Keto Delivered Unboxing + Q&A

Keto Delivered Unboxing + Q&A

Keto Delivered Unboxing + Q&A

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And rely what's up guys let's see here that it's bright and mass hand is come there I am keto delivered unboxing video so we got queue to deliver first it's been lucky how's the break knocking pretty good seems good yeah perfect I'll show my address key to deliver okay so we're just gonna do an unboxing if you're on asked us some.

Questions we should like put it back more do I look a little tan I look super tan and feeling apple cider vinegar question mark um are you asking if he's drinking how much you should drink I drink it sometimes but it's something to experiment with yeah I don't drink it it helps digestion and stuff yeah I'm.

More eating before this it's alkaline I believe it helps with like digestion of like a city boys like meat and stuff yeah since meats are high in acid that could be helpful there I should probably start drinking it high we love you we're doing an unboxing you know delivered we're gonna unbox um.

So if you guys are interested stay tuned I'm gonna turn this and we're going to have a link to it below but what's this video goes look like we're done then we'll have the way yeah okay here we go we haven't looked at it yet can't really see much okay oh ah we're gonna get this stuff sent to us but we got it in the box so.

It's dry rice cauliflower so this the people who do keto and call like the brownies there's a video Kido lent mmm they're really taking over quito yeah st. Pete ball if you don't know that um we have to make it though we always make everything so this is six point one nut carbs per serving and there is five servings in here I'm very interested in.

Trying this how much does it retail for it retails for we've seen it on Amazon $7.99 and the only ingredient is dried cauliflower so go to Quito and co they also have a dried broccoli um if you're looking to figure out how many calories you consume a day someone just ask quickly there's a macro calculator on our site and go to that type in your.

Stats you'll find out second item Alpine start premium instant coffee are we making all this no okay first unboxing is pour one packet into your cup add hot or cold water stir and enjoy eight packets in here how much is this $4.99 okay that's not about it eight cups of coffee for Hannah yeah and then this we've had before it's.

Pretty good this one is the 50% dark we had the milk last time um a good deficit to start at if you want to lose weight as 20% but see what feels sustainable too you can go up to 30 you can go down to even just like a lot of times maintenance calories on keto you'll lose weight so this is 50% dark chocolate it retails for 550 and one square is how.

Many carbs one square is one neck are neck card it has soluble corn fiber monk fruit Madagascar vanilla beans this is pretty cool um you buying a lot of halo top and have we ever question if the nutrition is correct no not really I don't have any reason to question right looking at the.

Ingredients there's really no reason we just don't buy it and we don't eat a lot of it personally it just increases cravings for us so we just stay away from the ice creams in general their pint size so it's like wow you sit down with this pint do not eat at all yeah pint size is definitely a tactical decision by the ice cream industry yeah.

And the pints are like this is expensive as gallons a lot of the time yeah and the pint is like the perfect amount where it's like if you eat it all you're eating way too much but it's really easy to eat it all the strips aren't accurate or reliable so going by the strips if you've been fasting since Monday is a terrible gauge and you're probably just.

In ketosis yeah if you've been fasting since Monday today's Friday there's a 0% chance that you're not in ketosis you said that really there's a hundred percent chance you are in ketosis yeah if you fast for like 24 hours you're in ketosis automatically next item it's tea seed oil tomato chili flavor cut a little bent up in here but tomato chili.

Tea seed oil see I like in stuff like this because we're going to use this we're absolutely gonna use that and the rice cauliflower yeah for the chocolate you know we'll use the chocolate too how do I know I'm in ketosis without the strips well if you've been fasting for four days oh um how do you know I mean that the.

Main thing is energy you'll probably notice I'm also just a default thing like if you're eating below the 20 net carbs your body is going to enter stiff automatically yeah um and then like fasting if you or do some sort of fasting that also like just creates more of a state where your body can enter ketosis everyone really obsesses over.

Constantly knowing if they're in ketosis or not you don't need to know it doesn't matter you can if you're eating under 20 net carbs a day automatically you're in ketosis yeah um but going by how you feel matters way more than arbitrarily being in ketosis or not like what matters how you feel yeah so I would go by that and know it's not dangerous to.

