Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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I mean like all the symptoms kind of go away thing well we’re getting ones back and if you can turn it off but thank you Karen so much for your question and now we’re going to go to a D do we have any questions with social media yes we do all right so we have Theresa from on Facebook and she’s asking well she doesn’t like stevia and what can she use just weaken some things you know that’s a good question because I don’t really like stevia in certain things to you because it has a kind of a weird taste you can do a wreath rotol but you need a lot more of that to sweeten things so a lot of times that creates a digestive issue so I’m gonna recommend a non GM GMO xylitol use that because it’s it tastes just like sugar but there’s it’s a very low glycemic index it’s not zero but it’s like thirty but if you don’t consume a lot of it you’re totally fine okay alright do we have another question yes we do again on Facebook we have Joe asking about gout yeah so the main thing Joe if you’re doing keto okay in a minute fasting what happens is you have two things you have your pee tones are acidic so you know you might lead to more doubt symptoms and that you need to chill out that pH a little bit by taking lemon juice and also take make sure your vegetables are high calcium magnesium would help but also a potassium citrate that’s like the most important thing I use that in my electrolyte powder and that works good but the other thing is when you do ketosis you actually trigger more nitrogen which then can increase more uric acid so that’s that’s the connection but that usually only happens in the transition phase as you keep doing this that should go away but to counter the gout or the uric acid you want to basically take potassium citrate okay alright do we got one more question yes again from Facebook Yola is asking is keto lifestyle acidic or alkaline well this is a brink of good question I’m just gonna let you know like there’s a couple videos I have on pH and you almost have to kind of not worry about if something’s acidic or alkaline because in your body you know people will personal me back up like people will tell you oh you need to alkalize your body like really well did you realize that your stomach is like severely acid between 1:00 and 3:00 and your large bowel is acidic and so each part of your body has a different ph so it’s not true that we need to alkalize our body what we just need to do is eat healthy so all the different ph is go in a normal state so keto and intermittent fasting done correctly like like the way that I’m telling you with a lot more vegetables will be perfect for you so it’s not going to make you more acidic or more alkaline and we’ll just feed the body what it needs to balance out you’re right pH alright okay so Kim we are going to you you have you’re from New York New Orleans you had a supplement question go ahead hi I have I wanted to go through quickly into my medical background and I tell you what supplements I take I want to see what your suggestions are and changing them or keeping keeping them the way they are okay just one little point a lot of times people will give me their whole history so give me a like a thumbnail sketch of what’s going on so we can okay yeah okay I had hepatitis a at age 14 hyperthyroidism at age 19 radioactive iodine 21 and then hypothyroid hypothyroidism 25 and I’ve been on a centroid for 12 years now it’s been regulated my recent blood work shows I’m low on vitamin D sodium and chloride and my body type is definitely ovary Stage one and I’m taking the ovary kit that you have in your website and because I’ve had some issues with my liver I want to know if there’s anything else that you can suggest that I can do or maybe the source of this thyroid problem it has something to do with my liver I also have reached in thin nails that that crack and that crack longitudinally okay good question I think here’s what’s going on the big thing you need is more bile salts because your bile salts help you absorb vitamin D and because you had a history of hepatitis A there’s some obvious symptom damage with the liver so you’re probably not producing enough bile salts so you’re probably gonna benefit from some taking some purified bile salts and I recommend like a gallbladder formula to actually increase that so you can start absorbing more vitamin D which will then help you absorb the minerals necessary especially vitamin I mean calcium and magnesium to handle the ridges in the nails because that’s just a little indication that’s going on systemically for the entire body now I would also at the same time Sidda Phi your stomach with either outside of vinegar powder or they betaine how to chloride or a combination because that’s going to help you absorb more minerals too from the stomach level and of course if you’re low in sodium and chloride I would just take some sea salt so I think that would be in a quick answer in addition to getting in the basics of what we talked about with keto and definitely them in a fasting because that’s gonna heal your liver ultimately thanks Kim alright we’re gonna go to Susan from Florida you know you’re a little frustrated with your weight loss right yes I’m sick well let me let me just give you a little bit about me I’m 63 years old I’ve tried many diets through my life yo-yo and up and down through the years I have a five foot seven frame which is medium to small I carried my weight in my hips my butt and in my legs I’ve been addicted to sugar salt bread and pasta my whole life in 2015 I went on a low glycol diet which was based upon controlling insulin I was not eating any sugar flour very low carbs and I found this diet and I lost 38 pounds now flash-forward to 2018 right before I started your diet I had started cheating on sugar and introducing white flour and everything back in and I gained my weight went up to 175 pounds so I’m now doing your program and I have great willpower I don’t cheat on this I’ve been doing it for eight weeks I even intimate intimate doing intermittent fasting my window is a seven hour period but here’s the things that are happening