Cooking Chili – Keto Cut Course Launch!

Cooking Chili – Keto Cut Course Launch!

Cooking Chili – Keto Cut Course Launch!

Check out the video on Cooking Chili – Keto Cut Course Launch!.
Oh all right guys we're making chili today Kito chili in particular and we are swapping in beef flavor for bacon but you guys don't know I didn't know we're swapping out bacon I just thought we were swapping in beef liver no it was additional I thought it would be nice to just to do a little sloppy so right now so this is a long recipe.

This chili is on keto connect thumb net it's called keto chili with bacon it says to simmer for like two to three hours but we're gonna get this done within the hour and so I've already started prepping my veggies I'm dicing up my jalapenos and my onions so half an onion you can do as much as you want though and then to.

Medium jalapenos and half a tomato you should get everything chopped up you got your gloves on yeah because I made the mistake way too many times of cutting jalapenos without gloves and then touching my nostrils and my eyes and just every other part of my body so deeper sticky dough is live you guys can pre-order the keto cut.

Course today and one thing is today only if you preorder the course it's linked in the description of this video you're entered to an awesome giveaway and it's only for people who pre-registered today the giveaway is one ticket to quito con mm-hmm like our cookbook yes two-week supply of Quito bricks cooking with us oh yeah at Quito con we're gonna cook.

Dinner together maybe like go shopping and plan out dinner and cook it together and then working out potentially or at least like some workout nutrition advice from Robert one on one yeah we're going in a coaching session what else I think that's everything oh and free all of our like courses and cookbooks and everything for life and.

We're gonna have a fat bottomed cookbook soon I think I keep saying that but that me feel one so I just got back home from Michigan the the upper like lower part of Michigan and it was freezing cold so it's nice to be back just regarding like talking to a camera like so just like in a cabin for three days you know so this is a really good meal prep recipe and I.

Don't know if did you tell people on YouTube we're doing liver I'm gonna add some beef liver and so how many ounces is this I think it's a quarter pound a quarter pound one-fifth this is right here yeah oh and I think what we can do also is show you how to track macros on a recipe like this law do you guys have issues doing that yeah we're definitely.

Going to be weighing it out at the end so yeah basically the the method to figure out the nutrition is you add all the nutrition of everything that goes into it and then when you have the final dish if you're gonna put it in the fridge just like weigh it out before you put it in the fridge and then you know what one serving is so this should make.

What like how much how much are we doing that two pounds ground beef and like a little bit of liver so this will probably be like like eight servings texture rings or something oh and the podcast today a lot of you guys have questions about keto and cholesterol awesome resource for that Dave Feldman on the podcast today and I.

Think we didn't come up with who were donating to we should donate to the cholesterol code doc yeah because dave pelman is doing amazing work he's devoting his time and his days to just cholesterol research were you up north yes I was I was in Atlanta Michigan funny hello from Nova Scotia or the cut program this morning so excited I love.

From Traverse City Michigan thank you for the order and so tomorrow morning expect a 14 day meal plan in your inbox to just kind of bridge the gap between now and when that course is actually ready in two weeks for the very good portion of the cut is a more turn to gym equipment or dumbbells and bodyweight exercises so there's gonna be both right.

That's three tiers of get out to the beginner there's like bodybuilder tier then there's the tear that we followed which is like you know you know how to lift a little bit but you're not a bodybuilder and then there's like straight off the couch tear I tried the transformation coaches hello ABS 14-day challenge I only made it one day so it.

Sorry I can barely get to work the next day I remember the first time I did p90x ab ripper X actually mega had me do an ab workout too when you just haven't done an ab workout how long's happening you just do like a 30-minute ab workout you came to sit down the next day 30 minute ab workouts every Bryce it's like 20.

Minutes on 15 hello from Hawaii hi we'll be seeing you soon not you but like Hawaii how long did the spray tan last yeah we know I still have like some spots on my arm exactly about a like six days of solid ten but I didn't realize that it was such a superficial thing it's literally just like paint on your body it's like a.

Halloween costume it's not I thought there is some element of Lego over time you build up a tan or something no it's like you're painting your body yeah hello from Lansing Michigan I like the sentiment here take all the donations for yourselves if you guys didn't see our video today we lost our last three months of income from YouTube but.

YouTube didn't screw us we screwed ourselves it's our fault you gotta take responsibility it's both like there should be more security for that kind of money yeah like they shouldn't be able to change the bank account without some kind of confirmation immediately yeah Coffee booster yeah we actually have.

Something that cupboard it's not bad yeah yeah it's tasty but like it's I could just make that on my own I'm not a big fan of chocolate coffee combo to me that just accentuates the bitterness of both have you ever had a good chocolate got me well you need a lot of sweetener and like cream in it to make it yeah the chocolate MCT oil powder though I use.

That every morning my coffee and it's the best do you have any favorite vegetarian recipes basically anything with eggs yeah and we also have our tofu Nuggets they're really crispy and good and spicy the linked order the cut program should be in the description if not you can go to deeper state keto com that's actually oh yeah so about that.

Guy's deeper state keto com it's a joint effort between us and keto savage and we're gonna bring on some other people too and it's gonna be more of a performance keto hub so like you know this course is the first thing there's also forums on there though I'm gonna type the actual orell in the chat right now so there's.

Forums on there if you want to just like share your experiences with trying to perform on a keto diet and like kind of some trials and tribulations what you found work for you basically just getting better together so yeah it register for the forum's there that's free and just you know you can share experiences you can learn from other.

