Keto Cookalong – Slow Cooked Keto Ebook

Keto Cookalong – Slow Cooked Keto Ebook

Keto Cookalong – Slow Cooked Keto Ebook

Check out the video on Keto Cookalong – Slow Cooked Keto Ebook.
Why what's up guys Sunday football Sunday is the YouTube video that's kind of close right so I'm gonna be able to see it okay yeah hold the camera down we are making breakfast casserole today eight course gonna be using ground beef at our meat Portuguese breakfast sausage you can use anything really any meat you want in.

This kale and eggs of course and we're going to do some fresh rosemary and fresh thyme dumbell Hawaii has to be choking Julius hopefully no one gets mad about that I wasn't actually chosen well we have a new ebook that just came out today if you google slow-cooked Kido Kido connect you'll get to the page the ten bucks it's a bunch of slow cooker.

Keto recipes Marcella phone there's a Thai curry of red Thai curry with chicken there's an Indian recipe a little purple suits chicken broken dress there's a taco soup there's a chowder there's what else there's three desserts a cake a cheesecake and a pudding and they're all phenomenal Matthew bull so he's looking through our.

Crock pot book already and it looks awesome thank you we really try to hit like a ton of different types of recipes so you guys can be satisfied with just how many 21 or 22 in there yeah 21 and it's great this some of you guys like a book to come tell you going by it it's really awesome trust us like that today was going to cheat these fats which was.

Awesome so many cheeses and they were giving away like one place is just giving like a 2 ounce ample I can finish it all I don't think we tried all the cheese's but we probably hit like 80% yeah looks really good it's covered in like jamming and there's smoke ice cream so you watch every show a few gems so we actually you're waiting.

To but we gave in and we just bought it and it was amazing well also gonna be cheaper 15 bucks for HD you can and I rented an HD or SD but the movie was really good he's not gonna like the everyone there's a lot of singing whole area so you try bo burnham you can find what will live in San Francisco I surprised the megalith will bring them.

Live tickets done like yeah and then the others we stumbled upon a show which is we're like five episodes into it it's pretty good what's it called it's like cult ish religious based you're trying to like bring people into the cult it's actually old you've been out for RT over three seasons I think so we're late to the.

Game but it's nice to have a show that we enjoy I feel quite encouraged to try q you guys make it seem really reasonable and doable that's great you know connealy yogurt was nasty yeah I never eat it plain but I slaver it with like some protein powder you can do cocoa powder you can use it to like I'm so.

Tired of cooking I'm lazy I want to eat easily yeah so that could be rough but what we're making right here at breakfast Kestrel could last you for breakfast for five well I guess you come to a teasing 8dayz thing and it stays good in the fridge and it's just once it like saves you time and you know you can be lazy for seven days for one day so I.

Didn't recommend like prepping something you can just easy what are you doing just typing something first diet I've never been hungry and losing weight I just listen to the latest podcast so annoying how many times you said the word erythritol in the beginning it's like what is the book call me any slow-cooked Kido.

I know I've had this since wait no there's oh there's a people on this side I've had this since I was 16 so this is 12 years in this shirt and it fits me better now than I did back back that's for 20 years of ministry well well well position where you at the powderpuff game corner it was 10th grade beginner kid.

Over here you guys make it easy and fun totally appreciate it thank you what was the brand of bread cheese you tried at she's nuts um just the only one that I've ever seen I think it's called Carrie's maybe I'm not sure that liking a brick this size and it's as bright cheese on it I've never seen like different kinds how.

Are you gonna feel about keto bomb coffee creamer by BPI so that one is a total scam I would say in my opinion I would never buy it it's because it's not keto bother just putting keto on something that is less keto than cream like heavy creamer is keto right and then they made something is less keto friendly they're calling a weird yeah we.

Got a new internet here it's kind of are you happy about it it seems faster but it goes in and out a little bit yeah I don't know I think it's worth the trade-offs where can I find halloumi cheese the only place I've Oh Trader Joe's when it's seasonal looks I think maybe it is seasonal right now spring mega says but uh Whole Foods.

Always has it but it's like $20 economic really expensive let's see here I've been on a lazy keto as a guinea pig since about late July so far down 30 pounds that is great what do you think about layered superfoods coconut coffee creamer I've never tried that it sounds like it'd be pretty good any kind of coconut based creamer it's probably fine.