I have weird urine odor I’m not losing anything there’s no changes in my clothing or when I measure myself I have ordered your goal bladder program I’ve done I also take your d3 with k2 I take vitamin C Omega threes I take iodine because of the sea salts I use as no iodine in it and I also take 450 milligrams of magnesium got it other question for you do you find that if you get from a seated position you’re sitting down like in the couch and you get up is it hard to get up from a seated position no okay so you you have pretty strong legs or is it or do you have some no actually okay so I’m interesting that you ask that I do have very bad varicose veins in one leg okay all right so here’s a couple tips Susan when you when you reach the age of menopause things obviously kind of become more more difficult because of the ratio of muscle to fat especially if in the lower extremity it sounds like you’re you’re able to get up from a seated position so there’s probably some strength there and then now you’re trying to lose the weight what I’m going to recommend is to shift your goal for about two or three months and don’t even look at your scale what happens is it’s the whole philosophy that I talk about you have to get healthy first if you’ve been addicted to sugar like I have as well my whole life and then you’re coming back and oh my gosh that just shuts down the entire system I mean it really makes it difficult especially with insulin I would look for other indicators of improvement because this might be a little bit longer process for you to see the changes that you want simply because what you’re dealing with you’re dealing with this extreme maybe insulin resistant problem so that’s probably why you’re not even showing signs and you’re in your clothes yet because the muscle actually is healing now it’s awesome that you’re doing the in a minute fasting I think you said a seven-hour window I think what you need to do now is two things to focus on one is if your urine is that concentrated that tells me that you’re you’re probably releasing the ketones and so you’re starting this process but you need to really beef up the vegetables to the point of so it’s counter or some of the fat that’s coming out of your body or the or the ketones just to flush that out so that’s one thing number two I would start inching your eating window from seven to six to five to four because those people that have a very stuck metabolism honestly need to do one meal per day that’s the idea of seen so just because what we’re dealing with is like cement I mean it just is not budging so keep pushing the meals together to the point where it’s you know four hours and then two hours and then one hour you’re eating for that one hour a day I promise when you get to that level you’re going to start finally seeing a lot more changes because the body just has to heal and what you’re up against is duration of time and how chronic the problem is all right thanks Susan okay Adi do we have any questions in social we have come to the pike yes we do first of all there are a lot of greetings from around the world you know Germany India Canada Atlanta they’re all saying hello to you oh that’s awesome yes so on YouTube Nava is asking what can you do about bad breath on keto okay the bad breath is really too much protein so what we have to do is limit the amount of protein you’re consuming maybe you’re doing six ounces which each meal do three ounces that should totally handle it and then let’s say for a small like let’s say that doesn’t handle it then you want to also add more vegetables and chlorophyll maybe even like the wheatgrass juice powder that’s kind of a purifier to help clean out the system but yeah this is a short-term it’s a temporary thing and that should improve like cut down your protein okay do we have another question yes we do we have Donna on Facebook from Tennessee and she’s asking what can you do when you don’t have gall bladder well what you can do is you they have some spares at the hospital if you go there they have plastic ones that you can have reinserted and then you can hook them up and then you’ll be fine I’m being totally sarcastic now what you have to do if you don’t have a gall bladder use now you have a tube that trickles the bile through this little tube to your small intestine so that you’re gonna be compromised a little bit because you’re not gonna have the full capacity of the digestion of the fat type of vitamins so I’m gonna recommend considering getting a gall bladder formula that has the bile salts that you can then take after a meal one and that will supply what’s missing so you can get the full 100% absorption of the fat side with vitamin C you don’t end up with vitamin A deficiency is vitamin A D and K deficiencies okay and then also there’s a really cool little chart that you can get this here is a little thing I put together in my spare time which allows you to look at all the nutrients that our body needs and what foods are very high in those nutrients in the correct amounts because at the end of the day we need to satisfy the nutrient requirements so if you want to copy this there’s a link down below click it and you can get an instant download all right it’s a really cool little reference because as you look at the foods you may not be eating these foods in the right quantities and ending up with deficiency so health is really about getting all the nutrients from the food so very cool down though check it out okay so Adi yeah we are gonna ask our first question I got three questions to ask everyone and see if they can get this right this time not that they didn’t get it right last time but okay so here’s the first question Noddy what is the food that has the highest vitamin C not an herb but an actual food what has the highest vitamin C of all the foods type in your answer now and then after this question that I asked we’ll we’ll see if they get it right okay all right good now we’re gonna go to Josephine Josefina from New York you had a question you’re not sleeping that well good morning that good morning I am since I started to indicate Italian about a year ago yeah my sleep is night if I’m not doing well with my sleep I’m very