Cookbook Giveaway And Making Keto Granola

Cookbook Giveaway And Making Keto Granola

Cookbook Giveaway And Making Keto Granola

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Before we get started we got the most amazing card in the mail yeah and we got a shirt sent to us shirts and hoodies and it's it says Gina at 22 it looks like so this is the Gina bronze memorial hockey game and what this basically is that someone who watches us makes our recipes they actually did the meal prep and the.

Deeper state keto courses that we have keto Karen 22 on Instagram Kido Karen 22 her daughter yeah her daughter Gina passed away in a car accident so she's not to sneeze because you know she's been able to fill the void with food but now she's just weight and she's feeling really great using the keto diet and so we just wanted to share that because we.

Love we love doing what we do and because of you guys were able to do what we do so we appreciate all the love and support and we really love you know things like this and so when I wear it I'll know that Karen's you know done a lot dsk cube over for weight loss but yeah so thank you Karen you can call our Aikido Karen 22 and today guys we're.

Making a recipe from our new cookbook I think most of you know that we have this by now it comes out on Tuesday it's Kido made easy there we are on the cover 100 recipes we're going to show one of them here too recipe yeah this is actually one of the first ones that I was saved for the book when I knew we were doing a book yeah we.

Were bombed too because we want to share this with you but now it's come full circle and we can share it so it's called Golden Gate Panola and we're actually changing up the ingredients today because we're gonna make it so that I can eat it normally Ali normally has these little nuts and almonds which is a great combination as Matt will tell.

You but today we're going to do pistachios and sunflower seeds we're doing a giveaway to yep we're gonna give away three of our cookbooks so if you want one how do they enter hash tag keto made easy granola but if I'm being honest if you make anything with us in your tag ask you know maybe zebra no log you're entered.

To win it it's hash tag key domain easy granola right yeah use that a little hashtag even if it's like you just make that box or you just made pork now worship now we're giving away three of them so you have a pretty decent chance of winning I think the question what if you already have one or you order one then we can.

Maybe you can do a giveaway for yourself like I also went tanning not I laid out two days ago so it look really tan right now I plan on laying out again later today it's so nice it's your vitamin D you guys yeah I can't lay out with her it's actually an interracial dating problem that we have we have to find somewhere where there's like half Sun.

And then a tree where I can just sit under the shade he has like a five-minute max and I am like a three-hour so true very good football so we should get started because this actually goes in the oven for about an hour well someone said what did we tag again so just repeating it I said this I'll type it in chat right now it's.

Passion Kito what a hashtag Kido made easy granola all right so I'm gonna start we're going to do it a little more simpler than it is in the cookbook you mix everything in a stovetop because there's a lot of people opposite don't use it a microwave no but a lot of people don't so in the cookbook that's.

Why we gave the stove top option so we're gonna do in the microwave today make it easy so four tablespoons of butter 1/4 cup we are going to melt in a pretty big microwave safe Bowl so this is a really simple recipe guys and this is replicating the granola that you find in the grocery store like the super-sweet stuff that they try passing.

Off of as a health food that's what they're me yeah work for me too but you can also leave out the erythritol just go with stevia freely a little bit lighter sweetness yeah one of my favorite cereals is just granola and the yellow box with the reasons good alone it's like one of the quickest ways I get fat in my mind in my opinion cuz you're.

Plagued oxide with milk and you just so calorie dense yeah that's the hashtag guys keto made easy granola but you have to tag it on Instagram not on YouTube I think a lot of you think you have to do it on YouTube plastic and microwave known that is that actually a no-no in our house though it's and yes yes we need to.

Get better microwave bullets well if you want a glass bowls we're too young still what we get a house we'll have how about a ketose scone recipe for the royal wedding oh you mean a second where is it is it a breakfast or dessert I don't know so in the green mouthing baked you mean something like this they're phenomenal okay Jason Crocker.

Just shut it down over here with a hundred dollars as a record yeah and also Jason Crocker he's an amazing photographer so follow him on Instagram tell us your handle Jason Jason T Proctor Crocker beautiful photos thanks for everything you too my first time being able to catch him during a trip.

Along so excited to hang out hope are you gonna be a book signing or I keep out kinda one of those two I think right yeah why is why are you assuming he's gonna be at one of those because they said so excited to hang out with us I'm dating an engineer okay one hundred dollar donation we got to think of a charity maybe we'll see that after we're.

Done with this we don't have one Oh last week's last time we didn't have a charity no okay we have money to roll over roll over just like your mints Verizon so what do you got going in there so I got the melted butter and that's it now I'm gonna add in the cinnamon and the erythritol those are the true only other.

Things before we get them nuts and seeds going honeymoon charity thank you so I think originally we use powder terrific ah let's do grab what's to get you to yeah let's see how the granular erythritol works out for this okay but you can do powder or regular you want to take a little risk with us man water fourth cup that's four tablespoons.

I'm just gonna go for the tablespoons so she's adding this to the melted butter yeah local pet rescue that's a good one we've done that a few times rescue where we adopted Maile from some people don't do Instagram unfortunately that is just the best way to do it because we can DM you on Instagram we can't really I don't know if we can invest at you on YouTube.

Can we yes because if people reply if we give away on YouTube I don't know how to get their email I get in contact with them so if there's a way to do that let me know we can do a couple on YouTube too so half a teaspoon no one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and then half the teaspoon vanilla extract I'm going to add that to the bowl now.

Ordered your book a couple weeks ago and can't wait to get it I think it should be arriving like tomorrow or the next day because I saw some people had shipment notifications from Amazon on the 11th minute shipment and then it opens for liquid stevia but you could totally go make this I'm gonna do our recipe says 1/4 teaspoon and then 10.

Extra drops it's just about like 30 drops total okay I was hoping for a live egg salad demo the recipe just went alive though someone already made it on my jeans today already and it's gonna smell like brown heaven okay this key time okay for a long-term lifestyle this question is kind of odd to me because the standard American diet.

The fact that we think that's okay for a long-term lifestyle is so funny to me it's like all this crazy like packaged foods that are just made for self stability we eat them every day and no one really questions whether that's good as a long-term lifestyle which it isn't but yeah you know is good for a long-term lifestyle I plan on being keto.

