Healing Your Body on a Budget – Interview with Ketoginja

Healing Your Body on a Budget – Interview with Ketoginja

Healing Your Body on a Budget – Interview with Ketoginja

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And we're live what's going on guys we are here and you can see we got a co-host a special guest who is going to be bothering us throughout this but that's okay yep usually he's napping or we have some arrangement with like a babysitter or something for these but today he's there he's just off screen.

So i'll be handing him stuff we have a basket of goodies for him yeah so this is our wait this is our ongoing interview series and this time we have a normie which i think you guys like the best as opposed to the experts her name is keto jinja and she has a youtube channel.

It's right here keto ginger which i'll also link this in chat and in the description of this video i haven't actually watched a ton of her videos but she must be doing something right she's got 50 000 subscribers close to she's lost i think 120 pounds she's also here on instagram ketogenja.

She's dropped 120 pounds on keto photographer recipe creator youtube lady boy mom wife autism advocate oh i'm a boy mom too yay and here she is how's it going keto and ginger hey guys we should probably go with amanda because okay you know what if people run into me.

Out in public and want to say hi they always say hey i'm convinced that they don't know my actual name yeah i didn't know it well it's right there yeah it's on your phone but you are definitely a ginger that yeah is that what it is i'm your hair color okay yes it's a it's.

A play on ginger and ninja because i'm a ninja in the kitchen ginger i'm punny i'm a huge dork like so if it makes me laugh i just put it out there perfect that's great yeah so um tell us a little bit about your story i don't know much about it you found keto and you've lost.

120 pounds what was your process for finding it were you like yeah it's a double-edged sword for me story-wise because most people go into keto i think with a weight loss journey in mind um i started keto three years ago i've had my youtube channel for two years so.

I started my channel when i hit my one year anniversary of keto i lost 120 pounds in 11 months in 11 months the reason that i started was i've suffered from this autoimmune skin condition called i'm gonna butcher the name it's.

Super hard to say hydrogenitus super rativa hs is the shortened version and it's basically an autoimmune condition that causes all kinds of cysts and disruptions in your skin so you get these enormous infections and scarring and boil it's horrific now.

It's coming into the light as being a more well-known condition now but i've suffered with this since i was a little kid the answer was always lose weight you go to the doctor they tell you lose weight lose weight lose weight what they weren't saying is stop the inflammation in your body.

Because that's what the problem was i didn't go into this to lose weight i went into this to see if it could reverse my skin condition because i had suffered for so many years i was embarrassed and i'm an esthetician so to have this like crippling skin condition.

And be so aware of it and be in beauty it was just difficult but inflammation started slowly going away but i didn't have success with the skin condition right away what i did have success with right away was weight loss the scale wow so in one month i lost 30 pounds.

Which to me a light bulb went off when i said oh hey i'm probably allergic to literally everything that i've been eating so weight loss was a symptom of keto for me along with many other things but i always try and remind people yes weight loss is an incredible benefit to eat a keto but it is probably one of.

The last most important things for me personally so have you done any research surrounding hs that talks about whether weight loss really will help with it or like cutting out sugar and carbs will help with it or is there not a lot of research out there at all it's.

Finally starting to come out because it's been one of those things where people would go to the dermatologist and the doctor and they had no idea what it was i ended up diagnosing myself and going to the dermatologist with the name like hey this is what i have and that's how i got started now the deal with the weight loss.

Is you're more likely to have issues in places that have excess skin excess fat excess folds just like any kind of rashford skin condition but eating that way reducing the inflammation in my body is the only way that i can keep it away the second i start ingesting sugar let's say that i go.

Ham and i have a few days off i will have an issue and it's been years since i've had any kind of issue with it so as soon as i eat off the rails for more than a day or two if everything comes back everything so like all the flaring and stuff is that kind of instant like do you find it um like if.

You had like a doughnut like in an hour you see a difference or does it take a while it takes a while if i had one donut or one day that was off plan i would more than likely be okay but if i just went back to my horrible way of eating that i did before.

I would be a mess in no time yeah okay so did you when you first started have trouble sticking to it and like what was your history because a lot of people in this day and age they've tried a bunch of diets they were not really able to stick to any of them how was keto different i've lost.

This is embarrassing i've lost a massive amount of weight three times total in my life the first time i did atkins i was very young i was like 18 19 years old and i did atkins in the way where basically all i ate was low-carb processed food so low-carb lean cuisines hot dogs all of.

The easy keto food because i didn't know what i was doing um so i did atkins lost a ton of weight not the healthiest way but i did and i kept it off for about 10 years then i got pregnant with my first son and put on 80 pounds i put on 80 pounds with my first pregnancy had my son three months later surprised.

I'm pregnant with his brother so whoa back to back they're only a year apart and the total right yes yes that's lincoln and levi they're both on the autism spectrum which i didn't know then but fast forward and all of those symptoms i was talking about about.

