Keto Cook-Along | Instant Pot Coconut Curry

Keto Cook-Along | Instant Pot Coconut Curry

Keto Cook-Along | Instant Pot Coconut Curry

Check out the video on Keto Cook-Along | Instant Pot Coconut Curry.
A Wednesday 2:30 p.m. Eastern never done it cook along in a while mm-hmm just making sure everything's working and we're doing it down here yeah because it's just easier than moving because I have to move everything we have set up down here upstairs which is not ideal my computer makes a buzzing noise what's going on with everyone how are things we.

Are going to be doing a very easy recipe for you guys hopefully you're cooking along if not no worries hopefully you're here to chat at least hangout and if you are cooking along whatever it is definitely a lot of snow I love it when you guys are cooking and we have Omega house yeah her apron eyes yeah so when we got our website.

Redesigned we became like pretty close with those people so they sent us hey Brenda thank you to connect which was very nice of them yep and we have I think a lot of you guys are doing the Whole Foods keto challenge for the month of June so it's day three if you guys want to join up I'm going to put the link in chat me so Whole Foods keto.

Challenge we have going on that will take you to this website right here which is cute or connected this is our website this is just a little primer enter your email and takes a minute but you will get taken to a page where you can download the three PDFs we put together for the challenge so a lot of you guys are asking like what's the.

Rules and stuff and don't feel like you're left behind if you're starting a day or two behind so you got the keto foods list the snack list and the challenge guideline so these are just a list of all the foods and even if you're not doing the challenge this could be something just too good have something good to have on hand right yeah we got a.

Little snack list snacks are actually quite limited so that's tough people bend and meld yeah that's what this whole page is for so it tells you all about the challenge why we're doing it and here is it you can actually input some data here just on like you identify how strict you want to be it's good to do that before you.

Start because it eliminates decisions down the road which could be tough and make you fall off and we got a thread going on the curve here which this is joining the curb comm and people just posted pictures of my meals oh yeah yeah so this was my meals for yesterday that was dinner we had chickened it's hard to tell what it is chicken carrots and then.

I've been having a lot of quick lunches like this yeah and that's not okay cool I'll just get started right away there's no point waiting and so we're doing a coconut like canned coconut curry chicken and we're gonna be you can do whatever veggies you have on hand or whatever you want we're gonna be doing some bell pepper and some broccoli.

Matt's favorite is broccoli and I love the bell pepper and then the spices are very simple as well so we have curry powder which is encompassing of like several different spices and even says so it has coriander cumin lemon black pepper cinnamon garlic and this one I got if you get Whole Foods and no one has lemon in it yeah and it has a little.

Cayenne that's why it was spicy last time and also guys we're doing donations George Floyd what we're matching all the donations yeah family fund and even if you already donated it if you wanted a screenshot and then tag us we'll match those as well wherever it is you donate and so Cory Connor we got turmeric we got cumin and we got salt and those are.

The four main things we're going to be using and then a some minced garlic here and normally I would just do this recipe as is with some broth which we have and then the coconut cream but Matt really wants us to add this and so this was just last minute you don't need these diced canned tomatoes but Matt really likes this.

Flavor of tomatoes yeah I think this makes it a lot tastier do you get the good ones though I do have the good let me get those what are they the Mentos yeah no this will be fine so yeah I will get started so here we have my meal my grandma she always sits down at the kitchen table when she cooks she can't really stand it yeah so I'm.

Gonna get so I have my handsome pot here you can't really see it here it is I'll show you what I'm using it but normally I would like to saute maybe some onion and some garlic or shallots and garlic but I'm not going to this time I'm just literally gonna chop everything up put it in the instant pot and get it going and show you how easy.

It can be okay so we have a bunch of chicken here probably like a little over a pound and a half I like to do big batches of these recipes when we make this we made this like seven times last month because I like it the day after and Theo even gets to enjoy it with me so I'm gonna chop this up cubes whatever you want even do strips you can do.

Whatever you like using chicken breasts for these recipes yeah it's gonna be really high in fat because we have a can of coconut milk here so Matt will start and asking questions and I'll just be here choppin what is wholefoods keto challenge so we did it last month we're redoing it this month we just did it personally last.

Month but it is basically just only eating whole foods that are keto friendly so it removes it's kind of like the whole 30 if you've heard of that you can look up the food list but it removes dairy it also removes sweet Mary's more traditional ones yeah even natural like stevia car moves all added sweetener no honey no coconut sugar those things to.

Just no sweeteners and that's basically it so like when when you go ahead and do it practically it's basically like you don't have as many snack options meals are not that different from Noir yeah just the snacks and like the morning coffee you don't put sweetener in you don't put Darian why is losing on.

Kitto 2.0 harder literally took me three weeks to see some weight come off I mean when you come off on the standard American diet it's such a drastic change so I think your body is like I mean has a lot more water weight to lose and it's such a big change I think really but if look at this that I got going oh cool yeah you're gonna hold it like that the.

Entire time no I'll just do some updated shots okay just chopping up the chicken trying to help our production value a little bit so the person asked about why it's so hard to lose the second time around yeah I think it's yeah it's just like you lose water weight quickly the first time is that what you said yeah and you know probably a lot more weight.

Cuz it's such a drastic change right from eating like Cheerios one morning to just no heart oh and another thing we're working on right now also guys I'm gonna have the video for you in two to three weeks is a sleep of supplement study I'm calling it loosely defined as a study but basically I'm tracking my slamming one experiment.

And to raise yeah me and one other person Matthew Newbold he works for us but he's been a long time like keto pal he's doing the study with us I keep saying so I'm just gonna go with study to me it's a study but we're doing eight different sleep supplements and I'm tracking using this ring so pretty consits kind of like I.