But I don't know exactly what's in it I like just using heavy cream or like even more than that I like just using butter and MCT oil in my coffee what do you think of American metabolic skeeto products there okay there's what's so they have like keto lifts that's just exactly his ketones and caffeine so that one it's kind of.

Unnecessary I would say the keto meal is kind of cool because you can use it the same way you would use protein powder but it's more keto macros and I think those are really good oh they have a different pre-workout so like for their free workouts I wouldn't buy the key go lift I would buy the other one they have like a full disclosure pre-workout.

That's pretty good for kita where do you find the bread cheese that we found that at Kroger before definitely Whole Foods and no I don't think I've seen it like for a very public support like should we get going yes okay I got a hard cutoff at 1:00 p.m. all right so we have a pound of brown.

These here were using 8515 you can you can use plenty whatever you want or any meat you have and we are gonna Brown this in a skillet so also okay whatever yes or do you want to transfer it I don't care whatever you think okay I'm not going to use this I'm not going to put this in the oven I'm going to transfer everything to a casserole dish.

Because it's just gonna stick in here it's not going to come out oh and then you know those there yeah for sure so I'm gonna cook down all the ground beef and then I'm gonna add as much spinach as possible so in here there's ten ounces so you know we'll see how far we get maybe like a little over half and then you cook all that down we'll add.

Seasonings and all you have to do is really just mix everything together in a casserole dish and bake it so I'm gonna get the ground going and you guys do the same is it okay to eat Lilly's chocolate chips every day I want them like trail mix are you gonna like comics yeah I guess it's okay as long as you're getting the.

Results you want you're feeling good about it yeah I guess that's fine it's probably not like the most optimal of course but as long as it's like helping you stick with it I would say yeah can you drink as if fizz in the morning break can drinking Zipf is in the morning break a fast when you're gonna fasting I would say yeah anything.

Caloric breaks a fast what are your guys's accomplishments with keto I just started following you guys so accomplishments I guess there's nothing really I just feel better so like feeling better and honestly he'll connect is probably our biggest accomplishment I know I don't think it would have been possible.

Unless I was doing keto being more productive that's uh yeah well I just said that and then for me it's having more control honestly over like cravings and eating and excess I feel fuller on the diet that I would probably with like eating boxes of cereal which is you know we all used to do that and I just feel healthier overall and I make better food.

Decisions so started a keto diet has just led to me like wanting to eat better so like you know just more like nutrient-dense things like I incorporate food versus once in a while and that's something I would have never done and like raw cheese's for me so that's been a big change in my diet because they you see you talk about like that every day.

Almost I've come a long way and I think eat a diet to allow me to make my house and my diet like a priority for me Susan wrap donated $5 lucky don't mean easy but making chocolate chip zucchini bread today thanks for being awesome didn't wonder your friends make that recipe and they left it on the counter.

Yeah so yeah most keto recipes you have to stare on their face now my story I want fresh also three may to begin and swapped in bananas and she says that was great zip this has so much crap in it super bad honestly and I'm just I'm mincing up some fresh rosemary and fresh thyme to give it a more of a breakfast flavor you could do sage or you could.

Just do any seasonings you want dried we're also gonna do salt and pepper you can do garlic powder you can do onion powder so really just season up this casserole however you want yeah I don't think this has anything it's it's a lot of like citric acid potassium carbonate like a fig sounding words but that's what it's a supplement so there's like a.

Bunch of different like magnesium glycinate potassium bicarbonate its potassium so it's like a vitamin complex so yeah like sounds kind of complex and and the xylitol is very minimal so we don't really worry too much about that what about 90% dark chocolate any tips on making it taste better 90 percents not even that dark usually.

90% tastes a bit sweet to me that's what you've been buying lately right yeah 92% and that was even sweet so maybe I'll increase your slowly over time but I mean you can use it to like make fat bombs right and you can be one soon we have ones from Philly though don't we from Aldi yeah where we talked about quarter yeah we do have one for Molly.

That's that's an older video da man I tried the midnight choc coconut no sugar chocolate bar thank you yeah my favorite one right now I really like it it's Aikido hard on the liver not to my knowledge I don't think eating like which Keita would be hard on the liver I guess never heard of Strauss direct for grass-fed.

Meat delivery no what's another one there's like us wellness meats we got someone recently called room nutrition they have like a bunch of gaming meats we tried some like wild boar and some is definitely not as tasty but it's probably morning unless no one's just on Facebook I don't want to assume my mug cakes come out hard because approaching.

