Brunch Cook Along + Dinner in 30 EBOOK Giveaway

Brunch Cook Along + Dinner in 30 EBOOK Giveaway

Brunch Cook Along + Dinner in 30 EBOOK Giveaway

Check out the video on Brunch Cook Along + Dinner in 30 EBOOK Giveaway.
We're live I think let me just confirm yes how's it going guys yeah there we go okay let me know if the sound and everything's good I think it is and today we are making just like little breakfast mini casseroles for our individual cells so I have two little dishes here you can do a big one.

You can obviously make like whatever you want you don't have to be making a breakfast thing but it's pretty basic we're gonna be doing eggs bacon and broccoli and we're gonna give away this new ebook we came out with today dinner in 30 also I'm wearing pajamas because it's one of those sunbaes guys hopefully everyone's relaxing in their.

Pajamas oh and your lipstick and I put on lipstick this is my Kylie lipstick it's one of my favorites it won't come off ever so if you like lipstick that stays on through literally I think you do I recommend the Kylie it's expensive but I love expensive is it an erotic so like a stick of lipstick yeah that's probably 50 bucks $50 for a stick of.

Lipstick it's not a stick it's a matte like not stick it's a bit elastic forever how much is normal lip sticks I don't know I don't really buy normal lipsticks I was just really excited about the Kylie I assume like 6 bucks or something or no a good lipstick from like Mac or Sephora or soft are more expensive.

So today's we got football today seasons coming to a close my fantasy season's over which is sad but what color is the lipstick so it actually changes throughout the night which I like right now it's like a it's like a pink if you can see it but if anyone does like hit it towards the end I can run up and grab it and get the.

Exact color some people say in the videos chopping give it like a couple minutes I think it should be solid but if it's still acting up after a few minutes does he need to go out yeah you shouldn't have told Matt about the lipstick have you guys ever done a bpc only fast that's bulletproof coffee if so how long was it and how did you feel.

If not would you ever consider it for the experience and info we've never done it it's kind of like people do fat fast I guess that would fall under that category more in the mindset of just eating healthy foods on a daily basis I don't really do too much fasting and stuff or too much like more of the extreme type of things like egg fast fat.

Fast we did all those like a few years ago but I really recommend them that I just like yeah cuz like it's the mindset it's like why are you doing this kind of fast like do you just enjoy fasting with Bowl proof coffee do you just enjoy that or are you doing it for a reason like quicker weight loss or like you know breaking a plateau and it's not really.

Like long-term consistent mindset okay so the oven is preheating to three more you're just jumping into it well I'm just telling people if they are cooking along or doing any breakfast casserole or any casserole we have the oven preheated to 350 degrees and that's what we'll be baking these bad boys at is this our first live stream now we do.

These every Sunday and we're going to start doing so last Wednesday we doing our crime stream which we don't have a name for yet I like crime and nourishment like crime dining crime dining that's going to be this Wednesday the first episode so get ready for that and we're gonna do a giveaway I don't really know how to do a giveaway I think.

The best way to do it here is probably if you guys just comment on our most recent Instagram photo will pick someone from that for the e-book giveaway maybe like five people yeah okay so just go comment let's see what should they comment they're like what's something cool the best movie you've seen in the past two years so this is totally.

Arbitrary cuz we're gonna be like that was a terrible movie they don't win well I'm just gonna be random you just have to comment oh yeah yeah yeah so the best movie you've seen the last two years that'll be good would give us ideas yeah what's the we've seen in the last two years best movie in the past two years I we've seen.

So many movies um I really liked quiet place like I loved that movie I loved hunter-killer yeah it's not like to eighth grade that's not up there with Hunter Killer and quiet place though I really like Bohemian Rhapsody I loved a star is born I like Bohemian Rhapsody better if you guys have seen both which one did you.

Like better hello from Michigan's Upper Peninsula where we are kind of fresh blanket of snow oh you saw me happy about it so that's great yeah hi from Chipley Florida it sounds like a nice nice place I need some tan action yeah it's winter though I mean I need some tan action guys I never really get tan is the thing I just.

Either get sunburned or like a slight maybe like redness to my skin it doesn't get tan though yeah fantastic beast was your favorite movie in the past two years okay you know when you are really bad at movies I mean we're just messing but yeah sure I watched the first one and if sleeping I was boring shape of water.

That but we just never actually ended up seeing it I've seen both I'd like to send you my critic on the films but they're in Portuguese get out was really good that's true Matt didn't you didn't like that that was good I thought it was slightly overrated but it was definitely good I was oh my god it was incredibly good I.

Forgot how good that was cuz we went in without I didn't see any trailers I had no clue what it was about so that was good and this Mike song right yeah yeah those are the best movies actually when you go in and know nothing about them then we 100 like oh like maybe like a detective to just be like a tactical submarine and then when.

At first we were like oh it's a sub submarine yeah I was kind of disappointed but then it just broke my world guys like no joke it was like one of the best movies Gerard Butler nailed it okay I'm linking the URL for the dinner in 30 a book if you guys want to check that out it just came out today did that work and don't forget when you.

Purchase to download a copy to your computer download it make sure you download it you should give it your email oh right yeah but that being said download it so like a lot of people buy it on their phone but if you have a laptop or a computer desk like buy it there preferably battle at El Royale someone said what somebody said those.

Terrible I didn't see it though no oh you said it was bad Oh battle-ax over now I was thinking of the other other Japanese movie crazy with Battle Royale oh that whatever el Burrell was actually really bad yeah I felt like I had just wasted a lot of my time I was glad didn't come reading primal body primal.

Mind based on your suggestion and it's really changing my consciousness about my Aikido choices a must-read that's great to hear I'd say it's the best nutrition book I've read probably this is not too in-depth but it's also somewhat in-depth and then I think Matt probably the next book he'll read is the truth about milk.

Yeah I'm just going to buying spree and I buy a bunch of health books like the other dance let me show you bought the truth about milk you're never gonna read that and it's gonna be the dumbest book I just wasted so my fifty dollars on the lipstick that I use that'll last me forever is a better purchase than your truth about milk book the untold story.