Having more energy starting to lose weight feeling more exuberant about my life my kids needed that yes they couldn't have some uncomfortable heavy no energy mom because i had to mom even extra as hard as momming is you throw in unique needs with two of them.

That are a year apart and i i was scared that i wasn't gonna be able to be the mom they needed yeah so is there any specific things you do when you're doing keto that have helped you stick to it and have such success that maybe other people could learn from like what are some tips or like some.

Staples that you have helps you stay my staples are my basics so eggs avocados frozen broccoli frozen cauli rice cream cheese sour cream foods like that are things that i absolutely always have in my arsenal and if you guys check out my ebook my recipes from recipe to recipe a lot.

Of them have the same ingredients but they're made differently so my food never gets boring i could eat cauliflower rice every day of the week in a different way and it would taste like a totally different meal my husband was a meat and potatoes rice-a-roni you know instant taters man.

When i met him and now he's able to stick to keto because all of the food that we make is fat kid keto it still tastes like your fat kid favorites you still feel like you're having this indulgent southern delicious meal but it's low carb so anything i'm craving i make a keto.

And that's how it works we have your ebook pulled up i love the name fat kid keto and i love that picture of you such a fun photo shoot like my dream thing to do i'm a photographer so if you ever want to do something fun i got you girl yeah i definitely want to do like i want to do like breastfeeding photos so.

Oh it's my my favorite all black and white we'll talk later so you making all these delicious recipes with these staple ingredients do your kids also like enjoy it and they like they have fun do they get involved i think that's probably gonna be a great part of having kids if.

You scroll through my videos my kids love to cook and having them involved even if it's something that they won't necessarily eat they're excited that it exists oh yeah a lot of kids on the spectrum have very limited palettes and what they will.

And won't eat so we basically push all of the low sugar low carb things that they love and pepper in the things that they can't live without okay so they're on the path i would it's my dream one day that my entire family is eating a beautiful sugar-free.

Low-carb diet and i feel like we'll get there one day um but they definitely they know what keto is which i think is so cool because they're little they're like five and that's cool yeah yeah yeah so just out of curiosity because i like.

To relive my childhood what are those things they can't live without that are like high carb um like hash brown castle wow that's something that i missed so much so i have a loaded cauliflower rice that tastes exactly like a homemade hash brown casserole.

And then i have a broccoli dish that's similar that's the fact that broccoli that was kind of my claim to flame fame if you will like russell kind of set off my instagram with the fact that broccoli and we just kept compounding on the fat kid thing because i'm gonna be real with you guys if i was gonna die.

Tomorrow i would run to publix and eat an entire birthday cake i would not run and get i would do that yeah i feel like i would i would turn to drugs yeah right well that's yeah sugar is a drug yeah i would go immediately to all of those comfort foods and i make no.

Bones about it i'm not one of those keto ers that's like oh my god you ate a mcdonald's french fry how dare you like i'm just not that girl i'm not the one you know i will still have a chicken nugget from time to time and i'm going to be okay.

Because the alternative i was eating an entire dozen of doughnuts and talking down a frappuccino that was this big so all the choices that i've made are so much better even if i have an off day or a slightly higher carb day i'm still doing wonderous things for my people yeah that's a really good.

Perspective i think people fail to have it's like um everyone's all or nothing right and so like if they have a bad day they have a bad week they have a bad month and then all of a sudden they're just off you know so have you had any like fall off the keto wagon moments for like weeks.

Many um i am not at my lowest weight right this moment now where i i hadn't gone completely off the rails i had had a birthday he wants to talk to me he knows i know he's a big talker.

You know that yeah he knows i'm a boy mom he's like the lady okay you yeah i get it totally get it if my kids were here this would be upside down um we had a hurricane and it was the first time that i took a.

Long period of time off because i let my anxiety get the best of me which is my biggest trigger if i'm scared or sad or angry or any kind of negative emotion i will immediately start to crave unhealthy food so not knowing what was going on with.

The storm i just ate everything in sight put on like 20 pounds over the course of a couple of months because i'd have two good days three bad days right so on and so forth what i had to realize for myself this year was my my past mental health and my relationship with food was.

Very very toxic and very unhealthy my inner dialogue and my inner narrative was very abusive to myself when i was heavier and when the scale would go up i was not kind to myself at all i was my own worst enemy i would say awful things and feel awful things.

So i struggled with eating disorders when i was younger so i was scared to try keto because i thought having to be so in tune with the numbers and the math and tracking everything that scared me when i track that rigidly i go to a bad place so i learned if that means that i'm.

Going to be a few pounds heavier and that's my easy to maintain without thinking and obsessing weight then i need to be happy there so that's what i've gone through this year is realizing that maybe what my goal number was.

