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100k Q&A

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We're live we live what's up guys yes we are it wasn't up so high I just looked like a floating head so um we just said a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers incredible yeah I can't believe this actually happened we have a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers now that's a lot of people it is and all the.

Comments from that last video are hundred K video were incredible so many people like saying we helped them lose weight on Tim baskets to everyone yeah so many people that I remember that we're like posting when we had 700 subscribers still posting a year later it's incredible yeah what's up guys um also we're starting a podcast it's.

Called Kido for normies and it's going to be here sooner than we originally thought and what its gonna be it's gonna be released with 5 episodes right away at the start you can binge listen yeah hopefully it's good we listen to the first one today that's just me and Becca yeah the audio quality is actually surprisingly really good yes so but all.

Of our interviews are gonna be good quality our and and not guaranteed on the other hand looks good cuz yeah cuz we're using Skype but all the interviews we've had so far are super informational and just they've helped us like they yeah we're learning learned a lot that's the whole thing like we're doing this podcast just through the angle of light.

We want to learn from these people and that should just everyone can learn from that and our yeah mine but uh guys when the podcast gets released I think it's very important to get you to get iTunes reviews that's what I hear so we don't know yet but if you guys could write us iTunes reviews that would be incredible there's what is it called the podcast we.

Listened to the crime podcast yeah they begged for every episode is super important but I love it because they're like you have to say anything nice about us you can say like cats are cute and that's true but just like give a 5-star rating so whatever you want to say be honest okay.

So that's most of the we did at Costco grocery haul today yes we did Oh guys we're actually still have some of the stuff here so we went to Costco we got these they're wild planet sardines it's wild caught in extra-virgin olive oil and if you go to the grocery store you run up to Kroger Publix whatever and.

You buy these each ten is two fifty to three dollars at Costco it's a dollar and 25 cents it's a huge deal so if you can if you're like a sardine guy and you the Costco membership is worth it just for these I feel like there's a minority group that eats sardines like you're talking to the three people that yeah I don't think so i think in Costco are in.

Quito it's pretty prominent because it's a good keto snack do you ever miss do you ever miss the junk food not really because I'm really in the frame of mine now to where I want to heat things that are good for me and 7eq yeah but when we first started we definitely missed junk food yeah a lot more popcorn and like just like something to snack on because.

I don't really like to do that with pork rinds hopefully the podcast will be released this Sunday and there will be five episodes that's like if everything goes according in plans well it's going to I wouldn't it I don't know it usually does while planet has the best seafood items the only thing.

I've tried is the sardines I've tried the smoked ones and normal what else do they have today tuna I think they have oysters it should be on iTunes Google Play stitcher like all the big dogs bandwidth also we're gonna try it having it hosted on our website too so you can just get it there but if you could do iTunes reviews everyone says that's.

Right very important what's the difference when using granular or powdered sweeteners for baking so the difference is how the final will turn final products will turn out most likely so for icings for example we use powder just because you don't want the gritty feeling or the gritty taste or like if you're making like a pudding or.

Something you definitely want powdered so you can just not have the gritty taste any like baked preparation like brownies it doesn't really matter too much but I've noticed it in the no baked cheese steaks we make if you use granular or three tall you can like taste it a little bit and anything where you're like not cooking it you really.

Want to use but you can just use a coffee grinder to make it into powder yeah yes the Pacus hey farmer me mama check out farmer mee maws youtube channel guys she's very inspirational and just like uplifting I love it thank you keto meets menopause thank you Oh meets menopause what's the best sweetener to put in coffee.

Bestest subjective but I think like healthiest probably stevia or monk fruit we use liquid stevia but um you can like get the Taurani sugar-free syrups and stuff I prefer to just stick with like basics like stevia for fruits you can really fit anything you want into your macros that's how we do it however a lot of people resort to berries cuz you can.

Have more for the carb Council like blueberries blackberries are surprising surprising I love for more some you know black bears are good go-to strawberries you can have like a good amount of blackberries for like five net carbs or so about how many drops of liquid stevia in your coffee that's something you got to figure out.

For yourself plus we feel like I don't know well good I go like four or five yeah I might go a little more like seven okay Matt went from like I'm not using sweeteners ever to like now just being a sweet addict that's true I have been putting it in my coffee pretty much every morning starting meal prep for.

Keto for my business stealing your ideas thank you you're welcome Nick I think you're gonna need to do more than that how many days a week two intermittent fast so you can do it one you could do it seven it's really up to you I don't enter in fast myself so I do it no days a week and that's what works for me so whatever works for you and no.

Rules if yeah it's difficult maybe like ease into it maybe one two days a week maybe just slowly shorten your eating window um your body gets used to it wanting foods at certain times so it makes sense to just do it every day like it becomes natural if you eat breakfast for like three days in a row then you're gonna start wanting breakfast that's my.

Experience are you guys going to make till the Iquitos snacks video that would be actually a really good idea and it's not we so fun we like toss the pigskin I drink wine with dinner every night will that knock me out of ketosis okay you drinkin yeah I mean it no probably but if you're drinking like two glasses of wine every single night with dinner.

That's gonna interrupt weight loss for sure thank you a lot of people come to our brownies everyone's gonna keep calling me Harley from now on till ever you watch the video today because I saw the converse I was like I gotta watch it and just that just uh when the zoom in on your face on Zoom like oh I love this diet rude.

I don't think I'm getting enough calories during the day not losing weight how can I add more calories with snacks so almost never the problem if you're not losing weight is too little calories like very very rarely unless you're just like starvation mode like you've been calorie restricted for years it's probably just honestly like too.

Much calories oranges your was they're gonna say or just your body is like fluctuating so you think you're not losing weight like maybe you're actually losing body fat but you're holding more water so on the scale the scale weights the same but uh I would just like you do exercise at all I would try adding in a little bit of exercising it's probably.

Not like adding snacks is not gonna help you lose more weight but she thinks she's not eating enough like she wants to eat more but she says she was stalling I thought okay didn't she oh I just want to get more calories in and you're not like it's not like a weight loss thing then yeah just add more snacks like almonds sardines is.

What I've been doing yeah yeah thank you guys you are also incredible cuz there a limit on your keto brownies I don't know if it will be harmful because after a meal I always want something sweet there's a limit to everything I think the brownies are like three net carbs each or something yeah and I could eat the whole pan too I feel like we.

Have because we made like three batches once yeah we just go through we like to not have sweets every single day like something like that you know we'll get like some well add stevia to our coffee that's like the sweetener maybe for the day or something but I don't think there's a limit if you're fitting it into your macros if.

You notice you know like you're having digestive issues or you're stalled and you're not like losing weight and that's your goal then maybe cut out the brownies and see if that affects it at all yeah so the limit is whatever your macros but you're also gonna be thinking like what's the the.

Micronutrients you're getting out of these brownies very minimal like you're better off not eating your macros worth of brownies you're better off like getting some spinach in there because you want to also live healthy but you could also just be eating spinach all day and then a brown hitman true Dan nude oh you two are awesome beautiful.

