Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] one good morning and welcome we are back for another show today we’re gonna do 45 minutes just so you know so we’re not gonna go to the full hour just because we have to catch a plane really fast so I don’t want to be late and why do we have to catch a plane because we have to go somewhere and why do we have to go somewhere because there’s a wedding involved yay our son our son is getting married okay listen anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you or cure you this is meant to give you information to do your own research and so that’s really what we’re gonna do today we have a ton of calls and you are going to accumulate a lot of questions social media so we can rapidly go through as many possible questions in the next 45 minutes how about that sound good sound good oh I get to talk by the way okay take two yeah okay okay smack yet good morning everybody okay okay let’s go let’s go to rope rowena you had a question about the peroneal nerve right you had some damage to that you had a question about that yes okay yes my daughter has peroneal nerve damage since 2018 january and she had foot drop and then she went to physical therapy that summer August and in September for the foot drop but she still is so upset she still has residual partial numbness from the knee down on the right side of the it’s the right leg down to her toes and it’s really bothering her but she doesn’t know what she should do get rid of it real quick question was there any trauma what trigger anything what triggered it I don’t know if they know for sure she had she had suffered that same time and she went to the hospital with anorexia she in January when and then they put her on this medicine called the rammer on I guess for there crashing or something that she said as soon as she started shaking it she she started having the problem with the leg that the numbness and all that sort of thing is she right up where that could be a side effect but at any rate we’ll just wondering how to get rid of it she did get the physical therapy for the foot drop part of it and all that and I did the nerve conduction study I’m non nerve and they said yes some of it wasn’t working or whatever let me explain what to do okay obviously this is another situation I release at least the video recently on the relationship between nutritional deficiencies and there’s side effects from drugs basically but let me just reverse that the side effects from drugs giving you nutritional deficiencies and so when you take especially a psych drug it depletes you the various things what I would do immediately before you do anything get running health Aikido get her on in a minute fasting and start taking large doses of the B vitamins sometimes it’s hard to find a natural version but the one that I would recommend is through my mitochondrial support that’s like a high-end product for natural B vitamins because there’s really only two companies that sell natural B vitamins and I used one of the companies so anyway the point is that you want to start taking she wants to start taking B vitamins immediately the other thing you can do and I don’t know if I have a video on this or not I’ll probably have to do one but you want her to do acupressure on the opposite nerve now the peroneal nerve is actually extension from actually the sciatic nerve which comes out the back by your butt bone comes out and then it wraps around the front on the front part of its called a fibula which is the outer part of the lower leg so what she needs to do is take her fingers or someone else do this and massage down the left the good leg and Trace that nerve down that’s going to be very very painful don’t ask me why but just do it gently until after about two weeks just do that and it’ll actually kind of wake up the right side if you don’t understand where to go just look up on Google where exactly peroneal nervous and then match it on the left side and just kind of stimulate that in there okay but I should do a video on that but thanks for your call all right Karen where are people come from today well so far all over the US Italy South Africa Malaysia Norway Australia the United States I already said that yeah twice people are here from the United States Algeria Canada Finland and I’m not even halfway down wow this is awesome so we we’re communicating to the world right now yes do we have any good questions coming up well there’s a question here someone from YouTube is saying super skinny but I have a big belly yeah it’s called it could be called skinny fat what happens is that you’re getting fat usually in the viscera on the organs and that’s coming because there could be a fatty liver potentially in which case you want to do a stricter version of keto but that’ll probably the last thing that’ll go because you have to kind of clean out the fat from the liver by keeping the carbs low doing intermittent fasting to the point where actually it’s flat now the other thing is that if you are consuming food and your stomach is bloated definitely more at the end of the day that’s really a digestive issue as well and it could be more of a problem with certain vegetables that you’re eating that you’re not used to so I have a video on that they should search out it’s on bloating I’ve actually many so but they’re gonna have to do