About milk which is even worse of a name like no one cares about the untold story of milk but people care that I look pretty in my lipstick this is my latest nutrition book buying spree I got no I bought the real food for pregnancy yeah I just wanted to include that I got this one which is apparently really good western a price nutrition and physical.

Degeneration he basically like went around the world studying indigenous tribes finding out like there he was a dentist I think and he just sounds like a bunch of good research on ancestral diets and health so there's that one and this one is like the follow-up to primal body primal mind primal fat burner same author ever read that one wild.

Fermentation this one's down on my list might not get to that one for a while the untold story of milk just probably the lowest my list this one's really good though real food for pregnancy yeah I got through that in like a day and a half or two days primal body prattle mind is great and that's not a help but I don't know I grab that yeah oh but.

This one actually it kind of ties in saving is a brief history of humankind it's more about like you know humans throughout the years we can't even like say the word pregnant without people assuming although we're not pregnant we're not pregnant we're just you know we're family planning or talking about it so you know we want to.

Be up-to-date on our knowledge and so we had Lily Nichols on the podcast and I've just been improving my food quality for sure Pride and Prejudice oh I saw that a long time ago I guess it's good the book the book how not to die is awesome too I actually think that book is very uh not so it isn't by a vegan doctor who's advocating.

For veganism No okay I'm gonna start chopping up the brach yeah it's by Michael Greger it's vegan propaganda how much probably do you want babe uh like half of what you have their faults on the stars I still need to see that one I still need to see some pot light mm the star was so bad mega sees movies and then I can't see.

Them because every movie I see is with her yeah but then I always say I'd rewatched some of them you never want to I'm just chopping up the broccoli this is gonna go in our mini casseroles what is your opinion on prove it negative generally it's overpriced it's it uses multi-level marketing which is just annoying like they're all over the.

Internet trying to sell you like we have a video I made unproven it's like a skit video and I include this guy this guy in it who's like he puts a white paper around prove it there's just like the marketing tactics they use are crazy I wouldn't never buy them I'd never support them as a company but you can get eggs a genus ketones from reasonable.

Companies for half the price like perfect keto archaeologic there's a bunch of them actually not really like a strong recommendation on those though I'll just join what are we making we're making mini breakfast casseroles one for me one for Matt we're never made minis before are you gonna cook this first yeah with the bacon.

Bacon yeah are you gonna do cheese I'm not do you want it no what about Mark Sisson primal living I read the one book his first book I forget what that one's called the primal blueprint I think it's pretty good his blogs good too deep nutrition by Katherine Shanahan said someone I've never heard of that one I'll check that one out though Oh.

Yesterday we went on a couple's date yes so Megan's been going on dates with random girls and the bumble BFF app so bumble is a dating app but it can also be converted no it's the same app and then you just swipe you could do so you can do dating you can do find like friends BFF or you can do like networking so you can find people who.

Work in the same industry as you and like do social outings with people in your network just cool and the date went pretty good yeah the girl was cool her husband was cool he's just kind of quiet I'm kind of quiet – but no but like you weren't we and we brought it up him out I can t show any last night yeah I was really if we were giving out like MVP.

Awards I would probably give it to myself it was it was really fun though and mega blacked out for like five minutes yeah I did because we were having so much fun and so like we got like whiskey we had drinks and then I was like wait I'm too too drunk Matt you have to do what I make you do nothing really I just like whisper – I was like.

I am really drunk right now I can tell when you get really yeah that's obvious to me um so overall great she texted after the day she was I got an amazing time I responded and we texted a bunch today so we already have plans for next weekend we made a couples friend oh did you guys see solo no we haven't.

No the new Star Wars and then we have bacon here we're gonna slice up some pieces and we're gonna cook the bacon down wit for the broccoli before we add it to our casserole dishes and this is the bacon we always get and get it from Whole Foods people ask its nature ranchers grant I want to say it's like 649 okay so it is pricey but we just we.

Always get it now so let me see this no sugar added no preservatives no nitrates or nitrites added but then you look on the back oh this one doesn't even have it okay a lot of times they these are the Bacon's will say no nitrates or nitrites added but then they still have the celery extract which is a natural nitrate so it's like kind of sneaky but.

This one doesn't even have that Matt I'm becoming a sardine lover what was the other brand you have started buying besides wild planet seasons seasons brand it's really good it's my favorite one have you talked about getting to sardines yet no she won't do it but we have the cod livers the literal livers right and they were not that bad it kind.

Of tasted like a mix of like tuna and cat food mega doesn't like seafood that much yeah well now I love salmon like my body craves salmon but yeah it's like new for me so getting around to sardines is probably never gonna happen I'm just chopping up the bacon here I have a pan heating to medium-high heat.

What is that if as anyone else cooking along making anything let us know in the comments yeah what are you guys do you don't have to be cooking the same thing or also like what is watching a livestream process for you or you like just sitting at your computer with your headphones in because you don't want your husband or wife to know are you on.

The couch like is it on the TV I listen to them while I'm playing video games because I don't watch live streams though I do sometimes oh I even watch we recorded one sometimes yeah so what is it what does that look like free guys guys have been craving liverwurst and enjoying a couple ounces as a snack everyday for a month.

Too much that doesn't sound like too much a few ounces a day I like liverwurst a lot it's really tasty yeah it's probably the tastiest way to happen especially like seared right in a pan it's perfect what do you say to people who say milk is bad for you umm I mean are we talking like pasteurized skim milk from the grocery store that's.

Probably bad for you yeah it's okay but uh like whole milk pasteurized from the grocery store a lot of it depends on your current diet like if you're on a vegan diet and you have whole milk from the grocery store that's probably a net positive but if you're on like a real solid keto diet and then you have whole milk from the grocery store it's.

Probably a net negative but would say to people that say milk is bad for you I don't really say much what are you what like are they saying like dairies bad for you or like not many people saw about his bad yeah but but you know we don't know the untold story of milk until Matt reads the book conventional wisdom still says like milk grows you.

Strong bones you know like there's that one doesn't after coming back oh the milk ad recently do you see that one meme where it's like he needs some milk don't see the it's so funny get him some milk really drunk trying to get pregnant that's true is it bad to get really drunk when you're trying to get pregnant.

