Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion

Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion

Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion

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what’s going on YouTube it’s Thomas de Lauer and I gotta say I think that they jacked up my hair yesterday when I got a haircut this is not what I had in mind but the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks so anyway guys as you join in I’m going to shout you out so I just want to make sure if you’re tuning in to this live broadcast to this live feed that you comment where you’re watching from so that when I get into the science I know who I’m talking about who I’m talking to we’ve got India in the house make sure you comment where you’re watching from that really helps me what’s going on Matt in Poland I love my international audience here we’ve got New York in the house I’m gonna be in New York tomorrow we’ve got San get in the house we’ve got Phil in Phoenix we’ve got Chicago Adam we’ve got State College Pennsylvania we’ve got Ginny and Singapore surah surah in Atlanta we’ve got maxed out we’ve got Berlin in the house New York City Alabama Elliott in Essex UK Edmonton Alberta Matt in Pittsburgh Virginia Beach Shane Wow we’ve got a lot of people you guys are great make sure you hit that like button if you’re just joining in and also if you can please hit that share button because I’m going to drop some science bombs on you that you’re going to really like you’re gonna like what I’m talking about today I think I’m gonna break down the digestion of fats in a way that a lot of people haven’t heard before and in a way that just starts to make a lot more sense you know a lot of times we don’t fully get the full story on what happens with fats and what they really do inside our body when it comes down to the actual emulsification and breaking down so I want to make sure we have enough people on this to justify getting into the science so give me just a few minutes here to kind of ramp up and wait for a few more people to join in so I’m relying on you guys to hit that like button because that’s gonna drive this up so people see it but also would love it if you guys can hit that share button advice some people over to this make sure that you comment where you’re watching from Chuck in Atlanta we’ve got Yusuf in Romania we’ve got Monique in Atlanta good to see you money we’ve got John here we go we’ve got Savannah okay people like the haircut okay see I thought it was a mistake funny story before I get started asn’t waiting for more people tomorrow I fly to New York I’m meeting Fox at ABC doing some cool stuff actually get to meet dr. oz which is gonna be exciting okay but then I am going to Bermuda on Friday and I’m going to permute it because I’m shooting some video content for a couple of commercials doing some stuff and then what I figured okay I needed to trim up the hair a little bit so I went to my normal barber my normal barber was out so I ended up getting this new guy he’s not new he’s been there for a while and I tell him look it’d only take a tiny bit off I’m just polishing up before the shoot I’m just I’ve got to be you know on Fox tomorrow or on Wednesday and I’m just going please just only take a little bit off to make sure you fade and I’m not a prima donna I really don’t usually care but then oh my gosh she ends up he just goes high and tight up there I’m just like great here we go all right I guess is the new Thomas for a little bit so anyway I’m just gonna live with it that’s kind of how I roll no sense in being negative about it but let’s talk about science guys let’s get going we’ve got grease in the house thank you for the kind words let’s talk about fats all right and ketosis here we end up going the second that you ingest some fats you start the emulsification process in your mouth okay so you’ve got something called a lipase and this lipase breaks down the fats starting in your mouth then as soon as you get into the stomach you have a different form of lipase okay something called gastric lipase that kicks in and this gastric lipase kicks in and what that ends up doing is ends up breaking down about 10% of the fats that you consume okay guys bear with me one second a sip of water to parched okay just give me one second here one second almost dying for this shoot makes me super thirsty okay so you end up breaking down about 10% when it’s in the stomach well what’s interesting is that we have to remember that fats never fully break down in water they’re not water soluble they don’t dissolve okay that’s emulsify which mean that you end up getting these further driplets of fat okay droplets of fat right they never fully break down think of it like what oil looks like in water and then take those little globs of oil you see in water and take him down even further okay break him down so that there are smaller droplets and smaller droplets and smaller droplets that’s what emulsification is okay so we’re dealing just with these droplets that are getting smaller and smaller and smaller never fully dissolving