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hey what’s up and guys I literally just got back from Walmart i raided the frozen food section while I was there for the best low-carb keto frozen foods at the store and let me tell you I got a lot of stuff while I was there so be prepared for a ton of keto frozen food deliciousness in today’s haul that said let’s jump right into this get to the good stuff and I’ll show you what I got from Walmart alright so the first thing on my list are the real good foods pizza bagels because who doesn’t love pizza a serving of these is for pizza bagels there’s only 3 net carbs per for pizza bagels so that’s less than one net carb per bangle which is just crazy you can make these in the oven or you can make them in the microwave in less than a minute so a really great easy quick convenient keto snack idea as far as the price of these it’s 5 dollars and 67 cents for the box so the next thing I picked up was a happy foodie rice cauliflower southwestern chicken bowl there is a ton of food in this thing there’s 10 ounces of food in this box you get peppers and onions cheddar cheese and a spicy sauce you need some jalapeno spicy spicy and all for just for net carbs and for dollars and 96 cents oh my god huh it’s a chicken enchilada I also got now is a terrible joke I also got the real good foods chicken enchiladas each chicken enchilada just who net carbs that is just wow mind-blowing ly crazy so you get two in this package for net carbs for the entire package and it costs three dollars and 97 cents for a box of these I picked up some of this scent bonafide chicken bone broth this has zero carbs and really my plan for it is to make some low carb keto chicken noodle soup out of it the bag is 24 fluid ounces and it costs $7.98 the back I also picked up the stuffed chicken breath that was pretty good right the stuffed chicken breasts from real good foods this is the spinach and artichoke stuffed chicken breast and a boxes $5 and 94 cents there’s a Parmesan cheese crust to these chicken breasts how many times can i say breasts when I’m reviewing this package and each one each breast has just four net carbs so yeah lot to love about these real good food stuffed chicken breasts I also picked up some breakfast sausage I got the breakfast sausage from Applegate Naturals the chicken in maple kind this one has two carbs per three links of sausage and then I also got the savory turkey kind that has one carb per three links of sausage either one of these though I think you’re in for some serious deliciousness as long as you put keto maple syrup on them after you make them because that is the most delicious way to make breakfast sausage my friends is with maple keto maple syrup on top of the sausage otherwise did you even make breakfast sausage anyways the prices on these it’s three dollars and 98 cents per box while is that Walmart I also picked up some steak um this stuff is awesome because there’s no fillers added to it a lot of times when you get frozen meat at the grocery store companies add fillers to the meat so you’re actually getting less meat and you’re just paying for fillers not with this stuff it is a hundred percent beef and you’re getting over a pound of beef in the steak and package it’s six dollars and 86 cents for package and if you’re trying to make a killer Quito Philly cheese steak skillet basically just everything you love about a Philly cheese steak but without all the bread and the carbs this is the stuff you want to use speaking of frozen meats you’ll find at Walmart you also find a four pound bag of frozen chicken wings this is the great value so Walmart’s brand of frozen chicken wings and this four pound bag costs nine dollars and 26 cents I also picked up the chicken alfredo wraps from real good foods this is the last real good foods product I picked up I swear this box is three dollars and ninety four cents there’s four net carbs per chicken alfredo wrap you get two chicken alfredo wraps in a box and again you can make these in the oven or the microwave and if you make them in the microwave you’re eating some chicken alfredo in two minutes while I was at Walmart I also restocked on some frozen veggies I picked up a bag of the cauliflower medley mix from Green Giant you saw my last keto grocery haul video from Walmart you know I love this stuff I’m obsessed with making fried rice out of this cauliflower medley mix and the reason I love these so much is because it’s just so much more convenient than making cauliflower rice at home and for me it’s worth the price of just buying these prepackaged bags each bag is just three net carbs of the medley mix anyways it’s two dollars and forty eight cents per bag we got one of those I also got a regular cauliflower rice bag again two dollars and 28 cents for this one this is a little lower in net carbs though too net carbs per serving of just the normal cauliflower rice and then the coup de Gras of Green Giant stuff that I got was the spiralized zucchini noodles obviously these make a great replacement for spaghetti if you’re following the keto diet every serving of these just one net carb there’s four servings per bag these are a little bit more expensive than the rice cauliflower this is three dollars and forty eight cents for the bag but again sometimes it’s just nice to pay for convenience you don’t have to spiralize any zucchini noodles you don’t have to clean up anything just really really easy and ready to go ready to eat stuff so that’s why I like to buy it by the way one thing you might think from first glance that it might be keto but it actually isn’t is the cauliflower yogi by Green Giant unfortunately this is far from low-carb and far from keto even though that it really advertises itself as cauliflower in this small bag there’s over 80 grams of carbs so I don’t know how they get to say that it’s 40% cauliflower because my opinion if this was 40% cauliflower there’s no way it would be 84 grams of carbs in this small bag so this gets big No thank you from me anyways I also restocked on some other frozen vegetables swallows at Walmart got some frozen peppers and onions this is over a pound of peppers and onions this is the Walmart brandy great value brand of piano it’s just a restaurant term for peppers and onions but there’s nothing added to these there’s no sauce or anything like that just three net carbs per serving sift all of that and this big bag of piano it’s just two dollars now I love love love mushrooms mushrooms on stake in skillets in omelets just by themselves I love the starchiness to them and they have just two net carbs per serving so that’s great this bag is a 10 ounce bag of mushrooms again this is the great value Walmart brand of mushrooms there’s no sauce or anything like that added to these and these are just over $2 and then finally I picked up some frozen asparagus I love asparagus on steak I’m sure you’re starting to see a pattern here just picking up vegetables that go well with steak like the mushrooms the peppers and onions these are just essential steak essentials guys and this has to net carbs per serving again no sauces or seasonings it’s the great value Walmart brand that’s the one you want to look for this is an 8 ounce bag of asparagus and it’s about $3 for this bag I also got some frozen berries I got some frozen strawberries and frozen raspberries the frozen ones I think just take longer to eat so that’s why I like them a lot of people think that you can’t eat fruit on the keto diet and that’s actually not true you definitely can fit berries into your day and stay in ketosis I’m not saying eat the entire bag of strawberries and stay in ketosis or the entire bag raspberries and stay in ketosis but pretty much everybody can have some of these and stay in ketosis it really is different for everybody though because everybody can handle a different amount of carbs but if you’re gonna have any kind of fruit you definitely want to make sure that you’re eating berries and not something like a banana or an apple or a mango pineapple or something like that berries are your best choice so the next keto frozen food that I got from Walmart is definitely gonna look familiar to some of you guys and that is the cauliflower foods cauliflower Pete’s Crest’s I got this in B last keto grocery haul that I did from Walmart I actually started the video with these cauliflower pizza crusts and I did that for good reason because these are the best cauliflower pizza crusts you can buy there’s only three net carbs per pizza crust and there’s only three ingredients in here as well there’s cauliflower cheese and egg whites that’s all you’re looking at in here the only downside of these is the price these are definitely much more expensive than the other options out there but three net carbs per pizza crust whereas you you could get the Green Giant one except it’s not low carb or keto even though it markets itself as a cauliflower pizza crust over 60 grams of carbs in here definitely not low carb or keto and then the collie power pizza crust over a hundred and eighty carbs or something like that in this pizza crust which is just insane no thank you to that also so that is today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it I think these are some of the best frozen food options for the keto diet at Walmart I hope you agree I hope you give some of these a shot and you enjoy them and if you do let me know in the comments below what you thought about what you tried that said thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video 


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