Keto Cookalong – Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups!

Keto Cookalong – Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups!

Keto Cookalong – Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups!

Check out the video on Keto Cookalong – Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups!.
We're gonna start cooking in ten minutes that's what we usually do so if you're watching this after the live and you want to just cook the bacon egg cup so we're doing not thinking yeah Pizza egg cups we're doing you can go to ten minutes I think the lighting looks a lot better last time it was all like foggy on.

YouTube for some reason it was just like yeah really white so we're making pepperoni pizza egg cups I'm excited about that mega is not gonna eat them I'm gonna eat them all yes and the super Chad donations on YouTube go to nutrition coalition this week we did them once before but it was actually a big talk talking point at the low-carb.

Breckenridge conference an important talking point the RDAs are going to be revived in 2020 and nutrition Coalition is trying to change them so that low-carb is on like the radar right the government a government recommend date is low carb yeah it's important that there's at least a it's like government somewhat backing of a low-carb diet is.

If you have diabetes or you have some of these like illnesses that are pretty much directly fixed we're not doctors through a low-carb diet and you go to the government and you can't even listen even like an option it just has to be fixed and a good starting point is the the health guidelines that are being revised in 2020 and a lot of countries.

Around the world go off of what the US government recommends so it's really like a key point in time and what the government recommends is what's fed in schools in hospitals in nursing homes so those are places where people don't really have a say you know so definitely great cause if you want to donate that would be awesome if not you don't no.

Worries thanks for joining I hope you guys are ready to cook if not you know now he'll be answering questions and I'll be doing the cooking so what is up gonna sit hours eggs or room temperature to make them puffs okay oh are you talking about the cream puffs I made the cream puffs Oh cream puffs.

Okay yeah sorry Julius is here you guys remember so we have a video today that is the cream puffs filled with podcast today that was with Rachael Gregory it's about Kido and crossfit she did a study on that pretty interesting podcast and I think that's everything the recipes should be linked in the description it's not the exact recipe we're making some.

Changes we're doing pepperoni pizza instead of typical bacon cheddar ones but you can do those – those are really good what's the degree of the temperature 350 I gotta pull the recipe up I guess probably 350 let's just double-check three-fifty okay guys we're gonna start what yeah 3:15 we're gonna start baking.

Up ten minutes but preheat your oven to 350 if you're making along we're also going to be using a muffin tin muffin silicone mold we're only making egg but I mean we're making eight but you can make twelve each make ten whatever you want why don't you make a podcast with dr. ken Mary it would be really great we already did yeah it's not out yet but.

It's coming out maybe next week or pretty soon yeah within the next two weeks at least but it was really good you're right a good one yeah fine I made pepperoni pizza cuz last week how were that I made my husband listen to your podcast about reversing type 2 diabetes and he's.

Finally agreed to do that so that's amazing that's amazing we're actually gonna go a little more in-depth on some stuff we learned at the conference but there is this new it's about halfway through this study is dr. Sarah Halbert the data she has so far on a keto diet applied to type 2 diabetes specifically that's basically all she.

Specializes in is phenomenal the results are crazy I think like one of them was 87% I had reduced if not completely taken off of insulin from I think it's been one year so far I'm partial the fat had pizza dough so as my husband I think everyone's partial to cheese based dos they're very good so who you bought choc black olives that's actually a great.

Addition I should've gone with that some days I struggled to get all my calories and my macro numbers do you think it's ok to eat a deficit we keep my macro ratio the same yeah that's always fine I need to get motivated again I love your channel thank you I hope we're some motivation but the best motivation is I mean you can find it in anything right.

Yeah I find mine and like also motivational videos or like looking at like you know Fitness people on Instagram and things like that but you know whatever I watched a really good motivational video today that got me going it's on this channel it's called confidence on command it's a YouTube channel the guy basically just died.

Sucks different athletes or like speakers that are very confident kind of just takes you in it was on Conor McGregor basically walking back to 2008 now it's 2017 where he came from where he is now it's just very inspiring are you drinking dodging is ketones nope this is just an electrolyte mixed we got which actually does not taste very good.

At 30 cuz Vega brand Vega it tastes like a medicine or bubble though medicine yeah it does just like bubblegum what do you drink your bro I've lost 140 pounds on keto I love your channel thank you I mean congrats it's cool to see that the more often we do this cook along the.

More people seem to be like preparing the ingredients getting ready for it yeah and we are going to work on improving our setup a little bit I have a boom mic that we have to just figure out how to get that going to a phone so the audio is probably not great right now but we're working on improving that and I think maybe down the road we'll do.

Like a twitch cooking stream a lot of people said that would be good also just the next three weeks we're doing like little basic recipes like this because it's easier for us to track on our cut but after that free reign we're gonna do chicken thighs we're gonna do like a ton of delicious crazy preps and recipes so get ready for that just through three.

Weeks guys so one thing we are doing when we make this recipe that you don't have to do is we're actually evenly dividing things into each a cup just so it's easier to track for our macros yeah you're not overly concerned about tracking just mix it all yeah so yeah thank you for the donation love your bread keep it up you guys are fun seven.

Months in 55 pounds down thank you guys for all your info and yummy recipes thank you Congrats good job family history of colon cancer any ideas of how to up fiber without increasing carbs you're under the assumption I'm not a doctor that increasing fiber prevents colon cancer I'm not I do not believe that to.

