a lot of people are I wouldn't say almost everyone though but glass what's your podcast called it's called keto for normies you can get it six your Spotify iTunes Google Play everywhere.

And I'm using this cool mug someone sent us it's like a real tea mug what's our next recipe I think we actually have to film a bunch tomorrow or Tuesday so we're not quite sure we don't like gonna head that well we have what do we have in the queue here that we have to do do we have any in the queue I don't know.

Hey guys about doing a shopping I want to start making smoothies should I get Creek yoghurt or should I avoid in general I don't use dairy you don't need yogurt to make any yeah you don't need yogurt you can do like I don't know so like to do almond milk or something yeah so I'll do almond milk frozen veggies so like kale or spinach that'll make it.

Like chunky and thick some protein powder you can do college in you can MCT oil maybe dry blending it with some frozen berries that sounds good yeah that would be good really easy to make fermented veggies yeah everything once you start doing it it is easy it's just like the initial barrier to entry it seems intimidating but then once you.

Start doing it like doing this I mean I guess this one wasn't that good so far but maybe it'll improve have you made anything in the airfryer yet yeah I made like a um a lava cake yesterday and air fryer but nothing really I just wanted to use it and make something it was good though yeah I wish we had all these I never shop at all you know it's the.

Press right I think Walmart's better than all these I agree Walmart has way better stuff than all these and a lot more Trader Joe's is 125 miles away you must live like in the middle of nowhere yeah make some coconut milk yogurt and use it in smoothies we have made it we impress before we love it that would be really good in smoothies Mike I didn't.

Get the kids chair she's just shorter than me no we have the same size chair I'm just shorter though so I look like I'm lower yeah we bought I'm you see standing you know we paid for one of the I know from Ikea and they never give it to us no I think we have ended up on a gift card okay so we have to use the gift card whoo you guys got in the.

Playoffs today you got the Bears and the Eagles and who else the Ravens and the Chargers just refresh videos better okay good thanks guys I hope you guys come up with your Kyoto food entirely through a microwave video soon I'm so sick of only scrambled eggs in the microwave college life I mean you can I've cooked chicken.

In the microwave you put like raw chicken in some water and you are essentially what's it called knob what are you talking about when you cook chicken and water boiling it is that what it is yeah another special word today you just boil chicken in the microwave I've done that naked shred it that sounds terrible but I guess you.

Just got to do what you got to do you totally guys this happen I don't know yeah I would make eggs muffins and stuff a lot in the microwave you can really do a lot of things you can like do pancakes probably mud cakes have you seen all that ads for keto diet plans on TV South Beach and some 30-day program what a joke everyone's trying to cash in.

On the keto craze I mean it makes sense right wouldn't you if you were a big company and you were only here you were like trying to gear towards everyone yeah how did the mason jar sous-vide eggs turn out the best I want to do that for dinner now but we're doing steaks you can do it what are you doing for lunch.

JLo movie yeah I want to go see the second back don't make fun of me but I love JLo and I've seen all of her movies and they never disappoint Julie did but still I love this I got a great afternoon plan I'm gonna play overwatch and watch football Spencer laughter 21 thank you for the $2 donation I recently got an air fryer.

It's pretty awesome yeah we're excited to use ours get a hot plate best $10 you'll ever spend that's true for a college student oh not for us what is a hot plate it just warms things yeah you can like cook things on it you can like put a pot of something on when I was in college I had a pizzazz do you guys know about possesses it's this.

Device that spins pizzas it's only for making frozen pizzas oh it's nice it spins it but there's only like a really hot thing right here on one part of it and the pizza just spins around how long does that do things like 15 minutes and it doesn't even make it that much better than the oven I don't think it makes it any.

Better why do you suggest for a couple on a budget going Quito we have up quite a bit of resources so we have a five dollar a day budget meal plan you can check out we have a video and a corresponding blog post with that and we are doing a budget series video like for the new year so last week we put out our.

