Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] good morning everyone we’re back we’re back and on this beautiful cold rainy day I think between now and next March it’s my worst time of the year you know it’s dark at what five o’clock all right 4 or 4:30 I’m ready for bed at 5:00 it’s pretty bad it’s Jan and it’s cold it’s rainy so it’s hard to write ride your bike when it’s raining it’s cold and there’s ice anything other than other than that I’m good okay good so this next week I’m gonna be with Oh anything that we say is not meant to diagnose or give you any cures for anything it’s just for your own education and your ability to research yourself okay now Karen asked me what kind of videos I’m going to be releasing this next week you need me after that you really need me after that yeah what kind of videos are gonna be releasing next week okay so I’m gonna be well today I released the isomalt Oh oligosaccharide right you know about that yes unfortunately um you don’t like that anymore it’s really upsetting and I’m gonna I’m gonna double research that well watch the video save you the time because I did some of my own research on that okay I did good so we’ll have a research channel you know we should do we should actually make some cookies and he didn’t test our blush you’re gonna see what happens is it breaks down in our small intestine and it’s called isomalt maltose which is part of it it doesn’t affect the pancreas and this is some of the tests that they’ve done in test tubes where it doesn’t affect the pancreatic enzymes so they just assume it’s gonna go through the whole tract and end up as fiber but it does get eaten up by the enzymes in the small intestine and spikes your blood Sugar’s up by about 50 points other than that it’s fine so we’re gonna do we’re gonna test it we’re gonna test it test it because let’s test it with key holiday things it’s not a lot it’s not a lot at all in an inner but it just tastes too good to be true now doc can I recommend a video don’t eat an entire bowl of truffles if you don’t want to feel like crap for two days that’s some good advice – that’s some really good advice you did a pilot Steve did a little research last weekend horrible make a mental note no note to self okay so it released that video I’m also going to be releasing some additional videos on achy legs all the different causes of achy legs endometriosis why zinc can help you sleep at night I’m gonna talk about all the different reasons for numbness also no meanness no numbness at paresthesia also there’s an interesting study that was done I’m going to talk about that on the Minnesota starvation experiment this is back in the 40s very fascinating you’ll learn about that also let’s see what else cilantro and an interesting video on cortisol like hot cortisol affects your sleep and what can you do to reduce cortisol what the cortisol for people who don’t know cortisol is a hormone that is a stress hormone from the adrenal and it’s involved in the immune system it’s involved a lot of things but I’m gonna try to keep people out of I’m gonna try to not go to gym or the woods yeah I want to try to explain it in a way that’s simple yet it’s important to know don’t say it’s simple the whole thing of how it works so you can actually see what’s happening maybe while you’re not sleeping also what I could read this here around you ready does that say I have no idea it says do you come T yeah ever I can’t remember what I said wrote down there also why people certain people get sick when the exercise I’m gonna do a video on that finally sick like nauseous sick like now cold no like they get the immune their immune system breaks down hmm interesting yeah very interesting so I’ll tell you what I’m gonna go right to a call you you see if you could check out some social media things but Derek from Queens your mom has migraines go ahead what was your question hey good morning good morning Pam hey um dr. Berg my mom has trouble sleeping and she gets these migraines both have been occurring for a long time now we’re talking years last night the past couple of days I got really bad to the point where she was like up for almost 48 hours I gave her one of your sleep aids didn’t do anything but last night I gave her one and she finally slept and then I don’t know if the migraines are tied into it together she does have a lot of stress as well she works long hours six days a week and the migraines and the sleep problem are just something that I need to help her with like immediately okay so I have a very quick table I’m gonna ask you some questions very quickly give me the answer was there a point where she did not have headaches and all of a sudden she got them other blue she’s um she’s had them for years okay as I believe out maybe five years to the point that I could remember and there there’s severe migraines and when she lays down they’re even worse are they on the right side of the head room left on the head it’s everywhere I asked her that she said it it’s everywhere so I’m gonna pretend pause and just give you some idea and eat and sleep okay so of course you know I’m always gonna say do keto and intermittent fasting first if she hasn’t already tried that if she has because ketones can really help your brain and inflammation in the brain migraines they could be coming especially if they’re connected your menstrual cycle they could be coming from hormonal issue but there’s another kind of hidden cause migraines that has to do with an old injury to the head itself if there has been you should watch my video on that old interested head I had took a lady who couldn’t sleep had headaches forever we found out she had an injury that she forgot about to the head and there’s a great little technique to do for that headaches completely went away and they never came back the other most common causes of headaches would be something related to that liver or digestion in the gallbladder that’s usually gonna be on the right side though so all you have to do is if you have headache press underneath the right ribcage hold that for a minute if it goes away then chances are it could be that because it’s a little nerve called the phrenic nerve that goes up to the skull I