Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and Intermittent Fasting

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More specifically, you want help with Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and Intermittent Fasting?

[Music] this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation’s capital it’s time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hi guys we’re back it’s Wednesday and we are live I think last last week people thought it was a pre-recorded but it wasn’t but we also have Karen here she’s going to be taking a lot of calls are actually a lot of comments from Facebook and YouTube alright okay okay good hey listen if you have a question call us at eight six six five six one four two nine two okay all right let’s just there’s someone been holding a for about 34 minutes so we’re gonna go to New Jersey to get your call from I was born in Jersey yeah you were uh-huh that’s right go Jersey hey you’re on the air it’s a pervy right Ruby are you there hello okay we’ll come back to you hey Kim you’re from Arizona unic question hey our question is regarding my husband and I both have been are on key don’t have been on since October I’m on so late laughs I’ve lost 25 pounds thank you so much for all your help and I’m doing it much helpful because you’ve got me on greens I just kind of jumped into this when my husband was put on it for by you the great medical doctor for his cancer than you know squamous cell in the vocal cords and this is their new way now controversial you know in the cancer world to take them off those smoothies and all of the juices and put them into a keto diet that’s nice jumping ahead or doing it you turn down your volume just a tad if I can hear some no and so with the squamous cell you should put him on the keto diet and he was at about 150 before we started keto he’s down to 138 he has no need to lose weight and so he’s 510 and 138 now he’s doing about 17 to 1,800 calories a day and we’re in an 18-6 window with two large meals no snacks his blood sugar since she got the flu and we’ve been checking chiggers for several months now he has a lot but he’s a scientist he has he’s been very good about that one thing he’s noticed when he caught the flu at in December and it’s just getting over it now is that it made his blood Sugar’s changed at night and his fasting blood sugar went up again about 10 degrees about 10 points higher than you would normally be and then in the morning it was actually higher when he woke up instead of being lower like it normally Abbot can you think of any reason why this is happening and how we can like help him keep some more weight on with the current brain which we’re doing that we’re doing now 80% fat 20% protein and about five to ten percent Club and his glucose is changing from about 95 to a mill over 100 between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 8:00 a.m. okay good so cam a couple things because it’s if you have you have two situations right now you have someone that wants to improve their immune system as much as possible he had some cancer and then at the same time he doesn’t want to keep losing weight because the immune system is going to be improved when he does in a minute of fasting so and of course if you try to push it to one meal a day he probably will might lose a little bit more weight so he’s going to have to eat a little bit more so it’s really a juggle between getting enough calories and and doing the in a minute fasting and I think he’s gonna have he could probably add the weights in there now to try to maybe increase more muscle mass but the point is that I think two meals are going to be good for him and then just increase a little bit more calorie now as far as the flu which is viral and the blood sure is going up what happens when your immune system kicks in guess what you get a spike of cortisol cortisol is the the main hormones that is supposed to support the white blood cells okay that’s why when you get sick or any type of infection they inject you with a steroid which is cortisone and so cortisol is an immune suppressor okay so as soon as you kick in like a viral thing and then Ulsan the coral goes up cortisol releases sugar can it’s a glucose releasing thing so you’re gonna release low sugar and there goes the spike that’s the relationship so the goal is just to get the immune system up and then the sugars will come down but that’s the mechanism good question though all right let’s go to Mandy she’s been waiting for 24 minutes and you’re from Flagstaff Arizona go ahead Mandy oh this is Randy and Mike’s dad Oh Randy okay sorry got a typo there I didn’t Randy oh yeah I’m very good thank you I listened to her first video about December 2nd just on apple cider vinegar and that was a day I kind of decided to cut out all sugar because I had a couple joints and my fingers are just starting a little bit sore and as I started listening to peel your videos on YouTube I decided to cut out all snacking too and then so in the past 7 weeks I’ve lost 24 pounds Wow by cutting snacking through her alone Wow and I did when I did that I realized I was already on a keto diet so I basically use vegetable salads and fish and meat anyway right so I didn’t do anything but I have a hard time trying to keep up with like your 10 cups of salad right now it’s all I can do to you it is like a half a salad and they may be some meat and then I might eat breakfast around 2:00 after 2:00 in the afternoon and then dinner around 5 to 4 to 7 yeah so now I’m down at like one meal a day and maybe every other day I’ll do a breakfast okay I have a hard time much food at one time but I do also do your seek help your your electrolyte powder I do that every day then with lemon juice in water as well at the the organic lemon okay and I do the Auriga news and your cruciferous caps every day to kind of make up maybe for the salad I’m not getting yeah enough do you still want to lose my pardon do you still want to lose weight yeah I I’m only 5’4 and in the weight I was up until I mid-40s was like 135 then of my 50 late 50s I got the 145 men in my 60s now I got up to 163 and I’d like to get down to maybe 130 pounds or so got it let me give you some tips on that okay yeah so I think I think you’ve done really really good and then you’re trying to consume that massive amount of vegetables which I’m telling you it is difficult to do that but now if I’m doing two meals I might do one of the meals I might do most of the vegetable and a little protein and the other may I’ll do more protein more fat so because it is difficult if you’re doing one meal to consume 7 to 10 cups of vegetables so I do understand that so a couple things that you can do one is to maybe spread that one meal a little bit further apart so maybe it’s like one hour of like you eat it and then you wait an hour and then eat the protein you know that’s one way the other thing you can do is blend the kale you probably already doing this but I just want to let you know I like to take kale pack the blender up and if you