People thank you and thank you for your support thank you Dan can you do a keto popcorn I we've liked looked up everything possible and I don't think it's possible yeah it's really tough there was one thing you were looking into once what was it you remember that the sorghum so ago yes hi card that one suggested it was ago I.

Looked it up I was like this is just this is worse than rice just why does every keto calculator different that is a good question I did a lot of research when I put the formula behind the one on our website and it seems to be what's generally accepted as like a good way of figuring things out but honestly the keto calculators are all just giving you.

A starting point it's not like something you should live or die by is you should plug it in to kind of see where you should be around and then maybe if you're not losing away for a while you scale your calories down a little or if you are losing way too fast but you're like feeling too restricted you scale the calories up a little because when I.

Do the keto the keto calculator it comes out to being like 2,300 or something and I figured out to put on wait till I actually try to gain muscle I need to be at like 3,000 calories yeah do you guys eat cup noodles we've tried couples before my real life dog but yeah we've only tried them once we just never get them we keep wait we should get them.

Yeah we always say we should get things and we want to eat like very stuff and have fun with cooking but we just love to keep it simple cuz right now our goal is to like put on muscle and so you know it kind of became we're like machines now right yeah that's all honestly like we haven't even tried doing recipes very much in the way.

Like two weeks and then when we do you know his recipes means taste testing a taste testing means can I eat one banana a day bananas are pretty high in carbs one bananas like 26 carbs or something so if you're doing high macro carbs should I exercise for an hour in the morning or thirty minutes that depends on your goals more is generally better.

But it also depends on how like much time you have before work right yeah McGregor or Mayweather I think Mayweather is probably gonna just destroy him could you do a video outlining how you make a living blogging in YouTube it's always been injured to me how that works it's something that's been on my mind.

Like we could potentially do this but our audience is so much keto based right and it seems like everyone who gets to a certain point starts like transitioning to this is how I did it right and it's kind of annoying but also we do get a lot of questions about that and we kind of just like answer it every time we get answered it's like just be consistent.

Know that it's gonna take a long time like for us we posted a recipe a video three times a week for the last year every single time never missed a day so that would be my advice but yeah we could maybe do something like that down the road I still do cheat days a month in I think because I still crave naan kita thinks how far nikita did y'all.

Stop having cheat meals we never really did cheat meals when we cheat we just go really over in our calories yeah and I thought I'd say Jason I think that's a decent tactic for when you're first starting don't give in to the the cravings with cheats stay keto have more calories and eventually your hormones start working magic and you're not as.

Hungry we never cheated at the start we just go in and committed which can be tough yeah but I mean there's no right or wrong way to do it if if you're cheating once a month and it's not like just a ridiculous binge day and that's making you feel like crap but it's like keeping you committed for.

29 out of 30 days then hey that's how you do it what workout day do you feel most beast like chest a leg day etc oh that's a good one for you light day for sure you feel most beast like obviously I feel most beast like on back and byes just cuz I get a really good bicep pump pretty easily yeah when we went we stand.

We have that three day split now but least I do have a five-day split when we just shoulders that's when I felt beep felt like a beast because my shoulders are broad and like I can lift a lot of my shoulders what did we get sent the ketogenic Bible we got a Senate sent to us right yes we have gotten the ketogenic Bible sent to us I don't we.

Flip through it we didn't read it hardcore yet but someone sent us a passage from it in IBM's today and it seemed interesting I think I want to give it a lot yeah it's very so when we flip through it it's super in-depth in the science and like the processes which which is definitely fascinating do you count calories um a lot of days I do.

Some days I don't I definitely have always in my mind like thinking about my calories what's your three-day split push-pull legs so that'll be like chest shoulders triceps back pies and then legs we do that so we usually go like five days a week to the gym a keto a cheat day is just more food with more fat keep carbs low still don't cheat.

With carbs that would be my recommendation yeah we do how do you track bites of things like tastes of recipes or do you just not go over we just don't go over but when we're when we have a taste or something we don't track it we don't not go if we try not to go overboard we go overboard sometimes oh I touched me like overboard.

Or tracking yeah we go overboard I'm tasting no man it's yeah I'm sure like I feel like you can't tell but this is something I think is really funny there was a a couple months like probably three or four I put on weight like it was obvious in my midsection I feel like we both put on some weight we.

Were just like testing hardcore and we just like everything was put aside like terms of Health and tracking and we put on some way and they were like oh okay now that we have our beer bellies but you should do something no I hear a lot of we follow a lot of food bloggers and stuff and I always hear them saying like we made it I made a cookbook the last.

Three months I put on 30 pounds like trying to figure out this cookbook so it's tough because I feel like we're also like keto somewhat of like spokesperson or like setting an example so when you see us putting on weight it's not like a good look at all it's like look at these guys putting on weight doing keto and then telling.

People about under keto so it's definitely like a balance your philosophy on BCAAs I don't really have a super strong philosophy and the research is like super clouded by supplement companies and it's hard to really figure out I think BCA is they do spike your insulin a little bit so like if weight loss is your main goal.

Probably no BCA is if I was going purely for ALS I wouldn't drink BCAAs but right now I drink that intra workout so like while I'm working out I'll take some I think they're very unnecessary though in my opinion can you net out carb somehow if you go over the basic tenth no unfortunately not we use net carbs we do use net carbs we.

Don't use carpet cooking where we bought it once just a couple times but we just didn't use it anymore threw it out I think I'm thinking more clearly on keto do you guys get that easier to focus and work yeah we good it's really noticeable at the start but then after you're on it for a long time I feel like you start taking it for granted.

And then you need to be reminded yeah how do you get reminded well we did our 96 hour fast I was really reminded I just the clarity I have sedentary lifestyle right now starting gym soon what are the pre-workout options honestly I would start out with gist if you're working out in the morning I like.

Doing fasted workouts but I would do caffeine and some salt that would be a good place to start if you want if you're working on the afternoon you can do a small meal we did that for a while and that worked well for us I usually do like 90 minutes pre pre gym the meal yeah I was doing like I did like two hours some protein some fat bulletproof.

Fast video guys what does a bulletproof vest just blow up of coffee I saw they they came out with this new protocol and they're just getting crazy with this now the bullet there's some kind of bulletproof coffee thing where it's like you take ten scoops of collagen protein per day and it's like a protein fast or something crazy.

It's just like pot by our fire collagen thanks guys dude that bombs every day no we actually don't ever eat them so this is a good one because a lot of people are very anti fat bombers like weed you don't need fat-bob doing keto so you really don't but it's like a high-fat dessert option if you want three more style and another good use of fat bomb.

Same with bulletproof coffee is like someone's starting keto that has no idea how to eat so much fat fat bombs can help to just kind of like get them rolling in the right direction because it's hard to start eating 75% calories from fat coming from a standard American diet yeah I heard there's a hurricane coming soon to Texas based on them how.