actually have a video on all the potential causes of migraines there are some other things that are a little more complex and for that you might want to do the DNA polymorphism testing of your DNA to see if there’s a alteration with some genetic factor that could relate to some nutritional thing which could be affecting the headaches like for example there’s one problem relating to folic acid so there’s there’s a whole bunch of things there but I think the best thing is to watch all my videos see if you can find out what’s going on and then get some more data and then we’ll talk next week Derek okay the sleep I would just just as a side note add some zinc before you go to bed and see if that doesn’t help you zinc is really important in getting into the deep delta-wave sleep also I’m going to do a video and cortisol that will actually be very good this week okay so let’s go to my Haddad from Toronto Canada good job yeah hi this is Maya Maya okay hi yeah yeah hi Darren hi dr. Byrd I’m so glad to talk to you okay my question is this is my second year on keto and I’m so glad to do it I would like to do it for the rest of my life do I’m doing right now coaching my my friends and my relatives I’m doing the coaching program still the question that I have always asked myself and people asking me okay what about if you reach our goal in Quito and we maintain our insulin level perfect so if at any point that we can reach like giving our ancestors lifestyle that is and eating like a consuming fruits moderately like if I wish to have an half an apple for example once in a while or orange or something like that what do we be able to do that after we reach our goal good question I thought you’re gonna ask another question because I saw a part of the question here thank you you said reach ideal wait what’s next then what you do is you Saturday now you set off across the country you do a long-distance run you just keep running like for scum like Forrest Gump yeah that’s what you do next no okay so this is what you do so you hit your goal everything’s cool you’re happy with everything you built up your health now you have a health reserve that you didn’t have before now you have the luxury to go off occasionally and I would I would say you know leave it up to you about test the waters if you want to do a half an apple you want to do this here and there just have your glucose and your your ketone meter and see how that affects you and also how far you can get back on and how you feel yeah go for it I think the thing is like you don’t want to get so wrapped up into like I can never have this and then that you know you want to get to the point where you’re so strong you can go off but you can get right back on because you’re in control and so it throws you off for I don’t know a week a couple of two hours to a day get right back on so yeah I think you could that’s totally fine it’s really up to the person and I would test it and see how you feel some people it’s not worth it but you know if you’re like Steve for example and you have built up your reserve you can afford to eat truffles for a whole salad day and get right back on and feel great because you just get out of your system and then you’re you’re good you get to go we okay thanks for your question Karen yeah do we have any questions yeah yeah we do okay good you want one yes I do okay good well the first one is MCT oil versus the pill yeah any difference you talk about exogenous ketones they’re just the pill for MGT okay yeah no they’re both very similar about the same God I was easy yeah all right how long if you get a keto rash how long should you expect that or how long can it last well you got to get rid of the root problem most the time it’s going to be a vitamin b2 deficiency and so you don’t want to take me to that’s I did a video on that and that should handle it but here’s the thing if you’re deficient in some nutrients in your Kido and you’re not taking the electrolytes with the B vitamins typically or even trace minerals you might have like various weird symptoms and some people go well if you’re on keto you should be able to fits the great it’s the perfect diet you shouldn’t need to take anything else well that’s true if you’re doing the healthy version of keto because keto is just low carb so it really depends on what your what you’re eating on keto with the quality foods if you’re eating incredibly you know good then you probably don’t need much but if you have a rash you know well now let’s back up just one second because keto is healthy balanced eating no carb right but there are gonna be people with long term deficiencies most people long term deficiencies long term damage for decades and decades of eating a certain way so unless you have been raised on certs Sardinia the island in the Blue Zone you’re not and you’re not having the trouble right how can we don’t get any people from sardine sorry Sardinia calling in she probably lost your number or even Okinawa see okay so we’re you just went into the woods sir all right good my point what’s up right my point is that you said you don’t need you’re not gonna have problems or you’re not gonna need other supplements but that’s not necessarily true because your body is gonna be completely adjusting and changing you might have kita rash you might end up craving you might end up you know having some other it’s like a smoker it doesn’t have bleeding gums because he’s got no circulation in his gums he stopped smoking that’s a good thing and now he’s had long-term damage so now his gums are bleeding well here’s the thing the they’re potentially the ideal scene is to have really nutrient-dense foods like shellfish and all these different things it’s it’s almost impossible in America because of the food quality of food so yeah I always recommend to supplement but potentially the goal is to try to get as many nutrients as you can from the food because if you don’t say that people tend to go low quality and then just depend on nutrients is there right so that’s not the goal as well not got a problem take a pill it’s not what we’re saying right correct statement can you say that again yeah okay hey so um here’s some questions about the holiday is popcorn