Join Dr. Eric Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Eric Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Eric Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey guys welcome back I am at a remote location and we are live I’m here to answer your questions and I always like to say that anything that I say is not meant to diagnose you it’s for your own educational information to do your own research check with your doctor before following my advice and if you want to call in live the number is 866 five six one four to nine to give me a call and you know today we’re gonna focus on extreme key though get your body fat down to zero I have a demo I’m gonna pull up we call them ribs he lost a lot of weight and he’s looking really good so Steve can you pull him up to show people what what you can achieve if you do extreme keto well there he is he’s being quite quiet this morning he was very lively earlier but I think the final stages of keto may not have been a good healthy effect for him all right I can’t see him can you pull him up he’s up okay good you guys can look like that too if you want to do extreme keto and it’s basically fasting fast for a year and you’re gonna look just like this so so hey listen we got a lot of callers so we’re gonna jump right into the first one mark from Charlottesville go ahead mark you’re on the line I think you’re online hey Mark yep I’m here hey Mark are you doing [Music] great 333 she said why don’t you try this form of this week I hit the tee 750 pounds and February using the intermittent fasting and we’re we’re sorta at the 22 our fasting 2 hours of meal in the evening and we continue to go on off of all of my insulin before meals and then 40 Atlanta at night my endocrinologist has been blown away by my weight loss we’re taking me off of all of that but getting to my points the reason I like that interested in in your program was you’re speaking of weight set points and I’ve been up as high as 380 I played football in high school in college between 215 in 250 and I’d die it down and then bang back up so my question is once I get down to the point that I really want to be in which is in around the to 30 range how long do I need to continue with the program so that my body reset and it a you need to be in the 200s not the mid high 300 yeah okay so here’s a good question so here’s what I want you to do in the very beginning looks like you had some amazing results you’re you’re doing some pretty good serious fasting so that’s gonna drop everything if you make sure that you being a diabetic really are taking b1 B vitamins benfotiamine that’s a nutritional yeast because from all that insulin you’ve taken in the past you want to protect the cells and that’s really what protects the cells against the damage that happens everything comes down you’re off the insulin of the blood sugars are coming in here you should continue to lose weight especially if you start adding exercise now you’re gonna get down to your ideal setpoint your weight where you should be and at that point a lot of people start continuing to lose weight and they get really really lean which is they don’t want to sometimes get that lean so I recommend instead of adding the carbs back because that’s gonna create the same problem and increase the fat until you’re stabilized so basically the fat will allow you to kind of tell you where you’re gonna wait because if you have a little bit more then your body will stop losing weight and start using this as your your fuel source so that’s really kind of a thing where you don’t want to start increasing protein or decreasing protein you don’t want to increase your carbs the variable is the fat you increase the fat you slow down the weight loss and you maintain adding exercise can also increase muscle mass but it can also help you to speed up the weight loss too depending what kind of exercise you do okay right one nice thing because I have to go to the next caller we want to make these short and sweet watch my videos on working on old injuries after surgery what to do after you do the surgery if you have it on the right hip that replaced you want to have someone on the opposite leg and that will really help your gait all right thanks mark good luck to ya all right let’s go to Diane from Marilyn Marilyn let’s see here leg cramps [Music] [Music] [Music] mid-back so I increased my electrolytes I was doing one and drink again I went to two drinks and I’m taking a number of your a number of things I can tell you what they are but I’m really following the plan pretty strictly a meeting twice a day four to five cups of vegetables in each meal protein and fats in each meal and taking all the things that you had said to do so I am you just kind of you went dead I don’t know what happened so I’m assuming that you can hear me so I’m here to just tell you what to do so I would recommend increasing the potassium you’re probably already taking the electrolytes that I have which has about a thousand milligrams of potassium per serving size so that would be the first thing I would jump to usually potassium and the magnesium in there should handle the leg cramps if that still doesn’t work you may need more sodium you need sodium sea salt because you need that’s the other electrolyte and then lastly I would try the calcium you might want to add calcium I didn’t put a lot of calcium in my electrolytes but you can add that you calcium or a tape and that should take care of like that’ll bring you up to like maybe most of the