For the foreseeable future I'm not a doctor or anything though okay so I mean honestly you could just add the nuts and seeds and we're also doing coconut flakes in whatever proportion you want I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing and you can follow suit with the nuts and seeds you have on hand did you tell them what the original recipe calls for.

I showed it on Instagram but I can read it out loud so we're doing a slight variation because Megan see that we're making it nut free so you saw me do the Hat 1/4 cup butter so that's 4 tablespoons then 1/4 cup powdered richer tall this TV I you cause well a teaspoon ground cinnamon manases half a teaspoon vanilla extract.

That's all in the bowl right now it's really like thick looking and then the ingredients for the original recipe from the cookbook it's 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup raw he's with us 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes we get the big coconut once you can even do shredded I like the big ones for this though and then 1/2 a cup raw pumpkin.

Seeds and 1/4 cup head parts we it doesn't say in the cookbook but you can chop everything up if you want like smaller chunks as opposed to like the big ones where we're going to keep everything hold today but I got chop anything up and if you don't have raw you can use toasted also roasted it's good and if you just saw say those.

Little salty okay so we're gonna do pistachios today there's gonna be fun interesting so some people are asking how to hashtag on Instagram you can do that in a story or a post right yeah you can do story or post but stories fine don't feel obligated to make a new post hashtag kiddo made easy granola yeah just in any way to be post on Instagram.

Will show up for us yeah but also tag us that will make it easier for us to find so I'm gonna do 1/2 a cup these are raw pistachios and that's the bowl see how much pumpkin seeds we got left to feed us we got a half cup do it barely half cup raw pumpkin seeds oh there's gonna be cooling like green.

We're doing 1/4 cup 10 parts but you know if you like imparts a lot that will go do whatever floats your boat right into the bones I'm just adding it everything whole and we're all makes it easy we're gonna do 1/2 a cup raw sunflower seeds what's a good brand of sausage patties I have a hard time finding one like breakfast sausage I.

Really like breakfast sausage but they're generally a little bit sweet you can make your own breakfast sausage seasoning mix and just add it to ground pork it's a good way to go there's actually a seasoning mix in our cookbook for this oh yeah I think yeah the predominant flavor in breakfast sausage is sage and then like sometimes the.

Maple you get and then I'm doing should you have one full do happen and then we do half the cup unsweetened coconut flakes overflowing half and guys that's about it and now I'm gonna give it a mixture do you want to like show so she's coating everything with the butter heard of butter and the sweetener mixture and don't worry when it toasts.

Up it gets so beautiful and dark brown and taste in coat it evenly coat it evenly and that's not easy prep you're ever gonna have for the most delicious food and then we this here silicon mat is good to have but you can use parchment paper to totally use parchment paper Oh also pretty your oven to 275 totally.

Forgot okay I'm gonna tilt the Facebook guys down you want to show IG and when you spread it out you want to keep it like closely together so that you can get the clusters at the end instead of just individual like pieces of nuts to make a thin layer though yeah make it thin but keep it like close together you don't want it like to spread out cuz.

It'll harden together and then you can break it into chunks which is always fun you're gonna have your kids help you your fur babies I'd go thinner really yeah or else it'll take longer oh that's true and then while she's doing that cookbook we can flip through some of the recipes in here some really good pictures – that.

One was taken by an actual photographer you can tell the difference we have some meal plans look at Megas crazy face there we have like six one week meal plans we got like basic Brenda who just sticks to the basics yeah basic I'm basic Brenda when it comes to a salad all right we got.

Meatless Marty I'm gonna put this in the oven at 275 for it's like an hour but we will you take it out every 15 minutes yeah so one hour stirring it every 15 minutes put it on the bottom great to see you guys live hello from Toronto hello okay let's get back to life is the granola shelf stable or doesn't need to.

Be stored in the fridge no its shelf stable yeah it's a really good if you want to go on a hike or something you want your road trip you're traveling yeah packing your kid's lunch boxes well your books be sold at any chains like books-a-million Barnes and Nobles there's a lot of small book shops like carrying them but we're not sure.

The exact names yeah Barnes and Noble will the coconut flakes not burn the oven temperatures relatively lowest to 75 so they do get a little toasty but they don't burn they do look Brown what is the hashtag and I already forgot hashtag Kido made easy granola that's one word hi madam I go what is your.

Opinion on the stevia which contains vegetable glycerin I think those are like the flavored ones which this one does not include this is the concentrated one that one doesn't include vegetable glycerin these more syrupy type ones do and vegetable glycerin from what I understand is just like an indigestible fiber and it.

Wouldn't concern me with the small amount you use because you just put like a few drops of this in stuff so I don't get overly concerned about that but if you're some of the like the the protein bars and stuff they have like 30 grams of vegetable glycerin in them so that maybe would be more of a concern of mine but I don't consider myself with just.

Like little bits of yeah I agree someone just made a really great comment Edberg shabbos on Facebook because if you read them off 7 meds and lost 55 pounds my wife likes it because she said it's like having a new man she feels unfaithful because I don't look like a that's so cute Congrats Edward oh and someone recommended this show we started.

Last night what's it called yellow genius evil genius we go what episode love's only four parts that's good when does the cookbook come out it comes out on Tuesday I think the flavored ones aren't as good as the regular ones seems to have more burned I actually really like the flavor yeah I do too I don't use them as much.

Though $10 donation from sherry my mom started keto a few days ago I ordered her your cookbook for Mother's Day looking forward to flipping through it myself soon that's a good way to get a gift give something to someone that you want for yourself that's what you always do yeah I'm joined late missed what was supposed to be done for the giveaway on.

Instagram hashtag keto babies eat granola and also tag us can I purchase at Barnes & Noble on Tuesday I don't know I think maybe we should like right up to the local Barnes & Noble and see if our books in there so all the stores will have them but it's not guaranteed that they'll have put them out on the shelves oh so I can ask what like them.

Oh I'm sure yeah I would assume but I would wait a couple days or maybe just call if you don't wanna drive up there can I make something else and do the hash tag yeah no rules about the hash tag I don't know I needed good know what can be dangerous to have if you work from home home are you enjoy eating food if you guys dived.

Into learning about at Apogee at all yeah it makes me want to revisit fasting I've done a little bit of a dive into it and I think my conclusions I've drawn is that the longer you fast the more it kind of like ramps up and it seems to be hugely beneficial obviously but I think a lot of people doing intermittent fasting think they're like getting all.

