Keto Cookalong – Game of Thrones Fat Bombs & Final Season Theories

Keto Cookalong – Game of Thrones Fat Bombs & Final Season Theories

Keto Cookalong – Game of Thrones Fat Bombs & Final Season Theories

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We are live how's it going some days are just tough for me I'm gonna be honest because Saturdays are really relaxed and then Sunday I'm just like super relaxed like right now I could just like sleep but we're here and big day today we got MBA we got MBA we got the Sunday at the Masters and tigers in the chase he's down like two.

Strokes or something we got a game of Thrones tonight and I already watched the Formula One race today it's just two in the morning so that was also today and now we were gonna try doing Game of Thrones fat bombs oh it's just like a last minute thought yeah and I was like why did you put a theme to it now we have to really think hard so I thought.

Of doing like red wedding fat bomb so we're gonna be using frozen strawberries who's gonna end up on the throne okay there might be some spoilers if you're not fully caught up on Game of Thrones yeah so you know this might not be for you yet I think most people are caught up though and then Matt said we should do them in this dragon eggs.

Well dragon eggs aren't shaped like just balls but you know you get the idea we don't have like themed where who's gonna end up on the throne and they're all gonna die yeah I'm wondering if the throne even matters at the end at this point right does it end with the throne mattering maybe it does if it does I think like it's probably gonna be Jon.

Snow or Denarius I guess like Daenerys Daenerys well it can't be Jon Snow right cousin arias is like higher up well they're related yeah and they had sex we're gonna go into Samaria that we can go into some theories on the internet Tyrion someone says there's Hyrum she was born John snow I think pledged this sword to Denarius oh that's why but.

What was he the original or do they both just have claim to it I think it's pretty unclear who has a true claim I found I read that Jon Snow has the true claim and I haven't like read any of the books or anything all I do is watch this show I don't know if the books are ahead of the show I think this shows ahead right yeah or it.

Like went off on its own way and it's not following the book so much whoa if someone said they're under a tornado warning we're not are we under tornado warning are you in Atlanta yeah they're in Atlanta look up tornado warnings now so this is gonna be a super simple fat bone recipe we literally just made it up I I suggest the strawberries and Matt.

Made up the rest it's gonna be strawberries butter plain butter and then walnut butter because we have walnut butter I'm not a huge fan of it but it might go really well with the strawberries cuz it's subtle and tastes are we yeah we are oh man it's going right to us no no it's gonna miss us a little itself but yeah I think we're.

Under tornado me right now are you supposed to leave under tornado warning it's pretty no you're supposed to like hide in the basement we don't really have a below ground basement though oh yeah see we used to have tornado warning he's all the time and Michigan where we would go in the basement so but like we don't be in the basement right now do we.

No it's fine but like do they say like don't go out like I know in like snowstorms they don't go Wow yeah I think probably just be careful I've never been under tornado watch so I'm very new to this a lot of people saying John snow has the true claim it would be such a I thought I would hate it if Jon Snow ended up on the throne.

Why just it seals everything together too nicely I hate when shows do that I mean this show has done that not whatsoever someone said red velvet red wedding cupcakes yeah we did just put out red velvet cupcakes on Thursday which are super good and that could be part of your game of Thrones if you're throwing.

Like a party tonight please let me know the best keto cheese I mean what do you mean best keto cheese there's they're all cheese's but there's cheese's that hyoeun fat there's some that taste better than others so yeah I mean I would just we like to get the best keto cheese is just gonna be the best quality yeah so we like to get not the pre sure.

If we're gonna eat it for like a snack plate or top it on something not topping but like yeah if we're making a cheese plate we're getting like the whole brick yeah Gendry has like an outside shot at the throne he has some kind of claim cuz he's Robert Baratheon son right oh yeah so once we get started I'll start going through some of these theories and we'll.

Also answer keto questions this is not just again thrones live I love that little girl who's like the you know the little one who's always in the meetings of the north yeah she's awesome she's cute do you like the minimalist they have good books I watched a documentary I think they made I like the idea of minimalism in general but we don't.

Really we don't do minimalism or maximalist okay so let's get started so max out I don't have to melt anything because we're using the ninja bullet her name's Leanna Morman it's a great name so I guess we're just gonna this is like solid cold we're just gonna plop it in and hopefully it works yeah we're just gonna blend everything yeah and worst.

Case scenario is we can blend it then we can put in here we can melt it a little in the oven or we could just pour that into a bowl and melt it that's a nice not always thinks about the complicated way to do things should I measure it yeah we should measure some ratios did we tell them what we're using yeah I did say what reason so these are red wedding.

Strawberry red wedding fat bombs Oh very walnuts from the shape of a dragon eggs and if you don't have all nut butter you can just use walnuts probably or anything or almond butter or peanut butter or cashew butter whatever nut butter you have on hand or you can make your own fat bombs hopefully you're just making any fat fun so share with us what.

You're making ketone man says she loves the Arya Stark storyline I hate Arya Starks I'm not a fan of re about myself I don't mean to sleep for the last three seasons I don't like who she's turned into me neither but I did I did definitely have a lot of respect for her and loved her in the.

Beginning especially our like devotion to her dad I like kind of have that I have a synonymous relationship in that regard very close to my father oh yeah now she's like that two-faced what is it the masked she's just like some faceless killer freeze but she's not anymore she abandoned that she's back with the family is this safe to do.

Keto long-term people telling me it's not ie Vitamin Shoppe employee yeah get out just don't laugh with them and walk away I mean it's a vitamin shop employee yeah what that doesn't really give them any credit of any sort or I'm at least they probably haven't tried it did you guys see the last episode yeah we're caught up fully I rewatched the last.

Couple okay how many do you want to make let's make like nine so let's do equal parts almond walnuts abnormal butter okay how much we do like four tablespoons of each yeah maybe like six of each no four of each yeah I do four so we are gonna do four tablespoons of butter just are you have you to experience earthquakes in Cali we.

Did a few like minor ones there's pretty much one every I have experience I think three total but they were yeah they weren't they just like woke me up but we experienced one here and I woke me up a Newton wig man up wait who would Sansa be pregnant by hilarious if Santa is pregnant no yeah no no she would have slept with Cersei Lannister for the.