Powder using the protein powder you can also add a little bit of extra fat to it like more butter and if you less hard yeah so you can add some liquid just like the rebook can't wait to try to do slow cooker recipes here we go some guy on YouTube hey Matt what are your thoughts on building muscle on key I'm sure it's possible but it seems all the.

Body guys built their bodies at cards yeah I would say there's a reason for that you can build muscles better on cards if you don't care about like a holistic approach to nutrition and feeling really good being productive if your main goal you willing to sacrifice most of that stuff just for putting on muscle I would say you'll have better.

Results of carbs that's my experience also but if you want like to also feel good about things when you're building muscle then you can't still build muscle on keto I would just say maybe slightly slower but I'm not really like an expert I mean look at my body I'm not like a bodybuilder okay I'm gonna add in the rosemary and.

Thyme to the ground beef I was wondering the ingredients all synthetic I mean I guess like how was the the potassium carbonate synthesized cuz like I mean it is a supplement that you don't need to take it zip code this house potassium it has caffeine so like most potassium supplements are gonna be I think it's usually let me do some digging here if.

Anything caloric can recur if they think a lorry can break a fast how come bulletproof coffee doesn't break a fast isn't that cool or X yeah it doesn't pass so this is dr. Berg's electrolyte thing this is using potassium citrate this is using potassium carbonate and is also present in here so yeah I guess I don't know.

Where this is your I from I don't know where these are derived from either I guess you could be more digging on that but my understanding is like it's mostly about the actual literal amount entering your value doesn't matter as much worth driving huh well yeah obviously like food potassium is gonna be better than supplements hello need the juice on.

Ketover to cleanse the liver yeah that's not true you know you don't need the juice check out kitto pains for building muscle on keto yeah you can check out kitto guys pedo games and really high protein that wouldn't really be my recommendation but some people obviously have good success like carefully.

The heat okay he's Jack so oh I guess okay how's the girl beachy deck salt and pepper the fresh rosemary any time should I start Facebook over yeah you could what could be going wrong well thanks for everything you guys do my girlfriend's has been IKEA for some time now and I decided to simultaneously.

Support her and experience this lifestyle change myself how's it going so far that's amazing have your partner on board is crucial to like it might be a success whether or not you're actually doing the diet is just supporting her and like you know cheering her on I think that's huge.

Not according to dr. berry has no impact upon insulin so it doesn't break it back just saying so yeah I've got anything that doesn't impact insulin doesn't break maybe one way to look at it but if you look like the world leading experts in fasting like Sachin and uh Jason Fong they all say anything cool or quick sit back so that's not no but I mean.

Obviously do what you feel is best for you yeah I can do to a ride-or-die for like one guy who says one thing that's fine to find a way to live honestly I'm like that like if I find someone who I think knows a lot I'm pretty much sticking with what they say until proven wrong where is Kitty make your chicken wings.

Lastly and they were a hit even with picky teenagers I'm upping my protein I feel better with it up that's a good thing to play around with what are you slow cooking just tuning in so we're not slow cooking right now but we just today release the slow cooker ebook if you google keto Connect slow-cooked keto is the name of it.

You'll get to the page to buy it it's 24 stress appease all there's three desserts and most of them are just like sound family style dinners and today we're making a meal prep for the week it's a breakfast casserole Megas working hard I'm not thoughts I meet only and I'm kind of on board with me only as long as you do organ meats.

And nutrient-dense foods if you're just doing muscle meats is not really a good diet I think it's a good diet is to be freed them to be every diet so you know like there's a decent amount of crimson red meat but not anywhere near as much as like liver or even like salmon is good but just the muscle meat I don't think it's that great of an idea but a.

Lot of people are doing it so you can kind of follow them and see their experience like Tom Baker got that amber Auburn does that okay no not like it – we'll take a couple minutes and tell you exactly what I used you're gonna bring it over here before we add the eggs yeah and he's not some bulletproof coffee tried it for the first time this week.

Was able to skip meals until dinner almost one meal a day but it is bulletproof coffee conservative you know that's not a matter what's considered but if she like that's a circumstance where I think we've got these probably really good cuz it's keeping you full and you're going throughout the day until dinner so I don't think you need.