Be fasting for that long um you want to probably want to use some precautions but yeah it's not people fast food yeah I mean like Gandhi fasted for whatever 40 over 40 days and drank just water I mean you know if you can do it that's a good time that snacks we've gotten these before how we have um so these are two servings in here and serving size is one.

Cookie like okay each cookie is two nut carbs and there's two cookies in here and recently I've had we've got sent keto cookies and fat snacks are not comparable in my mind kiyo cookies are significantly better they're lower carb these have maybe slightly better ingredients but they both have MCD you all right keto cookie.

And this yeah they do that's cool um these retail for $2.99 I can't taste them because they have almond flour but they just don't look like good cookies they're not as good as keto cookies fat snacks but they're a good option and they're cheaper right I don't know if they're cheaper huh come on try those $2.99 then I think.

They might be a little cheaper oh and we got something I'm also going to use the last item on the list is fixed sriracha big bottle – what no gourmet sriracha with no sugar and a smooth burn so it says no sugar but there's cane sugar listed on the label but there's always sugar in sriracha is.

Just a small amount well why would you say no sugar yeah that's weird to me does it say no sugar so what's a nice haircut thank you um potassium supplementation I get it from food I can pretty easily get it from food someone said for that time ago avocado is spinach are big sources I have to live in low Cobb yeah this is a keto crepe.

Competitor yes you don't delivered um and this retails for $7.99 yeah so I don't know what's different about this versus normal sizes normal sir I'll give it a little taste okay because it has cane sugar in it yeah it is not it's just a gourmet sriracha with no sugar that's what it's selling point is but it has sugar so not a great selling point.

Fix hot sauce calm for magnesium supplementation I take a magnesium pill and I try adding in some magnesium rich foods to my diet I've been adding mushrooms and I have a decent amount of nuts I just started drinking calm magnesium again I love it and it really gets my water in at night hmm that's delicious that is really good.

But better than normal some other than normal sriracha that's really good really spicy but probably double the price right probably $7.99 yeah I think regular sriracha's like three or four bucks um yeah that was our wait that's a where's a cracked pepper Vermont meat stick oh oh they left out a product there's no.

Meat stick in here oh man keto delivered guys in this seems like a little slippin yeah I there is no meat stick right no okay guys we're one product short that's a red flag a huge red flag uh yeah so there's a bunch of these delivery box services and they're all kind of similar the thing is like keto.

Crates just has the most subscriptions they've been around the longest established so they're reliable they're the most reliable like you don't get missed keep like whatever it is not cured cracked pepper meat sticks yeah you don't and we've even had an issue with them where they sent us different flavors of what they have on their.

Packaging that's not a huge issue though but I mean when you're expecting delicious pecans and you get chocolate-covered almonds mm-hmm kiyo crates probably my pick at this point yeah just based on the reliability um best looking couple on YouTube thank you good keto jerky recommendation the one we got going in the oven right now oh my.

God it's a winner guys it's so good we just filmed the start of a recipe video for it it takes like four to six hours in the oven though thank you for asking ferocious the cream bowl did not make me safe do not give me any liquid diarrhea or tummy ache even it was pretty pretty solid I wasn't like over full I felt great some definite getting to getting.

That again when I go back to Atlanta also lately what I've been thinking about is um when we eat out and like you know we don't need out often but when we do or one more generally and we're around other people who are eating I just I don't know how people just eat like 400 grams of carbs a day and that's cuz they don't know.

Better but like I guess they don't just feel a sluggish no no they feel sluggish they just don't know they feel sluggish I just feel so great and like I never feel like sluggish or weighed down after a meal and thinking back to that I was like that sucked like I will always want to take a nap after ate food yeah it's.

Terrible they don't like tie them together is the thing I think right they tired it's pure pleasure in my mind right yeah but it's also just not knowing the how how much are the grasses yeah I don't I don't think these are available in the UK no I don't know if any of the box deliveries are unfortunately um how do you convince.

Someone like that's unwilling to start keto really it's tough you they have to want it like it's like going getting addiction treatment yeah yeah they have to want to do it laughter one can't force someone to go to rehab and then it expected to work well you can like try being buddies and be like let's do this together that's probably the best way.