still want to lose weight and you don’t want to add berries and I have the electrolyte powder you already have this you can use the electrolyte powder which is no sugar or the wheat grass which lemon which has no sugar as a sweetener and you put that in there instead of the fruit add the water and it’ll be sweet but it’s like just pure kale and no sugar that will that’s a great way to drink your vegetables to get a little bit more so that’s kind of a couple little tips there but I think you’re doing great and the the the purpose of pushing up those vegetables is just to make sure that your liver doesn’t end up fatty and just to get all the nutrients but I think what you’re doing now is good you’re enhancing the potassium and and I would just kind of take that one meal and just spread it out a little bit longer so you’re not cramming all this food and one sitting thanks Randy alright and we’re gonna go to Karen is there any questions over here Ken yeah YouTube Facebook is in the house I just had to say that yeah I’m gonna start over here with YouTube we have mommy and Tori post it says dr. Burke I’ve been getting a lot of heart palpitations with MCT oil I read somewhere this could be due to die-off symptoms since MC cheese and anti-fungal is this true no that’s false it’s not die-off at all what’s happening is you’re kind of pushing a bit of fat for the gallbladder to work a little harder and so what happens is that congestion kind of backs up a little bit on the liver which is right and connected to the rib cage which is right next to the heart so the liver is connected to the heart which is connected to it’s all connect it’s all putting pressure on the heart a little bit and that could stimulate the little nerves that go to the heart that’s called the pacemaker and that could throw off the rhythm a little bit that’s probably what it is so there is a connection between the gallbladder fats and heart rhythm that’s probably what’s happening all right interesting that leads right into my next question we have on Facebook we have Jasmine who’s asking can you do keto without a gallbladder well I’ve done a lot of videos and that’s a common question and you absolutely can do keto in fact you should do keto without a gallbladder the only thing you have to realize without a gallbladder you’re not going to have the sufficient concentrated amount of bile which what does that mean Dani mean you don’t have enough bile that means Karen the significance of that means that you’re only gonna digest 50% of your fat instead of like 98% of your fat so that’ll put a little more stress on the pancreas because they work together now the pancreas has to make a little bit more enzyme lipase to do the work so but we still don’t get a hundred percent of our full breakdown of the fat fat soluble vitamins out of an A d e and K and the other essential fatty acids which are necessary for the cell membranes and the hormones and all sorts of things so but you might not see any symptoms right off the bat they take a long time because their fat soluble vitamins that kind of gets stored over a long period of time so I would add a little bit of bile in into your meals like you can take something called gall bladder Formula One after a meal and I think that will be enough for the whole day if you did that you’ll be fine and you’ll probably not have any deficiencies of the fat size of vitamins so that’s what I recommend Karen very good now at the end of this show I always like to kind of give some really valuable information so yeah that’s right last week we talked about the ten worst diet tips this weekend I think it was seven seven that’s right I’m sure there’s more bet so this weekend yeah I’m gonna reveal yeah the absolute best nut on the key dough and the worst nut on the keto diet okay and in addition I’m gonna talk about the absolute best berry you can consume in the worst berry so you have to know this diable formation good this is gonna be really good good and there’s actually a bonus gift that we are going to share with you at the end wow there’s so much about that there’s just gonna be bountiful it’s gonna be exciting to end it is so stay tuned hey Rachel you’re from Detroit you had a question go ahead I do can I just say that I believe that you’re a Johnson oh thanks I let you do so my question is it’s a two-part question kinda so I have had colitis as a young girl so I had my large bowel removed and I have a J pouch now everything gets reconnected and I also have my gallbladder take it out a few years later I have in the last two years lost 118 pounds just by I’m dieting and exercising but throughout that process I have also I have large ovarian cysts where the doctors want to do a hysterectomy and I don’t want that so I have decided to cut a lot of hormones I’m aware that all the things I have done over the years not taking care of my body ate it to those cysts and so I am doing a different diet now which is kind of like the keto diet from you but I’m only eating seafood with lots of vegetables cut out the sugars and the cards as well I’ve lost 10 pounds in one week just from doing this I’m not sure if that’s how it should be but I have and so my question is always am I getting the right nutrients because I’m aware that the things don’t kind of stay in my system as long because all I have is a small bowel so my school kind of goes in and it comes out the same thing all right yeah that’s a good question are you doing any intimate of fasting Rachel I am I’m going to meals a day and from that I have lost 10 pounds in one week literally was like five days um and I feel great I do the sugar addiction I have is Society and I’m drinking lots of water so thank you your videos are very informational you’re welcome let me give you some tips okay okay okay so here’s the thing you lost weight a ton of weight before we even started Aikido okay so probably what happened is you had an underlying insulin resistance issue that now it’s going to be improved but before you know if you lose weight without improving that you may not still be able to have the optimum absorption of amino acids which is protein thus the maybe the skin is sagging a little bit too much now doing in a minute fasting combined with keto is going to be key for your tone of your skin the quality of skin and collagen and joints so that’s going to actually improve over the next year or so now here’s the thing you don’t have a large bow I think you just have a small intestine so we’re you don’t have a gallbladder so you need to find where that went and get it back and make someone to insert it back in there I have some spare ones in the back we’ll send you in the mail but the thing that you need to do is you need to try to push to one meal a day because that way you can really take your let’s call it aa Fuji which is a recycling of proteins to the next level which is going to be really good for you but the problem is without a large bowel and adding all the vegetables that I’m recommending all the fiber you’re not going to be able to absorb those