To be so in the mind of like classifying exactly what you're doing and more so just like doing what you find beneficial you got a drink for football today how is the wrap going man you guys won't let us forget the wrap it's not going great but we're not giving up on it that's for sure there's fasting for a topping to eat but.

You can also fat fast yeah so at Apogee is gonna be broken by any kind of calories that's I think one of the bigger benefits to fasting but if you're just doing it for weight lossing or if you're just doing it for weight loss thing yeah that kind of thing it's kind of the same thing maltodextrin is there an issue with this.

Sweetener ingredient yeah it's really high glycemic it's worse than sugar it should be avoided but if you're just having it in like a packet explain that probably will impact you all that much how much fiber can we consume on Kiera I think you can consume as much as you want but it's something you should probably experiment with to see what you.

Feel that's what I like to keep my fiber kinda low like maybe at the most 20 grams a day you should MC t oil or put it in food smoothies I mainly only have them secure oil and my bulletproof coffee I wouldn't shoot MCT oil as your guitar like taking a shot because that's just like adding calories unnecessarily to me but.

Sometimes done that before like before a workout right sometimes you yeah yeah good we'll do that sometimes dirty workout make a noodle recipe I think that's impossible but I have seen some people do it they do these a bunch of crazy fibers and stuff what's in the sous-vide just buy your ebook so excited to try new recipes that's great to hear.

Guys know like it do you offer a meal plan we have a few free meal plans on our website they're all meal prep I think there's three of them the most popular one I think is what is it the shredded chicken one if you search keto connect shredded Mexican chicken meal yeah this looks nice yeah looks good so I used probably like eight ounces of.

Spinach and we have 16 ounces of ground beef so this is gonna be the party the range 12 eggs you're gonna put cream in the eggs this is it yeah Oh pepper rosemary thyme and some garlic powder no let's not put cream let's just crack them in and make some lightly how are you guys doing looks fine just okay that's good.

How many pumps will sugar-free syrup can you get away with a Starbucks that's a good question because I'm not trying to get away with stuff but I think so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they're huge and usually it's called sweet bread grass-fed cheddar and I had to grab it so we're gonna top our casserole with this how much do you spend per month on.

Food per person what would you say I think right now we spend a lot because we do invest a lot in our but we started not spending nowhere near this much you know yeah I know I've never really used it you can use it in Krakow though because we developed all these recipes using an instant but we just did what do you think about the last year we're.

Gonna interview with John and Leigh and both would not listen to it we listen to the Joel Connick professor one and we're gonna do videos on both of those so you'll definitely get our takes but I don't think it's gonna be very biased I'm hoping I think I want to represent them both accurately and then you can just like discuss right.

Yes we're gonna do a Joe Rogan week do you guys think that's a good idea we're gonna do a Joe Rogan game eating and then covered his two vlogs our covers two podcasts in media okay three ounces it's chicken bone broth the same as chicken stock or chicken broth no it is not so there's a really really big difference so chicken stock or broth.

Usually it's just a couple hours to make it and then broth is going to be like anywhere from 24 to 48 hours depending on how many bones and how long you want to go and it's different in that simmering it for that long pulls out all the nutrients in the collagen and everything like really good vitamin dense wise you're getting from the bones.

30 minutes 20 to 30 minutes depending on your size casserole dish and how much ingredient to use check out at 20 if you guys are traveled to other stupid TJ's yesterday came home with $60 of specialty cheese yes Joe Rogan week my only complaint is that most of my clothes are too big now trying to find.

What to wear to church right now yeah the little brick is four pounds no it's point four pounds Jews the brand bulletproof brand crop coffee no video anything honestly except I bought the bulletproof brand blue blocker glasses is there anything on Facebook we have a fing any questions right oh we did I just I don't know.

Facebook's glitchy sorry about that guys what pressure pattern so we have a couple we rotate between but our favorites are nutria bio and Isis on there but they're really good and no dangerous so life expectancy but that's not Kido and that's not that's not like factoring in food quality it's basically just it took a sample of like.

America lower carbs correlated with lower life expectancy I think that was the analysis I'm not a hundred percent sure on that one and then the other one was a Harvard professor static cocoa so that one is just like the same that's basically what he's saying and that was heavily debated and Chris presser basically gave like vicar the company.

Line of a response to that which is I think the biggest thing is the healthy user bias which is basically for the past 50 years the government has been saying right so the people eating saturated fat during that period of time we're just well less health conscious people because they're going against medical advice.

