Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] good morning guys welcome back Karin is in the house man all right so anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you it’s not meant to cure you just for your information check with your doctor before taking any of the advice okay so let’s um there’s a couple things we want to talk about I have a quiz coming up actually two tiny quizzes but they’re very interesting also I’ll be releasing some videos this week about keto trolls keto haters it’s gonna be interesting it’s fascinating that someone could hate I know be a hater six hating to a new level it’s just who are studying this is like hating 301 you could put an amazing success story I mean treating it and someone actually is like hate the fact that someone is doing better and feels better and is healing how can you hate that you’re gonna find out in the video there’s a reason for that also I’m gonna do my opinion on this game changers Netflix plant-based film so stay tuned for that I probably will at least that maybe tomorrow the next day also I’m going to talk about why I’m releasing these videos by the way why gastric bypass reverses diabetes and about 16 other diseases I’m not recommending it but it does reverse disease I’m talking about why no it’s actually true according to some massive studies okay but you’re not recommending no I’m not recommending it but it’s a fact right okay and then I’ll be talking about some other things that are just surprised I’m not going to reveal them yet but really cool stuff that’s right oh we have a lot of callers I’m gonna jump right into renina Rowena from Connecticut are you there yeah my daughter wanted to was she I’m advocating for her about she wants to know how can you do Kido if Elektra you know taking the electrolyte powder or drops make your heartbeat go down cuz she wears all those little smartwatches and I went down to like 38 a few times that rest so I’m just wondering she doesn’t do the keto the electrolyte drops anymore I stopped doing that but she also suffers from a low thyroid and she she’s not she’s not taking the armor that the natural public doctor suggested she hasn’t gotten to that point yet and she may have could be having Hashimoto’s my mother and my sister habits so I don’t know if that all comes into play okay for the heartbeat okay so this is what I would do definitely stay tuned in the next few days I have another video on how to get the thyroid to work better naturally and because there’s certain reasons why the thyroid is low it could be potentially she’s not producing the hormones but it can also be potentially she’s not converting from t4 to t3 so watch the video that I’ve just released on thyroid as well as the videos I’m going to release them Hashimoto’s thyroid very important for her to understand that in this and keto and AF is the best thing for the thyroid by the way because it decreases the need for using the thyroid now as far as electrolytes what happens is you’re taking these minerals specifically potassium and magnesium that calm the cardiovascular system so it can definitely lower the heart rate now it’s not a bad thing because it actually is uh we’re not we’re not giving you something we’re not giving a drug it’s a natural thing and it’s about a thousand milligrams per scoop so maybe what she could do is take half and see how that does as long as she’s not feeling bad it’s going to be totally fine the thing about potassium is though that’s one mineral that the body will get rid of anything that it doesn’t need so verses sodium which you retain that potassium do you take a little more the body will get rid of anything it needs but potassium is so important for the electrical system of the heart for energy so stay tuned I’m actually creating a book on potassium that relates to that question but I think it’s gonna be fine all right now we’re going to go right to Canada may hum are you there no gosh another question I guess on hashimoto’s you have a question right what’s what was your question um Hashimoto’s and PCOS so I did go online and check out your video you have individual video and bullet but not together so my question is um I saw your video you recommended table no medal for a PCOS I started taking that I saw a lot of improvement I’m not breaking out anymore my periods were a bit better I had like my testosterone levels and down to point zero two point three and my energy level was very high before and went down after the test but I’m just wondering if is there is anything I can do to have both better and is there any and contraindication to any supplement I’m taking for PCOS course with the hashing quick question are you doing healthy keto and intermittent fasting yet I am okay I am good yeah I think the best thing to do is combine both of those recommendations together Hashimoto’s is very fascinating because there’s a lot of theories out there there’s a huge connection between epstein-barr virus and Hashimoto’s and 95% of the population has epstein-barr virus it’s like they’re kissing virus you get when you’re in college or in high school so that virus kind of stays dormant and kind of comes out later in life as a latent type of latent virus and it can actually affect the thyroid I’m going to release a video on all the natural things that you can take as an anti but the the realists a big solution is to stay super healthy eliminate all stress and stay young and then you can be totally fine so as long as you avoid all stress and all junk food and don’t age you’re totally bulletproof and I’m being very sarcastic so you’re gonna have to get your body so healthy because the cue can’t really kill the virus you can just keep it in remission and there’s a lot of things that will trigger it watch my video on viruses I think that would be a good thing for you to do all right Karen do we have any questions come yes great here’s a question can we ignore vegetables on kedo I’m gonna let you answer I’m gonna let you answer that one like the puppy that here’s a funny sound hmm right no good good any other questions yeah I have a question first of all several people today complicating my hair ah it’s a crapshoot some days she was born with incredible yeah some days