Don't know how accurate it's gonna be but so far the two best sleep supplements for me have been glycine and malaria valerian root and some other ones that are in the study are CBD oil ashwagandha melatonin couple other things calcium you l-theanine HTP oh yeah 5htp and gaba can you do the challenge with butter you can yeah for.

Sure just I would define that in that packet write that down as like fighters allowing your or just no are you doing butter in the summer oh no why not oh I don't know I'm still open to it but I just I've been stuck in my ways from last month yeah I feel like yeah do what works best for you.

Does this freeze well yes it does I actually um since we meal prep so much of this like I freeze it for Theo and then in like little fat bomb paws so I can pull it out and give it to him and yeah freeze is great how's the light experiment going I'm not really doing a full an experiment yeah but I haven't I use the red light to read every night.

But I haven't actually done like a treatment in a while so maybe I'll do that tonight and see how my sleep is but then that might throw off this supplement so see I can't can't do too many variables at once the CBD oil showing drug tests I think it potentially could because sometimes there's residual THC in the CBD oil I.

Don't know it depends like if you're in the military or something don't do it I feel like I wouldn't risk it but otherwise maybe it's yeah don't don't listen to me you're getting tested often just don't do it I guess yeah what are you guys up to what's going on over there I normally do a diced bell pepper do you mind if I do.

Strips today yeah you can do whatever you want one thing Megha usually does – is she steams the broccoli separately yeah cuz I found that when you do broccoli we used we've made so many soups and stuff that it like gets really too soft and I like a nice bike to my broccoli so if you want instead of adding your broccoli.

You can chop it up and just steam it on the side like I'll do that on the stove top and then you just serve it you just add it to the curry at the end use scissors to cut the meat much easier yeah my dad's mom did that I always thought it was kind of weird well a lot of people do it I've seen people use like scissors for tea for pizza and.

Stuff yeah working being unproductive yeah I think that's a lot of us I was very unproductive today okay so the chickens in I'm just gonna chop up this broccoli real quick and the pepper and it's all going in together so the fact that I'm cutting on the same cutting board isn't really an issue those of you concerned.

Right right cutting broccoli just start Aikido back on Monday nice that's good yeah Monday is a good day first of the month it's a Monday well that's when we started our challenge join up with the challenge if you want no pressure no pressure though good Mikey tour two months down 15 pounds and going strong but lately I've been having no appetite.

Whatsoever any tips for this well some people do report that and I think it usually is people who have a bit of weight to lose and there they've been doing keto for a little while their appetite really is just like reduced it usually picks back up after a while but if you if you feel like you're.

Really under eating you try just like making more palatable foods like smoothies yeah stuff like that like I can basically always eat like an ounce of like macadamia nuts or something you know so you can try adding more stuff like that in what did I miss you didn't really miss much we just started cooking we are doing a curry which we've been.

Making a lot lately yes we have I make it a little different from begger though I think I make it better you know like tomatoes mine is a little heavy on tomatoes I don't like that I've been really refining it because when you go to an Indian restaurant and you get a curry it's not too tomatoey there's there's peppers in it well you've made.

It once let's be honest what is refining any bit you know I think I've made it a few times over the last year or so over the year yeah yeah last month though but yeah it comes out a little too tomatoey I don't know what kind of pepper I put in there I think it might just be a red bell pepper but it's probably some.

Kind of a little spice oh you just don't even do a whole can of tomatoes that's baked again I'm not oh so I'm doing strips this time I normally do diced but I think the bell pepper that's very very very soft so I think strips could be nice yeah all the best for you three greetings from Germany North Sea hello thank you greetings to you what are you.

Guys's go-to meals that you make like what are your top five are you asking or they asking us no I'm asking that no yeah well this is definitely in one of our top five lately what else has been like top five lately Mikey's been making like meatballs with marinara sauce I made it one time too that's good um we've interested more.

Veggies so like we'll do like steak we've been cooking a lot of their chicken we've been doing carrots – why do new whole chickens how is this different from tikka masala it's very different we're using canned coconut milk which is more of a Thai style heavy cream or half-and-half is what's going to be used in like an.

Indian base so just more of a milk and it's just like also really simplified curry powder is that like a real Indian thing and still use that to make chicken tikka masala though the predominant flavor in my mind not being an Indian cuisine expert is the the predominant flavor and tikka masala is garam masala it's wherever people say tikka masala.

Coz tikka no it's chicken tikka masala chicken tikka masala take her myself and you could do lamb tikka masala like that's up yeah okay what sometimes they just say tikka – they don't say miss all what is masala mean masala just means spice so tikka is not spicy no just spice okay so garam masala is the predominant.

Flavor in chicken tikka masala yeah can I show what's going on in here yes you can so this is everything that's in there so far it's just where we got the chicken the broccoli and the bell pepper so I'm gonna add the seasonings which are all right here and some garlic and then the broth which is and then now I'm just.

Using this camera unnecessarily but I'm gonna go wash my hand real quick and I will be back your soup you're not supposed to eat coconut sugar right yeah coconut sugar is so there's a there's a lot of things like this now that are like this slightly healthier than white table sugar but they're still pretty.

Much just sugar in that category I would put dates I put coconut sugar maple syrup things that have like maybe a little bit of nutrients in them but they're still pretty much a sugar even honey honey is probably the best of the bunch but Matthew new balls donating $35 yay thank you for the first donation Matthew.

That's true we're matching is that for sure yeah Thank You Matthew we appreciate it everyone just being here a bit okay for matching donations do you do it on YouTube where they GoFundMe page so either the easiest to track is going to be YouTube but YouTube takes a little percentage of it so if you want to maximize your donation.

