How to Break a Weight Loss Stall – Interview with Amy Berger

How to Break a Weight Loss Stall – Interview with Amy Berger

How to Break a Weight Loss Stall – Interview with Amy Berger

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What's going on guys we are back with another interview this one's a little early it's 11 a.m. here and today we are going to have Amy burger she has a YouTube channel is to it nutrition she also has a blog I'm not really a food blog but it's a lot of like nutrition science going into the details also a lot of stuff on just like how to stick.

To your diet a lot of mindset type of stuff that is also to it nutrition that's tu IT nutrition and she has a master's degree in human nutrition and she's a certified nutrition specialist and we actually met her at one of these conferences I forget which conference it was at but she speaks a lot at these low carb and nutrition conferences in.

General and Megha is going to be joining us soon Theo just woke up and sorry guys I was watching the interview from yesterday and Theo can be quite distracting but usually we have a nanny that comes and watches him during these interviews so that we can just have our full attention on the interview but with everything going on we decided not to.

Have her come so that's kind of our situation right now so let's get on to the interview here's Amy how's it going Amy hey everybody I'm doing good how do I know doing pretty good so a big topic a lot of people are asking about lately actually more people than I anticipated a lot of people are struggling with.

Sticking to their diets when they're stuck at home because it's probably like a big break in their routine they're used to having their workday where they go into work and it's like a little bit of just like parameters around when you eat and stuff and it can be tough when you just have all day to eat as much as you want stuck at home yeah so on I just.

Just before I never dress back I think it was dr. Birds keto summit that we met at two years oh yeah yeah in DC and you know I have my coffee here it is 11:00 a.m. this is how people can verify that it's me I don't think they recognize me without a coffee cup but um I so I hope everybody okay I hope that you are doing alright I.

Hope that you and yours are safe wherever you are my routine is not all that different than it was before this whole thing because I already work from home you know I'm a freelance writer and I don't have kids so like there's no children all of a sudden homes that have to be taken care of all day but I work I have a one-bedroom apartment so I don't.

Have an office I don't have a special there's no room for a desk I work at my kitchen / dining room table about 10 feet from Michael's frigerator so I know the stuff yeah I mean North Carolina Durham online yeah so I'm I don't I don't really have a choice I don't have much room to have an office so um I work at the big table here but I I would say.

Two people and somebody told me this the other day actually I can't really take credit for it with so many things out of our control now you know we don't know what's gonna happen next week or next month we don't know when we're gonna be allowed to just go back to our regular stores and restaurants new stuff there's so much we don't have control over but.

One thing we can control is what we eat and it may be different depending on where you live and what does the grocery store situation is where you live but as supermarkets are still open and the supply chain might be a little different like they might not have every single item you normally buy but for the most part there's gonna be some type of meat.

And vegetables available there's gonna be some type of canned you know so many people bought junk food that there was tons of canned salmon sardines mackerel still on the shelves so I think we can eat what we normally eat it's just emotionally and mentally we might not want to right it's not that unlike we don't have access to the food we.

Normally use as somebody you might not but you can make kind of substitutions that are perfectly legit for keto but I think I think you can sort of empower yourself by saying this hey this is something I can control B I feel scared I feel stressed out I feel anxious but how much more emotional turmoil are you gonna be.

In three months from now if you gain ten pounds because of choice but that being said I also think it's okay it's not the end of the world if you need to learn now you know I'm not telling you to have 400 grams of carbs now but if you have that cookie okay get right back to you know you know not a big don't if you're struggling don't beat yourself up if if.

Ever there was a time where ever struggling is totally understandable it's now right yeah I think the big thing is it's like a whole it's sort of like a snowball effect like if you're you're breaking your routine you're off work you're just like overall getting lazier for day-to-day like you wake up you maybe wake up later than you.

Typically would you stay in your pajamas yeah and then it's just like it's kind of a snowball effect and with everything like a lot of people think it's just switching out the foods so I guess you stopped eating the chips you start eating pork rinds or whatever you do like keto replacements mm-hmm and you keep the rest of your lifestyle the.

Exact same it doesn't usually work like that like diet could be the first thing that gets the ball rolling yeah for some people but for some people not even like the easiest thing to me is focus on your sleep like if you start getting good night's sleep other areas of your life start improving if you start working really hard on your.

Job or just like self-improvement but if you're just like living a lazy pajamas and Netflix life this entire time you're stuck at home it's gonna be tough to eat a good diet as well yeah yeah I think I think that's a really good point it does tend to avalanche and then it just it just like feeds on itself it becomes a self fulfilling thing because the guilt.

And it's like the inertia it's just easier to kind of stick in that patter and probably get yourself out of it it is hard but I also think you know I hate to be the devil's advocate so much but there's probably a lot of people out there who normally go go go get everything done hustle hustle hustle it might actually be a.

Good thing to have time now if if you're suffering financially like I don't mean to make light of the fact that some people are really in a tenuous situation I yeah I think for the people that are able to just kind of step back and say hey I don't have to go to work today like I can be home with my kids or I can be home and I don't know you know just.

Kind of take that step back and as some one if we if there's anything good coming out of this craziness it's that people are kind of looking at the bigger picture and being more grateful for the grocery store clerk the delivery person you know the FPS drivers things that we totally take for granted your orders from Amazon you expect it to be at your.