it’s better than others if you have a lot of people asking me what I do for my hair you should do the video well do so you don’t want me to say no go ahead go ahead well I mean kedo and i f for starters the other thing is organic as much as possible I don’t wash my hair every single solitary day I use coconut oil in my hair but I wouldn’t say that it’s you know clearly some of you saw me with some highlights so it’s not like I’m like the you swab shampoo bottle it’s not like I I’m like a total purist or what I’m looking for a word you know like someone who never does anything to print but I mean it’s probably the the keto and the if’ and making sure that I have a lot of good fats yeah she doesn’t go low-fat No and if that’s actually a really important for hair yeah so I mean it is for her hair and skin and stuff like that I always try to find something that’s not full of crap and as as simple as possible and like any other female I go through tons of things experimenting and there’s not one brand that I use I’m always trying something different and other than that it’s um can I just say one thing yeah so I’m sorry I don’t have like an ironworker I don’t have to do this in order to have hair like this I do have naturally wavy hair so if I so that helps there’s a couple things that I noticed at one time in your life you were losing a little hair but that was that during like I think pregnancy or something or a breast or something no with my cycle and then it got much worse during pregnancy and then it just continued with my cycle I would have like huge gaps of hair loss and then it would immediately grow right back right but one thing that you that’s different you get actually way more sleep than I do which I think also helps you like probably eight hours 12 hours 12 hours a day so that I think that really is important for just no really 12:11 but you definitely get kind of stick together way more sleep than I do I think that’s that’s helping your hair a lot yeah I almost always get eight hours sometimes seven sometimes more well I like the idea really more but I like what you what you suggested recently of going to bed early like 7:30 that I really really like that recently and that was just last night I like it I think that works for me too okay so Laurie has been waiting patiently for 15 minutes Laurie are you there from New Jersey yeah I’m here hey what was your question my question is with Nomad or in a minute fasting how I’ve been taking your veggie solution and your cruciferous is the food yeah and I just wanted to know if that breaks the fast I can’t get before my one meal yeah okay so the definition of breaking it fast is just anything other than water however the amount of those things as far as breaking your fast are so small its insignificant so I’m going to tell you know they’re not going to interfere with your fast at all the veggie solution is very interesting because even though it has some carbs most of those Barb’s carbs are our our fiber and related to phytonutrients but there’s zero sugars and it’s a pretty interesting ingredient in the veggie it’s a solution it’s called Len teen protein it’s a very small so like the smallest flour on planet Earth just a small flower and it’s grown in real and water and it has tons of chlorophyll it’s the highest protein plant protein on planet earth and it has the phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids all sorts of things but yeah that would not break your fast but thanks Lori Karen I think we’re ready for a quiz it’s sure let’s some here’s the quiz out of all the foods that people eat what is the food that has them gives you the most pesticide exposure or what has the most pesticide residue what food hmm let’s see if you guys could guess that okay we’ll just sit silently and stare at this we’re just waiting for their answers let me just because it’s interesting because I remember being told many years ago what the worst one was but hmm I’ll be interested to see that’s right I mean I don’t have any current information on that you don’t have any Intel homework and we haven’t haven’t heard you talking to me about it at 5:00 in the morning I was withholding that every night so well why people are answering let me just go to low in Illinois you had a question about the pancreatic Lahti type go ahead hi yes I took your quiz and was the pancreatic body type and some like thyroid thing but I’m losing my hair Ankita for about a month and a half Annette’s been loving it except for my hair loss and like what is the one supplement which I’m already taking the nutritional yeast but what is the other supplement that would be best for me to take to get my hair back but listen low low and listen you’re losing weight you’re feeling great I mean what’s the hair loss and that’s that Mirjana sweating I don’t want to be bald going down there I mean like nowadays no here’s the know if you do you realize that I have a very special thing for hair it’s called hair formula did you realize that I do but I was confused orders need to take bad or the gallbladder formula I would if I’m not absorbing one no I would I would go right for the hair formula because that’s a very specialized thing that has about four or five different angles into hair and that that produces some serious results if you look at the reviews on that I mean people are just loving it that’s what I would start with first that usually will help you if there’s still some issues then you can take maybe a little more trace minerals a little more B but I don’t think you’re already taking nutritional yeast so I think we ruled out B vitamins and then there is one additional thing but I don’t want you to get it yet it’s not even on the site but it’s basically in a boost it’s like a hair booster but I I would go with the hair formula that should work like I don’t fine so try that all right Karen okay here we got okay so specific foods you didn’t mean categories right no specific food okay good so I the top answers are swaying corn coffee strawberries celery apples or grapes those are the top there’s a couple other random things okay so I’m gonna say can ya the answer is on that list and I will tell you that Alright understood from hearing something random