$5 a day budget video and we both stayed around like three dollars so it's totally doable quito mat 8 how many calories like 2,300 yeah a little us for less than four dollars so you can make it work quito craze beware there are many sites now that haven't really done their research I mean you don't need to do your research that it's the same.

Thing it's just like sit quito macros like the same definition of ketosis there's so many sites now that do that they just have their guides how do you item in water zero say for carbs and zero calories what's in vitamin waters I don't know what that cow the carbs come from is it a river top look it up you remember when fight vitamin water was.

Huge when 50 cent was like the spokesperson xxx I was so into it uh-huh I used to drink it all the time it never really tasted that good to a taste of the healthy I think that's why I drink it what are you doing you want some tea make kefir or yogurt in your instant pot well we do make yogurt in our instant bot kefir ferments at room.

Temperature so why would you make that maybe you could nutrition's not there obviously it's not what just go to Google Images Matthew okay how does cold brew coffee you buy at the store have three cards when the ingredients are only coffee and water that annoys me it's just very concentrated but like yeah it's not.

Because there is a little bit of carbs in coffee right like a really negligible negligible amount and cold brew is usually concentrated so you don't use like a ton of it right usually some of them aren't though oh okay vitamin water is zero nutrition label can we see this zoom how do you zoom ctrl+ okay so what we're looking at here.

We don't see the ingredients doses no this kefir smells really bad so it says five carbs zero sugar zero calories right there tom so they're using original yeah I'm assuming that's where the cards are coming from for the vitamins eurowater so it just uses erythritol I think that's that's why so seems like it.

Should be fine for keto it's just not as good tasting as like the other things propel I like you know I like how I read zero iCard zero should I try greens powder to get my greens in did you watch our video today we talked about that what do you need to get your greens in for I guess yeah what do you like or like not supplementing with the powder.

Debate a doctor me I mean I'm not really that into debates I don't know doctors would be good debaters are we talking like a doctor nutritionists or just like some medical doctor they'd have to like be up today and stuff right on their research you guys are so cute and cool y'all are the cool Gino couple my 15 and 18 year old.

Daughter's love you both they're now following you plus we love the music you play on your vids oh thank you Lisa I just bought rapid fire Quito coffee pods for my Keurig tastes good we saw those at Walmart didn't we yeah we were like suckers by this no I don't remember what exactly that it's just I mean you don't need a.

Rapid fire Akito coffee you can probably just do coffee and make your own at home yeah um I just made 12 eggs for the family with Kerrygold avocado oil coconut oil while watching keto bagels with fat head oh yeah that sounds like a great breakfast but five carbs should be twenty calories yes except that erythritol has only 0.2 calories per.

Gram and it's undigested so you don't really you don't track it it's not like so I think as far as the labeling goes you can subtract that so it's down to zero yeah we're new to Quito is homemade kombucha keto friendly I think it can be in moderation and I would ferment it may be the longer ferments I think the more sugar it eats right so maybe you could.

Try that and if it's just not sweet to the taste it should be pretty low in sugar have you guys seen or tried the new bulletproof protein bars no we haven't I've seen them I think Oh aren't they collagen baris are those the new ones Oh does it like the no I think so oh we remember I've never tried any.

Bulletproof product actually and not even like them CT oil you guys need to check out primal sugar free coffee creamer company she's a start-up but I've been buying from her for six months she uses MCT and developed it for a type-2 diabetic father oh that's a great story yeah Julie smelled like kefir does he he.

Could I love the smell of Julius it's like you love the smell of your kids have you ever made Kido biscuits yeah we have some beauty of a biscuits recipe on our site and Matt made the best biscuit recipe ever for a cook mix cookbook coming out yeah it's just for that sour cream biscuit oh man so bad is keto good is to keep your diet good for building.

Muscle it's not the best it's possible though to build muscle on really any diet I mean working out and eating a surplus what's wrong with a low-fat plant-based diet other than everything it's very devoid of nutrients yeah you need fat like a lot of the important vitamins that your body needs are fat soluble vitamins and.