Be true but maybe do some more research on that yeah I'm going to try need to do something clip to diabetes I think Quito is a good option I guess I just have to say we're not doctors like once at the start of this thing right we're not doctors guys yeah but based on a lot of the talks at the conference and.

Everything I know about nutrition I'm like actual sound research type 2 diabetes seems to be a perfect candidate for a keto diet low carb not even keto yep no question just appreciate you Kim cool two dollar donation thank you again this is all going to the nutrition coalition great great resource great cherry I want sushi please do keto sushi.

Next time we have sushi on our food blog you could go check that out maybe we will do sushi it's not I feel like a lot yeah I guess it I could show you how to roll like a lot of people struggle with that I actually like doing the hand girls which we have in our cookbook I like doing the not the hand roll so I can dip each piece into soy sauce I like.

Spicy tuna hand rolls and then you can also still dip it in the soy sauce I like fried stuff been on Aikido for six months that never felt better that's great to hear thanks for the cream puffs recipe hope you guys are breathing better now any thoughts I'm using black soy bean to make keto baked beans I think if you.

Want to make keto baked beans black soy beans are pretty much your best bet you could use boiled peanuts in like a chili for like whistling bean replacement do we ever recipe with that yet we still have to do that love to see an update on your cannoli recipe so long cannolis for Easter what would the update be not the doctor either but completely reversed.

Might take 2 diabetes in under a year with keto a1c from 12 point two to five whoa that's crazy yeah do you guys like substituting spaghetti squash for pasta I made spaghetti squash lasagna it was amazing it's a little high for us I think right now at least yeah we've never tried it though yeah I've never what will you cook move me out may 15th.

I've ordered this upcoming week Tuesday maybe you guys can pre-order I think I'll be exciting we actually saw a version of the cover of the cookbook and I didn't love it but we're gonna try and get it changed because it's my cookbook thank you Ray Carter $2 donation thank you has it been ten minutes it has been ten twenty ten twenty we're gonna start.

Cooking let's do it okay so we're doing eight egg cups pepperoni pizza egg cups so we have eight eggs eight large eggs we're using this pepperoni you can use but I'm preparing what and then we're gonna use some shredded Parmesan cheese a tablespoon per egg cup one one large pepperoni per egg cup and then we're also using this baby we don't know who.

Couldn't find like the actual fresh and we didn't want to drive so this is like the middle ground so this is a really easy recipe and then if you want the tomato or cherry tomato or some even some marinara sauce you can add marinara sauce you can add mozzarella cheese instead of parmesan you could do sausage pizza cops if you do sausage ground beef.

Whatever meat you want so first thing I'm gonna do is just slice up eight pepperonis will you weigh them just to be sure Carolyn Churchill droppin ten bucks 40th birthday last night ate your brownies didn't break keto I also want my work weight loss challenge whoa doing some things over that's a motivator those.

Diet best that's a great way a lot of people do that I think that's like that's my whole thing i ki toh desserts obviously they're not they don't have sugar they're not as real desert so anyone who tells you they are doesn't have taste buds but it's it's like a fine substitute and you feel like you're indulging you don't ruin.

Your diet that much I think it's a great option as opposed to just going off the deep end and eating donuts and you know just going nuts Courtney's got mad love to you thank you two dollar donation and then Sebastian's cries Oh ruski I can't pronounce your last name $50 Oh bowing out over here that's the record this is you tied the record love.

Your channel and recipes keep up the great work thank you then Jonathan van shock thanks for your effort $5 donation quito crafty 199 no one's ever done a 99 us before i like it I can't wait to buy your cookbook thank you all of this is going to the nutrition coalition guys they're doing good things and if you subscribe to our.

Mailing list when did the key points come up in this whole process of getting the the health guidelines change we're gonna send out emails and there's like a few key points apparently where you want to like mail your Congressman like sign petitions and there are certain things will come we'll let you know about that we'll be doing.

Yeah and I'm really doing on a youtube channel too but if you guys don't know we do have a newsletter and we put all of our content each week into that so if you didn't miss anything you want to sign up basically if you go to our website and you get the free top ten recipe ebook you're automatically on the newsletter keto brick out did you get.

Any we actually did not do the pre-order for the keto burn although we should have to support we have a couple so mega is just cutting up the pepperonis right now you don't have to be exact about it but I am because we're tracking we got big pepperonis – we didn't get the little individual ones so we're doing one entire pepperoni per egg cup which.

Is a lot I'm gonna change the angle a little bit there for now how's life in the ATL we're liking it going to Colorado made us realize how much we like it I think yeah or like how much we dislike high altitude in Colorado and cold we don't like cold no just curious do you guys like kimchi I made a.

Huge batch and my husband hates it but I feel fermented foods are good for gut health we love kimchi we've been eating it every single night we've just recently been doing it a lot yeah yeah we'll try to make some you just recently tried it for the first time – right well I tried it like sparingly but now I've just been.

Eating in daily pretty much yeah the first time you tried it in front of me it's actually one of our vlog yeah we did a hotpot vlog and he did not like it but it was the kind you can get like different flavors spicy Sierra mo you guys inspire me and try to stick to try and stay with keto $2 donation love all the recipes Thank You Karla shabbos 2.