happy with my weight loss and and I have another question I would be intimate in fasting mmm I have read a lot that they don’t recommend doing it every day mm-hmm a woman and I have been doing it every day as you suggested and it have been very successful but I would like to know what is your thought on what they’re saying that we shouldn’t do it every day because of hormonal issues yeah someday I’m gonna find out who they are because they are kind of a generality sometimes you you see this piece of information there is so much data on the internet that’s so conflicting like you’re gonna be totally confused so so main thing you have to realize is the source of who’s telling you that you know especially if it’s some site that’s a new site you’re gonna get it’s just random calm as far as information you’re just gonna get these things all your hormones will really will explain to me why you wouldn’t want to do it every day how would that hurt your hormones because your your body just you putting your body in fat-burning so why would that hurt your hormones it just doesn’t make any sense but here’s the thing to evaluate someone that’s not losing weight off of just one thing it’s hard so I’m gonna ask you some questions do you have any leg cramps get cramps in your calf if you point your toe no okay good do you have any digestive issues I used to have digestive issues but since I started doing your program I my main issue with diarrhea but I don’t have that anymore okay I will say that I have a little constipation but when I eat the right amount of vegetables that you suggest yes there’s no constipation awesome okay so then what about do you have any other body issues like inflammation fatigue anything else the what I can think about is my in the afternoon I tend to get Moody okay Oh angry like there’s a because I’m not eating any type of hydric got.all and then do you do you crave any sweets I do I do but I’m sorry I think I’m very disciplined I look crazy wait so thank you you just gave me the biggest clue that I wanted okay so if you’re craving sweets and you’ve been doing this for a year there’s something not right because the cravings sort of went away that means you’re not fully into keto or fat-burning you’re not running your body on fat that’s probably why you’re not seeing the change probably sleep is not helping but your cravings shouldn’t want to wait right now so what I would do you you may have the book you may not you may be consistent with it you may not I don’t know but I would go back find out if you’re doing everything correctly make sure you’re doing the consistent vegetables in the protein the fat and then plug in the basics hardcore because one of the things about this program is when you do it partially it really just it won’t work at all because the the reason why you’re getting moody in the middle of the day is because you’re you’re experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia which means you’re still running on the sugars which could be why you’re not sleeping too so to get you into the ketones which which is a completely different fuel source you don’t have to do the highs and lows your mood will be very very high so that’s a really big clue so there’s something you’re not doing that you should do that and I don’t know what that is but I would find out through the book because you may have most the answers but not the whole picture so that’s what I would say as far as the sleep goes there is a awesom sleep aid that you could take to help you sleep that I have that I use to but the last thing I want to tell you is that when you do keto in them and fasting the fuel source is double the energy more than double the energy of glucose so what happens is like it’s gonna give you more energy and the problem is like you you’re not going to have the as you won’t require the same amount of sleep as you you will when you’re actually running on glucose or as you were because glucose is requires just a little bit more sleep so you might have to add exercise in there you might to get this energy out because you’re generating more energy so but before you even go there I would actually get the basics in because I think you’ve got to do this until the cravings go away and then we know it’s going to work all right thanks Josephine okay Dominica you’re from Texas you had a question about your daily food yeah go ahead hi that’s a bird thank you for you first of all it was very blessed to have you share all this stuff with us but my question is I’ve been doing this for three weeks almost almost a little bit maybe a little bit more but I am NOT losing weight so I’m thinking that I’m doing anything wrong and I’m not sure what if I don’t know if you can give me like a basic three meal to meal plan including the facts in it and my other question was can you have decaf coffee more than one cup okay if you have deep good question and and then what do you do when you cannot eat any earlier than seven or eight o clock in the evening and then have like you know you don’t eat breakfast until twelve eleven twelve drugs you’re working wrong Dominika there’s a two-question maximum so you went to three so I’m gonna have to oh wow just kidding so I have a question when when is the are you hungry in the morning when you wake up no not at all okay when’s your first meal I have three eggs and I have about three and a half cups of spinach with garlic when what time about 11:30 12:00 okay are you hungry at the time no okay but you’re still eating yeah okay so one thing that you want to do is don’t eat if you’re not hungry because you want to push that until 11:00 or or to or go as long as you can and and then eat when you’re actually hungry because you’re eating when you’re not hungry so you’re specifically something I mean you can’t fast the way you’re you’re saying that was supposed to do well you’re fasting if you’re not eating so all night long you’re fasting in the morning you’re fasting and then all of a sudden you eat you stop the fasting so okay if you’re not hungry going into 11 o’clock or 12 because as soon as you meet you spike insulin now you’re gonna be hungry an hour later so it’s one thing number two are you are you is your