Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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really–it’s it wish we could actually do a little shot around here but well I’ll send you some more videos on that yeah but we have a much better space as you can see these lovely monitors in the back then we have new new mics some wonderful flowers flowers yeah anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you it’s just meant to give you food for thought you know if you become cured of any diseases don’t don’t mention very nice yeah all right so we have a lot to talk about today we have some quizzes we have some announcements good so and then also there is some yeah basically we have some great data so I was gonna jump right to it but I’m gonna withhold that information gonna keep secret yeah all right but I do want to jump right into the calls because there’s people have been waiting for quite a long time for hours so and if you want to call in the number is down below you can check it out let’s go right to Antoine from New York you’ve been waiting patiently you had a question your blood work is worse after keto and I F tell me about that yes so maybe I can give you some background yeah so in a thumbnail sketch I have kind of like a half has good story has bad story so like a year ago I did a blood test and my idea was good above 50 my triglycerides were under 100 my remnant cholesterol was at 19 okay but I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver okay and I was eating a ton of Barb’s drinking all of alcohol had a lot of informations like every time I went to the gym I had like random injuries so like and I had it started accumulating in belly mm-hm so I started to do something about it and my friends recommended is and I had also heard about low carbs so I started doing is and lower carb and I lost my Billie in four months Wow and yeah all my inflammations went down completely like I was able to like go to the gym five times a week everything was great then the thing is like people were looking at me and were like wow you dropped a lot of weight like why and so I was like okay I want to regain some so like I went on keto and I did like really high fat and I was feeling pretty good but I did a blood test and the results are pretty scary my my cholesterol would not like a lot my ELF HDL went down my triglycerides went up from under 100 to above 150 my remnant cholesterol went from 19 to 32 and then also I’m sorry noticing some weird things when I was I was eating a lot of avocados like two or days mm-hmm I started noticing some weird like like gut like inflated feeling that was I’m not sure what to do like the doctor was like I don’t want to put you on medication right away like go back to eating more carbs yeah let me let me just let me just kind of give you some tips okay the first thing I want to say is that I don’t think it’s the avocados okay so the other thing is – avocados per day is not that much there’s no way your cholesterol is gonna go that high for a meeting avocados I think and you’ve been saying a lot of fat so the first thing is like are you doing the program that I’m recommending because there’s so many different versions of keto so that’s one point we want to make sure that you’re doing it the second thing is sometimes you want to play around with what you’re eating there’s so many people in this do keto they do a lot of MCT oil to do a lot of oil you’ll excuse me a lot of peanut butter they’re not actually looking at the quality of a food and the other question is are you doing enough vegetables 7 to 10 cups I mean some people don’t do that I believe that it’s important especially for your gut health the other thing is like are you doing a moderate protein are you doing a lot of protein so these are all just factors I would look at the other point I want to bring up is sometimes when you do keto you you start doing a lot of spinach people do chocolate and almonds and almond flour that can spike ox –let’s and create a lot of inflammation body if you’re prone to that even potentially irritate or you know develop a kidney stone but I would adjust some things especially to improve your liver the fact that you had you know you’re you’re doing this you know alcohol and other things and you had some liver issues I would really focus on your liver like foods for the liver mainly choline is very very important I would take purified bile salts bile salts to help keep things flooded through the gallbladder because really it’s the bile salts and even some of the times the choline in Kolding byproducts or things that choline turn into that help emulsify and break down the triglycerides in the cholesterol but because you’re doing more fat you you are gonna have more triglycerides you are going to have more cholesterol so that’s a normal thing but you might want to add some things to that it’d be really good for you to come to the summit cuz we’re gonna really go dive into this hard core which we’re gonna actually some it’s gonna be the twenty twenty ninth of August so you should be the first the 31st of August thank you but to come out because it’s gonna be to cardiologists are gonna be there they’re gonna go more heavy hardcore into this so anyway thanks for your call and hope to see you soon hey Leon you’re from Boston you had a question go ahead and this is just a very simple question I I want to do like an extended five-day fast when I got to about I did a 72 hour fast when I got to about 68 hours my blood sugar went down to 39 okay and I just want to know is there something I can do to prevent my blood sugar from going down or just or am I just not able to do and extend it fast for that long so question I have Leon are when you when your blood sugar went that low what did you feel like you feel normal I felt no I didn’t feel normal I felt um I felt kind of dizzy I felt very weak you know like I needed to rest and lay down yeah okay so here’s to here’s some tips on that I think you need to kind of back off a little bit and not go that long yet you want to really gradually work up to this because here you are going on a fast your body is going into ketosis hardcore you’re not running on a lot of sugar your body’s making sugar from the food that you’re eating but you’re not eating so it’s you’re living off your fat you might want to go into this more on a gradient level very gradually and then maybe do 48 hour fast for a while until your body can fully adapt to that but you know it’s normal for your blood Sugar’s to drop but the key is how you feel because if you’re running on your fat and you’re very efficient everything’s working and your livers healthy you and it’s you should feel fine but if you’re feeling kind of funky it all this means is your