Throne yeah I kind of like seriously to just by any means necessary you know there's something beautiful about that oh Ramsey Ramsey they're all I hate Ramsay okay so I'm just adding my butter to our blender jar so go up if you don't have like a high-powered blender I'm hoping this works I would melt everything down you can do.

Fresh strawberries so I would dice those up okay so I'm going through the Internet's best theories on the Game of Thrones I think it's season eight that's coming up who do you hate more Ramsey or Joffrey I think I hate Ramsey more I hate right here's your part two but more than both of them I hate what's his name.

The other son the second king sir sees other son oh yeah the one who got killed in the explosion no he committed suicide you don't remember the show at all his name Tommen some ontology I don't like him because Tommen he's just the softest pushover guy ever at least Joffrey and Ramsay are like.

Assertive and they you know they they get what they want basically Lisa L borrows $1 donation lush papaya 50 DKK I have no idea what that is what's DKK it's for the baby what is DKK thank you first of all regardless of what it is I said thank you Dennis Crone a Danish Krone a so we're.

Doing four tablespoons of this walnut butter it's gonna be 56 grams Ramsey died right did you say I don't remember all okay so 31 on the internet John in Denarius are even more closely related I don't think that matter I don't care about that they could be aunt and nephew well they appear to be Anton nephew yeah.

That's what I read then this theory suggests that the extent of they're unintentional incest could be far worse the idea here is that Denarius was not King ray Garth's sister but one of his children conceived with his first wife see this is just getting too deep for me but doesn't it who cares at that time right cuz sir she and her brother.

Are doing it and they're brother and sister and they have three kids together yeah so even if it was like no would it be that big of a shame I don't know it would be as big of a shame but it might just like throw the power struggle like off-balance and everyone reconsider who has the claim to the throne I don't know about that one I don't really understand.

Why that matters too much okay we've got our butter butter how much strawberry should we go just sprinkle a few in there like three or four these are big Oh the targaryen czar known for like incest are they or no the Targaryen so they're unknowingly just like following the tradition okay I don't like theory number one number two.

Though I do like Cersei will become the Mad Queen because you remember I think before the first season took place the Mad King was like overthrown kind of and basically like Dixie cares so much about her children and her family but she has none of that left except for Jaime so she'll just slowly start becoming the Mad King her mad queen is this on camera.

You know it's not like that theory sorry guys okay you're gonna work you're terrible at this we got to melt it down a little bit yeah we should never let Matt have any controllers food in my kitchen man okay you guys are already getting on to theory number three which is a I've read a lot of these articles on theories and this is one that comes.

Up a lot it is that Jamie will end up killing Cersei I don't know what would happen but obviously like there I'm like not that great of terms and I think a scenario where that could happen is where Jaime obviously realizes like whoa these White Walkers are legit and seriously just doesn't care if she's all about plating for the throne still and.

Then Jaime has to kill her I just feel like preserve humanity essentially I could see that happening oh we got a donation from Yvonne until two dollars thank you wait did you have your baby no not yet we're about to be 23 weeks so we're still just over halfway through karma is.

A big part of Game of Thrones Cersei needs to get her karma maybe but if karma is such a big part of it all these Starks and stuff wouldn't be dying so much right well that's my way Gabrielle has a theory it's Searcy's prophecy you can't type in multiple words I can't I meet with them all in one comment to be able to.

Understand the period there's a theory that Tyrion is a child of the Mad King and Tywin's wife yeah I've heard that so Tyrion could be part Targaryen yeah Tyrion Lannister is actually Targaryen that's Theory number five okay another cool theory I've heard there's there's a lot of theories on bran who in my opinion is the most.

Boring storyline in the whole show what do you think about brand storyline I like our youth better than his it's like it's like a Frodo in the The Fellowship of the Ring he's just always like crying and like laying on the ground well yeah but it's annoying that is paralyzed bran is so important everyone was Branagh parents so I'm also gonna add some.

Sweetener which I did figure out to add before like 15 drops and now I'm gonna pour this back in the three eyed Raven is pivotal well he's at this point I loved ran until he became just a boring husk he's so weird now yeah I agree well that's the personality yeah you take on like arias personality changed a lot when she became one of the faceless.

Killers so I guess bran didn't whine but he was just always like he reminded me of Frodo and the first get Lord of the Rings was just like enough already man okay now I was trying this again it's gonna be loud turn down your volume not so red but envision it being very bad yeah all.

You have to do to make fat bombs it just makes a bunch of stuff together pretty much so there's a couple of theories on brand the one that I like is that brand is actually the night King you have Fat Bob I like silk on Mo's like this don't forget to put them on a baking sheet before you like fill them up because then it's hard to transfer what do you.

Guys think is brand the night King have you heard about the algorithm that can correctly predict who dies in Game of Thrones no I don't think that exists I think we rely on algorithms too much and they're often wrong now I'm gonna pour I'll just distribute it through how many it can make and I'll tell you I think a stark is the night King oh wait yeah.

Could the night King be uh Ned that's a good point isn't he daddy what yeah but the night King is a wet Walker oh I see what you're saying interesting let's see there's a bunch of other theories that don't seem that interesting okay this would make a 10-10.

Fat bombs so what you do to get the nutrition let me actually first pop this in and we can talk nutrition on determining for fat bombs do we have room in the freezer right now probably not you want to do comments I'll make room sure so Sansa needs to go she's been annoying since the beginning.

Her only slight redeeming quality was little fingers death oh I like Sansa yeah I like her too so let's talk about the nutrition for the fat bombs so to get the nutrition for those a lot of people do ask is you just add everything probably to like a tracker that's the easiest way slick my finished parameter add four tablespoons of butter four.

Tablespoons of walnut butter and then the amount of strawberries frozen strawberries you use and then just divide it by the amount of fat bombs you ate so we made ten so when when we're trying them I can quickly do that math for you guys and we can figure out how much each fat bomb is in terms of macros Sansa has grown so much.