Door five hours later how many people had to be in that supply chain to make that happen though we normally don't even think about um so I think we are so fortunate to be living in the time and place we live in that there's a lot of stuff that's not disrupt that you could just hit a few buttons on your keyboard your phone and there's stuff magically.

On your doorstep but but you know I recognize that not everyone is in that situation where they can just be like wow isn't this great that I can just have some downtime that I don't normally have it's not exactly for everybody yeah yeah so you have a new book yes it is called the stall Slayer which is pretty cool name I love that you actually are.

Givin the audience a discount code Kido Connect 15% off and it's just an it's an e-book right it's digital yeah it's so it's a PDF for now but um I do have plans to get it on Amazon for Kindle or for print-on-demand right now it's only a PDF but if you like a hard copy just buy it or print it out at home that's what I would do and I.

Read a little bit of a summary you also sent out like a little preview of first chapter or something too so it's about oh my goodness cos banging is too exciting so it's about the roadblocks to fat loss or at least that's a section in the book the 8th roadblock so do you want to go over like a few roadblocks yes don't get them all away but some.

Nice big hitters yeah yeah sure so it's on stall Slayer calm is where people can get it stall Slayer calm and like you said use the discount code so you don't get up for a couple of months off this this difficulty losing fat is probably the number one reason people write to me for help right most of the people who come to me are already doing keto in.

Low-carb and they're just not getting the results they want they're not brand new they don't need me to tell them you know what to eat and what not eat well sometimes they do if they're struggling right right yeah so most of the issues are pretty simple to address once you know what they are and I deliberately use the word simple I didn't say easy.

Right it's simple to say oh you just need to do this instead of that doesn't mean it's easy to do it and you know you guys probably see this all the time with keto you know means different things to different people and depending on what you're using a ketogenic diet for the ketogenic diet that you use to lose body fat might be different than the one that.

You use if you're treating epilepsy or if you have high range of something else and it's you know some people do really really well with the super high fat percentage and you know adding the butter adding the coconut oil but that is probably the most common obstacle that I see is people overdoing fat and I have to be clear because people like.

Misunderstand I don't mean to make anybody afraid of fat but when you're already having a hard time getting rid of the fat that's on your body you don't really need a ton of extra fat coming in you want to burn the fat that's already here so what makes a diet ketogenic and what makes you into a fat burner is not the presence of tons of fat it's the.

Absence of the cars so that's kind of a double whammy you have to make sure your carbs true our low enough to get you into a fat-burning State and then you have to be careful that you're not overdoing the fat in your food because if you're if you're overdoing the butter on the oil and the cream and the cheese and the.

Nuts that's the fat you're gonna burn your body has no reason to tap into all this other storage fat when it's got so much coming in to burn instead and so again like I don't mean to make people that this is still a high-fat diet but you don't have to make your food more ketogenic or chase some percentage that you got off of somebody's macro.

Calculator because well I want to jump in real quick so you did a really interesting video on willpower I think it was a couple weeks ago on your YouTube channel which is great and you talk about people still feeling hungry on the diet right so like there's so many things you could be doing you think are right but you're still hungry like.

I'm still having cravings I'm still wanting to snack so is willpower let's touch on that maybe a little also and then you talked about how maybe your cards aren't low enough and maybe that's what's causing the hider so is that different person to person like is my physiology at a point where maybe I need lower carbs or maybe I have.

More body fat than Matt does for example and that's what's gonna help with the hunger yeah I do think it's different for different people because you know some people don't need keto at all some people can eat 150 grams of carbs a day and be thin and lean and healthy and strong and perfect you know some of us can't so I do think if if you're still.

Craving assuming you're craving carbs and you're not craving you know steak and bacon they're like mushroom assuming you're craving the sugars on the starches that's the first place I would look make sure you are really low carb and I don't this means like for at least a couple days no products with like because the sugar alcohols and the.

Fillers on the net carbs don't get rid of the net carbs for few days and I I don't really encourage mono diets for the long term but I tell people if you think you're in C not everybody needs to be actually in the state of ketosis in order to be burning fat and losing weight and to feel great some people do and it tends.

To be that if you're still having those cravings getting really really into that ketogenic state hens can get rid of any of that so if if people are like they kind of I kind of think I'm doing keto I'm following joe bob's program off the internet and I'm supposed to eat this back get rid of all that literally eat like nothing but bacon and eggs or.

Spankin eggs or steak and bacon for like three or four days and then tell me how your cravings are well not third or fourth day because that's that's kind of one way to make sure you're really well into that fat-burning state and and it's not magical it might not work for everybody but the cravings tend to go away because you I think people might.

Not like compared to the average American they're eating as low as they need to be for their own yeah so ok stall Slayer because I mean one of the most common questions people have on keto us how do you break a stall and so it seems like to me it's maybe not having as much added fat as one thing you've said and is there like a.

Particular time window when you notice most people start having a stall at upon star Nikita that's a good question I think it differs it tends to be the more weight somebody has to lose like the larger you are when you start out the more quickly it comes off and the more the longer you'll be able to go before you hit that plateau and that's all my.

Friend Casey from located with Casey calls it a hover she doesn't because the word sort of stall has a negative connotation so she says I'm hovering which is kind of nice so I think it differs but one thing I mentioned in the book is that if it's been like if you've been losing weight losing weight and then it's been a week or two and you.