liver is not able to produce enough transition fuel so there’s certain parts of the brain for example that do need a little bit of sugar but your body can make that from something called gluconeogenesis so your it tells me that the livers is not working 100% yet but go back do a small level of that and then gradually ease up and gradually increase the amount of Basking that you do over a period of time thanks Leon all right Karen what do we have people calling from oh I didn’t write a list but Morocco all over the United States Canada Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia I said Morocco now everyone’s probably going to start writing down but yes I’ve seen I’ve seen some people saying hello from all over the world so as usual as usual good do you have any questions I do good what questions okay so Greg says he he now has 25 carbs a day yeah and he’s very very tired yeah and he cannot get into ketosis so that’s the only information I have okay so based on that incomplete information right there’s a couple things you need to know when you’re making the transition and this basically kind of leads me into the kind of topic I’m going to talk about today why do people fail on keto and intermittent fasting one thing is like they have too many symptoms in the transition phase so I always recommend adding nutrients in a above what you’re eating from your diet like number one we need potassium okay promote some electrolyte powder or just potassium any more of that be one from nutritional yeast right and sodium from sea salt because those three things should handle any transitional weirdness or things that you’re going through so that being said I don’t know what he’s eating so the chances are he could be eating the wrong type of probe you know like I’ve talked to people like oh yeah I’m doing chicken wings and sour cream I’m like okay so that’s not the program I’m recommending if you do it correctly like I recommend in the book you should do fine and you shouldn’t have these problems the other thing is that the reason people fail on intimate of fasting and I want to just bring it I want to just want to talk about that right now talk about it I think there’s a there’s a mental problem a mental aspect to this that people run into because mental meaning the thought process about doing keto yeah because like a consideration process because food is survival so I’m gonna we’re gonna deny you of food what does that bring up a lot of issues we with you know taking away you’re depriving you dangerous yeah hard yeah stop loss and eat food everyone else is eating so that it brings up kind of a barrier mentally for people but what I want I want you guys to realize is this you’re actually eating food that you ate maybe six months to a year ago it’s in the form of fat could be like to you I don’t know it’s like a cooler around her or lunch package altered really the question is that you know and I don’t know the answer this but if you how when was your fat created you know was it was it six months ago a year ago ten years ago like people carry around a lot of fat they’re not tapping into that that’s old food being changed into that sounds disgusting it does it sounds awful there’s a better way to spin that well the point is this finally after all these years you’re able to tap into this food that you haven’t really burned off yet and so the point is the point I’m circling back at Karen okay is that you are eating it’s just that you’re not eating current period right you’re not you’re tapping into your fat I think the point is that your body is accessing energy and even what is it nutritious its fuel and there are certain vitamins in there but it’s not complete but the point is you’re tapping into a fuel source and that you’re running your body off you’re not starving right you’re using your the thing that your body was meant to use which is fat storage I mean why is it that your body can store so much fat and just a little bit of sugar our bodies were meant to burn this fat so so I guess the the thing you have to realize guys is that you are not starving your body you are eating it’s just that year it’s a different fuel source okay that’s number one number two is this if you’re feeling worse all that means is you need electrolytes and B vitamins and that solve it and sea salt now what’s gonna happen to is you’re gonna plateau at some point and this is where people they’re probably a lot of questions like what do I do if I’m fat all the time I lost weight initially then I plateaued if you lose weight initially a lot of it that’s just you’re losing water weight your body is going to go through I’ve been flow depending on what’s going on with how sick your body is and how much your pair that you need the main thing that you need to focus on is the positive health factors energy hunger going away those two things if that’s happening and then it’s working right your cravings are still there then you’re doing it wrong but the hunger should go away your cognitive improvements the inflammation just like the caller talked about inflammation drops massive health benefits and then the other thing you want to if you’re not doing this correctly and what I’m talking about is if you’re doing like this five and to plan you know that is pretty much what you want five days a week and then two days of the week you go in a 500 calorie diet that’s not intermittent fasting that is a low calorie type program right and then the other thing is that there’s what’s called alternative day fasting where every other day you eat what you want and then on the other day is that you have 500 calories that’s not fast it’s missing a lot of information on how the body works it’s missing a lot of information on how the body works the other thing that I think always bears repeating is a lot of people do keto and intermittent fasting to lose weight and they get frustrated when they’re not losing weight women in particular for whatever reason sometimes harder for women to lose the weight initially why is that what I wasn’t finished in that question and then the answer goes to you because you’re dr. Burke but but I think what bears repeating is the point that your body has to heal and it’s going to prioritize what it needs to heal right that’s right it’s not always gonna oh you know I’ve changed my eating and I’m beginning to get more energy and I’m getting the right fuel source and I’m getting these things let’s just lose weight and burn fat because that’s what Suzy wants to do it’s going to handle some other things so that you can sleep better so that your systems your organs are healing and your systems healing well I think that there’s two things number one I’m going to talk about this when you guys come to the keto summit there’s