KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

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hey what’s happening guys today we’re making one of my favorite keto lunch recipes we’re making some keto chicken salad and what I love about the stuff is that you could whip it up right on the spot for lunch or you can make it as part of your keto meal prep because this keto chicken salad it meal preps incredibly well also what I love about this chicken salad is that it’s just so easy to make and it’s so delicious – its creamy its flavorful it’s absolutely refreshing there is a lot to love about this keto chicken salad that’s a but let’s get right into the recipe and make this thing alright so to start things off we’re going to shred some chicken and today I’m kind of cheating by using the breasts from a rotisserie chicken I picked up from the grocery store now if you go this route you’ll want to remove the skin from the breasts before shredding the chicken into a large bowl of course you can always use chicken breasts you cook for yourself for this keto chicken salad just make sure to use 3 cups or 350 grams of chicken for your salad now that we’ve got our chicken prepped we’re gonna lay down a wet paper towel so that the cutting board were about to use for the rest of our prep work doesn’t move all over the place while we do it and speaking of prep work the first thing we want to cut up is half a red onion which by the way is about 80 grams worth of onion so after we’ve added that to our Bowl the next thing we want to do is prep some celery and just one rib or 50 grams of it is the perfect amount for this low-carb chicken salad of course I recommend cutting it with wise so that you end up with those classic u-shaped pieces that you see in most chicken salad recipes anyways the next thing we want to do is chop up two large hard boiled eggs and don’t skip out on the eggs guys they really make every salad better they just provide so much flavor and creaminess that this keto chicken salad it won’t taste the same without them okay so now that we’ve added those add a little crunch and a little nuttiness to the salad by using a quarter cup or 28 grams of pecans but feel free to use walnuts or slivered almonds as well next we’re gonna start adding some of the dressing ingredients for this healthy chicken salad starting with a half a cup or a hundred and twenty grams of mayonnaise then once you’ve added that we’re gonna add a tablespoon or 15 grams of Dijon mustard followed by some fresh lemon juice and I like to use the juice from about half a lemon it’s about 10 grams of lemon juice in my chicken salad and as you’re seeing here using a wire strainer to catch the seeds while you’re adding the lemon juice is super clutch now I’m gonna also add a teaspoon or five grams of rice vinegar as well as a teaspoon of dried dill and some pepper and salt to taste so now that we’ve got all of our salad dressing deliciousness added to our bulb we can get out a big fork and give everything a good mix oh and I almost forgot something that I like to do from time to time to make that you can sell it even more refreshing is adding some chopped up baby bell peppers to it of course this is totally optional but it adds a bit of color and sweetness to the salad and I kind of like that anyways once our quito chicken salad is thoroughly mixed you can totally serve it as is but I think loading some large lettuce leaves up with it and making chicken salad lettuce wraps out of the recipe that my friends is the pro move and there you have it that is how to make quito chicken salad is always for more info on today’s recipe check out the video description below and I hope you like it 

This Post Was All About KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes.
KETO Chicken Salad | Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

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Keto Chicken Salad is one of my favorite low carb lunch recipes! It’s easy to make, and it’s so delicious too! Plus, this healthy chicken salad recipe is a perfect keto meal prep idea too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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