Yeah I'm a carb not see around the fam trying to critique their food selections I don't think that's a great way yeah like at all so I also don't want someone pointing out that I'm eating poorly because it just doesn't think of how annoying it is when people do it to you eating keto I don't like doing it to other people yeah exactly.

We have mess around oh the oat fiber bread recipe on reddit no I haven't seen that but I have been trying to make a bread recipe using yeast oat fiber and vital wheat gluten to give it to get it to be able to rise I haven't I've kind of perfected it it's close it's like 95% perfected yeah oh my god it's in.

Really delicious it's super good and it's a lot of fiber so you don't eat a lot and you feel really full and like satisfied no I've never had EKG stress test calcium score tests what's a stress test I'm very low stress for some reason my entire life yeah think about anything I don't let things get to me well he does let things.

Get to him but he doesn't stress about like big problems he just man down there there go away what's the best flavor of I so pure cookie dream yeah oh can we do an episode on what we're Keo condiments including recipes an episode on keto condiments um I like that you called in an episode it's like we have a show um yeah we could do Keo connivance because.

People are scared of and unsure what to try absolutely yeah we can show you what we have in our house and we are definitely going to be working on making some condiments for you guys we have a calmly good ones barbecue sauce peanut sauce and like an Asian wing sauce um easy way to get body fat percentage I would just look up the pictures online.

You can go to like men's body fat percentage pictures and compare yourself yeah if you want to be more you don't have to be precise yeah but if you do want to cuz we got an email once and I told her and she was like that's the terrible way to do it there's definitely a more precise way here why do you say that and I was like okay well I was.

Trying to give you a like a gauge but you can measure like every inch of your body and like type it in and figure it out knowing your exact body fat percentage doesn't really matter unless you're like sure that women unless you're that woman or you're trying to get to like the last few body fat percentages before like bodybuilding.

Competitions and stuff we've never tried the I so pasta I'd be interested to see how it compares oh I so pure has pasta iso pasta the carb the carb counts and spices and herbs are still on the back burner boy you gonna do it you gotta do it sorry what are some key foods to eat to go on a fat fast coconut oil eggs butter you.

Know just like there's no real key foods a lot of people will do an egg fast and then add fats to that butter and coconut oil and then if your goal is weight loss and not hitting your calorie intake because you're not hungry then there's no need to force yourself to eat it's not bad thing umm yeah that's that do you guys do carb ups was reading good to.

Do basically she was reading it's good to do carb ups have you done any mega has done one I did one um and if you read a bunch of stuff you'll get varying answers to whether it's a good thing to do or not is it mandatory absolutely not we would recommend not doing one like early on like at least three months under the belt of keto so your body's.

Adapted at that point and figure out what works best for you in terms of doing the carb up don't just let it be a big binge in my opinion um but yeah I could help with like mental cravings it could help with some people have broken plateaus if you're trying to put our muscle it's a great way to do so there's a lot of factors as to why you should do.

One as opposed to just like I've read it's good I'm gonna do one see what but like you can also experiment and just do one but just know that you know you will you could put on weight there's that potential it could lead to like more cravings just you know be cautious when you do one um do you all choose chicken and fish over beef due to personal.

Preference or for health nutrition reasons we don't choose chicken and fish over beef we eat all three yeah I I mean personal preference chicken and fish for me I like them all would you recommend Coke Zero drinks um they're not healthy but they won't affect your ketosis at all if you go to bathroom where then yeah we.

Vivia more than that's all we drink really any more we try not to drink like if we're out at a restaurant we'll get a Coke Zero once in a while Oh hemp seed rice pilaf that sounds interesting that's something I should try I've been trying grinding up hemp seeds into a powder and baking them baking with like a bread recipe with them it didn't.

Really work our wheatgrass shots keto friendly I just count the carbs they have a couple grams of carbs normally is 4 of something you count carbs on no because it is erythritol and stevia which are both zero calorie what if you don't meet your calorie goal if you're trying to lose weight it's perfectly fine then you're not hitting your.

Calorie goal you want to strike a balance between sustainability and losing weight so like if you feel like you're restricting yourself way too much then probably eat more calories if you're comfortable with what you're eating then it's fine to be under your calories how do you prevent a hard hangover and.