She's such a suffering I'm gonna have a massive massive payoff that's what I'm thinking too are we moving to Savannah sadly we are not Julius is really just developing into a nice young adult the final scene with the white Walker dragon blowing down the wall was the greatest oh that was pretty sick let's rate the top scenes in Game of Thrones history.

Okay go ahead number one is shame of course okay how long it dragged on for it was like a ten minute scene mm-hmm uncomfortably long that's what I loved about it it was just like I was staring oh my gosh this is insane what's next next is the explosion okay the cinematic music just like five minutes no dialogue.

Yeah I guess it wasn't that long of no dialogue but I think it was like five there's a lot of like looking back and forth the whatever like the steeple thing blowing up and then you see Tommen jump just like so much happens I don't think yeah compared to the most recent ones I don't think the red wedding was like that red wedding nominal red.

Weddings probably third for me I think if you asked someone off the street their most common answer would probably be red wedding though cherien's death Tyrion speech someone said to you oh yeah Tywin's done yeah I think you meant Tywin I don't think yeah yeah I guess that's memorable for me for sure he's on the toilet hold the door that was a.

Decent one I didn't I don't know the purple wedding the red wedding I think red weddings better well what else like really stood out was there anything else you can think of um oh the battle is it there's a few battles the battle where the Dragons first come out for me a big scene was when cauldre died just like their hardy diet I can't remember I.

Don't remember how we got sick but like then that which was like trying to cure him but he was up dying I remember on like the side of a mountain but his relationship with Daenerys was just like amazing it was before I was in a relationship and I was like that's what I want better for battle for Winterfell yeah that was.

Amazing Oh seeing the babies taken in the river by the White Walkers mmm that's like creepy to me I think I think of like little things that really just I remember and I'm like oh my god that's so sad what blender I think it's just a ninja bullet or something right yeah Matt always made fun of me for getting it but we use it so much now the.

Mountain and the Viper that was a really good scene to could you thought the Viper I don't know if it's never the V someone said the Viper maybe that was his nickname or something Kino connect my one ear ketover sory is May 18th wanted I wanted to be down 100 pounds with just under five weeks to go I have this yeah me and your information and.

Recipes good job it's awesome congratulations one years a long time that's exciting hardhome all those dead people arising on command I can't remember what is that I can't remember that where hardhome yeah the Ice King killing a dragon was a good scene too even just like Ned dying was a pretty good scene to that's when you knew that.

The show was serious like where this isn't just a normal show in which channel got gonna air it's HBO HBO yeah how's Madison surgery that was a long time ago never actually had that yeah but I think she's doing great because we switched her food to raw so she's just she's definitely like her eyes better her sinus issues are a lot better and.

She's way more active I think rah-rah feeding has definitely changed the game for both of our pets and it's really a lot easier than we had we had originally thought it was gonna be because it took us a long time to actually do it we're gonna make a video that breaks down the cost and like what goes into it yeah whoo you guys got for the NBA playoffs.

Epic scene ed Sheeran makes a cameo yeah that was kind of weird that was really weird there's a few weird things that have happened him being in the show and then like after the first few seasons they just which that one actor yeah didn't even look like the guy yeah we different but the first get like the second guy was.

Way better looking but they I know they should have liked us before the show aired they should be like we switched actors guys I that was yeah but then you quickly figure it out for sure my dog loves the instinct raw food he was getting very picky devours it yeah well you want to look into that if we ever have issues but we use answers plus I.

Think enters yeah it's really good the Joffrey scene with the two prostitutes of Tyrion brought for him was traumatizing no were you just like tortured them yeah Joffrey was I forget how shitty he was of a person Gendry Plus Sansa someone saying huh Sansa I don't I wouldn't like it if Gendry plays a major role because.

He hasn't really been that big of a part of the show okay see warriors Pistons Clippers Pistons I feel like that's kind of a long shot what about six hours or Gendry plus Arya eyeballed so hard during the red wedding I loved how they slowly unveiled like the one person was just eating dinner and then they could see his yeah like.

His mail that he was wearing underneath which MCT oil do we use um I haven't been using much at all yeah Matt's much the primary user of it but there's one we like to get on Amazon is that wise and wise it's good price but a good cause I've been using perfect Kido lately are you gonna sneeze what's happening I was I've been sneezing all.

Morning the guy who played Joffrey quit acting supposedly a super nice guy yeah I think I read something or like maybe I've like watched a interview with an actor who's always plays like the bad role and it's like then everyone just hates you in real life when they see you in public and it's like I'm such a nice guy yeah I know watch.

Game of Thrones – this sounds very strange it is very strange Matt I lost 27 pounds in 28 days thank you – for your help man mega yeah thank you – oh but you just addressed you um he was in Batman oh sure I met Jeffrey Jeffrey are you going to have a baby registry I could send you all the gifts love your channel we'd really appreciate it but no.

We are not doing a baby registry I don't think that would be like justified or like fair right – like ask of you guys to like send us yes that just it's not something that seems normal to me but I really appreciate it you can and you can also recommend things like we were we went out shopping the other day to a baby store to just look and we realized.

How many things we actually need yeah and how many options they have for like bassinets for changing tables for like the thing you sit in and it like rocks you so like or you know like just a rocker thing so what are the good brands I'm like breast palm sick I have no idea I'm gonna do so much research um.

Losing a pound a day is that healthy depends how much you have to lose a pound a day no I wouldn't say that's healthy I mean if you have a lot of weight to lose yeah gas depends on your deficit as well I guess when Matt was in a severe deficit for his 90-day card he was doing well that's like a pound every three days yeah and I'm like normal wait.

Um don't get a bassinets baby use it for at least a month yeah we don't know if we should get a crib though cuz I've read a lot and like I my mom even told me that me and my brother we didn't use our crib at all but you know we have time we don't have time right yeah be unstressed here yeah I really like various – I like Varys and Littlefinger.

I like their rules not Viper varus varus is the bald guy oh I hate him he's annoying I like them alot you drama queen don't waste your money on diaper genie I dread that what is the diaper genie did I put dispose it in the diaper genie and then it just like shuts it you don't like to throw it out it's like and.

