Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto – with special FREE offer

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto – with special FREE offer

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto – with special FREE offer

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[Music] this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation’s capital it’s time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys were back another Friday at 11 o’clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time we’re gonna welcome your questions we have a live show here and we have Karen that’s gonna help out with all the million questions in social media yeah if you want to call in the number is 866 five six one four two nine two we have a ton of callers from all around the world waiting right now so we’re gonna go right to megan from georgia go ahead you’re on the line hi good morning i was calling to ask about my fasting blood sugar I started keto in the first week of January so it’s been about five weeks and my I’ve been diabetic in the past I’ve had gestational diabetes and so going into it my fasting blood sugar was around 120 and I’m a 37 year old and I’m nursing my daughter too so I haven’t been able to do intermittent fasting for extended periods but my fastings gone down the lowest that I’ve seen is 96 and ranging around you know a little above 100 so I’m just wondering I read somewhere that if you’re above 100 then you’re not really in ketosis and I don’t know if that is true I’m showing keto I’m showing ketones on the strips the urine strips so just wondering if I am in ketosis and if I’m just not here to adapt it or if it’s just gonna take a long time to see those numbers come down it’s a great question good so let’s just answer that first of all probably 25 years ago might have been a little longer maybe it was in the 70s normal blood Sugar’s were fasting normal blood Sugar’s were actually a little higher so there was a group committee who changed it and made it lower and pretty much made everyone diabetic so if your blood sugars are a little bit higher not to worry about that because I think you you’re in ketosis if you’re officially in ketones in your urine you’re in ketosis and it’s working of course when you’re you know nursing you don’t want to go crazy through them in the fasting I would just stick with three meals and then no snacks in between that would be important that would be like a nice version but let’s just pretend now you’re doing everything right you’re not fasting and your blood Sugar’s are not coming down and they’re just too high and you want to bring them down there’s a couple things that I look at and this also goes for if you’re actually not losing weight and/or you’re not losing inches in your plateau it’s kind of like a little my little troubleshooter number one reevaluate your carbs make sure that you know that where they are at because a lot of times people are oh yeah my carbs are fine but in reality they’re a lot higher than they should be if you have a slow metabolism you want your car’s below 20 grams and in some cases if you have a thyroid issue you need to bring them down even lower if you if your metabolism is completely shot down to maybe 10 grams or less so that’s one thing okay just make sure your carbs are in check just basically want to make sure you’re doing everything correct make sure you’re not doing access amounts of protein make sure you’re now doing no protein you know have some it’s like a moderate amount of protein make sure your greens are high I also look to make sure that you’re sleeping how is your stress level those two things could keep you out of ketosis for sure then there’s other things you can do because let’s say you have a history of diabetes and it’s chronically a problem and you have insulin resistance and you’re trying to bust through this thing well you might need nutrition nutrients electrolyte B vitamins chromium zinc potassium all really really important vitamin D very important to improve the insulin resistance which will bring down the insulin and help normalize your blood sugar the other thing is that you could add an exercise to that okay add more sleep to that and then let’s say you’ve done all these things and still there’s nothing else changing then I would look to other body issues like there must be a weak link here do you have a underlying digestive issue are you constipated you have an underlying inflammatory condition do you have some type of part of your body that is just like a weak link that you need to strengthen then once you fix that I would then start going more extreme within a minute fasting so you want to go maybe you’re going to meals go to one meal going one meal make sure that you you know maybe you do you know you adjust your fats you know so there’s always things that you can do all right Megan thanks for your call and we’re gonna go to Chris from Florida you had a question about in Amanda fasting and gastric bypass go ahead yes thank you so much for taking my call sure hi Karen I love you guys I listen every week we learned watching in videos thanks I’ve been watching your videos and I have to started keto yet but I am about to have been planning I’m a planner so I like to plan ahead I’m 58 years old I had a gastric bypass about 20 years ago and I’ve gained some weight back and so during deficit bypass also they did take out my gallbladder so I’m about to start keto and like I said I’ve been planning watching your videos so I’ve gotten a purchase out of your supplement so I have them on hand so I’m ready to get started so my question to you is basically I’ll start with three meals can I use the kale shake that I have as a supplement as a meal replacement like can I have it for breakfast instead of eating oh you mean the kept the powder kale shake instant cow shake or just an actual kill sure know the power have the powder tail shake the chocolate was good so that that was the main question right yeah I want to know if I can use that as a meal replacement and also about intermittent fasting I have a question about since I have had a gastric bypass and I can’t eat a lot at one meal I’m wondering once I start imprinted fasting can I eat in between like say if I eat at 12 and then I eat it six can I eat in between just I’m getting in like vegetables and things that I can’t eat during the meal God okay good so let me address those questions okay yeah the instance kale shake you could add that as a meal replacement for sure the only thing that I would add is I would add a little bit of fat that way it makes a you know better better meal because anytime you have low fat protein you want to add the fat in there I do have a chocolate meal replacement with MCT oil which would be fine but when you do instant kale shake it does need a little more fat so you might want