Often do you eat avocados I'm the only one in my house that eats them and I and I eat both halves throughout the day that's totally fine Matt needs like two a day Allie today I normally wanted a sometimes I'll you to if they're getting he's not like three no I don't think I've ever done three how often how often do you guys.

Carb refeed you are both young and hopefully non-diabetic do you indulge in sweets and alcohol and how often you just want the gritty details about us so we drink probably um once twice a month yeah I'd say twice a month uh one will be like casual one will be like we're getting after it not even that much I think both is usually just a little yeah.

Three drinks tops once every two months we get after it yeah and that's lucky for us because we don't have friends and it's hard we would get after it more I wish and then do you indulge in sweets we indulge and Quito sleeps like a lot we'll just like the other day we so we still have a ton of homemade peanut butter and like dream.

Butter and all these nut butters and that's good making my crazy and here are those sweets though I think sweets is more like brownies and like baked goods we don't indulge those that often because we don't have it but we both polished off around our butters drawers of nut butters yeah that wasn't indulging for me and to you guys carb.

Refeed we've just recently started experimenting with this we're gonna have more info for you guys on that soon yeah we just like completed our experiment on this I'm such a narcissist it's hard because I can't see myself because the comments are blocking my face do you want to switch me kind of okay we can but um carb refeed is like not necessary.

It's not something we necessarily recommend but if you get down and wait or maybe if you're like trying to build muscle or even if you're like stalling there's some reasons right why carb refeed could work for you we're just increasing your calories it's worth trying if you think it's not gonna be like a slippery slope for you do you.

Have other keto friends you hang with no but we found out that someone in our apartment complex does keto and follows us so we're gonna you meet up with them you guys wish me okay here we go we never do this okay yeah see my hair looks bad the Sun sucks what alcohol guy do you guys drink when you go out um we'll do wine we'll do.

Like the dry white or red we do a vodka Diet Coke very often mostly liquor mega you went to my alma mater go dawn's whoa that guy's always ripping on the Dodge he hated it I needed all my schooling I hated my college to the people and the teachers were just so dumb what's your opinion on thickened cream and bulletproof coffee on top of the butter.

/ coconut I'll just count them cut the macros yeah I mean it sounds it's delicious I don't know are you talking just like whipped cream ingredients say sugar but on intrusion facts it's a zero sugar how is that possible there's less than a gram per serving yeah so they can technically say zero I think it actually has to be less than.

Half a gram per serving how much have you lost since beginning Quito um none none I don't know I've actually put on weight but I think it's in Basel yeah we're gonna get bad poetry measured how is caffeine beneficial and keto it's not really it's just generally beneficial I find it to be beneficial there's some proven benefits there's also some proven.

Downside yeah I just love caffeine yeah how do you guys get so cute or smart experienced research talking to each other about it yeah most of the things just us trying things that's what we were talking about earlier like we're not doctors or nutritionist we don't have like any research like labs or anything we just.

Try things and figure out what works for us well everyone has research labs what would happen if you met carb and protein makers but not fat body fat get tapped in new um so you're saying basically lower fat that's happened to more stored body fat a lot of people will say that what they're actually kind of saying is just eat less.

Calories to lose more weight which everyone knows but with keto like carbs approaching this kind of sudden stone of where you want to be at and fat is the only thing that's really adjustable so yeah less fat more weight loss mat is really sweet do you guys like the Mia drink and answer we used to drink that a lot but we switched out first stir and.

Now we actually just started doing water nzb is non-stop thank you all we love you so much is it normal to lose 10 pounds in the first week it's not abnormal yeah you have a lot of weight to lose 10 pounds seems like a good amount a lot of its water though why I get tired Aikido how long have you been on keto for when I.

Feel a little fatigued that's usually sodium if I had a little sodium to something I will be back premiere protein drinks we actually saw this today casco I've never had one and I don't really know I know a lot of people drink them so they must be low-carb I think their little cards are also pretty low fat so it's just like pure protein.

Fitness I'm I've gone to pure protein trooper man so when I do a protein drink I never really just take like a pure protein shake I usually have some fat in there too why do you stand keto and you don't need to lose weight so keto isn't actually even it wasn't even originated as a weight loss diet it actually came into.

That more recently but there's a lot of other benefits like energy the focus just not feeling like sluggish because if you go back to carbs and I'm sure anyone who does this would you quickly realize that carbs are addictive you will feel hungry or really quickly and ya just feel a lot don't you just.

Feel incredible why wouldn't you want to stay on it is it actually true that MCT oil put you back into ketosis as per the funny video that was actually the exam is ketone supplements in the video we are showing but it is true that MCT oil metabolized into ketones so like if you are deep in ketosis you take some MCT oil you should see in theory a spike in.

Your blood ketone levels maybe not a spike but it'll go up especially if you're using like the pure c8 MCT oil that translates pretty quickly to ketones do you guys ever fight about Casey yeah of course it's our baby we don't really have too many like fights over a creative matters of like which direction we should go in and stuff like.

That but we fight over like direction kind of like if I'm report if I'm videotaping him or he's videotaping me we easily get frustrated at one another mm-hm I get frustrated pretty easily it's not good I'm working on it if I breathe too heavy he gets frustrated hey hey vivia keto approve we don't have any approval Authority here but we drink it.

Approved make a bloopers video I was thinking one day I'll go back and like get all the bloopers I'm definitely gonna add some point we've been fighting on the bloopers probably yeah we do a lot of it we're gonna I'm gonna dig up like our first videos maybe I'm put together like just how bad we were so funny vivia is stevia-sweetened soda I.

Should look it up so the girls that Matt played in the last video what was that based on I don't know just like a generic office worker in a tank shop yeah he was so nervous to wear my tank top and I was just like you have to wear it it looks so good on you well I turned gave him another sweater.

First and he got it halfway on he's like I'm gonna stretch this out too much and I was like fine where I'm tank yeah have you tried any of the new halo top flavors no but they are sending them to us so we gonna do a taste test review once you put the butter in the coffee you came up with that Thanks well sixty carbs kicked me out of ketosis thank you.

By the way you're the reason we got started that's awesome it's different for everyone yeah but if you're been in keto for a long time and you have 60 carbs it might like momentarily or maybe late for an hour to knock you out of ketosis but what's your reason for needing to be in ketosis 100% of the day I'm sure like if you just slip out.

You're back in as long as you like for me as long as I don't feel like the huge dip in energy what you feel when you're out of ketosis for me at least it's not a huge deal to me that's why like we we were talking to an authority in the keto community which will be on one of our podcasts and she he or she said she does carb up sometimes at night so like just.

Like 50 to 100 grams of carbs so then she kind of sleeps through the dip in energy and then she's back Nikki ptosis the next morning someone asked interesting question how do you how do you get so comfortable putting so much of real life on display we weren't that service right I think I've always been so like this is gonna sound really bad.

And this is also being recorded so I can't take it back but like I always told my dad I was like my dream is to be a Kardashian like I would give up my family didn't your Kardashian she said that's a little hard to like I want Lina all like the office style interview is just like me with the camera one-on-one like I love that kind of stuff I'm not.