Dollars $9.99 my app won't let me go to ten Cheryl chick thank you thank you any ideas for portable lunches that don't need heating that's a little so I used to do this all the time max yeah I get a freezable lunchbox and you put it in the freezer overnight and then you put your food in it in the morning and by the time lunch rolls.

Around it's like nice refrigerated temperature so I would do that and I would do like hard-boiled eggs I did sardines we would even I would even do like our keto bread a couple slices and then clutter there's a lot of good options as long as you have access to like some kind of yeah you're a really awesome quarterback.

For lunch where do y'all live I'm here in sunny Florida we're in Atlanta yeah I'm waiting out the parmesan so we're good tablespoon for egg cup you don't have to wait out you can just eyeball a head go heavy but once I'm weight out then we can start making them and you're just gonna crack eat one egg into each cup.

And then okay so right now she's kind of just putting out little piles of equally divided ingredients and this is only specific for if you're tracking macros like we are because we're doing this very specific thing don't feel like you need to do this you can just kind of skip until the part where we add it all to the cart make it now yeah does MCT.

Powder and oil have the same taste not really I would say powder it tastes better but then you got to start questioning why does this powder taste better with what feels better in terms of like energy but digestive Lee the powder is less disruptive Thank You Emily $9.99 donation cookbook on May 15th happy bday to me I think that's her.

Birthday also cooking along meal prep Sunday happy early birthday on water if you were making the meal preps let me know what you're putting in your egg cups Amy be sure to post it on Instagram and tag us if you can yes the Facebook video you can't see much okay yeah we're working two cameras over here you can't see oh sorry.

She she's just kind of setting the makin piles for the because we're strictly tracking you don't have to do this you could just wait until I start cracking the eggs have you guys tried smart buns are smart cakes yet Morpheus Jones $2 donation smart cakes are amazing we love smart cakes they're the best I've got right smart buns though of you.

They're probably just like the hamburger mum's think I started my 48-hour fast last night super excited to see number one if I can do it number two see the benefits of how I feel on an extended fast thanks for the video you guys made on an extended fasting yeah let us know how you feel I think you maybe it'll be more of a mental exercise is what I.

Found I really noticed my battle with like boredom eating and just you know not really true hunger but just I want to eat because it tastes good first time using NZT powder and lo mega it went right through me – yeah are there carbs in marijuana no there's no there's cards in like edibles though because they're actual desserts okay what do we got here.

You can put a little basil on each pile – I'll just put it in the cup itself okay okay please push the white laptop back good idea thank you sorry okay so I've got my cupcake muffin tin silicone mold on tray for the oven so if you I have a silicone mold that's perfect you don't need to do anything if you're using an actual tin you probably.

Want to grease each mold I think we should even grease these a little okay sometimes they stick I remember their mats just a light spray and we got salt pepper for seasoning you could also do oregano you could do chili powder okay you guys you crack the eggs first yeah okay so we're just gonna crack one egg into each hole.

What are these even called individually cavities cavity did you enjoy the legal 4/20 well in Colorado we actually got some CBD patches they're like a very small amount of THC in them just because they have to apparently I like the effects of CBD it's much milder and it's not psychoactive Deb on Riggin $10 donation so right now she's cracking the.

Eggs into the molds there and well then we will add the ingredients so Devin Regan $10 donation curious to hear what you all learned about in a minute fasting at the low carb conference I've lost twenty 1.4 pounds since January third doing 18 624 and have never felt better thanks for all y'all doing the name of Kido honestly um intermittent.

Fasting wasn't talked about all that much it's mostly talking about prolonged fasting that was there was two talks on fasting and it was mostly and just like 48 hour plus so no one really talked much about in a minute path you may know there were really in detox unfortunately but I think I think either way can be very beneficial depending on the person.

I think with intermittent fasting it's mostly about just calor like how you feel with the meal timing like if you're able to better restrict calories I do notice I get a little bit more energy I think a lot of that is just myself not thinking about food as much because I have it kind of set up more of what I'm going to eat so.

Right now I am breaking the yolks because I finally give I add all the ingredients it overflows I can't break the yolks so I'm going to break the yolks and then I'm gonna salt and pepper each egg first before I add the ingredients I like to just lightly break the up so you get a nice it's not fully mixed but it's like a nice yo kind of.

Like an egg mcmuffin you know how it's like half of y'all so pretty yeah it's pretty so salt and pepper you guys can do any seasonings you want that's on pepper right yeah lot of salt use my grace all we're using Celtic gray sea salt that you can use pink you can use red if you need black kasi Kent $5 donation I started low.

Carbon August and found you guys bright after I started you guys have helped me so much so much info thank you oh we appreciate you the support I'm gonna eat a healthy people over 60 do you know doing kiddo I guess what is healthy mean I don't know many people over 60 in general really yeah except our parents and they are not very keto well why.

Doesn't that one have cheese is it hey guys I'm here all the way from Kenya Africa in two weeks with a ketogenic lifestyle love all your recipes lots of love from across the ocean wow that's great Sarah would $5.00 a donation you guys are truly amazing I'm beyond thankful for your motivation and knowledge I'm.

Trying to teach others about Quito but no luck I just don't understand yeah hopefully this nutrition coalition where all the donations are going to today kind of helps that because when you have some government backing in there like oh this is not crazy this is actually makes sense it's easier for people to buy in but when the.