Kido drink a ton of water as you're actually drinking a glass per drink that's what we like to do I think that's recommended even if you're not on yeah you actually have to follow the drinking rules man yeah like drink water um and I drink a ton of water before I like fall asleep when I'm laying in bed super drunk have a power a zero on hand in the.

Morning if it's really bad at all you know you're obviously depleted what if we what if we stop doing keto diet will we regain weight if you go back to your old eating habits and you're currently overweight then yeah you'll probably regain weight if you continue eating healthy lean healthy and like at your calorie maintenance level then know how.

Much exercise you guys do we work out five times a week four to five at least we've been going like five or six lately yeah but we've been pushing it a lot harder we're trying to get bigger try to get big um and we lift weights mostly kind of don't really do cardio so I've been eating when hungry in most days that's just a bulletproof coffee and.

Salad how do you feel about that I would say you want to get a little more protein than that end if you are eating you putting on your salad yeah what are you putting on your salad if you're eating way under your calories you want to kind of be sure you're getting protein in protein is important is when you're in a deficit yeah what's a.

Typical calorie burn during our workout it's not a lot like 200 calories yeah we lift weights we don't really do too much cardio right um you count the cards on dial at all as well you don't not count the carbs because it has a higher calorie per gram right that's two calories per gram glycemic index um and it's a 10 or 12 glycemic index right 12.

So you should count like maybe 1/2 two grams of carbs per gram wait what like 20% 10% like 30% of calories from xylitol should be counted probably and then things like mallet all IMO's um 50% yeah you might want a little more protein than that throughout the day maybe you have some protein with your bulletproof coffee a couple hard-boiled.

Eggs um can you recommend any store-bought protein shakes a lot of people use those what are they like the I forget what their pure protein maybe it is oh oh yeah they're EAS has a brand there's premier protein basically just look for a little carb yeah we don't drink any of them really we just make.

Our own smoothie sometimes with I so pure yeah just read the nutritional labels premier protein that's the one yes I said Andy yeah muscle milks not gonna be good muscle notes very high in sugar dweet strawberries no I have any no strawberries since I started keto I don't need fruit I have a cot Oh like some people are picky with what they.

Call fruits I eat avocados and tomatoes yeah see Thank You cumbrous sometimes cucumbers your food I don't know is that the seeds fruit I'm new to keto how do I know how many calories are consumed just go to our website and use the macro calculator or just type keto macro calculator in Google and you can calculate your macros.

I don't know exactly how keto works for diabetics all I know is it keeps your insulin levels low for the most part is recommended for day one like one one cuz can't thank for type one there's like some keto acid is you know acidosis risk but I'm not too familiar right now yeah you should definitely speak to your doctor about that if you're trying to.

Change that how about blueberries and blackberries yeah just count the carbs on them in whatever you want to fit in I prefer to eat vegetables we're moving to Atlanta at the end she ate ten days so sad keep saying anyone's but it's like almost the end of the month uh keto OS we don't drink it don't recommend it type 2 is recommended yeah that's what.

I've I'm aware of what is the best way to check your in ketosis just go by how you feel don't worry about it on toast and if you're even below the car you're like leaving low net carbs there's no doubt about it do you follow a dr. Bergin your views on him yeah if you follow dr. Berg mostly positive views that I'm really good um I'd say there's.

Certain circumstances where he's selling his products but he gives so much great information along the way it's like you gotta sell stuff once in one spectate of course dr. Berg's awesome and if you sign something it's probably quality and you know it is I bought his gold bladder formula one time I told you that right yeah that's a sorry nah I'm the ketones.

Matthew yeah exactly as ketones not yeah I think you want to take some precautions with type 1 diabetes in keto it's that people do it though I know we've tried Walden Farms and it's the most disgusting stuff I've ever tried I agree it's if you look at the ingredient there's a lot of chemicals but the first thing ingredient is always purified.

Water it's just like super watery and oh thanks for the comment on the beard hey Abbi not that it's my beard but I'm pushing him just throw it out like at least give me like 2 to 3 weeks man you know I want to see some action we've tried their syrups are drinkable they're not good though which syrups uh Walden farm.

Oh yeah the chocolate still it tastes chemically still to me any Rex on how to get probiotics in food supplements I think foods always best I've tried supplements it's really tough to know if you're actually getting live probiotics though when you use supplements there are vegetarian key doors there's a.