Haven't lost anything that's not a stall one week two weeks three weeks is not a stall stalls are measured in months you know or maybe maybe four weeks five weeks could be a stall but that's over a month right so fat loss is not this linear feed where you start at your highest and you magically go down to your bowl with no bumps along the way.

And no you know periods of time is staying the same people need to understand it's actually totally normal to have periods of time where you're staying the same for a few days or weeks maybe even going up a pound or two or three then staying the same and going down again and as long if you get on the scale every day and you see those daily.

Blips up down up down same same I've done you will drive yourself bonkers yeah I think you have to look at that long-term trend because if you step back and look at that big graph over time the trend is downward even if from day to day there were little upward blips are times where you stay the same.

And I I try to kind of remind people even if you're not losing any body fat even if you're kind of staying the same for a while as long as you are sticking to the diet and and I don't mean against some magical number percentage but as long as your cards are low good metabolic things are still happening on the inside because not everyone even.

Uses the Steyr to lose weight so like you could be staying soft some hurt somebody could be perfectly happy with their weight and maybe they're doing hito for acid reflux or migraines or acne or something so you don't even have to lose any weight for all this good stuff to happen on the inside yeah something I find pretty typically is.

People will start keto and they get the weight loss at the start like the water weight and they're thinking that that's just normal that's how it's going to be and then like usually like week three to week six seems to be where that stops and then like flatline on weight loss and they get discouraged but yeah you have to stick with it of course and do.

You have any tips as far as like how often to step on the scale some people do it every day some people doing every week I think a lot of it is probably your mindset around it but what are your thoughts on that yeah no I totally agree I think you have to know how you're wired because if if getting on the scale every day keeps.

You accountable like if you know why I gotta get on that scale tomorrow I better not have that doughnut I'm really craving right now then do it and if if you just take it as a number and you just record it and it's no big deal you get on with your day you can weigh everyday if you weigh yourself in the morning and you're up 0.8 pounds from.

Yesterday and that ruins you emotionally your day is ruined – you're a failure you're a big fat cow you're never gonna lose weight your whole life is a mess don't do it you know get on the scale either once a week or once every two weeks or better yet don't get on the scale at all use a tape measure get a pair of pants that's really really tight.

Try it on once every two or three weeks there's other ways to gauge how this is going for you that are actually better than the scale because the scale and I mean I have a whole chapter on this in the book the scale only tells you about your weight it tells you nothing about your body fat even if you have one of those like fancy scales that supposedly.

Tells you the water and the bodies right how accurate is that if you bought of it like that bathroom er you know I don't yeah I'm not saying it's in it's probably a good ballpark but you can't live and die by the lung so I think you know women especially with our hormonal roller coasters you could you could just retain water and because you were three.

Pounds and it's gonna be gone into everyday days the humidity affects your weight so you can't look can anything about your body fat it's just it's your bones your organs it's your everything else of your body that's not fat right so yeah yeah themselves every day you know that you're the type that it.

Just you use the scale to tell you whether or not you're a worthy human being that's not what this kit was more yeah we look at these uh these numbers we love numbers yeah we think that's telling us the truth when a lot of the time is lying to us how about just how you feel yeah like that's a big one for me like.

Wow yeah and they're definitely yes so first when I we started this channel I was more like bro sciency and I definitely would not have believed that it's like like the scale for men it's pretty pretty accurate and objective and like they go down and quite a linear fashion relative to women women it's like really a guessing game and they.

Lose like a lot of inches right before they lose body fat I guess so losing body fat but before they lose like weight just scale weight yeah like mega I remember you can look at our pictures and your transformation is pretty extreme but it's only lost like two or three pounds or something yeah so that's definitely I mean there's.

You'll hear from people that they've lost a dress size and their scale weight is exactly the same yeah and I mean I have a picture like I'm pointing in the back cause it's on my shelf back there there's a picture of me from about 10 years ago where I weigh more than I do now but I'm way small or I'm as much leaner.

I was more muscular but like my scale weight is more so you can't you just cannot I think the more the heavier you are when you start out the more you can use the scale just kind of could the scale can be but let's say you you're starting out of 300 pounds of 400 pounds it is very motivating when you get on that scale every day order you and you.

Do see it's down a pound of down 2 pounds but I think if you're like trying to lose the last 5 or 8 pounds that scale is not gonna not that great for you oh yeah something not your friend so someone who's has a really bad diet right now like standard American McDonald's all that type of stuff like.

The worst night you can imagine what's a good approach for them to start because I don't think or maybe maybe it is the best way some people say doing something more extreme can the easiest way to stick to something so do you think like for that person easing into a keto diet some way could be better or what's your advice to someone like that easy because.

You mentioned simple does not mean easy so I think it's like simple to go really strict and basic so it depends I that's my preferred method it's just rip the band-aid off and do it like who the Atkins induction or do dr. West miss page four do do the strict thing because it's the fastest it's the fastest way to make the transition and start feeling.

Your best and have that energy and that like get rid of the brain fog and all that good stuff that happens I think it's the fastest way to do it and it's not easy but I think it's easy it's it's easier than kind of gradually doing it because there's no gray area there's no like well should I have that doughnut today or not it's just no it's not on.

Foodless period I'm not having it there's no guessing game there's no negotiation with yourself like maybe oh okay I'm not supposed to have pasta but maybe I'll just have half my normal serving there's no serving it's it's it's I guess it's not easy but it's there's no there's just no head games with yourself there's just food you eat.