Dollars you can do the GoFundMe page and the screenshot tag us on Instagram will match that yes so let us know absolutely maximizing dollars is gonna be the GoFundMe okay so we have got that what I showed you in here so now I'm gonna add the spices and your can't coconut milk instead of finish up this at the beginning if you have not popped yours.

In the fridge you can put in the freezer we're not gonna use it till the end and when you put canned coconut milk in the fridge or the freezer and it part it becomes cold the fat portion of it solidifies at the top and it separates from like the liquid so I'm just using the top fat portion but you can also just use the entire camp it's really.

Really your call yeah buying uh coconut milk is actually quite a process so this is what most people think of when they hear coconut milk okay yeah they think of like the house Kalen type of things we're talking about actual coconut milk but even things labeled as coconut milk and they might.

Not really be coconut like this Goya one I don't know if this actually is so let's see coconut milk water so yeah there's like one additive in there but yeah so that's not a bad one some are just like coconut flavoring right yeah some are not really even coconut milk okay so I have put in two teaspoons of this.

Minced garlic you could also do like two cloves sauteed if you want and if you are doing this on the stovetop please let us know Matt will site sift out that and then I can tell you how to do it how long should they cook it for in the stovetop I'm not too long at all I just don't you like the meats cooked I would just I would simmer it maybe like 20 to.

30 minutes maybe filleted you have that so I said a teaspoon of turmeric two teaspoons of minced garlic I'm gonna do one and a half teaspoons of cumin I love cumin a big thing with the curries to me is the actual consistency at the end like how liquidy are they I like mine to be thick yeah I mean you can always thicken it up with the second agent I'm.

Gonna do two tablespoons around there of the curry powder tablespoons yeah yeah you need a lot of seasoning guys biggest mistake being a somewhat amateur Indian chef myself I'm here still under seasoning they use tons of seasoning there's like probably four tablespoons of total seasoning that goes into a small dish like this for like two to.

Three people okay and you can smell that that is strong and then do not disgrace the go yeah yeah I know go ahead I know it has like a cult following right you run into the whole can of tomatoes big yeah thank you so this is just diced tomatoes and you can do like tomato sauce if you want I like the chunkiness I like the bite to it you.

Probably don't know I do okay I'm just gonna pour that in nice can of tomatoes and then we got our broth and so this is about just under a cup of broth because you're gonna need some sort of liquid to build the pressure don't make that mistake and that is it so let's let me keep that on here and let's give this a stir people are impressed that you said.

Turmeric right is it pronounced the the first R is that pronounced yeah turmeric I said tumeric turmeric turmeric and then I'm going to I forgot I'm also gonna add some salt in here good angle and I'm gonna do a teaspoon of salt Indian here try cardamom it taste so much better we do cardamom is actually in this current pattern but we have.

Cardamom coriander powder garam masala we have all the Indian flavorings we're just making it as easy as possible for you guys is there a brand of coconut milk that you prefer word yeah the Thai Kitchen Thai kitchen is my preferred which you can get in every grocery store but we also like we go to Whole Foods and they just have like the organic 365.

I think it's cheaper Trader Joe's has some good coconut milks too Thai Kitchen yeah this is what we did I think they have an organic one too right yeah they do yeah okay did they see this already though this is the finished product it looks so bad already hello and now I'm gonna where's you slid you have a lid did you that ginger and.

Garlic I added garlic I did not add ginger there's ginger no there is no ginger in here burning ginger though you can though it make kind of lid please okay so you're gonna put your lid on onion type stuff you don't like onion so no otherwise I would do onion first this that would be super delicious a.

Little bit of cinnamon there's cinnamon in the curry powder but I like extra cinnamon I don't Matt goes heavy on the cinnamon yeah it's too heavy for me I'm big on cinnamon okay so I'm going which broth uh just like 3/4 cup 3/4 cup yeah so I put the the nozzle right here you can't really see it right there.

You put it to sealing and then we're gonna go with right there you can see that sealing and then we're gonna go you're gonna show up close here we're gonna go Manuel 9 minutes a little longer than high pressure it's very soft well that's too long okay whatever okay we'll do a Levin okay so then you just leave it and you'll hear the beep and.

That means it's going and don't forget your cream we're gonna add this in at the edge you can set that aside what's macros and how many servings is this this is probably like we'll eat this servings I think how many pounds of chicken is it a little over one and a half oh so maybe it's like three to four servings but we this will probably make.

Three servings three servings for us for us cuz we feed most of it and then there's a little left for tomorrow that I'll eat for lunch macros are so most of the I don't know the real quick on my phone if you really want yeah it's mostly protein and there's some the cards are amazingly in the spices and the tomatoes and the broccoli and a.

Pepper yeah I would just estimate if I had to ballpark I'd say like five cars per serving maybe a little more maybe like six or seven so that so it takes five minutes or so to come to pressure depending on the liquid usually may be a little longer and then it'll go it's 11 minutes and then we will do a natural release for about five minutes and then.

We'll finish off the release just by popping it open some people have said you could add the coconut at the end the code which we do that sometimes to know what I'm doing oh she is I only ever added at the end I never cooked it in yeah I like to add it a deal I think it's running right now – I.

Don't think it matter that just doesn't and then it comes out just like a tomato sauce we had tomato sauce that was chicken tikka masala the other day there was no I think that was the best dish we've made in a while are you joking I've been doing the majority of cooking and use get me riled.

Up cue token I've been watching your channel for a couple of years I have lost and kept off 52 pounds thanks to your inspiration I've always loved you guys in your content as a woman of color I want you you want us I want you to know that your support of GF family and your cause matching donations warms your our heart that's great thank you.

Appreciate you being here you're gonna donate through GoFundMe thanks we will match it if you really know yeah where do I donate for the donation match you can donate here directly on YouTube maximum 100 dollars per person though did we clarify that no we did it okay okay we can't go broke over here yeah I mean yeah just like if.