okay on keto oh of course not okay how about chestnuts if it’s roasting on an open fire yes and if you’re singing yes you have to be singing while you’re eating them okay now chestnut is a pretty starchy nut is it really enough it isn’t nut okay there’s enough so it’s okay yeah that’s okay cuz probably you’re only gonna have it now all right holiday anyways I’m not sure who eats chestnuts now how speaking of nuts yeah are you nuts how much is too much how much nut is too much it really depends on your gallbladder and your the challenge with nuts is you could overdo it and especially if you’re doing peanut butter you know you’re you’re dumping this quite a bit of concentrated nut and you’re basically overloading sometimes butter and you’re gonna get a thing called loading loading and there are some carbs and nuts so you have to be careful and there’s also something called oxalates which then can can trigger kidney stones so if you’re concerned if you’re a stone former best thing to do is you know I’m not saying avoid everything with oxides but just drink at least two and a half liters of water a day liquid fluid and when you’re when you conclude when you consume food either take some calcium a little bit of calcium or some dairy some people don’t like dairy that’s fine if you have a high quality dairy just a little bit because that calcium will bind with oxalates in your digestive system and reduce the amount that ends up in the kidney I’m gonna I’m gonna do a video to clarify that but this would then allow people to not worry about the oxidant ox let’s as much because they do rip up the inside of your body but you can combine them it’s a little strategy and a hack Karen it’s a hat especially if you like chocolate food hack I like it I like it now chocolate is a lot of boxwoods go ahead this is a good this is my favorite question in the morning so far Jack from YouTube asks what are your thoughts on blue cheeses I absolutely positively cannot Dan blue cheese I Karen loves it I also cannot stand the blasters yeah oh my gosh I can’t love either one of those I would probably love it if you combined horseradish with the blue cheese you know what cam that’s where we differ say let’s say nutritionally or in your diet what’s your thought it’s organic you know I’m if it’s hormone free if it’s pasture right get grass-fed you’re gonna be you’re gonna get a lot of adjectives is gonna be good to go if you want to eat mold that’s up to you what you used to like one that was really stinky I know but hey it doesn’t taste stinky but it actually is more Blier or something enjoys more ya know just I just like it I don’t know why you have to triple baguette and frig one more question ahead what could you do to improve your vision particularly floaters that is a state where you’re it’s usually you see this in more than a diabetic taking your body’s breaking down more tissue than building it back up it’s a catabolic State it’s higher cortisol I would like break down break down a protein break down a protein unnecessarily when you’re in Quito that should improve there’s a many there’s many things you can take there certain enzymes but I think what I would do if I were you is stay tuned for my video on cortisol that I’m gonna talk about what to do to really lower cortisol because it’s a that’s probably underneath that problem okay there you have it all right now Karen I have a while I go to these questions I’m gonna ask everyone a question right and I want to know on a percentage basis everyone how much keto are you doing 100% 75% 50% or 0% like you haven’t even started it so just make a note here because I want to know like for new people if you your 0% or if you’re a hundred percent give us the percentage of what how much keto are you doing right now okay while you’re answering the question I need to go to Murray from Connecticut are you there marine I am good morning Karen good morning dr. Berg so I’ve been doing healthy cute hi I’ve been doing healthy keto for a little over a year and I’ve had great results I’m down to one meal a day because you recommended that because I had stopped losing weight so when I do one meal a day I can’t get in seven to ten cups of veggies because I can’t any I eat kale and then I’m full right so I’ve been dropping down my kale kind of substituting in the rice cauliflower and I’ve been eating meat so I’m still doing good but I’m I’m gaining weight it’s like my body needs less and I know you said our metabolism doesn’t drop but I’m gaining weight I’m probably 10 pounds over my best weight when I started and I don’t know what to do okay so did you say do get hungry so I can’t do a prolonged fast okay so here’s a question but you were losing weight initially then you stopped losing weight right correct and then I went to home and okay so when you’re losing weight were you doing something different diet wise no eat two meals a day okay and were you getting in more greens I want okay is there any other changes other than that other than probably eating a little less higher stress is sleeping less but no energy but what those things can’t cheat what was that repeat those things can’t change I’m just gonna stressful point in my life right now okay so a couple things there’s always a reason why things are plateaued my whole thought is to go back to what was working originally if something worked before it’ll work again that’s one idea because the greens do help you in various different ways indirectly the fact that you’re hungry still in one meal tells me there’s something going on I it could be higher cortisol because the sleep and the stress which can mean can can been across the problem right there so I would if I were you watch the video I’m gonna release in cortisol do everything you can to support the adrenal go for long walks do the acupressure that I teach in the stress webinar because that could be what’s going on and then the other thing is to increase a little more fat because if you’re not if you’re getting hungry that that’s just a red flag so I would also then look at your carb level to see if you can go a little lower on that but I do understand with the vegetable thing don’t over if you can’t do it you can’t do it but also if