I guess I don't know a plant base are you including animal foods in that because there's an agent-based in French because you're missing all the animal forms of vitamins fat soluble vitamins so that's the main thing I receive stoker bars for Christmas then they're a little too good to keep in the house yeah we have some stuff like that except.

Usually if it's to like I wouldn't have peanut butter but I guess now I'm good at just pretending we don't have it yeah I never look at it mega deceits at all yeah am I the only one who has stomach cramping with the earth route all I think with too much yeah I think you'll also get used to it if you're just starting out.

Are you traveling soon love the travel vlogs I don't know are we gonna vlog I think we should yeah okay yeah we're traveling at the end of the month we're going to a conference Spencer Walker $2 donation you should watch vegan gains debate against keto we did and I guess Tristan it was really bad yeah that one was hard.

For me being honest and know he was just like name-calling it wasn't yeah all petty stuff it wasn't like actually science-based and like you know it might in my opinion from what I heard what I would like is some Tito friendly red onion chutni it's fantastic with Stilton cheese and crackers hmm read that new movie I how do you guys deal with space.

Issues I currently do keto and half a mini fridge half of a mini fridge can't get another one that's it I never have space of sorts veggies freezer compartment Finn's one ice cube tray this is the same person who's trying to do it in a dorm room I thank God we don't have spacious person we have a big freezer in the garage ah.

That's tough yeah you just uh feel like you can't like bulk prep and you can't store stuff yeah sorry yeah I don't have much of an answer for it you do your best for right now I think like maybe finding I know when I went to college there was this place that would sell half of a rotisserie chicken for like 350 which is a pretty good price and if.

You find a place like that you could just rely pretty heavily on that yeah cuz then it doesn't take up room it's freshly cooked to do the true that you cannot eat any food on keto no you can improve mainly berries are gonna be the best ones Louis and carbs but you should just try finding a sustainable diet for you and not worry so much about if.

You're doing keto or not and what's keto what's not Kido yeah just like yeah people get so hung up and it really stresses them out and it takes like the nutrition and health aspect out of the diet you're so hone in on like a perfect macros and you're just like trying to hit your macros by consuming things that.

Aren't necessarily good for you you know I'm doing the deeper state keto guys and I want to know how did you guys survive I'm on 14 19 calories and I'm always hungry are you a boy or girl Erica sounds like so if you just started I hope that you're like ramping up right because.

1,400 way too low to start what are you like a month in maybe or two months in it makes sense that you would just be starting to this January sixth okay so you should not be starting at $14.99 well oh yeah I would start it like 1700 so you work your way up and then you bring yourself down someone said something about to curl oh it's.

Basically only maltitol and xylitol are not cute friendly I don't fully understand the question but we have a video that covers it pretty well mouth it's all in xylitol those ones will affect your blood glucose in a pretty significant way especially maltitol sucralose won't but it's like a chemical that's made in a lab so do with that.

What you will like it's not gonna mess with your keto diet but who really knows how it affects their health do you guys like Amish country rolled butter is it even Amish butter no the thing with the Amish country roll butter is it's not Amish country roll butter the name of the company is on this country or Amish country roll it really true it's all a.

Trick that it's not country roll butter it's just the bottom of the barrel butter and they put Amish roll on it those dicks I wall Mart has rotisserie chickens for 450 but I can't eat that much chicken by the time it goes bad you can't eat a whole chicken in three days I can't eat a whole chicken in one day I know you should be able to eat the whole.

Thing can't you be sometimes by halves though yeah maybe you could maybe ask them to calve it for you it cut it in half I bought into the keto cult this week drank the bulletproof coffee and lost three pounds this week best cult I've joined I don't like calling it a cult because I don't want to be a part of a cult ever in my life I.

Don't think you can break cults based on the way lots in three days yeah gotta be sustainable lifestyle yeah April lovelies thank you for this foundation love you guys as a vegetarian on keto you guys do a really good job of including info need oh thank you it's great to hear you have people saying I look Amish I should.

Start my own roll butter cos where doesn't have your book anymore if they don't have it at all or it's sold out maybe they're buying more I think though yeah stop should be in stock again soon maybe Santa Cruz is my favorite peanut butter he ever tried that one now after Maya has been out of Art Attack in Jan 2018 we started Quito and.