more of a hardcore qidt qidt oh and if’ until it’s completely flat but I would probably just do one a meal a day and it should flatten it pretty fast yeah no no let’s go to Christy from Dallas Texas you had a question you’ve been having some breathing problems taking the opposite of vinegar pills is that true yes good morning dr. burns can you hear me okay yes okay perfect yes when I first started doing intermittent fasting with the ketogenic diet back in February I had started to acidify my stomach and I didn’t really have any she was taking the pétain hydrochloric acid or the apple cider vinegar tablets then I kind of just in the mixture I guess of all my vitamins and supplements I kind of taper it off doing it and I picked it back up recently just to make sure that my stomach was staying acidic and I noticed that whenever I do take them especially if I take them together I have a hard time I get a little bit of chest pain but then even trying to talk it’s okay I can talk but I’m feel little I feel a little bit of pressure on my on my chest and so I guess I’m saying I get winded I feel like it’s making me a little out of breath and I didn’t know if this is what it’s from but I think it is okay well let me just tell you what I would recommend it first of all try to take it in the middle of the meal and see if that handles it and if it does great if not it could be that you right now you’re the pH is fine because I do know that if you actually take kombucha tea or absolute vinegar when you don’t need it when you have enough acid it will affect the breathing because it’ll start pushing you more to an acidic side I’m not saying a full-blown acidosis but just more acidic than it should and that will definitely create a kind of a breathing change so that’s what I would do if you are still irritated when you take in the middle of meal then just stop taking it for like six weeks and then you can try it again to see how you feel but I think you may have enough acid that you might not need it at this point all right thanks for your call all right Karen I’m ready for another question okay so we have Anna on Facebook she just got her gallbladder removed okay she wants to know how soon can she start keto right well a good thing they have spare ones that you can order they come in different plastic bottles and metals and things like that you can get them back in there they have you can order them online so that’ll solve that problem also your carries for ten bucks yeah so you want to start keto immediately because kind of it’s a healing thing it’s not going to be worsening the surgery at all it’s going to help you recover from the surgery what I would do though if I were you is I would probably instead of going into a tremendous amount of fats because now we are dealing with one two from your your liver to the small intestine we don’t have that sac anymore so you’re gonna have to kind of go a little ladder with the fats right now so you can gradually work up to it you may benefit from some gallbladder help with something called bile salts purify bile salts is it’s in the gall better formula you may benefit like one after a meal the other thing that I would do and this is very powerful is to do massage on the opposite side with the gall bladder is the goal that is on the right so your massage on the left and just massage that it seems to help trauma from injury including surgery I’m not gonna get into why but just try it and I think you may experience a fast recovery from that all right good on that now I think we need to go to Kevin from upstate New York are you there Kevin yes so you you go ahead you go ahead which I do believe I have under control and everything’s back into place have been doing a apple cider vinegar and the team yeah that’s that before each meal as well as later in day I’ll do celery juice and my food portions have been very small just a couple scrambled eggs 1/2 a cup of homemade potatoes and then in the evening I’ll have some steamed broccoli or something like that ok so go ahead okay okay so a couple things if you don’t if you actually have acid reflux and I tell people try apple cider vinegar betaine how to chloride ninety-five percent of time that will help the person but there’s a certain time where it won’t help the person either because they have kind of some gastritis problem where the the stomach is it has more inflammation than it should and so when you add the apple cider vinegar it can actually irritate the stomach lining because it’s been eroding over a period of time in which case zinc colon eight is the absolute hands-down best thing to take take zinc it actually it’s great for ulcers it’s great for gastritis as well as some licorice not the type of candy would buy but as licorice as a supplement those two are great for gastritis I would do that take a little less outside of vinegar because it could be more of an irritation yet you have to heal stomach for a while the problem I have is with your potatoes so maybe you can try to do more cauliflower as your starch but you do need to probably beef up no pun intended the vegetables salads just to get the chlorophyll to start healing them as well people that maybe had a history of eating refined foods they usually end up with a lot of digestive problems especially if they don’t have enough raw food like vegetables that have