The most comfortable and I don't think Maddie's all the time so you know you kind of just do it so often and I know we have each other yeah we're not putting like all of our life out there either like we are not doing it every single day yeah if you're doing vlog and day like casing nice that stuff I can.

See how that just gets like crazy Pat stop you're doing things so you can film them and it's not really like you can't live your life at all John just said I look better than Kim thanks John yeah that winky it sucks when you're doing things for the camera and not just living your life and filming your life like that.

Line gets blurred a lot I would say hey guys love you guys I have daily 18-6 and sometimes find it hard to eat two meals a day is it okay if I don't mean my macros on a regular basis I lost 57 pounds and have been maintaining for six months Congrats first of all yeah you're doing if' and you're not able to hit your macros that's like one of the.

Benefits of if' it's easier to calorie restrict as long as you're not seeing downside I don't see why you would quit seems like you're are you trying to lose more weight and you're stalling second fav couple on YouTube first made your Curry's lamb shank and naan bread ah did we just zoom in on ourselves I realized after starting to mix that I got orange.

Slivers luminous powder attempted it anyways so gross uh orange flavored psyllium husk powder since it we did we get that I don't make great muffins how was the lamb shanks though yeah maybe they just didn't do the lamb shank all together do you come here 10 grams of dextrous before workouts to hurt your daily carb count yeah I do but on those.

Days I'm not going to be at 20 net carbs I'll be more like 30 35 it's not something I do every day either though what other keto youtube channel that you recommend we get asked this all the time Jason went rock always yeah what's his name primal edge health is all I know kitchen to bomb good Indian food well this is good I feel like we watch a.

Time we do watch a ton farmer me ma she's not really Akita though she's just like living life I just dr. Berg obviously is awesome Gerry so like Gerry ward yeah YouTube channels we watch oh goody beats he did the the blazing wing challenge – thank you other YouTube channels we watch Gerry ward I love by os3 training he's like a.

Bodybuilder right but can't he's really hot Mike McCann – super hot and then I'm just like all in WorldStarHipHop and stuff like that are you guys staying up till midnight to hear the new Taylor Swift song good question what kind of song like I feel like her new stuff is just not that good Taylor Swift yeah my favorite song of all time is mean.

Someday I'll be is me when he sings that I envisioned he's talking about all the people he left back in his small hometown called Dearborn Michigan it's not that small it's 180 thousand people I lived in Philadelphia you didn't though you live in the suburbs she lived in the wealthiest Philadelphia suburbs are you.

Guys gonna do another collab with goody beats if we do it'll be in person we all want to do it in person you're not gonna do another digital one like that when you're when you were counting calories and hit your goal but your daily steps knock you into a forum to cut our deficit do you eat the deficit or if you're not hungry do you.

Just wrote that we don't eat our deficit we don't count our workouts ever when we are counting macros yeah I think that's the best way to do it – because when you start like working out and then counting calories then going home and being like what can I eat based on my workout I'm eating like 400 calories of peanut butter yeah not like.

Your broccoli do you do any home hit workouts we don't do that I don't like head workouts just not my thing in my opinion you should somewhat enjoy the exercises you do I don't enjoy hip workouts we do steady-state cardio and weight lifting how do you how many you cut net carbs in.

Your usual cobb salad at the time yeah I would say ten can we drink kombucha and keto most of them are relatively high carb like eight carbs or so for like half of one of those bottles that's that can be kind of tough to fit into your Kino macros but if you can fit it Billy Blanks what is that are you talking about Billy oh my god you just brought.

Back so many remember we blanks typo that guy yeah me and my best friend we used to we have the video collection her mom had all the video cassettes and we would do them in our basement oh but why Billy why that's we would scream when we were doing it can you really feel the difference mentally when you're in ketogenesis yeah.

I can I think you said like what do you mean mentally like I just feel it in my energy levels it really isn't like my willpower I'm I'm more moody I'm I'm more upbeat and less Moody yes moody yeah like I'm more happy I think Christian is the funniest comment then that person just wanted to say ketogenesis we followed you on IG.

Christian strumming the guitar over there yeah I didn't realize you were like I mean the things you say just make you sound unattractive but like you're an attractive man yeah he sounds like a nerdy computer person just type in quick Jack I'm trying to just get on their skin a very sensual guy with the guitar and.

This cat and it's dad you live the life we want to live because we want to give away or not you have carb refeed days or no so we don't have them like we don't it's not something we consistently do but we have experimented with them in the past yeah for muscle growth some muscle growth just hit a whole bag of fried can you drink kefir on keto uh.

Yeah if you look at the nutrition on it it fits into your macros you can smoke reefer it's a horrible cup of it it wasn't the best I'll take the dog okay you can have it so we're kidding we love them we're starting too long we're stuck in better faith keto snack that you can get at the store.

Halloumi cheese yeah we just made that for you guys get raving about it for days now instead of saying hi I say halloumi Oh dr. Berg's ice cream actually came out I've heard him talking about that for a long time I would do a review the thing is I just can't get in contact with a guy like we've email and so many times trying to like just in.

Laughs today he's just like a busy guy obviously so I understand it halloumi cheese is um it's like a sperm frying cheese you fry it up in the pan it is scrumptious similar to like queso fresco but just way better tasting yeah it's like 90 calories seven proteins I'm fat okay Miley $12 for his ice cream I gotta check out the ingredients that's pricey.

Dr. Berg is really running game over there he has he's like building an empire thought I'm baking with unflavored protein powder ever tried we have tried it's just really hard to get the sweetness back to where you want it you need to add a lot of artificial sweeteners in that yeah we've done it.

Before though what's the highest amount of net carbs to continue it doesn't exist it's about calories for weight loss ah Melissa I did a Skype interview with dr. Berg and he forgot to hit record oh he forgot to hit record that's hilarious right you can lose weight eating in like 800 grams of carbs a day if you want have you ever made.

Cauliflower Shepherd pie yes um because maltodextrin bad if it fits in your macros yea maltodextrin is about as bad as it gets because it's like super skyrocket high on the glycemic index it's like 110 or something so it's bad it's like as bad as it gets but honestly I have a Fisher macros and you're eating it like as a small part it's just like.

An ingredient in your meal it shouldn't be a huge deal oh that's good that he's doing a retake with you that's a good guy is that serious about calories I had believed that on keto it did not matter I'm sad and a lion yeah calories matter guys sweet I think some people I don't know if anyone has actually preaching calories don't matter but um I think.

When people say that they're just saying like if you want to do keto and start changing things around you don't need to count calories because that takes care of itself if you just eat you know your body will adjust you won't be hungry so like counting calories and losing weight by calorie restriction is hard it doesn't work like we've carried that out.

By now so like if you start keto you just eat low carb high fat over time you eat the right amount of calories naturally which is hard to do just with calorie restriction but calories matter that's what makes you lose weight a similar product doesn't believe in calories yeah we actually spoke with him recently I can't say I fully agree with.