And foods you don't eat yeah I think for people for whom this is like whoa this is a huge change I can't even imagine doing it I think it's okay for some people to kind of go to paleo first which paleo is not low-carb by definition because you can still have fruit you can have like sweet potatoes and and beets and like starchy.

Vegetables and that but for most people even with those starches it's going to be lower carb than they're used to so they can and some so many people do really really well just doing that right needing good quality meat there eating good quality or no eggs and vegetables and good fats and they might just be having a little bit of starch and sugar.

From the fruit well I I think that's a good transition step for somebody that doesn't want to like leap into the full-bore keto right away yeah I totally agree with that and I love talking to you because it's more than just like keto and I feel like we get so hung up on like Tito's the way it's black and white you're in or you're out and.

There's no better way than keto but paleo I think is a great option and even like stopping there do you think that's a fine alternative to even like a keto diet like what is what is your thoughts on like just nutrition like is keto the way is like low carb the way or can there be like some balance of having some starch for your vegetables and some.

Carbs for like some fruits I think it depends on your situation you know I I do think there's actually a lot of people doing very very strict keto who don't need to they can like if that's what they enjoy and they just like that way of eating fest that's fine but like the people who literally terrified to eat carrots terrified to eat my peppers.

Terrified to eat lentils and it's like okay none of us became obese and diabetic because of the carrots you know or because of the lentils like now so I don't think there's people that can incorporate more carbs and and remain totally metabolically healthy whether or not they want to or have to know nobody has to but I think um I think there are.

People eating a more limited diet than they need to be and it's funny you should ask I'll give your audience a little teaser I'm actually co-writing a book with one of the keto doctors about this exact thing we hope to have enough on the end of the year this will be like a real little meal on store shelves about.

How to find your car tolerance and where you need to be and how to do that like some people do in Quito some people ya know I think that's great and I think a lot of people are interested in that I know I'm Rob wolf right and water to eat yeah he has like a carb tolerance touch we're gonna do it for a video but we never got around to it.

And I think and this is kind of going another way but I feel like I personally might have a better tolerance with rice versus Matt like with potatoes and maybe I'm just making this up but it's because of like our ancestry like in rice is really big with the Asian cultures and Matt's like what are you Irish an Italian Italian Italian so like I think.

Potatoes are big so what do you think about that and how we tolerate certain cars yeah I do I do think there's a role for that I think I seem to do pretty well with potatoes – I can't have like a ton of them but a little bit seems to be fine I think there probably is something it's not like my area of expertise but it it's hard to believe that our jeans.

Wouldn't affect it in some way and I feel like everybody can do well on keto / low carb some subset of people can do well on high regard you know like if your ancestors lived in a place where you know look at like like tropical regions where because we always say well fruit wouldn't have been available year-round.

Yeah it was if you lived at the equator you did have fruit all year round you know so um there might be misses or like geographic origins where people do have a different tolerance for stuff yeah yeah so trying to personalize your diet a little bit more I guess the easiest way to do that is really just through.

Experimentation Jim any tips around that like if you experimented much what's like a good framework I know a lot of people say you just like remove everything slowly add them back in see how you feel it's kind of that's kind of tough because you can trick yourself into thinking you feel a lot of different ways so yeah yeah there's.

Actually you guys know the placebo effect right yeah like something is nothing and you think it's working there's the nocebo effect there you have it in your mind that something's bad for you so it affects you like negatively even though it might be totally benign what you think it's bad so if I saw it was not food network one time they.

Did this half the room got Chinese food with MSG and the other half got Chinese food without and the lady and the group without was like I have the worst headache right now I just know it's because the msg like anytime I have MSG I get headaches right and she didn't even have any yeah I think I definitely think that's a thing it's bet especially.

In the keto world you know I it's hard to say how to do the experiment because you know some people I don't know if I necessarily recommend testing all the blood sugar and stuff because I mean that's it sounds good but even like with raw Bulls thing and I I'm not gonna throw anyone under the bus here but I see this on Twitter with like you know.

Doctors MDS who should know better doctors that have been doing Hedo for years and years and then they eat a banana or they eat a bowl of oatmeal and they'll show you their CGM or their glucose monitor they know that there is gonna be this huge spike because that's how this works your body is not prepared for that amount of glucose of course.

It's gonna be in your bloodstream longer of course it's gonna make this big rise they even recommend if if you've been doing cute over low carb for a while and for some crazy reason you have to do an oral glucose tolerance test which may be a fear if you're pregnant or something but I would never recommend that to anyone unless there's like a real need.

For it but if for some reason you have to do that glucose tolerance test but you've been on a ketogenic diet for a while you are supposed to carb up for like a week you're supposed to have about a hundred and fifty grams of carbs a day for a week before you take that test otherwise you're gonna look diabetic so when these doctors eat.

Whatever carbs oh my glucose it's 180 of course it is I feel like it's kind of misleading to the public but oh shoot they had one banana and look at their blood sugar so I I don't even know if that's a really good way to test I I would just grab small amounts like like dr. Atkins right dr. Atkins had this plan where there was induction.

That was like super super strict 20 grams of carbs or less per day for two weeks you could stay on it longer if you wanted to you could do it forever if you wanted to but he also had what he called the car bladder which you increase your carb intake by like 5 grams a week so it's kind of gradual you might start out eating larger portions of the vegetables.