years ago it could have been from you strawberries Karen is correct and there are the strawberry people yes that is a correct statement good so yeah it’s rubber so that’s like that yeah so you want to go organic with strawberries the video that I released on this will give you the additional 11 more in order of and celery is on the list so we’re apples or grapes question yeah ask me a question so when you go into a store like Whole Foods or any kind of natural you can buy these sprays a fruit wash or a veggie wash what does that ever really do anything to wash the pesticide ah the problem is that this these pesticides do pen first of all they go in the soil so there are absorbed through the roots from the inside out right and then ones that are sprayed like even on a lime or a lemon they can go in so the outer shell does act as somewhat of a barrier but you’re still getting pesticides unfortunately so there’s really one thing one food that you don’t really have to worry about pesticides let me guess well let’s ask everyone oh you guys is it even a food that we can eat yes and what we’ll do is well so here’s the next question guys since Karen brought it up what food has the least amount of pesticides that would be okay to buy that doesn’t have to be organic now well let’s see let’s see what people say okay and it’s something we can eat because I was gonna say banana not on our list right so but here’s the thing yeah there’s some washes you can get rid of some of the stuff if it’s maybe an apple but we’re not eating apples so um the problem with the Glink leafy greens is they don’t have like a shell that you peel like salads you can’t feel a salad but there are certain vegetables that you can take the peel your lettuce which which why people are while people are answering here’s an interesting question is there a recommended daily allowance for fiber no there’s not they’re trying to classify it as a nutrient it’s it’s it’s actually not really a nutrient however I will say I think it’s very important because it does feed your microbes so it’s not for us for these little microbes that live with us and that give us nutrition so I’m gonna call it a nutrient but there’s no requirement for that okay it’s my opinion and which is why we are all gathered here today well here’s the thing Karen you I think that it’s really important since we’re talking about opinions is that just to have people realize there’s a big difference between an opinion and a fact and on the Internet oh my gosh you talk about opinions facts are based on evidence opinions may or may not be so if you’re trying to evaluate something in searching doing Google searches just really keep in mind try to just stick with the facts oh I can’t even say what I’m thinking right now yeah I mean you’re searching on Google right there especially recently it’s like amazing just like when you’re searching for health stuff like there’s you have to dig I barely find anything there are entire subjects that are no longer available yeah I’m not just talking politically no there are entire subjects that are you cannot find anymore I know this might sound crazy and there it’s almost like someone doesn’t want to get someone doesn’t want you get healthy sarcasm that was sarcastic yes I sensed that hey but the answers ah for the most part is avocado really what do you think well I first thought avocado and then there’s things like pumpkin and I mean I know pumpkins pretty easy to grow you like squash I don’t know how much you have to spray a squash but then I’m thinking well how much are we supposed to be eating squash because some people did say so what is your answer geez my answer I’m relying on these guys I thought I was supposed to be the voice of the people what’s the answer avocado thank you you are correct sir yes so you got your two for two can okay good cheaper so basic eyes avocado the apparently the outer shell of an avocado the peel is pretty strong to protect that plant against and it has the least amount of pesticides so that’s good because avocados are a bit expensive and especially organic what let me ask since we’re talking about food yeah what about chickpeas can someone eat chickpeas on a keto diet I’m not against having a some but they are a legume and they do have some carbs however when you’re when you’re actually combining it with olive oil or tahini you get hummus which doesn’t seem to affect ketones that much so I think if you’re having it with some oil and things like that I think it’s going to be fine what you just toss them on your salad or you’re going to be hot I would I would not even worry about that at all that probably equivalent of a berry okay yeah good yeah so now Theresa from Tennessee are you there yes sir all right great what’s your question I did have a question what I told the interviewer at first but I’m fixing to have all my teeth pulled and I don’t know how to keep doing Kido what you know once I have all these teeth pulled it eighteen of them out of my mouth Wow well that’s a good question I think you can still do keto you just need a nice solid blender so you just start blending your food and you start drinking your food you can do the cow shakes you can blend your steak I don’t know you can do very you know you can do steamed vegetables without a ticket you know very steamed so I guess you’d have to puree things or you know like with when we first started doing all the kale we didn’t chew all the kale because I didn’t want to chew all the kale so I would put 7 cups of kale in a blender and that’s how I got my cows so you can do it you just take Barry’s kale freeze it and then when you’re ready you just blend them together that could be your salad right there so then you just have the protein and there’s various sources of protein you can do a protein powder or whatever but I think you can do it until you have a chance to put those teeth back in which put could take some time I mean if you’re actually having any planet but yeah that’s what I would do good question okay so what do we got okay so does here’s someone who gets only a little bit of sleep does is that gonna affect her weight loss yeah that’s a huge factor with stalled weight loss because your metabolism drops down