the enzyme so it depletes their own pancreas and then end up straining the system so I think people don’t consume enough raw foods and I’m not talking about raw chicken I’m talking about vegetables so try that Kevin and let us know how that works all right Karen oh well thank you so much you’re welcome Karen what do you got okay so gal here is saying was asking why does her husband get foot and leg cramps he’s on keto I F but apparently he gets foot and leg cramps when he cheats and eats fast food what really that’s him that’s really hard to believe why would he get why would he get those cramps you need to ask a question that I could really answer I mean that’s that’s really a tough one I don’t know if I could figure that one out give it a shot all right maybe go back to Kido and I have to see if that helps you because whatever work in the past may work again you know it’s sort of the question like why do I feel like crap when I’m eating the standard American diet it’s just the wrong question I think and not that your question was a bad question it brings up a really good point it’s it’s we don’t need to put any attention on why does someone feel bad when they eat poorly or they eat poison or they eat fake food or poor quality food or whatever we just know that that happens well who because you’re feeling your body with toxins and refined carbohydrates and sugars and that it makes a body sick so you’re gonna feel you’re gonna feel bad I mean you just had this video on hopefully everybody watched it or if not after this you go watch it that you posted yesterday of this before and after watch that oh good of course I watched it and it it’s this woman who lost over two years like a hundred and forty pounds or sixty pounds or something her husband was not on that video but he also over the same time period lost a hundred and sixty pounds I mean these people lost several people’s worth of weight right and she made a comment she said you know I just feel so great and and she was heavy her whole life as long as she can remember from the time she was a tween and she said I didn’t realize how awful I felt all the time I just was so used to how I felt that I thought it was really normal to feel this way and then when she started to lose the weight and she said you know within two months she had a reduction of all the swelling and her feet in her hands within two months and she was still you know 150 pounds overweight or whatever but she didn’t realize how awful she felt until she started keto and intermittent fasting yeah the name of that video which if you guys need want to go watch it it is the name of the video is the name of the video yesterday yes just released from 315 pounds and then 143 kilograms to 138 pounds okay so that video has 50,000 views already so that’s a really good one especially amazing story especially if you’re like in doubt about doing kiddo and you’re wondering if it’s gonna work well guess what it’s gonna work this lady did everything she did her first program was weight watcher she said when she was 12 or 13 years old with her model give it away well ok some people may do oh without the video you know well okay it’s true but my point was really about you know if you feel like crap when you’re eating the standard American diet it’s because the standard American diet is the problem absolutely that was too much time on that question but I hope the lady answering asking a question is inspired in some way hey Elizabeth you’re from Alabama you had a question about ken carbs be absorbed through the skin is that true that’s the right question yes yes yes I use an organic cornstarch baby powder pretty liberally just to prevent chafing and I just was wondering if that contributes to my carb intake for the day okay well no however the cornstarch is GMO so there might be oh okay then no it’s not gonna go through the skin at all they’re in the skin you have a fat layer so it’s protected you’re not going to absorb things like that I mean there are certain things that could be absorbed like chemicals but I wouldn’t worry about that too much just not going to go right the bloodstream and spike your blood sugar at all yeah I wouldn’t worry now if you’re doing the foot scrubs right so that was my thing she’s either snuggling with candy bar at night or she’s using a sugar scrub in the shower which is legit point yeah it’s not gonna it’s not gonna affect your blood Sugar’s now if you rub a candy bar on your arm no that’s not gonna throw you rub candy bar it’s just sort of like you’re rubbing it on your face and then you yeah no I wouldn’t worry about it all good question though good question because other things do absorb through the skin that’s right hey Terry you’re from Minnesota your question on Quito go ahead what was your question yeah yeah I’ve been doing your Quito for about eight months and I got a lot of your supplements and stuff like this and i suffering from diabetic but i’m at 5.5 now and off the meds for long time itself right but my blood sugar i check in the morning no I know there’s a dawn effect and stuff well it got past that well in the morning my blood Sugar’s running between the highs in the 70s and the low 80s but now in the last three weeks or so it’s slowly creeping up and I’m hanging around roughly just a hair above a hundred um I’ve been doing your kale shake that you got