These etapa G benefits and I don't know that that's the case I think it has to be long you're fast cuz yeah when we went to low-carb breckenridge all the speeches that talked about fasting for at least 24 but multiple like absolutely like yeah like 48 and so that's something to consider.

How about Amazon will they sell your cookbook live in song baby hope you sell tons of bucks yeah we did we weren't really are how should i substitute the yogurt to the granola yogurt top three favorite movies john donated $5 whoa that's like too intense you should take your five dollars back cuz i can't answer that.

You don't have your top 3 movies ready off the top of your head oh that's crazy Goodfellas Pulp Fiction inception ah avatar Titanic shutter island' so you love what's the name James Cameron that's two of two out of the three and leave our dekaprage two out of three I got your channel when I put in Quito oh that's awesome we're at the top.

Of the list wow I'm hooked so easy and I feel more helpful and my ability to follow through yeah that's funny how that works when you start doing Quito there's almost like something happening where it makes it easier like you're not you're not it's such a like you don't have to follow your carb cravings as much you're.

More like free with your food you actually can start getting what makes you feel good and it's not like you need the constant every two hours I was watching this vegan day of eating thing today actually it was really because they like you know fire at seven meals throughout the day and it was just like yeah I guess that's what you have.

To do so I don't love your t-shirt I'm a Detroit girl thanks for repping I'm not a Detroit girl but massagist shirt boy he got this for me you know here's another five for both of you listening Scorsese oh yeah I guess better Islanders too thanks John yeah i love martin scorsese I really love casino also I literally just signed.

Up for IG to post I hope I did it right we do do will be on the lookout for you Shadowhawk hope that's your name I'm a mega have first time catching you live I started Quito about a month ago and your recipes are amazing I've lost a ton of weight your videos have helped that's amazing thanks Gary hey y'all love it took me a while to get.

Fat adapted but listening to y'all and watching the into bits has kept me strong thanks for being the best thanks for the support guys we get so much love you know anything yeah who would have thought they're just starting to make youtube videos would lead us here we actually got an interesting email today from a couple who also has YouTube.

Channel I'm not gonna name it but they were asking how we deal with like the haters and they they personally been like just blocking everyone or what oh that's crazy right so I mean so we don't like the sends our people so if you see like a full comments like just laugh at them is my personal take yeah I think if someone even said anything mean you just.

Like laughs like what does that say about them as a human being but yeah I mean you got comes with the territory yeah but I think that just applies to life that was that was a good email to read because it reminded me that like we've come a long way in the beginning the comments really impacted me but you know having those.

Hateful comments has allowed me to like even just deal with people Oh someone had are nicer ones there's people out there and so many people that love you and support you don't look like the haters don't the bastards grind you down you got no haters you ain't poppin what's the Badgers rangedown saying from tell me you guys get hate mail not.

Really as much an email mostly like YouTube comments cuz you know like you're watching a video it's really easy just be like oh you suck like it's not that involve but sending us an email is a more involved process let's see usually like asking for advice on something or someone just being like you use the microwave here on the die yeah.

We get those occasionally lucky brownies thank you I really like the macro calculator on your website is a 25 percent deficit too extreme I would say formally I would have said no but now I think you want to just slowly scale into that much of a deficit like maybe start at 10 and then over time build up to 225 but um the big.

Thing about that is it also puts you in like a longer-term mindset because jumping to 25 percent deficit is really like a short term I want quick results type of mindset I would just view this as like a long-term thing well you guys wave at the can please mega did you do AIP on the deeper state cut for a specific.

Reason I cut Gary this week and the scale is moving thinking about full AIP so I didn't do a P for weight specific reasons I did them for my psoriasis so any autoimmune disease you have type 1 diabetes Hashimoto's AIP could work great for it or not you know show anything at all so I think it's worth a try but I did feel a lot.

Better not having all the dairy in and even the Cathy and I cut the caffeine like down and I was like 20 milligrams a day and it was nice to take a break and step back from everything yeah and just like the more processed area – you can even just try cutting that out like I know Matt got a lot of the time when she was doing the Appy she.

Was still doing like goat's milk cheese sheep's milk cheese just like raw dairy unpasteurized but cutting out the eggs was very difficult you just do egg whites – right you can cut out the egg whites no it's the Agricenter the issue are you joking oh yeah yeah haters are like fiber cards they're not absorbed and they go to poop oh my god.

That's a great can we steal that that's amazing hey go straight I'm writing it down who was that brown look Keith bull sick thanks Keith you just made Matt today yeah everyone everyone mega have you thought about reusable menstrual products since you take such good care of yourself.

Physically I was curious something to look into what does that mean reusable like cloths you just wash as opposed to like wearing like so in India that's still really big with all my cousins always did that and I was like why do they do that but like it is like better for the environment and it's cheaper I haven't thought about that I didn't know.

People did that to be honest in like the states but it's probably probably baby yeah that's something I would look into it did you cut dairy cold turkey or did you phase it out on stages I kind of cold turkey but like Matt said I was doing sheeps and goats raw stuff but yeah I just know I became just just cut it out.

It made it it was easier for me to do it that way it's not like caffeine I don't get like withdrawal symptoms from Barry I eat 3,800 Cal's a day and issues meeting it because I don't want to pop nuts in my mouth all day pause thoughts on snacks also eating your Korea Excel it at the moment hey that's so good so thoughts on sums I.

Would just make that bombs honestly if you're 300 calories is a lot and I would pretty much be slammin fat bombs I do bigger bulletproof coffees because for me it's mostly at 300 calories about adding a lot of fat so you can make like a pretty solid fat bomb it's just like 500 calories and that's really easy to add like coconut oil like 2 or 3.

Tablespoons maybe some butter and just some flavoring to make it palatable and um yeah snacks though like I guess like calorie dense snacks nuts are really a calorie dense snack I would do a couple circles matters yeah like almond butter nut butters you could even do something where you like mix nut butter with coconut oil so it's.

That's what Matt did you know you can watch my 4,000 calories what else do we got where when will your book signing being Atlanta will you post the info on Instagram yes I should post that today it's on Tuesday at in Woodstock Fox Trot Oh socks socks run or something some kind of Fox bookstore yeah what sock Fox.