They're probably also smoking they're probably also not exercising so that's a healthy user bias he posted I think five or six studies where they did look at a healthy shot study which is trying to get like a more paleo diet or type of person which is really interesting and then similar to that when I felt was very fascinating is.

There are studies done where they asked vegans to also like bring their like so vegans rat meat eating friends there is a fish there's no difference in longevity and lifespan and health right because people are some people are just naturally healthier so like even the vegans have meat eating friends but they are also just like healthier people well.

The thing is most of these studies that show vegans are better is because so of course because they're also going to exercise myself yeah so comparing any of any of these individual groups the standard American diet is gonna show do you track macros a lot of the times I do not every day not all the time now how do you know appropriate issues Walmart.

Hatton Walmart Mac London's have sugar yeah so a lot of them are gonna have sugar but a lot of them you can find that don't have sugar I think it's just a flavor yeah I like the plain ones probably don't just look at the ingredients and if you're tracking the carbs then I confess it matters raw milk there's a reason it's illegal in Canada.

And rare in control when there's a break in bacteria consult people usually children god yeah I just bought this book it's called the history of milk I mean a lot of things are illegal there should be raw milk in America either yes not that hard but people die from everything people die from water consumption people die from bacteria and.

Spinach just cuz people die from it I don't think means it has to be illegal best diet for dogs is the raw prey model diet I've been feeding raw for my dog for years yeah I do think that is the healthiest diet we don't think that resilience we fee have some Grand Prix dog food like a chicken when we met Gabby the girl who tried to defer week.

At sprouts in West Hollywood last week this week we told her about your review of her video and she smiled and told us she hasn't seen it that we told her doing keto prep told her about good Kino properly and she admitted that she didn't do it right she also said kita was not for her and she is all about her music anyway that.

Was fun and she was super nice that's awesome that's so cool I would love to run into literally anyone thanks for sharing um how do you want to raise your kid you go healthy help it yeah probably not keto because I don't think glucose very fast we also want to raise them so they enjoy life and they don't feel like.

Their parents have not allowed them to enjoy life I mean to be part of the human experiences Snickers bars right you have to you have to taste like tastes like police stop constantly so we're gonna do our best and we're gonna I think why we stay away from it or like what this means are allowing them to pick based on like what we teach them.

Listening to joel coen engine revving was so cringeworthy was it you great at speaking and he presented a lot of things that I didn't know I thought he came on really well actually thank you and it was pretty clear that joking was our first press aside because he eats me because that's one of his viewpoint which but we also yeah I'm.

Realizing the confirmation bias super dramas there we got so many message that are like crisscross Iran I laid in it was like it seems like it was a very reasonable baby Snickers presser had the better information because that's what I believe I believe the same thing well that's how we've progressed the science.

So it makes sense to hang for him to have that but you got to go in to these discussions to anyone who me just really unbiased and just listen and see what to say because if you go in and you're like this is gonna be dumb veganism is dumb then yeah you're gonna come out on the other end I'm thinking Joel Klein is dumb.

How is cheesefest my sister's company runs it that was the first year we didn't go it was amazing we did a wine tasting like Piron and they taught us to start and those perfect and then there were so many cheese's guys we couldn't get through it all we have a vlog up if you haven't seen it went line today up the cheese.

Fest okay did anyone tell you you look like Mindy Kaling yeah I don't see it personally Mindy Kaling's like 16 shades darker well even skin color side the car features are very different yes you're both in yeah she's more pair I'm more apple really just completely different fruits I've been it's awesome.

I picked that guys this is a charge too and I love it it's so much it's competing with my love format I'm constantly checking my really what's my heart rate my friend is to be nice which I like my heart rate is 92 mm that's high but I'm I'm jazzed what are your thoughts on keeps you in drink mixes to raise ketone levels I guess I don't.

Understand why you want to race to Telos conversion heating levels just on its own doesn't really do much for you unless you have a buck see if you like need to be in it yeah I keep Jones don't mean more weight loss so I think beginning to a higher become free diet it's a lot is that like the reasons ketones are beneficial a lot of it is.

Just because it state your body's and when you're producing them no necessary really just having I kick in level is good just because now you're not shouting anymore Thanks we've plenty of raw milk and skin and baby I have no problem here yeah there's like a big paranoia in the u.s. about raw milk that isn't really around.