fibers or utilize those fibers like you would so you might kind of you’re gonna have to consume a little less of the fibers or it’s just going to go right through you because you can’t ferment them correctly so that being said there’s a couple nutrients that you’re gonna have to probably take in addition to food one is the the trace minerals very important and minerals so get a plant-based trace minerals and just minerals like the electrolyte I think that’ll be important because it’s hard to get that from the food I love the fact that you’re doing the seafood that’s great keep doing it because you that’s going to help the cysts on the ovaries because that’s a high estrogen and sea kelp will help them and then the other thing that you might need to substitute is B vitamins and lastly some of the fat soluble vitamins because you don’t have a gallbladder self you might want to do instead of taking the fat soluble vitamins individually consumed maybe some bile salts after the meal and then at that meal have some healthy fats so you can just absorb the the fat side vitamins from the food that you’re eating rather than add the fat side with vitamins from an external source okay all right well thanks so much Rachel good question now Karen we’re going to go to you do you have a quick question here no it’s a very long question okay but I know you’ll answer it so we’ll go to YouTube here I have Kalinda who says I’m a vegetarian from birth I do eat lots of fats blood sugar pressure and thyroxine levels are normal however triglycerides are high has back pain lost a few pounds doing your program I guess doesn’t say exactly okay so if you have triglycerides which by the way are blood fats you typically are going to use some of the triglycerides and that’s as fuel for the body okay so you can use this as fuel the the problem is if it’s high that typically means your carb is a bit too high your carve level and because you’re a vegan that’s it’s challenging because of the higher amounts of carbohydrates and vegan food so I don’t know what you’re eating I would just analyze that based on trying to get your carbs down right about 30 grams per day that might be tough but that’s going to bring the triglycerides down to a much better level I did create a video you can watch just type dr. Berg on YouTube and vegan and you know it’ll come up with some ideas of what you can eat you do eat a lot of fat that’s good but I think we just have to figure out how to reduce some of the carbs in your diet okay okay great I have another one okay so a lot of questions coming in about calories some people still have attention on calories how many calories is too many calories how many calories should you take an on keto so take that one yeah I have a video on that too actually is there something you don’t have a video on one actually there is what no you don’t have no and Karen since you just brought that up there is and this is not the right format but this is a little form that were you can download okay there’s a link down below you can download it and it’s basically wait a minute a summary this is the bonus at the end oh well I guess I’m giving you a really bonus I didn’t know this was the bonus okay okay so anyway now that I open up and the worms okay so basically this is a sheet it’s called a keto and in a min fasting sheet every single video there’s a lot of videos on here you can click and watch it and get your question answered but you want me to answer this question though your calories okay so here’s the thing about calories I think that the the challenge is going from three meals a day let’s say you’re doing three meals a day you’re going to you’re going to need between 1500 – 1800 calories okay if you really want to know but those calories must be you know three to six ounces of protein and a lot of vegetables and fat so you’re gonna have to go to you know it’s in the book of giving examples and things but I’m not going to give you details of that but I have some videos as well but that’s kind of what you want to look at as far as calories now as you reduce your number of meals you’re not going to keep your calories the same it’s impossible if you’re gonna do a one meal 1800 calorie meal Karen that is a lot of food so you can’t digest that so but here’s the cool thing as you do in a minute fasting the need for food goes down so if you’re doing one meal a day and why is that because your body’s more efficient and you’re getting a conservation of nutrients ideally because it’s burning my own fat right the meal that you’re eating is your own fat so you got to think of like if you’re doing one meal and you’re doing a thousand calorie meal it reminds me of that commercial I’m I’m cleaning my oven it’s a so remember that yeah the lady was out somewhere no don’t so right now ideally we’re all having a meal of our own fat yeah if you’re not eating you’re having a meal you’re eating your body’s eating your own fat as the meal so you’re not starving so really if you look at the actual external calories that you’re putting in the body Karen yeah that one meal it’s probably gonna be about thousand thousand calories maybe 1,200 calories alright okay so that’s and you’ll feel satisfied with that but it might be like mentally you might think wow I’m not getting enough food but but you’re stuffed okay so it’s gonna be okay so I hope that answered that I think it did okay and one last thing this is not ready yet but I’m gonna show you one little thing you probably can’t see it but this is a new little booklet it’s a Kindle book it’s not even available yet but it’ll be available in a couple days I just wanted to mention because a lot of comments people like what can I do alternative recipes can I have my dessert this is strictly keto desserts in yummies yeah and so there’s a lot of cool recipes it’ll be available a couple days on on my website and also a little link right to Amazon which basically will give you some amazing ideas for delicious desserts so you never ever have to deprive yourself again and don’t feel like you’re starving well I want to say you know speaking of yummy food for those of you who have been on the keto lab the keto and intermittent fasting lab a group it’s a closed group on Facebook which you can ask to be invited into these members are awesome and they are putting a lot of photos and a lot of videos on of their keto foods desserts breakfast lunch dinner and some amazing ideas there it’s you know so we have their recipes but boy that that close group those guys are sharing some amazing recipes they’re very nice people nice people yeah I’m just really I think it’s the blood Sugar’s are really really really coming up not level so yeah a lot nicer than when they first started they’re nicer no no it’s a greatest group of people everybody’s helping each other supporting each other you know go you go and giving ideas and sharing videos dr. Berg videos that have the answers it’s a cool group of people yeah they’re very cool so a lot of recipes so we’re gonna go to Lilian from Maryland hi Lillian