It covers up the smell and everything I highly recommend a baby swing yeah yeah I think we're nothing to get that mad mega which Game of Thrones house would you want to be in Julia's favorite character is the dire wolf the duh he would be like a little lap dog for the dire wolf he would fall right in line mega would be a Lannister yeah she'd be.

A Lannister I think why I don't know if that's how they want to be part of it yeah my least favorite house is the Starks but that's probably the house I'd be in I feel like they're the Midwesterners of Game of Thrones what are the Lannisters the Lannisters are like the elite they're like The Wall Street workers and.

Stuff pregnant with number six and the rock and play is the best thing ever for baby sleeping game-changer it helps with baby reflux and gasps okay Rock and play don't forget that okay six days all they don't joerger crushing it that would be a Tully who are the Tully's again uh-oh I want to be a Marmont yeah but Mormont's are the best.

I hope that little girl just ends up sitting on the Iron Throne how to lose fat how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time well you have to be a beginner it gives you yeah otherwise it is very difficult to do but to focus on both pricking one is probably the best bet but like I was able to do that because I was pretty much a beginner and.

I was going really hard in the gym at a deficit but if you are seasoned at all if you've worked down a lot just picking one it's probably your best focus and then after some time switching charlie not Tully get the Medela breast pump okay write this stuff down what are you laughing at just all these recommendations yeah how does a breast.

Pump work you just like hook it up and when do you do it how does milk production work like can you do you just produce enough milk to feed the baby or can you have a bunch of extra love from India mega hotel are you she's like five four Oberon that was the the Viper the red Viper Oberon no Micah's Brad not the.

Lannisters when you sit over there you only read The Game of Thrones stuff but this is Kido and I need to do though information for my child avoid saying rock and play was just recall ah Rock employment okay I'm writing this stuff down I after bulletproof coffee only hungry for.

One meal after and it's hard to hit macros is it normal anything different I can try you can cut down the calories if your bulletproof coffee if you want to be having more meals or up your macros yeah but if you're just comfortable with one meal that's fine too and like over time you're not just gonna like your body's pretty good at regulating so I.

Think you'll get hungry maybe after a week or two no sound wait someone is there sound guys what's going on hello hello hello it looks like sounds working okay insurance will cover the breast pump fisher-price rockin plays are all being recalled for over 30 deaths it's scary I'm so sorry to the moms.

Babies oh no it's out of sync dang it why did that happen it's back but it might be out of out of sync now Julius is such a sad little poopy oh can we talk about for talking about dogs we should talk about how mad for the entire season of it being stated that milk of the poppy was milk of the puppy how embarrassing.

Well I just realized yeah the sound is like guys I don't know how to fix that sorry no I told you you didn't realize you were saying it and I was like are you seen puppy yeah well I'm talking about the sound with our video right now no now I understand that's milk of the poppy mattes let's move and mega talk sorry I don't know why that happened.

Yeah it was just like some delay and now it's a stuck like that unfortunately where's my Liana think she's in the basement all of the babies were not buckled in apparently I don't know if I trust it though right I guess there's no reason to take the rest but yeah I don't know guys it's the video stuck like this also do you all have all.

Like men or husbands or even women I guess do you have you tried the breast milk is that just like a common thing everyone does it right I would imagine a lot of people do yeah how long are you freezing the fat bombs for probably like they have to freeze for a while but we don't have that's a good theory about like seven survivors.

Or something I want to look that one up and be seven survivors gameofthrones theory here's who is alive on Game of Thrones heading into Season eight seven faced God theory no oh maybe yeah yeah it's right there that's here yeah this is 2016 no that's too old oh we're back in sync yay perfect it's because babies were not.

Strapped in question how long did it take you to be over 2.0 ketone seven weeks now I can't get over one point two you don't need to get over one point two why do you think you need to be above 2.0 Game of Thrones I can't find this if you guys also pee no questions definitely shoot those out we're not limited to baby talk and gammas no sock.

Game of Thrones Season eight here's who we think lives or dies do people want to know this stuff don't some people just want to enjoy it Oh people want to know if there is okay so this is okay this is predictions on who lives and dies Daenerys Targaryen what do you guys think this is how you're gonna do it yeah terrible wait Daenerys Targaryen.

Yeah thank you for the donation two dollars okay – okay – have to be pea or rocket fuel coffees a day yeah sure if that's where you enjoy getting your coffees are your calories from yeah a hundred percent we're pretty mixed on generis most people saying lives and the from this article is that she lives you're not gonna read why Daenerys.

Targaryen and Jon Snow or the center of the Game of Thrones and the ultimate victory will be theirs joined together as aunt and nephew I mean husband and wife I don't see reality where one of them dies and the other survives Game of Thrones might surprise us at times but it's also rather conventional they're the power.

Couple and the power couple always live I can only see like John sacrificing himself for yeah he's big on sacrifice yeah what do you guys think about Jon Jon Snow lives or dies Jon Snow is immortal no he's not someone said it he got resurrected once but that doesn't mean he's immortal he came back twice.

Remember he got killed in the river would they welcome the dead when that dragon died in the last season did he yeah remember he got taken down he stayed back and fought when they all fooled I think he died that time he died and then he came back to life you don't remember the show no no he didn't die.

And one of his like uncle's or whatever came swinging the but he remember he was taken down into the river really far by the deck did he die maybe not see you know I mean I'm asking the people who are asking you Jon Snow lives same as same reason as Daenerys Targaryen they're a matching set now now get ready for that incest baby this is like a you.

Know funny leave written article I guess no he didn't die he definitely died Sun's up how was it that was like a big he was he was down up for so long what do you guys think about Santa lives or dies oh someone says the ice dragon will become loyal again to Khaleesi that's interesting this is actually really boring to me does anyone not have Kato.

Questions if I could pee on it I always eat breakfast in the morning to lower cortisol levels eating just two meals a day makes life easier for me so would it make more sense to eat breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner I think breakfast and lunch is great I agree on the cortisol levels as well and yeah I think it's more natural for us to wake.

Up and eat instead of like eat late into the night right prefer bed crimson dole umber donates two dollars thanks love your recipes and product reviews thank you so it's a pretty split some people say live some people say dies she lives according to this article reason out of every character I polled on Twitter Sansa Stark was the one whom.