Wasn't necessarily a mentally healthy number or a physically healthy number because i still want to truly enjoy my life yeah i could not agree more especially after becoming a mom and then like putting on weight and coming to terms with the fact that like we're told we want to lose weight at all.

Times right like the diet industry is huge but you're putting on weight how do you how are you all of a sudden supposed to embrace that i really struggled with that i had a lot of negative self-talk so what what how did you work through the negative self-talk like what have you done to implement.

To help with that because i think a lot of people struggle with that it gives me goosebumps i think all of us struggle with that even if we can't be transparent and admit that we struggle with it i think some of the most confident people are probably dealing with something internal that that they need.

To address for me i'm very lucky like you i have an incredible partner i have a support system that he just gasses me up at every chance he gets it doesn't matter what i'm doing i'm washing the car i'm pulling leaves he's cheering and.

I needed someone like that and whether i was 280 pounds or a hundred and thirty pounds he never stopped touching my butt or telling me that i was beautiful 900 times a day i've never had that before yeah i think a lot of people don't love me like that before and that was a game changer.

For me yeah that is amazing and that's amazing to hear like when i was pregnant and i felt like bad about myself matt would say like you're so sexy he would just remind me time after time and i think that having that like one person or even just like family members saying.

You look good absolutely my bestie i i have a couple of really amazing girlfriends in my life that boost me up when i'm like that as well um this is so silly uh i'm really big on literally looking in the mirror and telling myself that i'm awesome so if i start to kind of spiral and i.

Feel myself slipping into this dark hole of oh my god this is how much you weigh today or i start seeing myself getting weird i just have like a come to jesus in the mirror sometimes i'll put on a crown sometimes i'll put on my wedding veil and i just stare at myself and remind myself about what's awesome.

And it's super cheesy and you're gonna feel like a weirdo doing it but it helps it helps you have to gas yourself up yeah and just be grateful for what you have you have two beautiful sons an amazing husband it sounds like so what would you say to people who have.

Toxic relationships with friends family or like their spouse isn't supportive and is like pushing you to eat junk food this happens all the time yes it does and i hear that a lot and i think a lot of people end up getting sabotaged by outside influences even more than themselves because they go after dinner and get.

Made fun of because they ordered something low-carb and the the easy answer to me because i am very i'm very comfortable with my decisions about what i'm eating and i have been for a long time so i just tell people to mind their business.

Or i educate them in a passive aggressive way talking about you know the dangers of sugar and the differences that it's made in my life i mean have you been able to eliminate your anxiety your depression your autoimmune disease your heartburn your insomnia.

Like when you put it out there in a way then they feel like it's cool do you yeah yeah you have to educate them a little bit you know yeah no i totally agree but yeah i think that also comes from all your experience and just being a mom and an advocate for so many things that like you have that.

Confidence but i think a lot of people are insecure about their their like diet choices which boggles my mind like if you're making a positive change for yourself that should exude confidence right that should be like no one can tear me down but i think people really struggle with that so yeah.

Why this is a totally you know i could open a can of worms about this but why are we so embarrassed and ashamed of trying to better ourselves why is that the immediate place that we go to like i don't understand why it isn't like if someone's going to the gym every.

Day they post about it right they check in here i am i'm at the gym but when someone's eating healthy it's like they get picked on and i don't really understand that at all i know like in even in law school or like even now like if you go to the office like someone's.

There's that guy who's drinking like a full you know sugar soda and like having a snickers bar or a neutral green bar for breakfast and that's just so normalized in our society so if you have like eggs and bacon and avocado people are like blown away they're like bacon's bad for you avocado that's really high in fat like there's just.

Yeah i get my breakfast i get frustrated i still do because i am really of the camp of we've all been lied to the food pyramids not a real thing whatever you learned in fourth grade about nutrition is now a moot point and i wish and hope and pray that our medical providers and our nutritionists.

That are currently in school are getting new information yeah or at least being open to it i i honestly don't believe they're getting new information but like at least educate yourself right yeah fingers crossed um so yeah a lot of people are saying that they.

Amanda's chili is life people love your recipes this is so great everyone loves you this is my stuff is easy mega it's easy it's the kind of stuff where when someone goes oh my god i can't even make toast i'm like i've got you yeah throw a block of cream cheese here.

Throw a bag of this there it's easy food that i was able to cook while i had a kid on each hip and you know it's uh dogs under my feet my life was chaotic but i was determined to stick to it it's all stick to your ribs food that you could feed non-keto people and that was important.

For me because when i first started it was just me yeah dan came on board eventually because he wanted to eat all the delicious food but when it was just me i had to coax him over so i got creative so how was your how have any of your relationships like.

Outside of your immediate family changed with your weight loss like you know negative responses yes um when i got down to my lowest weight which for me was 130 which is crazy because i'm like five eight and a half wow that's tiny whoa if i track my macros and really.