it’s interesting they’ve actually even induced pre-diabetes within a very short time of cutting sleep down to four hours a night I think it was for six weeks or something like that just like people start getting pre-diabetes so you ever notice when you don’t get sleep you’re hungrier well not you because you’re always gonna say but other people might notice Steve remember when you don’t get sleep you get hungry oh yeah yeah see so for us people who don’t get eight hours I mean your hunger appetite goes up and that could affect a blood sugar nap all day that’s a true statement that is the truth okay I have another question here I’m sorry I’m not catching names but someone has had for his life ticks I guess body he doesn’t expand on what they are could be body or facial or something like that is there something that he can do to minimize that or support feeling of that that’s a very good question I just wanted to make sure that my my video on ticks is up is actually posted did you just do it yeah I just wanted I just want to make sure I have a video and everything and let’s just see if it’s on there hold please yes it is on there I’m going to just suggest you watch it because there’s a little bit more and death answer and this is one thing that I what I realize guys I go through a lot of your feedback on your review so I appreciate all the comments that you’re giving us but I will say that all the questions I just don’t have time to create the links they’re all on YouTube if you just do a search on every possible little thing they’re all right there just FYI alright do we have another question that was the end of my questions for the moment okay good well let’s go to Dana from Fort Worth Texas are you there yes to things that are kind of opposite I have I see interstitial cystitis in my bladder and then I have acid reflux really bad so I’m trying to build the asset in my stomach but when I do that then my bladder starts getting irritated so I didn’t know if you had I do have if you look under do a search just in google dr. Berg and then bladder or bladder infection or pain in the bladder I would look at that the best thing that you’re gonna get probably benefit from is doing prolonged fasting that’s probably going to help you more than anything the other thing that you’re gonna have to do is take something like oregano oil taken in a capsule and then take that on an empty stomach a few times a day just to kind of help clean up the internal part of the body so you can handle the bladder issue because I do understand the stomach problem is hard because that can aggravate the bladder so it’s a little bit of a catch-22 the thing that you I think would benefit from is maybe instead of adding the acid just consume fermented vegetables that might be a little bit better and then make sure you do healthy keto low-carb because that’s going to help the immune system and definitely help the bladder but I do have a video on that thanks for your question all right now Suzanne from Toronto Canada had a question what was your question is for your daughter right yes hello hi hi how are you right first of all I have to thank you very much I’m your fan I love you you saver you saved my life I lost 40 pounds in two months well actually three month I went from side large to small Wow and I cannot thank you enough yes I am very really happy I’m talking to you that’s right thank you my question is for my daughter and for the people who are underweight she said she’s very skinny but your videos always talked about like who overweight and they want to lose I wish it I’m sure but yeah she’s blessed but also my question is if people luckily they have problem with the insulin resistance do they still like will be look small because she eats a lot I see her she eats a lot but she’s not she’s not gaining she losing weight all the same and I cannot help her I want her to be ketogenic but right it’s not what’s her what’s her was her age she’s 23 she’s going to be 24 oh I was thinking like maybe 12 12 6 years old no okay so there’s a couple reasons why she there might be a lot of times people are thin because there’s some damage to the gut pre-existing unless they have history of antibiotics and does she have any history of gut issues or not I’m sorry she has what digestive issues gut issues like does she have a history of Ann yes she did yeah yes she yes she is but her stomach like flat she’s very skinny yeah and she like she has like almost the same problem when I was like if I don’t eat I have to eat that at that moment and I know it’s a insulin resistance so I have to eat yeah you know she has the same problem but she’s skinny this is what I would do I think there’s an an older pre-existing gut problem that’s preventing absorption of the nutrients hundred percent in which case you want to heal the gut lining with several things glutamine is a good one the other I actually did a video on the gut lining I would watch that whole thing and have her do that because I think what might be happening is the little villi in the small intestine might be not a hundred percent and that’s just preventing the absorption so she’s gonna probably have to take like some amino acids and things like that she might have to keep her carbs like let’s say that sixty grams a day not twenty and maybe she does three meals but no snacks that’s what I would do but I tell you that gut can prevent absorption of who to degree that you’re gonna have a hard time gaining weight but I should probably do a follow-up video on that specific question okay thanks for your question all right Karen what do we got okay so we talked about something earlier this week that I bet a lot of people don’t know and I want to do a quiz here’s the quiz oh okay good I was like here’s the quiz if you’re familiar with the doctor Berg products which of the products would you say is the best multivitamin of all the products there is one I learned that is ideal as a multivitamin per dr. Burke’s recommendations so let me know if you know which one that is that’s a good can answer that questions very good question can in the mean time I’ll give you a question yeah so Laurie on YouTube says what if carbs are the only thing that helps her sleep well carbs