People hoping to build that into like a good resource for keto performance is the book storm praetor yes it is Amazon Barnes and burger our cookbook it's so soon but it's been eight minutes I'm gonna get this chili dominate the pantry no sure what we're using I'm using this cast-iron Dutch oven but you can just.

Use bottom-heavy or like a deep pot that's what I would do because we're gonna be adding broth we're gonna be adding a bunch of ingredients you don't want it to spill over like in a skillet so I'm gonna keep that right now to medium-high and then we're gonna get our ground beef browning are you sure we don't have any bacon in the fridge no.

Okay do you watch did you want bacon I thought the bacon would help with the liver taste a little bit see this is what happens lost in communication we need to work on our communication I was assuming we're adding liver to the dish but instead it's a deliver takeout bacon that's gonna I don't know what that's gonna do.

For the taste but it'll be fine no let's just go with this I'm not adding any oil to the pan because the ground beef will add some fat usually the bacon whoops if you're using the bacon you're gonna add in the bacon first dice that up add it in let that start cooking as it cooks down then you can add in your ground beef $5.

Donation Shadowhawk oh five I guess I'll break the ice you need to keep these donations this week don't want to see y'all go hungry we're not going don't worry guys but we really appreciate it shadow moth you were the first to comment on our cut blog today you did say Matt looks sick and that was mean but it's cool because you were just.

Being honest we appreciate the honesty yeah that was actually a comment and comment so the yeah like taking it to that extreme is probably not necessary for normal people but I wanted to kind of see what the limitations were of the ninety days and see like how far you could take it like is this appropriate.

If someone's like hey I want to do a bodybuilding contest is this does this deeper sekito thing make sense for me to try I can now say yes cuz like by the end of that I was basically down to stage ready mm-hmm like Robert would just tweak maybe the last week – like really hone in my sodium intake or something and then I could've like gone.

On stage obviously don't have the muscle mass for that guy it's just like I think that's where the confusion comes in like they're expecting when you get cut you just automatically have huge muscles go work for the muscles how can we see your pictures so there are two pictures of us before and after on our deeper state keener calm you can check that out but.

The pictures are coming in a video we will recap kind of everything that happened honestly quit wearing your hat backwards why I like it backwards just getting started with Q and I'm so appreciative of your content oh thank you can you elevator pitch the new program we are so bad at elevator pitches.

Honestly it's for anyone who wants to put in a little bit more effort and get a lot better results so you're gonna be tracking your macros you're going to be pretty strict I mean like a strict as possible stickin to it and it's basically a formula for if you're ready to put in the extra effort it's the how because a lot of people just want to be.

Told exactly what to do knowing that if they do it the results will be there and that's basically with hey man Chile my go-to okay so we're gonna puree the liver it looks like I'm sure it'll break down and you know I made a puree but here you might as well do it it's breaking up the beat in the ground Loree disorder deeper sting a pinch of.

Cocoa and cinnamon does wonders to Chile oh I know well the skyline Chile and Cincinnati is all about the cinnamon I've never heard of cocoa that's kind of like a hallway type of thing Grand Rapids here make venison cue chili all the time yeah it's amazing how many deer I saw up there I probably saw 200 deer over the course of three days Shadowhawk.

Donated another $2 to say didn't want to sell me Matt just like skinny thanks but his intermittent fasting part of the program it can be if he wants to be what we did for the 90 days was a fat fast in the morning up until the gym and then had our first meal after the gym but depending on when you workout there's a video on like workout and meal timings.

It's basically about strategizing your food intake around what's sustainable for you and your workouts yeah when you can't get pretty low like I felt one meal a day just made more sense because then I felt really really small after my last meal for the last month we did one meal a day for the first two months we did two meals what.

Comes with the program specific macros and meal plans do you prep for the week so we don't have like so our meal prep course tells you exactly what to prep for the entire week and the macros for that but this will just give you your macros so you can prep or you can cook daily some weeks we prepped some weeks we were just there's a bunch of recipes.

Yeah we would turn our recipe videos you know honestly like the cry eteri elements of it what what is really valuable is robert's macro tapering protocol over the 90 days the first phase you find your protein fat threshold the second phase you slowly taper them down over time and then the third phase you do keto refeeds.

– just like you're getting really down to like a lower body fat percentage and your body stops responding so the repeats help with that and that's like the real proprietary cool part of it and then there's slow progression of cardio along with it as well so like we started with one day a week of Stairmaster for 10 minutes and I think by the end of it.

We were doing four days a week of Stairmaster for like 14 minutes but it's really slow progression you might think like four days a week Stairmaster 14 minutes it I can't do that we couldn't do that at the start either but you kind of work up to it slowly so you barely notice it okay the beats cookin if you guys did the bacon.

You should about you can either beat now probably let me show them what's up for a minute I'm gonna emerge and blended this people ever I'm probably not doing itself so here we have this stuff cooking down and we're using this as a meal prep now she's pureeing a beef liver oh don't squirt me that sounds gross.

okay you guys get the picture I think okay so $9.99 from Melbourne era I appreciate it all y'all do your hard work and dedication is definitely inspiring I love the fact that you guys are dedicated to the science behind keto instead of the height can't wait for the cookbook there is a lot of hype around.

It yeah we appreciate it Victoria $7 hi guys I can't think enough for you enough for all of your info starting code 10 23 17 I've done 76 pounds that would not have been possible without you – that's incredible pureed it doesn't smell that bad it's going in the chili anyway I want to get the poor know I want to have liver Joe Angeles.

No do it all oh boy it's a little stringy livers optional guys you don't have to do liver Bacon's a much more tasty alternative but I read a bunch that like calf or baby livers is a lot baby livers all know many boards many livers maybe chickens are like yeah chicken livers tastes way better be flippers are like pretty strong I've had.