I think it's bad when you are pregnant yeah I mean ideally you wouldn't be drinking while trying to conceive ice you know you don't want to a lot of people having different opinions on this movie solo some people say it's garbage some people say it's a great mattress after watching I'm laying in bed in my jammies watching you cut up broccoli in.

Your jammies that's perfect happy Sunday all I've been doing keto with my wife for 13 Oh someone donated let me just get this one first I've been doing keto diet with my wife for 13 weeks I've lost 38 pounds and my wife lost 31 pounds my blood pressure went down 30 points big deal and my BMI went from 30 to 25.

That's amazing congratulations yeah that's great so the pan is heated I'm about to just add this bacon in not gonna have the broccoli just the bacon first Sierra mo 11 dollar donation hi guys you're both very inspirational our Adkins bar is good for keto I'm eating keto I'm not losing any weight or the Atkins bar as the cause thanks for all.

Your help you guys rock it depends which add can bars if you get like the Atkins indulge line of products those have maltitol if you get the Atkins lift bars those are pretty good ingredients and they don't use any mainly the things you want to look for in the Adkins bars is maltitol the big one and some of them may be use.

IMO syrup as the fiber but most of them use mounts it's also just avoid the ones that do and the other ones are all fine are you still obsessed with cheese mugga no I'm not is there an uncommon type that you recommend our our personal favorite is coasties what other ones are good that you like.

Well I like like aged Gouda and aged degree heirs because there's that crystallization and it's like sweeter the agedness really brings out like the cheese profile like we did a three-year aged Gouda tasted like caramel it was like we they we got like six months on 18 months and a three-year and they're very different Gouda so it's fun.

Comparing cheese like that so if you can find the chant same cheese's in different ages I think it's the cause of a lot of people getting pregnant that's true too yeah watch Bohemian Rhapsody yet yeah and that's probably my favorite movie I've seen this year I'd say what else was good nothing else really stands out to me that I loved this year Oh.

First man those are my top two this year for sure and they're very similar they follow one main character who's like a really unique person that's those the kind of movies that like it's almost like a biographical type of thing still learning how to do keo correctly I love the chemistry of this couple thank you the bacon looks great thanks yeah it was.

Open in a ziplock bag I got a fridge for a while oh let's see I get nervous when mega has a knife in her hand I do too kind of I don't i've definitely cut myself before i'm not like we don't have great knife skills but like I'm just like really like all over the place like I flail my body so I'm like I just I'd go in really hard I don't like take.

My time doing things so I think it causes more injury what's the best cream to use on keto I can't find I can only find pasteurized yeah they're all pasteurized I can't sell them in stores yeah oh yeah you can look locally and maybe find like raw cream but it's gonna be hard but yeah pasteurize heavy cream in the.

Grocery store we just mind that's probably rebuttal but yeah how long does it take to be in ketosis I've tried it for about five days now and I haven't caught on the keto flu I also tried the urine stripped and they show I'm around eight millimole higher side so the urine strips are useless they're well they're showing.

You're producing ketones but you're excreting them in your urine so they're not being utilized in your body but that being said not everyone experiences the keto flu there are some people who are lucky enough not to experience it maybe you've been lower carb before going into it and your body's just you know didn't really experience the negatives you're.

Properly you know supplementing with electrolytes so you still feel good I wouldn't worry about having to have the keto flu to be in a state of ketosis you can be in ketosis about the flow let's are there specific things you can think of that it had that that you've had a big change of mind about specific things I don't know it changed your mind about.

A lot of things I guess like intermittent fasting yeah I don't have like a strong opinion on it I guess I would say it suits your lifestyle to do it if not that's fine too have you had any changes of mind nah I can't think of anything I mean a lot of like you know like the six meals a day protocol yeah I've done that before.

Huh I feel like I don't know what about like if it fits your macros what is your thoughts on that I think macros are what dictates weight loss they're not what dictates help though I used to think you had your like foods had to be super like clean like just you know rice broccoli chicken six times a day or even like whatever how many ever times a day to.

Like reach your goals but I think if it fits your macros could definitely work so like you know fit in low-carb ice creams fitting in bars and not just having to eat whole food that you cook at home all the time and take your meals everywhere packaged with you you know yeah people have a hard time hitting their macros with that type of stuff.

Yeah I mean there's people there's like professional bodybuilders that are just machines and yeah they can get away with eating pop-tarts cuz they're very dedicated but for most people like pop-tarts turn into more pop-tarts you know but I feel like it's a lot easier to do with fits your macros on a keto diet yeah I would say so sorry long.

Question you all have said that your older videos podcasts may have some outdated info and things you no longer do eat recommend how far back would you suggest to start listening another podcast yeah videos most of them stand the test of time kind of there's maybe just like some that are not the best so like now I do recall in some of them we.

Would eat the Russell Stover candies maybe yeah like obvious things like that like some protein bars that we we thought were fine before we actually tested the sweeteners so just looking at the packaging of course and then we I don't know I mean we don't eat like robust salads like we used to have like big salads like I had like a type of.

Salad 5 days a week but like in a really big bowl yeah we now majority of our food is like the Panda protein like the steak or the chicken or the animal source Melissa so Lynas donates $5 doing keto inserting corporate and cardio weights however my recovery takes forever is there a supplement.

I should incorporate I don't know there's some that seems to help with recovery like glutamine people say helps for me umm what helps a lot was foam rolling so if you can foam rolled on days that you're really sore like right when I wake up I'm super stiff we have a foam roll at home I will just foam roll my legs and my back and it really helps.

Like just get like you know moves around like the muscle tissue and it feels good so try that and they're expensive so you can just foam roll I got the gym before you workout after you workout that definitely will help with recovery does Rhonda Patrick seem supplements obsessed or over obsessed while her entire life is nutrition so.

What's that one quote like obsesses what people use to describe the dedicated you know like that type of thing I don't think she's obsessed she cares a lot about nutrition and she's not like profiting off of the sale of supplements so it seems to be actually her true recommendations oh and so she's obsessed you need to start posting your music.

Playlist we do we got like almost a thousand followers on the playlist now if you go in the description of any video not the live streams but any of our posted videos the Spotify playlist is on there alpha is a real good movie okay we've been looking at that when we've never pulled the trigger on actually watching it though.