You're already eating so let's say you have more broccoli for 5 carbs or maybe you aren't doing any fruit now you add in like a quarter cup of raspberries or something so we're not talking like you don't go from Quito to testing a bagel you gradually increase it to find your own sweet spot yeah so the the more people I interview we we think about it.

More I question the perpetual ketosis for years and years I question if that's the true way it seems to me like it might make sense to sporadically have some carbs I don't know if it's something like like every 10 days people like doing or like every 7 days but maybe like seasonally you take a month off something like that I don't know how.

Do you how do you feel about that do you think just perpetual ketosis for years and years is good I think um do I think it's natural no joy I think it's safe I mean I'm not a doctor I'm a nutritionist but I do think it's safe you can stay in ketosis forever if you want to but I think there is benefit and I I'm gonna sound dumb right now because like I.

Don't understand the biochemistry of it there does seem to be something about this kind of like metabolic reset so to speak like every two months or whatever you have a big carb night you go to the Mexican place you get the rice and beans you get the tortillas you get the starch and then like the next day you're back on plan for some people that actually.

Can break a stall and I don't have that in the book because it's like a little dicey to recommend that for some people it helps them it even kind of helps psychologically they might find they have more even even more energy more physical energy and I don't know the science of it so for me purity really anecdotal there is if.

You're when you first start doing keto you feel very satisfied you still have like the mental hunger of like I usually snack when I watch Netflix that type of a thing but when you start eating high fat high protein low carb you feel full coming from your your typical diet that you were doing then when you do keto for.

Solo let's say you do here for six months strict then when you have some carbs the carbs are what makes you feel fuller relative to the calories then just your typical keto meal so I do think there's something to like giving your body what you're it's not used to in like sporadically can make you feel fuller.

And I also think there is maybe something to the idea like if you're just doing strict key to all the time that's what your body knows that's pretty much all I can tolerate and I think gets back to the idea of like what is healthy it's healthy having the lowest blood sugar reading at all times a lot of people doing kiddo might say.

That is healthy but also being able to thrive in an abundance of different situations like if you have to eat carbs one day so like if you just been doing keto for two years and then all you have is carbs which would never happen because we live in like the modern food supply now but if all you have is carbs you would struggle with that so I have a.

Hangover thanks exactly so I think there might be something to the idea of like carbs once in a while just to maintain your ability to handle car ability metabolic flexibility yeah yeah I think so too and I feel I'm so glad to hear you say that because I know you have a really big audience and that's that's something that people need to hear.

People are so afraid to eat anything outside that god forbid they should confess it online ah and the haters oh I can't believe you potato your you know but um it's in terms of natural it's such a dicey word but like everybody's so into ancestral living and what would our ancestors do our ancestors probably would not have been in ketosis 24/7 all.

Year round me again maybe depending on where they live but even in the far north at certain time year there are plant foods available you know they're not pop-tarts they're not um you know pretzels and granola bars but you know there might have been some some higher carb plant material available to them and it's you know I I.

Am a fan of whatever works for somebody but like to use to use one example and I'm please people listening and watching I am not disrespecting the carnivore diet I recommended the carnivore diet for certain clients that I think would really benefit from it but I find it interesting that some of the carnivores you know how robust are you how strong.

Is your body if like a tablespoon of paprika is going to lead you bedroom for three days I say that's a long time budget such a strong reaction to things but then just before I forget to get back to the like your body you know like like you were saying when you first start keto everything's great you feel awesome let's say you start a keto at.

350 pounds and you had type 2 diabetes and you had gout and you had hypertension and migraines and a whole nine yards and now you've done keto for a year or two and you literally are not the same person you were when you started so the dog that's gonna work for you now is not necessarily the diet that works for you when you were a hundred.

Pounds heavier and you know I used the example of like if you break your leg you wear a cast to help the leg heal you got it immobilize the leg and it really helps once your leg is healed you don't keep the cast off for the rest of it you take the cast off and get on with your life and I'm not saying that keto is like a cast and you broken people use it.

But it is a corrective diet it's a therapeutic diet that you can follow for your whole life but you can also try to add back in small amounts and I'm saying small amounts of carbohydrate I think that's what I would say to someone in China saying the thing is sometimes when I have some carbs and get the sugar rush it derails me from my diet and I think.

That that's pretty typical of most people depending on where you are like your journey of of health and like you know figuring out nutrition for yourself but there comes a point at least for me personally this is only anecdotal like early on we were doing this channel I was pretty afraid of carbs because I couldn't handle them and just like yeah.

Old eating habits coming back I didn't want to chance it and then we did awhile of like tracking really strictly and then eventually I just started doing intuitive eating keto and I was able to do that and just like slowly adding things back into adding like you know looser and dietary guidelines for myself so I stopped tracking and then I'm like.

Let's try doing maybe one night of weak carbs see what happens like a smaller amount and it felt fine it wasn't like I was going back to my old ways right but it's definitely a trajectory you're on but like right away if you if you want to start doing like keto with some card is probably not great especially if you have a lot of weight to lose I think.

Keno is great for that but I think basically just the way you describe like the cast analogy I kind of like that and that it's also a tool you always have to go back to – and then I'm also really quickly I think what you're saying also speaks to like our mindset right so if you want to start keto and get your health back on track but then you're.

Like when can I have my first cheat meal it's like well where are you at mentally and you talk about this a lot – it's it's it's like it's quino's not gonna fix all your problems right and if there's more to it than just like changing the foods and I know we addressed this but I just thought it'd be interesting like that again no that's.