to add that and then maybe your greens you know then you have then you have the protein the fat and the Greens okay so that would be totally fine now as far as the other questions go but the cool thing about intermittent fasting and gastric bypass is that the need for the calories go down because your body is adapting to that so you no longer the requirements for even all nutrients even protein go down because your body is protecting and it’s recycling a lot of other different things so you can get by with less calories and do comfortably just make sure that it’s it’s kind of a personal thing you have to adjust to your body to see how you what you feel and see if it works for you everyone is kind of different but there’s some guidelines so now if you’re doing let’s say two meals okay can you snack in between ideally you don’t want to do that you would rather it be better to add the fat but let’s say you eating at 12 and 5 and you’re in the transition phase you’re phasing into it you’ve got an eating window that you can stick things in there because now you’re going too fast for those 18 hours whatever it is so yeah add a kale shake add a salad in the middle there I think that’s a great transition to get your green so that way you’re not eating all of it you know at one meal especially for you thanks thanks Chris that’s a good question alright Karen we’re going to you if you have a you have a quick question over there thank you don’t say that cuz we got a lot of questions over here it’s never quick in social media it just keeps coming okay it’s the gift that keeps coming it’s the gift that keeps giving okay so we have I’m at a toss-up because we have a lot of questions that we get every single week and I think it’s important to you know to repeat these things but well first of all I want to say hello to to Oregon and Chicago and Alberta and Michigan and California and a lot of you guys aren’t saying where you’re from this morning but hello thank you for being here I’m gonna start with Katie on Facebook who’s asking how do you know you’re in ketosis good question the the best way is to do keto strips okay you can check there’s these little strips you can get on Amazon and you can check your urine and it’ll tell you how much ketosis that you’re in that’s one way is it necessary no because the other way is just to you know look at look at your inches loss off your stomach if you’re losing inches off your stomach you’re gonna be in ketosis that’s one of the best indicators because as you adapt to ketosis what happens you start burning up more ketones there’ll be less in the urine so it gives you false this all false idea that oh my gosh I don’t have ketones in my urine yes I’m losing weight but I’m not in ketosis yes you are you’re just burning up the ketones in the beginning now you’ll see more ketones because you’re just losing more so yeah so so basically you’re saying that the keto strips aren’t reliable throughout this well they’re not a hundred percent there are good in there one of the many indicators but it doesn’t give it the whole picture right so use judgment look at the whole picture if you’re losing weight you’re inches are coming off you’re feeling great guess what you’re in ketosis yeah and you know we had we had to talk about this earlier today or was it last night and I was saying you know people have to realize I know people get frustrated a lot when they’re not dropping pounds and they think something’s wrong I’m not losing the weight I’ve been new in ketosis I’m not losing weight what’s problem on plateauing but I can attest to this that the scale doesn’t tell you if you’re in ketosis or if you’re in the process of this thing that dr. Burke explains a toughie gee where your cells are rebuilding I’m losing size and building muscle and I’m not anyway so we were talking about the analogy like yeah okay you can build a brand new body in nine months you can build a house in a couple of months but what if you have a house that’s been there for 50 years and you decide you’re not going to tear it down and rebuild it you’re actually gonna one-by-one remove the walls rebuild the internal frame you know and go at it that way it might take a little bit longer so you have to look at all these other indicators how does my skin look how am i sleeping how is my shirt fitting how are my pants fitting in and really lay off the the scale idea or thinking that just because you’re not losing a pound you know it’s not working that’s that’s not you know the only thing that could maybe not be working is that you’re not you know following you know truly to keto and intermittent fasting that’s a good point because you have how many cells of the body Karen owe you 300 trillion 100 trillion yes 100 trillion so so it’s gonna take more than a week to get to your ideal weight you have 100 trillion cells love that have to be you know improved rebuilt right and you know also this other thing I’d like people say oh I’m healthy I’m only 30 pounds overweight I’m healthy I’m not on a medication really you have atrophy of the body loss of tone you live on planet Earth there’s some there’s some issues there that need to be so my definition of health is completely different than the average person but but again you know so thank you for that Karen we’re gonna go right to someone that’s been holding for 41 minutes now roopinder go ahead you from California hey thank you for taking my call sure doctor I have I have a lot of issue with my digestion from last two years and finally you know this wondered I had a lot of a gallbladder stone and inflamed gallbladder I decided sorry but my symptoms my problem is still there and have a lot of migraine so yeah can I ask you a question sure do you have a migraine right now do you have a headache right now at this time not not right now Donald I mean I’m sorry to hear that but here’s your something here’s something you want to do you want to get this torture I mean treatment device it’s a massage tool okay and you want to take this I have a technique you would press it underneath the right rib cage about an inch down an inch off the midline to the right and you can watch my videos on headaches in the gallbladder you press it into the lower abdomen and then if you had X alleviate that means it’s connected to the gallbladder so many cases where you have migraines and headaches are triggered by and there’s a nerve that goes right underneath the right side it goes all the way up to the neck up to the head I saw your video and that time I had a surgery so I I mean I couldn’t do that because that incision tears yeah okay so then all that a formula with help but there’s some other other points as well as you do intimate fasting and ketosis the gallbladder actually you don’t have one I think you said you had it did you say you had it removed I had a surgery three weeks ago okay