One sec we got do they get all the donations I think there's another one here Oh Stephanie so no no a little bit we got a few Cheryl Andrews five dollar donation you two are motivators to me I appreciate your help and advice on keto over a year but like to learn every day thank you both for what you do oh we appreciate it boy Stephanie's.

Lunga donates $2 what vitamin D supplement do you take let me grab it we take vitamin D K two drops come on I did order more oh we got a cat so it is this brand-new hopefully you can see it's live wise natural an Amazon just on Amazon yeah Suzanne Rath donates $5 don't hate me I make green tea limeade energy drink with.

Electrolytes and salts and half of a lime juice does this break my fast Thomas de Lauer set it helps does it break your fast I don't know why are you fasting though like what what goal are you trying to get out of fats yeah I guess that would better help me answer the question like if you're fasting for weight loss then it doesn't really.

Matter because weight loss is dictated by macros and calories if you're fasting for like I mean I don't know if you want to be really strict about it I would say anything caloric even mineral supplements can break their fast but um yeah I don't know I was I guess listened to Thomas de Lauer he seems to be heavily researched on fasting he.

Probably knows more than me you guys have other hobbies besides keto money that you take you go as a hobby I play video games I watched Chinese before I watched football play fantasy football what else do I do I've watched a lot of video games actually which is like really nerdy.

Watch movies we watch shows and you definitely want to get all of that like the fat so we like to add veggies or eggs or something to absorb the fat kid your cuz you want to consume that so I just added the broccoli in and we're gonna cook that down for a couple minutes and then we will be on our roll go and how many eggs do you want how.

Many like five maybe sure I have the keto healthcare ketone breath meter how much is the correct number to be in ketosis let me just pull this up with our new technology let me know if the audio changes when I do this oh wait is that working I don't think that's working I can't do it never mind it's called the the keto healthcare ketone.

Breath meter I'm gonna look it up real quick a lot of these new ketone breath meters are breath alcohol meters and they're kind of I wouldn't buy them I don't know I got to be careful with like the words that use now because a lot of times when we have bad reviews of companies they like will message us so I can't say scam.

I can't say fraud like dad I can't use words like that anymore but a lot of these breathalyzers that are actually just blood alcohol things that they're repackaging and selling as keto meters they're not good they don't tell you anything I would never buy one that's basically all I can say about it maybe you can infer other things about.

It though answer the money questions I think we I got to all of those oh wait we got a little more Laura donates $2 you all are the best thanks for your tips we're trying Nicole young $2 love you guys Bridget $5 I love you guys so much you guys are such inspirations quick.

Question do you did or do you swim for weight loss cardio just curious we don't do you swim ever hi I used to buy creaky dough yeah but above and beyond just the calorie burn of the cardio that's gonna be what contributes to weight loss so if you burn 300 calories on the treadmill or 300 calorie swimming it's not gonna be.

Different but it's more about what's enjoyable I'd say so like I like playing basketball I like just walking on the treadmill and watching Netflix I'd prefer that over spending less time on the treadmill and actually running so that's just what you like all right so we got our dishes filled which one's mine this one broccoli bacon and you.

Want five eggs give me like three eggs and three extra yo what's up but do you take daily I feel like they are all a waste of money a lot of them are but I mean some of them aren't I take cod liver oil vitamin D and magnesium daily most of those are like vitamin yeah I guess cod liver well I consider that to be.

Of food and then vitamin D just because we don't get out in the Sun as much so it makes sense to why you would need a supplement do you still take the butter oil do mean gutter oil yeah I take the butter oil this high vitamin butter oil I've been taking every day and I will save the whites for a little joy yes and we cook those whites up but I will say.

One thing about giving Julius white he just farts that would cause a storm it has to be right maybe or it could be all the peanut butter you give him that's true raw honey uh height I think that means like alright I wouldn't personally eat it if you're trying to do a keto diet but there I don't know I'd be curious to.

Test it because some people will say the raw honey is predigested so it doesn't have as much of a impact on your glucose so maybe we could test that one day that would be interesting maybe the test two tablespoons like we did in that sweetener video and see the response on our glucose and then maybe do just grocery store honey.

Compare it to that why no beard my liege I just my beard gets red and it looks dumb so my leech thick like it's an old English thing do you want any seasonings are you doing seasonings I already did some garlic powder but yeah I'm gonna do some season I do whatever you do for your is that mine okay.

Matt why not start a keto meetup group in Atlanta we could answer say a lot of it's a lot of time commitment I'd go to some meetups if someone else started it what yeah we just we have a lot going on right now but yeah it would be a lot of a lot of time you guys have day jobs yes we do you're looking at it what's the difference between net carbs and.

Diabetic carbs I don't know what diabetic carbs are so these are going in at 350 probably like 15 minutes probably 15 to 20 18 20 I think diabetic carbs with just net carbs Laurie Eden $2 donation I think I already read this you all are the best thanks for your tips matt is a crypto expert definitely not an expert but I've.

Been into crypto for I don't know maybe like it's gotta be like five years now at least for five I don't know four at least there's coconut oil and coconut flour I think it said tastes like coconuts I lost this one now yeah it does a little bit if you get the unrefined coconut oil it tastes more like coconuts you can get refined it's.

Just more process fifteen dollar donation from Matthew newbould longtime viewer hey guys just wanted to remind you guys that I am still your biggest fan self-proclaimed an undisputed I'm really needing an electrolyte supplement better than Vega or a Zipf is suggestions the sports all throw me those these are these are really good.

Here the planet sport assaults it's a pill and for two capsules it has 900 milligrams of potassium bicarbonate so I think that's about 500 milligrams of potassium like 400 milligrams of pink salt and 600 milligrams of magnesium carbonate which I don't know the absorption of magnesium carbonate but yeah this is a good option what's going.

On back there Matt you tested affected potato starch didn't you what did you find it doesn't have any effect on glucose but it also doesn't have any effect on my like body or my well-being I didn't notice it all I noticed was like the first few days of taking it you feel like really bloated and then not much.

Benefit after that Tammi McClure donated $5 and she says bought your cookbook on August 9 started Keo on August 10th down 40 pounds an eight percent body fat thanks to you guys hugs to Maile wow that's an incredible story it's mostly you our cookbook was just a small factor in that diabetic carbs are more than more total carbs someone says ok I.