you’re going to do vegetables I would do green vegetables not white ones just because that’s going to give you chlorophyll okay Maria thanks for your call Justin from carlson City California Carson City California you’d a question Justine hi it’s Justine got it okay so I am wanting to start the keto diet but I have issues with that I have gall stones and sludge okay and a large liver okay pancreatitis Thank You Titus oh the doctors one yeah the doctors want to remove my gallbladder I want to keep it they also want to allow beside his tumor when I do eat keto foods such as the good fat cheese avocado cream cheese turmeric it all hurts me yeah okay good question so what I’ve been doing is eating the BRAT diet I know that’s carb sugar and the bad things but it’s not hurting me yeah so what do i what ya do first you know this is all it boils down to one question do you know what causes gallstones I I do know when the gallstone issue started I kind of cut most carbs out of my diet I was eating a lot of broccoli cucumbers and avocados and then the stomach issues started the whole I got for the abdominal issue right but what causes will causes gall stones bad fats right okay so I’m gonna put you in hold here and just tell you what’s going on it’s gall stones that come from a deficiency of bile B IL e so that’s what I would recommend watch the video on that just to get an understanding more about what’s going on with you because then you need to understand why you don’t have enough file and I cover that extensively the point is that if you have gall stones that can obstruct the ducts that that go from the liver down to the bile duct and also it can affect the pancreas that’s probably why the pink pancreas is inflamed it’s coming from a blockage in the ducts from the gall bladder so I’ve done a video recently recently on that it’s very interesting so and I explained what to eat you want to do you don’t want to do a version of keto with cream cheese and lots of different fats you want to do a healthy version of keto with a lot of vegetables with not a lot of nuts maybe some avocado maybe a little bit of fat here and there but not overdo it because it’s gonna irritate you now the fact that you were bloating on those vegetables just tells me that it’s all part of a similar thing where you’re you’re not digesting those fibers and a lot of people have a problem with this so you might do really good on having the only vegetable being like lettuce just a little lettuce and doing a moderate amount of protein and maybe do two meals a day but the carbs are going to get you from another side eventually so I would do that and add some purify bile salts to help with these gall stones over a period of time I think that’s what you need and also choline but watch my videos on that because I go through that in detail Thank You Karin hi hi what kind of percentages we got here coming well it’s kind of all over the map but it’s interesting that the people on Facebook were primarily either zero okay or a hundred percent really there are a few was it you know trying 100 percent a couple were like well I’m what percentage 0 100 Facebook Wow let me go back I know 50/50 really just cuz you have new people on Facebook well you know this is what I want to know because I’m I want to know if I need to explain more beginner stuff versus that stuff well you know if number of times over even people who understand can here’s some things again I mean every times R is the number of times you go over it the more you’re gonna understand something I’m for the most part okay that’s my opinion except for you right now on YouTube it was all over the map some a handful of 100’s but you know everything else either just starting or 50% 50% 0% 90% on and on okay so here’s the next question guys here’s the thing the next question is for those of you that are doing it what are you running into any problems or not just say no problems or yes like it’s not working because the blah blah blah just give me some feedback on that from the ones who are doing it a hundred percent yeah just anyone who’s doing it because obviously if they’re only doing a fifty percent they’re gonna have problems I want to know from people that are doing it if there’s any problems that’s all you running to what problems you’re running into that’s all I want to know okay okay and then for the ones that aren’t doing it why aren’t you doing it so not doing it at all right okay okay and while they’re answering do you have a question so someone is saying they have a friend who did radiation and that it was a big breakdown of tissue what would you recommend to help rebuild tissue well the the thing that comes right up is definitely in a minute fasting I would do periodic prolonged fasting and then in tremenda fasting because your body’s going to start to heal in a big way and of course keep your carbs down there’s a lot of nutrition nutritional things you can do to increase your pair like zinc for example that’s a reparative mineral there’s a lot more but intermittent fasting is probably going to be the biggest thing that I would do the other thing too would be for radiation damage hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been known probably very commonly to help with the damage from radiation people don’t realize that but that’s a real because it floods the the body with oxygen and helps heal different tissues which anyway it’s a video talk about oxygen let’s go to kübra from New York are you there hi I’m here great what’s your question um so I have I have a kind of a concern with what kind of diet I should do I really want to do I asked because I have Hashimoto’s and I know you say it’s good for the inflammation and I also have insulin resistance but the problem is I only only 95 pounds right now with inches on my waist so I don’t really know how to manage my weight if I do decide to do is or you know or whatever I should do so I just wanted to ask you and how tall are you thank you five – okay you’re not like six foot tall question I have about your I know you have a stomach do you have any stomach weight yeah I do okay so I think this could help you because what you what you want to do for sure is maybe just as a