Stick to it my body will go there naturally so i had to implement more fats and more calories and kind of find the right rhythm for me personally um but yeah i mean i had a lot of family that was oh my gosh you're too skinny and um you know it's.

Just thanksgiving eat the mashed potatoes i'm like i don't want to tell you that if i eat the mashed potatoes you could potentially derail all of this amazing work that i've done for myself mentally physically like it's not just about the mashed potatoes and if i want to eat them i will but please don't.

Push me yeah yeah i know it's we're not depriving ourselves but like other people's insecurities come out when you're making the better choices you know absolutely and they're like well i'm eating a plate full of mashed potatoes so everyone has to do it you know it's like misery loves company kind of thing.

Especially around the holidays i found that alcohol is another thing that really gets pressure like full disclosure i'm not a big drinker i'm really not um i am one of those people that when i want to go out and have a girls night i will drink a.

Ton of margaritas and i restart the next day because that's what i like to drink i'm not one of those people that tries to find room in my day for like a glass of wine i don't i don't love it that much so i drink so infrequently that's never been an issue for me i go out sober with my friends all the.

Time but in the beginning i felt peer pressure they're ordering me like these shots with all the sugar and all these things and i'm like i don't want to be rude but i also would like to feel supported yeah if i told you that i was diabetic and i was literally allergic to the shot.

That you're pouring me would you still make me feel bad about not taking it probably not yeah i probably not probably not um yeah it is crazy i know the peer pressure is wild from like people so close to you it's it's crazy that happens but um let's.

Talk a little bit about your videos so i was browsing through them today amazing content first of all all your thumbnails are so good do you do all the editing and everything yourself i can't even believe you're saying that because i feel like such an amateur but yes that's phenomenal what's funny is because i'm a.

Photographer and a videographer for a living you would expect that i would be filming everything on fancy equipment and all the bells and whistles and i do not i do everything from my phone so i can be in the car line picking up my kids editing videos like i have to multitask with every step that i take.

So i do whatever is easy enough for me to get the content that is so inspirational just like mom of the year and also like youtuber of the year but i love that i mean you do a lot of similar content to us like on packaging days of eating uh find that like whole foods in walmart.

So what are some of your like best keto finds that you found like in grocery stores because oh i have so many of these okay i have so many um i'm an aldi lunatic i'm obsessed with aldi because all of the things that are all the brand they come with more.

In the packaging and they're cheaper perfect example like palm crisp you get twice the amount in the aldi brand bag for half the price so all the aldi is ridiculous but not everyone has that so walmart is where i find some of the newest and greatest keto things and that always.

Surprises me because you wouldn't expect for walmart to be clued up but i even found a little aisle in my walmart that had just keto stuff it was a little end cap but everything not healthy keto but still you know it was like everything there was keto so they're.

Making an effort like real good foods at walmart that's one of my favorite things to pick up because i'm super busy i do really like to occasionally have those kinds of things instead of just ordering something so walmart has an awesome selection of those and then also i love jerky i love jerky any kind of.

Jerky meat cheese stick that's my go-to um there are these during the week where my lunch is legit a meat and a cheese stick and a handful of almonds that's why keto works because i can get my lunch at the gas station but yeah walmart has a lot of really good finds the the biggest tip i'll give.

You about walmart is they all have different stuff so if you have more than one walmart in your immediate area you have to check them both because one of my walmarts carries a bunch of like pure products the stevia pure and my other one has none oh okay.

So weird it's regional at least but so where are you what's your big city where are you from i'm cl i grew up in fort lauderdale but i currently live in new smyrna beach which is just south of daytona okay cool yeah you guys are in atlanta yeah yeah yeah we're pretty close we should.

Definitely talk about a collab afterwards but yeah i know i'm like i want to do a keto dinner party i think that would be so much fun that would be amazing and we'd get our kids together i know it would be awesome yeah and like got cancelled i was i know or.

Rescheduled i guess i was devastated that was such an impactful thing for me last year when we went just getting to be in a like-minded arena with so many people that yeah because you know we're all like a bunch of evangelists if your life has been changed by keto.

You're like hear the good word this is what it's done for me so to be in this hall of people that all have the same thing going on was incredible yeah it really is and and it's cool to meet people that you've been talking to or following online for so long absolutely um yeah we i was like super super.

Pregnant like 38 weeks so like that was not gonna happen i knew it i knew it no way but we're definitely planning on going this year so hopefully next year we will i'm happy to hear that i know it's so um i know people were really disappointed but i also applaud them for.

Being able to make that decision i mean there's a lot of hard decisions going around for everyone right now yeah it's a weird time to be alive yeah right to tell our kids that this is what we live through um but going back to your video so you also do full day of eatings which i.