You're dropping like 10k we can't really do that yeah okay if you don't like the onion you can add diced jalapeno do they sell opinions in Indian cooking no can use like serrano chiles like the smaller chilies but seriously you can literally add whatever you want to this if you don't like broccoli you can leave it out if you yeah whatever even put.

Income in it for all you want was there a reason you add the coconut at the end oh um I don't know I think I just like to start it at the end that's typically I don't know why but that's typically how you see like if people add heavy cream to a sauce they do it at the end the coconut milks kind of like a replacement of heavy.

Yeah I don't really know why though maybe it would like separates like the fats I thought what's up right more Taylor la fiere thank you for doing this dollarz thank you means a lot I used to weigh 530 pounds one year ago I'm now 322 Wow I love your channel I'm no longer drinking your Baba 280 that gets gross.

Oh that's good very good what is the pun are we using its I think it's like the six core maybe it says an IP 200 IP duo instant pot a video it's actually on our shop page right products we love page if you go to our site you know connect on that all of your videos are great you have a good video explaining refined versus unrefined.

Coconut oil thank you Matt explain that to me – Amanda Weaver five dollar donation thank you for using your platform to make a difference thank you for being here and showing your difference as well my favorite couple is live quick question have anyone heard anything about milk fish know what is.

Milk fish Sophie offer like his mid-morning snack he had this banana ice cream that I make him banana and frozen banana and can't coconut milk and then he had salmon roe and he loves both of those things separately but together he was pretty disgusted which was funny oh really yeah I didn't think you would be so.

Grossed out but I could tell you today donations rolling in Jennifer Nolan $25 thank you thank you can you use frozen chicken yet you can use frozen chicken um that's going to have some water in it that'll come off though so maybe a little less water maybe a little longer on the timing maybe like 13 to 15 what.

You can do if it's watery at the end you can take the lid off and do dehydrator you can even add a thickening agent do you take out liver oil and vitamin D or is the vitamin D in cod liver oil sufficient though I would say the cod liver oil inflate the vitamin D in cod liver oil is not sufficient should I be keeping track of these.

Donations as well I can look at Becca are you sure yeah a hundred percent yeah the no the fight there is some vitamin D in cod liver oil but not a lot I'm comparing to like what you would get in the Sun or a supplement um I think how much vitamin D is in cod liver oil oh I can smell it it still hasn't come up to seal though so the best place to.

Get it is obviously from the Sun so there's 1300 I you a vitamin D and a tablespoon of cod liver oil so if you do you people usually do like one or two tablespoons sometimes the last even so you're getting like one to two thousand I use of vitamins II probably want closer to like five plus per day so yeah mm a good source it's a decent source.

It's like one of the best food source they say both yeah we take both but in the summer I don't take vitamin D because I make an effort to get some though Leland Rogers $20 donation thank you whoa high flyers over here Daphne $50 thank you oh that's so sweet appreciate it guys yeah this is great uh regular crock pot instead and I want you.

To cook for you could do that I wouldn't use a normal crock pot you either just want to do it on the stove or here in your instant pot because the crock pot like doesn't really heat it's like a slow burning kind of thing so I would do it on your stovetop in just like a pot with a lid and simmer for like 30 minutes you want to make sure that.

Everything is cooked through and tender did you drink Spray 0 well pregnant once in a while maybe maybe like run one or two I think maybe like if we went to the movies we like treat ourselves will I get sprite zero and take it with us but not I drank stevia I don't think I drank too much sake Doge Ames forums a lot of.

You are videos get referenced oh that's cool keto games okie dokie I was thinking of the vegan gains you you inspire me as a modern family any tips to keeping your positivity modern family is in like eclectic like there's a people others cuddling different races like what does modern really mean I guess that's kind.

Of what a lot of your family probably means any tips to keep your positivity I think that's tough it get me tough yeah for us or for me at least right now my biggest source of positivity is Thea yeah and but we're not gonna always have like your gorgeous men month old crawling around cuz after a long day reading comments and stuff everyone's so.

Negative these days watching the news yeah there's a lot of shut it all down and Theo's there yeah makes you happy he doesn't care about what's anything that's happening I can be like just taking a step back maybe like doing some journaling and reflecting on your own life in your own mind and not like being on social media or like watching a ton.

YouTube videos which we do how long does it go in for it's uh we did 11 minutes but Megha says nine yeah I think nine should do it Tiffany Alexa's five dollar Canadian which it's a little less American I think it's a little less Americans longtime follower thanks for taking time to reflect and for embracing the discomfort that comes along with.

Taking a stand and impacting change yeah I think the discomfort aspect is like a good point to shed some light on I think a lot of people feel it but yeah it's good to do what you feel is right how much water do you drink a day ah maybe like five of these maybe two of these when this is um 24 so that's 48 ounces that's probably not enough I took a big.

Cup of coffee too but that's probably slightly that takes away from the water I don't know my entire attic yeah I don't know if the water content like outweighs that because I make it with like a lot of water oh I see I wish whenever someone asks us that I wish my dad could be here so he could be like more Fantas Sara Sara sucuk $5 thank you.

All thank you for all that you do for making a difference right now you guys are the best thank you for being here Sara our all instant pots are also do the same I have a Yeti instant pot I haven't used it I don't know how to use it yeah oh yeah he makes instant pot there just crushing it they I would say they're pretty much all the same maybe.

Like different functions maybe yours doesn't have like a yogurt function but um it took me a second to figure out how to work it but once you figure it out I mean you can make we just use it all the time for like soups and anything really it's so great yeah if you guys want if you go on our Instagram guys the recipes right here or at least the ingredients.