on your video with parsley I do add one lemon the whole works to it I blend that up um I can only down roughly 16 ounces of that liquid with meat and stuff like this but my I can’t seem to be getting my blood sugar numbers down and I doing the choline tablet or capsules and the isotopes I think it’s called muscle and the the product that you mentioned that would help with your liver Oh inositol fatty liver okay yeah okay got it and I think I think my damage I did to myself I think is I did too much organic oil not fat but oil you know like coconut oil olive oil avocado oil and on that because my gallbladder went nuts on me it felt like I had a fist inside my ribs beating the heck out of me here Wow and I stopped doing the oil and stuff in my that pounding on my on my ribs actually my ribs are so sore I couldn’t touch them with my fingers okay hurt so bad let me alright let me give you Harry let me give you a couple tips on that that could be I could do a whole video on this actually I haven’t going to do another one though because you actually gave me another idea but I anytime your blood Sugar’s go high like that for people don’t know it’s called the dawn phenomena which it’s a transitional thing and it will go up a little bit so here you are you’re not eating carbs you’re not eating sugar yet it’s going high that’s weird so where is that sugar coming from well it’s coming from the body it from the usually the liver is making the sugar or the kidney it’s called gluconeogenesis so it’s the generation of new glucose just so you know there’s only certain parts of the body that need glucose parts of the brain the red blood cell the eye and there might be a couple more places but it’s not that significant but the body then could make it from other sources it can make it from ketones yes if it needs it it could make it from recycling some of the lactate from the carbohydrates or not the carbohydrates but just from lactate that’s part of the something that’s in your my no Kandra also it can it can make it from the organs so I don’t know exactly what’s your situation but I think the fact that you had so much irritation to the gallbladder area there’s something still going on with either the liver the gallbladder so I would kind of try to heal that spend more time on maybe adding where the vegetables and doing the flushes that I talked about and maybe even supporting with some gallbladder formula and then if there’s anything new that you’re eating take that out of the diet and see if that improves it and then add exercise to burn it off I will do a separate video on this so you have more data but I would not worry about it it’s a minor effect but I think it’s something related to your liver thanks Terry okay I have a great one here good and it makes me want to say Tania watch the video dr. Berg was talking about that was released just yesterday with the huge weight loss say it again because someone was asking what the video was it’s basically from a hundred and thirty it just it starts this from 315 pounds to 138 pounds yeah it’s a lady a blonde lady and you see her before and her after go on silver gray she has silver if you if you check the videos out by day you’ll see yesterday it was released that said Tania says hello I am type 1 diabetic trying to do keto and she’s honest she says I say I’m trying cuz when I have hypose I drink juice or eat sweets to bring my blood sugar up yeah for 3 to 4 months I haven’t lost any weight why yeah I think um basic education I think a lot of people in the beginning because she’s operating off of the data that’s on the web and if you start searching hypoglycemia on the first page 1 2 3 4 5 6 pages of Google you’re gonna get the same old same home which is just I believe false information when you have hypoglycemia the reason why you have that is because you know you have either too much insulin or using carbs and your case you end up with hypoglycemia which automatically if your type one tells me that you’re taking too much medication type ones don’t have insulin so they have to they have to take it well instance gonna push down the blood blood pressure sugar well it get with your doctor yeah and reevaluate it because I think you’re taking too much so you have to back off not not lie your blood sugar to go low we have to take more insulin and then more more sugar more insulin in the back of course we want to the goal is to take the least possible in the presence of that insulin you’re taking as a medication that’s gonna be what’s stopping you from losing weight now she doesn’t say she’s taking medication well yeah if she’s type 1 she’s taking insulin and that’s his opinion you definitely need to go to your doctor and let your doctor know that you’re having these moments where you’re dropping too low and then you’re having to eat sugar that shouldn’t be the situation so definitely talk to your medical doctor about that yeah situation and then watch just watch the video on hypoglycemia that I did and read the book yeah and I think I even did a video on type 1 and hypoglycemia okay and read the book and understand what is happening and even the booklet the small booklet do you have that here no yeah okay so there’s a book and a smaller booklet on the website dr. Burke calm and you read those and you’ll really understand what is happening and why is it that you’re