most of the cases on a rare occasion you might want to add vitamin E to this mixture make sure it’s natural because a lot of vitamin DS are synthetic and they you don’t want to do that you want to actually have a full complex vitamin E and and then I also want to differentiate one little point about that sometimes people have leg cramps but really they’re describing tenderness in the calf when you press on your muscles are very tender that is a b1 deficiency so sometimes you need that as well last thing I’m gonna say and then I’ll shut up when you have if you had a kidney stone this is interesting a lot of people will get all the sudden they’ll get these cramp cramps in their calf like really severe it has to do with the stone coming out and irritating the your church but that’s a completely different situation in which case you need to drink a lot of lemon juice and avoid probably peanut butter peanuts and spinach to decrease your ability to decrease your formation of stones all right all right let’s go to nilz from Colorado let’s see Nils you’re on the line and you had a question go ahead now what do you talk about TBI yeah hit my head in the ceiling of the inside of the vehicle and knocked out and whatnot but I’m wondering you know because they have to take a big shot to my stomach it didn’t work out and I’ll take infusions once a month and I’m wondering is kill something back and get into like would it be beneficial for me with multiple sclerosis or no you know this is a great question every time you ask the producer what to do any type of brain is very very it’s very beneficial to do Kido because you’re gonna actually cause something called neurogenesis you can regrow your brain brain cells when you do the combination of keto and in a minute fasting so yes it’s it’s for the healing especially the fasting because think about it ms you have all sorts of destruction and antibodies are going on to self attack your brain and if you do in a minute fasting with keto you’re gonna support directly that is the brain with union system that’s attacking it I would also highly recommend taking something called DHA and large quantities which is gonna support brain injury lastly since you’ve hit your head on the top of the car go and watch my videos on injuries to the skull and the head after I can’t remember what its title but I show people what to do after an injury there’s some acupressure for the skull itself that will give you a lot of relief but a lot of times you can have injury to the to the brain then actually so that may have happened to you but yeah you need to do keto and fasting immediately to get the benefits and I think you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised at all the results you’re gonna get from that yeah okay DHA take that thanks nails alright let’s go to Utah her name or his name I’m not sure it’s a CC Sofia okay I was I was just saying those about two years ago with her she models and also insulin resistance and I’ve heard that with the ketogenic diet cuz I guess I’m worried and also I had questions on what supplements to take in how soon to start okay great thanks for calling and then I’ll have the producer okay so here’s more than even anything else it’s not just a hypothyroid it’s an autoimmune so believe it or not cruciferous vegetables are going to be very very important even though they’ll say oh don’t have complete your your your iodine and your thyroid hormones but if you take seek help with that totally fine in cruciferous vegetables there’s something called glutathione that is the absolute best thing for the liver and for the immune system and it’s gonna help you alright I also met recommend getting something called purified bile salts or just get the gall about a formula that I have that will help you convert the thyroid hormone so that way we can actually speed up the thyroid and of course if you have hyper you don’t but Christopher’s is important seek help would be important to get the iodine in selenium the selenium is the really important by the min for for the thyroid just as important as iodine and because it supports the immune system and lastly no it’s not true that if that in a minute faster Nikita will worsen the thyroid if you do it healthily in fact it’s gonna help you thought right what will inhibit thyroid function what is the sugar in the carbs so yeah you need to do this exactly this is a good book to get which is a summary of it jump right in it’s and you can get the big book to kind of get all the details because you might need this because the book is all about what to do if you have other problems in addition to just losing weight which sounds like you do okay all right well thanks for calling and let’s let’s go to the next caller I think we’re gonna go to see what should we go we’ll go to Connecticut chronic blushing not rosacea hi before you watch the video which I did do the adrenal massage go to one the other day support I’m not seeing any movement and you know they do want to do they want to cut the nerve in my spinal cord just don’t want to go that when did this start when did this start I cannot tell you I don’t remember having it as a kid I had a young adult I remember I don’t remember having it and is it just in the face or is it body and if it gets really bad I will start underneath but usually it just you know non-stop throughout the day non-stop with those family friends an animal a dog a child but the matter so is there anything that triggers it more than other things being a week