You guys know just throw it all in a pot literally throw that all in a pot but I don't tell you how much of each seasoning I should have I'm sorry that's okay okay um I try to be a law-abiding citizen so the police will not bother me yeah a lot of us don't we all wonder what the donations for they are going to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and we.

Are matching everything you guys put towards that and we appreciate you doing it three weeks off of caffeine the longest I've ever been I've been enjoying water and decaf tea to replace my soda craving that's great good for you that's a tough yeah are you guys taking any keto supplements along the whole thirty challenge keto is up so to.

Me keto supplements that means one thing that means ketones right cuz that's the only thing I consider a keto someone but no we're not taking those I'm doing this that's like a whole food well most of them have sweeteners in them so they wouldn't really the pure go right the pills don't ya know we don't take those the only supplements.

I'm taking as the ones for the sleep challenge I'm doing Oh breaking it I'm just gonna no that's party you can do supplements right I don't know if unless they had like soy in them yeah forego Finnerty $19.99 pounds thank you is that pouncer is it euros Franck's $20 yes it says goal would you try raza.

Coffee it's an adaptogenic coffee alternative and it seems like something right down your alley I'm six months coffee free and I feel great I've tried enough adaptogenic coffee replacements to know that they're all suck but I wouldn't mind trying I'll try stuff rasa coffee let me look.

That up so it's still building pressure if you guys can hear it whoa $25 donation there's gonna be there's a lot of money coming out of our pockets here okay $25 at Lia Folsom thank you $10 Christina West a much appreciation for your dedication and loyalty you guys have supported us since maybe not day one but you've been here for a while.

Minced garlic is nasty buy fresh bro oh we bought mac prefers the fresh and he's right way better minced isn't great but I thought it'd be convenient since I've been doing it in the basement Sara Richmond $20 you are amazing thank you you're amazing guys you're answering questions about raza coffee yeah looking up what raza coffee is so this is it I.

Guess it's uh oh it's chicory burdock dandelion roots it's almost like a tea reishi cinnamon yeah just 12 herbs cool I don't think that's my thing but if you're liking it there's the pressure is building if you're torn I'm cuter because you're a low on magnesium potassium results yeah can you guys hear that.

Sir Isaac I had to experiment it for a year with that yeah so I'd like to play a huge role in like that fatigue feeling maybe headaches and stuff so definitely play around with your electrolytes if you feel that way don't worry about the money you'll get it back tenfold that's a great outlook yeah what's the ship saying that's really.

Loud yes sure you want to set it down maybe it'll stop okay what were you saying what's what saying with a rising shot tide bills per rising tide lifts all boats yeah we got another donation needs Wade's volt stuck to 25 PLN which do you even know what that is no how long does the Quito flu last in two weeks and I.

Feel really tired choose from Poland ooh polish well two weeks is probably about the time you should start feeling better but supplementing with electrolytes can do a lot for helping making you feel better so be careful so like adding more salt to your foods and then getting some kind of pets potassium potassium is usually the main.

One that people are missing when they start keto so look to see how much or just like track how much you're getting on a daily basis sodium potassium usually it's gonna be pretty low and is that it yeah and try adding some maybe you'll feel better what a green that looks good green bell pepper I can place a red uh yeah literally any veggie will.

Work in here I like the red a lot I think I've realized it's my favorite because it's slightly sweet so even for a lunch today I just add like I chopped up an entire red bell pepper in it it's so tasty we can hear you fine faster two days fine but then two days later have no energy zapped walking stairs are their.

Contraindications to fasting or Kido so what's a contraindication contract like it's bad for you yeah they're bad downsides to it so I guess maybe what you're thinking about is like when people say like by the third day of zero zero fat like fastings you're a food they feel super and in awake I didn't experience that.

Personally when we did our four-day fast I don't know why do you think people some people experience that I don't know it could be a lot of things it could be like how well you are fat adapted maybe those people do better with fasting longer periods of time but maybe more fat on your body it could be that – yeah the leader you are it's probably to be a.

Little tougher could be your electrolyte intake look are you doing any electrolyte so you just doing water a lot of variables so yeah I mean I wouldn't say like you can't result that keto is bad based on fasting for two days that results not the right word right because if you're eating zero food for two days that's not the same as keto.

Is bad yeah maybe just don't fast I guess why are you fasting what's the reason it makes sense in some situations but if you're really struggling I mean that's the thing it's tough because fasting supposed to be somewhat of a struggle that you push through and you get to the other side and you feel good and it's worth it but at some point you.

Know like maybe you're pushing too hard and you should just not do it I don't know it's hard to really to really say but we interviewed a guy on the podcast the fasting fat man he fasted for 120 days or something yeah and then we interviewed what's his name the snake diet guy he does like 7 day fast all the time aren't red bell.

Peppers hanging carbs are they okay Aikido yeah just you gotta count your carbs on a day-to-day basis so whatever your goal is stay under those so you can fit different things in so like I don't even know how many carbs are in one full red bell pepper but yeah what's your guess one like a medium bell pepper maybe like ten one medium is seven so.

That's not that's not like really high carbon two and a half fiber and that's split across three servings so you're getting for us but it could be like six servings so yeah yeah so you're getting like two carbs per bell pepper it's not a lot get Michaela Peterson around podcast we reached out most people aren't aware that cute or normies exists.

We were shot to pretty much everyone you'd wanna to have my except with so many people saying Joe Rogan's like yeah ok good Joe Rogan on every tribe macadamia milk I love it I love it too yeah I used to drink a ton of it well I would add it to my coffees it was what I would do I drink a gallon of water a day and I.

Think that helps with my energy level I also have an electrolyte drink I noticed that when I drink when I'm dehydrated I do feel like more fatigued so drinking enough water is definitely important any specific fish oil brand you recommend I use a new chapter we are in your chapter proud I'm good cod liver oil alright so yeah we use a new trip pro kind of liver.