Subreddit that is specifically dedicated to it tell her to give that a look how do you feel about beef jerky is the excess salt bad for keto and weight loss no excess salt is mandatory for keto yeah and there's not a ton of great beef jerky options a lot of them have sugar but we're making one like right now currently in the oven fridge I mean it's.

Yellow so definitely give that a try making home is very very easy and cheaper beef Jerky's so expensive it is yeah it's actually so a pound of beef jerky the homemade one we're making right now is about what it's about like ten dollars a pound maybe oh that's pricey no a pound of actual beef jerky is like $30 twenty-five oh.

Yeah we get like the two ounce bags for like $7.99 oh you're right um what about magnesium and fish liver oil on a keto diet magnesium you want to maybe supplement I try getting a lot of it from food fish oil I it's proven to be beneficial but I've been reading a lot about like a lot of its oxidized when you get it and you.

Need to get really well sourced fish oil pills I've been kind of not I haven't been taken for phone lately we just recorded a fat bomb recipe coming soon you wanna hear my joke about sodium ya know and I great guy do you take vitamins yeah I take multivitamin magnesium and vitamin D Matthew does intrumental fasting I feel.

Like um lately I've just been naturally flowing into a fasting like I don't eat a full meal until after the gym depends on the day but I don't like aim too fast i fast that intermittent fasting natural he's been doing it for like 40 years yeah 10 we should do a pizza sauce that's a great year since we have the.

Best pizza on the internet do we chicken bread and it's pretty good we're working on a cookbook yeah we are it's going to be delayed a little from our early earlier estimate for the end of this year probably next year spring we're thinking of Frenchie for a dog French Bulldog what are you guys thinking we're gonna scour the SPCA is of course I.

Don't know I scour is that the where were ya muscle milk is geared kinda towards like muscle gain so they throw some carbs in their muscle looks not a good option for keto now I would say also no hard time finding a tomato sauce without sugar well all tomato sauce has naturally occurring sugar because tomatoes have sugar but um rams rep.

Rao's I think it's called rap now since it is pronounced Rao's but sums of Rao's so that's the one you can find in most places I think it's just pricey we've definitely seen it in a whole food and acne but there's a victoria's sauce I think that's even better nutrition then Rose what question have you asked like eight times I want to find it now.

Who hello it's me now I got to find it just react it will watchful how do i lower my LDL on keto I don't know exactly for some people keto drastically reduces their cholesterol some people see a increase in cholesterol right yeah I don't I don't know ki tofu is not something you can avoid if you're jumping right into it but if you decide.

To like taper down your carbs that's a good way to help like try and prevent it all together but if you're going to go just straight for the 20 net carbs you're most people hit it and just drink Powerade zeros like you know people make electrolyte drinks electrolytes hi is the best way to treat it but if you jump right into you're going to get keto.

Fluke for the most part what else you guys got we unboxed Akito delivered if you didn't see what's our favorite thing oh oh my favorite was a Vermont cured cracked pepper stick that we didn't get in the box I know okay what is it oh it's a screw he found us Brodie thought it was the meat stick yeah what's going on guys we.

Didn't get a meat stick is that something like we email lemon give them like a heads up I don't know I feel like someone's gonna be disappointed well people everyone else probably most people probably got them you think yeah no why would they just they just accidentally left it under the boxes hey Danielle shoot them an email I'm.

Excited to try this raised cauliflower neither of us experienced hair loss at all what's your favorite recipe we created huh protein cake we haven't made that in a while I was thinking today Isaac I'm gonna make protein cake I'm just no time what is my favorite I don't even know I've really been making Megas delicious smoothie a lot lately like.

Every day almost um radishes have you tried radishes that's a good that's like the best in our opinion replacement for potatoes um call florists like Artie to me I feel like when I you call flowers I'm just as full as if I would eat potatoes Kito snacks for a road trip jerky jerky um like what else is there there's like.

Quest bars and stuff yeah um you can usually get like hard-boiled eggs and pork rinds at gas stations yeah you can some nights should I just do a shake you could I think food's better usually cheapest place to get I soap here I think Amazon last last year they had like a prime day sale where it was 30 bucks for three pounds yeah oh the Peavy.