a priority system of how your body heals and a priority system of how your body absorbs nutrients in other words let’s take vitamin C for example you have at the very extreme you of scurvy you have all these different symptoms bleeding gums and things like that but vitamin D a vitamin C is used for many different things if you’re deficient in vitamin C it will it will go after the most important things but it might not fulfill all the functions that you need in your body so what are those functions and what does it go after first versus last we’re going to talk about it’s a very interesting topic to identify subclinical symptoms with vitamins and minerals so I want to talk about that I’m going to talk about that at the summit and it’s going to be very interesting with that but the other thing I want to mention with getting healthy in general it’s the main main thing that that happens when you get healthy is that is the repair actions with proteins and amino acids and I just released a video on on this branch amino acids when people think oh yeah it’s going to repair your proteins no it’s not that’s a myth it’s only three branch chain amino acids only three amino acids so it’s very incomplete and you need all nine now there’s certain people that say there’s eight essential amino acids you need nine essential amino acids to build muscle protein and if you unless you’re getting all of them you’re not going to repair and this is why we recommend the healthy version of keto which we’re doing high quality protein we’re not doing like massive protein powder from whey protein and you’re getting from GNC you’re doing actually from real food right you don’t actually absorb a lot of the protein when you meet amino acids from protein it’s like like 16 to 18 percent sometimes 19 percent I will do another video on them okay I don’t want to get sidetracked okay I think it’s too late but this is good information okay food for thought food okay Gary mant you’re from Vancouver one of the most beautiful places on the planet you had a question go ahead yes so having gone to the doctor yesterday I was told that my cholesterol was high and I was at the borderline where the doctors suggest would suggest pills now my father had high cholesterol and had a heart attack at the age of 57 I’m 53 years old and I’ve been on the keto diet since January and both my wife and I we’ve dropped about 27 pounds and we’re maintaining right there which is pretty good at 204 pounds right now and for myself and what I’m worried about is being predisposed to high cholesterol and with the diet the keto diet is there any way or anything that I can tweak to stay away from the inevitable cholesterol pills yeah good question can I ask I’m gonna ask you a question your father he died of I guess a heart attack thank you no he eventually had a stroke okay years later okay so did was his name was his diet keto or did he do the regular you know sad diet the regular diet yeah Cole high cholesterol diet yeah here’s the thing okay the main thing with when you go through cholesterol we’ve talked about this many times you can watch some videos is that your cluster will go up because reading a little bit higher fat but you’re lowering your your carbs the danger of high fat really has to do with how much carb but you’re eating at the same time these people that are getting heart attacks it’s not the fat that’s doing it’s the sugar with the fat or the sugar directly that’s what creates the inflammation that’s what creates the oxidative cholesterol that’s what creates the damage in arteries that’s what increases the thrombosis or the chance of getting clots and plaquing it’s the carbs so you’re eating healthily now you’ve got lost the way I think even you mentioned you may have even have a fatty liver in your text right here I would um if you’re really concerned about it you should come to the summit for sure because we’re gonna have to cardiologists talk about this and these guys actually do heart surgery so it’d be good to come to learn but here’s what I would recommend if you’re concerned red yeast is very very it’s a natural thing that helps regulate cholesterol you can also do niacin which helps reduce cholesterol those are all things that you can do and then just keep monitoring it also check your remnant cholesterol which is even more a better indicator than these other things so it’s not just about total cholesterol that’s actually there’s really little proof that that means anything anyway Gary thanks for your call all right Karen okay so Mary’s asking she has a three a half mile swim on Sunday should I eat before or just to do bpc with fats and take my k2 in vitamin E well I think it’s really really important to exercise when you’re on your fast you’re going to get more benefit it’s like a workout when you’re fasting you’ll just see greater improvements if you can do it because your body’s going to start adapting to the fat oxidation that fuel so that’s what I would recommend I mean just see if your blood sugars are still at issue and you might need to eat right before you workout yeah okay good okay I think we’re ready for a quiz Karen Oh a quiz all right all right guys here’s the first quiz number one question what mineral is what has the greatest ability to enhance insulin function which means support your blood Sugar’s what mineral do you reckon will you actually consider the most important and regulating your blood Sugar’s which basically is enhancing the ability for insulin work okay so while people are digesting that information okay let’s go to Stacey from Georgia are you there Stacey I’m good so I have two quick questions the first is goat raw goat milk how much can we drink on keto or can we okay can the second one is by 52 okay okay go ahead 52 the second one is I’m 52 and I’ve been on keto since December healthy keto just for a few weeks now I have PMS symptoms this month better just over-the-top outrageous how do I get rid of them okay question about the PMS symptoms is that cramping or is it moodiness no there’s no moodiness there’s no cramping I’m holding a lot of water weight I’ve been changed by eating and I’ve gained four pounds I’ve been a little bit out of breath I do have the gall bladder formula okay jump in Thai key get the nutritional yeast the electrolyte and the wheatgrass okay great so those dogs do every day all right let’s talk about that I think first of all here’s the problem goat milk there’s a lot better obviously I would recommend goat milk cheese instead of the goat milk now you can do some cream in your coffee if you want but here’s the thing there there’s quite a bit of carbs in milk in general so that’s what we’re trying to do is avoid the carbs that being said if you have just a little bit and you