definitely help me sleep too when I was taking like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at night I mean I was like in a sugar coma so what happens with carbs as it increases insulin too much insulin makes you go to sleep just after a Thanksgiving meal right Steve like when you eat Thanksgiving meal you want to take a nap right I eat melba toast for things melba toast has been so long since I’ve had an elbow in water yeah right so it’s not the best way to go to sleep I used to have a sleeping problem so bad there was nights not even sleep one minute remember that I had restless leg syndrome I would get up in the middle of the night and go for a jog to get the energy out of my legs so little did I know that was carbohydrates were pretty much keeping me up they helped me go to sleep but then I was up so I didn’t have the energy in the day well guess what vegetables are carbohydrates so she can do unlimited you didn’t see that one coming did you Laurie what will happen I think you just need more minerals I think you need more potassium I think I need more magnesium to help the nervous system so you can get into the deep delta-wave sleep that’s what I would recommend but when you start going the carb route it comes with a package but I do understand the frustration of not sleeping alright okay do we want to hear the answer on this I think yeah okay good so a couple of people were right there are answers all over I would say oops sorry Steve on that I have an itch sorry a lot of people said nutritional yeast some people were saying cruciferous and a lot of other answers okay but some people did say the right answer do you want a drumroll dramedy dramedy dramedy dramedy d’azyr we got rid of him let me get rid of all the sound effects okay you want to hold it up just hold it up oh yeah it’s wheatgrass wheatgrass I did not know this maybe there was a video I missed now here’s what people are gonna say why don’t you have the nutrition facts on the back the label dr. Burke why don’t you have the nutrition facts on the back of all well partly because this is it becomes in batches and they vary from season to season and I have to change it so and it’s very expensive to create there but I will I will create a supplement fact just I probably won’t might be able to keep up with the different batches but here’s the thing it’s it’s if you’re gonna read this label as massive quantities of each nutrient you’re gonna go oh it doesn’t have as much as my Centrum silver or my other vitamins well that’s not the point but here’s the point they’re very functional they’re literally this stuff is raw so the amounts you don’t you don’t need them like this massive amount the thing that this really has more than anything is the blends the wide range of phytonutrients like I’m talking massive amounts of like even one nutrient one final nutrient like carotenoids there’s like 600 different ones like this has such a blend of like a lot more than that so you’re getting those you’re getting minerals you’re getting vitamins vitamins vitamin C you’re getting the trace minerals because where it’s grown so it’s very high quality and it’s so concentrated into just like one tray of wheatgrass into one little scoop okay now that being said there is some other things like the mitochondrial energy is another good multi-person said that because it has there’s really not it’s very hard to find natural vitamins I’ll tell you right now from food base but that one has a nice blend of natural vitamins and it’s really heavier more the B’s and things to fix the mitochondria then we have the essential mean the key to essential amino HR just amino acids which are awesome because you don’t really waste anything that’s like 99 percent absorb trace minerals are just trace minerals but the nutritional yeast is a combination of B vitamins trace minerals and amino acids so there’s different products so it kind of like can come close to a pack but the best one is I think this one right here nutritional but apparently if you answered mitochondria you you could be using the mitochondrial product as a multi yeah yep when you take this though you’re gonna feel you’ll like some people say I feel cool behind my eyeball slice just like all different reactions like I feel so calm I feel relaxed add more energy it’s just it’s it’s the highest quality product that we have cool behind my eyeballs don’t you want that effect with that be cool just sit oh my balls I was thinking man I’d love to be cool behind my eyeballs I would hey someone asking about insomnia now I Steve yep okay so what so insomnia help for insomnia there’s no information on whether this person is doing keto or intermittent fasting yeah and insomnia is the diagnosis but not sleeping good there’s there’s like really common reasons why people aren’t sleeping and then there’s less common reasons why people are not sleeping right I think the most common one is just stress in general and there’s a great webinar that I did to call the stress webinar which actually goes through these techniques that you do and you know just sleep like a baby of course Davey was up all night crying but and then the other thing is like drinking too much caffeine to the day that’s a common one nodding enough food that has that are it’s high in potassium because potassium is a relaxer so like if you have no vegetables and all protein that’s going to keep you up and then also when you do keto in if’ and this is important you you really improve sleep apnea so you have more oxygen you improve getting up through the night urinating you actually help your blood Sugar’s so right there that should handle your sleeping problem more than anything it’s going back to the basics and that note Tom from Boston is on the line I do in Tom hey there great ken okay okay I had my CAC done and it wasn’t you know alarming it was like 93 maybe it was 93 yeah the score was but there was a clog in my main artery he said he called it the Mass Pike and they want to put me on a statin and stuff but uh I’m willing to do that you know I didn’t want to do that so I’m following I think it’s the k2 and all that uh-huh of all the things there do I do I need to clear it up I mean obviously I want you to because