in general so then what we have to look at is how does the body utilize this and that’s where it gets fascinating and it’s transfers in to the actual small intestine this is where the fun part happens okay so the emulsification of fats as soon as it hits the small intestine then you have a different enzyme okay you have something called pancreatic lipase and guys if you’re just joining then please make sure you hit that like button it really helps me out a lot drives the video engagement up its YouTube’s ranking so if you’re just watching this please just poke that like button for me it really helps me out a ton this pancreatic lipase breaks it down even further so now you’ve got gastric lipase that broke it down about 10% this pancreatic lipase breaks it down even more now remember when you consume a fat it’s in the form of three fatty acids that are bound to a glycerol molecule what does that mean it means it’s a big form of fat that’s actually kind of conjugated and kind of together with this big glob of glycerine okay or glycerol excuse me and then what has to happen is the body has to cleave off each individual piece of fat off of that glycerol it’s not like carbs or your body can just break down start to really quick it’s a process so what happens when it’s your stomach it breaks off two of those fat molecules okay the fatty acids from the glycerol molecule so then you’re left with three that are separate too still attached one outside of its own spectrum then you go into the small intestine pancreatic lipase kicks in and it breaks it down even more so now you’ve broken it down to three fatty acids outside of their glycerol molecule glycerol molecule is now by itself three free fatty acids problem is these fatty acids are still not able to absorb into the cell they don’t function properly okay so they don’t end up working out the way that it’s supposed to they don’t that they don’t absorb into the cell like they’re supposed to so what we end up needing is we need some more emulsification and we need something to make it more permeable so it can absorb into the cell that means our gallbladder kicks in you all know about the gallbladder it’s a pretty awesome organ and if you guys haven’t already please make sure you hit that share button make sure you hit that like button and everything yeah I know that’s I got it you could say so you can tell the chat distracts me it’s driving me crazy in fact I need to go in the other room it’s like okay why don’t I walk into my office to do this first but anyway what ends up happening is you can’t go into the cell so your gallbladder creates these things called bile salts these bile salts that come from the bile break down the fatty acid even more into something called a micelle okay and this micelle is a fascinating fascinating thing what this micelle does is it combines proteins it combines some cholesterol and it combines the fatty acids that are in your gut into a very interesting form that is received by the cell okay we have these cells in our small intestine that are called inteiro sites and these entero sites are their cells in our intestine that are bio identical to my cells so that means when my cells are coming through the intestinal tract they’re able to absorb and connect with these intestinal cells when that happens that’s how it absorbs through our intestinal tract people think that we just have gaps in our intestinal tract and that’s how food gets in no we have receptor cells that can absorb the food from the cell and then transfer into the bloodstream or into the lymph so anyway what’s kind of interesting is the fact that fats don’t go right into the bloodstream are you ready some crazy crazy science this is what I found super interesting let me give you an allergy first have you ever been on a freeway okay and you’re in the express lane and things are still not moving you’re still stuck in traffic it still sucks and then all of a sudden the light rail train just blows by and for a second you’re thinking why am I not on the light rail train why am I not on this Express train that’s just blowing the doors off of all this traffic well I want you to think of that express train as the lymphatic system and I want you to think of your bloodstream as a good old-fashioned la freeway it’s gonna get you there but you’re sharing them a lot of cells a lot of red blood cells a lot of leukotriene a lot of leukocytes a lot of lymphocytes all these things they’re taking up space so ends up happening is the fat that absorbs into the cell actually has to cross into the lymph not into the blood this is what’s fascinating because it goes into the lymph this fat has its own expedited free way to wherever it needs to go it hops from the light rail train it doesn’t go into the bloodstream so fat goes in the mouth into the intestinal tract into the cell and then into the lymph fluid that’s what’s amazing I don’t know if you guys see or in as intrigue design with that but the fact that fat goes for a ride in the lymph system is fascinating then when it gets to where it’s going the body is amazing and could say now you