Wow yeah well okay for this situation the way I try to when you have something really chronic and really complex and you can’t quite figure it out I like to take look at the whole scene and try to take one piece of the problem and improve it to see if we can create change because it’s it’s like we might not be able to you know quickly solve it right away but you’ve had it there’s this what we know so far it’s chronic it’s been there your whole life they want to cut a nerve and what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to disconnect this sympathetic nervous system that’s very dramatic that’s very drastic so yeah last week we told you some things to do I think if it’s that chronic you’re gonna probably have to do them a little longer to see change so what what’s happening and if you study the autonomic nervous system your sympathetic dominant so we have a problem with overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system the system is located in two locations it’s located in in your mid-back from T 1 to 2 12 and it’s also located in your the inside of your adrenal glands I would get the massage to work those out you maintenance he might not see change for 3 to 4 we’re even 5 to 6 weeks but I would give it at least that time to do that I would also I would also see if there’s any other issues that you have that you might need to support like fix your sleep I don’t know your digestion if there’s anything like that I would do that and it sounds like you’re almost like your body is a stuck in this on mode all the time because that’s what the synthetic does it’s flight-or-fight it’s kind of a stress response and and if you could maybe email me directly through my office any and all old triggers or traumas that you had and that will help me to kind of figure this out okay hey Derek so we got a couple of questions coming in from your studio from both YouTube and Facebook and about what if you want me to feel that now yeah I do I want you to give me some what we have in social media give me a couple of questions on that platform that would be great all right you got it okay so first of all frame from YouTube and she wants to know if there is such a thing as Kido surplus to gain hip enough hip muscle and glutes so I guess they want to use this as a portion of their health and muscle gain program so what can you supply them they might help them in that area well if we take a look at how to build muscle in general what builds muscle believe it or not insulin builds muscle but and you say wait a second are we trying to lower insulin well here’s what we’re trying to do but when you have insulin resistance insulin becomes unavailable to you and then the body makes more insulin creating all this damage but without getting the actual benefit of insulin you have parts of your body are experiencing low ends insulin like the muscle and parts high insulin which is creating all the negative effects so this is why lowering the carbs bring your insulin down to a normal level it improves instant resistance to the point where you can start utilizing that so that’s one thing but the other thing very importantly is the increasing the growth hormone human growth hormone which also follows along of testosterone they both work together and they both help to build muscle protein so how do we increase growth hormone using keto healthy keto because that drops the carbs down and it drops it actually will increase in growth hormone but if we add in a minute fasting to that we can really start to spike growth hormone up to thirteen hundred percent women and up to 2,000 percent in men that’s what’s gonna help you increase the muscle density so in termina fasting can greatly help you the other couple things is exercise using heavier weights strength training with lots of recovery not sleep that will actually help develop the muscle versus you know long-distance running or high low weight long lots of reps not not good to build muscle mass and then moderate amount of protein will also increase growth hormone by the mindy will increase growth hormone and these are things that will help you and and there’s other there’s amino acids you can take as well but i that’s it’s very insignificant i think if you do healthy keto fasting with strength training that’s your best bet and get a lot of sleep make sure your liver is healthy what kills growth hormone and testosterone is the frequent eating and alcohol yeah i’m sorry that’s great doc by the way now lori has one from facebook Lori if you’d like to screen Alan hi dr. Berg hey Alice George wants to know how do you prevent warts after or other than cauterization mm-hmm Wow okay warts there’s there’s a lot of remedies for that but it’s it’s really a virus warts are viral and nature so if you have a lot of words that keep coming back after you remove them your immune system is overactive and the adrenals I’m sorry the well it could be the adrenals but usually I like to support the liver because a lot of times with the liver you get these little skin tags and warts and brown spots and red spots and you can only sing so what I would do if I were you for the best wart handling would be in a minute fasting at least 20 hours okay 20 hours because when you do intermittent fasting you put your body into a state of etapa genie when you’re recycling the proteins that you’re also recycling and cleaning out old fungus mold bacteria and viruses that’s what I would do if I were you I’m not gonna say that your your warts are gonna fall probably