Keto Meal Prep Cook Along – Breakfast Casserole!

Keto Meal Prep Cook Along – Breakfast Casserole!

Keto Meal Prep Cook Along – Breakfast Casserole!

Check out the video on Keto Meal Prep Cook Along – Breakfast Casserole!.
Rather would you cookbook recipes every week so if you don't have one it's not a big deal but also an Instagram I do post the recipe were doing on either Friday Saturday or Sunday whenever we decide and all the ingredients so if you have an extra grab and you follow us you can know what we're making ahead of time so today we are making a casserole this is.

The sausage and Briere casserole from our cookbook and this is like breakfast casserole – egg casserole or one of our favorite things to prep for the week they're delicious they're really filling and we just like to top them with a bunch of butter and make them even fattier right yeah we are we're changing the recipe a little all right yeah we're.

Changing it to what we have in our fridge because honestly like you can change up any of the recipes you find online or on our blog to whatever preference you like whatever cheese you want whatever seasonings whatever meat so this is sausage in Korea but we're doing bison and cheddar today so not the same where it's not same but we're gonna.

Use the same seasonings and we're gonna be making a casserole so what to get bison because all the meat at Kroger looks really bad and the only good meat was that 85/15 ground bison so i usually also just go based on what looks good at the time and the bison look training so hopefully some of you are cooking a lot and I'm very excited for this one.

And if you are we're going to start in a couple of minutes but get your oven preheated to 350 degrees because that's what we're making this baby yeah okay we're up and running happy Sunday again hopefully everyone's having a song oh and we got over 300 thousand YouTube subscribers this week which is incredible two years about it.

Took us so far well two years in August yeah which is really amazing exceeded my expectations by a lot yeah thank you to all of you guys to subscribe this is this is a really exciting recipe and I'm so excited to eat it I've been waiting hold it off I just had my bulletproof coffee I had some pickles I was really hungry would you make last night show me.

Your fat bobs oh you're both hot usually we only get mega it's hot I don't not many people would call me high I think she's definitely the more attractive one or some of the girls say Matt hot so these are some butter and baker's chocolate with some red salt on top and there are the perfect sweet treat for me after dinner oh we got I guess I haven't.

Put the link up yet I'll put this up soon we got a new logo and new stuff that you guys can buy this is cute okay we're gonna try coming up with stuff that's not just keto connected actually is like cool sayings and stuff not just like the dumb generic ones that are like you know butter plus MCT oil in my coffee I don't know why people wear.

Shirts like that know if you have one someone out there watching this probably has one ordering it right now just kidding Sam good one what if Santa no not you chance to listen to Daytona oh yeah I have now listen to the new Kanye I need to do that pushes T in Kanye's new album Daytona though is really good I still.

Have to listen to Kanye's new to your channel and I under you guys it's amazing how many new people coming along lately yeah keep growing would you I won't be a good thing so yeah I like Kato for normies there's a new one today yes there is with a good friend Chava she also has a YouTube channel food turns.

Sleepy she got the vertical sleeve so it is vertical vertical sleeve gastrectomy the SG surgery and then she's also used keto and she's lost over 100 pounds a good listen especially for like motivation gym tips food tips yeah if you guys listen to the the podcast we've had 2 episodes so far with people who lost over 100 pounds just getting their.

Tips and tricks and like what changed for them let us know if you're liking those we can keep doing those we have 5 home planned right now six six of them yeah yeah doctor been Bickman podcast was a really good one here's my great info meal prepping this morning all keto recipes yeah it's a great day to meal prep it is Mary farmer.

Meemaw hello made the Golden Gate for know what's the best thing ever this is good it is a little dangerous keto connect lifer making your trees a dip and check it out cheresa dip is also dangerous any dip for me is just like no I like this yeah it's not really that dangerous for me Oh like I just can't eat it.

Non-stop you're such a dead person Matt you don't really like this I don't that's why it's not dangerous they said oh I liked it I did say that so I guess that was you meant she doesn't like dance yeah mega eats her food kind of like a pig just like slop that's like her favorite form of food it is so he's not wrong.

What do they call it isn't slop so I can't be offended just finished pulling the pork shoulder yeah you can show your intelligence on every podcast oh thank you thank you that's really good at asking questions I feel like I sound dumb just like my voice and stuff maybe it takes like a couple weeks did you think.

I was done when you first got me yeah okay see that's what I think yeah exactly and people assume I'm smart and because I'm Indian and because you really assertive and you're like a strong yeah yeah yeah I also am like yeah sort of aggressive but let's compensate I'm very average and that's actually very smart so yeah bro.

We also made red yesterday but we smoked ours yeah so you guys saw on our Instagram we made six hours to beam ribs yesterday they were really good but they just don't have the smoky flavor that you want from like ribs barbecue yeah that's the only downside can you coffee and eat breakfast together I saw the meal plans in your cookbook don't.

Usually have them together just curious yeah you can absolutely do that the use of a knife in foolproof coffee is just like I make it really fatty it's super filling so I don't also at the same time eat breakfast but Madalene couple eggs sometimes right sometimes you can do it either way to you I just find that bulletproof.