get into the bloodstream now you work if this isn’t proof that our bodies are designed to be running on fats whether you’re a vegan vegetarian a meat-eater carnivore whatever it doesn’t matter fats are critical and that’s why I’m such a big proponent of ketosis or any kind of style like that because fats have that paved way to really work okay they get to where they’re going they ride the Express rail light rail train they don’t sit in traffic but what’s even more fascinating is once it’s in the lymph system it’s actually really fascinating it’s in the lip system and it combines back into a triglyceride again so it ends up not being in those three fatty acid forms it goes back into a triglyceride travels around where it needs to go then when it’s into the bloodstream it’s utilized by whatever organ it needs it in short what’s fascinating about this is that fats do not have to go through the same process that regular foods do regular carbs regular proteins so that’s kind of my two cents on now how does it apply when you’re in ketosis you may be known as wandering like I’m doing a lot of videos on ketosis lately and he tells us something that I follow for a long time the thing is is it’s just been very interesting how just recently it’s become very popular which makes me intrigued and makes me want to do more videos on it because people are very interested in it and it’s an interesting topic so oh hey girl how do we get these fats on the speed train the trick is exactly what I’m saying you know going into a low carb high fat approach but your body is predominantly utilize that’s as a source of fuel it ends up working a lot better if your body preferentially wants to run on fats then everything’s gonna get on the speed train but there’s one more cool thing how many of you guys have ever foam rolled before okay where you take a little foam roller and you roll out your back you roll out your legs you do all these things okay if you foam roll before go ahead and type foam rolling I want to make sure that a lot of people here to know what foam rolling is so go ahead and comment foam rolling that way I just know who I’m talking to but essentially it’s where you’re rolling out your muscles and you’re rolling on the ground doing that whole thing then you do it before you work out maybe you do it after anything like that foam rolling is extremely undervalued the reason I say this is because foam rolling isn’t just about loosening up muscles foam rolling isn’t just about warming up foam rolling stimulates the flow of your lymphatic system okay so it gets lymph flowing it gets that lymph fluid flowing now let’s start doing the math here for a second if we are mobilizing lymph okay we’re mobilizing the lymph fluid we’re mobilizing and encouraging the lymphatic system to pump and work well if that is in the lymph and we’re absorbing more fat and it’s going through the lymph system and then we’re mobilizing the lymph hmm we’re mobilizing fat did you ever think that foam rolling might be fat burning it may not be fat burning may not trigger your metabolism to burn more fat but it is going to expedite the mobilization of it so then in conjunction with of course a proper diet proper exercise proper timing everything watching my videos and learning educating phone rolling might actually help so when you understand the absorption of fats it’s pretty fascinating Jen you say take a breath I don’t want to think of breath I like talking about this stuff you can tell I’m passionate about it so anyway Vivian you say mind blown and I think there’s a lot of people that are coming their minds totally blown right now it’s fascinating and if you guys got something out of that little tidbit if you can just hit that little thumbs up button it helps me out a lot I don’t know if you guys realize how YouTube kind of works but you – essentially looks at engagement just like Facebook does so if I have a lot of comments if I have engaging with you and answering questions I’m talking to you like you Jessi talking about your phone rolling right now but also asking you to like it it’s going to help out a lot in getting these videos up to the top and the more videos that give you’d the more videos that I’ll create you notice that as my following is growing on YouTube quite fast I’m producing more videos I’m doing more lives I’m more motivated to get out here and do this and I want to help you guys so everyone you can just hit that thumbs up button essentially for those of you that just joined yet please make sure you comment where you’re watching from because that’s another way that I like to get to know all of you guys I see a lot of people that are coming back on here and that’s awesome that’s really really good to know that people are returning to the Q&A sessions here so let’s go ahead and turn it on to Q&A for a little bit I have to be on a phone call here in about 10 minutes we turn off this notification thank goodness for notifications quick fun fact for those of you that have been following my live broadcast recently I’m prepping for I’ve got a video shoot in Bermuda this week so tomorrow