Love to watch people's full day of eating so walk us through a day of eating now and then also i'd love to hear like when you first started what a day of eating look like if you remember when i first started i was starving starving so breakfast for me was a full deal.

I would have a giant cup of bulletproof coffee not because i need it i just adore it i absolutely love it um and bacon and eggs then for lunch i would usually do a huge romaine salad with caesar dressing and grilled chicken and then dinner would be steak and a veggie.

So i ate that exact meal for the first month because i didn't want to mess it up i was like i know that this is what i can have and that this sticks to the program let's do exactly this and see where it gets us i lost 30 pounds i was hooked what was in your bulletproof coffee.

Um a tablespoon of regular butter because i was not carry golding okay yeah so it was like regular smegular butter a splash of half and half because i don't care for heavy cream in my coffee the half and half is very very similar in macro so i just.

Make it work um and just a regular cup of coffee and that was it nice yeah that was it mct oil upset my stomach so i stayed away from it that wasn't for me now and there's a lot of yeah a lot of people think mct oil isn't necessary but.

Clearly you did it without that first month and you lost 30 pounds and you've lost a lot since so mct oil like do you find any products that like are necessary for you only one okay only one um after that first couple of months of the regular.

Bulletproof coffee i started adding in a collagen i do the preferred elements collagen and that has a little bit of mct oil powder in it that is the only mct oil that i consume is in my collagen so i still drink the exact same cup of bulletproof coffee every day but now it has a scoop of chocolate collagen in it.

And then black coffee is the only other coffee that i drink so i have one cup like that a day and lots of black coffee and speaking of the collagen i actually watched one of your day of eating where you talked about it and you mentioned that it helps with the extra skin so.

Do you have any tips because you lost a lot of weight and i i always forget that like with that comes some skin right that is left i will need skin removal surgery on my stomach okay because i have lost massive amounts of weight twice and the kids back to back.

And i'm apple shaped i had everything going for me to like destroy my stomach you know um so that's where the majority of my loose skin is but like my legs and my arms everything more or less when i'm back to normal i lift weights in the house at home.

Every day and i've done that since the beginning just if i was having like a food craving that i couldn't kick i would do something active little weights in the house or dancing in my living room something to distract me away from the craving and that helped tremendously but i also love just cocoa butter lotion.

The cheap stuff like yeah butter vitamin e cheap stuff cocoa butter lotion and you found that helps and like and the collagen as well you said right yep collagen as well i think the collagen had so much to do with why my arms didn't get super saggy because my arms were very.

Very large i definitely have some skin yeah but for how much i lost my arm should be a problem like i don't think i'll need skin removal surgery on my arms and i attribute a lot of that to cocoa butter and collagen amazing yeah um i definitely used cocoa butter on my belly when i was pregnant still got the.

Stretch marks which i'm fine with now like i don't even care like i was so worried about those when i got pregnant when i saw them i was like freaking out and now i'm like look at what i have like i have this amazing little baby like who cares exactly i look at mine.

And they're a journey like it's a match just like my tattoos or anything else i'm also one of those people that even at you know 280 pounds if i wanted to wear a two-piece i would have you know it's no one's business what i'm putting out there like yes you have to feel confident but.

I felt just as beautiful as heavy amanda as i do as thinner amanda the mindset was more about i feel so good right now and i don't ever want to lose that feeling so had i felt like this heavy i don't know that it ever would have been is.

Pressing for me i just have so much energy all the time and as a mom and running around like a lunatic and still being able to like really power through i i that's all keto you know yeah that's amazing we definitely we definitely need it yeah so so a full day of eating what it looks.

Like now and then also we'll chat on in the beginning if you included desserts because it sounded like you did it that first month so first month no um full day of eating now is is more complicated i don't do breakfast i would say that i intermittent fast almost every day i only eat between the.

Hours of 1pm and 9 pm every single day i don't wake up hungry so i typically will do black coffee and water until my first meal which is usually the bulletproof coffee at one pm then about an hour or two later whenever i'm hungry i have a little bit of lunch.

It's usually egg salad or tuna salad or if i have dinner leftovers i'm very easy to please if it's just me i can do a handful of cubed cheese and a few pieces of bacon and that's lunch my appetite isn't as ravenous now you know it's like my my internal clock doesn't need as much.

Right and then dinner we eat a lot of steak i'm gonna be real we probably eat steak like four days a week all different cuts all you know sometimes it's a cheapy sirloin sometimes it's a rib eye i find to be the most satisfied with a piece of beef and a green vegetable yeah no we definitely do a lot of steak.

And it's good for theo for the iron so we've been doing a lot more so when into your journey did you find that because you said you were starving in the beginning so when did that start to taper off it took about a month it took about a month and when i say that i was eating.