Coffee is a good like bridge between meals or like first thing in the morning gets me to like 10:00 or 11:00 long yeah what's the fat someone said how do you get enough fiber on keto so you maybe want to look into fiber do your own research on that and see what kind of conclusions you come to I don't really think fiber is all that necessary we've.

We've gone like 90 days of getting like 2 grams of fiber a day we're fine we actually felt really good we did that but uh some days I'll also do like 30 40 grams of fiber and I feel less good when I do that if I'm being honest so I would just say if you drastically decrease your fiber overnight you're gonna have like some digestive it's not gonna feel.

Right right but it takes time to adjust to that and then it'll feel fine yeah um but getting your fiber is easily done from vegetables if you eat vegetables that's a great way to get together I am drinking a peppermint tea I'm making your chicken enchilada casserole today you guys give me life with your recipes the buffalo chicken tenders were to die.

For the chicken tenders are just so good kyoro bye for now and that chicken enchilada casserole – your jewel is coming today so that's a sous-vide immersion circulator I think you're gonna love it I want to do a video on artists soon because we really use it almost every day I like it a lot we do we do use it a.

Lot for a hard-boiled egg any thoughts on protein fasting I think it's dumb but I've never tried it so I can't really speak on it I guess yeah what are the benefits you who are getting from it and why do you do it that would want to know that before I couldn't even tell you I think a lot of times with the protein fasting isn't it.

The only one I've seen is the like the collagen fasting which is like 10 scoops of collagen and day to do some kind of like reset thing I'm not into kindly reset cleanse detox those words just mean like a gimmicky scam type of thing to me any advice for someone wanting to start a Keough blog you mean YouTube channel or demon blog.

There's a blog or vlog probably a YouTube channel okay um just start honestly yeah that's how we did it we didn't like go ask anyone because you know you you you learn along the way I think that's what the biggest takeaway is right you just you do it your videos suck you get better and that's all there really is to it.

Yeah I think you have to actually love not only doing keto and sharing your life and just kind of like your own exploration of nutrition and be up like feel good about sharing that but you also have to kind of love like shooting videos editing videos making like putting some pride on that like if you go through our videos you can see how.

Much better we got and I think a lot of this because we enjoy it we like getting better and making good videos should we start this who you're making broccoli sausage breakfast casserole broccolis right yeah let's start this so my ovens preheated to 350 good to go we're not making broccoli though no broccoli.

I know but that's a good oh she's making someone is making that and I said broccoli is a great addition for a casserole okay so we're using 12 ounces you can odyssey's as much as beet but we're using 3/4 of a pound 12 ounces of ground bison I'm gonna add this to a medium-high heat pan and get that.

Browning so we're using ground bison you can use ground beef or in the cookbook the original recipe which is actually really good is pork sausage ground pork on the season you can also just buy seasoned pork sausage like breakfast sausage we are gonna simulate those flavors with like actual just herbs and spices here so.

That's what we're gonna do with the ground bison and then we got some cheddar cheese we're using a set of the Gris our cheese in the recipe but we make breakfast castles like this almost like once every couple weeks it's the number one thing we meal prep because it lasts really good in the fridge it's just as good on like day five is it is.

The first day you make it you don't need to oil it or anything let's see what book is that that's our cookbook it's called keto made easy do you have a charity today or is it for the honeymoon fund we do not have a charity for today again and we got to get back to picking that up in ladies sorry yeah if you guys want to.

Email us with any suggestions that would be cool too but we're just been rolling it over so we have a good fun built up it's probably like looking around six or seven hundred bucks right now the honeymoon fund though I don't even thought about that I mean yeah wait I enjoyed life way too much already I don't need like a designated period of.

Time this is a good question do you count protein from collagen differently since you mentioned it's not a complete protein yeah I like as long as you're not going super overboard with it and getting like half of your daily protein from collagen then I wouldn't kind of because in the end is all kind of it.

Kind of even out but in my mind yeah I have a really high dose of like collagen or pork rinds or those two combined then I would probably want to have some additional protein okay so this is my tray I've got scallions I've got sage and then they do have marjoram but I love marjoram.

So I got some rosemary and fresh herbs guys make the biggest difference I love sage sage just feels beautiful and it smells beautiful there's actually a community garden out back and Julia's house tries to eating the sage and then we have some ground-up clothes we didn't actually have ground cloves so Matthew used to murder and pestle and krysta so.

That's the seasonings and then salt and pepper so I'm gonna get everyone everything like chopped up the scallion the and the fresh herbs where are you going to typically get your meats so most typically probably Costco we buy in bulk steaks from there that's the number one thing we eat probably then if we're just like we want to make something that.

Night like a lot of times when we wake up we have an idea we want to make a fancy dinner we'll get it from Kroger Whole Foods Publix wherever every yes yeah yeah we want stuff that we really don't go to Walmart to get meat I would say that's the one place we don't go yeah but yeah just like slightly more expensive but I think you get better.