I fly to New York I do a live broadcast from the airport on some healthy Airport food I’m gonna try to I can’t promise go to JFK get off in New York and then Thursday I’m meeting with Fox News and get to hopefully meet dr. oz and drum up some business and some stuff there which is cool and then Friday fly to Bermuda doing a couple of video shoots a couple photo shoots for a few things short trip in Bermuda so I had to go out of ketosis and those of you that are following me know this story I had to go to ketosis and I had to start consuming carbs again I cannot tell you how much I cannot wait to get back into ketosis I had to go into these carbs simply because I needed to actually fill up and volumize the muscles but man it is not fun I miss ketosis I miss feeling the way that I was feeling before so anyway someone asked if I eat in fasting how to break intermittent fasting so I’m a big fan when you’re in ketosis and you’re intermittent fasting just answer some questions one of the main things you want to pay attention to is not over stimulating them basically the the insulin response don’t go super crazy on high protein right when you break your fast it’s a mistake that a lot of people make remember you’re sensitive your insulin levels are still going to like so you wanna have a moderate amount of protein moderate amount of carbs I usually recommend maybe a rice cake even if you’re in ketosis and a little bit of chicken a little bit of something like that okay maybe a protein shake that’ll spike your insulin to then 30 minutes later then consume your high fats okay that’s really important don’t have your fats and protein with your first meal try to have a little bit of protein a little bit of carb like one rice cake we’re talking 10 grams of carbs breaks your fast get your insulin levels up breaks everything and then 3040 minutes later and then you have your fats helps a lot someone says they’re starting keto and they’re hungry all the time how can they fix that well when you first start ketosis you are extremely extremely dehydrated and that can make you very very hungry my recommendation is to consume a lot of salt more than you normally would then when you’re consuming a lot of salt like that it’s easier to drink a lot of water and then of course when you’re drinking a lot of water you’re a lot more full it makes life quite a bit easier so hope that helps and clears that up guys if you just joining in please make sure you hit that like button just so you know I usually do these broadcasts on Facebook I want to gain muscle will I have time to come up with I have to come off ketosis no I won’t answer that question one second I’m doing a lot more of these on YouTube because you guys are really really good at engaging and asking the right questions it’s actually quite better than doing on Facebook so the more engagement I get the more motivated I am to keep doing these if you’re trying to gain muscle ketosis is phenomenal okay you actually have the ability to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time when you’re in ketosis the reason that I had to go into some carbs is because when you’re trying to go from about 5% body fat down to about 3 for a temporary shoe a lot of it comes down to volume ization so meaning for every 1 gram of carbohydrate you consume you’re holding 3 to 4 grams of water which means the muscle cells will volumize and that’s gonna stretch out your skin makes your skin look thinner so when you’re talking about prepping for a shoot or anything like that yeah then carbs come into play not something I want to live on it sucks it’s not fun I’m very very happy with my conditioning right now question hi Tom I’ve been in heavy ketosis for 5 months weight loss is dramatic energy is good loose skin have ever seen that problem I have I was 280 pounds before you guys we know that that might be why you follow me I was 280 pounds working corporate healthcare job hated my life was fat was miserable I worked out but I didn’t know what I was doing I didn’t know I shouldn’t say that I knew what I was doing in the gym I didn’t know what I was doing with food fortunately I worked in the health care industry and I knew a lot of doctors that had sort of taught me and paved the way a few things it’s where I learned to not really like a lot of doctors to be honest and ended up learning there that those was missing out on a few things with my diet so I have a lot of loose skin and guys I’m gonna show you some stretch marks that I’ve got okay so if you guys are squeamish I’m gonna show you my stomach for a second just to prove it to you so I can show you my stretch marks okay let’s show you that I’m not lying so spare with me once again all right so all those those are all stretch marks there yes I was 280 pounds okay I was big and when it comes down to really being able to tighten up your skin I have something that I use I use witch hazel witch hazel dries out the skin a little bit it doesn’t make it itchy and dry so it helps you out a lot so I reach asel on my skin about every other day and it helps that so anyway now someone asked about