not come back and then probably will improve but you can’t kill viruses you can only put them in remission and they kind of come out that’s why you get the herpes after shingles after stress event canker sores viral nature so if you keep great okay doc so maybe one more before we go back to the calls and this is must be a company on YouTube aloma arts and it’s something you talked about earlier Quito for gallstone so maybe you can recap a little bit about that how they can help also through Quito or whatever recommendation you might have good question because what is a stone in the gall bladder and it’s obstructing the bile flow gall stones are created from a lack of bile that’s being produced by the liver so now the question is what will increase file from being formed well what creates high insulin so when you don’t eat so frequently you had a chance to recycle and you concentrate 20x which you eat so the combination of what we’re talking about health Aikido and fasting is wonderful for the gall bladder especially if you don’t have a gall bladder especially if you have stones all right Steve how do you like that answer Oh fantastic if I had them I’d be absolutely thrilled okay good all right so let’s just go to a Marty from South Carolina had a question about electrolyte powder or wheatgrass powder do these break up fast go ahead Marty are you there yes yes I am thank you I’ve heard differing opinions on this and I know you will know the real answer is your electrolyte powder or the wheat juice grass does it break a fast yeah good question this comes up a lot I should probably create a video on it and the long answer is no hey well there’s first of all there’s hardly any calories in either one like even the wheatgrass juice powder if you have one scoop it’s one calorie so it’s it’s a concentrated juice but it’s not sweet it is less than one gram of carb so because it has all the nutrients in chlorophyll the electrolyte powder has no sugar normal multiple dextran it’s just minerals in a pinch of stevia so those won’t bump your fast or get you out of that fast and they won’t and and even settlements in general won’t do that unless it involves protein supplements you know that will but those won’t at all thanks Marty hey that’s good let’s go to Ken from Texas Ken’s been waiting for a period of time go ahead can you add a question yes I wanted to ask about the personal vitamin C I know you commented that a sorbic acid is not that good and so it seems to be made from a sorbic acid or the I guess the buffer form of sorbus has an affray what’s called now and its effects on concussion and also on skin issues such as basil skin cells warts skins eggs these kind of things good question I do like lip a soma bottom and see because it it has what they did is they add something called a phospholipid ingredient which is a is you kind of make it fat soluble so it can innervate deeper into the cells and because your cells have a double rap layer of fat and this can kind of go right through if we take vitamins you have two categories you have the water soluble ones like vitamin C vitamin B and then you know the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D and K what’s unique about the fat soluble ones and even if you turn the water soluble into the fat soluble they allow these vitamins to penetrate the cell wall to go deep into the DNA to create some really cool effects but the water soluble vitamins never penetrate the cell so that would be the difference and I think it would be good for you to take that but make sure that you don’t at the same time omit all the foods that are high in vitamin C bell pepper sauerkraut cabbage all the leafy greens very vital even like sometimes I’ll have a bag of snap peas all down the whole thing talk about the vitamin C great complex and even don’t look at like the always the total amount of vitamin C look at the completeness of the complex and that’s that’s why food is the best even though it’s not comparable to the synthetic you take it and all those factors work together very effectively to help you with the vitamin C which is good for gums bleeding gums connective tissue that type of thing alright thanks Ken okay you broke up I think you were gonna say is this ascorbate okay I have a video on that make sure it’s non-gmo it’s good for temporary things if you want to boost your immune system but make sure you don’t take it long-term because it’s going to deplete you sometimes with the other factors of the vitamin C complex and you may end up with a loss of copper and because you need yeah all right I’ve been a passenger on a long car ride you know I just I just have that tendency to get that creepy stomach okay so here’s what you need to do ginger ginger tea ginger supplements are really good to settle the stomach down and also artichoke leaf is I guess a vegan alternative to bile salts artichoke leaf is another good thing to calm down the stomach allow the bile to flow prevent nauseousness that type of thing but you can do realize that if you’re getting queasy you can you actually videos on manual easier hands but make sure that when you’re driving you’re looking forward as much as you can look forward with the cars going and that will help kind of stabilize your nervous system so confusion okay okay all right all right hey let’s go to at least a week hey Derek are you doing how’s everything good I have a problem getting thrown off of my keeo and is it has to do something with the acid reflux I’ve been dealing with and