Don't know what diabetic carbs are john Kasich's two dollar donation thank you how many kids do you each have we have zero kids let me tell you like brothers and sisters I have two sisters Meagan has a brother I have no kids okay yeah is anyone else making anything Oh making the peanut butter hemp cookies.

From a cookbook second time gotta have them those are really really good so I made that recipe for some reason I really remember that recipe because I think it's like the first or second recipe I made for the cookbook in Philly so this was like the cook was all yeah yep it was in Philly I don't think so yeah the cook was a long time coming.

We're there Kirk what do you mean you can tell where the picture is taken out usually can't oh yeah yeah guys if you don't know we have this cookbook keto made easy is their first cookbook are working on number two yeah and guys if you want to enter the.

Giveaway for our ebook that came out today I see out there yeah oh my gosh what is he muddy slightly muddy he loves to dig it's a dinner in 30 minutes ebook just comment on our latest Instagram post with your favorite movie from the past 2 years and you're entered what are you all thoughts on pasture-raised eggs are great we remade.

These but I remember when I made these in Philly see it's not in Philly because we made out marker I swear to God that's why I remember this recipe so well but it's it's just goes to show like the recipe took the recipes took a long time we were working on this cookbook for a year basic yeah for over a year William Pierce donates $2 just.

Cooking up a batch of math to count as cooking along yes dad so how do you react recommend maintaining your weight loss while still on keto I don't really understand the question maintaining your weight loss while still on keto just continue eating keto but like eating higher calories so like you would continue to lose weight increase your.

Calories a bit and just increase them until you find where you stopped losing weight but you're not gaining weight best cookbook ever said someone thank you water are all the best keto crunchy chips snack options pork rinds whisps parmesan crisps what else quest chips are really good and then you name it.

That you any cheese wisps Sherwood pork rinds and then I would say questions we could probably let him in why I have to clean them I don't think he's that money he's super money I'm five days into my fast on the snake diet want to Sarki no and fast with snake juice – what do you think of that idea well the snake diet is the recommendations he.

Gave I watched one of his videos it's a keto diet basically it's like protein fats no carbs so sounds like you're kind of already doing that but you want to start keto and fast with snake juice – yeah sounds like a decent idea snake juice I bought that book for myself for my birthday oh would you ever cycle off keto for let's say a month and go back.

In to re-experience and reinforce the benefits probably not because I don't really just have a month of my life to waste to feeling not great oh whoa let's see you clean yeah so that would be my only reason for not doing that if you're in the crypto you should have marina Victoria on your podcast she does keto and she fasts and she does crypto.

Okay we should write her down Maria Victoria okay making snowballs I was elated last met Messi yeah yeah he loves digging outside um but yeah we did this knobos last week those are great private commerce can you do more keto carnivore diet recipes $20 donation dang the thing is it's kinda just like put meat in a pan and cook I.

Guess we do like breakfast burgers yeah the burgers are filled with cheese and stuff yeah we could do that yeah if you were like a cool meatlovers omelet type of thing yeah is it better to fast at night and eat early to get fasting benefits and heal your circadian rhythm that's what a lot of people say that seem to know a lot.

About it the eating earlier on morning can help sync you up with your circadian rhythm our and then cutting off food eating before you go to sleep like three to four hours so your body can work through the food that's in your stomach and that'll less likely disrupt your sleep my a 1c went from 12 point three to five point three and three.

Months hubby lost 72 pounds that's amazing yeah he's so dirty and gross any histamine type video coming up yeah we got we recorded it I still have to edit it I think this week and then while the blog post corresponding you guys have this relaxing chill vibe my daughter does keto and she never gets sick flu anymore.

Yeah that is one benefit that people report but thank you yeah my god someone commented on one of our videos the most the best description of mega masculine laxity yeah and then another one was I look like I'm a student and my in the midst of like college finals at all times which are both very true do you watch other keto folk on YouTube a.

Little bit not really I don't really watch YouTube YouTube was never a part of my life until it became a part of my job yeah I watched yourself Julius is a year and a half so he's you know he's getting better I got bit by a dog at work yesterday he was foaming at the mouth but I feel fine should I go to the hospital I have no idea God how is the.

Wound yeah what's the wound life situation yeah that's a good size lapdog yes he's 16 pounds pretty good size yeah how did you guys get started doing this I mean honestly we just we were Matt was working out starting for law school and I remember like the planning meeting of Keo Connect know do you you are coming up with the.

Name yeah and then we were sitting your lap your computer was in the corner I didn't a desk at yeah and we were coming up with names and then Matt created the logo remember yeah the first logo but it was really terrible yes yeah if I can find it I can't share.

It with you that's the only thing but um yeah I remember coming up with it and and it was just gonna be a food blog but then Matt said we should also do a YouTube channel so we just we kind of just started and it took off we loved cooking at home we're always cooking recipes have you all ever tried raw meat.

Oh I mean like sushi yeah um steak tartare mm-hmm really good the other day I tried a little bit of raw beef liver but it tastes really gross I cook it ideally I would like to try eating more it's just not really tasty we've done cod livers those are leather smoked or something though how are they yeah when do you talk crypto we don't really talk.

Crypto did you get your dog from the pound no I don't even a thing anymore you mean like the SPCA where did we get him from we an adoption um they do like a pets what's it called I remember what about Bosley's Bosley's pet adoption in atlanta and they'll come to Pet Smart not pen smart one of the pet stores every Saturday and they bring.

All their dogs like they found the key was found in a field with his two sisters and they like found him they brought him back to life and then he was just I have a friend who recommended fasting for 24 to 48 hours to get into keto without the flu symptoms have you heard / recommend I feel like you old Devin they feel the symptoms if you're.

Fasting for eight hours it'll get you into keto faster but yeah I don't think it'll mitigate the flu symptoms I don't think everyone's are going to let crypto become widespread because of the tax issue luckily the government's don't have much of a say in the matter it supersedes government I mean they can like there.

There's a lot of roadblocks they can throw its way but that's like the whole idea it's above governments do you plan on getting another dog or any other pets we talked about getting another dog the little guy for Julius but I want a big dog next time so it would be really fun it was just it was a whole lot worth it it definitely like caused a huge rift in.