so now what’s gonna happen is them you have a little tube from your duct from your liver that goes into the small intestine there’s no sac there so I think what’s going to help you is some bowel support some extra bile that you can take addition to your food take one after a meal that way you’ll have more bile to get more of a complete digestion but the fact that you had surgery there you’re not going to be pressing there anymore I didn’t know that so you if you have surgery don’t press where the scar is don’t press on the gallbladder press on the opposite side and the pain trysts okay I have videos on that opposite side the mirror image side underneath the left ribcage that will give you a lot of relief but as you in a minute fasting and kind of maybe go easy on the fats initially your headaches should improve now the other main cause of these migraines and headaches is a low blood sugar situation hypoglycemia which so many people have but it’s hard to detect it so watch my videos on that and continue to do this because eventually that will actually help all right now we’re gonna go to Karen okay well I just read something and I want it I want to address this that someone is a little disappointed in you dr. Burton because you rarely answer the posts in your videos so I just want to put a little wreath thousand there’s three thousand videos and no post a day or three thousand posts a day on over two thousand videos it’s hard to get to everyone it is hard to get to everyone and we definitely do the best we can and that’s actually the video posts are inspirations for the videos that dr. Berg creates so don’t feel neglected don’t feel like no one’s listening because moderators are scanning those posts all the time trying to give people some help and dr. Burke is making videos so another point is definitely look in the Facebook page and YouTube and type in dr. Berg blank whatever dr. Berg joint pain dr. Berg migraine whatever and you will get a ton of videos that answer your question I am guaranteeing that the realization that a lot of people have it is like wow you have a video and everything yes I do just find you have to find it though and I’m working on consolidating that so you can find it but that’s why when you keep asking and answering the same question over and over it’s like Oh search here right right but you know it is important a lot of people are learning and so I’m gonna give you a couple of these questions okay go ahead so I see a big question here what is the this is from Noreen on Facebook and she asked what’s the difference between keto and paleo okay good good question alright so keyed paleo allows more carbs they allow more carbs they allow some fruit they allow some dates agave nectar got a nut chokolate yeah so so Kido is a lower carbohydrate because the carbs determine whether you’re burning fat or not and a lot of times when you’re in paleo you never get fully into ketosis because of those little carbs sitting there now that being said I have a version of keto that is different than other and I recommend a lot more vegetables it’s a it’s kind of like a healthier version plus we’re adding another strategy in there which is a different way of eating which is in a minute fasting so what I’ve done is I’ve combined the best of both worlds and combined all these strategies together to have a powerful program that people get results so that’s why it might be confusing you know paleo your back ends and this and that so yeah next question okay good so somebody on YouTube is really wanting to know your thoughts on distilled water yeah distilled water I don’t recommend it because it’s water without any minerals at all and it’s kind of like a refined product it’s not nature you never find distilled water so it starts to pull stuff out now a lot of people take that to detox which is fine if you’re doing it very temporarily but the problem with still water it leaches out not just the bad you know metallic minerals and stuff but the good minerals as well so you end up with oh my gosh mineral deficiency so maybe you take the distilled water and then you add electrolytes in after that’s the possibility but I’m not crazy of anything other than a short term type of program where you’re doing distilled water okay okay good alright so we’re gonna go to Boston Jody’s been waiting for 31 minutes and 27 seconds oh my gosh Jody hi dr. Burke I first of all thank you so much for all your videos and your YouTube account is a gold mine really your videos have helped me fine-tune my fasting protocols so much awesome I have lost 40 pounds [Applause] just for you well I still have other 50 pounds to go so yeah we still anyway my question is about the pancreas as it relates to type 2 diabetes and I’m sorry if you’ve already addressed this but I have come across you theories about a diabetic pancreas first one being that betta cells are better cells however you can answered get killed with years of high blood sugar and they cannot be revived like the damage is already done right so forth and the second is that the pancreas is just clogged with fat it’s just about like fat less than one gram which is in the pancreas and if that goes away the diabetes is gone like which one is it in your opinion okay good okay so the first question yes the beta cells are control they have actually produce insulin so they’re the ones that are controlling all the sugars in the pancreas so that’s that now yes years of eating the wrong foods years of high sugar make those cells work like crazy and then they eventually get tired and they burn out and then they die and that’s it right you’ve become a diabetic type 1 and you could also get a type 1 from autoimmune issues which is we’re not going to get into that subject right now but you know even if they’re burnt out and they’re not fully dead you I find that you can at least improve them greatly if not completely restore them in some cases depending on how far it’s gone so that’s kind of an opening question I would always try to improve it and see how far you can go because the goal is if you’re a diabetic and you’re taking insulin the goal is to how do you take is the least amount possible because if you’re a type 1 diabetic and you’re on insulin and you’re basically eating the wrong foods causing the need for more insulin you’re going to get a lot of problems with your eyes your kidneys your nerves and your heart and the arteries so that’s the goal so so that’s one okay so yeah you can actually probably restore a lot of the function of the beta cell second question fat clogging up things in the pancreas in and that well here’s some data about fat that I want to just mention saturated fats if you if you consume fats with carbohydrates that’s really bad this whole viewpoint that people are saying oh yeah it’s all about the saturated fats that’s what’s causing the diabetes