Looked something all insurance story that time is it uh 6:30 till 8:30 chilly thirty we're gonna be able a but not necessarily interested like we've there's only one person that shows up I'm sure it won't be two hours cream butter that's a good one too we have a dream butter recipe that's really easy to just slam Megan you mind talking a.

Little bit more about what you should cut out of your Aikido if you have an autoimmune disorder so you can easily just look it up there's actually set rules for AIP autoimmune protocol and I actually learned about it first from Cristina I'm a good friend she is the Castaway kitchen because she does it for her.

Autoimmune issues so I caught caffeine I did that like slowly because you'll get withdrawal symptoms is it caffeine is a coffee it's Kathy okay um especially for psoriasis so caffeine is just really bad for Isis even if you're not doing a key protocol so caffeine I put out eggs I also cut out dairy I smoking is really bad I would cut that out.

So I also didn't know butter so I did a lot of coconut oil a lot of MCT oil and I think those were the major things that I cut out of my life you can do G though right yeah and then I minimal I was minimal with my artificial sweeteners because people will say that like that can be disruptive for any issues but yeah it's.

Pretty basically if you just look it up I think this is about ready okay we're doing a little flip here flip it yeah let's just just kind of like work it around a little it still will be like wet and like buttery but oh this feels great sorry this is almost like that uh what's that stuff the kids make these days the.

Coat of Elmer's glue like sniffing oh yeah well then no but they make food they make thing what's that called this smells Bob if you're not making it now make it did you put cinnamon in yeah you can't smell it this is gonna be dangerous okay go back in for another 15 and that'll be 30 total slime let's call it.

Slime that's what it is yeah I see all these kids have their Instagram there's like millions of followers just on slime making tutorials and it seems really cool like I would love to have a batch of slime in front of you that you play with I can't believe people everyone just knew it right away no it's a big things what I wonder if Elmer's glue.

Like is behind the slime creation because he has to be profiting like crazy off of this since your cut phase has your eating habits and rest changed the biggest change to my eating habits is just really making an effort every day of getting high fat and yeah I'm tending my protein a tad bit hecho so like I do a lot of that fast to my.

Meals and then being more controlled in a healthy way like if I want to eat something I'm not just gonna stand in front of the fridge and eat out of the fridge I'm gonna make an active decision to like pull out some cheese put it on a plate and like take it to my work desk because that's where for me it's just like I just can eat all day if I'm just.

Standing in the kitchen that's also changed Oh Laura's making slime today with her kid Oh Lord do we know Laura no oh that's cool I wonder if we'll be doing that I hope not going crypto with Vegas Mike you guys are amazing keep up the good work I'm down 35 pounds in a month and a half.

How was crypto going for you bud I haven't really been checking in on crypto much lately how did we get in the giveaway on Instagram hashtag keto made easy granola and tag us key donut connect it doesn't have to be granola though you can make whatever you want and tag us can you please share the recipe well it's cooking I love your.

Videos you want to just talk about the recipe it's in our cookbook guys yeah it's called Golden Gate Manila because Matt loves Golden Gate true he loves San Francisco and the bridges the bridge is just so beautiful yeah I think the earth have you seen have you seen the sunset on the bridge yeah I've seen em all the times while standing on.

The bridge yeah in the middle well that's the most beautiful thing you'll do if this fog is like three times because people visit San Francisco take them to do that it's worth it we burn our bikes to the British you got the recipe for where do you want me to pull it up I think you were cool I don't know what yeah I said.

You were 56 56 okay so it's a quarter cup of butter 1/4 cup of erythritol about 30 drops of stevia a teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup almonds 1 cup hazelnuts 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds and a quarter cup of hemp hearts but most of those at last 5 ingredients there you can interchange.

With whatever you want whatever nuts and seeds you have or if you're allergic to tree nuts like me I'm doing pistachios because recently mat looked it up for me and we found out the stashes are not trained up yeah so I could have been eating them all this time and you can just do more seeds you can do peanuts if you're not allergic to those what am i.

Drinking I'm just drinking like some kava stress relief tea can you talk about some ways to make fat the majority of your meals avocado anything else absolutely I'm gonna put egg salad out there one more time but it's so easy to make that high fat because Mayo is pure fat and then eggs also have about half fat so the.

Ratio is always gonna be higher with any sort of like Mayo salad yeah it's a lot of just adding festive things like if you knew 3 scrambled eggs add a tablespoon or two of butter that's what I do for breakfast usually and then also it's mostly just adding fats to moodle's I like to do bulletproof coffee is not everyone likes that but that's a good.

Way to add fast and a good rule of thumb is just make sure your fat grams are higher than your protein grams for each meal I think they know they know that but like that's right yeah they don't know how to do cuz it can be difficult we're just used to it so if you're starting with using fatty cuts of meat most of the time.

You're like close to fat protein like pretty equal there unless you're doing like chicken thighs it's higher protein then just add some like a side of veggies you can add a lot of fat to now like 2 tablespoons would give you right back on track things like that and so a lot of people like me I don't like love just eating butter like Madeleine butter.

All day and I get tired of it so yesterday we made rib eyes and Matt added two tablespoons of butter and I wanted fat I needed it but I didn't know what to do so I poured myself two tablespoons of primal kitchens Caesar dressing and then I ate my state with it you could also do dress like undressing with or a Mayo with some vegetables to.

Make them like creamy I'll do that with mushrooms and spinach a creamy vegetable for a side dish just yeah there's so many ways just gotta get creative with your fat intake unlimited income I'm just learning about this regular butter yeah regular butter is fine just don't get margarine basically like you want to make sure that the only ingredient is.

Cream you don't want to get the ones that have the vegetable oils in it and we actually have if you want to check out if you switch for keto on a budget we have a $5 a day keto meal plan it's using meal prep like we cook a entire chicken and then we do like some broccoli I think it's made we do ground beef to I think and then add some added.

Butter and stuff it's a good place to start if you're on a limited income and honestly like if you just go into the grocery store find the sale of the week they're mainly the protein is going to be your biggest expense so you get the cheapest protein that's like a fatty could have meet and usually the fatty cuts of meat are cheaper like.