disappointed being so active as I am that I had any problem with pneumonia when our data calcium school I hold I didn’t want anything in there hold on I’m 53 53 53 yeah I think I’m not 54 53 I think we’re close to the same age I think I’m 54 well Tom we’re close we’re probably close to H here and I do understand that you want that zero and I highly recommend that you continue to do the k2 and the d3 to help with the calcium I mean you’re still in a good range so 93 is small you can go over a thousand and that could be very very bad but the fact that you have another clog I’m assuming you’re on health Aikido in a min of fasting that you want to you want to do that hardcore like you want to get your carbs like way down there talking like probably 10 grams and you want to do in a fasting may be a one meal a day I think that would probably be the most beneficial for your for your vascular system taking more potassium helps the elasticity of your arteries taking a very good vitamin E complex with all the tocotrienols and tocopherols together that would be very good for your for your arteries and that’s what I would do and also watch I ever Cummins videos on that because he has a lot of great data thanks Tom now were you laughing with me or at me of course I was laughing at you because every year since I’ve met you yeah you don’t remember how old you are I know I’m kind of I like kind of you’re 54 he’s 54 okay yeah and you know at least you didn’t go into the second part of that wondering that you usually go into because I’m older than you I didn’t say anything and he usually goes in wait a minute how old are you right cuz you’re oh my gosh you’re that old I thought it means I’m this old I thought you were gonna say I’m more mature than you no I wouldn’t say anyway he called you a cougar yesterday cougar that’s me yeah that two years looks a difference okay moving right along Henry you’re in the line you’re from Orlando Florida you’re the question go ahead oh yes sir how’s it going great first of all I just wanted to say thank you for all all your knowledge that you’ve been dropping on YouTube I’m 30 years old and I I’ve been absorbing your channel for the past couple of years so about obviously since I was born I was born into a not so healthy you lifestyle eating junk food and fast food and whatnot the age of 18 or 19 actually got my gallbladder removed but 20 I got diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid I’ve kind of been battling those two cents I’ve been put on Bowery medications – you know control the hormones and but no success really I started having a like a muscle dystrophy kind of symptom where I couldn’t get out of bed and whatnot so I’ve completely stopped taking any kind of medication and trying to just treat it all naturally for the past few years um it’s kind of in limbo right now with my treatment I’m like I said I’m 30 now so it’s been about 12 years and I’ve got these two things that are kind of I think obviously it it might be a byproduct of the the surgery according to what I’m kind of reading and understanding on top of maybe also some maybe stressful situations that I was in when I was younger not working what not I’m just trying to figure out what you kind of think about this scenario and yeah where I could kind of go with a treatment protocol for it so do you um you get bloating when you eat I get bloating when I eat certain foods okay all right so like if I eat fatty food foods those kinds of foods yes okay so let me just give you my two cents on that you you kind of caught between a rock and hard place because normally without a gallbladder you’re deficient in bile and you can just take vile and you can really help help the situation greatly the problem is when you take vile it’s gonna make your thyroid faster and you already have a fast thyroid Oh grave so that might speed up the thyroid if it’s a hyper thyroid but but but maybe not because did you have your gallbladder do you have your gallbladder removed I’m sorry your thyroid removed too or just we’re not know thyroid still there it’s just it’s greater okay do you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism like like I pull high pulse rate yeah yeah okay so what I would recommend is I would do watch my video that I’m going to be releasing on on this it’s gonna be called how to get my fire to work correctly and that will apply to a hypo but it also applies to a hyper the only thing you don’t want to take is purify bile salts because that will speed up the hurt more that’s good for a hypo you want to take selenium there’s some nutrition you can take you want to also watch my video on gallbladder flushing which actually will manually just kind of help the the bile ducts and the pancreatic ducts as they drain better into the small intestine that’s what you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna have to just kind of really work on optimizing the drainage of your mouth to maximize that and do really super clean keto and I off because you’re gonna be a little deficient and violent over time that can create issues so but I tell you what I’ll think about that some more now I do I’ll do a video for you on that Henry all right Karen do we have a quick question on your side why does it have to be quick okay get along I have a super long question okay now here’s the thing you’ve never been asked before because there’s a lot of questions that come up every single solitary week and I’m always looking for a new question and here’s one what are the benefits of tomato and gumbo you got to be kidding right I know is it revolution your face very pleasure and in the communication behind that blank look was what’s in gumbo I don’t even know how to answer that question let’s start with tomato yeah what’s the advantages in the disadvantage of eating tomatoes well first of all the are in the list with the highest pesticide step 1 unless you are get organic and unfortunately if you live in America they’re kind of very empty but I would actually if you want good tomatoes you want to move to Italy because they have the best tomatoes what what no okay now that the next part of the question lutein okay there you have it lutein that’s a tomato it’s good for your eyes