That I think calories matter how do you feel about Jason what rocks beliefs on hormones calories yeah I think there's like it's not just like purely calories calories are flaws yes I'm degree but I mean people gain weight eating keto eating strict keto high-calorie how do you get extra calories in with bulking.

If you're not hungry on keto it's kind of tough luckily I am hungry yeah I don't know how to reading on this I think when you're relatively lean like this your hunger signals are just pretty strong so not lean I can eat but it is hard to get 3,000 calories a day and yeah I do bulletproof coffee and all that yeah for me it's not that difficult.

I would like to request a video about weight loss plateaus I think we'll have some good content on that in the future mainly in the podcast if you guys are just joining podcasts coming I think some day y'all need to be on mic dulces podcast who's like that James like a trainer or something I've heard of him before yeah we'd love to be on his.

Podcast though how long should I be eating 20 grams are under I've been doing it for two months is it safe to up it slightly yeah I mean I definitely think it's a safe dumping slightly also depends on what you're upping it with and if you notice that there's a lack of weight loss or like just change in general that you're not.

Happy with and you can always just decrease your carbs again what's your reason for wanting to up the carbs is it are you not feeling great is the podcast called keto Connect now it's called keto for normies n o RM IES do you take supplements when on a keto diet yeah I do I take a few different supplements nothing specifically for keto other than.

Magnesium I take a magnesium pill can you do more restaurant Kegel hacks like Jimmy John's yes we can we're just trying to think of what we should do next if you could only watch one YouTube channel what channel non Tito I love that question mine would have to be like that's tough I'll come back to that one no I would be binging with babish that's.

A really good one check out Benji with babish if you guys haven't seen it might be complex honestly I could just listen to GJ academics talk all day creatine yes or no on keto I'd say yes we're actually trying to get someone for the next podcast we're gonna record he's a supplement person and he's doing keto.

And he tests like everything for how it interacts with keep ketosis so we're gonna learn a lot from him and I think we'll just ant have all the answers to these questions yeah it'll be good yeah have you have you guys ever talked to keto game to use a Butthead I don't think it's a person there's a couple guys are you talking about Darth Luigi.

We've talked to one of the guys one guy he was he was super nice Podcast will be out on Sunday all five of them do you know of any sources for backpacking on keto hmm not really sources what do you mean I don't know like what to carry because you need lightweight stuff just oh like what kind of stuff to eat do you count the carbs.

And veggies yeah we count everything where do you get bulletproof coffee we make our own bulletproof coffee but there are places that sell bulletproof coffee yeah we just make it yeah I make it before god I hope before God wait is it the season finale Sunday it's already been like eight out of seven I think Wow times flying guys how are we getting.

So old so quickly vegan gains would say you guys are the worst you would oh he's a person yeah I watch them sometimes can you do a diabetic kedo video in the future you guys are changing my life in the most amazing way thank you the thing is we just don't know a ton.

About diabetes good bit of research yeah like even sound like we know we're talking we don't like talking too much about like medical matters we're just mainly talking about our experiences how it helps us and giving guidance we've been doing it for so long but there's a lot of research out there and forums where people with diabetes discuss a.

Keto diet and yeah what is your morning routine like this is good I I try I'm trying to nail this down a little bit more and morning routine is super important if you guys have never tried having a morning routine I'd recommend it right now we have a dumb puppy who's not down he's kind of cute but I have to wake up and he's usually crying I take.

Him for a quick walk then I come home and usually we do like 30 minutes of cardio maybe four days a week so either that to my morning routine ideally there would be ten minutes of meditating but I have been slacking on that can you drink both coffee all day sure I mean I wouldn't be drinking a bulletproof coffee like 8:00 p.m. just.

Kind of eat your macros though we wake up around 6:00 6:30 every morning can't wait to hear who the winner of the hundred K subscriber giveaway is when do we decide I said Sunday at 9:00 Eastern yeah it's gonna be good prizes mega did you pick out the surprise edition yeah then the am a la carte you do an accent stuff.

It's not an accent it was a face um should I eat once a day or is that pushing it I think it's something you should try we've tried it before it's not my thing I don't like it but it works right luck even works for a lot of people I also depends your schedule if you like to cook if you wait okay do you use an MC t I use it a lot I use.

Probably three times today once a day it better be a nutritious meal do you guys ever barbecue if so what do you barbecue on a grill we don't barbecue they do ribs in the oven and they come out hella good last thing we barbecued was like a mistake and a place in the steak I think is that.

Called barbecue yeah grilling people call it barbecuing now why is he called Big Sean when you know that Ms looks five of us good question I mean he's not talking about himself you know that right talking about big shot in there rapper from Detroit represent knows big shots not tiny bang he's not talking about what what do you.

Think he refers to it in songs all the time it's who's he talking about I think do you have to limit cheese intake if you want to lose weight on keto I mean you have to limit calories at some point if you want to lose weight on keto Jesus just really calorie dense and like I wouldn't go crazy with it that's just me personally I think I know a lot of.

People do eat a lot of it and it works if I know what works for you yeah what's your favorite brand of ketta chocolate chocolate pulao Coco pollo pollo it's keto Shan to check out her YouTube channels you just started it up it's good and she made Aikido for normies podcast cover our and Mayweather McGregor McGregor really I don't know I.

Know that's what is that tomorrow no Saturday what else we got he's weenie Matt CJ got it what oh that's it okay which sweetener do you think tastes the closest to sugar I think I've heard a monk fruit buzz but never really had it one you know I would say maybe a ratata samurai like some kind of a wraith retal.

Stevia blend it's probably best I'd say blend like that are you guys planning to come out with a different five-day plan to give a variation of recipes for it you're talking about the meal prep we have 11 different five-day plans in our meal prep course you can check that out on our website but we're we're not going to do too many more of.

Those I don't think the meal preps on YouTube we say that but then we're like absolutely blonde do you ever get that 2:30 feeling on keto no that's the first thing I never do go and has never come back been on keto for a week only lost 2 pounds what can I do to increase weight loss 2 pounds is good now Congrats wrong mindset um you have to be in there for.

The long haul and do you really want to be rapidly losing weight I guess it matters how much weight you have to lose but 2 pounds a week seems like steady progress to me yeah my husband was stoned one day and heard me say erythritol and now he sings it all the time I don't please things at Richard oh yeah he probably just repeats it into a.

Singing voice like I do yeah I've been doing this hilarious pruvit keto OS say lately I'm not doing it you guys have to convince in the dirt yeah I was crying last night it's better that I can't do it you gotta do it no I don't know you see now I did I'm when I'm on the spot it's tough for me I'm.

More of like a like a method actor do you want to turn your life around prove it keto OS that's it went quickly into it I wasn't ready I had her cracking up I was just repeating in front for let's get an hour earlier and in like a thick accent doing pruvit keto OS but like when he says prove it if you guys were here he spits the same thing I go a.