Breakfast lunch and dinner i'm talking big portions girl like i think until i was stuffed slap full because i didn't want to ever allow myself to feel hungry or feel like i was being deprived and that's always what's worked about this for me is that if i have a night.

Where i want to have an enormous plate of low carb food i can so it allows me that flexibility i don't have to scrimp and scrutinize every morsel that goes into my mouth as long as it's on this list of foods so what what would you say are like your top three tips for.

Starting out because it seems like you had a lot of success you had the right mindset going in as well uh educate yourself and the side this goes with educate yourself but while you are educating yourself start tapering off the obvious sugars and the obvious carbs.

You know yeah i didn't dive right into keto i knew that low carb was sustainable for me because i had done it before so i started eating low carb and eliminating all of the obvious the soda the bread the rice the pasta while i educated myself on what keto was and.

What it was about i watched more thomas lauer than anyone else uh yeah i really like science and for me to be able to listen to someone explain all of the ins and outs in a way that i could understand there were just things and trigger.

Phrases that made sense to me so everything clicked for me from watching his videos um i watched a lot of you guys and dr barry and i love suzanne there are so many incredibly inspirational people to turn to and i just took tidbits from everybody.

I took what worked for me and left what didn't and i still continue to do that there are some very very very strict keto channels that would tell you that that nothing about what i do is keto and that's okay if it works for me it works for me you know there are like facebook groups that won't let you join if you drink.

Bulletproof coffee yeah i mean there's there's every type of person out there and yeah exactly finding what works for you and you've had success um i've had success in my own ways so it's like we we and we both do it very very differently so it all comes down to you which is.

Which i know people hate to hear they want like the blueprint of how to do it but um do you have any i think that's great advice though that's like the biggest most important advice is that you can never ever ever compare or imitate someone else's journey and expect the same results.

It will not happen i can have two women same height same weight eat the exact same things they will lose weight differently they will have benefits at a different rate we are all biologically so incredibly different and you have to know that going in and accept that going in.

Not everyone is going to be neighbor barb that lost 90 pounds in 13 minutes you know not everyone is going to have that experience some will you know people want everything now so you have to change it knowing that it will happen eventually we're definitely a society of instant.

Gratification and people want like you said results now and that's just taking away from the future opportunity because you burn out and you feel like it's too restrictive and then you just stop all together and you feel like keto didn't work for me exactly.

And i hear that all the time and the people that are saying that are the people that were keto for three days and then not for five and then they were for three you have to give it a real running start i always tell new people take that first few weeks or however long it is for you to educate yourself.

Make your mind up but then when you pull that rip cord give it 30 solid days give it 30 solid days of absolutely no no cheats no off plan anything and and commit to yourself because what's 30 days we've already been quarantining for more than half a year so i'm pretty sure.

You can handle 30 days of doing something different and i think the effects are so crazy after a month of sticking to keto no one could tell you any different yeah you know and so what about like adding like working out and things like that.

When did it come to you and do you think that's a good idea to like jump right into doing everything like tracking changing your diet and exercising no i think i don't i think it's i think it's overwhelming to change everything all at once no matter what it is that we're talking about you know.

I think giving yourself permission to kind of grieve one change at a time like okay we're gonna work on food and when i feel really good about that and i feel really confident about that i know i could go to ihop and not order pancakes i know that i could order bacon and.

Sausage when you get to that point then let's bring in something new i think that is so much more sustainable and since this is supposed to be a lifestyle and something that you adapt to for the rest of your life it doesn't have to be all or nothing you know you can wade into it yeah i.

Love that you said grieve that change like you don't look at it like that but it is it's that kind of a change has such a big impact on you and we're acting as if it's like something just so easy to flip a switch overnight we can do all these different things but.

It's so drastic and and i love that you phrased it like that a lot more perspective yeah incredibly drastic because you have to think right like standard american diet me would have been like oh i had a really hard day let's do an easy dinner and it would have been packet of sugary oatmeal with sliced.

Bananas with toast on the side and to me i thought i was eating something healthy you know like i really truly did so until you feel confident enough that you know that you're doing this for the greater good it just takes time i think everyone would love to just dive in and do it perfect but i.

Surely didn't you know oh my gosh so cute i'm gonna die so let's talk uh this is a big one cheat meals cheat days because people before they even start the diet they'll be like when can i have my first cheat day we're like all right let's let's flip the mindset right there.

But yeah go shoot tell me everything about it hate that i i don't want to say hey i really truly dislike that narrative when people ask that because to me if you're asking me that question you're not ready to make real changes you're just not like everyone likes.

Birthday cake i get that but for the most part you should be doing this for more than just to lose a few pounds and fit into a dress right most people have a health connection a mental health connection a weight loss connection this is a fundamental choice that you're making to.

Change your life but that same person could go to the doctor and just get a random prescription written to them for weight loss and it would go right down the house you can tell them like you can have a cheat meal just take this pill and they would so you have to escape.