whenever I go long periods of time without eating food that’s kind of when the acid reflux it’s almost like my stomach acid gets depleted and then the whole situation starts yeah in my feet and shins actually and I also have like basically nerve pain and it kind of started when I started to sit down for about 18 months straight with a job that I was doing it was behind a computer and I would literally basically be sedentary the whole whole time for about 18 months straight and I thought that’s a lot of my problems I should we started yeah yeah I hear it’s a lot of sitting will really create a lot of nerve damaging your back you know I did a video recently and this is just a side note if you take a foam roller like this and you put it in the very lower part of the spine and scoot scoot back and you push your coccyx and sacrum that’s the bottom of the spine and have it so it’s rock forward and you have the pelvis that rocks forward you’ll keep the curve in the back upright so you’re not sitting back like this and that will actually take a lot of pressure off the nerve roots now a couple things we keep coming back to this acid and yes you’re taking you’re taking this you’re taking all these remedies there is if we look at the cells that make hydrochloric acid store hydrochloric acid they are controlled by a hydrogen / potassium pump so one of the key things is potassium and by getting a lot more potassium of that pump can actually then work effectively I wonder if if you have intracellular potassium deficiency there’s a test that you can do because you can’t check the blood it doesn’t because most the potassium is inside the cell and if you look that look up intracellular potassium testing you get a home kit take a scrape off your skin they can look inside your cells and see how much potassium it be very valuable to see if there’s how much is in there if you’re deficient if so then we know we’re gonna have to build that up over the next several months which then will probably solve a lot of your problems right there but yeah potassium is important I know you’re already probably taking choline which is good for the liver which is good for itching because if you’re backed up on the bile that can also cause itching so that’s what I would recommend Eric try that and then let me know how you do okay thank you dr. Burke hey welcome hey doc we’ve got some more so Media Action if you would like it yeah I do I do want to know what’s going on social media if you guys have any questions of course you do okay so from a YouTube we have Sarah who has had a kidney transplant and she wants to know if keto is safe for those with with such a procedure yeah okay so here’s the thing if you have a kidney transplant you’re gonna be on probably prednisone or some other steroid as an anti rejection drug and there’s other ones as well and so you definitely need to do ketone diamond fasting to support your immune system but this is the false information like they think that oh yeah I don’t want to do that because I don’t want to stimulate my immune system to create more antibodies it’s not going to do that all you’re doing is you’re strengthening the immune system we’re not over them making more than you you need so that’s not gonna do anything but if you don’t do Kiki dough in a minute fasting and do the typical diet that’s not good for the kidney because if you think about what kills off a kidney is high insulin regulating insulin is the absolute best thing you can do to support the kidney and do it healthfully with a lot of vegetables what also you want to focus on too is not going too high with your proteins moderate proteins three to six ounces not more than that to support that kidney make sure your uric acid levels are good so make sure you do the lot of vegetables potassium in from the vegetables to support that and the problem you’re going to run into is that protecting the body against that prednisone and that’s really is what you’re you’re gonna have to do damage control on that because you have to take it or your body will attack that new kidney and it’s like supporting the adrenal colostrum is good eating really healthy and just keeping the other parts of the body really really robust now the last thing I want to mention if you have a stage for kidney problems and then that’s something I believe different where you’re you have you can’t consume too much potassium certain elements well okay fine just don’t take any supplements but just start eating healthy and you’re gonna be fine I’ve had people have severe kidney problems come back from just eating healthy and putting okay dr. now Laurie has some terrific questions from Facebook Laurie live informational and she wants to know if you would suggest carb cycling right yeah that keeps coming up you know okay I understand there’s people like carb cycling because like carbs and I know this is hard to believe even Laurie but some people can’t be perfect working towards the ideal perfect situation and it’s a gradual effect you want to keep is look at the trend are you doing better or are you kind of cheating and you’re not improving over time if you then okay but the whole cheating not cheating about the scarf cycling going off key though is it’s not going to help you it’s not gonna help you we don’t need we don’t need carbs full replenish your glycogen reserves our body has the ability to make sugar from protein it’s called can do it you don’t need to take extra sugar so we don’t need to recycle it’s not going to help you now