Little what are your short-term long-term health goals that's a good question I think my short term goal is probably to build more muscle just be a lower body fat percentage mainly like aesthetic goals as a lot of it long-term probably just to like live a healthy life yeah I think that's a dumb long-term goal yeah it's kind of like a.

Dr. Phil ketone salesman we do it's like we do need to do a rap song do do you think the Amazon taker of Whole Foods will make keto more affordable no no no I don't think Whole Foods is gonna lower its prices cuz I'm gonna take over yeah I guess I don't know maybe it's possible I think a lot of money they don't why would they they don't need to well I'm.

Aside obviously bought it with the intention of improving it and making more profit oh yeah a month on keto and I still feel fatigued at times any advice it could be R electrolyte intake so you can try up in those we actually have a video on electrolytes in our in our youtube our YouTube channel we do with so many videos I forget about yeah.

More lower fat % man you're going beyond 5% too much now I'm like 10 percent right now but I obviously want to be like a lower body fat percentage with more muscle mass so that's like a project it's not just like I'm gonna lose weight and look skinnier ideally I'd have more muscles so yes.

He's gonna put on weight yeah how do you technically explain this diet is actually healthy technically I mean it's just the absence of sugar which is like the number one cause of most health problems in modern society yeah but I guess proving that high fat is healthy would be the question well I mean you you prove it.

From a science standpoint so right your body enters a state which is called ketosis and that's when your body is using fuel fat for fuel as opposed to like glucose so you're still eating something that's fueling you it's just not like carbs yeah I mean any science approach so scientific also of youth like you can not do keto you can like.

Add in you can still do no sugar but not keto you can do like hire a carpenter grams of carb today I think definitely a limited carb diet is healthy but also a lot of vegans are very healthy that are very high carb but they just have an absence of fat so like if you're high carb high fat that's when it's like really problematic.

Thank you have work lunches is lunch meat ok d-don't keto yeah I would say so you can always look at the nutrition a lot of new of sugar and like carb sources but I mean if it works for you a lot of them have a little sneaky additives like dextrose or sugar and stuff but it should be fine someone got red text on here somehow doesn't it.

Increase does it increase in fat make your heart less healthy no but you should do research on that for yourself don't just take my word for it thank you smithy what do you think of car bomb blockers like white kidney bean extract uh they're they're just moneymakers that make sense shake your moneymaker have.

You seen the vegan keto videos I've heard people of doing vegan keto Evans videos that though where's my lead she is currently sitting looking out the window she's our princess can you do 'quite oh if you don't have a gall bladder um yeah there are people who do keep theirs uh what's theirs a supplement yeah dr. Berg talks a lot.

About this there's a supplement you can take you need like some pile or something it can be tougher to do keto without a gallbladder but a lot of people do it BCAAs during I have fast up now no BCAAs have our nutritive they have an impact they break your fast I bought how much better has canola oil.

In it should I have it I wanted to use it as a veggie dip yeah go for it as if it's your macros and you're not opposed to using something that is canola oil I mean it's not ideal but um yeah go for it are you asking me if Ally canola I already bought something the answer is yes yeah taught some things like zan tracks what is that I don't know what.

Zan checks is what time is it in the US well it depends on where in the US on the East Coast it is like nine what do you think of dr. Berg fancy you can eat unlimited romaine lettuce on keto it's like water I'm cool with that oh nice phrase like water oh you think yeah it's that seems fine with me I don't think that would mess with ketosis.

Too much just because you're getting a lot of fiber and it's like super at low glycemic index alrighty is how is everyone doing these red and fonts now are they doing it because they know it works you two are so cute together but don't most fatty foods have high cholesterol which can cause heart disease so yeah you just.

Need to do a lot of research on this diet I don't think this live chat is like the best place to do that but cholesterol um like high cholesterol and not necessarily linked to heart disease cholesterol buildup and uh yeah and increased saturated fat is known as linked to high cholesterol there's like two links in the chain that are not.

Necessarily true that you're assuming it's true so when someone said rapper of all time young thug and I don't say that as a joke I actually think he's the goat oh it's because they tagged us it's fred-o-cal Akito sushi oh just on the weight loss what are some of your favorite documentaries pertaining to.

Food example carb loaded um I like that that sugar film is good what's it called there is the one the fat fat head I think it's called it's not that good though there's not really that many good keto documentaries I think there's one where they go into like the health system in America the cafeteria food just called like fed up maybe is that.

The well oh yeah yeah we start that one that one's pretty good I saw that whole one go is totally eatable edible we have a video on what the hell's going on a cruise wondering how we're going to keep it keto suggestions on a cruise isn't that a lot of the time like all-you-can-eat buffets and yeah you can either that a deal cuz you can just.

Get all the meats and the veggies yeah it would just be eating a lot of meat veggies with some added butter did you know it's illegal to advertise eggs as healthy that's weird isn't it I don't think that's true any chance we can get a sushi recipe yeah we have one on our website we should we're gonna try making like a better like Maki hand roll type.

Of thing though I think soon what's up guys solo you're crazy two pockets to go come on brah don't eat white other than cauliflower I hate rules like that they're just like why do you need to dumb it down so much just just learning about your food we don't need to do like color code things do you think keto is a.

Lot more challenging if you can't eat eggs it's slightly more challenging but it's very doable people recently are trying to convince me that dairy is super unhealthy I don't believe it but I don't know how to respond I would just do research on and come to your own conclusion.

I think there's pros and cons to dairy definitely like the low fat like dairy that you're buying in the grocery store is not the best I don't eat much dairy just lately I've tried limiting it more but if you're getting like good grass-fed like from the hills of Ireland cheese and stuff it's probably great for you and send some our way oh it today.

Someone emailed us from the Today Show NBC Today Show and they're like call us up we want to get keto people on The Today Show and then we call them back and they're like oh yeah we were just looking for some people who have done the keto diet in the Greater New York area you know anyone we're like no we just run it I mean I think they do we.

Ran a YouTube channel just like type keto into Google's halo top is totally fine count your macros yeah I wouldn't say totally fine like if you want to be super strict about it you don't want to eat halo top everyone has their own strictness criteria this sunflower seed flock sunflower seed flour okay on keto think so right yeah so goodies good.

Dee's baking mixes are made with sunflower seed flour yeah there is cane sugar in halo top a few grams of it I believe it's I eat it like I've eaten it in the past it's not something I eat I haven't eaten in months actually I just say like yesterday for the first time in like six months but um yes count the macros where's the.

Top for you guys cooking um cooking show best-selling cookbooks celebrity chefs good question uh I I always say this the vision I have in my mind right now is being on the Rachael Ray Show what about being Rachael Ray being Rachael Ray yeah like the actual she's too good to see we have limiting beliefs the actual top is like.

JB being Jamie Oliver basically like he's like the most famous chef there is or like someone like that but in reality being Jamie Oliver because I believe in myself Gordon Ramsay Idol of Gordon Ramsay yeah his dough is brain octane MC – oh the same thing we have a video coming out on this soon brain octane is pure C.