His numbers are perfect yay congratulation how many cults have you joined before Keo I was in the vegetarian called for a while we also did like um did you do like fruits only cold for like two a week I almost passed out though we did um it's not a cult but we did like the lemon juice cayenne pepper cleanse for like five days yeah.

What else I would join a Miley cult though someone said okay that is the one cult I would join it's cool how searches of keto diet on Google Trends exploded the last few days I mean that's every diet after New Year's yeah everyone's looking for something because they've gained a bunch of weight from the holidays by the way I use unsalted.

Butter in my coffee now it tastes better if anyone doesn't like the taste hmm thanks for the info on how much for old butter I was buying it yeah it's really good butter and it just looks like it came right off the farm you know it's a big log yeah it's not just stick yeah would you stream on twitch TV I've been thinking about streaming some games.

But I never got around to it we got a lot of stream fault or twitch followers after you said that yeah but now that I'm playing I was gonna stream Warcraft 3 but it's kind of a niche game no one really likes it it's from my childhood I played it all the time when I was in middle school high school but I could stream overwatch with mega she went.

To play sure medicine thank you for the $5 donation the UK is so far behind it Kito products guys that's a good thing you don't need all these keto products to have a good healthy sustainable enjoyable diet like we got too much and getting everything sent to us is not always the greatest thing I ate a lot of it yesterday kisses Megas birthday it.

Was both of our birthday you guys Rock thanks for all the wonderful information Thank You Tammy Chisholm do you use ghee yeah we use ghee we like it I like it yeah how much heavy whipping cream is too much to use fat from heavy cream that's what you don't want to do should I try refrigerating this yeah so.

This smells gone well pour it into little jars that's what all these new jars blue ones megan gets mad that i always buy these Ball jars well we just have a million but look I think we've lost them I'm becoming a fermenter now happy new year from Philadelphia I'm meeting oh we were gonna make chicken Chris pizza today that's what we had.

Talked about oh we should do that next time damn it okay we'll make chicken crispy then next week so you guys know what we're doing we should try making a deep dish Oh YUM I'm making a shredded barbecue beef pizza with amazing garlic sauce later while I watch the Bears thank sounds like a good day yes I'm.

Going to a JLo movie that's my perfect day did you guys move again nope stay house what would you include in the keto startup kit color like $100 gift card to the grocery store I think I don't think I'd include any like packaged goods maybe a magnesium supplement an electrolyte powder or sports salts pure planet sports salts.

Maybe stick a carry old butter ground beef it would be like all Whole Foods now similar to the last video of the five dollar budget video you guys are worse than Netflix I've been binge watching your videos thank you that's so kind officially 52 pounds down since July Julius is loving these jars have loved having you guys standing out with.

Every morning thanks for being real and fun congratulations on your weight loss that's amazing please watch watch the jars before you think now we're not gonna do that with jars we don't watch jars before use it they smell kinda like then maybe I should wash them we don't wash our you can rinse it they smell what percentage of fat is too high I.

Have no problem eating beef and bacon whatever is sustainable for you oh yeah like IV in ugh IV an 84 percent fat before not the most sustainable for me my meeting as Louis probably like 65 not enough so you know play around Jennifer Russo thank you for the $10 airfryer our ebook tea cookbook please guys I need more than just orders love you both we.

Probably won't do that right I don't know yeah probably maybe at some point down the who knows yeah maybe you do this yeah how do you transfer from a big bowl to little jars just a lot of its gonna leak out I think so you should have a good pouring hand best thing I like about eating Keo low-carb is my acid reflux has gone away.

That's great I've been ID per se keto for the last five months lost 65 pounds what a great program Oh amazing what's the healthiest source of fat healthiest I would say like animal fat yeah I mean healthiest use this kind of arbitrary like I mean cod liver oil is probably the most healthiest fat there.