hi thank you for taking my call sure I’m 83 years old I need to lose at least 15 pounds and I’m hypoglycemia and hypothyroid I’ve got a pacemaker and I go into afib and it’s like I can’t seem to lose anyway I don’t have a gallbladder and no matter what I do I tried to do like two meals but my blood sugar drops right okay I don’t know what body type I but I seem to like when I eat nuts I break out on my face it was a little white bumps on it and I was wondering what I could do to really lose this weight okay good so and I will be sending you a spare gall bladder in the mail so I’ll get your address after this okay I’m being right I’m being really totally joking sarcastic the story of my life he says something and I’m standing next to him and I say he’s joking he’s just joking I like that so let me tell you what to do it Lillian so here’s here’s the most important thing right now is the fact that you have and by the way what I’m gonna tell you is now I meant to diagnose you or give you medical advice everything that I’m saying is for your own entertainment okay and your you and your doctor okay but here’s the point because you have atrial fib chances alright you need some more electrolytes specifically potassium by taking extra potassium that’s going to greatly greatly assist in improving your blood Sugar’s what’s happening with hypoglycemia is you can’t go from one meal to the next I’ve done a lot of videos on this so you’re gonna have to add a lot more fat to the meal but that’s not all you have to add potassium potassium improves insulin resistance which means that your body now doesn’t have to jack up your insulin so high so hypoglycemics have high levels of insulin that’s what’s pushing the blood sugars down and the adrenals might be we can’t push it back up so if you were just to have a meal and the first thing you eat is a huge salad and then add some minerals add the fat in there episode of vinegar that’s gonna help you okay go longer and just do that consistently all of a sudden you’ll go longer longer longer and now you don’t need the snack anymore and then the hypoglycemic thing goes away and then the weight loss happens but the reason why you’re not losing enough weight right now is simply because you’re still have a blood sugar thing so your goal right now should just to improve the hypoglycemic reaction don’t do nuts do some other fat and then watch what happens to the weight the way it’s going to come next but you might need to substitute maybes for the gallbladder support and then also electrolytes for the atrial fib just to speed things up okay thanks Lilia so we’re gonna go to Lori’s she’s from Florida you’re doing in a minute fasting right now taking the kale shakes but you still have restless legs yes and sometimes it’s my whole body I’m adding to the kill shakes turmeric black pepper electrolyte powder grass juice powder and non fortified nutritional yeast and then at night when I have those problems I take a little bit of magnesium chloride and calcium citrate and usually battles that’ll stop it but last night it didn’t it just like my whole body and it’s just and I it went boy for a while then it came back and I’m wondering am i adding too much of something in or do I need to add something else okay are you I want to thank you dr. Burke for everything you’ve done you have changed my life giving me hope I can control my help and my weight for the rest of my life and I just thank you so much my pleasure okay thank you how many times are you eating a day twice okay I have you been doing this a while or are you just getting started I’ve been keto adapting for I mean I’ve been on keto for quite a while the two meals a day it’s been maybe a couple weeks okay and before this did you have more restless legs or is this a new thing now is it actually shaking or is it like a vibration that you just like you just can’t you can’t just relax with the legs it’s like something crawling okay and you know I just keep moving them around and wiggling my toes and stuff and finally I just like I can’t stand this I get up and take a couple of things and for the most part the magnesium and calcium seems to help last night it just it just didn’t I think I know what’s going on I’m thinking maybe I’m adding too much okay good yeah I think it’s a pH problem because when you when you do the Kido you’re gonna ketones are acidic and what’s going to happen your pH might become a little bit more acidic and if the pH is more acidic what happens is you don’t hold the calcium as much and that could you could make you feel like it’s crawling which interest what’s interesting about that is accounts and efficiency and a calcium excess can actually give you the same symptom so I think it’s a calcium deficiency so what I think you should do add a little calcium not the magnesium you can go with more of the calcium right before bed and see if that crawling goes away it’s it’s either calcium or you might need an omega-3 but I think your pH is a little too acidic and we need to like alkyl as it just a little bit okay all right thanks for calling all right Karen okay over to you okay good I have three so the first one is does MCT oil in a drink in whatever while you’re fasting break your fast okay so it depends how much you have if you have a teaspoon probably not if you have a lot yes because it’s a fat and you got to think like this anything that requires a bit of calories to digest will spike the insulin but if we’re actually going to compare let’s say a tablespoon of MCT oil versus not a right or 1/4 of a glass of orange juice it’s gonna be the oil is going to be insignificant so it’s gonna be very minor so it’ll be a little thing but not nearly what the juice will do it or any type of sweet or carbohydrate I mean if you had celery for example a stick of celery I will promise you that you’re not gonna stimulate incident too much right because the whole breaking of the fast thing is really the question of not is it breaking my fast but is it spiking insulin and how much insulin is it spiking right yeah yes but if you’re eating in general it will increase insulin but the point is that it really has to do with how much we’re eating like if you were to if you have a problem with high insulin and you do these massive meals let’s see your intimate fasting and you’re trying to cram everything down your throat you’re eating one meal a day and you’re going too fast you’re gonna spike insulin because you haven’t adapted yet fully so you just it’s a matter of not over stuffing yourself as well because it can spike insulin so okay it’s a little balance there Karen okay good well I have another question and this one is from Linda on YouTube she says her husband had a quadruple bypass he has high blood pressure he has high cholesterol can he do kita okay I was waiting for that question Karen yes that’s uh that’s kind of like falls into the syndrome X or it’s called metabolic syndrome which is a combination between high blood pressure high cholesterol high blood glucose and belly fat okay and it’s so almost