Chicken thighs chicken wings steaks are a little bit more expensive usually but like 80/20 ground beef and then get some added butter and then some veggies veggies are kind of optional too if you're really on a limited income the veggies are not a good cost to cattle your proposition they're really expensive is MCT oil must no not at all.

I've been doing it for a while or use it for a while how bad is melted well really I love roasted service candy is one or two pieces terrible love you guys it's bad so I would not do one or two pieces there's so many other options out there like Coco pulao or lilies chocolate chips that use stevia or erythritol.

Kilobars use erythritol I would stay away from maltitol yeah it's we did the test the sweetener video yes it's about 80 percent as impactful as actual sugar what kind of mayo is best that's a great question um because for me I didn't think it was a big deal until we went to low carb record range and they talked about the types of like oils they use in.

Products and like what you should stay away from and what can like just be actually like hindering weight loss and contribute to fat gain and that's like soybean oil canola oil so I stay away from all those Mayo's and I get criminal kitchen it is pricey and it tastes a little different but that's just me personally you don't have to do that but.

So that can be intimidating at first though if you're just getting on the wagon trying to eat healthier like we didn't keto for like 18 months is just normal so this is like a recent improvement I'm trying to make and that's kind of how you can view it like you don't have to do everything perfect from.

One you just have to gradually get better so anything avvocato olive oil on base only that's in the bathroom yeah I think they have a coconut oil one I've seen too in Costco but I don't know if it's actually it's not pure coconut is there a good spray oil that is Quito yeah I've been trying to use it less and.

Less yeah this is coconut oil soy lecithin and the natural flavor propellants which is probably not a great thing to have but that's kind of what you're dealing with when you get the spray oil yeah that's what we use all the time but now we just because the the mindset behind using a spray oil is like I want to use less fast so that's.

Kind of counter to Quito you can make your yeah what you have homemade nail right nothing is that your full email yeah you can just leave out the Chipotle and Matt normal mail any special advice for an older adult who has tried every program and lost 29 pounds being stubborn considering considering carnivore for a while I think that's a.

Decent route to go is just probably gonna be more of an adjustment period for you being older as opposed to someone who's like Jungian you know can their bodies really adaptable but you could try something like that and I think even just doing carnivore with like added fats is a good baseline because then you can throw in new foods.

And see how they impact you it's like a really good because nothing in a carnivore diet is really gonna you're gonna have reactions to or it's gonna be like intolerant to your body so then when you add things in like you started adding out there's something you know as well with this really makes me feel a lot worse.

You have like some good data there try hunter and gatherer automail yeah it sounds like it yeah I'm gonna try we use bacon pad for everything that's a good route to go you can get pump sprayers for your own oil all those things scare me ever since that one story of the woman guy died yeah she was just using um a cream thing the heavy whipping.

Cream like to make your own sushi it had like the are the canisters on it bloats you're just trying to like I you know use it in the kitchen and exploit a heater in the chest should die so yeah nom so advice for brands to buy for kitchen blood meter I would strongly recommend keto mojo at this point it's just so much cheaper it's a small.

Business that's like operating in the keto community as opposed to Abbott Labs just like a huge drug company yeah so and they're cheaper and it's just as accurate so I would go with that one how often do you guys have keep doing desserts so we consider back on desserts so that could be like everyday because we have a.

Fat palma de i have something sweet almost every day like keto brownies will they make things like that when we make them first the food blogger the cookbook so we're not like ever making desserts on our own really I try to keep my desserts like to mostly fat moms and sometimes we'll make protein cakes protein cakes or no mud cakes but can we.

Make mud cakes a lot I suggest eloping to Vegas that's what we did in 2000 been together ever since that's my that's what I said I want to do I love Vegas we just got our keno mojo yesterday and loved it a couple of ketose what's up guys drinking some bulletproof bone broth.

Yeah my guys been making bone broth lately and maybe we'll have a recipe for that soon yeah I've been telling people we should cuz we will you've made it like three times now right yep it's really good I've been having that every day too ah Thank You Janita for $5 I've been eating Cheetos since January and I've lost 50 pounds thank you for.

All that you do good job vodka straight mat good one no this is just a water bottle whenever I'm in Whole Foods I always like get one of the fancy waters to try so I got this one it's bottled in Idaho and it's like two miles deep they really sold me the bottle sold me so I went for it love hot chocolate do you have a good recipe we have a white.

Hot chocolate recipe on our site we haven't done look at actual I feel like hot chocolates just so easy to make we could do an actual one but yeah you can add cocoa powder to that and that would be really good hi from UK watching you is inspiring oh thank you hello how often do you do eat a day do you change it up every now and.

Then yeah I do change that up quite a bit I would say typically I have two meals same with like two drinks with added fat to it but like this morning I ate it like 8:30 or something which I haven't done in a long time but I was hungry and I trying to be more intuitive which doesn't come naturally to me but I'm.

Seeing if I can make it happen for me this time around how did you feel you felt good I felt good and I have any we still at the gym and you didn't feel like gross right I'm trying to just be more um not limited in my thinking to where it's like oh if I eat now that I can't go to the gym in an hour just stuff like that it's gonna be more like.

Free-flowing you know well you wasn't gonna go to the gym and I was in the car leaving the parking lot and then you called me like I'll come fine I was like okay $5.00 from Bubble Louie TV have you heard of kidney stones with keto be ninety or three months down 45 pounds but recent blood and urine and possible stone doc says is that did you.

Have you been tested before keto isn't keto that's like caused all these issues I never heard of people sometimes do develop kidney stones on keto we're not doctors but don't you know so yeah I have kidney stones in my kidneys present since like 10 years ago so if I have an issue it's not because of keto it's probably likely just a stone passing so.

That could be the same for you have you ever had your kidneys like checked for kidney stones before you've also upped your salt intake and it depends on what the stones made up so have your doctor checked with the stones made up and then you can go from there and maybe help start eliminating certain things not medical advice not medical advice at all.

Hi oh do you do i off every day no we don't we've done in the past it's not something I'm like that much of a fan of I like to just try eating when I'm hungry it makes me feel restricted and uncomfortable so like I just wanna yeah I don't want to feel like I'm restricted around eating mixing it again this is round 2 it's been in there for how long.