Quality if you go to Kroger Publix and of course whole food is like fancy and expensive Trader Joe's has really good meats as well for cheap how do I get your cookbook it's on Amazon it's at Barnes Noble Kido made easy do you believe that too much protein can affect your insulin and glucose yeah it can but I don't know.

So like I think you only want to worry about too much protein if you're really going for like the therapeutic benefits of keto because I know me when I'm eating when I'm really limiting my protein intentionally and my fast really high I feel a lot better it's a good feeling but if you're going for weight loss then limiting your protein doesn't.

Make a lot of sense with proteins like the book spilling and you'll probably have a better weight loss success with that but if you want to be like really well fat adapted I would say putting in an effort to get substantially higher fat is good can you still dunk a basketball fairly but yeah we tried like four months ago and I could I'm still.

Chopping up my herbs yeah well Mark meets her a few what are the macros on Costco sticks you got to just kind of guess but they're actually like really high fat yeah they have a huge fat cap on them or your upcoming weight loss podcast mostly from surgery people I have a lot to lose but really don't want to have surgery despite my.

Doctor's recommendation no they're not although surgery only one person was and that's cello yep everyone else is just diet and exercise still waiting on the Amazon pre-order out of stock is that true I don't know today are you in another country my daughter is threatening me to stop Kido.

What does that mean she's threatening you you better stop where she do right because she will yeah so I've got everything trapped up and now the meats basically all the way cooked I am going to add the scallions red pepper flakes the clove salt and pepper and then stir rose and let the.

Scallions cook down a little a couple minutes okay so what are your thoughts on coconut oil versus MCT oil for bulletproof coffee so they're just kind of different things coconut oil is MCT oil kind of but not really it's it's c12 which is not really an MCP and I'm CT oil is just 100% concentrated seat 7ch so theoretically the MCT oil will.

Convert to ketones faster in your body so you could notice more of like an energy boost off of the MCT oil this might be a dumb question but lately I've been seeing some things that have confused me figuring out the net carbs total carbs equals 10 fiber for sugar alcohol no total cards equals 10 fiber equals 4 sugar alcohol is 8 I'm assuming.

That just means a zero so in that instance I would assume that it's like a international label and it would be the fibrous route they already subtracted from the total cards because everywhere outside of the US doesn't like that so then it would be to knit her red roses like sociology the mouth adding in the clothes and then I'm.

Gonna give it a stir you can turn the heat on to medium at this point is the microphone connected to the stove good question sorry about the audio we're looking to upgrade to setup when we move dumb question how do you know if you are insulin resistant so a good test of that is like the to our post cram deal.

Whatever that word is blood glucose test so like if you eat a lot of carbs and then you test your blood glucose two hours later and it's still really high that would be a sign that your insulin resistance but we're not doctors over here yes sorry about the audio just got the cookbook and I are me and my husband are.

Loving it awesome okay it's not me oh you can see the scallions cooked down but there's some bright green nuts to them and the good thing about making it more like a frittata in the same pan is all the fat isn't there yeah so at this point if you're not using an oven-safe skillet you can transfer everything make sure you get all the fat and the spices.

Into a casserole dish you definitely must spray down with some coconut oil or grease it with some butter because the aggregate counter will stick do one of us cook more than the other on live streams and in daily life mega cooks always on live Smith's in daily life I think I cook slightly more what would you say like recipe just.

Like theirs yeah I would say backwards for what's your take on Jillian Michaels kiddo is bad for you baloney she still sells diet pills under her name so obviously she's not help guru guru in my opinion well I think he Doe is probably not aligned with like her profit motives that would be my assumption so like just trying to debunk.

Keto in her mind it's better for her because I think once you get to a certain point like Jillian Michaels level like top tier famous Fitness person everything that runs through your mind is like through the profit filter like what's good for me what makes me the most money what's bad for me so I would say that's.

Why she's saying that about Keita what she probably hasn't looked into it much Ivan your your stage and mutters room or whatever fresh herbs you have and mix that around I didn't add it before but they didn't want to like burn them and they a little bit a bitter taste if they burn so I'm just mixing it around now and then transfer everything to your.

Casserole dish and evenly spread it amongst the bottom and then we are going to do the egg part someone just dropped $10 donations you're on geronimo venti oh wait Sharon dropped the $2 donation love you guys have you tried grenade bars yeah goodnight regardless so we have a low-carb protein bar video where we talk about a bunch of different ones.

And their actual actual being like considering these fibers and these sweeteners they use and then really accounting for the carbs because you can't subtract all of mouthal you can't subtract all of imo fiber so we kind of play the game where what is this actually equal and carb kilo bars are you like one of the worst no it's not.

One of the words yeah it was like we have like a you penny and stay away stay away I don't person a way to just you know know that it's not true on the back what are some significant things you've seen about dogs that have had major improvements in their health who have been switched to wholesome keto diets.

That meet all their needs about dogs Joel Isis on a crazy diet and he gets an egg yeah so I think keno is probably good for dog here at least like a low grain type of diet I have a bull right here I'm going to crack eight large eggs these are the kind we like to get into the book but I feed Julius like half an.