Government's been telling you low fat for 40 years and then you say high fat people are resistant to that never heard of grey salt yeah there's a tough sauce we are Travis pretty lame salt video we do it with slavery it's not salt yeah okay now I've salt and pepper in the egg cups I'm just gonna add the pepperoni.

And the cheese so add your ingredients at this time do we have a promo code for Aikido mugga its Kido Connect if we do we might have one yeah I think we just have a like a link they're still working on the promo I've tried to do coconut macaroons a couple times it hasn't come out great I have some good ideas on how to make it better I'm just that ones in.

The pipeline I'm working on that one all right don't you reading a comment no someone asked about coconut macaroons I just had a cheat day and I feel so bad I heard all over and feel sick don't think I will do that again I gained three pounds in one day is that normal its water retention yeah for the weight gain and but yeah a lot of people like I.

Had a hangover from eating the carbs honestly that is just do it as part of the process like that's a lesson now you kind of know how you feel when you eat carbs I remember it like the last time we've had carbs when we did the carb ups and it's it's really like a lesson like you kind of learned some things like I don't feel good with carbs at all I.

Don't see any need to have them but coming off of a standard of course it's hard to give up right away you're gonna have cheat days but I think just view that as part of the process and then eventually the cheeks become less and less until you just really don't want them anymore you guys have a Facebook community page we have a.

Facebook group and we have a keto connect Facebook page the Facebook group is keto connections which were live-streaming to right now I think I made one extra pile classic this is why I do all the math on recalculating recipe I can't even do like basic counting to eight okay so glad my cheese and my pepperoni is now I'm gonna just.

Top it with some what's this look like it smells and looks delicious but I'm just gonna top it with some basil oh yeah go hard with the basil this smells really good he meant to say Basel guys so this is called lightly dried basil we've never gotten it before but oh but it's actually smells incredible I love basil Basel thank you do you guys have.

Any questions about the recipe as everyone kind of on board with this what we're doing here we usually move pretty slowly yours might even be in the oven at this point no one is right about certain diets they just know what's right for them just think about religion same thing yeah a lot of a lot of people view.

Their diet as religion I've come to find go hard on the basil okay so at this point you can give it another mix or you can just pop it into um the oven so do we want to mix it I want you to just okay so we're gonna pop it in the oven is 3 to the 350 we're gonna go I think it's 25 to 30 but let's know a little light lets go 20 yeah we're gonna do 20.

Minutes but if you want yours fully cooked through I would say 25 you can test also with the toothpick yeah so once it they would put parsley and I think you can also do oregano you can do Italian seasoning you can do a little garlic powder onion powder that's what they look like whatever you guys like and throw some cherry tomatoes on there.

If you want to I would definitely do Tomatoes Robert Brown a $10 donation I just turned 60 and it is a godsend this channel and others like dr. Berg keep up the great work you do down 75 pounds since last May also doing 16 a 10-minute fasting the last few weeks and it is working whoo I know dr. Berg is really doing good work out the best I'll know.

Sadly well you can keep it there maybe later for a snack at some point um let's see what's going on on Facebook what's going on over there I love you guys I know that people having dodging is Keystone's how do you feel about those ones started I kind of peas don't like are you talking about exactly mosquitoes so when starting they could come in.

Handy for the pure fact that they are high in electrolytes and that could help you get over the keto flu well you can buy electrolytes for cheaper yes so they're pricey yeah I think they make honestly even less sense when you're starting because your body doesn't know how to use ketones yet so you're giving us.

Something and can't use so you're really peeing a majority of them out if they're really well-founded Apted and you maybe have a cheat me over something and I think they make more sense because your body knows how to actually use few times at that point but yeah if you never be a disposable income to throw out some ketone supplement this worth.

Experimenting with to see what you think of that yeah we have a coupon code for perfect Kido Kido Connect 20% off just joined in what are you making we just put pepperoni pizza egg cups in the oven first Neal crap we made eight of them simple ingredients eggs basil pepperoni cheese and then salt pepper anything from the.

Conference changed your mind on anything that's a great question and we actually have a compilation video coming soon where we asked all of the doctors and scientists and speakers there what they have changed their mind on in the last year so that'll be really good video never trust Magnus pronunciation of certain things remember aspartamay.

Yeah is there anything you change your mind on from the conference though um focusing more on like internal health as opposed to like aesthetic wanting to look super sexy I just I want to live long and like to see a lot of things and I think internal health including gut met mind all of that really is huge and food plays a big part into that so just.

Eating healthier will promote that and like I don't mean eating healthier and just eating a keto diet I mean optimizing the keto diets like staying away from trans fats eating what-o having like a omega-6 to 3 ratio that's right for my body like taking supplements if needed there's so many things little things that you don't want.

To do because it's extra work but I think it makes a big difference in the long term I always had the opposite take away or it's at least something I've been thinking about more since the conference's how much this food quality really matter there's definitely it was divided at the counter and some people think it matters.

A lot like Mike from high intensity health is definitely on that side one of the speakers is on that side then a lot of people will tell you it really matter all that much it's a lot about macros it's not really that much about micros so I've just been thinking about that and the the speech I love was glucagon Bert's insulin which we kind of.

Talked in one of our videos glucagon is something to look into and how important it is for a keto diet just to not think exclusively like when you think about protein spikes insulin but it also spikes glucagon which kind of has a negating effect and I think that comes down to the individual as well like what is your metabolic history like your.