Everyone believes had the best odds of survival and you know what I get you know what I get it if everything that's been hurled sonses way hasn't killed her yet the waters aren't going to either okay you don't have to read the causes anymore you can just say that her life okay bran is next well he's obvious I mean he.

Can't move weight workers are gonna come for him who's gonna protect him Game of Thrones is so lazily written and thrives on shock value to be honest you sound like a hipster that hates everything mainstream except for a coffee you look poor were conferred yeah so I disagree I think it is well written it's probably gotten more like lazily written over.

Time but most things that are critically acclaimed as being good or that are that for a reason so the question how long can you keep keto bombs in the fridge after you make them so we usually keep ours in the freezer and we do it for like months forever we should end up eating them though Bren apparently dies he's going.

To die this season but also kind of not I believe bran Stark is going to transcend the mortal plane fully embracing his destiny as the three-eyed Raven Arya should we try um should we get him out sure grandma I'll look for keto question hi drink instant coffee thank you I've got the terrible choice mine got freezer.

Burn after two weeks mmm what worries revert while we're in the fat bombs I guess would be my question oh yeah they're pretty set I we better just spoon and maybe the top set okay here it is guys these are only in for like 20 or 30 minutes they're almost fully set I'm gonna try one.

I like those a little weird but pretty good Matt likes weird stuff I don't like frozen strawberries I like this it's a very fake flavor but it's very creamy and good I hope if I did fresh strawberries I feel like I would like that better yeah those are good my mom was in the hospital for an extended period of time and the food they gave.

Her was pure trash carbs and sugar and processed food yeah guys I'm in the hospital a lot and the food is just nonsense like it's so ridiculous what they offer you and it's unfortunate so like even like nursing homes just like places where I think the food quality should be upped even like school cafeterias right.

Definitely school cafeterias yeah it's like it's like the worst Aria is gonna die killing fighting the white walkers sir see I'm just gonna blow through these real quick now sir see dead she's one of the most likely to die last name on Arya's list and that girl is owed like oh that life yeah so Aria kills seriously apparently Jamie Lannister.

Dead he'll probably just die in battle Tyrion Lannister Elias of course I could not see him die I could I think because you can't use I'm needed in the new world I agree he's all brilliance buddy like we need someone smart I mean Theon's pointless he should just die yeah I'm gradually dad yeah for sure good side I like that name though Theon.

Yeah he has no real importance in the show so yeah he might as well die Yara Greyjoy she is she's pointless to me yeah she probably died tell Brianna of Tariq whoa I thought she would be alive I think she might sacrifice for her like Sansa what's yourself in harm's way she does Podrick Payne alive actually.

Dad did he die in real life I don't know we're getting to like the deep characters now Lyanna Mormont what about Sam Sam they're saying alive until he dies his girlfriend wife alive maybe so yeah I mean you can look all this stuff up for yourself Dion was tortured way worse in the books oh my god he's torturing was sickened to me it was so.

Sad my son has gained so much weight since he started school it's the breakfast and lunches they're serving oh they serve breakfast on your school we never we didn't have breakfast at our breakfast in my school maybe we did I just never got it why do you pack lunch from yeah and sent him off it's like so like yes.

Eating breakfast on healthy options or even just like you know like some snacks to take on the school bus or his car ride or we're out however he gets to school I bought bought Himalayan salt ghee and it's intense what are some ways you eat the ghee so we cook with it we also put it in our bulletproof coffees now like.

So just top meat or veggies with it mm-hmm that's really it have you guys tried miracle rice or miracle noodles yes they're pretty good they're kind of they take you some getting used to but yeah if you cook them right I found that during my pregnancy I cannot eat them at all right they're gross but pretty pregnancy I was loving them free.

Breakfast in schools now I mean if it's not a good breakfast is it doesn't matter if it's free you know there's no free lunches right so it's your health versus the food what are you guys thoughts on kids being on keto we have three kids who I cook normal for but thinking of switching everyone to keto well what's normal I guess.

Says normal roasted corn on the cob yeah because I mean normal if it's like Whole Foods it's probably fine like kids don't really have to do keto they're really active and stuff yeah but yeah I think like normal and my house was Whole Foods but yeah right was mom cooked dance that yeah but it was like rice and bread because it's Indian.

But it was like vegetarian or like just you know healthier than like getting fried chicken or like things that we would consider normal now he won't you what I pack him he wants to eat what the other kids eat yeah that's the tough part with kids going to school you can't really control that like if they're gonna go to a friend's house we're going.

To school or birthday parties so you just I mean for us I think we'll just do our best on one educating them and then to having options in the house for them that aren't like what they get at school or parties so like we'll have better options for dinner we'll have snacks that like we would put in our own bodies of course we'd want our kids to eat so.

Just you know controlling what you can control tchau saying $1 donation thank you corn was never meant for human consumption well that's true I mean like corn like wild corn I think that was meant for human consumption but yeah the way the corn is today my sister is trying to lose weight after pregnancy.

And she thinks eating rice cakes and sugary oatmeal is good how do I explain to her there's better ways I mean I would just send her some research like I don't know yeah it's really hard to convince someone who's in a mindset of like losing weight and they think they have it figured out right like she's an adult it's gonna be hard to like.

Convince her it is yeah is she open for convincing I guess I would just like chat with her talk about like it's not just about losing weight it's also about eating healthy foods yeah you want you want a nutritious foods is she still breastfeeding or anything – I'm sure she's not under the impression that like you know sugary.

Oatmeal and rice cakes is nutritious so that is maybe be the starting point she just wants to lose weight adaptogens do you use any I have in the past I think I don't like them at all really like ashwagandha what's another adaptogen just like all the mushrooms basically like chocolate mushrooms rhodiola yeah that's what guys know.

Basil cordyceps mushroom i don't those don't really affect me very much focus on yourself and lead by example yeah that's really the best thing you can do how really tired after workouts and I'm stalled are you eating enough yeah like that that's a big factor I think for a lot of people they're just so consumed by the.

Scale and weight loss every single day that you're not feeding your body and nourishing yourself like I think back now especially now that I'm like having a creating a baby inside I mean actually nourishing myself like when I was in law school even like before I met Matt even at the beginning of a relationship like I was just tired all the time like I.