and it can slow down macular degeneration and what about that that’s and what about the gumbo the gumbo is a wonderful I think there’s a lot right if you want to write if you don’t want to make it without the carbs you want to rate yourself gain weight in an unhealthy way do a lot of gumbo a lot of gumbo and a lot of cornbread yeah and then your your set and then you will be you will have to do an experiment of high insulin you want experience heinously just consume some gumbo and just let us know how it works for you yeah I think what it comes down to is you’re gonna have to research that and tell us what the benefits of gumbo are because I probably would be correct in saying that every family has their own gumbo recipe people who are gumbo lovers I think you should do ranma’s gumbo rest we’re missing out it could be something really good about gunnel that we don’t know let’s go to Josh from Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi you had a question Josh yeah man how’s it going great thanks all right so I’m 2015 I got uh I got diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever never even heard of it up until that point so I took welcome edit the only medicine to get rid of it and it’s just left some lingering effect so I started I found your video started fasting started keto and I’m really left with two symptoms that I can’t seem to shake no matter what supplements I try chronic fatigue and and the other one is it’s weird I don’t wake up during the night frequently year and they be but when I act I go to the restroom before I clay down in bed in like 30 minutes of laying there I’ve got up five more times okay I cannot I don’t understand what that is you know most people will get energy when they start beefing up no pun intended vitamin b1 that’s a nutritional yeast and when they start taking more potassium those true they start have more energy but in your case I think you have an active it’s called the latent activation of either some viral thing or some microbe that is sucking your energy because your immune system is fighting it creating this fatigue and that would make sense because it could be in the bladder area affecting the nerves to go to the bladder or the function of the nervous system affects the bladder in that case which I which I would do if I what I would do if I were you I would take probably a combination of things on this video that I’ll release on antiviral things like oregano oil I would take that clean up maybe internal infection there’s garlic you can take oil silver these are just things that I think you’re gonna have to kill up this micro in addition to doing the keto and I if you might have to take something to clean up a kind of it like as a natural antibiotic without the side effects alright Josh thanks for your question and Karen over to you you have a long question I think we’ve hit this a lot of different ways but in some yeah didn’t you just ask this two other times if there’s a lot of questions a lot of questions also here as usual about very specific diagnosis we don’t take those questions how to cure cancer and three right for easy steps right how can I cure my disease or that disease so if you’re new to this we don’t take those questions because we don’t cure anything and we don’t address any kind of a medical disease so if you want help with sleeping or you want help with the healthy keto diet or you want to learn how to you know heal your body with foods and stuff like that that’s the route that we go and I’m not avoiding your question I’m avoiding because it’s illegal to cure people in the state of Maryland so if we one over the border to West Virginia we could probably do it but not in this state unfortunately not even in West Virginia I’m sorry alright darn it it’s yeah so okay let’s talk about insomnia thank you yeah so vitamin D if you’re not able to get well persons to say vitamin D vitamin D is like if you take twenty thousand I use that will help to fix a mechanism in your brain that helps you get into the deeper Delta wave sleep vitamin D is so important for sleep this is probably why when people maybe go on vacation and they lay around on the beach they’re on a cruise liner now that could be some other reason why do say but all the Sun just helps them turn off so they can actually wake up and feel rejuvenated so that’s one thing also you want to kind of like perceive what part of your body is like tense or tight or some type of spasm some like that like you’re laying down you can’t sleep is it your head that’s busy is your chest is it your legs what part your body and there’s a video that I did then I show you using this tool massage tool use that or your hands I show you both ways on how to extract all the accumulated stress that’s in your body it’s pretty cool I think you’ll like that and it’ll actually help you sleep like a baby and there we go again say it babies are Paula and I crying okay now it should actually really it’s it’s pretty awesome and it’s it’s a little long so watch it when you have time but I think that’s going to help you drift off I mean like I would do this technique on people in my clinic and they would literally fall asleep while I’m doing the technique they’re snoring as I’m doing the technique so it’s pretty relaxing okay say you have someone with already with a traumatic traumatic brain injury yeah and what kind of foods or what what approach food wise would you take good good question Kerry I was out of it there’s two things I did a video on head injuries they should watch that because there’s a very cool technique that can help that condition especially the trauma in the skull itself but to actually help heal from a trump traumatic brain injury you want high levels of DHA that is an omega-3 fatty acids it’s a very very high in shell fish not to be confused as the word selfish it’s also in salmon it’s also in clams and things like that we already mentioned that but if you’re a vegan you can get it from algae but it’s hands-down one of the best things to help heal the brain that’s what I would recommend okay and one last thing I just just thought of that ketones are the best fuel for a damaged brain so if your brain is damaged I mean and you want some more