stomach shrinking a little bit as your clothes making in your stomach a little bit yep well my stomach is shrinking a little bit yes but it’s not moving anymore I mean the shrunk a little bit and that was it okay so after this meal at 11:30 or 12:00 when’s your next meal I don’t need until about 4:00 something like that okay are you hungry or uh yeah kind of okay and then and then do you eat do you have any snacks in the middle of there or at night no no snacks at all okay good and are you eating enough are you eating like the pattern of the vegetables and some protein and yes I’m eating vegetables meeting like a little bit of protein like 3/4 ounces of protein but I’m still not understanding how you incorporate the fat in your diet okay good and then last question I have is how old are you I am 56 okay so when you’re doing and most of the clients that I’m working with our in their 50s or 60s so this this fits exactly because it’s you know here these people that oh I did keto for a week and I dropped 20 pounds and like why can’t I do that right well the fact that you did get some shrinkage in your clothes means it’s starting to work but you just need to tweak it and you have to realize that your body’s probably gonna have to build more protein which weighs more as it’s losing fat so you’re gonna kind of that’s why you can’t go buy weight loss watch my video on weight loss weight loss is the worst indicator for success because it doesn’t include the protein additions which is heavy so because when you do it in fasting you start gaining more muscle mass and and that control everything off but here’s the thing don’t eat until you’re hungry go as long as you can okay and then have your first meal now if it’s at 2 o’clock great and then eat at 4 that would be awesome because then you have this really short window you can go at the key is getting a lot of fasting between there and you’ll actually start seeing some better changes now you asked a good question when you’re not eating your body is eating your own fat so if you add too much fat that could slow things down a little bit especially if you’re going through menopause so I wouldn’t necessarily add an additional fat that’s not already in there within the proteins that you’re eating so let’s say you have a hamburger well there’s fat in there let’s say you have some nuts there’s fat in there avocado there’s fat in there so don’t add more you can add some oil on your salad dressing but and then let’s say you’re having a hard time fasting well then add a little more fat gradually so it’s kind of a variable and I did a video on this that you’re gonna have to judge and everyone is so different some people you have to do a lot of fat other people they can’t tolerate a lot so you’re not losing weight you want to cut down the fat all right excellent question and thank you for calling all right howdy what do we have coming in through some of the social media channels here all right so for your question we do have people saying kale bell pepper papaya sauerkraut orange parsley lemon wow those are some good guesses hey can we have a drumroll please okay and the answer is sauerkraut okay so whoever said that is totally right sauerkraut has seven audience Evan hundred and fifty milligrams of vitamin C per cup I mean all these other foods have like less than a hundred but we only need like seventy per day milligrams but 700 so get out the sauerkraut start chopping that down there and then watch what happens to your vitamin C is good for bleeding gums it’s good for collagen it’s good for energy is good for an immune system okay I was there really whoever guessed the right was probably saw my video on that okay hey guys if you don’t have this document download it it’ll allow you to see all the requirements that you need nutritionally and what foods you need to focus on there’s a link below you can check it out that’s a good reference and you can just keep it for future reference okay so do we have a quick question yes another greetings from around the world we have New Zealand Romania Saudi Arabia that’s done they’re all saying hi to you again that’s awesome all right so on YouTube we have Erica asking should you succeed some nuts before you consume them should you soak your seeds and nuts yes that’s the ideal scene excuse me because when you have seeds and nuts that come with enzyme inhibitors which basically block digestion so if you can soak them overnight in water drain it out dry them out either a dehydrator I know it’s a pain in the butt or the oven under low temperatures you will get a high quality product that won’t inter will won’t nearly interfere with your digestive system like raw nuts do so I recommend that if you can do that yes so that would answer that question good do we have another one yes we do we have Toby from Facebook asking is Quito healthy for women no just for men okay do we have any other questions no yes it’s healthy if you actually have a body it’s healthy for your animals it’s like it’s like if you think about what the opposite of Quito is it’s running at your body and glucose right so that’s like the most unhealthy thing on the planet because you’re susceptible to all the problems with with glucose and since you brought that up Audie I’m gonna have to talk about that for a second because when the sugars go higher okay what happens is it destroys the micro tiny little blood vessels of the eye that go to the retina so you start you start getting blurred vision so if you start you notice that your vision is not that great could be that also cloudiness on the lens that’s called cataract also pressure in the eye that’s called glaucoma and then you have the little tiny center of the back part of the eye called the macula and get macular degeneration and then also the high sugar starts interfering with a little lining in the arteries and you start getting little holes where it’s starting to bleed then the immune system comes in and you get a plaquing and then the artery starts getting clogged and then you get a clot that dis largest goes to the brain you get a stroke or a heart attack depending on where that clot is going so that’s kind of where people are going if they’re living