Would shower and then I come and I just sit down on my bed like before I got changed like I just wasn't and I always thought it was like my health but it was just I wasn't eating enough yeah I was just like very very low-calorie so it was my health in that sense but I thought it was like other things what do you got written down there just things.

That people recommended okay have you guys ever took epsom salt as a magnesium supplement we take baths nope yeah we've never drank it yeah thanks to y'all I started keto it was a little hard my first week but I'm going on my third week and I feel great I have hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia I am less puffy and my clothes are loose.

That's great yeah stick with it Megha you could be in the hospital for four days with the labor do you have a plan do you have really for doing keto with them three days yeah if labor is like 36 hours and then we stay there for an extra day whoa so I wouldn't do keto with the hospital they don't have great options so just bring you snacks that I.

Have a husband great I have a husband who understands my needs and he's gonna have to fulfill his so he would probably make food for us bring it to the hospital yeah a hundred percent I would be sourcing my own food being he go for one and a half years and I'm really starting to get bored with food hard to resist going.

Back to snack foods have resisted thus far you're getting bored with keto foods make some new stuff make something nice I don't know yeah try new places go out to dinner yeah try new recipes I know I'm not eating enough but I'm just not hungry I know it slowed down my weight loss but I'm feeling great that's probably good.

That I think your hunger will come back after a while I wonder if labor will be easier since you've been healthy for so long I mean that's the hope um I think I'll only know once I've gone through it but from people I've like read about or you know a scene on Instagram I've seen like a commonality that women who are Kido they compare like their nan keto.

Pregnancies to their keto ones they do have an easier time with their keto pregnancies and births do that yeah I was reading about ancestral births it's basically just like the woman goes over and like pops the baby out no pain no likes mild pain apparently childbirth used to be a lot different at least according to books I.

Read I don't know if that would be common that would be across the board though I'm sure some women at ease yeah we did not already get married a lot of people are congratulating asking you should do a target grocery haul yeah we should that's one place we haven't done they have a decent amount of keto stuff right.

They do we could do that yeah that's a good idea they don't have a lot of just like produce and press stuff they have a lot of they do do that but not like great stuff they do have like I would never get produce from CRO from Target yeah um do a freezer hole I don't think we could get to the bottom of the rough freeze it right now we just so much.

Stuff but yeah that would be good labor is usually hereditary is that true I don't know maybe my mom had one long one one short one so I'll take the sure one mom a lot of people ask for dollar store hauls yeah we do have one near us and we were talking about it for a while not actually for an apple we could do that we just personally like if we buy I mean.

I guess we could go in and show you the options but like buying everything would be pointless cuz we would probably wouldn't eat a dollar store steak proposing a restaurant to get a free meal that's funny you could also just constantly tell them you're celebrating your engagement or the birth of a baby Rebecca does a.

Pregnancy I have a celebrated pregnancy I use the pregnancy thing quite a bit got a lot of free stuff they have moon cheese and Dane chips at our target yeah they probably all this stuff at arts to know for sure I can't imagine anything in dollar stores would be good it's been a while since I've been in one yeah we went to one in Philly because we needed.

Like cheap cleaning stuff they have really good deals in like Ziploc bags and you know just stuff like that yeah I have a hard time finding sugar free barbecue sauce and syrup at Kroger you know I don't I don't we don't go to Kroger as much anymore we live further away from one the Publix has it they.

Probably have sir sir up I would imagine yeah they definitely have syrup it's Dave like I know in Ian's house 1 log cabin has one they're all sugar-free 4 don't mind like the sucralose going to have a surgery soon and don't want to take an antibiotic after I wonder if it is a must or if I could hold off as long as no infection is present any thoughts.

I have no thoughts yeah I'm not a doctor I would ask all these questions to your doctor and I would just question everything thoroughly and you know make it a point that like you want to not take unnecessary medications that's what I do yeah just lastly what the antibiotics specifically is for yeah I like you sure.

Brings back childhood memories yeah I used to always watch the schoolhouse rocket headed on VHS it doesn't make big memories for me because I didn't enjoy like middle school and they would force us to watch it and it was boring no I liked it I liked the one about the Redcoats coming over no memory that's great I could go.

Back and watch those actually once in a while I do go on YouTube and I watch the cartoons or the the movies and stuff I used to watch as a kid Puff the Magic Dragon I knew that by heart you watched it yeah I rewatched it just to like kind of get my memory back I think did it with you one night when we were in bed I would never watch that.

Chunk I didn't watch it all but I like played it and I was like oh yeah I remember this we even The Little Rascals was on and we like started watching a little bit and I was like this dialogue is trash I get that we liked it as kids but like I could never sit through this now I used to always watch my neighbor totoro for some reason my mom had that I.

Feel like she just like got it at a garage sale or something did you ever actually your shorts I think I do yeah what is that green something green cap on that one do you remember when I think about you it makes you for Kerry gates $20 yeah I love y'all I listened to your podcast to and from work every day and watch your videos is.

My primary source of entertainment when I'm home we appreciate it we strive to be entertaining if anything why can I not stick to Kido please help well are you being really restrictive with it that's a start like the best way to do it I think is to just not really restrict calories just confine yourself to keto foods and think about all the.

Good you Kenny now like maybe you were restricting against before like you know just like fat fatty beats more fat you know like bacon and things that like we demonize before so think about those good things and enjoy like eat a lot of foods that you enjoy that are keto any thoughts on the new energy drink Bank it's not new highs come on your bang.

Everyone's acid bank know we want to invest in bank somehow because seriously so I don't know why they have BCAAs or creatine it's unnecessary and the caffeine load is intense we don't drink it's 300 milligrams right we don't drink bhang but if you're an energy drink person like I drink monster when I was drinking energy drinks monkey.

No yeah 300 milligrams of caffeine that's insane to me because you're also getting caffeine maybe from other places chocolate sodas other coffees teas I mean when I was in college I would just drink like five or six hundred milligrams of caffeine a day no big deal but nowadays I try to be more conscious of it I try to do like you know not a.