Lava cake was really good I forget I forget about that because if I remembered that I'm sad I don't have it go to meal when we first started keto I feel like ours has always been a Cobb salad yeah a Cobb salad or like just a cauliflower fried rice cook something quick wait that voice up here at Walmart is it cheap or is it – I guess is.

Probably the same price yet what protein powder is really good mad at a roommate who always had it and like I snuck and drank it one good yeah I guess I didn't tell you what flavor it was chocolate it was so good but then I realized how expensive it is it's so expensive your opinion on low carb milk replacement you got your almond your coconut you cashew.

Your cashew and your soy and I believe is also low-carb we never get it though any of those three or four how many current viewers do we have is that how many 177 what do you guys do all day yeah you guys at work watching or maybe they're in another country or another country yeah we get the almond coconut mashup sometimes – is it harder.

To bulk on Quito people hate when I say this but yes it's a lot harder to gain muscle on Quito but you're going to get a bunch of people telling you it's not but I mean science will tell you that it is you you need to spike insulin to build muscle I love that everyone's telling us what they're doing are you child a photographer yeah making our.

Schedules worth that we've been talking about children a lot lately some yeah some days I see women and I'm just like you hate your life you don't wish you had kids like when we were walking to the gym one day there was a woman like I feel like two couples playing in like a backyard and I looked over cuz the kids are always cute I was look over and the.

Woman just like looked at me like dead face and I was like oh my god she was like holding her daughter and I was like she doesn't look happy at all but I'm sure she was our next child is gonna be a dog yeah we're we're working our way up can I drink vitamin water zero on keto I feel like that still has some carbs I'm not sure though it definitely.

Does we'd recommend Powerade if you're gonna do something I love putting nutritional yeast on my salads adopt kids adop don't shop for a dog I know kidding we're trying to adopt but you basically have to adopt a ferocious pit bull or not or nothing no or just like a bigger dog we're looking for something really small pocket-sized as.

Possible the options are ferocious pitbull or nothing they're not ferocious by choice pit bulls they don't just come out of the womb ferocious there's a terrible stigma with pit bulls but they're not like that aren't they I feel like they've been bred the years to be ladies I'd like lapdogs.

Thank ya the old days but now they've been selectively thread to all for Brosius killers yeah Michael Vick's dogs but not all of them there's a lot of love and friendly ones thoughts on bone broth good stuff drink it if you can get it yeah we've tried to buy drinks are pretty good what are we making for.

Dinner oh we're doing tilapia and maybe we'll get like some broccoli or something yep you basset hound I forgot those are I love those in the big ears don't they Oh a bloodhound would be adorable – it's a good version of a snow hound those are too big then a basset hounds are already pretty big I love how big their feet are they're so fat chubby.

But I can't read that how can I reach my fat Macker as easily I occasionally a struggle you don't have to reach them but just add butter to your vegetables bulletproof coffee fat bombs there's ways to do it protein is easy protein is easy eat chicken I mean I'm missing big eat chicken a B it's like you make burgers.

How is that helping with his fat back roads oh I thirties in macros not fat macros but there are fatty cuts of meat like a good ribeye has a lot of fat look for the marble-sized are better than breasts eat the skin someone said something to get some ground beef for dinner what should I make you could make what's the.

Last thing we made with ground beef I burgers we made smash burgers they weren't that good don't do it they weren't lectures Matt was super stoked um you can do taco salads which are always great you can do like a ground beef skill like cut up some squash and two mushrooms and just do like a skillet serve it over cauliflower rice you can.

Do chili that just takes about an hour or two someone's like corgis our employees are awesome but the more I look at them like I would love my dog and child whoever and whatever she or he looks like but I'm gonna see parties I'm like I've seen so many of you at this point like your faces they're all very similar there's just like not doing it.

For me anymore MCT oil versus coconut oil what's your take there is no take there's just actual wax MCT oil is derived from coconut oil coconut oil is 50% for the most part MCTS MCT oil is 100% MCTS so I like to get some MCT oil but it's not mandatory is there an energy drink that is safe to.

Drink on keto yeah I mean zero carb energy drinks our zero carbs so um vivia has a new one we try and we liked we also just got this one it's called high ball energy that has no sweetener in it the juice just shelter seltzer energy maybe Pittman wants to chill who's Amy Pittman huh I don't remember saying not to trust Aikido far better yes that's.