A huge point I mean I I have this problem myself I overeat hands you know sometimes for some people keto does normalize everything they said they never eat when they're not hungry they just eat the exact amount that satisfies them and they can walk away from the table something off still you know have some habits that are not so great with.

Food even with keto food it's not like I'm eating bread and donuts but did I need to eat the family size bag of pork rinds all by myself yeah but I show me personally you know anecdotally like you were saying the carbs if I do have like those potatoes or something I love home fries like a good greasy spoon diner home.

You know I know and if I have a small amount of verbs like that with a normal meal like with my omelette and the bacon it doesn't cause me to crave more of them and maybe because of the way the digestion happens when you have it together versus I'm gonna you know not eat like I haven't eaten for 12 hours and I'm gonna have an ice cream cone in.

The middle of the afternoon that would you happily you know set me up to crave more the other way doesn't see but that might be an individual thing you know but I don't find that I don't really crave more and more when I have a small amount of starch a small amount satisfying to me like I don't even need to eat the whole serving that they give.

Me I can just have a little bit and it's great mm-hm yeah so um as you pointed out I do abuse the word natural quite a bit it's a good it's a good crutch to have because no one ever like looks into or anything so to me when I start thinking and I love asking people this when I start thinking about what is natural to me salads not.

No one's ever eating salads it's like a big salad the type we have these days it's not a food humans have ever really eaten and I did some digging I like the history of this Roman times they would have like a little bit of a salad but it was like mostly meat and like fish and there was like a garnish of greens that makes a little sense to me but when I.

Think ancestrally what makes a lot more sense is like some fruits maybe add some fruits in and I'm talking as far as plants go some fruits and then maybe even like some potatoes like sweet potatoes things like that those make more sense to me and yeah the f squash things like that those make more sense to me than like these calories sparse.

Green leafy vegetables and it's hard for me to really justify eating green leafy vegetables just in that context so what are your thoughts on that like like the green leafy vegetables um so I'm gonna Bart well hmm I'm in a bar on a lot you guys know Siobhan Huggins she works with Dave Feldman on the cholesterol code stuff No.

Okay so she she said something at I think low-carb Houston or Denver somewhere I call a year ago or so and it was the greatest line she said because people are like oh I don't eat processed food you don't eat processed foods and she said I don't care how processed something is I care about the metabolic effects and I would put that same.

Sentence toward natural I don't care how how natural something is I care about the metabolic effects so if you're someone who doesn't just want to eat a plate of nothing but steak or nothing but eggs or nothing but chicken or fish if you enjoy a salad if you enjoy cucumbers or cake I think kale is disgusting I do like.

Howard greens when they're done right you guys are living in the south you know what I mean if you like the greens eat them because they're gonna be fine for you metabolically in terms of blood sugar and insulin and weight loss and stuff like that do you need them no but if you want to eat them I think they're they're fine and I huh.

Yeah I guess I don't know if I have more to say but yes a giant bowl of salad is probably not something somebody would have had a thousand years ago or even five hundred especially not in the middle of January in the middle of December if you live in Montana where were you getting lettuce in December you know so it's I I do think though because.

I'm not I'm not a purist I know you guys have certain feelings about like the additives and artificial sweeteners and stuff I'm really not a purist I just believe in what works so like I do use artificially sweetened drinks diet sodas whatever yeah is that natural hell no can I still make it part of my diet and get the results I want yeah yeah I'm not.

A purist I do like to self-identify the things I guess it's not self-identified but identify the things I'm consuming as in relation to natural that's usually something I do so when I'm eating like this very tasty like keto desserts and stuff it's very calorie dense and then we're also adding.

Things to it to make it more palatable so I'd like to think of things on the term of like natural palatability like this is superseding that whole spectrum what do you make a keto desert things don't taste that good in nature you can't get something that tastes that good right when you're doing that it kind of tricks your body into being able.

To eat more than you normally would and you also made a good point about the home fries you were like I don't even need to eat all of the home fries and I find that to be true to like if we do a tasting menu or we go on vacation we have something that is off plan or that's that's high in carb I don't need to eat it in bulk I can.

Have a little bit of it I feel good but if there's like keto brownies I'm like well this is low carb I can eat as many as I want because the net carbs are low you know so it's like a game we also play with ourselves so I think that's interesting and I don't think people really recognize that that like something high in carbs you might eat.

Not much of but something low in carbs you'll eat a lot of yeah yeah I guess so much of it is just context-dependent though too because like for someone first starting a keto diet I think there is a lot of room for like these keto replacement desserts like kale on top is Melissa because it's better alternatives not everyone's ready for going cold.

Turkey although cold turkey could be a good way to go about it too but so yeah I think context-dependent as with everything you guys you guys know a lot dr. Troy right trocol a gianna no oh really no oh my gosh so you guys you guys aren't on Twitter as much I'm very active one or I don't do Facebook a lot he's big on.

Twitter he's not for everybody he's kind of aggressive he's got a he tells it like it is he's from New York like I am but um he's he kind of does that he has a lot of patience with binge eating disorder or food addiction he himself comes from a history of that he's he's very public about it I'm not like telling secrets on him you know he's he.

Himself has lost over 150 pounds he was morbidly obese he's an internal medicine specialist and he was morbidly obese so he's lost all the weight on keto and he he is a big fan of exactly what you were saying when he has patients with those disorders if they're not ready to just do heat or where they're not able you know mentally.