That mentality in order to you know you have to make yourself do it you just have to so how long until you had your first off keto meal or day like seven months wow that's a lot that's because that's happening yeah yeah and so and i.

Wasn't my history with food had been i had had a lot of times in my life where i was not good to myself with food you know i had issues with eating disorders and binge eating and all of these you know this psychosis basically regarding eating so when i first started there was still.

A part of me that really wanted to control everything so i went seven months yeah i was scared i was scared and then you know once i did try and added in a thing here and there i felt like crap i feel like crap and like one off planned day and i'm up.

Seven pounds on the scale that's frustrating yeah it's it's definitely not easy um mentally or physically and for me i i found the same until until pretty recently until after i had theo i found myself shying away and even scared of foods which i don't think is a healthy way to.

Live so what for you change that because i'm assuming you're not scared of foods anymore not at all um i didn't i did not want to have any anxiety or depression regarding nutrition okay so i didn't want anything about the foods that i was eating to have any kind of negative power in my.

Mind so i basically had made my mind up okay this is a way of life this isn't a diet because a diet is restrictive i just no longer eat these things these are the things i eat these are the things i do not eat and i just kept it that simple and that.

Whole play on words in my brain it wasn't i can't have this it's i don't eat this yeah and that changed everything for me because i wasn't punishing myself anymore wasn't punishing myself for having the cravings and wanting this and that because you know i.

Was able to remind myself that's fine that you want that but you don't eat that anymore and that was really helpful and talking myself away from things that i shouldn't be consuming i still have a bad day now and again um because you know like i said if i was.

Gonna it was my last day yeah i wouldn't be eating pork rinds and that's just the truth no i don't i honestly i don't think anyone should or would yeah um but yeah reframing it for sure is definitely it's hard to do but it makes a lot of sense to refrain in the.

Sense like what you're eating does directly affect how you feel and i think before i went keto matt always talks about this like he never correlated like oh i have a big pasta meal and i'm tired it must just be i'm tired for some reason as opposed to like the pasta.

Really affecting you and i think people unless until you experience it yourself it's really totally understand it i totally agree with you like if i get kicked out of ketosis for a day or two i am pathetic like i'm tired i want to nap during the day i don't want to go to the.

Plans that i made i really it brings out a hermity lazy uncomfortable person and i don't like her as much you know i just don't so whatever i have to do to be this version that is you know boosting up other people in their day and being a.

Supportive place of light for everyone in my life that i love i want to continue to be able to be that for people and the only way that i can do that is to mix the sugar yeah yeah i think once also people are depending on you and you want to live like till 90 then it makes a.

Big difference for sure yeah um so i'm sure you've hit a plateau here or there and that's one of our other big questions like when you hit a plateau what do you do egg fast butter and ground beef fast like all these create like cleanses all of those things man i've tried them.

All i can never make it more than 24 hours i'm gonna be real with you i love eggs but how many ways can you eat an egg what always happens to me with those kinds of beef fasts or butter fats and what always happens is i just don't eat.

I just end up fasting you know after a day of that i'm like this is miserable i don't want any more eggs so i like long-term fasting if i hit a plateau i will fast for 24 to 48 hours i still consume black coffee lots of water lots of electrolytes i take.

Supplements and will also drink like bone broths and some pickle juice i know some people water fast that's not for me um yeah i do still include the broths and that sort of thing but fasting will break my plateau every time so do you find that it just breaks the plateau and that mentally feels good.

And even if you're not actually continuously losing weight after the fact um i do usually though like i know that would probably be different for everyone but for me personally if i do a relatively long fast i jump start my weight loss again.

And i think part of that is because my appetite shrinks a little bit if you eat less you know for a couple of days your stomach's a little smaller you don't need as much food so i think your body gets comfortable running on its fat storage so you don't need quite much so yeah i've always had.

Success there okay that's great to know and then a lot of people love the carnivore diet there's more and more people doing it every day have you tried it found that you like it my body loves it okay i have amazing weight loss i feel amazing but i love vegetables i enjoy.

Eating salads so much it's not worth the trade off for me yeah i miss the vegetables so much i just it's just not worth the trade-off to me um i was a vegetarian for many years in those past life of that and me having to kind of grow on me.

I have always consumed a ton of veggies and i just i would never give them up i don't think tomatoes and spinach made me heavy you know what i'm saying it was like twinkies and frappuccinos i never i don't think i've even tried a twinkie they just i was.

Disgusting i was disgusting i was raised on like i had a family that didn't cook much i was raised on like stouffer's family dinners and frozen chicken nuggets like that's what i do yeah delicious right i'll eat a salisbury steak right now.