True hey sexy dance yeah we have a homemade cracker recipe it's flockers Mac seed crackers you do oh and someone asked bake or no bake cheesecake we have a no bake cheesecake on our site that is all point and it's the best it's the best what youtuber introduce you to our channel oh yeah definitely tell us who's.

Given us shout out very nice do you think eating liverwurst on keto is okay I'm not familiar with liverwurst how many carbs is it any you just count carbs guys that's the question to any food food is it safe question um epic bars we have tried them I'm not a fan may I not my favorite uh who are your other youtuber phase we love us some.

Jason witty what rock Jason we're rock I sweetie um headbangers kitchens cool HBK um um I like I don't I've been cutting back on my youtube consumption yeah we don't really watch people I watched this show on complex news every day with DJ academics don't tell people that that's right that's my new thing I love DJ academics I just work Oh Jason.

Barack is right his monster zero carbs for a zero gram carb taquito friendly yes it is it doesn't have any carbs in it monsters Europe it has cars monster zero cards its erythritol I think it is oh there's a monster yours there's a mustard zero calorie what do you mean we get it all the time oh okay yeah what else would.

You use besides MCT oil in your coffee you got cream butter coconut oil you can even going almond milk ghee you can make our coconut fat bombs and drop them in people have done that I have never found erythritol in stores have you no I haven't either but I do someone said they found it once at a store they were doing a real prep of course and they.

Said they couldn't find it and they were gonna give up but yeah we're skimmers on Amazon's it's a good price on Amazon yep um oh sprouts you're gonna try the olive oil cake that recipe is de ba I forget that and that might just be better than protein cakes that might be so G boys on point yeah olive oil cake is the most.

Moist it's divine any advice on navigating eating differently than your spouse I think maybe just like cooking a big meal like a big meal crumb type of thing and then having some rice or whatever she want them to like add to her meals is a good way to do it um if you do burgers just have the button for that person and you.

Eat lettuce wrap yeah feel like it's not that difficult if you just keep the protein similar and you can always add fat what's the difference between cream and heavy whipping cream heavy whipping cream has higher fat content yeah you missed the opening of the box here's what was in it guys we got sun-dried tomato and chili pepper tea seed oil.

Rice cauliflower this sriracha which is really good it's claim to fame as being sugar free but it's not sugar free there's sugar sugar in it but it tastes really good so don't believe everything you read look at the labels look at the ingredients make sure you do yourself you're like due diligence we got fat.

Snacks cookies which we've had before they're okay we got chalk zero these are good and then we got Alpine star instant coffee we're gonna try that one day and then open this up and see what it looks like we were supposed to also get a Vermont cured cracked pepper meat stick but we didn't get it I'm starting to lose my patience with keto delivered if.

I'm being honest patient cut this is what they look like you just pour them in yeah that's ignore Mille is it a motocross brand Alpine start I have a baking question let's say I use erythritol and stevia mix and I follow your recipe recipe of yours should I taste the batter before baking to see if it's sweet enough it gets slightly sweet.

Slightly less sweet anything as it bakes but we always make sure it's sweet enough does that make sense yeah so but if you're using an erythritol stevia mix and you're substituting one of our recipes that only calls for erythritol you want to use a little bit less because there at all is like 70 to 80% as sweet but.

The mixes you're talking about are formulated so they're exactly one to one one to one with sugar so it'll be really sweet and if that's what you like then yeah just use what we use I'm curious about good these Blondie's brand oh we didn't get our cheeto crate we go goodies Blondie's in it oh that's what so much your said um we have a bag we.

Haven't baked it yet though she didn't we didn't yeah we didn't bake yet but we've had her brownies we've had her chocolate chip cookies and her snickerdoodle cookies that we got them all we haven't tried the bunnies and we love that they use a sunflower flower so yes I'm far far I took the photos for her brownies yeah it's gonna go on the.

Package we think um but really good the brownies are on point so we haven't tried the Blondie's but I imagine they're really good as well I really love the snickerdoodle cookies Megha does not love them as much I chased you some flowery to me but I love the brownies and Matt doesn't love the brownie so it's a trade-off.