hysterical to if you do to a search on this Wikipedia which I don’t even know who wrote this but so called the experts but it’ll say there’s we found there there’s an association between high insulin and metabolic syndrome no no no it’s not an association it’s a cause that problem is coming directly from a cause which is high insulin it’s not complex it’s not unknown insulin will cause that because if you look under hyperinsulinemia which is high insulin high blood pressure stiffening arteries belly fat high cholesterol so if someone asked me do I need Aikido well because you’re not doing keto that’s why you have the problem it is the only solution that you can do because you want to drop the carb I mean think about it sugars go high and even if you have diabetes sugars go high hello what do you need to do you need to drop those sugars don’t eat sugar but people aren’t focusing on that it’s like obvious it’s the elephant in the room if you have to drop the sugar so yes do keto intamin fasting and watch what happens it’ll be quite miraculous it’s good for the heart perfect and one more okay I have I think it’s an may on facebook saying too many vegetables kills my gut I tried carnivore feel amazing but got blood work done and have high elevated or have elevated kidney levels could my kidneys be messed up from dehydration so well I history but I’m just gonna just what I have I’m gonna tell you that if you have a problem digesting vegetables then go with fermented vegetables okay fermented vegetables now here’s the thing that one of the goals of eating vegetables is to you know provide some fiber so maybe you’re gonna have to stick with the type of like I don’t know romaine lettuce can you do that versus all these other complex vegetables that you probably don’t have the bacteria to digest so do that give your your microfiber but then you need the nutrients so there’s really only one food that has more nutrients than vegetables and I want I wanna see if anyone can guess it right on Facebook or YouTube so go ahead and okay tell me get to the bottom here guys we have a quiz before so tell me what food has way more nutrients okay then vegetables get to the bottom here go ahead and give me your comment and as they come in Karen tell me so here’s the question is pickled the same as fermented yeah yeah yep I mean I’m looking at my computer yes eggs kale up we got 521 here on YouTube says liver okay you were right okay it’s organ meats yeah so you you may argue a grass-fed organ meat like a liverwurst or or some type of kidney and brain and I know that might sound disgusting but I’m telling you that will actually give you the nutrients and it’s actually easier to digest then vegetables for a lot of people okay so do that right now and you might have to just substitute for some of the other minerals that you would normally get from vegetables so kidney and brain I just want to take it back a second kidney they used to do this a long time rain yeah you can you make a burger out of that you make a burger burger a burger brain perk now personally I wouldn’t I can’t do that but some people like it I think it knew that but why you try that but it I’m just telling you how to get the nutrients okay I’m just the messenger care right now she couldn’t right now with the kidney problem doing an imminent fasting probably the best thing for the kidney you can do to help the kidney and of course the little car because think about Karen think about what destroys the kidney hi sugar so low sugar diets are good for the kidney okay okay alright so now I need to go to Randy from Illinois go ahead Randy hey Dad I’m on the keto on the internet fasting and sometimes I wake up and the new meal I’m not hungry but what I do is do a up you know replacement shake and do your electrolyte mix with the juice powder blend those two together we’re good then I take your B vitamins my question is is it okay to go from one meal of data to meal a day or should I continue like with I’m not hungry at noon just due to meal replacement and the electrolytes and the Jews and would you rather have me go all the way till five or six and that do the ID the the shakes for by nutrition in the afternoon I think you asked a really good question Randy and here’s the answer the rule of thumb that we need to think about is if you’re not hungry Randy don’t eat why because you’re actually in ketosis so as soon as you eat regardless if it’s a protein shake or whatever or a meal replacement it’s going to spike insulin so just don’t ride the wave go as long as till you can – you’re not hungry it’s really healthy to do in a minute fasting so yeah I wouldn’t eat something if you’re not hungry at all now if you’re doing a shake meal replacement just make sure that you adds a little fat in there that’s the only thing because sometimes the protein like I have a meal replacement with MCT oil that’s in there already so adds the fat because you don’t want to just a protein powder strictly so yeah don’t eat if you’re not hungry Randy I’m telling you don’t do it okay now we’re gonna go to Sandra from Southern Maryland had a question about go ahead yes hi I’m guess I’m confused on whether or not you can have the MCT oil like a tablespoon if you’re fasting and not eating your first meal till like noon or 1:00 okay you mean in the coffee uh yeah I’m hoping that I can still have the coffee with the MCT oil as well as bone broth even until my first meal at like noon or 1:00 o’clock yeah you can do that sandrov totally fine it’s working for you great the only only point I want to bring up about the bulletproof coffee which you can add MCT at butter or coconut oil is that let’s say you do this and you plateau and you’re not losing inches or weight and your metabolism just sucks okay what you could do is you can omit the fat in the coffee and go a little longer because it’s a little bit of a meal so that’s just one point but if you’re still losing and everything’s going great ride the wave keep the coffee in there keep the MCT oils and not a problem and even the bone broth okay good question all right Karen have you a question well odd versus some information because you know we said someone’s like it’s pickled the same as fermented and we said yes and then someone said no it’s not so I did a quick search and actually some pickled is fermented and some fermented is pickled or whatever but there is a difference here like a cucumber is just thrown into a brine but fermented food really has this bacterial right action going so just to clarify for you canning experts out there fermented vegetables definitely a little different than pickling well I think that when you do the bubbies brand pick that means and also the sauerkraut which is the best I think you’re gonna get a lot of friendly bacteria in there in fact Karen yeah if you’re doing the sauerkraut which I love you realize that you’re getting her cup you’re getting seven hundred milligrams of vitamin C from from sauerkraut did not realize do you know what a normal amount the requirements that you would