8 MC tol so yes you can get pure c8 from other companies outside of bulletproof and it'll be a little bit cheaper but yeah it's the same stuff it's just really good MCT oil the pure CA yeah I can't eat almond flour because I'm allergic to almonds what is more important macros versicle I see makin nuts macros what was the brand of mcg.

Powder perfect keto MCT powder we have a promo code I think yes keto connect yes 20% off is pretty good guys we're gonna have more things up there as they're setting up more stuff soon they just came out with a pre-workout we're gonna try greens powder and collagen peptides we're gonna try all those I just had Breyers little car price you guys think.

You're Bruce that sounds about right can you drink a nice tip here once a day if you don't work out every day I'm trying to I'm trying to establish a protein regimen for us yeah you can drink fruit that I sip here once a day I would do like so one scoop is 25 grams of protein I would not just have pure protein drink I usually try getting some.

Fat mixed in some heavy whipping cream if you put it in your coffee you can do coconut oil we don't have a quest promo code do it no no probably there's no way to well you picked Jamie Oliver you both have a lisp it's funny that the word lisp is her people that have lisps to say well peace trips are best so we don't use peace.

Trips they're not really a good indicator of being in future so they're not since your body's utilizing ketones so if you're pitting them out that doesn't really say much the best ones are the ones you just threw in the garbage leave them there though don't take them out perfect keto screwed up and sent me two for one on them to keep.

Out I don't know what that means two for one Oh two for one that's good yeah yeah we do get tired of answering the piece trip questions that's probably the one we get asked most least favorite ingredient to work with least yeah I don't know it was probably coffee flour yeah it's a cos you like couldn't do anything with it this is the worst.

Ingredient we've ever cooked with I think it's just impossible to make it taste good or dirt yeah is there any way of measuring body fat without going to a clinic or the place you guys were at yeah you can get a caliper but you're gonna have to then like learn how to use that it's pretty tough you can try reading a cheap caliper.

Online it's like eight bucks on Amazon how do you kind of get a hilltop neck cracks so there's the total carbs and you subtract the fiber and these sugar alcohols which is a risk for Tom yeah can you make coffee with the coffee flour no it's actually like the pulp of the outside of what the coffee bean comes in I think can you please do a.

Holiday special like keto Thanksgiving including desserts that's brilliant and then we easy old food what to look for when choosing a protein powder basically just the carb count you might want to look at what kind of sweetener they're using you want to look for whey isolate if you're looking getting like a way concentrate or like a way blend it's.

Gonna be way higher so way concentrate or way isolated I mean yeah we do need to get a DEXA scan we just didn't find one nearby what kind of cheese do you eat we don't we haven't been eating dairy but we had Hulu me the other night because we had it and we just wanted to try it is it true that they are saying that only half.

Of the sugar alcohols should be removed from the total carbs no the people that say that I've actually seen the video I think you're referencing they're just like grouping together all the sugar alcohols which I don't understand so maltitol should be half of it should count erythritol is 0.2 calories per gram so if you like for us we're just.

Rounding so like just say zero but it's point two calories per gram so we want to get like really specific there's a very small amount of carbs in every three tall but four it's like our purposes it's basically zero yeah and uh and there's this new the keto cooking company they just put out this video where they eat keto cookies for seven.

Days and there's like a lot of erythritol and notes and they measured their ketones the entire time they were consuming like I don't even know I want to say like 40 or 50 grams of erythritol a day and it didn't affect their ketone levels they were like 3.5 yeah it's true I didn't think about that so that pretty much validates the earth with all in my.

Mind how many videos are gonna be doing per week when you're 60 70s that's a good question I mean we might just have to link we might just be like addicted to doing it and not be able to stop over that old show you guys will see Miley's death why my case okay that'll be like 12 cats love to be like what 16 or something blood test video we need to.

Get a blood ketone meter that's our next purchase I have the glucometer yep have you ever watched anti Kido Kido videos and tried to their perspective yeah I do actually I've never watched it so what I like to do is there's there's this subreddit it's called Quito circle-jerk and they take posts from the heat the Quito.

Subreddit and they post them ironically and then they all bash them it'll just be like people being like you know like talking about how much butter and bacon they eat and stuff and then all the people will say like in the Quito circle three separate it'll just like make fun of it say it is so healthy like it's funny I like to read that every once in.

A while just to check myself thanks for the reminder Shannon yeah guys if you just joined our podcast is going to be out this Sunday five episodes please please just give us them give us a five star review it just did that actually and we're not like yeah we're begging for them but it helps like rank us you think it helps it's free to do do it.

What's your favorite documentary I love gyro Dreams of Sushi gyro have reset and I also love the West Memphis Three doctor it's called west of Memphis Western Memphis I do that sometimes I think I like the prison the Stanford on the Stanford Prison Experiment so when they like really good human psychology but if you guys have not.

Learned anything about the West Memphis Three it's like the muck for in my opinion the most interesting true crime case of all time hey Michigan Jimmy how do you go about thank you to our family gatherings we maybe bring a dessert we maybe bring like a side dish we eat the main like protein yeah eat the veggies it's actually not that hard.

As long as like every veggie is not potatoes like someone brings a veggie tray usually if you're into a true-crime you listen to sort and scale and true-crime garage not only that I've literally listened to every true crime prod cast trying to find other ones that I like what's the one crime in sports or no no small town murders – really.

It's goofy yeah funny I really like Generation Y that might be my favorite one have you guys tried nudie light no girlfriend no no okay tell us I've seen that though a lot of people have that unread it we are actually in the process poorly ready of writing a cookbook we've been slacking we've been slacking so hard lately you know what we've been.

Doing for the past three days is watching this show called unreal it's basically The Bachelor but it's like a background like what happened behind the scenes but it's like a drum it's a scripted drama it's not like I'm sure some reality show it's really really good fascinating we need to watch power we don't currently.

Watch power what's y'all's opinion on Crystal Light I think there is maltodextrin dextrose is in there I drink three packs a day and it has point four carbs point two of that is extra yeah it's not a big deal I used to drink those a lot actually frequently I would drink like three a day and I noticed they had a big effect I'll make.

Cravings and once I stopped them I was like oh my god I need I can't drink water without it so like realizing that like I could drink water again and not need to pour the so it's so sweet I feel the same way no was the meals I was just I could the meal was significantly impacted my ability to drink plain water like I had to have neo in it or else.

Like just like this plain water it sucks yeah so now I'm just back on the normal water and I like that how often do you eat keto Chipotle uh maybe once a month really no I think it's like once every four months oh yeah I don't we just got it like two days ago though yeah I guess we don't eat out really ever have either of you two ever.

Watched anime now I know I don't get it I have friends who are in doing like guy friends and I just it creeps me out no I've got a milk frother for my bulletproof coffee and it's fine I agree I've done the same thing yeah I was broken so break and it doesn't do the job and I see I also see people using the immersion.

Blenders but it's just like splatters coffee everywhere like you have to have a blender the immersion blender is also suck unless you have like an enclosed case to immerse it in sorry guys do any of you watch any wave of videos I don't know what that is then how old are you both how long have you been together I'm 27 I'm 28 we've been together for.