on sugars and they’re having high sugar other than at to be totally fine not to mention I forgot to talk about then the brain you actually start up the brain of oxygen you kill off the neurons kill up the nerves on the toes and the fingers you do get some gangrene but they can just you know remove that limb and then you’ll be good to go so the alternative is running your body on ketones which is much healthier so you can actually regrow your brain get new brain cells I mean who wouldn’t want that better mood better energy increase longevity better heart reversing heart damage and avoiding cancer not too bad alright so we’re gonna go to Derek he’s been waiting click you’re from Queens New York you had a question about bone structure go ahead hey dr. Burke how are you hi good I actually I read your book for the second time and it you know you are absolutely right it is you really notice so many more things and it’s just a terrific book I give it as a gift to people on their birthday because I mean that that’s probably the best gift I could really give them awesome thank you and hopefully they definitely you know read it awesome dr. Burke I’m following you I’ve been calling you you’ve been helping me tremendously you’ve been helping me for months you know I call basically every week and now my situation is all my digestive gallbladder issues and everything you know I drink a high pH water as I told you and and it led to leaky gut and from there just problem after problem and now I got some x-rays back that basically say I guess it’s their thing I probably have psoriatic arthritis and I have let me just read this small sentence for you it says appearance of peri articular osteopenic changes most notably around the mCP and p IP joints which could reflect degree of joint inflammation hyperemia or synovitis other otherwise preserved joint spaces and no joint margin erosion at this time okay all right so let’s talk about that and when you said it because I actually read my book again a second time because I actually did these videos on there I was like I was actually amazed that I had a lot of great information in there I was like wow I mean I was just impressed at how much data is crammed into there there’s no fluff I’m like every sentence I wanted to make sure that it gave people the exact thing they need to know okay so here’s what you need to do you’re getting a problems with inflammation in the distal joints and the actual other joints of the hand and the fingers so there’s a couple things that you want to do you’re probably on the right track cuz you’re doing intermittent fasting which is going to help recycle proteins and damaged parts drop inflammation and clean up a lot of old microbes in the body but in the meantime a lot of these like psoriatic arthritis has is a combination of a couple things one is there’s a underlying microbial kind of infection going on the body so I would take oregano oil tablets grapeseed grapefruit seed extract tablets and Thiem oil tablets those three that will actually slowly kind of clean up any deep microbes that are growing on the body whether it’s a nano bacteria small one or a virus or microbe it kind of just it helps with those things and then the other thing that you want to do is take k2 to help kind of remodel the osteophytes that are or the little bone spurs things that are going on on the joints I think that’s what I would do with some d3 I think that would help you but thanks for calling probably I think probably you might have a problem with k2 because you didn’t have enough bile in the past because the gall bladder but I think that should improve with time and if you can get to one meal a day I think you’ll be doing better and better over time thanks Darren I’ll talk to you next week okay so we have a Azima is calling from Canada British Columbia you had a question about macular degeneration right I do I do first of all I just want to tell you that I am I am thrilled to be talking to you I’m really excited Thanks yeah yeah no you’re great I have a background in kinesiology and I’m had to do lots of nutrition stuff and so I just really appreciate the way that you explain things and it’s a thoroughness and I really love your program so thank you oh you’re welcome yeah okay so here’s my question I do have macular degeneration I’ve had it for about 12 years and in the last couple of months it’s been getting worse which is totally freaking me out my mom died of cancer and she said you know macular degeneration is way worse than cancer so my vision is getting worse particularly in one eye and so I started taking fish or salmon liver oil and cod liver oil and vital lux as a supplement also that my ophthalmologist has suggested and I not bad with cruciferous vegetables I try to do fairly well with the 7 cups of vegetables a day I don’t have a gallbladder I take your gallbladder formula and I have transverse myelitis on top of all this other stuff so there which is an inflammatory autoimmune disease so my question is with intermittent fasting well first of all I’m not positive about whether I need to be taking these supplements with food or not and is there some food that is okay to do with intermittent fasting that won’t disturb that that’s question number one should I stop there and let you answer that one yeah okay good so I’m gonna because there’s a quite a few calls I’m just gonna focus on this because I think this is gonna be really important there’s things that are like really important and there’s things that are trivial I’m just going to talk about the important things to prevent macular degeneration you want to keep your Sugar’s low okay you want to keep Sugar’s low so obviously it probably started the whole process by having instant resistance I figure high insulin and that attacks this micro vessels of the back of the eye the retina and the macula which is the little central part of the retina which is the extension of your brain so it’s quite like neurological tissue that’s affected so there is probably a little DEMA in there some degeneration so you know what per text what protects the parts of the body from the high sugar are like vitamin b1 the minerals and phytonutrients so now you’re at