real nice easy thing start three meals a day no snacks and at least minimally two meals per day okay that’s the given and then you if you want to prevent weight loss all the world all over just have make sure your meals are big enough but I would totally do that because if you do that your insulin resistance will improve and you’re going to start to reduce inflammation and that’s really the damage that’s causing with the thyroid so I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to get to one meal a day and I wouldn’t worry about that but had two meals and just quite a squeeze those together with a four-hour window and just if you need to add more calories fine so you can go 20 hours I think that would be the ultimate thing make sure you consume selenium that is the most important mineral for Hashimoto’s and that’s what I would do if I were you alright Karen what are we going for answers here we have the usual suspects yeah hunger really cheating okay craving craving really okay there well cheating discipline tired okay uh constipation okay plateauing okay these are the basic I mean there there are actually a lot of other specific things but well why I tell you what I just want to cover some of this points because this is good feedback I just want to talk about cravings and hunger if you are doing Q now and you’re still hungry and you’re still craving all that means is you want to reevaluate and make sure you’re doing it correctly like I talked about in the books in some of the videos because if you do it correctly the hunger and cravings will go away that is the single most best way to know it you’re doing it correctly and that your body is starting to get healthy okay because you’re adding a little too many carbs and you’re not having enough of this then you’re always going to be hungry and cravings so anyway and the other thing is like give it more time once that goes away give it more time to work the tiredness that could be any various number of nutrients it could it’s usually potassium any more potassium it could be the B vitamins okay so and then constipation that’s an interesting one it could also be either increasing more vegetables or decreasing because that’s too much binding so I would play around with the quantity of vegetables and then you said one last thing plateau for that that would that would be too long of a discussion watched my million videos that I really released probably one a week just on plateau I just kind of rephrase in a different way alright Karen yep okay so let’s go to Helen from Denmark get a question yes I can well okay thank you so much then also to Karen and okay so I have so many questions to ask you but I thought one of them is regarding vitamin E you said in one of your videos that a woman in in the menopause need to have hundred eggs of vitamin E and I I would like to have that client side did you really mean holodecks compared to the usual path the usual woman and then also regarding the assimilation of it let’s say that while is not so good quality what about using for example wheat chain wheat germ oil on the skin for to absorb to absorb it yeah good question Helen I’m only going to give you ten questions today so we’re gonna start with no I’m just kidding you get one but the the wheat germ will not be absorbed deeply on the skin it’s great it’s great to take orally just as in a tablet you put on the skin it’s great for the superficial stuff but it’s not going to help absorb into your body to give you the vitamin E the what I meant with the vitamin E is that a lot of women are severely deficient postmenopausal with vitamin E the pituitary needs more vitamin E and vitamin E is good for so many things I can’t even start to tell you but I would get a brand of vitamin E that has both to cough Rawls and tocotrienols which is kind of a new thing that they discovered some years ago to really understand the full vitamin E complex and if you take that you’ll notice amazing benefits with a lot of things so you can get it get it anywhere but there’s a lot of research on tocotrienols and even the derivation of cough Rahl comes from the Latin actually I think it’s from the Greek which means I think it’s a birthing or something to do with reproduction I think it’s fertility or birthing or having a baby because if you’re deficient in vitamin E you could be infertile so that’s that’s one of the things that it’s for but it’s also good postmenopausal thanks Helen all right Karen okay so Paul from YouTube wants to know what’s the most what’s a good natural way to increase circulation and decrease inflammation okay well the obvious yeah of course because your you’re gonna actually reduce the chance of getting clotting and the arteries and veins the deep veins you can develop clots from high carbs mainly and sugar and then you have superficial veins which could be also the same thing that’s called varicose veins or spider veins and then you also have something called intermittent claudication which is basically you’re going up stairs or you’re exercising and your legs get really heavy and achy and tired because you have a clot somewhere it’s it’s it’s it could be an artery it’s like you have not just in your heart so you have bad arteries one of the best things to do is cut the carbs down but to heal the circulation and the lining of the vascular system vitamin E is awesome vitamin C is also really good and that will help protect you as well so that would be circulation and you said I think you say increase inflammation inflammation a really good remedy in addition to intermittent fasting for inflammation beyond vitamin D would be stinging nettle root that’s one of my favorite because that wah that also is great to decrease excess amounts of estrogen and men and women but stinging nettle root is one of my favorite anti-inflammatories it’s also good for the prostate and it’s good for women that have other inflammatory conditions and estrogen dominance there you go okay mmm-hmm all right Karen we’re gonna go to what seemed from New Jersey are you there yeah I’m here dr. Burke how are you doing great thanks I just first off I just wanted to say thank you you and Karen both thank you so much for changing my life last year