Lot well just because I think I found I I became like really like dependent on it rain is a new drink after the tons of new that's a cool name rain I've never heard of that one though how do I start Kido example for breakfast lunch and dinner we got tons of videos on that yeah we got a lot of free meal plans breakfast just like eggs.

Bacon you know avocado stuff like that lunch what do you have for lunch I do like egg salad I have chicken thighs prepped I prepped chili so like it's just food in the fridge so I can grab real quickly if I'm working Bank is being sued because the creatine level is not what they say it is I own a.

Convenience store that's interesting I wonder what they say hey you guys should try pour over coffee I've been doing poured over coffee for like 15 years I've tried it it is my favorite way to do coffee I've tried what do they call it French presses it's too oily rain is a monster drink no flavor do you think Kido is good for every body type i watch.

A video saying that it is great for endomorph but bad for ectomorph which surprised me I don't think that's true yeah I don't agree with that either I also don't know what endomorphic like what the shapes of those bodies are it's it's easy League I don't even know if I know more if an ectomorph is actually a thing so I know more I believe is like.

It's really easy to put weight on an ectomorph is it's really easy to stay skinny I think maybe I'm getting them backwards more I mean you can also do a keto diet and not lose weight so it could be good for had no morph gains weight and keeps it on octomorg has trouble gaining weight I don't know I'd have to look at nowhere I've never.

Really looked into it I don't know if those things are real have you guys ever heard shy otay are they good for cute I've never had them chayote chayote no someone said try a coconut cream pie for Easter we have it we're gonna cream pie recipe on our site and it is fabulous that is a good recipe I forgot like that's perfect for Easter.

Right yeah very good it's one of our best recipes – is that like a common Easter recipe yeah people bring pies Katy tari $2 donation going off kitto for cruise thoughts love you so mean exactly you're on vacation like if that's what you want to do reel it back in when you get back and it's all good it's up to you like I personally.

Wouldn't do that but maybe the last day I would indulge in more stuff well yeah the only reason I don't think I would do it is because I wanted to feel good while I'm on a cruise we're gonna be stopping at Islands I'm assuming you're gonna be like just you know running around the beach having fun and also I don't know well great cruise food is I.

Feel like it depends on the cruise maybe really on a really nice cruise and the food's better but isn't it just like burger pad burgers and hot dogs no I think they have like nice meats and stuff oh well then there would be easy to stay keto as well it's up to you though wait there's a Fiji water recall someone said what is Julie's doing no.

There's not a Fiji water recall just making stuff up Julie is what what is he doing hyrum like snorting so any meat and vegetables are key right don't ya Kito I mean like sweet potatoes potatoes stuff like that's not really great for keto and then through wise we use strawberries and the fat bones you made.

Today so like berries are a great option if you are looking for miss some fruit what is the name of that frozen pizza you buy there's real good pizza there's quest pizza I think those are ever okay anything about I never gonna crust the kibosh ones we got those sent to us we never bought them actually you guys need to do.

An India edition you have a huge following there whoa what would that be though we'd like go to me go to India I mean we wanted to go to India for a wedding party but now we have a baby on the way so that's gonna be on hold just a little bit but if yeah we do plan on going to India I definitely want Matt to see India I'm an experienced it do you.

Guys recommend any cauliflower pizza crust there is a good one that we haven't reviewed yet but it's called what is it called okay Bosh kay Bosh but they do cauliflower spinach kale they do deserve one think about it if I like them yeah don't go off when you're on a cruise says someone I'm back a week and I'm.

Still paying for it yeah do you ever do a regular cheap meal like pizza or chips and regular ice cream ice cream is not something I would include in my cheat if I was gonna do reciate oh boy screams all this is good yeah and I don't even crave keto ice cream that much but no I don't do it normal well we went out to a tasting menu we do the tasting menu you.

We have a video on that um yeah that's the extent I feel like of our cheats something that we would never be able to normally get that's what I enjoy doing but I get it it's like you know Pizza Hut is your jam and that one you want that to be your teeth and go for it any recommendations for people doing keto who absolutely hate the taste of.

All vegetables well yeah I don't think you have to necessarily eat vegetables but also you could be an adult and learn to like eat things that's part two bro yeah but yeah I don't need that much vegetables they like what do I eat for vegetables mainly just like sauerkraut kimchi things like that we were doing Brussels sprouts like beets carrots five.

Dollar donation from Jamie bullen's been losing weight for a trip to Ireland in June we are doing the game of Thrones – aright Wow doing strict keto since fabin down thirty pounds thanks for your help that's exciting are you gonna do like Game of Thrones foods too don't forget to pack your lung nope that's that's.

Love bus brush with the rust that what is Lord of the Rings yeah what are the broccoli raab slash flatbread you reading I'm where to shade that's the ones K Bosh yeah they sent him to us we hadn't reviewed them yet but we were just been eating them we tend to do that with things we really like it's snowing in Michigan I'm sorry you guys should.

Have Rodney Habeeb on your podcast he is amazing very educated on pets on Aikido you check him out more like an Indian food cook along we can do that oh yeah we could definitely do that it's been a long time learn to acquire the taste for questionable veggies add something to them to raise the bar exactly you can.

Top them with whatever you want you can season them heavily you know what I used to be really picky and when I started cooking my own food I became much less picky because I would like go to the store I'd see where I bought it from then I come home I cook it there is no like guesswork in it like what's mom doing back there you know once I started.

Cooking it for myself I just ate a lot more food yeah he doesn't get sometimes gets mad when I cook for him that's true I don't know I don't get mad but I like to ask me questions about it yeah he's just like he's like I would have rather cook this on my own and I'm like sorry I tried to do something nice for you I think the belly want to explain awesome.

But you are still slightly picky I would say but not something yeah just like with mayo based things like egg salad grosses him out a lot more than I've ever seen anyone be grossed out by a food but mayonnaise yeah like a potato salad or a Mayo salad he's just so grossed out by oh my god it's funny broccoli and butter is so.

Good can you order paneer online maybe I would probably just type that in too Internet and see what comes back like what are you asking us housing another dollar thank you so much I've lost 40 pounds and surpassed my goal on keto no cheat meals yet perfecting these cute or desserts though Thanks just found there are two 399 super chats.