Our relationship I will say that much because you never feel like you're both contribute you think you're doing the majority of the work right so then it like causes resentment it causes like tension and so so I mean now it's paid off and like we used to talk about Julius like he was someone commented he was like the heated stepchild like on.

Our podcast we were like he's a monster we hate that we regret oh and now he's like the dream you know our dog jelly if we got a new dog you would get jelly if we got anything I don't think he's very protective of us but he's the best I love them Megan do you use your law degree at all hashtag I live in Atlanta no I do not.

Are you going to try the Feldman protocol and/or AIP and vlog about it so I've got a IP before we've done so many iterations of AIP yeah to help with her psoriasis and nothing is truly work except cutting back on caffeine and dairy and so right now I do minimal caffeine I do basically no dairy and my skin it's like this rice is coming back.

But it's not like too itchy and flared like it used to be AIP autoimmune protocol yeah so you can just look that up and there's like rules so like no not to no seeds no spices certain vegetables like eggplant nightshades tomatoes xanthan gum that's a hot sauce okay yeah yeah it just thickens it Matt have you tried nad no I haven't I've.

Heard a little bit about it I really haven't done a lot of research on it though Greta tiffen $1 thank you Thank You Greta most pilots are called humane society SPCA humane society Omega or Miley was actually the pause which is filling Animal Welfare Society yeah calendar girl for 2016 we don't even have a.

Calendar anymore do we it was so cute she it was she was like the ugliest little like sweater thing is she look like oh I am on good it was just so out of character for her now you could tell it was like a previous life yeah love the kung pao chicken recipe yeah that is a really really good one nothing is above government so again.

Guys we have an e-book that came out today it's called dinner and thirty it's probably the best one I mean the sapling Bible is really really good too though so it depends on what you're out for but the FAQ on Bible and dinner and thirty are like perfect pairings so if you want to enter to win one of them we're gonna give out like five go to our latest.

Instagram picture and comment your favorite movie you've seen in the past two years and then we'll pick and you'll get a free dinner and thirty would you recommend getting a deep-fry or $5 donation from Spencer Walker or should I just bake my chick swings we like baking them yeah that's our favorite message because when you're frying your then.

Dealing with like the oil oxidizing over time and it's like oh yeah look into energy requirements for crypto currencies yeah I've looked into it and actually the cool thing about the energy requirements for crypto is that it drives innovation for greener sources of computing so yeah it's not good it uses a lot of energy but it also drives.

Innovation so it's like a dual edged sword I'm from what Roswell bro that's close crypto crypto is cryptocurrency it's like Bitcoin aetherium that type of stuff are you guys expecting and do you have names picked out we are we're not if we're not expecting oh my gosh any have names picked up yeah did we.

Tell him before um we've talked about him but we have a new name that we found that we love Bernadette Bernadette yeah it sounds bad when I feel like people are gonna be like you I love how old-fashioned it is but it's also kind of cool yeah so she'll dress up like Bernie Sanders when he's not even relevant I shot like a little.

Toupee it was so cute I will have to get her to do impressions and stuff – yeah it'll be great have you guys checked out hope for pause for your charity donations no we haven't we'll have to look into that hope for pods my skin actually was at its clearest during a time when I was drinking IPAs all the time hmm maybe it's a fermented wheat.

Yeah I got the stuff to make the sweet and sour pork tonight that sauce is so good you could even just make the sauce and like top and any other dish with it any of your meats whoa someone's let me get back that's kind of lost 265 pounds Wow so far and another 50 to go only starting kita recently what is your.

Stand on trans slash saturated fat so trans fats have rad saturated fats are good do you worry about them I worry about trans fats but there's some naturally occurring trans fats in most fast like an animal fats I think there's like a very trace amounts yeah but uh I don't worry about saturated fats at all why do you have one beater in your hand.

Mixer we have two but then you just have to wash it less often yeah we should we just use one but we have two I think we'll announce the winners on Instagram after this streams yeah well it'll be out so we can pick them oh they're done do we have to like the boring movie first man lol mega said the same thing she thought I was boring oh my god first.

Man was horrendous I don't know like I don't fall asleep during movies it had such a realistic space scenes that really gave you a picture of it could be like to be in a space I fell asleep twice oh my I was so bored out of my mind all the other movies are very sensationalized I feel like whether they're just kind of like you know.

Floating through craziness where first man it was like you're strapped in you kind of got the whole feel of what it's like to be like just darkness I was bored to death do not be fooled by math don't watch it Bernadette is epic thank you are you there of you trying to lose weight no I think pretty soon here may.

Be the start of the year yeah we'll start trying to losing a little weight cutting some fat oh yeah Bernadette is from the Big Bang Theory oh I forgot dang no I love that show a lot of people are probably gonna use it though no you always say girl or her for a baby could be a boy I hope it's a boy.

Yeah me too I'm always drinking water have you ever made kombucha tea yeah I made it a while ago before Kido when I was a hippie in San Francisco yeah he had like the things in his room was super gross he'd always be like look at the mother cuz that's what it's called the mother yeah it was cool you.

Can get our book you don't make easy or raging about dinner in 30 what is the URL it's it won't let me post it for some reason I don't know why it's keto Connect dotnet slash dinner – in – 30 but if you just look up keto Connect dinner in 30 it should come up right in Google maybe try that I wanted to ask a question about wine because I missed my.

Wine but I don't know which kind I can drink because I'm strictly keto help me so we drink wine and we'll just look for the driest wines or we'll ask for the drives wines when we're out and then usually even like like they'll have like a a dry list a fruity list they'll like separate it out or you can ask the waiter but some goods we go to for white.

Is Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc and then red Cabernet Pinot Noir those are gonna be your best bets Bernie and duck go well together that's why what's Oh cuz Bernadette yeah what should blood Sugar's be after eating ideally um just not very yeah depending.

On your history your health right so like you're not looking for a high like a increase like a really high increase so like like 10 15 points I think it's fine right yeah depends on where you start it depends on the meal too yeah a lot of a lot of variables we definitely have recipes for cheesecake keto connect on that check out the movie it follows.