It once or twice yeah you guys don't need to do the liver okay we just wanted to change it up cuz we've never done it I mean we keep talking about it I want to try anymore organ meats so maybe we'll have some tasty recipes for you if we come up with something I'm adding it okay so if your ground beef is cooked through add in your.

Onions and your minced jalapeno so there's two main song appears here are diced and then happen done in what about the tomatoes I'm going to add those in after this cooks down a little okay thank you for the $1 donation eating to lose one major cookie dough fat buns yesterday sorry I'm late but is it deep estate.

Keto program macros personalized it was unclear in the description yeah their personalized per person there's there's a couple different scenarios that we take into account there's like one one scenario as a person who is trying to lose weight been dieting forever and is eating like a thousand calories a day and can lose weight that person has to.

Rebuild their metabolism a little bit and then there's like a person like me who's kind of in shape just wants to lose the last like ten pounds even though I lost 26 pounds I didn't think I had that much to lose I probably didn't and then a person who has like let's say sixty plus pounds to lose like a lot of weight to lose so chicken-liver have the.

Same benefits I feel that beef liver is like just more mineral dense and stuff although I haven't looked into it I I also added three teaspoons of minced garlic or you do garlic clothes mix that up and pop that in yeah drinking water sometimes I add salt right now I am not though so Matt was traveling he jumped let what the little salt packets yeah we.

Took little salt he took salt and Vega hydrators so like he had electrolytes because he wasn't sure so that's always a like a definite for us we're always doing electrolytes where we go got it going gonzo how do you feel about running into a sugar content will it affect insulin sensitive people I mean if you're having it in a.

Really high fat meal like we're doing here I don't think so I mean when you start questioning foods like that are pretty clearly healthy foods like onions and you know garlic and things like that I think you're just like scrutinizing too much I just track everything count the cards in the onions yeah so if you're like doing a pulling in a day.

That could be too much but um I just track the cards daily a fool I knew today is gonna be a lot but we did have and it's spread out over several stories I'm adding in the half tomato and I'm also gonna be adding into the seasonings stuff seasonings one tablespoon chilli powder 2 teaspoons cumin 1 teaspoon salt you can go heavier on the salt depending.

On the broth you're using 1 teaspoon oregano and then you saw me add the garlic and then we're gonna do a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and 2 cups of stock we're doing low-sodium beef broth but you can do chicken if you don't have any stock on hand feel free to use water it's gonna reduce down anyway what's the original recipe for.

Two pounds of time dollar donation Aloha from Hawaii kita since October 22nd thanks a you too I used cute on mojo and I think I might be insulin and ketosis resistant ketones don't get higher than one point one besides doctor any suggestions well do you need them to be higher than one point one I think like if you take some.

Extreme measures you can do that like the formula for getting high ketones is basically just slight calorie deficit high fat intake and super low carb intake so if you like really want to try getting your key to higher I would just try doing like 80% fat 5 or 10 total carbs a day and over over the course of like three days they should be really.

High but you don't really need them to be high unless that is like a state that you find beneficial to you and then black pepper what are your thoughts on teens with the keto diet intermittent fasting we're not doctors I think teens I mean if I had a team I would let them do a keto diet with intermittent passing me personally so.

There's 30 year older than there's 18 year olds that's true what else do we got here I met a stall but I eat cruelty free so I only eat farm eggs cream maybe I'm not eating enough protein well those are your only two sources of protein then unless you're eating like 2 dozen eggs a day I would say yeah you're kind of low on protein what kind of other.

Protein are you getting are you getting like a vegan protein powder like some tofu things like that just cool to be free being vegan or vegetarian vegetarian I guess when did you realize that Kido was the best I think I noticed immediately that it was like significantly better than my old diet Ben just because of the energy.

I had but then that would kind of wear off and I'd be like I kinda isn't that great maybe just it's not worth it maybe I should just enjoy a delicious foods more like carbs cook cakes things like that and then I would do that and I realized that it was like I said nificant improvements in my life so over the course of like the first six months.

I did that and then I realized you know just gonna stick with it I feel really good I'm adding one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce now we just get the what brand is this I think this is just from Whole Foods Whole Foods brand but definitely check the labels when you're getting and like watch this entire sauce.

They can be high in car they're all high sugar yeah this is so one part per teaspoon yeah but it really makes a difference than even when you lose that little bit don't go nuts with that yeah is pbd okay and what kind of nut butter is your favorite I like I don't buy nut butters because I've never met a person that can like control their intake of.

Nut butters so I don't buy them because I just need the entire jar but yeah if you can control yourself which I doubt then peanut butter is fine I like like macadamia nut butter but that's super expensive I just took out that really tough piece of liver you did welcome you got a like I didn't know there were.

Like veins like stringy parts yeah alright now last but not least I'm going to add two cups of broth and then we're just gonna let it simmer for as long as we're on live and then we'll show you what it looks like at the end maybe we'll reduce it for like the last 10 minutes of the live I wanna do so so we can try it I am really nervous I'm done.

I'm hoping I love it though look what if I love beef liver love these weekly streams do you guys have a link to a schedule or something not yet but we were working on that we're gonna have a month ahead schedule of what we're cooking with a link to the recipe because we've been doing it like a day or two in advance and I know not.

Everyone can get to the ingredients and stuff well broth is going in and then I just sliced myself lid is going on okay yeah just a little slice and then I'm gonna turn down the heat we're just gonna close what's your dietary fat intake daily percent bulimic mega is she also into the higher fat percent mine is probably like 78 ish on average what's.