With your YouTube premium oh is there no and you give them to us we really appreciate that's cool we have YouTube premium sugar addiction and ways to fight it slowly um tapering out sugary things yeah that's one of the better ways to do it I think he knows a great way to fight it yeah it can be hard to do cold turkey though so.

Frustrating to hear everyone talked about all these those awesome products that I cannot find here in Ireland I think you're probably better off yeah you probably have better quality meats and butters and stuff the grass is always greener yeah only eight hours left until the season the final season the first episode is probably gonna be.

Boring no I think they want to reel you in for sure yeah I guess maybe something huge could happen or at least something to leave you on the edge of your seat right at the end do you know one point two year down sixty pounds was stalled for almost five months should I fast do you fast we don't fast that much but I am.

Thinking I want to do it more often maybe like once every fight are you not fasting though or like a longer fast I don't know yeah I guess that'd be my question um you can incorporate it you can start incorporating and see how you feel see if you see any changes but congratulations on being on keto and all your weight loss that's great thoughts.

On loop in Flour we could ask about this a lot what is exactly what loop in flowers I like beans Lupin yeah loop in flower come on I'm trying to find it Oh super tiny it looks like there's 12 carbs 11 fiber for a quarter cup so it's like a almost like a fiber it's D hold Lupin beans is what it's made of I don't know.

Like I wouldn't eat that didn't we one time have something that was made from like chickpea flour yeah but Shifu flours not gonna be that high in fiber is it it's pretty high I just don't like eating stuff like that it doesn't I don't digest it well I would rather use just like almond flour or coconut flour but it seems like the.

Carbs are fine yeah if you do what it is it keep Hanes donated 20 bucks thank you you guys have a couple great podcasts on fasting but guess blag yeah we do one of us Thomas de Lauer one with who else like Mike been wanting to try speed Aikido have you tried it before are you is this a thing speed keed oh so it's a book of paradise way to get.

Results on keto guys if something sounds too good to be true it is and with the name like speed cuter yeah it's not even that like it has like two Amazon reviews the book so I mean I think it's a real prominent thing John finds out he has really Aegon Targaryen I would love to I want to see his like reaction what do you guys wait so long to put Julius on.

Ronny my dogs are on raw meat years before I went Kido I don't know because we got keeping Julius 1 and a half years ago so I mean the fact that we did it at all I think it's great me when we got him I don't think we even knew what raw food was I just you go to the pet store and get pet food pets and we were Tito way before we had.

A dog so but congrats congrats on one-upping us with your pet nutrition cynthia font – not $2 donation met wait still have belly fat resource to lose the way we communicate these days so it's really hard to spot like spot treat areas for fat like you can't just pick say hey i want to lose belly fat and that's how it happens it's kind of an.

Overall buy anything so you're saying like you've made your weight loss but you still have body fat so that to me i mean i would like are you working out at all for me like working out lifting weights really change the game for me maybe you haven't met your way yeah is one option or maybe you just have like some loose skin is that yeah or maybe.

You have belly fat but like you know it's that but that i think that's a good reminder though to everyone that it's not about the number on the scale because everyone wants to look a certain way and they assume if they're this magical number they're gonna look like an Instagram model or you know they're gonna look perfect in a bikini but it's.

Your you should have to change your body composition as well and so that takes a lot more effort than just cutting down calories and losing a bunch of way Matt jr. would be a nice name right mega I suggested it but Matt hates that I don't know no I don't really like it I even said like his dad's named Richard I don't know it seems why do people do the.

Jr. I guess they're conceited is that why cuz that's the way I interpret it kind of I'm joking I don't know you just keep the legacy going cuz you'd be another Matt guide tape the legacy that's also like kind of conceited right keep the legacy going I just use that word but no I think it's a cool tradition Game of Thrones is about you.

Love it yeah they don't name them years though I know but it's all about the legacy yeah there can still be a legacy without the name being the exact same I cannot afford grass-fed beef and chicken I don't think chickens eat grass even though I stick to keto 100% i feel i'm not doing myself the best justice even.

Though I've lost over a hundred thirty pounds no we were doing the best you can right yeah I mean you don't have to do grass-fed pastured anything just gonna do your best you're feeling good and you're doing your mouth matt has no chill sometimes when I read the comments I know sometimes I mean I don't get hella salty but like this is just us.

Being us it's really hard to mask it sometimes but I think we balance each other out we do know if it's a boy or a girl it's a boy it's a boy but revealed I think two weeks ago three weeks ago a couple more and then I think we got to go let the baby decide its name like they decide gender lol they don't decide yet oh I'm thinking sex sorry yeah I.

Gotta look into more why you would name baby a junior here's a name Casey like Casey CIS see why we do you think about like oh like Casey I don't think we thought about that I love this keto version of binging with babish yeah we were gonna do a video like him one time we still could we are they saying we're doing one they said I love this keto.

Version of binging with babish they would love this if we did have been doing but I guess this kind of was just we did like a game of Thrones style recipe oh yeah so that's what I'm asking okay yeah it's cool maybe we should do more themed ones if you guys like seemed ones bran oh this is a good theory actually brand.

Learns that the way to defeat the night king is to get into ketosis like it's so weird could you imagine if they even thought about like food I would love if they just started the opening of season a with him just like doing a ketone tester and it's like 2.0 like I mean yeah he's probably isn't.

Eaten anything in a long time yeah hey just wanted to say you've helped me so much with Kia thank you you know first episode of Game of Thrones Aria kills the Hound and John and Danny I don't know China Daenerys Oh Daenerys get married keep doing what you do Cheers have a great Sunday yeah two guys heading out my will.

Be here in a second so Easter's next weekend right oh yeah so we will probably not what we're definitely not going to be doing YouTube Coco log but um we wish everyone a Happy Easter alright guys I guess that's it let's see if let's see what the Masters leaderboard looks like Tigers going for.

His first major in a while he's tied for first tigers tied for first through 13 I guess I gotta watch that after this all right guys love ya this is for the mooses this is for the mooses
Keto Cookalong - Game of Thrones Fat Bombs & Final Season Theories
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