Oil the thing with fish oil you really just want to make sure it's a sourcing of it so this is extra extra version hundred percent wild Alaskan salmon oil seems fine it's just yeah a couple of things you can look for is sometimes they'll actually have like the detailed description on how they're sourcing it like where the fish are from if it's.

Farm that it says wild and then the process the extraction process like you don't want there to be any heating involved typically not farm raised it's tough to decipher because everyone's kind of trying to sell you on yeah I mean this is like decent it says extra virgin press so yeah not heated this seems pretty good.

What key to a treat cookie bar etc do you find is worth purchasing so we do have actually a spot on our website that is everything we think is worth purchasing that we've tried from the mail time segments so right here these are all the ones we would say it may be worth purchasing oh I forgot about a lot of these oh yeah we probably have to.

Update it a little we definitely have God dude there's a lot better on chipmunk keto bars is our probably our favorite smart cakes good I like those yeah we have to update this yeah this is super old sorry guys but keto bars yeah definitely um keto bars treat and worth investing in a lot of people say they love the Cameo of celebrity second yeah.

I'm surprised we got so many cuz I think the compliments or the comments that I like the most is it was like you guys are coming out of left field with these crazy new video ideas way to keep innovating I was like whoa you guys because actually I got the idea from someone I else most of ideas are from someone else so there's this guy Patrick.

CC he does he does this he does it all he does or he has a rap video channel does he do this often you're not showing the people though he doesn't do it often I'm trying to find oh where is it he doesn't do it often but um you did it once and it was cool yeah this one right here I paid rapper is 1000 oh he did riffraff – I think for a life advice a.

Thousand each you think I think total oh so that's where I got the idea from he has a good channel yeah it looks fun yeah any good books on self motivation self motivation well there's a lot of good books on self motivation it depends a lot on of what you're looking for I guess so for me my favorite book is.

Mastery by George Leonard but it's also because I've read it at a certain time where I was like really needed something motivational and like right when we started Kino connect right yeah it just came at the right time yeah so this is the book this is a book I really like mastery by George Leonard there's some other good ones what's like.

A self motivation I don't know a lot of people like did you read the obstacle is the way no a lot of people like see that's one where it's like most people love that book but I read it I was just like yeah I get it I already read this stuff like a hundred times before and it was very repetitive but people liked that one a lot so it's really personal.

Tastes parm chips taste like fart I think they taste good just one for Tiffany movie rack supposedly the this filming style it was like intentional I was trying to make you it was pretty clear to me okay I love Adam speak Adam Sandler's I hate like like you hate him Ricky level yeah I don't either you don't like him I say I would lean.

More towards I don't love him I love him I don't hate him um so we saw that what all we saw for Trish Ferrari kind of a bit ago that was good yeah that was good what do we see that's nothing that's really blowing my mind lately we must always be my maybe yesterday that was cute it wasn't great but yeah we watch parasite I didn't love.

It as much as most did it was good though I'm glad I was really good it was unexpected for sure yeah what brand of glycine valerian root I just bought some cheap stuff off Amazon it's pretty cheap you got to worry really about the quality it's the one with the man on that what is it on which no bulk supplements I think good fats bar that's.

Not one that we really buy there I don't like the middle I don't like the taste ingredients are there's better ingredient bars out there Darren McDowell 21 donation thank you so much you guys got any movie recommendations yeah we can use a movie rack is Ali almost like stevia no very different stevia is like highly.

Concentrated sweetener Meli Lois's I really even know like all the science and stuff behind Ali let's begin it's a rare sugar it's not really digested but Ellie this is a powder stevia is usually like a concentrated liquid and if you see it in powder form it's both with like erythritol right something else if you are a celebrity who will you be if.

We could be any celebrity who would we want to be I think I just want to be like so I don't want to be famous I want to just yeah rich I think yeah I'm written under the radar is way better than famous in my mind yeah I agree too but I guess if you have to pick a celebrity um I think that's actually a good litmus test if that's.

The word but like people that want would rather be famous than rich to me that's weird would you agree right now what is the litmus test for just for like a personality type that I probably wouldn't get along with or one marry to you'd probably get along with some people would you rather be famous or.

Rich rich what about you guys but anyone out there rather be famous than rich I have MCT powder and it contains sustainable palm oil is it okay to take didn't know when I bought it yeah I don't know that sustainable palm oil is really a thing that's like the big critique on it is that sustainable but nutritionally palm.

Oil is basically identical to coconut oil so it's not really that bad yeah I would use it if I had it it's mostly just the like environmental impact of it are we planning to move out of Atlanta yet we do not live in Atlanta we live in a suburb of Atlanta so I'm liking it though we love it we're not planning to.

Move out of Georgia it's good climate cost of living is decent food is good people are nice oh my guess it's not actually it's too similar to coconut oil it's almost a hundred percent saturated fat so this has 1 point 3 grams of polyunsaturated fat which is slightly that's like kind of comparable to avocado oil or something so yeah it's.

Not terrible but it's it's not the best how's it coming along we had two more minutes a lot of people say I'm rich everyone's saying secretly rich secretly rich so people don't have me for money rich being being famous sounds to people yeah like you have to associate with too many people yeah I'm really confused with.

Microgreens because I like it very much but don't know okay for Quito please help microgreens how how their greens powders I think yeah it's fine for Quito fine for Quito I don't know how necessary it is I don't see benefits in being famous and being bothered constantly yeah like paparazzi and stuff yeah I.

Mean they're yeah I mean there's no benefits to paparazzi I guess except for the average people like us who want to see what you're doing and what is that whole phenomenon like you want to see what someone who's famous is doing I guess what is it for you what do you mean what is that phenomenon yeah what is that.