having these fluctuations of blood sugar insulin and how you can control that and you’re on medicine you have to work with your medical doctor on that but but it don’t even look at weight loss if you’re still you know drinking the juice and the sugar and you’re making that you have to handle that struggle first and that huge fluctuation before you’re gonna see any weight loss that’s my opinion and you’re sticking to it and I’m sticking to it hey Elizabeth you’re from Florida Fort Lauderdale you had a question go ahead really glad I have lost over a hundred pounds and I’m very satisfied everything well effective but and it’s got me so bad that I can’t try well and I was wondering if any way to tweak the program to help when you got money off of me yeah yeah there’s one thing that you could greatly improve that situation with you need there’s a product and you can get it online I don’t sell it it’s called Ben vote to mean okay Ben Oh to me it’s a it’s actually a fat soluble vitamin it’s a b1 get it take it four times a day and watch what happens because when you’re on keto on F you might need more that B B vitamin to help build up the myelin sheath so I think that’s what you’re missing is the benefit we can also help the retina in your eye too so check that out good question okay Alex you’re from Alabama you had a question about how can you slow down a certain disease right yes I want to thank you dr. Burke first of all for helping me eliminate my asthma had that for 30 years when I took the adrenal formula I don’t have a problem with it anymore he’s helping with my acid reflux also thank you for that I my mother had Huntington’s disease and she passed away from it and I got the blood test about four months ago and I am positive I do have it just wondering if you have any advice on how it might be able to slow down the progress or the disease well I think um yeah this is how I answer all the questions about diseases because all the time people want to know how do you slow down prevent mitigate cure diseases this is what I would do instead of focusing on the disease I would focus on your health and start building up your health and watch what happens and how do you do that the exact version of by the book literally by the book it’s called the healthy Keogh plan so you want to do healthy ketosis and if’ exactly correctly the lady that lost all that weight she basically read the book and she did not she did it exactly like I recommend it and the reason why it works is because it’s based on close to 40,000 people just so you guys know if you can save yourself a lot of experimentation by using other people’s experience so that’s what you’re getting you’re like okay it worked in that many people we sorted out all the things that don’t work and then now we can show you what does work just do it it will work that’s what I would recommend Alex but thanks for your call all right Kerry yeah so one of the things that that gal and I feel terrible that I don’t recall her name but but anyway in the video that you released yesterday another thing she made a huge point of is how easy it was and she said it was so easy for me and she said I don’t you know she followed it by the book literally she said she read the book she had watched videos she read the book and it was what she learned in the book that sealed the deal for her and and it was just so easy because she did it exactly by the book so people are gonna struggle they’ll have a difficult time when they’re trying to blend different solutions and different approaches and stuff and they get a loss and then they think keto doesn’t work for them when you know yeah I think that I think you know I thought that the healthy keto plan hold it up again I spent seven years now seven years doctor barracks bright in this book and then another thousand hours of updating it the thing is that there’s a lot of stuff in here it’s good as a reference book but if you get through this book you will know how to get your body healthy to the extreme didn’t get asked question I was just I was just throwing two cents go ahead in there okay so these are some quick questions so I get several what’s the best food source of vitamin C hands-down it would be sauerkraut okay sauerkraut has like 700 milligrams and then we get into the bell pepper and then vegetables have vitamin C as well okay go we wouldn’t recommend Kiwi but because it’s a fruit but that has it as well okay so can Kido help and well again this is a a disease so I probably shouldn’t even ask that because we know what’s gonna you shouldn’t ask intelligence yeah we’d like to stay away from disease I know um okay so this guy is on keto NIF and he’s starting to get fatigue yeah it’s called keto fatigue it’s a transitional step and it’s really really simple you need to take B vitamins okay from nutritional yeast that is gonna handle your fatigue now there are a couple of the reasons why you could have to take it could be you need more sea salt but if you wanted to also you know have the icing on the cake and just make things a little bit better for you you could even take a little MCT oil just a little bit and that will instantly make you feel better because it’ll provide ketones to your brain and it’ll feel like you’re in full ketosis because when you transition at first you’re only in partial ketosis more and more and more and