Here you want to show them this real quick yeah what's your fat intake daily you should Saturday 78 oh my 83 right now it's really high so now we're just gonna put the lid on sorry Facebook I know you guys can't see this no we're gonna let this simmer okay Facebook questions another Michigander here hello.

A lot of Michiganders on facebook how do you sign up for the program it should be in the link right yep Mickey first wing also deeper state cuter calm just watch the most recent video at the gym Congrats to both of your incredible results and inspiration thank you I got the deeper state keto of course this morning can't wait to start we can't.

Wait either so another cool thing I didn't mention is everyone who pre-orders and I think we're gonna close so ok here's the dates guys today pre-orders started the 23rd is one we're gonna have all the materials available because we're so like organizing all that and then I think about two weeks after that of course it's gonna shut.

Down and then we'll have like q and a's weekly Q&A is with roberts and we'll do some two just to make sure everyone's on track this is only gonna be for the people that pre-order though weekly Q&A is an entry to the giveaway I mentioned at the start the keto con keto pounds gonna be sweet isn't it yeah I'm very very excited to have a book signing June.

14th there's an event bright event for the Atlanta one and the Austin one um so no one is on May 15th today 15 in would stop at foxtail book shop and then the Austin one is that people's I think will put up the detail is very soon as we get closer but there's November bright and you can RSVP there so we know who's coming.

Thanks for the nomination Hannah hello from Denham Springs Louisiana the donations are – Dave Feldman cholesterol code calm we have a podcast with him that came out today he's like if you guys are concerned about cholesterol you want to learn more about it and how it pertains to a low-carb keto diet.

Check out cholesterol code comm it's like a really great resource probably the best resource there is on the Internet he has a protocol that's called the Feldman protocol I think we're gonna do a video on that soon yeah and Gabe changer just donated $5 I'm just starting out but I really need to make a.

Change in my life thanks for all you do thank you build on that momentum yeah everyone hits a point where they need to make a change so I think you know is a great way to go about it for sure but I found that it really has to be like a life change like you know diets one aspect of that but you can get good sleep you can just.

Try to be more productive at work really try to just kill it at work you know stuff like that that all kind of adds up is your book available through Amazon yeah that's on pure Amazon right now keto made easy by having y'all block Jonathan I don't know I was debating it but we are not for censoring the internet so I don't think area yeah I.

Don't block anyone's comments on our videos should we why would we back up I don't know because he says the same thing on every video okay so here's the deal guys Jonathan says one a bank mega whatever people say mekin holds a lot of fat around her belly that's a lot meaner in my opinion or like Matt looks like she's dying of cancer Matt Matt Matt is.

All a white person and shouldn't be with the beautiful ugly people there things that are way worse they don't and we don't like anyone the comments that get to me the most are the ones where they're directing a kind megha but they're talking to me and she's not a human being like she's a woman so she can't have feelings.

She's like Matt tell you tell Nega to stop eating all those calories tell her yourself okay you wanna be like if that's what that bothers you love your cookbook recipes on your website thank you thank you um how the recipes have been a good lately right we're trying to get ahead of things we have a lot going on yeah we got a few we got a record we.

Have a chocolate tart tart which is amazing awesome a vegan meal replacement bar which is awesome dairy-free vegan I guess vegans always dairy-free right yeah yeah Korean meatballs are super good and then we have a piece a frittata too yummy is a cookbook physical and digital we don't know about digital you know I assume at some point it will be.

At some point it'll probably be on Kindle Amazon usually does that the one thing I miss on keto is bananas really hmm bananas do make like good smoothie bases right yeah you can be like avocados and said though now watch your channel religiously you guys are a great help for a ketone or me like myself oh thank.

You Therese Tabler $10 appreciate it Terry and you need to lose 150 another dollar thank you bought the dsk plan deeper said keto what do you guys think of the name deeper steak kita so excited curious as to the recipes in the 2-week meal plan are the videos already on YouTube I'm gonna put that together as.

Soon as we get out here I just landed before this so that's the free two-week meal plan I'm gonna send to everyone who pre-orders tomorrow morning and then that will get you carried over and just kind of introduce you to the nutrition protocol a little bit get you geared up so you don't really just have to wait to the 23rd.

When you buy something you have momentum going right you want to like capitalize on that what is the saying momentum momentum generates motivation there's something like that it's true cheetor donation thank you thank you for everything Casey thanks for supporting us I made your beef jerky recipe and it was amazing I used dr. Z B instead of.

The cola thanks for all the great recipes yes I really like that one it adds like a nice sweetness to it we've made them without the C via – you can just use stevia instead and do like a sweet and spicy beef jerky but yeah we need to make that again yeah you guys should come up with keto friendly ice cream and put it on the market we have a.

Cure from the ice cream on our booth log but I mean I feel like that's pretty saturated and hilltops just killing it so it's like it's gonna be hard to beat halo top yeah even if we made a better one I think that ship has sailed that's like it's tough Thank You Joshua LLL pay you for your gamertag to play pub gee I haven't logged on for probably.

Like three months now but it's like rip hair I'll type it in chat you can add me but it's gonna be a while before I get on there proudly that's it right no7 yeah and this is like a user-generated gamertag of a teacher grab Mike who is consistently donating every week Thank You bread Mike illness update kidneys / intestinal infection no way to avoid the.

Sugars in the meds or carbs on required diet note several of the meds spike your blood Sugar's way up specifically the antibiotics so were you starting keto dude that sounds like an intense sickness I think just getting back to full health and then starting Pido is the best route don't be upset about that like you're.