building muscle on Aikido I already answered that question what’s your opinion on keto and bodybuilding huge huge very advantageous for that so anyway guys I’m going to start wrapping this up I can’t see all the questions and of course he doesn’t let me scroll so if you have a burning question that you need answered on this video I’m going to answer two more okay otherwise you’re just gonna have to tune in to the next one I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for the past couple of months see it doesn’t let me scroll that’s the downside okay there we go now it does because I lift weights first thing in the morning that I do not bring my facets all the letter 12 p.m. what are your thoughts you’re fine you’re totally fine that way so basically what you’d want to do is you you train and then maybe have a little bit of glutamine right after your workout and then when it’s time to break your fast just do what I said before okay you can assume a little bit of protein it’s a small amount of carbs like a rice cake and then you’re good to go any question how important it is to track key toes with a meter is the hundred dollar meter really needed honestly no here’s what I recommend here’s a strategy guys I’m gonna say the strategy and then I have to here’s what I recommend use the keto sticks at first ones you pee on they’re cheap they’re ten fifteen bucks okay what I want you to do is I want you to use those at first and then practice coming out of ketosis and back into ketosis and then start relating that relationship between going into ketosis the day when you weren’t in ketosis next to the day you were and your feelings how you feel you will notice that the days you start to transition to ketosis you get exceptionally thirsty you feel a little nauseous you feel a little irritable you just kind of want sleep Michael I’m sorry I missed your question buddy okay and what ends up happening is your body’s transferring into this different energy system but what I want you to do is start establishing a stimulus in your mind so you don’t always need those sticks once you’ve done keto for a long period of time you know when you’re in keto then you know when you’re not right now not being in heat oh I’m shaky I’m responsive to sugars I’m addicted to sugars again I mean not that I’m biting into that but man I have a little bit of carbs I have a rice cake the next thing I know I’m wanting Snickers it sucks sucks it sucks and you know when you’re getting a ketosis the cravings start to stop and these things go away so you need to start being able to associate that so you’re not having to go out and buy a hundred-dollar meter now if I’m never working with you know people one-on-one or anything like that I would usually have them buy a meter because I want the reporting I want to know when their ketones are going up when their ketones are going down and all that stuff and Jesse say you always want to Snickers yeah I know it’s makes a little bit tough but anyway guys I do have to wrap this stuff I’ve got to go if you guys can’t give me one last big round of thumbs up and please please please continue to ask questions because what I do is I scroll through these questions and this gives me ideas for other videos topics that I can do post as a regular production videos I really love the engagement here I love how much this is working out and these overall videos so if I get a lot of likes on this it really helps me out and Courage’s me to do more and if you like these coaching videos then let’s do that so we can keep it rolling all right you guys I have to jet you guys are awesome new video coming live tonight by the way as always Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays or when I post new videos and then I do lives every now and then so someone asked if I skip leg day I don’t skip leg day but I won’t be completely honest with you I run a lot I also like to use my legs so I don’t go crazy heavy on my legs I was 280 pounds I’ve been down that road you’ve seen my legs in competition pictures I have zero desire to have massive tree trunk legs I am not a bodybuilder I’m someone that is trying to be in shape trying to have an awesome family trying to feel good all right you guys I will see you soon love you all you guys are awesome thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion.
Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion

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Keto Advice | How Fats Are Digested in Ketosis | Thomas DeLauer Q&A Session | Keto Fat Digestion

Ketosis is extremely popular right now and before diving into a keto diet full-force, I feel that it is extremely important to understand how exactly, fats work inside the body.

How fats are digested is completely different from how carbs and proteins are. It has to do with how our bodies emulsify these fats and later absorb them into the intestines and eventually into the lymph system.

Since Ketogenic diets are so effective at increasing digestion in the first place, being able to learn how the system works.

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