that’s what’s causing the problem I will guarantee in fact I will bet you anything that these people that are consuming all that fat are also at the same time consuming a ton of sugar and corn sugar and high fructose corn syrup I will guarantee that they’re not just having fat because the truth is that when you consume these fats with a low carbohydrate diet you don’t create that same effect you actually can improve things you actually restore function so the danger is adding in the sugar it’s the wild it’s the variable that messes everything up a lot of the successes that you see on our site amazing success on all different levels these people are doing higher fats but they’re cutting their carbs down that’s the best program for a diabetic thanks Jody all right Karen okay good well here’s one from Julie she wants to know how long if you’re doing the diet correctly how long does it take to reverse or repair insulin resistance yeah good question it’s it depends how long how chronic it is I’ve seen some people who have a mild version and they haven’t abused their life like I have with a lot of sugar so it’s pretty quick I mean it changes immediately and everything is great and they’re the success stories that you see on social media that oh I did your program I lost 30 pounds and I’m back to normal and it took two days and then like what and then you have other people who are a little more upset because they’re not getting the results of course because they had an underlying insulin resistant problems for years previously so that’s going to take longer so it could range anywhere from a couple weeks to months to a couple years but the best measurement for insulin resistance I believe is your way okay measuring your waist that waist coming down your insulin is healing and you if you go out in society look at people you can tell who has insulin resistant problems just by the shape of where their their body is and if they have a big gut okay you might find some people with a big gut especially at at the carnival the carnivals I would say okay III had to withhold that yes okay you can find there is there’s everywhere actually you can’t spread the problem is that that the food that you can find in the center of the grocery store and and just about every commercial ever noticed that you don’t see a commercial for kale you don’t make one you don’t see a commercial for radishes and kale and green peppers you just don’t see it you see all these commercials for prepared food and the center of the grocery store and those are very effective ads and even the the weight loss plans that are out there and really televised on commercials all the time these are packaged foods these aren’t living food items and this does even if it if it allows some weight loss initially it you know people gain the weight right back it creates a big belly you see it everywhere I’m sorry that’s a Rance have you seen the chest now that you brought that up Karen I’m gonna have to get people the first quiz of the day so I’m gonna ask a question and then I’m gonna roll that Bell again okay Rena bring it later but I have to I have to ask the question okay so here’s here’s a question guys I want you to respond on social media get to the bottom here what food has the most nutrients of any other food on planet Earth okay type in what you think all right we’ll come back to that answer most nutrients yeah and you have most nutrients nutrient-dense all the foods on the planet what is the number one food it’s very specific because it’s a repeater people who’ve seen you before do this and you’re gonna find out you’re gonna okay okay so now we’re gonna go to a rule from New Jersey go ahead you’re you’re on the air hi dr. Berg thanks for taking my call sure I’m uh I just give you my profile first I’m a 51 year male working in IT so I have a certain Terry lifestyle with a very strong family history of heart attacks I’m coming from India so our normal diet consists of a lot of our carbohydrates rice and wheat and with vegetables and meat but the predominantly we take carbs as a main a main source now recently I had an angioplasty with three stents and I have high cholesterol I have got high blood sugar and blood pressure and I’m taking medications for all three my total cholesterol is less than 200 but my LDL B is more higher than the a and then my HDL is 25 and my triglyceride is 190 my a1c is at 6.1 it has come down from 6.8 and because of the medication and the diet that time last six months I am not purely vegetarian diet I quit non-vegetarian based on my doctor’s recommendation to go to a plant-based diet and then I have found my weight has come down by 15 pounds my numbers are looking good but after seeing your videos though it makes a lot of sense to me but all these years I have been raised with a belief that eating meat and fat is harmful right no no no butter no fat no no red meat now it is kind of challenging to myself to to adapt to this but yeah but more importantly my question is when you say high fat do you mean saturated fat or unsaturated fat is one question and then when you take a low-carb are you talking about the simple carbohydrates or the complex carbohydrate right and fine leave both I and my wife we take the same food why I am getting all this problem and my wife is not getting so obviously something is different in the body style and how it functions right okay so I’m trying to understand the connection between these two talks thank you right right question okay so number one you’re coming from a history of a lot of carbs right so you know you have the whole thing meats bad saturated fat is bad and you need more plant-based okay yeah you do need plant base but let’s talk about plant base when you go into plant base a lot of people they don’t really go on a plant base they go in a grain based diet they because think about even vegetable oils they’re not vegetable oils their grain seed oils okay grain seed oil so the point is that yes you need the plants in large amounts I’m talking like greens absolutely but the the problem you’re running into is trying to get enough protein you need enough protein on a vegetarian diet you could do it it’s more difficult personally I think if you added some high quality protein whether it’s fish or grass-fed you know products or eggs I think that would help you personally it’s helped a lot of people you don’t have to do a lot you can just do maybe three to six ounces per meal the other thing is when I talk about saturated fats well or just fats in general you can do coconut oil you can do ghee okay you can do that in India then they use it a lot but just to a high quality of butter do the grass-fed butter you know you’re not doing you don’t have to do bacon grease you know avocados are great olives are great olive oil you can do that but one of the challenges that you at the end of