more more after I would say about I don’t know maybe to two days of doing this maybe two or three days on keto you pretty much tapped out or now two or three days on fasting what’s gonna happen is you completely tapped out your glycogen your sugar reserve in your liver okay you know there’s no more glycogen in your liver it’s in the muscle which means your body is gonna start making it and the body is very used to making sugar it’s good at making it so it can make it from ketones it can make it from it can make it from other things if you’re concerned about losing muscle mass that’s only gonna happen down the road over a period of a long time and just a very very tiny bit your body does not go after muscle and very much because it’s it’s a protective thing when you do keto and ketones are elevated it automatically protects your muscles so it is it spares your muscles just just won’t let you know that all right Martin you’re from Minnesota go ahead you had a question yeah greetings dr. Berg and Charon hello greetings hello so I’m a 46 year old male I’m very active and I exercise regularly I’m following the healthy keto diet I do intermittent fasting and I’m not overweight or diabetic and I’ve used a continuous glucose monitor and I show no signs of insulin resistance so overall I feel great I’m very healthy life is good but my igf-1 score is always run on the lower end of the range and recently it just dipped below the lowest number and so my endocrinologist wants to put me on HGH or peptides and so I have two questions you know what is your opinion of those items and are they potentially harmful to the liver and second question is do we want a low igf-1 score or a high igf-1 score and how does it relate to insulin etaf adji etc well that’s a nice quick question actually it’s good for a video quick quick question I have you feel any effects of like any negative effects right now do you feel like you have a low testosterone do you feel like you don’t have endurance do you feel any of those symptoms no okay so here’s my answer you probably are gonna are okay and might not worry about it I I personally would not recommend taking human growth hormone simply because there’s way too many side effects as far as peptides I like peptides I think that’s the wave of the future they’re pretty natural very I mean I don’t even know of any side effects that I have it’s kind of the latest anti aging and they can actually help raise human growth hormone indirectly without raising cortisol or other hormones that would make you hungry so the peptide therapy I will be doing videos on that I really like it a lot I mean it’s more for anti-aging there’s a couple of things that you could do to you know focus on your liver because when you’re dealing with IGF that is a hormone produced by the liver and it’s kind of reflection of what’s going on with the growth hormone indirectly so anything you do to support liver maybe you you take milk thistle or choline or you do things to strengthen the liver I have tons of videos may just help your IGF I mean you don’t want it too high you don’t want it too low you want it normal but if you’re not experiencing any problems I think you probably are going to be okay that’s my long-winded answer thanks Barton all right Karen have a good question and we have a lot of questions a lot of them really are medical yeah question should I give a general answer on medical questions well I tell you for anybody who’s asking a specific medical question and this is you know maybe we can do a little educating on how to ask the questions so that you know we we don’t ignore it a question if you say you know I have law disease which is anything like you know arthritis on you know I kidney disease I have heart condition I have you know any kind of disease if you say I have this disease will Kito help the disease or what can I do to help a disease it’s a kind of a question though that we can’t really answer directly because that’s not our field diseases for a medical doctor so go ahead and and give a good answer to people who are curious about how to help the disease that they currently have I think I think if you’re new to the channel you may not know this but there’s two approaches you can treat the disease itself or you can create more health we found that creating more health is a better strategy because you actually don’t treat the symptom anymore the two things that that I would recommend is to first get in the basics healthy Kido and in a minute fasting I have tons of videos on this because when we find what you get that in there oh my gosh so many things clear up versus adjusting a disease and I do understand a lot of people have different symptoms and they want to know but when you actually start doing that without getting the basic foundation and guess what it’s just a hit or miss so the way you’re going to get the best results is first get the basics in and then see what happens your symptoms probably will go away yeah and if you have a situation with your medical doctor that you’re addressing then that’s a separate that’s a separate thing you’re doing that thing it doesn’t change at all the fact that you’re gonna read the book you’re gonna watch the videos and you’re going to get healthy keto and intermittent fasting into your life and and then as your body changes then you have to address those