your carbs fall within the level that you need I think you’ll be okay but I wouldn’t go crazy and drinking too much of it the other thing is like the PMS if you are having fluid retention you need b6 to push the fluid out okay that’s number one if you have cognitive changes that’s the nice way of saying dear two bowls right cognitive change for people to be bright thank you someone is PMSing that means that there might be highly irritable I’m sorry so I’m a woman I just thought I might have something to say about Karen let me I’m the expert I okay so usually you can do B 1 B 1 for the PMS kind of like irritable news but the other thing is like if you have cramps you want to take calcium calcium or Tate is really good for that and you’ll find that your cramps will be greatly improved better cramps greatly lessen lessen cramps how about that Karen the yeah there’s other things you can do but I think that would be the best thing to focus on right now thanks Stacy all right Karen what do we have okay so mostly we I mean looks like magnesium potassium zinc and chromium a couple chromium mostly magnesium and potassium okay so do we have a drumroll please I say okay all right drumroll of all the sand there we go all right answers chromium chromium guys awesome so chromium is the is some interesting receptors for chromium with with insulin and it actually will decrease the need for insulin so how do you get chromium well from chrome sucking up no no car bumper no you don’t want to do that we’re talking about a food based chrome so what food has the most chrome and we can actually ask people or just tell them because I don’t think they’re gonna guess it well I don’t know I mean that some of these guys said chromium was amazing yeah so the number one food that has the most chromium is broccoli chopping broccoli yeah and then it’s green beans or summin beef but mainly broccoli that’s like you’re gonna get lot of chromium you can take it in supplement as well if you have if you want to help your blood Sugar’s but it’s an essential trace mineral trace knows there’s something you’re trace minerals yeah it is ok good good it’s also in barley but we don’t recommend barley because that’s a grain right unless it’s in the form of beer I’m just kidding don’t drink any don’t drink that ok alright so let’s go to the next caller Melanie you’ve been waiting patiently you’re from New Jersey Jerry Hill go ahead hi um I asked my question was about the sweetener and does it affect the ketone at all even though it’s like stevia and is there anything else good question yeah let’s talk about that Melanie um we’ve actually I have a Facebook group it’s called Facebook keto lab we do all these experiments and we tested the stevia stevia really for most people did not elevate the blood sugar knock someone out of ketosis or elevate blood sugar at all so stevia among fruit is totally fine a wreath rotol has zero effect on insulin so that’s another good one but it’s it doesn’t really a hundred percent tastes like sugar it sort of does but it can create some digestive issues xylitol tastes like sugar but it has a slight effect on insulin so it’s like on the glycemic index it’s dirty it’s still low if you don’t take very much that’ll be fine I personally use that at home I like it other other combinations are like stevia and REE throat roll and Ali Ali Ali you dose is a really good one too that’s a new one I if I’m not mistaken that’s zero on the glycemic index the worst one is multi tall avoid that one simply because it’s like if over fifty on the glycemic index so I wouldn’t for the most part you know there’s different sodas there’s different products with sugar alcohols I would not worry about this too much yeah they’re fine they’re not gonna actually throw you out of ketosis unless you do a lot of them in bulk okay thanks Melanie all right Karen yeah okay good well trying to just look at the name here Linda wanted to know is there anything different that you need to do if you carry your weight in one place like sighs I mean I know you you have the body type information but yeah regarding keto and I F what can you do specifically or do you have to do anything specifically if you carry your weight in your thighs I think that’s a really interesting question very interesting all right any other questions that you have yeah here’s what you need to do the primary thing that happens with keto is you drop insulin and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna actually target the midsection you’re gonna target the midsection that’s number one the love handles the top rule fat which is actually a fatty liver the bloated stomach now if you have fat on your thighs and your behind that’s more of an estrogen problem and so that’s going to be improved over time but it might be the last thing that goes so by eating healthily your hormone level should come back but I did find you’re gonna have to also include this thing called them actual exercise I know some people like but you know what the combination of changing your diet and exercise will work over time but sometimes it could take honestly months even years especially if you’re postmenopausal because just of the the hormone barriers that you’re up against you know that was my scene I think I think that women they’re up against estrogen they have a lot more estrogen and estrogen is a fat making hormone so where they’re up against this thing estrogen gives the fat layer around the female body it gives the shape of a female body so if you have a healthy liver you do keto and then you also do exercise eventually that should come into balance okay okay good any other question someone asked to have you say a little bit more about the pancreas body type and is your new book going to mention that okay that was just my point because I know you did bring it up here’s the thing this is the book that I have but I changed the name of it it’s called the healthy you know plan but honestly it’s the same book if you have this book you don’t need to get the other book changes yet you know many changes I made how many like one one one or two changes so you didn’t put the pancreas body – no I did not okay but here’s the thing the pancreas body type is like the fifth body type and I the thing that I’m not making a big deal about it is because it’s like the basic program that’s in this in my book you start with this and you’re addressing the pancreas directly so you’re dressing you’re attacking lis pancreas dropping insulin and you’re making these amazing improvements then once you do that for a period of weeks then you can switch to the other things tweak it as your body types so if you feel you have the pancreas body type which pretty much that’s that’s beneath you just do the keto and