the day is you need to have all your nutrients and I suggest probably you if it’s not working for you your current program get the book see what you’re missing and add that in there and test for yourself this is a perfect example of instead of trying to believe a certain way of eating your are doing something that’s not working exactly like you want it well why don’t you try this program like I say and compare the results then you will know based on your own experience if it’s gonna work for you or not I I come confidence going to work but you never know by listening to people and listen to me being confused by this or that so that’s pretty much my viewpoint and I’m sticking to it but the boy point but my documentary point is that you also need to include the intimate of fasting big-time because that’s gonna actually bring down your insulin and really help your heart and a net note okay that’s the end of the question go ahead Karen do you ever I do well first of all I’m just cracking up over here because as soon as we mention I mentioned the commercial somebody said yeah dr. Berg should make or have people make commercials about kale and then the best commercial wins a prize so then as it’s going down going down going down then people are like what’s the prize how do I win no no we this is this is somebody’s idea it’s a fun idea okay but that doesn’t really exist but okay so here’s a good question will keto help Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue well Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition where you have low thyroid and believe it or not what’s really bad for the thyroid is doing the high high carbohydrate diet it’s not healthier thyroid doesn’t need more carbohydrates what it needs is a combination of keto and intimate fasting but also selenium and iodine that would be very beneficial now you mentioned adrenals there’s so many conditions of that involve autoimmune with adrenal in fact if you take and this is just based on observation if you take any of these autoimmune diseases they usually get triggered from a stress event hmm interesting that’s an interesting clue and then that means that the adrenals are involved because adrenals help you adapt to stress so there’s a huge connection between the adrenals and autoimmune so the more you can prove the adrenal the more you’re gonna help my right so in the book I talk about the a basic keto in a minute fasting plan but then you would go not to the thyroid you go to the adrenal chapter and start to add more of the adrenal type recommendations on top of this basic program I think you can be successful with that ok all right now we’re going to Florida with Stefan go ahead you two question I’m doing two meals a day and you said in your videos that protein you know six seven hours could be 6:58 but seven was the number I watched the video now what about the fat Grimes when we do two meals you know the rule of thumb was 20 to 40 if you do three that’s question number one and number two it is uh you know you see in everything nowadays natural flavors like Perrier with lemon flavor which has natural flavors the natural flavors raise insulin sugar good question okay so the first question answer the flavoring question no they’re not gonna natural flavorings are not going to increase insulin okay they’re not going to I know the ingredients of these and they’re very very low carb okay second question with the fat on two meals a day I’m gonna be sending it I’m gonna be I created i’m creating a calculator a keto calculator to be able to help you with that some people are like okay what are the calories what are the grams okay and the other people are like just give me a ballpark figure I want to go on how my body responds to that so they’re not into the calories so but I want to answer both I mean if you want to know the grams it’s gonna be between 90 and 100 grams of fat per day okay now the other thing about that is it’s one of those things in the beginning you need more and towards the middle of the program you need less and then when you actually start losing too much weight you might need to add more so it really goes on your hunger the hunger is the best indication between the meals of if you’re doing it is enough fat so that’s what I’m gonna recommend okay thank you so much Stephanie now we’re gonna answer I want to know the responses on the question what is the most nutrient-dense food what are some of the answers okay some of the answers were kale eggs seaweed we got raspberries a couple of times I’ve got avocado someone said milk actually they said milk milk milk milk milk milk really yes but we did get a lot of liver organ meats and things like that okay so you can I have a drum roll please okay so this is the answer actually organ meats specifically beef liver ya know like what we talked about listen I’m just talking about what has the most nutrients so no one could argue with that just look it up yourself I mean beef liver has massive amounts of vitamin A iron bioavailable iron tons of like other minerals like zinc and selenium it has vitamin C actually two vitamin E vitamin k2 coenzyme q10 that’s like for the heart like it has amazing amounts of protein essential fatty acids EPA DHA like it has everything in it now personally I can’t eat liver I well I will eat a small amount I don’t like it but I’m just telling you that it has a lot of nutrition in a small amount in your diet like once or twice a week probably be a good idea there is you can get a healthy the key is to get want to get grass-fed grass-finished we found a great liverwurst yeah right now there’s going to be two questions that kind of people are going to ask because of that I’m gonna answer them before they show up on social media number one I thought the liver was the place where you store all the toxins right so this is the next question your mom is watching hi Marge okay hi sorry uh-huh hi Marge okay say hello to your mother hello mom how you doing okay so here’s here’s brings this brings up the next question okay and this I kind of already screwed it up so I’m just gonna have to answer it because I was going this is the next true or false question I’ve had is is the liver the organ that stores toxins what do you think Karen well I live with you so I know that’s not true okay good so some of you’re like wait a second I thought that liver was a place to restore toxins no no your fat is where the toxins are stored the liver is the organ that neutralizes toxins it changes the poisons into harmless particles also the liver is the organ that stores nutrients can okay so I just screwed that up but anyway you can get off it’ll be a cool t-shirt what did you say you said save the liver same dilemma know that that’s a good line no there’s something you said before that I’ll have to watch the video again you okay go ahead move along alright