the stage where you want to kind of reverse some of that and you’re correct you you’re taking the cruciferous you’re taking hopefully the kale shake I would do a chaos’ shake every single day but here’s the problem the key nutrient in kale that you need is the carotenoids that’s the phytonutrient and the carotenoids are fat soluble the fact that you don’t have a gallbladder means that you’re probably not able to extract those Kratt no it’s like someone else so you don’t get the benefit of the kale so what you need to do is when you consume the kale shake put a little bit of coconut oil in there drink this down take the gallbladder formula with at the same time that way we can add the bile salts in there and the kale and the fat and that will actually help increase the solubility of the fat soluble carotenoids that’ll go into the eye and I think that will be the biggest thing that will help you you want to do in a minute fasting hardcore you want to do key to hardcore to drop that insulin and by the way before someone can actually have high sugar they first have high insulin but the doctors never test that so the first stage of even this whole chain of events is high insulin and a bunch of symptoms that normal blood sugar so then what happens over time the blood sugars start going up so as soon as the blood sugars go up it means that you’ve already had pre-diabetes for a long time so that’s just a side note so and that’s kind of what we’re trying to do is kind of reverse all this stuff but macular degeneration is probably almost a hundred percent caused by high sugar thanks for your question okay we’re gonna go to Adi for a question on social media all righty on YouTube Daniel is asking can you do keto if you’re vegetarian yeah you can there’s just there just it’s a little more difficult because it’s hard to find the high fat low carb thing that’s what’s gonna be hard but you can still do it I am gonna be creating some recipes on the website for you to do that and then some additional data working on that it’s just I’ve been focusing on so many other things so but yeah so that’s that’s you can totally do it how do you suggest that you do it yeah good any other questions yes again on YouTube Emma asking what is MCT oil MCT is a type of oil it’s a medium chain triglyceride which that probably doesn’t mean anything to you but it’s a type of fat that gives you energy and it helps fat burning and it’s very gentle on the liver and it’s extracted from coconuts okay mainly I think you can also get it from palm well but so that’s the type of fat that can actually improve ketosis and yeah it doesn’t convert to fat in your body okay okay so now again if you did not download this thing download it now there’s a link down below it’s pretty cool and it gives you like exactly the foods that are highest in the nutrient and then the quantity because I think you’re gonna be surprised how much of a certain food that you need to reach your your minimal requirements for your nutrients and this is for a healthy body not to me not even talking about an unhealthy body alright so guess what we’re gonna go to the next question right here for everyone Adie we’re gonna ask them this question what has more vitamin a seven cups of kale or one egg yolk go ahead and type your answers down below what has more vitamin A okay see if people can get that one alright so now we’re gonna go to Alex from California go ahead you had a question but I recently got the thyroid hyper and I’m losing a lot of hair so I want to start to fix those things and I don’t know where to start I don’t know and I have gold stone I don’t know if I could do the keto diet with that I got it so you have a hyper thyroid yeah it would’ve been a lot easier if you had a hypo so this is that he might because by my pregnancy because what cause one of the causes of gall stones is high estrogen so I think for you you definitely needed to do the keto and intermittent fasting for sure there’s no doubt there’s not gonna be a problem you just can’t take the gall bladder formula with the purified bile salts because that will increase the conversion of thyroid and you’ll have more hyper and you don’t want to take trace minerals or iodine that being said you definitely want to start consuming the cruciferous vegetables to help balance your estrogen cruciferous vegetables help lower the bad estrogen and and increase the good so they help regulate the ratios they don’t like give you more estrogen even though they’re a final estrogen it doesn’t mean that you’re raising your estrogen levels you’re taking what you already have and balancing them but going through birth or actually giving birth you’re gonna actually create a problem with high levels of estrogen and that probably caused the gall stones so I would consume the cruciferous dookied oh and then fasting and then see if you can’t normalize a thyroid and then once it’s normalized and then add the purified bile salts to help dissolve the stones but in the meantime by doing keto and intermittent fasting you’ll naturally actually help concentrate your bile and your stones may just disappear okay thank you for your question all right now we’re gonna go to Minnesota it’s n ng ah a if I’ve just chopped I actually made chopped liver on your name but you’re from Stillwater Minnesota go ahead hey hey doctor what buddy I know my name is you know difficult to pronounce my name is Anjaneya gonna call you on Jim Kazmir on okay yeah Angela wood okay good so you’re from I’m from your land with 10,000 mosquitos go ahead you had a question oh oh yeah okay I’m talking on behalf of my wife and you know she started you know following you and you know doing the keto diet so before that you know she was having a lot of birds getting and then we went to dr. Thalia still got a gallbladder stone and they advised us to take the gallbladder store you know gallbladder out but you know my wife need to know or to know we want her to know so is there any alternate solution before taking the gallbladder out to control Harbor good question okay good so this is talk about the gallbladder it would be nice to keep your organs I’m always for keeping your organs than taking them out so this is just