To do it right away he said let's let's replace all your stuff with other stuff you want peace can you have the quest pizza you want if chocolate is your thing can you have the sugar free can you have like Lily's chocolate or chocolate quest bar or you know chips crunchy salty have pork rinds.

Instead or have some keto chip thing like is that ideal no is that better are you on your way to doing this for real yeah so I totally totally think that's perfectly fine Trent you know transition yeah there is some underlying thing going on for sure with just like especially on YouTube things just getting more and more extreme like oh.

Really I hadn't noticed yeah because even yesterday I interviewed Cole I don't know I've heard of the snake diet but he yeah so we interviewed him he's very abrasive I think he's got some good things to say as with everyone like they've got some good things to say they got some things maybe I don't agree with I'm open to.

Listening though but yeah it seems like things are getting a lot more extreme because that's what I guess gets people to click right like you don't want to see someone being like hey guys here is my perfectly you know FDA food pyramid this is how you do it no one's click on that it's all like this extreme stuff like here's me doing a raw carnivore.

Diet that's that's the next thing now so and I wonder how much of that is just from because I know me going back like 5 years when I tried doing a vegan diet not a vegetarian diet it was like what's the I can do where I don't have to correct my eating habits but I can just eat from this set of foods and not correct anything else and it'll work for.

Me and I thought that was a vegan diet then I thought it was a keto diet and I guess it's some degree of what's a keto diet because now I've like fixed all that where I just like want to eat all the time and I have more of a handle on things but yeah it seems like everyone's just really attracted to the extremes I I could not agree more and and even for.

Myself like I was saying before I still have some bad habits and I I think though the funny thing about keto is that with like my issue whatever you want to call it I overeat but I overeat keto foods now I don't know if you guys the name Sam Feltham he's out of the UK he did this experiment a few years ago where he deliberately like force-fed.

Himself and he did it on a high carb diet and he did it on a low carb unit and on the low carb diet like forcing himself to eat massively overeating he gained weight but he gained a lot less than the calculators or whatever then the calorie numbers would have predicted and so I do think having some quote/unquote bad habits on keto is.

Probably not going to impact you as badly as it would as having those same habits on a high carb diet but I totally agree that we we bring our ma you know you know that saying wherever you go in there you are you bring you bring yourself to whatever diet you're doing so if you have an obsessive personality if you have kind of that religious like.

This is what I'm doing and I'm never doing anything else until it falls apart and then you have to do something else whether that's keto or vegan or whatever um I do think we go into things hoping this is going to fix it off and it's something we don't talk about enough that that's sometimes this this way of eating really does correct a lot of that.

Brain chemistry and cravings and stuff sometimes it doesn't because it's the opposite of like what people who are helping with actual eating issues would tell you it's like you don't do the extremely restrictive diet you actually don't restrict anything at all that's usually what's prescribed for a lot of like issues with food and I would say.

Yeah that seems good to me assuming we're in the realm of sort of natural foods but yeah I mean that's sort of my take on things it can be tough though for sure but I do think you know at least in my experience is a good first step to just getting more of a handle on things because then you're off the blood sugar rollercoaster you're just back in.

The driver's seat a little bit more yeah start start addressing things definitely and then just kind of dewine down here we got about eight minutes left you talk we've never really talked to someone about thyroid issues and how that could have weight loss uh-huh so where do we start with that well thanks for asking me.

Because it is a big issue that I think is not talked about enough I have a whole chapter on it in the book you know some people go so so the thyroid gland and I'm pointing here thought fiber gland is in urine your neck area it is the master regulator of your whole metabolic rate and so if your thyroid hormone levels are not where they need.

To be you're gonna have a really really hard time losing weight even on keto no matter how hard you exercise no matter how strictly keto you are it's gonna be really really hard to lose any body fat and for some people that start out hypothyroid or low thyroid keto fixes it they can either reduce the medication they're on or stop it all together and.

That's great that doesn't happen for everybody I'm actually on thyroid medicine keto didn't fix me um but the problem with thyroid is that a lot of doctors don't run the appropriate tests so if you know that you have screaming signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism if you don't know what those are just search for them now if you find yourself.

Nodding yes to like eight out of ten or ten out of twelve symptoms or even only a few and your doctor has told you your thyroid as normal or it's fine make sure you had the right testing because most doctors will only run one or two tests and those could be normal but you have to look at the full comprehensive thyroid panel because you might see that.

One or two or three of those are way off and it's I see this all the time so I kind of have a biased viewpoint of it because who's coming to me people that are having trouble losing weight right if you went keto and it worked like a charm you probably don't have a thyroid problem if you are doing everything.

Right you've already addressed the fact you're not eating too many carbs you're not overdoing this bad you know you're getting enough sleep all that stuff is where it needs to be and it's still not working look look at thyroid and yeah I just it's way more common in women men do have it.

It's way more common in women why is it more confident with it I don't know I'm sure somebody knows it's probably well I can't even speculate I don't women just seem to have a lot more hormonal dysregulation we have so one form of hypothyroidism is is autoimmune Akashi motos disease and women for whatever reason are way more.

Susceptible to autoimmune conditions but not all hypothyroidism is autoimmune so not all of its that okay and then we got a question from chat donuts asks how can you prevent metabolism from slowing down and particularly as you lose weight make sure you're eating enough food don't go too low on food what do you think is a reasonable deficit it's hard oh man it's.