need know it’s like 70 to 90 okay so basically you’re getting 10 times the vitamin C and sauerkraut Wow well and I can tell you I’ve made sauerkraut before and it’s the easiest thing on the planet to make it is literally you throw something can you make some more later today you know what every once in a while I buy the cabbage and then I I just forget or we use it in something else but I can do that about a minute in there and you literally forget about it great for the gums it’s good for your to your connective tissue around your teeth and yeah it’s good okay okay so Erica you’re from Portland Oregon go ahead you’re up you’re on hey can I call I am just I’ve heard some a lot of things this morning that kind of helped a little bit been doing this since last February I have lost about 58 pounds and without a gallbladder I have PCOS and have never been diagnosed with diabetes but did have one doctor send me to go have my fasting blood sugar and insulin done and blood sugar has never really been too much of a problem in the past my anyone feel it comes back totally fine like 4.8 or something and but the insulin like spiked and stayed there and just and she’s like okay we definitely have a problem at that time she just it’s gonna have to be diet or medication what you choose but there’s no turn have to do something with that kind of insulin problem yeah hey remember what it is what your insulin was the level I don’t I don’t have a number okay so I do less than or equal to 25 net carbs a day and I have lemon juice and a CD in the morning like prettier it’s like early 8 o’clock boned off with boned off and a somatic collagen so that’s my morning saying and then coffee just recently was trying to set that out a little later in the day like 11:30 because we do put tablespoon of butter MCT and heavy cream in there so I figured that might be stalling some weight loss since I’ve only lost about a little over half of what I need to lose and then no snacking or anything and then a small snack sized lunch with powdered greens and my supplements at that time and then dinner at 6:30 like kind of a small snacking lunch with dinner I didn’t know it I thought possibly develop off in that group oh the ACV lemon juice was maybe spiking the blood sugar I took it recently I just laughs this week last week and numbers that were crazy I’m fasting one 146 in the morning 81 before taking anything and then 129 this week and then I decided to that was after 13 hours of fasting from dinner and then total 8 o’clock and then I waited that whole day and didn’t do anything at all I think I’m trying to remember if I did my bone broth and the ACD but I didn’t have the vault copy to a mints I checked at 4 o’clock and it was still at 118 okay so I’m gonna give one hour yeah alright this is a really good question because here you are everything’s going great but but they checked your insulin is high and I’m telling you I think the majority of the population has high insulin and that’s like the thing that’s behind the scene because doctors never check it high insulin will will push the sugars down and make it even look low or normal sometimes too depending what’s going on but the fact that you’ve been on this for a year and it’s still or it’s high we have nothing to compare it to them you’re gonna have to do a little bit stricter in a minute fasting to go to probably go to one and a half or one meals a day one meal a day ok and the reason for that is in a minute fasting will definitely drop your insulin down faster than anything so that’s what you’re gonna have to work up to the bone broth is a bit of protein only have that with the meal as part of your protein the other thing that you would do is there’s two trace minerals zinc and chromium both of those minerals are really awesome to help support the pancreas and help reduce instance so those are two things you might want to add to the mix but yeah you’re gonna have to go strict with your fasting and then do that for like a month and then recheck it and it should come down if not call me alright very good and Karen yeah what we’re gonna do is we’re going to reveal right now the best nut and then at the very end we’ll release the best berry so I so we’re gonna split this up so I want everyone to type down what you think the absolute best nut to consume on a ketogenic diet would be okay so as people are typing that I’m gonna go to J Fort Lauderdale you had a question about berberine right berberine berberine yeah I made you that’s me oh yeah just give you a little background on them you know forty-year-old pretty healthy you know bodybuilder you know below 10% body fat I work out regularly cardio and lifting weights and lately it becoming a lot of issues with high blood sugars I measure it daily by blood is under 120 to 130 I have a history of family diabetes so basically what I did about a month ago as I fasted for five days a straight water fast and would jump right into into a ketogenic diet informating which I only eat between the hours of 12 8 and then 16 hour break I’m still having a hard time getting my sugar levels down so I was wondering how long in your experience does it take for you to experience a drop in your blood sugars because I have a feeling that I’m just maybe becoming a type 2 diabetic somehow and I don’t know if because of use of human growth hormone that I use regularly and HGH at a very low dose about two units a day so I’m not sure why my blood sugar levels are not and I still have ketones because I do I do mention in my blood every day and I mean ketosis but my blood sugar levels are still high so question what is your sugar what is the level the levels are in the range between 120 to 130 okay every morning fasted okay with ketones in the past when I did a ketogenic diet they will go down to the 50s 60s but now I just can’t seem to get them down and I’m taking chromium picolinate and taking alpha lipoic acid the art form as well to assist with that and I sometimes take berberine which is a natural alternative to metformin when I know I’m gonna have a meal and I probably won’t enjoy like a glass of wine or just like a small piece of car like a small piece of bread I usually take the berberine before the meal which I understand it helps with the controlling the sugar levels after a meal okay Jay I think I know the problem okay are you sitting down okay good I am good it’s the alcohol it’s the snack it’s a little bit of bread that you’re eating the Bourbon is not strong enough to counter that because here’s the thing if you consume a little bit of the wrong thing you’re gonna raise insulin insulin is the dominating hormone let’s say you have berberine or or some other thing to try to counter it this is dominating insulin is dominating so all it takes is a little bit of the negative to drowned out all the good so if you really are serious about getting a blood Sugar’s down you’re gonna have to be a hundred percent clean no little snacks no alcohol no little anything okay and then if it still doesn’t work right away J all that means is