Egg and then I give him about a tablespoon of olive oil with this food per day that's what we're doing we thought about doing the raw feeding but it's really a transition process and then we want to do for Miley too but she would just it would be tough I've been in Aikido for six weeks and lost 37 pounds.

Ngratulations the documentary magic pill is it accurate so it's weird it's weird to me that they're I think the people who are made it are getting like sued or something chill by the Australian government or something but basically of course the film is true they're telling you to eat actual food and you'll be healthier so yeah and that sense is true.

As far as you know like it reversing cancer I don't know that that's been proven I would imagine that it'll give you a better chance than a standard American diet but I'm not really sure about that and I can also understand I think the other case study they did was like epilepsy or just isn't autism autism that makes sense to me why it.

Would work too but I don't know that that's been proven either okay I've got my a tank I'm gonna add 1/4 cup of heavy cream and again you can adjust this recipe however you want if you want more fat you can up the cream you can also add more eggs if you're making it for more people this last this about four days if we each just have a slice cuz.

There's a day so we just cut this into 8 slices our fit Crunch Bars keto worthy what are crunch oh I would say no we did asked a lot of questions about bars and every time we go to the store we try to take a peek it done but nothing is better than quest bars still yeah quest bars and then there's Atkins lifts.

Bars I think those are the two best as far as protein bars go yeah okay I'm gonna set that aside and if you're using cheddar are using shredded cheese pretty sure to just add that in and whiskey with the eggs but since I'm using a block of cheese I'm going to grate it myself if you completely remove sweeteners and.

You only knew Whole Foods keto and then maybe it's possible to just eat intuitively and you know maintain weight but for me I always have to if I just eat as much as I want then I'll just never stop anything basically so we're doing five ounces of Gruyere cheese is in the recipe but we're gonna do some raw cheddar cheese that we had in our.

Fridge what are you gonna do professionally like apart from YouTube we just do you – well we yeah we run a food blog and we have a podcast and great cookbooks we do a lot we do YouTube and we're working on Project X right now yeah coming in four to six months I would say guys hyping it up what it is no book project or a comment.

Project that's yeah Project X guys coming in four to six weeks months it's gonna be good I think you guys are gonna love it I'm really excited for it Jennifer Lee $5 donation what's the best time to test my ketones I only have coffee with heavy cream and stevia in the morning and eat at noon Thanks I always say first thing in the morning.

Because that has the least amount of variables and actual like food from your diet contributing to the levels it's really just like your endogenous ketone production because anytime after that is always going to be influenced by the way you hate what you drink PETA has proven to work with children for epilepsy yeah that's that's how our.

Night originated yeah I want to invest in project us everyone's excited about Project X it's something different something we've never done before totally new venture we are very excited about it and you guys should be done okay so this is a very soft cheese upgrading is not working I'm just chopping up my five ounces of cheese.

There is not a collaboration project now how do I get started I'm ready well I think our YouTube channel is a pretty good place to start we have a beginners series for videos that's a really a lot of people have said it's like help them it's a great place to start okay I'm adding cheese to the egg mixture right now.

The Bitcoin channel is not coming guys sorry just too much stuff going on I think putting my efforts towards Project X which I'm just talking about non-stop now and building our family yeah maybe having a kid someday all right I'll be back thank you sorry face group again we're working on this.

So I'm just pointing my egg over my spread-out meat and seasonings it looks good am I getting it good yeah what if it's just like your feet all right and once I get all this out spread the cheese around evenly tail I'm gonna spread the cheese around evenly the meat spread it.

Out evenly because if you break this up into portions you want as close to the macaronis as possible that's what we like to do I'm pretty much just stickler about it you can ask that so cutified veteran asks $20 donation happy Sunday thank you so much for what you do and especially for creating the deeper state keto course with Keough.

Savage it's amazing and has helped me stay motivated and focus I'm feeling better each day that is amazing to hear so we're coming up on the halfway point of the first people the sign up for deeper stage right yeah which so many people if you guys follow the hashtag deeper take heed on Instagram so many people losing.

Tons away feeling amazing body fat buzzing inches yeah it's really awesome and then whoa donations come in like crazy here Sylvia Miranda $20 did your candied pecans yesterday a bad idea I can't stop popping them in my mouth so that's good for us because we know you like them forcing them out and uh awkward quarter cup bags that's what.

We can I can't stop popping them I'm making cupcakes for the kids doing this vanilla buttercream frosting yeah crossing fingers they like it my kids are so picky don't like it okay this is what it looks like guys before it goes into the oven forty minutes 350 it's not gonna take 40 minutes well if you take that normal casserole dish yeah ours was.

Like 13 money depending on it on the side depending on the size we used a one on three fourths quart baking dish that will take around 35 to 40 this is 0.8 closer to 20 it's a 12-inch skillet yeah 12-inch skillet Project X is a live online workshop to the masses nope hi from Georgia hi from the other Georgia from overseas thanks for your.