History of like certain diseases or illnesses like I have autoimmune issues I was arise so for me maybe a better like a healthier gut healthy diet is more important than it is for Matthew and he can get away with eating McDonald's all the time or whenever he wants you know keto Angela $10 nice thank you question about your Amazon.

Links after I use one of your links do you get credit for everything I purchased during that session or do I need to use individual links for each item looks like you're trying to support which we appreciate it yeah how it works is once you click one of our Amazon links it's a 24 hour cookie so anytime this is how it works for all I'm is on.

Links so anything you purchased within 24 hours what unless you click someone else's affiliate link and that time will get credit for that so you just have to click one and then order thank you Jonathan van shock his second donation $5 third time maybe let's try this a third time with super chat how long do these egg cups last can I.

Make on Sunday for the full work week in my opinion yes yes some people are really picky about do not freeze them that's like they will just be terrible but in the fridge I would say six to seven days okay yeah LJ us $20 motion hey guys I will be 61 next Saturday same day I've been doing keto since December 19th down 27 pounds and I drink ketones.

Also that works that's great happy early birthday as well can we preorder your cookbook Tuesday watch our video I'm pretty sure we'll have a pre-order link next week sure at some point we'll make an announcement everywhere I practice instinctive Kido for me I know the obvious things to avoid to lose.

Weight and tracking macro it hasn't been necessary I keep it basically as I can that sounds like a sustainable diet to me I mean ideally you probably don't want to be tracking macros throughout life the the goal is always to be kind of intuitive while still getting really good results for most people in modern society it's tough to eat intuitively.

Because none of these foods like Snickers bars aren't made to be eaten intuitively they're made to just be like any ones especially those are meant to eat in bulk where are the donations going they're going to nutrition coalition started by dr. Sarah Hubbard and Nina Tyco holes changing the RDA guidelines to be more low-carb at least.

Have a low-carb option for 2020 Jeff Johnson you guys are great you know fighting the good fight keep it up $10 donation pretty much most of the studies on diet and longevity show that a high carb diet is optimal well there hasn't been a ketogenic longevity study and I mean so this is Eric and he's also a pronounced vegan who comments on all of.

Our videos yeah so if you're comparing carb intake on us on a standard American diet higher carb generally has better longevity because most of those people are more health-conscious like vegans for example but yeah we're so like waiting on the low-carb studies out yeah but also yeah carb I mean just caloric intake is also linked to longevity like.

The less calories you've been taking your life the longer you live which means vegans live a real long time do you ever get your kidney and liver functions tested protein powder can have an impact on kidneys so I have actually gotten my kidney and levels tested before and I don't know what you mean by protein.

Powder can have an effect on your kidneys it's definitely not as hard for your kidneys to process like a whey protein versus actual like ground beef or steak so I don't know I guess if you would elaborate on that comment you guys do very well with presentation keep it up yeah we're hoping to get better I think this is terrible this is something.

We want to keep doing this is fun we want to get our setup better right now we're just using phones and stuff so the audio is maybe not great you just had the macro cakes and have you guys tried carbamide using for the first time now we haven't used it we have a recipe on our site with like munchkins which are actually really really good did someone.

Say they see those always but we just prefer to use like coconut flour almond flour it's just it's more simple and we don't like you know all the ingredients I guess in carb quick yeah it's really easy just to make your own we already we have a podcast with dr. Burke yeah it was actually really fun it's probably like a round number fourteen or.

Something it's a while I got um Joyce doesn't use stool but the dog was kind of Jeremy in the kitchen yeah a lot of people get on us about germs we love our pets though yeah what about like your toddler's running around they're really germy and they pick their nose but I'm not like you know kids in the kitchen because he's our son do you think.

Pepperoni is a health food era camera you're gonna take over the chat again no we don't think pepperoni is a health food I mean is it part of a healthy keto diet it can be it's a processed meat though it's far from like optimal if the studies show negative results will you adjust I'm using this for weight loss so.

Initially I I'm not too concerned with negatives yeah they are open to changing our minds unlike Eric yam you're very just open-minded shots at Eric yeah hey guys amazing work thank you I discovered youth your ketone Orbeez it so it's fun to hear that because I never expected people would like Excel so.

They've heard of how they've seen us they've heard our oh dude what did you think and you know do the voice doesn't match the bodies what do you recommend for electrolytes we like zip fizz we like dr. Berg's and then I just got this Vega sports electrolyte mix it it's kind of gross it's not the best do you have a much good recipe without.

Carp quick yes we do they are Cinnabon munchkins and they are the best do you think it's possible to eat raw on keto if you're talking raw meat then yeah maybe I would want to do it what's his name the guy Frank Tufano Frank's a final look at YouTube up he's a ton of Brahmi okay so this new thing Jonathan carrion has been posting on.

Every video I don't know if you notice I wanna bang my god he always supposed to wanna bang Megan sometimes multiple times where is it did someone come ya know me posted is it go oh so I totally forgot good we do our walkthrough this week but I was gonna give Jonathan carry on the shout out because hey I appreciate it and people.

Might get offended by it but it's like it doesn't offend me does it offend you okay does Zipf is make you jittery it I mean it's caffeine so I have to I think some of them have 100 milligrams some of them have 200 so if you get jittery with caffeine then maybe Melissa Lewis is a longtime listener we appreciate you Melissa $10 donation once I get to my.