I’ve been on keto and then red of fasting for sixteen months now and [Music] medalie transformed my life and the gratitude I have for you it’s I’m so grateful and thank you Wow seriously thank you I really mean that you Thomas de Lauer you guys really I could I can get tears but ultimately speaking my question is what would you recommend in regards to like post muscle workouts in regards to adding fish carbohydrates for maybe carb cycling to maybe broke up because I actually did started keto I was actually not obese I was the opposite I was skinny but then I started to gain muscle on it which is fascinating for me but I don’t really want to do the carb cycling where you’re eating so many carbs in one day because I always don’t feel good when I eat carbs and I was wondering what would you recommend for like I guess the keto bulk if you get what I what I would do the best thing that to take either a pre-workout would be something I have is called keto essential and me knows because it gives you the basic building blocks that you don’t have to break down as a protein and it has a 99% turnover rate it goes right into muscle tissue there’s only 1% waste did anything compared to other proteins especially way where you’re wasting a great majority of that either as glucose or urea so these amino acids have more data on that on the website but call the sceeto essential amino it’s going to just give you repair for the muscles so that can actually greatly help in addition to do heavier weights but I will say with the carbo cycling what what’s gonna happen is you’re you’re gonna actually get bigger real quick with fluid because you retain a lot of fluid with carbs so you’re going to immediately bulk up and look puffier but it’s not going to be muscle the other thing you’re going to do is you’re going to worsen insulin resistance and that means you’re not gonna absorb the amino acids anymore but it’s true that insulin is anabolic it actually builds muscle but the way you fix that is you fix insulin resistance by not doing on a carbs cutting down the carbs and the body can utilize protein a lot better I have done a recent video on that you should check it out because I talk more about that thanks for your call though all right Karen let’s see what we got Manuel’s watching oh that’s great okay good so here’s a good question I think from queen melona from germany on youtube says i’m doing clean keto for the last six months is it possible that I’m still not fat adapted because my blood sugar in the morning is between four five and five seven okay so I think I did a video on this what happens with people that have severe insulin resistance or a pre-diabetic they get this called dawn phenomena where their blood Sugar’s go up in the morning like how can that be they didn’t even the sugar in the day before we were at night the liver is is basically making the sugar from ketones and protein and fat that’s where it’s coming from because certain parts of your body need glucose it’s not a problem I wouldn’t worry about it it’s not going to create any damage but if you have bad insulin resistance it could take a long time and I have a video on all additional things you can do like exercise it off in the morning that would be really hot but I what happens when you actually cut carbs down your insulin goes down but you have insulin resistance so you still have been some resistance that takes a while they could take the year or two to get rid of that so now the body has to increase more glucose to drive it into the cells because it doesn’t have it’s not working it’s resistive so then the blood sugars go up because we don’t have enough insulin to keep the sugar down so I know that sounded complex but I would watch my video on that because I need to write this on the board so you can see it watch the video what would the video be called let’s see which one I just did one on that it’s called I’ll tell you what after this video I will put it down in the link cuz I have to search for it I probably did it maybe about two weeks ago it’s hard to remember all my videos so I’ll be I’ll prepare for videos and I’ll do them and then I realize I’ve already done those videos sound like that’s okay I wonder that I remembered all the data but I just remember if I did the video okay Karen we’re gonna go to Jeff are good from Pennsylvania it’s my hometown my home state hometown is Pennsylvania okay that’s the big town where a cheaper there pencil tucky okay you’re the question hello doc hi how are you I’m doing fine this morning a question for you quick one um work as a first responders first responder and I work midnight I want to know when is the best time of that I’ve been fasting but I start at 10:00 and I end my fast at 2:00 so I just want to make sure that that what I was doing that in the right window okay so yeah you’re the midnight shift so everything is backwards on that so you’re let’s see that would be that’s a four-hour window wait that’s your eating window right my eating window eyes you either so much shift that since I stopped eating at yeah stop yeah so 2:00 p.m. I I will start eating again 10:00 that’s when I stop okay good so don’t stay at home yeah when I get home I’m not eating and when I go in this time for me to go to sleep where everybody’s up I’m asleep and I usually get back up at around 2 or 3 and I’ll try to break my fast with not a carbonyl meat I’ll just try to break it with something like you know a chicken broth or something like that okay or vegetable okay so if you’re it basically eating at ten o’clock at night and then the second meal is at two that’s a four hour window which just gives you a 20 hour fasting which is awesome that would be really good to do that if you can do that and that’s fine you’re just switching the time of fasting I think you’re doing it fine because you are working the night shift so I think you’re good I think you’re good to go if you have any other things like I wouldn’t necessarily try to break the fast during the fasting period maybe you can do like some maybe some green stuff that would be a better thing than protein but I think you’re doing a great job thanks for your call and rock from Canada you had a question about apple