Awesome work love the recipes thanks for the support guys I'm used to eating oatmeal with almonds and butter what can I use instead you can use you can do we have oatmeal overnight oats overnight oats you can also use like completely change and do like eggs and bacon and stuff like that but there's there's always a replacement for everything it's.

Like that's something that helps you stay on track we have about overnight oats recipe on our food blog that's really bad sandy says twelve point eight pounds lost on deeper state keto so far so Rea Facebook I know you guys can't get any answer I know it's a cooking show but no one answered my questions I gotta go back.

And look Lisa what do you asking also for those of you who tuned in we are making a cookbook recipe we're making the sausage and Gruyere breakfast casserole we loves breakfast castle rolls for prepping because they like are really filling and just hit perfect macros like add a couple tablespoons of butter and you're good to go I don't see.

Your question Lisa every time someone has me to go back and read the question there we go lost too much weight and would like to keep the keto diet that's a very low effort question but um you just have to increase your calories my Kido yeah it's just about yeah increasing calories like adding extra fats to your meals it's not to our.

Thoughts on the carb nite solution or higher carbohydrate options for Kino is carbonate solution something that's been coined by someone yeah it's it's the Prophet thing okay I have a video on it I think the carbonate solution may be so check out for that on youtube but i mean ii experimenting with carbohydrates I think is something that everyone can.

Definitely do and some people you know can tolerate more cars and feels who still feel really good but like personally I feel really good when I have higher fat and very low carbs so that's what works for me I think finding what works best for you is a good way to go about it yeah it's worth trying but no there's no a lot of people say it's.

Necessary which I think that's very false I don't want you me Bella what's the solution yeah what are you solving if you are the type of person who wants to eat carbs once in a while that could be a way to go but my pre-workout that could be a good way to later work through the carbs and also fuel your workout okay back to live my.

Boyfriend I started keto yesterday you guys are my favorite thanks for all your help we are the blue beginners we are the true blue beginners and we are using keto and five dollars a day day one went great I'm fifties 58 we're excited about being healthier and more energetic together that is a great comment I love.

That you're not yeah date one once we've been through the first day I think you're just like super motivated and you know that it's totally possible because a lot of people are scared of like I'm cutting out carbs like is that even doable but it and a great place to start is one of our meal preps our free ones on our site.

Yeah I think that's a really good place to start do you guys think soaking your nuts is a good idea I do think it's a good idea but it's not like the most practical thing to do or time efficient but yeah if you're like I think there's there's a point to where I just don't want to obsess over things so so much like soaking nuts probably falls into.

That category for me I've done it before and it like removed some of the phytic acid all the nutrients being more bioavailable they're easily digested so if you guys have like not in tolerances that could be a good round tool it's a lot to learn from all this stuff yeah poor guy mining it opened doors like so swiftly but it's so funny that dogs.

Can't open doors he can no but he was on the inside he says – yeah what is deeper sake you know and deeper sekito calm it's actually closed right now but you can join the wait list for when we reopen it it'll be in a month or two but it's a 90-day program obsessed with your I spoke with coffee from the cookbook yeah a lot of people make me mad that's.

Amazing I think like a mocha one it's like the frat bag I didn't explain so many people to love it I feel like I have to make it again so I can relive it just thought MCT oil can I cope with it or is it only an attitude the bottle isn't informative I wouldn't cook with I wouldn't cook with it either maybe you can use like a.

Tablespoon for addressing yeah I would use them in cold preparation yeah exactly because you're paying such a premium for MCT oil you don't want to like oxidize it I don't know even how easily oxidized it is but yeah I would say just cook with something else and then at the end you can drizzle some on does anyone good.

A month with no dairy and does it make a difference in weight loss yeah I've been two months and I didn't notice any differences in weight loss particularly but I definitely felt better and I didn't like my psoriasis like my skin so it helped because there was less inflammation because I mean dairy is the.

Most like inflammatory food right you can call it pollution though so it was good to experiment with it and some people like have said that they've had benefits from cutting out dairy so I think it's worth the try if you're considering it in your cookbook the cards aren't net carbs correct correct there are total carbs and then you will.

Subtract the fiber did I you just a little bit he hasn't peed in the house in like four months what happened here buddy can I find a balance between low card for satiety and body fat maintenance while consuming some sufficient carbs to extreme glycolytic workouts on the daily yeah so I think step one would be really doing a high.

Fat low carb keto diet like to the extreme and then maybe step two could be adding in a little bit of simple carbs pre-workout like for a while we did this we still have it the karo syrup yeah we should you can do stuff like this it's light karo syrup it's just pure dextrose you can do like a tablespoon it's about 15 grams of.

Carbs but you use it during the workout and it doesn't go to the liver so I won't really stop ketone production you can try that is there a macros calculator in the cookbook no there's so just go to our food blonde and then on the right column there's a macro couple yeah search key to connect macro calculator on Google should your protein.

Be lower than fat yes that's the way I like to do it yeah I'm down 75 pounds but it seemed to hit a wall how do I get over that so there's a lot more to that question because I don't know how long you've been stalling I don't know like what what you are you marking out as well are you like dropping your calories or you're telling her to really low are.