you need to do it longer because you’ve been on for a short bit of time you just ride the wave sometimes it takes a few months before it kicks in and then you can stay on that very consistently so that’s all you need to do yeah there are different there’s even like go through and there’s different herbs and plants that you can take but I would work go to the basics first before you start adding all these other things okay get the diet cleaned really good but thanks for calling and it’s a really good important point and Karen what kind of answers are we getting we are primarily getting pecan walnut macadamia someone threw into some seeds here which isn’t really a nut but sunflower seeds but those are the three okay yeah so first thing I’m going to tell you Karen is the worst nut oh it’s the cashew those are so yummy the net the net carb on that is like in the 20s there one nut ya know in a cup cup yeah that’s a lot of nuts I know I’m just telling you it relatively speaking must be less yes between 20 and 30 I I can’t tell you the exact number but okay the point is that the cashew is the worst nut the best nut hands-down that has the lowest carb and a good amount of fat is the drumroll pecan bomb yeah so pecan is the winner okay okay and in just a couple minutes we’re gonna do the next one the best berry okay state – yeah this is unlike edge of my seat right yeah I’m excited yeah okay so now you guys can answer the question while I’m gonna have like talk to this person try to type back what is the absolute hands-down best berry you can eat and I’m gonna let you know if you’re correct okay okay now let’s go to Jenn you’ve been on hold for 23 minutes go ahead Jim and it was worth every minute can you hear me yes okay I love you but don’t be quick to it so somebody else can get in and I think with you answered Randy’s call it kind of answered my question but it’s far as me being on keto and not having an appetite I am concerned about getting my nutrition in right and I don’t know how I mean I have bought all your products my husband makes fun of me it looks like the doctor Berg store in my kitchen and then I felt like I was taking too many pills so I’m wondering if I could just use your meal replacement shakes and the kale shakes and then just kind of dump the vitamins in the shake will that help me get the nutrition that I need or is it safe to just literally not eat okay well here’s the thing you can take the nutrition on an empty stomach you don’t have to take it with meals did you know that no there’s a lot of it says take with your meal get all these items in I know I probably I should have clarified that so you can take them on an empty stomach not a problem I probably don’t want you to do a meal replacement to take put them in there I just want you to do that do the nutrients and again if you’re not hungry don’t eat I think I think you’re doing great I don’t think you just that you know people have this idea they have to have excuse me just take nutrients with food but the only time you do that as maybe with the gall bladder formula and the digestive formula those two right there because that actually acidified sturino I have your adrenal kit okay okay so you Tim you have the gall bladder formula so you would just take that after your one meal and then you’re good so you don’t to take that other than that I think you do just one meal or two meal I’d have to do like a 16-8 because I really just don’t have an appetite I can’t force it all in and in a short period so this I kind of been relying on the shakes and then I add some MCT oil and maybe try to get like two hard-boiled eggs down with it just to kind of keep my fat out but literally I’m trying to get seven cups of salad but by time I’m in my second cup I feel like I’m gonna get sick of eight one more bite so yeah I know I know don’t force it do as much as you can and I think with the extra enhancement is probably going to compensate fine but I really like to what’s really easy for me as I blend the kale you just put some of this or even the wheatgrass juice in there blend the kale and you could liquefy that kale and drink it it’s easier and go right in there and you’re good for the you know half of the day anyway but yeah that’s a situation but the other thing that Karen is doing now which is a great idea by the way for your salads pork rinds man I had it the other day that was really good so yeah so I want to explain this right so we what were we putting on that was so good you well the feta cheat you put the cheese you put the what else you had a little nuts on there you had yeah onion well over the holiday we had that onion the organic onions draw or whatever from wherever we got it and that have very very low carbon I would put it on just as a little crunchy you know I do knots and stuff like that slivered really tiny nuts and ran out of that and we ended up with some pork rinds and I thought you know what I just gonna crunch these up a bit and sprinkle them on my salad and I’m on tell you it was really good I was surprised it’s really good yeah and make sure you get the no MSG pork rinds put some salt on there actually it’s already salted yeah but it’s quite good yeah it’s just a nice little flavor and some fat yeah so it’s just like you eat you don’t normally like eating large salads but you even told me that you would I wish I could have another salad well I did have another salad you did but you know another thing too for people who are trying to get more salad in maybe are already doing this but this was a trick for me because I felt the same way I mean obviously you know I started blending a lot of my green so I would do maybe four or five cups of greens just in my kale shake but for this salad when I was getting used to eating that much salad they have these great they’re like scissors sort of that chop up your lettuce and it just makes them into much smaller pieces and out of for me it’s a lot easier to eat a lot more greens you know it’s like half the volume once you’re done chopping it and it’s just a tip but it might help you yeah and also one ounce equals one cup so you’re talking a bag is five maybe it could be five to eight cups but here’s the other thing here when you consuming salad yeah okay versus other vegetables yeah you need less vegetables per salad with just salad that again if you just have salad you’re gonna need more salad if you have only vegetables you could get by with less so you might be like yeah you can probably get by with like 5 cups of vegetable verses 8 to 10 cups of salad they’re kind of the same kind of a comparison with nutrition there’s a little bit more nutrition than vegetables than they’re just regular salad I mean the thing is though you know when I eat vegetables usually I cook them lightly I mean unless it’s green peppers or something like that I’m not gonna have 5 cups of raw Brussels sprouts I’m gonna cook them what’s wrong with that Karen well I don’t know no yeah of course not you’re gonna I’m talking about like green beans and bell peppers and that’s still yeah