Two and a half years you look so young I look pretty I think we look like a younger couple right uh some days like he can look like 33 when he got the bags under his eyes why men don't age well that's true who's your favorite IG account for Kido oh there's some good ones there's a we've been following lately tricky tofurkey for Kido um Kelly.

Kita with Kido Kelly Kido Kelly she's really funny she has really good stories kiddo B is just the bomb Kito underscore BGE time mostly food bloggers to like um I can't like think of it I have to be looking at my thing zoodles you met your husband on MySpace whoa what do you think of sugar-free jell-o uh we you think it it yeah I think it's fine you.

Thought I was 30 does Matt's family love mega and vice versa Chi Sachi Versace Versace Versace Versace no my family doesn't love her I would they will eventually love her they're just very like resistant to the beauty really they're religious they're conservative they're.

Just like those type of people do the nice Taylor Swift they're not into me being a food blogger and not a computer engineer my family really likes Matt yeah did you see the Prasad she coming I don't know after the whole Bill Cosby thing thanks I love yous to at least interview is my family like if Matt had to go home I could just come and hang.

Out with you guys favourite stevia flavor dr. pepper dr. Zvi mine is probably black cherry yeah I heard that quote from Tim Ferriss he talked about attempting to eat a keto diet but not actually being a ketosis is one of the worst diets you can eat thoughts I don't think that is true the.

Thing is she's see like if you're not in ketosis and so his idea is if you're burning glucose and you're eating super high fat like not good I think you're just gonna like feel really terrible because you're gonna be so low energy I don't think there was that much science to really support like low carb high fat not in ketosis is very bad for you but I.

Would need to look into it more but he's also like has other ulterior motives like tempura is awesome but then like right after he said that he's like but I take exogenous ketones every day from this company so it's like he's selling things too but like immediately after that line he was on the cell but Tim Ferriss is cool I still listen to all of.

Them but no I don't know if I believe that have you thought I've tried cascade ice yeah we have we've like mixed it with vodka brain cancer in Quito what's your input I don't really have much input on that but I did listen to Dom be Agostino on the congrats on being a survivor yeah.

He said there's some types of cancer that do not respond well to a ketogenic diet I would look into that he has like the info on that but most of them seem to respond favorably favorite stand-up comedian um Tom Segura hands down he's so funny I gotta tell you this story we went to him in San Francisco cops comedy club League legendary comedy club I was.

Laughing so hard I was like leaning back and I like almost couldn't breathe like I thought I was gonna die I was like mega I have to go like that's not a story worth telling no I was like it was legitimate fear for my life it wasn't like oh this is funny I'm I think really are I was like this is a medical almost emergency get someone over here mine's.

Bill burr but you know how you can make up for what you just told a bad story what do do it do you want to make a change prove it keto OS I'm just gonna do that on command forever oh god we haven't tried dry wines I'd love to try that though apparently it's really good really good for cute doctors Phil do you guys keep your jeans high always high.

And tight oh I know that was like a sexual comment I stopped reading Oh what does that mean I don't know either Oh also guys we were very nervous about posting that video at least I was I didn't know how people were gonna take it if it was gonna be really dumb I thought it was pretty funny but I was.

Like it could also be really dumb maybe I just think I'm funnier than I actually am what prove it Oh pruvit keto OS so I just uh you sound like a pastor McDonald's keto options um that grilled chicken sandwich just like lettuce with cheese the burger yeah right mainly just burgers I think yeah people have said like their burgers are.

Like you know not full me oh yeah there might be some carbs in the berries I'm we've never actually done McDonald's take out the wire vibes with that hand-to-hand that's what I was going for the show the wire yeah it's so like I'm not only living the 90s anymore it is a little old another taco bulky to option it's hilarious that you asked that.

Because everyone thought that was like probably the worst one did they yeah yeah we didn't execute very well we should have done a little more research oh my eyes are so edgy yeah I did hear the top cigarette did the keto diet for his weight loss challenge oh did he lose weight yeah he lost a ton of weight we have a video coming out with two keto.

Cocktails delicious what's the best refeed you guys have ever done I don't think there is a best one just like the cleaner the better in my opinion Cleveland's I like I like doing rice yeah we did a Chinese fried rice we didn't rice sweet potatoes the last one we're gonna have a video on our thoughts on the carb up thing though.

Soon hopefully do you guys stick to grass-fed meat and poultry not always now a decent amount of the time now we have the butcher box stuff which actually lasts us a pretty good amount like it's good for maybe 15 dinners for us yeah maybe like 12 to 15 we're gonna have a really good promotion for butcher box in next month right yeah.

In September so if you guys want to get in on it we also have a giveaway wait till then at the end of the month yeah dr. Berg says you don't have to drink a glass of water every day nor is it beneficial do you agree I think drinking a little bit more than you just naturally would it's probably good like forcing yourself a little bit.

Helps but if you're going crazy I don't think there's that huge of a benefit shinu prepped our Mexican casserole everyone loves that that's everyone's favorite dish my favorite ethnic fear is India mine is India but I've never tried like Ethiopian or Moroccan like I've wanted to try those really badly but it's it's.

Tough when you're Quito now the first time I ever tried Indian was after I'm at Mecca on our third day and it was like crazy it was like nothing I'd ever tasted before if you've never tried any in food it's so different from other foods your rap group name can be mmm lol so creative this guy can you guys use farmers markets CSAs we've been to a CSA.

Stand in Philadelphia and we try to use farmers markets and stuff we go to the grocery store to them Oh tomorrow we're posting butter chicken recipe Indian Indian food it's really good did you hear that Amazon buying Whole Foods is gonna lower the prices of produce yeah what your sleeps country like and how important.

Sleep is incredibly important to us because we do so much throughout the day we like to also get getting good workouts it's good for like just you know not overeating there's so many benefits to getting sleep in we go to sleep around 10:00 latest and we're up by 6 so that's a good amount of time on yours that's eight hours that's eight.

Hours guys we are getting six sleep is the most important thing to me what even more important than my li yeah why do you think Miley sleeps so much it's very beneficial exactly San Fran showed out I guess we should go it's been an hour and 20 minutes best fatty cheese brie it's a three fatty all cheeses are like relatively fatty you just kind of say.

Hello to me as much as possible now 2:40 a.m. dang Sophia if you were to send us a Quito crate what would you put in it we're actually doing that for the winner of the giveaway for our hundred K subscribers we put ice up there I so pure cookies and cream collagen peptides greens powder coconut flour and what else and something else and something.

Else and like a fun thing I can't remember what it is now it's something else though we are not doing butter chicken in a crock-pot the pre-workout drink recipe should be soon we always talk about things waiting ahead of time sorry guys alright guys it's been real thanks for hanging in to get into the giveaway just comment below.

In the video our last video thanks for everything hunter case subscribers you guys are the best I love you podcast coming Sunday look give us five stars for service that you miss are you watching
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