The world they don't feel the same way yeah like Oh so why would you give for a year but like we go we'd go twice a year when I'm a child but the milk comes every single day fresh right from the cows nips to my doorstep every single morning so yeah we'll boil it beforehand for like Koch try our like using it but when I really.

Cereal with just like straight raw cow's milk I never got sick I never had any issues with it but that's not to say you know that'll be the case for everyone but yeah every other country you just buy raw milk right now wait a cow right it'll be interesting when I take not to India every new experience to rock out all it tastes drastically different okay.

I'll say that much I was gonna be here although he is going to be killing it going to keep being annoying until you see my messages I want to talk about making your stuff more deaf-friendly let me know thoughts please I think there's a way to do that right you can have the closed captions for our videos we have to enter it somehow I thought.

You could do it on YouTube but I guess it makes sense that we have to do something do you know how keto affects the thyroid not really I think now I'm probably not a good person to answer that question at all by book it's awesome so many great ideas thank you what are the best high protein food options for vegetarians doing hito eggs.

Yeah honestly I think he's your vegetarian like at least dairy and eggs the animal is you'll feel like you'll go so like even if you can add in like on the podcast he was talking about like shrimp or like any kind of shellfish you know even like fish if you wanted to be I've never said out loud vegetarian so you'll do X and cheese.

So like a quality chain and quality egg that is gonna change up your diet so drastically so I had to recommend that if you are a party doing vegetarian even grain free kibble is loaded with carbs yeah this is 30% calories from carbs which is not ideal dogs are supposed to be 100% carnivore yeah that's true so math is using it don't do it Michigan.

Here go Blue Rocks is 80% I saw a lot of people are doing more keto with dogs lately maybe and he destroyed it it was so beautiful to see him in his like frying eating a raw bone what are some friendly keto drinks that can buy already made tired of coffee and water so like you're talking zero calorie sodas zero calorie eat sports.

Drinks yeah yeah but they're not like keto things they're just drinks yeah dr. Berg has some great videos on thyroid yeah he's probably a better guy to ask obviously a garage Jesus is my pregnancy nothing that happened yeah I plan on doing that I'm reading the real sweet pregnancy right now by rollin ankles we're also gonna have our hotness but.

She's not opposed to it she says but if it's a good source then yeah can you beat strawberries on Katie or would you consider getting mods for your three I'm not a large channel and interested yeah we still don't like block them unless they're like persons really and yeah you can use to every as IQ they're like five.

Six carp per 100 grams and if they're big ones not even six I need Akio barbecue sauce we have a recipe but there's also since karbala zucchini Hughes is absolutely divine if you're can find that you see Julius go to four five and cheese puffs catches on today in Hawaii on like a secluded beach we have bulletproof coffees we were.

Actually in the at the North Shore it was extremely beautiful wedding date set no we're just gonna do a court running some time here in the next couple months have you tried wisps yeah do you like them we have tried down I think my favorite are nocturnal cheese Chris yeah Castro has beef ribs today so I'm not cooking your meal right now but flying.

In for later so well I have a very strong opinion on beef they're not I'm gonna brisket and going baby back ribs all day notice no yours turnout I wonder if you like us can you make the mud cake without egg so you could do the Flex version but your inversion I don't know how works Matt you should get.

But you can challenge each other so here's the thing I would win every time because I'm always trying to get my steps in I talked about it constantly and that's like no no we have time we'll get our steps and look for a walk ya know – Thomas – Lara we just recorded so I think it's going to be out in a few weeks.

Court wedding is a great idea saved money for steaks yeah so rest of your life Kito or can you imagine going back to KH rice bread okay HS but so rice bread pasta Mel you guys I'm gonna at least always have some semblance of a healthy diet so grain bread pasta those are just not healthy things but maybe maybe we'll see.

We'll see how I feel I'm trying so we're just sending our lifting program and we have like seven lifts left I found Duke meat sticks at my Costco bought three bags three Costco bags you're gonna be induced juice me six for the rest of the year I like this a lot do that they're both good but toss the customers a huge I seen them I think I've seen them that.

That's fine for a stall stop snacking and really watch your macros yeah you should do Vegas since you both wanted so much yeah we thought about Vegas but we're just there and no need to go back we could do that I feel like that would be the most true to us wedding like an actual why didn't know no just like a wet Vegas like how long can yeah yeah.

No there you guys need to post more love you guys we love you too and yeah I feel like we're getting into the era of posting less would you think less well just like overall like you know there's not gonna come a time where we're just like start ramping up the posting for what videos just everything yeah well kids in the picture yeah so this could.