You drinking enough water there's a lot that goes into it but experimenting with your diet like you're swapping foods in and out there's always something that can help upping your water intake and help is it oh it's acceptable on keto no I think you're gonna want to that's like a question you can pretty easily research you're gonna want to not just.

Ask questions about individual food items because we could do that all day you should just learn how to read the label on the back of the oh it's count the carbs I think it's like 38 grams of carbs per cup or per like quarter cup so I would not eat those when someone asked a question like that and then you'd respond like that I always think of my.

Dad and then I'm like my dad would ask that too and then I feel so bad because you know some people just don't like them your mom or your dad or your grandma like some people just like they don't know what a carb is yeah you're right but yeah I need another car that's a starting place now you know all odds are nepheline carbs you should stay away.

And now when you have a question like that just look up online the nutrition for that particular food and read the carb column read the fiber column and you know do do some figuring out right there yeah go to My Fitness Pal and start tracking your foods a little bit that is honestly the best way to learn about foods yeah.

Me too thoughts I'm raw milk we can't get it anywhere around here it's like it's illegal basically but we did by Julia's rah-rah goats milk come up we but Julia's rock smell from the pet store and then we drank it ja 100 drinking but joy loves it yeah we could get raw milk we would.

Get get it for sure we get Ross cheese that's what we do Thank You Man Ida love your YouTube channel I've been Kido for over a month down 20 pounds and you know great you make it easy to cook amazing food I haven't even cheated thanks your recipe that's what I like to hear a lot of people ask us why we do so many.

Desserts but for a lot of individuals we're coming off like I need dessert every single night I kind of Ben and Jerry's every single night and so having those replacements is a great way to start and then you know either you move forward and you cut cut down on the sweets or you can keep going like that and you know some success and feel.

Really good yeah breath mic is bad $5 donation our deep-fried Mars bars keto friendly what about twice fried french fries so I've never had a mars bar guys are gross I'm gonna say they're not can you can you do keto without counting macros if you've been doing it for a while yeah you can like honestly I haven't counted macros in like a week.

And I just put in my macros for today and I've just like really low on fat that's kind of what you default to when you're not counting in my experience this is a funny Jenny he has two comments friend of mine wanted to try keto he was dead set on faster than going full-blown overnight I asked why he said so I can.

Get him to ketosis faster I asked him why that was his goal and he gave no answer and then later I'm trying to give him advice to ease into it didn't work saw him eating Chinese takeout the following good that's our words just so many people and not just with the Qi but with like all types of new habit-forming things you gotta have a long-term.

Mindset but also take one step at a time don't like go cold turkey if that's gonna be difficult for you what keto cookbooks do you recommend the market Kido made easy uh I don't know we have a bunch of them I don't really buy cookbooks I buy more like food science class and I mean unless you like need hardcover Pinterest and food.

Blogs online are probably like better so castaway kitchen she's actually coming out with a cookbook in August but she's a good friend and she had a lot of really good not free dairy free a IP friendly keto recipes and really good desserts I would check out the cassoulet kitchen my favorite cookbook we've gotten is the.

Food lab by Kenji Lopez yeah we got bacon butter like really early on before we started our like yeah really early on we were like this is nonsense who made this it is making so much money off of it a lot of the keto cookbooks are super generic they just all have like fatted pizza bulletproof coffee just like I don't even know if the person that made.

Bacon and butter actually cook any there's no fruit there's no proof in the cookbook that that person made any of those recipes it's just like all prints it's all text yeah I wouldn't first check out the blog just a blog after we blog like for example pedo good night if you like our recipes online you're probably going to like our cookbook.

Recipes and good ones can be expensive so if you like a food blog see if they have a cookbook and then get that one how is butcher bucks we like it yeah I got in the salmon yet though that is apparently new uh yeah I'm just checking about that but their bacon is really good the petter students they have two different kinds their steaks are like.

Portioned out which I like so you're not like throwing a bunch of me it's just like one steak at a time yeah it's really good meat I mean my favorite is probably their top sirloin just kick bacon I always keep it no that's why never mind started keto made 20th down seven pounds love your channel and your recipe shout.

Out to Julia he just looked up thank you for the shout out out how long does it take to bounce back after a vacation cheap weekend what does both back mean feel as good as you would if you were eating like really high five but like two days yeah you get back on.

It yeah do you like um calories yeah well we when we have a goal in mind yeah do you eat bacon no I actually don't really like it that much I think we've had at once it's not that good I'd say it was like ribs like I like pork ribs yeah let's see what's your opinion on BHB salts we don't really I actually have.

Been using that into the last few days but it's more for electrolytes and like I like it the best use I have for it is after a night of drinking the next morning I find that it helps me a little bit I think in a lot of it just because it has a lot of electrolytes in it I wouldn't recommend it especially if you're trying to lose weight.

It doesn't help for weight loss breath Mike ten dollars seriously though I'm having serious potato withdrawal lately can you recommend something with my satisfy that craving yeah what do they call dang it they're come up no way come on good but you come up bloats me and there's like higher carb there's chips no are you my potatoes and.