Oh my god me too the salisbury save the hungry man dinners that was mine jam i know i have a keto salisbury steak i'll send it to you um it's a goodie it's a treasure so what happens for me is because i was raised with really um unhealthy food it wasn't my parents fault they didn't know any better and they didn't.

Have weight problems so it wasn't an issue for them and i taught myself to cook when i moved out when i was a kid and you know it just all kind of grew from there and being able to have a craving for a certain food and then just make it keto has become easy for me and i feel like the longer you do it.

The easier that is i still have taco tuesday i still have pizza fridays you know we just do it a little different do you what do you do like make your own shells or do you get the low carb tortillas for taco tuesday i like the low carb tortillas my stomach does not i still lose weight on them but they.

Give me like a bubble gut situation so i'm assuming it's the wheat flour i'm probably gluten sensitive i've never really gone down that path um i love cheese shells yeah making the cheese shells it's a lot of work but it's so much work smokes the little micro tacos where you make like the little ones.

Yeah that's my favorite but i also just love a taco bowl that's the easy way throw the meat in the bowl everything that goes on the taco goes in the bowl yeah crunchy salad with chips on top oh yeah questions are we eat like we eat a ton.

In this house questions are amazing the loaded taco and the chili lime quest chips i will go into gmc and come out with like those are bad for everything they have they're my favorite i love them love them um so let's jump back to budget because.

A lot of your channel you talk a lot about budget um so what are some of your big budget friendly tips for shopping when i first started i was a stay-at-home mom i was working part-time in photo learning and my husband was the major provider so.

We needed to be able to do everything on a budget so i didn't buy anything fancy i did nothing organic nothing bougie grass-fed ebion drinking you know massaged veal i did none of that i bought regular cheap ground beef in a huge package i bought economy size rice cauliflower frozen broccoli i did.

All of the things that i would normally do um cream cheese everything was regular i didn't do any of the organic stuff now right i'm not saying you shouldn't i'm saying i didn't and still had amazing results i know that if people are doing this for.

A health reason that's usually what they want to argue oh if you're doing this for inflammation it has to be organic not true that's just not true that's not true you know your autoimmune condition is proof yep yep and for some people maybe that's true but for me it wasn't.

Uh and we i would buy the cheapest stuff possible you know eggs bacon beef broccoli cream cheese all of those things that are so inexpensive that you can make enormous meals out of you know a pound and a half of ground beef a couple bags of cauliflower rice.

In some kind of casserole that will feed you for a week it's very easy to do it affordable because your portions are smaller too you know i get really frustrated when people think i can't afford to do keto you can go to the produce stand and get 20 worth of vegetables that will last you a week.

You can go buy a ten dollar you know huge five pound thing of ground beef if those are all excuses like they're all excuses cheeses exactly so like i think the biggest budget from my tip is like buying in bulk but also not getting caught up with all the keto.

Products that are out there there's just so many and they're so expensive absolutely yeah well i feel i do a subscription box now but i was never one of those people that would roll into the health food store or order a whole box of 10 items of something that i didn't know i was gonna.

Like i would never do that so people think the subscription boxes are expensive but we've found some of our favorite things that way without having to like buy a whole box of something that we don't like right no so that's a good one uh yeah we got we got ketokrate for a while.

I think my favorite is that what you got do yeah right now i have keto create i did keto box before they're all this i mean they're all the same they all like the cycle of the same stuff really but it's also you have to learn to cook a little.

Because it's really cheap and affordable to make your own keto treats and baked goods and cheesecakes and all of that but you have to not be afraid of your kitchen yeah definitely and then we are winding down here and one last thing i'm interested in is are there ingredients.

That you stay away from when you're shopping yes um i personally do not like anything with xylitol so if i can avoid xylitol i do it upsets my stomach and it's not good for dogs and that scares me because i have two dogs that can still get into everything.

I also cannot do maltitol or maltodextrin in any capacity um that's kind of an obvious one and i personally am very careful about my chicken now that we are doing a little bit better financially chicken is an area that i do now buy better quality because the texture of it is better in.

My opinion yeah no i think chicken's one of those things that yeah the better quality the better is for you the texture is different for sure yeah um okay so this was an amazing interview where can everyone find you i am ketogenic on youtube ketogenic on facebook and on instagram and then i.

Also have a facebook group called keto ginger kitchen with some of the coolest people in the entire world no keto police that's a really fun facebook group awesome okay well this was great amanda we really appreciate you coming on of course thank you for having me okay bye bye all right guys.

That was the interview um basically just me and amanda but it was really fun and we will be back tomorrow yeah seamless 12 30 i'm pretty sure the youtube channel did you know how to close out the live stream without me that's why i came back no no i do not know anything all right.

Guys and we also have a video from earlier today too it's how to track macros and plan uh like a full day or week of eating using a macro tracker that goes perfect with today's interview
Healing Your Body on a Budget - Interview with Ketoginja
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