Goal weight do I still keep my macros keto macros or less fat all we thought always thoughts on PMS PS MF protein sparing modified fat I don't really have thoughts on that but I want into it a little bit more as far as the macros I would do the opposite me.

Personally made maintaining I would do a higher fat and maybe just increase the calories a little but it's all about what you want I like how I feel when I do keto so I'm just gonna keep doing it even when I'm maintaining but increase the fact that makes you feel good makes you will have more energy are you guys going to cute.

Fest I don't think we're gonna be able to make it due to like a wedding but we definitely want to go probably next year me and my husband started seven days ago and hit the national grocers we just went there for the first time and loved it they have a bunch of flavored stevia's that we got liquid ones we loved the pork chops with bacon apple.

Cider vinegar I forgot how good that those are good those are amazing thank you for making them I don't care for bulletproof coffee isn't necessary absolutely not no no no no sir is nutritionally beneficial on keto its it has B vitamins it's not essential or anything and we'll take any supplements break intermittent.

Fasting what are you fasting for first off it kind of depends what supplements like if you take I don't know six fish oil pills yes that's a lot of calories from fish oil some supplements have rice flour in them and stuff I would say no but I just don't like stressing that much about all these little intricacies if you're doing.

90% of things right it doesn't really matter that much keto kids $10 donation thanks for all the amazing keto vids this is our one year keto anniversary kids ages 6 10 12 13 no cheats keto for life dad how much heavy weight have you guys lost since starting Tito before the cot we hadn't lost any weight it was for just like lifestyle but since the cut.

Mat is lost 20 pounds yeah I've lost 20 pounds in like 65 70 days and I've lost three and a half but I feel amazing I look a lot better and in three short weeks you'll see our final pictures for the Cup would you limit salt intake I mean there is a limit you don't want to just like a common salt but no I don't like I add.

Salt I go I increase my salt intake yeah I'm naturally like light handed with salt so I just I don't I just go at it and I hit the average my son lost 70 pounds in six months on keto stalled the last three months he's 60 percent fat 30 to 40 percent protein less than 20 net carbs has about 30 pounds to lose suggestions you can drop the protein to.

Fabbrizio so definitely increase the fat maybe hit like 75 percent fat yep and start there and see how that affects him Doby my recommendation how long have you been eating keto strictly how long three years whoa well strictly what do you mean because we do carb cycling for a bit I mean we've done three years and I think maybe.

Five days of eating carbs in the past three years yeah four but like it was also very strategic we didn't like just go at it new studies showed that high fat versus low fat diets was essentially a wash takeaway both diets are just as good so do you do as you wish wish I could link well that's only in the context of.

Weight loss so yeah for the only thing you're concerned about is weight loss and you control for calories which is another thing that you shouldn't be doing so yeah if you do a Saturday American diet and make versity keto diet and calories are the exact same weight loss could be potentially right around the same but when you're left to your.

Own devices at home it's a lot easier to restrict calories doing keto that's the main benefit of keto for weight loss it's satiating it's easy to calorie restrict your hunger gets bet you could get back in tune with your home so studies like that just kind of take out of context the diet in my opinion sure thank you for the donation you guys.

Are amazing you have made the transition to the keto lifestyle easier and fun two months and twenty five boss thank you for the videos Congrats that's amazing this guy keeps telling me to kiss you we get a little romance no he said lips lips we're a PG channel guys I actually were not right I say some divisive stuff did.

I used to work correctly uh yeah I guess so block Eric he's creating bad vibes we have a strict rule where we don't block people on our channel we don't censor the internet we don't know a lot of people do which is messed up there's some people that just have channels that are echo chambers oh you're the best.

I don't want that to be our channel at all you can block certain works yeah you can censor words which is uncrazy to me and a lot of people do that did the subject of Kido and cancer come up at all in Breckenridge a little bit briefly not not really not liking death there was like no speech under anything did you start your blog first or your.

YouTube first and did you notice more viewers on your YouTube your blog effort starting YouTube blog first and yes definitely a YouTube push traffic towards our our food blog but I think Pinterest was the main main big-gun as we got a bigger YouTube channel of course it generates a little more traffic to our website our teeth type.

Just donated 499 very anonymous donation that's kind hearted of you I only blocked the box itself stuff constantly yeah I guess that makes sense how do you get your blender clean after making BBC I just wash it with water cuz we make it every single day week you're not gonna dish wash it every day someone said I want to bang Matt whoa I love when.

People comment on like how to madness oh oh I saw a comment that said someone Matt looks like Ryan Gosling no which I don't agree I know but I think that's a huge compliment do you thief gelatin how do you incorporate in your food we have used it before for a coconut coconut flour chocolate chip cookies so it makes them chewy yep.

Eric I feel like you should start your own YouTube channel preaching your knowledge does any happy at your channel I don't know maybe he does I assume that's why he's here this is chocolate ice cream count as a fat well all foods are comprised of fats proteins and carbs so I would say chocolate ice cream in general is more in the carb category but.

It has a little bit of all three are there gonna be asparagus recipes we have one in the cookbook but you would do mean just in general yeah I guess we do do asparagus recipes yeah but on all recipes is similar a cup recipe is 20 or 25 minutes so I think it's same yeah what we're doing 20 minutes here I like my eggs a little on the undercooked side.