Potato chips because questions aren't that bad radishes radishes replacement I promised you you may not think so but right now is put your bags good for a family of four yeah it's just not gonna give you too many meals I think it's about what twelve pounds of meat per box or something ah Manjula.

Okay but yeah if you got it once a month and that's on your only meat supply I think to be great to house enough eggs right and you also get like bacon at the grocery for a family of four I would probably go to a farm and get like a half of a cow or something when we get our new house with the freezer I'm doing that I may can even get an old one he's.

Not gonna what is it good website to buy keto food from all we have is Walmart and our grocery store doesn't have much options well you're looking for like above and beyond just mean vegetables I assume that right like what what is a good website to buy keto food other than Amazon yeah we we buy on Amazon and there's one other neutral metric that.

Person is good for like smart cakes and like low carb breads if you want those any new supplement recommendations you've come across lately not really I've been taking just cod liver oil every day a tablespoon and probiotics thoughts on coconut sugar it's sugar yeah I wouldn't use it because it's the only benefit to coconut sugar over.

Actual sugar is I guess it's made from coconut and it's lower glycemic index but it's still just like sugar someone said Craig potato inclusive potassium and craving will go away that's what dr. Berg says dr. grant wants a weird stuff like that that is interesting bow I don't know if that sounds really true but it appeals to you though and in some.

Way doesn't it he has this one video in why furries like why does it appeal because it's like very simple answer that's like if you have awesome if you have chocolate cravings after dinner more more magnesium you know yeah that's something that makes sense potatoes major pokeball with tofu so oh no Aloha and Mahalo Mahalo come back to Oahu and.

Do a keel class those are so many words Aikido class would be really fun but some of their pokey it's awesome it is so good okay you know who was phenomenal John H says favorite serial killer oh well you spelled serial like serial so we're talking about the food or the actual serial killers the actual serial killers are you sure yeah.

Okay um I don't know who's my favorite maybe I'm the first person I think of is Charles Manson isn't a Sirocco though I think he killed a few like Bundy yes cuz he's Mike handsome I don't know that I have one necessarily like I listen to a lot of true crime stuff but I don't think I have a favorite like the Zodiac killer I think he's the most overrated.

Serial killer yeah you only killed a few people right like six maybe anything it was I think it's only three right okay yeah what the pattern which brand of cod liver oil we get is it Carlson yeah it's Carlson lemon flavoring like you just drink it it tastes actually really good do you suggest using pre-workout before working out if you want you still had.

Really helped me get jazz for the gym and I needed that but now I'm fine I'll just dip it sometimes for the caffeine or just I'm fine with water ideas for leftover egg whites for making the cured eggs you can make our low-carb tortillas mmm you can also we don't have a recipe for this you could make like some meringues we don't know we tried it.

A few times though oh yeah I don't like meringue Thank You Mel well what I'm going to what nothing series are you mature right now big hotel someone suggested it luckily we've been into it and I've also been watching rotten every morning on the treadmill I love watching documentaries on the treadmill we love.

Your pad thai oh that one was really good you don't even remember it first recipes what do you do differently for your kidney issues unsubscribe mega supports Ted Bundy what do I do differently for my kidney issues it's gonna be very specific to what your kidney diseases or what stage or like medical advice yeah so I don't like want.

To really give advice cuz I'm on medication for it which I you know I don't think everyone needs to be you're prone to stones so yeah I have a lot of stones already just like sitting in my kidneys that just come out whenever they want I have come out a lot and should they pass I just drink a lot more water and then probably the normal person.

Because I need to always be flushing because you're also could be prone more to UTIs just a lot more water and I don't go as heavy on the salt that's mine you also like like protein powders and stuff for easy yeah so what exactly so protein is adjusted differently or processed differently kidneys then like actual animal meat so.

I'm lower on animal meat and if I want to eat high-protein all likely comfortable more protein powders I just started the keto lifestyle how much vegetables would you recommend eating okay so this is just me personally recommendation for starting keto don't go too overboard on the veggies like two to three servings a day of leafy green.

Veggies is probably good ball should be out yours might be longer if you use the deeper dish cod liver oil is hella expensive yet is unfortunately but it's a really good way to if you're eating a lot of nuts and stuff and your omega-3 six balance is off it really helps with that did you just scroll down a lot yeah I.

Think it went back to live okay right here why are you avoiding this question why is it your cookbook an e-book on your IG why would why are we avoiding that question what do you mean wasting it on our energy our IG feed is only like pretty what I consider to be pretty picture it's like artsy type of pictures so we just put the cover of our cookbook.

On I mean we promote it in videos and there's a link on our food blog for it for one of our favorite products yeah why should you have a favorite serial killer I think criminals yeah they are but I think you can be light-hearted about things that are actually favorite episodes like what's the most fascinating person and like the kind of.

Kills they made like why do they do that rightful like a serial killer has arrived in a reason and a pattern so like dissecting the pattern dissecting the person like what his childhood was like that is fascinating so I think the favorite can be yeah I don't know some people are just really serious about everything yeah if you came in when I.