Hard to say I 15% maybe okay maybe cuz you won't you won't be super uncomfortable maybe more but then I would say every now and then have a couple of days where you're eating kind of a normal amount and then restrict again like that's what they would do in a protease modified fast it's not that's not meant to be done forever you do it.

It's hard then you eat normally then you do it it's hard eat normally but I also think you want to build as much muscle as you can because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn through sitting on your behind on the couch like like it's expensive metabolically just to have muscle on your body so I think that um there's there's a reason a.

Lot of body builders can eat a lot of calories and not gain fat and it's not it's not necessarily because they're like on the treadmill but it's because of the muscle mass they have yeah you can actually learn a lot from bodybuilders about losing weights they they sorta it's very their job so they know all the secrets there's a lot of.

Bro science mixed in there too but a big one I learned is usually like this is the mistake I made when I for graduated college and I wanted to lose weight I had like 20 pounds to lose I just put in like 1500 calories today let's do that set it and forget it I think ideally what you want to do is you got to recalculate every so often so you.

Want to do like you said 15% calorie deficit maybe the larger you are the more way you have to lose the more of a deficit you could get away with maybe yes and you want to adjust that every month every two weeks to a month so that you're slowly titrating down the calories instead of doing it all at once where you have this extreme deficit that.

Seems to damage your metabolism more if you just do the extreme deficit and then how about fasting I know a lot of people say fasting even intermittent fasting helps preserve metabolism are you of that opinion reserve metabolism I I don't know honestly I don't know preserve my tablet like yeah they say has more muscle sparing I think Megan.

Remos we interviewed that she just said I don't know if there's actually studies with are currently running studies where they do like isocaloric one group is fasted one group is not not fasted and the lean mass they retain at the end of the diet is higher something like that she referenced I don't know I think I think if done properly cute or low carb.

Preserves metabolic rate too because you shouldn't need a huge deficit you know or like you're almost not even really in a deficit because you're you your body has enough energy available to you're burning your store and body fat but I that's that's not my area of expertise I do have a chapter on intermittent fasting in the book but it's more to say.

That fasting of any kind long term or just intermittent time restricted is not required it can help and it can be beneficial for a number of different reasons but you don't have to fast to get results with this way of eating okay and yeah I guess that's gonna wind it down here guys this is the book again its stall Slayer calm and the book is.

Called the sauce lair and you have a coupon code it's Keo Connect 15% and you can I was watching your video on it you can either print it out or you got like two formats right there's a single page version had a booklet format yeah the both if you're gonna print it out at home and you just want to conserve paper the booklet format is.

Like half-caf the number of pages and you can print it out in black and white again if you're gonna do it in home and you don't want to waste all the color ink I think the pictures are cute you kind of want them in color but you can print in a black and white in the book the content doesn't really lose any meaning I don't think just real quick.

Before we end congratulations on Parenthood I don't think I've seen you in person since your son was born no we haven't left the house much yeah it's it's a lot of work but it's great especially now that he's like 7 months old these smiles you can like see it changes day to day like a personality now right yeah yeah first it's like I.

Compared it to a frying pan that you're just like you have to take care of it as no personality it just takes it cries that's for like the first month and then it starts smiling and hard just as difficult to clean when it's really messy right yeah I don't know nothing's harder to clean that a cast iron skillet yeah and then.

Guys I just wanted to share with you really quick her her blog it's actually really good she does it pretty in-depth articles on different topics like you guys going here GaN Quito still struggle with food you're not alone she's talking about her book she updates this pretty frequently too and there's a lot of just well researched articles and stuff so.

Definitely check that out it's – it nutrition calm and you have the first book to the Alzheimer's antidote right right right so I wrote a book about Alzheimer's people can bed that's a real book people can find that on Amazon it's called the Alzheimer's antidote so I like alliteration I have Stoll Slayer and all yeah yeah so.

We talked a lot about her first book on the podcast we did with her you guys can find that on our website kitto foreign armies an interview with Amy Berger but yeah I think that's gonna wrap it up where can everyone find you cool so I think you said it too at nutrition calm tea uit nutrition calm or stall Slayer calm I do have a YouTube channel I see.

You link to that thank you and I'm reactive on twitter my handle is to it nutrition and I'm supposed to speak at low-carb San Diego in August so if that hopefully happens I'll be there a lot of in August yeah I got to get up on the Twitter action who are the big follows that's like bringing the heat on Twitter.

Oh Ted naman okay ken berries use on Twitter too that guy trow that got choked Allegiant he's big there's a lot of Quito Quito people on Twitter Shaun Baker is is huge on Twitter as well I'll check it out you gotta be like I know you really it seems like people are doing battle on Twitter right I think they're doing battle.

Everywhere on that way I like to in times like this honestly when everyone's doing battle I like to be in my bunker and just try remembering like what the focus is trying to make videos that help people yeah so that's what I try to do but it is it's really easy and it's fun to make videos attacking the opposing diet attacking the opposition it's so.

Fun send you rallied the troops everyone's on your team you're like let's get them well I'm like you said that's what get clicked that's what gets clicks and like for better or worse yeah well this is great thanks so much for coming on yeah take care everybody thanks for watching have a good one.

How to Break a Weight Loss Stall - Interview with Amy Berger
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