brain cells exogenous ketones ketones I would go a different route I would do the MCT oil and there’s many different types of MCT like there’s c8 c10 and the one that you want to get is c8 and you can get c10 but that’s pretty much in most MCT oil products but that’ll give your brain the ketones that it needs directly and also if you have a bad heart or a broken heart take ketones that will actually heal it as well sarcasm with the broken but you know what I mean it was a little keto humor keto humor I think I’m gonna go on the road with that I think you should on that note Maria you’ve been waiting you’re from Green Bay Wisconsin right down the street from Kenosha Wisconsin how are you I’m okay okay good well I heard him you had a question what was your question um I had a stroke last year in September on the day of my grandson’s birthday and I didn’t know I had it until I went to go see the doctor a week later and I tell her all the symptoms and what’s going on it was a right brain stroke but she was been trying to make me take stands for number of years I’ve met her and I didn’t want to take it so when I I was on keto low-carb – for about a year I lost a quite amount of weight but when I had that stroke all these people are like oh that’s because you you were on that you want you should have done it that cost your stroke and rice and put a lot of fear in my doctor said this is the reason why I needed you to take Stenton so that you wouldn’t you need to take it so you wouldn’t die and stuff like that and she wanted to start me high at a hundred milligrams my um heart specialist said I could start low at five well she wanted to keep freising it right in but every time I took that stuff I would get bad cramps so I really bad cramps I couldn’t leave I’m guessing your question is what what would what should you do if I were you right yeah cuz I want to get back on on the keto low-carb high-fat since they told me later that was because I had an old like where they didn’t check it in your neck there yeah it was 50 60 yeah and they said I was old so I had it for years so I’m wondering would it help me with that or what I have to be worried about it you know what you should do just just for your own peace of mind if you just search research study stroke and low carb or stroke and ketones you’re going to find a lot of data that being on ketosis can actually it’s more preventive and it’s protective from brain injury and stroke and also from preventing clotting I mean think about what caused a clot it’s the high insulin from the high carb diet not the low carb diet and then they’re gonna put you in a stand which is gonna block all your ability to make cholesterol and then that gives you a series of side effects and I would ask your doctor to please just give me one set II that that statins will improve my strokes even by point zero zero one percent I would love to see that study so that doesn’t make sense to me but I can’t tell you not to take it that’s your own choice but I would go on the healthy version of keto within a minute fasting and I would also take ketones I think that’s gonna be important the other thing that I would also look around your area to see if you can do hyperbaric oxygen therapy I’m doing that myself I think it’s awesome to repair tissue and especially in the brain so for the forces oxygen in your brain thanks for your call Maria and Karen ready for another question let me guess I think yeah are we done yeah what would you do for in some you go ahead yeah I would go to sleep I would probably limit the amount of cell phone next to my brain another good tip keep the light down instead of not keeping the strobe light strobe light in your eyes right 335 helps and then we’re gonna go to Darcy from Texas are you there Darcy I’m here how are you right hi hi I have a couple questions about my mom she has recently not been able to taste food she could taste that something is salty but she can’t taste and driving her nuts we were wondering what could be causing that that is a zinc deficiency so if you can’t smell or you can’t taste its zinc zinc zinc all the way so that should help you that was easy I like those easy questions and then I think you get one is there is there a worry to take too much zinc it’s very certain I mean yeah I would not take more than the bottle says our bodies need a certain amount and I would just take the regular rdas but if you take zinc for a long period of time you know you could create some imbalances but what you could do is just however take like a good plant-based trace mineral product which I’m not biased but I think I’m the best one and then you take as a blend of all of them and you good and then you just take the zinc on top of that and let’s say for example she’s benefiting from that but it’s not really fixing it 100% then what that means is that she needs to acidify the stomach to absorb the zinc and still if it’s not a hundred percent then we know she’s probably having something like grains in the diet I know that’s probably not true but she’s probably hundreds and kido but the grains the fiber the bran in the grains that will have spidah casted and that blocks zinc that’s probably the reason why 1 billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc because they have okay whole grains okay alright that makes it very simple great thanks Darcy the only other thing was thank you Mike okay bye I think I cut her off a little bit there sorry Jared see if you were had another thought he probably would have taken that question but it’s 12:30 anyway and that was an hour and that’s all you can take of us I’m sure like I got things to move things to do they got place about though I have heard enough but I really appreciate you you guys coming on in and your attention and your wonderful questions no what if I come asking a lot of good questions and the compliments on Karen’s hair and the concrete burg a lot of people love you really there’s a lot of I Love You dr. Berg’s yeah we can I didn’t say it all but that’s nice of you okay so next week we’ll see you on Friday have a wonderful weekend and you want to say any less have a great week okay good [Music] you [Music]

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