Is but like as far as just what you're using in your daily life for cooking and stuff I think that we have access to probably butter and beef fat tallow yeah we have a ladle you can use ladle do we yeah happy belated birthday thank you it was a great day super relaxing got in a great workout we got all the trash from our garage hauled away cuz mat part of.

My birthday gifts was Matt getting the garage cleaned out and it's amazing to have just a full garage it's olive oil okay or it's coconut oil butter it depends on what you're using it for honestly you don't want to cook it high heat with olive oil so we won't cook with olive oil coconut oil is gonna be better it is a higher smoking point but.

Like salad dressings and stuff olive oil is great are you gonna try the yogurt we tried it this is cholesterol in eggs bad for you no dietary cholesterol is good for you I'm hoping that keto is gonna solve my sinus problems so I had major sinus problems for a little and we have a video on it if you remove some of the histamine foods in your diet that can.

Maybe help you could try that his high has to meet foods are basically foods that have been from like this basically or cooked a long time ago and consumed later like sardines that are smoked in the cans cheese has just been fermenting for years and years can you do keto without eating red meat or pork yeah you.

Absolutely can what's your taking collagen peptides any brands you recommend no brands recommended we get a bunch sent to us and I'll just use whatever I'll just use whatever take on collagen so what do you I guess you explain take on collagen yeah I think it's decent just because we don't eat a lot of high collagen foods.

Anymore we just mainly muscle meats like chicken breasts and stuff but collagen can help offset that as opposed to if you actually are eating like more bone broth and stuff like that like traditionally we would have so where did you hear that so one gram of called Chris master John PhD easy to channel so one gram of collagen for every 10 grams.

Of protein is when he recommends so like a scoop a day basically most of us are eating around 100 grams protein mm-hmm is vitamin deficiency a concern factor for ketta a lot of words there I think it's a concern for most American most human beings so cute diet is just a very general term there's millions of foods that can part of a keto diet right so if.

You're eating foods that aren't nutrient-dense as part of your keto diet thing yeah but efficiencies of concerns same with a standard American diet though here seems like a diet mainly for losing weight so what are the benefits of turning it into a lifestyle like you guys have done it's not mainly for losing weight people use it as that.

Reason because it's the side effect of eating a natural human diet is being a healthy body weight and so yeah as matt said keto can be different for everyone and it can be defined very differently depending on what you're eating a lot of people eat a keto diet that isn't probably the healthiest or the best in terms of nutrients in terms of foods you.

Know just like lots of cream cheese heavy cream and like you know bars quest bars like that's not the best diet but yeah I will you can lose weight for sure so what's the deal with mayonnaise other than it tasting really gross mango likes it but deal that's not even a question.

You mean it's a food it's mostly made with soybean oil so that's the downside of it Julius no but you can find some they're made of like avocado oil kitchen they don't taste as good though right I got used to it I really like I like it a lot now but yeah what's wrong with the snake diet nothing wrong with the same diet yeah I don't.

Think much is wrong with that oh man he just starts bashing the bell I used to love Warcraft 3 back in college I had a borderline unhealthy addiction helped me to want to make the fibrous collagen protein different than collagen peptides only saw protein at the store no should be the same yeah do you guys like oxtail we have we do yeah I'm a doc tell soup.

We have a not-so soup tip in our slow cooker eBook have you guys ever done liver flushes now no I don't think you need all this crazy stuff honestly I haven't read much into liver flushes maybe it makes sense if you have like a pre-existing condition but I don't think you need that use a funnel yeah we don't have a.

Funnel if I had a funnel of course I'd be using it a few more guys best collagen food sources it's basically like chicken wings have collagen in them any meat on the bone yeah meat on the bone slow-cooked bone broth we make bone broth out of like chicken feet that has tons of collagen marking it all no we do not I think they have a lot of good keto.

Options now but they reached out to us a few years ago and they just didn't have a lot of stuff mm-hmm I'm mad I love I'm trying to just cover the dead space that no noise reason I saw a Kido it was easiest plan to avoid preservatives GMO hormones toxic additives I mean you.