intermittent fasting healthy keto it will handle it okay yeah there you go okay no reason to buy anything else hey Cherie you’re from Kentucky you had a question go ahead hi well my question is I won’t let me give you a little back history okay I started keto last July and I’ve done very well with it I’ve lost 60 pounds as of March and everything’s going well except my asthma seems to be getting worse okay and so about three weeks ago I stopped eating bacon because I thought you know all my high blood pressure hasn’t really come down you know a lot so I said well he’s taken a lot alone since it’s you know it seems like it was the the issue okay and then since then my asthma has been on overdrive sound zucchini put the bacon back in let me let me explain what’s happening asthma asthma symptoms is usually a vitamin D deficiency so it’s almost impossible to get your vitamin D from your diet it’s almost it’s actually it is impossible it really is it’s from the Sun but even then even if you live in Kentucky where it’s always sunny you might need to add vitamin D to your diet in higher amounts I would do minimally 30,000 I use but then you have to advocate to with it I’ve done videos on this but vitamin d3 and in the summer just get a lot of you don’t probably need it if you get a lot of Sun that will actually help your asthma symptoms greatly the other thing about blood pressure it’s not avoiding the salt it’s increasing your potassium if you add the potassium there’s electrolyte powder that I recommend you can watch my videos on that but that will usually help support healthy blood blood pressure issues okay all right sherry thanks for your call and Karen yes do we have a question yes well I have Lisa here on Facebook and she says if you aren’t in ketosis after two to three weeks well she’s helping someone out here but let’s address that if you go for a period of time without getting into ketosis well then it didn’t work for you and probably go on to you know go back to Donuts yes no no no sometimes it takes sometimes it takes up to five to six weeks to get into ketosis for some people that have maybe internal issues so the main thing is you can always make it better by cutting the carbs down doing more fasting and that will tweak it and make it you’ll actually get into a lot faster but I think when you find out when people are doing keto they’re not doing it either correctly or they’re not doing it enough I mean consistently and I think that’s one issue that a lot of people run into they I know this is hard to believe but some people do cheat on keto because they heard about the cheat cheat day cheat day which could literally knock you out of ketosis for up to a week right oh yeah I thought it was 72 hours that was the other thing is that sometimes people measure their ketosis with a urine test oh right so you could very well be in ketosis if that’s what you’re using to determine but your body is utilizing those ketones and burning up the ketones yeah yeah you can’t really go on if you’re in ketosis by your urine yes a good starting point but you’re gonna be more efficient you’re gonna be burning up these ketones it’s not going to show up you thinking I’m not in ketosis so it’s not working but it actually is so I would wreck men going by these indicators to know if you’re in ketosis number one is your hunger going away is your cravings gone how is your energy how is your cognitive function if you don’t have those and you’re also taking nutrients which I always recommend that usually handles like most of the symptoms especially fatigue then you might want to reevaluate your weak link in your body some people have a pre-existing hypothyroid some people have digestive issues some people have issues with inflammation I would go after the weakest link in your body and prove that and chances are you’ll all of a sudden get right back in it could be like chronic insomnia and if you watch my recent videos on vitamin D vitamin D is my next favorite topic because it’s so vital and so many people have a deficiency and it handles so many issues actually is interesting that for throughout my life whenever I had a blood test everything would come back normal yeah you know just nothing but a few years ago I started to have this deficiency of vitamin D which I thought was really really strange and then I was hearing other people had a deficiency in vitamin D and then I heard it was epidemic yeah which I thought was really fascinating and I I don’t know if if there’s something the diet that burns up more vitamin D but certainly we’re not as a as a culture getting as much Sun as we used to we sit in rooms and we sit in front of screens well that’s just it did you ever see kids outside anything any more number when you were a kid our neighbor our neighbors I see them outside every once in a while every once in a while right so what happens is we’re just staying inside more we don’t get enough Sun you’re the color of your skin if it’s darker you need more vitamin D if you’re older you need more vitamin D you have expose yourself to more vitamin D Co go to the beach more often the other thing is if you’re pregnant you need to be taking vitamin D because if you’re breastfeeding or are pregnant you’re not going to get enough vitamin D and that could directly influence how that child’s immune system is going to be down the road the other thing is a lot of people are becoming deficient in vitamin D because their livers are either fatty or they don’t have a gallbladder and there’s or because they don’t have a file or their God that explains a lot yeah that would explain a lot because people have these fatty livers more from a whole culmination of things from diet to meds to all other kinds of interesting solutions the other really yep they’re the other big thing that’s actually when you have when you’re exposed to glyphosate and pretty much everyone is exposed to glyphosate glyphosate GMO foods attack the the microbes did the bio the friendly bacteria and they mess with their pathways that are involved in not just making proteins and amino acids and neurotransmitters and things like that but you recycle bile with your microbes 90% of all your bile is recycled by them the microbes so not enough healthy microbes not vitamin D and then you’ll start having problems too with just the absorption of vitamin D you can have normal vitamin D in your blood but it’s just not being absorbed so this is the topic that I’m very interested in and I’m gonna be doing more videos on it because you can it’s such a no-brainer it’s like you can solve so many problems by very inexpensively hmm okay all right we need to go to a hearing from Salt Lake City Utah are you there yes sir go ahead hello hello hi how are you yeah my question is I