cider vinegar what’s your question yeah good fine so I have Crohn’s disease and following the keto diet no and I’m at one meal per day so I’m not feeling hungry but at the morning I’m taking some coffee with with some coconut oil so this is helping me to keep not hungry during the day and some bone broth so when I when I take this bone broth I put with it either some apple cider vinegar or some lemon juice but it is giving me some pain on in my bowl and even before I was taking the apple cider vinegar or up or lemon juice with water and drinking it during the day so I’m wondering what to do in this case if I have to continue taking them or not now I think you probably have some severe irritation in your colon could be an ulcer it could be some type of inflammatory condition in your testin in which case you don’t want to take outside a minute here or lemon juice the best thing you take is and I’m not saying this is gonna cure anything I would take the wheatgrass juice powder because it’s so loaded with chlorophyll and it’s alive it’s like raw you put that in water drink that on an empty stomach two or three times a day it goes in there it’s great to help support the inside lining of your intestines but you need more chlorophyll as a way to irritate the inflammation in the inside of colon and I would get that three outside of any of your powder all right your question of course keep you keep in your keto and definitely in a minute fast and try to fast for at least 20 hours all right Karen we’re ready for some more questions here’s an interesting question do I produce more insulin if I eat slowly and drag it out I think it’s a minor point I think I don’t think it’s gonna be that big of a deal where it’s gonna spike as far as a speed I mean if you could let’s say you ate really slow where you’re actually your meal was about three hours long or four hours long okay so then you just basically you spiked more insulin because you have more time of eating but if you have a four hour eating window let me clarify an eating window because people think that if I eat at like 12 and five that eating we know I can just eat constantly through the whole window the goal is just to eat at 12 and then at five and nine in between so you can get a nice little fast between there even on Thanksgiving that’s different what about testing for blood sugar is it is it better to do it in a blood test or in the urine no you the blood test is going to be the most accurate but you want to do urine as well if you potentially are diabetic because you’re going to see glucose in the urine so it’s just another way to figure things out because if your blood sugars are at a certain amount it kind of pushes it through the kidney and it ends up in the urine so if you if you’re looking at your urine and like wow I got glucose in my urine it’d be good to know what’s going on the blood at the same time but you also have another test called a1c which measures a little bit different thing and that will also tell you what’s going on with them like an average of blood sugars for like three months which I like the a1c but you know what’s even better than that Karin what if you do a fasting insulin test and you have to like really find a doctor to do that the name of the test that you want to do is called Homa – ir and that actually measures insulin resistance it’s a great test because you’re gonna find even more important than high blood Sugar’s high insulin which comes B way before high glucose and if you have normal blood sugars and you have high insulin then it’s just a matter of time before you become a diabetic so why not just prevent it hmm so you would recommend that for someone who hasn’t started this yet or for someone someone who’s been doing it for a couple of years 80% what honestly when I tell people to do that it’s just an extra test I mean it’d be nice for those people that really want to see before and after okay or are curious about it or they’re running into a problem or they haven’t started and they have some blood sugar issues they want to head up before baseline but most people you know just jump right in they do healthy keto and I off and everything kind of balances out because that’s what we’re gonna recommend to do anyway if you have it it’s a great way to stabilize and support healthy blood sugars without without having to take drugs okay that’s the ideal situation right ideally ideally all right good so tell you what you find another question I’m gonna go to Jolanda from Des Moines Iowa are you there hello hello yes I’m here hello can you hear me yeah I can hear you perfectly hi dr. Burkhardt my husband in my life yes I love you guys but I wanted to talk about so I did kilo for about 15 months lost 60 pounds and I did healthy keto your way and then I got pregnant and so in getting pregnant I tried to come in still doing keto the way that I was doing it and I found myself I did a test with the doctor and I had hypoglycemia and so I’ve had to reincorporate or reintroduce sugars and carbs more than what I had been which they do kind of mess up my systems and so I’m trying to figure out what I can do you know in order to control that I think the only other thing I would add is just that I found myself Matt it’s hungry on keto which I find to be awesome when I’m not pregnant but of course I think that may have been a factor in the hypoglycemia right well typically what causes hypoglycemia is high insulin because it’s pushing down the blood sugars and it’s an insulin you have instant resistance so and then of course people not thinking logically through the whole scenario of like if I eat sugar guess what instance going to go up and it’s going to push it down again I’m gonna have more hypoglycemia so you actually create it’s kind of like putting on putting a fire out with gasoline it will work possibly a little bit at first but then it gets worse right Steve so the other thing is that you want to especially if you’re pregnant you want to do healthy keto and and okay here’s the thing just don’t worry about the internment of fasting now just to healthy Kido because if you’re having enough healthy fats and the best way actually if you have a problem with a hypoglycemia and you