Don't need a plan you can just avoid those things right I think the way you guys to keep things simple I appreciate you thank you very much you're the most watched YouTube videos on my computer oh thank you Chris what race did you used to play on Warcraft what's the best deli ham to get at the store.

Um one weekend deli meat we usually get like organic to Applegate they usually have just like simple get natural Applegate Naturals they have simple ingredients but ham is most the time has sugar in it just read the labels also like I don't like ham I've never been a ham person I I liked it up my breakfast sandwiches just cuz it's sweet but yeah.

I don't really like it you know like love ham I like ham and cheese omelet I guess like there's some big chicken breast chicken deli meat what about Canadian bacon not a huge fan we used to eat it quite a bit I used to get it for breakfast sandwiches too it's my life used to be based around what goes into my breakfast sandwiches yeah use a.

Turkey baster turkey basters just hanging around we definitely don't we have a lot of stuff too and yeah some people I guess over time you just like accumulate stuff like the fun all the turkey look we didn't do a gallon size bag and snip it oh don't love that idea alcohol can you talk about the negative.

Effects what would the best type to drink occasionally and stay in ketosis I mean the negative effects we don't need to discuss alcohols like poison to your body for sure but as far as it interacts with ketosis your body has to metabolize that first so it stops producing ketones yeah the best drink is probably just gonna be a liqueur but we do wine.

Sometimes too but like liquor mix with zero calorie drinks am is pretty gross someone said yeah I agree keto seems a perfect die for anyone with diabetes yeah it does work great would you ever do this make diet that's not realistic for us we're food bloggers I don't know how great it is when you're.

At a pretty healthy body weight I think it's a good weight loss tool but yeah we have to like every single day we cook stuff we have to taste it it's kind of unrealistic for us yeah it's 130 135 grams of protein too high I know nothing about you so thank you most much you could be Phil Heath and then that would be way too low I wish.

You were felonies I'd be great yeah I was hanging on cos yesterday and sold a few people on your cookbook oh my god thank you there's a cocaine diet it's viable to lose weight yeah that's probably your best bet I don't know how sustainable it is but it's definitely a really expensive and if it's not really expensive then you.

Got a question the quality and you want quality stuff that's true Spencer Walker $2.00 and again thank you Korona premier is the best Quito beer for I've never tried that for taste I'm out Oh was a taster Reno I was that one I never was a fan of Corona it's so light like I like a nice solid beer yeah there's some beers that are love/hate I like Heineken.

A lot and some people hate those well when I'm sitting at the craps table back in the day Kron is just rolling in I was always a more fan of liquor but like I like like sour beers a lot if I make bone broth every week with pasture-raised organic chicken feet and necks do I need to supplement with collagen no that's a.

Great source of collagen right there yeah I don't even know that you need to in the absence of that I just think maybe it's marginally beneficial like I've been doing it I don't really notice much it tastes I think feet yeah $5 donations thanks for all you do for the Aikido community thank you empty German do how much water.

Do you have daily it varies like yesterday we ate a lot of fiber so I was upwards of like ten gallons yeah I just drink what I'm thirsty yeah it's it's usually not too much it's like one of these when I'm at the gym and then maybe half of one of these throughout the rest of the day I saw the cheese it's taste in my mouth from the kif here I like to.

Play orcs me too but Matt won't play with me orcs and trolls and so know what you're talking about kill all the orcs orcs must die oh she's talking about his race in Warcraft oh never mind I was a troll mage in Warcraft World of Warcraft but I played Night Elf in Warcraft 3 can collagen powder sub super punching powder it No very depends but ya know if.

You're talking about for the consistency of recipes and stuff maybe sometimes no I'm just gonna say no if you're talking about actual like protein nutrition no alcohol is treated like sugar in the body not keto it's not really though yeah coronal light with apple cider vinegar whoa that sounds good we have a really good sound good.

Apple cider mule that's my favorite right Moscow Mule yeah but with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon a rubber Harry Potter or Star Wars have to pick one that's so easy Star Wars Harry Potter the real question is Lord of the Rings or Star Wars the real question is how do you stay awake during here your Potter movies well the.