We do check out it sucked it wasn't great it was filmed in Detroit I've always liked the name Geraldine I think I'm the only my god I love that Geraldine is the cute and what would the nickname be for that Gerard Butler no the nickname she would be the biggest fan of hunter-killer probably Jerry she would we would just play that as a child.

Like instead of the Little Mermaid yeah oh my god I love Geraldine I can never find a Mayo I'm assuming you're gonna say without like soybean oil canola oil without soy Oh at the grocery store yeah the only one that I've ever seen is the primal kitchen ones which are expensive but there's those are in most grocery stores so primal kitchen brand used.

Avocado oil how hard was it for you guys to publish did you go through Amazon to publish we have a publisher yeah we have a publisher victory belt is what they're called VB we were looking into going through Amazon before that though and they reach out to us so it wouldn't be this high quality if we did it yeah that's what we learned they.

Actually like really helped a lot with like the graphics and stuff in here without that it would basically just be recipes and pictures which that's all you really need anyway but that looks a lot better for sure alcohol in general is bad for keto I mean it's bad for health bad for everything it's not a great thing but like you know you're not.

Gonna stop living your life you want to enjoy once in a while we drank last night I mean just choose wisely where can I find a keto boyfriend who likes rap music I don't know I got really lucky my mom even when we were out to dinner just me and my mom she was like don't mess it up and I was like excuse me you better not mess it up mom I.

Remember her saying that yeah because she's like he's tall he's like you know what like I feel like parents they value like the physical features and like the education more than like who he is as an individual so like he's tall and he's handsome and he has like a good college degree they want but he could like you know abuse me and big well you know he's.

Great would your mom say no no no of course not they want you to know that you're gonna be taken care of that's the main thing yeah but it's such like a an old-school thinking so funny I didn't tell Matt we're getting like our furnace fixed right now so we had the furnace people come over Matt wasn't here and.

The main guy who was checking it out he like came down to talk to me he's like oh is your husband home yeah like no Matt's not here and he's like well you're gonna want to make these decisions with your husband because when I start talking here to be able you're gonna have to call your husband and be like well baby like I don't know what's.

Happening yeah and he was acting like I can't handle anything and then Matt comes home and he's just talking to Matt yeah like I don't know what are you talking about and then I was like dude I literally deal with this is my arena like don't talk to him he just goes into his baby was very expecting me he wanted.

Me to just be like oh that's the a mm yes I know those always have problems with the ignition zoom like I'm a dumb woman granted he was smarter like 65 but it's like come on are you joking it was funny do you have other jobs or with YouTube your full-time job our food blog is our full-time job along with YouTube along.

With keto a cookbooks and our podcast experts are now saying that keto is good but not long-term what are your thoughts I guess you'd have no reasoning the reason for not it not being good long term and experts is a very like vague term is it like some someone posted an article on their blog what is experts where do we enter again our last.

Instagram post comment with your favorite movie you've seen in the past two years any keto noodle recommendations what's going on with these are they done yeah a couple minutes what are your degrees in mine is in computer networking Megas is in she went to law school what's your undergraduate.

Degree in finance finance Oh a nickname for Geraldine is Jerry which I don't love for a female nickname being Jerry do you like that No all right guys they're here good any straight liquor I'm a bourbon boy spelled with an i hopefully you can see this dog bite is really inflamed I like that we have the subplot on this live.

Stream is just this person dealing with a dog bite yeah do we eat him right out of there yeah 65 to 70 year old are the worst men nice I feel like I agree now I can really tell the difference of the times we are not married someone asked if we're married in their new so welcome to all the new people we are engaged we.

Actually are going to be having a wedding and it's in May who screws up recipes the most yep me you think yeah cuz he tries the most out-of-the-box ones you know I just kind of go in I make something like you know kung pao chicken butter chicken like something that is gonna come out good love that I Bernadette whatever you do.

Just spell the child's name the traditional way I work in a school kids with invented names or alternate Spelling's are doomed to having constant errors see I'm thinking we're gonna go not traditional names I like the idea of just totally out of the box Bernadette's not I know but maybe we could spell it cool like bu RN like burn.

My all-time favorite name there's an NBA basketball player his name is Drew holiday when you say it it kind of sounds like drew but it's spelled jru II it's the coolest name ever I disagree new book new e-book isn't coming up on your site it hasn't been added to our site yet.

That is our employee Casas job and she is currently on Sunday break so it'll be there tomorrow for sure in the morning are you gonna try yours wish I can do what you do full-time instead of being a nurse practitioner you can you just got to start doing it yeah just go for your doubles this is almost three years down the road you're.

Looking at it now yeah a lot of people saying I look slim not a lot to people thank you what kind of phones do you have I don't know like I the iPhone 7s I think I have uh yeah he got talked into the worst phone Matt is so available this guy was like this is the best phone I'm not that.

Gullible but you should've got what you wanted and I guess I would have rather had that one yeah now that I'm thinking about if you're having your wedding in Michigan can I please make your cake you will not be disappointed are um is it keto it sounds like I don't know will you have a huge keto keg at.

The wedding no we will not want a normal cake and then probably just like some maybe keto baked goods there's a keto bakery in near Detroit so we might go try that out sometime and get stuff from that butter Bernadette freaka color traditional are you getting knocked up before may possibly possibly not we hope yeah so like we've definitely.

Taken aback that's taking the backseat now we're not look so gung-ho as we were before but it wouldn't be ideal not to be showing inmate because his families and my family like you know they they're more conservative not that I give give a crap but you know should we try this sure okay okay what about Indian names we were trying to think of maybe some.

Kind of Indian American fusion names I really liked the name so I saw creed 2 the other day and I liked their daughter's name a lot I didn't tell Matt it's not Indian but it's different Amara Amara I really love it don't love it yeah well it's like Alvin Kamara is a football player okay well you just.

Ruined it my favorite name is Caius I'm gonna keep saying that maybe manga will eventually want to go with I think it's a terrible name okay or CAI us or Gaius which leg is yeah with the G Amara sounds pretty thank you how did you guys start getting traffic to your food blog I'm starting one and I'm not having success yet any tips it took us a few.

Months for sure I just continually posting recipes then we posted a the keto bread recipe that was like the first thing that really got off traffic to our site and the keto and $5.00 a day that got us traffic to our site but I remember for like months I would just be watching the traffic it'd be like one person zero purchase one person yeah.