have a choice between protein and glucose just protein will also increase insulin I’m sorry it will increase insulin and actually glucose a little bit so that might be a better approach for you is to take more protein instead of the glucose but really really make sure that you have nutrient-dense foods if you’re pregnant because that is the most important time to get your diet corrected what you eat is gonna predict what your child is Health’s gonna be down the road so you have a great opportunity to create a healthy baby down the road and a person that grows up into this healthy person so anyway try that and let me know how it goes what do we got we have a number of questions regarding skin yeah eczema dermatitis so I thought I would just love that at you as one subject typically you can have skin problems from doing gluten you know gluten in the grains so always go gluten-free right you want to avoid all grains that’s a trap right but the grains are inflammatory they really mess up your skin for those people that are new here so the other thing is the if you want really nice skin probably out of anything everything this is to do in a minute fasting because your body goes into this healing mode and it starts to recycle old damaged skin cells and it starts to give you new skin cells so you you get to revive the skin and if you really wanted to see some great change you want to do 20 hours of fasting with your four hour window where people eat from that complete four hours and I’m being sarcastic just do two meals so yeah intermittent fasting is great for the skin also there’s a couple other things that will help your skin and they have to do with actual fats like omega-3 fatty acids vitamin E which is a fatty acid I’m so it’s not a fatty acid it’s a fat soluble vitamin and then don’t forget the cruciferous vegetables because that will help the liver and your skin also will as a reflection of what’s going on the liver so that’s why you take an alcoholic and they have a lot of liver issues and skin issues all right okay yep I’m ready for the next question take it okay Tina from Arizona you lost 74 pounds I you know wow I have to tell you I’ve done the healthy keto from day one and I do like the intimate fasting I eat at 12 for the first time no bad oils I just follow every point I can learn I know for the first three months I just spent fixing mistakes I was making but I just kept going and but my question is no I’m not gonna do this but I do have a question I’ve heard so if I’m doing phenomenal good healthy keto and if somebody could come in and eat bad oils and amount is it true that my ketones now would have to quit doing what they’re doing and have to come and attack the bad oils and if they do have to do that with that throw me out of ketosis good question no you’re not it’s not going to be like that taking even if it’s bad oil it’s not going to kind of attack the ketones are going to attack each other the fact that you’re doing the bad oils just create an inflammatory condition it just gives you a lot of other bad things that irritate the tissues inside your body despite being in ketone ketosis so the the thing that makes you in ketosis is the low carb not the high fat or the oils unless you’re doing like coconut oil and that will give you more ketones but the bad fats create inflammatory condition and a lot of times these bad fats have pesticide heavy metals country-and-western all these things that could that was real subtle I just want to see if any yeah I’ve heard that so many times normally I would laugh right so all these chemicals really end up messing your endocrine system and creating other problems especially like the common oils that you get at the grocery store or the deep fried this would be fried that that your teeth the gallbladder and Mississip your colon and the inflammation itself could be bumping you out of ketosis so there’s a lot of other things go wrong but the bottom line is you just have to avoid the bad oils and you’ll be totally fine thanks for your call Tina alright Karen I am ready for some good questions okay what would you do to decrease some menstrual migraine yeah a menstrual migraine would be two it’s usually gonna be estrogen dominance so you want to do things that bring estrogen down and now the question is what would that be mm-hmm well one would be the stinging nettle root that’s a really good one as a remedy another one would be to avoid dairy because dairy feeds baby cows calves and it just basically has all these growth factors so you don’t know what you’re getting with you even organic yeah it’s just it still has growth factors so if you’re having menstrual cycles and you’re you’re having milk products that’s going to react with you because the ovary is the uterus tissue the breast tissue are highly sensitive there it’s kind of glandular tissue so it’s going to affect that and this is the site note for women that use tampons thought they used cotton tampons make sure it’s organic because 93% of all cotton and us is GMO oMG yeah so it you know you don’t want to be exposing your body to things chemicals yeah now I don’t care who you are that was funny Karen that was funny wasn’t it that was funny that was hysterical and guess the time it is right now it’s time to go and say goodbye for another week and start preparing for the holidays that’s right it’s it’s Thanksgiving will be over the next time we see you are we doing it next Friday morning yeah I’m game yeah are you guys will you guys come out if we if we get here they’re gonna be home no they’re gonna be the beginning after eating can you food that put us on the big screen and have all your company gather around the TV yeah left over around the computer in your eating window you can know okay well we’ll we’ll come in Friday morning at 11 o’clock have a great Kito Thanksgiving and what do you think about what do you think about if we were to do all together do you like a fasting on Thursday no I all right bad idea my long of Kito things that I’m making okay bad idea of keto thing I’ll have to admit that was a bad idea hello guys have a wonderful weekend see you next week see you next week [Music]

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