30 minutes you can see the butter it's starting to get stickier smelling and it's getting browner but it's not burnt I think we might only need one more 15-minute session in there we'll see because it's I guess it's less can you then like the cookbook version no I will get chunky as to cool no but like the hazelnuts and almonds.

Are bigger this is looking delicious I love this I'm excited to see everyone else's with different like nuts and seeds okay so it's going in I think probably for 15 more minutes and we'll be good yeah would you recommend perfect keto MCT powder budget dependent I would I really like it it's pricing it's pricey though.

You're better off it's more cost-effective to just do MCT oil but if you like the convenience you're like the portability then yeah it's worth it and we do have a coupon code it's cute Oh connect I think you get what percent off 20 20 percent off is cute okay for people with diabetes we have two perfect podcasts for you type 2 diabetes dr.

Sarah Hallberg type 1 diabetes just came out today dr. Jake Kushner their specialist in type 1 and type 2 diabetes and just search for doctors are a Hallberg type 2 diabetes keto experiment yeah us study baby Berta House the one-year trials are in it so just like it's very evident that that's like the correct answer to treating type 2.

Diabetes I think 87 percent of patients improved in the first like 10 weeks or something yeah can lacto and tolerant people take I so pure whey protein so weight is a form of dairy isn't it yeah I don't know what like natural lactose I would Google that I would also just try it and then don't you take like lactaid pills or something.

My roommate had I had like severe lactose intolerance he but she refused to give up pizza so she just always popped with the pills I love John H $5 he always wants us less than three snacks treats or candies you miss most on keto come on John take your $5 so Reese's fast break right away that's disgusting my favorite candy bar.

Treats oh okay we'll just go back and forth tortilla chips hmm I guess popcorn we we were popcorn pigs I like ridiculous what else you got um honey bunches of oats oh that is really good I'm gonna go Golden Grahams with like some really good one time I did Golden Grahams a strawberry milk and I threw up.

Like I ain't like an entire half game on a strawberry milk in like a good portion of Golden Grahams at the same time when I was like ten and I threw up so I could never eat I still to this day can't eat like strawberry milk flavored things I guess we should go treats next but Golden Grahams those all three of mine what.

Else do you got no we both your popcorn doesn't count oh I guess I didn't really do desserts I always felt like weird eating desserts like cake and stuff you thought we're eating cake yeah I'm gonna say goldfish oh that's a good one too thanks max no you tried popping sorghum no but I looked into the new deficient and I kind.

Of conclude that it wasn't really reasonable for kita but um I know people do that you too and dr. Eric West Monroe my inspiration speaking of the man we have him scheduled for our podcast I am so excited to talk to him he actually sent us a great email giving us critique on our sugar or sugar sweetener the.

Sweetener video so we're definitely going to talk about that on the podcast so I'm excited for him to chime in I love him because I think he works with like inner-city patients to maybe that he's just like this naturally it really has a good pulse on like you know he's a doctor but he also knows what's reasonable to like prescribe the.

People and what they can actually achieve so he's you know most doctors you would expect to be like you know shop at Whole Foods making homemade bone broth but he's very much like you know if you have to eat at McDonald's you have to but just to get you to your best yeah why do you blend a bulletproof coffee does it make it hydrogenated no.

I'm actually to mull suffice yeah so hydrogenated is a really really intense heating process that's down to like oils so there's solidified like I guess Crisco is an example right but know that blending it doesn't do that it emulsifies it so the fat combined realistic coffee yeah I need a good she taught chip recipe see there are certain.

Things you don't need to recreate freaky – I think Cheetos are one of them do you still have fat fear if so how do you overcome it I at the beginning and I'm really nervous I think the best way to overcome it is to really just start eating high fat and then correlating that with how good you feel and I think it becomes.

Easier because if you're not feeling good and you're eating like a ton of carbs then trying something new like fat and feeling good may just change your perspective you start correlating it in your mind the same way that maybe you correlate I don't know coffee with like energy or working out with like endorphins yeah are all keto products.

Perfect keto products good no I like to stick with just basically the MCT ones they have a bunch of nonsense product so we're just when there's two major knives and we're should be honest because we love carpet keto great people and we do have a coupon code but some things I just wouldn't say you should get like the one we're gonna show you now I don't.

Know where the other one is so they have this ketone nootropic they really just like throw a lot of things together that um doesn't make sense well it kind of makes sense but is there just like you know really I don't know there's strikes free and praying with every supplement in existence on this one but also the collagen is really.

Delicious so I would get the MCT powder in the college and those too but the other one is yeah yeah they also have a nut butter do that oh yeah they do that's good dangerously delicious dangerously delicious Cavaliers our Cavaliers to the taste a good answer so the Cavs play the who they play the Celtics.

I've only been watching the NBA playoffs on the 10 minute YouTube highlights which I love so it's the the Sixers are out you know right no I did diss LeBron still play for the Cavs yeah LeBron just a such a show bode person I don't know are you joking is nobody at all when he gets fouled or like touched he just like screams as if.

He's like highly offended it's like bro you're playing a full on contact sport control your emotions while you're on the court do you agree Jason thank you I know you agree my phone is dying yeah how often do you check the keto level when we were doing the cut we were checking it at least once twice a week but not that.

Often like I'd like to do it once a week I feel like that keeps me I do once in a while to just check in and make sure I'm seeing you know like something but I really go based on how I feel Jason said this year then he's out he's out he's done no BJ is the king I don't know what it is but well I was like playing basket.

Really into it I really loved the guys who were like flashy like Jason Williams and Allen Iverson are my two favorite players of all time but as I've aged like I really appreciate Kobe Bryant now because he's not the most skilled guy but he just worked the hardest but isn't it like super angry and like again just very.

Unfriendly his sole mission in life is to be the greatest player of all time but like I guess when you've got your ambition dude I don't care about your feeling you got to bring people down yeah to get above what else what's your thoughts on intermittent fasting with Kido it helps me Plateau breakthrough I think it's good to try a lot of people.

Seem to like it I think if you have insulin resistance then there's a lot of data showing that it's really beneficial if you're just doing it for weight loss though if you're controlling for calories and you're doing intermittent fasting versus not doing any minute fasting the results should be the same but yeah if it's helping you break for.