Said serious those are okay I didn't mean it the way you think I meant what is the most requested foods you get asked to try to make you know I think we've made all those already the number one requested type ones but like is there any you can think of that we haven't done yet you know no just no we haven't done any we're cookbook or.

Website most requested probably like a some crazy dessert we can never replicate well we did ask popcorn a lot of popcorn and then like like a certain ethnic food like what is that like Indonesian food we've been asked but like I don't know what Indonesian food is I need to look that up on average how many green leafy vegetables do you tend.

To you daily a lot of times zero more commonly probably like two servings yeah for dinner I like to go almost zero carb up until dinner and then I'll have like a good serving of vegetables with dinner do you have a ketose favorite keto salad dressing or dip I like the primal kitchen salad.

Dressings and males because they use avocado oil so anything using olive oil or avocado oil and then dip probably I probably make one at home but I guess the store-bought dip would be like guacamole yeah started keto for one I'm down forty eight point eight pounds just had a checkup and my levels are amazing you guys have helped so much.

Congratulations that was feel really really good what can I eat in the cinema this is great because we are actually experts at taking snacks into the movie theater you can do cellists or parm crisps the first one so yeah we have a ton of these these are both good moon cheese is probably my fav parm crisps alright and then we can look dried cured.

Meat so like bribes to rejects chorizo is a good option um nuts pork rinds not pili nuts I'd like to take pili nuts we always take the CVS soda or a Diet Sprite have y'all made jerky yeah yeah we have a recipe on our cookbook and on our website should we try this casserole yeah can you have watermelon or cantaloupe on.

Keto I would say no it's pretty much just sugar it's really sugary there's not like it's not a real healthy food either of those there's not much of micronutrients to go along with all the sugar and yeah if you're trying to really be in ketosis it's not great for that okay so the casserole is done it's rested we're gonna where do you get.

Primal kitchen items are they available in stores yeah so I've seen them in Whole Foods they're a little pricey in Whole Foods but Publix has them it's usually quite like three four dollars cheaper at Publix I've never seen em at Kroger and then Amazon you can get them online John H favorite repeat comedian guest on Joe.

Rogan hands down Tom Segura I love Tom Segura Tom sooner is not that good what are you talking about we went to him in San Francisco and I almost died I once had a throat contusion I love Jim because you loved him and I love you are you kidding you do the biggest hilarious beautiful it smells so good you wanna cut it yeah we're gonna cut it into.

Eight probably yeah so it's really easy to calculate the nutrition how many lessons of cheese for ya so what's happening out okay that makes it a little more difficult but you can do for next time just make it easily – so those for me half an ounce one egg 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and then that's it yeah and then like.

The seasonings anything different us over 40 keto beginners should watch out for or do differently I don't have any experience with that but just we talked to some people I think just scaling into it a little bit slower could be good because your body's not as good at dealing with drastic changes at that age before you thought that all before.

Before you nation we just like slowly decreasing carbs and increasing fat instead of just jumping right in I think might be good we probably shouldn't be using this knife in the non-stick pan I know but we're getting on you stop tell me that we're gonna do pan non-stick pans we need more this isn't cutting well I'm just gonna.

Cut a slice out we can deal with it out there okay I wonder how this is gonna be with the Bison I know I really like bison and burger form but we've done like scrambles with bison and like I don't love it I look around beef a lot better yeah get a question um what do you think of cacao butter and your coffee or fat bombs.

Really great my used to a cow butter ami is or you still on your bill de blasio anymore and it is good and we have a chocolate bar recipe with cacao butter why what mixed breed is Julius he is um two types of carrier partner key and then partner super your Q diamond carrier this is not coming out too easily up okay that didn't really come.

Out well we need new pants as hat yeah thanks so much hopefully yours didn't stick let us know if you made it and it turned out good we're gonna give this a try here it is guys so Facebook let's give it a try did you put salt and pepper yeah okay she always forgets to put salt for some reason I mean I have.

To use easy than I'm used to not putting salt and stuff I told you go ahead this looks good it would be cool if we did more roasts and stuff yeah we couldn't do more we should we should actually do more you're right the stage in the rosemary that's on boy that is phenomenal I say phenomenal so much yeah I really.

Like sage do you need tickets to the book signing in Austin no you don't just show up so with that the book people in Austin June 14 and yeah if you could only choose one quito meal for the last meal what would it be very truth well i'ma probably just be like a big no absolute like a fillet a fillet steak with like some chicken crust pizza like.

Sour cream all dumped all over it and like ground beef and tons of cheese John H $3 donation castor Troy or Sean Archer talk about pastor Troy who are those people I don't know who Gossard Troy or Sean Archer is maybe it's like a political race and Archer yeah I'm just gonna randomly go with Sean Archer all right should we call it yeah all right.

It's been an hour we love you thanks so much for joining us we'll be back next Sunday yes next Sunday next Sunday
Keto Meal Prep Cook Along - Breakfast Casserole!
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