But I think this will be just barely cooked through you guys make ketone fun great personalities to watch thank you for all your hard work yeah what electrolytes do you recommend I mean obviously the major ones that you need on the keto diet potassium magnesium and sodium we already kind of.

Talked about this we by dr. burbs electro it makes me by Zipf is mainly just supplementing potassium we get sodium from table salt sea salt and we take a magnesium pill every day I'm like 250 milligrams is your cooker cookbook gonna be available in Canada it's gonna be available on Amazon so I think that means it should be available in Canada.

Tomatoes onions and peas do you eat that many key tours do not I would not like doing without that peas I would definitely stay away from not really a great option tomatoes and I need to definitely fit into acute diet just count the carbs sandir your carb intake daily and you're fine I make salt drinks where I do a.

Pinch of pink salt and water with some meal yeah that's what I do to basically Matt take your hat off so we can see it here my hair it's just kinda like I just I put the hat on when my hair looks bad that's it's just a quick fix so I don't have to actually do my hair did you mind take the publisher for your cookbook or.

Did they contact you they actually contacted us tried having a small cheat day yesterday and it was surprisingly how you can feel the carbs yeah it is surprising right away across your head your computers cookies recipe what can we use instead of beef gelatin you can use gelatine like pork gelatin you can even try college and it won't be quite.

As good oh my god these are gorgeous gorgeous whoa Wow these are beautiful so did you guys pull it out if so take a picture and send this to us on a gene that's perfect then we're gonna do 20 minutes are there any vegetarian gelatin options I don't know maybe Eric am can fill us in on that I don't think there is I.

Think like chia seeds maybe as close as you can really get I switched off carbs cheat day is just over and just over eat a little like you know foods occasionally that we do we do keto caloric refeeds maybe agar agar um or our abundance of gelatin yeah I think xanthan gum guar gum could be good options what are the donations for today.

Nutrition coalition nutrition coalition thank you ground flax and Chia for gelatin so yeah that sounds like good idea – can having a cheap meal break no weight loss like break a stall um people have said it does so maybe if you want to give it a try then that's your decision just know that like you could also just have water retention as.

A weight gain or just feel really crappy after all the carbs for anyone here missing ice cream I do frozen raspberries heavy whipped and some vanilla and it will freeze together in a delish someone just said I look like Kim Kardashian John thank you did you see the new Vogue cover from India no no I.

Put it on our Instagram store a while ago she looks incredible mega think she looks like Takashi 6:9 – I do the story yesterday some people said they see the resemblance did you guys wish you could eat fruit no I feel good without any fruit I've never been a big fruit person I used to eat fruit like six apples a day you see a.

Ton of friction no I feel better like this do you have an English muffin recipe I'm in desperate need does one in our cookbook right yes English muffin recipe coming for a book should we like what should we do with them I thought if you wanted to try one and a half whatever you want I'll try one okay any recommendations on breath.

Keto meter I honestly wouldn't really recommend them they're not that good I would just get a keto mojo blood ketone meter what does your group would come out May 15th but I think pre-order starts next week just finished week three on keto down 13.

Pounds that's amazing feel amazing what ecology do you use we don't need this collagen but we have like I've used the perfect keto chocolate collagen only because it's chocolate and it's delicious but not for like the benefits what's your favorite kind of meat that's a good question cuz I love so many different like I love chicken but I also.

Love rib eyes I love a t-bone what's your favorite mean favorite mean I really like duck breast probably my favorite but I also like crab and seafood and stuff well we're so different yeah biggest mistake you see four people three weeks in probably just you know.

When you take away carbs they really don't add fat they just do more protein a lot of the time I would say and then like just feeling like mentally they they can't do it because you know there's so many cravings around like so many carbs around you so I just think like focusing less on what you can't have and focusing more on what you can.

Have is a good way to go about it I was looking forward to your wrap is that still in the works it is but we're just we got so much stuff going on right now worse definitely definitely still gonna do it yeah man help I'm being dragged to Culver tonight what kind that sounds like a delicious butter burger treat to me.

Culver fast-food video a bang-bang get a butter burger no bun yeah we're gonna with a salad how many net carbs are in the cups I believe about one about one one total one net same thing well you have a cute a wedding cake probably not I don't know I was trying to think like what a lot of some people do like cheese sour things for their wedding cake I've.

Seen those those are pretty cool yeah we could get you like a good a lot of raw goat cheese so will there be a recipe for every recipe in your book no what does that mean a recipe recipe video video yeah you didn't say video no what we'll probably do like four or five of them yeah but we have 100-plus recipes in the cookbook we will not be doing.

Videos for all of those also that would defeat the purpose of you supporting us and buying the cookbook oh no we're not getting married no no so much to ask the question no someone asked making egg roll in a bowl later for this week for like the fifth time it is so good I can eat that every single night be happy how much will the cookbook be I.

Don't quite know actually we don't really have control of that which is probably not good but yeah we'll find out on Tuesday I think how do you feel about keto reboot I don't know what that is so you have to let me know I feel a little bad about anything called reboot cleanse detox any of those words I just don't think are good to use in kind.