so gene is from Ohio go ahead you had a question yes I was born with no tires I had all congenital hypothyroidism and I don’t like taking prescription drugs I don’t let those rocks and for a while now and I grew up with at least the first 20 years of my life with armored thyroid I can’t afford that get some 40 months insurance Congress don’t cover it I have been doing internet fastening for several months now which is helping I did take a thyroid t3 with my letter toxin because I know that the enzyme level toxin does not convert with the t3 I did read that with the bipolar which I don’t wear like say I have but if I boy you need t3 also what can I use to help with my thyroid okay good so the the two minerals that are really important in the thyroid our iodine and selenium okay those are the two that are really important there’s other ones as well so if you were to get a plant-based trace mineral product that would be really really really really good and or like or seek out a high quality sea kelp I think that will give you all the trace minerals that you need that being said you’re on in a minute fasting which is very very smart and really good to do especially for people with bipolar and any type of mental illness because it improves your mood okay it’s natural and because when you take psychiatric medication for mental disorders in bipolar what happens is the side effect that creates insulin resistance so you’re gain weight so the other thing and not not to mention other things but the other thing you want to do is look at the quality of food that you’re eating in an intimate of fasting make sure it’s really really high quality don’t neglect the cruciferous vegetables despite what they say about the thyroid because then you’re taking iodine you’re going to be totally fine and one last thing if you’re doing it fast and guess what you’re gonna save a lot of money you can save up to I don’t know five six hundred dollars a month if you’re doing one meal a day so that way you can take the extra money and buy your armor which is a better medication or are actually hormones for the thigh right thanks gene all right Karen okay good so I’m gonna combine a bunch of questions together again I’m going to remind everybody who’s listening that and watching that probably 96% of the questions that come up during this live show already have videos on them if you go to youtube type in dr. Berg and then you’re subject you’re gonna see answers to it right there so don’t feel like elected if we can’t get to you but here’s my mom have any questions Marge Marge we’ll find out do you have a question you have to type me okay okay good so a couple of combined questions here who is the keto diet not for like if you consider pregnant women nursing women children seniors people with sicknesses people with missing organs people with diseases who shouldn’t do the keto diet okay so if we’re just talking about Kido and I’m not talking about other Kido other Kido programs where they’re doing maybe lower quality fats or oils you know that I’m not talking about that you’re not talking about the version of Kido it’s called healthy Kido that I’m recommending a shion’s as far as people doing it it’s good for every single person why is because it’s a healthy it’s kind of what our bodies need nutrient wise it’s actually it’s low carb moderate protein lots of vegetables healthy fats I mean that’s the perfect eating plan now the next thing that people are going to want to know is what about intermittent fasting oh okay and then how long do you do it for the rest of your life I mean why would you want to go back to the normal diet which is high carb right that’s there’s no purpose right so in a minute fasting okay is there any anyone that’s it’s not good for well okay so you know it’s actually good for everyone there’s some there’s some adjustments you’re gonna have to make like let’s say you’re a nursing mother so you’re not gonna do one meal today maybe do three meals today no snacking so you do a mild version of it now the other point that comes up is people have history of eating disorders okay anorexic bulimic they shouldn’t do it but here’s the interesting thing shouldn’t you what in a been fasting okay now I I disagree because I think if you do in a minute fasting and you’re doing it healthy with all enough calories what’s gonna happen is your overall mood is going to straight up and vertical right because what happens is it helps your mental state because you’re running on a different fuel when your mood is higher you’re much more aware of things you’re much more in the present you can make better decisions you’re feeling better now by our thoughts so our followers are so cool yeah they’re so nice I mean you have a blood sugar problem you become irritable you do things that you you know are you regret you say things you you know so I think really the enhancing your mood it brings your state of beingness it’s going to be really good and that’s just my viewpoint okay good so I have another question okay go ahead here’s a one that I don’t think we’ve ever had before can Quito help or what would help with night terrors or sleepwalking okay so if you’re having night terror what that is it’s a very severe b1 deficiency you need a lot of nutritional yeast especially if you’re let’s say you go in Quito and you’re adapting into fat burning and you have like vivid dreams nightmares whatever what’s gonna happen is you’re like that’s you need more B’s so anytime you’re converting to this new metabolism which is ketosis the B vitamins are much more involved so you need nutritional yeast for sure okay good next question and this is my last night okay I’m taking advantage okay can you use the kale shake powder instead of vegetables no you can’t you can’t because it’s it’s an enhancement it has some kale in there but it’s not going to give you enough but that being said the wheatgrass juice powder does give a lot of concentrated nutrition so I would I would say maybe if you’re gonna do that maybe you need a little less but you’re still gonna need vegetables and the powder you can put in your kale shake to make your kale shake more palatable if you really don’t like it or you haven’t gotten used to it or whatever you’re gonna pee oh that’s good it’ll taste great yeah I mean I’ll have people like they don’t like vegetables okay why well cuz it’s a lot of chewing okay we’ll just get it predigested you know I mean I’m sure you could buy it somewhere he’s often you know he’s a good guy he’s offered to chew my kale yeah I’ll chew it for you yeah you know like like spur you’re a good husband okay next thing this is where we go to the phones yes okay so Mitchell you’re from Indiana go ahead thank you dr. Berg longtime video watch her first on caller oh great um I’ve been doing uh car keto for about five weeks now I do intermittent fasting a