think several videos on YouTube of another guy that said that toothpaste break the fast so I was like that kind of like freaked me I’m like what am I gonna do now brush my teeth when I’m fasting so that’s my question does toothpaste break that well especially if you swallow it and it has sugar in it and also Jo deterrent breaks the fast and also shampoo breaks the fast so you cannot shower anymore or brush your teeth or dental floss because that has blusher now the toothpaste is not going to be a problem especially if you’re brushing it with like a non sugar like I don’t think they I don’t think maybe I haven’t looked recently because I don’t buy toothpaste that has sugar in it but just by a you know like palms from Maine I think that’s fine some natural toothpaste it’s not going to break your fast and spit it out yeah don’t swallow it and you can use deodorant as well and you can use soap on your body it’s not going to break your fast so that’s a myth okay and you can always test yourself with ketosis before and after you brush your teeth but if you actually as a tip for people I think I might have mentioned this last week but I’ll just have to tell people again if you’re like to snack late at night brush your teeth and it just destroys your ability to want to snack anymore just try it sometime okay so in a minute wait a minute wait a minute so if you only want a snack and you want to avoid snacking to avoid snacking brush your teeth it seems to reduce the pleasure of snacking you know what we should do is we should create a chimney Matoo paste oh my gosh that is brilliant that’s why I get the big butt so gymnema is an herb that completely blocks the the sensation of the taste or sugar we really need that we had we used to have a product it is called sweet free yeah and we should do that again now someone else is gonna do that because they’re listening to us but just know yeah it’s great it’s a great demo and it’s a it’s a great way to ruin a party but it’s a great assistant it’s a great assist to to somebody who’s really trying hard and they’re just super weak in the beginning or they feel like they can’t do it or there’s nothing more motivate and having some gymnema and then eating like anything but but let me ask you a question it is horrible I have a question yeah okay so what would be better destroying the sensation of sweet okay turning all this great food that you love into bitterness or there’s something else called the magical berry this is true there’s a there’s a berry that you can’t chew on that will turn bitter into sweet yes I don’t know if I’ve done a video on this but so you could actually take sour yogurt you can take but we’re not eating yogurt on keto anyway okay I’m just using this as an example okay you can take something bitter and add had this bear in your mouth and it’ll actually be sweet so it actually gives you this sensation it’s so arugula would taste like sweet arugula cake yeah I think that would be a great I think we’re gonna go after that character we’re gonna do that okay okay okay so it’s time for some more information for people okay so this is another tip just because they don’t have a quiz it’s going to be a tip all right I mean it’s kind of like it’s kind of like but I want to turn it into just food for thought if you have a bad heart if you have a heart damage typically the heart runs on glucose and it runs on fatty acids but what happens is if you have a bad heart not a broken heart a sick heart you have an impaired ability to absorb that fuel the same thing happens in the brain when your brain starts getting damaged you can’t really absorb absorb the glucose or the fat yeah well you can’t do in the brain anyway you can’t absorb fatty acids but as far as the heart goes what really messes with the heart muscle is you can’t get the fuel anymore and so you start the heart cells start to get enlarged you start developing scar tissue you start developing an enlarged left side of the heart the ventricle so it’s getting bigger if you have all these electrical problems and then you get a heart attack okay so it just so happens there’s another fuel that you can bypass this whole thing with and dramatically increase the oxygen to that heart would you like to know what it is yes ketones ah shocking ketones the same thing with a brain that’s degenerating if Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s the brain loves it bypasses the mechanism the different fuel system so to support a damaged brain and especially a heart you guys need to run your body on ketones you have your parents your grandparents get them on ketones with the healthy keto and they’ll start to actually have improvements now the number one symptom for a heart problem this would be a good quiz okay let’s just ask people what’s the number one classical symptom for a bad heart see if you guys can guess it I think I know why you’re guessing it I need to go to the wall no well from Memphis Tennessee go ahead no well um hello can you hear me yeah I can hear you fine okay I’m so happy to talk to you I’m originally from crows land in California but I’m here in Memphis Tennessee vacationing oh okay great anyway yes I started acquiring the supplements you recommended that vitamin d3 and k2 but I also acquired the cod liver oil and can I take them together or would I be taking too much vitamin D at one time good question you cannot overdo over overdoing your vitamin D with Connor Boyle so you don’t to worry about that but cod liver oil has four things it has vitamin A vitamin D okay and a nice little 50/50 balance but it also has the DHA which is a Nega 3 fatty acid and EPA which is another type of omega-3 fatty acid those two together so you have all of four things that’s why we recommend callable it’s very very important caliber oil does not have k2 so yes you can take both of them thanks for your question all right what do we got care all right so interesting earlobe crease edema or inflammation a fingernail changes chest pain cold feet but the number-one answer you know shortness breath okay guys you’re close that was no cigar the answer is decrease capacity for exercise in other words fatigue when you exercise well if you exercise and you run it a gas really fast suspect it’s a heart problem that’s the number one symptom is you just can’t why why is that because when the heart muscle gets damaged you lose the ability for that heart to push blood and oxygen through the body and so this is why ketones the preferred feel for the heart muscle is essential the other thing is you need vitamin E and the complete complex to you can actually improve the heart muscle very fast with vitamin E if you’re getting vitamin E get the one that has the coffe Rawls mix the coffers in tokut renals okay okay