Be our last hurrah oh we can do some cool stuff like video every day of our kids live like a little one second a day think we saw Corgi video I love that how does the juggernaut lifting going it's going really well I highly recommend it but then she's saying she's starting a new 12-week series called revival strength it's a great program we just.

Want to do barbell strength is love in the Weston a price site yeah what's the name price is a really good dieter just started keto and now realize how bad cars make me feel yeah you don't realize it until you actually are able to push through like the withdrawals and come out on the other side it's like what they say in the pack like you just wake.

Up and you're you're seeing the light you didn't know you were living in a haze I wouldn't go to that extreme that sounds crazy yeah what do you regret bombing a house with such a small kitchen that kitchens pretty big yeah I don't know if you're saying like previously yeah we I mean other than our first apartment we've had.

Pretty big kitchen definitely mainly look for but obviously the kitchen is our main thing here looking for and this one wasn't fully like a hundred percent perfect the location and yeah I mean the kitchen's extremely crucial but it's not everything I did eat live in Vegas I think recognize that seems like the.

Chillest dude ever arms has the worst thing that coordination if anything so just like knock it off we both have our moments it's weird like I know you so well but you don't know me kind of surreal hi Mary should we check Eminem why is the audio whittier on live broadcast because we're using a phone sorry I think soon we're.

Gonna work on this you got the new Internet I think are uploading speed is better so we can stream from our camera I just need to figure out how to do that does butter gonna take you on your morning break fast as if this break fast yes says Tammy I kind of agreed yes Oh looking at me always just sets his shame on stuff he loves everything his Chin's.

Really well supported okay two weeks plateau a nice tip tips starting week seven down – okay six weeks 19 pounds you're crushing it I don't think you've hit a plateau I think your body is fighting a little back against you're losing that much weight so quickly I mean you mean you enjoy it embrace it and be proud of yourself is 90 pounds.

O'clock so congratulations can you both have a lot of something no you're a normal couple yeah I mean we fight a lot and we are I wanna say we fight a lot I would say we fight on average amount yeah we don't like not good at fights so I never I like a really bad play yeah people are relationships when they like just scream.

At the well screaming is just screaming it's like screaming screaming because I like me to talk he didn't eat okay I can eat that not stay with him probably because they'll tell you what they have two reasons why is everyone so concerned about what break success I kind of agree why does it matter so much like it.

Depends what you're doing if you're just doing it for weight loss fasting doesn't matter if you're doing it for at Apogee which is the reason a lot of people do it then I would say you want to be really strict with it and just do like water maybe black coffee maybe tea give it two more minutes intermittent fasting allows your body to heal especially.

After 18 hours let's see best options how to make your own salad plates like salad works I would get spring mix and spinach probably as the bottom maybe spring makes them like a little romaine for crunch and then they always have like a cargo legs they have broccoli raw broccoli like this load up on meats no.

Not that will get some money interesting I like the crunch and then you can always just do olive oil and because most of their dressings are going to be made if not all this actually bean oil or sunflower oil but yeah you can just get a bunch of meat still help can't stop drinking coffee all day how much heavy cream can I have in a day yeah I.

Think really wouldn't be my first concern especially if you're slamming coffee at 10:30 at night that's a bigger issue but as long as you the results the cream is fine just factored into your macros like I guess how crazy are you going with it I would say couple often a quarter cup for me I mean but if you're going nuts all day maybe even half a cup.

Is probably fine but it's more about how much caffeine are you drinking you're so reliant when did this start am i late um so during football season we will be doing our lives at new you just games start at 1:00 and Matt based about speaking up let me pull it out and okay so I've seen this video to fit dots glucose testing on what brakes fasten.

Your coffee interesting results have your cream it's not interesting result because glucose testing doesn't tell you what breaks a fast glucose testing tells you what raises your glucose you can eat stick you can eat you can really eat 25 sticks of butter and not break your fast by this metric that it's just and are they guys I don't know I've seen only.

That video from their channel but based on that I'm questioning their doctoral attributes is gorgeous that is pretty gorgeous okay here we go can I see it in this yeah look at that the lamb and this will be like eight pieces I would say eight pieces myself but I usually have two at a time yeah seems to be kind of mixed reviews.