ratio of 18 to 6 take my ACV I drink my lemon juice and I do cardio about three to five times a week and I said I’ve I’ve been in the diet for about five weeks now and just this week I’ve been starting to get not debilitating but persistent lower back pain sometimes on my right side today it’s on my left side I’m just wondering if that’s a kidney issue or if there’s anything else I can do to sort help eliminate that question do you get any pain in your big toe no not at all okay have you ever had a kidney stone never okay so here’s the thing that I would I would I would do first because I have videos on low back you could go to my YouTube and then start applying the techniques I showed you can use this press on the inside take care of it but there is one little factor of certain people that are prone to kidney stones could start having a problem with that so here’s the thing that you would want to do to make sure it’s not that it’s not actually believe it or not it’s not like a kidney calcium oxalate stone it’s more of a uric acid stone so it could mean that your urine is a little bit too acid because you’re in some hardcore ketosis so what you want to do as an experiment is alkalize the body a little bit and see if that problem pain goes away there’s a couple ways to do it of course the first way is make sure you’re doing a massive count amounts of vegetables okay the other is taking the electrolyte powder that I have because it has a lot of potassium citrate a thousand and do like three of those in a day and your pain should go down because it’s very alkalizing you’re taking all the alkalizing minerals if you don’t have it right away you can just go to the store and get a calcium magnesium and take take that on an empty stomach through the day and see if the pain goes away then we know it’s more of an acidifying effect and this happens in the transition but not when you’re fully adapted but in the transition of getting in the keto so but you’re all you’re already doing the correct thing but you’re taking lemon juice maybe take a little bit more outside of vinegar which is acidic so you want to actually add more lemon to that maybe you like even two ounces the day and drink a little bit more water okay and just to kind of make sure and if that pain goes away then we know it’s kidding because you want to isolate it alright thanks Mitchell people are saying hi to your mom I love that hey could everybody just type in hi Marge and give Marge some love she’s awesome mom oh hey yeah you have a question yeah I do and it’s one that’s near and dear to me the question came in does food have anything to do with hyperactive kids and so my first two cents on that is is really considering what’s hyper what’s unusually active versus what’s just a normal active kid but past that what’s your what’s your feedback to that question does food have anything to do with a kid who may be overly well excitable it’s good to have these quiet kids in the corner or they sit there when you’re spoken to yeah right so um we want my gosh we were both those kids right oh yeah I was I would like that here’s the thing about that I mean you you would be literally shocked if you started these kids on a low-carb healthy type program I mean their mood their irritability I mean how many kid I mean these kids are hyperactive because they are low and B vitamins low blood sugar they have no potassium they don’t evil’s it’s gonna turn him into a a wind-up you know hyperactive attention deficit kid so oh my gosh it’s I’m gonna write a book for these for the mood issues and irritable kids because it’s so easy to fix and what you need to do is go to the YouTube channel that I’m have and type in these recipes because if you have these great keto bomb cookies around for the kids they won’t know the difference if it’s sugar or not sugar and you start having that oh my gosh these kids would be so healthy alright so we’re gonna go to Kara from Pennsylvania and you had a question Pennsylvania yay hi I have a question I was thinking her over the summer actually I had a partial hysterectomy gall bladder chronic pancreatitis h pylori I had a rough summer I started taking your gallbladder format and changing my my diet obviously so the keto and 16 my low stomach acid I’ve been feeling way better the last four days I was getting like hot chills cold chills for like four days I didn’t think anything of it and then I go to bed a couple of nights ago and I like had like flu-like symptoms so I was wondering if you think this could be you know the keto flu or speaks me something out because I was thrown up you know I just felt like I had to lube and yeah and you how long you been doing this for I have been on the keto diet for almost four months with one meal for the last two months okay yeah I think there’s something going on with that the fact that you don’t have a gallbladder kind of adds a little complexity thing so I would add in acupressure to left and right side underneath your rib cage for sure I would do the electrolytes and then the B vitamins so that that way we can actually make this transition better but I think it could be a combination of something not draining properly through the the liver and gallbladder or it could be just a missing element as you’re transitioning to this so I would go back to the basics and maybe make some adjustments to the amount of fat that you’re consuming since you know the gallbladder may be ease off like it’ll it’ll bring the stress down from the liver because now you don’t have the gallbladder so your if you add a lot of fat it’ll stimulus try to stimulate it and it could create a little bit of a backup so that’s what I would do all right thanks Karen all right Karen okay good so that you guys are awesome there’s like 1,000 hellos to your mom oh that’s correct I know it’s really great now let me give you her cell phone oh now there’s some cell phone that would be great yeah time on her hands yeah I’m not going to give that down but she’s an awesome lady okay great so also I wanted to give a shout out sometimes the notes are flying so high here on social media I haven’t been on top of this but hello to Canada Chile Indonesia we have Cambodia watching today Sweden idiot if you know India India Italy that’s the combo of that’s and you just combined it that’s penetrate Indian Italy and and there’s more Australia all over the United States ever it’s it’s amazing but I did have a question yeah go ahead okay good oh and also I wanted to mention that I’m sure you have another interesting tidbit to reveal only at the end but also we are gonna do a little something different about 15 minutes after this show we’ve had some questions we had some questions about how we met I know and I’ve been resisting this but I saved finally if you guys want to know the story does anyone want to know does anybody care really does