Movies I said I'm not talking abou me we're talking bucks well there's no Star Wars books bro what just the world and the whole story yeah we're not talking movies a story versus Laurie who is who's asking was her name English hippy English hippy movies or books get it yes that's fine is it okay to get your collagen from food only.

Should you supplement as well it's totally fine to get her from food probably best I honestly wouldn't stress that much about collagen yeah someone asks so we talked about a little but if I would put it like the top of the concern list mule recipe mule is in like Moscow Mule like alcoholic drink we have a really good apple cider your apple.

Cider mule fillets I love the quest center and crunch waffles so much better than any coconut on the floor recipe hell yeah they're actually a lot of Star Wars books okay why bread man movies okay if it's movies then I've never seen Star Wars you haven't seen the old ones like once.

And I was bored but man the first time I saw the two towers Lord of the Rings life-changing pulling in oranges when we're talking about apples no I've learned the Rings movies versus Star Wars we're talking about Star Wars and Harry Potter yeah but and still Lord of the Rings doesn't compare the two towers helms deep just such a great movie.

Down 45 pounds and have a couple of beers most night hasn't sold my premise that's great is weed keto I think so but if you get a strain that gives you the munchies you better have some kina snacks on hand I think that's accurate I think I only ever got munchies when I first started smoking weed yeah like when I got used to like smoking weed it.

Was just like an enjoyable thing as opposed to like something that led me to be eating a ton does that make sense yeah sometimes I will do it with the intention of in eating something yeah but like even with drinking like I used to get drunk and then like have to order Chinese or pizza at the end of the night like half dude that's what I cared about.

The most but now it's like I actually enjoy drinking the alcohol yeah we would always go get pizza after drinking yeah or Thai food it was the bathroom I think Thai food you more regret it afterwards pizza though it's always a salad choices yeah I can't get any of your videos on Amazon products I have the Amazon echo.

And it doesn't support YouTube sucks because you promote am alone so much I don't underst so you can't watch YouTube on Amazon can you normally I don't know that you doesn't support you too I mean yeah oh we plus giant steak we've never done that that's true that would be very filling my current keto situation have.

An organic brisket hot dog on a long stick in my fireplace wait is it an entire brisket or is it a brisket hot dog it's a brisket hot dog what does that even like I don't know you can watch YouTube oh I didn't know that well I'm not even gonna say her name I know she'll just she's listening to.

Everything right now um ask it to open silk then you can watch you too what did y'all think of Netflix Bandersnatch well Brenda's for a waste of time I hate it just give me that give me the shows like I just want apis ODEs my whole thing is like just give me the movie that you think is good I don't want to have to be making all these mundane decisions that.

Like the first time we watched it it ended in like 15 minutes these we were choosing the wrong answers and then you have to like go back and pick the ones that they want you to pick do I stop keto diet once I lose the weight and do low carb diet I would worry about getting to that point instead of like stressing about it before you've lost.

The way you know like focus on right now focus on hitting your goals focus on eating healthy yeah it's really up to you to we get ahead of ourselves you know cuz I mean you can clearly tell that we are not losing weight and doing a keto diet so of course our answer is we enjoy it it's sustainable it's our favorite thing to do.

Keto weed bakery is the most hipster thing I've ever read someone said there's one of Michigan I guess it's up there I feel like maybe a vegan we bakery would be more hipster or something involving some mouth hey from Roland I have been watching lies there's sushi recipe and maybe a Sunday sushi with cauliflower yeah we.

Have a sushi recipe on our site and one Sunday we had done hand rolls yeah so maybe you can go find not one logic error lumping all hands are not the same are you a computer Robert there are several third-party YouTube and browsers solutions for Amazon okay thanks I think we should call it guys yeah this is fine thirteen minutes to get ready for.

Kickoff and then I'm gonna go see the JLo movie I'll give you guys the view on Instagram they're following us we had a video come out today on keto supplements we had a new podcast keto for normies as a solo podcast let us know what you think anything else that's it we love you we'll see you tomorrow I have a good Sunday.

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