Comes first course and sometimes we need medications unfortunately it's crazy how they just bulk the medications with sugar a lot of the time we're like even the the cough syrups that already tastes horrible there's like 20 grand just fine I keep mistake just kidding I'm making the chili but adding microgreens like a.

Powder huh I wonder how that'll go that's interesting yeah what's the difference between the keto meal plan and the deeper stay program so if you're talking about the meal prep that is very more for lifestyle approach taquito like you know I just watch you I want to cook my meals here's the macros are calculated for you more laid-back.

The the deeper state is like I want to get results as good as possible in 90 days I would love to see a couple more tofu recipes to hit the macros I love tofu but generally the people that are doing keto hate tofu and think it immediately makes you grow breasts if you're a man which is not true but that's like the the reason we don't do.

Much we also don't eat a ton of tofu once in a while if the opportunity arises but we like to make meals that we actually will eat not enjoy because that's that's the lifestyle when we preach can someone explain macros to a beginner yeah macros are just the macro nutrients that your foods are comprised of so for keto the macros you're gonna.

Shoot for are basically like 75% calories from fat 20 to 25% calories from protein than the rest from carbs like 2 to 5 percent all foods are made up of three different macro nutrients right so just kind of keeping tabs on those is what people are talking about when therefore the macros real opinion of miracles yeah I I've been eating them.

A lot like I ate them every night when Matt was gone did you get your YouTube money back now we're working on I will see I mean it's a lesson learned watch thank guys for conspiracy oh I've watched 1 2 & 3 guys know um Sakina thank you so much for the donation have you guys return to pre-cut macros you know we have not yet we're reverse.

Dieting but the taper up is much quicker should take about a month to get back yeah eggs can be cooked in hundred ways yes again why are exogenous ketones gaining popularity I wish more people watched you guys even popular since we were even doing a YouTube channel yeah I mean I unders understand why they're gaining popularity because keto is.

Popular and it's good for weight loss so there's a supplement that's kind of like the same thing right so of course people are gonna like just people are much more inclined to just buy a supplement hope it works miracles and actually put in any amount of work yeah so because if you don't have a diet that you can still lose weight then it's a win um Sylvia.

20 dollar donation thank you no question forever free one food free one food all muttering so if you had one food that didn't count for calories I guess mine would have to just be like probably like cake or doughnuts or something I'm gonna be like chips kettle chips jalapeno concepts how do you gain weight on a keto you eat more calorie.

Surplus signed up for the cup can't wait you guys are so inspiring aspiring and down to earth thank you we're excited to get the cup on the road with you guys have you eaten brains no I haven't so are the recipes in your cookbook geared for the cut program no the recipes in our cookbook so yeah this is what we're gonna do going forward.

Because as you may be seen our channel over like two years it's really evolved a lot too like we started making a lot of replacement recipes and we still eat those kind of regularly yeah like cakes you know like like sweets and stuff so the deeper state is really not as much about that although there is like a couple dessert recipes that you can fit.

Into your macros but deeper state is more performance-based so we're gonna be like posting on that side a little bit but keto connected really like food blog people who love the family you want to feed your kids you want to have takeout food which is like 80% of the people yeah I mean and that's we're not we're not gonna be on a deeper state keto cut.

For the restaurant I was like I'm going to enjoy our kung pao chicken it's a tool yeah exactly so the food blog is more representative of me if I'm being honest and the kind of something I am so grateful for having done in my life but yeah the cookbook is a lot of I'm thinking about the person who's like picking up keto made easier cookbook and.

Like that's the first time you like okay I'm gonna give this a spin let's see they don't want like you know the they don't want like steak and broccoli because that's just generally eating healthy people know what healthy is it's just hard for them to do it so I think given them like cakes and stuff that are healthier alternatives is a good way to.

Go and I still love those things I love eating cake my favorite thing do you do snack during the day or just eat at scheduled times we eat I definitely snack are you gonna mongery I try not to snack but I do are you planning to make a science-based book to complement your cookbook like keto connect memories and experience probably not we have a.

Youtube channel that really does that well it is something that's ring through my mind a little bit but it's hard yeah might do more yeah I think a food is barely in terms of like hard books are mean because I'm trying to think like there's you know there's there's people writing books about keto they're more educated than us on it it would just be.

More of like a personal experience type of thing which I don't know how valuable that is I can't start this K until June first you too accrues the end of May will that work in will that work for the second round sure what is this well that work or is there a second round um that will work I would honestly just like get it it's never gonna be as cheap as it is.

Right now right the pre-orders the cheapest it'll ever be so and you enter to win yeah so you'll have lifetime access so but yeah I know there will be another round – it'll just be out a little bit of a higher price just bought the cut program going to challenge myself to stick it through a Vegas weekend possible no drinking.

Yeah this is the thing I kind of wanted to have at the start maybe I'll still put it in where it's like let's look at the next three months like what kind of events are on the horizon then it's going to be tempting to cheat like for us we had the Eagles in the Superbowl well as do we have we went to Colorado and there was like all kinds of keto.

Snacks and stuff we could my best friend visited and we love to eat so I went out with her to eat but I couldn't eat anything so it's possibly absolutely but is it gonna be like fun at the time no but you will bracket it though I can go to Vegas again but this cut is something that really changed my body which charity are.

You supporting this week it's going to Dave Feldman cholesterol code comm we also have a podcast that one live with him today you want to hear more about what he is about cholesterol what do you think about making weekly zero carb day like cleaning day to increase energy I don't know I don't think you're gonna get that many you benefit us you're.

Doing like 100 cards a day and then you drop to zero but it's just not gonna be that instant yeah what else do we got here how do I prepare for an all-inclusive vacation I want to eat and drink it all should I transition from keto ahead of time so I won't feel sick well I mean this just goes to more of like a lifestyle approach like this.