anybody care how we met yeah but if you want to know wait England Wales Germany Ireland you’re on three different questions so far I know pew on tractors okay focus on the bunny right focus on the bunny does anybody really want to know how we met he thinks people care well people are asking so I’m like okay we’re gonna about 15 to 30 minutes after this show we’re gonna close down at the end of the hour and then we’ll come back up 15 30 minutes probably more 15 and then we’ll we’ll tell you it’s gonna be a live little thing we’ll do a tell a little story yeah okay okay so stay tuned for that and then I’m just saying Liverpool that the whole world is watching so my question I lost track okay so I’ll bring gave me some other pieces of paper and we we are releasing a little thing you can click down below we have a pleasure food document so if you want some help with different ideas with pleasure foods to make this go right click down below and you can get more information as a download and that’ll be really cool so that’s kind of our giveaway for this time and also any thing that I say in this show it’s not meant to diagnose you or give you all like any type of medical advice it’s just for your entertainment okay it’s for your something the research I’m not I’m not trying to diagnose you over the phone check with your doctor before taking any my recommendations all right thank you so now we’re gonna go to Deborah from Jacksonville Florida you’re on the loan thank you dr. Burke and Karen it was nice to watch all your videos and learn a lot I started intermittent fasting the first of the year because I started researching my mother has Alzheimer’s and it runs in our family and I have severe IBS and once I started keto and got about two weeks into it my IBS is totally gone Wow I’m so thrilled my question is my fasting window it’s gotten down to six hours now I mean six hours of eating and as it gets shorter if I go to one meal a day how do I calculate my calories because you lose your appetite and to be able to eat that much at one sitting is that wise to go to one meal a day and if I do how do I dress my calories I knew you’re gonna ask that difference so I just released a video on the calorie confusion people have when doing keto and fasting because here you have this pie chart right you have this pie chart with five percent car twenty percent protein instead of other percent fat right now what happens when you go to intermittent fasting when you go to two meals in one meal do we still do the same 1,800 calories or 1500 calories or 2,000 calories well that’s gonna be a big meal especially if you’re not hungry for example yesterday I did one meal a day and I’m like I can keep going I’m not even hungry it’s almost like I had to force myself to eat so it’s difficult to eat that much because the meal that I’m in my body is eating is my own fat so I’m gonna create a calendar to help you figure this out because it’s it’s a long answer it’s a little confusing and that’s why a lot of people haven’t really talked about it yet and I if you watch this video I just want to apologize in advance for confusing you because it is a confusing subject but just realize there’s two things I’m creating a calculator to make it really easy so you punch in your food and I’ll kind of tell you where you’re at and give you guidelines and if you go to my site under the recipes you will see a lot of those recipes especially the meals are all based on the percentages of what you need so you don’t have to actually even worry about it just look at the meals like oh I can do that but as you eat less frequent the need for nutrients goes down so you want to keep if you’re doing one meal a day so let’s say you do seven cups of vegetables okay and your salad and you do maybe I don’t know eight eight maybe nine ounces of protein and then the rest fat and realize you might maybe you don’t need as much fat because your body is burning your own fat so that’s kind of something you just have to play around with until you feel comfortable with eating because if you stuff in there 75% of those calories with fat and you’re like oh my gosh I’m bloated for the next two days that’s not gonna be good all right Thank You Debra for that question alright so now I have another question that I want to ask Karen a question I know I know so this is the true or false question okay okay true or false guys yeah okay all right okay Greek yogurt has more protein than plain low-fat yogurt well that’s not fair because they all have Google oh yeah you’re not supposed to look at there okay so no googling if you answer it just like okay so go ahead and answer it okay and then I’m gonna answer oh I need to I have someone on hold for 27 minutes so Cynthia is from Los Angeles so go ahead Cynthia hi guys hi I mean I know Annie so a quick question um so everything Washington ever since but after doing Kido and intermittent fasting for about four months I started turning on allergies like crazy so I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life and now I’m allergic to like egg whites and olive oil and I’m having reaction bad reactions so I was just wondering can and you know or intermittent fasting kind of triggers allergy okay so the question I have what is the when you say allergy what is the reaction that’s happening on your body is it loading is it a skin sensitivity is it a rash like again already its skin mainly on my face and I it just gets puffy in red and cookies okay radiated so Cynthia that that’s not an allergy that’s called Kido flu I mean I’m Kido rash and what that is is that Aaron yeah so as you’re burning fat guess where all the toxins are stored they’re coming out to the fat and they’re gonna come out sometimes you to the skin so there’s a couple ways you can minimize that number one make sure you’re doing opposite of vinegar with the meal okay number two you want to make sure that you’re doing a large quantities of vegetable okay I’m talking like seven to ten per day that’s gonna actually keep the liver cleaned out and then the last thing is the B vitamins you need good amounts of nutritional yeast that should make that go away this rationing is a temporary thing it’s it’s not an allergy okay Thank You Cynthia and so guys we’re gonna end off and also if you wanted to hear this story because people have been asking how do we met it’s kind of a funny little story we’re gonna come back in about 15 or 20 minutes and share that with you thank you so much for your attention and your questions and they were great and thanks Karen and we’ll see you guys next week or in 15 minutes Oh Greek yogurt yeah yeah I almost forgot okay so yeah that’s the answer that one is basically like Greek yogurt does have more protein than plain low-fat yogurt thank you okay goodbye see you guys [Music] [Music]

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