Your plateau that could also mean if you're just condensing you're eating window you're eating less food yo Brett Mike have a good Mother's Day brunch is Bob Molly a good half name it's not bad that's fine I think of Bob Marley that's a good association did you like I ever signed the pistons not really can we get weekly Q it is we do daily curated on.

Instagram 990 we do Sunday poke along every Sunday so that's a weekly thing but we will be traveling a little bit coming up and we were for a while so we haven't been able to if you want to do keto on Herbalife I want to look into this Herbalife I know it's a multi little marketing thing but I've never actually looked.

Into the products be careful if you do two shakes a day because then you're over your carbs for the day throwout Herbalife and just eat food guys come on yeah I wonder what is in Herbalife good NOLA I think you mean vanilla is smelling so good so is ours Facebook questions can't wait for my cookbook to come in I love you guys are the resource.

Love all the Asian inspired recipes you get a a good bit of those in the cookbook I have additional olive oil or avocado order the salad they eat avocados and fat bombs and add butter to veggies what are other examples of adding fat I used like dressings you can do Mayo and like egg salad chicken salad what are their.

Fat absolutely multiple bulletproof coffees you could even do bulletproof teas you can do bulletproof bone broth or bulletproof chicken broth which is what I used to do when I struggled to get my fat in those are all good options yeah this this Herbalife stuff is crazy guys it's not food it's soy protein and the second.

Ingredient is fructose and it's a bunch of crazy flavorings don't get it I'm sure they have other products do they have like a whole product I'm sure they're doing really well they're killing it yeah Renauld Ronald what's his name Christiana and all those on their homepage so job yeah oh my god Pamela my.

Understand yeah like I can't believe people like him support something like that I guess he doesn't care about dollar bills but I think it's the last of a dying breed like there's not gonna be a Herbalife's in 30 years when people actually understand where they're like because we're floating around on tubes yeah not even moving.

I think of Wally favorite salad dressing did you say that all right primal kitchen Green Goddess is my favorite I like just olive oil and apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper I look a little better than olive oil but heavy on the salt and pepper and matches is delicious we also make this gray one we should do.

That for us oh we need to do more yeah recipe this is cilantro pine no cilantro pumpkin seed dressing man made is phenomenal what we're gonna do that program I'm gonna do some fatty dressings because that seems to be a common problem adding fat to meal yeah Herbalife 4.4 billion sales per year dad when do we switch the faith to on deeper.

Sticky dough oh yeah guys if you don't know D per se quedó is closing our registration 27:27 so get in on that if you want deeper sake you know calm when you should switch to phase 2 is when you start noticing problems in phase 1 such as like scale weight not moving mental different mental you're not feeling as.

Good mentally as you were with the higher fat ratio bloating fatigue but maybe constipation but one or two days of that I would if it's just a weights all I'd give it more than like three days do you guys have a video discussing your thoughts on artificial sweeteners yeah if you search keto connects sweeteners it'll be the first results my.

Wife and I love your food I've lost 20 kilograms gradually should then thank you for the donation that must be like a hundred pounds I'm kidding it's like 44 yes I did Herbalife in the 80s it almost killed me don't recommend it at all are you two thinking about having your own product or LRE we're working on something already it's really hard.

Though I thought the easy part would be creating it and that's actually the hard part can you pin that website no because unless you're supporting it just another curiosity in your Korean recipes you only use curry curry powder why don't you use those is like garam masala we try to make our recipes really easy so curry powder is.

It really available here in the US and people can just go to the grocery store and get it but we use turmeric not everyone has but in the saag paneer recipe in the cookbook I use garma masala I don't use curry powder garam masala is you can't find it at the grocery store generally you have to go to a specialty store or an Indian.

Grocery store yeah so in the saag paneer recipe it looks delicious and it is I use a garma masala turmeric chili powder just like Indian spices then I use ghee to I make it super Indian for you guys oh the website is deeper stinky dodo I'm sorry I thought your gen about the Herbalife I was like we're not gonna p1 to pin it after.

Purchasing VSK deeper say QA do we keep it for life yeah you do I'm sure Quest keto bar quest just quest buyers oh yeah we try it does unless they came out with a quest keto bar we've tried them we don't really do much anymore really high in fiber and then the cookies are just disgusting target cells garam masala whoa.

So maybe we'll do more ground masala we just try to keep it simple cuz we don't want you to have to have certain ingredients like if you can help it cuz you might not use it all that much okay think we're almost about to come out let's see what it's doing I think it's done it's done yeah no keeping your left okay so the final time you take it out.

When it's set like this let it cool like that so that then you can break it up after it's cool and it'll kind of like stay together and then it'll be more of bigger chunks of granola begin kind of late yeah so we did try it guys it is medium put them in a bowl or something in the fridge cool to a coulis quiet can we put the whole thing in the.

Freezer okay we'll come up with something but yeah if you're making it at home let it cool don't don't stir it around the last time because it when it cools it'll form together and then you can break it and get good like bacon or mustard let's see here you know the Warriors in the freezer but give it like what like 30 minutes yeah do you.

Recommend getting ketone strips or the keto an electric monitor I don't recommend ketone strips under any circumstance really the monitor the keto monitor is good if you I'd say it's good to get it's just a little pricey it's like probably $100 investment but it's nice to have that data about your body yeah.

I'm 72 and had to do carnivore to kick-start my losing again it worked you think I'll always need to do this no I don't think so I think you can slowly I would personally slowly start incorporating like certain veggies that you like I would keep them like good start cooking first aren't cooked and like stay away from cauliflower at first.

And that'll definitely cause bloating so like spinach kale collards those kinds of things your body reacts and you can just keep adding more until you feel comfortable how's the house hunting coming actually guys big news we got a house we haven't like officially gotten it yet but we made an offer it was accepted and now.

We're in the process of like the home inspection and all that nonsense podcast was Thomas de Lauer soon we reach out to him a few times seems to be busy yeah I'm sure he's really busy with his his YouTube channel what some things you guys do to lower stress that's a good one we need to do more things oh yeah we go to the movies well go go see a movie.

It's a nice escape Matt started meditating again yeah the biggest thing for me which I'm not have not mastered at all is like and maybe it's more a problem for me because I work at home but like having a cut off and actually like having some kind of routine for the day the workday is done now I'm in chill mode because that can just kind of drag.