yeah so just a tip is that – okay I have some questions it’s been a while since you’ve come to us in social media Lee go ahead okay good so I have oh do you want to know about the berries or not yet no yeah Karen okay that’s the last question it’s a last question yeah fair enough fair enough okay so I have a couple of here we have Ross from YouTube and he’s saying that after his breakfast in the morning when his sugar Rises it manifests for him as anxiety and it lasts about 45 minutes and that has been happening for the last almost a month 24 days so he wants to know what can he do that’s a adrenal issue because what happens when the blood sugars start dropping the adrenals compensate and they’re trying to bring up this sugar to bring up the for the loss of sugar so it’s really and then you experience a little adrenaline adrenal symptoms shakiness and all these other symptoms that’s really what’s happening so what you have to do and I did a video on this you have to go about it a little bit slower back up a little bit maybe you start with 3 instead of two or two meals instead of one support your dream get more sleep go for long walks do acupressure on the adrenals with this device here I have a whole technique and then the other thing that you can do is add the nutritional yeast at the meal or even during the that sensation so that will actually calm it down pretty nice and of course potassium but mainly would be vitamins but it’s really an adrenal issue that’s all it is and over time that will improve it will give it more time okay okay good good so on Facebook Beverly is freezing all the time now she doesn’t say is she on keto or doing intermittent fasting I can only assume but regardless she’s freezing all the time well that’s because number one she lives in Alaska and it’s winter and she left her coat yeah so that’s that’s the reason so just wear more clothes okay you probably didn’t gonna been a fast and you’re getting colder so that’s part of the adaptational tabal ism is adjusting so I would just in the meantime ride the wave it will get better over time but on an occasion it could be the adrenal because there’s something called the sympathetic nervous system that gets activated with the adrenal that’s underneath the whole thing and sometimes that could make you feel really cold on your feet in your fingers in which case you have to support the adrenals with nutrition I have a lot of videos on that but yeah oh let’s make that point there’s videos on everything literally I mean other than the really technical individual questions there is a video on pretty much every question that’s asked either in the lab group or on these live shows and the phone calls lots of videos already done on things so the YouTube and Facebook you have links above or below they don’t so type anything in order to type anything just click the link now if you click that link right now it’s going to take you outside of the live show so that you can get this summary of videos which is a male using that this has been organized and compiled into one document but you come come right back then yeah so now I need Lisa’s been on the call so Lisa you’re from Virginia Beach go ahead yeah that’s not a question I’ve been on the keto diet for the past year and my 13 year old daughter she also is on it but I said never to come back and she has high cholesterol yeah and I was saying I know that you said about this the fat and the cholesterol in the cell yeah and the cholesterol doesn’t go anywhere or something I want to exist the wrong diet for her is the cholesterol just push the lower but she’s not losing any weight either how old is she I don’t thirteen thirteen in does she have a lot of weight to lose about thirty pounds okay is she is she doing the keto correctly and is she doing in a minute fasting well if she does in a minute fasting like today she carried him with her she didn’t need any breakfast so mate I was sleep plus I think he’s at 11 o’clock maybe 12 or 13 hours of fasting because he is she doing best a lot of bags and or salad well we we salad that in easy time every two cups of salad you know 13 years and I don’t eat too many vegetables anyway yeah so I try to get her to eat like you know a couple couplers you know vegetables in the evening time got it other than that you know we eggs and bacon doing this you know weekend and I’m not sure it is too much you know cholesterol huge yeah you know here’s the thing I want you to I want you and her to go the YouTube and type under the cholesterol dr. Burke and just watch those videos because you need all you need the whole picture but as she’s losing the cholesterol I mean the fat from the fat cell part of that’s gonna be cholesterol so it’s going to increase initially it’s not a bad thing it has to come out but if she doesn’t have the amount of vegetables it might stay up higher it’s not an issue because the type of cholesterol is probably the type that is more called fluffy or buoyant type a cholesterol which watch the videos understand what that means it’s just going through the body but the whole goal is to drop the carbs down so then the cholesterol can come out so she needs to do maybe the kale shake to get to start cleaning it out better but and then she should start noticing the clothes start shrinking and less hungry and less craving for sweets okay so do that Lisa and then let us know next next week how it how it goes okay so now can we ask for a drumroll please do we have a drumroll we have a drumroll absolute best Barry can you tell us the feedback Karen well I can tell you what the answers are and they’re all over the mouth there yes we have got Himalayan goji we’ve got a SIA blackberry blueberry strawberry raspberry it’s all over the place and so I thought you were gonna tell us the worst berry for I’m gonna tell you the worst berry is the blueberry no yes not the blueberry now when I say worst what hold on everybody’s everybody are like what is what the heck wait a sec I’m just comparing the two berry you can still do the berries I’m just telling you if you wanted to go extreme kedo take it to the next level Stream that’s gonna be our next closed group yeah extreme kiddo and you want to really be fanatic about your carbs and you want to take it down a little bit lower switch from blueberry to the best berry which is the blackberry blackberry is the winner now I’m gonna give you the second-to-last berry as well what do you mean raspberry is that raspberry and blackberries they’re almost tied but blackberries are just a little bit better they’re like really low on the sugar scale alright okay okay good and I we’re getting that this is that is it really that time it’s that time okay guys thank you so much for watching I appreciate your attention great questions we’re gonna see you next Friday don’t forget the links yeah 11 o’clock morning Eastern Standard Time so we can get the California group alright have a great weekend actually we really Wednesday weekend yeah see ya [Music] you

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