it’s gonna make you feel better temporarily if you have low blood sugar so you’re gonna think it makes you better but it’s gonna knock you and you’re gonna get back into it but it’s not a beneficial thing the best thing to do is to get into keto and you can all right there in the back because it’s a form of a sea vegetable it’s all sea kelp there’s no elemental source these are all easily and there’s no way you actually even have clothes to even seek help and and they’re also a microgram well you can’t have unlimited but think about this if you’re gonna if you’re gonna take let’s say seek help right and which is seaweed and you think about well depends on how many pills you’re taking I think mine’s a lot smaller because if you have like if it’s 300 milligrams the amount of iodine is is much much much less because we’re dealing with the whole vegetable so the question is how much seaweed can you eat in one city your body is gonna say oh I had enough of that so anytime you consumed either sea kelp or seaweed as in like I don’t know like sushi or something you’d have to consume a lot of it to have a problem so if you’re just taking one pill a day nothing to worry about and the other thing too the only time you wouldn’t want to take this is if you were a hyper thyroid case which I don’t think you are so I think your much safe on that I had a I had a hyperthyroid that’s completely different and you would know it if you have a hyperthyroid your eyes are bulging out high pulse rate but the sea kelp is really good to support your estrogen levels support your thyroid and and also I always recommend take it in the morning because it can give you energy and then keep you up at night if you take it right before bed so those five supplements all together enough there’s no not too much overlap of anything No okay yeah if you’re taking it in a tablet form I would do if you if starting out maybe try to shoot for six a day if your maintenance dose three a day if you’re taking in a powder I would take one to two heaping teaspoons it’s hard to consume it like that but it will help you but those B vitamins will counter stress just like that they’ll melt the stress and you’ll feel really good alright thanks Michelle all right so we’re gonna go to Florida next with the Miroslava and I’d probably chop hi you’re fine you did pretty good okay good so I am calling I actually call last week I couldn’t get a hold of you that my concern I just fell from hypothyroidism and I’ve been taking medicine for about three years levels oxen and lions irony and I actually have been doing keto for three weeks and I have to go down because I was getting out of the berry Jerry so I know it’s working right I don’t really eat a lot of medication and I’ve been trying to get into the but I can’t do it for three weeks and I’ve been I try one day and the next day I’m very weak and my heart is racing a little bit and I get a sweat too so I know that it’s my sugar going down so I go ahead and eat something I know pain so when you’re doing keto you want to focus on getting healthy first and that’s where you’re at and that you are getting healthy because the indicators of health are not just weight loss it’s close sighs it’s decrease inflammatory conditions and you should be going up the need for medications are going down so you got to get with your doctor but just realize that if you have low blood sugar and you’re trying to stabilize that what think about what’s happening you’re dropping insulin right now when the blood sugars go down too far that means that your adrenals are weak and they’re not able to stabilize and bring them back up so you need to support the adrenals for hypoglycemia and I’m assuming that you’re doing this correctly with the right eating plan that I recommend from here and that would be lots of salad increase your fat to let go from one meal to the next those two things are vital when you’re if you’re having a hard time going from one meal to the next without dropping your blood sugars increase the potassium from the vegetables increase the fat that if you’re doing that and you still have a problem you need to support the adrenals so watch my videos on that I have some a cortisol support is great to support the adrenals because the adrenals are really the factor if you have hypoglycemia or not okay but I think you’re doing I think it’s working you just need to tweak it alright thanks for your call hey let’s go to Marty from South Carolina I had a question about electrolyte powder or do we wait do we answer that yet Marty yes we did answer that thank you okay great thanks all right so let’s go to Alex from Texas in a minute fasting ketones are going up and down Alex hi did a good morning how are you good morning great so yes I had a question regarding that I have I’m new to keto a diet and I have been doing a fasting and I do between 18 and 19 hours a day where I don’t eat and I eat two meals and I don’t snack and I’ve recently started measuring light ketones yeah blood and I noticed that they’re just totally out of whack I mean I had a few days ago and then a 1.4 body-wise like two hours before my my weight is good that means it’s working now the ketones are so I would look at as important at this what’s really important is and then eat versus never hungry but I think if you go back through make sure you doing everything by the book moderate protein keep your carbs down if you want to speed things up bring the carbs even lower make sure you not cheating and nothing else in there and