All-inclusive vacation is not going to be a one-time thing there's going to be other things in the future so you're going to just kind of think about how keto fits into your lifestyle moving forward so I mean if you don't want to do keto for the rest of your life or like for a long period and usually doing it for like maybe a couple months.

To lose the weight yeah then that is a possibility because I feel like if I went to an all-inclusive vacation and just adult I would feel so yeah definitely any supplements you suggest us purchase before your horse started no maybe just electrolytes have you oh yeah unless you have those already I just put the no.

Bake cheesecake cashew cheese skating the brand they cashew one's my favorite the cashew crust how's this doing here you can take a little reduce faster still bubbling yeah okay what it's looking like right now all the veggies and stuff are like cooking down no I like mine cooked down to where there's almost no liquid love.

Same just like the fat yeah a long time that we say in the post just keep you can keep the lid on keep cooking it and then when you're ready I would say like 15-20 minutes maybe before turn up the heat and then reduce it I'm excited for your cookbook gonna give it as gifts to people because my pastor family and best friend just started keto that is a Matt.

Mega so what's next for you guys after the cut do you go back to your keto meal prepping yeah we meal prep a lot we meal prep during the cut to it's just like a thing that helps us stick to the diet butter but what's like a big challenge we're gonna do next we're definitely gonna do the Dave Feldman protocol we're gonna do more than you're reading Rob.

Wolf have a carbon tolerance test we're gonna do a fat and a protein color – yeah so those will be like similar to our sweep your video which a lot of people liked and then we're traveling a bunch as well so we're going to be like getting the back end of the blog the YouTube channel ready oh we're gonna do something do you guys have any ideas for.

Barbecue recipes like grilling outside that you'd like to see let us know in the comments my chili is pretty watery yeah take the lid off now and let it reduce a lot can the cut be applied in Jim beginners absolutely I feel like that was basically I knew what I was doing in the gym but I'm this is the hardest I've ever pushed myself and if.

They don't do they need some muscle it's primarily a nutrition plan yeah it's a nutrition plan that has included three tiers of workouts but the main thing is the nutrition plan you don't even have to do the workout plan if you don't want to you can just stick with the nutrition grilled salmon please hmmm like a wood plank salmon yeah barbecue.

Chicken are you guys eating any green little more toward zero carb um muttering greens yeah moderate greens but still very low carb so for the past maybe three weeks I've been doing maybe like four cups of collard greens cooked down for dinner and that's my only vegetable or spinach sometimes we even do like a raw salad I.

Just like the raw salad message with my stomach a little bit more than the cooked veggies kabob it's a brisk brisket and pull the pork you don't know great ideas and I'm hungry love grilled lemon asparagus that sounds good what's good to drink besides plain water we like to put they got hydrator it's an electrolyte powder and it's also.

Flavored berry in our water which is good you can we do xevious sodas you can do like unsweetened tea iced tea someone had the how to pick good cuts of meat for barbecues and stuff that's a good idea to like a video on that we always get brisket and wings oh ah both of your skin looks amazing did you notice any difference we do before and after.

Starting keto mad what was up your skin our skin looks amazing did you notice the difference in skin before and after cut not really I haven't either um yeah I feel like I'm more confident so even if my skin didn't get better I just feel better so like right yeah no it looks better less Lauri I think I should do this Brayton how is the deeper.

Cut program a macro or meal plan it's a macro plan with recipes but yeah it's not like a full there's a 14 day meal plan sample meal plan included but it's uh it's not the full meal plans a macro plan which I prefer or like I enjoyed that aspect because a lot of days I didn't want to eat the same thing I had thought about like prepping on Sunday so.

Like by Friday I don't want to eat what I made on Sunday so I could just make whatever I wanted or we would eat out you know so like I feel like you could fit Chipotle in if you do the tracker online right and then go it'll be a little off but you can still eat out and you're not just poor Stevie where you from Julia just took the car to be.

Fabulous hot dilash I'm so glad a lot of you guys if it makes I haven't seen it because unfortunately not showing up on mobile and we're not sure what's going on so we're gonna check out you guys are in Georgia South now have you tried something that's their specialty but Quito like brisket yeah he's got a haircut we've gained a.

Lot of brisket flora rivers of the best brisket we've have it they have like four of them there's it's a chain I don't know what Atlanta is like really known for food wise I don't either how did you ask lose the last ten pounds of stubborn fat Matt keto cut deeper state keto literally it's all about tapering your macros slowly over time.

Recipes in the cookbook and all this shows nine I'm not sure why it says show only nine but it's like a hundred and two I see whoa are you talking about our cookbook yeah it's only like nine and it's giving you an example of what's in there have you ever used spaghetti squash a minute you mean vicious Romana do you spaghetti squash but it's like I.

Think it's higher carb than I'd want because I want to eat a lot of it so I prefer like eating miracle noodles or zucchini noodles is baby growing keto friendly we have a cornbread recipe that uses it it's a low carb just cut the carbs you can find but some baby corn isn't I feel like right well baby corn is pretty much the same it just doesn't.

Really have a corn flavor it just like fiber I think a can of baby corns like for carbs oh yeah I just don't the boiled peanuts and peaches we love oil peanut Oh a pecan – have you ever had any know all the pecans at the grocery store is really grown so far this weekend I've made your egg roll a ball and that is.

One of my favorites cinnamon bread and cookie dough fat Bob could you do a steak tartar recipe yeah that's one we're gonna have to tax them like do some experiments like a layered steak tartare with like a layer of avocado and a tomato like a like a double layered turns on yeah we layer it in a you know yeah Atlanta is known for.