changes those medical changes and those medicine changes with your medical doctor exactly and that note Ali has a question from Illinois you had a question kids suffering from skin moles right from excessive vitamin D yes hi I have three children and they were diagnosed with neurofibromatosis and through your videos I learned that it was excessive like milk and calcium and the vitamin D that the doctors were pushing and so now they have cafe au lait spots or moles everywhere I was just wondering with children how do I handle this problem naturally well there’s a couple things that you want to do there’s every vitamin every mineral has an opposing vitamin or mineral the one for vitamin D is actually vitamin A and there’s another one k2 so I would go to the other extreme and start to have them eat foods higher in k2 maybe take some vitamin k2 I would also make sure that they take vitamin A from cod liver oil now the problem with that is that also has vitamin D in there but when you take by the vitamin A in the from cod liver oil seems to buffer any effects from vitamin D since we we can’t live without vitamin D vitamin D is actually the most important nutrient but if you just take vitamin D only without the a or the k2 you can create imbalances so I would recommend those to other things and also do research on zinc for moles I think you’ll find some interesting information thanks Ali hey Robin you’re from actually that you’re down the street from your in Virginia actually I don’t know where but you’re somewhere in what would town I’m in Abington don’t even know that must sound it is Southwest Virginia okay near Tennessee Wow awesome it’s a unit question about absorbing nutrients go ahead I had my gallbladder removed many years ago and since doing Kido I had I have invested in some high-quality multivitamins omega oils just wanted to know how that I can tell that my body is actually absorbing the nutrients and the vitamins since I don’t have a gall bladder though one of the problems you may run into eventually is just not having enough that size of items because you might not have the full capacity of by salts so you probably would benefit from a gallbladder formula which has the bow salt in it that being said like you may look for symptoms of vitamin A deficiency which usually is going to be night vision so if you’re driving at night and you just can’t quite see that well then we know there’s still a problem with vitamin A but it’s probably you know the bile salts missing so we got so look for these symptoms to know that things are improving or getting worse night vision that’s vitamin A maybe sinus congestion from vitamin A those little goose pimples on the back of the arm that’s vitamin A deficiency vitamin E could be weak in the muscles have low endurance huff and puff when you go up the stairs by the mandi could be bone pain nosebleeds things like that and then I mean there’s a lot more symptoms so that’s what I would look at I think a good one would be just night visions that might be the best option with that thanks Robin all right okay so one last one here I think it’s Siva on Facebook I have pin in needle sensations and my muscles with muscle cramp tingling sensation along with high blood pressure after being on the Paleo diet for three years other things listed weight has gone down but may be doing something wrong doctor now thinks there’s crumbs so the I’m gonna answer this okay okay so we can’t speak about the Paleo diet I’ve seen paleo cookbooks and recipes that have sugar chocolate all kinds of other things root vegetables a lot of other sources of carbs and it isn’t healthy keto yeah that’s right solution is in this book here and if you youtube the doctor Berg videos or go to dr. Berg comm and find the videos how to start healthy keto that’s the answer it there’s no other answer to that question because we can’t vouch for the Paleo diet I don’t it doesn’t get the results that the healthy Kido way of eating gets I do want to mention pins and needles just because there are some conditions for pins and needles that you might want to research on your own one would be a b12 deficiency and that can come from those stomach acid that can come from not eating of meat in your case is probably not that it could come from IBS or some type of bowel problem so of course get checked for that right but it also could come from hypercalcemia too much calcium so when you ask for a specific symptom instead of trying to solve it I would get in our plan and see if it doesn’t help you and then you know you can also look to these other areas but I think the reason I don’t recommend paleo is just because it’s hard carb yeah so anyway see if it says not taking any bad carbs it’s just a little too too general all I can say and there was a there’s actually a Facebook comment earlier by a guy or gal who said I totally handled my IBS when I changed to the healthy keto and intermittent fasting so there you have it you just have to get on on the program and take a stab at it and see what happens with your body what your medical doctor suggests to you is your thing and on that note have a wonderful weekend we’ll see you yeah next week guys have a great one so we have to cut out early see you next time a lot of videos down the pike so stay tuned see ya [Music]

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