Except he forced me to do the lemon cayenne pepper syrup cleanse I don't know why no to cleanse toxins would you're against that even my teenagers love the egg roll and go yeah that's not a fan favorite I think now you sound like Norm Macdonald you know that it yeah they do have you tried tkt yes we have tried to gave you Matt really liked.

It right do you see it it's a tool in my toolbox now I had something I could maybe go back to I recommend it way over cyclical key to upcycle key dose is too intrusive to the benefits of keto it's a good way to start though if you were thin your CKD you could try to kid me first made your truest almond flour cooked chocolate chip cookies and the.

Flavor was good but the texture was more muffin like than cookie is that normal I don't try them that the dollar bar ones no those shouldn't be there should not be open until our coconut flour a little muffin ooh Freddie what did they substitute le Louis no this should be pretty like firm but but chewy.

Any plans for Easter recipes I am thinking of a few I want to try doing those peanut butter eggs cuz I love those those are my favorite so maybe we'll try that where can we order your cookbook next week it's gonna be linked in the description of our vlog next week but also just on Amazon you can pre-order.

Whoever whoever said you resemble the wrapper Takashi six nine needs their hemp shine I mean I see I think it's the eyes maybe the mouth and eyes are big well I definitely see it a little bit I know what she's talking about meet you Mike's are looking good about eight more minutes does mega sleep with protective device.

To protect your lips I don't know what that means this guy's been talking about your lips the entire time but she does sleep with mouth babe we do mouth taping at night cuz they're just like a big feature on my face yeah he's very into your lips joy thank you bye guys love you guys thank you for all you do for the cuter world I've been doing keto for.

Nine months and reversed to reverse type 2 diabetes and in the process lost 90 pounds that's amazing congratulations will you sign my book I love to sign your book if we meet you in person yeah we're completing a cookbook tour right now what I think about it we've so much going on yeah the next couple.

Months after the cookbook comes out I've never actually signed an autograph would that be considered an autograph or like a book saying yeah maybe you'll be the first and it delicious Indian recipes in the cookbook yes we have one Indian recipe a major keto pecan pie it tastes really good but I couldn't get over the icy aftertaste yeah that the cooling.

Sensation comes from the erythritol you're just not used to it but the more you eat it the more used to it you'll get what you can try too reducing the erythritol and increasing a different sweetener like stevia – just so you don't need to use as much erythritol I pay for a signed edition that's so cute you guys are so sweet.

Okay egg cups did deflate a little yeah I'll play the title of our book is Kido made easy right yeah are you coming to the Caribbean I'd love to come to the Caribbean at some point Matt doesn't have a passport oh yeah I got a good one good one what do you recommend to both cook for the week my absolute favorite thing to bulk cook is some kind of like.

Egg casserole egg frittata thing that I just cut into slices and store it throughout the week that's what I normally make do you have any vegan friends would your vegetarian friends well there's Jocelyn whoa that's great there it is guys it's really hot it's so pretty I'll take a little bite here let's see.

If we got the flavor right yeah well it's amazing it does look good she is melted and pulled apart are you guys eating yours to let us know do you drink bone broth frequently no we should not drink broth quickly we definitely want to start making it we just haven't really had the time or found any good places to get the bones.

Let's see the cross-section that is delicious that's better than the original one we have in the recipe it's not the prettiest cross-section would love to have an Atlanta area meetup this summer yeah we'll try to do where those normal muffin sighs yeah they're normal muffington any Kido ketchup for barbecue sauce you recommend.

Me a barbecue sauce recipe on our site but also G Hughes makes a sugar-free one you can find in stores I think Walmart still rocking the tumeric tea we've been doing to Rick in our meals a little bit more instead of doing the teeth mm-hmm can you please state the ingredients again absolutely so just large eggs pepperoni basil and Parmesan shredded.

Parmesan cheese no any deeth this whole thing it's really good obviously I'm so jealous that he's eating right now making a chicken breast pizza crust now I have 33 pound I haven't lost 33 pounds no and the hubby just started last week in his lost oh that's amazing congratulations to both of you what did.

You got going on you said you're really busy coming up we're going to Hawaii we're gonna make it going to Arkansas my friends visiting his sister is visiting we're going to quito con we're going to a wedding yeah it's like way too much but also amazing stuff no reason to complain Hawaii in Vegas like I am ready right now.

What is it mega eating she's doing no anguish right now and also yeah just no egg whites yeah and cheese dairy free she's not immune protocol when it wears keel con I think we have a link for Cuba we do oh you don't born here no I think it's in June and I'm not really sure the exact dates Hawaii Vegas Arkansas yeah.

Actually we're going to meet keto savage one more time is mega pregnant that is so mean I'm just kidding no I'm not pregnant but I've been thinking about it and I feel like it'd be really really fun and exciting so to all of you people have been pregnant or women we're currently pregnant you're look at the lights.

These are a winner for sure yeah cap you're delicious is better than the bacon ones which island we are going to Oahu well that's it guys you know I call it yeah let's call it alright guys this was a blast – see you next Sunday and again one to two days in advance hopefully – we will post what we're making and the ingredients so you can.

Get those ready messages if you have suggestions for what you'd like to see you guys like the idea of more meal preppy stuff or would you also like to see like some dessert some muffins some just single bowl things like one meal to serve breakfast grams or something yeah let us know thank you love you thanks guys for the donation they're.

Going to nutrition coalition
Keto Cookalong - Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups!
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