Phenomenon like why yeah why what's out of it I don't know I guess they're they're at a position of like success fame they have money and like what did they do or what are they doing day to day that got them there yeah I'm in like that no cuz that's how like if I think someone's really talented like young thug I'm like whoa generational talent.

Like I want to hear like how he talks in an interview well that's why we ask a lot of people what their morning routine is yeah I guess so but I think I guess a lot of the time it's like oh he's just a normal person that makes really good music yeah so we'll give it a couple minutes to do its thing and then we'll pressure release it where can we did you.

Find black soy beans just a grocery store I think like we found in like Acme krohler ethnic foods aisle usually yeah with all the Goya products yeah do either of you miss regular pizza I mean yeah yeah regular pizza is great I don't never ate pizza oh I did I don't actively miss it like I met this watching TV and I'm like wish I could.

Have a pizza but when I think about a nice Domino's delivery I'm like yeah I would love that of course when I think about a bowl of cereal I miss that but nothing else really serious I ate like a box of cereal a day even in law school yeah it was special K though so it doesn't really count it wasn't like weeping our.

Wheedies or whatever so blaze pizza is pretty darn good I would agree I disagree I'd get it again we only got it once I don't know how it would make me my toe you know Kelsey Sara Cosio your friend Oh uh-huh is that her yeah what do you mean that really calcium it must be oh my god now if I just donate.

Through the link yeah you could donate through the like Oh or you could donate here and then we match it hi Kelsey that's my best for guys yeah either donate through the super chat in YouTube or if you donate through the link you gotta tag us on Instagram so we know or text me can you guys do a grocery haul from an Asian.

Grocery store I'm Asian what kind of agent like my people Asian no okay I asked to be good that would I think that'd be tough right it could be tough but we used to every store in Philadelphia all the time yeah bad day like oh we would do I'm hotpot a lot so we would get like this thinly sliced.

Ribeye I and like the meats you guys are amazing thank you for earlier content this is $25.00 domination from Johanna net Evo Leonys I'm missing your Instagram lives only being posted anywhere they are they are being posted to our i G TV so there can I show them like on Instagram what it looks like okay I don't can you do it oh my phone.

Yeah you're gonna screenshare no no I can show okay you may even see perfect so there's there's this great technology we have there's three tabs right so there's this one there's this one there's this one so the middle one is IG TV that's where all over I did user so this one is from today this one is from yesterday.

This one's from Monday oh they're still there's our son so all these are saved so you can see them there's a lot of them okay there you go I love making Asian keto dishes it's my favorite and tastiest is my favorite and my tastiest oh yeah used to always I remember in college when I was first learning how to cook I don't know if I.

Told you this but I was very repressed as a chef like my mom wouldn't let me cook I always was like asking I was watching Food Network it's like let me cook and then one time I turned on the wrong burner and she had all of her like stack of papers on the other burner it's an electric burner and like you know I turned it on and I kind of watched.

Walked away and they burned well you haven't changed much he's metal to be a burner off and then walk away and he just leaves it on high I sometimes do that but when I got into college I would I was just like making a bunch of different stuff and I got a few things that I really like so I just would make them over and over so I would.

Make like Asian tacos ooh what meat chicken and then it was like Asian seasoned and I would do she did that for recipes Laur tortillas and then I would just do like Mexican cheese it was like a Mexican Asian mixture and it was really good I was watching the shop break grocery haul video you guys did and you're completely different people.

Are we I think it's uh that was three years ago yeah I think it's the loop of like filming videos seeing how you look in a video filming a new video you know that cycle no I think we're just different people now though that too and I'm like my size is different like we ever just different looking cuz like when the camera goes on I'm like you.

Know I'm more upbeat and stuff because I know that that comes off better where we not as a beefin I think way back I was just so you turn the camera on I would just be like laying there like hey we like doing keto you guys should check out the Buford farmers market we used to go there all the time when we lived in the city you can't roam in there yeah we.

Got in trouble and this is pretty great though what's for dinner we just made it we're about to show it here in a second but when I release the pressure is just gonna be really loud well we got to let it auto release them that takes 25 minutes mmm you guys should do a Whole Foods keto shopping haul we just posted one on the curve join the curve calm.

Today as part of the challenge yeah but we have a few on our channel too you can check out so what should I do for the pressure maybe let me try and tell ya trans fats and saturated fats thoughts I think trans fats are bad for you and saturated fats are good for you that's allowed 9 that's a little low but that's what before we got to do.

if you both if both of you ate a suicide chicken wing contest who would win Oh Matt I can't do spice but Matt gives these hiccups yeah so we did the Buffalo Wild Wings spicy wings challenge right remember yeah there's a video oh my god yeah and it's hilarious we were chugging like almond milk or.

Something did kita lost weight it had a baby nine months ago trying to getting back on Aikido and it dropped my supply how do you do it I had a baby nine months ago – whoa well Mikey didn't focus exclusively on keto no but so that's sort of for me my breast milk supply was super the most important thing so I didn't like try and get back.

On keto but you had your baby nine months ago so at this point I think it should be fine because your milk supply I mean I'm not a professional but your milk supply is established but you got to remember and this is what I what I was kept forgetting when I introduced a new pump where I changed my diet it takes 48 hours for your body to like.

Realize that there's a change like you're adding more pump some more milks being extracted and it needs to produce more so you you just gotta be patient and give it some time if you want to make the change drop your card slowly up your fat make sure you're eating enough those would be my tips.

Theo is growing up fast looking more handsome every day thank you thanks for the posts what a compliment to us right I think he's cute but well in the sense of mania yeah thank you do I still drink flax milk no if I drink any nut milk its milk macadamia nut milk Theo is chunky yes pretty chunky yeah we went to the doctor.