then adjust the fats so if you do a little too many fats that’s gonna also stop your progress so I would also watch that but I think you’re right on track I would ride the wave give it more time make sure you follow these points and I think it’s gonna get better cuz it does take some time to get into Kido fully alright yeah okay sure alright so then we have the next caller Steve who we’re gonna we’re gonna talk to we’re gonna talk to Patrick or Darcy let’s say let’s do Patrick since he’s been patient for almost eight minutes okay hey Patrick hello hi can you hear me yes Krystal hi dr. Berg one of your biggest fan can I do autograph right now fantastic okay cool yeah I just got just two quick questions really and it’s regarding and the Atkins diet versus keto and my second question would be regarding will would we be regarding carbohydrates but much so my primary question is that is it okay to dabble between doing the Atkins diet and the ketogenic diet or would they interfere with each other because I know that the Atkins diet is predominantly high protein whereas the keto diet is predominantly high fat yeah well there’s a couple things about the icon diet I want to just I did a video on this the problem is that it increases more protein so you have higher amounts of protein which can if your liver isn’t that great if you’re doing three meals or even two meals and you’re doing high protein might not be a good idea because you’re gonna spike insulin a little bit and it can actually slow down your progress but if you’re doing one meal you can’t increase your protein a lot more because you’re just doing one meal and you need a little more protein so it really would be dependent on what you’re talking about but there is a problem with going too high with the protein because you’re gonna stimulate insulin and create a little stress indicating liver and that can create ammonia and uric acid and all these other things so that’s exercise they allow the certain type of sweeteners like nachos and it’s I don’t it’s almost like it can really spike your insulin but as far as the protein goes I think you’re gonna find that you’re gonna do best on a moderate amount of protein and I think you know the next question was what was the next question the last question was regarding and so intermittent fasting but my Cece before I prefer a bulge it’s literally my society levels have gone down so it’s inside in doing the ketogenic diet my my society levels have been going down decrease I might my hunger is decreased like tenfold and I’m down to like literally two meals a day I’m very active as well so I go to the gym every day I do catabolic and anabolic training and so my question really is regarding would it be okay to do for example five to six days of keto Akito foods and then maybe have like a carb day with that all that really I mean would it be harder for me to get back into ketosis doing that just one day of eating pot yeah I think I think if you could stick with it I think your performance will be much much better long-term but I hear what you were you trying to do i i would not add a carb day in there but realize that you could have a little bit of berries and here and there so that’s not a problem and the other thing is if your your hunger is going way down and you’re working out you know you could probably get a get by with a little more protein I would also do an electrolyte powder for more performance with your muscles and I would also add something called cordyceps forceps is a kind of a mushroom fungus that’s from Tibet in China where you can actually greatly improve the oxygen carrying capacity in your muscles and you can get better performance so that’s what I would do if I if I wanted to squeak out more improve in and your exercise thanks Patrick all right Darcy from Texas has a question go ahead Darcy hi dr. Berg I have [Music] I am taking some supplements to help me with that and are yours of course and I’m I’m not getting much relief still and I’m doing keto probably not abstract as I should yeah well are you taking what are you taking adrenal formula I’m taking it’s a dream and cortisol support okay good and then does it come come and go or is always there it’s always there and is it no it’s body symptoms the mornings are way worse and I just feel kind of like a cartoon I don’t know how to explain it sometimes very off-balance okay which probably makes it worse yeah okay so I think I think there’s one more thing that I would do I think help you I really do just make sure your vegetables and sea salt that’s going to be very important but the other thing I think you should get and it’s called my nutritional yeast tablets and today I think that will probably give you the most ability and if it’s from some weird reason that doesn’t solve it send the communication all right well it looks like we’re pretty close to the end here and we run out of questions we truly miss Karen and her great elegance on camera but we hope we have filled and appropriately by the way very sad event you’ll notice of the audience will that slim died during the show I’m so sorry about his parable and we’ll go back to you and then if you can just close up for stock we’re going to fade off very unceremoniously at the end all right guys hey thanks for your calls thanks for all your attention thanks for watching the videos I appreciate you guys have a great weekend and we will see you next week probably from the same location all right

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