So yeah we're gonna cut this into eight pieces but you could do four pieces and that would also make sense it's not super dense if I'm being honest calorically so that's why I love this because it's not very calorie dense it's very filling so I was gonna say like for weight loss I'll be making this all the time yeah.

You can top it with things I used to top it with sour cream and a hot sauce that's like my favorite toppings for breakfast casseroles but on a super delicious Mona Lisa great song yeah I like that song to Kendrick I would say body him though on the song hear the song whose verses were better in Decatur Illinois Kenner.

Kendrick is goes nuts with their voices what do you listen to when you work out I make a playlist on Spotify you guys can follow I think and I use Spotify and it like there's a good daily fix yeah listen to and like just recommend new songs that I like and I can add it to like my songs list a lot of the daily mixes songs I already I don't understand.

Why Spotify in there anyone you saw can you share a good chowder we actually have a color baking powder in our crock pot ebook that went out today slow-cooked Kido Kido connect if you search that on Google you'll find it it's ten bucks twenty-one I believe maybe 22 no 21 slow cooker recipes they're really delicious.

And tag is a mystery to make though I wanna sees maybe how did you know you had a kidney stone passed it I was gonna post a picture of a kidney stone Instagram but it's weird I have a picture I'll post it but I I have a lot of kidney stones just like already in my kidneys that have accumulated over time so I just passed.

Them randomly the past one we're in Vegas I passed them a couple days ago and usually if they're small enough and you're drinking enough water to hydrate they'll pass without you even knowing but if they're big they'll cause a lot of pain why is it believed that you are not normal if you don't fight I think I mean everyone fights they just have.

Different ways of doing right we're not screamers I mean in most religions is their relationships where you never fight is that a thing I know Michelle no I think that's unhealthy there's something I must they're both like cheating in the book satisfied on the side and then they just come home to the main pieces maybe I think if you're both.

Very passive people maybe there would be less fighting but don't you kind of want someone that once in a while I'm going to challenge you like but you're still probably fighting you're just like I bought your crockpot ebook this morning great recipes thank you yeah should I see nuts as a snack or a meal see I don't think categorizing.

Things like that really matters it's all food that you're eating on a daily basis so it's really up to you what you want to call it but nuts I mean most people from Illinois following you have done your course bought your cookbook you guys love you that's amazing yeah you can do whatever you want I play it's totally doable the action.

Bag recipe but it's a bomb on our food blog so yeah a handful of nuts at the end of your long time ago is it imperative to have glucose 100 to be in ketosis now it's imperative but it normally would be someone with like type 2 diabetes that have your regular glucose they can be ketosis with still having a high glucose.

But we're not doctors what is the recipe you just cut we did a breakfast casserole with a pound of ground beef 12 eggs and spinach and about 3 ounces of cheddar cheese for the week in my today so here's the thing I'm not the ideal guy no I'm the idea guy I am like you're the talent you be on screen look if there was an.

Idea guy and then there was a spectrum and he was here and then this was like the not idea guys I'm like wait pass tonight I really I just like hands of single things I'm not creating it I don't bring a lot of ideas to the table but I bring other things to the table yeah of course I think you guys would probably say otherwise.

Well you're looking great if we're a sidekick guys in our last video though cheese sauce video you're perfect for that scenario where you just like touring stuff I'm like a professional water right because I wanted to be do the camera but yeah I'm a sidekick and I love why don't you have PayPal is enough and there's a pickup option it's not the.

Right hand side for a checkout got you covered I thought hard if I was at how does get his past albums yeah but I was like I would say pleasantly surprised they're not the biggest in six years since he released an album so this was slightly above what I.

Expected Eminem and DK thoughts I mean mg K's a clown oh you said claw okay MGK is a clown I'm gonna is way past his prime it's it's really they're both they're both benefiting is they're both becoming more relevant from it but there was like yeah trying hard I mean MGK rap that this was garbage and then I'm.

Gonna come back and his most recent dish was actually I think it's called chill shot that one was the best one I thought but really cares I mean they're both somewhat irrelevant now just tuned in we're gonna find the recipe so this is just one we just eyeballed and like made of a photographer I had believed a couple breakfast casseroles on our food.

Blog keto connect net there's a really good broccoli ground beef cheese one that we've made a lot fast football done okay guys we wanna do Chris Hanson here on account and he's not very much water recipes we have a really good enchilada recipe that madman you can just toggle it sour cream alright we love you see you guys Monday.

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