A lemon pepper wet wings sounds good we got lemon pepper wings before I don't know if they were wet though it's you're good then once you complete the cut program can you repeat it again after a period of time yeah it's actually that's like the whole point of it you can repeat it if the tool you always have to turn back to but once a year if you want.

To do it so it's really more like less so than even doing it for 90 days is more about learning the tenants of like fat loss which are like once you take it maybe they'll seem obvious but it's just like such a revolution to me as opposed to what most people do is just to like cut your macros all at once cut your calories down but um yeah you can do it.

Probably not like again and again like in six session but maybe like yearly but if you have like say 200 pounds lose you can do it for an extended period of time it's not limited to 90 days you can do it for like a year if you want it to right if we sign up for the keto cut course can we start later are there certain dates the classes like you have.

Unlimited access to it so you can start at a later date you get the discounted price today which is the benefit and also for those getting it in this around you'll have access to like live Q&A Roberts gonna do and then man I are gonna do so will be more hands-on to make sure like the person what we want it to be what would you say to people.

Who say that eating a lot of animal products and meat for keto is selfish because it pollutes and is bad for the environment I would say it is probably slightly worse for just like being a vegan but it's like a balancing act like how much were you willing to sacrifice here without your personal health for the good of the.

Environment a lot of people are willing to do that I think there's a case to be made for both I I'm more on the side of like I really want to be healthy and optimize my own life and then do more for the world on top of that like you know that gives me the ability like to do more things like now I have keto connects based on I credit a lot of it.

To the fact that I started a keto diet just money like increase in productivity and I'm helping people find keto so to me that's like a better service than not polluting the environment by only eating plants he's carnivore possible on the deeper state cuts yeah yeah just cuter reduce muscle mass no no I mean if you're in a calorie deficit for a long.

Time it could be ninety over two point five months twenty pounds down but according to my bf percent device only lost four percent body fat now on some of it is probably water weight but did I really just lose twenty pounds of muscle no oh you didn't lose 20 pounds of muscle and 2.5 months and you know how accurate is the device yeah I don't know.

What the Oh mourn the F % devices but your body's pretty good like figuring out what it needs like muscle is prioritized over fire but it doesn't really need fat for functionality it needs muscle for functionality so when you're losing weight there's no way that it just only lost the muscle that makes no sense on the way your body works.

I found your videos this morning and I'm super excited to catch the livestream welcome aboard Stevie where is the deeper state keto info I'll type it in chat deeper state keto calm and guys even if you don't get the course go setting up for the forum's there and do post in the member introduction it's going to be a site.

That's not just the course we're gonna like build up keto performance content there like Roberts gonna be doing some blog posts and stuff it'll be good we're gonna because there's not really a great keto performance resource at the moment if the keto course more for total or weight loss my wife and I are still lose weight before we're concerned about.

Iron muscle it's definitely for weight loss we did it specifically to lose body fat not particularly not just to gain muscle so yeah definitely it'll definitely work for anyone looking to lose weight here's who it's not for it's not for people that are just wanting to do a lifestyle approach to keto kind of like a lazy.

Keto thing that's totally fine too but probably you don't you're not going to find the core it's beneficial to you it's really for people that want to quit in ninety days of a little bit more effort to get substantially better results like if you just want to know what it takes or like what to do to get the best results possible and you're.

Gonna do that then it'll work great for you it's also probably not for Matt at the end of the 90 days know is this course designed for beginners absolutely it's designed for anyone on their journey whether it be cute or not like you can start the keto diet with this we talked about electrolytes and anyone looking to lose weight or just hone in.

And like really figure out you know what makes their body tick because you're cutting out like quest bars and keto bars and all those random snacks once you two adapted does that mean your body is in a constant state of glycogen depletion kind of yeah I mean ketosis starts when your glycogen is depleted it's kind of a double-edged sword it.

Actually decreases your glycogen stores over time too so say like if you come into keto it's kind of tough like your body's not good at using ketones for fuel but if your keto for a long time like I've been and then I want to go back to using cart for fuel and that can also be tough like my body is now really good at using ketones so I'm not going.

To be as good at using carbs okay good it's done yeah so it is reduced and you can see all the veggies are also like very much reduced tender looks good right looks like it's just ground beef but there's definitely a liver in there cuz it's not as bad because I feel like all the seasonings are masking it can you smell the liver.

Yeah put your face in there a little bit maybe it's gonna be good we're gonna try it though and for some reason our live streams of the last couple of them have been getting deleted I don't know why because then we get a bunch of emails asking for the recipe Chris Costco sale on their Kirkland bars starting April 19th rumor is they'll be 10 bucks a box.

Oh that is a steal we need smell camera from Japan they have that we need small camera we gotta weigh out the portions okay wait all right now no we can let it cool for like five okay would you just do that after two oh wow it goes by so fast under how do I stand up for the cut Davis de Quito calm so deeper state Quito calm internal.

I suppose the sardine time special at Cosco now is it the wild planet ones have you tried matcha green tea you mean much a dirty dude I don't really like mom I don't like it's like dirt it's just it's like way too cool for school you know it's like oh I I dig my watch ah I eat much as much a lot a who do you think stole your YouTube money probably.

I don't know like someone who hacked Megan you need to start the cut again I don't think I have any way to start it again that's MCT oil scrub whatever um we've been using they sent us this one we have also a shop page on our food blog so and there is Ben wise is what we use there so there's this one which is probably.