so together because that’s the complete complex and you can improve and then so as you go in Quito and you take vitamin E and you do how the keto the first thing that’s going to improve and then it happens pretty fast it’s like oh my gosh I can I can exercise and I have more wind I can actually go up the stairs and not on a breath that’s why some people are closed on the out of breath that’s exertion fatigue with exertion I gotcha okay okay did you like that tip that was good wasn’t it that was a good tip I think everybody has a tension on that heart heart issues why would that be why would people have a tension on it yeah because there’s a lot of it going around and it’s so scary stuff number one death is heart attacks right I don’t know what the number one death no I think number one death is drug overdose of prescription drugs Jason any virtue okay his heart three cancer okay so we need to go to David he’s been waiting patiently from Utah Dave are you there hi yeah it’s me again yeah I don’t know if you’re selling Emily but yeah I’m for more how do you guys doing doing good good okay well the what working what I was having a salad I had had sriracha and see the dressing on it and then I had a couple of five tonight and all of a sudden I started having inflammation in my pancreas and when my name was in but I was in chest pain I was in like stomach pain for four and a half four hours until I was sent to the emergency room okay we found out that I will have had an inflammation in my inflamed in my pancreas so anyway I was wondering what’s the best thing to do to help that because right now it had me on a liquid diet or right now I’m getting in a bit of fasting right now as well so what was this dressing with it had cyanide in or something what was the dressing that you used it was regular what okay okay so regular season Dave let me out I just have to say this sugar and say here’s the things you have to realize that 90% 95% 99% 99.999% of all the dressings out there our loaded with soy oil some corn oil definitely sugar multi dextran so you’re consuming omega-6 fatty acids that are inflammatory which create inflammation like in different organs and hint so you need to do a really good healthy version or a healthy version of addressing with with olive oil and some vinaigrette that’s what you need to do but you need to read the instructions or ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have that virgin olive oil would be the best now some people think that the virgin olive oil is some like a olive that you know didn’t get pregnant yet that’s not what virgin olive oil means okay you did you know I was reading and then I I caught a little bit of what you said all right we’ll just go on we’ll just move on so Dave dressings read the labels okay and you’ll be fine all right so now we need to go to social media because I don’t want to neglect people from Facebook or YouTube well we appreciate that I’m glad you do and so this comes up every week so I guess people who aren’t watching every week you need to watch every week so you can get the answer but Ramadan yeah you fast right so when people ask questions about Ramadan and fasting I mean Ramadan is fasting so the key in doing Ramadan successfully is not in the fasting is what you eat when the fasting time is over yes what starts yeah I think I I don’t know a lot about it but as far as what you can eat and if you can eat anything you want if you just do the healthy version of keto and boom you’re fasting all day long actually very very helpful for people who want to get started yeah and that will actually get you adapted right and then you continue it right well that was all I mean a lot of different religions used fasting it I mean because it’s stood the test of time it’s for a reason it was a very smart thing to do they knew way back that it was a good thing to do yeah I think here’s another point I want to bring up Karen yeah and then I’ll zip it calm here’s the thing I don’t think the average person knows how vital and the effects that fasting can didn’t have on their body you don’t realize they don’t realize what it what it really is it might seem like a little thing we’re like what’s that gonna do not eating but there’s some magical things that happen when you go on a fast I mean literally mind-blowing things I’m talking your your your your cellular genetics switch over into certain genes that start repairing for the first time in years our body is designed to withstand starving and not eating four pairs of time it finally likes it you know we were not designed to eat every three hours and some people that tell you that fasting is dangerous because you need to eat every three hours they’re completely delirious so you want to unless it’s you in which case you just right unless you were temporarily confused yeah so if you’re if you’re new to fasting guys and you’re just watching this for the first time I’m telling you you should try it you should really try it do it correctly I have a lot of videos on it and you are gonna be literally shocked on the benefits I mean you literally grow a new brain not just the entire brain but certain parts of the brain like the brain called it the part of the brain called the hippocampus which has like the relay switch to your your data files for memory so all of a sudden you start remembering things your mood comes up your inflammation goes down just fascinating okay I think the moral of the story what is the moral health peekytoe and intermittent fasting and I say healthy keto this is a dr. Byrd point right there one of these there’s they’re everywhere now because there’s a lot of keto out there that’s whatever a lot of versions of Cato versions of keto a lot of manufacturing companies jumping on the keto bandwagon because it’s very very popular vitamin shoppe has a whole section now it’s just keto people are jumping on this bandwagon you can’t assume just because it says keto that that it’s healthy also the concept of snacking ketose snacks this is just a different thing healthy keto and intermittent fasting is a dr. Berg thing but my point what’s your point get to the point my point is think for yourself you have to understand this is not a philosophy where you’re just told what to do you know so-and-so is telling me what to do and so I’m going to do that and it didn’t work so now I’m gonna do that and I mean you really you need to be educated and that’s one thing I love about these guys who follow you and are on these social media platforms because the vast majority people do think for themselves and they are interested in understanding and doing some research and so you need to be a label reader you need to understand what’s up with your collection why is we every you know seven times an hour