There go my god Justin OH three people yeah it's fun that's the fun thing about having a food blog or a YouTube channel it's just always increasing at least for us so far it's always been like you know increasing and there's easily trackable metrics or it's ago we hit that one now that's awesome yeah I like gaius better said someone love Amara Amara is okay.

Like that I feel like that would be a good good name forever we'll just last in the fridge I don't know what you're saying will last in the fridge have your grandparents named the child no they would pick like a saint name yeah what is the same name like Noah that's not the same no Ben Ben is it good yeah.

Is this really hot yeah this hot – well I sometimes see Megan a collar on a t-shirt is there a connection no we went to a low-carb breckenridge though and then on our way back into the city we found a really like small cool pot shop and they had cool t-shirts so we got Colorado t-shirts from there ha yeah oh say Noah there's a Noah.

There is someone joking I would think Noah saying Noah was the ark guy you know what anyone dared to name their kid Pete oh I don't think so no or they would and they would be the dumbest how about Lillian that's not bad I like Lillian lost looking on Rugrats I like the name Lilly but Lillian is better I'm.

Wondering the skin tone of our child cuz if it's like your skin tone I think I morrow would be great but if it's yours then they're just not more weird it'd be weird cuz Amara's kind of exotic you know yeah how was the visit with your mom it was good she was only here for like three total days and that's like the perfect amount of time for a.

House guest um yeah she had enjoyed yourself yeah this is just bacon eggs and Bradley anything else some seasonings oh is that not fully cooked not fully but that's okay probably needs more salt is there one serving in each pass away yeah we made it so like I did three eggs Matt did three eggs and three yolks and.

Then we split the bacon on the broccoli so yeah one serving you guys gonna do a video on bioavailability that you're really good at yeah it's hard to find data on it yeah but god I switched to vegan protein powder to get away from lactose in way but I felt so hungry on it like it wasn't absorbed it's like slightly less absorbed but as.

Far as protein goes vegan protein powders are pretty much close to like milk based protein powders it's not that big of a difference mm-hmm Aurora oh that reminds me of that shooting at the movie theater yeah I was like I know that for some reason any suggestions on flat toe breakers so how long have you been on the plateau a.

Couple weeks honestly I wouldn't worry about it I would stay consistent I would focus on like the long-term overall goal long term mindset like a day on day your weights gonna fluctuate highly week on week even but like for month end to month beginning from year end to you're beginning you want to see like a decrease right you want to see a trend.

Going down I was at a stall for six weeks at one point but I was still seeing sorry I was still seeing changes in my body so taking pictures taking measurements not solely focusing on the scale is gonna be crucial to like you know finding success and enjoying the process as opposed to like stressing about the weight and just you know I.

Would I would take some time to like evaluate should I be stepping on the scale every day because I was doing that for a long time and it stressed me the heck out I weighed myself once a week I choose Saturday morning and that it makes me feel good I know like you know week over week I'm maintaining my weight and so I'm comfortable with that.

Do you make fat bombs and if so what is your favorite we were more likely to make mug cakes which are like almost like fat bombs but mug cake form and we used to make my fat bombs a lot and we would do just like a tablespoon of butter a tablespoon of coconut oil some sweetener and like cinnamon or cocoa powder like a quick fat bomb what's on.

The breakfast casserole is bacon eggs broccoli and seasonings pretty simple I'm gonna go buy a protein powder what brand is best for keto just look at the carbs yeah mostly it's gonna be a whey protein isolate typically it's the lowest in carbs what would your advice be for someone who has fallen way off the bandwagon but wants to get back.

Into keto I'm finding it hard to just do it yeah I think that honestly the best advice is don't worry about calories don't really even worry about macros just count your carbs even until you're full even need a little pass being full because that's what most Americans are accustomed to doing and just keep it keto you know friendly foods not a ton.

Of like you know packaged stuff sweet stuff which is make like you know a solid amount of food that you're gonna feel satisfied with whether it's like you know it's a pound of steak or like you know two of these breakfast casseroles steal a lot of food keep it keto friendly over time your that for a few weeks your hunger will.

Just naturally subside yeah and it won't be as much of a constant battle with your willpower of like you know how much food you eat on a daily basis or do you you know just grab like the cookies out of the drawer well that's one thing – it's like get rid of the bad stuff but I think that's probably the best tip to start yeah if you're having trouble.

Craziest name no how do you feel about egg fattening um no I don't like it really yeah I don't think it's a necessary component to like achieve success because most people do it out of like I don't wanna use the word desperation but they're just like so stressed about being at a plateau wanting to lose weight quicker and.

That's not gonna be like positive for your overall you know like journey and the overall goal right because what if you drop a couple pounds maybe you break that Plateau but like once you go back to normal eating or the way you've been eating then you might just gain it back you know so think about the foods you're eating assess the foods you're eating.

Instead of like going to something pretty drastic like an egg fast slim-fast powder for mug cakes we looked at the protein powder it's not the meal shakes it's not a meal replacement powder isn't it yeah it's not something we would get or recommend but just get protein powder yeah cuz rock star zero keto probably yeah a lot of people drink.

It we've seen eggs and salmon make me feel so great yeah has a lot of nutrients are yeah that sounds like a really good meal the new slim thought any thoughts on the new slim fast line of pita we have it a really short YouTube video oh just like going through all the products because we were just in the grocery store we found them all so.

Check that out and then you'll know what to stay away from and what's good to go should we call it sure and I thought Apple was a weird name yeah celebrities name their kids really weird stuff I don't think it's that terrible but I know yeah Apple it's kind of dumb it's also nothing creative it's.

Just very shock value me Yoel win I love Lord of the Rings names hey Owen how do you say that is a nice name from Lord of the Rings we could name our Frodo no may as well just name him chubby man juicer or blender blender yeah 100% we also have a new a video that dropped today are like top gadgets we use recommend or would we recommend.

Them what we use them for so check that out if you're interested in like buying a new appliance for Christmas and I guess it's that time of year all right guys all right this was fun hope you've made something and if you did tag us on Instagram also comment in the last picture your top movie you've seen last two years and.

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