It is okay to just use stevia for baking this the drops are really concentrated so they're really sweet you don't need as much ah neither of us were overweight we've in Quito for a year and a half now um what about aspartame it's something you probably want to stay away from her at least do some research on but it doesn't.

Affect ketosis yeah how long did it take you to get into ketosis first time around like two to three days like as it would for anyone else you brought through your plateau and that's Brad we've done chia pudding um we don't were recipe for right we shouldn't nope it's pretty easy farmer meemaw check out her channel guys the cookie recipe we filmed.

It yesterday but Megha forgot to record audio so we don't make it today again cuz I'm an idiot we've made it four times now this will be five Matt doesn't let me live anything down I can't be a human I can't make mistakes we have we have the only one they can make mistakes and then I laugh and I'm nice okay if I dry I.

Dropped your spoon when you were eating the ice cream in you Scott Foster no I dropped a spoon guys yeah flustered um but we have a 25 pound bag of chocolate chip cookies now in our freezer that I can't eat cuz they're almond to lower what was the brownies person again good Dee's oh good these brownie mix it's on Amazon lady Di's.

Have you found that fasting as a success yeah I have big time I'm allergic to almonds Truvia it is truly the brand that erythritol trivia isn't pure birth religion they have a bunch of different concoctions oh okay I even look too much in it we stick with pure raw pure stevia concentrate liquid form and we mix the.

Two how many of those cookies can you eat give me something I can binge on I can eat a ton of like any like 35 probably no like nutritionally bro yeah you want it probably like one or two what do we make the most what's our favorite ish salad we make a salad flip okay a salad aside our answer to any food questions gonna be like salad with.

Egg bacon chicken but what aside from salad do we make the most just generally like meat vegetable yeah we keep it pretty simple guys like the things that you know are healthy yeah we all know the right answer is you just got to do them which is better – better fish pork rinds or almond flour which is very bad I think we've done coconut flour right.

We have I look I like the flowers dead dusting fish with coconut flour and then pan frying it is a good way to go he gives you more than you think you're gonna get you don't get like a fried fish breading though it's just like a light pan breading but it still tastes like a breading what do you guys do with all of the keto baked goods you Tess.

This is the thing we need to make friends in Atlanta the what much food yeah we just keep it until Matt can finish it or I can finish it and then if it goes too long we toss it we probably waste like a small percentage of it we try eating it all but how you can't eat all the desserts we make know how often you eat out on keto if you aren't.

Traveling never almost never once every two weeks using fat much maybe not even that much more than once a month and if it is once a month sometimes it's just because we're doing a fast food video for you guys so it's not even like our choosing its Taco Bell breakfast which is what do you think about nutritional.

Yeast I like it I add it to my salads but it's not really that necessary because it's just a lot of B vitamins which you already get on a keto diet for the most part Cortney when you move to Atlanta hit us up will definitely be sending all our stuff to you replacement for french fries people in Hughes Tacoma yep you.

Can use you just still try you can make away from radish chips um parsnips no just kidding do you like u-turn more than IG turnips are super on a car breath I think yeah I've seen someone make turnip chips turnips are pretty high carb mmm pick them up do you like youtube more than I G ah.

Follow us on IG guys yeah we do I do live every week without fail I enjoy IG live more it's more intimate I think that's it and the people are nicer not that you guys aren't nice we don't trolls yeah we don't hot links like do eat hot dogs um yeah we have dogs time we don't like buy and hot dogs because we love them we use stir s tu r.

Instead of me oh now at sweetened with stevia but for Alec those don't have much electrolytes in them for electrolytes I add salt to my drinks I eat avocados that's pretty much it alright should we call it yeah oh she's it's been 50 minutes guys weren't we got to make it we got to do other videos today we're doing cookies cookie cookie.

Cookie chocolate chip cookies what's that from what is that from you know cookie cookie cookie Rugrats good job um what else are we doing no bake peanut butter cookies they're really good they're tsunami and do you say beep drinking beef jerky is in the oven I had it in the oven for like three hours but apparently the oven wasn't on.

So but you know what I laughed laughed it off yeah all right guys we out of here it's been fun yeah go go back to work guys be productive you know deliver chip dust one item will let you know what they say bye bye
Keto Delivered Unboxing + Q&A
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