Slightly better it's pure c8 so that's like top-of-the-line stuff and if you go to perfect keto dot-com and you get it and use keto connect as a coupon code is 20% off but you can get anything that's pure c8 that's like the top tier basically and then the last one that I actually paid for is this one here it's C 8 and C 10 it's called Zen wise brand.

On Amazon and I like it because it tells you the the blend that's in there I don't know if you can see that okay it tells you the mixture of C 8 and C 10 it's mostly cc8 nine point two grams of CA I just referred MCT oil powder from perfectio yeah we like that one it's tasty hit my goal weight want to build a.

Muscle now advice what I've learned through building muscle is it's really all about the intensity in the gym like if you're not sweating or like really pushing in feeling like you've gotten a good workout you probably haven't did you get your spray tan today Matt nope no got it like ten days ago yeah you can't you look normal now hi I.

Don't know if you covered this yet just join live I've reduced my fat to 70 percent my protein to 10 percent because I wasn't losing even though one miner was reading 2.5 fat well then you're doing 20% carbs it sounds like I'm maybe you met 30% protein because I wasn't lose losing even though my monitor is reading 2.5 so.

The monitor reading doesn't mean fat loss ketones don't mean fat loss cute keto diet doesn't mean fallow us it's about calories for like it's it's the calorie equation basically like maybe there's more leeway when you're doing keto but you still have to reduce calories if you want to lose weight someone I just remember someone asked.

For orange chicken recipe saying it'd be good we actually have one on our food blog so if you go to our food blog main dishes you'll find the orange chicken recipe what is your favorite kind of cheese so we just got this amazing cheese petite best sheep milk cheese and then come to you they're both different cuts they're both from Costco and.

They're incredible they're strong what's your opinion on Tristan and Jessica primal eggs we had a minor podcast and the Tristan is really cool a lot of great information and their kids are amazing how much do you use protein powder other than smoothies when would you use flavor approaching fire fat bombs.

Our protein cakes I like it it's um like I rarely use a full scoop though like for a meal or whatever I'm having it'll be like a half scoop at most but yeah it has a lot of good flavor for no carbs or for very low carbs is there a limit to how many people who can join the cut program this first round so only people that register today get the entry into.

The giveaway people that register before its launch on the 23rd get the reduced price and then it goes up to the full price forever after that and then um I've got like two weeks at that price it'll be closed so then we can get like some feedback we can make sure one in the first wave is getting good.

Results understanding everything like progressing and as expected then it will open it up again for good have you guys looked into getting a bread machine no ice what does you need a bread machine when you leave Aikido that's great work I mean a lot of people love gadgets but if the bread machine is the last thing I'd.

Want I would get like an ice cream maker before bread machine and everything just takes so much room up in the kitchen I mean bread machines are just like the anti of actual cooking in my opinion that's like yeah just throw this in here and we'll make good you know exactly I'm researching Kia when it seems overwhelming but effective I have a.

Decent amount of weight to lose its cutting carved a good way to ease into this yeah but I think it is really intimidating when you first start but I think just starting by counting carbs limiting them and figuring stuff out as you go along is a good way to do it you're never gonna figure it out all before you start it seems like a lot of.

People want to do that you just gonna learn along the way should we drive up oh you want to measure it out on camera yeah oh yeah okay guys here we go we're gonna measure out this is what we do when we make up no sorry this is what we do when we make like a bulk meal like this yeah so we have our.

Scale here and then we're putting a big bowl on it zero it out when you put on a bowler we're gonna put in the fridge the one thing about cast iron is it so heavy No yeah if you want to break your wrist really quickly lift up a cast iron skillet chili in it and tilt it your wrist will snap in half yeah grams yeah so we just measure it out in total and.

Then you can divide it by how many of our servings and also you can just put all the ingredients into MyFitnessPal or your tracker and then divide it by the amount of servings how many servings are we gonna make this it looks like it could be like eight six you're a big guy we're gonna go eh okay we're gonna go eight guys any tips for getting back on.

Keto after i conve just really get back on track the next day just start with that first meal don't do anything crazy that's my biggest tip no like fasting or outrunning the carbs like that's not gonna happen just you know you had it move on you can't outrun a bad diet so this comes out to 1068 grams so we'll just divide that by 8 and then we weigh.

Out each portion when we eat it yep should we try it yeah okay I'm bourbon I had beef liver once right what one liver was that when we tried it that was calf liver which is not as bad so I want to make sure I get a liver though what if I don't like that's definitely a chunk of liver chunk yeah that's like stuck together.

Maybe it wanting them does it look like it all come apart yeah okay here we go guys if you cooked along at home be sure to tag us on instagram with your final thing this is like the membrane on it yeah I don't think you'll be able to eat that you just take it out cut the membrane off I didn't know there was a membrane and.

Liver guys now you know here we go Cheers you can taste a liver you can definitely it's good though well I'm definitely an eat all this what do you think you don't love it I would struggle to eat all of it but if I put like cheese and sour cream on it I know maybe I'll put some cheese on it.

Yeah peas liver look I'm just never doing it again but we have some in our freezer it's better in meatballs if you grind it up and cook it in meatballs I think the ratio is a little bit off you like went really hard at the beef liver for some reason really yeah we should've done like half that amount oh I do a really small amount because I looked at.

Recipe then it called for like a power half a pound to a pound they're good so I guess it depends on your taste preference but um where I got it at Whole Foods in grass-fed beef liver that's in the place I think we found it so yeah if you want to try it alright guys that was that you hope you love this cook along next Sunday we may not.

Have one yeah cuz my dad is visiting so we'll keep you posted on that though if there is one it'll be Matt solo dolo alright guys thanks for heading
Cooking Chili - Keto Cut Course Launch!
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