On to the night then you're thinking about it in bed and you have trouble falling asleep and just really like adds up I do for me morning cardio just just like even a simple 15 minutes just clear my head and I'll watch your show at like 8 o'clock in the morning so I've gotten a little work in got the coffee in but like having just a quick break really.

Distress is made so just find something you enjoy doing you can like you can break away for 15 minutes go for a walk outside the macros on the granola it's 18 grams of fat 5 grams of protein it's 5.5 carbs – 3 sugar alcohol so it's like 2.5 carbs 2.5 net carbs yeah 4 for 1/4 cup 1/4 cup serving small serving bat delicious if you get insight.

Timer that's what I've been using please befriend me I don't know how to befriend people but I'll try and figure it out is there a key to a cookie recipe yeah we have a really good it's chewy chocolate chip cookies you can search it on YouTube or I think I'm Google you'll find out we have a couple cookies in the rest I mean the cookbook.

New ones I really admire the relationship you guys share it's what keeps me going out here alone I know support is so important but seeing your videos is such an inspiration to keep going oh thank you yeah that means a lot and it is hard to you know do everything together with your partner or like find someone who.

Supports you through and through yeah so I'm glad you have us and we love to support from you but you'll find your person we don't have it all figured out either guys we're always like being nice to each other on the camera obviously and our videos are edited but we have a lot of madam will eventually put together a reel of us just like fighting.

We fight a lot – yeah a lot but we have ya know perfect fighting is healthy though so don't ever doubt your relationship cause of a fight unless it's like cheating yeah oh yeah again guys to enter the contest at hashtag keto made easy granola on Instagram guys we're all in the cookbook yes this is in the cookbook drop in $20 I.

Literally just bet you're not paying attention to your mom lately I've been seeing a difference between cards listed on products and the breakdown between sugar and fiber what's missing from the breakdown carbs equal 25 fiber equals 6 and sugar equals 1 where are the missing carbs so there's other forms of carbs other than sugar and fiber there is.

Starch and I think there's like I don't even know what else there is like what can equal up to TOA carbs I know for sure starches like if you look at a potato nutrition it's really low in sugar but it's high end total carbs so let me just look here start someone just said start yup you don't make easier no like yes that is.

The hashtag if you're making something I think it might just be starches unless someone else knows of something else so a lot of the similar questions a lot of people ask like when the fiber and the sugar alcohols equal more than the cars mm-hmm does that make sense yeah so is that the case for the Corolla oh yeah the way that we're doing it in.

The cookbook is a little different than is typical but this is what the people wanted to do yeah so sugar alcohols are a completely separate column and then there's total carbs and fiber right yeah so fiber will sugar alcohol to be over the cargo yeah so what is like the explanation for that I guess I never understand how to explain that so you.

Take the card you should subtract the fiber to get net carbs but the sugar alcohol is just like its own thing in your body right it's like undigested see it wouldn't be like yeah it was probably honestly not the best way to do it but that's what they wanted to do yeah we don't do that like that on our website we include the sugar alcohols and the.

Total carbs I think I'm not sure how we do maybe we do it the same way hi I've been I've been you following you guys for a while I just started trying keto and I'm learning a lot from you guys Thanks okay you want to take it out give it a try yeah our beans okay since they are high in fiber oh no the only type of.

Beans that are really feasible for keto is black soy beans but beans are high favorites are also high in full net carbs as well there's not enough is it possible to have a gummy keto recipe yeah it is I've tried a few I've just never got the flavouring good enough how do we want to do it just this little cold no we can just try it yeah.

Let it fully cool before you break it but we're gonna break the rules John H in your house what is more likely to be in the fun room golden tea machine ping-pong table or pool the table golden teas like a golf it's a golf I think what's more likely to you I would say ping pong table you don't play pin I think I put me fine he's not doing so.

Good of things and then I see him play dodgeball and you than of an armed I never said I had an arm when I asked my weakness we just poured some out into a bowl and it's still like what you want yours are hardened let it harden James it's hot down 8 pounds on dsk moving to phase 2 tomorrow amazing we're in yeah so many people are.

Sharing their progress on hashtag deeper sake you know on Instagram it's really awesome to follow guys how is it really good wow that's too bad – good right I know what we're gonna do with all this um love for Missouri so good so if you're eating yours oh my goodness that is good stuff Mary well what do you say buddy open for.

Registration so it's still open until the 27th and you get lifetime access so you can just get it now but we're gonna take it down for like four to six weeks well the first wave of people are finishing up we can like gather the results get the feedback make it better open it again and it'll be a little improved hopefully.

And yeah so I think so the 27th it's going to close then it'll be open probably around we haven't decided an exam I'm you know at least around the fourth of July timeframe dsk is deeper state Kino calm it's the cutting program and community we have put together with Keo savage Robert Sykes I just measured myself from last week on dsk and had to.

Remember because I didn't believe the loss whoa Abby Abby I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and your food photography and stuff is getting good keep it up a lot of people asked about the magic field we haven't seen again I was gonna start it this morning on the treadmill but I actually started take.

Your pills instead accidentally no cuz it helped me to watch magic pill together yeah that's fine we've been holding off granola is super good yes Kate Harmon likes it I think we gotta call it soon guys my computer's about to die here and it's been an hour and I keep using this we're gonna keep doing this we have some travels coming up so.

It's not gonna be every Sunday but if you guys don't know we post the recipe we're gonna do hopefully a few days before we just posted it yesterday though this time on Instagram and I try posting it in YouTube I'm just like a text post if you scroll through YouTube you should be able to find it it just tells you what we're gonna make so I.

Think if you get notifications from us you'll get notified of what the recipe is going to be and to do that you have to click the bell on our channel alright guys we love you thanks for joining us don't forget to tag us hashtag kiddo maybe Zee cook along we're gonna Penny winter hello what are we gonna pick two one.

Tonight at like seven feet seven or eight Eastern Kyoto made easy look at Megas makeup it's horrendous I'm that I I will always regret that cookbook cover the next one you should go no makeup yeah thanks Kendrick Oh a couple of ketosis a couple of keto said thanks so yummy awesome guys yay hope to hear some feedback on the recipe and.

We'll pick a winner later on today alright bye
Cookbook Giveaway And Making Keto Granola
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