He's at 87th or malla to save us yeah he's 87th percentile BMI yeah he was like he's on the border we're not gonna stop have you tried wanting at Aldi best we haven't tried mine an Aldi have we we tried the like Seltzer things those are really taking the world by storm aren't.

Ulcers I can kind of see why – I don't know I don't mind them and they're so tasty I need something to relax me during these crazy times thanks for the donation for the Memorial Fund you guys are great oh thanks for being here you're gonna be ok if you just get any kind of dry white wine is the best bet.

You can also just get a dry red wine that would be good too red Reds usually like one card more than white wine favorite snack for the challenge that's tough I love all nice snacks equally because there's not like four of them yeah I guess I would say like we're doing our pork rinds a hundred percent dark chocolate berries and not slash nut.

Butters yeah and I love them all well you've been making one that's good what did the bar bars yeah which is kind of a good notice for the last livestream we did in white closet I even tried white Club but I tried truly right been doing truly okay it's done you guys are awesome plug your videos much love from Toronto hello in Toronto.

Here we go what can you order from Buffalo Wild Wings that's Aikido they actually have a really comprehensive nutrition guide um you can google it just Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition guide all the traditional wings with like over half of the sauces are keto friendly and all of the spice rubs I think so just look up the nutrition guide and all our.

Wings are fried in beef towel which is an A+ to them ok here we got hot wait I'm gonna let steam steam it up over here how does it look it's a watery it's a little watery that's okay we're gonna add the coconut cream well move it all the broccoli it's just mushy yeah the broccoli gets too mushy if you don't steam it separately on the side.

But it looks really good that smells super good so now I'm gonna add the coconut cream in I would say when I make it it looks better but Megas tastes better so what's more important probably tastes right so battle now you put the sought a function on truly lemonade we got those that's the one I drank the other day the.

Best so good what did you think of a bunch of a jack album are you talking about the album from a few years ago they didn't do anything new right didn't love it do you like it seems like you like it if you bring it up two years later two months 30 pounds Wow good job spell it what are you doing some change sauteing.

Down here yeah okay Becky's gonna saute to the evaporators right we could it's really hot but yes way too hot did you know you can make soap with beef tallow yeah a lot of soaps have beef tallow in them I'm on the third day of a seven day faster killing me here I dream of eating oh good going got it don't.

Then you can take it you know stop naturally how much processed meat do you guys eat like sausage etc nah none no month it depends on what you classify processed meat so if you get like some artisan sausage how processed is that they grind mean they put it in an animal casing so is that process I mean there's some processing involved but by that.

Rationale like everything's processed so if you get like something that is the process like hot dogs that I would say is a processed food so I really AM hot dogs that much but occasionally we'll get like some organic beef hot dogs or something from from the grocery store but all in all like occasionally like once every few days once every.

Three days I'll eat like prosciutto which that's minimally that's not really processed but like turkey lunch meat or something that's more processed are you donating what we give plus the match yes so everything you donate will be doubled because we'll be matching that is that one can of coconut milk yeah I just like to store it in this because I use it.

Every morning so I just scoop out that part and put it in here and use it for my coffee so I just brought that Lila and apparently I know nothing about soap so tree and ila love hot dogs I mean hot they're so tasty aren't they I love hot dogs too I just don't really eat them they're so fun to like when you're when you're going.

Camping was you know glamping soon we should we've never been glamping I think we were gonna do that this summer with friends but glamping I love you guys this is day three of Kyoto for me and your sprouts haul really helped yeah yeah guys if you don't know um so our website here keto connect Nets there is this section right here grocery guides.

And then you have all of these different grocery lists and like the best things to get at different grocery stores so check those out we got almost every grocery store we got what are those twelve different posts here yeah so yeah we got a lot of those we also have the restaurant guides so you got like talk about alcohol chick-fil-a McDonald its.

Blaze pink yeah we got like a lot oh it's way more liquidy this time because we put the canned tomatoes in oh so we didn't need the broth Matt saying it that's hot so you don't need both but hopefully you guys just did the broth because you didn't have the cans switch grocery Canada coming in with a $28 donation ah thank you for matching.

This donation and all you do for this community may Haas which grows what do you love you thank you for doing what you do yeah do you guys know about switch grocery is only Canada right well she just stopped I think today or Monday shipping to the US yeah so how do you guys say Oh us so lucky you have all the best Kido stuff this is for Canada they.

Have a bunch of us sales a bunch of different stuff you can go to the US shop I don't know if she's doing that anymore have we tried a lot of this stuff what's like the best stuff here coco polos great does this think we know what it is yeah she sent us one Biggie's brown butter ghee please please and good deeds.

Of course of amazing name is really trying to get our email address over here why the Papa turkey of ours keto Chou a lot of keto Chavis you know so tasty these electrolyte drops are pretty good I think the fast ones I forget one of them has a little more potassium I think that's the one I get this is what mega.

Likes the brown butter one yeah oh we got one of these too right yeah we got all three of them look at nice squiggly splotches going glamping this weekend yes quickly this is a terrible sorry so there's a little watery you could thicken it with xanthan gum or some [__] mix and show but it.

Looks really good doesn't it yeah we should probably thicken it you can see the bell pepper the chicken and the broccoli is just like an wash okay alright that everything it's been over an hour yeah okay we must have over I would estimate like maybe a close to 500 right oh yeah a couple hundred for sure a couple hundred we appreciate you.

Guys yeah are you being here to join us whether or not you donated and we'll see you next time yep have a good rest of your Monday tech Wednesday tiger some Instagram with donations and also if you made this or anything I'll see if we got tagged at all yet and with any of your recipes you guys are making I know a lot of you were.

Doing the 30 day a bull foods challenge so I guess with some of those I like seeing what everyone's eating alrighty thanks
Keto Cook-Along | Instant Pot Coconut Curry
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