food for thought information to research I’m not telling you to do this I’m not your doctor but here’s some data on the gallbladder gall stones come from a lack of bile be il e by doing you in a minute fasting you will actually increase the concentration of your mouth so that’s a good thing which will actually help dissolve stones over time what also triggers bile is saturated fats well guess what you’re going to be doing on the key dough you’re going to increase your saturated fats but I’m sure you heard that at eating fats are bad right well only if you’re eating carbs with it rooting fat saturated fats without the carbs it’s totally healthy it’s not a problem it’s the carbs that are causing the golf stones the sugar the refined carbohydrates in the form of breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins sodas juice alcohol and Mad Dog 2020 which I’m sure she’s not drinking but the point is that that pain that she’s going on the right side and the chest is coming from probably a congested gallbladder if she does this and it consumes a lot of vegetables I think that will be the best thing for her and she may not need to take that thing out but I would definitely also recommend gall bladder formula it has the purified bile salts take after the meal so you can actually help take the pressure off that area of your body okay all right so Adi what do we have as an answer for the question what has more vitamin a seven cups of kale or one egg yolk what are people saying a lot of people are saying egg yolk how do you guys know this you’re just so you’re so smart okay so yes but you know what Oh thanks little delayed but yeah egg yolk the egg egg yolk has active form of retinol which is active vitamin A all the vegetable types of vitamin A especially kale is a pre vitamin A that you have to convert so there’s no active form of vitamin A and Cal this all pre and there’s actually a lot of pre there’s like 30,000 international units of pre vitamin a in one cup of kale which then has to convert but you only convert a small percentage now the benefit of kale comes in a lot of other ways but the point is that egg yolks are one of the best sources of vitamin A okay Wow I guess that right okay so do we have any questions coming on social media we do so Facebook CJ is asking what caused this key to rush kiddo rash is a misnomer it should be named in a minute fasting rash because what happens when you don’t eat and you fast it puts in your body and this interesting survival mechanism it’s called the tofu G where your body now recycles old damaged junky proteins but it also helps to dismantle and clean up all the microbes pathogens like fungus mold bacteria virus yeast and Candida and so it cleans up all this stuff out of the system through the little garbage disposal your cells already have many self-cleaning ovens and they just clean all this garbage out and then they spit them out for a recycler into new little parts so your body can then build new tissue it’s called remodeling so you have like a repair center that and a construction unit in your cells that start building new kitchens and new furniture and things like that but if your system is sluggish it can create immune reactions to the point where it can create a rash in the skin so there’s a couple things you can do because it’s really it’s a histamine reaction which causes that from the immune thing so what you want to do is take bentonite clay on an empty stomach just a little bit and that should actually help clear it up but that’s really what kita rashes okay we’re gonna call it in a fasting rash good so let’s say do we have any other questions yes we do again on Facebook we have Khalid asking if you have high cholesterol can you still do the keto diet well you need to do keto if especially if you have high cholesterol because it’s going to lower cholesterol because what causes high cholesterol is high amounts of insulin and sugar so what happens what people don’t know is that your body makes cholesterol and so the more you eat the less it has to make and how did you know how much the cholesterol the body actually makes I don’t a lot like 3,000 milligrams per day that’s equivalent to 300 strips of bacon or 14 eggs or a pound of butter that’s how much cholesterol body makes so why is it so bad if our body makes it so we need it so to lower cholesterol all you need to do is lower the carbohydrates and guess what the ketogenic diet is it’s a low carbohydrate diet it’ll it’ll drop it good question good do you have another question yes we have ty on YouTube asking about Omega 7 and kind of help with insulin there there are a lot of different omega fatty acids and Omega 7s are really really good for immune reaction immune system building so they actually are kind of protect you against certain inflammatory conditions immune disorders definitely autoimmune disorders like lupus and things like that and you get this as a supplement but but naturally these Omega 7s are in the same family as omega-3s as well if you consume those foods so you don’t necessarily have to always just take it as a supplement good question next question righty we have on Facebook we have Laura from Canada and she’s asking if you do the bulletproof coffee and stevia can that break your fast you know it’s interesting I just did a study on coffee and I was surprised to find that when you drink coffee or ketones go up as long as you don’t put the sugar in it and but I’m gonna do a more official study to see if you actually add the bulletproof but some of the people that were doing bulletproof their ketones went up because they had MCT oil in it so but I also found that my sugars went up a little bit too even though my ketones went up so I’m gonna tell you they they probably will not break your fast that’s my answer right now and I might change it down the road but right now that’s my answer so alright so let’s go to Colleen from Alberta Canada go ahead you had a question yes good morning good morning yeah I yeah I’ve got a heck of a lot of snow blow across the road oh I could imagine Oh so my issues are many and varies but so I can’t cover them all but I did your quiz and I need so much stuff I didn’t order before I