we get the question my cholesterol went up when I started doing keto why is that you know use use the four thousand you know videos yeah that was my point thank you for your point the end it’s well taken your point is well-taken thank you it’s very very important to understand the why yeah not just what to do so that’s kind of what I’m trying to do in my videos I and I don’t and I couldn’t I create the videos like I want to listen to them I don’t want long introductions I like people to get to the point don’t give me a lot of extra things and then get in and get out like don’t write an introduction with my doing the dance the dance I was gonna do write all of your videos right you can do your own separate videos on that how about that yeah I’m really excited I got a new board it’s a it’s a smart board and so you can it’s huge and you can actually know where markers and you can do all sorts of cool things I’m just trying to figure out how to use it but hey Joanne you’re from st. Louis Obispo both st. Louie Obispo California San Luis Obispo okay yes thank you for taking my call I originally looked at your website and took your test before you had your book out and it seemed like across the board everything was adrenal and I had followed some others fights and I tried Teatro and it didn’t go great but then I went back and I thought I’m just gonna follow dr. Berger because you had the best advice and I read your book and I realized that the first question before the test was you know if you have a problem digesting fats don’t take the test you have a liver body type and I thought oh because my my body is even though I had all the other symptoms of adrenal like my stomach is more of a potbelly God so I started doing health yeah I started doing healthy keto it’s been going great I’ve lost weight I’m doing Pilates I I have all this energy but I’m not losing the potbelly if I’m losing it in other places and so and the recommendations are very different between adrenal and liver so I’m wondering what to do yeah I think you have one of my earlier books honestly I’m just gonna tell you right now since you since you’re asking this question I would you go to dr. Berger calm right on the front page I actually just give you a summary of what diet you need to start on it’s basically it’s it’s kind of like the the basic new eating plan that everyone regardless of your body type should go on if you’re an adrenal if you’re this it’s a basic thing if you just bait tight you can actually print it out for free and use it but I recommend that I also on my blog and on YouTube if you find the video start here first for beginners I actually walk you through it used to watch some of those beginning videos because if you actually do this like I’m recommending the stomach will go down but you have to do the combination of the intermittent fasting as well and for you I would shoot for one meal a day and that’s gonna make a huge difference in your belly size and your health thanks for your call Joanne hopefully we’ll get some follow-up from you oh we have to go to Jeff Illinois because he’s been waiting and you had a question about exogenous ketones right that’s correct yes I works well I love you guys this is awesome I love attending get you some actual answers right away so we thank you for that my question is I have no problem fasting but when I do get a little bit of a hunger you know they say to drink a cup of coffee or something I’ve never had a cup of coffee before in my life so I’m just not a fan of coffee so I guess my question is if I have some exaggerated ketones that may be that new now or something like that to committee help with my fast will that break my fast got it this is a real interesting question I want to clarify it because if you if you’re basically taking ketones you’re yes you’re going to break your fast and you’re going to slow down your weight loss but you’re not adding sugar you’re not adding sugar so it’s a little different czaja has ketones pretty much bypass your body’s ability to produce them and you’re actually running off ketones that already in the ketone form so if your goal if one of your goals is to lose weight and you take these ketones then your body doesn’t have to burn its own fat it’s gonna live off the ketones that you’re taking so from that standpoint it does slow down your ability to lose weight that’s my my viewpoint on that because your body fat is not being tapped into I do recommend exogenous ketones for basically two situations one is if you’re very frail and you have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s okay so let’s do that or if you’re doing a long-distance running and you want some extra energy but you may want a bit benefit from maybe like a certainty that you can take that’ll actually help you fast for a longer period that might actually be a better idea than the coffee anyway to cific one you can do the fasting team not that I’m biased but you can check that out thanks for your call Jeff all right no because it’s after 12:00 it’s time all right listen guys we really appreciate your attention yes but we have to plug again the keto summit everybody that’s washing washing your dishes right now washing it’s not washing and figure out how you’re gonna get to the keto summit it’s such oh not an overload it’s such a dose of education and it will really launch you forward in your own house and helping other people we find that just about everybody we met last year really had was on a mission to help other people as well and so it’s August 31st and September 1st it’s in it’s at the Gaylord hotel in Maryland right outside of Washington DC it’s over Labor Day weekend it’s gonna be beautiful it’s gonna be a great with bring your whole family yeah no I want to mention one thing yeah when you actually do something that works a lot of you have great results you want to strengthen that successful action and do more of that especially if it’s for your own survival on your health the Aikido summit is this gonna help strengthen your your knowledge that you already have and your success that you already have and if you’re new to it it’ll actually really give you all the basics but I mean you want to kind of reinvest in things that work things that have helped you so come learn more and improve what you already have on to take it to the next level that’s right and show up to this show next week next Friday because we are gonna be giving away some tickets to the Aikido summit so if you want a chance we’re gonna be given a couple of them away that’s true well maybe more you never know because who’s the queen of giving tickets away you are Karen okay great so we’ll see you next Friday all right okay see ya you

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