did your quiz the wheatgrass and I can’t remember what else is coming but it should be coming within a couple days so I am on synthroid the last time my level was checked it was normal I am on valproic acid for bipolar mood disorder I’m more on the depressed side and valium for sleeping so will the drugs affect ketosis I have been attempting to follow the keto and the I T okay good well first I want to say that I did take a trip in college through Alberta and we a friend of mine we took we found this guy who sold these beer signs and beverage mirrors and we bought a bunch of them we were gonna go to Canada sell them out of the back of his truck it was a crazy idea and so we ended up not really selling any of them so that was a disaster but I got a chance to see Canada and it’s gorgeous Lake Louise and Banff it’s just gorgeous I just have some great memories of that but I was in charge of bringing in the tent and the first night we went up there I got the tent out and I realized I bought a pump a pup tent of her kids not an adult tent so we both try to sleep in this tent and only cover half of our body and so we start laughing for probably three hours it was just hysterical but anyway getting back to your question bipolar is and depression is is totally a blood sugar issue it’s insulin resistance because the way that you’re running your your brain on glucose it can definitely drop your mood because it creates a eventually a hypoglycemic reaction in the cells so the combination of fixing that will bring up your mood so much I mean so much it’s going to blow your way in addition to fixing insulin resistance you’ll be able to pull more amino acids into the cell you’ll make more neurotransmitters which will then increase your serotonin and your dopamine which is also then gonna increase your mood so I think that is your ultimate solution now the question is will the medication interfere with keto well here’s the thing it’s just it’s gonna basically cut to the core of it so the need for that will be a lot less so maybe just work with your doctor on that but make sure you take a lot of B vitamins and you’re probably already getting them in the mail and the electrolytes I think you’re in for a really nice treat so I hope you call back in about three weeks from now and tell us your results because it’s gonna definitely bring up your mood your health your energy I’m excited to hear the results okay so now we’re gonna go to Susan from Utah you had a question about keto diet and a couple other questions you had I’ll just let you ask them yes thank you so much I’ve been I’m 60 years old and I wrote a list down here so we can go through it quickly and I’m a good renal body type I’ve been five months on your keto I love watching your videos and stuff because they’ve helped me so much stay on it I have not cheated it all Wow I do two meals a day with intermittent fasting 16 to 20 hours a day I’ve only lost 13 pounds so that’s a little frustrating for me I have five re issues I’m on 200 mcg of fire of synthroid and I’m still always cold tired low-energy you asked Susan from Florida if she could get up and sit down and I was really hoping she couldn’t because I haven’t been able to do that for four years it’s painful to walk upstairs and when I sit down I have to use my hands you know my arms to push myself up or get help for the last six months now I started Kido five months ago so a month before I started Kido i started getting leg cramps and charley horses waking me up at night i went six weeks with three hours of sleep at night because of the intent attorney horses they were waking me up several times several i’d have several at a time and as i’m trying to stretch that one and that it would happen in the muscle that was trying to stretch and you know i can’t contract or spent expand my muscles at night because the charley horse has happened and so like from my waist down I’m just my legs feel like lad they’re dead when I get out of bed and I I have to after I walk around a bit then they start to feel better are you taking I’m taking my electrolytes I well I’m taking I’m not taking electrolytes I’m taking the potassium I mean I used the gall bladder formula I take the D D and K to your sleep aid your wheatgrass juice your potassium I take magnesium calcium magnesium and calcium lactate I take fish oil I could take catechol X B I take selenium I stop it I’m getting tired of it you know we have diabetes ramp in my family and so I I’ve actually stayed away from breads for the last 20 years so with doing this guy I think I was probably close to pre-diabetic but was doing this diet I had blood labs taken about a month NASSCO my blood Sugar’s are perfect I mean they’re they’re great my potassium is perfect but I’m just not sleeping because I’m in so much pain with my legs all the time okay so like that I can’t okay okay good so let me just tell you a stinging nettle root is a really good herb I would start on that that’s a great anti-inflammatory I don’t want to overload you with more nutrients but the thing that just stands out even more than that is the electrolyte powder than I have because you’re describing a severe electrolyte deficiency because you potassium is the thing that is probably needed so much to flood the cells to help them relax so you could sleep and I know they need a test and said it’s normal but you have to realize only 2% of all the potassium is in the blood so unless they check it on the inside of the cell it’s not going to show up so what you want to do is you want to take the electrolytes and probably double the dosage and take that over a period of time that will help you but the original reason why you have the inflammation is because the insulin so we need that start going to intimate fasting maybe once a day because that’s going to drop inflammation even better so we have inflammation will be dropped your muscles start working with the electrolyte powder and then call us back I think you should do really well if you just give it a little more time and add those two things in there alright guys thank you for your attention and I will see you next week have a great weekend you

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